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In this Episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah does a live Q & A and takes questions from the chat. Some of the topics discussed were astrology, stargazing & religious sects. Religion without the perpetual wind of the Holy Spirit is one of the nastiest most stagnated things that we can be involved in. It is the reason that we see so much controversy going on within the Catholic Church. A relationship with the Creator is something that every human being desires as we are all born searching for our identity.

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guys and try to answer some questions and just have conversation because you guys bring a lot of contents at is able the chat brings a lot of content so we’ll try to be pulling from some questions here in the chat as we go along today that’s what I have planned today once a huge thank you to everybody who’s been supporting my work via patreon I could not do this without your help so thank you from the bottom of my heart everybody who has come on board to help and support everybody who sticks it out like over the course of a elongated period of time too I really appreciate that it really means the world to me thank you guys so much um give a shout out to some of the latest people here within the last week or two shout-out to Blake snap macdaddy Anthony Wozniak Edie crow Christopher Rees and the amazing legendary Giovanni thank you guys for coming on board support my work I’m gonna jump to some of these questions here in a few minutes but I want to let you know if you want to support my work head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and there you get access to my entire discography of music extra podcast behind the scenes stuff interviews all kinds of little cool things we try to do exclusive for the patreon community people who are going above and beyond to support the work and enable me to do this so bunch of cool stuff over there make sure you go over check that stuff out thank you guys I’m gonna try to grab these questions because they are scrolling pretty fast already so let’s see let’s just jump right into it I’ve got some stuff I wanted to talk about a for a while I’m gonna bring to the table but I’ll try to jump to some of these questions really quick let’s see Christy folks is asking how important is astrology for our spiritual walk I don’t know how important it’s been to me as far as like studying the charts and knowing which seasons were going into I do believe that the stars that the planets and all the stuff kind of works as our calendar the Hebrews followed the cycles of the moon and they knew when to rest and when to refrain from work because of the days and the schedules and the cycles of the Moon and it is believed that you know the Sabbath is every seventh day and it’s every new moon from one new moon to the next and the energies that are recycled and refreshed and that’s a good time to start something new on the new moons the Bible many will say is Astro theology is based upon the planets and the stars they definitely use that as their calendar to tell which seasons that they’re in maybe even spiritually but definitely in the physical realm what seasons and signs and things like that we’re coming so for me um I’m very interested in what that stuff is what it represents how it affects us things like that but um I don’t know how deep that I’ve gotten into changing my life according to the course of the stars of the course of the planets there’s people it can get really deep it can get really basic just to know your astrological chart even though you know what sign that you’re you’re born under how that works what that looks like um there’s been a lot of studies done with that too just to see like following people who were born in the same months and they all have these certain characteristics that are similar right they they go a lot in doing similar things and I’ve just always found it weird that a lot of people that I’ve looked up to over the years were people who were eclectic and artistic and creative and bringing something to the table they’ve mostly been capricorns they’ve been you know born in January or late December so I find that interesting as well sort of done studies and stuff on that it’s all about as above so below what’s going on in heaven it’s taking place down here on earth there’s a scripture man we talk we’ve been talking about this one school of the Mystics I’m sorry not a scripture there’s a Hebrew word that the Jewish mystics used and I don’t know the word we’ve been trying to go back and forth trying to find this word but a friend of mine Brett Stacy who was a patron supporter he’s a good friend he shared this word in the Hebrew break down of it meant those who are not governed by the Stars that the Stars and the planets have no control over the way I feel today it was it was the first time I’ve seen that word and I’m asking him and he doesn’t know what it was he doesn’t remember it or anything but it stood out to me because it was the first time I heard that many people play victim when it comes to the Stars or mercury in retrograde or whatever the case is a changing of seasons and I haven’t been one to put a lot of stock into that stuff I live my life led by the spirit and not let bother the the planets but if we get you know get down into that is the spirits the Spirit is the one that controls all that stuff so it’s kind of one in the same but um I’ve had friends also who talked about using it for your good like knowing when you know knowing when you should start something knowing when you should get into relationships or whatever the case says and I’ve seen it man I don’t know if it’s just one of those things to wear if you believe it or you’re thinking about it then you just see it everywhere I mean reality kind of works that way but I’ve definitely seen uh relationships go down the drain during these so-called times of mercury retrograde I’ve definitely seen that and uh not in my life and a lot of people’s lives with uh going through that weird stuff of just shaking you know I’m when it comes to astrology man the Scriptures talk about like everything that can be will be shaken and we get into this notion of spirituality and science mixed together and that there are cycles that this stuff’s had this happens man we talked about the dream state and God speaking to you in the in in the wee hours of the morning and opening your ears and speaking to you scripture talks about that a lot we covered that but it’s very much a psychological thing that happens within your own psyche and maybe all of this stuff that has happened happening there is a it’s not just spiritual it’s not just whoo-whoo out there like it has to have some type of physical significance so maybe the course of the stars is how God flushes all of this stuff out shakes things in your life shakes your relationships shakes your foundations through this stuff I also know people who are supposed to be on medication and go see psychiatrists and all of those things and they have adopted astrology to know when they should do things they’ll read their chart and say look I’m not gonna be good around people this week or whatever the case is and so they just play in their life according to the charts and it seems to be working for them so really interesting when it comes to astrology and in the Bible is littered with it I know you know we see you know thinking that that stuff is outside of church culture it’s definitely outside of church culture what we believe to be Christianity in the West but the Hebrews definitely 100 percent followed the Stars the seers actually translates to that word from prophet to seer Tran Leites into stargazer what else did they do when you’re outside traveling in the fields at night those stars are just lit up especially when you don’t have any light pollution around you or there’s no cities or big lights around you I mean I could just imagine I’ve even even here man just go into the country and just looking up at the stars close to the New Moon you can see so much it is insane being able to see the Milky Way and all types of stuff that you that you could see even with the naked eye man it’s beautiful I feel like when I’m stargazing I’m just gazing into eternity looking up gazing into