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In this interview TruthSeekah discusses with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N harmony, Spirituality, Ouija Boards and the Occult. Many of the questions asked in this interview were taken from a video where Bizzy Bone seems to be really intoxicated and begins to rant about angels who have spiritual powers and communicate with mankind. This video went viral on YouTube and is entitled “ Bizzy Bone Exclusive, Bizzy Bone Illuminati and Christ” which is also posted below. We suggest that you watch that short clip before listening to this interview so that you won’t be lost. So as I’m listening to the clip I start to get very interested about some of these things that he is mentioning because in my own personal studies I am studying spirits, angels, demons and how the spirit realm works and operates. I start to try and make out what he is saying but its a little hard because many of the words used seems a bit foreign to me. I’ve even discussed this clip in detail with friends who share a similar interest in the realms unknown. After All, we know that Bizzy Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony always talked about channeling spirits through the ouija board and have even been said to get their lyrics from the otherside. The more I studied and researched the more he began to make sense. He speaks about “His purple homie, who wears a turban and is 300 parasangs tall” and then he abruptly stops. I ended up finding out that this was the Kabbalistic description of the angel Nuriel.

Nuriel, an angel in Jewish mythology, translates as “Fire of the Lord” and is the angel responsible for hailstorms. In Jewish legend, Moses encountered Nuriel in the 2nd heaven, when he issues from the side of Chesed (Mercy), Nuriel manifests in the form of an eagle, an eagle that, when issuing from the side of Geburah (Strength), is Uriel.
According to the Zohar Nuriel governs Virgo. He is 300 parasangs (approx. 5.6 km) tall and has an army of 50 myriads of angels (= 500,000) “all fashioned out of water and fire.” The height of Nuriel is exceeded only by the Erelim, by the watchers, by Af and Hemah, and of course by Metatron, who is the tallest hierarch in heaven. Nuriel is also effective as a charm for warding off evil. His name is found engraved on oriental and Hebrew amulets, notably those worn by pregnant women.
Outside of Judaism, in the Syriac Book of Protection, Nuriel is characterized as a “spellbinding power” and is grouped with Michael, Shamsiel, Seraphiel, and other great angels. In gnostic lore, Nuriel is one of seven subordinates to Jehuel, prince of fire.

Bizzy Bone also goes into detail about how fast the travel and the colors referenced with this particular angel and it all correlates down to the precise detail about how they communicate telepathically. So me being a student of mysticism and spirituality I was head over heels when I finally got the chance to get Bizzy Bone on my Podcast. Heck, as a hip hop artist myself Bizzy Bone and Krayzie Bone are my two greatest rappers of all time. I’ve listened to them since 1994 so this was a huge deal to me. But something seemed a little off in my conversation with Bizzy Bone. I jotted down all the words he mentioned and even brought out my notes and was hoping to get him to go into detail about angelology and spirits but when I mentioned the names of the angels and even the phrases he spoke out of his own mouth he seemed to act as if he had no idea of what I was talking about. This was odd: however, he did open up about an hour into the interview about angels and how they operate a little, but barely. Some of my close friends have said that most likely the reason he was “dropping all the knowledge”  about the angels and spirit realm was because he was very high and intoxicated (maybe a mixture of speed and alcohol). They suggested that he didn’t particularly KNOW this information but it almost seemed as if it was channeled through him by being heavily under the influence. I on the other hand felt as if he was trying to clean up his image a little. There are many blogs and interviews online that tout Bizzy Bone as being crazy and mentally ill, So I feel he was trying to fix his image a little. Even when asked about the Ouija Board and things he laughed and said that it was only for show and was simply a Parker Brothers board game. All in all Bizzy the kid did drop some interesting jewels about God, Consciousness and Angels and although the interview did not come out as planned it was still a great episode in the books and still seems a little surreal being able to talk to one of my lifelong music heroes for nearly two hours.

Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony is largely known as being one of the fastest rappers in history. Bizzy is a very deep individual whose vast knowledge of spiritual and philosophical topics could go on for days. Much of Bizzy’s music is filled with mystical and metaphysical themes so we decided to discuss some in this interview where TruthSeekah speaks with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony about all things spiritual and esoteric. Many topics were covered such as Aliens, UFOs, Angelology, Ouija Boards, God, Spirituality and The Occult.

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Right Off The Bat I Believe That Bizzy Bone Is One Of The Greatest Rappers Of All Times He’s One Of My Top Three Favorite Rappers Of All Times Him Krayzie Bone 2-pac Definitely Been Listening To This Guy Since I Was A Little Kid Man Watching Some Of His Recent Interviews He Talks About A Lot Of Esoteric Occult Knowledge He Sprinkled Stuff Throughout His Music And Talking About The Ouija Board And Aliens And Ufos And Things Like This So I Wanted To Have Him On A Show To Go Into Detail About Some Of These Subjects Which He’s Kind Of Touched On In Other Interviews But I Wanted To Elaborate And Go Into Some Of Those Details So Many Of The Questions That I Asked Him May Seem Out Of Left Field But They Are From Notes That I Have Taken From Other Interviews With Him You Know Sprinkling Knowledge Here And There Trying To Get Them To Go Into More Detail So I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Show Thanks So Much For Tuning In And If You Would Please Share It Please Like Us And Follow Us All That Good Stuff The Truthseekah Is Podcasts I’m True Seeker And Here We Go If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Mythos Podcast You Can Do So By Going To The So For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Mythicist.meand Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support You Are Now Listening To The Truthseekah Podcast Your Portal To The Paranormal Streaming Live Atomic Assist Of Any Your Hub For All Things Spiritual And Satiric And Power Normal And Now Your Host Truthseekah Bizzy The Kid What’s Going On Brother Hey Truthseekah How You Doing That Glad They Finally Linked Up With Me Finally Man I’ve Been Trying To Make This Happen For A Long Time Brother Man He Thought That I Wanted To Make Sure That He Made This Happen Is Really Really Important And I’ve Seen Your Instagram And I I Love Your Outlook On Life And All Things To All Men And Things Of That Nature And The Human Race And All Of That Cool Stuff That You’re On And Also The Spirituality Just To Even Mention It It’s Just A Feather In Your Cap To Me Man So Let’s Get Started Yeah That’s What’s Up Man Well That’s What This Phone Call Is Going To Be About I’ve Been Seeing Some Videos I’ve Been Watching Some Of Your Interviews And Seeing You Going Off On Some Live Performances Dropping Some Knowledge Man And Kind Of Wanted To Pick Your Brain A Little Bit About Some Of These Topics In Spirituality And How Some Of These Things Relate To Your Life Man And Oh Well Grab Your Shovel And Well I’m Driving Man It’s A Whole Lot Of Night It’s A Whole Lot Of Nonsense In My Mind I’m Ready Man So Spirituality Man How Does That Play A Part In Your Life What Is Your Spiritual Practice Man Um Well No Spirituality Men On The Got It Is Bars And Visibility Faith Imagination And Laughs What You Got And There’s All Aspects Of Law You Understand It Cuz Well A Lot Of Kind Of People In The Human Race Like We’re Not All Nice And Humble But We’re Not All Killers Either You Know What I Mean And Then Also The Mid Reg And Those Things Is You Know Like My Pcs Great People’s Imaginations And Something Like That And The Person That They Are So What They Want To Keep You Know What I Feel I’m Spiritual Kind I Don’t Look At It Like That You Know What I Mean In All Kanye’s Not Able To Put Stuff Together Be Alive A Good And Even What People Might Consider That You Know Yeah So Basically In A Sense You’re Talking About