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Grillz is a hip hop artist that speaks about UFOs and Spirituality within his music. Grillz recently released his latest video entitled UFO which opened up many doors for him in the UFOlogy community to share his experiences. Yet, after the release of the video Grillz recalls a visit from a strange man wearing a black suite that seems to know things about him that no one else could possibly know. We got into some discussion about this topic and many more paranormal occurrences in Grillz life.

Text Transcript

What’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host TruthSeekah and we’re back with another exciting episode of the true seeker podcast got an awesome conversation for you guys tonight so basically what this show is is we just sit down and have some conscious conversation we talk about any and everything and we try to deal with spirituality religion consciousness aliens angels all of the above we’re interested in all and I’ve studied how the spirit realm operates and I’ve kind of given my life study to understanding how the spirit realm works in and out of that so I like to have people on I like to hear their experiences I like to hear their encounters and what makes them tick and instead of having somebody on the show and dissect them and see what we have that separates us what makes us different as we find many times in religion I like to have people on here where we can share similar stories and and see that we’re not so different after all and that’s just what I love to do and that’s kind of what I built my platform in doing is finding this the the syncretism and that’s what the word means is to define the the stream of consciousness or the thought or the idea that connects many beliefs together and so we look at that when it comes to religion we look at it when it when it just comes to the human psyche the human soul DNA how we’re all the same and so that’s what it’s about it’s about syncretism and it’s not a bad word it’s not a bad thing it’s actually a good thing so we are all connected we are all part of the same mainframe we’re connected to the same source and so that’s what you know the symbol which we represent the Flower of Life is about a bunch of circles all touching one another and so we are all connected especially those who were in the church realm I underst and what the body of Christ is there were all different pieces in parts of this huge magnificent body and we all have a function we all have a piece of the puzzle and we all represent something greater than ourselves something that’s outside of ourselves and and usually when when I talk to people in the show it’s something about having this euphoric encounter having a spiritual awakening and seeing that you know what we are all the same we are all connected so that’s what we’re gonna get into tonight we’re connected by experiences and it’s gonna be awesome first of all before we go any further I want to give a huge shout out to everybody on patreon everybody who’s supporting my work supporting what I’m doing you guys mean the world to me you guys enable me to do what I’m doing now for a living I’m doing this full-time podcasting music and I do graphic arts as well so I’m doing all of this stuff where I’m able to work from home and do it full-time and spend a lot more time on it so I want to thank everybody who’s who is supporting over there you guys mean the world and thank you from the bottom of my heart for me and my family I have a wife and daughter we have to keep the lights on and make this happen and you guys enable me to do that so if you would like to unlock rewards and get unreleased music and extra podcasts and we have now just rolled out a new Facebook group for the patrons only well we just have discussion and you guys have my attention over there for ideas and different guests that you want to have on you get access to all of that stuff so a bunch of unreleased music my four discography all of that good stuff over at backslash true Seger where you can sign up at any level of giving and you can access all of this stuff so huge thank you to the newest patron member that we have in who pledge today which is Eric Skaggs thank you so much Eric for coming aboard and giving a shout out to Eric because last night I just took the clip of the interview that I did with Michael Bastian and it was a part where I got kind of emotional on there when we were talking about healing and we’re talking about addiction and we’re talking about the supremacy and authority of walking in the spirit Christ for healing and I was able to pray with Eric and he was able to overcome some addictions man so this guy is a walking testimony he’s told me to use this story let people know about what God is doing in his life and Eric if you listen to man I do see a call from Oklahoma man maybe that’s you brother if you listen to me a call and we’re gonna be opening up the phone lines here and a little bit taking calls and love to hear from each and every one of you guys so head on over to patreon comm backslash truseq if you would like to come on and support so without further ado tonight’s guest is a hip-hop artist like myself he raps about mysticism esoteric occultism conspiracies and UFOs so we have something in common here so I love to talk about all of this stuff I love to talk about our in entertainment and UFOs and all that stuff so when you’re incorporated in the music and then we you know we we share a common thread of interest man so without further ado I’m gonna welcome to the show grills what’s going on my friend what’s up thanks for having me I appreciate it man dude thanks for reaching out to me you reached out to me at what was it yesterday I think it was yesterday or the day before and you share you shared your music video with me entitled UFO and it was featuring graffiti so you and graffiti without this like really awesome video like really well done I don’t know if you guys had a whole treatment up but it was like it’s it looks really good so you sent me that video and and I loved it I was digging that shared it with some with some of my friends and fans and stuff and they were digging it too so you’re talking about UFOs and and all of this stuff that I talked about in my music so I was like you know what I definitely have a seat for you on the show brother so ma’am welcome to the show man I appreciate that and we got a lot of help from upstate group they produced the whole thing and they’re super good they’ve done videos for Cassidy they’ve done videos for gonna play a couple other rappers no welcome coming guys so it was really cool graphic he’s awesome good friend and he’s he’s been doing this a while – he’s pretty well-known in like New Paltz around here so it was a beautiful day we’ll follow those differences I like to make different music than everybody doing you know like you know think outside of the box that’s what we did went made his shoe yeah it was like a hot budget video it looks really good awesome stuff dude that’s what it that’s what it’s about man cuz like it’s cool to have people doing what we’re doing and bringing the knowledge and information out there and in having a budget or having enough kind of believing in your work to invest in it and shoot a good video because there’s so much out there that’s just like thrown together and people shooting it on their iPhones and stuff like that so it’s cool that you guys would do the genre justice and actually put something together like that look they’re really good I appreciate that it’s really cool of you to say armed yeah that’s calling my destiny musics in my blood it’s in my soul my spirit my dad say I’ve been doing it my whole life I started really going to studios and making music about almost there going Studios doing shows doing interviews making my own videos making my own songs and finally now starting to try to get somewhere with it and make some moves and I’m about to September 3rd I’m taking it to a whole new place once again we’re going to a different level we’re going to the moon shooting videos called moon girl I’m trying to contract the other day upstate group so they’re gonna produce it again so the next video it’s gonna be even better than the last one hopefully that’s what’s up man so whenever you started out did you say you started 12 years ago you were doing more like gangsta rap type stuff when you started out right just really hard stuff like hardcore hardcore rap and I always do all types of stuff sometimes I do a song for the girl sometimes I do a song you know for my friend but um it was definitely tougher and you know here a lot of coming at you a lot of coming to kill and it was just crazy yeah just a lot of stuff actually you know something the way I make music yeah what does that mean because I noticed you still say that before you go into one of your verses or something you always say I come to kill so what does that mean oh man she not she he did it to me now I gotta put the bandana on quick hold on oh