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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Dhanya as the two discuss Bhakti Yoga Spirituality and the similarities between Christianity and other ancient religions. Comparative theology and syncretism is a huge topic on The TruthSeekah Podcast and this episode explores some of the practices that show that spirituality and awakening are universal concepts regardless of religion. As stated in the show Dhanya comes from an eclectic background and even had early roots in Roman Catholicism and points out the emphasis on what some would call goddess worship or the divine feminine as venerated through the mother mary or The Queen of Heaven as she is also called in the Bible. In order for us to grow as a people we cannot be afraid of conversation with people from other traditions or faiths. As we have learned from this show on many occasions we really have more in common with people than we have differences. In religion we are taught to focus on the things that “set us apart” but the essence of spirituality teaches us to find common ground and with much avail there is a lot to build upon. Bhakti Yoga comes from the Hindu tradition where there are references to many gods, goddesses and deities. There is contention within the faith that says that maybe these deities are to be taken literal while other purpose that they are but artistic representations of the human psyche or cognitive experience. These contentions are very similar to those found within branches of the Christian tradition seeing as most would take the Bible literal and word for word while others see the beauty of the allegory written therein. Also mentioned in this episode is the fact that it doesn’t matter if these gods literally existed or if the Biblical characters once lived, it does not negate the power of the story and allegory. The two faiths if looked at subjectively have more in common than not. As Billy Graham stated “God has called out for himself a remnant of people for his namesake and many of them have never even heard the name of Jesus but by their actions they know God deep down within”. This is what draws us together and is essentially what the new covenant is which is mentioned in the Holy Bible ” I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 31:31-34. This text says that God would reveal himself to everyone and nobody would have to “teach you to know God”. Our conscious declares the law of God written on our hearts. God is willing to deal with anyone as long as they turn from their wickedness.

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that link is on my website as well so uh thank you guys for all the support you guys are awesome so with that being said I’m excited for this interview today I’m always excited to talk about music so I have something in common with this next guest some awesome music at that and some talking about spirituality and just really embodying awakening so I think that’s really cool we’re gonna hear about her story today joining me on the podcast is Dania welcome to the show how are you good thank you thank you for having me is exciting awesome anything yeah thank you for being here with me um I heard your new single featuring MC yogi was awesome entitled another lifetime and ass off of your debut album which is self-titled same same name so uh awesome song man I love MC yogi and I was introduced to pretty much your work through that collab right I seen his name on there and I’m really getting into your work your videos are awesome you did a video for a song called fire which everybody needs to go check out really good stuff thank you so much I was a super exciting collaboration to work with MC okie yeah so have you been doing like a lot of festivals and things like that a lot of concerts or well a lot of my audience right now is mostly in yoga studios I traveled and did kirtan with the group tamiya pooris and so as a supporting musician with them I made a lot of really strong connections and relationships people in the kind of yoga studio circuit so that’s mostly where I’ve been doing stuff now but we’re also doing you know festivals of color and just trying to get the music out there since it was just release we’re trying to see kind of spread the seeds far and wide and see what grows where so talking about the subject matter we’re talking about spirituality and awakening and stuff like that I’m really interested to hear your story to hear what kind of got you into yoga the healing practices and things like that and understanding the healing therapy of music the music being able to kind of sing over people and just inspire and spark creativity within people which is healing in general so let’s talk a little bit about it when we’re talking about spirituality like or awakening what was some of the earliest experiences that you had maybe as a kid like a lot of people are very sensitive to the spirit around maybe they have paranormal encounters or see angels and things like that you have any of those encounters from like when you was younger well my parents raised me in the bhakti tradition so it’s the tradition that it was kind of founded and based in India and so a lot of my practices growing up we’re kind of inherently mystical inherently spiritually charged you know we had altars in our home and we would sing prayers you know by chanting we had mantra meditation you know solitary mantra like on beads Joppa and then also you know group mantra meditation kirtan so a lot of our focus growing up was definitely coming in contact with that and we also kind of read a lot of philosophy we you know our primary book is the bhagavad-gita so a lot of reading the Gita but also you know growing up with the kind of mystical practices of Catholicism my mom’s family is Catholic and you know even very kind of nature oriented experiences growing up in Venezuela being in contact with very like raw forms of nature I also experienced that especially in my teen years is a very strong kind of spiritual awakening so I would say I had a pretty eclectic blend my parents were very open to me exploring different forms of spirituality and kind of finding my own way but definitely you know the route practice for me especially growing up was bhakti yoga where does that as far as like the Catholicism come into play is it just more like the ritualistic more conservative type aspects of your faith or was there any of like the spirituality involved in that as well I think the spirituality in the Catholicism that I was in touch with was very community oriented it didn’t feel so ritualistic you know that structures kind of always there but it was very community oriented it had a lot to do with service it had a lot to do with developing the qualities of kind of compassion forgiveness seeing unity across all faiths and also a lot of focus on the Divine Feminine which is yes you say that yeah really characteristic of especially Latin American cultural kind of Catholicism so a lot of understanding the Divine Feminine that define Divine Feminine manifesting miracles you know things like that was definitely something I was strongly exposed to that’s cool that you mentioned being in Catholicism somewhat and being able to see the beauty of all paths through that because like the word Catholic or Catholicism means the universal religion so since a man like you could you could be a part of that and still have you you could be open you don’t have to be set to fuck you know Jesus Mary and and God and every religion has you know these three type of Holy Trinity is with the father son and mother for the most part and which it was it’s awesome that you actually experienced that a lot of people would would speak against it and they come at it from like like a like a like a a place of judgment from like the Christian community and stuff and and they would talk about how the veneration of the mother and the veneration of the the woman is done in Catholicism and there and and there’s really like a you know they taught on this you know God is is a father and we we know we need to worship the father but when you get into it and understand like the roots of religion it that if it’s just the masculine or if it’s just the feminine then I think things are kind of out of whack and a little balanced but we have we really have both sides which is in everything whether you’re following that or not it’s it’s there and so for us to get in touch with that is that that’s where the power lies with the balance so what would you say to that like kind of merging the two because we see some people like it’s all about the Divine Feminine or it’s all about the righteous father or whatever the case is yeah I definitely think that you know inevitably because humans are the ones that are practicing it there’s kind of inherent flaws in kind of any religious institution just like in any any institution religious or not so we kind of project whatever our boundaries are onto our understanding of the Divine Right but what I was taught from a very young age and it’s a foundational understanding and bhakti-yoga is that the divine is masculine and feminine it can’t be exclusive of anything because that’s what the absolute divine is it means all contradictions lie within and all forms the whole