eternity um a lot of there’s a lot of stuff too when it comes to heaven being past the stars right I definitely believe that but there’s this notion of even Orion being a Stargate to the actual dwelling place of God to heaven of where everything is being created out of in this place where I’ve seen things right I’ve been I’ve spent time in stargates and I’ve seen things come out of Orion Orion’s belt that whole area that was called the Orion horse head nebula seeing things come out of there scientists are saying that there’s there there’s new stars being created coming out of that nebula coming out of that so LNG white who was the patriarch of the seventh-day adventists she had a lot of visions and most of her visions were talking about Orion had to do with angels coming in and out of Orion and in creation and all of that stuff and in seeing Orion as a portal or Stargate and so I wouldn’t just go off of LNG wide and take what she has to say I try to look at all of this stuff look at science look at what she says look at what other people say look at my own experiences put that stuff together and then formulate your opinion off of that and it gets really interesting it’s mentioned of in the Bible Orion’s mention of in the Bible the Pleiades Seven Sisters the bear all of these all of these signs are mentioned of in the Bible and it gets kind of deep because we try to attribute that stuff to the Greeks like they’re the ones who got into astrology or they’re the ones but no that stuff is Hebraic they understood the science they understood how to read the Stars and things like that they the ones who actually gave them the name if it’s talking about job which is supposedly the oldest book in the Bible it’s talking about Orion it’s talking about the Pleiades the oldest book in the Bible and then we go to the Seven Sisters or the Seven Stars and then we go to Revelation which is symbolic and encoded it talks about Jesus holding the seven stars in his hands gets very interesting man and there’s just so much so much so much so haven’t been one to plan my life off of the Stars but um I’ve definitely studied what’s going on out there and a lot of a lot of stuff it gets very interesting let’s go through these questions some more just see what we got here if you everybody has any questions just put them in the chat I’ll try my best to jump to him some of these I read really quick and if I don’t really have a any I’m not not gonna read it if I don’t have any answers to it and so okay so Linda says excuse me guys had a long night last night we um took my daughter to see Fall Out Boy in New Orleans so we had a long night got back pretty late I’m trying to get back in the swing of things this morning she says okay I want to know what the magnitude of what is being revealed now and what exactly are we to do Linda the the interesting thing about that statement for me is the fact that now we don’t even have to like go to other people and ask them what is God doing go to the prophets like we’re out here we’re speaking this stuff what God’s doing what we feel like the seasons that we’re in but the whole thing about it is like we have to enter in for ourselves we have to go in to the Holy of Holies get with God spend that time and meditation it’s been that time in prayer and get a word for yourself versus uh you know asking other people what’s going on because damn I’m just telling you that because there’s everybody saying something different you know what I’m saying so there’s a lot of people out there who would tell you one thing somebody else would tell you another thing but the fact of the matter is if those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God that you go in for yourself get your vision get your healing whatever it is that you need you go into that place get your direction for your life and bring it out then shout it from the rooftops so that’s the beautiful thing about it is that you know we can actually do that ourselves so there’s a lot of people and it starts making sense when we start talking about it and say everything like as long as you’re not holding it in as long as you’re talking about it in community I mean that’s the cool thing about this podcast is the cool thing about our discord is that we have community and we can roll ideas off of one another and say oh I’m feeling that too I agree and that’s how the Spirit confirms things through one another so that’s the beautiful thing about it too but it’s about going in for yourself man and not just looking at these big-name people or whatever the case is and taking what they say for it like like it’s gospel you know what I’m saying so [Music] that’s what I would say cocoon says do you believe that Anunnaki were black humanoids I don’t I really don’t I’ve been around a lot of people who do I don’t believe that they were black man this is a Lada there’s a lot of stuff out there about you know the whole thing about that is like it gets into a lot of crazy stuff but it gets into you wanting to be the people of the book it gets into you wanting God we talked about this god we talked about Santa Claus you want Santa Claus remember the first time I seen a black Santa Claus I was like wait a minute Santa Clauses in black it’s like Santa Claus is a white man but dinners like and I can’t I know I’m Santa Claus isn’t real right but he shows up to you and you have these pictures in this art based upon most likely your skin color you want a God you want a deity that looks like you I mean that was one thing with the Hebrew Israelites the big thing with them was that we were told we’re told about Jesus and all the stuff that’s this Caucasian Savior who looks nothing like us and gets into the notion will defeat other people said well if he doesn’t look like you didn’t he’s not your God it’s not your Savior you know what I’m saying so then you look at all the other cultures they all had their saviors that look like them right they all have their traditions and their gods and their people who traveled in chariots look like them so that’s one thing about people wanting the angels to look like them and I’ve I’ve heard that all the time you know that they look like black man driving ships they look like fire if you ask me from everything I’ve seen they disliked Light Beings it don’t look nothing like we look down here like vibration energy everything is moving everything changes so to think that like there are people up there flying ships maybe in like the lower level heavens but past past the stars and things like that I’m not really sure that they look like humanoids then they can come they could come to earth and take form and any and look like whatever they want to they look like they can look like black men they can look like white men Chinamen it doesn’t doesn’t matter like whatever you believe that’s what they’re gonna show up as and so what’s his name um Malachi’s New York has a lot of teachings on that about the Angels have the ability to change the appearances and they usually show up looking like the people that they’re coming to minister to and bringing messages to so let me see what else we got here and just go through here let’s see so yeah give a shout out to everybody hang hanging out with us too holding us down Chris garner Tina Christie folks Santiago my brother I was a good episode man give you a shout out again thank you for giving me you know some props on the episode too man I really appreciate that but yeah that was a good talk if anybody wants to check it out make sure you if you look in the description here it’s John Santiago raw jo in but if you’re listening on the podcast just go to type that in and he did a interview with a friend of mine Matthew hatchet who shot my last video for in the land of make-believe which came out really well so they went into a lot of detail about filming that video and the camera that was being used and just photography and stuff but then they got into some of the more deeper stuff and started talking about spirituality in faith so that was really good I love to hear John talked about his encounters with God and how he believes in God showing up to him in miraculous ways there’s really good stuff y’all make sure y’all go check that out let’s see what’s up Austin Andrew G Oh Chrissy says thank you for answering amen okay so Chris Garner he says how should I