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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Jill Mattson about the 432hz Miracle Tone, Vibrational Frequencies and the Power of Music. Sound, color, vibration and tones are all present within music. Each of these affect the mood and emotional state of the person listening to the music or seeing the colors. The 432Hz Miracle Tone was used in ancient cultures and was the standard concert pitch. Somewhere along the line the pitch was changed to 440hz yet 440hz does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration. The 432 pitch is a tone and vibration that you can actually feel. There are many YouTube videos where people retune songs from their favorite artist using the program audacity and the entire feel of the song actually changes. The 432 pitch affects your body in a positive manner and makes you feel rested, refreshed, positive and uplifted while listening to the tones. Regarding the lyrics within music “repetition reduces resistance” and the more and more that we here the lyrics we begin to believe the words that are being sung over us. We retain 30% of what we hear yet we are 70 percent more likely to remember a term or phrase if we repeat it out of our mouth. Often times people who listen to vulgar or destructive music say that they are just listening because they like the way it sounds but the reality is music is actually opening us up to higher Realms of consciousness and we are more subjective to lyrics than we understand.
During the episode I mention to Jill about the story of the Pied Piper and how music has the power to lead a generation. In the story the Pied Piper comes into the town to help the people rid their land of a rat infestation. The Pied Piper pulled out his flute and began to play a sound that caught the rats attention. The rats begin to follow the piper as he led the rats out of the town. When the Pied Piper return looking to collect the money owed to him for the work rendered, the townspeople refused to pay. As a ransom the Pied Piper began to play a new sound and just caught the attention of the children in the city. All of the town’s children begin to follow the Pied Piper at the sound of his flute. He took the children as payment for the work that they refuse to pay. One of the most powerful statements I’ve heard about this story was doing our conversation Jill said “we are the children being led by the Pied Piper”. This is a testament to let us know that we are being lead by the frequency of Music and Sound either knowingly or unknowingly. By knowing about the effects that music has on our auric field we can actually use music to our advantage. We can use sound light and color for their healing properties. We can use tones, vibrations and mantras to assist in bringing positivity into our world. The higher-ups know about the power of music and use it against us. The jingles that we here on television, the music that is played while shopping all the way down to the shape and colors of logos and advertisements that we are being bombarded with daily. Catchy Hooks and Melodies within songs that are able to stick in our head very easily are played in the majority of the most popular hip hop and pop songs that sound beautiful and catchy but have dark and vulgar messages. There is a battle for your mind these corporations and companies see us as simply consumers. It’s time to take back the power of our own Souls and understand our potential in the universe and use music as a vehicle or catalyst to bring forth beauty into the Earth.

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and so we got a good interview for you guys today I’m excited about this one I’m gonna be speaking with the geo Mattson about the power of music supernatural power of music and creating spiritual encounter by listening to music and so I think we’ve we’ve covered this subject a lot but there’s so many different ways to approach it and it gets deeper and deeper the more you study music and the power that it has upon your conscious mind your subconscious mind understanding the power of mantra repetition repetition reduces resistance the more and more you hear something over and over the more you begin to believe it or agree with it and we see a lot of people with the mantras and being able to chant things over and over so repetition reduces resistance and your your 30% likely to remember sometimes you hear it eret 70% likely if you repeat it so if you’re listening to music if you’re listening to doing chanting or just repeating what someone says 70% more likely if you repeat it and say it so that’s the power of music we’re going to be talking about speaking about the the beauty of music and I’m people to tell me I have a an echo here check-check double-arm – – – I don’t know if I’m coming back out of Jill’s end of your speakers I don’t know if you can maybe turn your beaker down just a little Jill maybe I’m coming back through okay they said it’s gone now check one two all right great so I want to give a quick shout out to everyone reporting on patreon I are the new reporters we have now give a quick shout out to Jesse Lee thank you for coming on norm are tina’s which is pastor NARR thank you so much for supporting my work cachet Millan been supporting for some years now thank you for coming on and join a patreon Rickey Jefferson thank you guys man it means a lot so if you want to support my show support the podcast my music and everything that I bring to the table head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and there you can sign up for any level of giving and get access to a bunch of really cool stuff so without further ado I’m gonna bring on my guest today this is Miss Jill Matson Jill welcome to the podcast how are you and thank you for having me here oh great I’ve been looking for this I’ve been looking forward to this conversation for a while something is very near and dear to my heart is music spirituality so you know when it comes to like talking about the power of music when it comes to talking about just the power of macho like we’re talking about music itself is one thing and then we’re combining words and messages and intention into the music I know you covered this a lot with your work as well so I think it’s gonna be a really good discussion today so again welcome to the show if you want to give a little bit about your background what you do where you come from for people who haven’t heard of your work that’d be awesome place to start all right already I studied the impact of sound on your physical body your emotional body your mental your brain waves sound how it impacts your digestion your skin and also ancient practices from legends coming out of South America and Central America on l’amore and Atlantis too musical legends of ancient Egypt China ancient Hindus the Greeks all cross the Indians all across the globe up until maybe I don’t know 500 years ago music was understood to be medicine to alter your personality it was considered with the Spiritualist the fastest way to achieve enlightenment and to alter your personality and some of these countries like Africa music would be used as rehab for criminals to kind of like get in repeats and structure restructure their habits in many cultures music like ancient Egypt they would have music for occupation so it was a work-related thing so you would have music let’s say for the sailors for you know maybe rowing harder for not being afraid of a storm you you would train young people very early if they’re going to be warriors and have earlier like music to make them more ferocious and to scare your enemies music was used to look rocks to build music was used to connect with spirits and guys to have communications with other world movies and I’ve spent my lifetime learning about this and you can my website gills wings of light comm I have a lot of stuff but I’ve got three books out and one is on sound to change a brain why should thoughts your feelings your relationships your energy to go to sleep to wake up that out da that’s ancient sounds another book secret sounds is on sound in your body how to look at your digestion a disease that science can’t touch really anything even your emotions and and see you know the tones of your personality or your body and start to alter them not to chemistry or biology but through audiology the final book is lost waves of time and this one starts with legends of the music in ancient cultures and goes right into written history archaeology anthropology etc and science particularly quantum physics into how the music like said the ancient Chinese spoke to the personality their nation their achievements their downfalls and then we’ll just like move into like ancient Egypt how were they using music how are they using magic words how would they curing disease with spells which are a large component is sound and words and music so what was the math and science and I go right on up to present and I have some really cool ancient secrets or we can go into math and science each culture approached a different that the Hindus got into the rhythms very powerful whereas the Chinese were in two tones and harmonics so you’ll find different tools of music can be used to alter who you are and you ingest sound that’s a fact you can be shown that scientifically you ingest sound period so it’s something that we just haven’t observed its impact was its subtle ones now and it comes on little by little but very steady just just a quick analogy and get the conversation going this think of the Grand Canyon and think that the water is sucked and goes over the rocks and it seems like the rocks roll when you’re looking at the Colorado River but if you look up at the Grand Canyon you’ll see the water rolls because the canyon was carved by the water over time it was the continuous continuous impact that was so significant and that is exactly what you think is that continuous and that very happen that’s also matter it’s beautiful – it’s just you don’t say in the way that magic has an impact on our body on virtuality our spiritual life without even knowing it I think I think the majority of people don’t even know what’s happening when they listen to it no it’s pleasing – there are no bodies it makes them feel good it reminds them of someone or something like that but but to really understand what’s taking place with within that the power that the person who is