Your Imagination So You Believe People Create Their Own Reality With Their Thoughts And Their Dreams And Ideas And They Can Make That Manifest Into This Reality I Mean I Think That Anything Is Possible Razak Because It’s A Lot Of Lonely Things That Have Power As Well So You Know That Are Different And Are Lonely Because They’re Different So Even If Issuing Wildest Imagination It Might Be Exactly What Somebody Is Like And If Somebody Needs You Know What Whatever It Might Be You Know So That’s Kind Of Like How I Look At Spirituality As A Word But Like What I Follow I’m A Firm Believer In Jesus I’m A Firm Believer In The Bride Theory I’m A Firm Believer In The Connection Of Human And God In The Highest Capacity That God Is Willing To Let That Xiuning Day And The Human Is Willing To Let God Go That Union That Bond And That’s My Thing Right There You Know So That My Belief Is Far That Goes Outside Of Myself But Like For Myself Like You Know You Know You Know You Can’t Be Selfish You Know If You Gotta Go You Know And You Know About How Other People Are Finding That First And Foremost Because It Might Guide You At The End Of The Day To Something That Is Meant To Be For You And You Have A Lot Less Freewill Of Choosing And That Takes A Lot Of Ego Out And So On And So Forth So That Way It’s Just Like Hey This Is Meant To Be And This Is Where You Wind Up And Stuff This Is What You Made Yourself To Be So That’s Kind Of Nozzle Engine As Far As Once You Get Past A Lot Of The Things That Are Already Documented And That Are Already Put In Place Then You Know Later On You Know You Might Have Something Please Felt Later Later Later Life You Know What I’m A Because I Have A Good Life You Know Made It In Music Um Awards And Records And All Kind Of Cool Stuff You Know So I Can’t Really Export Anything Until I’m Able To Accept It’s Already Put Into Place A Pelican Yeah Totally Man Um I Want To Go A Little Bit Deeper Man Right Off The Back You Know We Just Getting Started I Want To Talk To You A Little Bit About Angelology Oh Angel Ology Sure Sure Yeah Okay I Want To Ask You Who Is The Angel Uriel Oh The Angel Uriel I Don’t Know Man My Whole Angel Philosophy And How I Look At The Angelika Kingdom Yeah Is It Has Its Own Order And My Life Is Pattern Different Then Is The Order That’s Already Set In If That Makes Sense I Think That Each Angel Is An Individual And An Order Getting Inside Yeah They’re That They Have That You Know There Are Ten Commandments There The Just One Angel Just One Angel By Yourself Is A Ten Commandments And All Of Those Different Things That Suffice You Know Not Being Human And Having The Brain And Thinking If You Were Obtruding Ain’t Not You Had In You Know The Paisan River And Eat And You Have This Stream And That Stream And That Stream And That Stream And So On And So Clerk And Then You Know Once You Start Going Off Into You Know Trying To Figure It Out Immediately Good And Bad Topside And Then Judgment So I Kind Of Lean Back And Just You Know Give Everything That I Possibly Would Want For Myself If I Was In That Place If That Makes It Yeah The Way I Came I Don’t Know I Don’t Know In Specific I Don’t Know The Exact Age Exactly Okay Yeah The Way I Got That Name Was I Did Some Research After Watching An Interview With You About A Specific Angel Stet Stands 300 Para Sings Tall And I Looked Up Those Terms That You Used In An Interview And And It Came Up To Be An Angel By The Name Of Neurio Which Represents The Fire Of The Lord About These Illumine Airy Angelic Beings And I Wanted To Just Kind Of Touch On That A Little Bit To See You Don’t Saying Just To Kind Of Pick Your Brain Man Oh Well I Mean Basically I Think That Covers Thought Versus Stream And I Think The Only Way To Explain Thinking Versus Streaming Angels It’s A Fire You Know Electricity Okay So I Think That Even If That Wasn’t What Was Meant To Be Said Or What It Was Meant To Be When It Fits Perfectly And You Get One Of Those I Feel Good Now I’m Okay I Like That Then You Know Within That I Think That’s Growth And I Think That Stuff That Human Beings Do Every Single Day You Know Every Single Day Of Their Life Is Help Angels And Vice Versa Because If An Angel Is With You Then You Are Finished At That Point No Matter What You Do Because It’s Exam Them Whether It’s A Bite Of Food Whether It’s A Breath Of Fresh Air It’s Like Hey You Know We Were In The Room With A Billion Different Life Forms We Don’t Tune Into Them This Angel Is Here To Take That Away From Us If You Think That Deeply About Right And Wrong And So On And So Pia So I Look At It In That Kind Of An Intricate Kind Of A Way But You Have To Be A Deep Deep Deep Individual In Understanding You Know Yeah We Definitely Have A Lot Of Deep People Who Are Into Deep Thought That Tune Into The Podcast And You Know Ask The Bigger Questions In Life And A Lot Of People Were Into A Lot Of Different Things Are We Talking About This Angelic Order And These Things Like That We Talk About Electricity Man Whenever You Said That There Was An Interview Where You Were Talking About Seeing An Apparition Come Down From The Lightning That It Was You And I Believe It Was Flesh This Apparition Come Down From Heaven Man Can You Talk A Little Bit More About That Well I Don’t Think It Was So Much Heaven I Just Think That You Know When I See Certain Things I’m Going To Immediately Amp It Up I’m Going To Immediately I’m Going To Make A You Know A Normal Thing That I Can Explain Scientifically More Because It’s An Angel Name On It And So On And So Forth Because I Want To Make Sure That The Road Is Set Just In Case You Know There’s Ever A Problem With The Flight Pattern With The Order Or If The Holder Doesn’t Exist Any Longer Because A Lot Of Orders By Because Of Certain Same Faith And Things Of That Nature Like Knows If He Lived You Know For A Long Time And You Know The Beloved Divi You Know And When Moses Came And Changed When When Beloved Was He Exchanged And Since Then Things Have Been At That Standstill In My Month It’s Just Been At A Standstill From That Point On You Know I Think That It Was More Of Coup Is Going To Stop This Murder That’s About To Take Place The Understanding That They’re There If They’re Taking Care Of You Know Human Beings And Interacting With Them In A Coherence Of Where They’re Human Knows That Our Angels Are These Brothers That Hops Up And It’s Just Known Intellectually Insight Wise And You Talk To Yourself Back Valve In Your Brain When You Pray That Canal When You Breathe That Canal And So On And So Forth So I Think That There Has Been A Certain Amount Of Let’s Say Weight Lifting 245 To Strengthen And So On And So Forth So I Think That At That Point It Just Starts To Get Confusing And Us As People We Seek Out And Wonder Why And The Truth May Hurt Us To The Point That Where We Stop Looking Yeah When It’s Going To Flat Out And It’s Bold And It’s Blatant And You’re Like This Is Lost And Then People Who Tend To Say Well That Is Wrong Why Would I Look For Something Like That So Some Days Are Best Untouched So That Way The People That Normally Seek Angelical Orders Or Angels Or Just That Entire Body Aren’t Tainted By A Truth Than They Wanted There To Experience Nor Was The Internet There And What People Got To Understand Is What Computers Came Into Play All Humans Became Geniuses All Humans Immediately Knew Every Fucking Things Everything Once You Look At That Computer It’s Every Answer You Could Possibly Imagine So That Basically The Realm Of Truth Just Saturated The Minds Of The Human Race Since The Computer Chip And Since The Computer Who People Say And Lots Of People Say Is An Artificial Brain Yeah And So On And So Forth And That’s Another Level Of Course And We’re Tapping It Out Later So That’s Why I Think That Year At This Point And Some People Don’t Notice It And Don’t Want To Notice You Because If They Start To Notice It Then They’re Going To Be Hurt About What They See And What They Hear And So On And So Has That Come To Play For You With Studying I Mean Even I’m More I’m A Gift Given I Decided The Best Way To Get Away From All Of The Pain Of The Truth And All Of The Pain Of Why You Should Do Something And Why You Shouldn’t Do Something The Best Way Is To Gift There’s Many Things As You Can Within Though So It Never Is A Issue It’s Like Hey I Don’t Care About This Any Longer I Have What I Want No You Know Somebody Actually Gave A Damn About What I Wanted In Life And I Mean Angelica Why Because Nobody Just Basically Said Hey Archangel Michael Or Anything That You Like Or Not I Mean I Know You’re Saving All These People And Everything And You Know I See You Run It Over There Mother Teresa And I See You There At The Deathbed Of Lots Of Humans Who Are Making The Transition To Heaven And I See It There’s Anything That You