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In this episode Truthseekah speaks with psychic Kristy Lee about becoming psychic and learning how to harness your god-given psychic abilities. Coming from a Mormon background, Kristy Lee’s experience has not been very easy. The majority of Christians always seem to demonize what they don’t understand. This is true for the Catholic denomination all the way to each set of denominational evangelicalism. But as we look deeper within the scriptures and towards more of the ancient Hebrew understanding we see that psychic abilities played a huge role in the life of the Prophets of the Bible. These abilities and cognitions seem to have been grafted out as religion has moved away from being a spiritual practice and more towards an organized religion. Many people are still functioning in their abilities whether Christian or unbeliever. The fact remains that people are having Supernatural experiences with entity’s in the angelic realms and beyond. As Believers we should not just demonize a concept because we don’t understand it, but we should seek out the truth of the matter, whatever it may be. For too long evangelicalism has played the position of know it all when in fact they don’t even have a grasp about these spiritual abilities or experiences. On the outskirts of Christianity in the Fringe movements, we see churches like Bethel and Morning Star being a head of Christian evangelicals who still embrace Supernatural activity and prophetic utterance. These are the same things as the psychic abilities and cognitions, just worded differently to fit the culture. Just as Kristy Lee has now embraced her calling as a “psychic” many others are now finding the ability to embrace theirs, whatever it may be. I believe that the name of the game is authenticity, which seems to be the hardest for those who are coming out of religion. Their identity is found within the organization and if their life or beliefs seem to deviate, then they are excommunicated or ghosted. This is hard for anyone to get over and that’s why we must be open about our stories so that we can bring hope to those facing hardships in trying to find their identity.

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The spirit of the prophet is subject unto the prophets and those who greet a prophet will receive a prophets reward. My heart goes out to those demonized for being different or being forced to wear a mask in order to fit in. Religion is trying to kill the prophets just as it has done in generations past.


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sure to present them in the chat room we’ll try to weave them into the conversation today I’m going to be speaking with my good friend my dear friend Christy Leigh first of all I want to thank everybody who’s joining us live right now in the chat I also want to thank everybody who’s been supporting my work on patreon really from the bottom of my heart I couldn’t do this this show this episode would not exist right now without your faithful support so thank you guys for supporting my work and believing in the vision that I have and what I’m bringing to the table if you would like to do that head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker you get a bunch of cool stuff you get unreleased episodes exclusive interviews my full discography which is music that I’m working on will be uploaded straight to patreon working on some new stuff right now so as soon as it’s done gonna be straight there so we also do us Thursday night school of the Mystics and you get access to that so today’s Thursday and we’ll be doing that this evening every Thursday 7:00 p.m. which is the community aspect of what we’re doing bringing it to the table just pretty much the community aspect of this and growing together in learning to hear the voice of God I hear the Holy Spirit speaking in our lives our giftings and abilities intuition being led by the spirit and things like that most of us have been hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit since we were children the voice of spirits of impressions from spirits around us so we’re trying to create a safe environment to thrive in and and prophesy over one another and learn what that is and what that looks like together and we’re doing some courses and stuff so if that sounds like something you would be interested in joining with the community make sure you head on over to patreon comm backslash true seek and there you can join and come in there and fellowship with this and we also have stuff throughout the week we do the discord thing to that all those links are in the description here so discord we have that open all week so when I when I have idle time while I’m working on something where I can talk I’ll try to jump in discord and chat with the community there so discord is really cool and get it on your phone or your computer as well so make sure you link in with us that way man we’re building a strong community here we got a lot of really cool people who have been supporting and like-minded people so without further adue them I bring in our guests for today and uh I want to just I guess off the back you know what I’m talking about patreon I want to thank Chris D’Elia publicly because you’ve been a day-one supporter of my work and ever since I announced this little thing called patreon and this model of supporting and things like that you’ve been a day one you’ve been given and supporting my work since day one so publicly I’d like to say thank you you know for supporting me financially that way and then just being a friend being there for me and my family so Christie lee means a lot to me and my family so uh somebody mentioned in the comment section a while ago there’s like you mentioned christie lee almost on every podcast it was gonna be cool to finally get a chance to meet her so Thank You Christie and welcome to the podcast we do a we do Christy Lee’s podcast a radio show on Wednesday nights she has a show on blog Talk called tap in tune in there we get into discussion and dialogue we’re getting more into discussion versus it just being reading to the whole time so we probably do discussion for the first hour maybe 45 minutes and then we open up the phone lines to to do readings and and prayers and energy healing and all that good stuff so if anybody is looking for anything like that you want to be involved I know the majority of people here already know about that show but for those of you who haven’t heard every Wednesday night I host that show with her on her channel so what a blog talk tap in tune in or you go to tap into to check out her work um I know a lot of your story our paths have crossed we’re learning who we are together and what God is doing in our life what spirituality looks like I titled this show becoming psychic and I think that’s a good topic to tackle that’s definitely a title that you have embraced as of recent really maybe the last year embrace that title for yourself you know we talked about last night on the show that your name is not what people call you but your names literally which you answer to and and and that’s a title that you have embraced and so becoming psychic what that means what that looks like as a daughter of God a child of God someone who believes in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit so we’ll get into that but if you want your stories deep if you want to start off with giving some background info of who you are and then we can kind of unpack your story a little bit and then get into the identity of becoming psychic if that sounds like a good place to start okay man it’s like where do I start so take it back to childhood I was raised in a home that had my dad pretty much was for most of my early years didn’t really believe in anything when it came to like God or whatever his mom had gone through an experience where she lost a five-year-old my my dad’s little brother age five felt the backseat of the car and was run over by tyre and they were immigrants didn’t have money for a service for a funeral and when they’d hit up the local churches no help showed up so my grandma raised my father was like thanks kind of like eight or you know the goodness of church churches or whatever my mom on the other hand was raised in a pretty strict home so the two of them met and they didn’t really bring anything like that into my home I was a