spectrum of masculine to feminine expression and everything in between is included there so it’s not even like a balance of two things it’s the balance of all things everything is included there and that’s for me one of the most satisfying things about bhakti-yoga that it has an equal emphasis on kind of all aspects of the divine and and there’s you know even when we chant you know the Maha mantra which is our primary mantra you’re acknowledging the divine masculine the divine feminine in equal proportions throughout the entire mantra so that’s a very for me it’s like a very comprehensive complete understanding of yeah the divine nature so talking about like the mystical aspects of your faith and stuff like that is so is it open for angelic encounter interdimensional beings whatever people talk about going into meditation connecting with their higher self and angels and things like that have you experienced that kind of stuff was that common for you growing up or is that maybe a different path to take in the religion itself or the practice itself so the practice itself kind of inherently is transcendent right so the our philosophy is based on the principle that sound is the purest form and it creates consciousness so sound precedes consciousness and so because you’re coming in contact the more pure the sound is that you’re coming in contact with the greater your ability to connect to all living beings and see that that kind of divine spark lies within all of them so in that of course that means that you have access to higher planetary systems lower planetary systems you know an expanded vision of your current planetary system you know all kinds of different beings the goal is to be able to see all of those beings as equal kind of in value and so that’s a big part of our practice as far as things that feel like kind of supernatural phenomenons and like you know I personally don’t feel like I’ve had experience in that realm I know many people who have had that experience I don’t know necessarily that our practice is designed specifically with that purpose but it kind of happens inevitably because what you’re doing is kind of breaking out of these thick thick layers of kind of just material yeah just matter and so the further outside matter you go the more you come in contact with subtle energies the more you come in contact eventually you know your inherent spiritual energy and that of others so it’s definitely in the process though it’s not really you know my experience you might try to go into it to connect like if it happens it happens time deal so I mean it kind of sounds like it’s a spiritual experience and encounter in itself just to just to be connected with the universe with God with all energies or whatever and and being at one like that in itself is like you say transcendence like there’s not a lot of people who I think there’s that there’s not a lot of people who can come come to terms with that are kind of just being with one because there’s so much inner turmoil within themselves or within their religious practice or faiths or contradictions that they can’t get over but you’re talking about embracing it all and being one with it also that’s a spiritual connection in itself right yeah absolutely I mean the cool thing about for me the cool thing about mantra meditation is that it’s not tied to a faith you don’t have to have a certain set of spiritual beliefs you don’t have to even be convinced of anything the cool thing about kirtan and mantra meditation is that you can come with all of your doubts with all of the contradictions with all of the you know shortcomings that you may be experiencing or that you may experience from others and you sit down and you do the practice and you just being there and doing it is the practice the means and the goal are the same which is to come in contact with pure sound and allow the sound itself to kind of do its work and undo all the layers so definitely you know it’s it’s a such a powerful way of connecting directly to a spiritual practice without having all like the trappings of institution and you know all those things it’s so funny man cuz like I’ve had a lot of people start telling me about the faith and stuff and like you should look into it bro these type of things because they’re listening to my podcast and they’re listening to some of the things that I’m talking about and it’s like dude if you haven’t looked into it it’s right up your alley and like everything you’re saying is where I’m approaching life or spirituality from and I come from the Christian tradition or whatever but understanding it even even more even the Scriptures even the Bible of what the Bible really teaches or whatever some of the spiritual teachings of allegory that is kind of woven throughout the Scriptures are teaching what I believe you’re talking about you know what I’m saying so about oneness about all of it everything’s God like everything is the universe and it’s all good you know I’m saying even the bad stuff that we deal with the stuff that we don’t understand but all of it being used for this divine beautiful purpose and to kind of be at one with that and not fight it not be against it not trying to be right or having to prove your stance or whatever that’s it sounds a lot like what you’re talking about yeah absolutely I mean that’s that’s essentially it basically God means the all-inclusive everything is an expansion of God’s energy because if there’s something that wasn’t a part of God’s energy then God wouldn’t be God that’s the essential that’s the essential understanding and so kind of connecting with that and seeing like okay you know even the material is an expansion of God’s energy so it’s not that it’s not real it just means it’s not permanent you know so so is there like the expressions would it be like a form of Hinduism is a expressions of the different gods and goddesses that are venerated as well in the practice yeah definitely for bhakti yoga kind of Hinduism is kind of a distillation let’s say it’s something that kind of came out of bhakti yoga so bhakti yoga is just the process right and so all forms of devotion all forms of devotional service especially are considered bhakti yoga which means that you could be doing bhakti yoga as a Catholic you know student as a Jewish student as a student of Islam as you know in any faith you could be practicing bhakti-yoga because bhakti just means loving devotional service but originally yes our scriptures come from India and a lot of important historical events happened in India according to you know our understanding in our practice a lot of our places of pilgrimage are also in India so it’s related to Hinduism in the sense a lot of the typical hindu personalities that are worshipped are also worshipped in bhakti-yoga yeah okay let me let me ask you about that because that like coming to the understanding of what I’ve come through with the scriptures with the the Hebrew Bible I understand that like the characters and the people named King David Adam Solomon like all of these people are expressions and allegory of us of our psyche of things that we go through in life these different personifications that on the human experience or on the spiritual experience we’re going to kind of play out each one of those those roles at some given point right and we’re going to kind of relate to those people they’re not we’re not reading their story we’re really reading our story would it be safe to say cuz I’ve in my studies that’s kind of getting close to this is that somewhat of the the Hindu gods would be not like all you worship a thousand gods is what people would say is it more of just these different expressions of one all or even of yourself of the different things about you about your personality your psyche the things that you go through that that you would have an image of that God or an image of that that personification that is about this certain aspect of of one presence does that make sense at all yeah it totally does make sense and I think that this is something that gets debated sometimes and it’s definitely there’s different perspectives from the perspective that I kind of adhere to and that I’ve been taught it’s that you know these different personalities you know you hear about Hanuman and Lord Siva and Brahma and you know Lakshmi and you know Durga they’re all personalities in the sense that they exists of their own right their their own people and by learning about their stories and learning about their activities their pastimes or qualities you can see some of what happens in your own life kind of reflected there and you say oh I understand you know what’s going on for me because this has happened to this great personality and it also gives you something to aspire to in terms of their you know godly qualities their good qualities so they are their own personalities of their own right and a lot of their teachings and a lot of their lives are kind of lessons and how we should be managing things as well so from the bhakti-yoga perspective it doesn’t have to be either/or either it’s an allegory or it’s an actual person who had all these things going on it’s kind of both because they do exist they are their own personalities and expansions of the you know original divine source and yet so much