go about breaking up with the a star commander it’s it’s just not working out anymore and I think I’m in love with the dragon okay he’s being silly but it’s off of the last podcast and I didn’t okay like maybe I should research my guests a little bit more sometimes I didn’t know going into that last interview with that lady that um joy if you haven’t heard it her name is joy joy Elaine and so if you want to go back and listen to it if you skipped it for some reason I didn’t know that uh she was in a relationship with the ashtar commander with a spirit being I didn’t know that and if I did know that I wouldn’t have had her on I wouldn’t have if I knew that that but even though I like I went to her her website and I don’t I didn’t see nothing about being in a relationship and I talked about this a little at the end of the last podcast but like I would I wouldn’t have had her own if I knew that but I tried to Google relationship her name but I didn’t find nothing about that she revealed on that podcast she was in a relationship with an entity from the ashtar command that is not physical on this earth maybe they have a ship and the spirit being whatever it gets really weird I don’t know I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t have had her on there’s a lot of I have to reason within myself a lot about that whole conversation I mean there’s a lot to take in you know I don’t want to feel like I’m exploiting crazy people either you know I’m saying like that’s the older lady and but she she makes a living talking about that stuff though whether she’s making stories up or it’s really happening or she thinks it’s happening whatever the case is if she’s you know overactive imagination whatever it is like I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of a crazy person I’m telling you like I feel like there’s bad karma off of that and I don’t wanna I don’t wanna have my hand in that at all but this lady openly talks about it Baba I wouldn’t have had her on if I if I knew she was gonna bring that to the table and I’ll just say that I did post jokingly on my facebook and and said hey I talked with someone yesterday who was in a relationship with a member of the ashtar command I posted it in his Oh I don’t get a lot of interaction on Facebook on social media like but when I posted that man is just like so many likes and everybody let me hear I want to hear inboxes from people who I don’t know if they want to be in a relationship with a spirit I mean and there’s a lot of psychological things that kind of come into play there if all your relationships in physical reality like fail maybe this will work out you know I don’t know what what it isn’t but people were wanting to know man and like in the the interviews not even at this time is not even public yet I just did it live or what I’m people are trying to find it going and they wanted to hear it is it that people have itching ears I know that these conspiracies they sell and I’ve seen that just because I type that out there but I don’t want to I don’t want to deal with that I can easily go that route I can easily make a lot more money I can reach a lot more people by those almost click baby headlines but I feel like there’s a difference between conspiracy and truth right I want to be one who’s focused on on sharing the truth so there’s a lot of people a lot of big names out there even people we’ve looked up to in the past in many circles whether it’s the Christian circles whether it’s the New Age circles or the spiritualist circles a lot of people who you can tell are making it up as they go and they’re doing a really good job at it but be really good job just because they have numbers right so I don’t I don’t really know man that was just a whole thing but um very weird and I’m like I said wrestling within myself I don’t want to fit I don’t want a part of me wants to make that headline right because that’s gonna get people to check out the park and it’s kind of what we do we touch all all these subjects because there’s like a deeper truth that we want to share with people and so we deal with all of these daily ins and Ashtyn all that we kind of get into that stuff just to show them that deeper truths about your relationship with your Creator so there it is tactful so maybe you’re making a headline like that would be tactful but you guys are just getting in here let me rationalize this stuff within myself and know if it’s good because I don’t want to be a part of any bad karma you know taking advantage of and I’ve I don’t even know if you know maybe this is back home of saying this about the lady man I don’t know him you know the thing is you don’t know and I’ve taught I had a couple conversations after the fact that people you know I don’t know it’s above my pay grade I don’t really know but yeah if you haven’t heard it go back and listen to it like I did the interview is definitely gonna be available but I wouldn’t have had her on this show so please don’t judge me I wouldn’t have had her on the show if if it was if I knew that was the case she was having marital extramarital relations with the ashtar commander and somebody here jumps in chat this is a healing with rose and Rose says ash star is an arc on that there are cons which would essentially be demons or entities that need bodies and suck off and leak leech off of your energy you know and like I said when we go back to the Angels mating with with humans taking bodies or whatever even in the spirit whatever this lady was saying um Genesis six that’s that gets into a lot of crazy stuff and there’s a lot of people who talk about the Fallen Angels wanting to mate with women you know in this lady is head over heels in this romance it was really weird really weird conversation lumens laughing that I said above my paygrade okay I can’t call it man mmm man okay I’m gonna jump back into some of these questions it shout out to healing with Rose – good to have you on here with us let’s see you moving on down through the conversation so yeah Chris gonna you need to break that relationship off it’s not of God become trying to get to the questions versus the just responses okay and so uh warden w3 Rd in for warden for he’s asking about I guess yesterday’s podcast is your brother I missed a package yesterday on the awakening of the star so trap how can I find it it’ll be laughed tomorrow I’m God I believe that’s the next one to be edited so it’ll be edited and post it tomorrow that’s the one I’m referring to with the lady with the ashtar command so just drop that really quick what our project shadow stalker what up all right here we go Santiago says truth I feel like this generation is hungry for something more than what Sunday church is offering I personally feel I personally feel that hunger excuse me guys I personally feel that hunger something more spiritual more personal with Christ and God is that something you feel is happening yeah man I do too and like you said something bigger something bigger something more than what Sunday church is offering that’s what did it for me it’s like I came into this Dane with in in the form of relationship relationship and encounter with God encounter with Jesus man really having that personal encounter at a home meeting it was at somebody’s house it wasn’t even at a church had that encounter changed my life forever I was 13 this was in 98 and then we went to church and we still had that encounter I went to a church that believed in the prophetic they believed in laying on of hands and and really trying to cultivate that that spiritual encounter at the time but then as time goes on you learn doctrine you learn dogma you learned all types of crazy stuff that comes along with it you’re trying to advance in your encounter with God with that essence with Jesus whatever you drop the cares of the world you drop addiction quit smoking quit drinking good drug addiction whatever it is you could deliver for myself but you pick up the bond another bondage which is religion and the doctrines of men which Jesus man probably rebuked more people in his in his ministry about the doctrines and traditions of men versus anything like when it comes to worldly or being around drunkards or stuff like that like he was always dealing with these people’s imaginations and putting trying to like put rules and regulations on God and