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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Chantelle Rene about her book Aligning With The Divine. We also discussed different ways how to break the cycles of self sabotage. Many times people self-sabotage because of an inward feeling unworthiness. Even after working months or even years to build something whether it be a brand, relationship or business the person can all of a sudden pull the plug on the venture and destroy in an instant what they’ve work so hard to build. This happens to people for many different reasons but is a cycle that we can easily break if we learn where the root stems from. Doing one’s own inner healing if the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. Going down to the root of bitterness, anger, envy and any other character flaws or defects we may have can be painful because a lot of them we’re birthed out of trauma or even neglect. But we received the Greater Joy when we bring healing to these traumas. Once the root is dealt with then we will see freedom and love extend to every area of our life. It is for Freedom that we are free. The scripture say that he who is Forgiven little loves little but he who is forgiven much loves much. The more of these lower level feelings of regret and hurt that that we release we will find ourselves creating more room in our lives for the things that are able to aide us on our journey. We move from being victim to victor and as we have ourselves we will find it a lot easier to help those around us.

Working on yourself is the greatest thing that you can do for yourself as well as for Humanity | Chantelle Rene

Chantelle as a child was very aware of her spiritual connection and could recognize that many people in the world had no awareness of their direct connection to the Divine (spirit) and how it caused fear and limitations in their lives, as a child seeker and an empath she spent most of her time in her inner world pondering life’s purpose and the mechanics of creation. Knowing that there was much more to life than what we were told by the schools and religious teachings. She kept her philosophies to herself remaining in the spiritual closet, until 2013 she awakened to her life mission to serve in the evolution of humanity during this great shift in human consciousnesses. She facilitates transformational healing and spiritual empowerment through merging spirituality and science, bringing forth empowering wisdom in her book, as well as her tranformational work with her clients. She is a published author, spiritual guide and board certified consulting hypnotist CH. She has been married to the love of her life since 2000 and they share 2 children together and currently reside in Illinois.

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who’s really deep looking for the next best metaphysical thought an idea and deep science hopefully we’ll better bring some of that out as well as some of the simplicity that the average layperson can apply to their life as well I loved deep mysteries and the simple simplicity’s to this life and definitely to spirituality in esoterics and metaphysics it’s beautiful every bit of it because I really believe that even the simple truths are really deep and esoteric and profound once we really get get into them those beautiful stuff we’re gonna discuss all of that stuff today on this episode I gotta say a quick shout out and thank you to everybody who is supporting my work on patreon everybody who enables me to do this podcast to bring this music and art and things to the table could not do it without the patreon supporters so if you’d like to support I don’t know over the backslash true seeker you get access to a bunch of cool stuff my entire discography of music which is 10 plus albums 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listen to now on youtube i’m trying to get the audio rendered to be better quality because the quality of the audio is not that great so i’m gonna try to work on that but it was a phenomenal experience and weekend all together we got to meet a lot of really cool people got to meet Joshua lumin who’s been a longtime supporter of the podcast and he’s actually been on as a guest he actually drove up about four hours to meet us there at the concert as well as a bunch of other friends we all hung out and just had a meeting of the tribes there so it was really fun to hang experience that’s good stuff so without further ado we’re gonna just keep going on I’m gonna bring in today’s guest I’m speaking with Chantel Renee Intel welcome to the podcast how are you I’m great thanks for having me all these technical difficulties man on you’re now on my end now that we’re running live now the balls in my court I’m having difficulties but uh we’re gonna make it happen welcome to the stream welcome to the podcast thank you for having me my pleasure I guess a good place to start let’s hear a little bit about your background and what you bring to the table and and some of the work that you do and then we’ll just take it from there okay well like you I’m a truth seeker I’m as far back as I can remember as a child I was just always in my inner world communicating with creation God whatever you want to call it so as a child I was just always pondering about creation and just lost in my own mind with that so the journey started for me very early I was the only child and we moved a lot so that the inner world and inner realms felt more real and solid to me than the outer room so that was kind of where it all started for me but over the course of my life I just I’ve been dedicated to raising a family I’ve been married 18 years and just recently I’ve you know surrender to what I know I’m here to do on the planet right now it’s just to be in service of others ascension to help them along so I just released a book aligning with the divine and I’m really passionate about merging science and spirituality together because it brings the left brain and the right brain into harmony so that we can just embrace more a little easier easier I guess you could say I’ve always had a great fascination with like cymatics frequencies and sounds and so I tried to do my best to keep this book simplified for everybody but also give them practical tools to challenge their limiting beliefs how to guide their emotions so there’s a lot of information in this book that came through me I really can’t take credit for you know just being the only one I think that it you know was guided and I was just a vehicle for it to come through so the book was something I didn’t really see coming I just kind of surrendered into the process of what I was being guided to do and then so on the personal work side I do spiritual counseling and hypnosis and hypnotherapy past life regression work is extremely powerful for people to step into their inner healer and you know step into their powers so I absolutely love that work and that’s kind of briefly what I what I do awesome um let me ask you this I’m ask you this question um you said that you moved around a lot when you were growing up did you have a mom and dad there in your life in your child yes yeah my friends were teenagers when they had me and my dad just moved like I don’t think I was like to schools I went to well yeah and I was an only child but I’m really now reflecting back see how much I actually served me because it kept me really in constant communion with the divine I mean I don’t know what you use to describe it’s kind of indescribable you know that is and that just felt so safe and so secure to me but I you know it was always inside like in my inner world you’re saying so I it wasn’t bad I think but when I was moving a lot it was hard for sure yeah that’s it I mean that’s why I was asking because like a lot of people who were into spiritual work or people who were empathic like they’ve had like a harsh upbringing right or they didn’t fit in so they drew themselves away whether it’s two books whether it is to mysticism movies you know that speak about this kind of stuff or whatever and it just seems like there’s a common thread there for people who had like an unstable upbringing I myself you know would go to a school for two months and then go to another school for three months and then go back to the same school you know too much later and I was always moving around myself and I just kind of see myself one who you know what’s fascinated in something that never changed which is the spirit realm which is God or spirit of source or whatever the case is everything else was like failing and unstable around you but that truth that dimension is always there in constant right mm-hmm no absolutely and I realized there was a very specific moment when I was probably I don’t know I grew up in the South like Georgia Florida Texas and there was this moment where I walked in I was fishing with my dad and we went to this bait shop and I there was this big sign and it said if you’re black don’t let the Sun Shine on your back and I just I remember it like hurting my heart because of the hatred just on that sign you know so I kind of I think I’ve always known that we were really ignorant of our are are more similarities than I mean how can you judge somebody based on skin color I’ve just never been able to mind around that yeah so and being in the South was hard because there was a lot of that ignorance going on and you know just judgment and you know so that was difficult cuz I had definitely an empath and it was that was hard for me it’s being around racism yeah I’ve definitely had to deal with that as well as one doing you know I’m saying hip-hop I’m from the South as well so being like a lot of times the only white guy and a bunch of black guys you know doing rap groups and and even schools or whatever the case is having to deal with that and that’s always been something I’ve never been able to see you know I never been able to see color I always judge the person’s character and that’s something that kind of comes through as well we’ve had to deal with that here in the South it’s insane I think it’s getting better though some people are still trying to trying to hang on to that it’s kind of weird at this point you know I see to see this generation trying to hang on to that it’s so far out the window but yeah just be an empathic man just just being with the people who are oppressed being with the people who are hurting who are struggling and those are you know they I think in the end they really do have the coolest stories and they are the coolest people man people that that have been through some type of struggle right and so that’s that’s something that’s really cool to think about coming from the south um I wanted to ask you this because I was I was looking through your book and it was funny too as I was reading reading it and I was sharing out on the discord who I was interviewing today and a bunch of the people went over there and checked out your website read the synopsis of the book and immediately bought it without even hearing the interview they just went over there bought the book is that yeah I need this in my life so shout out to those people who did that and everybody make sure you go over there and support her work as well but I wanted to talk to you about this idea there’s just something that I’ve dealt with in my life personally and then again I have friends who are kind of caught up in this cycle cycle as well but one of the things in your book you say that you kind of help people deal with our breaking the cycle of self-sabotage patterns and that that can be really devastating if you’re building something up if it’s a life’s dream or goal if you’re headed down a path and you just like do one thing that just tears it all up or just pulls a platform out from up under everything that you’ve been building upon I’ve done it on many occasions and if you’re not careful you can keep doing it right I have friends who have done it and they’ve you know made a lot of people mad over the years doing it and they always come back though that’s the thing like they’re on a path and then they self-sabotage curse everybody out whatever the cases they they run away from that and then they come back and try to act like nothing ever happened but you can’t really undo that stuff