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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with hip hop artist Spirit of Truth about his encounters in the spirit realm and how he himself has moved from darkness into the light. We  Spirit of Truth blends hardcore lyricism along with sleek metaphors, and a monstrous delivery. His music promotes awareness and unity as a species. Addressing a wide range of topics from politics and war, to street life and spiritual awakening. This Chicago artist has come from the bottom up and made his footprint among today’s hip hop elite.

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What’s Up Ladies and Gentlemen It’s Your Host TruthSeekah We’re Back With Another Exciting Episode. I’m Excited to Be With You Guys as Always There’s a Lot Going on in Earth Right Now a Lot of Stuff in the Media. Man, We’re Dealing With This Hurricane Right Now Too. So Much to Talk About. So Much to Be Thankful for and You Know I Like to Talk to People Who Believe in a Higher Power. For the Most Part We Resonate With Those People a Lot More I Like to Talk to People Who Have Had Spiritual Encounters and Have Some Insight or Some Answers to What’s Going on in the Planet Right Now and What’s to Come and Not Only Just an Opinion About Conspiracy Theories and Stuff Like That but Somebody That’s Got Some Type of Formula Something to Help Us Get Through the Madness Man So I’m Excited About This Show Tonight. I Want to Thank Everybody Who Has Been Donating Over There at the Patreon Everybody Who Supports the Work as You Guys Know I’m Doing This Full-time Right Now So You Can Head on Over to Patreon Comm Backslash Truth Seeker if You Would Like to Support at Any Level of Giving All of It Is Much Appreciated by Me and My Family So but When You Go Over There We Have Merch We Have Private Podcasts Over There That That Aren’t Available to Anyone Else We Have Music Most of You Guys Know I’m a Rapper I Do Esoteric and Spiritual Hip-hop and So I’m Working on New Music Right Now and as Soon as the Track Is Done It Is Uploaded Over to the Patreon and You Guys Get First Dibs on It as Stuff That’s Been on There for Months That’s Not Available to the General Public So All of That at Backslash True Seeker I Thank You Guys So Much for All the Support Already You Guys Are So Awesome Man So Without Further Ado I’m Walking to Welcoming My Special Guests This Evening Spirit of Truth Who Is a Hip Hop Artist as Well What’s Up My Brother How You Doing Good Brother How Are You I’m Well Man Welcome to the Podcast Dude We’ve Had a Game a Couple Couple Times to Talk Build on Some Similarities in the Faith Man and I Think a Lot of Our Subject Matter Is the Same I Had a Lot of Fans Reach Out to Me as Well as You Did That Saying We Need to Work Together Sending Me Your Videos Cole Paul I Think Is a Poke Bog He’s a Supporter He Sends Me Your Stuff and He’s Like He Said He Will Give an Undisclosed Amount of Money if We Can Do an Album Together or Work Together So You Know I’m Saying We Made It Happen Man He Made It Happen Really Right That’s the Power of Just Stepping Out to Make Something Happen He Was Like Sent Me Your Music I Checked It Out You Know I’m Saying You Check My Stuff Out From I Think Vinny Hooked Us Up Right to Be Honest With You Actually What Happened Was Uh I Asked Me if He Knew With You Because One of the One of My Good Good Buddies a Brother of Mine I Went to See Him and He Started He Was Like Man You Got to Hear This Rapper You Know His Name’s Truth-seeker and He Played Me Some of Your Joints and I Was Just I Was Blown Away I Was Like Man I Really Dig This Stuff So Then I Reached Out to Vinny Because I Seen That One of the Songs You Were on Because the Has Always Liked All Your Music Got His Phone So One of the Songs You Were on Said It Had Like Diesel Automatic Oh and Steve Grant and I Know That Benny Has Music With Them Too So I Reached Out and Asked Him if He Knew You and That’s Kind of How That Unfolded Yeah Good Brothers Man Vinny’s Awesome Dude He’s Got a He’s Awesome With the Consciousness Stuff Diesel Automatic as Well Man Awesome Brothers but Yeah It Just Shows You Man Just Kind of Stepping Out to Like You Know I’m Saying the Scripture Says That You Have Not Foot You Ask Not and Do Hit Me Up as I Hey Man Would You Do a Song With Spirit of Truth We Got It Man We Got One Other Works Everybody Knows We We Got Something We’re Working on for the Album It’s Gonna Be Dope It’s Gonna Be Dope We Got Some Stuff Coming Out I Want to Add to That I Want to Add to That Story a Little Bit Allen if I Told You but I Got a Good Friend in Detroit Who Just Randomly Out of Nowhere I Never Mentioned You Were Nothing Right on the Same Time He Sent Me a Link to One of Your Other Podcasts With Mars and He’s Like Yo You Got to Check Out This Dude’s Testimony Because My Guy John in Detroit Shoes He Just Kind of Recently Came to You Know Believing in Jesus and Stuff and So I Watched Mars His Interview and I’m Like Wow and Then I’m Like That’s Crazy That the Person Interviewing Him Is This Dude Truth Seeker Because My Other Guy Was Just Telling You How to Do Music We Don’t Have What All Just Like Came Out Full Circle Like It Was Written in the Fabric Man It Was Much Beer So Yeah Real Real Crazy to Me Bro It’s Beautiful Whenever That Stuff Starts Happening Like That the Synchronicities Man So You Don’t It’s Good Because You Don’t Have to Force Anything to Happen a Lot of Times Like God the Spirit the Universe Will Put Something Within Your Heart and You Saw Following Intuition Following the Science and Then Things Start Happening to Kind of Line Things Up in Even Seeing You Places That You Thought You Would Never Go You End Up Places Meet New People All Types of Stuff Man a Lot of Times We Can Fill It in Our Spirit We Just Can’t Explain It We Have No Idea How We’re Gonna Make It Happen It Could Be Something That’s Coming Years Down the Road but if It’s the Will of the Most High Man I Tell People Follow Those Synchronicities Follow the Signs Follow the Intuition You Know I’m Saying the Scandinavian Word for Gut Your Gut Feeling Is God Follow Your God Feeling and It’ll Never Lead You Wrong Man and That’s What We’re Doing So Like What We’re Doing She’s Not Making Cool Music or Without Flossing or Whatever the Case Is Like Them the Music That We Have the Privilege of Doing It’s Changing People’s Lives and Taking Them on Spiritual Journeys and I Want to Ask You Man Just Start From the Beginning Like Where Did You Start From Because I Know We’re Talking About Some Dark Times That You Went Into Before You Kind of Crossed Over Into the Light Man or Some of the Stories That Where You Started Off Man Well I’ma Be Honest Go I Got a Lot of Stories I’ve Had a Live With a Real Adventurous Crazy Life I’ll Take It Back to the Roots I Mean Where I Wrote My First Rap Song Was in a Group Home I Was the System in and Out of the System You Know Wasn’t Really Doing Nothing Serious With It Then but You Know as Time Progressed Different Things Unfolded I Built a Group Called Off Why Didn’t Do It but I Was Part of a Group Called All Player Later on Join Like a Couple Record Labels His Other Side Records and Then I’m Not With Historical Records Who I’ve Been With for Several Years I Think Where My My Music Content Used to Be You Know Real Dark Definitely Had Some You Know Some Some Dark Experiences in My in My Childhood and Coming Up and Even Demonic Interaction and Stuff Like That and I Wound Up When I Was 23 Man I Feel Like God Took Me by My My Collar and Threw Me in the Corner in a Jail Stow and at the Time It Was the Worst Thing You Know I Couldn’t Deal With It and All I Wanted to Do Was Get Out but You Know I Couldn’t Afford the Bail and I Sat in and I Finally Got You Know I Had a Little Touch Then and I Met Some People in There and Then I Finally Got Out on Bail and Then I You Know About a Year Down the Line Give or Take I Got Sentenced to Six Months I Did Six Months in There and Uh You Know It’s Not Like a Super Long Time or Nothing but When You’re in There Man Is You Know What I Mean It Was Life-changing for Me and I Really Felt Like God Sat Me Down Put My Life on Pause and He’s Like Just Came to Me Man and I Ever Since Then I Mean I’m I’m Far From Perfect I Can’t Call Myself a Godly Man by Any Means I Want to Be You Know I Strive to Be Like the Most High but Uh I Feel Like That Was a Turning Point in My Music You Know Like Coming Out of Jail and Experiencing What It’s Like to Really Be Sat Down You Know and Have Your Whole Life Stripped From You Have Everything Taken From You You Know Including Your Food and Everything You Know What I Mean So but That Was Really Where My Music Started Taking a Turn in the Right Direction and More Into Acknowledging the Presence of God and Positive Things and How to Make Light From the Darkness and All That Kind of Stuff Yeah True Alchemy Man I Mean You Know I’m Saying I Did It I Did a Whole Album Called Spiritual Alchemy From Taking All the Bad Stuff in Your Life Man All the Life Experiences and Using It to Propel You to the Next Level Spiritually Mentally Physically Like to Propel You Where You’re Supposed to Be Use All That Stuff Because I’m Telling You Man Like Everything Is Fuel Everything Just Fuel All the Other Good Stuff on the