38th Parallel Christian Rock

Mark Jennings former Vocalist for 38th Parallel and Ministry of Magic | TruthSeekah Podcast

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Mark Jennings is the former lead singer of the Christian rock band 38th Parallel. In this interview Mark speaks about the impact that their album Turn The Tides had on Christian rock in the early 2000s. The album sonicly still holds up today and is a classic that paved the way for many other christian rock bands to come. Mark spoke about their comparison to mainstream bands such as Linkin Park who they were always compared to as being a christian version of. After the band broke up Mark teamed up with former 38th Parallel bandmate Aaron Nordyke (Drummer) to start a Harry Potter Nerd Rock Tribute band called Ministry of Magic. I spoke with Mark about the stigma that the church has when it comes to Harry Potter and similar films and his journey from christian rocker to Harry Potter novelist. We also spoke about some of his stories from the road on tour with Skillet and The Benjamin Gate which Mark had plenty of fond memories to share. He also had a few weird stories about playing at small charismatic churches that made for a great laugh as well.