what that is and what it looks like and how to interact and stuff it gets it gets weird when the those encounters turn into an organization versus a living organism that we interact with and anytime that uh you know we can get caught up in the monotony whether you’re in church or whether you’re out of church it’s still about that secret place and it all comes back to having that personal relationship with God like and not live off of yesterday’s successes not live off of you know those those memories of things that we’ve had and and they’ve changed my life like I know and I when I talk about that all the time like I don’t want to be a spoiled brat and just want more and more and more encounters but it’s still a relationship thing just like any relationship relationship with your family relationship with your wife your spouse your kid whatever a good friend like it’s a two-way street to a relationship we’re still friends I thought I got friends that I talk to all the time and they noticed like man I know we’re best friends we might not talk every day I haven’t seen you we don’t hang out but we’re still friends like you’re still gonna be friends right but you have to cultivate that relationship I don’t think God’s gonna like disown you because you don’t talk or you don’t pray you don’t get into that but it’s about cultivating it and when you get into empty dead religion without the Spirit of God being a part of that it is disgusting then I can see why Jesus check these people all the time because their mouth was in it they had bacon they got everything it sounds right it sounds good the theology is great but their hearts are far from me he said I don’t even know you like you’re doing all this stuff but I don’t even know you people the demons don’t even know you like Paul I knew Jesus I know that’s what they said but who are you God don’t know that’s a weird place right come on you know weird in between place where God doesn’t know you and the demons don’t know you either and you’re just in the middle that’s what it’s all my being lukewarm he said oh you got a you know you’re just in the middle you’re just existing and that’s a bad place man but we all get there right we get to a place where we just feel stagnant we don’t nothing’s happening we when I’m motivated right but we have to press in man you got a push I like to acronym for push pray until something happens man just pray until something happens pray enter something moves getting back into where you’re in it for the right reasons you and you get into it and you get in all kind of crazy stuff all this weird theologies and you should see somebody discussions we have it in our discord I encourage it but if it’s all about this kind of weird doctrines and crazy beliefs without the spirit I don’t want to be a part of it I want to be a part of nothing I want to be a part of this podcast I hope you don’t if you’re not if the God’s not ministering to you you don’t feel like this can Nexen that goes deep down past your intellectual knowledge we can deal with that I love to talk about doctrine and scriptures and crazy things that blow your mind but if it’s not like pushing you towards having a daily encounter or like a daily experience with God then I feel like I’m not doing my job but but it goes past having a big grandiose encounter I love those I’ve had many and I love to talk to people who have had those as well but if it’s not a daily thing we’re like your consciousness is expanded where you see God in everything you see God in all you hear God in every conversation every television channel you see the hand of God creates it through creativity through friendship through love through conversation and you just experience God through all of it like that’s the beautiful place to be and that’s where it’s just on a daily basis but you can get you can even get out of that that’s a level of consciousness or vibration that we have to walk at and it takes it takes practice you have to be mindful you have to be conscious about what’s going on and so you don’t want to lose that man that’s the that’s always from day one I’ve always warned people that’s what the enemy or that’s what the the negative side of the polarity wants to pull you from is from the simplicity of that relationship the simplicity of that peace the simplicity of that grace and they want to complicate the grace of God they want to complicate a relationship and throw all of these wrenches in the Machine and muddy up the waters that’s always gonna happen for everybody so but it’s about that delicate faith in protecting it guarding it not letting anything take that away from you no teacher no spirit no nothing no doctrine don’t let any anything rob you of that that inner peace that inner joy and there’s a lot of things out there that do that and want to do that amen that was for somebody I know that I’m just tried to go back to these questions here what’s up Dave flu man what up bro the show thank you I hope that answered your question Santiago that’s what it’s about it’s about the spirit man being led by the spirit daily I mean following the spirit go back to the last thing that God said the last thing because sometimes like we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us we know what God wants us to do but then we like now I don’t want to do that you know we try to change God’s mind you know and and that’s how we get into what we call the wilderness out there just wandering hoping God will change his mind and you try to tap back in and it’s just the same thing over and over so you have to go back and do that last thing and so that can take years sometimes months days weeks minutes however long it’s up to you it really is I’ve done it’s been years for me at times and it’s been miserable panda what up boy john panda hello everyone I just think live Q&amp;A editions are awesome so thank you so much for this truth hey I couldn’t do without you guys for thank you guys for hanging out with me I really appreciate it Santiago says anytime thanks for the support yep yep don’t beat yourself up about it you do what you can let’s see Kris garner talking talking says I’m just being funny to those who saw the show lol I didn’t think he read it on here he’d read it on air joy was an awesome guest and a sweet lady she definitely was man it was definitely Ethan Smith says I hear spirits what is your take on that I even hear my mom who passed away making me believe that there is an afterlife yeah man I believe we my music is littered with thoughts about channeling about being able to be inspired by and be influenced by those those essences for me when I’m talking about channeling or I’m talking about that I’m tell my channeling the Holy Spirit right our bodies are made up in such a way that we’re able to tap into the other side and to the other realms and kind of get impressions and see what’s going on for a believer a spirit that is pure right holy the word means set apart pure that’s what we supposed to be channeling and not no not channeling anything other than that really we’re inspired by all those spirits though because in that the holy spirit within all these other spirits we’re influenced by them spirit of peace spirit of joy spirit of slumber deep sleep like all of these spirits that are mentioned up in the Bible I’m kind of writing a book right now that goes into a lot of that stuff but um as far as being influenced by or hearing and and that’s weird even the word here like uh so Jesus says my sheep know my voice in a stranger’s voice they want to follow so what is that hearing is it like an audible is it talking to you is it is it scary that you do you want to get it out your head and you can’t like what what is that hearing or is it just a notion is that a feeling is that an inward still small voice which we talk about a lot what is the hearing I mean I really um my uh my wife’s grandmother passed away her mama and in her big thing she was really big in the hummingbirds so a lot of times when we see hummingbirds I had these weird pictures or a bumper sticker and there’s this inward notion or dreaming of but of hummingbirds she feels like her her grandmother’s just you know letting her know that she’s watching over her her mama took theirs to communication that way too so here here in spirits it just depends and we talked about being able to