grey eighth grade when they went for the temple I didn’t go through the temple with them I was deemed not worthy handed a book called the miracle of forgiveness by Spencer W Kimball it came with this look of all the things that have to do to attain fellowship with this guy that was up in the sky and it seems so far away from me it was like I was a hyperactive kid little sensitive even as a young child so it was hard for me to sit still in school it was hard for me to follow directions and those kinds of things and so when I was handed that that book to me it was like I couldn’t please the adults in my life so how quickly pleases God in this guy time goes on I ended up working in the social service field entered in like age 19 and began doing like work for adolescents and teenagers group home kind of stuff and loved working with doing groups in the community creating programs and things like that worked a lot with kids and then women were pretty much my specialty so anyways was just kind of moving through my life I did spend some time in my early 20s in Casper Wyoming there’s a place that’s called crimson dawn and Stefan Casper mountain it was kind of like my introduction into on crystals and Tarot and things like that in the daytime it was like happens people that were pioneers and had crossed the trail had settled there and it was like an old pioneer cabin and in the daytime they take tours it was a historical site and then at nighttime they would do ritual and work with us and so I was kind of like my introduction into being able to scry in water and like playing with crystals or whatever but it came I was really enjoying it and it came to a screeching halt when one of my friends got caught up in um a spiritual warfare and actually that took her life and so for years I ended up just going like mmm staying away for all that I didn’t have enough understanding so fast-forward to I’m somebody here and dear to me committed suicide needless to say it spun me into my death of help and I read a a mock for nine months so left this life what it seemed like I had my shit together pretty much working in a professional job being a mom living in a house whatever and I’m at my shadow head-on so I spiraled myself out into the depth of hell and in the depth of Hell I was locked in a room actually in jail and couldn’t get out of couldn’t like run away from myself and that’s where in that room I ended up I’m going through many days of or many days of sadness many days of feeling alone and one day I just threw myself on the ground when I threw myself on the ground I just screamed out help me and that moment of really deep pain for me like the whole room lit up I lit up I knew I was God and God was me I knew God was bigger than me I got a life of you where I got to like look at myself through my life and it was like strategically I could see all those times I I was alone I was never alone people were always placed right there to help me even if it just meant a blink of an eye for that moment to smile a hug whatever it might have been and other people that like schoolteachers or whatever that were just strategically there for me and it was all I could an assignment from our Creator so I saw myself like in that heap on the ground I saw myself get repaired and I saw myself out in future and I knew that I would never be alone everything would be okay and it opened me up to just kind of having a greater understanding that but um next three and a half years I went on a sabbatical of sort or Hospice it opened me up during the time I was working Hospice it opened me up to kind of understanding more about rites of passage opened me up to understanding like even the angelic Rome to the support that comes when people are at that point of crossing over to the other side and it gave me an opportunity to listen to women and the women’s stories and it was like you would hear women talk about dreams that actually came to fruition dream that they never for whatever reason brought forward love that they lost loved the pay Hut that they were you know embraced and and very spiritual time of my life like a very like mad out of any work I’ve ever done I’d have to say that that was like really a deep position but it also put like a fire within me going like what do I want my life if you like what I had you know so after that three and a half years I decided I wanted to just do something normal just give me a job that’s normal so that’s when I ended up beginning to serve and when I was serving I went through like his series of my body breaking down and through my body breaking down I had surgeries back-to-back ended up with late CFSL a and then right following that I broke my back so when I had broke my back the doctor wanted to do like an immediate surgery on me but I had this it seemed too big for me like to have a surgery where they’d actually cut in my back and cut it funny enough at that point in time I had people that actually knew about energy building and things like that essential oils or whatever but I didn’t have an understanding of that yet in my own life and so for nine months I would actually even get mad at people who would like recommend what I do today so I struggled all my way through it and but I would never really accept it as being me or a resting spot it was just kind of like I knew that there was something else going on not sure what so I had a blessing in the midst of that at the time I had health insurance and the doctor was doing a lot of like facade blocks and crazy medication or whatever and the last one that he had done he thought like he didn’t do a pre-authorization for my insurance and so when I went to go get my medication I was on heavy stuff morphine I can’t even tell you what it was the tons of stuff and so when I went to go get my medication I had to pay the bill for the stop block before they’d actually see so I threw a fit and got into the doctor he wrote me on 30-day prescription with that 30-day prescription he said I can’t see you it’s policy here in the office you’ve got 30 days to pay or I don’t know what to tell you so for that 30 days I rolled over in my mind you know how you get to a point where we can all come up with money if we do and it’s going you’re going to come up with it it just is going to happen and I knew I could but at the same time I wasn’t able to even be released from pain and the pain medication had horrible effects I was terribly taking advantage in a lot of ways my co-workers they were having to help me lift and do all sorts of stuff because I couldn’t pull my own at work and my depression was kind of getting I was in a deep hell of a depression actually during that time and so for that 30 days I think it was maybe like day 25 I stood in my kitchen and I said I want my body and I want it back now I want to bend I want to move I want to be able to have be flexible I want to be able to work I want to be able to carry on my life and bam in that moment I was Hilde so they list to say at first it caught me like off guard and then all of a sudden I’m going back to work and people that had watched me at work with I had a drop foot at the time I had always was in pain having everybody else do my work for me over that nine-month period of time and so all of a sudden I go back to work and I’m like bouncing around listen new person and everybody’s like did they find some medication that finally works for you and I might know I was ill I was held and so customers were kind of noticing or whatever and then it opened me up all of a sudden to know I’d be walking by somebody else and I would feel their headache they’re like oh you have a headache and then I would know like the root cause and that was kind of like my opening up to supernatural healing actually worked and from that moment forward it’s just like why would you not tell the whole world why would you not share it open up to her that’s how my journey out into what I’d be now because so let me ask you about that because that for me was a long process and I can see for a lot of people how it could be a long process as far as like when you’re able to start feeling the infirmities or what someone else is feeling or going through or knowing what they’re thinking like you know I think there’s a lot of people who have experienced that ever since they were little kids they but they don’t know what it is and it started happening to you all of a