singing over you speaking over you it has the music going on putting you in like automatic states of consciousness and things like that we look at when you mention in some of these other cultures I come out of angelical Christianity so there’s you know there’s a lot of subjects are touched on when it comes to music but when we look at the Hebraic understanding of it we see the prophets of the Old Testament and they had the school of the prophets and they would always have music with them it would always bring did know they would always have instruments and in Psalms and songs and sing creator and acting and stuff like that Pythagoras and his sect is his belief they always are after a with singing praises to God or towards the sign and ending each day with these praises and songs and they really believed in as well so looking at that you spoke about the rhythm coming from the church realm some of them were really taboo when it came to rhythm they would say that it was certain bones and and certain rhythms that I couldn’t play that were offbeat that would I mean demons or and I think a lot of this is superstition because I don’t think they really understand it but they they would if you played off Beach or fast beats today they wouldn’t have that in their church and a lot of churches will not let you have drums within their church because of those rhythms well let me say first on the pitches and then second I’ll address the rhythms in the ancient world they believed that to be a better person meant you’ve filled up quickening the Bible would say you fill up with light higher energies and that this was most powerfully done through music and the biggest thumbprint that God’s left is nature and they had a different idea of mathematics than we do mathematics for a rithmetic or counting like we do they would consider the low form of mathematics but at any rate they had a way of mathematics of building blocks and shapes and they would come up with a number pattern say the Fibonacci pattern of numbers which when using their little map Maddox methods produces the spiral down in the galaxy or in a beehive at least body so mother nature both heaven and earth uses certain number patterns in its geometry when you look at the forms it’s not all creative it might look that way but it boils down to very similar number patterns these number patterns were always used two cycles per second and they were their musical scales in ancient times from the Chinese emperor to Egypt with their book nama and the hindus the greeks they’re all using number patterns in nature found to make their musical scale we don’t even hear these anymore I have them in my painter soul today but they’re gone from the planet for the most part and what they would do is if they were tuned to God’s handiwork to God’s thumb prints and they had like the Solfeggio tones as it really but using some of their methods comes into a three six nine power Tesla and Kepler talked about it more like a powerful force so my analogy might easy way of trying to think of it for me is like if God were creating the world with the natchez sketch you know it’s Tory where you can make a straight line or a curved line the straight line would be the Fibonacci the curved nine would be the so fit I mean got it backwards the straight line would be the solfege aware the curved lines would be the fibonacci and if you look at just this pattern again they’re all driven from nature and the fibonacci for example if you divide two neighbor numbers you come up with Phi and the people of saw Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and you see the star five-pointed stars it’s a fine machine nature’s full of fine your body’s full of Phi it’s a staple in our world and all ancient music would emulate this to be one with God so think of the Catholic Church let’s say 300 AD and competition is this old Sumerian mysteries ancient Egypt and her mysteries the druids and their mysteries and Greece all using music all using by in music and many of the cults or sects like the Bacchus sex they’ll use it like a frenzy beat to get into a state of hysteria to kind of leave your consciousness kind of a thing so they’re all using music that yeah and so what the Catholic Church does is say they call it music Theophilus it’s still in the records you can read it it’s still in writing that any interval that equates to five or the Fibonacci of this beautiful curve was music of the devil and you were excommunicated you’re done for if you touched it in the sole physio is a finest scale and that was used for their healing for their high masses so even today like if you see a funeral and you see them with a big Pope dies they have like a stick with crosses on little bells that’s gonna be your soul physio and so they kind of outlawed music in the early Gregorian chants the early Catholic Church Gregorian chant is not on our scale today it’s not like our music pick up wind shots it has no beginning no end no thighs which is then our musical scale that we listened today on one note and and it was only one voice with no accompaniment so they went from the vast use of music to heal your body to to get you closer to God to change your personality to total silence like a vacuum like a boy save one voice it’s called plain chant or Gregorian chant and it’s just kind of funny because I think in the void just station begins they almost outlawed music and yeah they were against fast rhythms and yeah they were against any use of music to copy the natural world it was competition yeah they understood that especially with the big cathedrals that would just echo and reverberate music and you know I’m saying the organs through the halls and you know listening designed the cathedrals however were in many ways rebelling against the church because the cathedrals are full of fire the cathedrals they took the numbers used in the musical scales of the Ancients all this ancient wisdom to use sound intervals and music to alter uplift he’ll bless change is it’s a number pattern underneath the cycles per second and you’ll find those number pan patterns ramp it in all of the old cathedrals so they hid the knowledge that was forbidden in plain sight in the ancient cathedrals throughout Europe when it when it comes to the cathedrals when it comes to even your you know a lot of modern day churches we see the obelisk right over the pulpit or right over where the musicians are it’s been said that that’s you know the steeple the obelisk was a way to channel energy from from the ethers whenever they’re performing or sending out the music as well do you have you done any study on that on that on the obelisk when it comes to the surges well yes in fact think to most early churches have steeples it’s it’s if you will it’s a it’s a form of a nautilus it’s big of an antenna and when you look at the churches in Europe you’ll find that not only do they have antennae for steeples but they also have water there they’re on they’re on the crossing of underground waterways and they all have what they call a black virgin which is a well and it goes deep deep underneath into the stream so that the people singing and loving who these two combinations of these frequencies sound picks up other frequencies of light value so that they could channel their love their preys their glory up into the sky through the steeples and then down deep into mother earth and to travel on the water to nourish spiritually uplift the soil and a larger geographic area of course mosaic was was absolutely critical because you know they would be performing in between these antennas up and down yep it’s beautiful and there’s like all types of that that the music and in the churches and stuff so they do whether it’s the fast music or the slow soft sense mantra music or whatever just singing over and over and they go into those trance States and though they don’t even know they’re practicing like ancient mysticism when they do that they think that it’s something privy just to the church members and this is our thing but it’s something egg goes back thousands of years that was practiced by every culture about entering trance state through religious ceremony by using music a lot of people in the southern black church they have this thing called a praise break and it’s just so almost out of nowhere they get on the drums and they start playing it really fast dot that dot that dot that’s like it’s almost like a double-time beat and they get the stompin they get the clapping to get the shouting that start running around the churches they’ll fall out catch the Holy Spirit and something happens when that music comes on and they you know get in the Holy Spirit or if they get that quickening or whatever and when that music changes they control the flow the ebb and flow of the service it’s really it’s really interesting and I’ve been I’ve been a part of some of them and and it’s really really interesting to watch the charismatic churches do that and get in the spirit behind the music is really really awesome to see yeah that that is exciting the Egyptians another thing that we haven’t talked about that was done throughout most all ancient societies was harmonics meaning after it will have sound if you drop a rock into a river you see like a hole for the rock and then you see little circles coming out well they’re going to come out in mathematical patterns and that can be likened to harmonics you have a sound and then it has little after ripple and it goes up mathematically according to a formula if you look at the cycles per second of the items in a chemical formally that represents your digestion so if you look at the math of the frequencies involved in digestion it’s a harmonic chain your pot is full of harmonics the universe runs on harmonics and energy transfers on the same frequency so many of the ancient religions did altering and uplifting on vowels because hello joy into the higher harmonics and through like them Yossef II the great white Brotherhood through ancient Pharaoh’s through Pythagoras they would use this about chance it’s just a again it’s something they would find in nature and copying and some I can do it for you let me think of them a way and they would chant this and they would do it like an inertia Airy beat and it was it was called the foul chant for the Pharaoh to pass to the highest realms and so they would use the different panels or harmonics as another tool so there you