Wanted Or Anything Because If Anyone Even Asked You I Mean Did You Want Anything So That’s My Style And That’s What I Do To Cover Up The Bullshit And And And The Things That Can Sway You From Even Asking That Question Because You Know It Can Numb You A Week On The Washing Your Own Something Hardness And That’s It And That’s It And I Know You Know You Never Know I Know Everybody I Know It’s Different For Everybody Like We Have You Know We I Think We Have A Lot Of People Who Have Came Before Us Who Have Made Certain Pacts We We Understand People Like Tesla Was Involved With Angelic Contact As Well And We See The Knowledge And The Information That Was Imparted To Him Right To The Earth So Basically Like This Just Like You Just Said Is That Shit Right There Tesla Dude That’s The Name Of A Fucking Car So Whatever Pact Was Made From This Point Forward With Whomever That Would Every Time Of Goddamn Tesla Passes Then The Knowledge Therefore Should Be Abundant That’s How You Do It And That’s Exactly What You Just Said Exactly What You Just Said You Modernize It And You’re Making For This Day In Four-disc On 2016 Right Now Up Until You Know There’s A New Renaissance Of Knowledge Or Or Technology And That Why Did It There Don’t You Got It Hey Okay Yeah So It’s So So Basically Instead Of Taking The Occult Knowledge The Really Esoteric Stuff And Just Putting Out There Plain You Take It And Formulate It In A Way Where The People Can Understand It I Mean It Has To Be Plain And Simple Yeah You Know When You Start Throwing Up If It’s True If It’s Not That’s Going To Be In The Eyes Of The Beholder That Can You’ll Find Out When You Say This Is What I Think About It I’m Stepping Back Whether Something Happens With It Or Not That’s Totally All He The Promise Was Made – Yeah That’s Totally On Who The Order Was Told To And That Would Be A Language Or A Way Of Life Or A Flight Pattern Or Welcome Back To Earth Or Some Cool Shit Like That You Know It Just It Just Happens Her Being Of A Spiritual Order If That Makes It Oh Yeah Definitely Definitely When I Go Out And Make A Connection When I’m Stargazing When I’m Gazing Into The Heavens Man Like The Connection I Get Is Just Different Things Like Okay If You Want To Keep This Connection Up If You Want To Stay On That Path These This Is What I Require Of You And For Me I Can Say It’s Been A Blessing Because It’s Been Something That Helps Me It’s Like Look Trucy Good You Need To Deal With Your Diet Quit Eating All The Meat Start With More Vegetation Start Taking Care Of Your Temple Do This Spend Time And Meditation And Then We Can Go To The Next Level Right So I Kind Of See That As Far As Like You’re Saying What Do You Want Talk To The Angels What Do You Want For Me To Do So That We Can Communicate Right Okay With With Stainable For Me To Take Care Of Your Body And So I Think I Think That’s What You’re Talking About As Far As Like Asking Them What They Want And So It I Think It’s Something That’s Gonna Be A Blessing I Don’t Think It’s Gonna Be Like You Know Take A Life You Know This Is What I Want You To Do I Want You To Kill Someone I Want You To Do This I Want You To Do Something Negative What’s Your Opinion On That People You Know Claim They Hear Voices And The Demons Wanted Them To To Do Something All That I Was Like It For Tomorrow I’d Be Honest I’ll Be Honest With You Nobody Sat With Flesh And Bone For 10 Years In Jail So That’s The Answer You Know What I Mean That’s The Answer Nobody Sat With Him In Jail For Or Whatever I Seen Or Whatever May Have Happened When He Went To Jail What Never Wore So It Didn’t Mean That So I Have Like First First Point Examples Of That But That’s His Life You Know That’s That’s His Thing You Know That’s Something That He’s All You Know So That’s That’s My Idea As Far As The Need I’m So Secure Within Myself And I’m So Secure With The Things That I Have Accomplished Whether It Be Worldly Or Otherworldly That It’s Just More Of A Baby Fatness My Baby Is Really Really Really Really Set To Just Be Okay For Eternity Because Whether Kicked Punched Stabbed Shot Hurt Talked About Ritual Stripped Raped A Nigga Steel Not Blaming Nobody Even If They Want The Blame And So On And So Forth So It’s Being Very Very Of A Clear Conscience No Matter What May Happen To You At That Point So There Is A Blame Game That Goes On And That Blame Day Covers Us So When Some Shit Really Happened You Can Always Rip It But One Nobody Would Jeffrey Dahmer At All So It Couldn’t Have Been Nobody What You Mean And It’s And That’s How You Swerve That Shit That’s How You Get Away From You Did Whether It’s Happening Or Not You Feel Me Because You Know Besides Besides The Fact Of It’s Painful To Have To Be Around Somebody That’s Done You Wrong It’s Even More Painful To Have To Be Around Somebody That Done You Wrong That Will Never Get Disciplined For Whatever Yeah And That’s One Thing That I Think People Need To Understand About Angels They Will Never Be Hit Ever It Will Never Be Touched Ever And That’s My Stuff No Matter What They Do No Matter Where They Go Ain’t Nobody They Put The Goddamn Hands On The Angel They Fly To Fuck Out That Body In That Human That They Occupy Go Take That Ass Be Yeah So That Alone Is Enough For Me To Say My Human Race Did Be God And We Did Good We Did Do Baby It’s Almost Like You You Better Respect The Authority You Know I Mean It’s A Better Respect That Is Already Set In Place Without The Words Even Happen To Come Out So We Get No More Anger Involved You Know Because That Just Agitates The Situation Even More Just You Know This Agitates It You Know What I Mean And It And It Takes It To A Level Of Well Why You Know It’s Like Well There Are In All Of That Shit You Did So Is Just An Unspoken Order And Unspoken Goes That You Just Know There Are Twenty Examples But Why Use It It Just Strums Up Messed Up Seven If They’s And Then Oh Well That’s Why That Dangerous Order Didn’t Get Completed And Relax One And So On And All That Malarkey And So On And So Forth You Know What I Mean It Gets To The Point Where If You Discuss The Problems Then They Don’t They Don’t Like Leave But If You Look Towards A Brighter A Brighter Future And If You Really Understand The Humans Eventually Become Angels In Humanism Like Exactly What The Eighties You Know What We Said The Angels Look Like In Books He’s Basically Drawing What We’re Going To Look Like In Heaven Because We Don’t See Anything With Wings Out Here We Just Don’t Like Just You Just Don’t And That’s What We’re Used To And That’s What We Drew And That’s What We Thought And So On And So Forth So Wound Up Being For Us So When You Get That Part And Then You See That Part Of How Things Coincide And How Then You Grow Then You Know You To Realize The Benefits Of Let’s Not Focus On The Negative Right Now Let’s Talk About The Good Stuff I Mean You’re Good From Here What Hmm No Doubt I Think That’s Why The Scripture Says That If There’s Anything True If There’s Anything Noble If There’s Anything Pure Think On These Things Let’s Speak About These Things Let’s Don’t Focus On The Negativity Because You Begin To Give Birth To That Stuff You’d Be Gift Again Give Birth To Anxiety And Fear And Doubt And Hatred And Things Like That So Yeah That’s As Well Oh Man We’re Like Really Tapping Into Spirituality On Those Basic Principles Of Just Thinking Of Just Your Thought Patterns Man No Doubt Although Whenever We’re Talking About This Angelic Order Which We’ve Referred To As The Luminaries You Mentioned They Fly Around The Earth Faster Than Seven Times In One Second Have You Physically Seen Any Of These Type Of Entities Man I Know You Said You’ve Seen That One Doing It I Don’t Think I’ve Seen It To The Point Of Here I Can Prove It To Someone Else But It Was More Of Something That’s Happening Right Now And It’s Not Just Worldly Because What I’ve Experienced More Is You Know If They’re Flying At That Faster Rate Then How Are They Going To Sustain A Temple That’s Fast It’s Like They Have To Go From It’s Like It’s Like A Long-ass Line Of People Right And They Fly That Fast Right So A Lot Of Time I’m There At The First Person They’re Already At The Last Person That Thing So There Is No Focus Do You Understand What I’m Saying So You Know I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Drudge Up The Things That Do Not Focus And The Things That Do Have Weird With To You Know Bring Forth Any I Want I Want I Want Because Everything Is Intricately Beautiful Than Its Own Day And A Part Of Its Own Order The Good Stuff Yeah So Would You Say To Somebody Man Who Was Just Like Stuck On Tapping Into That And Seeing Something Manifest From The Heavenlies Right Or Just From The Other Side In General Like I Was At A Point Where I Wanted To See Something So Bad That I Was Contacting Negative