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It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to just sometimes even feel a little upset. It doesn’t make you any less of a christian, it doesn’t make you any less spiritual or loved by God. The key to walking out your spiritual practice is found in Ephesians 4:26 where Paul says that in your anger; sin not. Do not make brash decisions out of anger. It is great wisdom for you to simply take a deep breath and cool down before making any decisions especially anything that will be detrimental to the situation or even cause lasting harm. One of the fruits of the spirit is self-control. This means being able to control one’s self regardless of the situation or circumstance. As people of faith we do not live by our feelings or emotions for we know that they can sometimes lie and deceive us. Some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just aren’t feeling it. As believers, we operate off of faith and what we know to be true even if we can’t see it or at times don’t even feel like it. We operate off of what we know. The Bible also talks about the fruits of the flesh and the opposite of self-control is fits of rage. The fruits of the spirit follow those who live a life of consistently walking with Jesus and fellowshipping with the father in the spirit and in truth. These are natural qualities that will accompany the believer and should be prevalent in all of our lives. Walking in the spirit is an action and it’s something that we do not just something we are. The Bible speaks about carnal Christians and those who live according to the flesh and do the opposite of what Christ taught. This is why we must examine our hearts and emotions to see whether we are in the faith; for our lives will truly confess what we believe. This is why the scripture says that without works your faith is dead but yea by our works we do establish our faith. The fruit that you produce at the end of the day you will show what you truly believe by your actions. Again this is a really deep principle and a universal thought throughout the scriptures. The Bible also talks about not letting the sun go down on your anger and there are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that it’s we are open vessels to receive wisdom and knowledge from heaven but if you have anything that clogs up the mind (in the spirit) it is much harder to receive downloads. You must always deal with the last thing that God tells you and nothing can go overlooked; this is the key of walking in intimacy and with God and people. The anointing will remain upon your life if you are a person who can righteously deal with their own inner conflict as you go through life in the threshing process. You must remember to keep your hands clean and your hearts pure for the river of life to continuously flow through you without hindrance. I believe a lot of this is taken care of by simply obeying the scripture, in your anger sin not.

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I have a group called the messengers and that album will be available in five days and that’s a patreon exclusive like that’s not going to be for the general public to consume you also get access to the music months before it’s available to the general public on an album or something that we’re working on so anyway enough of that thank you for that all the support man we did a birthday livestream Thursday which was the last time we went live and we did a birthday stream and you guys came out the woodwork supporting and donating to the stream and stuff like that so again thank you guys for that that was so much fun and funny we had a good time just nothing serious just kicking back being silly so yep so I had a couple things I wanted to talk about that I’m passionate about stuff that’s going on in our lives or whatever the case is and usually you know when you have something that you’re dealing with you think you’re the only one going through it most of the time other people are dealing with similar situations as well feel like you’re the only one that feels this way why why why me you know but when you start talking about it you find out wow you know there’s a lot of other people who are dealing with the same thing but maybe they’re marginalized maybe they don’t have a community or safe space to talk about these stuff these are these things which essentially is one of this podcast it exists so that people are having spiritual awakenings and whatever that means aliens UFOs like it means every Angels Bible Jesus whatever leaving the church coming into faith whatever that means with your spiritual awakening this is you know we try to talk about it to let people know that they’re not alone so that’s one this podcast exists so we’re gonna talk about that I feel like one topic I wanted to talk about and I titled this video with this podcast in your anger sin not which is a scripture that uh it’s pretty potent in the Bible talking about anger and and you know there’s certain types of anger there’s a lot like coming out of the church they tell you don’t be angry at all like anger is not of God you know if you’re if you’re mad and you need to check yourself or whatever but there is I believe a righteous anger that exists there believes a godly anger that exists shoot I mean what the scripture says that the the the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom another scripture says that the fear of the Lord is to hate evil so I believe that there is a righteous anger that it that you know I’m saying comes from the Father but having stripes amongst yourselves and you know forgiveness and things like that become an angry anger is of God it’s okay Jesus got angry when he when he turned his father house into a den of thieves rather into a house of prayer Jesus had a righteous anger then and that’s an example that we have but there’s a stipulation on your anger and the scripture says in your anger send not so don’t don’t act hastily in your anger if you get upset if someone wrongs you if someone upsets you don’t act too quick because you see a lot of people and we’ve all we’ve all done this right and we learn from our mistakes but you see a lot of people who burn bridges they get mad and they say things that they shouldn’t you know we’ve all done it and like I said you got to learn from your mistakes don’t do it don’t let the scripture also so I’m gonna read this scripture here just this whole thing but there’s a there’s a bunch of little key phrases in this scripture I’m gonna read this Ephesians right Ephesians 4:26 through 31 is in your anger do not sin do not let the Sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold all right so it says don’t let the Sun go down while you’re still angry that’s it that’s a I don’t know if I’d call it a law that’s a principle that I live by I try to live by with having quarrels or misunderstandings with people if you’ve wronged someone I try not to go to sleep without coming to that person and straight straightening things out I try to do my best now it doesn’t always happen but it is a rule of thumb that I live by according to the scripture and you wonder why let’s just explore that for a minute so Aaron you kind of live by that too right I mean this is something we talked about in our family um why do you I mean why is that a principle for you don’t let the Sun go down on your anger if you have an aunt with someone you we always try that we do our best to even if it’s the last minute right before bed we try to call them and work things out why is that such a good principle to live by well honestly for me I store anger in my body and I’m not talking about the right just come time out the really stressful where you feel people hating on you I hold all of that in my body and I feel like if I sleep with that all night I’m number one I’m not gonna sleep I’m gonna toss and turn all night and number two it’s gonna manifest in my body in an unhealthy way like illness or come out as another unhealthy emotion and especially with people that you could love and care about if you can reconcile before the Sun Goes Down that’s I mean that’s the best thing for everyone so that everyone can go to bed with peace of mind and yeah I just I think it’s better to go ahead and handle it rather than store it up in your body and in your mind and have it manifest as something else especially if you’re a spiritual person and you’re trying to receive in the dream state you’re trying that like you say well first of all if you’re trying to have a good night’s rest and you’ve wronged someone or someone that’s wrong jus and then you let the Sun go down on your anger and you’re angry instead of making that right you’re gonna deal with that you know always believe that I’m saying no matter what people do in their and their life whenever they go to bed they got to deal with that stuff like people will create lies they’ll change their own narrative and really like it gets into some weird psychotic stuff where people will act like they didn’t do something or place the blame on someone else when they’re the one at fault and no almost like you know I’m saying Dee personally depersonalization where it’s likely that wasn’t me that was somebody else and if you let the Sun go down on your anger you just pushed that stuff to the back or push it down deeper instead of dealing with it so God’s gonna deal with the hearts of men and you have to lie to yourself and then you have to lie to God too and act like something didn’t happen right if you’re trying to hang on to it and change it or act like you’re the victim and everything right this is kind of what we do when we are at odds with someone so for those of you who are spiritual who are trying to here from God who are trying to go into the dream state to get vision you