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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by David Solomon as they discuss Open Sourced Magic, Alchemy, Magic and Possibility. David speaks about the power of the creative mind and using your thoughts to create the life that you want for yourself. David had an epiphany several years back as he reached higher states of consciousness through different means. He spoke about his experience with psychedelics as well as meditation and breathing techniques to experience these higher realms. David also spoke about his trip to Damanhur and how the art there was even a powerful immersive psychedelic experience.

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listening live on YouTube everybody in the chat hanging out everybody in discord if you’re listening to the podcast on the podcasting apps driving wherever you are man thank you for spending this time with us and so we’re gonna get into some good conversation much love to everybody can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you to all the patreon supporters again we are listening to fund it listen or support it so thank you guys for believing in the work believing in the vision and jumping aboard with me on this thing so uh huge shout out to you guys so everybody who’s doing that thank you some of the latest people within the last week or so to jump on board you guys are the enablers you enable this so thank you he was shot out to Russell Bell thank you for coming on Connor smell Thank You Cameron Galloway and Isis agate thank you guys for believing in the work and coming on and partnering with me means the world so thank you for co-creating can’t do this without you if you’d like to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you get access to my entire discography of music which is 200 plus songs I’m recording new music now just put up two new songs that’s going to be on the two EPS coming up I have the colors EP which is about or influenced by each chakra and then we also have the ESP EP that’s coming out as well and so this already tracks done for both albums and one of them is almost complete you get access to that already like it’s already up backslash true seeker you also get access to our Thursday night School of the Mystics this is the community aspect to what we’re building here and we’ve been breaking into groups and trying to listen to that voice of intuition that inner ear the guidance of the Holy Spirit most of you have been hearing that your whole life but don’t know how to step out and activate that so that’s where we kind of come together in a safe space we go through materials together but the the hands-on part is really cool breaking off into pairs and pretty much doing readings for one another whatever we can we whatever we feel and so we’ve had some powerful experiences and so if that sounds like something you want to be a part of make sure that you head on over there check that out every Thursday night 7 p.m. central backslash true seeker so without further ado I’m gonna bring on today’s guest this is my friend David Solomon we’re gonna be talking about magic spirituality and everything in between brother welcome to the show man how are you thank you I’m fantastic like a band of elastic doing really well we already covered a bunch of topics already before we went live man and I hate I hate talking with people before this show because there’s always like some good information I’m like man this is good for everybody I was want to hurry up and start it man and everything that we’ve covered started talking to you about consistency I want to cover that there’s a bunch of other things even on your website that really interest me and I’m gonna pick your brain about some of these things too but before we get started before we go into some of that stuff man kind of introduce yourself tell people who you are when where you come from what you bring to the table just kind of give them a quick background on what you do yeah brother well thank you so much first for inviting me on the show really grateful to be here and to show up in a line way and live a purpose and bring a lot to the world so David Solomon right now I live in the Bay Area of California soon I’m going to be splitting time between here LA and down in her which is an Atlantean Mystery School in Italy it’s a beautiful space it’s growing quite heavily it was a very transformative experience and a big extra awakening to go a lot of interesting things to share about that but I you know I was made for / made myself / created this body my personality construct on the higher dimensional perspective before this car nation to help bring more magic into the world and everyone’s lives and as soon as I was five I knew I was just obsessed with magic all different types but usually not stage magic and I’m still trying to I’m still working on getting a line with the right spelling cuz there’s so many synonyms like the Bible has words for magic that are not really harmonious with modern-day divine embodiment expressed naturally through the manifestation of miracles which is what I call magic are thirsty Clarke said I’m sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and now with really really great well researched scientists like dr. Joe Dispenza and becoming supernatural and Dean Radin and real magic we finally have some of the fibula ography the citations the data the peer-reviewed stuff the odds against chance for different things related to healing the body of cancer a shattered vertebrae blessing chocolate and having a physiological measured response and blood tests and fMRI validate the applied science of consciousness which is another synonym for magic as people get into my newsletter and stuff affecting the world so I’ve asked for projected I had rituals I had some very successful spells when I was twelve sixteen I was doing Reiki I was doing tarot readings about four or five years ago I had a very very significant awakening where I really popped out at this mortal identity seeing of course you know this is a has been a main way of interacting with the world but realizing oh there’s so much liberation in realizing our history whether you are somebody you believe you have a few couple past lives or a few dozen or a few hundred or you are at the level of knowing where you are all things and all lives simultaneously I mean you can tap into a few at a time that are the most relevant I’ve dedicated myself to a path of service magically and so what that looks like is in the short term right now I have my first seven books coming out my first book is already published magic is real on Amazon the audio book is by good friend Jack reader it’s this epic wizard voice like the end up honestly more music and I’ve heard in any audiobook I know I’m kind of doing a little light bragging but it’s all his work he’s all great – yeah I have a wizard school that people can join that is just videos that I create to help people learn the foundations of magic purification awakening advanced ability of psychic abilities things like that I do one-on-one sessions group sessions retreats and have a pretty active Instagram at sorcerer David welcome thanks brother where most days I have at least one video and it could be inspiration it could be motivation but it’s usually rapping in spiritual concepts like love forgiveness surrender transmutation alchemy and a few of the topics I teach and that people have had really great results with manifestation is huge awakening psychic ability strengthening in tuition money magic healing stuff related to money it’s not evil doesn’t mean it’s greedy it’s just energy so healing that clearing debt attracting more wealth and abundance working with divinities so Lakshmi Thoth Horus Krishna Apollo Christ depending on individuals comfort level and embodying divinity and most importantly in the next 10 years working on building three big temples temple of Thoth to raise the power levels of magic can we grow trees more quickly can you heal people more quickly temple of Lakshmi for abundance providing subsidized housing to the poor helping Claire national debts and temple of aphrodite for education and healing for all matters related to love sexuality abuse connection all those things that mainstream culture is getting better at but we’re still pretty far from it and so the that’s that’s a start awesome yeah and I think that I think the perfect response for me is the same response from my friend Matt Bellaire when he was on his show I don’t even know where to begin I don’t even know where to go but I do know I got some questions for you man that’s awesome so in that I’ve got some questions something I want to ask you we’ll get to a little bit later but in that which you just kind of unpacked a little bit Domon her like that’s a freaking dream I want to go there how was that man does it have anything on Kazem and Alex gray like this place is kind of newly found as well right didn’t even know this place existed underground right dumb in her I’ll give you a bit of history of it and but essentially I will be leading trips to Dom in her they had the school of alchemy school of healing art community mystery school annotation school diamond her was founded about 30-40 years ago and it did start underground actually built temples underground without a permit and you can look at it when you go there and get some of the books really excellent books the synchronic lines is probably good to start with Tom and her org has a lot of stuff and these temples they didn’t have permits so they would blast rock music to cover the construction when the police came and brought explosives because it was illegal construction they were so moved by the temples all of creation blue room now there’s a howl of alchemy of metals it’s there’s a whole new range but a little Hollow mirrors and they left with with tears from the homemakers baby and so diamond her has been slowly reaching out to the public their founder Falco left his body a few years ago you don’t want to be a figurehead and aside from deep connections and my experience what what other people could experience and done there is growing they have a lot to offer it is the real deal and it’s nice that it’s a bit of a drive you know 15 minutes from a small to 45 minutes from a bigger town and you have labyrinths you can walk there’s a sacred woods there’s a lot of tours there’s healthy food how big and that’s really big last year was about six hundred citizens and I’d say there’s another three four hundred visitors guests people who live nearby but our official citizen oh so they kind of turned