Lord dangle silly old hold on go to that place go to that place alright alright so thank you come to kill means doesn’t mean I’m gonna kill anybody physically it doesn’t mean that what it basically means is that every time I make a song every time I get on a verse every time I want to throw him somebody else no matter what I do every time I get out get on that beat I’m gonna kill it I’m just gonna kill the song okay so that that’s what it means it means you’re gonna kill the verse slaughter the verse okay yeah so you had this lottery you had to straighten it up a little bit I’ve come to kill you know everybody has their little things that they say whether it’s like their ad-libs that they say in the background and it’s so funny man when I first started out I wanted I was like trying to find my voice and there’s when I started out trying to sound like busi and I started out trying to sound like c-murder and just there’s just different songs of me changing my voice until I finally found my voice and it was confident in who I was but there was also a bunch of different slang words and stuff that I would say too like in the background trying to sound like Young Jeezy and all these different ad-libs before I went into the verses and stuff so some of this stuff so um Elementary and stuff man it’s kind of funny to kind of look back on on some of it now you know and that’s what makes it so stuff is you got experiment and I feel like everybody that makes music has somebody that they listen to or they’ve analyzed it that inspired them for what they do so long you know like I said you got experiment you got try new things and sounds and flows see what works see what doesn’t work when she’s made you know decent amount of music kind of oh yeah you know take it from there you know what and I think and and this is for anybody who wants to do do music as well like there’s gonna be things that you guys can learn from this conversation one of the big things for me man was starting my own studio and get my own setup am i actually had a huge vocal booth built in my living room my wife let me do it right I had a huge vocal booth and everybody would come over in recourse I basically turned my living room into a studio and they can go in their record and it was soundproof but I lost a lot of money very early by going out and just paying producers or paying people to use their studio when I was still trying to find my style and still trying to find my stone and uh and I would go out and spend 60 bucks and come back with a recording that sucked really bad I didn’t like it there’s no way that I’m gonna promote it and things like that you know so starting out I ended up saving so much money and was able to experiment in my own lab and my own you know I’m saying the comfort of my own home to where I can record and then listen to it and record a song in the whole song sucks and I could ditch it without having to put money into a man what’s your process of recording have you had any problems like that do you do you go to friend’s house or do you have your own studio and things or what um good question I’ve pretty much all that same stuff as you man I’ve been told I’ve gone to the studio paid for a song and then you know didn’t come out as good as I thought it was gonna be weathers I didn’t think you know I didn’t think the sound quality was good enough or maybe I just didn’t do something right but um yeah I had my own little setup for a little bit and I made a lot of music made a lot of music and I was able to if I didn’t like sometimes just going to make it quick or I have I don’t have many songs I don’t that I don’t like most of them somehow someway they came out these and maybe the sound quality is not the best but uh like I said there till I get on that beat it’s just magic something different spiritualist uh it’s you venomous it’s vicious it’s it it’s light it’s Harkness is everything so I’ve been all over studios I actually the studio Nashville circle for Kipp see and they betray me real good over there helping me out all right so I’m gonna go to the moon so soda go from from this one level of just all the carnal stuff all of the pretty much the same stuff you hear on the radio that you’re rapping about everybody’s doing it to do something different so it’s one thing to do something different and see the spiritual hip-hop with the conscious hip-hop as a as a genre or a gimmick versus like having encounters in having experiences with UFOs I mean you guys have are doing songs about UFOs about the occult and about just spirituality and stuff so what was that transition from just doing regular rap music to where I’m going to incorporate some of these encounters within my music like what what what happened from point A to point B all for me it was just a crazy mind-blowing experience that happened to me I saw I saw my name in lights I saw my name in like a black Club it’s like the black lights and the stars and the planets and the UFOs and there were everything shining everything was like blown up and I was like oh that’s me that’s because I’ve always been interested in paranormal stuff goes alien angels demons are beads and all that crazy stuff you know I love video games I love comic books I love I love movies so I love wrestling I’m a big wrestling fan yeah so I thought you know I’m not a whole lot different than a lot of people in life I have a lot to relate to people and it just so happens that you know I make some extraordinary music that’s it that’s the only thing that makes me you know it’s a little bit different than maybe other people look yeah just had this experience I saw the future like the whole UFO video I saw it beforehand I saw myself looking up into the sky with the UFO flying with me and graffiti and the mountains were the UFO flies in the mountains and sure enough we made it happen so it was just beautiful oh you know I’m just trying to take it to the moon try to take it to another place there’s nobody on this planet off planet there’s like me so there’s only people that are similar you know but there’s nobody quite like me and what I love you know I love getting to link up with other people that make music and even people that talk about UFOs and aliens and anything like that that are willing to open the mind and talk about it and throw it down with that’s what I love to do so have you had any experiences with with UFOs or spirits or anything like that like personal encounters that kind of freaked you out or what oh yeah right after the right after the video and I think the reason because I had this encounter was because it’s very the very beginning of the music video she feels tighter I don’t know if your fans or if your followers are familiar with Phil Schneider but Phil Schneider worked for the United States government and he’s building deep underground military bases and supposedly in 1979 he had his first encounter with alien underneath the earth and 1995 he went public and he was actually killed a few months later they were said it was a suicide but everybody in his life his wife his close friend said there’s no way he did it the guy had a couple missing fingers on his one hand so how was he able to tie something around his neck I always thought that was very interesting and so anyway we put him in the music video I put him in this song I’ve been listening to him for years it’s been a lot of a lot you know a lot of time listening them looking his shit up we’re gonna see what he’s all about and so yeah I found out there was some truth to it so I put him in the song and then about a week later I’m outside of my front house and I’m smoking a cigarette I’m putting my cigarette out in this guy in a suit come walking by thirty nights at ghost town nobody’s already sleeping so he comes walking down the street suit and tie and black sunglasses on as soon as he gets in front of my front porch his neck snaps he starts look at me and I’d and grilling me and he was giving me that look with his leg like here like a little smirk like he knew who I was I’ve never had a stranger in my life and looking at me like I know you I know who you are and he was it was everything in my body said something’s wrong with this guy there’s something wrong with something off I just felt it man you get that gut feeling this was this was a whole body feeling so I wouldn’t I lock in a lock the door I was like what the hell’s going on so um I’m my whole life I’ve had weird things happen to me I’ve had crazy experiences I’ve seen things in the sky my sister just saw something the other night she said because you know my sister’s a little uh not as believing a lot of stuff like I am but she saw it the other night for itself she said I saw it it was in the sky go to the star and then it started moving slowly and then boom the phone disappeared I said I told you I told you there’s something else going on up there yeah dude there’s a lot of people who are waking up there’s a lot of people who are having these strange encounters in the India a night okay hold on okay so people