Mystic Hip Hop On Magic Mushrooms

Hip Hop Magic Mushrooms

At this point in my life, my given name the day I was born is no longer important. My story however, has become the never ending process to not find myself but lose myself altogether, and be completely ok with it. Know this, I am just like you. I hurt, bleed, cry, feel, and just like the rest of us question just about everything at times this thing called life. A while back I began a journey into the world of psychedelics. Before then my whole life had led up to that first experience, and then that experience completely changed my life. It had the freedom, depth, and love of a true religious experience. This experience however had no connotation of right and wrong, and it asked for nothing in return. In my life of searching I found everything I was looking for,and some things I was unaware I was looking for within myself through psychedelics.
The process is never ending, and certainly I have not all the answers, what I do offer is hope.I am writing this to commend, encourage, and show love to another like me. I recently went on a journey with 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. Throughout the experience I learned more about myself and life, than years of therapy could begin to offer. I would like to add that this is not a party experience, nor should it be taken in an uncomfortable environment, this is a journey for you and you alone. Think about this, everything you are, your name, job, family, this is called your ego. This is who you think you are up to this point in your life, you have to let it all go to really and truly find yourself.

Before the experience I had created a playlist of music to guide me on the journey, and Truthseekah happened to be a few of the tracks I selected. At the time I was already in the process of open and closed eyed visuals when “mystic mind” began to play through the headphones. The mood immediately became more intense as the music began to find its way to flow through me. Instead of hearing it in my left and right ear through headphones, the back of my head seemed to open up. It allowed the music to tunnel through my brain in a circle and then back through again. I had listened to this song before but this was different, even his voice had changed to a more intense version of wisdom, calling out to the warrior within myself. Through his music I had revelations within myself, I also found healing from the past and hope for the future.

I leave you with this, for this is not the end but only the beginning of something beautiful. Encourage, I cannot stress this enough, some of the greatest people in the greatest positions in the world are only there because somewhere along the line others believed in them. Actively pursue your dreams, and encourage the others around you to do the same. Be an example of true love, it has always been our job to love others without waiver, it is up to them to be worthy of it. Love yourself just as you are, but then also love yourself enough to not stay there. Possibilities are endless with freedom, a sweet angel of mercy with grace like the morning. Be thankful for the hard times, for sometimes you have to go through there to get here. Last, be encouraged, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Love and courage to Truthseekah
And to those still left in the dark.
The Man With No Name

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