essentially talk a little bit about the self sabotaging well one of the main things that we I think that we were definitely not taught to do growing up is to check in with like your thoughts I mean our thoughts are incredibly powerful I think you know the new thought movement kind of addresses that but harnessing the power of your thoughts and really knowing what you’re thinking is one of the most powerful ways to stop that but it is a process and so I work with the subconscious mind a lot with people and we collect you know wounds and traumas and negative thoughts when you’re a child someone says something to you or you know you’ve been bullied those collect in our energy body so if you think about like our nervous system I mean we’re wired to receive free flowing energy and then these these experiences happen and it blocks the flow coming through so when you work on the subconscious mind you can basically redirect all of that you can you can basically have those leave and then communicate directly to your subconscious mind and then those patterns will be broken so that’s the quickest most effective way I would say is hypnosis by playing directly into the subconscious mind but then you also really have to look at what those blocks are why are you sabotaging yourself where did that come from though once you look at it through the lens of awareness and no judgment it’s really important to be not judgmental of yourself and then once you look at it then it’s really up to you to choose if you’re going to feel that or if you’re going to fuel your focus of what you really want to do but self-sabotage also we also can fear a fear stepping into our greatness we can fear you know achieving something it’s really just inner reflection you just got we all have to take time to really think about what we want and and do that in our work because nobody else can do it for us so what why do you think people do that and I’m saying I’m I’m really uh you know hitting on this because I’ve done it so what people would you know be scared of their their destiny because you know their dreams are too big or they don’t feel like they deserve it like they want it but in when they really think about it it is like there’s no way you know they’re family they come from a family who you know was in poverty they didn’t go to school all of these things that are like kind of like weighing against them you know I’m saying so they felt like their own worthy so when they get close to it they start getting successful or whatever then they just turn around and destroy everything is that pretty much what it looks like a lot of times well yeah I think so and you know most of we’re a product of our environment what we grew up with like I mean you know if you have parents that were programmed by their parents that you know who were in the depression or whatever it gets passed down to keep ourselves thinking small I remember specifically a family member of mine saying to me oh you can’t write a book and I was like watch me but you know so we have to think about like where we we absorb other people’s projections because other people don’t understand how they are emitting their inner junk on to other people we just take it as truth because we’re not in our power yet most most of the time but yeah I mean think about when even when we don’t realize it like our imperfections offer us reflections so you know it just depends on how serious your you’re struggling like are you struggling to where you have such low self-esteem that you’re going out and seeking love outside of yourself or random casual sexual partners or just you’re maybe giving all of your energy away freely you know so it’s really a circumstantial thing I think but yeah of course I really recommend working on yourself it’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself as well as for Humanity mm-hmm because I feel like if you don’t find that healing you kind of take that stuff with you into your relationships into your practice yeah it’s like that extra bag yeah oh I agree I’m all about like you have responsibility for the energy that we give as well as receive because before we like I think actually what you know that it comes full circle for me once you do that once you’re ready to be responsible for what you’re what you’re thinking what you’re putting out into the world and once you’re taking in and that takes spiritual maturity but when you look you know to your daily experiences in your relationships and you go I like to say like you go into a higher perspective and you just look down at everything and you and you also have to kind of be in your heart you really have to be able to be in a space of compassion for yourself and for others otherwise you’re not taking the path of least resistance I guess you could say you know because when you’re living from your heart first things tend to move a lot more effortlessly at least that’s how what I’ve found because the mind we’ve been taught is the powerful you know all mecha but it’s actually I feel like once the hearts online then the mind follows mm-hmm what do you think is the best way to do that I mean oh like what like what’s a good place to start I know you you talked about hypnosis and things like that self-hypnosis is it just kind of admitting it I like that’s kind of a good place to start that you just need to admit that you need help or admit that you have these character flaws and defects and things like that where’s a good place to start well you just get humble and just realize that you’re you know you’re you know you are you have imperfections but I think our imperfections are gifts for this experience on the planet as well so I don’t want people to get lost tonight but we just have to be able to sit with ourselves an unconditional space look at it and be willing to move into the feelings that don’t necessarily feel good and that’s in it so that you know I don’t want to feel that because it hurts but you know life’s meant to be felt so once she if you just moved through that whatever was hurting you it doesn’t have any more power just it gets you know integrated so a good place to start is challenging your belief systems and in my book I have a worksheet that will take you on a journey of seeing what beliefs you’ve actually borrowed from society what you’ve heard and you’ve just adopted you know we’re like very programmable human beings I mean you know we we mimic we whenever we resonate with that moment we just take it in as our own so in that section of the book it helps you to unravel you know questions maybe that you won’t ask yourself and a lot of it is that inner work of just thinking about it because we don’t think about it on autopilot and then we try and then we fail because we don’t go deep enough you know we start to go to you but what I found is if you just realized that those things that have happened to us have already happened to us but we’re bringing him into our present moment once we look at it illuminate it and and feel okay with just what happened with the self-hypnosis and just kind of admitting that you kind of have some kind of you know stuff going on with you I think everybody does right I don’t so I don’t think that you’re a bad person or less of a person because you’re dealing with care you know these these things that have happened to you you know what I’m saying so it’s something that everybody has to deal with and come to terms with right yeah and the cool thing is this once you kind of get a once you kind of clear up the disharmony within you you can navigate your life and go through experiences and not get attached to things things can just move through you you you don’t have to cling onto stuff it’s what we cling onto things that causes resistance I guess you could see in the quantum field you know but if you could just get Tory what not that you have to take a bunch of shit from people or anything but I’m just saying let’s not let things that have happened to us stay in our bodies and in our emotion or emotional field because that prevents us from experiencing joy and those higher vibrations or higher emotions that we all really want to most times but most of us we can get into depression and and doubt and self-esteem issues and those are dense emotions that keep us in a contracted energetic state and we weren’t we didn’t have tools we don’t most us don’t have tools to get ourselves back up right it’s not just about thinking happy thoughts happy thoughts I mean we got to be real um but about being with those emotions but then moving through them and letting them go and like I said that comes with with maturity and with awareness and just owning it that’s how you got it really be oh I shouldn’t say you have to be but it helps to be it like like a bird’s-eye view of yourself watching yourself because our minds want to wander but we’re not our minds we’re here to master our minds and once we get that kind of you know focused in it’s a lot easier just to experience life and be present because honestly I mean being present with peace in your heart isn’t that the ultimate ideal yeah the message I got some years ago was heal yourself and then heal the others or essentially heal the healers like I was doing a lot of private consultations and stuff as well and everybody who was coming to me for the most part they wanted to do something similar to what I was doing like they all wanted to be healers they all were in empathic or they had angels that you know I’m saying come to them and all of these these crazy things that were happening to them and they just wanted to make sense of it all and really to talk to someone who was you know on that same level the same playing field and and and pretty much know how they can step forward in walking in their destiny but they know they’re dealing with you know the those things or whatever so it like everybody I’ve had has been very similar experience maybe like attracts like or something but have you noticed that too that a lot of people who come to you they want to be healers they want to use their their gifts and things like that to heal humanity oh absolutely because you know anybody that is coming to me I just have some small something to offer them on their journey you know and you know I kind of screen clients or a screen people I want to work with because I genuinely want to work we’re not just trying to take people’s money I really want to see their heart come on come online and open up and you know to feel like they’re not the only one because I sure as hell felt like I was crazy like I didn’t come out like to to write a book like this was really challenging for me just because my family I was worried about what they’re gonna think because it’s so far out there for so many people you know I’m talking about the evolution of human consciousness and you know energy and you know people are very religious and I respect all of that but I had to really and I you know so I’m thankful for you and people like you or who are bringing conscious communication out into the forefront because we all have this in us it’s just it’s been so suppressed and you know people get so excited to like this is just as my truth this is my tribe you know so yeah we’re all here to just basically ignite each other and um you know no I love this thing know thyself you lie self and when you know yourself you heal yourself but then you also know that everybody else is one and the same with us like you know you do you resonate with oneness the divine law of oneness so when you also when you you go into the perspective of that we’re all one and that everybody is reflections for our spiritual growth and amplification you can really rise up through a lot of crap quick it’s just about keys of remembering as we already know it yeah so as far as people you know wanting to heal themselves wanting to you kind of mentioned saying yes to the call or answering the call or whatever is that I mean does that look like being authentic and being okay with coming out because you can answer the call within but until you like fully are okay with it and not be scared you know what I’m saying and that’s one thing that what-what were like it kind of it kind of shifted gears for me what the fact that okay I’m gonna embody this this is what I am people are talking about