TruthSeekah Is A Visionary Artist, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor & Intuitive Healer

TruthSeekah is a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Healer with a vision to release the spirit of awakening. TruthSeekah has helped many on their road to spiritual victory and is available for private sessions via Skype or Phone Call.

TruthSeekahs services are available upon request to help you achieve your full potential and walk in true freedom. Every session is personal and unique to care to your spiritual need. Click Here For More Info


Truthseekah Is A Mystic And Visionary Hip Hop Artist That Infuses His Knowledge Of Ancient Text And Spiritual Encounters Into His Music. Truthseekah Has Given His Life To The Study Of Understanding How The Spirit Realm Works And Operates And Incorporates That Within His Music As Well. Many People Are Said To Have Experienced Spiritual Awakening And Angelic Encounters While Listening To Truthseekahs Music. Truthseekahs Music Has Also Been Endorsed By The Likes Of Some Of His Influences Such As Jordan Maxwell, Santos Bonacci And Michael Tsarion.


Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening? Would You Like Some Understanding About What You Are Experiencing? Maybe You Are Having A Hard Time Letting Go Of Something Or Suffering From A Loss Whether A Job Or Relationship. What Is Your Life Purpose And Divine Mission? Where Are You Heading Right Now? During This Session You Will Receive Guidance About Your Life And Situation As We Tap Into The Spirit Realm. Find Comfort In Knowing How To Start Living Your New Life In A Way That Benefits You And The Rest Of Humanity.

What Should I Expect From A Session?

Experience Heightened States Of Consciousness Experience The Spirit / Prana Relieve Stress And Unwanted Tension Remove Spiritual Blockages Feel Lighter And Refreshed

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