sudden did you automatically know that it wasn’t yours and it was for that person most of the time like we feel like it’s us or the devil’s attacking us or we’re getting hit with a sickness and it could become like a headache like you start you walk by that person and you feel their headache oh my head you know and and you think it’s you know we used to start rebuking the devil devil I rebuke you I’m healed in Jesus name you know and and it wouldn’t go away like you can’t rebuke that kind of stuff it stays or neck pain or you go death in your ear like I’ve I’ve had those encounters but it took a very long time till I feel that pain it’s okay this isn’t mine how did that transition for you it was like instantly you knew it wasn’t you and or whatever how’d that work out for you yeah it was it’s kind of weird it was like as time on okay so like I can remember the first few days where it was almost like I you know how you kind of waiting for that shoe to drop it’s like all of a sudden your body’s working you feel great you’re bouncing around like this kids a part of you is kind of puzzle like what does happened here okay what’s happened here and so um then I just kept getting like it was like it opened up to me even getting downloads and things that I had to change my own lifestyle some of my own thinking some of that kind of stuff so it came with an instruction book in a sense to where I just get downloads of information so I think it was pretty much instantly after where I had the awareness to knowing that it wasn’t mine but it took me a while to like figure it out and yeah but what if I look back to even being a kid in school and being a child of my own home or whatever I can I can say that I was always picking up on other people’s stuff but to me it was more like through childhood where I would if somebody was mad I would think it was my fault they were mad like oh my god she’s mad it’s my fault or if somebody was sad or crying or whatever I had feel that and then I would think it was my fault and if my parents had dissidence in their marriage it was my fault like I knew what was happening between it but I wasn’t able to define me from them and so it heavily influenced my younger years but I had I had no awareness of that so my awareness to it not being mine didn’t come until after my own healing yeah and then it seems like it just took like just over time and just open up further yeah you get better and better at it and discerning the spirits you know that’s a spiritual gifting you know discerning the spirits and able to discern if it’s you if it’s something that you’ve caused and created or it’s it’s you’re feeling it on someone else around you and that could be overwhelming man I really can if you don’t catch it and I think that they’re drugging a lot of people a lot of kids and stuff who are having these experiences and feeling impressions and there’s people you know even in the chat right now talking about suffering from mental illness I really do think that a lot of what we would call mental illness now is people are sensitive to the spirit realm and the veil in between this world and the next is so thin that they’re receiving impressions and hearing voices and stuff whenever you know when I was really big into like witchcraft and the occult when I started opening up all those doors in my life it got into schizophrenia it got into really weird realms that is hard to understand and explain and I knew if I was to try to get help they was gonna I’d be committed somewhere right to try to explain what I’m seeing and what I’m feeling and I had to do my own inner healing work through Christ and and that that’s how I found freedom through that but other people are dealing with a lot of this stuff and I get a I get a lot of those messages you know that’s a big thing that’s on my heart is people who are dealing with mental illness or bipolar disorders and things like that there it’s the energies are hard for them to balance so there’s a lot of that going on that’s why I think the work that we’re doing is important obviously we don’t give medical advice we deal more upon um saying the spiritual and the holistic healing aspect of it but but those who are going through that through that kind of stuff that you know there is hope and I think there’s more to it than just I’m hearing voices or my mind’s playing tricks on me or whatever the case is you know so our heart goes out to those people um so your background is in you know I guess you grew up with a little bit of Mormonism and you didn’t fit in there that was very like to hear your story very condescending condemning towards you and hey we’re going through the temple and we’re you know and like you mentioned your parents calling you that Lucifer’s daughter and just this really weird religious upbringing to where they excommunicate you and disown you like that is that’s hard like when you think that that is the form of God in your life right no no matter what religion you’re a part of and they denounce you or turn their backs on you that’s very that’s something hard to deal with so you went through that you know you were into spirituality and stuff you’ve always kind of been into that kind of stuff but then whenever I met you my god I don’t know what year that was maybe 2015 maybe I don’t it whenever I met you it was through a mutual friend that we had in a ministry and you were local here with us you’re right down the road from me actually people want to know do you uh you wanted to get baptized so I was coming out of the church but I’m still a believer like even to this day right but I was coming out of that I still believe in baptism and it’s a powerful cleansing ritual and you know just some symbolic and importance of it and things like that I still practice it and believe in it at the time you me and a couple other friends were there I didn’t want to be they were filmed and I didn’t want to be on camera doing that stuff because of like what I was dealing with the condemnation from the church realm and stuff I was there I think I filmed it mostly but we have that on video where you got baptized and stuff and that’s where we met what were you going through then where was that transition in your life to want to get baptized to start fresh with Christ knowing who you are and I know just for you and everyone else a baptism is usually a pivotal point in your life right something happens and the water symbolic for death of the grave and you go down into the grave and rise with the newness of Christ in that life and so so where were you at when that happened because I know after that I know your story and I know tons of things happen to bring you to where you are today but what happened around that time of wanting to be baptized well okay so I had that experience back where I met God the essence of God in that room and after that when I was on that three and a half year like sabbatical working hospice I was also studying all sorts of different religions going to meetings our church services of every religion and of the moon and I was finding like things that resonated with me and some of it but I wasn’t meeting people that had an encounter similar to mine and so I I kept just kind of searching searching searching you know like there’s gotta be somebody else out there that understands it because for me people were either you’d go to all these different things and they would tell you like to say the Salvation prayer or to whatever whatever and I didn’t do that I literally just threw myself on the floor I was at I was so lost in that moment that I literally wanted to die myself and I couldn’t escape myself there was absolutely nothing I could do to escape myself and when I threw myself down on the floor all I didn’t screamed out help me and then all of a sudden here this beautiful loving essence is there and you know the visions of all the things that I saw in that moment or whatever so I knew that there had to be somebody somebody else had to know something that I hadn’t encountered or something similar so I actually had met you first prior to demo I met you at Penn Toby’s when I was serving there and needs to come in and hang you your concert stuff or whatever so you and I were friends on Facebook and I started watching our other mutual friend and so he was talking about things that resonated with me especially like being one with Christ or one with God and opening