of what they go through is easily identifiable as our own kind of obstacles and struggles yeah this is so funny I’ve come to this conclusion with with the Bible I’m not the only one there’s many before me you know the hero’s journey Joseph Campbell and these other other scholars and things but talking about that it’s it’s allegory but then there’s debate of the people who were like want these people in the Old Testament or even a New Testament whatever to exist because they feel like if these people really existed then it kind of proves their religion or proves their standpoint that no Moses really was an actual person and he lived and he did this and whatever but when it comes down to it it’s the same it’s kind of like a mirror image of even the debates you’re talking about within within the faith but when it comes down to it I stand upon like the powers not in if the person existed Moses David Solomon these guys could have never existed that doesn’t take away the power of the story the power is when you read these stories and apply them to your life and see yourself in them and the ways that they overcame you overcome and the way they cast down the things that are you know coming against them you and they face their Giants in their life those type of things that’s where the power is when you apply it to your life them just simply existing as historical figures really doesn’t mean nothing except that you want to keep the religious aspect of it just to be right versus applying the principles of the faith to you no I’m saying to your life so sounds very similar to kind of like the debate that’s kind of going on within within your belief as well it’s pretty cool yeah I think that that exists within all faiths I think that there’s definitely a fine line between yeah people’s level of comfort with you know this is a person what if it’s a liar exactly whatever what a story and then people just took a story you know that was meant to be a metaphor and I think that that it really calls us to go deeper into the teachings and also to seek out those who have been in the faith and in the practice a little bit longer to seek guidance because their realization because of their depth of practice because of their you know own life experiences and whatever’s been revealed to them can guide us you know I believe very strongly in you know finding spiritual teachers who can kind of illuminate the path for you that way if there’s an obstacle that they can kind of guide you through such as this you know personalism versus impersonalism you know necessarily by finding a teacher they’re just gonna have a more developed perspective and they may kind of shine some light on something that we may not see yeah that’s awesome so moving on to the music aspect of it like this we’re in the live chat right now people are asking they want to know about the healing power of music or can can music be used to heal I think I think approaching that would be from like the state of duality as well if if music can be caused to cause destruction in war and and help you to grieve and cope and things like that it can be used for healing as well have you had any you know I think as you get out there more and you’ve kind of been around I think it kind of comes especially with the type of music that you’re doing do you get those testimonies from people like I was dealing with this and then your music helped me to release it or I’m able to experience God through your music those type of things where people are experiencing healing by listening to your music I definitely have received the feedback that you know my music has you know moved people strongly and I can relate to that because my music moves me strongly not in the sense that you know the music is amazing and that’s why X Y Z it’s because the music is infused with the power of mantra and consciousness manifests through sound is gonna have an effect you know just think of the power of words the power of writing you know even when you read something even though it’s on paper as you’re reading it it’s the sound of your mind kind of reading it to you there’s a voice there that reads even as you read things that are on paper so sound is absolutely the most powerful way of communicating from my standpoint and I do feel that it’s very possible to to heal through sound I don’t think that you know those of us who are into creating conscious music would feel justified in our efforts if we didn’t truly believe in the power of sound to create you know upliftment and healing and illumination and progress essentially internally and also out in the world what was some of the things that kind of got you into music so I guess it’s always been a part of your your your your life in your faith or whatever so is that is it like an expression of that did that kind of just mirror over or was there like a mixture of some of the you know the sounds of the ancient world meets some maybe stuff on the radio or popular music of the day was it I mean was some of your influence as far as like getting into music yeah well there’s definitely that blend that you were talking about my dad is a musician by profession so I grew up in a musical household he’s a singer he’s a songwriter he also plays piano and he’s you know very well known in many places South America Spain so growing up in a musical household I was exposed to you know what is our kind of primary spiritual practice which is spiritual music and mantra meditation but I also grew up listening to the Beatles and Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and then you know as I was doing my own kind of musical exploration that evolved into the R&B world and as a teenager you know I grew up very much in the kind of underground electronic scene in Caracas and Venezuela and you know just kind of really exploring the world of music you know I’m like really nerdy about music I love to know about the artists and their equipment and their instruments and how they learn and how they write so for me it’s always been a blend of traditional devotional sounds like quality music and Keerthana you know but it’s also been you know very modern what is on the radio what is out there what are artists doing you know popular and also underground alternative and artist as well so it’s a huge blend of kind of all of those things yeah it’s beautiful because there’s that electronic feel as well too you know some of the stuff that’s kind of rim I’m saying reminiscent of the 90s arm stuff too without without look really cool so there’s a big difference when when listening to music or versus like stuff that’s on the radio I hate this be judgmental but some of the radio now versus some of the names that you mentioned so you didn’t mention the people who are on the radio now you mention Janis Joplin you know I’m saying like Elvis The Beatles these people Bob Marley like who put a piece of them came out and is on the music like they sung from a place of experience a place of hurt a place of glory like whatever they’re going through really to embody what a psalmist would be you know what I’m saying just part of them is is in the music versus you know somebody else right there’s a difference between somebody a songwriter writing a song for you and then that person you’re getting a piece of that emotion you talk a little bit about that yeah definitely I think that there are these kind of golden periods of music where the artists are creating art because it’s what’s kind of born from them you know you don’t hear later Beatles albums and go you know that we’re really trying to make a commercial hit here I can tell they were aiming for the radio it was like the opposite they were so much trying to escape the commercialization of their music and their image that they went deeply internal and what comes out is this like massive exploration of different sounds and feelings and all of their kind of inner experience and that’s super powerful and at that time the audience wanted that they wanted music of substance and I think that there’s always been artists throughout time that are able to stay connected to that current I make music from what is born you know from my heart and from my money and then you know there’s just kind of what’s going on now or for however long it’s been going on maybe a couple of decades where it’s just commercial music it’s music to make money it’s music to kind of party – it’s not necessarily tied to an elevated consciousness and it’s not really doesn’t feel introspective it’s not a song that you listen to you go wow oh my god that really like it resonates so deep that meant something to me it’s just kind of like oh that was fun to listen to and then you kind of move on no there’s a huge there’s a huge massive difference and I think that audiences are really thirsting for meaningful conscious sound whether they know of it or they don’t is a different story but definitely the more I kind of travel and tour and play and connect with audiences the more I realize like it’s not satisfying them whatever they’re hearing on the radio is not filling that space that is kind of reserved for uplifting conscious sound a lot of what we’re here and now even though it’s I can’t say that it’s bad music I mean there I mean they know how to write a hit they’ve I mean these