see we’ve talked about rhythm we’ve talked about pitches you get harmonics and mathematics occurs with intervals two notes played at the same time as well and of course you can lao-tzu 3000 years before Christ is talking about the interval of the musical v and how the two intervals at the time how the harmonic combine and produce energy and they do now you can go to I’m trying to think of this website’s name it’s in my ancient sound book but there’s Harold Moses produces what he calls drones he uses a musical v he takes off the bottom note and he just uses the echo via harmonics and you can listen to this and it energizes you and it’s such a low tone you don’t even know it’s it’s lower than the humming refrigerator and it can energize you and if you turn it off it just feels like you just kind of like like you’re a puppet a lifeless puppet and again that’s something loud too so when when you’re listening to this music is it does it does everything go back to the Fibonacci like if we if we look at that that spiral it’s throughout nature it’s a planet it’s in our DNA rhythm like there’s something within us when we hear that rhythm and it has to be and in like the even numbers of the rhythm then you could just feel it a lot of times listening to music you know when it’s gonna change cuz you can you can instinctively feel it and it’s usually when you’re on maybe an eight count or whatever or if we’re kind of going like a metronome you can feel it versus if it was to be an odd number or something different it would maybe put us out of orientation but we can we can feel it when it’s when that rhythm is on that perfect metronome it that is that something that’s just encoded deep within our DNA okay the Fibonacci yes it is in our DNA because that spiral form uses that same mathematics but but it’s almost like to me I think if the music of the universe is a little bit more like a Rubik’s Cube with different facets and different ways of lining up so the people I think that did the most fabulous stuff on rhythms is the ancient Hindus we have like you know before four eight four you know three four you know they had a hundred and twenty different patterns some of their rhythm patterns you know it would take like you know five minutes to go through the pattern they would repeat well and then they would have it would be very very interpreted and they would literally go into nature and if they wanted to energize or be fast they would um copy horses running or anything that nature deemed as fast that rhythm pattern then is incorporated into their music and then so they were using people almost like pitches and think of um the car going down the street with the deep bayit subwoofers and it shakes your bones well it does shake your bones because they’re the same frequency and energy transfers but you can feel the pulsing of the low cycle per second so you’re counting it one two there’s a rhythm there’s numbers and so rhythm there so pitch is in rhythm and then if you think about a drum beat bum bum bum bum bum bum pitch is involved again so it’s kind of like pictures and rhythms interact they have relationships and my way of mathematically looking at music is that you can heal with rhythm you can heal with pitches and you can heal with both of them and that’s what ancient people did that’s what that’s what magic is it’s quantum energy management management that’s where all of the Egyptian temples of people and travel rich people that could afford it traveled all over the world to go to their healing temples because they worked and they would get quantum energy they build it up because energy does alter you you can use energy to heal your bone faster but you you need to listen quite a bit tonight I have music with vitamins on it add music tightening the muscles in your body but it’s like each time you listen you get a dosage and so what the ancient people would do is they use a dosage of music a dosage the rhythm that doesn’t a pitch and dosage of harmonics and then they would add a dosage of fragrance maybe eat this you know do an action which creates a frequency and they were very precise in their actions dance replicated the Fibonacci numbers and feelings and so they would just keep like say you’re a jar and you need a healing toner pattern to to fix yourself to get back balance they just keep dropping that healing dosages in this many ways as quickly as they can to get the biggest dosage to alter matter sound you can look at a slight sound comes right in and lifts up your skin ain’t got that on one of my CDs and muscles they’re sucked now you’re gonna start to change your bone which can be done you can go to an orthopedic surgeon who many of them will give you a little box it’s just so frequency your bone you’ll listen to it in your healing is much less time so you you can you can use format harder matter but it takes longer you need more quantity so something we didn’t think about is those things but it was like fronting central in each speaking about the the sound and I know you talk about the notes there’s a certain color of a vibration of a frequency I mean sound is vibration light is vibration talking everything is vibration in energy and so there’s colors that correlate with that note that we use within the music so to really get the strong effect you’re talking about adding like coupling all these things that that actually go together and even the the light or the font color of font you would use for an album cover or even like the light that I have projecting behind me these type of things they come with a vibration but a feeling as well as you can feel the vibration we feel the vibe of the room change you can feel that vibration and it has to do with color what so is that how would how we would get the like the full effect of the healing for that note that’s being played whether it’s the war thirty two we’re tuning to that getting with that frequency and the colors that they actually come along with that yes absolutely I have a CD called contact in Angels and masters and the ancients wave would divine heal define healing in terms of the Rays which oversimplification means the color raids and so you’ll find that like reds you can count the cycles per second of light that’s math and if you take that down musical octaves which is done just by dividing it in half you’ll see that the musical note is C and red correspond and that’s a colored light and so in and in this music what I’ve done is I’ve take those digital music goes up and down I’ve taken music and put it in the key signature of red and orange yellow for the rainbow colors and then I channel angel semester so I put in like the pink masters and the Angels under the music in pink and then I go into orange think your Dali Lama think of your from Hindu masters they usually come in in an orange so I’m channeling them and then I put in the music and then the monix of orange and not harmonious notes of orange and then I go through the rainbow so color is is exactly the same frequency and let me also say that within the body mathematics that there’s two formulas that can be healing because colored light math is a little different than opaque colored map and they’re both have benefits if used properly but that’s a side point going back to the colors you’ll find that your emotions are things can be counted have been in ancient times with the software from bioacoustics sharing edwards you can see in my secret sounds ultimate healing book that you can measure your emotions as well as anything else and they’re gonna line up to color lights so i tend to be a very soft person i light up a blue go figure and so i have healing flower symphonies where we’ll go into a certain motion copy of the musical note and then i’m using pythagoras as catharsis so you take out the negative end so you can take out your anger and then put in something else it’s the same frequency like unconditional love and you know I have these healing flower symphonies were taking off the green guy again you can take off the negative emotions and then put in the positive so you can look at healing your physical body your emotional body your spirituality in terms of colors in terms of pitches and and and I like to think of enlightened light light and light and mint as health it’s white light it’s got equal amounts it’s got representative healthy representatives of every color very note mastery of all your physicality all of that is simply saying enlightenment and the ancients did that primarily who sound the Hindu masters would do it also through sight so that you look at a Yantra sacred geometry and they would say if you spend most your life looking at this pattern this drawing you’ll inch even lighten meant in one life that’s okay too but it will take you maybe 800 lives I get the potency of looking and spending time with sacred geometry well you can look at that yonder or you can listen to it as well it’s all math it’s all sounds and if you if you see from that example how powerful sight can be and then then know that music is even more powerful but just we just don’t pay attention or have the consciousness to sculpt what we need to listen to for health on any level we choose to questions is white light the highest vibration because you know I think most people just say instead of breaking down the colors they just say envision white light send white light envision white light is white light the highest color or the highest vibration first question second question is there is there a chart that will let us know do you have a chart or maybe it’s in your books or some of us who you know don’t have as much info on it on which color brings the emotion or does the healing actually break it down most of us this isn’t common knowledge for a lot of us yes it is in I get to my secret sounds book and I think I’m not sure about this but if you look at nano voice cord this is the work of sherry Edwards the chart that I have is her mathematics and her other site would be found health options order that and look for the Nano voice the Nano voice is a free software program that’ll break your holographic voice to everything in your body’s holographic into component pitches or colors and when you download that software there’s a little tab that you can download a charge that would correspond body parts body processes with colors with notes with emotions it’s also found in my secret sounds book or very inexpensively if you