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Ian Barnett was always a fan of hip-hop. When he got saved in 2002, he felt it was only right to glorify God with his gift and love for that genre. He felt led to share what God had done for him through his rap. Following God’s will for his life, has opened many doors for this talented artist. ASAP reminds himself daily, to stay in his lane and let God have control of the moves he makes. He doesn’t allow the idea of fame and fortune to distract him from the ultimate goal of reaching the lost.ASAP is dedicated to making his sets be all about the kingdom. He makes it a point to have altar calls after each performance. ASAP has stated that even when he gets out of line with his walk, God is always using him to reach others. He has witnessed people falling to their knees in worship and welcoming the Lord into their hearts, even when he himself is not moved by his performance. When he is not doing music, he is serving his church home in Ft. Worth on the media team, as well as doing street evangelism. He serves the homeless community by giving food and a healthy dose of the word.


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[music] You You [music] Won’t You Come [music] Won’t You Come Come [music] When I Don’t Be Won’t You Come [music] But Now Locked Into The Truth Seeker By Gas Trimming Live A True Thicker Calm Your Source For Spiritual And Inspirational Music Paintings And Media The Show Is Designed To Help You Grow In Your Walk With Christ And Advance The Kingdom Of Heaven And Now Your Own Truth Freaka Yo What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen I’m Your Host True Seeker You’re Back With Another Amazing Episode I’m So Honored And Thrilled To Be Here Before You Guys Speaking Out You Guys Are Hearing My Voice Receiving It And Whatever I Say You Guys Are Hearing It Man So This Is Really Everything Is Still New Like I Like Every Time I Go Live I Still Don’t Know What To Say Like I Don’t Have This Spiel Or This Card I’m Reading Off Of Every Time I Go Live And It’s Like Being There You Are In Front Of The Stage The Curtains Draw Back And It’s That Stage Right Like Okay What Do I Say What Do I Do I’m Not Really Sure I Don’t Know If I’ll Ever Be Sure So That’s What’s So Cool About It We Just Play It By Ear We’re Gonna Have An Awesome Conversation Tonight I’m Speaking With An Awesome Person An Awesome Christian Hip-hop Artist By The Name Of Asap Preach It’s Going To Be An Awesome Show We’re Going To Speak To Him About His Testimony He Just Had A New Album Come Out And You Guys Know That I Know How To Pick Them Like Every Single Interview That That I Pick And In Hand-picked Is Somebody Who’s Got A Story To Tell Man That’s What’s So Cool About It Somebody Who Has Something To Offer No Matter What Walk Of Life That They Come From Like We’ve Talked To People From Every Faith Every Creed Every Belief System And We Got On Here We’ve Chopped It Up And It’s Always Been An Exciting Show Man So Tonight Same Thing Nonetheless Asap Preach Will Be With Us Here In A Few Minutes I Want To Thank Everybody For Supporting Us Over On The Patreon Page But There’s Actually New Songs There There’s About Six Songs On The Patreon Right Now That I Haven’t Even Been Promoting I May Do A Facebook Post And Share It Out With A Snippet And Then There It Gets Lost In The Facebook Algorithms Or Whatever So I’ll Put It Out There But For The Fans Who Have Been Supporting We’ve Got A Handful Of You Guys Who Are There Have Been Checking It Out And Been Playing It Because I’m Looking At The Numbers And We’re Getting A Lot Of Plays Just With These These These Few People So Kinda Wonder If It Wondering If Anybody’s Sharing The Links Out Because The Numbers Are Just Going Crazy And They’re Supposed To Be Private Guys Do Not Share Those Links Out Man They’re Private Just For You Guys Who Are Supporting So Big Ups Man If You Guys Want Exclusive Content That Isn’t Out Yet Go To Slash True Seeker You Help Support The Show All Of The Stuff That We Have Going On Now These Lights In The Internet And Putting Everything On Lipson Which Is A Monthly Host That We Have To Use To Put Our Music Our Podcast On Itunes And Stitcher And Soundcloud And All That Stuff It Actually Costs Money Like You Only Get A Few Like I Think You’re Like Three Hours Free On Soundcloud But When We Signed Up Through