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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Joy Elaine about spirituality, fairies, dragons and her romantic relationship with a member of the Ashtar Command. In a nutshell it is believed that the Ashtar Command act somewhat as the guardians of the galaxy. Many people claim to have been in contact with these extraterrestrial beings through channeling. Joy Elaine says that she has been aboard their UFO spacecraft which she says that there are over 26 million craft above the earth right now. Joy goes into detail about an experience that she had with one of the members of the Ashtar Command by the name of Tonas. Tonas told her that they had known each other for thousands of years. Joy explains on the podcast that her and Tonas are now in a romantic relationship and has seen their children that they are to bare. Joy says that it only takes 6 hours for the babies to fully develop and enter the world with all the wisdom of their ancestors. Joy wrote in her book Path of Sweetness that Tonas confirmed that the Ashtar Command ships are superior to all other spaceships. (Remember that since the Ashtar Commanders are non-dual beings they can create or modify a spaceship with a thought while species in duality who are perhaps interested in conquest have to physically construct their ships.) It seems foolhardy to me that other ships would fire upon the ships of the command and yet Tonas said they have. He also told me that the command ships have cloaks of invisibility as well as shields to protect them from attack.

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think it was Monday some you know sometimes the guests aren’t able to make it and then sometimes they don’t really have an idea about what to talk about but once you give me go and I can I can kind of start talking so got a good show plan for you guys today got some more stuff coming up this week so excited about that some extra podcast lined up as well so want to give a huge shout out and say a huge thank you to everybody who was supporting the podcast and my music via patreon couldn’t do this without you guys so again thank you so much some of the newest patrons we have within the last week or two I’m gonna give a shout out to those guys who are just coming on board joining the full fold um shout out to Blake snap welcome my friend Mac daddy what’s up Mac daddy thank you for joining Anthony Wozniak Edie Edie crow thank you guys welcome to the team I’m so blessed to have you guys believe in in division that we’re building here with the podcast in the community and everything that 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welcome to the podcast how are you I am great thanks for having me on I’m excited to talk to you and when I looked at your repertoire and in your books and the things that you’re bringing to the table it’s a wide range of topics so it’s really hard just to say the pinpoint I like to kind of name the podcasts as we go live just to kind of give a general idea about what we’re talking about but you cover a lot of topics in your books and experiences throughout your life so we’re pretty much just got guests gonna gonna do an overview of everything that you bring to the table and I’m sure I can pull out some some questions in and out of there that I already have so if you want to start off it’d be also just to kind of give an overview about who you are what you bring to the table and maybe just kind of set the books up a little bit would be great all right thanks Terry so there are six books that I have self-published and I and they are the the joy Chronicles my name is joy so I thought that was a good title for the books and they are my experiences with ascended masters dragons fairies leprechauns and other beings that we think many of us may have think that they’re mythical well you know it’s kind of hard when you’re not seeing something to actually maybe believe in it you know that’s that’s some of my close friends or in that position but the thing is they are not on the same dimension that we are we’ve had interactions in the past if you can imagine with dragons that worked so great and so in the second books that I wrote called blossoming of love I work with aghia that’s the embodiment of birth to restore the dragons to earth because we’d actually killed him off two times in the past and she boots brought them back to the seventh dimension so that’s a pretty safe place because Earth is first and everything honors is now in the fifth and sixth dimensions so that’s a little bit of a an overview of where we are with you know whether evolution I’ve studied a modality a healing modality called serenity vibration healing since 2003 and the work that I did with that helped me get clear enough to bring this information in the books through and also I learned how to energetically travel to different dimensions in different times so that’s where these experiences are occurring initially in the first book which is called passive sweetness I step under this tenth dimension onto an ashtar command ship that’s beautiful and so my opening question usually is is I want to go back to where the stuff started for you like what what were some of the early experiences that you’ve had was that when you were a little kid most people you know they have these weird things happening to them when they’re a little kid and beings coming in their room or being able to see fairies while they’re in the forest playing and things like that did you ever have those encounters when you was a little kid yeah see this thing is I grew up and I forgot so glibly a farm and for the first eight years of my life I was what I considered a wild child I mean I was outside as long as the weather was halfway decent I was outside barefooted running around on our farm interacting with the cows and the animals we raised and climbing the trees and just living really really close to nature and of course that’s that’s the way that if you want to connect with nature bit spirits then you need to be out in nature so I didn’t really even we then we moved from that farm when I was about eight and I was devastated I want to stay there I just couldn’t I just couldn’t imagine living another place even though we only moved about a mile down the road I was I cried and cried and cried and it wasn’t till about four years ago when I’m speaking with one of my angels Iser said it’s you’re a fairy I could talk to and he said how about you connect with Shania that’s a fairy you knew when you were a little girl she had forgotten that and so when I energetically connected with her it was like I cried you know she said she was sad when I left too because you know I was I spent a lot of crying time climbing trees and she said she would sit with me in the trees and so then she said if you come back we can climb a tree together and I said well you know I’m not so much into climbing trees she said well then if you just take off your shoes and walk on the ground I can’t connect with you so if you’re really interested in connecting with the fairies that’s the best way to spend some time outside and just get quiet you know maybe take your shoes off lay down on a blanket in the grass and just asked for the fairies communicate with you they will and eventually you’ll start maybe hearing them or seeing them if you have and so forth well as everybody sees fairies when they’re little when they’re a baby then we get a little bit older and we just kind of maybe you know that’s not supported in our family our society and so we just forget we just let that go and and pretend that there are no such things that was how I reconnected with a ferry and I did that at the end of the first book and then books two or three six there’s just laws of ferry information yes the thing is where it connects with your imagination right because we have all of these different you know things that we’re encountering and a voice told me this and