having these encounters we’re seeing seeing beings and seeing lights in the sky and stuff like that it’s like the weird thing is it’s like the way the universe is set up is that whatever you focus your intention on you find it so you can you kind of make the decision if that’s what you want to do if that’s what you want to pursue you can you can go after it the truth and pursue it and then the truth will reveal itself to you and you start going down these rabbit holes and if you want to know the truth about UFOs if you want to know the truth about fairies and spirits and things like that the more you start seeking it the more it’ll reveal itself to you and whatever you seek after you find it ma’am and so that that’s the crazy thing and so many people are waking up many people have a different piece of the puzzle to bring to the table to kind of formulate and put everything down and make a picture out of what we have and so like what was some of the different feedback you were getting from doing just regular hip-hop music – where okay this dude just did a song about UFOs cuz it could be it could be good or it could be SuperDuper corny right and all your friends like this dude just make because you know the average dude on the street doesn’t want to hear a song about UFOs right so what was the response when you first started talking about that stuff good because I think people respect what I do they respect how long I’ve been doing it and they respect the transition the I’ve grown up through my music and some of the things I’m talking about now that I wasn’t earlier so I’m keeping it fresh and just keeping you know I’m keeping it going I’m just constantly taking it to another level another place you know as the years go by I do more and more that’s gonna solidify me it’s one of the best that you know at least in my area um so I’m just trying to make a difference you know I’m just trying to let people know that you don’t have to put on such a hardcore persona making music you do be you just be yourself and whatever you you’re going through in life you can talk about it you don’t have to always talk about the clubs you know always always talk about you know the grimy stuff you could talk about some positive things too and you can also make a difference so why not try to make a difference why be like everybody else why talk about things that have already been talked about and said a hundred times over we might as well just you know try some new stuff that’s what I’m doing and I got a good response everybody that saw it they loved it I’m still getting people hitting me up about it I’m still getting people talking about it and I’m liking it listening to it so it did I think just because anything that’s so different because we live in a generation now where everything sounds so much alike when it’s when you are different and you are you know pretty decent which do have talent people are always going to resonate that people are always going to hold on to those type of raw gems you got people in the chatroom giving you a shout out jay says and I come to kill shots out man so well I mean what are some of the other topics that that you touch on man that um you know I’m saying like in your music as far as I conspiracy in a cult topics what are just some of the different things they interest you that you put in your music I’ve had a song called conspiracy theories that I release it on you SoundCloud awhile back just for fun just for me and my friends to listen to it I didn’t release it publicly anything like that but um I talked about the aliens I talk about the Illuminati what it really means where the word comes from this is this entire global network I don’t know you ever seen the movie John wick when in the movie John wick there’s like this international network that works in secrecy where he’s able to give them certain currency in certain gold coins and everything you thought that shopper that stores was what it looked like it wasn’t anything like that they opened a secret door and there’s all this other stuff going on behind the scenes so I think that’s what the Illuminati really is this organized network of different organizations and different groups and society secret society and what can we do about it they’re there they got all the money but the bet though you know people always say why even talk about it because you can’t do anything about it now that’s like somebody saying well you can’t be a doctor on the globe you can’t be a rapper when you grow up you can’t be an actor when you grow up you can’t do something like that that nobody else around here is no because you can’t actually that’s negative any time somebody tells you can’t do something that you want to do to follow your dream you’re gonna have to do it so I always fascinated with this information uh-huh kind of reminds me like a movie um did you um Adjustment Bureau as well I don’t know if you’ve seen that but that that one is a must for anybody who’s into conspiracies for one but also to the topic I like to touch on the Elohim and the angels and those who are watching over you with it the aliens of the ETS The Adjustment Bureau kind of talks about what you’re talking about how they would you know walk through doors and open up a door and there was like this type of you know I’m saying Illuminati people who were watching over everything and they would shut it and those people would be disappeared and gone but they were watching everything and they were orchestrating everything and they had angels that were watching over and going down and doing stuff and I actually sampled some of that and one of my songs I did a song called the knowing and at the very beginning I’ll put a clip in there from The Adjustment Bureau but that’s that’s one that people are into this stuff you got it you got to check that movie out as well and it seems like they like hide everything within it within the movies man there’s so much knowledge this way occultism like hidden within the movies man oh it’s all over I think I don’t know whether it has something to do with a contract where they have to tell us what they’re doing to us well that’s what I think it is there’s some some type of karmic law where if they tell us what they’re doing to us and we don’t stop it or there’s no anything about it and it’s like hey we totally please going on you don’t want to do it’s not our fault you did what you wanted to do with it yeah I believe yeah I know that yeah it’s either that or or it could be so many things but I think I think I think the thing that’s probably it man because there’s so much stuff that they hide in there whatever it is these people are well studied in the occult they’re well studied in ancient texts and there’s so many movies and I’ve sampled so many movies within my music of watching a movie and they start breaking down a coat information or they start breaking down on the knowledge of angels and how angels operates and things like that so I will take that clip and put it in my music and there’s so there’s so much stuff in there man so whatever it is they are definitely studied up well studied and we look at like I think we just won for example it’s like I think it was the first either the first or second Transformers movie called rise of the Fallen and it was about the transfer it was the Decepticons who were in Chains in the bottom of the ocean and the rods of the Fallen is the Fallen Angels and if you read Enoch and some of the other books that were taken out of the scriptures it talks about that the Fallen Angels fell from heaven and they’re bound in chains of darkness in in the bottom of the ocean in the desert in caves and places like that that they’re actually chained up in at and so in the end that they would be loosed from their chains in the end they would get to return to the earth and wreak havoc again so who in a film it’s so so much of it with the the symbols and the signs and the terms that were used even in that movie somebody knew what was up somebody was was studied on the Fallen Angels in the Bible and the Nephilim and all of those things man yeah no absolutely they are they definitely put a lot of that stuff in the movies whether it’s the mind control or whether they’re just give it little hints on their on a different level maybe it has something more meaningful to do what they do but there’s definitely a reason behind and there’s definitely some truths in a lot of these movies like the Transformers or The Manchurian Candidate with mind control oh yeah I ordered one now yeah the MKULTRA stuff there’s there’s so much information out there to prove that there’s something else going on in this world that we’re just not told about why would we be told you know you got a line in the jungle that’s never seen a human being that line thinks he’s the top of the food chain so we’ve only been told that there’s no alien to here there’s you know phenomenal or otherworldly stuff doesn’t happen here because stranger told us that we can all information from from strangers and watch the