got to be a clear and clean vessel in order to receive because if not you’re always gonna have to deal with that stuff even you know we talk about like psychedelics and stuff the stuff you’ve been suppressing is the first things you have to deal with you can’t we can’t go any further until you deal with this so the anger the resentment the unforgiveness you got to nip it in the bud all of it and don’t let the Sun go down on your anger so that’s a really good principle to live by keep reading anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer but must work doing something useful with their own hands that they may have something to share with those in need do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption get rid of all bitterness rage and anger brawling and slander along with every form of malice all of that stuff deals with the speech deals with your words is talking about bitterness rage anger brawling slander along with every form of malice like your the the power of life and death are in the tongue of what you’re speaking over yourself why are you angry with yourself why are you angry with God why are you angry with your spouse your parents why do you why are you angry it’s going to come out whatever you’re holding and you’re carrying in your heart it’s going to come out what does the scripture say this out of the abundance of the heart the mouth of speakers you can’t keep that stuff in it and you think you’re doing a good job holding it back but it’s coming out a little here a little there and then eventually people hang around you enough they’re able to partake of that fruit whatever bitterness anger rage and you guys know I talk about all the time as I go on guests on other people’s podcasts and I mentioned the Jesus thing or the god thing or whatever I can see their faces change there’s some unresolved issues when it comes to religion or God or whatever your face changes your face what kind of will kind of tell the story as well but when it comes to slander when it comes to gossip the church is known for that man right the church is known for taking somebody’s shortcomings sins or whatever and just running and telling everyone about it the church is known for that right and so they’ve done a lot of harm in that the interesting thing is there’s a couple times where Jesus talks about Hellfire and talks about those who are in danger of hellfire and he said it’s those who gossip those who slander those who backed by because the life and death is in the power of the tongue and in and and not using that wisely you could do detrimental harm to people in your anger sin not do you have anything that comes off of that backbiting and slander and just the power of your words I mean over yourself – there’s so many people who just I can’t I don’t deserve good things I I’ve always been a mess-up I’ve come from a poverty-stricken family none of my family have been to college so I don’t you know these different cycles that were stuck in are just speaking this stuff over ourselves even unknowingly the only thing I would add is when other people attack and slander you and it makes absolutely no sense and it just comes out of nowhere I think it’s almost like they’re looking at a mirror and they’re just attacking something they don’t like about their own life yeah like it’s just coming up and you’re the first person they see so they just dump it on you and yeah you got a you’ve got to handle that stuff through meditation through prayer through whatever way you can or it’s gonna destroy relationships people that you care about yeah very much so you know we don’t see things as they are we don’t see the world as it is we see things as we are so all of these preconceived notions all of these judgments and fears and things like that that’s how we perceive the world and when we look at people who are too free especially when it comes to religion people are too free people who represent and securities that you have you know and I still deal with it is when you go when you’re in that conversation when you’re talking about that stuff openly and you feel that trigger you feel something like I disagree with it and you and you want to get that little anger or whatever that that rides us up you have to check yourself it’s okay why do I feel that way you know what I’m saying is it good is it bad am i insecure about my beliefs am i insecure about my faith in God or whatever the case is and and and stop projecting because that’s what people are doing to us and if we can see that we got to make sure we don’t do it to others we don’t want to project on on people or or characterize like or categorize all people groups into one thing like all black people are like this all Muslims are like this or even Christians or we’re all Christians or this they don’t it’s it’s when we try to lump everything in together it usually comes from a projection of something that we have a misunderstanding in when we’re trying to lump everybody into this this one people group and then they bring out things within us that we’re not confident with within ourselves and so that’s one thing we have to we have to figure have to figure out moving forward you have to deal with this stuff this is your own spiritual alchemy your own spiritual progress some people you know are still operating off of hurt and anger that they didn’t deal with 30 years ago 30 years ago right so you got to nip it in the bud to keep going it shows the spirit that you’re into so this is a the scripture and Galatians that talks about the the fruit of the Spirit these are these fruits that if you are a spiritual person if you’re walking with the Holy Spirit you’re going to produce a certain type of fruit there’s gonna be certain type of actions and things that you’re gonna naturally do because you’re walking in the spirit and this doesn’t matter what faith you’re from regardless right the whole thing that took me to a whole nother level was seeing people bearing fruit of the Spirit but they had no idea what Christianity or Christ was but they had these fruits love and kindness and these type of things that they were producing and I was addicted to that and Jesus said you know a tree by their fruits and so this is one thing that took me a lot deeper but I’m gonna I’m gonna share the scripture this is a Galatians 5:22 it says but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace forbearance kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control are getting such things there is no law so as you’re walking with the spirit you fellowship with Christ fellowship with God walking in the spirit those are the things you can do to walk in the spirit it’s just not because you’re a believer or what you believe makes you walk in the spirit you have to actually walk you have to do something right so walking in the spirit you’re gonna produce these fruits and these are things we all probably you know want more of in our own lives and we want to you know hang around people who have the same type of fruit but one of the key ones that kind of kind of stands out there is self-control when we’re dealing with anger self-control right when you’re angry how good can you control yourself it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get angry doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get upset you’re not gonna be triggered but when you get triggered do you lash out do you yell do you leave do you disconnect from everybody do you project upon everybody you know do you point fingers what happens whenever you’re upset or angry and self-control is big because it’s gonna help you move them forward to not burn bridges to not say things in your anger that you can’t take back that you can’t undo and there’s another scripture in Galatians as well that as we’re talking about the fruit of the Spirit it pretty much calls it the fruits of the flesh you can say and it’s the opposite of these things and so the opposite of self-control the Bible says it’s fits of Rage you can’t control yourself you have no self-control you’re always in your emotions you can’t control your emotions you can’t control your feelings all of these types of things and you let your emotions rule you and as people of faith we’re supposed to be ruled by our faith in what we know not because of what we see or how we feel today our feelings tell us a lot but there’s times at which sometimes we just don’t feel like it we just don’t feel like loving people we just don’t feel like this we don’t feel like doing that but that doesn’t change like truth about who we are what we believe and what we walk in just because we wake up on the wrong side of the bed self-control will take you far that’s one of the fruits of the spirit that’s big with me so with you what comes up for you Aaron when it comes to self-control honestly out of all the fruits of the Spirit that’s one I look for the most it takes a lot sometimes when someone does or says something that hurts you so deeply to control yourself and pause like just pause and take a beat and you got to pray about it and think about it before you respond but when someone says something that you don’t like or does something that you don’t like you have control issues and you can’t control someone it makes you angry and all this stuff just comes flowing out of your mouth nonsense just cursing and malice and hatred and wishing death on people and stuff you really don’t mean out of the depths of your heart when all of that just comes vomiting out I mean you can’t you can’t take it back that whole sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me that’s not true the power of life and death is in the tongue and all of that stuff that comes out of your mouth it it will manifest into something in this world and thankfully as believers we know that we can pray protection