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Music is a spiritual experience all in itself. It has the power to rewind time and acts much like an emotional time machine. It brings you back to times, places and situations either good or bad. Time tells all. Time weighs the hearts of all. What has been the soundtrack to your life? Are their songs that you can’t listen to? Why? Let time be thy healer. Rewrite the wrongs and send healing to your past. In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Andy “Psalm” Byrd and Michael Basham as they explain spiritual encounters through music both good and bad, of light and dark. Just as everything in the universe music, meditation, chanting, mantras and prayers are all simply tools. We can use these tool for good or bad depending on the intention that is set before one uses these functions. Prayer seems like something that is used for good but people also use prayers to pray unto demonic forces and make pacts with entities to try and cause or bring misfortune to the lives of other. This would be an example of someone using prayer for negative purposes. The same is said to be true when it comes to music, chanting mantras etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because we don’t not understand a concept or even a belief system for that matter does not necessarily mean the it is demonic or light, right or wrong. All things must coexist and for one thing to be true then the opposite must be true as well.

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do on patreon patreon allows for you guys to support independent art independent musicians podcasters all that good stuff and you guys are coming out of the Woodworks to support me and my music and my podcast and everything so from the bottom of my heart huge thank you guys – you guys you guys mean the world if you want to support head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and there you can sign up for any level of giving per month and you get access to my full discography plus any new music that I’m working on and I’m putting a bunch of new music over there right now we’re almost done with my next album will be entitled to see her and so I will be giving you guys a shout out and thank you thank you in the album credits as well so head on over to patreon comm slash truce eager to support what I’m doing I think I have a got to go on a bit of a rant so before we get started today so I don’t know if I excuse me or what but I have to have to talk about this so we got a artist who’s coming on today and this is the first interview while I’ve actually had to read a waiver before we do an interview kind of getting permission to use the audio to make segments out of the podcast and that’s what I do we do a hour and a half two hours three hours sometimes podcasting in there we kind of take out clips about subjects and topics that we talk about and I’ll do a custom thumbnail and we’ll promote it in that audio clip that YouTube video helps to promote the episode so we’ll take a segment if we’re talking about say for instance we did one while I was talking about hip-hop music or Christian rap or whatever and we titled that segment promoted it on Facebook and sometimes the segment gets more views than the actual podcast but at the end of the segment it says to listen to this show in its entirety click the link in the description so it promotes what we’re doing so that’s what I do so I had to kind of do a waiver now with the people coming on because the last interview I did one of the last ones I’m not gonna say any names but one of the last interviews I did there was a segment where we were talking about a guy named Jason Westerfield I asked the person if they can give us any info about them what they’re doing right now because the person bragged about bragged about knowing Jason Westerfield since they were 3 years old and so I mentioned you know what’s he doing right now we haven’t heard from him those type of things and the person’s face lit up and they went on a 10-minute rant about what Jason Westerfield is doing and some dealings with telepathy and and blue beings that Jason knew about things like that so I made a snippet put it out there and obviously since Jason Westerfield it’s kind of hush-hush right now nobody knows too much about what he’s doing it was gonna get some clicks it was definitely gonna get clicks and it started getting clicked like fast and so the person who was in the interview contacted me and said please take this down actually sent me about 25 text messages demanding me to take it down and we have to get Jason’s permission like just overreacting just crazy I wasn’t gonna take it down this is what I do you know what I’m saying this is this is uh it’s just I don’t I don’t think I did anything wrong I mean he said I can leave the interview up just take that segment down and I wasn’t gonna take it down like I worked hard to actually make that thumbnail and make all the images and promote it and and and all that so I was gonna leave it up a person kept asking me to take it down they want to get Jason’s permission I felt like this was a story we didn’t need Jason’s permission to have it up anyway I’ve heard stuff about Jason that if you mention him or talk about him that they’ll threaten you with lawsuits and I’ve heard this from people who were close to him and kind of in those Christian fringe circles as well so anyway I didn’t take the clip down I was approached by two people and threatened with lawsuits said if I didn’t take it down they were going to take me to court they’re gonna contact the lawyers and said that what I was doing was dishonest manipulative and I’ve been doing this this is what I do with the podcast they said you’re just doing this for publicity I said yes I am doing it for publicity I need clicks this is what we do we’re trying to get out there to the world we want people to see what we’re doing we talk about interesting topics we make snippets is nothing different so that happened so now I’m having to do these waiver things and so the person then proceeded to tell me you know I hope we can still be friends after this I loved your interview I love what you’re doing on the podcast maybe we can work together in the future I’d love to keep our salvage our friendship and I’m like no not know but he’ll know sure don’t ever contact me again you just threatened me and my family my livelihood with a lawsuit take me to court and take every everything from me that I have and but you still want to be friends if you don’t get them out of my face with that man I don’t have any time for that dude are you threatened me and my family and my lively I do this for a living man so I had to get that off my chest man Michael bathroom is my respect Andy Saum welcome to the show brother hope I didn’t start off on the wrong foot don’t sue me Andy I love you bro doing you a favor man so are you do you still have that is that still up there dojo I took it down I took it oh but I have okay tell us what it said I want to hear I mean well he said I can leave it up in the interview cause like if you listen to the full interview you know it thought he goes on to he tells the story you know but I just took a clip a snippet from cast and promoted it but it was cuz Jason Wester fields name was on it it’s gonna get clicks and I know Michael Bassam does a lot of stuff on Jason Westerfield I mean you know about know if we talk about never being Clayton or Benny hands whatever you those I mean that those are terms that people are googling people are looking up info on those people take a public figure it’s like Hillary Clinton or you know Alex Jones or Donald Trump I mean you can’t copyright a name you know you know anyway sorry I don’t wanna I don’t wanna take Wow it’s great to meet Andy this is this is our usual Andy we usually talk about this mystic stuff these really weird guys yeah it’s just it’s good to talk to you and hear about you know boots on the ground building a business and what you’re doing and yeah so Andy has an awesome testimony he’s he’s been around the block he’s been to the bottom of the barrel and he’s he’s come back from it he’s a Christian hip-hop artist and he’s he contacted me a couple weeks ago and I get a lot of messages from Christian hip-hop artist and up I have a lot of Christian hip-hop artists on the show we just interviewed Brian Trejo seven pyrex some of those guys and Andy hit me up so I always go check out the music if it’s somebody I’ve never heard because when you’re dealing with the Christian music industry it’s kind of oversaturated right now and like most people are like a copy of what other people are doing so that’s the first thing I check for originality and so when I went to check out your music Andy Psalm I enjoyed it I liked that it was different and it was bringing something original to the table man so kudos for that welcome to the show brother tell us a little bit about yourself you know I’m saying where you are now and then we’ll get into your testimony but where are you right now with with the music and you walk with God man I’m still finding now really i I’ve come to terms that I think you know walking with God is a lifelong journey I don’t think I’ll ever be at the end I’m excited to think that even when we die and get to the other side of the fence it’s the journey continues you know what I mean so I’m not gonna pretend I have all the answers I know that I was four years ago living for self just living for gratification self idolatry just selfish ambitions I was quote-unquote family man but I you know was putting my family on the back they’re really hard for my worldly ambitions I was a secular artist that you know toured the country and thought I was on my way to the top and towards living the good life just life quickly unwrapping for me man now fast forward four years later I’m doing my best to not live herself and to live live for love man that’s that’s really what I feel like I’m called to do I feel like that’s what we as people are called to do and that’s that’s my daily prayer is that that’s where my heart will be that’s kind of the heart behind my music I am a Christian but I feel like a lot of Christians get it twisted in the sense that we’re we’re here to judge people we’re here to you know set the world right and I don’t necessarily agree with that I think that we’re here to love people man I think that if anything if we’re if we’re to learn by you know Jesus which is you know who Christians proclaim to be our leader and our teacher he called us to love that’s that that was the religion Jesus came to set if he can even call it a religion Jesus got crucified by the religious minds of his day so I kind of I kind of you know I know there’s a big controversy over you know the term the Craig stepped out of Christian hip-hop you don’t want to be labeled electrician because yeah even in the short four years I’ve been in it there is a lot there’s a lot of judgment there’s a lot of dogma still associated with the church and a lot of it is just based on archaic traditions and not even nautical principles so no I guess I’m long-winded in that answer but long story short right now I’m just I’m just here trying to love people man Christian or non-christian you know secular or otherwise I just I just want to love as as Jesus did as I believed that God called him in all of us to do so man wow that’s beautiful man when it when it uh when we talk about Lecrae we just we there’s a lot a lot to say about Lecrae good and bad though you know what I’m saying in the good and bad that I’ve seen cuz I started out doing just straight gospel music right I would call the Christian rap it was ministry minded to win souls for Jesus every song was about Jesus or spiritual warfare or something like that I don’t I don’t consider myself a gospel artist anymore but some some people still do because just because like they can hear that in the music it’s still there but it’s not like because you know some some of those unspoken rules in the gospel industry is like every song has to be able to win people to Jesus like every song and I don’t believe that man you know and it’s like if your song doesn’t when people to Jesus then it’s dissing that and so who made those rules up you know what I’m saying but I’ve had I had a lot of awesome times I mean I did gospel hip-hop probably from like and on there for a while at the end and now it’s gotten to a place where I couldn’t even do it if I want it to like if I show up they call the cops type stuff happens now it’s the best kind it is it’s fun man it’s interesting man but uh anyway like there’s so much to be said about gospel hip-hop and I feel you about like wanting to even go by that that term because it has all these cliches with it and and and then you know especially for you or for me because first of all you’re a white rapper that’s a strike against you right and strike – you’re a gospel rapper so you’re a white gospel rapper and in most gospel rappers corny so your music is a little bit different it’s not like okay he’s trying to be he’s trying to copy or emulate what’s on the radio and for for that just keeping it original there is a huge kudos man talk about your style because this is I think some of its kind of dark I don’t know if I would call it horrorcore but it’s got some of those influences a little bit whoa I mean what are some of your influences when it comes to the music industry maybe some rock influences – you know I’m definitely a metalhead I mean I’m with my taste man right now I listen to a lot of like indie indie rock honestly so it’s like I don’t I’m way against the grain of what I’m performing but a musician aliy you know I quickly word little bit of guitar some turntables so I try to you know I try to dabble in everything it’s just I don’t really try to define myself with a style music has always been a way to express myself I kind of mentioned this to you before the end I’ve never been I’m kind of an introvert I don’t really put myself out there in crowds I kind of clam up when when you know the bigger the crowd the quieter I get but I’ve always found that I can I can express myself really really well with music I feel like you know I write something down like yes that’s how I’m feeling that’s what I won’t be no you know what I mean whereas if I come and try to have a conversation with you and tell you screw data you know what I mean so I really and and you say horrorcore that’s funny because when I was doing secular music I kind of got thrown in you know the ICP you know that’s how I’m with my money I made this song called duffle bag that got really popular