this into a little city commune in itself it’s not all they have currency when I was there used to much um but if you know for people who want real immersion and magical training domitor is it and their programs are very accessible and the the intensives are like 17 days there are six hours of curriculum a day as of last year very hardcore focused and then you can also go like one weekend a month and they’re varied shoulders super liberal the only big rules they have are no smoking or illegal drugs on campus I know there’s a big movement for plant medicines nowadays but Tom and her and I’m learning a lot of this too I was active a heightened abilities and transcendental experiences without significant biochemical shifts which mean actually it actually looks like you’re stepping into a psychedelic experience because of all the art and things when you’re there you you are and I walked there labyrinth of memory and while I walk that labyrinth I just felt such a shift that my third eye was so open that while I was even looking at the surroundings and walking through the stones I had the memories come in of Moses and the the Jewish people all in Pharaoh during the exodus of the German people during enslavement with Crowley and Hitler teaming up before during and after World War two and then of Krishna in a council choosing to descend and then offer the bhagavad-gita and banish a bunch of demons and those those memories of the collective soul of humanity came in while I was walking this labyrinth and that stuff that you know is pretty high-level and usually only hear about in an ayahuasca retreat yeah so those you know for anybody who really wants to grow and wake up and you can afford a trip to Italy it’s it’s a really incredible experience and if you want to guide it or with a group I’ll probably be leading them next year it’s based on interests that people can hit me up again magical Golden Age column or Instagram com sorcerer David and they have a great calendar online and you know their Wi-Fi isn’t extremely great they don’t have a community of English speakers who can take a lot of time with tourists aside from teachers and so you you know you go to bring a community but there they’re growing quite fast which is beautiful my wife is listening right now hello to my wife Erin and just take notes babe I would like to go one day we need to go together Italy um yeah that’s a that’s a bucket-list thing for real but okay so they don’t really encourage plant medicines and psychedelics and things like that it’s it’s its own psychedelic experience in itself you mentioned a couple years ago tapping into higher realm states of consciousness looking at reality what it is all of this stuff now and I wanted to ask you when you were kind of giving you your talk on that but was it through psychedelics was it through holotropic breathing and meditation how you know when you first tapped in did you access those higher states of consciousness that really changed your life yeah brother you know honestly there were 13 different different avenues different venues there were many although we’re good right all of them were yeah oh good you know better than the other right I mean not better overall certain things can be more effective than others so I’ll share this and with with a slight disclaimer that everybody lives their own truth and I would HIGHLY encourage while I’m I’m not advocating the use of anything that’s illegal and everybody should always check with their health care provider you know just disclaimer disclaimer before doing anything um you know we all walk our own path and each of us has a unique truth so my experience is anybody listening or watching are you know I’m a reflection if you were all one and you are your own person so while you may be able to learn from and borrow from and learn more quickly from me because I’m summarizing things I’m you know always always tune in to yourself and work with a live teacher who is pure of heart and offering things without a tell your motive so the the primary methods of what what some could call awakening awakening is starting to feel a bit like in like minute feels like it could be a bit spiritually materialistic so I refer to both as a continuum ken wilber says the best way to reply to the question are you enlightened is are you enlightened enough because yes her never can get you in trouble so I worked with the wonderful teacher who runs a great school her name is annalisa Adelberg and I had probably over 100 and session 100 sessions with her and when I saw her I was a mess I was in a dark night of the soul I was you know pushing really hard to make it new Leah came into Silicon Valley I was just coming out of the ten years of samsara I wanted to follow us at art this path from from that beautiful book by Hermann Hesse and you know he’s taking modafinil caffeine adderall just to you know keep me going and really really make me make me be able to succeed and my daddy was giving up and I had the good fortune at a Teel son that Peter teal son that to talk with somebody who was a very successful person in Silicon Valley and he had bias I see her and so I felt energetically what she was doing in energy healing treatment and I remembered all I was studying Wicca witchcraft Buddhism Taoism big his home doing Buddhism as a teenager and eventually through going with to her school and receiving sessions from her and eight nine ten other people at you know many would say a mastery level of awareness awakening skill I gained understanding of the energy body I gained some maps a lot more through my own reading and channeling of the understanding of how the body third dimensional physical realities I talked about in my book nine dimensional model of reality fourth dimensional astral energetic meridians chakra is Shiki prana fifth dimensional causal / soul quantum field as Joe Dispenza says and then you know all the way up including divinity and non duality oneness unity consciousness ninth dimension which is also the first dimension the off point and at one point I did use psychedelics I micro dosed about two hundred times and I had heavier doses about you know it’s arguable because it’s it’s custom each person but it’s thinking about you know 11 12 13 heavier doses because it’s relative and everything I took I researched it very heavily but the the main thing that helped me really grow is working with very skilled people and every time I used a plant medicine with reverence with prayer with research balancing about chemistry with the right supplements really praying and blessing overdoing protection you know it would be like a lightning flash in a forest and I ultimately came to realize that you know the light body the rainbow body enlightenment you generate your own light and whether that’s the light communication between cells as researcher Albert Fritz pop talked about or you know those other things if you’re walking the forest you can eliminate your own path and if you take stuff or when you take stuff yeah it expands your aura it converts your Chi your vital life force energy into Shen spiritual energy it can move your awareness up chakras which is why it’s always good to ground when when people consider taking things and just being careful with my language and it can be like a lightning flash and that’s why micro dosing can often be more useful unless you need a big big powerful shift like in an ayahuasca ceremony with again the right prep and the useful thing about that as you can see what’s happening next and it can help the rational mind chill out so when my rational mind was still deep in samsara looking for ego and meeting you know 18 scientific references for a looking at what until their Institute and stuff and obviously I’m I’m giving all these resources as mystery school homo for people who want to be on the path good yeah yeah yeah so obviously people can rewind or freeze-frame and look these up as with technology yeah um I was grateful for that because my rational minds like well what’s the value of doing this you know we have you know back a few years ago digestive issues adrenal issues thyroid issues fatigue issues chronic pain chronic inflammation and I knew from prayers and intentions i sat at 14 that I requested all those at some level to help wake myself up the wound is the gift stroke can be progress stimulus can evoke response and eventually eventually I was convinced and the the moment that convinced me I was in my room this beautiful psychedelic spaceship with with Isis and and uh galactic Buddha and a few other few other great beings just like why am I here I said and I really set it out and I got back well this is a school like so cliche that’s not helpful I read that a million times and then I heard go outside so I went outside and it was a decent night there a fair amount of clouds and there about ten twelve stars visible and I just knew and I shifted into an aligned state of knowing and the clouds vanished and hundreds of stars appeared now many people might say those are ships of star people aliens ETS all the Centurions pleadians etc did you have did you have anything at this this time um I had I’d say I had three mushrooms psilocybin in my system yeah enough to help my rational mind relax but not enough to make the physical world completely chef colors were a bit more video but it was enough to help my help the rational mind relax okay I had to say I’m asking we had the same encounter it was magical yeah yeah well the nice thing scientifically is once the cause of an issue all the stars came out I called my partner and I told him hey you know guess what happened and that is my ego activated and I shifted away from a state closer to unity consciousness where I was the clouds and I was receding myself as opposed to David making the clouds go away it was came from oneness or a proximity to oneness the clouds all came back in the stars went away like hey sorry I have to call you back and did it again or it was done and you know the nice thing is it was familiar whether you call it a city of miracle flashy magic as I whatever you call it it was the same feeling as when my dad was dying on the operating table and I took with us in Chapter 12 and I just got to a state of knowing and surrender as I saw what appeared to be his kidneys and fluids flowing because the the doctor 15 minutes earlier said he could die he might need to alysus for life and I just saw knew he was fine and whole and perfect in a set of hours of surgery which was told to us same doc came up five minutes later mom freaked out and I just knew and he said his kidney started functioning again he’s fine we’re sewing