news there’s strangers people are watching tonneau cover menteur strangers you always tell your kid don’t talk to strangers yet we get our entire information on life yeah strangers believe everything as long as it’s on TV and as long as it comes from somebody in a suit that kind of note and it seems like they know what they’re talking about we believe them don’t trust them when they were a soo-man but that’s just weird it’s like someone who’s up there and age and I hate to keep ragging on him or using his name but Jordan Maxwell Jordan Maxwell can get up there and do a lecture and be so poised and so so Stern and he believes what he’s saying even though he you know a lot of times just be up I believe these people make it up as they go you know I’m saying and like especially in the conspiracy circles and Alex Jones and these guys like I think I think a lot of us can see through somebody like Alex Jones now but years ago early on like we thought this dude was SuperDuper legit but somebody like him still has millions of people who follow him and listen to him almost as a religious leader you know I get that you know is I think there’s so many people talking about this stuff but the one thing I got to say I I don’t want to say I’m a fan of Jordan Maxwell he’s my favorite Jordans always been my favorite he was the first one that really opened my eyes to all this and once I found out his work and everything that he does he’s crazy he’s he’s I don’t know crazy in a good way in a good way you know he it he paved the way for people to know about this one thing I can say is um I was big at 911 stuff I always felt like there was something really shady there yeah and I saw a lot of I saw I saw a lot of videos on that and a lot of people on engineers question it architects but families and the victims of who passed away they were the ones that started the 9/11 truth myth you know know the truth or movement so there’s something to that and I stumbled across a video about maritime law Uniform Commercial Code Jordan Maxwell within a red background and he’s talking about all over the world you got the United States and the company United States is a corporation you are an employee to the corporation I heard that for my friend not too long ago I didn’t understand I saw this video hand I knew instantly like laughs something’s wrong that there’s something else going on because I was never told about any of this and I did my research and found out there absolutely was Uniform Commercial Code I never knew there was never knew it so that’s when I figured out something’s going on now whether or not every single thing that somebody like Jordan Maxwell or David I or max fears um Aaron Russo eggy ke o Alex Collier Arizona Wow there Cathy O’Brien you got so many different people with so many different stories yeah that uh you know Al Bielek you know all these people I feel like are connected because all of their stories and everything they’re talking about is coming from a source and they know the two things that everybody seems to be talking about it’s the new world order and existence on this planet of extraterrestrials yes they’re here and it’s been going on cradle drive-in said he’s a shaman from Africa and he talks about it he talks about the knowledge from his ancient people and what he had to do to get that knowledge and and what he knew about the terrible objects in the sky that came down so it could all put a lot of these people my musically great you do the same thing you know you got the intro and has like your other clips from a movie or LOGIN yeah great minds think alike bro great minds think alike let me tell you you’re on some shit I love your music too I love your music the imagined nature they appreciate it yeah man it’s quite it’s crazy when it when we’ve come to like that word you just name dropped about eight names right and so I’m from the realms of where whenever we name drop these people other people get mad so what if this oh so there is some truth to what Jordan Maxwell is saying so there’s like a bunch of truth to what Jordan Maxwell saying and we were with the truth we’re with the stuff that speaks to you and then so you share his work you’ll mention his name and people to get mad because they have some things that Jordan Maxwell you know I’m saying they may disagree with and they just lump you in oh you believe in him well what about this would all you believe in David Icke David I believe just anise anise you mean you believe that and they try to they try to lump you in with with all of it and stuff and so that they’re scared to promote it or give credence to any of it because they have some stuff that they don’t agree with what is not anybody out there who’s gonna have like all the truths like this is the one guy that we gotta follow this is the one dude and trust me if you’re if you have religious teachers or if you have gurus and stuff and you’re saying this is the guy that’s not how it works the way it works is that everybody has a piece of something everybody has a piece of what they can bring to the table and what they can help you with and so we talk about people like Jordan Maxwell because a lot of their stuff contradicts each other right so it’s like who’s telling the truth who’s not whatever works for you like whatever that you can apply to your life and use it whatever’s helping make sense of the whole situation man I’m for and that’s why I have people like Jordan on the show and Santos what Santos Bonacci back on Danny Wilton Santos Bonacci and Danny Wilton are like arguing head-to-head right now and they talking crap about each other’s work and I’m about to have them both on and there’s things about well each one of those guys that I love and I’m willing to share with the audience and stuff right so that’s what that’s what it’s about man it’s about coming together in unity and just not being scared to be affiliated with other people or to promote or share a platform I’ve really been harping on that a lot lately man but and and rightfully so because people are resonating with it and they’ve they’ve noticed that people are being stingy with their platforms and stuff like that you reached out to me yesterday about coming on I think all the day before and I was like dude let’s make it happen man let’s do it you know just this door makeshift show together have fun everybody’s hanging out in the chat room you got a bunch of your fans who are here just giving you shots out saying you know you help them open their third eye and I’m saying the knowledge and information and you bring to the table have changed their lives and stuff and whatever you’re doing whatever you’re doing it’s working and also people people want to know how the chat room I mean at the chat room but the phone lines work so just call in that number and the number is streaming across the top of the page and it’s also in the description as well so call that number and then there’s a PIN number that you entered seven eight six four three put that in and then I choose one as your pin and it’ll show me that you’re in queue so if anybody has any questions if anybody wants to add to the conversation if there’s been any movies out there that you’ve been watching and felt like the universe was telling you to pay attention to a certain part of that movie and then that part just Yonsei just resonated in in your spirit that’s the cool thing with us doing music because when we’ve had encounters like that watching movies we save it and put it in the song so we listen to it over and over so it’s like almost like essentially building up a monument and we’re reminded of it every time I listen to my songs even from years ago to like in 2012 2011 and I would watch a movie with my family and and something spoken in that movie resonated with me and something told me to to save it and put other people it’s just weird weird synchronicities that are happening like whatever you experience through that that knowledge is is like we helping awake other people up and it’s embodied and captured within living within a song man that’s so cool oh yeah it’s the best yeah man you already know cool stuff I think the one thing I wanted to say quick about what you were saying about you know talking about all these different people and what they’re and you know um you know part of my destiny is to talk about these people I don’t know why but I was shown that these people are unconnected in some way and that I was to take their knowledge and the stuff they were talking about and kind of put it on another platform so that yeah most of these people are asking for that anyway they like get the message out spread the word we don’t hear a politicians talking like that really we don’t hear them saying listen there’s so much going on that they’re not telling you listen I’ve worked for the government I’ve been in the military I’ve done this I’ve done that I’m gonna I’m gonna risk my life to talk about it and then everybody wants to just leave it there looks like this funny guy on Facebook dancing around