Billy Graham Mushrooms

Did Billy Graham Partake In Magic Mushrooms?

Did Billy Graham Partake In Magic Mushrooms? | In a clip taken from the Joe Rogan Podcast Paul Stamets shares a story where a “very spiritual man” came to one of his events and said

I’m a devout Christian in Billy Graham’s inner circle and a bunch of us take psilocybin mushrooms as sacraments and its brought us closer to Jesus and our religion.

In recent times there has been resurgence in the popularity of the idea of sacred plant medicine or psychedelics. It is becoming more mainstream as westerners are seeking to find enlightenment and have no choice but to look to the East. I am sure that it has something to do with the internet. We are privy to new information daily. People are becoming more open about their experiences with plant medicines and that allows others to consider it as well. The Joe Rogan Podcast has been a huge tool in getting this information out to people who would probably never try such a thing. Joe has been very open about his own personal experiences and has had many guests on his podcast who talk about the impact that plant medicine has had on their lives.