Entities Right And I Wasn’t Going To Be Happy Until I Seen Something So I’m Getting That You Somewhat Have An Agenda Like You’re Just Kind Of Saying Look Don’t Focus On That Stuff Focus On What Is Here What We Can Influence What We Can See The Colleges Be Honest With You I Will Go Directly To The Place That We’re Walking On I Go Directly To Nasa I’d Go Directly On The Spiritual Body That We Can See The Big Blue Ball Earth Yeah Its Massive And It’s Nothing But Life On It Nothing But Life And It’s There It Exists And We’re Here And It’s Sustainable It Fortifies It Loves Us It Gives Us A Place To Live It It Functions In A Way So We Can Breathe If We Can In Love And So On And So Forth And It’s A Circle And It’s Blue And It’s Huge And It’s Ours And We’re Here So There Is No Further That We Have To Look Not If In That Might Be Something Cool Because We’re Here We’re Kind Of Cool Too And So On It’s So Good So I Would Go More Kosmos With It You Know I Would Go More Planets Listen I Would Go More The Suits Jupiter Venus In The Studies Of That Level In Order To Solidify You Know Exactly What It Is That We’re Looking For You Know As Far As That Goes Because It’s In That White Bear Zeus And Venus Within That Venus Is Appointed Dude Like Seriously And It’s Not Considered A Major But It’s Definitely Considered A Spiritual Body Being And So On Yeah So That’s That To Me Is The Answer To The Seeking Into The Looking And So On And So Forth It’s All Right There Dude It’s All Right There Definitely Yeah It Is Something You Know What And That’s Something That For Me Like It Kind Of Brought More Substance To My Belief System And My Spirituality Was The Fact That I Could Go Out In Stargates I Could Go Out There And Make My Connection With The Creator Right And Ask To See Something To Ask For One Of The Angels To Slow Down Enough For Me To See It Right And Then Come To Find Out These Were These Entities Traveling Back And Forth From These Different Planets To Earth Right They Were Traveling Back And Forth It Just As The Scriptures Say It Talks About They Travel Back And Forth These Different Principalities And Powers And It’s Sutton And So I Think It For Me It Made More Sense That It Was Something That Was Literally Out There Like In The Cosmos Not Something That Was In Another Realm That May Be Real That May Not Be Real But Something That Is Out There In Space Traveling Back And Forth So Yeah There Is A Lot To It There Is A In Order To These People You Can’t Forget About Aliens And That A Lot Of People Because The Aliens Aren’t Making Direct Contact With Us They Got A Lot More Answers Then We Can Imagine They’ve Watched The Earth Regenerate Time After Time After Time At This Time Again You Know When This Entire Camp With Entire Theology And Entire Literature Died Earth Continues To Live And I Think That The Answer Might Be Because It Hasn’t Presented Itself As A Kid Being To Be Complained To At That Point It Happened During The Galaxy Bump You Know So By Earth Not Being A Being You Did A Lot Of Complaints Polite Average Joe Snow You Know You Get A Lot Of People Looking Around And Different Things About Nature Because They Give Up On Where They Are And Then They Think That They’re More Outside Of It They Think That They’re More Yet They’re Looking For Instead Of What They Are Like You Can Look For Something Find It And Not Be It Because You Were Looking For It Anyway So When Ain’t The Thing You Did You Had To Go Look For You Know So I Think That That’s Where The Confusion Sets In You Add In A Little Power You Added A Little You Know Anger And So On And So Forth And You Know You Might Think You’re Immortal Because You’re You’re The Opportunity To Speak To Something Outside Of It That May Just Come Here For A Minute Or Something Totally Outside Of What You’re Looking For It Totally Outside Of It Totally Our Product It Had Nothing To Do With It Oh So Those Are The Balances That You Have To Just Deal With Like You See Your Name’s Truth Seeker You Know And The Truth Is Right There In Our Face You Know If Anything That You’re Dealing With Doesn’t Understand Where It Was During The Last Galaxy Bump And What They Were Doing Then If They Really Don’t Know Then That Means They’re Here On Earth Up Until The Galaxies Bump And Then It’s A Cleansing Assuring Out And Then A New Can’t Come To I Think A Lot Of People As Well Like You’re Saying When They See Something Like That Or They Make Contact Or Whatever You Do Have Those People Who Get On The Kick That I Am The Messenger I Am The The One That Is Put Here To Save The People Or I’m The Only One Who Can Do This Type Deal Man We See A Lot Of Those People Pop Up You Know Who Have Had Encounters Or Claim To Be Contactees Or Something Like That Me It’s Yes It’s All About These Listening Because It’s Like You Got Bums On The Corner That Talk To Themselves All Day Every Day And A Motherfucker Just Look At Them And Say He’s Bombed He Ain’t Got No Money You Feel Me He Could Say What The Fuck He Want And Then You Got Motherfuckers Who Are Rich As Fuck His Life Is Its Flourished And Say The Same Thing And Then That’s When They Say You Know About Him Well He Thinks He’s A Goddamn Messenger Look At His Goddamn Jew Yeah Damn You Got Fucking Rolex On How The Fucking Fucking Messenger And It’s Like A Goddamn The Bomb Just Said The Same Shit The Frame Is That Shit The Same Exact Shit And Actually Went A Little Further In Fact Instead He Was One Of Them So I Think That Once You Balance That Out You Start To Realize Where Those Questions Are Coming From And It Just Becomes You Know Like Wow You Know Like I’m Just Bold Blady True If They’re Going To Say That Shit About The Guys At The Rolex On And Not The Bum In The Street Who’s You Know Hey Work Day In And Day Out In Washing His Ass The Only Begs For Motherfucking Money He Will Not Work At All Because He Is Entitled To Get Money From Whoever Leather Will Give Him Money And Blessed That’s Crazy Of The Fuck That’s Some Crazy As Long As Shit It’s Like Rough We’re All Out Here Working Productive Society And You’re Saying That We’re Evil Because We Don’t Give You A Goddamn Dollar And All Day And All Night We’re All Evil As Fuck And Only Nigga To Give You A Dollar Is A Good Guy And You Know So It’s A Thoughts Outfit Out There That’s Just Like That But It’s Never A Dress You Know And That’s When You Start Getting In There You Know What The Real Reason Is You Know Behind All Of That If That Makes Freaking Sense You Know Yeah There’s A Lot More To It In As A Lot Of Stuff Taking Places In The Hearts And Minds Of Individuals Across The Globe Man And People Have Seen Some Things That They You Know I Guess Haven’t Been Able To Come Back From I Know That’s What I’ll Call Them Treacherous Shit Happen That I’m Watching My Mom Oh My Goodness Again There Every Bone In Her Body Broke Man You Know Just Over Looking For Fucking Love Yeah You Know Totally Totally Not Spiritual Totally Nothing There Just Man I’ve Seen That Shit Hopping Up Until I Got A Little Older And I Was Able To Start Carrying Gun And So On And So Forth And I Was Able To Protect My Home But I Couldn’t Protect My Mom When I Was A Little Baby You Know What I Mean But I Made It When I Was Like I Say 1415 Years Old I Met Eazy-e Around 50 16 Years Old I Left Out To Cool Off Hands And I Said About 50 So When I Finally Was And Even Before Then You Know I Was I Was There At That Door Like If You Touch My Mom I Will Shoot You In Your Fucking Hair But Your Own Good You Know So I’ve Seen It In So Many Levels And I’ve Reacted On It Not Angelically But Something Pulled Me Back From The Toughest Dude In The World Did Nothing To Kick My Ass You Know I Go Back On The 14 Years Old And I’m Like You’re Gonna Do What You Want To Do Anyway Bring It Yeah I Knew Was A Gun Gun I Planned Everything Out I Even Planned On Going To Jail And For The First Mother Fucking Tongue I’m Not The Fucking Priest Like He Had An Angel With Him Right Shot Like A Few People Already You Know And I’ll You Know And So On And So Forth Cuz I’m Opening I’m Candy I’m A Street Nigger Like I Was A Baby At That Time 13 14 Years Old And So On And Socialist So I Was Ready I Truly Went Into Boot Camp Fully Within The Training Like A Military Man And At That Point You Know It Was More Of Maybe The Good That I Bet That Guy Creased At That Time Maybe That Was A Good Point In My Life Because Maybe I Would Have Not Been Able To Go Out To California To Meet Eazy-e Or Any Of These Different Days So I Mean That’s Where My Mind State Is And That’s Why I Was That With It So There Is A Difference In Blaming Accepting Some Help And So On And So Forth It’s Just When When Your Courage Is Questioned And Things Of That Nature As A Human Being And It’s Questioned On A Spiritual Level And Being Tough Becomes The