What comes to mind when you hear the word occult? Is it witches, Warlocks, devils, Sorcerers… or maybe Satan himself? But what does the term actually mean? The truth may surprise you.

The occult and its practices are considered “off limits” to Christians, but why is this?

Is The Occult In The Bible Good or Bad?

There is so much more to this reality than meets the eye. The Kingdom of heaven is above you, beneath you and inside of you. Your identity is in Christ, you are in him, and he is in you. This is the great mystery that even the ancient prophets, sages and seers longed to see. This is eternal life, which is not granted to you when you die, but those who have died to their fleshly animalist Adamic nature have received a new nature, one of heavenly stature.

They who have asked the living God to reign in their hearts are being renewed from the inside out. Happiness, heaven, abundance and everything good thing has been given unto you.

If you have not surrendered to this power, you can do so now, simply by asking. For you truly are the manifestation of a son or a daughter of God.

As your hearts begins to open to greater dimensions of love, the mental knowledge of the kingdom will drop down to dwell within your heart space. This is what separates sheep from goats, wheat from tares, life from death, temporal from eternal, earthly from celestial, good from evil and light from darkness.

Choose love, for love has chosen you. Choose life, for life has chosen you. Gratitude is the fuel for divine magic. Anger, bitterness and hatred is the fuel for the sorcery of the wicked. Your ability to choose love is what separates you from evil; it separates you from being marked as a beast. You are not a robot, you are not a monster, and you have the ability to change any situation. You are eternal. You are light and more powerful than you know. Don’t let anyone dim or conceal your brightness.

The bible itself is a book of divine magic. It is full of stories, examples and tutorials on how to use the spiritual forces of Heaven and Nature for benefit and protection. These practices are neither good nor bad by any stretch of the imagination. But when these forces fall into the hands of the wrong people, that’s when a practice is deemed demonic or wicked.

What Does Occult Mean In The Bible?

Before we can move forward addressing the Occult and the Bible, we need to understand exactly what the word means in its Biblical context.

‘Call to me, and I will answer you, and will show you great and hidden things, which you do not know.’

Jeremiah 33:3

I love this scripture because it literally says that those who hunger for the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, that which is hidden and kept secret from the masses, that God will share with you if you go through him.

The word Occult simply means hidden. That’s the literal translation in Spanish.

Here is Jeremiah 33:3 in the Spanish bible: Clama a mí, y yo te responderé, y te enseñaré cosas grandes y ocultas que tú no conoces.

Notice the word Occultas or Occult.

Occult is a neutral term, its not bad, nor is it good. When used in the Bible it does not denote anything evil, sinister or wicked. No, quite the contrary. When the term is used in the Bible is it used to speak about Gods secrets that he reveals to his servants.

What defines Biblical Occultism?

The secrets of the Kingdom of heaven are hidden from the masses, and for good reason. Jesus tells his disciples to pray in the secret place. Do their alms or good deeds in the secret and by doing so God would reward them openly. He goes on to say that God would speak things into their ear in secret aka Occult or hidden information that they would in turn speak from the rooftops. By definition, the secret life of the believer is a life in the Occult.

Did Jesus Practice Occultism?

Yes. An overwhelming amount of ancient Christian art shows depictions of Jesus using a magic wand while performing exorcisms and healings. Jesus as a prophet would have been trained in the deep spiritual crafts of his elders who came before him, such as Moses and Elijah. We even get a glimpse of Jesus’s teachers teaching from beyond the grave, signifying that Moses and Elijah were very much alive in the spirit world. These practices seem to be the stuff of fable right out of a Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings movie. In fact, many of the depictions we’ve seen on the big screen show more of a Biblically accurate spirituality than anything that has come out of the conservative Christian film industry. In fact, J.R. Tolkien was a Christian and was well aware of the ancient magical techniques that Jesus inherited from the Egyptian mysteries. Jesus understood the hours and seasons of the sun, moon, stars and their celestial bodies. Many Christians write this off and claim that he only had this power because he was the son of God. This sentiment negates how and in which manner Jesus came to the earth. The scripture says that Jesus took not upon himself the nature of angels, but came in the likeness of carnal flesh. By him doing this, he showed the world what was possible thorough faith and being righteous before God.