Lipson Which Is A Monthly Fee And It’s A It’s A Pretty Hefty Fee But We’re Kind Of Believing That We’re Going To Be Doing Things That We’re Going To Need The Space To Be Doing More Episodes Per Week As Well So That’s Kind Of What’s Going On Going On On The Back End If You Want To Support You Can Go There And You Get Rewards Like I Got A Bunch Of Stuff On There My Books On There Talked About That I Just Put My Book Out There On Patreon As Well So You Guys Can Read About My Testimony And Read About Some Of The Intricate Stories That I’ve Been Involved In With Like Um Saying Growing Up And Dealing With The Occult And Seeing Spirits And Dealing With The Spirit Realm And Stuff As Well Like All Of That Stuff Is In The Book So Sega Thank You Guys So Much For Supporting So With That Being Said That’s Kind Of The The Business To Get That Out The Way We Are Now Going To Bring In Our Guests For The Evening Whose Name Is Asap Preach What’s Happening My Brother Welcome To The Show With The Legit What’s Up Boy Hey Man Thanks For Coming On Hanging Out With Me Tonight Brother Yeah It’ll Probably Look Like You Should Be Wearing My Head We Both Like I’m Gonna Figure It Out Man Yeah Yeah I Got That Rodman Jersey No Doubt No Doubt No Doubt Yeah Man Excited To Talk To You Being On Hearing Your Name In The Christian Hip-hop Circles For A While Been Seeing Your Music Videos And There’s That You’re Doing I Know We Have A Mutual Friend Jaime Ruckman Who’s Like Hardcore Promoter When It Comes To That Stuff And He Always Shares Out Your Music Man So That’s How I Caught When Did You First And I Think The First Song That I Was Actually That That Actually Caught Me Was The One You Did With The Jeremiah 33 Dude That That That Tracks Amazing Man Like Like I’m Saying It’s It’s Cool To Hear An Artist By Themself And Have An Album Have A Body Of Work But Then When It Goes To Having These Features And How They Kind Of Fit Together And Make A Picture You Know I’m Saying Like You Can Have You And Two Other Guys On An On A Track And It’d Just Be Okay But You And That One Person’s Voice Who Kind Of Got That Grind To A Man That’s An Amazing Song You’ve Said Up To Jeremiah 29:11 For That One Too Because That’s On His One Of His Albums That’s On Itunes Right Now Not Sure Exactly What It Was But This Is Definitely A Bag I Love That Song Yeah Dude It’s So It’s So Dope Man And Today I Got To Listen To Your New Album That Just Came Out This Week Your New Album Called Interviewer I In And In The Our View Interview Talked A Little Bit About That Man About That Name Dude What Does That Name Interview Mean Man You Know His Prior To My Other Album Asap Which A Sense For Always Say A Prayer I Wanted People To Get A Little Clear Of Be Lovely So I Titled It Pretty Much My Name And But I Felt Like It Took Me So Long To Come Up With That Project It Took Me Three Years To Finish That Album Of Time Of Taking Off Breaks And Then Finally Coming Back To It I Felt Like I Wasn’t Getting Everything That I Wanted The Poor Out Into Mesa Out Into The World So I Just Started You Know Making This New Album And I Was Really Eager These Last Three Or Four Months Just To Finish This Thing Up And You Know I Came Up With A Song Called The Interview And That Song Which Is The Intro Of The Interview I Was Listening To It I Started Trying To Ask God What Kind Of What Kind Of Title Should I Come Up With This And He Said He Told Me Just To Go Ahead And Name The Whole Album Off Of That One Song And Then Also I Was Going I Came Up With The Idea For The Album Cover And All That And He Gave Me A Different Insight He Was Like And So In It Was Just Random God Was Just Like A Set Of Interview Because When I Spoke It He Showed Me He Was Like No What About The Inner View Of You I Was Like Oh My God God Is So Good You Know Thanking Them For That You Know Sweet You Know Idea And And I Just Knew It Fit Perfect No One Else I Don’t Think Ever Came Up With An Album Called That Eat It Fit Really Good With It Everything I Was Doing So I Even Renamed It I Think The Beginning Song Called It Interview I Renamed It Name That One The Interview As Well So There You Go There’s Your Meds Pretty Much Is Is Powerful Man I Always Pay Attention To Words And Signs And Symbols Especially When They Keep Repeating Over And Over There Was A Period When I Was Trying To Find A Name Of This Podcast And Kind Of Still You Know Just