do my contacting Angels and Master CD I teach about this and then I demonstrate it and then I combine the angelic essence and energy which is holographic which you can channel which you can recognize which is right on the tracks to absorb so there’s three ways together good stuff yeah there’s a lot of people leaving comments and you’re blowing everybody away this is really a breath of fresh air to have you on when it so when it when it comes to healing comes to the light so someone mentioned in the comment they said that white light combines all colors so white like it would be all colors come on is that good okay another person who is our God is the Alpha and the Omega C because opaque colors combine and form black so think of the boy as maybe gestation some of the body mathematics for healing will follow the mathematics for colored lights slightly different I mean for okay paints a slightly different than that of colored light and they’re both very healing and to get a get a whiff of how these ancient people were so sophisticated they had musical scales for colored light for white line and for okay blind as well how cool is that this is four and five thousand years ago somebody mentioned it was adam Starseed in the chat he mentioned the coat of many colors worn by I think it was Joseph in the Bible’s they’re being symbolic of the rainbow and the color healing as well coming back to heal his family and bring forth provision for them that’s beautiful let me ask you this so someone wanted to know if you play music what instruments do you play I play my best interest for men is violin and I played since I’ve been we big I played piano they do the vocals I do a couple other instruments on my music it’s like new AG classical I don’t know I must him must have had a past life as a classical musician prison I was no training I just born knowing how to write a symphony and and and so I play all the parts some of them are done with synthesizers my sister does the cello quite a beautiful cellists but most of the instruments I’ve done either live or synthesize so I write my music and I perform all parts and I pretty much mix it and then I channel in the silent tracks when it comes to I guess I’ve approached a lot of stuff from like the Hebraic tradition this is what I’m trained in we talked about the psalmist you know the prophets and so King David in the stringed instruments and and it’s so beautiful to look at like I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of King David having his harped his string instrument playing it before King Saul who was tormented by evil spirits and when King David would play the evil spirits would subside and peace would come and the spirits would leave so he would have beckoned David to come to play the music so the evil spirits would leave and he would receive peace and things like that coming in from from the aspect and realm of a psalmist understanding like that there’s power in the music who have been discussing at this whole episode there’s power in the music and there’s power something that you’ve talked about in some other lectures and discussions you’ve done with the intention with it so creating the music or creating anything really and that that higher vibration or lower vibration or whatever you you’re going through at the time when you create something whether it’s a an artwork or painting of a song or whatever you even talked about you know I think it was knitting some pajamas for someone and if you created it and birthed it and it has that energy encoded in it being able to impart energy as a psalmist someone who is able to grab that string instrument and play and have an idea or that piece or that healing or whatever to want to transmit that with the string instrument with their intention lining up together is the biblical look of a psalmist and I’ve been in services where you know I don’t know if you’ve seen this at all because I know you do a lot of settings and stuff where you play the music where you had that intention you want healing to come for so you want new life rebirth these things for people are going through trauma healing childhood wounds and trauma just by the music and and you sending that forth I’ve seen people weep and cry and have in encounters with the divine just because of that music being played as a psalmist uh you have any experience with that or just seeing people encounter healing themselves just through the music in the in the impartation of that operation or healing absolutely think that we all have a voice and our voice is composed and it goes to our vagus nerve which hits pretty much every part of your body your voice is holographic and it vibrates every frequency in your whole body now our conscious mind is only maybe a piece of who we are so there’s also a subconscious mind which gets added into our own music unbeknownst to us I like the idea that I found from the Yellow Emperor and the early Chinese stuff these very evolved beings would pray become pure work on their personality their purity of thought their love this is the Hebrew thing is to go through the the alphabet say a every get in the habit of everything coming out of your mouth being patched with love so that your voice is a healing tool and so these these Chinese people would look at their their purity their sincerity their love and there are different qualities in in terms of their conscious and doing it long enough to hit make a habit to start to work because the habits will work in your unconscious mind so they’re the biggest packet of light before they would even touch an instrument so you would go through maybe years of training of purification before you’d learn to begin to learn music because not only does your intent but also who it is that you are transfers on your voice as well as your music and when when you find that the people I found that did the most with emotions was the pythagoreans they’re greatly into mental health and curing everything to mental health so the future of their country is going to be by people that hurt you and so they’re gonna play virtue in their music and in some people I give you a fool you’re terrified you get PTSD you know like playing Yankee Doodle Dandy to kind of get your brain ain’t gonna work it’s like you have to pull out the fear the terror and that’s done with somewhat similar music and I have healing power symphonies I do that and then I put in the frequency of the flower a matching flower and a matching flower remedy but I’m doing the same thing with you well you you can pull out the negative stuff and tears are a it’s it’s like opening a portal or gateway to allow your unconscious you’re all these pains from childhood from people you live with you’re not separate energetically from people in your space from the place you live with from you know a physical accident all these things can be into your body and we using stuff them so that we’re not conscious so we don’t feel the pain and we lose the joy that’s kind of Numb both pain and joy at the same time and so they they would use music in to make people crying to kind of like open them floodgates maybe flush your negative motions and then they would use the not only the uplifting frequencies and many musicians myself included I channel when I play I can feel someone coming in the back it’s very slight I got to go to write sort of my kittens all right good but at any rate so I can I can feel when I get in spirited and I get a little support so and I think all musicians do that I don’t think I’m special I just matter of how conscious you are of being in spirited and so you know when you’re talking about spiritual healing with music you’re talking about the being who’s the musician the intent which is an emotion and if you have ill intent there’s not going to be any healing in them you sick or but but you can do a lot of negative music if you have positive intention and then take out that’s kind of like inviting someone else’s negative music negative emotions to transform so you can use music for Catholicism and you can use music to bring in higher energies joy and I believe that I channel stuff so much better than to I do it is that I am yeah you know we’re just antennae and musicians or anti Oh everything is but especially artists and musicians and so all those ways are way too um alter you and heal everybody in close proximity I heard you give the analogy of the potato sack with holes in it and so when you get the healing or you know you’re trying to walk in a higher vibration or receive light or hold water it’s kind of hard to hard to do we have to patch up those holes first right yes think I don’t know person that doesn’t have a lot of pain it doesn’t have childhood stories that doesn’t have physical stories live with someone who has problems auto accidents problems at work abused so in for those who believe in past lines think about that or if you live in a place like let’s say you know live near Gettysburg Pennsylvania all those people died like that negativity in that brown you feel it so we we get this incredible spring of negativity and it’s like we need fed a lot and we can put music on in the background we can sleep with it it low vibe is very fine it’s healthy for your body you get little tiny cell cell transfer like on your arm or in your skin there’s different ways you ingest sound and is that something is that something to do with the the goosebumps we get or we feel the Holy Spirit you feel that sensation I’m getting a now talking about it but you feel you know you get the goosebumps when you when you feel that something you connect with or touches you in that soul level I feel it right now even as I’m talking about it it’s awesome I believe this is just my belief that we’re much all of us we’re much greater than we think we are and our physical body has intelligence so your physical body knows it means let’s say the musical notes see in other words your physical body knows it needs a certain nutrient that may be found in that third cherry for example and if I really need that for health I’m gonna love cherries it’s like the way my body smarter than me that I don’t even know kind of plays me is by what I like so if I’m like if you play music for me you play moonlight sonata and I love classical music so you played moonlight sonata for me in three different keys and I’m always low on the musical note d my friends are almost always the musical note C I’m