in the street naked so that’s what people want to see nowadays but that’s about to change and guys like us you me and you know wait a minute wait a minute the funny guy dancing around in the street naked you’re not talking about Matthew are you he goes okay so there’s a guy who goes like The Times Square I forgot his last name it’s okay Matthew silver so we’ve got this big crazy beard he’s got crazy hair and he goes out wearing a little bitty speedo he’s got big hairy chests and he just dances and acts silly and stuff like that and he looks crazy the tourists love but he’s spreading the message of awakening he’s spreading the message of self-love and about being the fool and putting a smile on people’s face and he studies the power of laughter and the power of joy that somebody’s having a bad day this guy runs up on you he’s dang he dances and stuff and he puts on a show and he’s literally out there in a speedo acting crazy running he’ll start running in stores dancing in the speedo yelling if you haven’t seen them look up Matthew silver it’s awesome and you got you gotta check out some of his stuff he’s doing yeah I wasn’t talking about him not not you man you know I was talking about the guy you see that smoke fucking exotic pgp the other naked guys okay yeah man so let’s this was so since you brought up drugs controversy have you have you had any encounters with hallucinogens or psilocybin sacrament or anything like that have you had any enlightening encounters with with different sacraments I had to bring some controversy to the show you got to it cells dude yes I had awesome yes I have and I’ve had some amazing experiences that showed me that there’s something else going on and I have a purpose here I’ll put here to do something it’s music as part of it the music is a big part of it it’s almost the entire thing but there’s this one little piece to my puzzle that I couldn’t figure out and now that I found it I’m going through the moon after the moon going off plan I’m going to the other old other galaxies and tell the universe that’s what’s up man so much could be said when it when it comes to the spiritual awakening and I don’t want to call them hallucinogens I’m gonna call them sacraments I don’t even like to call them drugs when we think drugs we think of heroin and cocaine and things like that but we talk about ayahuasca we talk about psilocybin mushrooms man these are things that I you know I’m saying maybe even marijuana for some people if they use it in the right way can be life-changing man or having like a sensory deprivation tank encounter right I just had somebody message me a while ago wanting some more information on that so all of these these tools that are there to help you connect with the divine connect with your inner self and to essentially transcend the physical to kind of move into those other realms man and some people I think I think some people’s big awakening happens when they understand that they are more than this flesh when in this meat suit that there’s something there that’s eternal there’s a spirit there that’s living within this body that is temporal a spirit there that is eternal man when you come to have that realization or that encounter and that can counter can happen many different ways man it opens up people to a whole another realm of existence and they they change the way they talk to people they change the way they treat people they try to right their wrongs they look into that past to see if they’ve wronged anybody and things like that so have you had some encounters like that were you just kind of making amends man and just make it sure you make everybody else just ride a little bit more pleasurable a little bit more you know say easier to bear yeah that sounds sounds about right absolutely I’ve had so many I’ve had so many good and bad encounters in my life with so many different people I’m very lucky I have so many good people in my life that support me that love me to care about me so I’m lucky man we all and we all go through it we all have a story we all have things happen to us as some of us may be on a different level you know but um yeah man I’m just trying to open people’s minds and try to make people happy and try to make people feel I want to give you the chills when you hear my music and yeah you know just take it to the mold like I said dude I tell you what I’ve been doing music for a while now like I told you last night we had a little time to talk when I started doing music I started out doing gospel music I didn’t I listen to gangsta rap as a kid and that’s all I listen to as a little kid like as a little kid I was walking around the house singing songs about weighing dope and cooking dope I didn’t know what I was talking about but that’s what my brother had me listening to and I’m walking on it reciting it about cooking dope and bagging dope and he’s like shut up you know mom’s gonna hear that she’s gonna take our CDs away you know this kind of stuff had no idea what I was saying so but when I when I started doing music I started doing gospel hip-hop and this was back in like 2002 2003 really and I did gospel music for a long time but so I never really got into secular hip-hop right so doing the music and understanding the power behind it man like what what what has changed for you as far as like what you listen to night so are you still listening to a lot of people who talk about cooking dope or is there artists out there such as myself and there’s many other ones I don’t know if you’re aware of them but I do listen to people who rap about the same kind of stuff we do or what yeah I do um I listen to almost every cut every time by hip-hop my favorites big ponds the Big Punisher in the terror squad yeah that’s why I could listen to that all day every day the rest of my life but I’m huge bust a fan huge Eminem wu-tang clan d-block so um I grew up listening to that era when music was so great and those the guys I still listen to a lot today I listen to some of the new guys nowadays – it’s just different I just wish there was a more variety of the type of songs and the type of quality that we were getting a couple years back but they’re taking it you know they’re taking it to a different place so um you know I feel it’s just almost everybody I like a little more technique he’s another one he’s um yeah he’s a big really big gonna lettuce yeah he’s definitely a big one that people get into whenever they have their awakening and get into the government Alex domes I think you can’t really get into Alex Jones and be into hip-hop without finding immortal technique like soon after you know exactly yeah I’ve been listening to technique for a while yeah you killed it on tech nines another one he’s pretty crazy yeah yeah it is a lot is a lot of good it’s not just rap listening some girls are saying a little bit of rock sometimes I listen a little bit of everything depends a home with what I’m doing ah my favorite though Big Punisher all day that’s what’s up man so as far as which what you have working on right now what are you working on are you doing an album or is he just putting out singles right now what are you doing as far as the future with your music right now I’m dropping this on girl video music video September 3rd I’ll be shooing it and then I’ll be dropping it soon after we’re going to the moon it’s gonna be gonna be one hell of experience maybe a life-changing experience and after that I’m dropping the Moonraker mixtape and gonna keep it going and kind of supposed a song with Alma get it from Tyra squad lined up oh really I’m gonna do after him oh yeah just set that up explain for the music video they’ll be done then we’re gonna get right to it that’s what’s up man um releasing that now yep so what are some of the stuff like with the whole moon girl are you are you guys doing like a green screen shoot for that cuz I’m watching my own videos and edit everything through something a moon girl but you guys we are you guys gonna be doing some green screen stuff or what um we’re gonna start out on the water start out during the day kind of like a hole in the day and night process because you know get to the mood it takes a while sometimes but um you know that’s been a few hours making sure spaceships working so what we’re doing is we’re gonna start out on the water we’re creating on the water Club we’re gonna have some boats gonna have some DJ’s some water slides rope swings we’re gonna be on the water and after that we’re going to ask the party and go swim in and take a little dip in the hot tub and we’re just gonna you know have a great time and then me and my girl gonna go to the moon what state are you in New York New York each coat okay yep imma sell you some a’my New York 8:45 I represent the lost area of music words everybody around you have to you know grind super hard to get with the get what they deserve and it takes years you you can’t just can’t just do it for a couple years and and blow up it just never doesn’t work like that you got to put in gear as you go try