I’ve seen this in my dream or whatever these these different ideas are but when it when you know that realm crosses over into our realm is when things kind of get real right What Where does imagination come into play with it because it there’s a lot of people who are experts in this field or so-called maybe self-proclaimed experts but they’ve never had a physical encounter they can tell you all of this lore magic how to see or hear fairies but they’ve never actually seen anything and it surprises me as all the people I’ve talked to on here they’ve never had those physical encounters and that that’s like the juicy stuff as I hold on something’s going on versus it’s in your imagination I know your imagination it plays a big part in yeah yeah and you don’t start talking to them telepathically things like that but when it crosses over what was some of the first the first times when you knew that it was real was it with dealing with us very speaking with you and then you seen a manifestation or how did that well see I started practice practicing for any vibration healing in 2003 and that helped me start to get really really much clearer improve my clairaudience my clairvoyance so that I started seeing things I meant I’ve been hearing and seeing things at NIDA like many of us do that because we’re in a kind of relaxed state so but now you wake up and you forget what you saw are you heard so I can I’ve been keeping for probably 20 years I’ve been keeping a little digital voice recorder under my pillow and I wake up just enough to record what I heard and then when I wake up in the morning I’m like oh wow you know that helps you that helped me to get more in tune with what was happening and then when I when I started seeing I know the fairies and Spence and I actually only seen him a couple of times so it’s not like it’s it really isn’t an everyday experience for most people and and it’s not really every day for me but I hear very very clearly so when you hear a fairy speak or when you telepathically get a message then you know there’s no need to try to convince yourself that they are real I mean it’s it’s just you know when you have those kinds of experiences people you know you know when you another person thoughts or when you experience that paranormal paranormal event nobody can tell you that you didn’t experience that so that was encouraging for me and the coolest thing is okay you’re wondering well where are people going to see these fairies and what are they going to see the leprechauns and what are they gonna see the Dragons we’re gonna see all them when we were in the 8th dimension they’ll be back because at that point in our evolution we won’t be killing anything we’ll be able to coexist with those species and those beings now how are we able to raise our vibration so whenever we are in a relaxed state or if where there’s things that you can do and in ways that you could train yourself to see into those dimensions so like through meditation through translate things like that are we able to kind of raise our vibration to kind of be in both dimensions at once when we were able to see a lot of that stuff cross over well the good news is that we’re all raising our vibration no matter what we do because that’s just a process that earth is in we’re all lifting up now may not seem like down I mean there’s just describing there’s a lot of chaos going on but that stuff that’s coming up to be released so I mean raising your vibration that’s a wonderful phrase that you brought to the table I’m really glad you said it because it can be simple it can be simple things like stop watching the news be a little more loving to yourself or your kids or your your neighbors find a job that you really love instead of one that you hate you know if you if you follow your passion in that regard that’s really important maybe but I it’s just they’re going to work everyday and they just hate it I mean how much how joyful can that be for you you know it came here reincarnated to be here at this time because this is the pinnacle time in Earth’s evolution it’s it’s it’s a happening place so consciously or unconsciously everybody that’s here now is taking part in this elevation this evolution of Earth so I think it’s more fun to do it consciously and dejoy chronicles the books that I’ve written give you insights into what’s happening and how you can be a part of the work we’re doing there’s descriptions in the back of each of the books how you can take part in the transmissions we send to earth I mean this started in 2014 in her first transmission was April of that year so you get a chance to actually travel in time and it’s easy you’re just doing it with your energy body and it’s easy to do you just sit down and you look at the data in the book where this transmission happened and you say hey I’m just gonna shut my eyes and I’m just going to pretend but I’m stepping onto that spaceship and I’m going to take part in this work that joy and turn on sweetie I start commanders I met in that first of all our sending diversity or send gifts to yourself from the past how cool is that it gets into just like some really weird questions it’s like because I understand like we’re trying to make sense of it all right everybody has these different stories that they bring to the table and we got to figure out who’s telling the truth who’s making it up what’s you know are these good benevolent beings or are they you know are they demons masquerading as angels of light if you let some people tell it so but I understand that there’s description about what it says as a man thinketh in his heart so shall it be and that pretty much like whatever you can believe for whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it if you want to see fairies if you want to communicate with them if you want to see them if you want to come in with gnomes and elementals or you want to contact the light beings or the ashtar command all of this stuff you can do whatever you put your mind to it starts off with your imagination just that weird blurry line is like is it already real and I’m able to tap into those areas or is it real because I believe it and I’m looking for it and it kind of becomes a part of my reality because there’s a lot of people who will never experience this stuff ever but we’ve experienced so much and you’ve been encountered so much over your life so what is it what is it begin with is it’s like because whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find whether it’s goods bad whatever outcome fairies entities ailing you’re gonna find them they’re they whether they exist out there or they exist because you believe they exist that’s some weird in between realms there but um how much does that play in and and and and wanting to move forward and saying are these real there’s a start with an idea of like hey we exist won’t you look for us or something or we’re gonna send these books to you or you’re gonna see this in a movie and we’re gonna speak to you through that movie and get you to encounter it’s like how does that really work with with with us pursuing this cuz it could be kind of weird like hey what are you doing trying to talk to the fairies what you talk to the phrase what fairies you know they don’t exist you’re making it up yeah yeah well you know he’s we do create our own reality individually and Co creatively we’re all creating man and so in the past you know this is these subjects have not even been able to be talked about I mean forget forget talking about fairies when I was growing up I mean I’m one of the baby boomers you know we’re one of the quote older generations but you know I’ve seen things in the future okay first of all the parameter life step for the beings that I connect with are that they are of the light and they are in the highest good floor for me and for the universe so I’m not messing around with any of the lower energies any adversarial energy that’s not where I am and I just I just