Bad Stuff and We Like to Kind of Like Beg God Sometimes to Take Us Out of the Bad Situations but and the More I Grow and the More I Reflect Back I Wouldn’t Be the Person That I Am Today Without Having Those Encounters With the Demons Right and So Essentially We Look Back at the Demons in the Dark Past Man When We Were There We Couldn’t Tell This Story but Now That We Kind of Can Look Back in Hindsight and I’m Like if It Wasn’t for Those Guys I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today So Man They They It Plays a Role in Everything and the Scriptures Talk About Like All These Trials and Testings Be in Life to Build Character in You and Make You Make You Give a Damn to About Other People Who Are Going Through Similar Things and Make You More Empathic and So You Can Feel the and I’m Saying Feel Sympathy for Others Too You Know I’m Saying and That’s a Huge Part of of Walking the Spiritual Life and Learning Because Especially Learning Learning From Others to Who Were Going Through Those Situations Because if We Can’t Learn From Their Stories Like I Got a Brother in Prison Right Now and I’ve Got a Lot That I Learned From Him Not to Do I Learned a Lot of Bad Stuff to Do but When I Seen Him Doing Certain Things and I Seen What It Was Producing Whether It Was Smoking Crack Okay Don’t Smoke Crack I See What Crack Does You Start Selling Crack You Start Doing That I’ve Seen Them Doing It on Man and They Ended Up in It Sent Him Down a Destructive Lifestyle but I Learned From It So I Didn’t Have to Do It Myself to Learn You Know I’m Saying So We Gotta Get People Around Us and That’s for the the Negative Stuff but Also for the Light Too Okay This Is Working for This Brother This Is Waiting Let Me Let Me Do That Oh This Dude Don’t Lie He Don’t Cheat Now and He’s Getting Ahead Ok It’s Working It’s Working Let Me Try That Let Me Try Telling the Truth Let Me Just Try Just Being Open You Know I’m Saying and I and It Works Man Integrity Goes a Long Way Man We Find That Out You Know Yeah There’s So Much You Said That I Wanted to Touch on Next Thing Integrity Does Go a Long Way Man and Uh I’m Blessed to Know Some Some Clothes Some Close Friends and Brothers That Integrity Is a Core Value of Theirs and I You Know It’s Unfortunate That in Especially in Our Contract Camera We Speak for Others Because I Don’t Live There but Integrity Don’t Seem to Be a Characteristic That’s Held in Regard to You Know Common Folk These Days It’s More of a Maybe Maybe at the Face Value and in a Corporate Setting They May Seem to Value Integrity and Things Like That but in a Real Aspect of What Integrity Really Is You Know You Know I Like Stiles P He Says I’m a Gentleman My Contracts the Shake of a Hand You Know I’m Like Yeah You Win and I as You Shake Your Hand With Them You Know There’s a Mutual Understanding When You Value Things Like Integrity but Today’s Society Would Never Let That Fly You Know They Gotta Have a Piece of Paper You Know I Want to Say One Other Thing Man No the Bible Says You Know the Fruits of the Spirit He’s Familiar With Those Oh Yeah One of the One of the Fruits That a Spirit That Always Interested Me Man I Think It’s a Beautiful Thing Is Long-suffering You Know and It’s Like You Know Joy Peace Kindness Love Like All the Good Stuff Right but Then God to Win Long-suffering Why You Know I Got a Song With Army of the Pharaohs and and One of the Lyrics I Say Is Pains the Divine Process of Purification the Sufferings an Element of Fertilization So Like All That Stuff It Fertilizes Our Spirits Agro Man and Like the Bible Also Says You Know Don’t Worry About These Trials but Just as Gold Is Purified in the Fire You Know and Obviously I’m Paraphrasing Yeah but That Was a Burst That Always Stuck Out to Me Man Because It’s Almost Like It’s Saying It Is Saying You Know We Go Through These Trials Because God Looks at Us as as if We’re Better Than Gold You Know Gold Is Purified Through Fire and Diamonds Are Formed Through Pressure You Know the Greatest Things Come Out of the Worst Situations Flowers Flowers Bloom From Mud You Know What I Mean and That’s Something I Always Found Really Intriguing You Know Sense of Responsibility to Like and I Gave the Example a Couple Weeks Ago on on the Show Talking About Like Well I Just Live in Louisiana Back When My Girlfriend With Dayton in High School and She Would Come Down and Visit Me From Alabama She Drives Two and a Half Hours Come Stay the Weekend and She Drive Home but She Had Her Parents Car She Drive Her Parents Car to Come See Me She Let Me Drive It but I Got I Was Like Fifteen and Got Behind the Wheel of Her Parents Car and I Dog It Out We Go Hit Donuts We’d Be Doing 80 on the on the Highway and I Pull the Brake and Turn Them Walk Sideways and in Gassing and Go Down Another Road and Back Right They Were in the Backseat Freaking Out Right and I’d Scared the Hell Out of Them and I We We Just Doing Donut and I’m Dogging It but Now That I Have to Actually Work From for My Vehicle and Manage the Upkeep and Stuff Like That I Have This Responsibility I Would Never Drive My Car Like That and So It’s Just Part of Actually Working for Something and Building Something and Knowing the Value Knowing the Value of It Man and So and That’s Just That’s a Universal Principle Man So to to Like Know the Value of Each and Every Situation of Your Character the Value of Your Word the Word Is Powerful Once You Scripture Also Says I Want You to Say Something Once You Speak Something You Can’t Take It Back You May Tell Somebody That but You Can’t You Can’t Undo It Man That’s How You Really Feel Okay That Came Out Your Heart You Can’t Take It Back Even Though You Tell Me You Sorry You Can’t Undo That Man and People Have Tried It and You Can’t Man You Know Speaking on the Power of Words Existence Was Brought in the Creation to Do God’s Work You Know I Mean That’s How Powerful Everything We Know in This Whole Universe and Beyond Yeah That All Came You Know as Far as You and I Are Concerned From the Word of God You Know and When I Speak of God I Just Want to Clarify Now I Speak at a the Almighty Prime Source of All Creation Seen and Unseen I Don’t Picture Uh You Know a Religious God or You Know Some Deity Figure That’s Been Portrayed Too You Know People of Different Cultures and Religions I Picture the the God of the Old Testament Day if You Even Looked at You Would Die You Know in the Presence of Which You Will Fall on Your Face and Worship You Know and There’s a Lot to Be Said You Know Every Time I Talk About God Even in My Music People Are Like Oh You’re a Religious Rapper but Uh You Know It’s It’s Hard Mannes I Think the Word God Is Just in Paint Is So Much You Know and That’s Why Sometimes I Use Words Like the Most High or the Almighty What I Mean Yeah Messiah Yahshua Isn’t Me but but Then Again It’s Still Part of the Art Though of What We Do We Can Use Those Words in Those Metaphors Because He Has Many Names Description Somebody’s Coming Back With a Name That No Man Knows and Uh and the Name Is Deep and We Get It You Get Into People About What Is His Name and There’s There’s Fringe Groups I Say You Guys Are Using the Wrong Name and Stuff Like That You Guys Are Saying Jesus Well He Don’t Know That Name You’re Saying You’re Sure You’re Saying You’re Shia I Used to Study Under a Lot of Those Groups Right but Then Yeah When You Do the Research Is Spiritually You Find Out That the Name Is the Character and That’s the Name When You Call Upon the Name of the Lord It’s the Character Actually Want to Share a Small Story So When I Said in the Beginning of This Kind of This Conversation I’ve Had Interaction With Demons It’s Pretty Weird to Put This Out on the Web You Know and Regardless You Know Contrary to People’s Perspectives or One Nama or He’s Mine and I Know What It Is You Know No Truth I Think You Kind of Locked Up There for a Second I Don’t Know if You Disconnect It or Not Though You Kind of Locking Up a Little Bit [music] Move Your Mouse Around So Your Computer’s Not Trying to Shut Down Make Sure We Use It Yo Hey Are You Still There Truth if You’re There Move Your Mouse Around or Maybe Leave the Well I Can’t Hear Me Now Maybe if You’ve Rejoined to Fix the Connection So We’re Good I’ll Be Able to Edit All This on the Podcasting in So You Guys Hear the Audio Version Without Any Hiccups and Any Interruptions and That’s Part of What Happens When You’re Doing a Live Show You Still I Know You I See You’re Here but I Can’t I Don’t See the Video It Says Your Name I Don’t Know if the Internet Cut You Out of What Yo Say Something I Didn’t Say Nothing Yet You Me Yeah Who You Know Yeah I Don’t See You but I Hear You Can You Hear Me Yeah I’ll See You Too Hey You Know What What’s Crazy About All That Is I’m I’m Looking at It and My Internet Connections Gonna I Got Four Bars Like Full Full So I Don’t Know if They Just Don’t Want Me to Tell the Story What It’s All Good We Tried Again I Can’t I Can Edit Everything Out So in the Final Product We Should Be Good Can You Hear Me Yeah I Hear You Now It’s Going in and Out Yeah You Know It’s Crazy Man Is I Got Full Strength I’m Looking at My Strength Right Here My Internet Is Full Five Bars Okay So Hopefully It Stays Solid Now Oh Yeah I Hear You and See You Now Man We’re Good Try It Again Cool Yeah I Ain’t Even Gonna