up into you know kind of the other rumbling kind of scenes and I was like yes so as soon as it was like I started to hear some of the truth it was like I I knew it was true that resonated with my spirit and I had never been baptized before I just knew I had to be and so that’s when I opened up and and everything in fact synchronistically like led to that day and some really interesting and cool ways and also I can say about my baptism is is when I went under the water when I was lifted up out of the water I had awarenesses instantly that I didn’t have prior to that moment so it was a really big day in a beautiful way as well yeah that was that was awesome and to be a part of that and then you know I’ve I’ve had the chance to baptize a lot of people and I actually had a chance to baptize my mom my uncle as well and it’s a very beautiful experience and it feels like something that we talked about last night that is something of lasting value like something of you know there’s a lot of good deeds we can do and they go overlooked and good things we try to do but it feels like when you do something like that or work with energy healing and and help somebody with deliverance and rid them of their demons or or at least help them with their demons that way it’s something of lasting value man and it feels like you’re doing something really good so I’ve been able to do that so you were going to churches and stuff different you said religions you meant denominations till right you were just going to a lot of different Christian churches okay and trying to find something and then there were some stuff you mentioned Todd white going to some Todd white concerts and not concerts but uh gatherings and things like that and I seeing the power of God manifest and in showing you that what Todd’s white his message is Christ in you the hope of glory you know what I’m saying and something that’s in you not something outside of you or something that you have to go seek or try to go to a church to obtain but you look within to commune with Christ and in Christ in you is the hope of glory glory Christ out of you is the manifestation of that glory into the world and so you you really understand that you were walking in that I guess immediately the condemnation started like it usually does like me you know I know you were going to prayer meetings and Bible studies with just some some different women in the area trying to get close to different Christian women to kind of start learning and Bible studies and stuff but that didn’t last long like there was contention really quick do you want to talk about that at all simply be not to glorify that but simply because there’s others people who resonate with that and it’s happening to them right now they want to be accepted they are looking for community which I think we all should you know and you did it in it kind of blew up in your face you want to talk a little bit about it at all yeah it was one of my really big it was another one I like life lessons and that is actually something I could say was even preordained and it was like we all signed up to go through that encounter together because weird as that sounds so prior to my baptism I was already on I’d already gone through my I was already on a journey of seeking out different modalities for energy healing things like that so whenever I got baptized what I found is I had an idea and my mind it was like she leaves ideal of what family meant or what ideal family would look like to me and so um and not taking in to consider what that would mean to the people I was being introduced to whatever it was kind of like when it was presented to me like oh this is your family you’re always invited that uh I was like family I’m always invited and whatever else and so I jumped in with full like full dedication to being part of that family so to speak and but they wanted to change me like it was like I was good enough when it the day I got baptized and everything’s good you know the love of God then all of a sudden keen they wanted to shape me into changing the language the way I communicate and the way I express and experience creator and spirit and what I do and it didn’t feel good to me at all because what it was saying to me with that you’re shaming me for being me you’re shaming me for being me and you’re doing it in the name of a god I love that loves me that has always left me that even before I knew this God always strategically took care of every aspect of my life that picked me up in the middle of the heat off of the floor and gave me new hope and showed me visions of my future and I knew I would always be with that God and you’re telling me I have to change my language I have to do all these other things to shape into a Christian II that would make you guys comfortable around and so it didn’t feel good at all to to go through like that shaming of it and needless to say I didn’t bend I continued just to be crystalline doing me and um before you know it we were no longer single to say it is because I went swinging in my way and I can’t say it didn’t hurt it was a very harsh life lesson to come up against somebody they can’t accept you and they want to shame you because you’re merely being you expressing yourself doing what you’re doing and at the time I was doing a lot of ministry where – I was doing a lot of travelling and meeting up with people that spirit was just sending two on the road and a lot of communing with others and orchestrating a co-creation of a baptism and having like all of these beautiful encounters with God and so anyways I had to just kind of like step further into who Ida was and not change because I was being shamed for being me so it was huge it was another one of those discernment one like you know it taught me some things about one of the main lessons with an energy signature so the energy signature in that dynamic was very similar to the energy signature within what I was introduced to in when I was influenced or be influenced to go even into the Mormon Church and so then all of a sudden I was in the midst of it and that energy signature was very similar so it opened up like a new awareness for me to recognize the part that felt comforting was because it was something I grew up around and I had associated to family and the part that didn’t feel good is I had to change I had I couldn’t be me in order to be a you know in relation with my father in heaven so yeah it was kind of a big an awakening and also broadening into my own awareness even on that so you can be more mindful in the future when you come up against it and then also not be so quick to jump in oh yeah a family yeah I could see where a lot of it was my own projected reality – one thing that I guess we all learned from that people who have been through that is you learn to really value the true friends that you have and we have our spirit tribe and our friends that you know they you know they’re gonna be there through the good times and the bad not just a good or not or if you change your belief or whatever you’re not a Christian anymore or you don’t use the Christian lingo anymore so you can’t you’re making people uncomfortable so you’re not our friend that type of thing like we have our tribe it’s like you know those people mean a lot more to you that small close a circle of friends versus being accepted by all these people it makes you value friendship more so I think that’s a life lesson I think that a lot of people have to go through go through that and in the church world they call it church heard oh you’ve been church heard you just you just Church her you know that’s why you’re not going to church anymore that’s not that’s a little thing but I think everybody has to go to that I think everybody has to has to go through you know that that similar situation and story so the whole thing with coming out of religion coming out of well the whole thing we’re coming out of the drug scene or coming out of a false religion or coming out of abuse or whatever a lot right you have this encounter with God this glorious encounter that you just looked up to heaven and and released and asked hey if you’re out there I need you and you encountered the Living God you had a baptism that was supernatural and it changed you with that so you had these supernatural encounters and in so church should be a place or we want it to be a place where we can cultivate that