Basis And What You’re Used To Is Being Held Back For Murder Like For Murder Cause Like In That Situation I Was Fuckin Right And Then To Be Totally Twisted Around On Some Tough Shit Then You Might Have A Question Or Two Like Why Why That And Then Now That I’m Used To Humble I’m Used To The Toughest Hombre Pulling Me Back You Know So It Goes Into Those Different Things So You Just Kind Of Stay Away From Brain You Got To Stay Away From You Know Drudging Up Different Things And Just Try To Get Past That Shit You Know Get Past The Whole All It’s Unfair I Did It At This And All That Other Bullshit You Just Gotta Get Past It Let That Shit Go And Learn How To Progress In Life Understand What The Galaxy Bump Is Understand Where They Are With It Understand The Goodness And Whoever Make Sure You Give A Good Shot Out To The Ones That Holds You Back With Some Treacherous Shit And Move On That’s All You Can Really Freakin Do Man You Know That’s The Only Way That You Can Assist In A Spiritual Being Is To Protect Them From The Galaxy Book Because Once This Earth Regenerators All Over Breath It’s All Over All The Names All The Books I Know You’ve Watched Movies Too Where You Seen It And See What Happened When The Earth Regenerate Ain’t No More Literature Ain’t No More Computer Chips Ain’t No More Knowledge Anal Beads Anal Tasks Anal Churches And Then It Takes What Billions And Billions I Mean The Earth Is What 4.54 Billion Years Old Right Now It’s Not 2016 Brah It’s 4.54 Billion It’s Year And Counting Wow And That’s Fine Typically Stated Could Be Off Of A Million Or Two Add As Much Extra Time You Need To Add On To It That’s Really What The Fuck Is Going On And People Need To Realize That First Get Out Of This It’s 2016 Or I Got Down To The Car For Spiritual Islam No Boo Boo It’s 4.54 Billion If Years And The Spiritual Renaissance Been Here For A While There’s Some Fucking Things That Could Be Accomplishing In There Some Things That Just Can’t Be Accomplished Because At The 4.54 Billion Years If There’s Still A Minut Problem Then You Got To Address It As Such Water Fuck Is Just Small Issues A Goddamn Problem If You Start Going Off In At It And Going Off In It At They’re Trying To Figure Things Out And That’s When You Become A Beautiful Person To Them You Know I Mean That’s Just When You Become A Beautiful Person It’s Like Damn You Know This Guy Understands Game And He’s Actually Fucking Trying To Help For One Little While You Know The Sense Somebody Wanted To Help Although You Know So For Those That Are On A Spiritual Quest They’ve Got To Understand The Rules First Of All Turf That’s Turf Earth 4.54 Billion Is Year Turf That’s The First One Next Galaxies Bone Regeneration Of The Earth Any Spiritual Being Know What It Was Like To Go See That And From That Point On From The Highest To The Lowest You Might Hear Silence My Hip And So On You Might Hear Gain And Then All Of Those Things You Round Up In A Circle As Emotions As We Didn’t Learn A Lot Like You Know And So On And That’s When All The Beauty And The Adorable Shit Of Spirituality Starts To Manifest Within You If You Can Have Them Now But Sometimes You Don’t Want To Wake Up A Sleeping Giant Like You Think Sometimes You Might Contact The Wrong Thing It’s Like Whoa I Know This Shit Yeah Wait A Minute Don’t Tell Me Some Shit That I Know That I Can’t Fucking Fix Now Hold The Fucker And So On And So Forth So When Your Mind Goes That Deep Man Dare Yourself To Take It A Look Like And I Should Feel Yourself Cuz It Always Goes A Little Bit Further And I Think A Lot Of People Think They Have It Figured Out And It’s Like You Know What I Don’t Even Grasp But A Glimpse Of What’s Going On Of What’s Really Happening With All This Stuff You Know I Mean Yeah Man But To Try Yeah Means A Whole Hell Of A Lot More Than The Fake Ha Ha Ha Ha We Gotta Have It Ah Ha We Built Our Having Y’all Stuck Here Ah Ha Ha You Know Every Gen On That Shit That Shit Is You Know Not Key It’s Just Not Cool You Know It Is Not Cool Because You’re Dealing With The Fear Or Something That’s Never Been Afraid Before So When You Know Things Of That Nature Then You’re Supposed To Take It And Go Further You Know Take It And Go A Little Further Hey I’m Taking It Heaven If I Said If You’d Be My Personal Angel Forever And So On And Something About Plenty Of Room I Know You’ve Been Learning How To Do Things Without The Brain And I Know You’ve Been Existing You Know Without Any Strange Maybe We Can Help Each Other So I Can Go Find My Mom Because Maybe My Whole Intellectual Outlook Will Be Wiped Out And You Know When You Become Sinless And You Don’t Remember The Good Or The Bad You Might You Know She’ll Get Always To Just Take It A Little Further If You Can Seems Like Man All The Sting People Everyone Who Is Like Have A Calling On Their Life Right It Seems Like They’ve All Been Through A Lot Of Crazy Stuff Right And I Know That I’m Familiar With Your Story And Just For Those Who Are Man I Mean There’s A Lot Of People Who Don’t Know That You Were A Product Of Child Abuse And A You Were Actually On America’s Most Wanted Man Can You Touch On That A Little Bit Oh Yeah Definitely Definitely Definitely Well I Mean Everybody Got A Clean Last Door You Know Just Helping Anybody In This World Everybody Doing It From You My Little Fun Time Something Is What My Mom Went Through Um Happen To Be Found By John Wolfe And You Know Eventually Being Brought Home And You Know Foster Homes After That Oh You Were Kidding That Is A Lot Of Fuckers It’s Abusive Mother Fuckers After That It Was More Of Hey I’m Not Going To Understand Your Child So It’s Like Even After That You Know No Understanding Or Hey This Guy’s Business You Tragic Stuff Maybe I Need To Get His Kid A Hug Maybe I Need To Show Him You Know What A Man You Know How A Man Would Raise His Son You Know These Are The Kind Of Different Things That I Wasn’t Able To Learn So I Had To Learn To Be My Own Father And Then When I Met My Homeboys Everybody Played Daddy At Certain Cars I Was Dad When The Heat Cable We’re About To Get Killed And We’re In A Situation On The Street I Was Dead I’m The Guy Who Did The Gun To Come On Go Crazy Over My Nigger But It Was Going To Come To Making It Wailing The Dad But It Was You Know Or When It Comes To Feeding Us Flesh And Ball Was Paw But When It Comes To Coming Up With A New Style For Music Crazy Bowls Pot Or When It Comes To Giving Us A Home And And Giving Us Somewhere To Sleep Scuse Me Truck Or Giving Us Somewhere To Sleep Then That Was Big Ceeze Me Back I Was That Was Wishes All Right There That Is Pocketing So We All Played That And That Was Kind Of Like How My Life Is Patterned After That But Yeah Man That’s The Tragic Story Man Of Kidnapped And Was Found By John Washing I’m Here Now Man And I Met My Budge And Man And Everything’s Been Going Good From There’s Been Ups And Downs But The Ups Is What I Want People In The World To Know So They Don’t Focus On Anything Other Than This Good Stuff You And Me Are Trying To Put Out There To Society Man Yeah Well That’s The Thing With People Who Go Through A Lot Of Negativity Like You Can’t Be All You Can’t Appreciate The Sunlight Without Being In The Midst Of Darkness You Can’t Appreciate The Good Times Without Going Through The Bad Times You Know And I Think I Had Somebody Just Say That Dude You Are Sick Already Nina Country Walking You Know I’m Just Gonna Say That’s Why The Scriptures Say That He Who Is Forgiving Of Much Loves Much Their Level Of Devotion Is Just Out Of This World How Thankful They Are To See Another Day To Take Another Breath When They Know That Man I Should Be Dead Right I Shouldn’t Even Be Here Right Now But I’m But I Made It I Get To Live Another Day I Get To Tell My Story I Get To Be A Light To Someone Else Who’s Going Through That Same Darkness That I Went Through That’s Why It’s So Important To Tell Your Story Man To Put Those Truths Out Here On The Internet To People Face To Face Wherever Man Just It Just To Encourage People Who Are Going Through Some Dark Times Man Because Everybody’s Out There Who Have Asked Questions And Stuff So Yeah Man I Appreciate What You’re Doing I Mean Look Yeah It’s A Mentality It’s A Way Of Life Form I’m Always You Know There To Be Free To Conversations And To Open Up About Myself And And To Speak On Myself I’m Always Open For That I Don’t Pull Punches Because I Walk This Earth And I Need And And Other People Have Blessed Me There Someone Just Won’t Feel If The Grandmas Said Be And If It Does It’s Actually With A Young Lady And She Had To Be Quoting The Same Scripture Because She Was Saying To Me She Said I I’m Doing One Of My Life Now But I Miss The Ramen Leaders I Miss The Tough Talk Because I Didn’t Have As Many Responsibilities As I Have Now And It’s Less Stressful Than What It