me making fun of me regardless if I’m in my shell or if I’m just open with my ideas and the experiences that I’m having and in the way that I express them but to like walk in that spirit of authenticity to where you don’t really care you’re you’re answering the call because there’s a lot of other people who who you know they have that call to the description to Bible says that I’m saying many are called but the chosen a few that many people are called but not a lot of people are going to answer the call and really step out and embody it you know so it just it just shifted gears for me when I just you know quit quit carrying about quit caring about the opinions of men and what other people thought and I literally like I literally it was like night and day to where stuff just started opening up and and people you know getting healed and chains fallen off for people who you being open because it’s like you have to you have to you have to kind of play the hypocrite if you don’t because you got to kind of act like you don’t believe certain things around certain people your boss your mother you don’t saying your family your friends your in-laws hey I seen you on the internet and you’re talking about aliens approaching you’re right okay what do you mean how many aliens was it you know at the family gathering the boss calls you in office and says tell me about these aliens and it gots a doctor or mine I’m so glad I pushed through my fear because that one little three-minute video or whatever impacted so many people yeah that’s that’s the thing you don’t want to look at it but human nature you know you try to see try to look over to see what see what you can see and for me he ended up bite me on the butt cuz I I was looking into the other realm and trying to reach my hand in there see if I can grab something and something reach back and grab me and it wasn’t good you know but I’ve dealt with that as a teenager like dealing with those demons and the demonic and stuff like that but now on the side everything’s good oh I’m sorry I’m just gonna say you feel like they attach themselves to you uh they definitely did early on I’ve been exploring the whole thing like I’m saying like having that encounter at like four years old there’s a lot of people have had those encounters when they were younger and that’s what I’ve been exploring a little bit with people is the fact that it’s almost like that realm tried to mark them or to scare them and keep them away from their destiny most of them are like people who are fabulously it’s gonna bring up about a fascination with the other side because you encountered it at such a young age when most people don’t even believe that it’s real you’ve you’ve already encountered it at the age of four or five six whatever you know so it puts this weird feeling within you you know I’m saying whether you pursue it or not but I’ve been talking to people about the fact that they were almost like marked already to do something big and then that other side like the negative forces were like trying to scare them away from doing anything spiritual or getting into anything that seemed outside of the box if you will you know yeah well they feed on fear mm-hmm they want to create that yeah I think you also served you why are you know so weak now oh I definitely did it’s so weird cuz and I’ve been I’ve been trying to you know grafts and the the concept even from from a Christian perspective of like you know we’re always talking about casting out demons and casting off negative energies and entities off and out of people but which which demons were sent just to serve you you know which which situations were in your life because you needed to be taught a lesson you there was some character flaws and character defects or some doors that you opened up yourself that you know I’m saying that came in so this idea of which demons do you rebuke in which ones do you learn from right obviously I think you learn from them all even if you rebuke them I cast them out of somebody but it’s I don’t think it’s always just hey come to the healer and we’re just gonna you know say this prayer and they’re gonna be gone now happens but I think it really takes the person walking and discernment and say hey you got to learn you got to learn these lessons that are here you keep doing the same thing over and over open up the doors to these types of relationships these types of forces in your life or whatever the case is you just keep doing it over and over and it’s really not good to try to cast them out especially from like a biblical perspective without learning how to clean it up you know it says it’s actually pretty dangerous because if you get rich at how to get rid of them and you don’t clean yourself up and close the door then they’re gonna come back with stronger entities you know I’m saying that a much nastier than they are and and it says the state of that person is it’s worse off you know more later than they were to begin with and we see that with drug addictions and any type of addiction really that uh you know that can end up taking somebody’s life in the end really no absolutely I think that you know it serves us well sometimes and I know that’s hard for like the logical mind to understand but it serves us well because it allows us to strengthen the light within and it moves us to have to step into our power and to ignite our you know our inner being ness and I know that you were Christian or you’re Christian or um pretty much that’s another story I’ll just share my version of Jesus so Jesus for me as a child I was born on Easter so I was always very interested in you know this beautiful man and so Jesus to me basically taught me directly he said what wait what they seek in me is already within thee and I don’t feel like he is going to save us I feel like he already gave us the tools to save ourselves and it’s really got to just be the inner work that we do so yeah so like once you like you’ve been doing the work and that’s why you’re able to cast your demons out because you expanded the light within and there’s no room for them anymore yep yeah but it’s changed over the years like hindsight’s 20/20 you’re able to look back so the demons that you were like what trying to rebuke and trying to get rid of now you’re kind of glad that they were there like you said because if they were if that stuff wouldn’t happen I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today you know and I wouldn’t have those experiences or those encounters you know I’m saying to live to tell about him and I wouldn’t I wouldn’t change a thing you know on this side of it like having the wisdom of that and having the empathy for people who are going through similar situations or whatever the case is that’s what it gives you you know a sense of empathy that you actually care to help people um saying where they are and you can you have the knowledge and the wisdom and the empathy that the love that you can’t do it without that you just most people don’t care you know that other people are going through stuff but if you’ve gone through it it’s something that you identify and others who are dealing with the same type of struggles and things as well well most people who don’t have compassion is because they’re really looking through just our ego lens which he goes great serves as well but they don’t see how actually connected we are so it’s just a state of their where they’re at you know but um yeah that’s pretty interesting and you probably felt really crazy like even sharing that with people probably right you don’t share it with your family were they okay like what they believe you were um well it took a long time right cuz you’re a little kid and then it took out like you know talking about it at like sleepovers and stuff as a teenager hey anybody ever had this happen yeah yeah I had that or I’ve seen this or whatever watch the documentary on it you know when you’re young and you know oh wow so something’s something’s up like I’m not the only one that’s had these kind of sleep terrors or sleep paralysis or whatever and I remember my my sister told me several years ago that she was dating a guy and they would just have one of those deep God God talks or whatever hey do you believe this what if the universe is this those kind of talks and uh she mentioned to him that that I had that encounter as a kid that demon woke up with demons on me and stuff or whatever and he started crying he says I want you crying he said because I had the same thing happened to me as well but I’ve just been too scared to tell anybody and this dudes in his mid-30s and he’s never mentioned it at all he just suppressed that he thought he was crazy or thought that he made it up for some kind of crazy thing so when you know just the power of just being open right it just letting people know that they’re not alone that’s just in that that quick example the goth you know found out that he wasn’t crazy you know just in the midst of a conversation about it no absolutely people I mean I love the saying of you know we are the students of life and the teachers of its lessons so I think it’s just great when you can just share your truth and you know but we judge ourselves we you know put those like I don’t want to say it because you know people think we’re crazy I totally get that yeah trying to figure out how to phrase it or how’d you that’s what we’ve been talking about how lately this coming up with ideas like hold on like how did you get that download like how do you articulate the download and there’s so many ways that we can write in in in a lot of people I’m not convinced that everybody knows as much as they even pretend to know I guess I met with the Orion Council of light and they I met with the Arcturians well the Pelagians woke me out of my sleep and told me this message isn’t seven ah so I believe and understand downloads and I get them but to say like exactly these are the beings from this planet or star system or whatever the case is like it gets a little squirrely for me even from like whether you want to say well even you know just with our terminology of source God’s Spirit the universe Jesus God the Holy Spirit which one told you Jesus told me this God told me this and then the Holy Spirit told me this and they’re like it’s all it’s really the same life force essence I feel like it’s communicating with this and you can put whatever you want you know your name on it it’s it gets really squirrelly to really because because it they sound the same we’ve we’ve been exploring this idea okay well what do they sound like like do they but they it all sounds the same a lot of times it sounds like you they speak with your own dialect right in your own voice and to say like this is what it is I’ve been stuff I’ve been stargazing and had telepathic communication I’ve been in prayer and had that still small voice I’ve been you know a self seen UFOs and had that communication as well you know but it all sounds the same it’s this inward dialogue that that you know communicates with you and things and finding the ways to articulate it without sounding too crazy like you can sound as crazy as you want I can easily you know say that they were talking to aliens right I’m looking at UFOs and they’re communicating telepathically and or I can say they’re angels I’m communicating with angels well I had these angels appear to me in the night sky or the angels told me this to say that so it gets really squirrely on how crazy we want to sound because all of this stuff is it’s pretty it’s interesting and it does sound crazy to even come out and even emit this stuff but like some people don’t want to sound crazy as you know other people so that they don’t talk about it right unless they’re in like a private conversation versus being on a podcast or in a song or something like that you know yeah yeah I I always like to guide people to challenge everything you know question everything because there’s always more truth to be unfolded so I like that you feel that way too as well because yeah there’s you know if we really want to be honest I mean who really knows anything you know well that’s the thing about starting your brand or your school or your cult or whatever the case is like you have to act like you know at all so you have to like pinpoint