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Its not every day that your friend gets interviewed by Vice and its not every day that a Christian ministry gets to have an HBO documentary as well. It seems that in order to get some type of publicity and stand out among the “sheep” you have to have some type of gimmick. Todd Bently kicks his followers and they get healed. Benny Hinn sometimes blows onto his followers or waves his coat at them I know a few who sell holy water and blessed handkerchiefs. Others cannot seem to even preach a sermon because they appear to be too drunk in the spirit to formulate a single sentence. I’m not condemning any of this, but I will say in order to get the viral coverage you must have a gimmick. Not that all gimmicks are bad, but they are what they are. Brandon is no different. From using curse words during his online drunken glory services, to toking the ghost and even breaking into hysterical laughter. Its what makes him who he is. We talked to him about some of these practices and even get into some of the politics in the christian church world. Brandon explains how he has been blackballed from even the craziest of fringe movements. During this interview TruthSeekah and Dan got to ask Brandon some questions that everyone has been dying to ask.

Brandon Barthrop


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It’s Not Every Day That Vice Comes And Does A Documentary On One Of Your Friends. So Me And Dan Osczipenski Had The Chance To Sit Down And Talk To Brandon Barthrop About His Adventures With Vice. We Talked About Some Of The Feuding That Goes On Between Some Of The Fringe Groups In Christianity. Which Essentially Brandon Seems To Be A Part Of. Some Of The Names Mentioned Go From Jason Westerfield, Ian Clayton, To John Crowder. Some Of The Fringe Guys And Everybody Seems To Have Their Own Little Thing That They Call Their Own And And It’s Kind Of Weird Because They All Kind Of Demonize The Other Fringe Groups In My Mind I Would Think That The French People Would Stick Together But No They Tryna Demonize Each Other’s Followings And Doctrine And Things Like That So All Of That Stuff Is Still Happening Even In The Way For Our Fringe Groups Of Christianity So We Touch On That As Well This Is The Second Interview That I Had With Brandon If You Haven’t Heard The First One Go Back And Check That One Out And Hope You Guys Enjoy I Think You Will [music] Enjoy Its Periods I’m Not Responsible For Any Strange Phenomena Occurring After Listening To This Podcast Which May Two Senses Of Awareness Psychic Abilities Ufo Sightings Alien Contact Tools Out-of-body Experiences Ringing In The Ears Esp Lucid Dreaming Increasing Chronicity Astral Projection Telepathy Stronger Intuition Levitation Erogenous Feelings Going To Remote Viewing Please Be Advised To Listen With The Marks Of Solder [music] [music] [music] Spiritual Ladies And Gentlemen You’re Back With Another Episode Of The TruthSeekah Podcast I’m Joined With A Roundtable Discussion Tonight I Got Dano Dan Asked A Pinsky Sitting To My Left And We Also Have The Brethren Brandon Barth Rob The Vanguard Of The Lord’s Government Hey How’re You Guys Out There In Tv Land Facebook Land Youtube Land Brendon Bought Fresh From The Re-upload Of The Weisse Snippet From Facebook Six Million Views At This Point Probably More Now Everybody Just Making A Million On You I’m Buddy Yeah Vice And It’s Google That Sponsored That Documentary Google Gave Him Ten Thousand Dollars To Come Out Here Hang Out In My House For A Week And Do The Documentary Because They’d Get In So Many Google Searches Of Drunk On God And Drunken Glory And You Know Any Of That Kind Of Stuff On God Getting Wasted And It Was Something That People Really Interested In Obviously It’s I Think It’s Up To Almost 8 Million Right Now Just On Facebook Because They Released It Only On Youtube Like Four Years Ago And It’s Got A Million In Four Years But On Facebook I Think We Hit Almost 8 Million Now In Just Five Days And You Know Vice Could Put Their Spin On It And There’s Some Weird Stuff In There And They Kind Of You Know Misrepresented Me A Little Bit But It’s Excellent Exposure And When People Come In And Check Out Our Ministry Where Does Preaching Christ Crucified And The Flesh And Blood Of Jesus Christ That’s Crazy Because When You Watch The Snippet The Snippet Makes It Seem Like The Documentaries About Essential Oils Comments Were About Essential Oil It Has Nothing To Do But You Know That Was Actually A Joke That’s What Was It To Be About