Go Into That Story Man Cuz Obviously Like You Got to Now Man I Think You Got to Now You Got a Try Alright I Think You Froze Again Yeah Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Apps or Anything Running on the Computer Any Programs and Stuff to Just Double-check That Yeah It’s Just Us Alright Um We Froze I Can’t Even Tell if We’re Oh Yeah Yeah You’re Froze on My End So but Uh I’ll Be Able to Edit Everything So We Keep Going So as Far as Having a Demonic Encounters You Was About to Go Into a Demonic Encounter Before I Started Hiccuping Well You Okay So You Mentioned You Know Like the Name of Jesus and You Know Different People Criticizing Like Pronunciations of It and It’s Not About the Name of What the Name Represents Yeah and That Made Me You Know Want to Give You Know Share the Short Story Uh When Really First When I Really First Started Believing Cuz I Came in and Out of Belief of Jesus and So When I Was Little Man I Would Have These Dreams I Lived in Cicero Illinois Which Is Right It’s Basically Right on the West Side of Chicago Um and Are You There Yeah Can You Hear Me Yeah It’s Cutting Out a Little Bit of Value So Yes So Like I Don’t Know What It Would My Parents Smoked Crack You Know It Was a Lot of Drugs in and Out the House Drug Selling Filed Lifestyles You Know They They Boost in I Don’t Know if You Know What That Is Anyways I Feel Like That Opened the Door for the the Allowance for the Demonic Activity to Reach and I’d Have These Dreams Borough but They Weren’t Really Dreams and I’d Wake Up in My in My Apartment Where I Live and I Would Be Walking Through My Apartment and There’d Be Like a Dark Hallway and It Was Like It Was a Dream but It Wasn’t and This You Know I’d Feel This Heavy I Was Nine Years Old I’d Feel His Heaven Be Percy Nothing but I’d Always Tear Like This This Evil Voice Like Thing for and I Always Wake Up Just Covered in Goose Bumps and I’d Wait as Time as Done and I Got Older These Will Continue to Happen and Then I Start Involving Things Like Mirrors and and Almost Like It’s Kind of Like the Audio Is Almost Like to Me Means Trying to Come Out of These Mirrors I Can’t Explain Really What I Just Yo I Sent You an Email to That Same Email It’s Gonna Tell You How to Join by Phone Go Ahead and Call That That That Number and Join Through That Phone Number and Then That Pin Number Put That in I Sent It to Your Same Email So You Joined My Phone Open the Email and Call the Number Yeah Do That on Your Phone but Go Ahead and Leave the Video Up So We’ll Just Take the Audio From the Phone and Not Edit the Video I’ll Edit This Video Later We’ll Be Fine So Yeah Check Your Email Call That Number and if You Can Hear Me Through the Computer I Can Call It Out Too if You Need We Are Gonna Be Taking Phone Calls if Anybody Wants to Call in Say Hello Tell Us Your Stories Your Demonic Stories and Gellick Stories Alien Stories Whatever It Is You Just Want to Call in and Say Hello the Phone Lines Will Be Open So We’re Gonna Get This Worked Out on His in and We’re Gonna Keep It Up So I Want to Give a Shout Out to Everybody Holding Us Down in the Chatroom Adam My Brother My Good Brother Tracy Daniel Kanto Jared Michael Michael Corny What Is Up Bear Witness Everybody Holding Us Down Appreciate You Guys Amen Tracy Says I Bind Them in the Name of Yeshua the Adam Says Divine Beings Protect This Podcast and Allow the Holy Spirit to Speak Through These Two Beautiful Souls by the Power of Your House You Are Yes You Were Amen Time to Kill Some Demons Daniel Says if You Guys Want to Call in He Said the Numbers Opening Numbers Us in the Description and Streaming at the Tops and Bottom of the Podcast Call and Say Hello Man Let Me Hear Y’all Beautiful Beautiful Voice Yo Can You Hear Me Now Yeah Go Back to the Computer Okay You’re Gonna Have to Mute the Computer So That You Can’t Hear Me Buddy Yeah Just the Technical Hand Y’all Hi Man Hopefully That Does It Yeah My God Thanks to Me My God Texting Me I’m a Guy in Detroit I Was Mentioned and He Was Like Man Shit Started Backing Up and Started Talking About Demons So I Think We Should Move on to the Next Topic I Mean I Was Getting Pretty to the Story There but Uh All Right Check It Out So Here This I’m Gonna Pick It Back Up Here So You’re Laying in the Bed You’re Having These Crazy Vivid Dreams What’s Going on in the Dreams They Weren’t Really Dreams Man They Were Like Out-of-body Experiences I Wake Up It Wasn’t Even in the Bed I’d Wake Up and I’d Like Feel This Heavy Demonic Presence and to Be Honest With You I Don’t Even Like to Talk About It I Don’t Know if You Heard Me Say It Yet Yeah So It’s Crazy to Share This but the Whole Point of Sharing This Is to You Know for a Testimony of You Know My Experience With the Power of the Name of Jesus I Walked Down This Little Corridor in My Apartment Which Was Really There I Wake Up in My Apartment I Walked Through It and I Feel This Presence and This Is When I Was 9 Years Old and There’s This Demonic Being Would Would Call for Me and Like Summon Me to It and I’d Be Walking Too Without a Curiosity I’m a Little Boy You Know but Yet I’m Terrified Man It’s Just This Heavy Feeling of Evil and You Know I Would Just Say Jesus and I’d Wake Up and Then I Get Older and It Started Getting Involved With Waking Up and What I Notice Is I Moved Around a Lot but I Really Only Experienced This in Cicero There Was One Other Time I Experienced It in a North Suburb I Lived in but I Don’t Know if It Has Something to Do With the Town or What You Know My Living Situations at the Time but It Expanded to the Point Where I Wake Up I Feel These Presences Granted This Is You Know 10 Years Later You Know and This Is Stay With Me and It Evolves Who Were Walking to My Bathroom Attic I Was Living in and I’d Look Into This Mirror Now Branagh This Was All a Dream but It Was All in My Real Apartment You Know in Both Places and I’d Look Into This Mirror and He It Was Almost Like the Demons Were Trying to Come Through This Mirror and I Know It Sounds Crazy but All in All Although Inevitably Would Break These Dreams Every Time Is When All I Would Have to Say Is Jesus and I Would Feel Like I Was Unable to Some I Felt Like I Was Like Heavy Weight Holding My Vocals in My Mouth From Speaking but if I Could Just Whisper and Just Say Cheese Spoon It Was Like It Was Like It Was Like a Abracadabra and It Would Just Soon Everything Will Be Gone and to Me and I Know to the Listener It Sounds Crazy and Weird and It’s Hard to Really Grasp What I’m Saying Because I Kind of Suck at Giving a Description of My Own Accounts but It Was Some Heavy Stuff Man and You Know to to Witness Every Time I Said That Name to the Point Where I Knew How to Break It When It Happened You Know Just to End This Tap This Off It’s Recently Come to My Attention That Other People Have Experienced This Kind of Thing Too With These You Know Demonic Activity or Whatever You Want to Call It and They Call It Sleep Paralysis Yeah It Would Be Time I’d Wake Up and I Wouldn’t Move Around I Would Wake Up I Would Feel Like My Eyes Were Open and I Delane and I Have Major Ghosts Telling Us Right Now and I’d Be Laying Right There and I Feel This Like Strong Demonic Presence Trying to Try to Take Me but I Can’t Really Explain What I Mean by That and if I Could Just Learn the Name Jesus It Would Break It So Then About 2 or 3 Years Ago I Saw Them Talking About Sleep Paralysis and I’ve Seen Meanings on Social Media Pages of Like Demonic Entities Like Trying to Say and Their God Got Medicine for It Now and You Know and I Think the Best Medicine for It Is Just to Know Jesus Man and to Know That Those Demons Tremble in His Presence and They Don’t Want Nothing to Do With Them Yeah Sleep Paralysis Demons a the First Mitch and I Heard of Them as a Kid Because I Had That It Happened to Me When I Was Like 3 Years Old Doing I Remember 3 4 Years Old and I Remember Telling My Uncle and My Cousins and Stuff About It and They Called Them Witches and They Stick Out Them Witches These Little Black Shadow Figures Witches Yeah Yeah We Call Them All Names and Stuff and Some People Talk About They Call It the Old Hag Syndrome as Another Another Term for Was Like a Uh a Witch Lady and It Screams in Your Face and Pinned You to the Bed Screen I Met You I’ve Had Weird Stuff Like That When I Was a Little Kid Just It Always Happened When I Got Sick and I Wasn’t Feeling Well I Would Have These Weird Dreams and Stuff but Um Yeah I Had That Stuff Happen and What Was Weird to Let You Know It’s Just There’s Something to It Is That There’s I Have a the One of the Guys Who Led Me to the Lord Years Ago He Had It Happened to Him in the Middle of the Night He Woke Up Rebuked It in Jesus Name and It Left and Then It Went Down the Hallway and Went in There Got on His Dad to See Whoa Who Was Struggling With Bill Addiction and Things Like That a Lot of Times Man You Give Open Doors but a Lot of That Stuff Happened to Me When I Was a Kid and It Set Me on My Journey to Where I Am Now to Appearing in to the Spirit Realm Wanting to Know What That Was How Does It Operate How to Stop Those Type of Things Right and Getting Even Deeper Into the Occult of Trying to Learn How to Summon Those Things on People You Notice People Who Know How to Summon Those Things to Attack People Right There’s Witches