him up he won’t need dialysis for life and it was the same knowing that help pure sinus infections and people helped your sprained ankles healed my shoulder twice as fast as the Sanford Surgeons thought and that state of knowing an alignment is just familiar and it’s that state where magic is and it’s effortless and so where does that connect come because we talked about the power of faith we talked about the power of expectation and then on top there some type of action that had to take place versus just I know it no you know a lot of people who teach goal-setting myself included say you know only share your highest goals that people who support you and for most of the world at least I didn’t have a big tribe at that time in this community I do now and some consider me a growing leader um it I didn’t have anybody that I could really talk to and so that and there wasn’t point in sharing like I didn’t I knew that no help was needed and I didn’t need validation and you know when I was when I was in in middle school NBC had a special in Maryland with Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter and Ella Isabella Rossellini and Martin Short it was a beautiful movie and when Merlin was being trained in magic by Queen Mab and frankly I freaked was explaining the the three levels of magic and he said you know the lowest level of magic is meeting words intermediate his hands and the highest level of magic is thought and when he said his thought Queen Mab took a huge cup of water through it at Frick and the water froze in the air and just knew ah this is a transmission and so while ritual is effective to link consciousness to move energies I mean we’re in body so using that is generally amusing the physical world is part of this experience and as consciousness as awareness ultimately we don’t need any of that we don’t need astrological correspondences we don’t need sacred geometry we don’t need to cast circles we don’t need to invoke Hollen protection if and when we’re at those higher line states for those of us who believe or not and who believe we could be influenced by say negative or evil entities all that stuff is is actually essential because you believe it is in your belief that your deepest levels create this reality that’s good yeah goes from you know all of these different techniques and things that you have to do to kind of get in that state you know maybe it’s it’s used for elementary levels for you but it becomes like second nature to actually go into a trance you can close your eyes take that breath feel the prana move it where it needs to go and instantly you either in that state or you feel healing move to your body if there’s pain or whatever and I think you kind of need to know that especially if you’re doing sessions with people helping them one-on-one because those people especially if it’s a long-distance healing right they don’t know what you’re and you have these modalities and you have all these symbols that kind of get you in a trance state they don’t know they’re just on the other end of the phone or video sometimes right and so – for you to be able to know and create it shift the atmosphere to sinful feeling to do work on their body across the world even like you have to know your stuff right you have to be able to go in and be able to do that stuff yeah and at the same token we’re all learning you know we’re all born pooping our pants and everything along the way so the the difference between traditional allopathic Western medicine and just to very very simplify energy healing you know you need certification and licensing and a lot of experience to do heart surgery but to do Reiki on somebody you know well there are certifications and things that exist you can just do it you don’t need to be licensed it’s not regulated and so if you’re look working with a healer or somebody who claims to be a healer you know unless you know and believe they’re skilled or you’ve read a bunch of reviews or done something similar to to check them out yeah yeah any level of skill expectation level when you show up you know right and yes you seeing them as a very skilled healer strengthens them as a healer for your experience and ultimately we are co-creating this reality so you know there’s a woman who lives nearby and she offers IIST ceremonies but she I’ve heard she hasn’t had deep deep training like I don’t I’ve heard she hasn’t gone to Bro and as an apprentice deeply with people she just gives ceremonies and there’s a lot of criticism for people like that or you know who do human because they went to one seminar forgot one a little initiation and don’t have dozens of people getting results so for anybody looking for significant healing helper support while somebody who you could call a novice could help you you know like any field even without regulation and it’s good to work with somebody who has the experience and if they don’t you know maybe you can get a free session maybe a discounted session maybe it’s research but it’s it’s good to have a continuum of skill and there’s something that doesn’t really exist in this field very very wide and so bringing in the east and the west uniting the masculine and the feminine bringing together the creative and analytical parts of our brain becoming a whole and holistic and integrative you know maybe we can get a scale of healing and new justice she can arguably be measured and strength of energy and chronically measured based on a lot of different tools subjective and objective may be a session is at a power level of eventually we can help quantify people’s abilities which will help people know how to grow as quickly as possible because if you want to regrow trees you know that that’s a skill and if you fail or succeed in a very low level you increase the growth rate by 1.5 percent if you measure it you know you do it 35 times and you can double the growth rate quadruple the growth rate and if you accept and allow it to flow like that the tree can grow instantly but most of us don’t believe that’s possible so it doesn’t happen mm-hmm that’s good it’s the power of belief man and then moving from belief into knowing and creating it and it’s just the weird thing that when we look at the nature of reality like we get to manipulate this stuff it’s really it’s really interesting on what it is and like we created as we speak at abracadabra we’re talking about magic right so it’s really interesting when we’re talking about that I’ve been talking about this and I’ve mentioned it to you just a little bit before we went laughs but you have a lot of creatives out there a lot of impacts and stuff they’re very creative crazy ideas I myself from one of them I know you are but you have all of these things that you can do you can write a book you can do sessions you can do lectures you can do webinars you want to do them all and then at that other stuffs coming and so you get started on one path for a week I’m gonna do this and you you give it a week another idea comes you give you immediately leave the first one to jump on the second one then you try to juggle all three and then you want to work on this album and then this person wants you to be in a band and you’re like hey I love to be in a band and so you’re trying to juggle all of this stuff if you picked any one of those streams and and stuck with it out it would definitely succeed it’s the power of consistency right but we this thing that just likes to pull us in different places and do all of this cool stuff and it doesn’t really work out you were gonna give some insight on that before we went live man so I wanted to kind of pose that question for you again whether the power of consistency and seeing something out every one my path I had the good fortune of starting 13 companies learned a lot some of them I had were short lived just an experiment just research others others did kind of well and when I was teaching artists how to develop business skills and when I was taking my paintings and I have a lot of activation portal paintings on my site unmatchable Golden Age calm I looked at what does it mean to be a successful artist and I found a person chris roberts ento who had galleries in New Orleans which showing around the world she did physical fabric art and it’s hard to create that in bulk a lot of artists when a scale and having people weave your stuff at whatever wage is arguably more expensive and a harder business to succeed in than say getting prints made by you know clicking a few times online she had a beautiful Hollis live near a lake very successful as she seemed like a multi-millionaire and I had the great fortune of hiring an art dealer who used to work for her and you know wasn’t competitive her in a different industry was totally fine and so as an artist and somebody running a company I felt that balance and that that conflict between the pressure to produce as an artist as a sales person as an entrepreneur because if you sell your work or your paid for your creative output if it’s voiceovers or or spoken word or music or anything and the freedom to create and I was thinking about this thing called a sellout when I had all these paintings and I wanted to learn all these modalities and the art dealer said you know you need to make 24 like this one you need to make a series like how am I going to learn if I do that and I learned consistency I learned that you know well while the haters could call it selling out I chose to take a positive view of sharing my creativity with the world and learning how to develop deep expertise and mastery because even if you say do ice psychedelic Isis portraits transmissions I mean this is very rich but the man who does this I met him at the Oregon Eclipse Festival no she does a lot of these and you could say well these are all the same saying are you just selling out and doing all the popular gods goddesses ascended masters etc you could say well each painting learns more I learn more with each painting i channel and I bring something through and that is the practice and there is the newness and Todd Henry wonderful wonderful guy he has a podcast in a book called the accidental creative and it talks about being creative on demand being creative in a business professional on the go financial analytic world he talks about things like rails where if you’re making a painting you’re making a song you’re choreographing a dance if you put rails or boundaries on what you are producing because to the world it’s a product even if you use different terms or at least to some people in the world and it’s a work of beauty and creation and art so you give yourself three hours and you need to get it