channel or dead you know the voices of the Dead and who were trying to contact us and stuff or not every like not just because somebody died man I don’t mean they like it’s good right just because someone died doesn’t mean they have another an enlightened didn’t have wisdom you know maybe that’s where all this ghost stuff and the hauntings and stuff come from is it’s usually scary stuff it’s usually people who have died traumatic deaths and they’re almost like there was a an imprint left in the ether like a recording that’s playing over and over how this person died dramatically maybe it gets into let me help you get to the other side there’s a lot of weird stuff in there where people are dealing with those spirits and helping them cross over maybe they’re stuck in a time loop and they need help crossing over they didn’t know that they died or just a pain who knows I don’t know but I will say that just because a spirit is on the other side doesn’t mean that they’re enlightened or doesn’t mean that they’re good people are trying to channel spirits with Ouija boards and is there any good any spirits in this house or whatever whoever used to live here like even just because of somebody’s grandmother somebody’s an old person old people were young assholes at one time like you know I’m saying and and kids are gonna grow up to be regular people just because somebody is old like we should get to see them when they’re brittle you know we look at our grandmother’s our grandparents and stuff and we see like delicate people but they were young man they did like they did some jacked-up stuff too they did redemption to like just because you’re old just because you’ve crossed over it doesn’t mean you’re enlightened like those people man did some jacked-up stuff I know a lot of old people who just were dirty people and they died and so whether it’s an old person that’s the whole nother subject but that whether it’s that or whether it’s somebody who’s a good ghost that’s in your house that you’re trying to to contact you don’t know what that person did you don’t know what that person was involved with man oh yeah I mentioned it just sparked a moment but it would if you’d what if the person you’re contacting was a pedophile you know I’m saying that lived in your house before you and died or whatever the case is and now you’re being stalked or waking up with the spiriting over your bed like because the person was a pedophile like you were literally like this stuff happens just because the spirits crossed over don’t mean that they’re good just because it’s a it claims to be this or claiming itself in the spirit or whatever it doesn’t mean that they’re good so I just throw that out there there’s a lot of there’s a lot of caution you definitely have to take caution when we’re talking about this stuff but at the same time I never want to be the one who I want to promote exploration but always use caution right you don’t just take anything just because you could and you can get in trouble by wanting something to manifest by wanting to to see something you can get yourself in trouble by like not heeding the advice of others so not you know all your just issues just out of whatever the case is you have bad encounter so everything’s bad no I’ve had both encounters so you have there are beautiful encounters out there to be had right but at the same time you have to be careful getting into that stuff you don’t want to get messed up protect your neck let’s see what up alley and I see you in chat with a girl Kristy Lee the anonymous you see amen thank you tor taursus may or may our our Father always give the truth of life from the tree of life amen thank you calling says no fool like an old fool yeah I got a scroll up to these comments I’m sorry no it doesn’t sound good for audio but Rose says she is glad she found my stream thank you I I’m trying to just go back because this dreams kind of jumping around but it’s seen flume and says that’s very true it’s why people fall out of church because they know it’s something more than churchianity offers and goes on their own yeah I mean even even a kind of piggyback off of that the interview that I did with um lennard-jones of Morningstar he was saying look like charts attendance isn’t like it was like people are falling away he’s like I don’t know how to get people back in church but it’s definitely happening like some people think it’s it’s music to be modern like as long as everything’s modern you have seeker sensitive stuff but all the secret sensitive stuff it waters down truths like you have to like like you have to sacrifice truth for members or a sacrifice truth for letting people have a good time or pizza parties to get them in church I think you set up encounter man I’m really big on that like you set up encounter whether you’re at a church or whether you got your own home meetings or whatever you just set up a place where God to move and let them have their own encounter with the spirit because you can’t fake that you can’t change that everything else is just there works for real Noah says what’s your opinion on progressive revelation of Western faith Zoroastrianism Judaism Christianity Islam Mormonism and bhai progressive revelation I’m not really sure what you mean by progressive revelation are we still learning about these faiths definitely definitely it’s so funny when we talk about like doctrines that go against some of the beliefs of the early church people they’re like look the early church fathers believe this and if it was good for them it’s good for us as I look they could have been wrong too and trust me a lot of them were when you you know whether it’s revelation well I don’t whatever it is I mean just look at slavery right you know I’m saying like these the whole thing with slavery now that that’s a progressive idea that slavery is not good right but back then they the scriptures on slavery like it’s crazy and how to treat your slaves and win the freedom and all kind of stuff like that and it gets into some some some muddy areas of what what a slave is and what a slave was there’s voluntary slavery where people just you know want to go work for family I mean and they volunteer their life or do that for it not volunteer but they get paid you’re taken care of for a certain period of time so everything is changing it’s definitely it’s change it’s changing that’s why I like for me like my whole my whole journey has always been trying to get back to what the early ideas were of start out with Christianity you don’t an and he trying to get back to early Christianity before I got tainted by religion before I got tainted by Constantine and the Council of Nicaea all of that stuff all of these you know I got so far to go in and not doing any of the holy days or the say holiday holidays Halloween Christmas Easter any of these pagan celebrations or whatever the case is and like we’re upstanding from that trying to figure out the Jewish holidays and doing those which those are beautiful you know we went like eight years without doing any of that stuff Christmas Halloween Easter we just took ourselves out of it and we tried to embrace the Jewish stuff right that was my journey and it was always about getting back to the truth seeking the truth and that’s that’s a whole nother road and it’s deep you know it opens up a lot of stuff but I mean we ate kosher for eight years didn’t need any unclean animals and things like that um but that whole journey for me it was a okay what made you change did you give up did you lose whatever like why did you not why are you doing Halloween now why are you doing this stuff right you get to a point where eventually man you see God in everything and part of that is it was about studying this is like trying to pull yourself out of pagan tree but everything is pagan tree everything and even the stuff the Hebrews had they stole from the pagans and it gets into like a bunch of words okay I don’t want this I don’t want that oh that’s pagan I got to get that out of my life and trust me we did it like and I was around people who did it and this inward sanctification thing that began to be rules and regulations of touch not taste not those type of things and so you know you feel like you’re closer to God just because you’re not doing something it gets really weird but I did it and it was I was supposed