new things you gotta you gotta grind to a whole different level and you got to have the experience for it to really you got to be able to put in the time because a few years ago apply you don’t get anywhere and somebody tells you something that could discourage you you stop or you get lazy stop you got to just keep going you keep going you keep going yeah man I think Ritz said he had been doing it 10 years before he got anywhere I don’t know if you for me were rich with a tec-9 in him and uh he said he’d been doing it ten years before anybody even took him serious man and so that’s kind of an encouragement you know some people have been doing it for a long time a much respect to it music stops people think is easy to make a gray so it’s tough music Scott but sometimes get lucky yeah man I’ve got lucky few times saw me some got something working and you got you got a good start to me I love your videos music what yeah I’m sitting I’m sitting on some good stuff too right now man I’m ready to get out to the public right now it’s just for pickup people who are supporting on our patreon so I got to have something to kind of give to those who are helping support and stuff so like every time I finish a song as soon as it’s done soon as this mixed and mastered I upload it to patreon and so they get like first dibs on it before I put it out to the public because once it goes out to the public then it goes on to torrent sites and people download it for free and stuff and so it’s really nothing I’m saying no support with that and I remember when I first found my music on a tourist when i first you know googled my name and then mp3 downloads came up and it like all everybody had like people were taking pictures of my CD without like they bought it ripped it and then uploaded and took a picture of the actual all the layout to upload it was here man they don’t play and um I mean I remember how upset I was cuz I’m small Tom dude trying trying to make a living off of it and but at the same time how honored I was that I had kind of graduated to like that people wanted my music enough to rip it and they thought it was good enough cuz I remember trying to UM this CD right here I’m going to show you this I put this out in 2011 this is the manifestations of the sons of God somebody ordered one of these and asked me to sign it sought autographs from CDs the other day got to put that in the mail but um I did this CD and I did a pre-order and I may have sold like two or three CDs man with the pre-order and now like like the the biggest chunk of money you get as an artist is when you do your pre-orders is to do them now and so now we were selling like a lot more than two pre-orders right and I just remember being there and then now being at a place where the music is everywhere people are ripping at people are downloading even if they get it for free man I understand that music is changing so that’s why it’s cool for something like patreon for people who want to support and they want to make sure that they’re doing something extra man they kind of help you out in it do it it’s like paints the perfect scenario for like an independent artists for one but anybody who’s doing anything on their own as far as creating or being an artist or podcasting all of that stuff man it’s really cool so I appreciate every chance I get I tell them people thank you man like the fans and people who are spending money you know I’m saying they’re putting their money where their mouth is and they show you that they care and and I got people on there like giving like a hundred dollars a month and stuff man because they believe in what I’m doing I have older people man people who don’t listen to rap but they understand the message in the power behind the music older white ladies who are funding and supporting what I’m doing it’s crazy like it’s it’s a blessing but they understand the power behind the music man and so it’s not just about entertainment which entertainment is it’s powerful as well but it’s more about the message behind it and it’s the message of awakening to change somebody’s life and those people who are supporting those people who are helping they have a part in that they play a part in that man so that that’s so awesome dude when you find that those people who agree with you and I was kind of sidetracked a while ago when I was setting up the fact that I started out doing gospel music because that at a point I was gonna make but I forgot totally forgot it but I have it now so when I started out doing gospel music right that’s what I started and I will get compliments all the time you’re a good rapper you’re good this you’re good that the biggest compliment that I’ve ever gotten and it happened years ago and I still get it to this day and they say I feel God when I listen to your music like I feel this I feel the Holy Spirit I feel the presence of I get chills and it’s not just chills because you’re a good rapper like there’s something behind it something that force that you said that it’s called you to do something greater beyond yourself and brought you here for a reason like they’re orchestrating everything and people listening can come in contact with the Creator with the angelic realms and things like that that’s how powerful music is man and so just as like we used to put on music back in the day like three 6 mafia I bet you won’t hit a mother hit a mother and we get ready to fight we jump people and jump each other in gangs and just crazy we’ll put that on and in in second spirit and a persona gets you bug get you ready to go into that and there’s certain songs that are played in the club in Atlanta and New Orleans that when they play those songs a fights gonna break out when that song comes on right and so now on the other end we understand the power behind it when our music comes on we don’t just get the are on the back burner we’re talking about esoteric spirituality know our music is just as power but for the other side for the light for the positive to encourage people to pull people out of situations that they that they’re dealing with people who feel like nobody cares they listen to an artist and let man I relate with this dude man I’m on the same level as do so pulling people out of depression people struggling with suicide that’s the power man I just want to encourage you just to keep doing what you’re doing man keep putting that truth in your music man keep connecting through meditation through prayer with the most high with the Creator and letting him speak through you man and letting them use your brother cuz all those visions that you seem you can’t do it on your own man you’re gonna need help and so I’m telling you to go into those places where death is and to go into clubs and stuff and not just go in there and just you know I’m saying just be there to be the rapper but but but to go there and be the one who carries light mantacorn who carries that message I just encourage you with that man thank you I appreciate that I really appreciate this what’s up bro and and all you people are here too man I don’t know I’m pretty sure you’re not watching the chat room but all you people are just commenting in the chat room of how much you’ve you’ve impacted them and and how much of a a blessing it is to to call you brother and people you know saying people to know you know there’s several people here I’ll just just saying it kind of words about your men so you are impacting people brother well I got a good I got a the best support system in the world I got the best people in my life and everybody that’s in my life is amazing and they’re there for a reason I feel like everybody in my life we all knew each other in a past life or something well we knew each other in another another world another life something but yeah super black super blood you connect with the man and like what I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of people who feel a certain type of way but they don’t have the words to articulate it or they don’t want to put their neck out there and talk about some of the things that you’ve experienced put it this way my sister was telling her boyfriend years ago about my experiences with demons about waking up in the middle of the night and having a being sitting on my chest when I was a kid pinning me down I couldn’t breathe they call it night terrors they call it the old hag syndrome they caught they got a lot of they call the sleep paralysis bunch of names there but it’s there was a being laying on top of me and a lot of people have had those encounters right yeah and and she told her boyfriend he just and this was a grown man he just broke out in tears crying and she said why are you crying he said because I had the same thing happen to me but I didn’t want to speak about it because I didn’t want people to think I was crazy so that just that little scenario will show you that when you speak out your truth and it could be about encounters that people are gonna thank you crazy you start all my UFOs up people already some people they’re