got I’ve got shields then I’ve got things in place but I don’t have any interactions with those kinds of beings so when I’m talking to you what I’m talking with are like ascended masters or galactic masters like Fernanda Jesus is one of the mandarins and people that I speak with Osiris and Isis and hat or and taught the Egyptian pantheon we thought they were gods and they have the abilities of God so that’s why we say they’re gods but they really are they really have the abilities that we will eventually have that can I talk about duality and non-duality Derek yes okay so earth is a dual world and it’s always been that way since it’s a very very beginning of birth being created and humanity is you just attend duality which what’s duality duality is their struggle they’re just the right there’s the wrong there is a good there’s a bad there’s a hot there’s a cold they’re the opposites okay and there’s always resistance to what we want to create now that you may have noticed at that time between we want something to manifest and the time that it actually manifests is getting shorter I don’t know if you’ve noticed that or not yes time is up in that regard and so as we’re rising as you you’re personally taking control of your own life and say I’m going to choose things that are good for me I’m going to choose things that make me feel good joyful and happy you raise your vibration and when enough of us start doing that or continue doing that many of us have been doing that we lift our we lift collectively our energies so as I said we’re in the fifth and the sixth dimensions physically right now of course we’re all energy so we exist everywhere right I mean we’re more than the physical body so what energy energetically were everywhere so as we move up into seven and then finally into the 8th dimension 8th dimension is the first non dual dimension of Earth non duality means and hear me now instant manifestation you think I want a diamond on my hand you have a diamond on your hand you think today I’d like to be a couple inches taller and I want to look like I’m about there’s no aging there’s no illness there’s no hatred there’s no war there’s none of the kinds of things that we experience it instantly manifesting so I’m all for that because I’ve seen myself in the future I look like I’m about 23 I didn’t really even know who I was I had to go to the council and I say who is that who’s that woman I just think that’s you I liked it I liked the possibility that I could be that way now between seventh dimension and eighths dimension there’s a barrier so people that are still in to hatred into Wars and all the kind of stuff that we’ve been experiencing will not move into that age dimension yeah was the embodiment of birth told me she’s not going to leave anybody behind so we all have that option available just about you know taking care of your own stuff duality and non-duality that’s we’re in this mix of moving out of the duality into non duality is that a bad thing because I’ve been I found a lot of peace in embracing the duality and I’m not just all this and I’m not just all that there is a a balance in all things you know that’s just fine you know I mean that’s a good way to deal with this with reality that we’re currently existing in it’s just going to get easier it’s going to be easier that as more people start you know following their dreams following their passions start you know turning into who they really are in deciding who they really want to be you know that all becomes it all becomes more graceful and that’s really what the books are about they’re really about having fun while letting people know what’s happening and giving them a chance to be part of what’s happening in a more conscious manner yeah that’s Keys having fun while doing it versus I don’t want to be here I don’t like to you know I’m just mad at everyone and nobody believes what I believe in just discouraged like that’s not a good way to know and you know we’ve all done that and I you know I’ve had enough tools in my toolbox my energy toolbox that I can work on myself unless someone that stuff go because it doesn’t empower you doesn’t it doesn’t lift you up it doesn’t make you happy you know we just get in this habit of we didn’t have it of looking at what we don’t like yeah and of course that just feeds that situation we can shift our thinking to start focusing on what we do choose what we do want yep look for the good in your life look for the good in yourself that’s that’s the magic key to do and it’s it’s gonna be a little bit challenging now you’re talking about challenging what was some of the opposition that you faced when you embrace your destiny when you said okay this is Who I am and I’m gonna walk in and I’m gonna tell people I’m gonna start writing books and go public because that’s a sometimes that’s a big dark night of the soul a big Gulf and a gap in between of like I Know Who I am but I have to do it in secret I can’t let nobody know that I believe this stuff like where how long was that gap in and what type of opposition did you face when you finally say you know I don’t care what people think this is who I am well you know luckily I have a really good support group with the people that practice this or any vibration healing you know we connect with each other and support each other so I have people that have experienced it’s like kinds of things that I’ve experienced so you know we we’re of like mind now family is another whole story yeah I have two boys well they’re not boys or yet they’re a young man 35 and ago when I first started bringing this information through I said you know we don’t have to die in the future and he goes mom everybody dies well that’s been true you know and who would want to live forever if they or didn’t feel good if they had an old body and I’m not some what I’m talking about I’m talking about perpetually regenerating bodies in the eighth dimension and looking however you want and feeling great so you know I said and my sons want to believe me and my older son said mom when I see a dragon I will be on your team 100% so you know you can’t if if you experience something personally and it’s vitally important for you to share it you can’t let what people say stop you that was my main goal in writing this first book because it wasn’t that a write a book you know I know what what am I going to talk about a friend of mine who’s I work with synergetic he said you know I see you writing all these books my kept saying no can’t be right and then when I met just asked our commander and that got to talk about in the first book kept aboard his spaceship I told you his name’s Tony Oz he’s over looks like he’s 30 okay striking my hands him I wasn’t expecting that and when I when I did it I thought and I learned all these met these wonderful things that he was telling me I didn’t I knew that they were true the Masters that I’ve been working with had also told me those things and so I thought you know I’ve got to tell people I’ve got to let people know give him hope encourage them um that earth is really magical and they’re gonna be you’re going to be able to accept that and feel that magic more and more and more as we continue to evolve we are magical human beings just the ordinary human being is a magical being and we’re going to remember that we’re going to start being able to manifest those abilities that we’ve read about teleporting telepathy clairvoyance clairaudience all those kinds of mastery gifts that’s that’s our future those around our future and some of us have experienced those already you know I’ve experienced telepathy I’m teleporting with my energy body now when I visit these different realms but soon in the future I’ll be able to do that with my physical body I love the idea of just saying I think I’ll go to Santa Barbara today and poof there I am [Laughter] so you know if you don’t believe it that’s fine you know everybody everybody has their own little paradigm that