attracted to that I live in that because it it takes my blue and it’s kind of like balances it cuz they’re it’s like a sea salt I have too much blue I don’t have enough orange and so it for health I’m always needing orange and so when if you were to play moonlight sonata and you have one in the key signature key or orange I’m gonna like that and because I’ve been trained in music I’ll probably give myself Kyle yes I’ll say oh I like that because this business of this if I had music training and I have but the truth of the matter is that none of that’s true I like that because my body says it’s healing for me and what may be healing for me may not be healing for you maybe you need the musical note a you know so you just look at me and say well I don’t know about that so our body has a way of communicating and the goosebumps the joy that I like that all that is your body’s way of saying yeah it’s awesome when it when it comes to like imparting something within the music or wrapping any trapping of feeling and it’s really awesome in music especially when you’re able to record it you can give it out hey you want a spiritual encounter I’ve enclosed it within this CD and that’s kind of like what I’ve done with my music and like the the places that I’ve been spiritually enlightenment love these places I’ve wrote these songs and put them into the music and we’ve also went in and recorded mantras but turned them down and prayers and things so when you’re listening I like to say you can’t hear it but you can feel it like you can feel the mantras and the prayer and the blessings being spoken over you and it’s really neat I really don’t understand it I can only just kind of go back to how I feel when I listen to other people’s music and I have a spiritual encounter listening to their music now the same things being done to my music I’m able to go through this encounter and recording it into a CD give it out and in other people’s worlds are blown like they just had a spiritual encounter their life course changed by listening to what was encoded the wisdom the knowledge and just the experience the tangible presence there that’s what’s in the music and it’s really interesting how we’re able to do that we’re able to record it people can listen to this back later I’ve been a part of prayer sessions online where we say out prayers and blessings and somebody will watch it two years later and they’ll leave a comments there almond tears watching this I’m glad I found it it’s been two years that’s encoded within the audio within the sound so it’s a really beautiful how able to do that and capture the emotion capture the spiritual awakening and hand it out and if it’s for you if you’re ready it will take you on that journey it’s so beautiful well let me go back to the quantity idea here’s an idea all across the ancient globe was that again we have the frequencies in front of us we know the math you read my books and stuff but we can you create this beautiful spiritual music so we have the tool the question is how do we get it out to more people and how potent is it as strong and so what they would do is that they would feel that each person has the capacity to love and so if they were going to have a chorus for example in the Hebrew temple there there there orchestra was like 4000 musicians I mean like whoo I mean I live in a town that’s smaller than that and the deal was that if each one felt loved and connected to the dine and pull down some of this higher spiritual awareness then the impact would be felt by the population would be going to the ground it would affect later that it’s it’s like they’re it’s like they’re creating like a bubble of the Hindu mantras when they’re their attributes of God so let’s say we’re singing a mantra and it’s on let’s say mercy so we’re the people singing of mercy and so you have people 3,000 years ago singing this beautiful song it makes you feel like mercy and then they put like mercy in it with each time it’s sung and it’s passed and it’s like it starts out like a little snowball and each time people listen and you have this beautiful spiritual experience they kind of like Co exchange energy and it’s like you leave a droplet of your the blessing you got you leave it right in that music and then it continues to go on and the ancient concept was to like to spread the blessing to spread the music to spread the joy in and when when you listen to it to allow it to make you feel whatever love joy whatever whatever you want it like add it to this like a timeless snowball because into the future and effects more and more and more and of course the bigger it gets the more overwhelming is the love and the joy to kind of awaken or induce somebody to let down their guard and just open up in a positive way that’s awesome whenever you talk about like all the Mystics or the musicians gathering together to all play music in unison it’s funny because this is like stuff that was done in ancient times in the West a lot of this stuff is new when we talk about incorporating the Fibonacci sequence into the music there was a band called tulle they did that with their song lateralis amazing song where it’s just not just on that four count up to ready go just you know that simple four count they go back and you you would think that playing this long type of red but it eventually comes back you would think you would get lost in it but it does line up and it and and and if it’s done correctly it’s rich it can take you on an experience with it or what it connecting but back to understanding all these all of these musicians coming together they’ve been doing it recently they’ll rent out a stadium and they’ll or like a football field or something and have thousands of musicians show up and they all learn how to play a song by I think one of the the ones they did was a smells like teen spirit by Nirvana from the 90s and they’ll all gather in a stadium and there’s like hundreds of guitarists hundreds of drummers and they’ll all play in unison you have thousands of people all playing this one song together and you know and people are crying people are emotional like man we all connected over this song and what this person contributed to us who’s not with us anymore but it’s just kind of meeting in honor of that person in honor that song is so beautiful and and seeing like the group meditations where they’re doing master meditations everyone is meeting up or do even do it in online global meditations global ce-5 contact initiatives what we’re all getting up at this time this is what we’re putting out there we’re gonna set the intention we’re gonna connect in the evangelical Christian circles they’d have this thing called the call head up by Lou Lou Engel and they ran out massive stadiums and say look here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to pray we’re gonna petition God that if we all come together with this in mind that we can create change in our communities in our lives personally if we all come together and agree with that so the really cool thing is is that when you look at it there is change that that’s happening like crime rate has dropped in cities and stuff where all these people are meeting and spreading this positive information and bringing love and unity crime rate is one of the biggest things that that is actually measurable that drops whenever you do something like that that’s beautiful just one little quick story I was in Estonia and that’s a country kind of close to Finland Russia and Germany very tiny has a million people and I met this lady Mara and she told me that her grandparents had been slaves and that their people were enslaved by the Russians the bazaars and they were very very cool and she told me he’s horrible stories but anyway they were broken and so when the Tsar was killed they were broken and they couldn’t stand up and get their freedom but because they were in such a far reach of Europe the Inquisition coming from Ramon starting from Rome coming from the Catholic Church had had just barely been there you know it the old ways were still kind of passed on they weren’t forgotten they weren’t stopped out didn’t have enough time for the Inquisition – to have that effect so they had what you’re talking about they would they brought out of there million people they brought a half a million together and not only did they sing they all sang in unison but they did so 24/7 for five days so they took your idea and then they expanded it worked over a longer period of time getting a half a million and they got their freedom then Germany World War two I remember Germany just kind of like ate up Poland and so kind of the world that Russia kind of eat up some of these Latvian countries and Estonia was one and they talked about how they did like on a Russian Roulette and would pick out who got to go to the death camps up in Siberia and it was terrifying and then in the middle of the war of Germany oh and half Russia and the others and they had to go fight each other so you had father’s killing sons anyway was just horrible and they were broken again at the fall of World War two they were unable to say were free they were they were a mess and again they came together and they did the song fest and they were able to change the back the entire nation and getting the freedom and today every five years they have a song fest and what a what a cool idea again it’s quantity it’s like we’ve got the tools now let’s just implement it welcome baby yeah it uh it makes me think of there’s a church of ministry called um it’s called um I hop which is in a International House of Prayer and they have this thing that they’ve kind of coined which is 24-hour prayer they have prayer rooms dedicated where they have people in their 24 hours a day they have a schedule it when you leave this person comes and we’re gonna have continuous prayer whether it’s praying for our nation or praying for this or that that’s what they’re doing they’re twenty-four hours but they also have the music thing as well they do 24-hour worship where they have bands and worship leaders and people playing music I mean two three in the morning while most people are asleep these people are offering praises to God and connecting on that level and it’s just a really cool idea they have that 24-hour prayer and to line it up and do it but it seems so innovative like all of this stuff let’s get a thousand people together to play this song let’s do 