done there you go you know if you look at R&D if you look at a company there’s production costs and production times and so as an artist if you learn things like rails or the hundreds of other things taught teaches you realize oh you know just like riding a bike just like learning to do backflips just like martial arts Qigong meditation anything there’s a modality for you there’s a few techniques that would really well serve you now and if consistency and habit building is the hardest one I’d recommend Zen meditation and a really really great talk about that is um actualize org Leo’s video how to become enlightening the exact step-by-step process it’s a YouTube video and he’s a great great teacher and he says if you just sit in traditional Zen no thought no movement don’t scratch an itch if you catch your thoughts going to whatever food body stuff to-do list you return to the breath or you know some one point of focus and you just beat and it’s really hard and when he made that video I believe he said his max is an hour and a half when I study Zen martial arts with Sifu Robert Brown at the Berkeley School of Martial Arts great school big adult population that’s what we did and for the higher ranks you have to do that for one two hours no thought no movement and he said if you sit in zazen and it’s a test and you’re your meditation test is one hour and you scratch your head then you fail your tests and people ask what if you sneeze and you know to the the newer students who didn’t have as much prior experience he’s like your body is what it is something’s like what if you fart but to the senior students you realize when you have higher awareness you have higher mastery of the body and you can sense the energy wanting to leave you as a sneeze or whatever yeah you transmute release it through the breath energetically consciousness otherwise and then you don’t and you maintain that stillness as we hear of the figures of legend you meditate for days weeks on it and you just focus on the nothingness for the whole how you know hour-and-a-half usually with my personal meditations and it hasn’t comes through any any training or anything that’s what I would do I would get all the thoughts out those other thoughts come in hey you need to be doing this hey what are we gonna have for lunch I can’t wait for my brother to come over tomorrow you know all these different thoughts that come through and you just try to push him out push him out then you’re like okay how does the washing machine work you know what I’m saying all these crazy thoughts are just coming in pushing them out and focus on the nothingness that’s there I feel like eventually I mean for me other things start happening as you sit in that state of you know and you access higher states of consciousness you go into trance state lights appear you get higher vibrational thoughts really understanding is that a good route for me boy if I could interrupt apologize just to clear up a little confusion so Zen meditation teaches deferred gratification which a lot of studies in Stanford studies behavioral psychology show you can delay gratification to be happy or get better grades lower crime rates really healthier trance Zen meditation is no matter what’s coming up I am here trance is something else Zen meditation can help with consistency and it can help with cities and and other things because you’re you stay present trance is when you are a bit loose it a bit liminal and you allow yourself to flow and there may be some intention there and they’re very different things I would argue trance is much more valuable for Awakening and Zen is much more valuable for focus however I believe for most of us it’s easier shift to high dimensional states of trance and in trance if you can get to unity consciousness or non duality even for that brief flicker a lot of us feel yeah so much for you and you can get through through his then because all paths lead to God goddess unity all universe source it’s beautiful to change your life man definitely I mean just like you said if you’re looking for enlightenment start there yeah things start to happen um I wanted to ask you to man because there’s a bunch of different things on your website you’re talking about magic and you’ve healed people from the brink of death like you said you’ve made it stop raining and start raining a lot of us have kind of done those things and it’s whether if I did it or I have the power to do it or we have the power to do it type deal it’s interesting to explore but one of the things you have here you say and I don’t know if this is regarding the the star experience that you have but you said I’ve summoned shooting stars and so for my awakening was there was a lot of shooting stars there were a lot of moving stars you know what I’m saying and there was telepathic communication with those ETS or higher beings or out you know the angelic council have you had those encounters as well where you’re stargazing and just start seeing crazy stuff in the sky that changed everything for me man and really messed me up Jasmine’s brother I mean once Mike my partner and I were staring at a beautiful moon and as we were staring at it we shifted into like love releases or underflow in the moment and a shooting star went right through the moon okay now I’ve had a lot of shooting star experiences and I think my favorite is my co-host roast host her Stawski really good friend great men’s coach his brother David host Bosque wrote the Ascension menu planet Earth Channel’s Bergy ala star being very high level awareness were really really great men I was hanging out with Michael and he said he was in a hot tub with some friends and he said shooting star activate and it did he was like whoa yeah if my if memory is correct and it didn’t happen again yeah sometimes and maybe one time it did in the rest it didn’t and that’s a rational mind is like oh I don’t want to leave this you know this world what if I could do it all the time I would trip out and go crazy and you know the the beginner’s luck to inspire us and but my favorite experience was I tried that I tried just the incantation shooting star activate because I wasn’t fluent in Sanskrit at the time or anything else so it didn’t sound big things I’m China you know I’m speaking in Hebrew and stuff you know I was I was outside and I was looking up at the stars and I just had the knowing to lay down on my back in the grass its front yard so I did that and I just felt aligned they aligned me I align myself at higher levels and I just felt a pulse from the star chakra by chakra and after I was feeling it and they’re like hey this is a way we can interact with you here’s a choice we can take you to a higher level of activation or he can take you around the solar system around the galaxy we being all the Centurions primarily I work I worked at them a lot and at the time I was scared I didn’t want to be one of those people who had a massively powerful et experience and that like defined me and that’s what people came to know me as and no no I don’t mind it cuz I wouldn’t it would just be one more thing on the journey thank you there is a ship above the house I said no thank you yeah I’ll take the transmission please and so as the pulses of energy continued and got to my throat I just had the knowing and the telepathic urging release it and so as I got to my throat I went to release the energy and at the act is second the sound started to leave me a huge shooting star Street right across the sky exactly always looking and shooting star you could say it was a ship that initiated a drive and moved really fast and they called the shooting star but that was you know that was my favorite experiences that’s awesome man yeah I’ve had so many wouldn’t stargazing in estat it’ll change your life man like you said it’s not like being defined that okay this is my calling I’m gonna you know you know this is what I’m gonna be known for and it’s funny to be talking about the repeatability and so there was something that um Terence Mckenna said because you know you know I’m saying talking to people into ufology he says what we and the psychedelic community have that the UFO UFO community doesn’t have is repeatability they said we can take ayahuasca and we can go communicate with the elves on command we can go deep on the psilocybin encounter and commune with these these entities on command they said what we having you in the UFO community don’t have as repeatability people who have had who people who have been contacted by ETS people who have been stargazing and seeing that stuff and so in that like that was a long time ago right Terence is gone he’s but he’s been away for a while I think it’s changed a little bit now right with anybody a who was able to go out there and make contact you have Steven Greer james gilliland these guys who I feel like have calling determine the ce-5 contact initiative where you can go out and actually make contact to yourself and for the most part I feel like that does have repeatability that whenever you want you can actually go out there and contact these angelic beings of higher intelligences as well and they will show up in a shooting star they will all types of feats that they’re able to do but it’s just that knowing that they’re there and so like you don’t see a lot has changed since Terence has been here but that’s interesting that he you know he felt that way back then listening to it I didn’t like it like I didn’t like the fact that he said that because early on I seen the videos of prophet Yahweh I don’t know if you’re familiar with his videos back in the day but he was one of the first that kind of went mainstream with the term summoning UFOs I can go out in summon UFOs and they had a news crew out there and he had his ways of doing it but then there was all these other people who started popping up saying yeah this is the thing we can summon the Angels the Elohim and whoever you think they are and they show up it really changes the game when that we introduced this pattern of repeatability but like you said it’s not on command we’re not here to I I would do already asked for I would offer some contrast in that sorry I didn’t interrupt all right you’re good yeah I’m done in the 1700s if the average person wanted groceries delivered you know the average person could manifest that unless they were deep in a community and you know ask ask somebody for help or they were an elder they’re being taken care of but the average person couldn’t have groceries delivered unless that was part of the culture now you can summon instacart you can summon ubereats and get groceries delivered so culture