they can be maybe stuck in I think it’s yeah I think it’s important to approach everything with a little bit of skepticism though right I mean you would want to just take everybody has a truce everybody has an encounter some of it contradicts their other stories or contradicts the next person or whatever but so I think it’s I think it’s healthy to approach all of this stuff with some skepticism versus just taking you know what where the real answer is in your heart just listen to your heart listening to your own inner guidance you know I could I could speak from now until you know three weeks from now and some people are just going to say this is baloney and that’s theirs perfectly their right to believe that but if you turn in if you stop and think about it and just you know tune into your heart that’s that’s the guidance that we’re going to be we’re going to be using more and more heart consciousness I mean I’m not saying not to use your brain that’s important you know we’re taught to think think think think think but you know you’re not going to find the answers and this really here you know the most important answers are gonna come from brain mix with heart yeah that’s where it becomes real we have these thoughts and ideas and things like that that you believe in your mind or have these awesome ideas even in your heart but you have to start speaking them out you got to start creating it confessing it and you start seeing things around you change you start seeing your job situation change you start seeing your friends start changing and stuff like that versus just being a victim of life or just being on default and you just got all these friends around you who don’t believe in you they that kind of toxic and your relationship with them and things like that but you can start creating that stuff as you believe it if you can believe it you can create it and bring it into your reality and you know I’m saying why wouldn’t you want I mean why would you want to have a bunch of friends around you who doesn’t who don’t support you and they envy you in all this kind you can have you can create whatever you want that dream job you don’t have to be suck at this job I don’t care what kind of circumstances they are you can create the job that you want for yourself if you’re creating a need if you’re if you’re filling a need that exists and I think everybody has those things within them that we can do is just being able to tap into it and believing it because we’ve been told that you know your best days are behind you and you know you should have tried 20 years ago or 10 years ago and now you have a family and kids so you just kind of stuck where you are you know you start believing all of that stuff and you just settle for default but uh understanding the power of creativity the power of your spoken word and your thoughts have the power to create that’s why I really like the Scriptures it talks about renewing your mind over and over and making sure that you’re thinking beautiful thoughts and you’re filling yourself with love and unity and things like that because you because the mind is powerful the things that you’re thinking about you’re gonna create them you’re gonna expect them that’s why when we keep we’re always in and worry and doubt and stressing about bills and fears when we keep thinking about that stuff that stuff just genuinely just keeps coming back to us versus thinking about beautiful things and expecting blessings and expecting God to use us and help us to change other people’s life you saw if you have to rewire your brain but when you start moving like that believing like that you start seeing that stuff happen in your everyday life and all of those beautiful experiences that biblically the disciples Jesus they all experience healings and miracles and dealing with angelic beings on higher realms of density traveling to other dimensions and all of that stuff they encountered that stuff on a daily basis so it’s really it’s really cool just whenever like all the holy books and some of the ancient books talk about this kind of stuff because I deal with a lot of people who were coming out of religion and they’ve they’re scared to have this conversation you know but it’s it’s in the book with you talking about leaving your body and traveling to other realms but you said one day you’re gonna be able to take your body with you the Apostle Paul had some very similar encounters where he it was so real he didn’t know if he took his body with him or is your spirit traveled to these other realms or whatever so a lot of people feel like at this condemning spirit when it comes to religion in there the hierarchy but the Bible really promotes all of this cons of so that’s why it’s really beautiful to talk about this stuff yeah like when you were talking about mastering and we call it mastering the mind and there I would like to direct people to my website because some of the blog’s that I’ve written one is about you know self love how to love yourself more dreaming the future and I’m rollin into several of the blogs the serenity vibration healing works that I have done so that you can actually do some energy work yourself you know we’re working with your career we’re working with God and it’s not it’s not anything it’s only put the serenity vibration healing work is put in place by the creator and your God self so though that part of you is know the truth of your nature knows that it’s connected with and is part of God anyway those blogs like there’s some great ones on the fairies or someone of some of dragons there’s one on self-love there’s one on a bridge into non-duality for a depth of technique that’s very simple you visualize an energy bridge that starts right where you are and and leaves into that higher dimension and you step onto your bridge because you know if you if you’ve been like if you’re like me in the past when I had experienced somebody that I loved or was close to me was in trouble I would do this I’d dive right in trying to help well you know that both of us are ended up in troubles in it’s called enabling I think you say okay over anyway you step on your bridge your brazier light which is above this term well that’s that might be going on in your life you’ve got somebody that’s you know and dict into something or you you’ve tried to help under step on your bridge and you just visualize the bridge and it will be it will be there for you and you see that turmoil is just flowing underneath the bridge and how you help those other people in your life just send them up you stick on your bridge on your a neutral place on your higher dimensional location and you send them love it’s and that’s called a breach and non-duality it’s on my website on my blog awesome talk a little bit about your information regarding the ashtar command how did you start dialogue with them like how did those early conversations go how did they approach you or did you approach them how did that work out I first him I had been using the surrounding vibration feeling for a long time to work on myself and then I started looking around saying well guys you know earth could use some help too because I went back to that time I had as a child was very connected to nature and so I started you know I started working with some of the some of the here the energy healers that I work with personally and I knew that they had high degree of integrity I started putting together some some of the things that they had done that didn’t feel quite complete and and making them more complete by taking them to the collective councils of light those councils oversee everything that is applied to earth so I put together this energy package it was having to do with the cities of light on earth and I just used my energy body and I just said on West I’m going to step on this ashtar command ship because I’d heard I’d learned about the ashore command from this other healer sure enough I’m on the ship I went with a friend of mine