and Warlocks I Couldn’t Summon Them to Attack People I Swear I Swear No Lie to You and I’ve Had That Happen Too but Man and I Forgot All About This but Several Months Ago I Had Another Encounter Like That Happen to Me When I Was Sleeping and Uh Felt Like a Cat Was Calling on the Bed Man and I Don’t Have a Cat I’m Laying Down It Started at My Feet and Started Going Up Me and Started Pulling It I Felt the Cover Pulling Down I’m Like What the It Was Like a Weight Get on the Dude I’ve Woke Up and Sorry Confessing Sins You Know I’m Saying and Praying in Jesus Name for That Stuff to Leave Man but That Stuff Is Spooky Man It Uh I Don’t Think They Can Hurt You I Think It’s Just Fear I Think That’s What They Try to Control Us With a Lot of People Yeah I Didn’t Want to Interrupt You You Stood There Yeah My Pastor Man Said an Amazing Thing I’ll Never Forget He Said You Know He’s Preaching and He Goes Real Deep and Had Stuff When He Preaches Is Great He’s Great Great Pastor Man and He Says That Feeling of Fear That You Feel in the Present When You Know There’s Evil Entities and Demonic Presences Amongst You That Terrible Feeling You Feel That’s Not Them Making You Feel That That’s You Being Sensitized to Feeling What They Constantly Embrace What They Constantly Feel in Their Existence 24/7 All Day Long for Eternity That’s Not You Know He That Was Amazing to Me What He Said Because You Know the Bible Talks About How Demons You Know Tremble in the Presence of God and They Say That God’s Presence Is Everywhere You Know So if Demons Are in the Earth Realm Trying to Taunt Us or You Know Tempt Us or Whatever You Know They’re in the Presence of God in a Sense and They’re in There Terrified of That So That Feeling of Fear That We Feel I Thought It Was an Interesting Statement You Know for Him to Make Actually We Keep Cutting in and Out of the Video Yeah It’s Still Going Good Audios Good We’re Good on That the Video Not So Much but Audio Is Good We’re Good With That So Yeah Man Dealing Dealing With the Spirit Realm Yeah and That Goes So Much That Goes Back So Far to Because Like There’s a Lot of Ancient Art Where Women Are Laying Down and There’s a Demon Sitting on Their Chest and Like Ain’t Like From Like the Renaissance Times and Stuff and That’s Where We Get the Word Incubus and Succubus From Is Uh Out of the Testament of Solomon Solomon Was Confronted With Spirits and One Was the Incubus in the Succubus and They Said You Know They Had to Tell Him What They Do and How They Operate and They Told Him That in in the You Know We Hours of the Night That They Climb on Top of Men and They Make Ejaculate and and They Try to Get on Top of Women in the Middle of the Night – and They Try to Arouse Them and That’s What We Call Wet Dreams and Stuff You Wake Up and and It’s It’s Written of in the Testament of Solomon Which Is a Holy Book That Jesus Was Well Aware of You Know Wow I’ve Never Heard of It Yeah the Incubus the Succubus Heard Heard the Band Yeah of Course You Know Everybody’s Heard the Band Incubus Were Those Days Where You Know Where the Name Comes From but So Not Only Do We Have a Common Interest in in Jesus in God We Also Talk About a Lot of Ancient Texts and Ancient Stuff and Star Systems and Ufos and Aliens and the Angelic Realms and Stuff Like That and You Put That in Your Music and Stuff So What Did Your Fascination With That Stuff Begin and and Then When Did You Learn That in Your Music You Know Um It Was Always Kind of There You Know I Was Always Subtly in There the More I Progressed With My Lyricism and Delivery and Learning How to Formulate Songs Like Probably Back in About 2008 I’d Say Is When I Really Started Incorporating You Know Kind of Concepts Into My Music 2008-2009 I Was With a I Was With a Group That I’m and You Know We Collaborate on Philosophize on Different Thoughts and Ideas and You Know Come Up With All Kinds of Concepts I Mean Probably Thousands of Songs in the Both and No One Will Ever Hear You Know That a Lot of Which Are Golden Songs and It Just to Me Those Songs Represent a Time in My Life You Know as Opposed to Being Something to Try to You Know Push Out There for People to Hear I Was Always I Was Always Into I’d Say Two Things I Was Into When I Was a Kid Was Outer Space and Dinosaurs but That Was My Thing Man as a Little Kid I Was Fascinated by the Reptile Dinosaurs of T-rex and You Know the Rappers and Stuff and and Just Outerspace Planets the Two Things That Alone Was How I Guess Da Desire Me Man’s My Two Heaviest Interests as a Child and as I Grew in Some Adolescents and Teens I Mean That Stuff Kind of Faded Away but It Came Back Full Circle When I’m You Know Finally Was Realized Who I Really Was and You Know Becoming a Man and Stuff Like That and Uh It’s Just So Much Man So Much to Learn and So Many Things I Mean Even Still Learning or Even the Holidays We Celebrate You Know as We Don’t Gotta Get to It but You Know the Origins of Christmas Some Stuff I Came Across Huh Yeah Really Really Uh Interesting Man and Amazing to to Be Able to Go Third and Thirty Years Old Man to Be Able to Go My Whole Life and Not Not Really Know Where the Origins of Christmas Came From You Know It’s Just a Lot of Stuff You Know So Yeah I Went Man We’re Not When I Got Into That I Got Into It About That Tom Maybe 2009 Maybe Started Getting Into Messianic Judaism It’s Some Photos Like I’m Saying a Christian Christian Jews Right and So They Still Kept the Feast in the Holy Days and Holidays and I Was Learning About All That and We Went I Went a Large Portion I Think We Went Eight Eight or Nine Years Not Doing Christmas Like When My Daughter Was Like Two We Did Christmas I Think One or Two Years and Then We Quit Doing It for Like Eight or Nine Years Man and We Just Recently Started Doing It Just a Couple Years Ago When I Just Became More More Spiritual and More Just Seeing God in All Things and Then Understanding Spirits and Understanding the Spirit of Christmas Like I Love the Spirit of Christmas Man Like I Love All of the Air I Love How People I Love to See Smiles on People’s Faces Do Then and and I Was Grumpy Like When I Was Studying Minutes the Money Man It’s Not of God You Know and I Was Like We Preached It Like We Dude I Used to They Used to Um I Used to Do Christian Rap Right I Was a Gospel Rapper and Going Into Churches and Stuff and When I Got Into That Stuff Do We Start of Printing Out Pamphlets and We Go Up We Go Into Churches and Do a Show and I Feel Bad Essentially Because These Pastors Would Trust Me to Come Speak to Their Children Their Youth You Know and I’ll Be in a Handing Out Tracts About How Christmas Is Wicked and the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree and the Church Got a Big Christmas Tree in the Foyer and I’m Gonna Yes I’m Like Inoperable Yeah I Feel Bad About It Now but but Back Then I Thought I’m Doing the Will of God You Know I’m Saying I’m Trying to Teach These Kids You Know How to Be Free and How to Say Not Be Pagan and All of This Type of Stuff So I Went About Nine Years Where We We Didn’t Eat Eat No Pork We Didn’t Need No Shellfish You Know I’m Saying Ate Kosher and Kept the Holy Days and Cyber and Stuff There’s a Lot of Beauty to All of That and There’s a Lot of Truth in All of It Man but if You Ain’t Careful Man You Get Bitter and Just You Think Everything’s Light on It Because Everything Is Demonic the Pagans Made Everything Everything We Have Now Was Made by the Pagans They Got Everything and Even the Hebrews Like I’m Saying the Hebrew Roots Movement the Hebrews Took This Stuff From the Pagans From the Canaanites and the Egyptians and Even the Symbols and the Signs It’s All They Took It Man So to Say That You’re Separate and You’re Different Because Don’t Eat Pork and You Don’t Go to Church on Sunday Come on Man I’ve Been I’ve Been in That Movement for Years and That’s a Lot of All They Have to Say but Uh I’ll Let You Piggyback Off of That and It Will Go to Will Go to the Phone Lines as Well We Got a Bunch of People Lined Up but Everybody Wants to Call and Say Hello I Just Want to Say I Love the Spirit of Christmas Too You Know and I Just I Opening to See Where the Roots Are and I’ve You Know Debated on My Son of Six Yeah You Know He Loves Christmas and I’ve Just Been Debating on Whether to Continue and I Think I’m Gonna You Know Yeah I Know You Know I Know What We Celebrated as We We Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus You Know We I Know That’s Not His Real Birthday You Know What I Mean but No One Knows What Is Yeah No One Knows What It Is You Know We Like to Celebrate Birthdays His Birthday’s a Big Deal You Know So and We Do Presents and Uh You Know as Time Progresses and I Start to Learn More Things I Think Things Are Going to Be Brought Into More Order and So You Know How God Wants Them to Be as Opposed to How Society Trains Us to Treat Them and Uh You Know That’s I’m Just I’m Just Seeking Truth You Know Yeah Are You Doing It Right Man You’re Doing the Right Thing It’s Uh It’s a Process and That’s Just What We’ve Been Saying It’s a Process and Then I Trust the Process I Trust God I Trust the Doms Whatever He Got for Me Man It’s Like He Got It for Me Long He Set It Up I Trust Him I Trust His Hand I Was Just Telling Doing Oh I Was Just Telling Someone Today You Know There’s a Process