relationship or recreate those experiences those encounters with the divine and not just simply living for the experience we know there’s a lot of a lot of you know weight to that and a lot of pitfalls that can be if you’re just chasing in an encounter or an experience but to cultivate that relationship and walk with God which is a really good thing and churches are supposed to do that you know you had to say encounter with God you go to church thinking that you can do that but then you lose one bondage which is the bondage to the world the bondage to the old self and the destructive behaviors and you’re learning and working through that releasing those bondages only to pick up a new bondage which is religion and rules and regulations and touch not taste not don’t do this don’t say that you said it this way say it this way you know all of these weird rules and the Scriptures tell us that the kingdom of heaven is not in in meat or drink or it’s not touch not taste now but it’s about life experiencing life through Christ and through the Holy Spirit so people are putting down one form of bondage alcoholism drug abuse whatever and picking up another and that’s the problem that we have and eventually eventually on your path of sanctification and a path of holiness you’re gonna have to leave religion like eventually you’re going to have to know that you’re in something that it’s not of God in the end you know I’m saying this these rules in control and manipulation and stuff at all of that plays into the majority of these churches and stuff so it’s kind of like trying to be in there and thrive and be in the world but not be of it so with that story with with those encounters with God with Christ and still I don’t know if you call yourself a Christian but you have a relationship with Christ I think that makes you a Christian by default right I would it’s kind of a terminology thing but um so you having these encounters you’re tapping into the spirit realm with Christ the holy spirit with God communing having supernatural abilities discerning spirit see spirits helping healing baptizing but somewhere along the line you felt that it was okay to use the term psychic and to because you’re doing doing these sessions with people and I don’t know if you resonate with that term I know that it’s all dealing with the psyche but so maybe it would be stepping back you’d say you are a Christian psychic or a Christian or you love Jesus and loved in use Tarot or love Jesus and love Terra right we got this shirt and a catch phrase and stuff on your website with that so you know being a psychic who loves Jesus adopting that name and being okay with that name why the name why the label talk about that conversion of just being okay with it and not being scared of it or that opens up the new realm where you are now and you get to that comes with its own baggage as well to not say well you know I’m nothing I’m just a daughter I’m just a son you know what I’m saying that type of deal but now you say okay I am a psychic but I love Jesus and I love to her that type of deal talk a little bit about that yeah man it’s almost kind of like let’s beat the demon out of the name because the name with the name psychic wasn’t even created until in the eighteen hundreds and then it got in you know infiltrated within a lot of even some Bibles have the word written in there now and you know all throughout the Christian community as being an awful thing but you know you take it back to even my early years of careers I studied psychology I worked with the psyche I you know learned a lot about the mind and haven’t worked in the subconscious mind and through training through like you know hypnotherapy and whatever else is all associated with the psyche and psychic realm and mind upper kingdom lower Kingdom so to speak or whatever so for me it was just I mean I think we all can be psychic I think we all are psychic I think it’s a matter of embracing it and then learning about your gifts and so for me I picked up I just allowed myself to pick up that knee because it is the truth I do interpret energy I do communicate with spirit I do receive messages and the other part to it is I’m gonna beat the demon out of that name identified it doesn’t demonize me at all and so I also feel like being a person who does follow Christ I am I believe I am one with Christ and coming out and allowing myself to be me and allowing myself to express myself as Who I am with that kind of freedom living underneath that grace it opens up the door for others that also have some of their abilities that are developed or are wanting or wanting to search out more to develop them so then they can begin to truly walk in their purpose and it’s like it’s okay to be psychic so it’s kind of like opening that door for others to have that kind of freedom as well yeah I like the way you use that beating the evil out of it or beating the devil out of it um it’s a lot of these terms and stuff that people deem demonic or negative or terms and symbols and stuff and there’s a bunch of them I use a lot of it in my music and I’ve turned people away like but I use it because it was it was originally used for a good thing like it literally was a good thing I mean we look at like even like you know the Salem witch trials and the witch hunts like these were good people who were about healing and stuff and they were like hunting these people down and in these people who had pure agendas and pure motives but they get demonized so like there’s there’s tons of phrases that I’ve used in my music and yeah about Lucifer like to be called a Lucifer’s like a really a good thing in it like as far as the title and what it means according to the Bible like it means that you’re a light bringer if you’re a Lucifer it means you bear light what what is Christ Christ is light and in the book of John it says that Christ is the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world so we all have that light of Christ shining within us and so to embody that you would be a Luciferian even one who is a bringer of light and in the Illuminati the illuminated ones I am illuminated with a white light of Christ we talked a good deal about light work and how it’s light and energy and you don’t let your light you don’t put your light under a basket but you shine forth that all the world may see the the light that shine is within the dark places of darkness and the darkness comprehended it not we are that light we are the light bearers we are as a real Illuminati even the early believers were called the Illuminati you know and it’s so funny you see like a lot of Christians when you look at the symbolism the all-seeing eye or any type of sacred geometry or zodiac if for even our astrology like all of that stuff is in the Bible the ancient Hebrews followed it God told him to he put it he created it put it here for a reason but they’re so trained to like fear and demonize everything that they don’t understand they suffer because of it like they suffer because they don’t understand the moon’s energy they suffer because they don’t know when to plant when the harvest spiritually you know what I’m saying so they’re suffering so much because they don’t know anything they just demonize it all and say well gee you just got me I’m good you know what I’m saying and so you know he is he is the light that you are to pursue all of that stuff in and it’s all biblical and it was all good stuff symbols and things like that so I like that you said that beatin the evil out of it and taking you know the it’s even symbols like symbols don’t hold any power like it only powers that symbols holders though is what it means to us and what it means to you so if you’re demonizing everything and you’re going around saying everything’s evil then to you those symbols and that star and the pentagram and all of these things which are beautiful things are gonna be evil to you and but if you attract good energy and good thoughts to it then when you see those things it’s gonna mean something good I mean you look at it like if we was to tell someone who you know lived through the Holocaust or something if we start hey they’re just coming up you know Benny Hinn’s coming with the with the crusade you wanna you know the Crusades are coming you know for us it’s a church gathering or crusade but to them the Crusades that word means something totally different right the