and grace over those people and not have those things manifest in our own lives but yeah self-control is a powerful thing and it can be the difference between like you said burning a bridge or controlling yourself enough that there’s still room for forgiveness and reconciliation yeah it’s really hard to forgive someone who doesn’t want forgiveness and doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong but you have to do that or like I said it’ll manifest in your own body in some way and ruin your own life so yeah one of them our daughter’s definition words this weekend in school was a resentment right so it can it can birth resentment in you if you don’t deal with it and you begin to resent that person or resent people who hang out with that person people who remind you of that person I mean there’s situations where like mothers don’t like their kids anymore because they remind them of their father who was a deadbeat and walked out like weird stuff that kind of you know I’m saying his birth out of resentment those items those people give you every time you see it it reminds you of that person and I mean we’re not just speaking just words like this is stuff that we’ve lived over the past couple of years having to forgive and let go of people that we really did not want to yeah so you know it sounds like a lot of talk coming from us but we’ve walked it and I mean this stuff takes time forgiving someone who doesn’t want forgiveness sometimes takes years decades like it’s it’s been something that I’ve had to work through over the course of over a year with certain people and still seeing those items every time you see things or people or photos or things that we’re a song you know it’ll bring up these feelings and memories and you just have to deal with it all over again but after I will say from experience after enough time and enough prayer and enough forgiveness over and over and over again the act of forgiving then you will get past it but sometimes it takes a lot longer than you would think it’s not an instant one prayer and it’s done kind of thing it starts with the prayer it’s definitely a walk the flying penguin in chat says forgiveness releases you not the other person they continue to hurt control you when you haven’t forgiven them and I’ve heard it said that unforgiveness is like drinking deadly poison and hoping that the other person gets sick you’re holding on to this unforgiveness and you’re right a lot of times those people they haven’t even thought twice about what they did they don’t even know that they did anything wrong but maybe you don’t like conflict maybe you don’t want to cause a problem and you don’t even tell them you just keep it moving and you’re hurting deeply over something that this person said in passing I mean it’s with with wisdom comes growth man I remember you know we’ve said little things out of our mouths at times whether it was about religious people or you know it’s a situation years ago and Erin’s one of the most meek humble people you’ll ever meet we’re at we were out out eating one day heard a bunch of friends and there were some people that we didn’t know and just coming from that charismatic Christian background you know we were talking about religion in the Catholic Church and Aaron says something about the Catholics not being spiritual or being religious or something and it it kind of hurts some dude who was sitting there who was a Catholic and that was you know I’m saying near and dear to his heart and so just to let something like that fly out of your mouth like either we didn’t know but now movie we found out that it hurt him and even me – I’ve grown from that like you try to be careful the way you use your words and you’re hurting people and don’t even know it just because you go around stating what you believe or whatever the case is do you remember that yeah and that goes back to – like lumping all people into one category there are very very holy spirit filled spiritual good Catholic people and you know as a baby you say things that you don’t mean it don’t even fully under just look probably repeating something you heard right and the charismatic Christian circles saying Oh Catholics were this or Catholics of that or Muslims or this or whatever the case is you find out like I gotta quit saying stuff I don’t know I’m just repeating some every person is different just because they put themselves under a certain denomination or whatever you can’t just lump them into some big group you have to still see them as an individual and so I try not to let things like that come out anymore but I mean we all screw up but something that you say in passing could have a big effect on someone’s life that’s why like again the power of life and death is in the tongue again I didn’t mean it it didn’t mean anything to me but it meant the world to him to hear that yeah and since I threw you under the bus do you want to share the story about us at Bell engraft gardens me being silly walking and I just said some random joke do you remember that and it was a I’m sure I’ll remember when you I was gonna let you tell it was a short person okay anyway this was years ago and I say years ago this was probably 2004 2005 we were just we were at belen grass gardens and walking with a bunch of friends and stuff and you know I’m always trying to tell jokes trying to make people laugh and part of that sometimes you miss and we look at comedians now on television sometimes they take it too far and it messes their career up you know what I’m saying sometimes they do a photo-op they thought it would be funny it ends their career whatever it is and so of trying to kind of I’m saying get that laugh sometimes you take it too far being silly I’ve got a lot of good laughs and I’ve got a lot of you know weird looks at times as well but we were walking up there and I just randomly jokingly said something about a midget riding a miniature horse or a midget in the closet I don’t know I said I made a joke about a midget and I got a couple laughs out of my friends but just when I said it there was a there was a little short guy a midget walk past me and hurt me and he was looking at me staring like he was upset I was like oh Lord like I had I did not think that there would be a midget walking past me when I made that punchline joke about it just some random thought and I felt bad about it and then I’ve been and I’ve been conscious of it and kind of I remember going to a concert that we did years ago as well and a buddy of mine did the same thing he was the emcee for the evening and he made a midget joke and it was a midget in the audience and he was making midget jokes and uh you know so we see how that’s like now being sensitive obviously you wanna you don’t want to make fun of someone for something they can’t change right you know what I’m saying and then we see that going on in our culture now as we’re changing and people are getting offended for different things and now you can’t say this I can’t say that but it’s just about being mindful man and not letting any idle word slip out of your mouth Christie folks just shared a scripture she said ah first she says that Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven a day I asked him you know how many times should we forgive seven times I forgive him on seventh time he said no seventy times seven you know do the math that’s how many times you need to forgive them you know and and then she said yes we will be judged by our words which leads me to a scripture that I have pulled up here Matthew 12:36 Jesus says but I say unto you that every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment your words as you release them they go forth into the universe you can’t take them back you can’t undo it you know there’s with this whole burning bridges thing and it’s usually done on stuff when people there’s a line they’re like we all have a trigger we all have a line that we’re not gonna cross and when somebody crosses that line they’re done they’re done and the goal is to try not to cross that line even if you know you’re crossing the line or you say I’m gonna I’m gonna take a dig on them I know that they’re sensitive about this I know that this gets to them so I’m gonna bring it up and you do it intentionally sometimes you’ll cross that line and there’s no going back like I have friends in my in my life or who were in my life that are not in my life anymore because they crossed the line you can’t buy was just joking man I was I didn’t really mean it I was in my anger okay I forgive you you’re forgiven but I can never forget that that you said to what you really felt and and you went there and you belittled me enough to go there so I have people in my in my life and maybe I’ve done that I know I’ve done that of just being a beacon of truth or whatever I called myself or whatever you know and not knowing saying stuff that offended people and there was times that I said stuff to offend people or belittle the church or belittle their beliefs or took it a step further and tried to get a little bit deeper with them in theology that I blew their mind and they don’t deal with me no more that’s too crazy like we all we all have those people right oh you believe that okay can’t deal with you no more you know I’m interviewing people on the podcast and I’m like oh and I feel that way they tell you something like oh man you find out something about them but it’s about intentionally doing it and crossing that line and there’s that whole self-sabotage thing that I had to deal with and people burn bridges intentionally there’s this weird mechanism like everything is going good so I have to do something that’s going to you know saying shake this up because there’s no conflict on my life and I’m used to struggling I’m used to having everyone against