24-hour prayer 24-hour worship like this is ancient stuff you don’t saying we’re just kind of going back to what the ancients were doing it what was working for them what they believed to work and we’re trying to implement it now and if it’s done right we’re like revolutionary but it’s just copying something that already worked at some reason the Dark Ages I don’t know what but we’ve forgotten a lot of this ancient science when it comes to music and spirituality and so to see people incorporate it I mean I’m doing it in hip-hop something totally different you know but you see people bring people go back to the ethers through prayer through studying or whatever grab this idea and bring it back and make it modern you know introduce it to a new generation a new era of people who have never heard of that maybe you know that you know their grandparents nobody’s heard of that and it’s something it’s a new idea that’s it’s making healing tangible whether it’s through connecting through music or or through prayer whatever the ancient practice is of drumming and I like so that’s what try to do I’d study syncretism to study like all the religions and seeing how they all connect and how they all claim to have exclusivity to this one idea whether it’s the Christian speaking in tongues or playing the fast beats were they falling out in its spirit like this has been done by the other traditions like the Bacchus and things like that over the over the years going into trance receiving prophecies for people you know and it’s so cool to see it preserved even in Christianity where you would think lighted at suffice taboo and it is by many sects and denominations but to see people still holding on to that that ancient that ancient fire that’s still there man is so beautiful to me yeah here’s another thought just add another idea is you find this in England with the Druids they would do sacred geometry on the land so they would do places power places where it feels good thing to Machu Picchu or places where people go have a spiritual enlightenment experience and they would map them and then they would often use like a grid light formula or your sacred geometry and selecting locations across their country so in England you’ll find I believe they have like 10 different you’ll find archaeology remains of all these different chapels and they’re going to create sacred geometry I’m going to be on underground waterway so that they’re going to connect energetically and when they feel good the idea was that there was some electromagnetic they wouldn’t use that but term but some type of current between them and so then they would not only do the 24/7 but let’s say they’re protecting all of England then they’re going to do 24/7 around these sacred geometry spots that tie into nature waterways the idea of them using the great number of people singing 24/7 and then tying it to to took water and to rivers and to underground rivers and to like lava flows or ways to take this powerful music and then like lattice the globe the healing energy to think of the healing earth light and the kind of the engine was some beautiful yeah that’s awesome connecting with the meridians of the earth almost with the the different energy points in the in and under underground waterways and how our bodies made up of water I mean I think it’s the same thing we’ve done like the studies from who was a dr. emoto’s rice experiment we tried it at home I did it with my family speaking the positive affirmations over the rice and the water mixed together and seeing it change it literally changed speaking positive effort affirmations and speaking death and curses over the other and over a thirty day period you know the results were there the one we spoke death over it looked disgusting it was molding and nasty we wanted to get it out the house the other one was was fine it just kind of did you know the natural process of fermenting there was no mold on it it was almost like you could still cook it and eat it you know is so in understanding our body where what does it set seventy percent water and so it’s the same thing we’re speaking blessings over ourselves and positive affirmations of sound and things coming forth and that’s another thing to tell you with you know just a whole lyrics and the things were speaking over ourselves with the music we look at the majority of what’s out there like in pop pop culture right now it’s it’s all just like this negative music and speaking curses and all kind of stuff over yourself and promoting these type of lifestyles and speaking that over themself people say well I’ll just listen because I like the music I don’t even care what they’re saying but these people are speaking all types of nonsense and stuff within the music and there was something that you said before we went live you said that uh you people eventually become their music and you’re eventually going to embody that we’re I mentioned repetition reduces resistance or when it’s poking over spoken over you or so long you begin to to let your guard down and believe it we see like the story of the Pied Piper into the town and plays the flute and gets all the mice to follow him with the power of his flute out of the city and he takes them out then he comes back for payment and that people don’t want to pay him so he plays the flute and he has the power over music he understands it and he takes all their children takes their children problem as payment you know and it’s the power that that we have in it it’s been said I’ve heard have been said that the hip-hop artists and the rappers are the philosophers of our generation this is who the people go to this is who the masses listen to the new hit song on the radio and they have power to bring forth peace and change and love and unity or confusion and chaos and things like that so it’s really powerful when it comes to music on a practical level that affects anybody you don’t have to get into the esoteric make up and break down just by simply listening to this music over and over it’s affecting you in some shape or form absolute a men no we had a bunch of comments when you mention your book and some of that stuff a lot of people already mentioned that they want to go check that out they want to make sure that we plug that at the end of the show so I appreciate you for coming on and I really enjoyed this episode I love talking about music and spirituality and how it all connects together so thank you Jill for hanging out with me if you want to plug your books again name those once again that you mentioned cuz people want those by name and let people know where they can go get them and I’ll have all that information and the links here but would just hear one more time all right thank you Jill’s wings of light calm I have all kinds of free samples of my music if you sign up for my list on the home page videos articles etc and you can sign up for my list I have about 400 messages about every three weeks on healing the sound my books ancient sounds modern healing and great primer to changing your world with sound how do you sound for altering your thoughts altering your feelings altering your body starts out with the Hindu master that it’s akin to an ascended master on earth who gives a sound he’ll and it kind of goes using the start using sound is a vibration on every level bring your benefit secret sounds ultimate healing it’s a little bit more of a walk in the park it’s the work by your own ku sticks related to sherry Edwards and it’s it’s looking at the frequencies in your body the mathematics of the frequencies and healing tones and then in the back part I go into ascended master teachings on how to change how people respond to you with your voice you can it’s very powerful tool so I go a lot in this secret sounds book in the back part on ancient use of your voice it’s a miracle then the last rays of time and I want to gentle words on this one took me 30 years this starts with the with legends and channelings and information emerging recently from south and north by no central in South America on Lamar Ian Atlantis and the music and then I go into Samaria the first bit in history we have and they’re using music for star tones for altering their life by tuning to the heavens thoroughly physically and I have a CD that I copy from their thoughts then you know it goes into ancient Egypt that used me as a Treasury thing yeah an ancient China Lao Tzu they’re controlling their their police scene their country’s was found going into Greece and the Hindus and all around the globe and what I found was we talked about white light but I found like they would send her on a musical note and so the Chinese would primarily learn lessons of green they tuned to green the Hindus were tuning to red or that red orange that the Dalai Lama some masters we’re over there in India and their complementary colors are balanced and how as time ruled on these different cultures changed they changed their music and their music changed them and their music overtime like went through the pain blue colors so as time unfolded you have music and red and orange and yellow and reading it and so we have all these lessons and examples of mastery and challenges and struggles and learning and improvement in each color in each emotion in each physicality and the achievements of each country and so it just and you can use a lot of them in your daily life so it’s again opening up this paradigm changing kind of thought we are the children that are following the Pied Piper we are the children being let out of the city out of darkness good stuff Jill I thank you so much for coming on man it just we could we could go for hours and would definitely have to do it again especially you talked about your new book that’s gonna be coming out in about a year or so so I definitely want to have you back on whenever that’s available so I appreciate you and well you have a lot of good comments here in the chat and people are definitely gonna head on over to your website and check out your work thanks for coming on again Jill thank you listen goodbye all right Jill Matson ladies and gentlemen make sure that y’all go to her website support her work and if you go to youtube type in her name she’s got a bunch of lectures she’s been obviously she’s been doing this a long time and she’s really well versed in her stuff she’s got a lot of good information man really good stuff someone says the seats talking