and I started making paying my bills from quote-unquote Juggalo definitely the dedicated man that dedicated yeah so I never really identified as a horrorcore person I think I I think I’m I’m kind of like you know a glass half empty kind of guy just you know my my bass level is like I’m not I’m not seeker sorry man I’m not I’m not a super a beat kind of guy you know so a lot of my music kind of reflects reflects that you know but yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t try to I don’t try to sit down and say I’m gonna make this kind of song I feel a certain kind of way and I sit down and I I write that down to express how I feel and you know hope it hope it comes out and you can resonate with somebody else who might feel the same way that’s weird you say resonate I was just about to say the word resonate when you said resume I was like I resonate with that and you’re like what no oh resonating literally my dad’s I’m kind of out of the loop here because I’m from like classical music world so I’m learning from you guys about real music no I’m the nerd I’m the nerd here guys just be honest but um he’s the same way my dad doesn’t talk much you know my grandfather was a preacher talking writing my dad not so much he expresses himself through music and he same way like oh you’re a classical musician great he’s like you get in the car with him after a concert he’s like you know what son I hate classical music and he turns on jazz or like some kind of weird thing and that’s the cool thing is when you’re you’re doing one genre but then you start to reach into others and I mean who knows what you’ll what will get birth from that so that’s really cool and I think that’s true art and um last night I sat down with a guy I’ll say it later on because I don’t take the show but basically a guy that shook hands with Mel Gibson was on the set of Braveheart and silence just met Liam Neeson here in Taiwan and we just had this like three hour conversation he’s from Scotland so we tark he talked with the perfect accent like these to the heart I’m and I couldn’t start from laughing but we were just talking about like merging different art forms and he wasn’t a Christian you know wasn’t it wasn’t easy to like share the gospel with him because he was really sensitive his dad just died and but it was like we’re talking about art and just creation and like merging different worlds and like you’re not really familiar with this but then you bring it together and you know there’s just so much that can be done you know I got one real quick thing on what you said about you know he wasn’t a Christian Lestat is he lost his father and a lot of a lot of Christian and actually haven’t met one Christian friend who doesn’t look at me funny when I tell this story but okay my wife my wife see prostate cancer and time we took him into our home for the last few months and basically walked him to death’s door right so it was real traumatic for her and I even we got a lot of a lot of like the cliche Christian like Oh was he safe was he a believer yeah the answer to that question was no John I’m sorry guys the answer to that question was no John Donne was not a believer and that really troubled me I was a pretty new believer in Christ so hearing people say like you know he’s going to hell I just flat-out that was kind of things that I heard and the night after his funeral I was I was down in our garage just I’m out to god man like bawling my eyes out like god is this your plan like John was a good man he was one of the most humble or like righteous men I knew for not you know believing God he certainly walked a godly life from an outside perspective so it just really bothered me I just prayed just heated with God like God please just give me a sign and that John’s okay please just give me a sign that John’s okay and said amen went upstairs my wife and my son were up in our bedroom crying as well just bawling as well you know and we sat down and we were getting ready to watch Netflix and she had her iPad sitting up on the bookshelf and her iPad turns on out of the blue and Spotify comes on and you guys familiar with the song hallelujah yeah oh yeah beautiful piano rendition of the song hallelujah by Brian crane comes on right just out of nowhere and the only way I can describe is like a spiritual hug just this electricity in the room you know is this something our tears just stopped and we looked at each other and I just looked at the screen and oh you know all I remember seeing is hallelujah just their words hallelujah and ride off with us another song comes on and we are still just like in this state of like spiritual just energy ecstasy almost you know and comes on I don’t know if you guys are familiar with it conte partiro is is I think it’s Italian right the English translation is called time to say goodbye and we’ve heard add her and I we were all familiar with this song but we’ve never looked at the English translation of the song and yeah we thought too but instead of saying conte partiro when the song came on on the screen it said the time to say goodbye and that kind of prompted us and the the whole thrust of that song man is like the whole first half of that song is like I’m going to like goosebumps and start choking up just talking about this but the whole first half of it is like I’m never gonna see you again you know you’re gone from my life this is the end I’m so sad and somewhere in the middle of that song I just like it changes gears like no no it’s not the end I’m gonna see you can in a brand new beautiful world I’m gonna see you again to travel the wonderful places together and this is not goodbye and and then it was like done and then I like went to a commercial or something like that for those two songs played and we were just sitting there like yeah right so that caused me to just I mean I honestly don’t believe that if you don’t know Jesus I think that Jesus came I think that Jesus came to show us away to God for everybody not for the club not for the clinic not for the Christians I I strongly believe it I kind of let me be looking at near-death experiences I know you guys probably didn’t share that but it’s like regardless of culture regardless of context like people meet God people who have cheese love you and they go you know what I mean it’s like they come back just like they don’t come back want to win souls for a team they come back one good man I got chills well you know what I mean so it’s like that’s that is my problem I feel like with traditional Church today and that’s like kind of my rub against the label is everything it’s like I believe I believe Jesus’s message I believe what I think but I believe it by and large we got it wrong man you know so that’s good man I think I’m right on board with you man we got a shot out from the chat room Jeremy Bowman he didn’t know you were gonna be on here he’s uh yeah I guess he’s a I guess he’s a mutual friend he says what’s up so it’s funny that you say that man and there’s a bunch of different places we can go there because like people on the religious right will say well that was the devil messing with you right the devil was trying to deceive you and I hate I hate that’s this like what come on what about you know the experience that it created for you and there’s people who would fight you tooth-and-nail and say that we would and we obviously know God speaks through everything it’s it’s it’s funny you say that you had this almost like angelic encounter in a sense where you’re with a piece of equipment coming on and then a song being played into you you have feel enjoy and a sense of comfort out of the blue there was a there was a a time years ago it was probably 2002 to start doing Christian rap music I didn’t know where to start and this was years ago right came out of the world was a big bone thugs-n-harmony fan still am and I didn’t know where to start with the music so it’s like and I got all the secular music out of my house we didn’t listen to any secular music but a buddy of mine had it and I knew that they would get lyrics through the Ouija board and some of the stuff they were talking about it’s some of his demonic right and so I had a friend of mine who wanted to rap to his little brother had the bone dog CD outside hey man let me use the CD I’m gonna listen to it and we’re gonna redo bone dog songs and we’re gonna change the lyrics to glorify God so he’s low light you know it’s I take the CD home with me I put it in I’m playing their music and I listen to a first couple bars I’ll pause it and then I’ll write some Christian lyrics to the same tempo and try to change the lyrics and I was going word for word and there’s a lot of crazy stuff that goes on on that on that at least 1999 eternal album I mean there’s demons all there’s Ouija board is backward masking there’s there’s some stuff that you have to read backward in the in the mirror in their cover and stuff and it was some other worldly stuff and like I knew that going into it so I was taking a chance and I felt bad I was like I shouldn’t be doing this but this is all I know to do so let me let me do it so I started trying to trying to trying to rework those songs and stuff and that night I went to bed and me and my me and my wife’s laying in bed and uh three o’clock in the morning we were we were awakened to the radio turned on all the way in the living room with the bone thugs-n-harmony intro like the first song and it’s it’s a courtroom case of somebody going a jail for murder but the person sentencing them is the devil and he’s laughingly so we were awakened to the devil laughing really loud with it the father turned all the way up laying in the bed row would wake up I don’t know I wake up in fear not from the devil of the city but the spirit that hit me was like somebody broke in our house and stepped on the remote so somebody’s in the living room had stepped on the remote and turned the cd-player on so I thought it was like a home invasion and the music’s on blasting this wicked bone thugs-n-harmony music man so that’s my experience about the radio cont turning on and playing music mom was in a demonic light when yours was in an angelic light man you know I’ve got a couple demonic stories too man I don’t know how much time you know good go ahead man let’s let us here we got it we got a bunch of people listening man they want to hear about some of these when you know I’m saying the worlds collide the two realms even if it was just me listening I want to hear it right up my alley I think I think one of the things that kind of led me to to reaching out to God and always kind of kept me grounded in a faith was something I experienced as a really young kid my my grandma was a sailor in a necromancer so she held seances and you know read people’s futures and they’ve always they’ve always said that that side of my family has like a touch of the psychic or whatever right so we went to stay in her house she had she lived until the McCrory man so my family went to stay in her house and she was like real open like I live with spirits and we were like okay grandma you know what do woop and I was I was young so most of this to be fair I remember two stories from my family right so I was like really young most I remember sigh crying under a blanket you this but you stay in her house my whole family stays in one room there’s one one big like King California king bed and then my grandma’s got a little bit over on the other side of the room and as soon as the lights go off we hear like these heavy footsteps downstairs kind of like same thing that you thought everyone thought like there’s an invasion in the house that there were real heavy just like stomping around the house and my family you know that’s that’s what I remember crying under a cover that’s about what I ran into recover so the rest of this is stories but my mom the footsteps come up the stairs and our door swings opens right and then the bathroom the bathroom door swings open and a faucet turns off so my mom everybody’s and in that moment Prentiss as a prey to Jesus did Jesus whatever this is please just like keep it from our family as soon as she says Amen as I done it’s done I mean the faucet still on I mean the things it’s not like everything’s back to normal but it stops I mean it stopped just like it had never happened what’s even more crazy is you know we stayed there for the rest of the weekend every time we left my mom made it a point to talk to my grandma like hey grandma how are the spirits to my grandma like had names for they don’t if she was she was comfortable with their presence my mom was like how they doing and every time he left they were manifests but every time we came back in the house like her prayer works man like what you know whatever whoever those spirits were her prayer works in the sense that they stopped they stopped messing with our family completely but still whenever we would be felt free to you know manifests around my great-grandmother so that like those stories and that experience always stuck with me into my later years and kind of you know like I feel like if it hadn’t been through that experience I probably would have grown up pretty like agnostic or atheistic in our in our culture the trend if there’s no hard proof or hard but hard evidence then it’s there’s a naturalistic explanation you know and that’s kind of the way the world wants to go but I’ve always had that in the back of my mind to fall back on you know like now how do you explain this mr. sciences that’s perfect for me because I’m in Taiwan and you know there are no atheists on this island this is basically Chinese culture if I the the real Chinese culture the five thousand-year-old Chinese culture not the Communist one on the mainland but you always hear about in the news and it’s there are no atheists here seriously there’s like it’s like what it’s like a unicorn to meet them because they’re all they all believe in ghosts it’s a very normal thing to have spiritual experiences in this country that’s the tenth largest economy that’s very practical but like you’ll see some guys like his God is like really nice business is technology company or whatever and then he goes outside in the front of this business and he’s out there praying and you know put sacrificing the food for the ghosts and I mean they just operate as if it’s a real thing is if the supernatural is just a part of daily life they don’t you know talk about it they just do it and that’s it’s interesting but that’s that’s amazing because it’s an easier that’s kind of the the fringe radio network that we’re working with also is basically the the idea is to reach