Unfolding Which Not a Super Big Fan of but My You See This Right Now Yeah My Whole Computer’s Telling Me That Technical Support Is Shutting My Computer Down All Right We Still Got You on the Phone Though We’re Good So Don’t Worry About That I’ve Never Seen This Message Wow I Get It All the Time Wait I Get It All the Time What Wow You Have Me on the Phone I Just I Just Want to Say This When You Were Talking About the Spirit Behind Things Like the Spirit Behind Christmas and the Spirit You Felt When You Started You Know Preaching Against It and All This Other Stuff I Was Going Throw This Out There Better Listeners You Know It’s a Flatter Thing I Told You Earlier You Know We Don’t Know if It’s Latin This Podcast Ain’t on That but I Just Don’t Like the Spirit Behind the People Who Are Pushing That Agenda They Just Seem Real Real Pushy Real Aggressive Real You Know Almost as if They’re They’re All-knowing in a Sense It’s You Know I Know There’s Tons of Secrets and Tons of Things Happening in This Earth and Outside of It That We Could Never Imagine but There’s People Out There Santos Has Been One of Them and He’s He’s Done Shows Where He’s Apologized I Think for Doing That and Calling People Names and Stuff Like That You Know That Stuff in Jordan Maxwell Where He’s at These Days You Know I Like a Lot of Their Older Work but You Still There Right Yeah I’m Like Yeah but as Far as Like I’m Not With Flatters I Just Did a Show on It Just to See What He Said and I Appeared Down It With Him You Know I Haven’t Given My Life to Study in There Knew Nothing Like That So I Don’t Pray Okay Here Affirm or I’m Not Gonna Fight You Over if You Believe It Hey That’s What You Study That’s What Your Mind Is That Praised the Most High if You Reveal Something to You but Like You Said I Get This That It Doesn’t It’s Not Gonna Help Me Anyway but but I Have Seen Cuz I’ve Shared It and I’ll Get to See My Feedback and I Have a Posting a Bunch of Groups I’ll Just Share My Episodes and Groups and There’s Been People Lashing Out I’m Unfollowing You I Can’t Believe You Guys Believe This Bs I Can’t Believe You Guys Are So Stupid to Believe Flat Earth and So I’ve Seen It on Both Ends Though You Know I’m Saying I’ve Seen the People Who Who Know Will Come Out and Just Like Belittle Me and I’m Unfollowing This Podcast I Can’t Believe You Had Him on Your Show and I Okay Okay Is Something to It Yeah and It Is a Touchy Subject and I’ve Got a Lot of a Lot of People Are Listening Right Now Because They Are Into Fighters and They and and and They Wouldn’t Have Found Me if I Wouldn’t Have Had Santos Don So Now They’re on Tonight Listening to Me and You Break Down Spirituality in the Spirit Realm and How It Works and Operates in Our Lives and So That’s What I’ll That’s the Seeds I’m Here to Plant You Know That’s What’s Not Me I Love How You Just Said That Yeah Definitely I We Got a Couple Cars Let’s Go to the Phone Lines I’m Gonna Jump to This One Cuz They’ve Been on Here the Longest This Is From West Central Illinois We Got a Caller Who We Speaking With Uh Jonathan Like Being What’s Up My Brother How Are You Today I’m Doing Good Um I Want to Say I’m Glad to Hear Both of You Um I Just Recently Learned Listen You Guys Within the Last Four Months and You Both of You Definitely Helped Guide Me Even Further Than I Was Already at My Wife Um I Feel Very Connected With the Angels and They Are Constantly Giving Me Signs and I Actually See Them a Lot Now Um That’s What’s Up Brother That’s Awesome That You Was Able to Call in Because I Know You Said You Didn’t Have Any Data I Said You Can Call in and Listen on the Phone Man That’s What’s Up I Missed the Last Couple Y Videos You Did at Least Now I Know That’s What’s That Made You Have Any Boys You Have Any Questions or Any Comments for Anything Syrinx With Shadow People and Like Astral Projection Stuff I Don’t Know My Childhood Was Really Crazy and I Wasn’t Told Like Who I Was I Really Felt Like I You Fucked Your Phone’s Kind of Cut Now Hold It Up a Little Bit Close to Your Mouth of You Know Mom I Brother I’m Gonna Put You Back on Hold Man if You Wanna if You Phone on Opens Back Up We’ll Punch in a Little Bit I Got Another Caller From South Alabama Maybe One of My People Who We Speaking to Valley Hey What’s Going on How Are You Good I Wanted to Call Because This Is One of My Favorite Topics I Feel There’s a Youth and I’m Thankful for Guys Like You Because in the Book of Revelations That Tells Us That They’re Gonna Promise on Have Vision So I Think One of the Reasons Why They Communicate the Kids Can You Share With Me Like They Do if I’m Weird or Aggressive What Was Your Dream Like Last Night or What You Know Have You Had Any Kind of Weird Things Going on and I Do They Have These Crazy Things That They Want to Talk About and It’s Exciting to Be Able to Be Used in Jesus’s Name to Help Guide These Kids With Half That They Are Being Called Forth I Want to Pray Over Your Airline Man Everybody’s Trying to Get Through This Having Such a Hell of a Job by the Name of Sweetness I Want to Clear Up This Airline and the Technical Airwaves So That People Can Get Through and Talk to Your Guests So That They Can Have Reassurance That Well and That’s Together and They Would Jesus Lead Learning and Go Ahead and Do It and Pray for Pray Over People Who Were Having Those Encounters – You Know I’m Saying That They’ll Stop and Find Peace Yes I Do Up the Kids Are So Eager to Talk About It One of the Things That Are Asked Them to Do Is Like Write It Down Write It Down and Talk About It Our Kids That I’m Really Close to 16 Here He Had a Vision That Are Some Was Going to Happen at School Sozin Be Sure That He’s Kind of Starting Like a Gentleman Club at His School and He Had a Feeling He’s Going to Do That Before but His Dreams Were Telling Him He Wasn’t Good Enough It Was Gonna Work He’ll He Wasn’t You Know Capable of Doing Something Like This and I Would Like to Think That Helping Him Crazy That Kind of Guided Him to Continue So It’s Awesome and I Want to Talk About an Experience That We All Had at My House With Stephen Because You Know My Son I Think I Thought He 6:15 Now but at That Time He Was 12 and We Were Having a Drum Session Worship Bible Study in the House and You Remember Went to See Them With Having a Really Good Time and Almost Any Kind of Freaked Out Yeah and Really Freaks Are Like but My Kid Punched Holes in the Walls and Screamed and Went Into This Crazy Rage Derek Because of You and a Lot of People Throughout My Bill and God Like Your Guests I Believe That We Were Able to Pray Him Through Him Being Sort of Demonically Today That’s Awesome Yeah We Hear About It All the Time We Know It’s Real Man and That’s What It’s About It’s Like a Lot of People Overlook to Use Man but That’s When This Stuff’s Happening Right When All of Our Crazy Experiences That Kind of Made Us the People We Are Was When We Were Probably Before or Around 16 Years Old or Something Right I Mean Come on We Got to Reach Out to the Youth and You’re Doing an Awesome Job I’ll to Keep It Up Why You Guys Are the Motivation I Don’t Have the Guts to Go on Radio Stations and Tv and Seeing About What I’m Going Through I Just I See a Football Games and Stuff and They’re Just Kind of There So I’ve Talked to Them About What Tells Me to Talk About and Then They They Want to Hear More So I Handle the Aucd’s Well Thank You for Having This and Thank You for Having You Guys Do You Have a Question for Him at All I Do How Whenever You Talk About Your Past Experiences in the Demons That You’ve Had the Encounter at Such a Young Age We Kind of Still Feel the Darkness Around You at Times I Mean Is It Always Kind of Just Lingering in There Do You Have Freedom in Regards to We’re Always Being Around No When I Speak on Those Things I Mean This Is the First Time I Told a Few People About It That’s the First Time I’ve Ever You Know Made Myself Vulnerable to a World Wide Web and Speak on Those Things and to Be Honest Like I Was Telling I Was Telling My Man Here as I’m Speaking You Know I’m Definitely Felt Goose Bumps and Stuff and It’s Just Based on the Recollection of the of the Experience You Know but Um if I Ever Do Feel Like You Know Demonic Activity Tries Coming Around Me or You Know Evil Evil Presences I Just Cast Them Out in the Name of Jesus and I Know I Know That They’re Scared of That Name However I Also Know That When I’m in Compromise of My Relationship With God That Then That You Know Very Rebuked You Know I Know There’s a Story in the Bible Where They Try to They Trying to Rebuke the Devils and the Pebbles Whoop Them Down Bad You Know Yeah So You Know I Think It’s Really Important When People Hear Me to Just Say Oh This Guy You Know Had These Experiences He Claims and He Could Just Say Get Away in Jesus Name and It’s Like a Magic Wand Cuz That’s Not the Case at All You Know It’s Uh It’s Something When You’re Walking With God and Faith and You Know You You Know God Knows You and You Know God and You Know God Knows Your Struggles and You Confess Your Sins and You Want to Be Writing and You Pray for Forgiveness and We Strive to Be Godly and You Know You Give God His Time and and His Honor and His Worship and Things Like That I Think That’s What Enables You to Have the Tools to Be Thought of Fight Off Those Types of Things