Is And That Goes Often See Why People Are In The Streets And Not Working And So On And So Forth As Well So There’s A Way You Know To Take Those Blessings To Put It Over To Their Squash All Of The Mess Keep It Right Here The Human Intellect And Earn That Human Heaven That We Already Do We Built It Ourselves He Really Did We Really Really Really Really Did Go To Human Heaven And We Understand It Because We Get Hit I Was There For A Minute I Just Got Back Shit My Heart Stopped My Brain Stopped I Was Very Buff It Look Nice Man I See My Mom I Think That’s What I’m Saying I Was A Beautiful And So On And So Forth So That’s Our Proof That We Built That You Built That Stuff Like There Baby And You Know From That Point All It’s Just All About Helping Those That Are Caught In The Galaxy But So Where It Is Heaven On Earth For Angels Earth Is Heavy Yeah Period So Go Oh Yeah I Want To Talk About Thee And Telecommunication A Little Bit More With Just Some Stuff I’ve Heard You Say In Several Interviews And Then Having This Type Of Phenomenon Happened Myself I Know God Speaks To Everything He Speaks Through Creation He Speaks To People Right He Speaks To Everything In Our Lives Or Situations Circumstances Synchronicities Things That Line Up You Mentioned God Speaking Through The Television Man And Just Using Everything Around You So What I Mean What’s The Deal With That Have You Just Been Had The Tv On It Just What Is Being Said On On The Television Just Be For You For That Moment If You Had Any Of Those Those Days Off I Would My Entire Surge Had Everything To Do A Road That Had Come To America And Before They Hit And Did Some Fucked-up Shit Watching And Hearing About Everything That They Watched Before They Went Out And Did Some Fucked-up Shit So I Was Thinking How About I Search Out The Tv See What’s On And From That Point On You Start To Realize The Powerful Things That Be Just Like I Said It’s Seven At Seven Times Yeah I Want And So Forth You You Know You Really Can’t Calculate It But It’s Very Simple What Makes You Feel Good If It Makes You Want To Get Your Ass Up And Go Love Somebody And Go Take Care Of Somebody That’s The Good Part What Frustrates You What Judges You As If You’re Sitting In Church And The Pastor Is Talking Directly About You That’s The Stuff That Hurts You And Soft That’s The Opposite Reason To Even Have A Television It’s Supposed To Be For Comfort It’s Supposed To Be To To Be A Part Of Society Hey What’s Going On Today In The World With The New Products Going On The God Cushion Over Here Hey What’s Wrong Alone Reality Television Look At That Family Right There That’s Nice These Are They’re Acting Still Pretty Freaking Cool That’s What It’s For To Feel Good You Know And That’s What I Found Out At This Point In 2016 You Know Because Sometimes If You Find Something Through Television Then It Might Step Its Game Up Because It’s Kind Of Done Missing You Know After A Moment There’s Only So Many Times That You Can Betray Or Negative A Blessing During The Flight Pattern When It Starts To Get Flipped To Negative What Keep It You Feel Me What I Just Want To You Know I Was Having A Ball We Were Talking We Were Having A Great Fucking Time And All Of The Fucking Studies Here Comes Some Bullshit You Know What I Don’t Need This Shit I’d Rather Talk To A Fucking Bird Wow And You Know It’s All About Templates It’s All About Talent Tolerated And Education I Mean You’re Dealing With Something That Can Talk To A Mosquito – Bothers Irritating As You Can Fucking Dick So The Study Isn’t Shallow It’s Just More Of You Know What I’m Good Hey Television If You Want Because I’m Not Going To Sit Back And Be Negative With Somebody That I Built A Great Relationship Yet Keep It And Then It Starts To Go Haywire Because The Control Is Gone Yeah And Then It’s You Know And So On And Then The Rest Of The Variables Are Always You Know They’re Just Hey Could Be This Could Be That Could Be It Could Be That Could Be Get That Could Know You Said That I Was Able To Speak To The Lord Or What I Call The Lord Or The Highest Of The High Dimension Through The Television Yeah The Reason Why I Can’t Elaborate On It Anymore Is Because Of That You Know We Had A Great Thing Going Man Like We Really Really Did You Were Accomplishing A Lot Of Stuff You Know Just Making Leeway And Just Knowledge And Peace And Fixing Things And So On And So Forth And Then All Of The Freaking Study And Abundant Amount Of Negativity Comes In And After Less I Knew It Was Gone From That Way Of Speaking Yeah I Knew From That Point On It’s Just Obvious Ok So That’s What The Television Let Me Ask You This Though There’s Still A Lot Of Spirituality A Lot Of Hidden Truths And Things Like That Within The Movies Have You Had Any Of The Encounters About Watching Somebody’s Movies That Are Out There With This Ancient Knowledge Embedded Within Them Better It’s Like Waking Up Stuff Within You Oh I’ll Brother So Much Stuff They’re Dead If Wasn’t About Earth Malware Nine Trillion Deep And That’s Just Documented And Within That We Have The Internet So There Is No End To The Knowledge All The Way Up And To The Galaxy Bump In The Regeneration Of Earth We Already Have Seen In Heaven Did So We’re Good After That So It’s More Of Xxx To The Fifth Light Rent Gas Uh Poof Um Love Care Hugs Kid Progress Of Life And Making Things A Lot Simpler The Faith That Are Just Here You Said Amount Of With Movie Mm-hmm I Mean So With Movie Abundant Dude It’s Just Endless Any Endless Look Beautiful Do It Beautify I Can’t Go I Can’t Go Far Enough To Tell You How Much Good Stuff Is Within That Man How Much Good Stuff I Mean I Could Name You A Few Artists That Live The Whole Tv Life That Deity Out The Tv All Their Actions All Of Their Movements All Of Our Television The Things That They See On Television The Metaphors Of The Fresh Print And Different Things Of That Nature I Mean It It’s A Whole Literature Like That And It I’m When I Sat Back And I Looked At It And I Was Like Wow This Is Just Freaking Cool Like This Is Freakin Cool And Some People Are Just Cool With That They’re Just Cool With Ya You Know What I Mean They’re Just Cool With It You Know What It Okay You You Said Um And I’m Just Quoting From An Interview You Talked About Your Purple Homie Who Keeps A Turban On What Was You Referring To Uh I Believe It Could Have Been Something In Passing Could Have Been An Outfit Um It Could Have Been A Statement You Know It’s Like Do You Remember How Angels Had In Specific Titles Yeah This Is The Envisages Function And That Could Just Be The Opening Of A Conversation Yeah In Order To Open Up Some Sort Of A Stream Of Hey How You Doing Man You Can Relate Coming Right Here You Can Build From There Fuck It It’s Me You Know And And So On And Social So Whether You Have A Perk Retarded Or But We Have Angel Of Laws Or Any Of Those Different Things I Think That That Was Where That Works And So On And So Forth So That’s Just Kind Of How It Works Yeah Okay Um Let Me Ask You This To Within That Same Interview I Noticed You Kind Of Apologized You Basically Said My Bad After You Were Dropping Knowledge It’s Just Something That You Try Not To Put Out There Just For The Lay People There’s Just Something Of Your Own Experience That You Like To Keep For Yourself And You Don’t Go Around Flaunting It Like We Were Talking About You Just Try To Make It Work Well People Can Actually It Is Properly Goldman It’s Like When You See Things Appear And When You See Problems Alive You Know You Want To Be The Kind Of Person That Figures Things Out Up Until It’s Like You Know We’re Fucking Tired Of You You Know Trying To Be Mr. Know-it-all And Trying To Act Like You Know Everything And Then When The Most Major Problem Pops Up It’s Like Well You Guys Have Said Back To Me Enough And You Guys Are Like Hating Me For Trying To Help By Dealing With The Most Major Issues That Has To Be Dealt With Before I Get Out Of Here You Know And I Pass It On Anybody That That Can You Know And Bless Them You Know Fatali Yeah So And And That’s Where I’m At Now This Is What I Used To Do This How I Used To Feel You Know And To Say Man Damn Sorry I Don’t Mean To Drop Everything On You You Know All At Once It’s Kind Of Like Year That May Have Been Like You Know I Don’t Want To Drop So Much On Someone And Give Them Something That They Can’t Solve You Know And Leave Them With This Pain Is Their Gut That They Can’t Fucking Dissolve So That’s Why I Always Want To Make Sure That Every Human Being That I Talk To Don’t Forget Mom Don’t Forget Bad Don’t Forget The Billions Of Life-forms That You Got Past And Mom’s Womb Alone That’s Every Single Human On Earth Nobody Can Say Well I Didn’t Know You Did You To It And You Can Any And So Those Are The Kind Of Things That I Like To Lead With After I Say Hey