out to people who would never go to church but using those kind of paranormal experiences is a good way to get to kind of reach into the topic I think we don’t believe in it yeah yeah yeah I think so you can’t deny somebody’s experience like maybe you never saw Jesus but hey I woke up and there was a ghost by my bed and we were talking and this happened and you’re like you know what can they say like it happened to you yeah some of those ministries like the early morning star ministry and stuff like that that we were we were influenced by they said that if we deny the prophetic that were denying them a portion of Jesus and it’s funny how like you had like a miracle or some type of supernatural experience that essentially led you to God or to a belief in something evil that’s out there but something good as well that was greater than the evil and so I remember I remember going back and uh cuz I had friends who were walking with us in the Lord and then they got into like the strict Reformed Baptist theology where you know the miracles were done away with the gifts of the Spirit were done away with all of that everything was done like in the past and so uh it led me to a journey to the scriptures to see like how Jesus used miracles and Jesus used the prophetic realms and things like that to win people over and it was like almost every time Jesus would perform a miracle and it would win them over or the disciples would prophesy and tell people about their future or or or even stronger about their past everybody can can tell you about the future what about the past right and hints where Jesus was at the UH at the well with the woman and he talked and she says come and see a man who told me everything I’ve ever done and so that’s the powers and abilities that we’re supposed to be walking in man so if we don’t walk in them ask as believers and we don’t answer their questions people who are dealing with this stuff then didn’t then the people in a new age are gonna accept them with arms wide open and they’re gonna be able to tell them exactly what they’re dealing with and if they don’t know they’ll make it up and they’ll receive them and they’ll give them a voice and stuff so us as believers in the body of Christ this stuff is all throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation these encounters and and giftings and abilities and stuff so we definitely got to deal with this stuff I just got I don’t want to cut you off to Andy this is your interview so just you talk but I just got this message for my brother SIGINT I call him SIGINT Joshua Davidson truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance and signs wonders and mighty deeds 2nd Corinthians 12:12 referring to 12:12 being like government number and God which to me I mean what’s a sign and a wonder like if you’re an apostle istic anointing or whatever you go somewhere and just God does stuff and there’s signs and wonders it doesn’t even say which ones maybe you know mighty deeds would be a pretty big deal but like last night but this Irish guy or sorry Scottish guy and here’s turning to me about his fire there in a house feel inside and he said I’m not a Christian really I go to charge sometimes but I don’t really see the number seven you know here’s our kitchen each age member shaven and like Wow number seven is like this little styrofoam seven that he found I look behind him and we’re sitting in a in a beer and great you know so we had beer in honor of his father and I looked behind him there were three CD cases each one of them said 777 so there was like a line of them so they were and they were different packaging but somehow it just so happened that there were nine 7s in a line in a perfect square just behind this kind like well brother and I was really trying not to mimic exact scent cuz I don’t want to bother him you know I always do that well here hey brother hey Shan D so like a drunken pirate something there are nine 7s behind you right now you think you see you see you see it was just like it was such a beautiful like a god thing and I just met this guy randomly a few days before that to me that was a sign I mean to other people than maybe like uh whatever you know but yeah I just this is the kind of thing like when you walk in faith wherever you go God can just arrange stuff you can put you in the right place the right time you know truth Sica can suddenly call you for an interview I mean signs and wonders so you know and they are so they are so personal you say one person can you know try to undermine and discount the sign but that doesn’t that doesn’t cheapen it for the person who got the sign you know what I mean like our goddess ring such a personal God do you know yes it is it is such a such a relational thing that like the sign doesn’t have to be you know him parting the clouds they can be just what could seem to be a coincidental placement of Seavey’s you know what I mean but if that speaks to your heart that’s that’s all I needs right that’s if it moves us to action like ways the Bible says we are God’s hands and feet so how does he move us to action right through through giving us science dude they’re showing us ready I mean you don’t need you don’t need you don’t need miracles I mean life is a miracle man like I don’t know if you guys look into like this science of the universe and the placement of everything and you know what it takes to keep keep us going you know all the intricacies and things just like interconnected but like every day we’re living miracles we’d really are that you know I mean what was it like Michael Behe that the book where he examined the DNA and and came up with how many different proteins and molecules have to combine in certain ways and there’s no way that Darwinian evolutionary naturalism can account for it there really isn’t but it’s like mainstream science still like waves the Darwin’s flag and you know life is all accounted for it’s like no man life is a miracle that was America by all accounts by every Testament you can see life is a miracle yes yeah it’s funny it’s funny to how we see like science now it’s starting to prove a lot of the stuff that the Bible is teaching as for us like the spirituality and the way that we’re all connected and the different things that the Bible has been talking about for thousands of years science is now coming out and they’re proving it but they have no idea that the Bible teaches this stuff and obviously they don’t use scriptures or even give credence to the Bible but they’re sharing these truths that are like so far out there but the Bible we’ve been trying to teach this stuff for years in the scriptures you know it’s right everybody’s connected that the power of sex when you come together with the woman how you received their DNA and the two become one flesh and like theirs their studies proven all of this stuff now that that the like the woman keeps the DNA of all of her partner’s she’s ever been with you know what I’m saying and there’s like all these esoteric Studies on it but that’s that’s all that stuff’s biblical man you know in fact it’s backing up some of the things that we believe you know firstly wonderfully made to say the least right what’s a lot of things that scientists convinced that mainstream science like pop science it’s not oh it’s not hard science you know it’s like they’re still playing the catch-up game so yeah but that’s only on the exterior I mean these guys the guys that created evolution don’t believe in evolution I mean that’s on record and if anybody wants to really get to the heart of like where they nailed evolution of the coffin from the get-go it was GK Chesterton’s the everlasting man which was the book that CS Lewis got saved reading so that’s a little gem for people who are truth seekers everlasting man my G K Chesterton but you know the guys that are working on the real science they understand that the stuff that Hitler was into all that weird occult esoteric stuff that’s the real science it’s the and you know even in England they were trying to conquer heaven and hell not just all the world they were into all this alchemy and all this weird occult stuff to see if they could tap in and breach the dimensions and that’s it that’s what’s happening today to the CERN and you know deep underground military projects the military uses psychics to contact aliens and UFOs and blah blah blah I mean it’s all it’s a huge mess down there we’re just you know Derek and I were all of these guys we’re just trying to sort of shed some light on it but it is such a huge mess when you find out that it in Jesus you have the power in through prayer through the Word of God realizing who you are your identity with Jesus we can do all of that stuff you know and um I don’t want to take the show cuz I’m going to tell you guys some stories but this is this is real like the spirit world I mean it’s a real thing and and the science they try to make you live on this two-dimensional world that’s just meaningless when meanwhile they don’t believe it and they’re going off you know doing all kinds of stuff and we’re sitting here in church just like ya know whatever so I really appreciate truth-seekers broadcast I think it’s really revolutionary sure is Michael Bastian I was on I was always uh I was telling somebody about my story yesterday with the whole um I’m Jason Westerfield thing and a buddy of mine started looking him up and started finding what he can find going YouTube and he started playing this video he’s like hey this guy’s talking about I must hey that’s Michael Bassam that’s my buddy I go live with him all the time like where I’m like making coffee or something about 3,000 views man I mean that’s the thing it’s the names it’s like what you talk about people are looking for this stuff and I mean you guys are musicians and what you guys rap about it’s you are reaching people that will never look for this but you’ve got such a platform with that and I really want to encourage you guys totally it’s really cool right now but guys are out of it so as far as you test the money man like coming to Jesus was that was that like a big deal for you or it’s something you just kind of came into did you just always have faith or was there like a defining moment that just like look I gotta quit living this way I have to do something yeah big I mean what was kind of like that extent experience it’s always been man I’ve always had to learn things the hard way gosh I could talk for hours on this one as possible here my wife ended after about eight years of being married she ended up leaving me and it wasn’t like a plan to leave I and I found out she was seeing some other guy as soon as I found out kind of like the floodgates open she had never felt like she could really talk to me I was kind of I guess domineering which I never saw myself as that she said I was so when I found this out the floodgates open like well I’m not happy with you I haven’t been happy if you put everything before me you’re not a good father you’re not a good husband and I was you know oh you know and I wanted to be real mad and offended that she that she would you know ever betrayed my trust or whatever but you know I ended up just on my knees that night man and on my knees for the next couple of weeks I spent I mean I just spent the next couple of weeks in hard prayer and faced some really hard truths of course all my friends were like you know screw her bro you can do better you don’t forget that that’s gonna smoke some meth and jump some alcohol and fall back into the world you know mm-hmm something inside me man was just like super convicting during that time like you did this you did this this is a her fault you did this and I just reached out man like gotta through there let me know and he did admit like that over the next couple of weeks it was it was insane I could and this is gonna make me sound like a Looney tune it people just again look at me crazy when I try to tell this but I could literally know what was gonna happen every day through prayer I woke up and prayed and I felt like this is gonna happen today and I’d go out into the world and that happened it got to the point like my wife will vouch for this I got to the point where I would call her like this this is happening or today is an age I guess it is and then we just come to light that these things were happening and on top of these mini day-to-day revelations I was getting he was giving me long-term revelations right like he’s putting it in my heart like all the all the transgressions and everything that I had done to kind be a stumbling block to my family and to be the opposite of what a husband should be a husband should build his family up a husband should encourage and lift his wife up and be there for his children and support them and once you have a family it’s not about you anymore it’s about your family right I had a family still all about me and I was just so backwards in my thinking and that was just place so having me in my heart that you know at that point like I feel like when I when I call her I made it easier for her to be be she was like cool it’s all out of the bag I’m out of here like I’m done with your nonsense and she was gone she was starting a relationship with somebody else and it looked like it was over but through prayer God God essentially called me like you know what show her the love that you should have been showing her for the past eight years just start there just for you know she’s gonna be mean to you she’s gonna be spiteful she’s gonna have a lot of rage against you but just answer it was love and I did and God he told me like I’m gonna restore your family she’s gonna come back to you this is everything but then it’s on you to be the man that I’m calling you to be and sure enough man within a few months a couple months she was back at my at my house and me being the stubborn the stubborn dick that I am I said thanks God got it from here and basically stopped praying stop seeking God kind of like okay I got my family back got what I wanted and it was couple months I had turned into the most bitter angry spiteful person like I was a worse husband than I had ever been and got to the point where my wife was like acting suicidal man like I just became like I I got so wrapped up in my anger over what she had done to me you know that I just I couldn’t see her I couldn’t care about what I was doing to her in that moment right and I woke up I remember I woke up one morning just with this resounding resounding voice in my head that what about our dear what about what you told me you would do when I told you how to restore your faith you promised me yes God