I get this question all the time. Is Meditation Demonic?
Will I get Demon Possessed For Doing Yoga or Trying To Meditate?

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It Was So Guys I Get In Boxed All The Time With The Question Is Meditation Demonic Will I Become Demon-possessed If I Meditate And While Some Of You Are Laughing At This Question Many People Think This I Have Many Phone Conversations With People Who Say That If You Empty Out Your Mind And Go Into Meditation Or You Go Into Prayer You Go Into A Trance That Demons Will Literally Come And Inhabit Your Body So They Say If You Empty Out Yourself Those Places That Are Empty Demons Come To Live Like This Is By Default Or Something Like That There’s Many People Who Believe This Now I’m Telling You I Get So Many Inboxes With This Question What I Become Demonically Possessed Is Meditation Demonic And Here’s What I’ll Say I Believe That Prayer Is When We Talk To God And Meditation Is Where God Talks To Us When We’re Talking About Prayer It’s Much More Than Us Just Speaking To God A Conversations Of Two-way Street We Have To Be Silent And Be Still And Know That I Am God As The Scripture Says And Allow God To Speak Back Into Us This Is Why Meditation Is So Important To Reflect Upon Our Lives And Spend Time And Intimacy In Quiet Time Essentially With God Within The Bible This Is Known As The Secret Place Those Who Hide Within The Shelter Of The Almighty Which Is Symbolic In The Bible As Going Into A Cave To Pray This Is Where We See Jesus Going Into Many Times To Spend Time With His Father Even In The Old Testament King David Would Run From His Enemies To This Place Of Solace Within The Cave And This Cave Is Known As The Secret Place Of The Jews Would Even Wear Their Prayer Shawl They Pull Their Prayer Shawl Over Their Head And They Go Into Their Prayer Closet Is This Called And This Is A Place Where They Spend Time With God In Prayer And In Meditation There’s So Many People Who Are In Bondage To The Dogma Of Church In Religion And So They’re In These Religious Organizations And They’re Having Static Encounters To Have An Experience That They’re Asking Questions But For Some Reason There’s No Answers In These Organizations So Then They Go To The Internet And They Find People Like Me And They Google Terms Like Is Meditations Demonic And So You’ve Been Led To This Video For One Way Or The Other For Those Of You Who Are Entered To Have Spent Time In A Religious Setting I’ll Submit To You This When You Spend Time In Praise And Worship Music And This Is A Place Of The Christian Church Service Where Everyone Stands Up Or You Could Sit Down And They Close Their Eyes And They Raise Their Hands Anywhere From 30 To 45 Minutes Usually And Within That Time Stuff Is Happening Within They’re Receiving Visions They Feel Like They’re A Million Miles Away They Feel Like They’re Not Even Into Place Which Their Standing Some People Feel Like They’re Even Levitating Floating Off The Ground Things Like This So Much Happens In This Place Of Intimacy And Worship With God In Church Services All Across The Nation And So Essentially What You’re Doing Is You’re Going Into A Trance-like State Which Is Spoken Of Many Times In The Bible As A Positive Experience To Hear The Voice Of God And To Receive Vision And Direction About Your Life To Go Into The Trance-like State Mission Of Throughout The Bible Especially In The Book Of Acts So You Go Into The Trance State You Receiving Visions You’re Hearing Voices And You Feel This Ecstatic Presence All Over Your Whole Body Which Is Known As The Presence Of God Or The Presence Of The Holy Spirit Many Other Traditions Call The Same Tingling Sensation And Euphoric Feeling With The Kundalini Awakening Can You Feel It Raj Your Whole Body Is It It’s A Static If As A Flame Of Fire That’s Released Within Your Whole Body And All Of This Stuff Takes Place Within Those States Of Meditation We Even See The Apostle Paul In The Book Of Romans Talking About Being Caught Up To The Third Of Heaven And Actually Leaving His Body And Go Into This Heavenly And Coming Back And He Couldn’t Even Explain The Things That He Saw He Says That Mere Human Speech Would Not Even Cut It To Even Try To Explain The Wonderful Things He Saw These Are All Things That Happen In The Meditation Trance State That Happens Across Churches All Across The World Every Sunday So Picture This You’re In A Church Service The Borgia Bands Playing And You Sing These Patterns Over And Over Again Whether It’s I Love You I Love You I Love You Jesus You Mean So Much To Me You Have Your Eyes Closed And You’re Caught Up What You’re Repeating And Eastern Thought Is A Mantra We Repeat Mantras Over And Over In These Mines Mantras In These Powerful Phrases Pull You Into This Hypnotic Trance Like State And This Happens In Every Church Across America So As Far As Clearing Out Your Mind And Demons Inhabiting Those Empty Spaces That’s Totally Not True Picture This If You’re Going To Spend Time With God If You’re Going To Go With The Prayer While I Have Your Mind Cluttered And Filled With All Kinds Of Stuff And Cares Of The World’s Anyway Like If You Come And Hang Out With Me We Have A Relationship I Want Your Undivided Attention I Don’t Want You To Be Thinking About Playing Video Games Or What You’re Going To Eat Tomorrow Or Where You’re Going To Get Your Next Paycheck From Or Things Like This The Things That Clutter Our Mind In The Meditative Stage We Are To Release All Of That Stuff And Really Focus On What Really Matters And That’s The Beauty And The Power Behind It So No You Won’t Get Possessed By Demons From Emptying Out Your Mind And On The Contrary It’s A Very Positive And Powerful Experience It’s Something We Should Seek To Do In Daily Practice If Possible And It Doesn’t Have To Be Something That We Plan For And We Go And Do We Can Make It As Natural As Our Everyday Life Of Just Closing Your Eyes Focusing On Your Breath And Finding That Blissful State Just Like That And You Can Go Into The Meditative State Essentially Whenever You Want Now There Are Different Levels And There Are Different Places That We Reach For We Can Go Into The Deep Trance State And There We Feel Like We Leave Our Body And Some Of Us Do There’s Many Places For You To Explore In This State So I Encourage You To Find Time Spend With Your Creator In Prayer And In Meditation Talk To God Would Allow The Voice Of God To Humbly Speak Back To You Follow That Voice Follow Your Intuition Thanks So Much For Watching This Video If You Want More On This Topic Make Sure That You Subscribe To My Podcast The Link Is In The Bio Also For Those Of You Who Want To Support Financially You Can Support Me At Patreon Patreon Comm Backslash Truth Seeker You Get Access To All Kinds Of New Stuff All Kinds Of Unreleased Music That We’re Working On And Some Exclusive Podcasts And Stuff Like That So Head On Over There At Patreon.com Backslash Jurisdiction And Help Us Build This Thanks So Much Salaam Shalom

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