Sorry To Drop In So Much Stuff On You Kiddo This Is How You Get Out Of It You Know As A Human Being Yeah Yeah Yeah Just Try To Give Yourself To The Experience Man Without You Know A Lot Of Us Try To You Know Find Ways To Pull Ourselves Out Of This Experience And That’s What You Know We Have Drugs And Alcohol Things Like That Man Were Like People Are Like Look I’m Done With This Experience I Can’t Handle It I’m Not I’m Not Built For This You Know I’m Saying With All These Pressures And Things That Going On People Are Trying To Separate Themselves From Themselves I Love Social Exact Even Is This Is The Same This Is The Same You’re Trying Do You’re Fucking Trying Man Not Everybody Born At Night Nobody’s Focused On Nobody’s Trying Anything Once They Find Out Then They’re Going To Be Okay The First Time They Get You Know Huh The First Time They Don’t Hit The Lottery The First Time That They Get Punched In The Face And They’re Not Helped In Different Things Of That Nature By Who They’re Trying To Help On A Massive Level They’re Going To Give Up They’re Going To Be Like You’re Not Going With Me You Know You’re Not You’re Not Taking Care Of Me And And People Get Misguided And Misdirected Like That Splick Fucking Why That’s Not Even Us Thinking Because It You Know That’s Just You Know It Was A Guy And I Think His Name Is De Anthony Brown I Think And He Was Working On The Working On The Morning Radio Show I Think It Was Richard Smile He’s Radiation Yeah And He Didn’t Get The Powerball Right She Was So Upset He Quit His Job People It Was I Know It Was Like More Of A Hoax And But It Was Really Really Pissed Off And Even Though That Isn’t In The Context Of Spirituality That How The Human Race Is Met They’re Not Taking No Shit Man So I Think You Know I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Hit The Powerball What’s Playing About And Done And Much Chinese I Didn’t Being A Tomato For My Baby Mother You Know It’s So On And So Forth But That’s The Template And That’s What That’s What We Are Man As Human Beings Man Which Is Not Taking No Shit So For You Or Anybody Listening To Try And To Continue To Try And Not Blame They Still Be Focused And Not Look For Rewards Are You Alright You Are Inside You Because It’s Something Inside You That’s Just You Are For Real Because At The Tables Turn You Alright If The Tables Don’t Turn You Alright It Just It’s All Right You Know Person Supply You Know When A Lot Of People Who Say Don’t Have To A Lot Of People That Say Won’t Succeed But You’re Trying Hold Of A Fuck If You Come In Last Place Dude He Ran The Race Baby You Ran The Goddamn Waste Okay I Tell You That I’m I’m Coming Back To Finish My Like You Ran The Race Baby I Know We Laugh Baby I Was Laughs Laughing We Kick Come On Baby You Know I Until You Know I Don’t The Run Of 1600 Shit I’m True I’m Gonna Come In Last When I I Started Running That’s Awesome Man So What I’m Asking Is What Does The Tree Of The Sephiroth Mean To You With A Last Word The Tree Of The Sephiroth Well No I Don’t Know Oh Out Of The Kabala This Does Suffer Off The Tree The Zohar Have You Are You Familiar With It Not Familiar To Clear A Little Coco No I Just Thought I Heard You Mention At One Time It’s All Yeah I Mean I Passed So Many I Passed So Much Literature And So Many Different Things That You Know It Goes To Streams It Goes To Fire And Things Of That Nature In Vain And Things Of That Nature To See Things We’ve Got A Scientific Vision To See Things Outside Before Science To Go Boom They’d Be Look Inside The Body And Find Out I Learned In This Firstly Myself I Took An X-ray Ain’t Nothing In There And Then That’s When You Know We Start Using Real And Actual Things Start Getting Hopeful What Are Some Of The Books That You’ve Read Man That Have Inspired You Yep I Like I Like Fiction I Like A Sister Soldier Um She’s One Great Author Um I Was Getting On A Book Reading Kick Like I Said About Three And A Half Four Years Ago Of I Don’t Want A Book Reading Kick Every Flight I Have A Book And So On And So Forth But I’d Say My Most Favored Off His Sister Soldier Because She Keeps It Real Um Have You Read The Book The Alchemist Oh Are You Familiar With The Book The Alchemist Company I’m Pretty Sure There’s Something Similar By Their Name I’m Not Sure If It’s Based Off What We Probably About Yeah Yeah You Definitely Got To Read It Everybody Has To Read That Book I Think That’s One That Really Piqued My Interest Because A Lot Of Successful People Were Asked Questions Like If You Were On A Deserted Island You Only Had One What Book Would It Be And I Know Will Smith Said It Would Have To Be The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho And It’s Basically A Book About A Young Man’s Journey To Find A Hidden Treasure And The Book Is Basically About You And Your Journey And Chasing Your Dream And Following Your Dream And Once You Agree To Capture That Dream And You Want You Agree To Go On That Journey That The Universe And That God Shifts And Lines Up And We’ll Help You Capture That Dream And You Seeking The Dream And You Following That Path Is Part Of Your Journey And Part Of Your Story And It’s A It’s An Amazing Book Man When You Read It It’s Just Like Revelation About Your Life Where You Are What You’re Going Through And So Also Basically Every Like Basically Everything In The Book Is A Is A Metaphor For Somebody And Something In Your Life It’s Really Deep The Alchemist I Found Good But I’m Going To Check It On Out I’m Currently Reading Uh Currently And I’m Reading It Um The Trilogy To A Book That Fifty Soldiers Oh Some Currently And Into That And Once I Finish With That One How Do We Don’t Check Out The Alchemist Bro Yeah Totally Probably Gonna Hook It Up It’s Not Even A Long Read Man You Could Read It Pretty Fast Yeah Well Talking About A Lot Of Your Music Man Back In The Day There Was A Lot Of Mention A Lot Of Songs About The Ouija Board What’s Your Experience With That One There’s Just One I Mean I Think It Was Something That Eazy-e You Know Really Wanted To To Put Out There You Know As Fuck Me P Mystifying About Us And So On And So Forth Man If The Parkersburg Is Going Dude You Picked It Up From $20 Dude We Bought It From Toys R Us Dude So That Kind Of Let’s Blow The Seriousness Behind Some Shit Like That And I Do We Picked It Up At Toys R Us Goddamn Yeah Seriously Are We Seriously In Trouble I’m Calling Horikawa You Take It This Year Yeah There Was A Lot Of Stuff A Lot Of Talking You Used To Say I Know You Read The Forms And Everything They Say Well You Know Bone Thugs-n-harmony Got Their Abilities To Rap Like That Through The Through Getting Their Lyrics From The Ouija Board And Contacting Spirits So There Was Never Really Nothing Like That Going On Huh Ah Nothing Like That Going On I’ve Hard Work Of Education Huh That’s What Hard Work And Dedication Like Serious You Know We Have Such A Blessed Event Damn I’m Not Locked In Here We Had Such A Blessed Event Yeah It Means Zip To The Toy Dealer In His Life You Know Then It’s About Making It Then It’s About Dealing With People That Were Raised By Their Grandmothers And Then Raised In Today And Those Grandmothers Raised In Guys In Church And It’s About That It’s A Whole Nother Situation From There You Know Have You Heard Any Stories About That Though Have You Heard Of Anybody Getting Involved With It And Opening Up Some Portals To It You Know Portal Yeah Like I Know People Have Said They’ve Messed With Different Things Like The Ouija Board And Open Up Doors Too Because You Have A Lot Of People Who Are Really Deep Into The Occult And They’ll Tell You To Stay Away From That Because You’re Dealing With Anything That Wants To Come Through You’re Not Just Saying Hey I’m Gonna Contact The Spirit Of So-and-so Or Whatever But It’s Like Hey Is There Spirit In This House Would You Come Through And Then There’s This You Know I’m Saying They’re Opening Up These Doorways And Even If It’s In Their Mind You Know I’m Saying With These Dark Parts Of Their Psyche Whatever’s Going On Man That It Opens Up These Doorways To Some Entities That People Will Open Up Doors That They Don’t Know How To Close You Know I Totally Agree That You Know I Think That You Know Sometimes People When They Do Open Up Those Doors That It Could Just Be Like You Said It Could Be Normal It Could Be Picking Anything You Know The Imagination Is That That How We Found God Looking For Something Other Than What’s Here Imagination No Reprobation I Guess With That Being Said As Well Though As Far As Like Opening Up Doors What I Found In My Own Personal Experience Is That I Found Solace In This Man Because I I Was One Who Opened Up Those Doors Years Ago Right And The Scriptures Say Jesus Said That He Said Behold I Open Up Doors And I Closed Doors That No Man Can Close He Says I