me why is everybody for me so you have you just inwardly do something that’s gonna shake it up and whatever you’ve been building however long it’s a year and a half two years or whatever you just push one button and you undo all you undo years of friendship for one fit of anger one fit of rage and doing him and so over the years like I’ve always I don’t know if this I’m like a value friendship for one I’m not too picky when it comes to friends but people would do me wrong in the past and I just I’d forgive them and we’d hang out they talk crap about me I forgive them hang out all types of wicked little evil gestures and stuff and I just I wouldn’t I may get upset but I give them and we’d be friends again Aaron not so much like if she says somebody wrong to me she takes it personal she’s like why are you hanging out with this person who is you know gossiping and backbiting with you behind your back but to your friend they’re acting like nothing’s happened but you know that they’ve been gossiping you know they’ve said this and said that or whatever and I can admit that it’s you know in forgiveness and some things may have been sensitive and some not so much or whatever that I’ve tried to work through but over the years she had no problem with just cutting you off or whatever and maybe she’s had to kind of work through that a little bit too and I think she has a little bit but I have to as well you know I now I have standards there’s I’m careful about who I let speak into my life at this point or who I’m gonna keep in my circle of trust and my friends and and tell my um saying intimate you know saying details worth about my life about my mind and things like then just gonna open up with those people and I can’t just be anybody because they’ll take it in and be like the town crier they can’t hold water they’ll tell everybody that’s a big thing that happens in the church and that’s even done under the guise of let’s pray for that person hey y’all let’s pray for so-and-so I heard he was this let’s pray for someone so I he’s smoking crack you know I’m saying no and nobody knew but you wanted to tell everybody so you do it in the guise of a prayer meeting you know that that happens a lot too versus you going to war shaking heaven and earth because you’re gonna fight for their freedom you know what I’m saying so uh when it comes to you know giving account for every word cutting people off like but I think we’ve both grown on that I’ve grown a little bit towards you and maybe you’ve grown a little bit towards me as far as cutting people off maybe this much you still cut the head off that’s one of my lines like you don’t cross the line of my family you don’t mess with my parents you don’t mess with my husband you don’t mess with my kid yeah and my friends like I love my friends dearly I’m a peacemaker at heart I try to make peace I try to keep people together I love the community tribe aspect and that’s just in my nature I’m a peacemaker and but there’s just certain things when you say I’m like you said you cannot take it back and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna be in one accord with somebody who is attacking my circle the people that I love the most the people that I feel like are a part of me and I’m a part of them I just like you said I can forgive and move on but I’m gonna move on I’m not gonna hang around in that your talk but that that’s hard too though because we’ve had to deal with that in the past and kind of dealing with it now but when stuff happens in your circle like when two people in the circle have a fallout and then you have to choose sides where they want you to choose sides it happened to me you know I’m saying a couple years ago and it’s just a really weird thing that it’s like a schism that kind of forms with with friendships and you’re hanging out with this friend but they’re talking about that one and that’s it’s getting into the gossip and you know any time that someone speaks ill towards you or towards any anybody it’s usually done especially in religion this is what I pick get this stuff from when when it’s done they’re trying to make that person look bad so you think more highly of them and it happens in churches or ministries or leaders or whoever the case is say hey he believes this you need to watch out for that you need to do that and you’re sitting there like pouring salt upon that person so that hey but I don’t you know what I’m saying and so that’s always like a backhanded you don’t say a way of trying to self-promote with everybody there’s another way of looking at that too though is in a group where you’re close and someone in the group hurts you I mean these are your these are your people your brothers and sisters these are the people you take your problems to and we come together and pray about it and lift each other up and I mean they may not be trying to tear that person down they just are genuinely bleeding and they want you to help them to heal and it’s tough because you feel like you’re stuck in the middle because you love both of these people that are going through this and I really I think a lot of times the person doesn’t mean it to come out as malice or bitterness but you’re just like you are their community there are people that they take their things to pray about – and it just it’s just a mess mm-hmm it’s not a good situation ever well it’s weird I mean the scripture says that if you have an art with your brother to go to them and if they don’t hear you out – then go get another brother and come to them and kind of hash it out with a third party and you know the Scriptures which is really deep on that that you don’t see anymore when it comes to judgment like a righteous judgment the Bible says a spiritual man judges all things right so that there is a godly judgment as well but there was always a third party who didn’t know anything not somebody who’s been in it and they know everything like you need to have someone who has no idea about your conflict about your situation and bring them into it to explain that both sides hear them out much like a judge like a judge in the court system really the weird thing is – when it comes to the gift of prophecy there was always supposed to be someone there judging it by hold on this is you know this is this is getting weird so like they they there are like positions of judgment that were good so people to use common sense and you know cuz you’re in your emotions you’re not gonna make right judgments you’re you have a point a point to prove you’ve been wronged so you’re not gonna be rational both sides so you’re gonna need that third party to come in and that goes a long way but it’s always good to have someone who doesn’t know the situation to come in versus someone who likes you more or if I side with you I get more perks for siding with you you may have more influence you may have more connections for me let me side with you because you have you know that that comes into play so having somebody a third party who has no idea what’s going on that’s good but that’s a that’s a big deal that when it comes to the Scriptures and using judgment Jose talked about The Four Agreements and I’m that’s a book that you read I haven’t read it but I know the principles um but one is talking about take nothing personal ain’t nothing that’s a good that’s a good thing to write as far as not that’s a good thing to be like what’s his name Bruce Lee be like water my friend just let it flow off of you don’t let nothing stick to you you know don’t let it stick because it’s not personal they’re doing it for whatever inner turmoil that they have going on or whatever the case is it’s not personal but they can make it personal right yeah they can dig they’re trying to dig at you so even though it’s not personal it’s an inner conflict they’re still look if you cross that line man there’s always a line in everything that you do and everything that you do there’s always a line I have you know we enjoy you know some drinks from time to time there’s always a line don’t cross that line you have people who across that line especially drinking and alcohol they deuced they do stuff they can’t take back they say things they can’t take back we’ve all done it right I have a lot of things that I that I’ve done under the influence of not even being drunk but just under the influence that you’ve done you can’t take back you like man I wouldn’t it did that if I wasn’t drinking or whatever the case is I got friends that when they they tiptoe across that line it’s over they’re through that they don’t remember nothing that they’ve done and it’s it gets crazy when you got some couple questions here we can implement some of these so uh John Santiago says how do you guys handle the anger towards each other as a husband and wife do you guys take the time to relax before talking it out or talk it out in the moment I think it depends but most of the time if I like we don’t really get angry at each other that often it’s it’s not that common to really get angry but I think when I do I do take a moment like I’ll go go sit down in the bedroom and think about it and I really try hard to take a moment so that we I don’t say anything out of anger that’s that I don’t mean or that’s gonna come across the wrong way I know that I do when I’m angry before I bring it up I do try to take a few minutes to really think and digest what’s going on but we don’t wait a long time either we do try to hurry up and reconcile whatever difference is causing us to be angry I don’t I don’t like just sitting on those Asians it’s not not a good thing yeah we try to deal with it ASAP if it’s anything but we don’t we don’t fight a lot or argue a lot we’re on the same page for the most part we’re in this together we’re one flesh you know what I’m saying so if I do anything stupid or