who does two going to be vibration healing also and she was seeing better than I was at times he said oh he’s really handsome I’m thinking oh great well okay I hadn’t been interested in any kind of a relationship for a long time and and she said he looks like he’s very smitten with you and I’m thinking what and then she just asked him are you smitten with her and he goes yes very much so and if she comes back we can hold hands and I’m like okay well there’s a little more than I was expecting but it was so fascinating of course I had to go back and later later much later in several books later I learned that from sananda me visited masters that I work with that to us as the ash to our commanders name telling us and I had like had had like seven hundred and eighty five or six incarnations together and some of those since they were on non-dual worlds were still happening right so it’s no wonder that out of the 86 million ashtar command ships that were located in a berth above earth at that time 86 million I stepped on a his ship now they’re on higher dimensions on like the ninth the tenth dimension above earth which so they wouldn’t be visible to us I mean the cool thing about I mean just think about the a star commanders they can they can keep people from coming here and taking things from Earth mm-hmm but they can’t just come down and fix everything like my son want them to do said mom why don’t they just come down and fix this stuff I said what they can’t is there we have a free will planet we need to choose what happens here so the books that are written offer you a chance to vote your input is vital to our racial evolution and elevation on my blog there’s some there’s a site there’s a section called I’m you know my website sorry joy Elaine calm there’s a section of world missions and they’re about four there’s probably 15 four-minute recordings of different ways that you can get involved in helping the earth one of them is working with the ashtar command so eighty-six million ships their non dual beings and they are just here to support Earth and they’ve been doing that for thousands of years have you ever so you said that you it’s been something that you’ve been done in the like whether it’s the dream state or just leaving your body have you ever had any of those encounters that that showed up in the physical realm whether it be seeing UFOs or strange lights in the sky and them communicating with you that way well the when you talk the physical realm they’re so different so many different ways of being in a physical realm and when I when I interact with these beings on the higher dimensions I’m either I’m sleeping it and I wake up for the books are actually I’m sitting on my on the sofa in my front room and energetically transferring to these dimensions and I’m and I’m I’m speaking to them and I’ve seen I see maggini that I meet in the first book I’ve seen Tony Asti I share commander when I when I meant when I’m doing that so I don’t know I mean they didn’t manifest in my front room because you know they’re not supposed to do that they were supposed to stay in those higher dimensions are you let me ask you this are you and just don’t want to be clear are you a relationship with one of these two nos hmm okay so let me sleep in the studies that I do with the ascended masters we occasionally move back in time to take tutorials to study with study with them in ancient times and tone us and the second time I met him in this Riya in this timeline he told me he’d known me for a million years he happened to see me at one of those ancient academies and he wasn’t allowed to talk with me because that would have been against the rules you know he he couldn’t approach me and I didn’t approach him but he followed me through time to all the tutorials that I’ve taken since then and that’s again since 2000 months before that so whenever he said well Wendy know me for a million years I’m like holy cow and he he you know he’s he’s deeply in love with me I love him but I haven’t I went to wait to experience the kind of love that they do in the higher dimensions because there’s no there’s no the relationships I have experienced so far you know you end up wanting to fix the other guy yeah and I don’t want to do that anymore I’ve avoided any type of relationship and he assures me that that doesn’t happen on these dimension you know you just it’s a different kind of love it’s a none conditional full-on love that that I think I’ve experienced for my children but I’ve never experienced with another man so it is a romance the long-distance romance yeah that’s interesting very interesting yeah and let me tell you something else I’ve seen the future where we have two children together wrong I’ve seen the children because they don’t have they don’t have babies and the higher dimensions the way we do is they the child is not conceived inside the mother it’s conceived in an energy nest but that’s a that’s a mother and father form between them and in in the space between them it takes about six six hours for the baby to mature and the baby is born with the entire the memories of the entire genetic line of both the mother and father so pretty magical Wow yep let me ask you about dragons because some people here I want to know a little bit about the dragons there’s a lot of lore when it comes to dragons they have like in the Bible we talks about the Leviathan he’s right the behemoths these type of creatures that may be literally existed may be our spiritual entities or represented nations or people groups but then again if we look at the Chinese culture we look at all the other cultures all over the world dating back to ancient history we always see these big statues and the veneration of the reptilian the veneration of the dragon what if what are your studies have shown you and experiences with the Dragons I talk with I talk with Jia that’s from the research that’s the embodiment of Earth she manifested an energy body to be part of the celebration we had in the first book in this series and I asked her about dragons because you know I was kind of like I found out that things had been stolen from earth and I was kind of like well I didn’t want the things that launders back here and she said and she and moon fred it one friend she suggested I speak with one Fred and I said okay she said he he was the Dragon King and he was they we actually killed off their dragons two times in history birth the last the last dragon was killed in 420 AD after after Jesus was killed so I said okay uh-huh and then work to I used something that the fairies gave me and work with the end we brought back all the dragons for million of them came back I told you I think she placed him on the seventh dimension so they’re not flying around this guy so anyway I talked about site I talked with Lutheran and she said she told me that wounded was a healer when he was in first alive and he was a golden dragon and he has a really really deep voice I mean you could imagine the dragon he told me he’s five elephants tall and weighs 40 tons he’s one of the biggest dragons and they do fly I actually invited him to join this council that we’ve been raising a Drake and I shall fight him – parents try to rescue their baby so well you know they always did but those they’re really fired and they do cause you know some situations with catching things on fire so they are trying to teach the babies to be know be calm around humans cuz they really want much of course just with us peacefully I mean four million dragons you know flying in formation now they’re they’re not you know we’re not supported as well as they are in the you know you mentioned China and England and you know places like in York people have more of an openness to believing in those kinds of beings and here in the states you know we’re a little more skeptical we’re like I don’t know that’s really true or not but you know hang around you’re gonna see him in the future yeah those are