Opened Up Doors That No Man Can Open So That’s One Thing About So Anybody Listening Who Have Dealt With Anything Dark Whoever Has Anything Lingering Around Them Just Know That You Can Call On Christ You Can Call On Jesus And Every Other Spirit Under That Every Other Entity All These Angels That We’re Talking About They All Have To Bow To The Feet Of Christ So Take Solace In That Call Out To Christ For Help Put It Into Any Of This Negative Stuff That’s Going On In Your Life And You Know I’m Saying That Really Leads Me To Your Song Man Which Was Which Is Still A Beautiful Song About Jesus Don’t Jesus Make You Feel Good Your Song Jesus Dude That’s An Amazing Song That We Sing All The Time To This Day It’s A Beautiful Song Man I Mean Well I Look At It Like This Man You’re Just That Dude And Then You Take It A Step Further And You Start Focusing And Back Then Do It Like You Think In A Way That Others Wouldn’t Understand And You Know When You Start Dealing With All Of The People That Were Set Forth On The Pack Of Religions And Your Religions Get Started You Have Some That Need A Nation Opinion And Yeah From That Need A Nation Of Angels And Then You Have Some That Read The Nation And God You Had Fun That Me A Nation Of Been Covered And Then You Can Sit Back And She Hey To Recover Everything Buddy You Know Yeah So I Look At It Like That And You Know I Think That We All Know That Jesus Loved Everybody Anybody That Wanted To Take The Car To Jim Be Run Just Pay Attention And Cool Stuff Like That You Know Help The Seller And Hey Let’s You Know Let’s Look Out For This Fellow Over Here Whenever You May Have Been I Think Then That Doesn’t Go Unstrung It Just Doesn’t It’s Something That Resonates And It Continues To Resonate You Know And A Good Thing You Know You Cannot Deny It Makes You Feel Good You Just Can’t Make Sure They’re Just Afraid Nagisa You Know It Just Makes You Feel Good To Be Able To Say It I Heard That Was My First Tattoo Yeah You Know It Was Something I Wanted To Do For You Know Just For Me You Know Somebody That Was There For Everybody You Know I Mean So It Meant A Lot To Me Because It Was Like I Can Extend My Heart Out To Whoever That I Want You And I Can Care For You I Want And Even If It’s A Mission Or Duty Or Work I Can Do That Under The Banner Of His Love And Affection For Everything You Know There’s There’s Nothing That Jesus Does Not Cover Whether It’s Making You Do Something Or You Wanting To Do Something And Being Stupid For Wanting To Do Something No We’re Being Smart Or Whatever Jesus Covers It Hey Man You Go Be A Fee For Spirituality If You Have To You Know And So On And So Forth So I Think That That You Know Something That’s So Important To The Human Race Biggest Day What Do You What Do You See Right Now As Far As The Animosity Towards Jesus And Towards People Who Try To Uphold His Teachings And Commandments So Like Right Now Socially There’s A There’s Like Animosity For You To Say You Believe In Jesus So You Follow The Test Okay Bro You Know To Each Our Their Own Um There’s A Lot Of Shock Value Knowledge In Paintings Sometimes People Say Things To Shock You To Get You Interested In Them Sometimes Somebody Will Say Something So You Can Go After Their So You Can’t Pay Attention To And That’s Just Human That’s Just Humans Do That You Know Um You Ever Gotten Into An Argument If You’re Defang And She Says And Shit That She Knows Is Gonna Hurt You That You Told Her And Safety And Security And She Breaks It Out On You You Know She Doesn’t Mean It But She Said It To Get Your Attention Yeah The Same Difference Man All Over The World And Say Frickin Difference One Brother Fell Another Brother You Know That’s Why I Have A Job You Know You Know Small Things That Help You To Understand What’s Going On And What’s Not Going You Know What I Mean And It’s Not Ever Advil Personal It’s Always To Get Attention Me Now The Invested Will Fall Out This Is Why I Say That That’s Like Okay I Don’t Think Like Each Other But You Need All Them Together But I Could Tattoo On My Arm And I Like Who I Like You Know I Love I’m Sorry David Give Me Loving Someone Makes You Not Want To Be Near Me Then Maybe It Is For A Reason You Know Maybe That Is You Know And That’s Just How I Need That You Know Sometimes People Are Out Of Your Life And Took It Away From Your Life Because They’re Not Good For You They’re Not Meant For You And It Doesn’t Take Loving Jesus Or Loving Moses Or Whoever To Expose It It Really Does Is Just Common Sense You Know In Situation So You Know At Times It’s Likely That’s The Reason And So On It’s Okay It’s Like And I’m A Nice Amount Of Variance And And And And Calculations To You Know Of Why But My Main Thing Is It’s You Normally To Get Someone’s Attention And Say Hey I Can’t Go No Further That’s What You Believe In I Know You’re Going To Go P Whatever To Get Rid You Know Somebody Want It Yeah You Know Yeah Yeah Y’all Kind Of See It Like That True That A Lot Of People You Know Believe What They Believe For A Reason Somebody Taught Them Something Or Showed Them Something Or Maybe Somebody In The Nation Of Islam Spent Time With Them When No One Else Did So They Kind Of Had An Open Ear For Their Their Doctrine And Their Teaching Or A Christian You Know Might Have Did The Same Thing So It Kind Of Opens Them Up So You Know You Just Definitely See Why People Believe What They Believe And You Don’t Judge Anybody Even If It’s Wrong You Know I’m Saying If They Believe You Know Something Opposite Of What You Believe Or Whatever And If You Have To Look At That For Your Own Self – Well I Believe In In Jesus Because Of This And I Prayed And Got This Result And In My Lowest Point Jesus Stepped In And Helped Me And Muhammad Didn’t Help Me Or Krishna Didn’t Help Me Or Whatever The Case Is Right That’s My Story Um So I Mean What’s Your Story Man Where Was That Defining Moment – Like Look Man Jesus Is The Way This Is Who I Need To Help Me In This Walk You Know I Think Mommy’s Defining Moment Will Be Watching The Reactions Of People When I Actually Sang A Song While Mauritania And And When I Did Back And And It Helps Some Hotties Then I Actually Did That And It Helped Them And You Know They Drilled It Um You Know Kennedy Shared And So On And So Forth And You Know He Dedicated That Moment And That Time Huh You Know Baby Girls Wanted To See Me And Said Because She Anything Happen To Her She Wanted To Make Sure She Said Hello To Her Favors Up And She Shared A Moment With Jesus Involved And That Let Me Know You Know To A Certain Extent The Beauty Love And Yeah I Really Really Felt Inside My Heart And It’s Your Time To Shine And That’s Who We Want To Shine With You That Let Me Know Deep Down Inside There’s Something About That Guy Yeah That Just Makes You Happy And It Just It Just Does Something To You You’re Just You Know Grateful For The Sister You Know You’re Just Grateful It You Know He’s There You Know Even If He Didn’t Do Anything You Just Break Through That Feeling There And He Did A Whole Lot Of Stuff For A Whole Lot Of People Oh My Goodness I Could’ve Smuggled Hey I’m Looking For My Pillow Or My Blankie Right Now I’m Not Coming Back Here Yes Sir Man Well Look Man This Has Been A Beautiful Interview I Think We Ended It On A Good Note Man It Was A Blessing To Talk To You You’re One Of If Not The Greatest Rapper Hats Off To You Man You’ve Been An Influence On My Life On My Work And It’s Just Been A Blessing To Be Able To Talk To You Man I’m Super Excited To Speak With You Hey Let Me Tell You That I Appreciate The Avenues I Appreciate The Platform Because A Lot Of Things That We Spoke About A Lot Of People Man It’s Going To Be 1 Or 2 People Often Say You Know What Imma Try This Shit I’m Gonna Try This Shit Bitch It Sounds Good I Will Try This Yeah So I Think They Were Healthy And I Think They’re Not Just Helping Our Own Race I Think That The Journey And Respect And And Yet We Just We Originally Were Feeling About You Know Spirituality And Searching The Angelical Code And Different Things Of That Nature These Are Able To Address And A Man I Appreciate It Man And I Want You To Stay Blessed And Like Man Just You Know Race Man You Know Let’s Keep Doing What We Do You Know Thanks For Coming On Brother Wow And So There You Have It Ladies And Gentlemen The One And Only Bizzy Bone Can’t Say It Enough One Of The Greatest Rappers That Ever Lived Amazing Dude Man You Want To Hear More Podcasts You Can Go To Mrs. M E Or Check Us Out On Itunes As Well So Many More Good Interviews That We’ve Got Up There Archived Touching On The Same Subject Matter Spirituality And Anything And Everything In Between Make Sure You Go Check Out Bizzy Bones A New Song Entitled All I’ll Ever Know It’s Really Good Stuff And If You’re 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