to wrong her I’m doing against myself and just to be open and honest like you have to you have to make sure you deal with any type of thing like that especially talking about you know I guess it goes back to the beginning not letting the Sun go down on your anger if you did something or said something that offended you and you win a couple hours and went to work or something you know we try to make sure at least by the end of the day we talk some things out but um it’s not it doesn’t happen a lot you know how you’ve seen I come from relationships with like my brother my you know uncles and grandfathers and all that where they were just everything every relationship I seen growing up was abusive relationship you know physical relationship you know I’m saying verbally abusive all that kind of stuff so I knew what not to do you know what I’m saying knew not to do that or whatever the case is and so but it’s a growing thing it’s a learning thing man like if you bottle stuff up you know and you’re not walking in the spirit you may try to hold things back you may you know even me even after I got born again right Christ came into my life and changed my heart and did a miracle in my life there were still things that needed to be dealt with and it’s a growing process and understanding childhood wounds and hurts and traumas and triggers really and I remember you know I would get into fits of rage as a Christian you know I don’t know I would just remember you know I’m saying distinctly playing video games all day when we first got married we might not even been married at the time but we were live together I was playing video games out there and you came home and said something about the house not being clean or something and I got in it I got upset and I punched a hole in the wall right and just these weird dirt you know outburst of anger and rage and you’re like why did I do that you can’t take it back you got to go fix the wall that’s happened a couple times but when you go through the healing process and you understand what triggers that stuff and how not to do that there’s people their whole life don’t mention that when he’s drunk stay away over there’s people who never get over that and there are always a trigger they’re always raging out you know what I’m saying and so it’s a it’s a it’s a learning experience and a learning curve of taking responsibility for your actions and your emotions too and putting your emotions under the obedience of Christ enough self control that you can take a pause yep think about it before you respond youyou may still feel like punching a hole in the wall and there’s times that people say stuff and I find out information and I want to punch a hole in the wall you and I don’t you know I got a buddy of mine and I should have beat him up now but uh he come over here you know we’ll play we’ll play Madden we used to be so competitive and we play Madden and we’re getting it in all the way to the end and I throw the game-winning touchdown and beat him this Joker will take my controller and throw it across the room and just walk out the door when it comes to those video games getting beat you know and I’m like man you know that’s that anger and in the same guy he told me a story he just bought a PlayStation 2 when they came out and he was playing the game and he kept dying he pushed the eject button the disc and the tray pops out and he just stepped on it like a brand new PlayStation he just stepped on a broken you can’t undo that you got to go get it fixed or buy another one you got to take this long process to kind of make things right so in your anger sin not you just okay to be angry like you lost yeah you know if you’re very competitive and you played me and I beat you you know me and Aaron play games and I beat her the time and she gets angry but now we’re usually on cheap teams when we play together now I learned learnt but um so yeah that’s all Jonathan’s question let’s just see I’m gonna go through some more Dumbledore said something good about The Four Agreements we’re talking about not taking it personal he says you should take it personally or else because if you don’t you if you don’t show a reaction to being harmed then that person will never learn to behave they’ll keep doing it again because you acting like that’s okay yeah doesn’t offend me and it really does like you need to let her know that hey man let’s don’t do that let him know that you have boundaries or whatever going on on jobs that was a big thing for me like the first job I had I was very young you know and my boss he would talk down to me you know cuz I would do stupid things on the job as I was learning but I just took it and I stated that job for five years went to another job but I learned it’s okay I’m not gonna I’m not gonna give another person that authority over I don’t care who you are or how much you’re paying me you’re not gonna talk down to me and this lady that I got hired on under she was very aggressive and she talked down to this big old black guy man and just little white lady she’s cutting him down calling him stupid you messing up you’re so stupid I’m fine and she’s just going in and in it well I’m just looking like oh no it’s not happening you’re not doing that so ii already kind of stand your ground a half you know I’m saying have standards let’s say look that’s not happening you’re not gonna talk to me like that right and I’m moving forward then you you know you hold that with you you don’t let nobody disrespect you you demand your respect okay how much you paying me I was looking for a job when I found this one you know go find another one and I think we should do that sometimes I mean it’s it’s not arrogant or anything it’s it’s self-care to take care of yourself and not let people walk all over you like a doormat this is this is an interesting I’m Jose this up – he says here in Hawaii the culture teaches that the moon has a lot to do with our moods that’s interesting because when we’re talking about the planetary alignment mercury in retrograde I don’t I haven’t believed in a lot of that stuff until I started seeing a lot of turmoil come up like during those times you would hate to expect it right you would hate to say okay mercury and retrograde is here so therefore you’re expecting something to go wrong you’re expecting a friendship to end something to break down or whatever maybe the you know I’m saying the the way the planets are aligned it’s just a good time to cut ties with people you know obviously in the new moon and things like that it’s good times to plant and and start something new so it’s very interesting when it comes with the the the tide the moon controlling the tide in our bodies and waters of the Moon having something to to play into that something else that’s interesting and this has been an ongoing thing for a while but my friend Brett Stacy who’s real big in Hebrew he shared us he said he Hebraic word with me several months ago and we can’t find the word but the definition was one who is not swayed by the planets like I don’t care what’s going on what the planets are doing they won’t have any bearing over who I am in the way I feel and things like that he shared that word with me and the definition was really deep but we were in like a private chat on zoom and now I can’t find it what that word is and I’ve searched the definition he doesn’t remember the word and it was just some weird spur-of-the-moment thing but um understanding the phases of the Moon and and I’m saying working with it I know people who you know plan their life by the planetary alignments about okay this is going to be good to start a business this is gonna I’m gonna probably need to stay to myself today or these next couple days or whatever the case is and they understand that and they and and they move according to that so very interesting let’s see read that one if anybody has any questions go ahead and put them in the chat and I’ll try it we’ll try to get to him try not to let a lot of dead air come while I’m trying to move through these so going back to anger I wanted to share something I’ve been learning because I’ve been working on a a course for the chakras and how to make essential oil rollers to help balance your chakras and to cleanse them and clear them and we hold anger in our liver so that’s kind of interesting that you hold anger in your liver and that’s in your solar plexus chakra and has to do with the stomach and all that so I know when I get upset I I feel it in my stomach like I feel sick to my stomach and maybe even feel pain in that area of my body and so that’s kind of interesting I thought the flying penguin says he finds it hard to forgive someone who hurts his wife kids or someone I care about I’m the same way like I am in this weird it’s weird I feel that way about my family but we also feel that way about our friends and our tribe and people we believe in you know what I’m saying dealing with fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves and stuff like that so we’re supposed to be protectors man and but yeah anybody who deals with messing with you or your family yeah off with their heads garner says same with me and my wife I’ll let people get over on me and let it go then she’s like why mm-hmm let’s see I know Christy had a question okay Christy folk says question God said he created good and evil for himself can you elaborate on this verse is it’s God saying yeah he created evil then he gets the glory when we overcome it again like the scripture says good and evil and it says light and darkness as well like I said we always talk about the contrast and how beautiful that that contrast is to I mean we’re talking my friend chips here let’s look at it there good and bad friendships you have the contrast good and bad boyfriends girlfriends marriages