people know how to do it and the song blows up they get success from it they live a you know I’m saying very wealthy life off of it they get in the top charts but then maybe six months later nobody’s listening to that song again there’s so many songs that have come and gone within the last 10 years 11 years whatever at 12 years that I know of that were huge hits especially in like the hip hop realms and stuff like that um nobody’s riding on the street listening to this music anymore that worked that were number one singles in those those realms and stuff so it’s about I think it’s about having like music with longevity like something that if a piece of you or a piece of that artist is in there I think that’s gonna that’s a piece of their life and it’s gonna it’s gonna live in there like it almost like creates a time stamp write a piece of their life being in there and not versus just something that’s formulated and kind of thrown together so that’s really cool we’re talking about that but like there’s all of these other artists too is that plight to stay relevant um most of these guys we in it there’s been so many bands so many rap artists were like when they started out they were hungry like they want it to be successful and but in their music was a piece of them and the first album is amazing phenomenal sophomore maybe goes down a little bit and then after that they don’t have time to write music they have songwriters they just come there living that lifestyle and then they kind of they kind of fall off and there’s been so many people who were legendary and and as far as a career goes like a lot of people are I don’t want to say blessed but a lot of people who have died at the height of their success like they go want they they are remembered for that body of work versus all these other guys who had hit rock bottom and then they put out records and records and records that nobody’s resonating with anymore but we still remember the old work you know it’s this whole to remain relevant in the stuff that that that people are willing to do or staying hungry but there is that there’s those groups like you’re talking about that you anticipate the new material I think tool for me is a big big one for that but what are some of the people that kind of stand out for you like these groups are like the first album was amazing second album a Dennis like they’re still going but it’s like they’re just doing it because they it’s what they do you know well for me I think probably the most salient artists and probably the most influential in terms of my own music is Bjork she is in Sydney and she’s just she’s so many decades ahead of where everybody else is at like listening to some of her songs from the early 90s from early 2000s you realize that’s where music is going now even in terms of just production what to speak of songwriting and themes and you know and she is just constantly kind of pushing the envelope in terms of revealing being authentic her last couple of albums are just as vulnerable and raw as it gets in terms of personal content in terms of creativity you know and she has such a gift for presenting a strong powerful soft vulnerable feminine figure without tipping into that kind of commercial sexuality you know commodifying the female body that kind of thing you see she’s never slipped into that and for me that holds such a power from a feminine standpoint that it’s not about selling your body or selling your sexuality or anything like that she doesn’t feel a sexual she seems sensual and totally in touch with herself but it doesn’t feel like she’s commercializing it just feels like she’s expressing it like all other things in her world that she expresses so for me she’s totally iconic in that sense and I anticipate anything anything and everything that she does because she’s just such a powerful creative force yeah that’s um when we’re thinking about um what’s the name dolores even from The Cranberries I think it’s another example man just her well you know I’m saying what she brought to the table those those songs and that creativity and not just having the body I know we see that a lot in there like hip-hop music you know that they have to kind of sell the body and saw the image with it versus just letting the music kind of speak for itself man but there are those those females out there who were big back in the day definitely like in 90s alternative who were there that I love that’s like my main choice of music it’s it’s like a time machine man it takes you back it’s like a easier time helps you you know say reflect and stuff versus what’s going on now but and we’re talking about people who didn’t sellout man I think she I think I think I think both of those those names are mentioned or some of those with and I mentioned those people who have kind of died at the height of their success when we look at like Tupac we look at Elvis we look at there’s so many names Bob Marley but what if and I’m it I throw this out there with people who were into music like what if Tupac being who he was when he was into what if he fell off like what if he got into the genres that evolved into some very garbage music what we would call him call it now but it was popular and it was the thing like what if he would have kept going and got into that nobody can fathom that that someone that great could could could fall off like that but I think we’re seeing it every day with with them still being alive I look at groups like bone thugs-n-harmony which I’m like a die-hard Bone Thugs fan and those guys the might what they did for hip hop music it’s just phenomenal but they’re still around and they’re putting out music that’s kind of laughable at this point versus they’ve set the bar so high so what do you think it is within you is it staying a hungry is it just being true to yourself what what is it that helps you kind of maintain that level of authenticity is that what it just being authentic about whatever it is it’s hard to say because I particularly feel like I’m such a kind of junior artist I feel like I’m a student and I’m learning so I also have that question I don’t exactly know instinctively I kind of feel like it’s like staying grounded and maintaining a sense of humility that the work is coming through you I think that that’s an important element you know just 48 hours ago we saw a rs1 here in our neighborhood venue the woolie and he is as real and authentic as an artist it doesn’t get more real than him you know we went to see him he’s playing to a hundred and fifty college kids it’s not these massive he’s not trying to sell out arenas but he gets up there on that stage and his skill is just like incomparable you can’t compare his skills as far as an emcee but what really hits home is when he starts speaking he’s up there and he’s literally reaching he seems like he’s preaching his gospel and he’s educated he’s well-read he’s so his personality comes through so clearly and he said you know many times throughout his speaking and his rapping he says you know I don’t wear a chain because I’ve earned your respect and that’s a fact he’s up there you know walking the talk it’s not about what he looks like how much money he has or you know his cars or whatever else that pop rock rap stars kind of used as a bar to kind of measure success and validity and stuff his internal journey and it’s totally palpable through the way that he manifests it doesn’t matter what he’s talking about there’s this kind of realness that comes through because that’s an energetic feeling of he’s practicing what he’s preaching he’s not just talking about it you know who are some other names I know you mentioned him he’s definitely he was he was kind of founded upon that too though you know what I’m saying like that’s been his message from day one he hasn’t deviated and it’s it’s it’s the message that stands the test of time he’s still preached preaching that same message those belief systems one group that does it for me because they’re still around they’ve been around since the early 80s they’re still around and they’re still making hits the Red Hot Chili Peppers oh yeah Shaye perfect embodiment of that who’s just staying true to what they do the same type of style like funk mixed with hip-hop mixed with reggae mixed with rock and a little bit of everything honestly but who are some other people that kind of stand out for you that are like that actually have been around for a while and they’re still doing it for me I think Metallica is another one you know absolutely I would say you know Erykah Badu is one of those artists who is just constantly like in offensive City at all times not trying too hard no totally not and just exploring you know exploring but in an authentic way not in a commercial way which i think is really valid I think an artists who do really well mainstream like sting you know he’s an artist that has this incredible longevity and he has so much range and you can’t really pinpoint what it is it’s not specifically his voice it has something to do with a song writing something but you just feel like he kind of lives as a true artist and he’s just kind of always in that zone and he he does it so kind of profoundly I think he really lives it I believe George Harrison was that kind of artist you know he did pass away but