please give her back I will do this I will do this I’ll be the husband I should have always been like you ungrateful spoiled little brat what about right Wow so I just like I went to her that morning like listen I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible please forgive me for the billionth time get baptized with me I just felt like this overwhelming calling to get baptized I didn’t really understand why I really going to church at that time in fact I wasn’t going to church at that time at all so I reached out to a friend and who had known from junior high who was active on Facebook walking with God as I came in you you baptize me in my wife yeah absolutely absolutely leading up to the baptism I was like I felt like God was just in me man like lifted me up but our family was crumbling it was like there was something that was fighting that baptism I mean that’s the only way I can put it my wife was being oppressed like she she was hearing voices she was she was I mean just antagonistic on it kind of commented on the way to the river on the way to the river and like my mom was in the car and we were just about to stop the car and turn around and give it up because like it was almost the power we were screaming at each other well not at each other but my wife Oh apprehensive and just like right and we pushed through it like no we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this you know we got baptized we came out of the water man it was just like like you know a new day a new day I went home waited over my house because I kind of glossed over but my wife she was she’s seriously oppressed in those weeks leading up to like she was hearing things she was like she felt like she was being haunted so I came home I came home after the baptism and I prayed over my house the kind of the same way I had seen my mom pray over us back when I was a kid right just like God just whatever it is just keep her from us right never came and like it’s just been I mean I’m not gonna say it’s been perfect cuz there’s ups and downs it’s been a rollercoaster life’s been tough externally a lot of a lot of external forces and they’re working against us but internally man it’s just been like since that day since since God woke me up for the last time it’s like there’s only one one thing I can do and that’s just I give honor to him because he is just like time and again just reached down just wake up you know wake up see see laughter what you should see her wasting your days yourself you know and he’s just been so good to me man so I’m not gonna pretend like I’m still trying to figure out who Jesus is to me like I’m read through the scripture and I’m trying to try to you know I’m missing the one denomination’s interpretation of women versus another denominations interpretation of them and I just try to keep coming back to it like he reveals to me like I am loved I am I am the epitome of loving your neighbor your brother before yourself and laying down your life for your fellow man right so it’s like that’s that’s where I’m at again so you don’t have to man and that’s it that’s the thing that um yes that’s the thing that kind of gets us is we don’t have to have it I’ll figure out I know if we talk about this all the time with like how cults get people and how people start movements and how people start ministries like you kind of have to have it all figured out and it shows a chink in your armor when you like you know what I don’t know I I believe this this and this and it kind of points to this but there’s also that that makes sense we can’t do that we’re trying to build built we have to act like we have it all figured out and we don’t and those people who claim that they do they don’t they’re lying to you they’re making it up as they go they don’t have it all figured out and it’s ok it’s ok to do that but it’s powerful because it comes down to what Jesus says who do you say that I am I ain’t worried about what that denomination said that I am or that prophet or that preacher or that atheist says I am who do you say that I am and that’s where they come I say you’re the son of God I say you’re the one who died for my sins I say that you’re the one who makes all things new ok blessed are you because nobody told you that you came with to that conclusion on your own and that’s what it’s about our own because that’s whoever we believe or perceive him to be that’s what he is if he’s the a-hole if he’s the God that hates everybody he wants to kill everybody and that’s our perception like in all reality that’s who that God is the unknown God or the Yahweh who’s wanting to kill babies and there’s people who think that that’s who God is right that’s that that’s their perception they are not able to kind of read through the stories and and take the gems and allegory and things like that so it messes up their perception or being of something that happened to them when there was a kid because most of us judge God off of our relationship with our parents if our father wasn’t there and then guess what well God’s not there and so we have this messed up view of God because our parents were always getting on – we were always in trouble so now we have a relationship with God that everything we do wrong he knows about it and he’s just there to chastise us he’s not there to love us he’s not there to console us until we can see God for who he is what he is and that he is all those things combined he is the essence of all life of all love and and Jesus’s love made manifest if we’re able to know him in that revelation he becomes real to us in a way that it doesn’t matter what happened to us he comes like I said he makes all things new and in those things that you didn’t have he’s able to provide and he is a father he is he is one who’s gonna watch over us and can console us in and things like that he does chastise those he loves but he does it in a loving way not in a way that gods mad at you so it’s powerful when it says who do you say that I am right wow I never thought about in that way well yeah he’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people man Tellis man while we got you on tell us a little bit about your music man what you’re working on and how we can we can check you out yeah man so uh I guess the the easiest way we’re just ministry music calm music is Mb zik calm as a secular artist I was really ambitious I was you know like – chasing that dream so as a you know doing the music as I do now I’m almost intentionally unambitious so I make a lot of music I got my hand in a lot of pots but I don’t I’m not really trying to schedule for these dates I’m not really trying to you know be the next big thing I’m just I’m just expressing myself and hoping then again hoping that hoping that people can can relay it in a small way man like I’ve when I first when I first came into the Christian scene I kind of had this feeling okay I got to apply my secular knowledge to this and like get my buzz up and do these press releases and push these editorials and yawning out yeah yeah those are my numbers and I think that God like really quickly put in my heart like you know that’s not that’s not my heart I don’t care about any of that you know that’s like man’s measured for success it who are you blessing through your music you know what I mean so it’s like I get one message on Facebook man you’re you means you’ve changed my life you know your music saved my life even just like those those small messages man like that’s that’s what I strive for a man like if I can just bless one more person today bless one more heart yeah one more person to the light you know to the light source then that’s a that’s job well done in my book so yeah ministry music calm man that’s kind of where we shine and we try to post all of our new releases and other than that yeah social media mm-hmm I think I think you’ve done that even with this interview man there’s just some comments right now in the chat room people saying what a testimony and they’ve got chills you sharing your stories and stuff like that how do you spell that ministry music if they’re the same way am i in is gry music the urban slang to it Andy I can’t okay sorry really I’m the nerd here yeah we got we get that name with you know ministry essentially comes from the Greek word meaning just there so that’s that’s our that’s our goal man we just want to serve others and if people up and edify so I’ve got a couple other artists kind of in my hometown that I’m kind of take under my wing I hooked up with the God Squad records which is this awesome ministry man God Squad radio I think God’s God Squad God Squad records calm if you check them out those guys are just doing some really good work for the King they’re not bound by any denomination but I’ve kind of come alongside those guys they’ve come alongside me and yeah trying to trying to help help each other in the walk with each other accountable and if I wanna know that’s big man it’s big especially in the times that we’re in right now those brothers who was there who was the real deal you know I’m saying you can open up with him and tell him anything and not scare them away or whatever they said you can actually be open with them right I think it’s cool to that you show you your testimony keep doing it and it was something that was said before we went and we were asking you about your past a little bit and you said oh yeah you know just to cliche man you know everything every you know I’ve you know saying the drugs in the alcohol the music but you know that kind of stuff and so it can kind of seem like that or where you kind of just brush it under the rug because it’s like everybody’s done it but then I remember going to a lot of churches telling my testimony and having this crazy testimony especially coming out of like dark witchcraft and in contacting demons and stuff like that getting possessed and I would share that as my testimony coming off of drugs and stuff and gang affiliation and people all you got this awesome testimony but then the church kids who didn’t have the testimony like they would feel they you know they were like oh I don’t have a testimony like you you know saying I never I never drank never smoked never had sex out of marriage or whatever the case is I know right but but but they feel like like they have less of a story or less of a right to share because they don’t have this cool story or whatever you know so it can kind of lead you to be like when people ask you your story not so you don’t make those people feel bad you know you’re not like bragging that’s what sometimes the testimonies become that as well you’re bragging about the person you used to be do they rob people dude do not break into people dude I used to tear up marriages dude and just sleep around if you were like like fantasizing about the person they used to be yeah it’s like what are you what are you doing like hot like how does that so instead of just telling about the past like you got to get to a point to say okay how do we move forward like how do we leave that person in the past and be able to move forward to what God has for us now so we’re not laying down the foundation of where we came from you know that’s our big claim to fame that I used to be a revolution or revelations to it’s like people Ian Clayton talks about it you know Oh back and it was follow me and I saw a rock fall from the sky and it you know appeared to confirm it well what what did God tell you yes your name yeah you know what was your revelation yesterday that he told you yeah there’s a song man that every time I used to hear it it’s called urine it’s called your unfailing love by I think Vineyards version it’s either early Hillsong or early vineyard it may be Hillsong but there’s early stuff and it says when my darkness keeps me doubting and when my memories take the place of you Jesus come like we have all these beautiful memories about these encounters with God and God showing up and speaking in our lives but there were years passed like and it’s weird that that they’re so powerful that we’re still affected to this day we don’t want to be like so we got to find a balance with that do we like keep wanting more angelic encounters we want Jesus to show up in miracles in our lives like daily and maybe maybe that is supposed to happen but maybe those those encounters were so strong that they left us changed almost where Jacob wrestled with God and he left changed and he walked with a limp after that because he wrestled with God he was changed from that moment out so he’s always got that limp no matter go up the stairs simulate him know he changed me right and so there’s always that – but the scripture says these signs shall follow them that believe that if you believe me if you believe the gospel these things are gonna gonna happen you’re gonna receive power from on high the Holy Spirit is gonna come upon you and you will be witnesses unto me right so there is this daily fellowship but it’s not about like living in the past or living off of those memories because we’ve got so many of them that it’s easy to just do podcasts and talk about them and discuss listen to every great classical work or every jazz piece and I haven’t gotten in hip-hop yet you guys are gonna lead me down the road of hurry me and my brother are doing the nerdiest thing ever we found this website called Zophar net it has every single video game soundtrack for every single game for every single system since video games were ever made and we’re going through all all those soundtracks were weeding out all the best tracks because there’s all these music is so dynamic you know there’s no limit to what you can do it sounds so we’re going through that I can’t remember why I’m talking about this but anyway there’s just so much that you can do and you get overwhelmed by it and you forget how to just enjoy that one song that you’re listening to because turning it all the music in your brain at the same time or all the revelations and you know like simplification and just enjoyment I don’t know some I don’t know yeah it’s just little things in life what are you doing man Mario step there yeah I change that on my rent tones and my answer tones like my message tone on facebook when somebody sends me a message it does like the Mario jump sound Boing plain big big gamer as well man I’m big into the game the game and stuff but that’s a whole nother a whole nother podcast we actually want to reach out to a lot of those game like the music is getting so the industry is so high-tech now the sound industry is very very high quality and wouldn’t it be cool to get your guys’s music into some of those newer