whatever it is you have a contrast there a good and bad job you ever worked a crappy job and you ever been on a good job you’re thankful you know what I’m saying for that friendship for that job because you know what it’s like to be in that bad friendship if you’ve been in bondage if you’ve been in addiction you know what it feels like not to be an addiction you have a contrast you may have a contrast that other people don’t have you’re privy to something because what you’ve been through you now have a contrast you’ve been in the darkness now the light is that much more beautiful because you know what it’s like to be in a state of darkness of the of the light of Christ illuminated in your life you know and and that’s one thing you know a lot of people in ministry and stuff and you know I usually go to churches and tell this big grandiose testimony or how God delivered me out of witchcraft and I had demons appearing to me and they loved to hear that stuff they eat it up but it all it would always mess with the kids who had never been through a lot you know they were like man I feel like they want to leave and make a testimony for themselves and kind of be like the prodigal because they don’t have this big grandiose story right they don’t have this this way to kind of I’m saying they were raised in the church they don’t have that contrast there so that was always like this weird little schism there for them that I noticed and but the Bible does say those who have been forgiven much they love much because you have something to wait again so you know what it’s like so um but understanding the sovereignty of God and I don’t know I’ve been talking about this for some months now I am working on it but I’m putting all this in a book and so it’s really I’m going in I mean you could just do the study yourself just start with the study of evil angels and an evil spirits of God sending them out and how he uses all things for his glory not just the good stuff but even the bad and sometimes more over the bad than the good like we did again it comes back to the contrast how do we know what is good unless we’ve dealt with the with the bad you know so and that’s in everything in your life you can apply the okay Christie also says Jesus said beware of the leaven of the Pharisees would it be so far-fetched to say that the modern-day Church is the Pharisees bread Jesus was speaking of essentially I mean that’s a spirit you know I’m saying the Pharisees and Sadducees you know I’m saying we can if we’re not careful we can become Pharisees to somebody you know you can operate under that same spirit that they were operating in and even with that like they start talking about how like the same spirit that they’re in that that Moses dealt with those spirits in Elisha and they all deal with the same spirits Jesus dealt with them now we’re dealing with them and when the way spirits work even like Satan the spirit of hasit on the adversary Peter operated on under that spirit Jesus rebuked him saying get behind me Satan for you don’t have the in mind the things of God but the things of man so we can operate in these spirits we had that’s one we had to be careful I’d rather operate under the Holy Spirit and those those other spirits and Trust trust me that I have a deep Studies on this and it’s gonna be in the book but even in Galatians was talking about the fruits of the spirit those are spirits as well jesus said I did not didn’t give you the spirit of bondage again to fear but the spirit of love that love is a spirit joy spirit of joy spirit of peace these are the seven spirits of God and now so I’ve got all this stuff I’ve got a mention of in in the scriptures every time that God calls something a spirit or it’s essentially a spirit or an essence that comes to to dwell amongst you and even in my music if y’all know I always talk about visiting with spirits most of the time these are the spirits I’m talking about I know it’s universal but for me I’m if I’m talking about this the spirits are speaking to me most of the time is the spirit of love or the holy spirit you know and an understanding that every essence every feeling every vibration is a spirit i’ll degress digress on that we’ll try to get back to the another thing too that’s cool is that he compared it to Levin and Levin is something that multiplies you don’t have to do anything to it but when you have Levin I mean in a symbolic force in two though you don’t in the scriptures when it’s on my eleven it’s the leaven of the Pharisees there’s in like Hebraic tradition Jewish tradition the there’s there’s different feast and preparing for those feast you you go through your house physically and get all the leaven out of your house all of the the products in the bread and and even now there’s a lot of other products like like toothpaste and things like that they may have leaven in it and stuff like that there’s all types of products you don’t know about so it’s even still still celebrated now this way they’ll search their entire home physically get all the leaven out so that they can prepare for the feast that’s coming out whether it’s the feast of unleavened bread the Feast of Trumpets or Passover or whatever but it says in in the Old Testament we talked about allegory obviously it’s symbolic it’s not about literally going getting it all out of your house in the scriptures you read it like that and they you know I’m saying commemorated and they try to redo it but it’s spiritual because it’s representing sin in our hearts and searching our hearts and getting it out of our house our temple the temple of God so search your house for a week we’re supposed to be doing this daily but this is a special time set apart to kind of go in and deal with all you know I’m saying the leaven descender issues and get it out so that we can walk into the new year with grace that we can walk into the new year with you know I’m saying forgiving everyone that’s sinned against us and people that we’ve sinned against and kind of you know I’m saying writing those wrongs or whatever so it’s really deep and that’s another you know I’m saying layer if you recall it allegory or just a spiritual context to sin and the eleven of the Pharisees the cool thing is a lot of people are vision learners and it’s almost like a living parable that if you were to go and try to get all the leaven out of your house the point of it is like you said there’s so many products that have leaven that it’s not even really widely known I think the point of it is that no matter how hard you try you really can’t get it all out you’re almost always gonna find that one thing that you forgot so it kind of shows you your need for a savior if if you look at it in relation to sin you can try your best to be good to follow the commandments to do everything right but there’s almost always gonna be this little thing like because no one’s perfect I mean we all fall short so to me that’s what that always was about that it’s it just shows that you’re not perfect and you still have need of a savior mm-hmm let’s see a couple other scriptures here that I have as well let’s see okay so Matthew 6:14 this is from the Youngs and this is in the letters in red right this is Christ he says for if you if you forgive other people when they sin against you your heavenly Father will also forgive you and here’s a but or an if here it says a but if you do not forgive others their sins says your father will not forgive you your sins so how are you seeking forgiveness from your sins and it’s stuff that you’re doing when you haven’t forgiven that person who is wronged you or sinned against you but let’s let’s make a distinction here there’s a difference you can you can forgive but you I would say never forget and someone in the chapters of au alpha-omega says you know do you forgive someone who robbed you you know I’m saying how do you you can forgive them but how do you trust them again that’s to be earned how do you respect them again that’s to be earned you don’t forget it you’ve because they’re gonna might keep doing the same things and you have to earn that respect you have to show that you really there’s a difference as well men of asking for forgiveness and feeling sorry grieving over your sins grieving over the bad things you did and then repenting from them having a change of mine in the change of heart and the Bible says to bring forth fruit worthy of repentance to show you know if you keep saying you’re sorry god I’ll never do it again we’ve all been there I’ll never do it again God I’m sorry you feel bad you’re grieving over your sins but the next time you provided an opportunity to sin you’re gonna jump right on it that doesn’t show that you you really want I mean you want forgiveness but you haven’t repented you still enjoy your sin so people also get caught up in the fact that when they’re in these sin cycles of just cycling over and over the same things they can’t get out of it and they want God to take it whether it’s a drug addiction a pornography addiction whatever it is any type of addiction a shopping addiction credit card addiction it could be anything food addiction why am i overeating every time I sit down and I eat everything I see like those are addictions right why do I keep doing it people want God to just magically take it away again where’s the contrast jesus said why do you say you love me and you don’t do the things I say you keep saying I love you but you’re not acting like it why do you I mean love is an action in a marriage love is an action well say you love me but the things you’re doing you know don’t don’t show that you love me so essentially it’s the same way even with that contrast like if you love God like all this sin is fun the Bible says it sins fun for season until it catches up with you and you have to you know