and say that was the octarians or that was the Orion Council of light or that was simply put God God doesn’t sound as sexy as some of the other things so we got to change it up we got to say it was the Angels which it could have been like it really is it gets really squirrely and you know and I’ve had so many encounters of so many crazy mystical experiences with entities and synchronicities and stuff like that which I believe that’s how they speak as well either they or it or the gods or whatever the the the Archangels ascended masters whatever you want to call them they speak through everything in life but trying to articulate it can be curly yeah some things just really are best felt and not said that’s why that’s why I like in the midst of it all I love to have these conversations just see what have you seen and kind of hold it up against what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced and hold it up against you know my hundred and fifty guests I’ve had on this show right and just kind of you know I’m saying see a pitcher you know and see who’s telling the truth and at that and and and just and just see what kind of stands at the end of the day but really at the end of the day it comes down to practicality like how can you bring how can you make this ascended knowledge practical like how can you help someone who’s struggling with addiction how can you help someone who because a lot of a lot of these people can’t a lot of people don’t have that even the desire to and there’s that empathy or whatever they don’t even have that like they just doing it to whether it’s to sell books or to kind of go on gaya TV and and and sell lectures on this stuff that they can make it up as they go versus having something tangible like look these practice these practices work and that’s one thing which is kinda wanted to have you in here because of your book you have it all mapped out where it’s really tangible it’s not just some crazy out there ideas that stuff that literally works for people yeah that’s why I really tried to to do is to you know and there’s a lot of like worksheets so it helps you like I said know thyself we got to get to know yourself and then you can heal yourself like I I don’t like to preach any one thing I like people to step into their own creative potential their own creative mind whatever what are your beliefs this is what I have to offer but when it what is what resonates with you and I also like to remind people that we know the truth that by the way we feel you know mm-hmm and and and another thing I really liked a guy could one too is getting into the inner body sensations learning how to feel re emotions are you know how to feel things because that’s like the best navigation system we have as our emotions and they’re incredibly powerful communicators so I think emotions like human beings if we need to learn anything it’s how to manage our emotions and how to be with them without pushing them away or clinging on or projecting garbage on other people you know I think that’s like really powerful way to start learning how to feel because we know ourselves we drink we smoke we whatever you know but then when you actually can be kind of clear and comfortable in feeling I mean that’s pretty amazing we’re in these human bodies we have these sensations we have you know what I mean we just don’t tune in we’re always so obsessed on the outside but there’s a lot of magic that is within us all yeah that’s one that’s one of the biggest things because a lot of these we’ve been talking about this a lot lately too but a lot of these groups whether its Christianity sects have come out of and stuff and then you know maybe even some of the Gnostic or like hyper spiritual groups that kind of deny those feelings right or those impulses or even just just like the size of here you’re saying humanity that you do like to have fun and you like to go play golf with your family and go see a movie and go have a good meal or whatever the case is and so those don’t seem as in as spiritual as meditating and astral traveling and communicating with the angels or whatever Kate says and so like a lot a lot of people will kind of push off just to like the very essence of the humanity but I think you know that’s spiritual – right everything that we do it’s not just because like because if if that’s all they see that’s all they’re gonna expect and it gets really it gets really weird because I’ve had people you know I’m saying look at me like that and they get that they see me doing human things or making people laugh or telling jokes and they’re just like appalled or something that I’m a human because they think that I’m some like super duper and spiritual guru or whatever the case is but at the same time I think I am right it’s it’s it’s it’s both of those both sides exist and they both work together it’s not just all one or all the other yeah we have to remember I mean we’re we’re actual animals – we have a carnal side to us and that’s another thing that you know what I feel like we’re all ascending I mean when I say ascension it’s what I feel ascension is is integrating our higher self into our lower self and thus bringing more of our spiritual energy into our physical body so as such and sometimes people think you’re gonna fly off the planet or something that’s not how it is for me it’s just really raising your light and bringing them together and so this is off subject and I usually don’t talk talk about religion but so you know like in the church where they had the priests they would needed to abstain from sex right that right there puts a resistance on the natural state of being and there’s you know you could say well they did that so the money would go back into the church when people died there was no family but so what you did was you created you wrapped somebody that is designed to experience and Express sexuality and you put them in constraints and then look how it how it you know leaked itself out mm-hmm you know so that’s just one way to look at it so we’re we surprised you know we have to be real we have these real thoughts I have dark thoughts I look at them they go by they just flowed through me attached to them yeah that becomes our reality and then we start bringing in and materializing in our relationships that’s the whole thing I really am passionate about is teaching people the power of our thoughts yeah and we are animals and it’s amazing that we have these bodies but we are sexual beings we do have darkness we do have light it’s really just about bringing it into balance you know anytime we put a restriction or a resistance we create a magnetic field that just attracts more resistance so just let’s get into the free flow yeah it works it works both ways because like we’re talking my having that that um empathy towards people it’s you have the empathy because you’ve been through something and now you want to help people right so you’re looking for people like you resonate with people who have been in abusive relationships you resonate with people who have been on drug addiction or pill addiction or whatever the case is like you seek out those people because you know how to get them out of it you know how to share your story what worked for you so you’re empathetic towards those people you start looking for them and then on the opposite side the opposite spectrum of like you know the the preacher side or the the Catholic priest side of what you’re suppressing or you’re acting like you’re against it secretly because you’re struggling with it or you you’re like dealing with it and so a lot of those preachers who are against homosexuality just where they just always vocal gays what you know we got to get the gays you know all this suffering they’re just always like that they’re the ones who are caught and you know having gay prostitutes with them you know what I’m saying exactly and you know like when you hear like black lives matter cops lives matter all that that is doing is creating and fueling separation like I cannot say I don’t watch the news and that’s why because it’s just so I make that rate when you do that it’s like a beacon of more of that emotion and but yeah that’s exactly what you were just saying it’s just like yeah what yeah like what you’re against and what your vocal about is is usually you’re amplifying is usually what you’re hiding within and you got to act like I don’t like gays is really you’re you’re inside you you have a you know you may be gay you don’t know it is you and and uh and is this the same way for those people like who like I’m real big on I mean we talked about it today about being authentic and the power and the deliverance that’s come that comes with being authentic and um I’m passionate about that because I went through it and it works for me so I’m genuinely gonna try to reach out to people and try to help them and guide them and let them know what happens when you become authentic and you quit carrying about caring about the opinions of those around you when it comes to walking out your destiny you know everybody’s destiny is different like some people are content where they are they don’t want to go deeper they don’t want to you know take that that that step of faith or that leap of faith into their their new job with a new career full-time doing what they love to do they’re okay changing tires they’re okay change in oil or working at the factory or whatever that’s everybody doesn’t have that that zeal within them to to be free some people have given up on it I think that if you have given up on it you can always go back and recapture it but everybody doesn’t have that same Drive that you know you have to kind of go out there and you know be almost like that super hero you feel like your story is supposed to matter you you know I’m saying leave a legacy of helping as many people as you can and have fun while you’re doing it like I think that’s what it’s about really you know what I’m saying yeah that’s that’s true I’m actually gonna be going on and see for me I had a lot of resistance taking money like very honest it was very for me to have a business a product plan I developed as nothing to do with spirituality yeah okay I’m still sharing on social media like I do and I’m doing this business okay and then when it comes to doing service with people I had a resistance like I just want to help people but I had to stop that because energy is energy and so basically the universe you know flushed away all of my we were in a flood a natural disaster in 2016 we had like a river come through a house basically so that was a huge ordeal but it took away I was already writing the book tube so it was like okay stop working on this and get on your path if that makes any sense but I think what I really wanted to talk about was manifestation like because you know that’s huge in the community it’s all about manifesting that is I want the big house big car I personally try to invite people to think about what they’re really wanting to manifest because we know the stories of people who’ve manifested you know a mansion or or whatever and at the end of the day they’re lonely and empty in this big house with a fancy car so I really try to inspire people when they’re doing their manifestation and they’re trying to get clear of what they want to experience in our life to think about focus on spiritual prosperity like what do you really want do you really want a big house just keep clean and pay all these taxes and bills and stuff or do you want one more simple life what do you really want because we’ve been programmed like the rap videos I know you know all about that you know get the car get the girls and it really isn’t satisfying it does nothing for you it’s like you just experience and that it’s not real wealth yeah you know enriching and focusing on what really matters I think because people you know the secret was an amazing thing that came out but it’s missing a lot of the mechanisms like the other laws that go with the law of attraction that really bring manifestation into play so I feel like when we’re a manifester if we want to focus on what makes you feel good when you go to sleep you have peace in your heart like you go to sleep and there is not a care in the world right isn’t that like the best feeling well you know