platforms of like whatever the next Xbox and they are looking for musicians legit and I have a former missionary friend of Japan he’s doing tracks for Konami now and he just makes all this music and and he just sells it in different companies anime they’ve used some of his music different video games no maybe maybe it’s a platform for musicians to do just that you know get your music licensed and published I’ve got a buddy who’s been working that for a few years and he was able to quit his job and just go full-time you know creating jingles and sound checks and different things for film and video games so yeah so yeah there’s definitely a market cool yeah that’d be on oh I gotta get on that yes I’m too lazy to work with the system but he I mean he swears up and down like if you if you get in there and like immerse yourself in it and kind of learn what they’re looking there’s a really good sustainable well if you guys need a producer kind of living Asian also I speak Chinese and Japanese you guys I don’t I don’t Commission much you’d be like an Irish voiceover talent for us too he hears them that’s how you were able to do him you just hear I mean you just repeat how they sound that’s right it’s funny man um so we have somebody like I said we mentioned um Jeremy Bowman he’s a supporter of what I do my music and I guess he’s a mutual friend with you too he’s asking for prayer he wants to he’s struggling with a weed addiction you know what I’m saying so he’s asking for prayer for that so one of you guys y’all feel led to pray for him and his addiction he say he says he says he’s holding it above his family anything yeah father God thank you first and foremost for the opportunity these guys Lord thank you for giving Jeremy the courage and strength to speak out Gordon to reach out for prayer Lord I pray that you would justify him Lord and and not only convict him Lord but also just give him peace God knowing that nobody nobody’s perfect in this in this world Lord and and it’s in our imperfections that you are made perfect Lord and that our need for you is made so so obvious Lord and so prominent or I would be a liar and a fool if I if I stood here and claimed that I didn’t have vices and then struggles Lord and I’m confident that every man does down and we all just so desperately need you Lord so I pray that you just give him peace knowing that he’s not alone knowing that he’s not forgotten Lord and knowing that there is no rice there is no addiction there is no struggle that’s big enough to keep us from you Lord or to keep you from us I pray that you’d have your hand and in his family Lord I pray that you’d give him strength Lord to be able to to beat his addiction or die play beat you let him find support in his family God in his church and his friends Lord I pray that you’d give him the strength and conviction to reach it out and hold himself accountable with people around him Lord who can who can lift him up Lord and let’s just thank you again for giving us the opportunity to come together and prayer for him god I pray that she would work this out for your good Lord just did you do all things for those who believed in your name we pray amen amen anybody out there who struggling with any type of addiction or idols dealing with idolatry anything that you’re holding above God or above your family and and God is a loving father that he convicts our hearts he doesn’t let us sleep well at night if we have these things that were hiding from him we’re trying to hold hold away from him I mister hold and that’s the sin it’s not the sin that you’re smoking pot if the sin is that you’re holding it above God are you trying to you know I’m saying you’re trying to weasel it in and look we look back at at Adam and his he’s trying to hide his nakedness from from God he’s trying to cover himself up when we look at David David danced naked before God and that’s how we’re supposed to be just being open and naked and not have anything that we’re hiding from God it’s like oh that’s I mean how could you even do that that’s not even possible but we still try to do it we try to hide things from God or God convicts our hearts and tells us to put certain idols down certain things in our lives that we don’t need it’s not to take it from us it’s not to beat us up it’s just like usually to refine us it’s like snot even a bad thing that you’re doing he just wants to make sure that you love him more than you love that thing whether it’s a music or music ministry or ministry in general career boyfriend girlfriend whatever it is it could be anything that exhausts itself higher than Christ and so the idols are an interesting thing for everybody and so because we’re laying it down but lay it down with a sense of expectancy because I remember finding this out and then we just start looking for anything in our lives we start searching our hearts and searching our lives for anything that gets more credit or more time than God does and we want to get it out so that we can have more of God so with the idols it’s cool because we lay it down at the altar and in the Old Testament symbolic of the altar of sacrifice whatever we have near and dear to us we lay it down the fire of God consumes it our sacrifices and it’s called a sacrifice of praise we lay those sacrifices down on the altar the fire of God consumes it and for us it’s people living in the New Testament the fire of God is his presence so his presence consumes it’s in his innocent increase of his presence when you get that stuff out of your life so as you lay your idols down whatever you’re trying to hold back from God just be encouraged that he’s gonna she’s the God who answers with fire look at Elijah he answers with fire and there’s gonna be an increase in your life so so it’s essentially what do you want more that thing or the fire of God and as you lay it down as you give it to him expect to walk in faith expect miracles expect things to happen as you expect it as you tune your mind and you begin to look for these things and see things you begin to walk in it your prayers will be answered there’ll be nothing that stands in a way between you and God your being you’ll be in tune you’ll be an open vessel for what he’s doing I’ve seen it many times in my life and there’s times you know that’s that’s where we get to where we are there’s all these victories and different things that are holding us back or different idols in our mind or mindsets or belief systems and when we lay him down he’s the God who answers with fire I’ve seen it in the spirit realm and intimacy yeah one of the idols that people can carry is sorrow like just the things that naturally are happening I mean myself included everybody I know is going through something really hard right now and it’s easy to just go into okay well poor me mode or you feel excused because it’s not just you it’s whatever and to lay that down and to claim the verse he gives us the garments of joy and place of the garments of heaviness and I’ve noticed like this is the this is my sword from yesterday just briefly I was like all right I’m gonna just start worshiping the Lord from my heart alone nobody’s watching me I’m just gonna start thanking him even though I feel like dying right now from stuff that’s been going on I’m like thank you lord and when I did it just was like this cloud lifted and then I felt led to just be like my friend joy was saying okay you just focus on one spot with your eyes open as praying medic says we interviewed this guy pregnant and see if he doesn’t show you something in the spirit so I was just like all right I’ll try it now so I got really quiet and I started doing that and I’m telling you guys like I got taken something it was like that kind of half awake half subconscious thing but we were just so just focused nothing is distracting you sitting on a porch I’m not kidding I suddenly I’m underground this was so vivid I’m in its underground like the hallway and I’m just walking forward and there’s this wall and I kind of walk around looking behind the wall there’s this table bunch of government like military looking people and then a bunch of like weird beings standing around this table meeting with them like what is this and then one of them is emanating this light but it’s off colored light there’s something wrong with it and then it looks at me and it has these this expression of pure like filth like it’s been it’s given itself to evil and it was looking at me and I just I kind of like woke up out of it and I’m like what the heck was that Lord and he’s we’re gonna do an interview with Leonora sarva tomorrow she’s a prophetess and she’s been getting contacted by these people at our new age and they’re contacting aliens and whatever and and she’s been alerting me about this stuff and and Lord just showed me like this is the thing that you can see if you just would like let go of all your problems all your stuff and just let me take you to what’s really important so I’m thinking about Trump something about your about that’s whatever it is people are fighting about and here’s a little glimpse of what’s actually going on somewhere and just maybe it’s not even right I’m not saying this is a prophecy but I just I saw it it was so vivid this thing was evil it had like dreadlocks kind of and it was just light was coming from it but it was evil it was just like it was like delighting in the fact that it was evil Hey and there were these governmental people working with it like they’re doing something with it I mean it was weird just just seeing it just I just I knew there was something about that but you know you’d like like just get into the atmosphere of heaven let God take you where he wants you to take you and you know there’s just a lot out there you know just put it just gonna leave it down and that’s a bad word yeah it ties in with idols it’s like because you can have that or you can have your idol like what do you want more do you want like I want those things right some people kind of get on to you or whatever it’s like oh you just you just want to know you want to find out how the universe works how god yes I do like that’s that’s a legit thing and it ties into I mean I love the scripture Jeremiah 33:3 come unto me and pray and he says I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know and cannot find out I count like it’s pretty it’s pretty intriguing that that you can come and spend time with the father and if your hands are clean and your hearts pure he’ll show you things he’s never shown anybody else on the earth it doesn’t that seem crazy though doesn’t that yeah because I mean I mean we’ve been here for thousands of years and God has poured out his spirit you know upon all flesh but he can show you things he’s never shown a soul a new revelation of fresh revelation of his word of stuff that’s in the scripture or even how the spirit realm moves and operates and how to gain ground in the spirit realm that’s pretty intriguing to me but it’s a conditioning process people want to know like okay true seeker what did you do to access this knowledge like I can’t tell you it’s a it’s years it’s it’s yes these tests that I’m talking about over and over and over and over again and you do so you do it so much and you learn what to do and what not to do and what works and what doesn’t work and that’s why we try to go live and we talk about these experiences to find out what what works what happens when you wake up and there’s a spirit standing over you what do you do and we have our brother here psalm who says you pray in jesus name and it they stop right and there’s other people who have similar stories like that right so that’s what we do when it happens so it’s like it’s it’s tools it’s it’s it’s wisdom for the battle to move forward to learn from other people’s mistakes I think it came what came up in my Facebook feed yesterday that I saw shared a year ago you know I’m saying a wise man learns from his mistakes so even wiser man learns from the mistakes of others so we can hear people’s stories about what works what doesn’t work guess what doesn’t work when you’re dealing with idolatry trying to hide it from God and key and hold on to it as long as you want as long as you can that doesn’t work if you try them if you’re trying to progress in the spirit and you walk with God and healing and miracles like if that’s what you want in your life you have to you have to be open you have to be in tune with the spirit I got to I do that though and there they literally would sell their family out for a Harley but again call healings I know right that’s weird out here man you know what it does it and that’s the thing it’s this is the body of work where it talks about they give things and callings are without repentance so once you’re able to move around in those realms it does that it’s just because you’re living in sin doesn’t mean you’d forget how to prophesy it’s like a muscle it’s something you remember how to do you don’t forget how to preach you don’t forget how to take up an offering right just because I’ve sinned in your life the giftings and callings are still there I definitely still able to access in them and good or bad they’re just there it doesn’t it doesn’t have it’s not like if you use it for bad it does it stops working no you can channel evil spirits you can pray to evil gods you can pray to evil angels things like that you know what I’m saying so it’s it works both ways it’s all about the intentions of the heart well my grandfather started a cult by the way and it started because there was this guy that had a healing ministry but he was also a pedophile at the same time and it was a fruitful healing ministry yeah called Fort Lauderdale five the shepherding movement I mean they it was over by the time when I was five years old he died and I grew up on the ashes of that but never forget what Derek just said it’s true I got it in my DNA oh yeah everything he said hundred percent but that’s beautiful that Andy you know you’re coming into this like you know the Lord you’ve you know the real world the non church world and you know you’re talking to us like we’re I’ve been raised in the stuff and you know truth seek has been raised a lot of this and it’s like you carry something that in some ways you have got an edge on stuff that we can also learn from I hope that you’ll continue to just develop and explore and not necessarily learn only from the church people because the church people right now I’m seeing a huge just a civil war coming and it’s happening right in my house right now of people that are gonna come after you with a knife in the name of Jesus for god it’s horrible you don’t