say make amends for what you’ve done or suffer the consequences for your sins sins fun but you’re eventually gonna have to pay for it but the contrast is how much of God do you want in your life you can go as far and as deep and as wide in God in the spirit as you want but there are things that you can’t take with you you can’t take those unhealthy addictions with you and move to the next level you’re gonna be stuck on that same level until you deal with that sin you make amends and essentially say god I love you more than pornography I love you more than smoking crack I love you more than my weed addiction I love you more than alcohol and I’m gonna show you God he hears it every day you said it take it from you God please take it from me and he doesn’t take it you have to she have to show them something you’re not a robot you have to show you have to bring forth fruit worthy of repentance and show them look I’m not playing I really want this and it Bible says if you draw near towards God he’ll draw near towards you and forgive you of all unrighteousness if you confess your sins and say look I mean what is like the 12-step program one of the the first things to do is to come there and say look I need help to admit that you have a problem the and I actually have two steps that I wrote down here then I’ve got friends who have been through the process and who are still going through it but there’s two steps when it comes to forgiveness that even in a model like the 12-step program a lot of Christians like down talk it or whatever and there’s some things that I don’t agree with with the 12-step but there are some beautiful things where it teaches you how to it actually rewires your mind in the way that you you act and whether you see life interact with people but um two steps here I’m just going to read these two steps out of the 12 this is step eight and nine and this is what they do step eight is make a list of all the persons we have harmed and become willing to make amends to them all and in nine make direct amends to such people whenever possible except when to when to do so would injure them or others so making amends asking for forgiveness going back over your life like that scriptural and that changes that gets that bad karma that bad juju off of you because you’ve done your part even if they don’t accept your apology sometimes they don’t have not and they have no idea what you’re talking about now you can become hypersensitive with stuff like that I remember we used to do it in church when we were young and I would just tell people random stuff that I thought about them and it probably wasn’t good so you gotta use wisdom you really gotta you and I’m talking about I was young I was I was like 17 and I went up to a dude and I said because they preached on this it’s like you know ask for forgiveness of this stuff and I I’m searching my heart I’m like me okay I had a bad thought about this dude let me go tell him you gotta use wisdom it’s not always whistling and I actually went up to the guys hey man I just was thinking you was a nerd man you know he was a nerd Matthew Lawson and he was like okay I forgive you and I said what you forgive me man I just in my mind I just kept calling you another it just really you know you’re a young interfaith we’ve all done some really silly things when it comes to the learning experience but but essentially you’re searching the heart and those things are gonna come up now if that is the worst thing that came up the fact that I thought this guy was a nerd I think I’m doing pretty good at the time right Todd Packer was going through the and he’s I think he told um the one that was like Dwight jr. I can’t remember what his real name was but he was like I’m sorry I called you a fat little chump earlier he’s like you didn’t oh well I guess I’m just apologizing for things that I thought yeah it’s funny proverbs 1518 a hot-tempered person stirs up conflict but the one who is patient calms a quarrel don’t listen in your anger sin not it’s okay to be angry it’s okay to get upset sometimes it’s okay to be in your feelings but don’t make any rash decisions especially something something that’s gonna hurt others or something that you’re gonna regret later why you’re upset it’s big it’s big it really is and so we value friendship we you know I’m saying people mean a lot to us especially I mean as you as you get older I mean sometimes are feeling far between you know when you learn people have their different triggers I’m sure we all have them learn them so you don’t walk around being triggered by everything you see I mean Aaron like years ago we got born again and then we started hanging out at some of the hardcore concerts and going to bars and stuff going to concert and it would be Christian bands who would play there and stuff but we’d hang out with all our church friends but it’d be random people and people would be cussing and arrows like sir can you not be doing how that cussing and like it’s like all you don’t saying grown people and Aaron’s checking everybody on their cousins he had a trigger it triggered her she had a problem with cussing when she was younger you’re projecting it’s okay to ask we used to do that a lot I mean I think we still do when we was just around people who just custom custom lady man was you just throwing these words in there filler words oh yeah definitely when the kids around yeah so you’re sensitive to different things some people like those people like curse Kirsten wasn’t no big deal every other word was the f-bomb and it’s not really that big a deal to me now after growing it changed a lot since then I just then it really you essentially yeah and I think it’s okay to speak up and ask people to give you some space on issues and if they don’t just leave yeah right they don’t respect you I keep doing it you know we need to say she thinks just okay to ask so yeah I think that um I’ve covered all the little stuff I had to talk about if anybody has any questions here within the last few minutes just let us know there’s a good answer but maybe somebody can give me some insight my question is you know we’re talking a lot about taking up for yourself demanding respect for yourself drawing that line that if somebody crosses that line you forgive them but you move on so my question is where does the scripture turn the other cheek fit in with all this like it if he strikes you on one cheek turn and offer him the other like where does that fit in with our demand for self respect and self care and people to hold space for us I know it’s a hard one but if anybody has any insight that’s just something yeah cuz it because Jesus doesn’t want you to be in abusive relationships no loving like with a spouse or with a friend you know and people people know that and you’re right they’ll keep they’re staying they’ll stay friends with jerks because of that scripture they just made any meaning bye-bye and you just keep making excuses for people so that’s one thing you you know he’s not talking about that there’s no way to be in relationships with people who attack us verbally either like if someone says hey I’m gonna go tell the world that you did this isn’t this it’s not true but i’ma tell them anyways because I want to slander you and ruin your life and take you know take your job away and all like I mean there are people out there like that and I don’t think he wants us to stay in a relationship with someone like that mm-hmm but then the scripture scripture the analogy was you know maybe don’t use maybe the cheek is a little bit less sensitive maybe they slap you on the cheek it doesn’t hurt as much you slapped me on one cheek I’m probably slapping you on one of your eyes maybe they hit you in the mouth is different you hit you in the mouth you hit him back but he’s the cheek there was something about the cheek I mean the principle is we looking at uh you know again you know it did we talked about robbing new guy you know a hey you said something about um you know people who robbed me can I forgive them you know jesus said they take your cloak give them your tunic also you know they ask you to go with them a mile walk with them to show them that you care so that this you know and this is about walking in forgiveness you don’t just look for a fence oh you said this against me by your and you just find out you got all these people in your circle who agree with you or can help you you know what I’m saying or whatever the case is you find yourself building the circle of just all these like-minded people which we’ve done now you run out you run out the people out of your life who disagree with you and there’s where all these movements and social justice this and social justice Dada and religious this that’s why there’s a a church on every corner that has and it could be the exact same but they differ in this one thing so they started a new church because you disagreed with them you know instead of walking together there’s a scripture that says can two walk together lest they agree and when I was really big into religion we like would challenge each other’s belief systems and doctrines until we found the thing that made us separate and we set up we don’t we don’t we don’t agree so we can’t walk together and it was like a thing and they still do it but for me now that scripture means that let’s find what we agree on and build upon that can we can walk together yes we can we can walk together if we if we agree let’s find what we agree on and build upon that and there’s nobody probably in the world unless you’re just a do boy are you just a good parrot you know it’s a parakeet you can just remember repeat after people that’s gonna have the exact same theology and belief system about everything so can two walk together let’s they agree right so okay well he believes this