to do it we did it we learned a lot but then like God is in everything God is in all over everything is permissible so I’m a lot more happier now that I can see God and all of that stuff and and not just being afraid of what what is pagan tree and it gets in every what is everything is pagan tree man I’m telling you like they you got to see who came first the pagans were here before the Hebrews so the Hebrews took their stuff like they they killed him and took their stuff literally I think they took their symbols they took their architectural designs the way they built their buildings and pyramids and all they took every day man and so to think that it was this is something new something organic that came from the from God or from the Hebrews or whatever now man they took that stuff so anyway ji-ho says I did that for years and realize how dumb it was hey weed I did it for eight man and I got friends still doing it and look it gets crazy it gets crazy it’s a righteous pursuit though you know yeah Ali Ali comments she said even Abraham was involved in a form of Voodoo yeah that’s one of my lyrics I remember the first time I told me that I was like what abraham was bought involved in voodoo he’s like yeah man yeah we would call it voodoo today you if somebody did what Abraham did back then we call it voodoo what did he do he went out into he had an encounter with God he wanted to summon god I got to recreate this let me how can I get God to come back and he went out and killed all these animals it was in the named all of them it was like birds and raccoons or something there’s all these different animals killed them and you made a circle out of their bodies he got in the middle of the circle and Yahweh showed back up to him that’d be voodoo of you if your neighbor or your church did that you’d call the cops you know but we would call that voodoo so Abraham did it you know I seen warden says I’m out at an organic farm listen and David Daniel dinner says much-loved brother what up man much love love you guys man Shalom alright so see if anybody has any questions just go ahead and post so much how to get someone um fluent says my friend who was recently came out of witchcraft as a victim of that she tried church but it didn’t fulfill her she’s now back in church but exploring and discovering the relationship aspect of it that’s what it’s about Ali says what if the Antichrist is that is this dimensional meditation I mean what if the Antichrist is this dimensional meditating projection practice that introduces different beings as creators I don’t think it is there’s some people who believe in all that like they they really stray away from anything spiritual does anything anything spiritual is demonic you know clearing out your mind and then opening the third eye you you don’t know how many messages have gotten over the years about the 3rd 3rd eye meditations and things like that being the mark of the beast or the forbidden fruit of the garden because now you know things to your third eye you’ve accessed your third eye now you know things that you weren’t supposed to know now you’re like God the fact that matter is we’ve always been like God we’re creating it were created in His image and likeness the lie was when they came at Oulton the serpent came and told us that we wasn’t that was the lie we already were and people out there like chameleons trying to find their identity in all of these other things other than who God has created them to be you created an image and likeness understanding yourself to know thyself as to know the father I know the Creator to know thyself everything about it what makes you angry what ticks you off what don’t you like in the end that’s you know most people are gonna say that that’s what God likes anyway we talked about that no I don’t I don’t think that what if the Antichrist is this dimensional meditating projection introduces different beings as creators okay what about this what about what about this essence what about the hero’s journey what about the Savior what about the Christ energy that when you meditate it appears to you that when you’re ready it’ll appear to you in whatever form it may be whatever name it may be you still have a very similar essence right we look at all the thirteen risen saviors as they call it it has a similar essence to that people group now there’s people who did get it gets into some weird stuff man I mean there’s people who believe that you know Jesus was the savior for the Hebrews for the Jewish nation I mean that Mohammed for the Arab people and that list goes on and on all these other religions was for their people and all their beings that date that but what it what if what if that’s truth what if but it’s that same essence the same God force it’s the same story come on we’ve been debating this for so long the same stories told in other nations to other people groups they look like them didn’t we talk about that earlier everybody says that the Angels look like them they’re saviors look like them Santa Claus looks like them we all want to be the people of the book you don’t want to be the outcast you don’t want to be the the bad guy of the book that’s crazy to trust maps that we’ve study all this stuff ma’am who are the bad guys of the book who is the enemies of the Bible I’ve trust me I’ve been in crazy circles where they believe that those are the that the white man’s the devil I’ve been in those circles I’ve been in the circles that say the black man is the devil it gets disgusting it really does it really does but um you found what you’re looking for a man and it changes the way you interact with people man I got some crazy stories guys crazy stories about racism and man I was in the Hebrew Israelites I funded those guys I paid for those guy we had our own hub chapter here in Mobile that I was over we flew those guys out the guys who were head guys flew him out they came we preached and prophesied on the street corners they established this here I was into that doctrine and there’s some beautiful things in that doctrine then I’ve learned under on the other end card-carrying clans members that I went to work with and try to debate and and heard what they believe and it is some just and they got their Bibles are highlighted from Genesis to Revelation about racism and how would I give you the earth and you have to rule over it and all kind of crazy stuff people are weird man people are crazy that’s why we that’s why spirituality plays a part whatever form to make you more loving what does it take to make you more loving to focus on love to focus on unity to focus on christ-like what does that take do that something that’s gonna give you some type of significance it’s gonna change the way you act change where you treat people little stuff let love be thou religion at the end of the day let me keep going here I feel like the internal infinite being this is from Ethan eternal infinite being and have been on earth plenty of times making the old soul making me an old soul what is your take on eternal life I believe I believe that uh energy doesn’t die I believe that we are energy I believe that uh we’re gonna return back to that I believe that we’re gonna be like the angels I don’t think that we’re gonna be in our physical bodies we’re gonna turn return back to energy essence light so I believe in that I don’t really even yesterday I tried I wish I could believe in reincarnation I just don’t I just I believe in the spirit that comes back I believe in like the essence over people groups and over ideas and that comes back that’s out there it gets into some weird stuff but yeah I don’t I don’t really I’m not really into I don’t know what though would you what you mean by being an old soul as far as being you’ve been here plenty of times like I don’t believe all that you know I have my own reasons why most of the time to people teaching it were grandiose things you know people who who were reincarnated they were here as I’ve you know I’ve been around people who believe that they are Jesus reincarnated they are the Apostles reincarnated that there are the prophets I’m Elijah come back in the flesh I’m the prophet Ezekiel you’re a crazy person is what you are you’re delusional you got to call it man that’s you’re not you’re not Elijah you’re not Jesus you’re not delusional I know people huge