want to deal with those people so actually we’re looking more for for guys like you that mean business with God and you’re obviously attracting a following and you’re building something new and you know I mean I just I hope people go to your website again it’s um ministry music mu zi k calm and can’t wait to get into your stuff I’ll be honest with you I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet I’m just enjoying your spirit and your character now I’m gonna I’m really excited to get into your music hoping to interview you as well I had to check it out before because that would have been a pre what a prerequisite for having you on the show if you woulda came to me with some wack gospel hip-hop music you know Jesus is the light he is the way follow Jesus every single day hey you know oh we got we can’t do that was pretty cool dude no no no if I were to click on your video and you would’ve did that into mice little kids dancing the stuff it would have been hard to kind of have with a green screen we’ll post them prerequisite yes if they won’t have you that is a prerequisite and like fer for like many different reasons and stuff too you know what I’m saying but uh but that’s good man I mean it’s so we did a video and I went on a rant on it I won’t do it man but it’s something about the creativity level of Christian music and how they say Christian music is seven years behind what the world is doing so even lecrae like Luke Ray’s new album is a really good album but he’s copped their songs del K there’s the Drake song okay Drake came out with energy like three four years ago you know and I’m saying it’s a really really good style album solo craze copying that there’s on the lecrae album there’s a song that sounds exactly like Big KRIT so on each song he sounds like different artists who were in the mainstream and it’s like a copycat I don’t I don’t think that we’re supposed to do that I think we’re supposed to come up with some new stuff man I think that we are I think I think the children of God who ever to hear the song and the sound of heaven were able to come up with something new and changed change the world with it that’s why I’m thankful I don’t I’m not bragging but I know the power behind my music and stuff man and I know that many of the prophets before they talked about how this these these moves of God are backed by a new sound a revival that brings a new sound I mean and every major revival there was a new type of music that preceded it and I think that I’m a part of that I think that what I’m doing obviously it’s not backed by the church but it doesn’t have to be it’s backed by Jesus man I’ve seen that the fruit of it and how people are coming into relationship with God through my music and through the work that we’re doing and not just me but everybody who I’m connected with and and in this this movement right now and we don’t even have to know each other it’s like if you hear the spirit and you get with the wind of the Spirit the Spirit is it speaks to you like the wind if you can be like the wind and be able to move around and hear what the Spirit is doing he’ll move you in similar areas and you can in in the whole level of creativity creativity is something brand you don’t have to like try to copy off of somebody or listen to the Insane Clown Posse and say oh how can i redo that for in a Christian way no you get what God and let him speak to you and come up with something brand-new that nobody’s doing bring something totally new to the table and they can’t say that you’re a copy of this person or your knockoff of that and it it’s not gonna be accepted by everybody it’s not supposed to but those who press in those who hear it it’s gonna do something for them in that spirit it’s gonna take them on journeys and give them revelations of Jesus and particular and and share stories of the Spirit spiritual battles that you’ve been through in a new exciting way because once that’s the whole thing with with this trying to copy even even though like in in the world we can right now we can talk about the song panda pendant pendant pendant awesome song amazing song but it’s done that songs come and gone all all the singles now that are coming out loose we can even we can just keep on my bag there was another one on the songs about doing drugs and stuff and they become number one singles but only for like a few weeks and then they’re gone and we’re not gonna you’re not gonna hear people riding on the street listening to that stuff anymore there’s no longevity so what we have is stuff now that we can put out and for years to come people can still be impacted and affected by the quality of music but the Spirit of God that is in that music and that will visit you what we’re going through when we created is embedded in the music and people can have encounter that’s what we have that they don’t have they may have what they’re going through is depression or coming off of trying to come off with being dope sick and high or or you don’t saying most of all most of them like future and stuff he’s talking about them percocet mildly percocet he don’t even do that stuff but he puts on music cuz that’s what people want to hear like this person is polluting the minds of people he don’t even do it so I mean it’s a spiritual warfare when it comes to this music stuff – man I’m telling you I’m just glad that I’m finally on the right side man so coool you should tell us about where you are right now I don’t think he told the told the audience yet so my studio is a on the on the fringe of my office back when I back when I gave my life to God I was I was a drug dealer and one of the deals that God wanted me to do was kick that obviously so I I went to him in prayer and asked him to give me a sustainable source of income that would provide for my family and two years later I am the managing member of company that’s done about two million dollars in revenue and we haven’t gone hungry one single day since just walking away from dealing drugs I mean that’s a making a long story real short but and I mean even I mean not more of a blessing but also a blessing is the company has grown to the point where I am able to just put my time and energy into you know being there for my family and doing things I love sorry one of them one of the downfalls is it feels like a family over there hey bro thanks for coming on hanging out with this man would love to do it again here soon go ahead give your links out one more time Facebook social media we’ll saw music music spelled the same in all of these mu Z I kiss you can find me on Facebook it’s soul music YouTube is ministry music or ministry music calm is the official website so yeah check us out man I think I think right now we’re giving out like a free album download if you sign up for our mailing list so you get over there on the website you can jump in there and I think it’s my most recent LP covenant that we’re giving out right now so yeah man all good things and just a onward and upward alright brother god bless you man thanks for hanging out as well as wonderful talk with you guys god bless you guys start your own PG&E hope to do an interview I added you on facebook hope to talk yeah let’s connect man for sure I look forward to that’s more coolness all right Andy Bird aka Psalm ladies and gentlemen everyone’s got a story right man that was my story too – awesome I’m sure he’s got some more gems – man cuz he said he’s you know was dealing with those demonic realms and having those experiences and stuff but it’s funny how they shape you even at a young age huh you know that’s I mean that’s kind of where I come from I mean that’s the whole the French radio network – it’s like okay how to reach people that would never go to church or don’t want to hear anything about God but if you talk about something supernatural or ghostly or even alien they might start listening yeah looking at a lot of comments here you got you got atom star seed Bay got Leo Henry you got kissed Kristy Fox and God bless you guys it’s really cool to be talking to your audience thanks for inviting me on yeah Tracy got kind of a last-minute thing uh yeah Chris bars Brandon Lancaster Cristina Pollard hey girl Jeremy obviously Panda John panda Panda panda Panda yeah man everybody hanging out in the chat room area it’s awesome love you guys she said it’s pronounced folks Christy folks let tell me about your book man I haven’t I haven’t had a chance to buy your book about it okay I need to write more books honestly but I wrote a book and it was um it’s just my testimony write some crazy stories in there about you know dealing with these demons it’s up it’s called true seeker derektrips EW gross curse the testimony of an X which and put it in a book format and I wrote it a long time ago and just let it sit there and then eight years later I was like you know what let me put these stories in a book so we tried to edit it the best we could there’s a lot of errors in it and stuff like that but we put it together in a book format and I did a short run press on them I think I’m only printed up like 25 copies I did a pre-order sold them all like as soon as I did it and was excited about it put some deep stuff in there all of my stories all of my encounters dealing with this like spirits and elementals and my first time my girlfriend over coming to visit me she came over and it was like a bloodbath my mom and her boyfriend had got in a fight and it was just blood all over the walls and handprints or smudges and crazy stories in their welcome from I’m talking about getting demons casted out of me and what that felt like and stuff and anyway so that book is is a ism it’s available on patreon and I quit pushing it though because you know writing the book I was excited for my mama to read it because like we had a bad relationship coming up I had a you know I had a pretty pretty bad upbringing with my mom no dad around my mom being a party animal but she was a workaholic too trying to work to provide for a family but when she wasn’t working she liked the party you know what I’m saying yeah so we came up under that so I put a bunch of that stuff in the book and I was looking forward to her for her to read it so that I talked about how like we had a bad relationship but now that I’m walking with God he makes all things new and I like now I’m able to look my mom in the eye and tell her I love her and be able to appreciate my mom now but we went on a family vacation and she started reading the PDF version while we were like three three days into a vacation up in the mountains and she read it and she read some of the stories at the very beginning about her and and she had a panic attack she started hyperventilating and couldn’t breathe and started crying and like locked herself in the car and it was just bad dude and it made the whole rest of the trip like very very awkward and stuff man that I her husband was asking her what’s wrong what’s wrong baby was like that book the book the book oh my god the book it was just it was I felt terrible I felt like a bad son that I shouldn’t have put that stuff in there and I thought I added it in such a way that she’ll read it and they keep reading how it’s like ends on a good note you know what I’m saying but but it one thing has showed me is that many of us in Christ of our path and the things that we’ve dealt with or people have done to us molest molestation not having a father being beat by our parents being touched by family members things like that like most of us have come to a place where we’re able to let Christ heal that and we get healing from it and I’ve dealt with I’ve called that stuff out by name I’ll help people do that this is what I do and we get healing but people who aren’t in Christ they don’t get healing they have to suppress it and act like it didn’t happen and they forget about it and almost like create another persona like that was another person who was vulnerable and so it doesn’t affect them because a lot of people try to drink and they do drugs to cover up what happened to them or the person that they’ve you know they once were but for someone in Christ we give it to Jesus he brings healing to those situations and he erases it like it never happened were justified just if I’d had never done it and that’s the power of Christ and that’s one thing I found out when my mom read it like all those things that she’s suppressed and got out of her mind she read that book it brought her right back to that stuff man she had a she had a panic attack man it was it wasn’t bad and it was bad and uh so I don’t promote it anymore because of that but it is on my my patreon so for people who want to read it and it’s their PDF I think all the more to promote it I mean that’s weird because I just out of nowhere I suddenly thought about that of all the things that we can promote that you’re doing dude you’re doing so much you know that is one thing that I would love to sometime next time we have a chance to do a show together just talk about that I’m at your holy just next which I mean I don’t even know your whole story yet I need to know everything yeah it’s a short read man it’s not it’s like a salon book it may be like 60 70 pages or something with big prints oh yeah well I wasn’t in a witchcraft thing but my babysitter was she was in a real legit witch called Janet woods she was um we interviewed her a few times she actually went through some of the worst most horrible illuminati satan cult stories you can ever imagine and she tells it in such a way that is so hard to listen to because she can tell it’s so hard for her to say what happened to her but she contacted me you know I just drive around Taiwan talking all day in my car or wherever and she happened to see me talking about dissociative identity disorder yeah in a positive light like saying like well if we can do this maybe there’s like a good reason that God gave us the ability to do that and the that made her contact me and say like Michael I need to talk to you this is your babysitter you know it’s kind of like weird to have somebody that changed your diapers listening to your rants and stuff but she’s like I I was in it I was in a program and I want to start talking about it and I had no idea about any of this until a few months ago and it messed with my world because now I’m realizing like we’ve been doing this research trying to expose Illuminati and restitched are and you name it you know rest is our you’re like and now you realize the like in your actual life from your beginning of your life someone that was forced to eat baby heart and watch babies get burned alive and do horrible wretched sexual