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TruthSeekah Breaks Down | Golden Teachers
Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics

TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down my song Golden Teachers.

Golden Teachers | 333

Vibing on this Copal and coping with my emotions

Grab the scrolls and I unfold them this Copal is just to potent

For only Time is my opponent when living within the moment

and I simply Watch it slip away when ingesting the magic potion

Recite the words from my enchantment as the sacred portal opens

In the dark I sit broken, angelic being approaches

Given a sigil as a token for the masses I’ve awoken

I’m praised for my devotion and leave the meeting with focus

Aquarian convergence who carry a heavy burden

Connecting with Gods servants and walking with 7 virgins

Prophecies emerging reciting the sacred verse

There’s power in spoken word that reverses demonic curses

Teachings of Pythagoras, spirit rapture and capture us

Given a second chance Kundalini rising like Lazarus

Kabbalistic chanting and consciousness is expanding

Passive but demanding revamping your understanding

Your ways (So much higher than mine)

Your thoughts (So much deeper than mine)

I’m lost within the mystery and found within simplicity

The golden teachers speak to me the lessons of eternity

Wisdom from the elements, tell me I am heaven sent

Revelation from creator walk in my benevolence

Thousand petal lotus, earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind blowing

Energy is flowing as the third eye is opened

Where we focus the intent is where the energy is going

Knowledge of the golden

We’re Pressed like a like diamond in alchemy for refinement

and seeking for hidden meaning revealing it when I find it

Get knowledge and overstanding, I promise a few will follow

and know that we’re all connected like brothers with different mommas

Give homage to risen teachers and honor to fallen fathers

Learn the wisdom of the Watchers while sitting in lotus posture

exhale through the nostrils the smoke of the Ayahuasca

As we ride the back of dragons or ascend as a merkaba

The Study of Joseph Campbell the meaning of Harry Potter

Brother tell em to decipher the magic that is inside ya

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