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We have a few options available for companies and brands to partner with us and advertise on The TruthSeekah Podcast and Three of those ways are with Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll ads and commercials on our podcast. These are the most effective ways to reach our ever growing audience with you brand or product. Our shows average around 10,000+ unique views, streams and download per episode!

The current “Industry Standard” podcast sponsorship is a combo 15-second Pre-Roll and a 60-second Mid-Roll.

Pre-Roll: Prior to launching into the main content, the host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 15-seconds.

Mid-Roll: Mid-Rolls are typically inserted somewhere in the 40 – 70% mark of the podcast episode. The host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 60-seconds this time, often sharing a personal story if possible. We can also run custom commercials for your product that can roll here as well.

If you would like more information on sponsoring The TruthSeekah please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.
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