Apostle Paul Was Working With Demons! PART 1: Breathing Out Spirits

Apostle Paul Breathing Out Demons

Don’t Let The Title Shock You.

Apostle Paul Was Working With Demons! PART 1: Breathing Out Spirits
This presentation explores the ancient occult practices of the apostle Paul, as well as a few of the hidden names of the demons that Paul was in involved with. Paul was a great sorcerer before his conversion, but his magic didn’t stop when he met Christ. In fact, Paul continued to use and develop his magical skills well after his Damascus road encounter with Jesus.

According to New evidence found within the Greek Septuagint.
Biblical researchers are finding that many of the words that were translated into English are in no way connected to the words used in their original context.

Saul of Tarsus was a man who was well-trained in the magical arts, and he was using his spiritual knowledge to persecute the disciples of Jesus Christ and their followers.

For the first time, many of the words that have gone overlooked are now being seen in their proper context. What was the Apostle Paul was actually doing that had the early church so afraid of him?

Newfound alarming evidence by researcher and author, TruthSeekah, sheds light on some of the nefarious practices that Paul and many of the early Jewish sorcerers were participating in.

The Greek manuscripts suggest that Paul was summoning evil spirits, a practice was used by early sorcerers.

The Pharisees and Sadducee’s were also involved in secret occult magical acts and used divine rites and enchantments to bind spirits to individuals who are of the way of Christ.

Saul was a man who was to be avoided at all cost, crossing paths with this high level sorcerer never seemed to end well.

But what exactly was he doing to the Christians in Judea?

Why were they so afraid of him?

In this episode we will explore controversial new-found evidence suggests that Saul was using ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek magic to send out evil spirits and bind them to God’s people.

The Bible says that the apostle Paul was working with demonic spirits.

Several obscure passages in the book of Acts carry way more context about what Saul actually was doing to the Christians and how he was persecuting them.

Christian teachers have skimmed past these verses, but this presentation will all you for the first time to see into a deeper reality about how demonic spirits were utilized by the Saul and the Jewish Pharisees and were continued to be used by the early church.

Breathing Out Spirits.
Hidden in plain sight in the book of acts Acts chapter 9. The Bible tells you which spirits that Paul was working with and exactly how he was doing it.

Paul was performing a magical form of ancient breath work.
He was using breathing techniques to invoke and imbibe spirits into his body and then release them into people as he desired.
The only thing is that these were not good spirits.

Greek Magical Papyri

The Greek magical Papyri is a collection of ancient magical spells that date from the early Egyptian period and contain a combination of Greek and Egyptian ritual magic. The manuscripts contain Egyptian magical rights ranging from everything to summoning spirits, to curing headaches, and invoking ancient gods.
These spells would have also been around during the time of the early church.
The Greek Magical Papyri spells and enchantments date back to 30 BCE.

Green Mile
This film captured the ancient practice of Sufflation perfectly.
It shows not only the act of breathing in spirits as a magical rite of exorcism, but also exhaling both good and bad spirits as well.

Saul of Tarsus, better known as the Apostle Paul was nefarious and known for harming Christians in the early church, but in what way?

How was Paul actually harming the believers of the early first century?


2: forcible breathing or blowing out (as in clearing the respiratory tract) : forcible expiration

The Inhale or Insufflation would be partnering with a spirit to enter yourself or someone else. Usually tied to working with or embodying a benevolent spirit.


The Exhale or Exsufflation would be releasing a spirit that is residing within the body. This was done during exorcisms and before baptismal Christian initiation.

Sufflation was practiced by the early church in the rites of exorcisms, christenings and baptisms until the time of Martin Luther and the separation of the protestant church.

Mystical experiences continued after the reformation into many denominations such as the Charismatics, one of them being the Shaking Quakers.

When they translated the original Greek and Hebrew to words that would seem common in the English language.

It is well known that Solomon was working with evil spirits, the Jews has exorcist who we’re operating within their temple, but the research shows that many of the higher ups weren’t expelling demons out of the towns people, but in fact the quite opposite.

These trained magicians are not taking demons out, but in fact placing the souls of the fallen ones inside of unsuspecting people by ritualistic means.

PART 1: Breathing Out Spirits
PART 2: “Coming Soon”

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