Biblical Numerology Craig Wright

Biblical Numerology For Beginners — Dr. Craig Wright (Power Packed!!!)

Biblical Numerology is an ancient secret that is encoded deep within the Bible. Just as Psalm 90:12 say, “So teach us to number our days, That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” all of our days are written. Our personality traits, likes and dislikes and so much more. Dr. Craig Wright has been studying numerology since the 1970s, not only from a Biblical perspective, but he has also found these sacred numbers in every place that numbers or words can be found! Words are vibrations, vibrations are frequencies, frequencies are measured as numbers! This episode was amazing! I encourage everyone to book a private session with Dr. Craig Wright. Just hop on a call with this brother and let him help you calculate your numbers, that will bring you into alignment!

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Self-concept!! It not only affects, but it also determines our potential in life. Most of what we think about ourselves, whether good or bad, is determined largely by what other people have done or said about us. Parents, teachers, employers, and other people have played a role in developing and shaping our self-concept based upon their motives and intentions.

Now, you have a choice!! You can see yourself as GOD sees you. GOD’s WORD is a true mirror because you are the LIVING WORD. You are not defined by people, your past, how you were raised or by what didn’t work out. You are defined by the Creator.

A great man once said “When we look into the mirror of GOD’S WORD we find we are valuable, talented, confident and favored. A Numerology Reading will provide you with the right mirror in which to view yourself as a child of GOD with a divine purpose.

Whether you choose an Introductory, an Advanced or both, a Numerology Reading can begin to heal erroneous and often damaging self-images, thereby assuring a more productive and meaningful life.

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