people are stressed out all the time like look I remember almost like in school when I got in trouble or like when I was working at my job like it was just weird and I put up with this for years my whole adult life almost where you don’t want the weekend to end Friday you having fun Saturday you think about it tomorrow Sunday Sunday you wake up man better go to work tomorrow oh my god I gotta go to work and there’s just weird hyper tension there and you’re scared you’re like man I wish I didn’t have to but I gotta go I gotta go and then so you go you know the next day comes Monday morning comes and you clock in you go to work but it’s just fear of Monday morning you know I’m saying you couldn’t go to bed just at bliss okay you like you didn’t like as the sun’s going down you’re like dang we have to work you know I’m saying I used to feel like I used to feel that way about school and then for work my entire adult life if this weird fear I you know and there’s a lot of people who feel that and so if you want that to go away like that can go away like that that feeling can go away like whether it’s just to be content at your job and be there and kind of kind of work it until you open something else up you definitely have to do that but as far as simplifying your life like I have a lot of people who look at what I’m doing or they the whole full time thing is always something that’s really you know everybody wants to do what they love full-time you know and I think everybody everybody should and everybody deserves to if they work the steps and if they if they build it if they try it everybody can do it but you have to simplify you can you might not be able to live in like you’re saying the big old house and the big mansion and you might not be able to go eat out four times a week you might not be able to you know get your hair done every month or every two weeks or get your nails done there’s things that you kind of have to kind of do without and simplify to get your bills down low to say look we can survive and still be good if we did this and that’s a process because people get into so much debt just a weight society set up is to get you in debt and keep you in debt so many people have to work against that and even that idea say I’ll never be able to because I’m $40,000 in debt sixty thousand a hundred thousand whatever in debt so I’ll never be able to you know do that but you can still ways to simplify and get your bills down low and get a smaller house get a mobile home whatever it is what’s worth more that feeling of being scared like I don’t want to go to work man I do not want to go I wish this can last forever is that worth the big house getting uh you know having a bigger bed having an extra bedroom and a nicer house or is simplifying living more meek and more humble but getting to wake up and do whatever it is that your heart desires tax to make a paycheck or make a living doing the money is probably gonna be a lot less starting out until you get on your feet and do your business and your branding and stuff like that but for me there’s there’s no there’s really no price on that there’s no price that what do I have to give up to do that right and I did it and I’m doing it and um it didn’t come easy it doesn’t come easy it is a step of faith that leap of faith which you told this and then there’s that fear as well you got the parents and you got the in-laws and everybody oh you’re doing what you’re quitting your job to do to do music really you got there’s another job over here they’re hiring it’s like Nam this is my job like I’m doing this and I’m sustaining myself you know what I’m saying and that whole journey but I believe that if people want it they can do it you can do whatever the hell you want to do and they should do it right yeah absolutely and I like you know not everybody can just you know drop their job it’s like you said you know take baby steps towards moving in that direction you know don’t watch TV one night and go in there it’s all about building momentum you know I write a book and finish a book was like and I did it through a flood it was all about the small intentional steps pushing it forward because it can be overwhelming when you say oh I want to quit my job and go here people don’t know how to get from one one point to the next it starts and little baby steps phone calls yeah you know calling logo yeah yes I mean just moving the energy forward and then you’ll be surprised how much it’ll manifest for you but yeah we acquired like two hundred thousand dollars in debt because of the flood we didn’t have insurance so but it was really kind of magical because I was well it wasn’t that time but I was writing this book and I was able to practice everything I wrote it was like I was being called for like walk what you’re talking here so you know and things worked out beautifully I mean so and we were in a camper with four people and mm-hmm it was dying and dogs and so I mean I’ve been wearing and have anything before and then we got back to pretty quick so yeah well then I mean there for you it kind of produces in you whether it’s from that or from having humble beginnings but it produces in you a gratitude for everything I have a superpower yeah it really is when you’re gonna key that’s the key to everything though it is – you had that attitude no that’s like if you if you can get that moving in your body that energy and you can raise your frequency not to sound science see but you feel that in your body you admit it because I did have a moment I was cooking out of a crock-pot and I had to wash the pot I was in a camper our house is flooded it’s a construction zone and I cook something in a crock-pot and I was out it was hotter than hell was like a hundred ten in Louisiana and I’m cleaning this pot out with a garden hose and I didn’t have a scrubber because everything is just gone in the garbage it’s just disaster and I’m like this really sucks and I’m like then I was like wait a minute I just caught myself this comes from awareness yeah I said I got electricity to run this crock-pot I had food to put in the crock-pot my kids are still safe so you lift yourself out yeah you know and it it just changes everything so yeah it’s just not one of those like just be grateful it’s it’s awesome even with that overwhelming feeling about you know I’m saying having to go back to work you know between Sunday and Monday that transition this is like sucks the life out of you there’s a way out of that – you know I’m saying you have to have that game plan but you have to kind of approach that with gratitude as well because like I got convicted because I was feeling that way or I would be on the job and what am I doing here I’m not supposed to be here I got I got a destiny I’m supposed to live up to and I’m here you know doing this or doing that or whatever the case says for 40 50 hours a week and I can’t I don’t get sleep and I there’s no way I can do what I want to do and stuff so you get overwhelmed but I have to I got convicted like man this is something I asked God for this like this this job is an answered prayer like I remember where I was doing a much worse job nastier jobs physical a lot harder physical manual labor and I prayed prayed to God for this job please give me this job hope it goes through I went to the interview like I’d like so this job as an answered prayer and now I’m complaining about an answer something I prayed to God and asked God for that’s awesome right so that kind of changes your perspective that look man this is a this I was a blessing as people who would even kill for this job you know and didn’t kind of go back and look at the other jobs that I’ve worked that were bad jobs you know there were jobs but you know I’m saying it’s all part of that alchemy though going from one level to the next until you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing I think that every place that we’re in whether we end those dead-end jobs or that that stress is there you’re supposed to feel that you’re a person you got to know what that feels like you’re learning you got to learn from that stuff I don’t think I don’t think that any of us even if we get off the path for months weeks or years at a time it’s all used man it’s all used in our story and it’s all used in our alchemy somehow like somehow I think with that we’re all right where we’re supposed to be at that moment and in it whatever that desperation comes in that you want to get serious about your life and about your dreams or what you want to bring to the table and your dreams are too big and there’s no way you can do it there’s little ways that you chip away out of time most of my music I got 200 songs under my belt I probably wrote 170 of them on the job like working so there’s something you can do you don’t saying there’s something you can do whether it’s in that send that email out pull out your text to speech on your phone and you know I’m saying write your book while you’re driving to work I used to do that I’d be driving to work but that hunger in me I don’t want to go to work I want to turn around I’ll pull out their phones let me just start writing let me just start creating something you know bringing it to the table you’ve got a fuel your passion you’ve got to put energy towards it or it’s never gonna take off so that’s great advice yeah it’s all it’s super spiritual stuff and like I said it comes back down to being real practical like what are the Angels telling you they’re telling you what the secrets of math and science and how to build spaceships or not like how do what is all that stuff if you can’t if it’s not going to help somebody in their day-to-day you fulfill their dreams like walking their destiny you know in all of this stuff and I really do think that it is it is it is deep it’s crazy deep stuff right but we’re supposed to take it and make it practical for the lay people because you know it sounds sexy and it sounds very intriguing we and I’m I do a good job making it sound that way in my music right traveling the ethers communicating with ETS and summoning UFOs like it’s really cool but it makes people want to do it but we have to come to terms even if that they want to do it that’s one thing but then they don’t have to do it like you don’t have to fast for three weeks and then have an angelic being approach you and then tell you this and then it changes your life and it’s a message you don’t have to do that because we’ve done it like we’ve done we’ve been through the trauma we you don’t have to be in the abusive relationship and you don’t have to go down that road to learn you can learn from the people who have already done it the people who have had the experiences and we can make it practical we can tell you look you’re in a toxic relationship get out of it stop finding about meeting those people at the same place you keep meeting these people at the bar rooms and and then you don’t know why they’re alcoholics and they want a party and all this stuff and you want to settle down like you know all of this stuff comes into play it turns into something that’s real practical at the end of the day I mean yeah I totally because there’s billions of people on the planet and a small percentage of them are talking about the spaceships and you know there’s people dealing with just regular everyday human stuff yeah you know and the whole thing of like you know not wanting to be human is really sad because gee I’m sure you hear that right sometimes like I don’t want to be well is such a blessing and such a gift that you’ve been given and I really feel that we chose this also on some level you know that we don’t have to just evolve into something else that’s like a false illusion almost like where are we trying to go other than right here right now because it’s really all there it is you know we I think we get in this trap of trying to arrive somewhere when there’s no place to arrive except me fully press in the moment whether that’s at the job you’re at or you’re in the moment moving towards which one experience in the next moment it’s moment by moment by moment by moment because we all get this you know and we visualize we do this but it all happens right now and I think that maybe steps help people kind of click it into gear but moment by moment its choice