followings one guy huge following claims to be the Holy Spirit a person a black man claims to be his name is Casa de Kia’s the name he goes by it calls himself the comforter which is the name of the Holy Spirit he has a huge following like thousands of people follow this guy huge cult that got their own churches all kind of stuff it’s because this dude claims to be the Holy Spirit I don’t believe that stuff man well I was a I was a king I was a king in Egypt I was I was a pharaoh I was and everybody like I said usually it gets into psychology usually those people who are coming at you with all this reincarnation they were in a past life what they want to be now but they can’t they have no influence they have no understanding they live in that realm of imagination well I used to be a great magician I was at the Kings I was in the king’s palace I was a great magician back three generations ago you want to be a magician now man study how to be a magician bring it to the table become it I always use grandiose things always and never like I was a farmer man I died it was a hurricane came through some people are trying to do that because of that’s the notion now now so now they changed their story you know this is more humble person but just like that psychologists like they are what they they were what they want to be but they can’t I believe that lady I talked to her relationships failed on this earth she had a husband a lover that cheated was unfaithful guess what tonus from the a start command will never leave me he’ll never beat me he’ll never lay a hand on me I never go behind my back he’ll never lied to me you know I’m saying so the psychology behind that is why these people and I’m and I’ve been saying if you guys have been following the podcast I talked to these people and there’s a there is a common thread of abuse there’s a common thread of neglect of being left alone drama it’s a common thread with all these grandiose crazy spiritual people and I see that common thread in me having an unstable childhood being very much in my my head relying on my imagination I’ve seen that in those people but what if that is the concoction that allows you to explore there’s definitely those similarities there with almost all of these guests I’ve had on but what if that is the concoction that allows you to explore those realms to be open to higher things like that obviously if you’re over a fortune 500 company if you got family kids all this stuff you got all this stuff going on you don’t have a lot of time to get into those things if everything’s just kind of been cut and dry there’s been no resistance you’re just everything just there you don’t you don’t know that I mean I’ll just say this if from a friend of mine and I’d heard this on um Santiago’s podcast with my buddy he was just hard to do was how am i he he was raised a Christian touch not taste not this is evil stay away from that I’m just he’s like Christian by birth you know where you’re born grow up in church but he’s never been in this he’s never had he said this he said I’ve never had to use my faith he’s like I’ve never been in a situation where I had to have faith or I had he we talked about spiritual encounter never had him never had one you’ve been sheltered like you’ve never had been in a place where you needed faith I mean that’s where that a lot of stuff comes from even people in church who were really religious like they’re religious for a reason like in their times of sorrow in their times of trouble God was there the church was there they owe their life they’re not just their life they owe their eternity to that organization to God and that even all of the psychology I’m talking about it comes out even with me and I’m open about this I can you got to understand it like I look at God as a father I called him father God he shows up in my life as a father quite literally because why I didn’t have a father growing up you know I explored the idea of I wonder if the person who didn’t have a mother this God show up as a mother to them becomes all things to all men who do you think Paul made that up no become all things to all men so that you can win them that’s what God does a higher I saw a higher I am that I am I will be whatsoever I will be he said whatever you need me to be I’ll be you need me to be the lover of your soul you need me to be your spouse I be it in some weird form but literally we are the Bride of Christ it gets very interesting man that there’s this notion of God that kind of they talk about we had these holes in our hearts and we had this thing that only God can fill and I believe that to an extent but I can definitely see how we get damaged and we get wounded through life and through trauma and we need a crutch religion is a crutch sometimes we need that we need a crutch right we need help we need help and God becomes that help in any form that you need what it what do you need you need this you need a healing you need stability with it what is it that you need and God becomes that for you fills that void so I don’t know if we’re born we’re born with that void or through trauma through getting beat up and things like that before the void is formed something’s been taken away from us and we need to be hold to be balance we need that so God shows up and he comes in wipes that away whatever it is that we’re dealing with it’s definitely happening definitely because I haven’t mean I’ve had those those conversations with people of other faiths right Muslims and I talk about how beautiful God is and how beautiful Jesus is and how he’s a father and a friend and they’ve in the blue my mom but just I was young at the time but it’s I don’t need God to be a friend I got friends I don’t need God to be a father I have a father I don’t need God is like you know what because I heard Benny Hinn say it so eloquently and for him this was something big for Benny and he said but reason one of the reasons he’s with Jesus is that reading the Bible and God told him he loved him and he was in into Hinduism he’s been into Islam and he said it was Jesus Yahweh was the only God that told him he loved him and that that would that was impactful for me right looking for love I think we’re all looking for that but if you grew up with love and a loving family you might not have that void of being loved it sees you loved by everybody everybody loves you just a good kid everybody loves you I told it to it to a Muslim one time I said look man God you know Jesus only one that the only God that says he loves you Israel I’m not looking for God to love me I have loved you might be looking for a guy to do something else or whatever you’re looking for that’s what you’re gonna find through whatever Avenue there’s deep like everybody’s not the same everybody’s not had those similar encounters not everybody knows what we’re talking about you can’t you don’t assume that they do but I do believe that uh God is willing to meet everybody where they are whatever they’re dealing with whatever they need Dave voltner hate Ruth thank you for doing what you do love your show bro I love you brother thank you for all your support brother and your friendship it means a lot all of you guys door says listen to my brother here he speaks truth from his heart city ii Couric’s do you discuss Flat Earth on your channel I don’t actively discuss it some of the some of my friends Kenny and some other people they love to discuss it in our discord community so there some people are really big into it I’m not against it but I just is not really my thing I don’t think for me it it could be true you know but for me it’s like what does it have to do with the price of rice in China not much it’s just not me so but there are I have friends who were into it I did a an interview with them Santos Bonacci on it so I there’s one interview that I kind of discussed it and went into a little bit of detail with Santos Bonacci and I think if you’re if you’re looking into that subject who who better to explore that subject with then Santos Bonacci who’s like one of the leading experts on flat earth keep reading some of these right quick we don’t hear a little bit longer um oh that’s awesome Thor Thor says I know I’m struggling with drinking so I find this insightful my dear brother speaks love from from love and it’s the love of God dear brother I feel like God