you know rituals was in your life and she’d been healed by then but it was like maybe that’s why I’m a little bit different if you think this is this kind of changes you but I would be surprised if there’s a lot more people out there I’m Dan Duvall you know he he’s another host and he interviewed Delaney that talked about the fact that Hell’s Angels is covering up from some kind of huge witch cult where they’re basically breeding babies for sacrifice somewhere in the states and under this big farm this like is this place for women just the babies are specifically born for the purpose of being sacrificed the same yeah yeah I mean we have a lot of work to do man we got those babies are and then when you step out when you step out and look at the government other babies are being born yes to be sacrificed or put in the army as sacrifices on the front lines and things like that man blood so we’ve got a sacrifice – the weird thing is the psychics I know we probably turn this off soon I’ve got an interview in the Lenora tomorrow morning I don’t know what time it is but anyway um the psychics they’re contacting the old gods from the Bible that were the enemies of what what are the odds they’re like the bad the worst ones yeah like why isn’t it like Thor or like you know or something nice Chinese god or something I’m gonna have a guy on he’s a friend and I’m have him on Thursday and he’s into ritual magic to contact angels and we’re gonna hear about his experiences and he started off doing it to contact demons and how the whole demon thing is more sexy in those realms where people are doing like you know I’m saying ritual magic they’re doing it to contact demons so he’s doing it to contact angels he’s got these pitchers and stuff he’s taking what he’s these angel faces and eyeballs are appearing on in his stuff so that’s gonna be an interesting story and he’s a Christian or King came from the Christian Church anyway and still prays in the name of Jesus and a Holy Spirit and things like that so that’s gonna be an interesting show Thursday to talk about some of the stuff – Grimm wars and stuff you know oh wow the grimoires Douglas Dietrich has a lot to say about that you know what are we doing man like what is all this like you know on screen true seeker okay yes all right what are we did where are we going star quadrant seven eight do you come in peace the people that we interview some of them they don’t align with us some of them are like against our faith and it’s it’s really like star trackers of being like we’re going out into these random directions in the universe of the internet we can you know type in any name that you want I’m looking up Hollywood actors you know I’m thinking about who else can we type in the name of your network type in some something what they answer you you know we just talk to you um anyway I don’t want to keep talking it’s like we’re going into new areas and I’m just a normal guy like I’m really just a normal guy with a weird life but I’m a pretty normal guy and I wonder like what this is gonna become you know as technology continued to develop and I always love talking to you because you’re doing this you know and I understand a little bit of it you’re really professional like I really admire your everything’s very polished I wonder where this is headed like the big picture of it you know like you know it’s it’s just a very new there’s the big picture but it’s even these people that were watching in the chat room right now who are comment and having these conversations and stuff it’s about the small picture you know what I’m saying we can’t overlook like like what is doing like these people are listening for a reason like some of these people work we’re an hour and 35 minutes in right now and some of these people have been listening since the beginning for a reason I don’t think I’m that compelling I don’t think that my stories are that cool or I have some type of charisma or I’m a well-spoken enough to hold your attention for an hour and 35 minutes right but um it’s something that that we’re able to do this may be from the Christian perspective is why they’re here a lot of these people are Christians and they have a relationship with Jesus and they’ve been told to stay away from the things that we talk about the things that we approach they’ve been lied to on many occasions and they know that and there’s nobody in a Christian realm talking about this even some of the names you mentioned who are some of the bigger names they talk about this stuff but it’s all from a negative light stay away from aliens or demons you know what I’m saying and so we just approach it from a light that makes them feel okay about their experiences or they’re not crazy because this happened and they felt like it was okay like people angelic encounters or alien encounters if you want to say that and they don’t feel like it’s demons if it’s a very beautiful enlightening exchange that hey Oh something beautiful man in the hole we did a show about I put the term abduction in it just the other day well we don’t even hear that word anymore that words like from like the beds 70s to like the 90s nobody you don’t hear somebody coming out saying they’ve been abducted abducted anymore they say they’ve been contacted or they’re experiencers or whatever they and they love they’re happy about it that they that something outside of this realm contacted Elmo’s oh I’m Santa but there’s like an ego trip about that you know I mean I I got into this when I was like long story short I saw some comment hi Wow some of our more pal Leonardo live ers is here dude Leo Henry I am basically where I’m coming from is okay I was raised on the ashes of the discipleship movement and my parents took us through the whole church thing and then I went to Japan I almost became Catholic I started reading GK Chesterton and I would just walk around Tokyo with my my good old fashioned Bible right here and read it and get miracles and the Lord led me to this really crazy sect of Christianity that most people just call heretics called the family and I’ve been working with them for 10 years well not really working with them the whole time but living around them and now their cult is dying just like my grandfather’s movement died but there was a lot of good I grew up knowing there’s a lot of good now I’m dealing with thousands of people who they’ll never go online talking about this but they’ll come and attack me on my youtube channel about it if you ever write like the children of God or the family you’ll find like a lot of my videos about them trying to preserve what was good but then the people that grew up that they only lived in the group they couldn’t see you know the big picture they’re like oh it was evil and I’m in this big debate right now about you know there’s pedophiles and there of course there’s pedophiles of the leadership of course they screwed up everybody does but the entire baby out with the bathwater when there was literally thousands of John Connors getting prepared to fight the Antichrist when he shows up and the mark of the beast and you know the everything that’s happening today basically like we’re getting ready for it it could happen in the decade next decade I don’t know but it’s like there’s nobody else prepared for this stuff and I’ve looked everywhere and those guys are the ones that led me to podcasting yeah they were the ones that said you should listen to Alex Jones you should start finding out about this like well why don’t you do a podcast you do a podcast Michael and like only alright I’ll do I don’t have time but I’m just good I got the cell phone here I’m just gonna start talking to do it I’m gonna tell them everything and then five years later I meet Johnny he invites me to the Fringe things just built up little by little and now I’m at the place where I’m trying to just like bring all this information together it’s not about one sector or the church being good or bad or or one podcast or and I speak Japanese and Chinese by the way and I’ve been living in these other cultures and I’ve really ingrained into them as much as deeply as I can not just like I’m living here but like I go into these cultures I marry them and I mean you know metaphysically anyway I’m not that culty but you know it’s just like I just want to know what’s real I and there’s a lot of truth out there that you just don’t find out when you live in America and you offend people when you say sir and stuff when you talk about the idea of maybe we can pray for ghosts in the afterlife I mean what do you think about that can we pray for people in purgatory or Catholics believe that I mean I remember going to a Catholic funeral and there we had a son I mean they they actually believe that and there was a friend of mine when I was studying under the Hebrew Israelites he really he would study some of the books that are in the Catholic Bible which is the Apocrypha and I think it was myself it was in the book of Maccabees or not but there’s a there’s that where they get that from it talks about like this this pilgrimage or this voyage that you take when your soul takes when you die and it takes seven days to get to heaven and you’re there and you’re tempted in your journey and you can accept Jesus like all of this stuff that takes place from that point on and they pray for you for your your journey right and this joker this this friend of mine he went to uh he went to like a Baptist tent revival and they let him speak and he started preaching this he started quoting out of those books that aren’t aren’t you know I’m sayin recommended by those people and they kicked him out you know he’s like man they kicked me out I was like yeah dude you’re going like bringing something totally foreign to them but the Catholics believe that you know I’m saying those those scriptures were in your Bible in the 1611 editions they were in the Bible they’re like when we talk about all of the Bible is inspired by God as God breathed this for for edification yeah all all scripture those were part of the scriptures those were part of the Old Testament yeah good team you know gotta say we got some we got some followers here Leo Henry also you found the Warriors Without Borders blog that’s an old blog that we made dear friend of mine write wrote an article about me you know so embarrassed and a couple shows together now you know we can talk forever like we’ve ever run out of things to go so we stay on topic though if we give a title to a show I know I gotta go in a minute but it’s just funny like we’ve met we we hardly ever talk off air yes always on here yeah that’s good though right I think it’s great it’s like when I have a conversation like this off air I’m like why aren’t we recording this you know I’m that kind of person I’m kind of the machine gunner like I think all of it should just be that’s why I started podcasting is having these phone conversations that turn into three-hour long conversations with four people on the line pray edification studying the Bible this is what I’m coming up with what do you guys think were like yeah we should courted this so it’s now it’s like that’s where the podcasting came from but I haven’t been consistent since then though it wasn’t consistency like I’ve been off and on find your first podcast oh god I don’t know if they’re available there’s a lot of ohms in there I’m trying to work the arms out you should at them and then put in an O instead of an O man I’m trying I try to edit some of the older stuff because there was some gems there so I tried to take the arms and uh and you know you know you know and I still do it I’m obviously we’re all gonna do it at times but there was a lot especially when I had big guests on I got talked to james gilliland it was like um you know you don’t I’m saying um it was funny because there was a lot of comments in the comment section people making fun of me and so it’s funny it’s it’s funny to me because I know I’m not the most well-spoken person and for someone to sit through and listen to what I’m talking about and I have a hard time getting the point across at times right and but they’re still listening so there must be something to the content that I’m not the most I’m not getting you with eloquent speech wisdom of words but I am dealing with British a Quincy I mean I even tried putting the suit on the whole you if you wear a suit they’ll listen to you right like I’ve done that you know I’m not against it but I’ve done how many tiny no just once no a couple times there’s some older stuff with me wearing a little suit man busted out no there was there were times where I wore I wore the jacket but had shorts on sitting here doing it Sika exposed learn the secrets of the early podcast I think my first part was so embarrassing I I was really following a lot of Steve quale and Alex Jones and following their model and and somebody found this pod I mean it was like a zero followed thing it was actually in 2011 as well it was just on YouTube just posting little videos and somebody was like you know what Michael Bastian you don’t need we already have a Steve quale you don’t need to follow him you know you just be Michael bash and I was like really you so you kind of get over yourself after a while I’m still really self-conscious but I just don’t care him like look this is important information I’m desperate he’s just got to get it out there and let the chips fall where they may yeah and I’ve tried to I tried to rename my show a bunch of times it started out being the awakening podcast and then I went with the mythos podcast I don’t know I don’t know if you can find it was on blog talk you may be able to find it if you’re lucky it was on blog talk and it was on some of the older shows on talk show maybe maybe not but this goes back to 2011 man it’s all stuff but the awakening the mythos is podcast we did for a short period of time we are the trolls podcast the encountering God podcast and finally I was trying to create these movements where people would feel involved so it wasn’t about me but then in the ends is like you’re kind of like trying to rebrand all the time and creating logos and paying for intros and doing all this stuff and branding it and building websites and spending hours and days doing it and then to only change it’s like you know what true seeker is the brand is who I am and everything that I share is what I’m into are interested so just to be to be okay with to share that and and people still be involved people are still like supporting and they feel a part of the movement no matter what you call it but uh you know I’m saying what’s in a name anyway you know when