Ashtar Command Joy Elaine

I’m In A Romantic Relationship With The Ashtar Command | Joy Elaine

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Joy Elaine about spirituality, fairies, dragons and her romantic relationship with a member of the Ashtar Command. In a nutshell it is believed that the Ashtar Command act somewhat as the guardians of the galaxy. Many people claim to have been in contact with these extraterrestrial beings through channeling. Joy Elaine says that she has been aboard their UFO spacecraft which she says that there are over 26 million craft above the earth right now. Joy goes into detail about an experience that she had with one of the members of the Ashtar Command by the name of Tonas. Tonas told her that they had known each other for thousands of years. Joy explains on the podcast that her and Tonas are now in a romantic relationship and has seen their children that they are to bare. Joy says that it only takes 6 hours for the babies to fully develop and enter the world with all the wisdom of their ancestors. Joy wrote in her book Path of Sweetness that Tonas confirmed that the Ashtar Command ships are superior to all other spaceships. (Remember that since the Ashtar Commanders are non-dual beings they can create or modify a spaceship with a thought while species in duality who are perhaps interested in conquest have to physically construct their ships.) It seems foolhardy to me that other ships would fire upon the ships of the command and yet Tonas said they have. He also told me that the command ships have cloaks of invisibility as well as shields to protect them from attack.