about putting the being able to transmit vibrations and thoughts in the way that you speak and your your voice and inflection and so Felix is saying uh is a saying that even her words I think it was real if she said that that he it explains hot why he feels calm when she speaks and she studied that right she studied the language of speech and and music and voice inflection and tone so that’s really cool that you just feel that and you you know most people wouldn’t know that unless she said it was just kind of giving you the secrets there about not being monotone and I’m I think I’m bad about that a lot of times just being monotone but it’s really powerful master it’s really beautiful when it comes down to the science of a voice inflection and speaking and communicating communicating on an idea having a thought and then sending it out when you speak or when you create the music right you’re able to lock it in which is a beautiful idea we explored but it kind of goes to show you about social media like many of us have like you know this the whole thing is new like how do we discuss with people over the internet about maybe friends or people discuss issues that are really near and dear to our heart and we’re doing it in chat form and status updates and commenting back and forth one or another I’ve lost really close friends because of social media and not being able to them you know asking a question or leaving a statement and they interpret it because of where they are or who they think you are they think it is it like you’re condemning or lashing out and you’re simply just asking a question like when you read that status if you’re going back and forth with people and somebody says uh you know who gave you the right to say that it how was that done like if you was to post it and so do you really want to know who gave me the right like how did I come to the knowledge of that are you being genuine or is it done who gave you the right to say that you know what I’m saying so voice inflection plays a big role in communicating and so social media we’ve I know plenty of people because we deal with religion and spirituality see people come and go all the time through status updates and replies and comments trust me it’s it’s insane so I try not to engage in discourse back and forth through text message or social media comments just because I’ve done it in the past and I seen where it’s landed and a lot of people I know who are combative on social media I won’t be there friends on social media just because I’ll I enjoy our friendship and I want to be friends in real life I’ll say you know what I’m not gonna add you on there I know you’re combative I know you’re always right I know you don’t you already have the truth you’re not here to learn you’re here to teach you know what I’m saying so these people when it comes to voice inflection and communicating over the Internet it’s a it’s a whole new realm and we’re this is new for all of us we’re all learning so a lot of it I won’t even engage in and I have to I have to check myself because I try to I try to go back with one-liners and stuff and uh people you don’t know how these people are taking your comments so this etiquette there when it comes to communicating via social media and text messages and being able to do it or not so check yourself people um give a quick shoutout to Tiger Tiger King just sent me a donation here on snapchat live on the air not snapchat super chat live on the air thank you for the generous donation my friend I appreciate you and everyone of you guys who support my work and believe in it and help me out to keep this stuff coming we uh Jill was supposed to be on yesterday but she had some she had a close friend of her past so she had to go to a funeral so we had her on today and then tomorrow we’re gonna have another show we have Ryan goo da WA will be back with us in a really good episode about understanding the end times biblically and we have a very similar view so it’s gonna be a good one and so he writes fiction books about the end time about people like a bystander who was there and their story of navigating through the death of Christ and the apocalypse and the tribulation and all of this stuff happening so he writes fiction books about that but it’s still kept in that frame of all of this stuff happens so someone who’s watched the apocalypse happen or watch the second coming of Christ or whatever the case is so we’re gonna get into some of that I really enjoy speaking about that and I think that’s a an idea that’s growing that the majority of the Book of Revelations or the Bible has already happened I think there’s that idea is growing with a lot of people so it’s really cool to discuss it I don’t I know that the mainstream Christianity is gonna hold on to their and their whole narrative that none of that’s happened yet or maybe some of it’s happen but to look at revelation as a revealing of what has already happened and what was to come and what came you know what I’m saying it really it came and Jesus gave out certain statements and prophecies about the fact that uh the end was nine we’re at the end and get ready and this is and you guys this generation all of you you’re not gonna die until you see all of this stuff I’m telling you fulfilled so really going down that rabbit hole when it comes to typical end times in the end of the world in everybody’s this is the end this is the end here is the Christ whatever so really really cool idea to explore from that understanding that I’m a the majority if not all of it has already happened really and you can prove it biblically and you can prove it into history so it’s really interesting I really like it so that’ll be tomorrow Brian gaddama if you haven’t heard the previous interview we did make sure you go back and listen to that so we’ll probably be be picking up where we left off and he’s got a new book so that’ll be good stuff um that was funny we’re talking about the story of the the Pied Piper there at the end and she said we are the children being led us we are the children they come through and they’re playing the music and we’re following the notes and uh to whatever sound that you listen to whatever frequency you’re following jesus said my sheep know my voice heed they know my tone they know my expression in a stranger’s voice they will not follow but that’s really interesting man how it all ties back to sound and hearing the voice and tuning in to the frequency and I was gonna go into a little bit of detail with her about the green light beings of order of Melchisedec which is broken down to the order of the green light the green light beings and so it and everybody claims everybody has a different breakdown about Melchizedek but when it comes to understanding the green light I was wondering like finding out the tone that correlates with green light what note is that correlates with green the green light beings of listening to that note having that color around you like I can change this light in the back and have it green you know and I used to have I used to have like little green glowing lights up on my desk and stuff like that while I was doing it to remind me about the green light beings and and being approached by much as a deck himself when in in in the state of meditation and many believe in the Egyptian mysteries that only way that you are to be initiated into the order of the green light of the mal decking and priesthood is if Melchizedek approaches you within those astral realms himself and um I’ve had that happen I don’t know if you guys have ever had that experience of just going in in connecting and then the green light being show up and they scan you and they communicate and they impart really beautiful mystical encounters of it of the silhouettes of the green light beams or stargazing and seeing the green lights or good stuff Egyptian mysteries much as they take the green light beings yeah the 432 we talked about that on here before 32 where you can feel it you can actually listen to music tool it’s a good one to listen to there you can you can go to youtube and there’s people who have retuned whole albums or songs into the 432 frequency and it makes you feel different when you change the frequency of that song even if it’s a sad depressing song sung in a higher octave you can feel it like your body can literally feel it and talking about feeling it with your body I thought it was really cool talking about the chill bumps and like and you feel the holy spirit or you get that inspiration man it chills listening to your music like that’s the repair of the DNA it’s it’s it’s a sensation your body’s responding to the repair and to the frequency that you need you feel better it gives you a boost when you feel that energy that euphoria that comes it makes you feel better that’s really cool it makes you feel good so talking about the 432 and a lot of people say okay truce Eagle you know is your music in for 32 or why isn’t it if it’s not and it’s not in for and you can actually do this for you guys who want to try it you could do it with audacity as a free program you put your music in there and change it there’s apps on your phone that is a music player app that automatically changes it to 432 frequency just the app really cool stuff but I didn’t do mine because I tried it and it messes with the tone too much like it makes the pictures of certain things go up that probably shouldn’t go up whether it’s a tick on a on a on a hi-hat the ticks in the music so them being at the right pitch but if you raised the pitch they just sound really it just really it doesn’t sound good convert it but there’s certain songs I guess that you can do it and you can feel it in certain songs I guess where it doesn’t work maybe I’ll try it again and and see how it sounds but yeah check out apps and stuff that do that and just go to youtube and type in your favorite I mean I’ve seen Alanis Morisette and all kind of stuff for 32 that people are just retune in their favorite music and re-uploading it Oh Chris garner says have you read manly pee halls melchizedek and the mystery of fire I have it I have it but I haven’t gotten to read it yep yep I’ve read that really good read it’s a short read – I like how those pamphlets and stuff are really short I’ve got to get into some more are reading here soon I’ve got a bunch of ancient stuff by Manley P Hall that’s you can’t find any more and I’ve got it