evolved medics of all technology evolved spiritual physical technology evolved so back in the day when stuff couldn’t be done in command the field the collective field more for genetic field wasn’t where it is now in most people’s awareness and so greer has helped you know this probably protocol is great my friend Michael Missoula who directed Greer’s movie unacknowledged it’s the number one iTunes Store movie anybody who’s curious about eighties and not convinced that movie has so many testimonials great great data there’s there’s a lot of things that can be replicated Dean Radin his labs ion’s Institute of noetic Sciences in Petaluma there’s so so much out there yeah that talks about replicate ability the the difficult thing for most of us is realizing what Isaac von woods in his book real magic before teen rated wrote it is called Quetta sigh so in electronics you have a cathode and an anode a positive and negative charge and if you have ket açaí anti cyan t believe it can actually counteract somebody’s belief and I wrote a chapter on this called power in book 2 and now actually being told on will be book 3 just it’s it’s higher level teaching so I need to make sure people are ready for it if you really believe say your belief is at a level 80 and there’s somebody who has anti belief at a level of 90 likely it will be hard to repeat if doubt comes in in whatever form you share it on Facebook and people call you crazy is happened to me at the beginning of my journey then they can take your belief down through their net aside however you have a million people believing in something like state version of Guadeloupe a lot of people said they levitated and a lot of people said they saw it right you have enough skeptics read that article the people who saw it are not most of them are in their physical bodies anymore it was a long time ago and the newer caddis I said oh maybe it wasn’t a physical levitation maybe it was a metaphor I think it was physical and so when you have the right conditions and you factor in belief into the scientific equation whether you link it to quantum or anything else then you affect things you change things and you can repeat stuff mission la yaani of mine Valley talked about a man who could grow plants and farms and crops very very quickly ambition was talking with this guy who had this repeatable demonstratable measurable skill on command and you know we think of beings like that or read autobiography of a yogi’ the only book Steve Jobs recommended at his funeral and out of a ography talks about no beings who could do stuff on command one guy maybe wasn’t the most moral person could make things materialize and dematerialize with the help of an astral being named Hazrat who he learned through certain secret teachings so there’s like anything you know can most of us do a back some you kind of bring that to the table in the far and in the form of percentages how many of you believe okay you don’t you don’t you don’t so going out with the ce-5 which we’ve done like I’ve gone up by myself and had incredible encounters and then tried to take people with me to recreate that and that there were times where we were under an open sky with you know not a cloud in sight and we seen nothing couldn’t see anything but then there were other times where we went out and I’ve coached the person like coached them and showed them documentaries or say hey this is what’s gonna happen we’re gonna go out we’re gonna meditate we’re gonna make contact and they’re going to show up and this person is expecting to see when they go out wanting the experience and expecting it man we’ve had crazy visitations like and it was just um saying life-changing or whatever but it’s with and you can feel it too like if you go out there and there’s seven people who were just really wanting to tune in and one person is just like what are we doing this is stupid this is not I don’t even believe you know in it it can change the vibe and I’m always talk about this man the power of placebo and I come from the Christian background so talk about Jesus a lot right we’re talking about the son of God in human flesh or whatever came and it has all power and authority he would go to cities and he would heal everybody like everyone in the city who had an ailment anyone who suffered with lower level energies and demons they would be healed and delivered he would go into other cities where people knew him your Facebook page where people know you and there was all these skeptics and things this is the son of a carpenter we grew up with him we in you know he’s just a regular guy and they didn’t believe him in this guy who supposedly has all power and authority in him was rendered powerless because of the the naysayers and the people who didn’t believe they kind of put a cap on what he can do and he you know left that city and wasn’t able to help anybody it’s very interesting when it comes to the power of belief and expectation yeah I mean you know take it the same thing you have a heart surgeon he goes in surgery people boo him people hide his instruments people turn off the lights you know he probably will elect or not be able to do effective heart surgery unless he’s you know super super badass and not to say that Jesus wasn’t a badass because he was at many times one with all things and you know we all learn and there’s a great book called lamb which talks about the story of Jesus according to his best friend Biff his childhood pal written by Christopher Moore who wrote a dirty job in secondhand Souls brilliant funny author and it talks about Jesus going in town to town healing people and at one point you know he he was talking with a woman and he said sin no more and she said what will I do for a living and now she was a harlot yeah and another time he was walking through a market and there was a woman and he slept around the face and she learning about enlightenment and we can do that too and we talked about learning knowing understanding Christ consciousness and there are things like prophecies there are things like after you go through a certain number of lifetime’s after you incarnate with X conditions then your soul your body your spirit is evolved to a certain point and you have more access you have more memories I’m both dumb and her and you see a path or kabbalah path or any of these can take you there and as you get there you love a lot and your skills level up and your sigh your knowing levels up so those naysayers at a 90 you know you get to be a 3,500 and you know then ya may shift or or they’re not ready to see it and the veil of maya around them is so thick they’ll deny it where they will actually see physically something else in other people or psychological they want store the memory you know it’s it’s like priming at its root and it’s conditioning and that’s that’s okay some of us are born to be plumbers these electricians artists engineers we’re not going to wake up we’re not going to do magic yeah the human collective soul is collectively shifting into a golden age raising the power levels of magic all this stuff but just like you know we don’t love it when people have certain traditions proselytized get up on their soapbox and say you do this or you’ll be damned more follow us or pester us like some people’s relatives do because we need to find our own path and live our own truth it’s the same thing so if there’s a person who’s like you know magic isn’t real all this stuff is wishful thinking it’s all placebo even though there’s the science even if they read the studies that’s okay that’s what they’re here to do and except in very rare circumstances it’s not our job to convince them they’ll come when they come just like a lot of people could talk about veganism and there’s and just veganism where you know if you’re vegan you don’t have to tell everybody I think anything is nasty yeah so and I know before my lab as well we talked about some herbs and things like that that people can can use and kind of implement within their you know saying day to day as supplements to there was a couple that you were referring to me to help for sleep and things like that and you know my wife does essential oils and things but there’s some herbs and stuff as well have you had any encounters with tobacco I know tobacco was big with like the Mayans and Native Americans clearing the air especially with you know the ayahuasca ceremonies they used tobacco and stuff like that yeah so I’m personally a fan of rep a there’s a great vendor online called queen of the forest there might be less expensive brands but queen of the forest is very high quality recommended to me by Adam Atman a great very experienced acupuncturist and shaman and I take the mint mint julep repay and repay for those who don’t know I have it here it’s the type of tobacco you take up your nose and I have never snorted anything in my life and it’s very unique you have this thing called the Carib Caribe and what you do is you take the the wrapper and you put a little bit of it in here and it’s better to have it demonstrated in person but if people are curious again talk to your health care professional you take a little bit that’s it’s a fair amount so just a little bit that’s actually it’s actually more than most people I’m just gonna demo it because sometimes you know teaching through experience is more helpful so you need to do it with both nostrils or III do with both nostrils I’m not giving recommendations and it’s great for grounding and it’s great for shifting energy if you’re not yet at the point where you can do internal Taoist Ngong and influence she just by thought and you put I’m actually not going to do it I’m getting a line that I don’t need to but you put the the longer end in one nostril you pinch the other nostril and you go at this one and then this goes up into nose and then with with Kleenex you you know you can blow it out and you can drink water and you know sit pray do your way to blow it out um you just trust your body you know sometimes I need to right away sometimes I wait for the mucus to build sometimes my body needs more time to it so it yeah and you know it it’s it’s all from laziness you know there’s times when I know I could take ten fifteen minutes or get super aligned if I’m granted the ability to and then in second not need anything yeah I don’t yet appear as a floating ball of light I still have this body still working with the biochemical 3d world so I still use wrap a and I feel like anything it comes down to intention um there’s there’s studies of people who smoke cigarettes and live long lives and look at lung cancer and then there’s studies of fear-based