and choice is the most powerful thing we have and we have to exercise it yep that’s what it’s about just making making those choices making the right choices you’re in a new moment right now what are you gonna do with it mm-hmm you know people want to be like I think is I think it’s part of understanding just like free will of understanding that uh the people would rather be the robot like they would rather my people struggle with what we can call sin or you know addictions or whatever the case is that are not good right they need they want to overcome them they need help whether they’re just asking pleading for help um you know part of that help is showing resistance showing self-control maybe starving it out right when it comes to like worshiping God or worshipping the creator of what that essence it’s the fact that you have a choice it’s a choice to do that you’re not a robot you don’t have to do that like you have a choice whether you can give in to your addiction and it’s gonna that’s gonna birth an outcome if you keep doing it over and over and over and over it’s gonna birth an outcome or if you deny it you say you know what I want to do that acknowledge it I love to do that like people who are on drugs they love that feeling of that instant high smoking crack meth addiction eventually you you learn to hate it but you love to hide they’re chasing the high but you have to give up a piece of yourself to get that quick fix you can easily get the quick fix or you can say you know what and I’ll do it as in worshipping God for me that’s just what works for me and say you know what I would I want to so too Ward’s my destiny I want to that’s not gonna get me where I’m supposed to be whatever that addiction is whatever it is it’s not gonna get me where I need to be I have to I know I have to give that up to get to where I’m going cuz I can’t bring that with me you can’t bring it with it you can’t bring the crack addiction to your fortune 500 company it’s not gonna happen you can’t bring them it won’t happen so it’s those choices each day I can do that and get the instant gratification be okay cuz you love to do it there’s things that we love to do it’s an instant gratification to the fleshly desires but it’s like you know what and I tell God to say I love God more like I love my family more I love my my mind more that I could be a robot and just easily up that’s out of my system I don’t even care about it there’s there’s no devotion in that to like the higher intelligences and God like you’re not a robot it is the free will it is the choice and at the end of the day you got to make those right choices well I agree but I also look at you know we’re program does children I don’t like to use the word program but it’s really what happened you know so fear leads our lives a lot of times that we don’t realize we have this choice this freewill choice this infinite potential to tap into we don’t even have awareness of this quantum field of energy that is dancing around was constantly we don’t know how to navigate into the real realm if you really want to look at it like that you know we’re taught to think small or you know like my kids are in public school but when they come home I keep them open and keep them you know I do my side of things at home but you know your that you’re gonna get a job you know work the rest of your life you’re not theirs we’re not supporting our children and growing and tapping into creative things you know what I’m saying like imagine if there was something for you that that you were really talented as an artist so let’s get him in a career path on that they keep you in like the you know the basic job systems so with the fear comes in an outside-of-the-box because as children we were free thinkers you know and then that change through that we can’t blame it all in those schools but it’s a large part of it mm-hmm yeah they don’t reward that but there are schools and it’s cool when you can find those schools man that actually cater to you know what the strengths are and those kids and what they’re interested in like your time before we went live you talked about your son you know loves gaming and strength live-streaming video games and stuff and like now we’re in a place where you can make a living doing that now you can make a great living like ask a year already generating some because I was like I don’t like having all these people energetically exchange like my son he’s 16 now and he still wants to go to college and so I’m gonna support him on that he’s gonna do computer tech stuff as well so yeah exactly I mean we can do really what we want especially now in this time and age yeah you’re doing what you’re doing I didn’t realize that you were doing this full-time yeah well I’m about a year in I gotta let go from my job August of last year and then I went six months on workman’s comp which was just pennies draw on your pennies so after that was like the test are you gonna sink or swim like you’re gonna find another job are you gonna stick at it and I do my podcast and do my music and I do graphic art and things like that on the side as well for people and build websites I do music and so you know that was like you know the push from the creators I look and you go try it you know and so you know my wife was on was on board with it because she knew how it like I was just getting SuperDuper depressed you know I’m saying feeling like I was I was you know made for or like I’m saying greatness or whatever doing great things but then in the end you know feeling that coz because not everybody feels it’s not like not everybody feels that way about about Monday morning there’s a lot of people who get up and go to work that’s not the default for everybody like you can turn that off I guess people get up on Monday mornings and they love their job they can’t wait to go see their patients or whatever they do they service people who love back in groceries man and when you meet those people who are all thin and they love what they’re doing I don’t care what they’re doing I’ve talked about that I got tattoo artists who are they’d love to go to work and draw on people like they get a kick out of doing that and but if you meet us these people who are working at McDonald’s who love it they’re just smiling joking laughing too you know yeah we need all kinds of kinds it takes you know everybody to make the world go round so as long as we feel good about ourselves we’re enjoying our life here’s what you do yeah so that’s what I’m talking about fight that feeling man and if that’s you you’re you’re a perfect candidate like if you have that you know Saturday Sunday like oh man I gotta go back to work I had that for like man 27 years no matter what job I was doing it so I gotta go I didn’t like you know all the jobs I hated my jobs I was I was not supposed to you know that’s not what I wanted to do with my life and then it gets depressing you can really fall in that depression like man I wanted to be a rapper man I want it to be there so I wanted to be that but now while I’m cleaning toilets I’m a janitor you know what I’m saying like what am i doing you sent it with a scrub brush in your hand cleaning toilets like literally and that could be that you can get depressed really easy but you have to pull yourself out of it I say take that that that negative energy and that’s where the power is when you feel that stuff coming in your chest you know that you’re a perfect candidate I got do something about this man being that also means being in tuned to those feelings and you know you obviously have wrong totally not feeling anything well I think I think a lot of people are in tune with them but they just they think it’s default like there’s no way they can change it like they’ve you know they have kids now and then it got a mortgage and get a car note like there’s no way that I can do this you know and even like the system is against me all odds are against me which really they are but there’s other odds too that are forever in your favor they have plans to prosper you and bless you and have your you know I’m saying future and mine and get with those plans right you know I’m saying this scriptures even in the Bible man all throughout the Bible we’re like God just promising you a great future and you know you’re gonna enjoy life and and and I’m saying live it to the fullest and nothing’s gonna stop you and note nothing and nobody can hold you back to fulfilling your destiny and like those are the things that have helped me you know I’m saying cuz you you believe it you read it but when you you have to apply it you have to apply that stuff yeah you just know that it exists but once you grab it and you become the manifestation of those scriptures or of those lectures or whatever the case you’ve whatever you’ve been listening to and it starts working and it does and it all of its practical and it seems so far out of reach and you know people would even say oh well you got this and you got supporters and stuff like that that help you like that’s something come overnight you had the bill didn’t come overnight and I was and I’ve been talking about this a lot lately I know I sound like a broken record but it’s just good to discuss I’ve always felt this thing we’re like that people deserve to to have their dreams manifested like everybody deserves it right and I felt that way like you know God loves you and that you could brace the love of God and you can you know walk in your dreams and and you deserve to do whatever you want to do if you want to be a musician if you want to be a painter if you want to start your own business you deserve it but it took me you know reading this book by Manley P Hall about black and white magic at the end is talking about man you know God doesn’t care if you’re happy or sad like those laws just exists those universal principles they exist and you deserve what you work for you don’t you don’t deserve to have something handed to you that you didn’t work for it goes back to what we’ve been talking about you’re not gonna be grateful for it you’re not gonna be grateful for it because it would just hand it hand it to you you’re not gonna care about it but this now I protected my file fight for it I’ll fight you for it you know what I’m saying and I paid for this man you know what I’m saying and everybody there’s a piece of you in it nobody has seen like the hours of studying and research and sweat and tears literally that’s an ocean sweat and tears like literally crying over your dream sweating for your dreams sweat blood sweat and tears literally is like the magical ingredients to make it happen if if you cry have you cried over your dream yeah right with people do you cry with broken people like come on man it’s blood it really is blood sweat and tears to make this stuff happen oh absolutely and I want one thing I think that’s also really important that I like to remind people is that like self love has to be there if you don’t believe in yourself you’re not gonna be able to move into those directions it just will not ever happen so learning to love yourself unconditionally and that might sound cheesy and cliche but that’s where it all starts you gotta fill that well at first then it will just come out and then you’re you know what I’m saying by that like if you don’t believe in yourself the universe is gonna reinforce that you can know how valuable you are to like I know that I have something amazing to bring to the table and I’ll do it I’ll do it pretty good but there’s this you can get caught up of wanting to uh you wanting somebody what we call to put you on right even with me like there’s other podcasters who do stuff similar to what I do and they have a bigger reach and they have a network and it’s like man what can I join a network and you’re waiting to join a network you’re waiting to get put on you’re waiting to get retweeted you’re waiting for a record deal you’re you know and that stuff might never come you may never get added to the network you may never get a record deal you always want that that one person to hear you or that one person to partner with you it may never happen like you have to go you have to you have to build it for yourself if you want it bad enough and so just sitting there knowing you have something to offer be like if