Yeah It Definitely Works Man They Do Have to Bow Down to Their Name They Have to Bob They Have to Bow Down to Their Name and and What Made Me Like Kind of See the Holes in That Whole Name Thing Run It With Some Hebrews Lights and I Had Some Guys on the Phone We Were Building We’re Years Ago and We Were Talking About Demon Encounters and We Were Talking About the Name and We Were Talking About Casting Out Demons by the Name of Jesus and How These Never Name Stops These Encounters and Demons Are Coming Out of People Off of People Those Type of Things Is Ending Encounters and They Tried to Tell Me That Since That’s Not the Real Name That That Destiny Jesus Is the Name of a Demon and So They Were Just Obeying the Authority of a Higher Demon as While They Left I’m Like Brother I Don’t Even Make Sense and Even That the Scriptures Tell You Can Satan Cast Out Satan Why Would a Kingdom Try to War Against Its Own Kingdom Because It Couldn’t Stand and Jesus Gives That Analogy and I Think It’s Matthew 14 You Know I’m Saying They Try to Say He’s Working by the Order of Be Zebub You Know Saying So That’s What the Whole Name Thing That’s the Wrong Name and the People I Know People Who Panic About Trying to Figure Out What Name It Is It Ain’t Jesus Yeshua Yeshua and There’s People Who Argue With You About Yeshua and in Society It’s Insane It Works Man if It Works It Works and It Works Another Call Here From East Pennsylvania Who We Speak of It Okay This Is Cold Pose What’s Up Guy Cold This Is the Guy Who Made It Happen on My in Yeah Here Both You Guys Be My Wife of Both Watching You Guys With Huge Fan Hey Dude You’re Awesome Man I Appreciate You Hooking Us Up Oh Thank You Following Me Yeah I Got It I’m Like Waiting About Falling or Not but I Figured I Was Debating About Calling It Out but Then I Was Like I Think I Can Give a Good Synopsis of My Story Within Like Three to Five Minutes and So I Decided Maybe I and Talk to You Guys and Give My Story of Similar Things So I Guess I’ll Just Start Just So I Don’t Take Too Much Time Up So It Started When I Was in Kindergarten I Had a Seizure That Sent Me to the Hospital Nobody Knew What It Was Doctor Still Didn’t Know They Just Kind of Sent Me on My Way Nothing Ever Happened From It but From That Day on So the Out-of-body Elite Sleep Paralysis That You Were Talking About Truth That I Had Thought Like Maybe Two Three Times a Month Pretty Much Growing Up and Along With That I Also Had a Heart Condition Which Made My Heart Skip Beat and It Was I Mean I Had to Go to the Doctors for It and Wear Monitors and All That Stuff and and So That I Went on Through With That My Dad’s a Pastor So I Was Highly Spiritual and Religious I Loved God and Everything and When I Was About 15 I Ended Up Listening the Faith and Sure Enough Those Those Entities That Were Waiting There the Whole Time They Pounced on Me Everything Collapsed Their Presence Was Overwhelming in All Aspects of My Life and Then I Met My Wife and We Together We’re Both Atheists Borderline Satanists You Know You’re When You’re an Atheist a Lot of Times You Say Oh This State and This State and That You Joke Around of Why Because You Choose a Side So Context Right Become Great I Mean You You Don’t Even Know You’re Just Sex Right They Think They’re Saying It for Fun but Actually Choosing a Side So I Was That I Was Choosing the Side Even Though I Said I’ll Apply It on All Real So Then the One Time Me and My Wife Went to My Grandmother’s House and We Came Back After Two Nights if We Were Visiting Her She Lives Kind of Far Away and When We Came Back There Was a Bright Diamond Light in the Sky and Almost Makes My Voice Shakes I Only Mean Like You’re One I Told You This Story True So You Go by Don’t Tell Very Many People This Story Like It This Bright Diamond Light I Mean They Look Like a Tear in the Fabric of Space-time Like the Most Beautiful Diamond Light Ever Drain Both My Wife and I Battery to 1% at the Same Time Than Zero and Then We Walked Out to It and a Light Reflected on Us and I Felt Something Good and Almost Like Flooded Everything About God and Universe That Could Imagine Came Into My Mind and We Talked Until 9:00 in the Morning and We’re Just Changing and Changing and Then a Few Days Later Four Bright Horns or Not Thrones Not Anything We Know What We See for Sure Bright Orange Forbes in the Sky in a Formation and We Even Got the One Encounter on Video but They Came to Us as Well and and Change Change My Life Changed Our Life and We Turned to God Turn to Jesus but at That Time as Soon as I Did I Was Confronted by My Demons Not Only in My Head Mentally and I’m Stable I Don’t Have Hallucinations but at This Time With Transformation Such Drastic Transformation I Was I Was Approached by My Demons or Demons That Were Messing With Me My Whole Life and I Actually Had an Encounter Where I You Did Use Jesus’s Name My Newfound You Know I Went Back to My Father You Know He Did and I Used His Name and Told Him I’m Done With I’m Done With This and and as Soon as I Did That My Everything Wiped Away and From That Moment on It’s Been All Uphill I’ve Had No No Encounters With Anything Like That if Anything Like the Previous Caller Said I Have Encounters With the Other Side Know and Like Like You Said You’re the Truth Like You Know That Feeling You Felt When You’re Talking About It That’s Not the Demons Man That’s That’s Your Experience in Your Mind Getting Nervous but to Tell You the Truth We’ll All of Us Are You Talking Like Those Demons Can Even See Us Anymore We’re Vibrating So High I Promise You Were in a Different Dimension It’s Like You Just Got It’s Like Once You Unlock That Key That’s What I Feel Like We Can Be Free Yeah With That You Should Know Gage That Is True So I’m Not You Free Man Sorry the Rant No It’s Good for Sharing That With Us Powerful Story I Got Children Sharing Their Do It I Love to Hear Because There’s Conviction Conviction Coming From It Is Real You’re Not Trying to Convince Me You Own It You Know It Man That’s Awesome I Love It He Says Neon Like Descended From a Great Place Beyond Sight When You Heard That Part in You That’s Where I Found at the Terek Music and You Know Good Spiritual Music and Found Everything That I Love About Music Now but I Actually Had a Distaste for Music My Whole Life I’ve Barely Even Listen to It Is It for Some Reason Always Irritates Me but Thanks to You Guys I Found My My Niche Man I Appreciate It Dude We Pray We Appreciate You Man You Go Out There and You Continue to Do That Work and That Message the Anointing That You Receive Brother You Walk in It You Already Know It That the Truth I Mean You Already Got It Man You Already Know That They Can Touch You You’re Vibrating on a Higher Level That’s What I Tell People Like You Know We Don’t I Don’t Have a Lot of Demonic Encounters Anymore I’ve Had Enough Like My Encounters Usually Are Dealing With Other People and Them Manifesting in and Around Other People You Know but as Far as Being Attacked or Going in Meditation or in the Dream State and Stuff Like That Like It’s It’s Not Bad Anymore I Have a Lot of Good Encounters Now You Know So It’s Awesome but I Need a Great Thank You Guys Dude Thanks for Calling in and Man We Kinda I Don’t Know if You Caught Us at the Very Beginning but We Did Kind of Give a Little Spiel About How You Know This Whole Interview Happened and We Got That Song We’re Working on and All That Stuff So Appreciate You Hooking That Up Man You Have Not Cuz You Asked Not Scriptures Don’t Lie Man Good Scriptures Don’t Lie That’s Really Universal Law He Said It Is Law You Can Bank on It Think About a Big Honor Well Colonel Well Write That Are Gonna Live on You Know in So He’s the Planet Silver Shows Here Is Eternity and I Did That for All of Us All the People Listening to This Podcast Are Gonna Be Friends Family and Acquaintances Uh-huh Yeah We’re Building Our Tribe Man We’re Definitely Building My Tribe and We’re All Connected and It’s Cool I Really Like a Lot of People That Were Connected With Spirit of Truth and You Got You Got People in Here Who Have Agendas and They Have Stuff to Sell and Stuff and They Just You Know They Got a They Got a Person They’re Supposed to Be You Know and and They but When You Have Other People on Here Who Do They Don’t Have an Agenda It’s Just to Be There Be Honest and They Really Are True Seekers They Really Are You Can Tell the Difference and You Have Something in Common It’s Like the Same Thing That’s Within You That Longs for God That Longs for That Which Is Which Is Right and You Can Bear Witness With That Regardless of Faith That’s People Who Give Like You Said the Beginning They Get Mad We Start Talking About Jesus in a Lot of Esoteric Circles or Occult Circles or Alien Circles or Whatever but Like I Said It’s My Story It’s My Truth and It Works It Works It Really Does That’s All I Can Give I Can’t Give You Nothing Else I Can’t Vouch for Nothing Else All I Can Give You Is What’s Been Given to Me You Know I Be I Be and I Had to Come to Terms With That You Know I’ll Be Doing You a Disservice to Teach You Other Other Methods or Other Like Long Workarounds Versus Just Given You the Truth Then You Go Straight to the Source for Yourself That’s What Jesus Did Jesus Became a Bridge So We Didn’t Have to Go to the High Priests So We Didn’t Have