marketing and advertising and people who smoke have all this very difficult health things happen to them and you know so the continuum of tobacco of experience is different for anybody some people might be like oh this guy’s snort stuff he’s a wacko yeah that’s right I feel that anything that you bless that has research behind it that has other people talking about it that you feel works for you that you tested a smaller dose to verify it’s alright wait give it you know 72 hours because that’s really how long some things can stay in your system if not longer and really see how it shifts you um but a lot of people in our community need grounding you know there’s Wi-Fi signals EMF waves and even though as your rainbow body grows people say those goes through you and not get absorbed you know ultimately there’s a lot of things affecting us that dopamine circuits have devices cannabis is is legal in many more places and where people are using that a lot of people use caffeine blue light is a thing so grounding is great and if if we don’t have a lot of time with our skin and the ground or we don’t have these really cool hematite pyramids I’m going to start offering these for sale actually in my store but I you know this really neat hematite pyramid you must hold human tight it just can crowd you energetically but if you want something strong and fast or you’re somebody who gets triggered or in a heightened states of anger or anxiety I found about pay to be extremely helpful you know like like Tim Ferriss I experiment and I I push things and I have pushed things traditionally because I want to know and I want to know the upper bound of tolerance and what micro dosing and mega dosing unless there’s strong warnings against it can do ya pounds it’s it’s really nice to be able to ground very quickly on command in an action that takes two minutes and generally normalizes in ten minutes and some some people get dizzy with repay you have too much of it you purge one time I needed to purge so I used you know 5x dose and I purged from both ends pretty intensely for a few hours and it was grateful for that and but of course it’s not for everybody it’s legal let’s let people know that some people want to know how to get it is legal usually that ship is from Peru usually coming from Peru I get mine from a cat Hakuna calm maybe it could be a you know sometimes hard to get it there now they some weird stuff on taking payments or whatever but yeah it’s good you know I’m saying to help you purge to help you go within and to ground until after after repair after sana eucalyptuses is wonderful it’s funny that’s what I was yeah but I had a bunch of stuff you I’m saying weighing on me and it was just really easy for me to go outside put my feet on the ground you know and use repay to just release that stuff offer it up in prayer give it to God and just release it so the wrap a really helps with that too surely when you do it like to just go with it I don’t like to do it in mid-conversation and hang out like when I do it I want to I want to go into that feeling when I do it you know sure and Endowment her for people who feel they need to or they’re used to smoking tobacco and I got this oil at Dom in her shop at the damanhur Korea and its essence of tobacco let’s see if this thing can focus on it anyway its essence of tobacco and you just open it and you smell it and so if you you know if you like aromatherapy you can just get tobacco essential oil from any quality produce around line it can also ground you there’s some questions here in the chat Chris garner wants to know if you can go into a little bit more detail about rainbow body and the different brain badi etheric body astral body light body there’s different levels and how to attain that and uh and and and you know saying where that comes from from for people who haven’t never heard of that term yeah so just just to preface a fair amount of what I’m going to share is my own channeled stuff but I am also drawing from sources or my breatharian teacher wonderful wonderful man and some golden dawn stuff and some Tibetan Buddhism stuff Tibetan Buddhism is is a really really great place to learn about this if you want to go deep in depth if you can find somebody who’s a good teacher or you find the right texts but essentially I’m actually going to shift state so if just give me a second because I really want to be able to offer a lot here so the rainbow body is a natural state these bodies are to support us in an experience we think we need we are light all light all spectrum together is rainbow and when you look at the rainbow body that is a body your physical body is a body the pain body is a body the emotional body earth air fire water Akasha wood metal these are all bodies the rainbow body is a summary of all of them and it’s it can be one of the last bodies you’ll ever need in the rainbow body all things are rainbow is all the spectrums of light prism and when you connect with the prism of in and through your pineal gland and you can take in those other energies beyond the visible spectrum then you start noticing and seeing with them through that third eye I have Horus bridge of the pineal and through the rainbow body we can really see understand feel know and create the essence of the material world because it all starts with light coalescing through the organizational structure a sacred geometry physical matter coalescence and becomes through quantum observation at higher states of awareness we can redirect that shifting and that coalescing of that sacred geometry and of the spectrums of light we wish to bring in earth air fire water sadness joy intensity and each of these frequencies of light of information of communication which were finally learning and understanding information from the Sun information of light through fiber optics all as one that the rainbow body is us and is something we utilize as we utilize our hand we can utilize that which is non-physical that which is rainbow it is special and it just is it’s beautiful it’s a good way to put it I like the fact that you said that rainbow is all the bodies put together in Ascension just to offer that was less David and more more higher stuff so when you said I said that was that was a bit more than just this personality give the honor back definitely um and also to I’m showing on the screen for those of you who want to look into it a good friend of mine wrote a book on this tantric rainbow body breathing by John hooks aka Illuminati Kongo it’s a short read but there’s some great information along with pictures in there too if you guys want to check that out it’s a good brother so that’s what’s up man so if anybody has any questions in the chat go ahead and send those in and I’ll try to translate them for my brother and but yeah if there’s anything else that we didn’t talk about man that you wanted to touch on while you were here let’s get into him em yeah for sure a lot of people approached me for training or directions for training if we’re not as much of a fit to work together one-on-one and I want to offer a formula and this formula is worth considering because as you said there’s so many options out there you know there’s Tantra there’s Kundalini there’s many types of yoga there’s the Dhamma narium path there’s the Kabbalistic path there’s so many paths I would offer 75 to 80 percent of the time to focus on one just like traditional college that’s your major and 20 to 25% is your liberal arts foundations mix of everything I mean ultimately they all overlap and my primary path is that if divided a body mint I care to express and be expressed as define and so learning aspects of the divine that had been named called anthropomorphised Lakshmi Thoth Horus face deists holo Krishna etc help ascend to those higher levels of both material reality above tradition yet and I also study niega I also study meridians and acupuncture I study herbology I’ve studied bits of Wicca Druidism shamanism yeah a lot of these traditions because we want to understand that the maps overlap and just like when dr. streams met with the ancient one and know that wonderful movie she said each of these maps the MRI the chakras the meridians was an incomplete part of the whole and as we integrate all these different maps then we become more whole yet if we don’t go deep and dedicate we will likely not progress as much as we could so at any time it doesn’t matter the length of time unless you feel dedicated to a lineage or tradition or path for life which you know can change because we change every second consider just for the time of a month or a week if you’re Horatius and the amount of information and practices you’d be taken into for that month look at how much time plan your training intentionally and consider planning just to round the numbers off you know 80% four out of five days and that one thing to go deep and then every other question every other curiosity you have explore have fun do your 20% time like as Google to do for engineers and then after that month or whatever time period if you really feel like you’ve learned all that was right for you and now you want to go deep into something else for whatever purpose yeah cool and that that type of structure a lot of us need and that that can guarantee results um if you just read and we read for inspiration we practice for progress if you practice something once twice four times you know you might have an experience you might grow a bit but if you practice it deeply a hundred times a thousand times that’s walking the path to ask that’s welcome the past the proficiency that helps you learn enough to really be a valuable teacher from where people and I just wanted to offer that that 8020 ratio as one formula to consider for your training your growth experience and when people train with me I try to offer that and hold them accountable to that so they can see growth of specific skills healing clairvoyance money magic whatever that’s good and that’s a that’s the second time I’ve heard that that term in two days the 80/20 ratio someone was telling me about that last night which was really interesting awesome Samantha wants to know if you can go into a little bit more detail about the blue light I personally enjoy green light but she wants to know what did you mean when you talked about healing from the blue light and having blue light around you hey Samantha great question so there’s different types of blue light in the traditional physical world blue light is the light that is is in the spectrum it’s from a lot of lights and fluorescent lights that affects our mitochondria wakes us up that’s not the light I was