I believe that he did transcend that kind of time element when a lot of his peers were kind of falling into these weird commercial traps he was really going internal and allowing that to be you know the music that he was making so I feel like there’s there’s many artists that are like that you know I think Lauryn Hill’s like that even though you know there’s a lot of turmoil and turbulence there I think that she was other incredible artist who was able to maintain this deep deep authenticity and you know very that’s probably why she’s not on the charts and doing as good as you would um saying the way that we measure successful musician now because she refused to sell out yes yeah yeah and that’s it’s kinetic heiress one was talking about it at the show actually and he was saying you know the people who program mainstream radio know that you don’t really like these songs but that’s what they’re pushing now you know and people will go along with it it’s a symptom where like the audience and the artists are of one same consciousness and you know the moment you kind of start to question that you’re breaking their flow you’re breaking the mold you’re kind of going against the system you know Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine is another awesome example of someone who just you know commercial success or not is holding strong to their message into their beliefs and you know it produces really powerful art but really powerful art is not always what people are searching for sometimes people just want kind of mindless fluff yeah and that’s what they’re going for and there’s always gonna be artists to create that and then there are the people who really want to have an experience and go deep with music and kind of transform through sound and there are those artists as well just the radio is usually not where you go some I mean maybe what if I’m being a little bit too harsh what if you know the same way because it’s definitely happening but what about the music too like what if there is some type of connection in in in these songs that are coming out now they’re like there are some groups that my daughter listens to that I’m like there’s nothing in it I think it’s fluff or whatever just like my mom looked at me with the Red Hot Chili Peppers you know she was it she was into the group’s I can’t knock for because all the people you named right she was into the Zeppelin and and bad company and and and some of the 70s rock which I love you know we’re talking about listening to the nineties alternative that even goes back a little bit further of just some of that beautiful music and there was something about an actual band getting together to create the music versus one guy in a studio with a laptop type deal there’s this is that life to it but it’s definitely a disconnect with the generations maybe I maybe I am being a little bit too harsh to say that there’s you know like all the good music died type deal because there’s still good music out there there’s still some formulas but it’s definitely the generational gap which my mother my mother would have looked down upon my music and I look down upon maybe some of the newer stuff coming out there but maybe there is still some sparks of creativity and stuff out there I think it would be I think it would be wrong to just label it all bad or whatever but we definitely see a decline in it that’s that’s got to be there versus just a generational gap right sure I think so and I think that for every time that there is that kind of vacancy where people are like where’s the meaning where’s the depth you know how come I don’t feel moved and touched by this music the next thing that happens it’s this wave of artists that kind of rises to meet that challenge right so why why did the Beatles do what they did it’s because what ever came before was not satisfying enough and then a huge wave of people heard what they were doing and said actually this is what we’ve been looking for and the same thing can be said of Lauryn Hill you know whatever 30 years later you know people didn’t know that they needed to hear her until they heard her and they were like oh my this is what we’ve been waiting for she has it she’s saying whatever I haven’t been able to articulate whatever I didn’t even know I didn’t have and I feel like that’s happening now as well there has to be this sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo to have these artists who are usually the kind of lightning rods of a culture the artists are the ones who are first sensing like wait a minute there has to be something more and as soon as they kind of get zapped without lightning they disseminate that through the you know larger culture and everybody goes oh my god that’s what we had been waiting for there’s um so I got it I gotta say this I don’t know much of their music but I’ve noticed this so there is some hip-hop artists who are emerging now some younger guys like really young I think little peep was one of them xxx 10th I see on these guys who are doing music but it’s hip-hop music is rap music but you can tell that their parents listened to Metallica they listened to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and Good Charlotte these types of emotional punk rock type music that’s influencing them because they’re incorporating stylistically in the emotion that’s there so they’re doing these rap songs about depression about feelings and emotions and overcoming and and struggling and things like that so a lot of a lot of people in my generation who are like into the classic rap into Tupac in the bone thugs like as far as lyrically a lot of the new music is so watered down and they don’t even really rap too much anymore but I will give credit to some of these new people who I do see some spark of emotion there it’s real even if you don’t agree with it if you don’t like that you can’t connect with where they’re coming from like it is a real emotion they’re that they’re that they’re bringing something to the table absolutely yeah there’s room for everything in music it’s an ever expanding you know experience it’s an ever expanding genre artform and so there’s room for all the range of human experience there absolutely someone’s asking about music this is Ray Lopez in the chat room he says what is some music that you would say is alive today and I’ll let you answer that first and then I’ll I’ll answer this so what would is some stuff today that that really really speaks to you influences you let’s put it that way yeah influences me definitely you know the kirtan music scene is just total sparking you know it’s such a powerful undercurrent of what’s going on now in music you know there are pockets in all communities of people practicing kirtan and there have been artists that have been pioneering you know kirtan music not just you know those affiliated with the hare Krishna movement you know bhakti vedanta swami prabhupada who’s the first who brought mantra meditation you know the keratin art form to the west but you know even pioneers like jaga tall krishna das you know and the younger artists who are like totally trailblazers like the maya porous who are keeping cured on music like alive and poppin and just like totally sparking the conscious music scene I think that there are current artists like not going medicine for the people rising Appalachia Trevor Hall I was gonna ask you say you know MC yogi artists who are responding to the fact that conscious music needs to be out there and all of their music sounds so different from one another they’re definitely showing their cultural roots their spiritual roots know and and you hear it you hear that they are the real deal and these people are you know my peers in terms of age but they’re kind of just like leagues ahead in terms of how they’re able to kind of influence and create this like massive community change with their with their art yeah big I mean some of the names you mention especially those those last couple NACO which is kind of being like a soundtrack for my awakening ever since I heard our Great Spirit like that song God you know what I’m saying it’s like it’s people like him you could tell like he’s getting that information whether it’s it’s he’s singing from a place of desperation and as well as you feel like his ancestors are speaking through him when it sings these songs right these are generational songs almost just kind of kind of revisited in a new way in an introvert Hall like you say I’m and it’s funny too cuz you you go back to your faith about that the music that inspires you there’s a there’s a group or ministry of musicians that I really respect I listen to their music all the time but it’s a Christian group called on Bethel music and is there’s a handful of singers with on their team and every single one of them is powerful prophetic they bring something beautiful to the table and it really embodies for me just to hope power and spirituality behind the music like when these artists saying stuff happens we’re talking about their vibrational frequency when they you know these are people whose hearts are open before God they’re really seeking for the higher things love for Humanity they feel it it’s not because there’s that Christian song list or where they just kind of formulated the worship songs