if they knew and that’s how you feel like if they only knew what I can bring to the table man I would be a great asset to their company to their business to that podcast at this I would even like as a guest on this show people are watching and so many people want to come on I wish I can come on the podcast and and talk to you well I’m never gonna know unless you email me right yeah yes I have to do something – like – like manifest it right practical stuff like that it starts here in the ethers in the mind and that would be awesome if I was on his show and then it went and then it would bring awareness to my brand it would bring awareness to my music or to my book and man I could do that but you got to pull it out the ethers and practically do something practically get on your Facebook or your email and send me a message like practically make it happen put energy behind it as you just got to do that same thing for five years yeah it’s something about having those good ideas because they just exist nobody knows about them you daydream about them you fantasize about them and sometimes you it almost seems like God’s taunting you over them because they’re just great ideas but they they’re not they don’t exist in the physical they’re just in here and there’s so many of them and the true alchemy of what I call the true shamanism is to really go into the ethers and be able to bring it out be able to go into the dream state and pull it out and manifest it into your reality and you can do that but it takes the dream state it takes spirituality you know manifestation and all of those things are beautiful in it I think I really do it’s think it starts with a lot of that but it then it comes – okay when I wake up what do I do how do i yeah choice in action mm-hmm and that’s what you’re that’s what your book teaches right you bring it back down to is that I mean is that a good way to put it that you it talks about going into the ethers or seeing yourself healed or seeing yourself embodying as if it already is yours I mean I say it in a lot of different ways but I really focus on the feeling the spiritual prosperity first because yeah all the times you’re chasing something that’s just gonna pull you further off your path you know but ever there’s lessons along all parts of that journey but you there’s a um there’s a scripture and uh it’s pretty cool it’s John 3rd John chapter after 1 verse 2 it says dear friend I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may let me read a different version um King James Version says beloved I wish above all things that you may have prosper and be in health even as thy soul prosper so I think that’s it I think that’s a good analogy as far as that outside looked like the inside that it stops it starts with the inside prosper in your soul and then it’s gonna start it’s gonna start transforming the outside I had a friend of mine he was pushing 400 pounds and it was on a psilocybin I encountered that uh we both walked by the mirror he was walking outside and we stopped and we looked in the mirror and I said what do you see man he’s 400 pounds he’s like I see you I say oh you know somebody who’s obese I need to lose weight and I don’t like the way I look and say what what do you see on the inside and uh usually I see someone who’s you know I’m saying genuine who cares and things like that and so I know let’s focus on getting to the outside to look like the inside really good person is on the other side you see people all around you who own the app it’s the opposite on the outside they’re made up their stunning they’re the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen got the right make up bodies great whatever but on the inside they’re dying they’re dead they’re what the Bible calls it calls them uh dead sup lockers like a whitewashed tomb you’re like a grave like a tomb there’s nothing on the inside nothing of substance there but on the outside it’s it looks great you know what I’m saying so to really be able to embody what’s on the inside and manifest it on the outside is is what it’s about because I know you want it I know you think about it I know you dream about it dream about it so much a jobs you drives you mad right can I read something real quick I chose to close my book with this quote that which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves that which you do not have within you will kill you if you do not have it within you and that’s the gospel Thomas mmm-hmm that was you know I think it was on that same psilocybin encounter that we went it was the fact that I went and seen a healer we went and seen a someone who did Reiki healing and did guided meditation and then we went to a float tank and then had psilocybin or what it was just a men’s retreat and it was amazing and and I had this real deep desire within me after the you know meeting with the lady the energy here looks like I want to be a healer I was just overwhelmed and consumed what did it with then I want to be a healer I want to be a healer then I’m having this dot I’m having this inward dialog with God it’s like no you don’t want to be nothing you already are y’all ready are healing a healer if you keep wanting to be something you you’re always gonna keep chasing that you want to be it because that’s already within you we just have to focus on bringing it out creating it and it’s already there you’re not you don’t have to you don’t have to that’s the kingdom of heaven is within you don’t have to look for anything outside of yourself you don’t have to buy anything that they’re selling you everything is within for you to go within and experience and encounter the the depths of God the depths of the spirits in the death of who you are and to really embody that and so when I understood that it was like man I don’t need anything outside of myself and then begin to show me different ways about how I heal people through whether it’s being empathic and being a man of prayer and being putting healing modalities and my music and all of these types of things that you already are this and you’re already manifesting if you want to do this now beginning out gift steps I going within getting the steps and I’m top pulled out my sort of writing stuff down I still that was that was four years ago now I think it was I’ve still got the the piece of paper folded up on my wallet of the steps that I was given to make that happen and you don’t you’re not becoming you already are it’s the fact of just bringing it out of you absolutely so I guess would be a good place to end I really enjoyed it go ahead and tell people where they could check out your book and check out your latest work well thank you I really enjoyed our conversation too the best place I would get it is on Amazon because the hardcover is now the same price as the paperback and it’s and then just look up mining behind and if you’re gonna ordered I would do the hardcover and also it’s on eBook or Kendall to awesome make sure you guys check that out I’ll put a link to purchase that in the description as well for you guys and uh I said y’all check that out support her work and did you give your website um WWWE and saw her not work that easy chantelle renewed org santa i appreciate you coming on hanging out with me today it’s been a blast thank you so much we have to do it again soon yes thank you it was a pleasure all right you have a good one you too then tell Renee ladies and gentlemen really enjoyed this episode a lot of technical difficulties I’m sitting here looking at my internet the whole time and a man the the upload speeds it’s going in and out so I’m sorry for the technical difficulties hopefully once I seen that happening I ended up recording this on the cloud so my download was great 150 to 180 download that’s really fast but download means nothing when you’re uploading broadcasting you need to have at least eight to broadcast HD and I had anywhere from four to zero and it would drop out so sorry about those inconsistencies hopefully we’ll be able to get that fixed here soon cuz I got some really cool interviews coming up so I did record this hopefully I can piece together all the audio and make it sound good and you guys can watch it again later so I didn’t have any blips or any mess-ups from her in so if you’re listening it was in and out I recorded it also recorded the last interview that I did that kind of the same thing happened so I need to get to the bottom of that see what’s going on with these people so with that man I enjoyed this this interview I hope I don’t sound I think I will though like I’m sad hope I don’t sound redundant it I hope I’m not too repetitive like I know I said the same things a lot I said the same things a lot in my music you begin to repeat yourself over and over the message hasn’t changed like it’s still the same message from day one so there’s nothing I don’t know like I have so much with Timmy that I’m trying to articulate and get out I would be a spoiled brat to keep wanting more I’m still receiving more but I’m not like I’m trying to be a good Stewart with what I’ve been given put it that way so I’ve tried to find neat ways and interesting ways to get that information out to the mat to the masses whether it’s through different ways of saying the same thing that’s all you’re getting in my music you know I’m saying you get there’s only a handful of things in at the end there’s only one essence of it at the end of the day but uh I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m the creator and I’m the one who knows where this stuff comes from and how its put together but um it is what it is I don’t know if there’s any new everybody’s looking for the new rep the new revelations where are they alien saying what is God saying what is this saying what’s up what’s happening everybody wants something new y’all haven’t even done the work with the old stuff yet you know I’m saying I want a new word from God I need a new word I need you fresh outpouring you already had an outpouring you didn’t do nothing with that one what you gonna do with this outpouring nothing yeah so it be faithful with the few he’ll make you ruler over more you want more be faithful with what he’s already given you that’s truth on everything like how can true seeker how can you be faithful with your own podcast in your own business and paying taxes and all this crazy stuff I could be faithful with that when you can’t be faithful to get up and clock in and go to work and and not complain you like you’re yeah you’re going but you’re complaining the whole time playing in the whole town yeah but I do it you don’t do a complainant the Bible says to do all of your work as you’re doing it unto the Lord isn’t the Lord the one who opened up the doors and you’re there to begin with does he let you do things that he doesn’t know about is he not there watching does he not oversee it like is there something that you can do to hide from him Adam tried that didn’t really work that well he was able to see him put clothes naked put clothes on what are you doing I’m naked man trying to cover up trying to hide your sin that’s the sin is trying to hide it I don’t necessarily think that it was the fact that he ate the the Apple was even all that stuff like I don’t think that’s necessary he tried to cover it up and hide it like there’s grace for you it’s healing there’s repentance it’s all that for you but his sin is when you get crazy you start trying to hide it up premeditate it you have to go kill the animals and take the skins and all and you have to make that stuff when you easily could just walk in forgiveness walk in love and confess your sin look I screwed up God I’m sorry if you still love me yeah I love you man I made you I knew you was gonna do it right my goddess apart Adam why did you do such a thing it’s like look man I put that within you you’re going to go after those things but you’re not going to stay with them go after those things look I already knew it ain’t nothing new look I put it within you cuz wine you just like me made of my image he’s I woulda did it too right that’s the Creator man but the sin is when you’re trying to hide it you’re trying to cover it up the sin is the premeditation the sin is the second look we talked about this a lot is the second look the sin is not like you driving