those are it’s interesting especially when we look at like the game of Thrones and things like that all the dragons that are coming back into the lore and things like that now people are obsessing with dragons very interesting well the book fifth book in my series picture on the front of the Dragon print that was born Mother’s Day 2015 and that is very accurate I really worked closely with graphic designer and and moon for it and different of descriptions he gave me that so that you know you get a you’re gonna look at what a dragon looks like that baby was born he was golden moon furred said you know it’s traditional when the egg starts to crack open they they both parents breathes fire on it doesn’t be the emergence I like oh boy but you know that’s just part of their ritual so you know people I’ve talked with a lot of people who mentioned that Game of Thrones I never watched it I got a little bit into it and it just was too it was too violent for me I’m really not into that but dragons you know are gonna be part of our future and peaceful in a peaceful way so I’m excited about that coexisting with the dragons in the circus yeah well there’s a species of reptilian that’s not so good but you know and I found that out in the book but I really you know I really don’t want to focus on that today yeah definitely well go ahead and plug your website one more time my Internet’s kind of going in and out right now so I’m gonna lose you here shortly joy Elaine Jo ye l AI n e comm I’m on Facebook and those are links on my website I’ve got some great articles in my blog about leprechauns and fairies and King Arthur King Arthur and Guinevere and the Knights several of his knights joined our Council in the second book I’ve got Abraham Lincoln John F Kennedy Cleopatra Marc Anthony Caesar on the council and book two blossoming of love and check out the blog I think that if you’re struggling with anything you know in different areas in your life I think some of those articles are really be helpful I mean just tune in with your you know heart consciousness and say you know is this for me I hope you I hope it is I think it would fit a lot of people because it’s it’s an easy way to start to start help yourself you know there’s all the answers outside of you so what you know the answer is humans that you Intuit that are inside you those are the ones that are important one last question here I’m gonna take this question from the chat Christy folks wants to know if there are good fairies in bad fairies or are they all good I’m glad she asked that question because I’ve read those books about you know you eat something in a fairy garden and you’ll never leave and they steal children that is absolutely not true there is no such thing of the big fairy absolutely that if you don’t remember anything about this interview there they aren’t they are earth keepers they’re about joy and love and without the fairies this is what you get mother Mother Earth told me she said without the fairies earth would be dead they support every living thing on earth all trees all the grasses that’s supported by the fairies and the fairies exist everywhere except Antarctica mr. Harrod desert and the ocean even if you’re an if you live in a desert as long as there’s some kind of greenery you’re going to have a fairy garden here and there there was over 25 million fairies they just cover the earth and they’d love to interact with you so get out there and work on their ground and say hi to your fairies put your feet on the ground yep put your feet on the ground thank you for asking that question that was great I’m glad I had a chance an awesome well I enjoyed this discussion joy and love to have you back on again sometime in the future and I really enjoyed it so you have a good one thank you thank you Jerry blessings to you and yours all right god bless Joy Lane ladies and gentlemen Julie I’m sorry about the internet man this internet some I don’t know what’s going on they gotta fix it though I don’t know it’s really ticking me off I know I’m going in and out if you’re watching this on the live stream I believe that the audio portion will be good if you miss that part about the dragons I see some comments here where it was cutting in and out but if you missed that you want to rehear it make sure you listen to it on the podcast and because I’m pretty sure that the the audio will be preserved on the actual podcast apps so I’m recording this and I’ll upload that audio the internet provider yeah there some crazy stuff going on it got really this interview got really intense really quick man get really weird a lot of them do a lot of them do mmm I’m just thinking to myself like I no disrespect but like the more conversations I have with people sometimes the less I believe a lot of this stuff you know there’s like a common there’s a commonality when it comes to people who were into this stuff man you know there’s something even with me you know I had to put myself on the chopping block to like read some of your comments y’all are making me laugh must have been a fairy census to let you guys know that Chris garner says it must been a fairy census to actually know how many fairies 25 million I think the number was twenty five million fairies out there um no there’s just a commonality man with like people who were really far out there and maybe it’s supposed to be there maybe this is like maybe the commonality is people who have come from a harsh upbringing had things taken away from them no stability had to move around a lot taken away from what was what was magical for them there’s just commonality there that causes people to go within in to withdraw from society to withdraw from their peers even in elementary school in middle school and kind of go into the books and go into the fairy lore and go into talking and all of that stuff and all that stuff is beautiful and magical in itself [Music] but there’s a commonality there is that a character flaw that produces people who are unstable who don’t function well in society or is that a commonality that is a perfect concoction for people who are open to higher understanding to look at things differently to ask bigger questions and not be concerned or really moved with the carnality things of life are the things of this world – mystical right because as you believe it you you create it right we’ve all got some crazy stories right I think that’s one thing that links us together then it gets weird when you start having relationships with these angelic beings I know and I’m not the one to call demon and call this and call that which I believe in that stuff but then I remember the last time that uh the Angels wanted to have relationships with women what happened you know Genesis six if you believe that narrative that the angels looked upon the daughters of men and saw that they were fair and wanted to give them children and let me show you what the children will look like it gets weird tone us the astronaut command all of these type of entities like just because I haven’t experienced it doesn’t give me the right to say that it’s wrong or it doesn’t exist I mean look it up you know but just because you have experienced it doesn’t mean doesn’t give you the the fact to say that is right or Truths right I mean it gets really weird it’s really weird repeatability is one thing it happening in your mind happening and happening in your imagination happening in the dream state there’s to me that’s a little slippery when it does cross over that’s mostly you know and I’m taking back to the JC Johnson interview rest in peace JC Johnson but when I’m talking to him about spirituality and and things that go bump in the night he’s into cryptozoology and he says it becomes his it lands in his realm or his field of study and research when something touches the ground when something becomes physical ghosts and fairies and all of these things that live in other higher dimensions aliens whatever it’s one thing but