Crusades we look at Christianity and stuff and they you know don’t like the rainbow that you know the gays are wearing the rainbow bracelets and if you have a rainbow tattoo and the good in it you know I’m saying the homosexual community have taken that symbol and it’s there someone else the rainbow is that they got a rainbow bumper sticker on your car it means most likely you’re with the LGBTQ P or whatever and but originally like that is a good symbol so they’ve like kind of given it to the gays you’re not gonna see a Christian walking around with a with that type of bracelet on because they kind of gave that symbol to them or whatever so symbolism humanizing things we only have the power to to give it life and and and we demonize what we don’t understand and we see that going on a lot with Christianity and it’s the difference of simply being spiritual and superstitious it’s a big difference there and you have a lot of people within religion we’re just simply superstitious I think there’s they think if they go up under a ladder they’re gonna be cursed if the a black cat crosses in front of them in a car you know something Bad’s gonna happen a bad omen and but they look for the evil and everything and that’s what people who are superstitious – right you just talked about that so I’m going to just backtrack a little bit to that portion of my life where I was jumped in both feet to the family or whatever like I pretty much see God in everything I think that for me personally my point of perspective is is that there’s one like we’ve got prime creator and everything was created for prime creator and that that life force is within each and everything each and every being each and all up in the hole there’s a there’s the god spark and the or Randa that surround it which is life force energy I think from my point of perspective people have taken that creative energy and create things that are not not for the greatest and highest good of all beings you know they forgot kind of in that sleeping slumber who they are or whatever but I still I seek to find God in all things I seek to find God’s like in the butterfly or in that tree or in that blade of grass or in that dew drop of rain or in that picture on my wall or my coffee table or the crystal or my car you know it’s all like creative from creative source energy and everything if you were to take each and every my high-powered microscope you would see it boots and it’s got like everything even objects that we would think we’re in that contaminant they’re still alive you know they’ve got life in that just slow down so on anyway is it my own walk like I just I seek to find God in my walk with when I look at anybody or anything I just seek to see the God within it and so at the time I was just being me doing a lot of outreach kind of stuff having all these spontaneous experiences here they’re everywhere and part of that group decided that they were going to start doing like a study on demonology and they were studying it in the more than they were studying it their life was going hell they grabbed doorknobs break off their truck they were having window shells big bras they were having motorcycles of a brand new breakdown like all sorts of crap was happening to them and I was still flourishing but they were like pointing their finger at me because I wasn’t in the name of Jesus in the way that I was walking my walk but not seeing that because they were looking for the demon and everything that they were the ones getting cursed that was like you know that it was like colectomy realizes he would see God instead of darkness you would find God instead of darkness and you would not have all these things that you’re bringing down and upon yourself by seeking what’s wrong in the world like looking around a little bit friends so that’s kind of like an interesting thing which runs hand-in-hand and I really like if we were to apply it to our life right and begin to look at what is right in a situation what is beautiful in a situation where is God at within that and even things that seem like there is no glory of God that’s happening there is it can always you know all things work for the good for those who love God and so you can always find that silver lining of the glory if you’re willing to seek it even in the deepest and darkest of times there’s something there for you it’s a gifting yes we talked about it last night as well talk about the stuff a lot you know I’m saying it helps um in the name of Jesus we thought you know went on a rant let the show last night in the name of Jesus doesn’t mean praying in the name and saying in the name of Jesus I could probe you or whatever but in the name of Jesus is the likeness in character of Christ Jesus isn’t even his name he’s never heard that term in his life like that that wasn’t his name his name is Yeshua Messiah Yahshua was something along those lines versus Jesus so he’s never heard that that the name and character like I said in in in in the biblical times is is is what you embody it’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to it’s what they are it had something to do with their life path I mean you speak it over like the vibration if you name that person something negative or something bad the more you say it like they embody it and grow into it for me on a personal revelation it’s just become true with my name that I chose for myself true seeker like years ago I had no idea where this would lead me I was just a Christian rapper looking for a cool name and that was the name that I got and I really grew into that name the more that I would write it down and tell people may introduce that you know okay you’re gonna seek and truth within you like wow I created this you know what I’m saying and it’s the same way that’s the that’s the character the embodiment the personification of that vibration of that name is all who call upon the name of the Lord it’s nothing there’s a bunch of groups out there say okay we got to find out his name what is his name you know I am James I am his names are in Hebrew it’s a higher I love that name it’s a great name a higher I am that’s powerful I am that I am a higher shot a higher that’s power in that but that literally means I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be so essentially whatever you need me to be if you need me to be Jehovah Jireh your provider I’ll be your provider if you need me to be a friend of sinners I’ll be your friend if you need me to be your father if you need me to be your strong tower your protector I’ll be that so all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved the name is the character and a personification of who he is it’s not about getting the name right there’s a bunch of people that they call themselves sacred neighbors and they argue about God’s name instead of embodying the character of it and it’s essentially like what we see going on in the churches and in Bible studies and all of these churches who are debating about the Bible and what this meant and what that meant and what year this was written and well that was gonna be taken out and there’s all of these cross references studying it and going exhaustive and crazy which I’ve been there but you know that’s why I can speak on it there they’re doing that but in their missing just to go out and simply do the things that Jesus said do love those who have never experienced love who don’t deserve it show grace unmerited favor from God to those who have never experienced grace they had to change somebody’s life you debating and arguing and trying to be right about a point right about a theology or a doctrine that’s not gonna change anybody you’re gonna get cool points and kudos from your little following and stuff like that and you’re in your denomination about we have the truth that we are right but at the end of the day it comes down to simply going out and doing the things that Jesus said do going out and be in life to a dead world to go out and bring healing to a broken world that’s Jesus that’s in the name of Jesus and I don’t care what that looks like I don’t even care if that’s embodies Hinduism or another religion or whatever if they’re going out and they’re healing a broken world and they’re bringing peace love and light and anything that is good anything that is noble peaceful I believe that it comes from above I believe that it’s from our Father anything good versus