you try to be something that you don’t really enjoy it just gets boring that’s what it’s like wearing a suit every day were you like yeah that’s what that’s the envious thing because I and I and I’ve said it MV it’s not in a bad way but in a good way the scripture says you’ll be the envy of all nations right so to see people doing what they love to do for a livin for living and and not have any apologies with it and I’ve got people I mean I know Joe Rogan talks about that a lot my friend Illuminati Congo love to see what he does for a living he loves doing what he does he’s a rapper he does like Kundalini Yoga breath work personal sessions with people all that and he’s able to make an income off of it and I think we all should not just me but I think everyone should and when you see people doing that it’s envious in a good way that it should drive you to jealousy that you should re-evaluate your life and your decisions and and what you’ve done up to this point and how you can be there how you can create that life that you want for yourself and the giftings and abilities and talents that God has given you to bring them out and how do we do that what do we have to do and there’s many tools and that’s what we’re talking about the next show that I’m gonna release is the whole show is about that it’s about creating the life that you want for yourself and how to do it and it’s always comes back to the now moment positive affirmations speaking things into existence changing the way that you think and trying to do something today plant a seed today that you want to sprout tomorrow or if it’s not planting a seed it may be put in a little bit of water on it it may be pulling the weeds out all of that stuff happens so we have to do something I don’t care if it’s sending one email whatever it is do something today that you want to manifest tomorrow don’t come like three weeks from now brother ain’t nothing happening well you put nothing in the ground yet you’re not you haven’t even went out there like the John the Baptist spirit and went out there to the the hard ground and actually go out there and work hard use the muscle and break up the hard and stony ground though this everything out of it get the ground right so you can put some soil in there and that’s symbolic for so many things in our life that we can’t we’re not gonna be trusted with these big great things unless we’re faithful with a few things that God’s given us so if he finds us faithful he’ll give us more that the parable of the talents and the parable of the sower if he’s given us a little bit what are we doing with he’s out what he’s already given us people are like I got friends who look at it and they say brother when the Lord blesses me with to be a I’m gonna help so many less fortunate people it you know I can’t wait till he does it and they’re there waiting for God to make them a million I’m like bro you have so much right now that you can already help people with in small ways like help them now and God finds you faithful doing that look at look at um Cornelius the man who was who was given alms before the Lord he was a Gentile who was walking in the ways of God and God found him just what he was doing said look I may use you I found you faithful you don’t want the limelight you don’t want to be seen I’m gonna use you cuz you I found I found your prayers have reached heaven I’m checking out what you’re doing it’s working I’m gonna use you Acts chapter 10 he used Cornelius to change the path of the life of Peter and all the disciples who came after to walk in to deal with the other nations who weren’t Jews or Hebrews and and that’s with all of us man if we’re able to be faithful with the things that God has given us instead of begging for more or moping and say you know what I’m gonna take these two quarters and i’ma rub them together until they make a dollar whatever you got man and God blesses that and then in a just I hear like people want chairs that you never find God blessing somebody with a chair low or table table or a chair they don’t pray for a chair and they appear God gives you trees and it gives you the intellect and the intelligence in the brain to be able to cut those trees down and make a table out of the trees he’s given you the resources if he’s given you the vision he’ll also provide the provision for you to do it it’ll happen and and there’s just weird thing in the Christian churches where it’s a bad thing to pursue your dreams you have to sacrifice your dreams for the call of God and you have to be a suffering servant like I believe that stuff for pretty time I preach that stuff but now I found out that that’s that’s demonic and probably the reason that I preached it because I’ve seen the prosperity movement and I’ve seen them begging for money and if you don’t have money then you’re insane and it’s not using you and if you don’t ties they’re gonna be cursed and it gets really on a demonic tip even with that so I was like you know what I want to stay far away from that so I went to on the other aspect but that’s not that’s not it either it’s a balance in all things with the money with giving with sewing with the sewing time even if you don’t have money to sew sew time and energy that’s all money is this energy anyway prayer ya know it will I feel proud to have just put 50 bucks a month and do Alex Jones his thing back in 2008 until my bank account ran out but I felt like wow you know he was so tiny back then compared to he is now and I don’t necessarily agree with everything on in force but it’s like whether you’ve got a little bit of money or you’re supporting in the spirit you’re you know you’re waking up people everywhere you go with truth or pray for us both of us people contacting me I think there’s just like my husband’s BT me and this is happening and I don’t know that do kids and I’m like look my daughter was kidnapped I’ve spent my life supporting this family thing and now they’re like turning a blind eye I’m gonna have to start to crying them but then all their ex members are gonna join me so it’s weird I don’t know either pray for me to cry on each other’s shoulders let’s never give up I mean literally it looks like thor ragnarok around here like a scarred is about to be destroyed according to the prophecy and we’re all leaving Asgard and we’re going to the future it’s my favorite line right now and I believe I mean with what we’re doing to each of us our individual shows getting support for what we’re getting our books and um I’ve got a novel you know you want to support me go buy my novel it’s like six dollars or something it’s just you know it’s just like the shack on crack but I feel like what we’re doing is so Universal that it’s almost hard to market it or to pin it down like you can reach out to anybody and encourage them to come into this especially with your repertoire of like hey New Age tear car no problem come on in you know like everybody you love you just don’t you know yesterday I’m sorry not yesterday three or four days ago I was finishing this spirit trip prophecy thing about the Andromeda council which I posted and I was just working through that the Lord showed me to do it alright I’ll go I’ll republish that thing and I walk in I was feeling really just low and but praying like God what am i and I walk into this mall and there’s a tarot card booth and this lady in there just looks so out of place her eyes are so shy shiny and bright and I’m just like okay so yeah what’s going on you know I’m speaking in Chinese turns out okay so we make friends at first I’m like oh I’m really off the you know I shouldn’t be coming in here this is not what Christians should do you know don’t talk to fortune tellers she was so sweet the connection was so strong and next thing I find out she her main she was filling in for someone else she’s like a new recruit for this cult and her headquarters was underneath another fringe radio network podcasters house that she just got in downtown Taipei yeah what I’m like hold on we’re taking a selfie together this is this is gonna figure out and this version is how the ladies like no wait I need to ask my boss you know the tables were turned baby I went in there like like miserable week like what am i doing next thing I know IRRI Cole and I witnessed to her she wanted to give me a fortune I was like yeah I talked to God anyway it was it was like there I felt like look I want to interview you know I want to get it get into that you know with these shows we have Universal cuz it can reach but it’s it’s Versalles tough love is universal man do you know what I’m saying and then so therefore if love fuels our ambition then we’re gonna be good right and then so anything that we do yeah I mean and then when we talk about the spirit realm and these spiritual principles I mean if we’re talk obviously we’re talking about terror car we’re talking you mentioned that we’re talking about prophecy prophetic traveling the spirit all that stuff is universal for whatever you want to use it for good or bad the intention that’s what it’s about the intention it sound like one thing is bad I had I had a brother who he’d seen that post about the terror cars and I talked about just using a deck of tarot cards in there there if you can have a Christian deck of tarot cards they’re called the turret of the most high is the name only have Bible stories and stuff on them right but but still anyway he had he went he actually went lava column a face book you know I’m saying and uh but then I had a conversation with him yesterday where I’ll let you save it you should have saved that but he didn’t but um you know but I was able to talk to him and I pretty much won him over because the stuff is universal like I can show you the scriptures in the Bible where it talks about using divination to hear from God in the Bible and there’s so many scriptures you know what I’m saying what about that scene where the Prophet goes to the room inside of a room and then he hears from God or prophet as I have the dirge play the music we talked about that yeah we talked about that really well playing the music was able to put them in a state a trance state essentially right when you start hearing the music put you in a trance state how many of us when we go to church are used to go to church they start playing the music you close your eyes and begin to worship you’re getting all kind of revelation and downloads about the future about the what God’s doing now and all kinds of stuff when that music starts playing that’s why I do like what the churches are doing now because they’re there it’s a I mean they’re still preserving some of those ancient practices of laying on of hands of the prayer of speaking in tongues the Kundalini Holy Spirit whatever you want to call it like they’re still doing these ancient practices even though you got to put up with all the dogma with it but some of them are still doing some of those beautiful practices you know what I’m saying and it’s funny too because like the prophets that I came up under the school of the prophets here in Mobile yeah they they would go to psychic events they would go there and so you want to tell the future okay let you know I’ll let let me let me say yeah I can tell the future to let me prophesy to you let me tell you what God says and they would prophesy and they would put the they put the psychics on the business going there he being able to hear from God enough to go to conventions and stuff like that man and be as confident not scared or I can’t go there I’ll be attacked if I go there go there and expect it’s all about expectancy you go there and you expect God to show up and you just go the Bible says go into all the world preach the gospel you gotta go to their minds be like the first step is to go yeah amen and you got to have Allen Davenport on your show sometime have him reach out to your audience cuz you’ve got an amazing live audience and I’m sure a lot of them would love to get live prophecy this guy if you just get like a lot of coffee and a lot of drinks whatever you need and you know food and go go for like three hours for this guy like he gets really good after about an hour and a half you like teaches and then suddenly he’s just picking up prophecies about every single person that calls in yeah and they are inaccurate it is insane into a show years ago on blog talk a prophet I called in and his dude read my mail I had me in tears he was calling out my friends in my life and calling out what’s going on in my life my friend my best friend’s names and what they’re going through and it was all right on like pinpoint stuff and now you know I told you I go in the psychic talk shows they have me on are going yeah what’s that like yeah I saw some of the posts that’s where we need to be why would we mom would we what’s the point of going to a Christian show I mean what the hell let’s go to the site show these people need what we have they want it they’re looking they’re hungry let’s like have like a bunch of us go on one of those like just like go and invade the psychic shows obviously I say I changed the language but sometimes I don’t sometimes I do I pray in Jesus name and just dude like I would normally do you know what I’m saying but they’re people jesus loves those people he died for those people he’s got a plan for those people he has things on his heart that he wants to tell those people yeah all of them you know what I’m saying but I’ve been there I’ve had the psychics on my show and uh in deaf in their fan base come over and they want a reading and they’re like I don’t want to be done in Jesus name though no offense let the other person pray I’m like okay why not whatever but I’m like if you want the real deal let me pray bro let me pray for you Wow you want the real deal Architects and then it’s funny because God will give me the download and let me know what’s going on and I’m able to speak to that situation you just got to be able to hear and able to listen you know well you got me cornered because that’s where I need to work on stuff more to it some just listening and praying you know I mean I I get more faith when I’m like half awake if I get a vision like that light being thing with the wicked face was like that was a real thing but if I was gonna prophesy for you right now I wouldn’t really know where to start man I would just start saying nice things I probably would get you some of these okay I didn’t I wouldn’t know either Kris Kris is a good friend in the chat he told me to he told her I got this I don’t need that demonic crap I got the Bible so Kris Kris asked me

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