when they exist and show up on the earth and move around and and become physical beings then it becomes something that I want to look into and research that we can actually track and JC Johnson has been one they actually go out there and track these type of entities and Bigfoot and all of these crazy scuse me Thunderbirds and things mentioned Ivan cryptozoology the things that touch make put their feet on the earth you know what I’m saying and so that’s that’s the part said that interest means so there’s a lot of people who I’ve talked to who haven’t haven’t had those physical encounters it’s been but who what’s real you know the physical just because it shows up physically doesn’t mean it’s more real than the spirit or the essence of something the spirit of it right I mean just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real look at the wind I mean look at you know some people say god I can’t see God you know but you see the essence in the life force of God if the wind you feel it you’re moved by it you know it doesn’t mean something does isn’t real just because you can’t see it there’s so much stuff going on even with this blasted internet these signals being shot everywhere y’all can’t see that but you’ve experienced it because I’m able to go live and talk to a lot of people at one time or lack of when it’s messing up right we’re able to experience it but um it gets weird especially the relationship thing you know what I’m saying something Chris is talking about psychology here why do you look for that stuff like why do you need a relationship with an entity like why do they want to be with you intimately because you have failed relationships did you lose a husband that you were really close with I’ve talked to those ladies you know what I’m saying and there are similar stories who would in failed marriages because of their work or whatever the case is or the husband went on to wedlock says ok I got a husband who won’t leave me I mean that even goes into the Christian psychology of it I’m married to Christ he’ll never leave me he’ll never forsake me unlike some people he will never leave me never forsake me so there is you can’t benefit from that that ideology that understanding that truth you know I talk about that only aspect of a father having a father walk out and leave me but I now have a father who would never do that and it’s personified through Christ through the Godhead father God why do you call god father well because he is you know so that’s the with God like we just thought ok what we mixing it together like we just got to have the conversation like the name for God is is yah or ah haaaa ohayo azshara hiya means i am that i am and i will be whatsoever i will be and so essentially like the universal essence of god will be whatever you need them to be if you need God to be a father he’ll be that if you need them to be a mother if you need it to be a husband a friend so you attract that that’s what you need and that’s what it shows up to you as whatever you need at that specific time and it becomes real to you and other people won’t experience that and it’s just really weird realm cuz we’re talking about things that you can’t see we’re talking about things that you can’t experience in but when it comes to having relationships extramarital relationships with entities Chris Garner’s posting the red flag I’ve seen that because uh when it comes to having relationships with entities man like I’ve tried to do some stuff like that in the past years ago when I was young end up getting possessed man end up getting possessed trying to have relationships with entities doing rituals out of the Satanic Bible and things like that with making pacts with female demons or whatever you want to call them just gets really weird man um you have to draw a red flag you have to use caution you don’t you have to approach this with a skepticism but then again just because I haven’t experienced it just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not real but there’s those people listening who have experienced it who knows knows all too well what it’s like to feel that way I do see that commonality though there with a lot of people who’ve been unstable and me I’ve been you know I had that childhood moving from school to school father walked out looking for identity looking for you know and then you find it in these other other whatever you want to call this but I do it doesn’t negate the fact that this stuff is a real or it exists just because you haven’t experienced it just because you haven’t encountered it I mean that’s one of the whole mysteries of this whole thing in general is um you know we’re able to experience things that other people will never experience that’s a weird notion I believe that biblically I believe that like I’ll show you things that you don’t know we can’t find out what’s what a promise from God gets really really slippery but it’s like the more I talk to people man it’s um I’m a skeptic I’m Thomas the doubter I doubt it you got to show me show me we can go we can go within and we’re opened up to a whole realm through spirituality through our mind we create things we have imaginary friends that come back and speak to us when we’re older you know what I’m saying like it gets insane that’s funny that uh somebody in the chat awhile ago posted six six seven that’s kind of a synchronicity for me because some I don’t know why you posted that but I was listening to the radio yesterday on satellite radio and the host was talking about somebody’s address an artist address and it was 667 and he was talking on he was the neighbor of the beast wasn’t a beast but he was a neighbor of the beast so goodness my dogs are barking um yeah I think man insane I want to give a shout out real quick to uh dave dave with uh five to nine is zine if you guys haven’t seen I’ll just show it here for those watching and if you want to see this this magazine here you can go to you can actually go to five to nine Jean calm and check this out by for five bucks really cool about this art dis magazine they did a feature on me and they featured Anya on the cover and a few guys are familiar with the true seeker podcast I interviewed Danya several months back really a cool lady who’s has a beautiful voice she also is in what was she into Sophie it no I can’t remember it now but she was into it was like the offshoot of the Hindu tradition I can’t for some reason the name is uh I can’t think of the name anyway but they did a spread on me and I’m just gonna show this on camera right quick many uh did a spread on me and did an interview it’s really cool so if you guys want to check that out you can go to five two nuns on comm pick it up for five bucks make history so yeah shout out to Dave and uh five two nuns on for putting this together doing a featurette on your boy asking me about life and all the school stuff so yeah Danya was a really cool guest I had on here – so that’s the see as well sherry says sounds like her imagination casting down all imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God here’s the thing though like which parts of that cast itself against the knowledge of God and which parts of the imagination does it take to believe in the higher realm to even believe in Christ like we’re talking about like I’ll just say like that lady believes some pretty far out there stuff some pretty weird stuff but as far as Christianity in the Bible in the church there’s some far-out stuff in in those books too right there’s some pretty far-out stuff in there so it’s so funny that like people who are into the Bible or into Christianity will make fun of oh my god you believe in this oh you know and they make fun of you and all that kind of stuff for being far out there um when the Bible is pretty far out too like you have to believe in some pretty crazy stuff to believe in the Bible and um you know it’s just part of it it takes faith supernatural realms exist and they’re they’re kind