I don’t believe that okay well I don’t have no problem not talking about it and I’ve been in the religious system where that was the you look for what makes you different oh you’re a Catholic okay well I Catholics for this Catholics for that oh you’re a Jew oh well Jews reject the Savior you know I’m saying you got all this you’re prepared about every we used to study what makes us different so would be ready to have contentions with everybody that’s demonic that’s crazy versus what makes us the same let’s find what we can agree on and build upon that man I believe it I’ve had beautiful friendships with people who are almost like my direct polar opposite you just have to learned how to get past your disagreements and say hey let’s just agree to disagree and change of subject I mean sometimes things can get heated when there is a difference there but you can agree to disagree and get past it you can yeah yep and just and don’t be a butthole and quit you know stop bringing it up you know what I’m saying like that’s weird to just focus on what you do have in common you just want to keep bringing it up and like shoving it in their faiths face something or saying it from the pulpit and like that’s weird too I’ve seen that on pointing out you know people’s shortcomings or whatever the case is we all have them that’s not fun you know and even people blowing up it’s a shortcoming you know some people are better at it some people you know walk in the spirit a little bit more I’ve seen trust me I’ve seen people inserts worshiping in the spirit singing Hallelujah jumping they’re doing a praise dances all of this stuff they’re really loud exuberant with their face and in a little old lady tap Simon Says can you keep it down just a little you’re kind of distracting and he just went in on him UOB I beat your mother and just going in and he’s in the Holy Spirit caught up in worship in the second heaven worshipping with the angels dancing with God and then just brought down and just cut like we’re talking about fits of Rage like in the middle of a church service like I’ve seen that happen with this person a couple times I love them they got to work through it haven’t given up on them you know they’ve done it to me and I still work through them you know choose your battles wisely man that’s what it’s about choose your friends man when you find something that you believe in if it’s people that you believe in fight for it fight for what you believe in a marriage fight for it fight for your marriage your family I would hope widows and orphans fight for them stand up for what you believe in man those who can’t fend for themselves you better that’s true religion fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves the widows and orphans who don’t have nobody to speak for them that’s what it’s about so I’m Christie folks says she done asked five questions so do you have another question did you see anything before we get off here or do you have another question for the panel question okay Chris garner said turning the cheek is about being above pettiness yeah and then Christie folks said maybe when you turn the other cheek you are killing them with love yeah yeah see the dusting of the feet comes into play after the turning cheek says Ali huh yeah if they don’t receive you to dust off your feet why would you want to stay somewhere you’re not welcome to anyway especially in a in a in a friendship or a relationship you know that’s weird again watch your words don’t use them loosely life and death is in the power of the tongue so be careful you know that because you will give it in an account for every other word that you’ve said again we’re talking about friendships with some of the power of life and death in the tongue vibration you know we have went in a lot on studying vibration and how you’ll be able to speak to the you know send the molecules and things like that and change the frequency of the water and your body’s made up of 70% water and the power that you have when you speak life or death over people your friends situations and over yourself learning to prophesy over yourself learning to speak to your situation and Jesus rose up and spoke to the winds in the waves and they obeyed him what are the winds and waves in your life what are they I mean they’d be probably different for all of us but maybe similar in some aspects are they bills overbearing bills is that taxes coming up is that a wind and wave speak to the situation man and said be thou removed and they were obey and it’s in they woke up and say who is this man that even the winds and waves obeyed him and that’s that’s the power that we have in Christ walking in the spirit to know your authority to know who you are and be careful with the words that you say again Chris Baris blessings brother he says value your friends value your friendships and you know the Bible says if possible live at peaceably with all men that was big too as far as like coexisting I love that that sticker doesn’t mean that I believe or endorse those religions or faith or belief systems or ideologies but I believe in that if if possible live peaceably with all men that’s what the Apostle Paul said all men if it’s possible do it so with that I think we’re done you good I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank y’all for hanging out with us I wanted to come on here and talk about this this is something that was near and dear to my heart didn’t know what to talk about but I did I did have a couple scriptures I wanted to share be careful man you know what I’m saying you you I don’t I don’t I’m not I’m not necessarily sure you get to do this again I don’t you know this may be the only shot that we have at this life and so you know even going to the grave like why would you want to go to the grave with like you know being a bitter person and then the older you get the harder it is man people get set in their ways don’t let sin when it is conceived like it gives birth to death man it’ll it’ll sit in and you’ll be a bitter old religious person you’ll be a bitter a bitter old New Ager a bitter old spiritual person whoever you are deal with that stuff don’t let it sit in because it gets harder more time passes by you know when you’re young you might deal with it quick but when you oh you and find six months time passed by and you’re still dealing with that stuff deal with it man we love you guys Danny says my anger can be one of my weakest but I’m definitely getting better yeah man make amends don’t let the Sun go down on your anger and you know what if that you know god forbid but what if that person you know passes man and your anger you didn’t have a chance to say I’m sorry that that kills people they know they were a jerk to their family there were a jerk to their friends you know consider other people steamed them higher than yourself if you have to take the low road or essentially I’m saying the high road really if you’re doing that so um yeah so uh again thank you everybody who who made this show possible that we’re able to do this today because of your support via patreon listener support it again if you’d like to support what I’m doing you get there’s so many more perks and I’m trying to rework everything over there if you go check it out I’m trying to make things a lot more easier for you to download the album’s so you’re beginning some more updates on the emails where I just kind of restructure and everything where it looks more professional I’m gonna redo my patreon video that thing is like two maybe three years old now but you should go watch it before he takes it down it just speaks of how far he’s come blessings how speak in life and working hard for your dreams and goals can make a difference cuz he’s really he’s come so far since that would’ve you know it was honest so I’m gonna redo that um so I want to say thank you to beneath I just donated it sent the donation thank you my friend ronita for the donation but yet there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m wanting to come out with and you know trying to trying to have so much that I want to get out and the weird thing is this so draining though you know what I’m saying so I have so much to get out but when I get it out of it I feel like I feel drained if it’s writing writing a song writing in my book I’m working on a course a course that I’m doing and for some reason they just feel so draining so I’m just trying to find the right time and the right energy to get this stuff out well I’m not drained you know I can articulate the things that I have within my mind and in my spirit and the things I’ve experienced and the things I’m hearing from God just to articulate it in such a way where it has the most impact and kind of spread out between you know a couple of different things that I want to do visions and I just got to knock them out and and you guys should do the same you guys should do the same those visions that you have man just be consistent if it’s a whole bunch of them just be consistent create something put it out there and in the world um I got I’m working on some courses that I’m doing I’m gonna be doing some I’m doing private sessions right now with people who are who want whether it’s through consultations or teaching people or counseling or whatever I’m doing some of that and then I’m gonna be doing some more I don’t know if I’ll call them sessions but we’ll do some coaching and things will go in together through meditation and prayer and teaching you guys how to actually go in for yourselves which has been really really fun here taking some clients than my bill but I’m wanting to do some group efforts as well so make sure you subscribe to my email list and I probably once I get everything laid out the way I want to do that 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