these are people like when they sing you cry when they sing something happens in your body you just changes the atmosphere so Bethel music for one for me is a huge one and a lot like how I’ll go back to the faith and you do too and it’s just so similar how much influence they have and even how similar it is you know I’m saying to faith in general but I look at I look at the music and stuff and we’re talking about spirituality behind it and and there’s like some teachings of Pythagoras some of the esoteric stuff where his understanding of music and things that they would allow and wouldn’t allow the music of the spheres and things which he kind of brought to the table but understanding the power of like what we may call demonic oppression or the or or or depression right that we go through and we get in these weird states of funk well we can listen to music especially somebody like the people I mentioned or the people you mentioned they have the strong spiritual connection their intuitive with their music their spiritual people and it comes out they’re healers in the physical realm so therefore the healing power comes through their music those type of people when they play music or tap in those spirits of depression those heavy burdensome they can exist in that same realm Pythagoras talked about experiences like this in the Bible it has a King David talking about these evil spirits that tormented Saul King Saul but when he begin to play the harp and the evil spirits would leave like they couldn’t be around and it would bring him peace are there any is there any similar stories like that in the bhagavad-gita where it talks about like just the power of music and in vibration and stuff in there I know I know it noticed a little bit of everything within with with within in the study but there’s anything that your mind goes through like straight to it when it talks about making you feel good or lifting the countenance and things yeah well I wanna I wanted to speak to that first point that you said that you know these people you know when you’re feeling a certain way or you have this depression and all of a sudden you hear these people and their music and it totally like kind of uplifts you and it kind of counteracts that darkness and I think that that is not just the positivity of their music as so much of these artists that we name their music also speaks about their struggles I think that the the power of vulnerability is that you know I’m very influenced by like the writing of Britney Brown you know daring greatly where she talks about being vulnerable automatically sheds light so being depressed is one thing but coming out and saying you know I have these feelings of sadness I’m experiencing this darkness and talking about that you know with trusted people and community that has its own transformative power because you’re shedding light on something and then necessarily where there’s light there is no darkness so certainly the Gita you know testifies to that you know Krishna tells Arjuna on the battlefield that he is the original sound of ohm and that before matter existed there was consciousness through sound so if that is true then it means that all power of upliftment is possible through sound you know and so for us you know worship of the divine happens through sound and whenever there is that you know that is absolute purity absolute beauty absolute love you know it is totally possible to counteract darkness with sound and it’s about consciousness you know the sounds that you make are going to be a reflection of whatever consciousness you hold within so for those people who are very developed in their spiritual practice who are authentic even though they may be struggling and experience contradiction and hopelessness necessarily that kind of purity flows through them and they become instrument of life that’s good that’s wisdom right there that’s you know what that’s when I started um that’s when my podcast started taking off my podcasts and my music and everything was when like it’s always been spiritual I’ve always discussed spiritual topics but when I was okay with my flaws and in okay with contradictions or trying to be right about everything or whatever and just embraced who I was as a person to talk about the things that don’t make sense there’s people who listen to this episode then they listen to one you know that I did a year ago it they’re gonna hear contradictions peep some people call me on it and they hold it over my head but it’s about being it’s about being authentic and me look I don’t know everything I’m still learning so for you to come to me and think that I have it all figured out you’re totally wrong and I’m okay with it like the religion that I deal with a lot of people from Christianity or coming out of it we were in a realm if we had to have everything figured out and we had to have an answer for everything and that’s just not the case we can pretend like we do and if we don’t then it’s like a chink in the armor so move into a place where you can be okay with your insecurities your doubt and say you know a lot of this stuff sounds the same it looks the same but there’s different ways of interpretation and I agree with both there’s contradict there’s contradictions and I agree with both part of me is over here part of me is over here that’s okay it’s not I don’t have to choose like you so for so for you to be like I’m forcing you choose what side well you know what there’s beauty in all of it I embrace all of it and there’s reasons people believe this and believe that about religion or their faith or whatever the case is but to really walk in a place of authenticity like you said I’m not having it all figured out or not being this huge spiritual person but so you know what I’m one with my with my folly I’m one with the things that I love about me but also with the things that I don’t like and they’re there to teach me I don’t have to rebuke them I don’t have to cast them down at all times but they’re here to teach me that’s that’s what I’ve seen people walk in and that right there is what’s most attractive to people that’s that’s uh that’s envious to see someone okay with their flaws and you can’t hold nothing against them did you see the movie 8 mile with Eminem yeah an M&M like embraces his faults and in the things that did what they were gonna use against them that it was a white rapper that his girl left him he lived in a trailer and all of these bad things you know he’s struggling financially and he embraced it yeah that’s me and he took everything away from him and they had no ammunition and we were talking about Lauryn Hill I know you’ve seen the UH acoustic CD she put out where she talked about her power and when she became more enlightened her spirituals when she just lived in the light and all these traditions talk about living in the light so that you know my flaws I’m not hiding anything from you I’m open so I I take everything all your arsenal away from you so powerful man yeah not just that it’s also that’s where some of the most powerful art lives because in trying to understand and you know your flaws and you know my darkness my shadow side you know all of those things you need tools more than just the rational mind to get it you need spiritual tools and spirituality and creativity are interlinked necessarily because we come from the Great Creator you know I’m very influenced by the work of Julia Cameron who wrote the artists way and she said that your bridge to God is your creativity is your gift because God is inherently creative that’s where we all came from beautiful so you know to explore the darkness using your creativity to see that beauty can come from that place that you’ll always be walking side by side with your shadow and that that shadow is healthy that shadow is what’s gonna keep you seeking its one you know who would be self-realized enough to just say you know what I’m done that would be the end of their self-realization it’s always a journey it’s always seeking it’s always being open to learn and maintaining you know what you are kind of alluding to which is that beginner’s mind you know that’s such an essential part of so many faiths specifically the Buddhist faith and mindfulness beginner’s mind means you’re always learning this is always knew you always approach with curiosity you always produce this kind of feeling of I don’t know let’s see let’s see what happens and I think that that humility is the key not just a spiritual advancement but also to kind of longevity as a creative because it means you’re willing to be shown you’re open to learning that’s that’s a big part of what I kind of embrace and it’s also the big question about being intuitive and kind of leaning on the spiritual path to discernment as well because like I get a lot of people who come to me and and they you know they want healing they’re facing trials and tribulation that they need help with they need somebody to talk to they want you know they want someone to lift that burden right and so it’s the whole thing about learning which demons we rebuke off of people or help people you know kind of rid them of and which demons are here to help us to learn there’s things that that that we must go through to build character and we learn from from from the darkness