Jesus Using Magic

For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham

Hebrews 2:17

Below is a depiction from early Christian art showing Jesus calling forth Lazereus, raising him from the dead. In other cultures this magical wand was known as a resurrection staff.

Jesus Using A Magical Wand

Not only was Jesus depicted with magical wands but the Bible also speaks highly of many forms of divination including cleromancy, water scrying, elemental magic, fire gazing, casting lots, magical amulets, crystal gazing, magical amulets, sacred inscriptions, reciting incantation, breath work, fortune telling, binding angels and demons to objects, ghosts, astrology, trances and meditation, sound healing, magical herbs and potions and many more magical practices. In fact the entirety of the Bible is filled when these stories, not only used by Israel’s enemies, but used by all of the Biblical patriarchs, prophets and priests.

Biblical Occult Practices Were Hijacked

These Occult secrets were hijacked by dark forces and used against Gods children. Because these wicked forces cannot go directly to God to get this information they have learned it from the children of light, who shared these secrets. In turn dark individuals used the secrets or Occult of God to summon, communicate with, and gain powers from malicious entities that many call demons.

With this information of secret knowledge they have now brought the entire planet into their submission by the use of inversion. This inversion is the Biblical sin of Blasphemy. Humanity has given their spiritual heritage to the dark ones whom they are told by their pastors, physicians and teachers are demonic in nature, only to find out that those same leaders are operating in ancient occult magic whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways.


There are people all over the world who are now being awakened and activated from their deep sleep and know that their connection to the divine source for such an hour as this.

The scripture is true when it says “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him”. – 1 Corinthians 2:9.

These people are finding that they don’t fit in anywhere. They go to their churches with their gift, to learn, to grow, to be a part of a community. But in the majority of these cases these people get shunned, laughed at, even attacked and ridiculed for their beliefs.

 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 

1Co 2:7

The internet is filled with testimonial videos about people who spent time in the occult and have had negative encounters. Yet, those experiences were merely subjective. What we know as the occult was once practice by the biblical prophets such as Elijah, Samuel, Moses and Jesus.

Mainstream religion has attempted to hide this information from the masses.

By knowing this, and taking back our divine spiritual heritage, we negate their power to control the masses. This is what is happening all over the world.

Can Christians Use The Occult and Witchcraft?

So this video says I can look into the occult?! Wow! Not necessarily. This video is to show you that what you have been calling Occult with dark and evil connotation holds no competition with the true occult of the light, the hidden things of God. You do not have to look to individuals as Aleister Crowley, who by opening himself to dark spirits was defiled and was driven into madness. No. You can look to the Bible, which is one of if not the most magical books on the occult on the planet. Look to Jesus, his disciples, the saints, the prophets, elders and ancient ones who are all a part of the body of Christ. Every individual who has chosen love over hate is a part of that body. They are your teachers. The same way that Moses and Elijah taught Jesus. The Holy Spirits will teach you. Every person who has chosen faith over fear is a part of that spiritual network, and you have access to them. They are not dead. They are eternal. If in this life they have chosen life, eternal life was rewarded to them.

Darkness can never extinguish a flame, but when the breath of God blows upon even a spark of divine love, that spark indeed has the potential to become a wildfire and lend its flame to ignite others. You are that flame. This is the great mystery that has been kept hidden since the beginning. Christ, the anointing in you, literally inside of you. If you’ll allow it. If you’ll become a vessel. This is the hope of glory. This message has been hidden since the beginning, and guess what? It still is. But is being revealed inside of you and the overflow of such will be a wellspring of life flowing over and in abundance to all around you. Everything is spiritual. Everything is magical. Words, writing, songs, food, television, entertainment, the Bible, everything. Use it for good. If you do, more will be given to you and more will be revealed in you. Don’t abuse it or use it to harm others, if you do, that which is given will be taken away and given to another. I can’t wait to see what the power of God will reveal in you, to you, and through you. In Jesus name, Yeshua.

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