what name in what stamp we want to put on it we think that were there’s many people who were going around and they do it really good the in the name of Jesus stuff and they got their Bible with them but inwardly they’re ravenous wolves inwardly they’re looking to take advantage of the weak weak minded individuals who just come off of drugs just come off a dope like your kind of when you’re in a susceptible State when you just come come out of that stuff and these people prey upon those those weak minded individuals let’s be honest if like you’re addicted to a substance and like you you need to be built up you need to be strong willed and strong-minded so religion or religio which means to bind and hold back for some people it’s good early on it really is like that Paul called called it essentially the law he said it was like a schoolmaster to Christ like this is what you do touch not taste not like don’t do this don’t do that some people need that but in the midst of that we have to know who Christ is in us as the hope of glory and we don’t need nothing outside of us but we follow his voice is that my sheep know my voice that’s the spirit and personification of Christ that’s in the name of Jesus it really is we all you do is this give it time look at these pastors look at these big preachers look what happens they’re doing in the name of Jesus really good but at the end of the day is it really compassion to those who who need it and there’s some who do it there’s some teachers who are doing it good no doubt but it’s nothing to do with the terminology it is about the spirit the action and the intentions right and I agree with that the other part see what you were for me my point of perspective is everything I do is in the name of Jesus so I’m either taking that power and authority that has been invested in me and I am creating life-giving substance with that by what I put out in thought word action indeed or I’m taking that and I’m creating hell on earth for others so I’m either destroying and speaking death over myself my life my experiences to people that are in my life and using it to destroy or I can make that choice to actually be that Light Bearer and come forward so I’m either using it up you could do greater things than I you know and so where we have been given that power and authority to use our life force entity that comes through us a person that is bringing love and healing and hope and healing you know good compassion and seeing like the God spark and others isn’t working to make a difference in the world or whoever creating a lot of havoc yep and it’s all it’s blasting me to do you know it’s even blaspheming against ourselves using that that I’ll never leave you or forsake you that means I’m always here so when I’m in that state of beating my own self up or whatever I’m blessed amaizing god I’m created in likeness of an image of my Creator so I’m blessed amaizing it yeah yeah a false image of God of something that he isn’t and that’s what that’s what blasphemy is man that’s what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is – and so which says it’s the unpardonable sin is to attribute to the enemy what God is doing like saying oh that’s demonic they don’t do that in this like healing you look at the fruit of you judge all things by the fruit you know I say that over and over my lyrics angelic and kind of I judge by the fruit need a change in my walk and my life’s living proof all the angelic encounters your religion I judge it by the fruit you know in you can’t hide that a good tree is going to bear but fruit you’re good if you go up to an apple tree it’s not gonna just magically start giving you oranges or pears you go to a pear tree it’s not gonna give you an orange big trees things like this the fruits gonna show and that’s people jesus said you know we talk about people as trees eventually you hang around a person long enough you’re gonna protect that fruit whatever that is you know I’m saying whizzers you can’t hide it it’s gonna come out through conversation let me get angry you know I’m saying this type of stuff so that those are the things that are really the qualities of of Christ in Christ consciousness is the fruit of it the fruit of the Spirit yes that’s what I want and that’s what I want to be around people who embody the fruit of the Spirit not about they’re just endless questions and genealogies the Bible tells us to stay away from that stuff quite frankly right it’s a spiritual walk spiritual encounter my wife Erin she posted in the comments right here she’s listening she said that um that all of the theology in the things that we’ve studied in the past and being a part of different sects and different groups and stuff and uh she said a lot of it she could even pray because when it was like we had all of these different teachings and studies and friends and ministers and people who were saying like you have to pray this way or don’t pray in the name of Jesus well that’s not don’t pray in the name of Jesus are you supposed to pray to Jesus and then about his name would you can’t say Jesus is Jesus is has really changed it so that you would call upon Zeus you know it when you’re calling upon Jesus you’re really calling upon the gods Zeus so don’t use that word you caught you’re invoking demons when you say Jesus like all of these weird theologies that they’ve thrown in and then when it’s time for you to be like at a place where you were a broken place and just community hey god I need help like we can’t even do that because there’s all this weird was names Yeshua no his name’s Josiah no its yahushua this names jesus like all of these things will come in and it really became bondage really at the end of the day is it in the inner scriptures are clear when it starts talking about like anybody who causes these little ones to stumble anybody who has that childlike face like that and you’re putting upon them rules and regulations and keep the law and don’t eat this and don’t eat that hey that’s cool if that’s what you do if you’re a Jew and you’re abide by the Jewish law but this is something different this if they don’t go together they really don’t like the laws and the regulations versus life in the spirit those who are the true sons of in daughters of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God and that the law of God is written upon the hearts of men and he said that’s the New Covenant I will write my laws my Commandments on your heart so then you can therefore go and do what you said it goes back to what you said as far as going to nature I’m able to see God in a in a drop of rain I’m able to see God when I gaze into my lover’s eyes you know what I’m saying I’m able to see God in nature in the water in the wilderness in my trials in my tribulation I see God in everything in it come that’s what it is like you come to this Christ consciousness where you understand that God is in all and throughout and you really understand when it says hear o Israel the Lord is one there is one God one faith one baptism and it’s all just this essence of our Creator and having an intimate relationship with them yeah yes yes it’s kind of like two I think sometimes like you know great spirit you were who are known by a thousand names and you who are the one well like I say when you come you know they you know we always hear the Christians making fun of the Hindus saying they worship thousands of gods and in the book of Acts they had the the Greeks they had an altar to the unknown God like they just had the all these altars and stuff but when in the personification of Christianity of knowing the I am goes back to what I said about he has all these names all these titles he’s coming back with the new name it says in the scriptures that nobody knows like you know I’m saying the first and the last and as far as the names in a personification this is a thousand names some people just get into simplicity they call him Abba Father daddy Papa you know what I’m saying he answers you know any time any time you’re in that place of surrender either surrendering for the good news Laurie in your life when you’re right in the midst of the happiest day ever surrendering even that missing the creator how it was a gift from creator that got to come through you and the experience or when you’re in the pit and all phases in between just to constantly be in that state of just surrendering to your