gonna look at you crazy but it’s for those people man who don’t have a voice man and once you speak on it once you put it out there and into the world into the atmosphere they look at you my man this guy’s is saying what I’ve been feeling and I’m telling you man it goes it goes a long way I’ve done it for years and I’ve seen people’s eyes light up because they agree with the message but they’ve never heard anybody say it but they feel it down in their spirit man no I appreciate that yeah that’s exactly what it is um I’m putting my life in jeopardy talking about certain things in my music doing stuff like having Phil Schneider in my video you know people think that it’s just for fun are you just trying to things but I’m I want everybody to know that I’m given my life not just for you guys but my music for my music as well because my entire life it’s music and knowledge that’s my entire life so I’m doing all of it I’m putting everything on the line with this I’m putting everything on the line and going all the way to the moon with it so keep supporting keep liking keep listening and I always bring something different to it that’s what’s up brother so before we go man is there anything that we did not touch on that you wanted to get out there any any any projects any lyrics that are near and dear to your heart that you want to share anything that you have out there before we go I’ll just stay tuned to uh the next music video coming out Moonraker mixtapes coming out right after Moonraker that’s Mandela effect stuff oh you know we always get into that another day another topic but we got a few more minutes man we can go into it that’s all good well yeah I’m sure you know about the Mandela effect but um I hadn’t I had one of those occur I was just watching a lot of the old James Bond movies and I was I remember the movie Moonraker with jaws with the metal teeth when he sees the girl and the girl two pigtails and he smiles she smiled she had her braces on and I watched that movie not too long ago I saw it on YouTube and she never had braces but I remember seeing her with the braces on years ago and that’s why they always liked each other I remember that so that was weird that was weird I was like there’s something going on what it did no I don’t want to happen to my universe I don’t want it I don’t want to say it just to say like I had any experience as well but I was trying to find something on YouTube yesterday and ending to a movie out with P I’m sure people are just making up stuff but I was trying to find an ending to a moving there and just to go into a little bit of detail and and if if Maddie’s watching he’ll know what I’m talking about I sent this video to my friend Maddy who wants me to call him mission he wants me to give him a code name so I told I was how could a mission who’s watching this footage so back in the late 80s I’ve seen it in the early shot like The Blair Witch thing but it was like in I seen it in probably 93 94 and it was called on it’s not Trout Lake but it’s some it’s called the McPherson tapes the something lake footage and so it’s about these people having who are being abducted by aliens and so there’s like a UFO that lands in the backyard and they’re filming it with a camera and and they’re they’re having a like a birthday party and I don’t know if it’s real it’s probably not real but they they did a pretty good job especially for when it was filmed because it was way before any of the whole arm Blair Witch and all the other stuff that came after it they try to act like it was real and so it’s these aliens attacking them and walking around their house and in the backyard and they’re getting each person one by one and stuff and at the very end there was a way that that I remembered it ending this dude walks into the room and shuts the door he’s filming and when he shuts the door there’s an alien standing behind the door and it gets it on a wire and the dude I was like kind of goes numb and the alien walks up to the camera and looks in it well we’re looking up this footage online and I showed my buddy the the footage and I couldn’t find that clip in it for anything and that was like the main clip and I watched like several different different ones and I remember that one being in there so I don’t know if that’s the Mandela effect or I was just looking at the right wrong spot I don’t know but definitely look that up guys it’s it’s worth watching just for you know just to know what it is but type the Macpherson tapes Macpherson tapes and it’s really cool man like alien abductions back in like 1988 I think you I think that’s when it was was filmed in a really cool because it’s shot before all of that stuff it could be though it very well could be there’s been a lot of them to a you can look them up online there’s so many different ones that people remember being things one way another completely different way they started out with Nelson Mandela supposing people remember dying yeah way before so two big the big one that got me was the Shazam one was was the Simba genie movie Sinbad was supposed to play in a genie movie back in the 80s or 90s called Shazam everybody remembers it everybody remembers it but it never happened never happen people I don’t know what’s going on man in that time is is is interesting I tell you that or space and time and what we perceive reality and us judging time by us aging and and judging it by the the cycles of the moon in the coming and going of the Sun that’s how we judge Tom that’s not what time is at all that’s just how we that’s just how we are perceive it Tom it’s very interesting and how beings spirits are able to transcend space and time in the blink of an eye in a heartbeat and so to understand time and it’s beings who can move through time and they they’re coming out with technology that can that kind of rewind time and all just all kind of crazy like nanotech technology and in CERN and and we were talk about the Mandela effect or I want to get um Bill beam on and there was a bunch of technology that CERN is coming out with where they’re saying they can rewind time and I don’t know if you’ve seen it but they’re talking about the Mandela effect happening in the Bible and changing scriptures around in the Bible like famous scriptures being changed and it’s just it’s interesting for one I tried to get caught I’ll trying to get caught up on a little stuff like that because I don’t feel like again it can help me have a better life because I understand that there there’s forces out there that be that there’s nothing you can tell me that they can do or they’ve done that’s gonna shock me because I’ve seen it all man so when you tell me about conspiracy theories and stuff that’s going on like I’ve been there I’ve done that and you got to you got to transcend that you got to move past that to where okay how can I bring this into my life make something good out of it and share it with the world versus like pushing panic hysteria thomna fear and nothing we can do we’re screwed type of mentality that a lot of conspiracies deal with you know well yeah you know just look at him and say oh this is interesting it’s just not enough and and also just being like um you know being just real negative about it that’s not gonna work either um we can do something we can talk about and the more of us talking about it and thinking about it and putting it on our minds and it’s not just the negative stuff there’s so much more positive stuff we can be looking at – there’s so much about spirituality and different meditation techniques you know stones crystals there’s a lot of positive things that are here and they’re not you know it’s not the devil or anything like that it’s just positives positive and negative good and evil so I think that we just gotta reach you should do our best we gotta stop judging people we gotta stop stop the madness stop the madness what are you doing everybody get off the Facebook now get on YouTube and watch the truth see good man well girls man I enjoyed hanging out with you man and it is encouraging to see cuz I wanted to push the show back an hour you like man I got some people who are gonna come through they planted on watching you know things like that and they definitely came through the chat rooms blowing up with a bunch of girls supporters man so that’s awesome and we get any call I don’t see anybody calling but they’re all in the chatroom people are shy man okay I used to love to color you know sometimes I get prank calls to people call and just scream and are calling up cursing and stuff right I used to love well nobody called me with that I know I used to call shows when I was a kid and encourage people out and you recorded and just being silly on the radio they put me on loud when I start cursing and then it happens to me when I’m older I and then I grow up and have my own radio show and people thing to me that I did to other people when I was a kid right but most of these people aren’t kids that call that grown adults with what families and stuff in their column