in your car you look at a woman and you just try you know you notice her voluptuous body and you immediately wow she’s really beautiful that’s a beautiful woman I enters your mind the sin is if you keep entertaining it like if you keep dwelling or you keep trying to take a peek or you keep looking back over your shoulder and you have to sometimes you have to not sometimes a lot of times you have to consciously make yourself not look I mean sister the thing man is so crazy it’s like it’s something it’s a mechanism in the way that we’re built you want to look at that thing that’s kind of odd the thing that’s off on somebody right there’s this lady and oh it’s a sushi restaurant and she’s just I mean she’s got her boobs pushed up real big and spandex and little she’s busting out of all over her clothes on purpose right and and you can’t help but notice her she’s a good-looking woman and during your face right and there’s these women you have to like consciously tell yourself not to look at their boobs because they’ve pushed up in your face and you’re trying to make eye contact hi I would like to get the Bama roll please making direct eye contact but it’s something in you not that not even the lustful thing right not even that you’re like oh my god they’re just so not even that thing but the thing that’s like this is weird and you just want to look at it and trust me it’s the same way I have friends with jacked-up teeth and they have brown one tooth this brown one tooth is yellow the next one’s brown and black and when I’m talking to them it’s this weird telepathic thing where they know that I’m trying to I’m looking at their teeth and I’m trying not to look at the teeth why was your teeth hey how are you damn entities Nahum entities not to look at the teaser trying to make maintain eye contact so it’s not about the the big boobs in your face or their messed-up teeth if there’s something within us that we’re like we look at the things that are different you know something is going on you know it’s crazy so crazy I don’t know what it is if somebody’s got something jacked up on their face you like keep looking at it they got a lazy eye you’re like what’s wrong with your eye you’re trying to like look at their nose but you’re and that’s even weird this gets totaled and holding next level crazy because they know you’re looking at it right or becomes like you can discern that they know you know that they know are you trying to have a conversation person they know that you’re there like trying those chicks dude she’s trying to get you to look at her boobs right you like I’m not gonna do it I’m not doing it all right crazy spiritual warfare out here ladies and gentlemen part of it stay unconscious we’ll get you don’t fall victim I could say it’s uh um there’s a good song about that to man if you guys want to listen to it it’s um by casting casting Crowns with the first look try to think it’s called slow fade man I want to read I’m gonna read these lyrics man this is so good it’s like it starts with that that first alright now we get those stars Chantal just told you she gets those thoughts I get those stars we all do we’re not exempt from it and the Bible talks about spiritual warfare it’s talking about those lofty thoughts that you’re having that they come it’s when you dwell on it that it begins to give birth to the next start and a Kenny posted a comment here a little while ago he said that your life is based off of choices right and then each choice and you’re just responding to the previous choice that you made even when they’re bad choices right so I’m making all these bad choices and you’re you’re like six months down the road responding off of it you know still being affected too and making choices based off of a choice you made six months ago you’re working at a job looking for another job because you signed that resume and went to the interview that was a choice that you did so everything is based off the choices I don’t think it’s the first sin so anyway this uh this song slow fade I’m not gonna play it but I’m gonna read the lyrics be careful little eyes what you see it’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings be careful little feet where you go for it’s the little feet behind you that are sure to follow it’s a slow fade when you give yourself away it’s a slow fade when black and white are turned to gray and thoughts invade choices are made a price will be preyed paid when you give yourself away people never crumble in a day it’s a slow fade it’s a slow fade be careful little ears what you hear this is good guys when flattering leads to compromise the end is always near be careful little lips what you say for empty words and promises leave broken hearts astray it’s a slow fade when you give yourself away nextpart the journey from your mind – your hands is shorter than your thinking be careful if you think you stand you just might be sinking people never Cumberland crumble in a day as a slow fade be careful little eyes what you see anyway be careful would your entertainment entertaining it’s in garbage in garbage out it’s not what goes into a man that comes out but what comes out it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out but if you’re putting in garbage more than likely that stuff’s gonna regurgitate some someplace I remember when I first first came to the Lord and uh was working on renewing my mine but the life of me I was tormented by master P lyrics tormented by master peeler every I could not get master P out of my head I’m like I’m just wanna think lofty thoughts good thoughts beautiful thoughts and all I’m thinking and it’s just for playing over and over my head for days man because I had filled my mind up with those thoughts they’re like second nature and they this comes up that’s why the Bible says to to meditate upon the Word of God and it’s something about your hearing be careful little ears what you hear Bible talks about hearing it talks about what you see baba says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God faith comes by hearing okay so what you’re listening to this podcast serves is that right music definitely serves lectures teaching preaching whatever whatever you’re listening to is going to come back up be careful little ears what you hear be careful little eyes what you see the things that you’re looking at throughout the day guess what you’re gonna see when you close your eyes [Music] it’s gonna come back up garbage in garbage out what you’re beholding who the eyes the eyes are the window to the soul what you’re beholding is going to come back up when you close your eyes trust me job said this you said I’ve made a covenant with my eyes might not look upon an evil thing they went on to say us if I happen to look upon this evil I happen to look upon this wickedness may it not cling to me cling to me how is looking at something done to allow it to cling to you because you really sometimes you have no choice right Wow but the first times that you’ve seen a dirty magazine or a pornographic film or something when you most of us won’t move her little like we just work digging or plundering or found it with lates laying out whatever the case is like it does something to you like so you’re like a victim to that you don’t really have a choice at that time about earlier like what I’m doing now is based off of choices or experiences moreover that I had when I was four I’m doing this because of encounters I’ve had in this in the spirit realm when I was a kid right just because one experience led to the next one question allowed me to dig and ask ask another question until you go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper many things just kind of start making sense the same way when it comes to maybe those pornographic images that you’ve seen and entertain when you were a kid you think that this is what sex looks like you think that this is what love looks like you think that it says cat is supposed to be casual cause these people in these magazines in these movies they’re having sex and it was going one-night stands in his casual and you you’re responding to something that happened to you when you was a kid it was casual it’s okay do it with as many people as you want it’s fun whatever you don’t know the implications of his stuff and people are still responding later into their adult life from something that happened to them when they were four when they were seven when they were 11 12 13 16 20 whatever it is you’re responding to life off of a belief of a pattern from an experience that you had which wasn’t even your fault to begin with you’re essentially the victim that’s why the Bible talks about renewing the mind man we’ve got to renew the mind starts out of there cast them down it says every imagination and high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God anything that goes against your greater good anything that goes against that which is true and beautiful don’t entertain it you have the power to do that don’t entertain it as it leads to patterns man destructive patterns in your life it’s deep it gets deeper I’m not even gonna go into allotted thing about sex truce sexes marriage biblically when you exchange the energy the Bible says the two become one flesh when you come together like that I will also says that he who joins himself to a harlot becomes one flesh science secular science proving this new theories that you retain the DNA from all of your past sexual partners you don’t just forget about that many of you fast and pray to forget about those things and it still doesn’t go away that’s how powerful it is you know better you do better it’s crazy I’m gonna I’m gonna it’s a little bit more detail on that I’ve been writing some stuff in the past but I think I’m gonna include it in my book as well because it’s very spiritual it’s definitely dealing with the spirit realm coming into one flesh to become a one flesh is definitely a spiritual topic that needs to be discussed and how that’s performed and all that kind of stuff so anyway I’ve still been writing I’ve been doing some some more writing in [Music] woke up this morning to get a good bit done to cover the topic of fasting a couple pages on fasting in there and the spiritual implications of that um that’s it that’ll do I thank you guys for the support like I said I know this podcast was like in and out not kind of crazy stuff but hopefully uh I’m able to piece this together and bring it home in the end and so that we can have a a good podcast to listen to that didn’t mess up too much and so hopefully that’ll be out there and I’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on with this internet silly people maybe it’s the rain that’s causing it probably um yeah with that being said um say peace and Shalom thank you guys again for the support if you would like to support head on over to patreon the link is in the description backslash true seekers sign up or any level of giving it’s really easy you can give a dollar 5 10 15 20 25 would be a blessing to help um keep me doing what I’m doing I couldn’t do it without you so thank you to everyone who is supporting also other ways of giving as well and other ways to support there’s a bunch of links in the description there you can get a free audiobook you can sign up on audible and get that book and they give us a kickback you can shop through Amazon there’s t-shirts and merch and for you guys watching on the podcast there’s this cool little Lucy cam mug you can buy a mug goodbye t-shirt all that cool stuff whatever you want man anything helps and so I appreciate all of the support on any level that you’re able to do that if you’re not able to afford anything like that and help financially I do appreciate your prayers and your simply sharing my feed out there and stuff like that sharing the podcast out all that stuff just everything everything works so with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom Christy Lisa I mean Christy folks Christy Johnson whatever your name is says she wants a t-shirt link is in the description my friend thank you for all the support it really means the world so with that almost a peach and Shalom we’ll do this again very soon [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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