Picked The Juicy Go Podcast Eventually Right After Years Of Being Called The Mythbusters Podcast The Awakening Podcast Encountering God Podcasts And Whoever Else Knows But For A Small Period Of Time It Was Called The Interview I Nn E Our View The Interview Really So I Pay Attention To Those Signs And Symbols And Stuff And So When I Sing That On Your Album It Reminded Me Kind Of Like Of What That Was About You Know I’m Saying That The Whole The Whole Look For That Man So That’s Awesome That We Got The Link Really Cool And Actually Wear The Same Hat You Know The Rules Coming Up With The Same Ideas We Got To Do A Check Yeah Definitely Man That Dude That’s Awesome Because I’m Like Really Picky When It When It Comes To Who I Reach Out To I’m Saying To Do Music With And I Got To Listen To Your New Album Today I Put It On Spotify If It’s On Spotify Itunes All That Good Stuff And I Listen To The Quality Of It And From Like I’ve Heard Your Name For A While Now Right You Said You’ve Been Doing Music We Talked A While Ago You’ve Been Doing It Since Oh Seven And If We Go Back To My Music From Oh Seven Like I Don’t Even Want To Hear It You Don’t Saying But Like Hearing Some Of Your Older Stuff Too We’re Okay You Know And Honestly I Was Like I Don’t Know What The Big Deal Is I Like The Appearance I Like The Tattoos They Look Like It I Like That I Think That’s Part Of The Packaging And It Just Didn’t Catch Me But When I Listened To The New Album I Was Okayed In I Like It I Like It I Actually Had Time To Sit Down And Listen To It And Listen To The Words The Production The Way That You’re You Like Like Your Flow Is Straight You’re Flowing Throughout It Does Not There’s Not Like A Lot Of Break Ups Where You’re Pausing But You’re Flowing And Did You Chop And Then You Flow Into Your Chop So It’s Like This Incorporation Of A Man So Kudos On The New Album Dude I’m A Fan Man I Really Liked What I Heard And I’ve Been Jamming It I Told You That About The Production As Well Like I’m Saying The Mixing And Mastering Like Whoever Did Your Vocals Sounds Amazing Like It’s The Happiest Lit For That Like You Hear Like A Lot Of People Who Just Take The Vocal Storm On The Track And That’s It And Sometimes You Could Do That But Dude Like The Different Dynamics In That Album Dude It’s Beautiful Some Of That Stuff That I That I Actually Incorporated In Mind So Man You Guys Need To Definitely Go Out And Pick Up This Album Interview By Accessory Is Definitely You Definitely Do That Guys Yeah Man Um So I Mean Do You Have Any Say-so When It Comes To The Mixin Or You Just Sit Back And Let Them Do It Oh Yeah Uh With This With This Brother I’ll Give Him A Little Vision You Know Explint Express Hey I Already Hear These Kind Echo’s A Reverse Reverb I Hear These Things Go Ahead You Know Really Though I Could Just Let Him Do A Track Yeah I Don’t Always Have To Have Anything To Say Like He’s Just Such On Point When It Comes To Making My Voice Sound The Way I Want It To Sound It’s Exciting Such So Exciting To Go Recording When I Record I Just I Get It Dry Like It Is So Dry And I Listen To It From The Dry And Then Efforts Mix I’m Like Super Excited I’m Like Who Is This Guy You Know Them He Makes Me Sound Good Man And You Know If It Wasn’t For Matthew Smith And You Know The Lord And Everything I I Don’t Think My Music Would Sound As Good In Quality And You Know As Good As It Is Yeah The Quality Is Definitely On Point You Know Saying Really Feeling That Also That I Wanted I Know I Know You Kind Of Mentioned The Album Cover A While Ago And You’re Talking About You I’m Saying A Vision You Got With That How Was That Cover Form Man Talk A Little Bit About The Cover Because I Don’t Know If That’s A Stock Photo Or Or If You Took The Photo Or What But It Is Definitely Dope Cover Oh Thank You Um Really I Was Just Thinking Of A Chair In A Dark Room And I Thank My Wife She Was Like Although The Bible On There The Only Thing That Will Be On There Really Was Gonna Be Me In This Chair But Then I Really Figured That You Know What I’m Really Trying To Accomplish Is Getting The Bible To People Yeah So I Put The Bible In The Chair So People Are Going To Hear The Truth And Hear God Coming From Me You Know From The Person That’s Sitting In The Chair Given Interview Which Would Be Me It’s Hard To Make Sense To That But That’s How I Kind Of Came Up With It It Was A Stock Photo That I