break calling and screaming on the UH on the internet so that’s kind of crazy that’s funny yeah I should do it too yeah so alright brother thanks for hanging out with me you want to promote your work your video tell people what they could type in YouTube and I’ll put it in the description so if you go to choose to get calm and you when you click on this link I’ll put the video there for everybody who’s watching it there but tell people if they want to go to youtube or go to your website or Facebook how they can connect with you as well oh yeah you watch videos on youtubes on the Upstate groove music channel I Upstate group the next one moon bro it’s gonna be there as well you can go on soundcloud Mike grill of three you go on there and let’s do some music i got NYC grills that’s my youtube channel from back in the day some old stuff old videos I used to make and Facebook so I’ve come to kill come to the number to kill and come to kill come to kill music I’m not killing anybody so relax SP I don’t come look at me CIA men in black stay ready I’m talking about you so on yeah and that’s you know a shout out to everybody in my life wall-to-wall my brother my sister demolition demo style and everybody else my girl everybody else in my life stolen dad’s everybody awesome brother so gay ninja what up it’s so funny trolls they’re awesome read somebody because we got I got another chat window up and there’s trolls in that one talking so yeah I don’t know if we may have had some problems with the chat laughter some people say they were trying to call it but couldn’t get the sauna bed queen so maybe next time you guys to be able to call man people said they were having problems but uh yeah you gotta make sure that you guys go to his Facebook Adam there check check out all of the new music coming out that he’s doing check out the new video that’s coming out soon moon girl right then I said alright mold wall boom girl below make sure you go check it out he’s excited about that one y’all I know you can hear it in his voice beautiful Meghan HG again so we do so we do have one call from New York maybe this is one of your people who we speaking with makes fun girls is your friend can you hear him what’s up Paulie G yeah yeah what’s up guys like the view you guys loud and clear and my question is about all these all these secret societies and all this information people have out there we think that we as humans have superior power that they are obtaining from us and information that they are actually making us believed and you have no power that we are helpless you will be meanwhile you know there’s probably you know you could probably do so many things but we’re just distracted by diversion yeah I agree with that I agree with that absolutely Paulie G the best thing we can do is stuff like this we just make a change we reach out to people like true seeker gave me the opportunity to have this platform to speak to my people and speak to new people he gave me this platform it’s connection that’s respect that’s love so we need to do that with each other with everything you can’t shown each other out we can’t throw each other away when somebody does something on like we don’t just not talk about it throw it away let’s unite we got to unite and by somebody like me you got somebody’s persister like me I’m a survivor mostly people my life have passed away have died circumstances insane I’m a survivor I live people I made music with I have people in the grave that’ll never make a song again so I do this for them and we got to keep it going gotta keep supporting me and people like me you that were in the open people’s mind and speaking truth the truth seeker checker model youtuber subscribed seeker that’s what’s up no doubt only the realist fulfil it man no doubt brother that’s one thing I’ve noticed about the music and I see I see I see your fans right I see my fans that they’re everywhere and one thing I notice is that they’re not just like fans of the music oh yeah he’s good you either you either love it or you know you don’t fool with it you I mean you don’t just like it oh yeah he’s pretty good you either love it or you hate it and that’s what I’ve noticed and so people are connecting with more than just the music they’re connecting with the message man and that’s what so what so what’s so different then then I’m saying what we’re doing what we have to bring to the table it’s really really cool it’s something bigger than ourselves oh yeah I appreciate you we got another call from New York I’m assuming this is one of your people too who is speaking with what’s going on at the sheets what up teach seeds well what’s up just want to say so it was amazing both you guys are very smart individuals and I’m sending my love I appreciate you brother thank you so much that’s what’s uh thanks cheese yeah there’s a lot man glad you all got one question for you go in there’s been a lot of fans saying they want to hear three styles so I don’t know what you want to do about it but that’s what I’ve been reading alright so let me let me get a couple bars grills from you and then I’ll do a couple bars and we’ll end it on that good and you know saying you you you you ain’t got a freestyle I can’t freestyle so I’m not but I’ll give you guys something that I wrote so you go first man and I get something too something new what a cross be sudden I’m like the equinox a day and night of ego I make you see through the speaker box projections from the moon actually thinks that make you plug out I’ve been the truth scene cousin Richie played punch-out virtual reality we were supposed to rather the simulation does the hurtness you Nana Mila he turns whose motion detectors rest without God and keeps anybody wanna come and try to take my spot oh man I can’t even follow that up man that’s good brother is that is that something that’s already recorded was that something coming out of what oh that’s just a little something I already did off to Planet X mix tape and some holographic talking about the holographic universe and all that funky stuff yeah make sure you share that with me man I want to hear that one I said I do like the basta stuff yeah we got we got a nation together man I would love to man you’re definitely challenging you got it bro you’ve been killing it I love those visuals with the background Oh Charlies no I saw it you up with them I love them stuff and um you know similar similarities but it’s different than what I do but it’s similar so that’s what’s awesome about it you know exactly exactly exactly both get your stars will real kill it all right that’s what’s up I’m gonna read some of my lyrics and they’re not gonna be oh boy not the fastest but it’s something new so hopefully somebody our fearless this is off of a new song I’m working on called I am so he goes I am the healing that comes from God I am the hero the villain and now I am the mind is lifting now a devotee of manly Hall I am the pride that I am I am the Pradas before the fall I am the calm before the storm I am the soul before the forum I am the child where I’ll stress arms can’t explain what I seen what I saw I battled the junkie that better withdraw I am The Promise and hanging under Carl I am the prayer from under the show I am the iana mister the pyramid mind of Millennials widow would riddle in hanging religion is practiced by primitive sitting remembering God as a memory I am the blind and now can see high in the slave that’s been set free I’ve held devil’s that once helped me I am you and I am me now what hold the mystery the secrecy of frequency ascending up on Calvary that’s how I make my alchemy the new man awesome I love it we can go all night brother we definitely have to connect soon on the song man if you got something you want to get me on or I could send you something too I just downloaded some beats the other day from from my producer and some dope stuff that I’m gonna be working on here like if I send you something to get on if you want man that sounds good I trust your judgment I would love to definitely down people definitely look at it and listen to it absolutely that’s what’s up all right brother thanks for hanging out with me man I appreciate you so much thanks for having me on okay I’m dealing that crazy but four so four so everybody who was hanging out in the chat room you guys are awesome too thank you guys so much and for those of you who are wanting to give those of you guys who believe in the message simply go to stick if you want to become a monthly supporter get access to new music that verse that I just dropped it’s already laid down on a song it’s not uploaded yet we’re gonna toss some ins together on that but there’s a whole bunch more up there I’m working on the song with Joker Joker who deals with Hopsin and those guys that we got a song with him coming out it’ll be on there soon so head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker get exclusive music and support yeah boy peace and Shalom I love y’all peace

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