talking about if you’re curious about that go ahead and research it it’s the light you want to avoid at night an hour before bed so your pineal gland can work properly release middle at melatonin and then all the other cool things can happen related to that stuff turn your TV off while you’re trying to sleep yeah or if you must watch something where blue blocker or those yellowy glasses I have some any hair or do the if it’s on your computer the flux app or the thing that makes it like candlelight of light frequency right I started to manage really cool yeah what came through with the rainbow body transmission all these colors there’s correspondences and so blue light that blue spectrum and Samantha this is a particular value for you but of course your question was asked as you represent a big part of the collective seventy nine point eight five percent at the moment about this question so blues correspondences in this context and the context of when it was mentioned was the frequency of sadness now just like Pixar’s movie inside out which is brilliant it moved me to tears no question twice and beaters and then a bunch more afterwards and there’s a great book based on it by by the the guy who’s like theory it was based on the saddest can open the heart and you know a lot of us want to feel and live in unconditional love and forgiveness and a lot of us don’t like to feel sadness so we avoid it we medicate it yeah sadness is just energy all right and if you want your heart to be opened sadness can open it emits energy coming through and well you don’t need sadness to have an open heart there’s a lot of people who don’t feel sadness and they’re not repressing it it is part of the unity part of all and if we avoid something Elaine for Jay talks about avoidance of pain as one of the primary detriments of spiritual growth especially during childbirth and other extreme circumstances we medicate we numb we escape we disassociate that prevents us from really feeling all that’s offered and really having that moment of oneness and allowing and not restricting or constricting the physical and energetic body circulation and energetic flow etc so when we’re open to sadness and our culture very much needs us at the time and I Samantha you do I wish you love and grace for your related experiences and healing when we’re open to all frequencies all of us are open and when we’re close to a frequency such a critical frequency then our heart can’t be as open and it’s hard for a love to flow for me I attracted a number of experiences with with one of my partners who I cried a lot and I felt a lot of sadness and before that partner I I was with somebody and we were thinking getting together and then I found out on Facebook the day after Christmas that he took his life and I found out on Facebook and and that was tough and until he I talked with his spirit and healed things there was a lot of sadness about that and you know I can feel it but it doesn’t stay it just moved through me because my heart is more open and my stomach is more open and my mind is open and I can talk about that and not be triggered and so that blue light for this context and for you Samantha allowing it to fully flow and release and go through can open the heart maybe to tenderness and true tenderness maybe to love and just hear love maybe for empathy and if somebody’s going through a tough time being able to empathize I had a friend who unfortunately well not fortunately he chose this overdosed on ketamine over the summer well the hospital when he died and there’s a lot of magic related to that and the whole container but just just for that experience I in my body felt elation because he was so happy to leave his body and I’d to fight back a smile when I was watching the doctors give up on CPR and ask should be should this be the last time the CPR as another code blue he was the seventh one and everybody you know a young man died and a lot of people were watching or were around it close friends he was a wonderful human and a lot of people cried you know there’s a lot of sadness and I could feel their sadness because my heart was open but it didn’t overtake me didn’t become me both because I could feel his elation on this yet he had left his body and because I wasn’t constricted to sadness and you know so there’s there’s a lot we can learn about it and all things are fine and perfect in their moments including needing to restrict if something is overwhelming and if we do and if we were press and hold something and it prevents something from flowing at one point it’d be good to consider healing and releasing that yeah and you know maybe it’s being empathic as well you know you can feel what everybody else is feeling you can it’s like going to a funeral I’ll go to funerals and stuff and for you know just to be there for friends of the family and you don’t really have a connection with that person but you feel the grief in the air for their children and their spouses and things like that and you just led to tears right because you’re able to feel that I don’t have no connection with this person other than they are another me but you know I’m saying you can feel the grief in the air and so you can mourn with those who mourn which is really powerful as well there’s another question here and I’m gonna read this it’s a little different but I’m gonna just read it because I came through Christian says passing beyond the fields of your so reality and ethereal realms into Multi multi dimensional shapes and manufacturing infinite energy can this be achievable I’m doing it right now I’m closing my eyes just to decrease the amount of visual input you know the our brain process is usually visual input so you know multi-dimensional ethereal and beyond quantum realm if you like Marvel and you consider that a mystery school I do in part they’re doing great especially guardians of the galaxy to um you know I I see plants growing I feel myself as one with the plants I know myself in this moment and I witness as a witness consciousness the sacred geometry is floating in potentiality that coalesce through light into the xylem and phloem of the plant through the heavens and the earth the Sun and the ground of the water to enable things to flow to growth and the Chi of the ARA that plant gives off around it and as that energy myself in this moment dispersing being absorbed and digesting and flowing and higher at the Fountainhead of potentiality seeing the branch of timelines the farthest branches where the energy has significant impact inspiring marshes to change government and the lower levels just sparking a delight at food and focusing for one moment on the joy of taking that bite of oatmeal cinnamon and putting it in the mouth and the teeth of the mouth surrendering to and being grateful for their service and shifting as one and so this can continue because this is just shifting to I’d say closer to eight dimensional which is perception of non-duality because in non-duality you there’s no words a word is a concept of duality it’s ever from oneness and on that on that continuum as you shift up which yeah a lot of things can help us things just are and you can just float and be so like anything it is an experience real skill and you do it your practice sounds like being in the moment too just like all of the sensory input and just kind of fine detailing it in order to kind of instantly be in the moment take that breath what does that breath doing where’s the air coming from what’s in it where is it going in my body you know these just paying attention to the fine detail you know what I’m saying that’s foundational training of awareness and what what was being offered was having that foundational training of presence of the eternal moment of now and allowing that nowness to flutter between in that nowness you can also just see some of the images I talked about flashing by four times a second so the ability to integrate the heavens and the earth as above so below is you can feel that oneness with ethereal with potentiality with multidimensionality and the experience can be at the pace you choose you’re talking about time and time travel and working with time to summon her teaches and alchemy and you know at highest levels we are time experiencing ourselves and slightly lower levels dimensionally just to have a simple map we can affect the pace of time so it’s it’s all delightful metrical fun awesome well David I appreciate this interview man you coming on here hanging out with me for a little while I really enjoyed it and reading the chat a lot of people have enjoyed it as well man thank you so much if you want to go ahead and plug your website man where people can get involved with some of the stuff that you have to offer man cuz you got a really cool website and a lot of stuff available go ahead and do that it’d be awesome yes I say if you’re watching just just bookmark it and if you’re thinking of doing it instead of making it a to-do list if you want to stay in touch right now go ahead and open your browser and the website is magical ma GIC al magical Golden Age calm and magical Golden Age is both transmission and a brand and just a portal and I didn’t want it to be about me because if and when I choose to leave this body and during this lifetime I care to have videos and teachings and articles for many people and I’m working on the site so it’ll have some improvements but if if when it comes up you enter your info in the pop-up but if you closed it just open it incognito and if you add your email I sent two three emails a week and in those emails I offer transmissions I offer videos there’s a link to my book which an Amazon just again if you want to open up Amazon real quick and just type in magic as real David Solomon and through my website there’s a lot of videos and when my websites relaunched him a couple weeks a whole bit of a store selling crystals candles incense teas from really allowing vendors I’ll do monthly webinars things like that and if you want to get in touch I’d be happy to offer an interview a workshop coming to speak work with you one-on-one etc you know you can just contact me through there and a few other ways to get involved slash magical joy if you want to support the building of temples that i mentioned if you care to support through the energy of money if you want to have magical rituals done for you for your spiritual growth your financial abundance on slash magical joy again magic just with the scene at the K you can do that and then Instagram again is sorcerer David SOR C er er although some people say you should throw are you in there because certain people don’t like