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Music is a spiritual experience all in itself. It has the power to rewind time and acts much like an emotional time machine. It brings you back to times, places and situations either good or bad. Time tells all. Time weighs the hearts of all. What has been the soundtrack to your life? Are their songs that you can’t listen to? Why? Let time be thy healer. Rewrite the wrongs and send healing to your past. In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Andy “Psalm” Byrd and Michael Basham as they explain spiritual encounters through music both good and bad, of light and dark. Just as everything in the universe music, meditation, chanting, mantras and prayers are all simply tools. We can use these tool for good or bad depending on the intention that is set before one uses these functions. Prayer seems like something that is used for good but people also use prayers to pray unto demonic forces and make pacts with entities to try and cause or bring misfortune to the lives of other. This would be an example of someone using prayer for negative purposes. The same is said to be true when it comes to music, chanting mantras etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because we don’t not understand a concept or even a belief system for that matter does not necessarily mean the it is demonic or light, right or wrong. All things must coexist and for one thing to be true then the opposite must be true as well.