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In this episode of The TrutSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Ben Vonderheide as he explains Ancient Aliens and The Nomoli Sacred Stone Sculptures and Deities. The Nomoli Stones were said to be found buried deep in the dirt of west Africa. Some statues have the iconic reptilian look as depicted on ancient aliens, others seem to look like humans wearing reptile head coverings. The stories that tag along with these statues are as interesting as the creatures look themselves. While on exhibit in an African museum one passerby claimed that the figures seemed to be calling out to her as if they were trying to communicate. There are other reports of the Nomoli Statues having healing properties to them as people have reported being healed while in their presence. There is also a new Dogon tribe connection that just came up concerning these figures as well. Some skeptics believe that there are no longer any Nomoli Stones to be found and that everything out in the public now are faked replicas. One thing is for sure, whether ancient or aliens these statues are very bizarre and I think we are just scratching the surface of what their true identity.