gave you this to speak to my heart brother this speaks to me bro I’m crying because you speak the truth amen it’s awesome bro love you man flip block it have you tried a sit and have you seen a mass UFO sighting and elaborate to your best ability yep yes and yes yes and yes you’re my Internet’s still going in and out ain’t guys let me know if it’s stable or not in the chat man this sucks I got to get a new provider man these people have been it’s insane how about tried asset yes I did ass at one time at a church when I was a teenager did it at church wasn’t fun it sucked wasn’t good seen all kind of crazy stuff tripping out they knew I was tripping out pulled me in the room to talk to me what’s going on man what are you doing are you okay hey I was trying to grab the microphone from the pastor like all it’s connected okay I think I’m reconnected whatever so I seen that that’s a fleet and also we had an encounter where we went out during the night to to stargaze and we had a camping trip and we went out there we played some music we did some chanting de su mantras a little short meditation and we seen I think it would think we counted maybe 12 12 ships all going in the same direction within an hour it was really cool so that those were the two like fleets that I’ve seen where it was like a bunch of them like flying together and stuff but other than that it’s usually been one here too sometimes just heat three of them together traveling really interesting stuff go if you want to see something similar you can go to youtube and just type in UFOs night vision goggles and there’s a lot of people who film them with night vision goggles they’re so crazy like the stuff that you can see with night vision this crazy stuff you can see with the with the naked eye but I’m gonna go ahead and let me try to how much try to turn this recording program on it’s crazy the stuff that you can see with the naked eye and then with binoculars you can use regular binoculars I remember going outside and just looking into the night sky I’m being able to see so much stuff out there just with the binoculars is insane so yeah a lot of people are um talking about the internet it’s not stable so I’ll go ahead I’ve already done an hour hour and 20 minutes now so I’m gonna go ahead and jump off of here me a lot of question I gotta do this more max I’m gonna jump into a lot more of these questions man a lot of cool stuff here okay here’s one really quick though 100 days at a time are you aware of Doreen Virtue conversation from heavy-duty new-age to heavy-duty born-again Christianity what are your thoughts if you have any I haven’t listened to her stuff like all the way to thank you crawling for the donation the super chat thank you I haven’t listened to her all the way through I’ve just seen pieces of it and it’s I mean she’s in the stephen bank artist camp you know and seeing what he’s done it turns my stomach man just they’re like cut off all all spirituality everyt everything spiritual is demonic that’s crazy that’s crazy to believe that like Stephen banned cars like I’ve tried to reach out to him when he was into the new age to get him on the show he was too big then I tried to reach out to him when he became a Christian as I look not your new-age couldn’t become a Christian look let me get you on the show let me hear your story didn’t reach back some weird happening I don’t know what happened but I was doing an interview with um some people on Facebook they had me on this show and Stephen bang car has happened to join the live stream while he was watching it and I mentioned something about the Kundalini and Holy Spirit and I guess that triggered him but he just started going off in the comments section Stephen bang cars got all these followers but he’s watching my interview and I’m like dang and I little has a I watch how to do I got Steve a bad cause watches y’all you know and uh but then after that a buddy of mine was trying to set him up to come on the show he said yeah I’ll come on the show it’s like but he wanted to come he wants to come on to debate I don’t want to get this guy on here to debate and whose ride and climbing scriptures I’m not into that no more you know I’m saying so I would love to have him one to share his story but not now he’s like China he’s almost like working against what I’m trying to build so it turns my stomach you know and I haven’t really seen a lot of what Doreen Virtue was was talking about though I do know she became a Christian and I do know that a lot of people are saying that she renounces a lot of the stuff she was into but then the Christians are still judging her because I think she still has like an angel deck she’s you know into and stuff like that so I haven’t watched it I don’t I don’t watch a lot of I’m not up on a lot of that stuff I mean I know who Stephen bang cars is I know who Doreen Virtue is and what’s going on I love to have her on to talk to her I love the bridge the gap you know what I’m saying was I would love to bridge the gap with both of those people just to show them the people who are like totally against anything spiritual and then call it a cult they called demonic I’ll show you in the Bible man all this stuff is in the Bible every single bit every every all of it all of its in the Bible the Bible is a crazy book it’s got a lot of cool stuff in it so I’d love to have them on to talk about that kind of bridge that gap let’s see him scroll to here right quick everybody and like I said the UH the thing is not stream is choppy I got to get with these people man’s tripping me out I can’t believe he fixed my junk yet Ali says all of us in the chat could could we so until our brother true seeker and help establish a secure internet by prayer and funding whatever we’re led to give I pledged $25 thank you so much Ali and Kenny both of you guys crawling thank you guys for the donations bro do you take roids yes I take steroids nope I do not removing you from the chat though just control trolls come along I’m surprised there’s not as many trolls on here anymore like that was one thing about like um when I used to take phone calls during that during the show people would call in and just start cursing or start using the n-word or what they just call in and be silly people trolling who is okay okay FluMist says I think I know who you’re talking about he’s the guy that came out of the occult and his hard-pressed on all the spiritual stuff right yeah yeah he was I mean he was making a lot of money writing uh spiritual articles with the spirit science and metaphysics so um but yeah dude no I don’t take roids but thank you for the compliment that’s a compliment and I haven’t been working out in a while so yeah thank you brother without Chris bars I’m about to jump off here man this connection is really bad so do it again I wanted to just check in with you guys and I didn’t have nothing to talk about so I was like you know what let me just go and do a QA and I had an idea I didn’t even I didn’t even bring my idea to the table but I’ll save it I’ll save it because I was gonna talk about something at the beginning I didn’t do it just because you guys had so much content anyway you guys are awesome if y’all want to hang out with community most of the people hanging out in the chat right now hang out with us on discord we laugh chat listen to music build community all that stuff the link is in the description you can join the discord community by using your cell phone or your computer so usually after every podcast we go hang out in there and have some chats and stuff like that so uh make sure you do that if you’re looking for community that’s worth that and again thank you guys for the support thank you guys for doing all the the patreon supporters and stuff like that allowing me to do this stuff so I couldn’t do it without your help backslash true secret if you would like to give any level of giving you get access to a lot of cool stuffs so tonight is the school of the Mystics you get access to that to it just by giving a dollar per month whatever you can do it will go a long way so thank you guys for that with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom we’ll do it again very soon guys love y’all peace peace [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]</p>

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