to Sacrifice Goats and Lambs and Calves and First Things and All That Stuff Like He Taught He Built the Bridge He Toured the Veil Between God and Us So We Can Go Directly to the Father That’s What He Did Man So He Made It to Where God Lets Us Know That God Lives in Our Hearts That Our That Our Heart Is His Throne Room That We Are the Temples of the Holy Spirit and That the Spirit of God Dwelleth Not in Temples Made With Hands but You Are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and and That’s Powerful When You Know Who You Are and You Understand That What He Meant by Saying That the Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You and You Don’t Need Anything Outside of You Anything That Nobody’s Trying to Sell You or Anything Like That It’s All Within Man and to Understand the Power in That You Don’t Need Anything to Be Complete He Completes You He Calls You He Confirms You He Affirms You You Don’t Need You’ll Need to Be Affirmed by Other Men When Your Father Smart Is Smiling Down Upon You and He Got You You Know You Don’t Need to Be Accepted You Don’t Need to Be Applauded by Men Because I’m Telling You Anybody Out There in It Both of You Guys in the Entertainment Industry the Applause of Men Is Intoxicating on Many Levels I’m Talking My Even on the Levels of 15 People You Know I’m Saying Little Small Venues or Small Places My People Power Corrupts Man It Really Does Yeah I’ve Discerned That Man You Know I’ve Done a Lot of Shows I’ve Been a Lot of Places Small and Big Shows and I’ve Had Some Some of My Closest People Man and I Love Them You Know and They’re Always Going to Be My People but I I See Them Intoxicated You Know by the Spirit of You Know the Power Behind Even Something as Small as Like Fans of Your Music You Know and to the Point Where You Know a Sweet Social Media Man Is Another Thing Like I Don’t Really I Don’t Have a Facebook You Know I Don’t Have a Twitter I Do Have a Facebook Artist Page and I Started Several Years Ago That’s Maintained by the Record Label but I Can’t Even Access It Because I Don’t Have a Facebook to Access It Through the Point I Mentioned This Is People Are Consumed You Know by by Those Things Because and Granted You Know These Social Media Platforms Can Be Used for Great Things Yeah I Know People Who Use Them for Great Things but I Also See the the Way They Can Consume the Mind and and That Ties in to What You Were Saying You Know I’m the Power You Know People Start Worrying About Oh Did You Like My Comment and You Know a Hundred People View My Post and They You Know Follow What I Believe and It Makes You Feel Powerful That’s Why I Had to Get Away From That You Know Because I Don’t Need Verification of Men You Know I Don’t Need None of That and and I Just Felt Like for Me Personally and I Think Everyone’s Walking Second but for Me Personally It Was Something I Had to Step Away From Before It Became Too Before I Became Too Entrenched in It to Be Able to Step Away in Which I Know People at This Moment That They Don’t Have the Power to Step Away It’s Like a Drug It’s Actually Amazing and They’re Profiting Way More Than Any Drugs Crafted in Anybody You Know So It’s a Genius Idea and It’s Amazing Man Yeah Yeah We Just Gotta Use It for Good That Was It There Was a Time Where I Was Just Cuz I Seen What It Was a Replica of Like We Like We Are All Connected I Mean That There’s December the Flower of Life We Are All Connected We Got the Same Necklace All Connected Man and So They Call It the They Call It the the Global Brain Right and We in I’ve You Can Walk in a Certain Room With Somebody and Feel What They’re Going Through People Call It Being Empathic It’s in the Bible the Bible Talks About It a Bunch Being Able to Discern the Spirits What Spirit Is in This Room With Spirit Is on My Brother We Feel It All the Time in Prayer and Just Hanging Out and So Essentially Like Facebook Is Like It’s Like a Ripoff of the Global Brain So It’s Like This Fake Web the Worldwide Web of Us Being Connected Through Social Media When We’re Supposed to Be Connected Spiritually All Right Wow So Instead Instead of Like Spending Time With One Another and Just Seeing What It Does With That With Friendships and My Friendships Are So Removed and Even Social Time Social Interaction With Maybe Going to Dinner With Another Couple or Like There’s Not a Lot of That Going on Um Saying Anymore for a Lot of People I Don’t Know if We Just Get Comfortable but I Mean We Still Do It but It’s Just Weird Thing That Like You Know I’m Saying the Dopamine Levels That You Get From Social Interaction on Facebook You Fit Like You May Not Have to Call Somebody Because You Read Their Status and You Know They Had a Crummy Day and Then a Week Week From Now They’d Be Like Man Now I Had a Rough Time Couple Weeks Ago Oh Yeah I Seen That Man You Were Going Through Some Sauce You Know Facebook Why Didn’t You Call Me Dude Like I Even Posted It on Facebook and I Felt I’m Feeling Alone and You Know It and You Didn’t Call and It’s Like That Man So We We Feel Sympathy We Made a Click Like Imma Let Me Know I Feel This Pain Let Me Click Like and Keep Scrolling We’re Supposed to Be Connected Let’s Like Let’s Get Together Let’s Talk About It Let’s Go Have a Beer Whatever the Case Is Man It’s Just Get With One Another Man and I Have So Many People Who Were Did Just a Job to Work the Routine the Kids to Life and It’s Just the Cycle in Weeks and Months Passed by and Years Even With Some Friends Who Are Close to My Heart and Well I Haven’t Talked to in a Long Time You Know Try to Make Stuff Happen Oh Yeah We Can’t Do It Man I Got the Kids I Got This I Got That Say Man Facebook Lets Us Feel Like We’re Being Sociable by Liking People Now There’s There’s a Good Side to It We Gotta Use It for What It Is and We We Can’t Run From It That’s We’re Going We That’s Definitely Where We’re Going Where We Are Becoming the Machine We’re Being Integrated With It Man You Know Yeah I Want to Just Say Something While You’re on That Topic I Think It Would I Would I Would Do With This Service to Everybody Listening if I Didn’t Tell Everybody This Your Value Is So Much More Than You Realize God Loves Us All So Much and Even if You Think You Don’t Love You or You’re Out of Tune or Out of Whack Just Know He’s Always There We’re Hoping on So You Come to Him and and and You Know Get Things Right and This Whole Mundane Lifestyle of Going and Working for Part of This Machine’s Agenda and Coming Home and Watching a Sitcom and the Order and a Pizza and Calling It a Night and Waking Up at 6:00 in the Morning That Do the Same Thing Every Day I Understand That There’s a Place for That I Understand Its Place Its Place Is We Live in a Society That We’ve Been Totally Up Rooted From From Learning How to Farm Learning How to Irrigate Water or Clean Our Water From Well Learning How to Raise Livestock Learning How to Plant Gardens You Know and Now We Depend on the Grocery Store to Get Our Lettuce From Because We Don’t Know How to Grow It We Depend You Know and Sure There’s a Value in It That’s Our Structure and Society in the United States but at the Same Time What Do We Work for Besides Those Things We Work for Cable Tv for Going Out to the Bar for Obtaining Materialistic Objects and Sure I Mean I’m Not Gonna Sit Here and Say That I Don’t Watch Tv Ever or I Don’t You Know Buy a New Pair of Shoes Because I Do but When You Could Find That Balance and Realize That Those Things Don’t Define You and and Find Balance to Do Things for Yourself as Well as Do the Things You Have to Do for Your Lifestyle I Think That’s Where You You Know Start to Be in Harmony and Peace at Least in This Current Day Society and Its Structure With the Nine-to-five Work Schedule the Point of What I’m Saying Is Don’t Allow Yourself to Slip Into the Mode of Thinking Your Purpose Is Only to Wake Up at 6:00 in the Morning to Read the Paper and Go to Work Come Home Cook Dinner Watch Tv and Go to Bed Because When We Link Up We’re So Powerful Together Man There’s So Much We Can Do Together and Just Right Here by True So You Got Having This Podcast and Linking All These People Up and Letting People Call in and Interviewing People and Philosophizing With These Ideas That’s Power and I’m Thankful to Be a Part of It and I’m Thankful to Everybody Listening and Everybody That’s Benefiting From Anything That’s Said on Any of These Shows I Just Want to Show My Gratitude That’s What’s Up Man That’s What’s Up That’s What Everybody’s Saying in the Chat Rooms as Well That Uh You Know They See the True Power of Social Media Is That We Can Talk With People Who Live Long Distances Away We Could Join Together Spirits Yeah Worldwide With Social Media Just Like Right Now and Uh One of the Admins Can’t Oh He Says He’s in Finland I Didn’t Know He Was Forbidding Why Does Every Every Broadcast Know I Didn’t Know That So Yeah We’re Connected Worldwide Man We Do Have People All Over the World and It Is Weird How Everybody Is Connected and I’ve Seen It in My Life With Just Personal Friends Even the Lady Ali Who Called in a Little While Ago Just Everybody That We’re All Connected With Man in These Circles of People Who Were Spiritual and Tired of Dead Religion but but Love God You Know I’m Saying and They’ve Given Their Life Into Service of Others Over Service of