Kind Of Recreated With All The Colors And Effects Like That And Then You Know Put The Bible In The Center Of The Chair And You Know All The Little Logos And Stuff On There But I Was Really Excited With The Without Outcome Of With That What The Cover Looked Like And You Know I Didn’t Even Make That The Back Cover Until The Days All The Songs Were Done And I Just Created That Like Out Of Nowhere There Was Another I Was Going To Do Another Album Besides This One It Was Going To Be Called Persecuted And God Kind Of You Know Play Something On My Send Us On My Heart I’ll Speak In A Date And He Was Like Amen I Don’t Know If You Should Do You Know Persecuted Be Careful With That Because You Don’t Want To Be Speaking These Type Of Things Of Your Life I Know Imma Be Persecuted But You Just Still I Be Careful With That You Know I Was Hell Over Time I Was Like You Know After Speaking To Him And Getting Some Of His Wisdom About That I Just Kind Of Switched It Over And Let It In The Air For A While I Had No Idea What I Was Going To Be Doing You Until Just This Last Month Pretty Much Yeah Well It Came Out Great Man It’s A Good Um Theme For It As Well The Interview Um When We Were Talking Off Air Awhile Ago I Said That There’s Somebody Who You Somebody Who You Resemble Man There’s A Celebrity When I See You And You Look More Like Him Right Now Than You Do Even In The Pictures Man So I When I See You I See This Other Guy Every Time I See You I Don’t Know If It’s In The It’s In The Voice As Well Cuz It’s Got The Hip-hop Artist And I Said I Was Gonna Do A Side-by-side Comparison Man And It Showed This Picture Man Alright So Imma Pop The Picture Up Here On The Screen And So You Know Say Just So You Know You Gotta Look At The Cover Um It’s Uh It’s Dj Paul Man From Three 6 Mafia Man I Think Dude I Think You I Think You Resemble Him Alive If You Look At The Stream You Better See The Picture Side By Side Really Is It Let Me Get Up In Here Hold On It’s In The Stream That’s That’s Going You See It What Y’all Think Yeah That’s You Look Thank You Who Said The White Dj Paul Man Somebody Else Said I Said You Look Like Be Real From Cyprus Edit From Cyprus He’ll Be Real Yeah He Look But Either You Look Like Dj Paul Man It’s All Good It’s A Good Comparison Man He’s A Good-looking Guy Yeah I Guess I I Did See The Resemblance Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah The Bremen Opposite Ted I Liked Him He’s Funny He Is Dude I Actually Enjoy Watching His Interviews Man He Is Really Funny Really Ever When They Had Like A Tv Show That I Would Keep That Every Now And Then Yeah In The Juicy J Yeah He Is Funny Man He’s Cool Um Cool That’s Just Somebody Else Us Real Like I’m Saying Intricate With Their Music Is Something Different It’s Not The Norm Far As The Beats Go And What They’ve With Them Saying What They Brought To The Table Definitely Influenced On What We’re Doing I Don’t Think We Would Be Doing What We’re Doing You Know I’m Saying If It Wasn’t For Saying Those Guys Are What They Brought To The Table In The South Yeah There But Let’s See I Want To Give A Shout Out To Everybody In The Chatroom Holding Us Down – We Got Alonso Mr. Pichardo Jamie Scott Rahman Is In The In The Chat Chanel How Are You Justin Grimm What’s Happening Boy Brandon What’s Up Nathan William My Buddy Will We Got A Hunter Fuse Man Indian Ear Yeah He Said Ah He Says Asap Preach And Dj Paul Our Fraternal Twins Yeah So Hey Want To Let You Guys Know That We Do Have The Phone Phone Lines Open As Well If You Guys Will Join In On The Conversation If You Have A Question Or Comment You Want To Join In On The Fun Give Us A Call If You Have A Prayer Request We Definitely Will Agree With You In Prayer As Well So The Number Is At The Bottom Of The Screen And It’s On All The Media Outlets As Well As Far As The Website Facebook Youtube All The Good Stuff Give Us A Call Say Hello Man This Is The Time That We’re Available – Uh I’m Saying Hear What You Guys Got To Say We’re Here Man Solutely Give Us A Call About Your Testimony Man You Said You Came To The Lord In Oh Seven Right Yeah Okay You Came To The Lord Oh Seven How’d You Come To The Saving Grace Of Jesus Man What Were You Doing Before He Found You Oh Man I Was A I Was A Player Bro I Mean This That’s Really What All I Wanted To Do Was Make Money Make Music And They Said We

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