higher power yep we look at the Bible look at the stories and see like every situation that the Israelites was in the Israelites mean the word Israelite means child of God or children of God and that’s us we’re Israelites we see in this Roman says that those are true Jew a true Israelite as one who was one inwardly is there’s nothing to do with your birthright or where you were born or whatever but who is one inwardly grafted in to the family of God because you’re one inwardly so we look at those stories we look at King David fighting Goliath we look at you know Samson and and and the walls of Jericho we look at all these stories and and see that God was with them wherever they were and there was no way that they could go to know where they could go to escape God or try to run even when they tried look at Jonah going into the belly of the whale that’s what it’s about right it’s about going in and whatever you are God will be there even if you’re trying to run thank you for the donation and I got the alerts turned off my wife just donated $0.99 so thank you yeah that’s what it’s about man so uh and also thank you while we’re on air Thank You Jonathan Santiago for becoming a patron with that gracious pledge thank you so much one two we set out to you guys for doing that so Christy would at the end of the the program here is there anything that we didn’t discuss or you think that you can share with the community that we didn’t talk about that you want to get off your chest god bless you god it loves you no matter what it is that you’re experiencing I like to call it people say sometimes aspects I look at it as expression so we all have like that expression of us that we would rather not have that might rise up even that angry you even that depressed you even that impulsive you even that destructive you that messy you that honor you that you that can be the most loving and joyful you no matter what it is that God loves you you’ll never be left you’ll never be forsaken you’re always enough always enough and help as I was right there so I’m going to be you don’t even know how to seek that help I promise you my own experience you know this just simply helped me you might not get that hope that you’re with beam as being what you would be asking for but you’ll always have help and for evermore and you’re just loved you’re so loved you can ever do anything to lose that love except for to think that you’ve lost that love and it’s always right there waiting for you to surrender back into it um the first big interview I did I did an interview with um Vinnie Eastwood back in like 2011-2012 and I kind of shared my story when it was just coming out of the church and really putting out my first album with esoteric stuff in it and at the very end of the show he set me up the same way he’s like is it anything that we didn’t talk about what would be the most controversial thing that you can share what’s the most controversial thing you know you’re loved by God God loves you so much with the everlasting love and I just went in his for his face was like but I just went in and told a man look the most scandalous the most controversial thing is that you love by God with an everlasting love and really just shared the gospel at the end of his thing and the Gospels the good news that you are loved versus that you’ve been told that you hate it and you’ll never amount to nothing and you’re stupid and you’re a has-been and all of these things but anything to hear that no no no no you’re loved you know within everlasting love Romans chapter 8 man’s just so beautiful about there’s nothing that ever existed that will ever exist that can separate you from that love that’s empowering that’s not kind that that’s not condemning it’s it’s a love that wants to empower you and better you you know what I’m saying so to you know the love of God will meet you where you are but it won’t leave you there it will change you it’ll work on those character flaws it’ll it’ll condition you into being the person that you were created to be as we’ve been sold a false identity and it’s really that we’re all out here having an identity crisis to find out who we are that were that were made in the image and likeness of God that were children of God that we bury the light of Christ and that we’re one with Christ and so when we understand that that’s when things get interesting and it doesn’t matter what religion where you play that’s Universal I don’t care that’s for everybody it’s not for people who have you know said the sinner’s prayer or whatever the case is that’s not even in the Bible at all there’s a lot of churches who know who were like against that now because it’s not biblical you know what I’m saying so all of those things what Christy Lee I thank you for coming on the show if you want to go ahead and share out your links and let people know where they can check you out your website your show that you do and some of the services and things that you offer because I helped put a lot of that stuff together and there’s a bunch of really cool stuff on her website so go ahead let people know where they can go to check out your work yeah you can find me Facebook I’m Kristy Lee my website which is tap in tune in comm and also Wednesday night 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Central Standard Time come and be a part of our community over there on tap and tune in with psychic Kristy Lee on black talk radio so truth is there was me each week and we have a really cool community so this isn’t a pseudo channel everyone don’t want to come and check it out see if it resonates with you sounds good make sure you I’ll do that go check out a side there’s some really cool stuff over there there’s some star fire emojis and some mantras I guess you would call them their mantras that can be spoken over you some really cool t-shirt designs and stuff that we created as well so I head on over there and check that stuff out so mr. Lee thanks for coming on in we’ll do it again soon next Wednesday actually I’m a friend have a good one Kristy Lee ladies and gentlemen huge huge support and I heard like I said has been there from day one supporting my work and what I’m bringing to the table and we’ve kind of been working together and collaborating on a lot of stuff here recently and her website’s really cool check that out her show is it’s cool too if you want more of what we’re doing here at the true seeker podcast and you want to tune in and call in and healing and prayer we really focus on that on her show so Wednesday nights tap into noon calm the links are there make sure y’all check that out been a good show I really like to give you guys some of the background on on some of the people and some of the friends who were in our lives and who mean a lot so misty Lee go check her out with that being said any updates like I talked about it the other day but we have we’re shooting a video and we want the fans to be involved so we’re gonna be doing a video for our song I am if you could go to the website I’m gonna put the graphic up there but it’ll just let you know to shoot a cellphone video or however you want to do it shoot a video of you singing our lyrics to that song I am and we’re gonna put everyone in the video so I’ve already got a couple submissions so far and go to true Seger calm and it’s find out your way to get it to me and it’ll be a couple things on there that tell you how to get it over I am working on my presentation that I’ve been talking about for months now but I’m almost done with it the personification and channeling and all that kind of stuff I’m kinda playing the devil’s advocate on some of that stuff so I’m working on this little documentary type thing little teachings about 20 minutes or so quit with music and videos and pictures and all that kind of stuff so I’m almost done with that that’s gonna be out very soon so it’s gonna be good so with that being said I say peace and Shalom if you want to support my work you’d be like the rest of these cool people be like christie lee head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker sign up for any level of giving and there you get access to a bunch of cool stuff tonight every Thursday come join our community it’s gonna be good love you guys peace and Shalom we’ll do it again very [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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