Adrienn Light joins TruthSeekah in this episode of the podcast to share about her spiritual awakening and how she remembered who she was. This awakening has led her to understand the Light Body and how each and every soul and activate it in this life!

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“The purpose of my incarnation is the service of ascension. I hold the space for higher frequencial consciousness to express itself in different realms. In 2016 my 3-dimensional body was changed to a Light Body, and at the beginning of 2018, I committed myself to help others as a channel in their rebirth.“ – Adrienn Light

Chapters –

2:45 Adrienn Light Introduction 4:20 How Many Light Bodies Are There? 15:30 What Is The Purpose Of A Light Body Activation? 22:54 The Light Body Is Who You REALLY Are! 29:51 How To Experience The Light Body 35:28 Being A Channel For Source 36:23 Unlearning Spiritual Dogmatic Terms 40:30 Adrienn Light’s Spontaneous Awakening 46:33 TruthSeekah’s Final Thought: Shedding Layers 1:05:36 Patreon Thank You’s!

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