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In this interview TruthSeekah discusses with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N harmony, Spirituality, Ouija Boards and the Occult. Many of the questions asked in this interview were taken from a video where Bizzy Bone seems to be really intoxicated and begins to rant about angels who have spiritual powers and communicate with mankind. This video went viral on YouTube and is entitled “ Bizzy Bone Exclusive, Bizzy Bone Illuminati and Christ” which is also posted below. We suggest that you watch that short clip before listening to this interview so that you won’t be lost. So as I’m listening to the clip I start to get very interested about some of these things that he is mentioning because in my own personal studies I am studying spirits, angels, demons and how the spirit realm works and operates. I start to try and make out what he is saying but its a little hard because many of the words used seems a bit foreign to me. I’ve even discussed this clip in detail with friends who share a similar interest in the realms unknown. After All, we know that Bizzy Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony always talked about channeling spirits through the ouija board and have even been said to get their lyrics from the otherside. The more I studied and researched the more he began to make sense. He speaks about “His purple homie, who wears a turban and is 300 parasangs tall” and then he abruptly stops. I ended up finding out that this was the Kabbalistic description of the angel Nuriel.

Nuriel, an angel in Jewish mythology, translates as “Fire of the Lord” and is the angel responsible for hailstorms. In Jewish legend, Moses encountered Nuriel in the 2nd heaven, when he issues from the side of Chesed (Mercy), Nuriel manifests in the form of an eagle, an eagle that, when issuing from the side of Geburah (Strength), is Uriel.
According to the Zohar Nuriel governs Virgo. He is 300 parasangs (approx. 5.6 km) tall and has an army of 50 myriads of angels (= 500,000) “all fashioned out of water and fire.” The height of Nuriel is exceeded only by the Erelim, by the watchers, by Af and Hemah, and of course by Metatron, who is the tallest hierarch in heaven. Nuriel is also effective as a charm for warding off evil. His name is found engraved on oriental and Hebrew amulets, notably those worn by pregnant women.
Outside of Judaism, in the Syriac Book of Protection, Nuriel is characterized as a “spellbinding power” and is grouped with Michael, Shamsiel, Seraphiel, and other great angels. In gnostic lore, Nuriel is one of seven subordinates to Jehuel, prince of fire.

Bizzy Bone also goes into detail about how fast the travel and the colors referenced with this particular angel and it all correlates down to the precise detail about how they communicate telepathically. So me being a student of mysticism and spirituality I was head over heels when I finally got the chance to get Bizzy Bone on my Podcast. Heck, as a hip hop artist myself Bizzy Bone and Krayzie Bone are my two greatest rappers of all time. I’ve listened to them since 1994 so this was a huge deal to me. But something seemed a little off in my conversation with Bizzy Bone. I jotted down all the words he mentioned and even brought out my notes and was hoping to get him to go into detail about angelology and spirits but when I mentioned the names of the angels and even the phrases he spoke out of his own mouth he seemed to act as if he had no idea of what I was talking about. This was odd: however, he did open up about an hour into the interview about angels and how they operate a little, but barely. Some of my close friends have said that most likely the reason he was “dropping all the knowledge”  about the angels and spirit realm was because he was very high and intoxicated (maybe a mixture of speed and alcohol). They suggested that he didn’t particularly KNOW this information but it almost seemed as if it was channeled through him by being heavily under the influence. I on the other hand felt as if he was trying to clean up his image a little. There are many blogs and interviews online that tout Bizzy Bone as being crazy and mentally ill, So I feel he was trying to fix his image a little. Even when asked about the Ouija Board and things he laughed and said that it was only for show and was simply a Parker Brothers board game. All in all Bizzy the kid did drop some interesting jewels about God, Consciousness and Angels and although the interview did not come out as planned it was still a great episode in the books and still seems a little surreal being able to talk to one of my lifelong music heroes for nearly two hours.

Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony is largely known as being one of the fastest rappers in history. Bizzy is a very deep individual whose vast knowledge of spiritual and philosophical topics could go on for days. Much of Bizzy’s music is filled with mystical and metaphysical themes so we decided to discuss some in this interview where TruthSeekah speaks with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony about all things spiritual and esoteric. Many topics were covered such as Aliens, UFOs, Angelology, Ouija Boards, God, Spirituality and The Occult.



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