Self Man and That’s What It’s About Before We Go Man if You Want to End Out on Another Note I Was Awesome What You Just Shared Man I Don’t Know if You Are if You Pray Over People and Stuff Man if You Want to Say a Prayer for Anybody Who’s Been Dealing With Demonic Oppression Bad Dreams Being Oppressed by These Spirits if They Can Have Some Peace for That Man Cuz I Believe That That That Name Breaks Two Yokes Man Breaks the Chains I’ll Be Honored to Father We Come Before You Lord and We Just Gives You All the Glory and Honor We Thank You for This Time of Fellowship God and We Hope That People Can Gain Inside and Who You Are if Anything Coming These Videos Lord I Pray That These People Gain a Relationship With You Father Lord I Pray Against Demonic Oppression of This Whole Earth Lord of All the People Lord and Whatever Things That They May Be Doing to Entertain Those Those Demonic Interactions God I Pray Against Them Lord I Pray That That We All Lord See the Things Were Really Engaging in Lord and if We Could Just a Glimpse Into the Spirit Realm God I Think It Would It Would Shake All of Us Lord and You Know for the Pony Would Shake Us and That’s Why You Keep That From Us and Don’t Allow Us to Physically See Into the Spiritual Realm Father but I Just Pray for Everybody Listening and Everybody All Around the Globe Lord in Jesus Name I Pray That as They Seek You in That They Knock You Open That Door Lord and I Pray for the for Those That You Call Lord Give Them the Strength to Answer and Be the Chosen Lord I Pray in Jesus Name Amen With That Being Said Just Know Like You Said May You’re Not Alone You’re Destined to Do Great Things That God Is for You He’s Not Against You He’s Not Mad at You That He Longs for a Relationship With With His Creation and So Just Embrace That and Just Know That All Things Are Possible for Him That Believe and So You’re Not Alone and Even With Me and This Brother Connected You Know on the First Time We Talked on the Phone He Was Like Man I Don’t Have a Lot of People That I Can Talk to About Aliens and Ancient Aliens and Ancient Technology and Philosophy and Stuff Like That in the Church Realm You Know I’m Saying Boy We’re Here Man This Is What This Platform Exists for and and There’s a Lot of People Like That They Don’t Have Nobody in the Church World So They Started Venturing Outside of the Church Realm and They’re Like Well I Could Talk to the New Agers About It I Could Talk to You Know Deed the Hindus About It Why Can’t I Talk to the Church Folks or the Christians Man So We Try to Be a Voice of Reason in the Midst of All That Stuff Man You Know and It Doesn’t Go Against Your Faith to Talk About That Stuff Either That Stuff’s All in the Bible Man I Think That’s What the Church Worries About Though It’s Almost Like No During a Baby You Know They Say You Got a Obviously Even Heard the Saying You Got a Crawl Before You Walk Er You Got to Give a Baby Milk Report You Can’t Feed a Baby Shake There’s Some of These Kind Some of These Concepts When Conversations Are Really Some Stake They Some Meat Man There’s a Lot of Meat on the Bone and and Babies Can’t Chew It Well if You Knew It to the Faith You Know or Learning About It I Think the Last Thing That as a Spiritual Guide Because the Bible Says Not All of You Should Be Teachers for You Will Be Held Accountable at a Higher Regard You Know You Got to Take That Into Consideration for Some of These Church Leaders You Know That Say You Know It’s Going to Be All Different Agendas and Reasons but Yeah at the End of the Day Like You Said Man It’s Great to Be Able to Have You Know Some People to Talk About All These Best Concepts About Mm-hmm Yeah Cuz People Have Had These Experiences and I Remember When I Went to to My Pastors and Stuff and Told Them Like I Was Having Dreams About the Future and About the Church Being Destroyed and People in the Church Died in and It Was All Symbolic Man I Went to the Pastor and They Prayed Against It There’s Like I Think That’s Demonic and It’s Not It’s Not a Good Dream We’re Gonna Pray Against It You Know Is It and They Prayed That I Wouldn’t Have Those Kind of Dreams Anymore and in I Never Felt a Release and I Had to Get With Another Group of People Who Believed in the Prophetic Giftings and the Abilities and That the Gifts Were for Today and We Understood They Helped Me Break It Down and Understand What It Really Meant You Know So It Was a Beautiful Thing That’s What That’s Why We Exist So Many People in Those Same Realms Asking Asking the Bigger Questions and They Can’t Seem to Get the Answers and So We Try to Present Some of That Stuff Here About the Demons a Lot of Churches Don’t Believe in That Stuff You Know You Know They Don’t Like to Go Into It but Uh We’re Right World We’re Supposed to Be Brother I Appreciate You Man Thanks for Coming on Hanging Out With Me We Have to Do It Again I Give a Couple Static No Shoutouts We Don’t Allow That I Just Want to Go Ahead and Plug a Big Inspiration in My Growth My Brother Michael Here’s a Business Called Fou Healing Org and It’s All You Know Once You Start to Learn About the Food and How It Impacts You and Your Whole Physique I Mean Outside of How You Look Like Your Inner Workings You Know Yourselves Everything That Flows Inside of Your Body He Really Helped Transform My Life in That Aspect and I Just Highly Recommend at Least if Not Through Him at Least Everybody Listening You Know Stop Eating Fast Food if You Came and and and Really Start to See That We Are What We You Know and Everything’s Made Out of Energy You Know So When We Even Those Those Those Cows That Have Been Beat Down and Broken Kneecaps With Flash Buckling Because They’re Mistreated I Mean We’re Eating That Energy You Know and That’s I Think From an Energetic Standpoint I Think That’s Part of Why We Have This Mundane Nine-to-five Repetitive You Know Negative Perspective Type Society but There’s So Much More Positivity and I Want to Give a Shout Out to My Record Label Historical Records I Want to Let You Know if You Look Into Here Any of My Music You Could Find It on Any Major Platform I to and Cd Baby Amazon Any Streaming Service Spotify Spirit of Truth My Youtube Page I Just Lost a New Video a Couple Months Ago a Spirit of Truth Official and Like I Said I’m on Every Platform if You Just Search Spirit of Truth Hip Hop There’s Plenty Music Out There That’s What’s Up Man Thanks for Coming on the Show Thanks for Hanging Out With Me and Like I Said We Do Have a Song Coming Out Together Pretty Soon and It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all It’s Good Stuff That’s What’s Up Y’all Spirit of Truth and True Seeker on the Same Track Truth Times – That’s What’s Up a Lot of a Lot of Mishaps With the Phone Calls and Stuff but It’s Like Anytime We’re Talking About This Subject Matter It Always Happens Always It’s Kind of Weird We Talk About Flat Earth We Have Fine Broadcasts No No Hiccups No Nothing We Talk About Demons and How to Cast Them Out and How to Get Free Stream Cuts Out Phones Mess Up Stuff Happens I’m Just Saying Man I’m Just Saying Y’all Take Care of Yourselves Out There Man It’s a Lot Going on Social Media Spirits Trying to People Trying to Get You to Believe a Certain Type of Way People Trying to Convince You Who God Is Trying to Tell You What God Feels About You and They Have No Idea Who God Is Man Stop Taking Counsel From the Wicked Stop Taking Counsel From the Wicked Stop It It’s Not It’s Not Good for You I Just Want to Say Again Man Thank You for Supporting the Podcast Is Growing Crazy Numbers Numbers Are Growing Crazy on Youtube and All the Podcasting Apps but I Will Say if You’re Watching This on Youtube Look in the Description There’s Two Links There to Subscribe if You Have Itunes or an Iphone or Subscribe on Any Other Podcasting App on Android if You Don’t Have a Podcasting App One Will Be Appointed for You Click the Link in the Description That Says Subscribe on Android or Itunes Because as in Times Past Youtube Has Been Known to Pull Channels My Last Channel Was Pulled When I Hit Like 8000 Subscribers I Don’t Know if I Said Something Anything Like or People People Can Report Your Stuff to I People Can Report Your Chant Your Videos and Like if You Get Three Strikes They Pull Your Channel and There’s Really Nobody You Can Talk to It Youtube They Don’t Give You a Reason It’s It’s Wack It Really Is So Maybe I Need to Get With a Network or Something Because They Kind of Offer You a Little Bit More Protection Because They Have People That They Do Talk to at Youtube I Don’t Know but Anyway Make Sure You Subscribe on Itunes or Am Android App So With That I’m Gonna Say Peace of Shalom All You Guys Who Want to Support Financially What We’re Doing at Any Level Maybe You Can Give a Dollar a Month a Dollar Is More Than Enough Go to Wwe Encom Backslash Truth Seeker and Sign Up to Give at Any Level and You Get Also You Get a Bunch of Awesome Perks Got New Music Over There and You Get All of My You Get Access to My Entire Discography It’s Like 10 Albums Plus New Music for $5 a Month $10 a Month $50 a Month Whatever You Could Do Man We Have a We Have a Few People Doing a Lot Over at Backslash True Seeker and You Guys Are Helping Me to Do This to Do More of This and to Make It 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