the word sorcerer but whatever and on Facebook slash magic golden age and slash David magic Solomon and on that there my name is David Solomon landau because of ids and solomon is an assumed name middle name is sol my last name ancestor is a magical kabbalists too if we do another interview to talk about him and that story a very trippy story learning about that identity and you know if it doesn’t feel in line to do any of those we can just connect psychically and if people want to be involved more directly again there’s a lot of videos on their slash magic is real you know sessions instagram group workshops monthly zooms i’ll start if you do the email newsletter the important thing is if you sign up on email right now just on how the email provider works there’s a lot of those emails are going to promotions or spam and the emails have the word wizard school they’re sent from david at magical golden age calm and just you know take 30 seconds creative gmail filter instructions are on the email so it goes in your primary inbox and you know I do have some discounts in there for things I do mention other things but at least in one or two a week and I try to keep them short and relevant and I really love being of service and so if you notice something you have a request for something I’ll try my best to reply with the decent speed and yeah thanks for it thanks for asking that and of course if you like this if you feel any of this content is valuable you want to share it you want to tag somebody you want to comment or like on either of our channels that just helps us share with more people in the world that helps people find stuff because the people who need it will find it and again if you don’t feel like doing any of that stuff if it’s not a line that just everybody thank you so much for showing up it’s really a pleasure and an honor to live with you in this world at this time there’s a lot of magical joy we can all experience and collectively we can co-create a magical golden age however we define it where there’s prosperity where there’s love where there’s abundance and where as a the expressions of shadow service our highest selves and that’s okay too awesome yeah make sure you guys do that and uh David I appreciate it again thank you so much for hanging out with me man well it’s truly a blessing and I learned a lot from this conversation too I’ve been taking my notes and uh good stuff man thank you so much we have to do it again soon sure sure all right I don’t peace peace David Solomon ladies and gentlemen good show good information the guy is a wealth of knowledge many as a whole plethora of knowledge and information so really cool really cool guy so enjoyed that man especially when it comes to the power of the mind when it comes to the power of thought mixed with the power of the spoken word which really blows my mind and how we are co-creators with the creator were made in the image and likeness of our Father as little creators man and we have that ability to speak things into existence to create bliss to create healing to create job opportunities and finances and anything that you can dream of that’s whole system of alchemy the alchemical process to bring it into fruition speaking it desiring telling people promoting it bringing it to life something that didn’t exist man that whole thing really fascinates me man and the power thereof and I’ve always you know kind of went on these rants and stuff about these different healers and these different people who are claiming things and I’ve went on you know so many rants about this and like feel like a lot of people are making it up as they go but in the end who’s to say that that’s not a bad thing Chris garner commented here a few minutes ago saying that you know wanting to know some understanding about who defines the different dimensions and the levels of density because there’s so many people different people saying so many different things that there’s you know only two dimensions and there’s five or four dimensions or eleven thousands or millions everybody has something different that they’re bringing to the table in essentially you’re affected by whatever dimension that you agree with or whoever told you whoever shared that with you because you align your belief with that so if you believe that there’s only two dimensions you’re gonna you know base your opinions and decisions off of that or if you think that this is the only realm that’s available a lot of people believe that a weird thing a lot of you know Christians believe something similar than that you know that there’s only that there is no other spirits there are no ghosts there are no man just whatever you want to call it man elemental spirits and beings and things like that they only believe in you know heaven in hell maybe that’s three dimensions I’m not sure but it’s really interesting where you just want to acknowledge the good stuff or you just want to you can you believe in God and in angels but you don’t believe in demons and entities and things like that so whatever you study you live your life and you base your life off it I was uh I had a brother posted a comment this morning just a good friend of mine on Facebook he posted a status update about Lucifer you know Lucifer’s our enemy and things like that and it was really funny that uh Adam Starseed Bey as soon as he got in chat today mentioned that Lucifer is not our enemy and things and or Satan is not our enemy so my friend posted this comment about Lucifer being our enemy and I you know I don’t want to it’s really hard to kind of discourse on Facebook you know you can start a lot of fights there and you lose friends trying to do that so I really don’t engage in that a lot but I mentioned to him you know the the truth that I’ve uncovered about Lucifer in the Bible and we just went back and forth my gave him a couple scriptures and he received it he’s blown away man thank you man we’ve had our focus on the wrong thing we’ve been thinking that this was some kind of enemy you know this invisible enemy that were fighting named Lucifer and calling him by name and things like that I dropped that knowledge on him and so moving forward that changes the way you do life it changes the way you do spirituality that changes the way you do warfare spiritually the way you carry yourself because the way you understand it in a way that you interpret it and then apply it to your life it really blows my mind man a lot of Christians would maybe even get the offended of saying the fact that Jesus was like rendered powerless in certain cities he couldn’t heal people he has all about all power all authority but in this human form in the flesh he couldn’t do anything because of their unbelief but if you have faith as small as a mustard seed mustard seed is really really small like the smallest seed you have faith even as a grain of a mustard seed then you can do anything you can move mountains you can say to this mountain be cast into the sea whatever you believe it shall be imparted unto you the power of faith belief moving from faith and belief into knowing knowing that this is gonna happen here’s some of these different levels I’m telling you it was really interesting to the way David was talking about the percentages you know you may be vibrating at 90% then he sum up you know thirty five hundred percent your faith level is so so big you know that it really doesn’t you know bother you that there’s naysayers in the crowd really interesting and then Kris Garner’s pointing out you said that Jesus said that your your faith Hill’s you not his your because of your faith I’ve never seen such a demonstration of faith and in people were being healed because of their faith it’s not his faith I can have all the you don’t same face for you you know it doesn’t do anything you know you have to you can join your face with mine and come up to higher levels now we can do that and that’s what we’re trying to do right Chris garner says I’d like to hear where they came up with their dimensions could be something I’d like to look into I know a lot of them get it from Einstein and channeled information you know let’s see what Christians saying enjoyed the seconds I’ve heard and then he says crazy thing about that one night I came up with a thought of Lucifer not being evil and then I heard your podcast the next day about him yeah man really interesting how synchronicity works something as small as this idea of 80/20 I was on a phone conversation with a good friend of mine last night who was telling me about the 80/20 thing but was it was about something totally different like applying it to another area of your life 80/20 really interesting so good stuff y’all I’m gonna go ahead and jump off of here I’ve got some work to do and get some writing to do that I’m really excited to share with you guys here very soon I just released two new songs on my patreon I did this song with Laurel Erica I believe she’s about 70 years old and she did her first rap song and it’s on my album the song is available right now on back so that’s true see good make sure you sign up check that check out that stuff support the work support the vision and yeah get with me man I’m now taking private consultations again where we you know go into the spirit realm together and and do guided meditation energy healing any energy work and things like that so I’m available for those private sessions again I just started doing those so that all that information is available on my website true seeker calm and head on over there check out some of the stuff getting creative with this stuff we’re gonna be often a lot more stuff here soon with private sessions and group things like that so I’m excited about the future really excited to tap in and get this writing out the way so I can release it ASAP it’s going to be good doing some guided meditations that I’m actually writing and tapping in and getting the the modalities ready to share and it’s gonna be really good it’s hard for me to even read this stuff that I’m writing it’s really good I’m excited so hopefully I’ll be able to finish that soon and put it out there so with that I’m gonna say peace and blessings thank you guys for all the love thank you guys for all the support everybody supported my work on patreon everybody supported my work through whatever means you’re doing that and sharing it telling people tuning in showing up co-creating with this man it means the world to me again I’m gonna say peace of Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again Shalom Shalom [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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