of iffy they’re blurry we don’t know we don’t know everything we don’t have it all figured out it would be too easy then you know but I really do think that you know bringing all these conversations together there’s something you can glean from you know like if we look at I mean we look at like I said the disciples the Apostles the prophets like those were some really spiritual people who were stargazing who were in contact with God the voice of God the cloud of God the fire of God you know what I’m saying they seeing crazy miracles because they believed it and they trusted that inner intuition that inner guidance system that energy PS to move from one one realm to the next like the voice of those angels those dreams be getting an angel speaking to you in your dreams like that’s pretty crazy right but we have those conversations like it’s real it takes a level of faith but a lot of times I think it comes with an encounter first for a lot of people you just follow the encounter and then for others maybe they believe it starts with the imagination and then the encounter is kind of catch up with the imagination or your ‘if your belief system which comes before the other I this thing is probably different for everybody you know I say I think I’m doing most of the stuff I’m doing today started out from those early encounters I had as a little kid you know seeing beings in my room and letting me know that something existed like something’s going on we can’t really put our fingers on it and say this is what it okay that was demons from the seventh dimension who came to check on me or came to extract my DNA or came to put fear in my heart like you really it’s really it’s slippery all of it is every single bit of it and it moves in the realms when people start doing this stuff were they moving to a realm where they just start making it up as they go and what do you make it up from you pull it out of your imagination you know there are those people that are in in all of these realms they’re in Christianity they’re in the New Age circles they are the quarry goods the David Wilcock Emery Smiths they are these people who make this stuff up as they go like are they having these encounters or are they just really good storytellers some of these people are just really good storytellers and if you say something with a level of authority the masses the people looking for somebody to follow the people looking for truth a lot of times they’ll believe it hook line hook line and sinker just because the way you present it as a Jordan Maxwell as a bill donohue oh man bill Donahue this like if you if you say it like it’s real people will believe it man you know but at the same time you put yourself out there to to belittle other people’s beliefs or to say what’s real and what isn’t Renai Ruby says spiritual discernment shout-out to Rene how are you my friend shoutout to Jacob without brother Chris Guarnere by holding us down in the chat Jared yeah Cheri says once you fight demons I think you keep your guard up a little more yeah I do say that um I have and because that’s why I come from right demonic realm but then again you don’t want to have your guard up so that you just shut down to everything you know what I’m saying so then it gets kind of block out all the like everything or just call it like it says those Christians out there who call everything demon demonic they call everything everything those demons you know I don’t want to be those people either expansion of the mind expansion of the consciousness but just you know Christie folk says follow Jesus follow Christ to a place on fathom see that’s the team and I did that for me that’s the safe zone like that’s the discernment for me it’s Christ you know I’m saying like everybody’s different but for me follow following Christ as a mystical experience going into those realms through Christ having that relationship with Christ with God and if God opens up those doors if you can believe for it you can do it through him which I believe is the right way which is you know but then again you know God is all God is in a little bit of everything so Christ in you the hope of glory Chris bar says Christ out of you is the manifestation of that glory that’s where we are when you start a podcast and you finish it and you have more questions maybe that’s good maybe that’s good exploration who knows who knows I definitely don’t yeah I don’t know about tonus and um making packs but she does if that’s what you’re looking for there’s something for everybody there’s a support group they have a support group for that kind of stuff if that’s what you’re into check out our website I’m at a loss for words guys um I can’t keep doing this now I love y’all man um okay Internet’s been stable enough to broadcast this but you know you gotta be open you got to be over man you got to be open-minded you’re not gonna experience anything Chris bar says see you on discord yeah I’ll hang out in discord if y’all want to hang out we will have some conversation if you are looking for community looking for support group if you’re looking to discuss these episodes that’s what we do at discord it’s a chat app you can chat via text and you can also get in the voice chat with us the app link is in the description you could download it on your phone or your computer make sure you hang out with us over there we got some really cool people really cool community that we we have over there so if you look for community join us there be sure to support the work support the podcast on patreon patreon combats that’s true seeker it enables me to do this and have these crazy conversations but um everything that we’re doing everything that we’re bringing to the table I will say I’m excited about some of the newer music that I’m working on and some of it’s available there now make sure you go check that stuff out patreon combats true seeker school domestics get access to that and yeah without it’s pretty much it that I’ll plug the the audible as well because audible supports to show pretty good when people sign up so if you want to download a free audiobook head on over to truth seeker the link is in the description as well you get to download a free audiobook by signing up it doesn’t even cost you anything you can sign up get your free book and then cancel and you’ll never be charged but yeah it’s really really cool app audible is pretty dope it’s cool to have you listen to audiobooks when you got other stuff going on as well multitasking or driving or whatever the case is and it supports the show head on over there check that out you don’t know what books to read two books that I will definitely tell you to check out is one is the final quest by Rick Joyner that book changed my life my view on spirituality my view on spiritual warfare say that and it’s also another book if you’ve already read that one you can read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho that book is there as well so make sure you go check out that stuff and like I said they support the show I get a kickback on that Kris garner says these other dimensions and alternative realities are a slippery slope best to have grounded grounded footing in Christ yeah yeah start there because that’s all the mystical experience you need you have access to everything through Christ you really do that’s I mean don’t fight it that’s really what it comes back down to and whatever Christ leads you to you don’t saying like do that approach it through Christ if you lead you to the a start command that’s what he does if you lead you to the Elohim if you lead you to the platings that’s between you and him you don’t say right but yeah go through Christ he is the gate he is the door you don’t saying do it the right way don’t get possessed protect your neck for real with that I would say peace and Shalom I see y’all in discord love y’all peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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