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The TruthSeekah Podcast has over 250 episodes all engaging the spiritual community stimulating discussion, creativity and the imagination with each show. TruthSeekah has interviewed hundreds of guests about spirituality and supernatural phenemona.

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We have a few options available for companies and brands to partner with us and advertise on The TruthSeekah Podcast and Three of those ways are with Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll ads and commercials on our podcast. These are the most effective ways to reach our ever growing audience with your brand or product. Our shows average around 10,000+ unique views, streams and downloads per episode!

The current “Industry Standard” podcast sponsorship is a combo 15-second Pre-Roll and a 60-second Mid-Roll.

Pre-Roll: Prior to launching into the main content, the host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 15-seconds.

Mid-Roll: Mid-Rolls are typically inserted somewhere in the 40 – 70% mark of the podcast episode. The host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 60-seconds this time, often sharing a personal story if possible. We can also run custom commercials for your product that can roll here as well.

If you would like more information on sponsoring The TruthSeekah Podcast please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.

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Pre-Roll AD Rate

A 15-second Preroll commands $18 per 1000 CPMs (listens).


Mid Roll AD Rate

 A 60-second Midroll commands $25 per 1000 CPMs (listens).


Post-Roll AS Rate

A 30-second Postroll commands $10 per 1000 CPMs (listens).

Ad Packages

 Each AD Package is sold in 10k increments.

Magically Have Your Commercial or Promo Inserted Into Our Entire Show Episode Archive!

Create and Build Brand Awareness!!

Increase Sales!!!

Reach and Engagement 

Reach An Audience That Is Already Interested In Your Product!

Advertising on The TruthSeekah Podcast immediately puts you in front of thousands of engaged listeners in the fields of Spirituality, Meditation, The Paranormal, Self Help and The Supernatural!

YouTube Streams

The TruthSeekah Podcast is live streamed in video format on YouTube as well as all the other major streaming platforms. 

Combined Social Media Followers

Once its published for the audio versions it is shared through our social media outlets. 

Podcast Episodes

TruthSeekah has had many guest on the show ranging from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Audio Streams

Our show is hosted on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcast. Google Play, Spotify, 

Rated The Top Spiritual Podcast On Apple Podcasts!

6 Consecutive Weeks As The Top Rated Spiritual Podcast On iTunes

Over 20k Monthly Listeners

High Converting and Personal Audience

Included Services

Aside from stitched in product / service promotion you will also receive the following

Email Blast

Have your product or service promoted in our weekly newsletter as a show sponsor for the duration of your promotion.

Sponsor Page

Have your website link and product permanently linked on our sponsors page.

Social Media Shares

Once your ad is published it is shared through our social media networks. Facebook 15k, Personal Facebook 5k, Instagram 5.2k, YouTube 12k

Portfolio Management

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Work With the truthseekah podcast 

Dont Have A Commercial Or Script? No Problem!

So you are ready to get the word out about your product or service and get eyes on what you are doing but don’t have a commercial? No Problem! Simply send us the details, and we will create something exciting for you! 

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