and I need to get into it stuff on dreams I’m an old dream pamphlets that he put out and uh or books it’s not like a paper book it’s really delicate book so I’ve got some stuff I have to get into with that Tiger King just posted a scripture I’m gonna look that up just to see but it is Ezekiel 25 Aventine was really I guess Wow okay so samuel l.jackson quoted that and they will know that my name is the Lord um this bar says she got some good books so yeah man I’ve really enjoyed this I hope you guys said to a judge in about the comments this is gonna be a good interview and we created it spoken to it we blessed it it didn’t exist until we scheduled it we showed up we did the energy the alchemy you guys showed up you guys were a part of it I mentioned a lot of you guys I mentioned your names you guys contribute it and it will be forever locked into this episode that we all shared together all of you guys listening as well like we created this together guys it’s so beautiful it was in this show podcast wouldn’t be wouldn’t exist without you to support through patreon through you donations things like that I wouldn’t be able to do this but to understand that you play a part in this this isn’t just true seekers podcast that you guys are just watching like if you guys don’t show up if you guys don’t get it then it it’s it’s for not just for fun or entertainment purposes and I really I don’t think that that it is I think that it has a deeper meaning and has the ability to move people and change their life and put them on a positive course man with the Bible calls a highway to holiness put you on the highway to holiness man put you on that right path that you need to be on um I’m not an expert on a lot of things that I that I talked about like I can’t like I have my things that I’m good at but I like to I like to throw these ideas out there and so I’ve seen a meme I think Rene Ruiz good friend of mine shared it out and it said like blessed are the teachers that give that debt simply that who don’t force their opinion on you but simply show you where to look and I think that’s a big thing with my music is that I touch on so many concepts and bring so much to the table that whatever jumps out at you it’s between you and God if you pursue that thing we could be talking about astral projection we could be talking about healing we could be talking about Jesus we could be talking about resurrect the starships Orion whatever it is there’s so much within spirituality and um so tarik mysticism Christianity esoteric Christianity whatever you want to call it man whatever sticks out to you is between you and your God if you’re gonna pursue it you know it’s the it’s the beautiful thing so to have guests on here like Jill Madson she’s a legend man that lady is awesome there’s no way I could do justice of 30 plus years of research that she has she’s been doing this for a long time so to bring that to the table as we break down music together it’s beautiful you know so I throw those ideas out there and so as you go back and listen to some of the past episodes of see these people who are experts on it there’s no way you could be an expert on on everything there’s no way that you have the time you know I don’t think thirty years cuts it you know what I’m saying and so for people who claim to have the truths or claim to have the only way or this is the right way or this is the you know the way or they say that every every if someone left a comment and I and I were out addressed the comment so someone said okay he said this is he left this on the Heron Fowler interview I’m gonna read this I already responded to him but uh but just as in a question but this person said this is a $64,000 question it is who decides what a little bit of truth is that is mixed into all teachings the best lies are mixed with a little truth bro God is pure truths and cannot lie or be mixed with the lie I guess I can agree with that but who is the teacher who shares this God knowledge who shares the God truth I think there’s a little bit of that in all of us there’s no way I don’t care any preacher or teacher you go down the list there’s some really good ones all washer I don’t you know Benny here whoever let’s like even in like enough reformed theology has so many teachers who claim to know God who claim to have the to be the end all on God they’re not they’re lying to you so if we talk about that’s the lie these people who present this truths and bring you a portion of the truth date these people cannot break now music like this sister just there today these people who could tell you the way to Christ and the way to God and all this kind of stuff there’s many ways to God the ancients believed that music was the way to God there’s many ways to healing the ancients believed that music was the way to healing guess what it is King David believed that the that music was the way to healing music was to the way to God’s heart and you can serenade God with music that you can lift up praises in adoration towards your creator with music Pythagoras believed it so we have to be able to approach it and syncretism lets us be able to look into all of this stuff and bring it back to your Bible if you’re burying this stuff that you’re not gonna get from TD jakes there’s stuff that you’re not gonna get from creflo dollar this stuff that you’re not gonna get from your pastor who on the corners church the church you’ve been going to for twenty years he didn’t gonna tell you he don’t know it he doesn’t he hasn’t known it but if you have somebody who studied this for thirty years somebody who studied that for thirty years somebody studied this for thirty years somebody who’s had an encounter here we bring all of this stuff together we all have a piece of the puzzle and that’s up to you between your walk with God your discernment through the Holy Spirit you have to be key you have to do to work for yourself don’t trust anything we say you have to do your own work your own research and if it resonates with you it resonates with you if you’ve been listening this long and something’s there and that’s what you have to go after oh my god we’ve been blessed with the guest in the chat room right now a celebrity in his own right Vinny Eastwood what’s up my brother Vinny Eastwood taking over the chat welcome to the stream my brother love you man so that’s what it’s about it’s about finding the truth that resonates with you what calls you and like I if I go back to the music he says it’s for 34 a.m. local time you’re just aimlessly if Vinny if it’s this time he’s in New Zealand if you just browse you’re just aimlessly tired browsing the Internet so I don’t know if it’s your morning or not yet Benny I don’t know if you’ve been up all night just scrolling Facebook clicking on random stuff ordering stuff on Amazon or you getting up early starting your morning with some true seeker I don’t know where you are okay so you woke up best thing about editing video and got to be out of bed bro I understand you have to you got a you have so many different stuff going on but try to do that junk live streaming video video the video editing and the rendering and your computer’s locked up for two hours editing and stuff and all that so the name of the game video editing and when should we shot a video last night so uh commissioned someone to do it so I don’t have to edit it it’s pros and cons with that being a being so creative and wanting to have the creative say so over your stuff but uh bringing that to the table so good stuff shout out to Vinny Eastwood make sure y’all listen to the episode that we did together also go check out the episode that we did on his podcast or radio show as well so there was some really good information passed on through there so with that being said man it’s all about finding your truth and what resonates with you like if the music thing resonates with you pursue it astral travel leap paralysis I mean there’s just so much I mean and you really can’t do justice the right amount of justice to really do it all you you’re not gonna be a master of it all but you’re gonna have to find those things that stand out to you the things that speak to you where your calling is where your expertise is psychology you know what I’m saying Astro theology hypnotherapy all of this stuff plays it plays a role and you have to I think we have to give it its due diligence and really spend the time that these topics deserve men these topics really deserve a lot of attention to just – people who like repeat things that I say as an expert and they’ve never even explored it they just take it and run with it you know what I’m saying so you got it yes I’m not to speak on it if you don’t really know much about it you know I’m saying and that’s for discernment about what stuff you should get into but if you hear there’s something for you something of impartation through the speech through the word this is the alchemical practice this is understanding how deep spirituality is in the midst of a simple conversation we talk about this all the time so with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I’m jumping out off of this right now thank you guys for the support if you want to support my work again head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you’ll be able to support at any level of giving anything helps anything helps man so thank you guys who have been supporting there faithfully and everybody who’s just come on board Thursday nights we have the school of the Mystics you get access by that to that by becoming a patron as well and and you get the support cool people and be a part of a cool community you guys are mentioning discord in the in the chat right now there’s conversation be obviously people conversating in our discord chat and on the livestream on a youtube so you guys are boss this thing goes this thing usually goes non-stop there’s people commenting on discord you want to be a part of the community you can download it on your phone you can have it on your computer while you’re working join our discord come hang out with this no foolishness no nonsense you will be banned but anybody who wants to bring love positivity and grow with the community we’re here on discord as well so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys and now we will do it again tomorrow [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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