like when I was going through so many trials and tribulations that were literally like dark dealing with dark entities uh literally oh when I was going through it like I would’ve gave anything to get out of it but now on this side like I’m thankful that God will say God supreme presence sent that into my life for a reason and I’m thankful because I wouldn’t be the person that I am today I wouldn’t have the compassion for those who are going through those type of things you know what I’m saying so it’s about learning which demons we learn from in our own lives but also on the road of recovery we helping other people and which ones do we rebuke so that’s a that’s a that’s a big part of it do you have any wisdom in that do you can you relate with that at all definitely I mean I’m a therapist by profession I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist and so definitely I experience what it’s like to sit in full kind of awareness of someone else’s deep deep struggle and a lot of times the answers well all the time the answers are within them and a lot of times what it takes is just for you to trust in that divine power within them that God will reveal the path in perfect timing you know God’s time is absolute we’re mortal humans and so we think in times of in terms of the linear you know we’re like constricted by time constricted by space and once you kind of break out of that mold and you understand that you know experiences are absolute the time factor doesn’t feel like such a stressor anymore we’re always in a rush we need to be achieving and that’s a very kind of Western culture pressure high achievement success you know perfect mental health shame of negative emotions and negative experiences that kind of thing so when you kind of see okay I’m always in process and perhaps my way of sharing healing is to just kind of sit with someone as they kind of experience the struggle and walk next to them not do the walking for them so to speak it’s such a powerful agent of changing you really see the miracles that people can kind of start to realize in their own lives when they take the time and they allow themselves to open up authentically definitely that’s something that I’ve been fortunate enough to to witness awesome yeah there’s been some questions here in the chat people asking about the 432 Hertz frequency are you familiar with that do you use it or have you tried it or anything like that it’s not anything specific that I’ve experimented with I’ve read a little bit about it here and there but it’s not something I have much experience with Koko but there is something like a playing the different pitches that make you feel a certain type of way obviously there’s notes that you can play just on the piano that are gonna make you feel more dark I mean or really high up notes as well that will also make you make this really eerie feeling I can we’re looking at maybe the score of a horror movie or something like that but it’s somewhere in between and the balance or whatever these there’s notes that can be played their frequencies during like meditation I do a lot of stuff with this listening to different frequencies or what do you call it on like by narrow beats and stuff like that that are that are pitched to a certain frequency to help you attain something or feeling any motion and stuff and I’ve actually felt that as well like I’ve listened to like popular bands you can find them online there’s like they’ll take popular songs and then change the pitch to the 432 concert pitch and and you could feel it like it literally feels different even if it’s a depressing song lyrically it feels more brighter and it feels I can bring something to the table so that’s really cool as far as getting into like the Hertz and the frequencies and stuff like that you have experience experiencing any of that as well like during like the meditation or even the mantras that are raised to a certain pitch as well definitely you can feel you know if we were traveling actually with with a bus tour and some of the information that we were sharing is how you know your body is made up almost entirely of water and when you play certain sound vibrations under a petri dish full of water you can literally see different forms start to manifest in the water and so what that goes to prove is that sound is not disconnected from what it manifests physically and then imagine what that can do to your mind to your brain you know so many subtle layers to that so definitely you know I’ve done meditations and different visualizations and mantra practices where you kind of move sound starting at you’re kind of root chakra all the way through the top of your crown chakra and see how sound effects each different zone of your body and start to kind of channeling that energy consciously and seeing that yeah the different sound vibrations absolutely influence the way that you feel in your body what to speak of the way that you feel in your mind there’s songs that can move you in a different language before you even know what the lyrics mean and it has to do with vocal tone it has to do with the frequency of the music has to do with chord arrangements and progression there’s so much there you know in the in the Indian classical system of music they have the science of raga which is literally kind of an emotional science in the sense that they have certain scales that they use for different times in the day and those different times of the day are also designed to kind of arouse different emotions different activities different pastimes different stories that take place at that time and they’re arranged like really scientifically there’s been you know generations of musicians who are dedicated specifically to learning and teaching how these different sound vibrations and different pitches frequencies you know Arrangements can have a huge impact on how you feel I like you because it’s kind of I like anything like that when you’re combining the science with the spirituality that stuff that we’ve you know believed for years is now being backed by science versus where science is used to refer to refute your belief system and and some of the you know the woowoo stuff it’s actually proving it there’s a science behind it and and all of this stuff man I think it’s so beautiful hey thanks for coming on hanging out with me you want to tell people where they can pick up your new album and check out definitely your new new song with MC yogi another lifetime and as well the song fire which the video for that’s incredible so go ahead plug you listen stuff where people cannot can check out your music sure so you can pick up my CD on iTunes I’m also on Spotify you can find me on Pandora if you want to follow me you can visit my website visit where are you located at what our part of the country I’m based in Florida Florida we’re at in Florida in Gainesville it’s like two hours north of Orlando okay I’m in Mobile I’ve got friends right there in Orlando too so I’ve got I’ve actually have a friend of mine who owns a yoga studio over this way so that’s cool that you’re actually doing the studio so I’ll see what I can look up that’d be awesome that would be great we actually came through mobile I want to say end of last year we did a little Southeast tour with the Maya Puri so we’re definitely you know familiar with the South East and we love playing around this area hey I appreciate you coming on hanging out with me it’s been a blessing thank you so much we have to do it thank you thanks so much it’s been awesome I really Shadid all right Thank You Tanya god bless you too Dania ladies and gentleman enjoyed the interview great interview great podcasts great music she has really good music that song with her and uh MC yogi is awesome in speaking of those names like MC yogi actually has a song with Trevor Hall as well so make sure you check out those names we mentioned people are like saying that they’re listening in the in the chat room and they’re writing down these names as we share them so make sure you go back and do your homework this is the stuff that influences me the stuff that I’m into Trevor Hall is a big one Bethel music MC Yogi’s dope NACO medicine for the people in Dania Dania music calm dh8 nya Dania check her out all that good stuff hey thank you guys for hanging out with me today again this is two podcasts back-to-back lots of good stuff happening closing in on a hundred episodes guys thank you for all the support I’ve come a long way within the last six months ever since I was released from my job and decided to try to do this full-time I asked for your help you guys have responded and are responding with a loud Gong thank you guys for for being in my corner thank you guys for supporting me and enabling me to do what I do you guys get some type of edification out of this you enjoy the conversations I don’t think it’s so much me I mean there’s a lot of people who love me they want me to do more solo episodes and they love this personal time that we spend at the end of the episodes but then there’s other people who really enjoy the eclectic type of guests that we get on from every walk in every background talking to Danya like I could it was hard like it’s a mirror image of my faith of what I believe in it’s kind of evolved into from a Christian perspective which is the really crazy thing right like and I’ve had some people reach out to me and tell me I should look up you know I’m saying look into that faith or whatever but because it sounds like a lot of things I talked about but essentially I think we’re all talking about the same thing anyway so whether you want to put a name on it or or want to classify it as a sect or religion of people that believe a certain type of thing that’s not even where the power is I think that our religion is talking about the same thing deep down at the core especially we’re talking about spirituality and understanding and interpreting the spirit realm it just depends on which lens or which standpoint of view that you’re standing at looking at the same object we’re all looking at the same thing but standing from a different perspective we’re seeing what appears to be something a little bit different so I find joy in that I find joy you know a lot you know I come out of the Christian faith that just was like find out what makes you different and what sets you apart from all the other people because you are different you are which there’s truth in that man the stuff that that that we are different about you know what I’m saying there’s stuff that that does set us apart but I find so much beauty now and not in debating people of why I’m different but I just enjoy the conversations and what and while we’re the same we’re all there’s this inward desire to know God to know the divine to to want to know why we’re here and you see all these people regardless of of race or creed those people who are really truth seekers at heart and they’re seeking for the truth and it just so happened to be within another religion or within another faith or whatever the case is but you see them hungry for the same things that you are like that’s that’s the beginning of spiritual awakening when you can see that when you can acknowledge God in everyone and God moving through everyone it’s so beautiful and I’m telling you that is like you want to have a spiritual awakening a spiritual experience start there start with judging people by the fruit don’t judge them by the religious book they have judge them by their fruit the works that they’re producing the the you know the what’s coming out of them with their sharing with people you know who the cool people hang out with are like well who are the cool people the people that make you feel better the people who are who their religion is tangible it’s not religion because there is their father’s religion is that they have a belief system that transcends religious thought or religious dogma like those are the cool people that I really enjoy hanging out with and learning from and so Jesus tells you to judge people he says that you know I’m saying judge people by their fruit a good tree does not bear bad fruit a bad tree it’s not gonna bear good fruit we have an apple tree in the backyard it’s not gonna give you an orange that apple tree is gonna be expected to produce apples too orange give you oranges and and so forth and so on so all you can do is hang with someone long enough to really particular that fruit and see what they’re about see if their religion or their faith see if it has substance to it and not just the belief systems not even how deep it is I’m telling there’s so many Christians out there who can get so deep so many Hindus as Muslims who can get deep there’s deep thinkers in all of these things but it’s about what’s tangible like what do you have that I can apply to my life for me to help me be a better father help me be a better husband help me to be a better friend you know what I’m saying like those are the things that I admire in a spiritual path that’s tangible that we can apply to our lives and and then it stuffs out even further like that’s just about being a good person I think that most religions of some sect kind of deal with that that’s something that we all kind of want to do but then it gets into manifestation and spirituality and connecting and stuff like that and most of it are is saying the same thing so do all do all religions point to God do all paths lead to God so truseq are you saying at all you know this is a big wheel and all the spokes lead to the center which is God I don’t know I haven’t practiced all religion so I can’t tell you that all I know is what what is working for me what I’ve experienced what I’ve encountered the divine through and I’ve been involved in a lot of different sects I’ve been involved in a lot of different you can call cults you know what I’m saying they’re different forms of spiritual practice and spirituality even within the Christian Church is full of cults and cult leaders so I’ve been involved with a lot of them and um I’m just simply simply like she was talking about being open with the flaws being open with with the things that the contradictions so for you to I know there’s so many like cliche things that are you know church people say about the contradictions and how they can be explained and stuff like that and you have to get to the bottom of it you know what I’m saying to to prove yourself right and hey your eternal salvation rides upon it so that could be kind of scary I I give you wrong about eternity yeah you don’t want to be wrong about that we talked about that a lot that’s an inward that’s an inward plight you know we have to bring to the table so look hey I think you guys for hanging out with me thank you for supporting my work via patreon like I said so much new stuff there the school of the Mystics Thursday night you want to join that head on over to patreon even if you can only give a dollar like you’ll be you’ll get access that way it’s gonna be good I’m excited about this week we’ve been I’ve been wanting to kind of start something or do a teaching or a course or whatever I just my stuff that I’m working on personally isn’t done yet I’ve got some stuff I’m welcome I’m gonna bring to the table but we’re gonna do this other course by Chris valeton called basic prophetic training for prophetic ministry and it’s about hearing the voice of God speak to us in our own lives and speak to us and through us as well so learning how to keen in on that voice Thursday night those so those of you who miss it you’ll be able to go back and listen so we’re gonna do that make sure you join right in at 7:00 central because the courses are going to be short and so there be easy to run through so trying to read through some of these comments here at the end Chris bar says that 100th episode is gonna be dope son that’s what’s up bro I might already be at a hundred honestly I’m sitting on a handful of episodes that aren’t published yet Missy lanes worldview says you you you are a friend for the friendless those stuck out in the minds in the midst of family and people with little understanding like you say man there’s a lot of us out here with no one to talk to about these yeah man yep it’s about being open for the conversation whether you know it’s not about being a right either it’s just about being right just understanding your place in society your place in this world and and the things that you’re into I think you’re I think it’s okay to seek after man I think if some things are calling you and and even if I don’t agree with it like you like we talked about on the interview before this one man you have to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit for yourself you got you gotta follow your revelation of God like I can I can you can learn from me you can glean from me I could be your teacher but you have to let the Holy Spirit teach you and guide you it’s like you just learn and just take and apply it to your life if you’re not doing that then you’re messing up and you totally missed it so but if you’re inspired by the music you’re inspired by the podcast and you’re applying it to your life and you’re having your own encounters you’re doing it right man you’re on the right path keep it up so with that again thank you I’m gonna say God bless and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys stay tuned more stuff share this episode if you enjoyed it if you want to support the show you can go to see good that’s the best way to support me also there’s other ways to support there’s a bunch of books that I recommend you can purchase those books on my website if you go to the bottom it says true seeker recommended reading you can buy those books physically another good way to get those books is through audio format if you go to true seeker I believe the link is in the description go there sign up for a free trial you have to put in your credit card and all that stuff but it won’t cost you a thing you get 30 days free you get to get you a free book and if you don’t want to pay anything put your credit card in and then cancel you still get your month boom that’s how we work the system we do a baby so yeah thank you guys for the support audible were really is really generous and supporting me for like each sign up so I get a kickback off of all of that so support the show thank you guys for doing so it means the world to me with that piece of Shalom god bless we’ll catch you on the next one [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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