The Joke Was On You Know Make Turn Oh Just Mess Was About Baby Jesus When The Wise Men Brought In Frankincense And You Know The Babies Smelling The Wise Man’s Gifts I Mean That That’s Literally What I Was Thinking Yeah I Wasn’t Thinking About Getting High On Frankincense I’m Like I’m High I’m The Drunken Glory And The Blood Of Jesus I Drink The Holy Spirit Non-stop From The Time I Wake Up Tirelessly But Because They’re Humans And They’re You Know You Know In There’s Sin Nature And They’re Unbelievers These Aren’t Christians Advice They Don’t Have Any Faith Frazer Stuff So The Only Possible Way They Could Understand What I Why I’m Drunk All The Time Is Oils And Diamond Oil And That Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth I’ve Never Been Drunk Or High On Anything Except The Blood Of Jesus From Christ Well At Least Since I’ve Been Born Again Holy Spirit Yeah Man It’s All About The Blood But I Do Some Controversial Stuff With That Blood I’ll Smoke The Blood Of Jesus It Is A Birthday Tomorrow So Let’s All Just Talk A Little Ghost Will Keep A New One I’m Drinking To God Come It’s So Funny Cuz We We Actually Have A Mutual Friend John Illuminati Congo Who Practices Holotropic Breathing And Breath Work And I Did The Interview Right After The Last Interview I Did With You I Did One With Him And I Mention You I Guess He Didn’t Remember But Two Days Ago He Sent Me The Vice Documentaries Like Hey Check This Guy Out I Was Like Oh Early Dude I Mention Him On The Podcast And It’s Something About The Breath That I’m Saying The Pneuma Everywhere You Can Breathe It In Today Conscious Of What You’re Breathing In And Conscious Of What The Spirit Is People Don’t Even Know That And It’s That Simple And That Close To You Right The Holy Spirit Is The Breath Of Life That Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord Amen Isaiah 11 By The Breath Of The Almighty He Shall Slay The Wicked When You Have A Clean Conscience By The Blood Of Jesus Every Breath Is The Holy Spirit When You Have A Dirty Conscience You’re Breathing In Sin That’s Why There’s No Faith And It’s Just Oxygen To A Sinner But Once You’re Cleansed In Your Conscience Man That Is The Air Of Zion That’s The Same Air Jesus Christ Is Breathing Around His Father In Heaven In The Throne Room Of God Second About The Documentary Man Are You Seeing Any Numbers From Now Are You Seeing Like An Increase Of People Coming To Check You Out And Stuff It’s Been So Viral That Facebook Had To Step Up And Block My Messenger Because I’m Getting Like A Hundred Messages A Day On Facebook From People From All Over The World And It’s Usually About Them Wanting To Get Higher And This Is What I Have A Generic Response Now That I Copy And Paste A Lot Of Them Will Just Get Blocked Automatically By Facebook Just Dealing With These People Like It’s Spam But I Just Um We Don’t Sell Anything We’re Not High On Oil And We’re Not Selling Any Oil We’re Not Selling Anything But We’re High On The Blood Of Jesus You Can Check Out A Ministry Read Letter From Comm And It’s Crazy Because A Lot Of People Are And Once They Listen To Us They’re Like Man You Preach The Gospel Vice Totally Misrepresented You We’ve Had Several People Said So There’s A Lot Of Good Fruit Con From It So You Are An Independent Distributor The Oil Of Gladness No Sir Oil Of Joy Unlimited Golden Oil I’ll Take All Of It Jesus Thank You Very Much It’s So Funny How You’re Talking About How The Video Just Hit A Million Views On Youtube In Facebook Four Or Five Days It’s Already At Six Million Plus Oh What’s The Difference Because I Know You Were Like Yeah I Know That You Go Live On Youtube But And You’ve Been By An Ad Space On Facebook In The Reach-in – Versus Facebook Is Ridiculous Right What’s The Difference In Like The Fruit You’ve Been Seeing Of Just Promoting On On Facebook Yeah I Mean It’s Like You Said It’s Several Million More In Just A Couple Days On Facebook Than Youtube Facebook Is So Viral Compared To Youtube There’s No Comparison Facebook Just Reached A Two Billion Person Audience Worldwide It’s Literally Bigger Than Television And Radio Now How Big Facebook Is Gone You Can Transform Civilization Through Facebook And That’s What We’re Doing We’re Buying Ads You Know And This Is The Craziest Thing About Them Releasing That That Documentary On Facebook This Last Week Was I Was Planning On Spending A Ton Of Money Hitting America With Advertisements We Had Just Spent $22,000 Last Three Months Hitting The Whole World With Facebook And So I’m Thinking How Am I Gonna Hit The Usa Cuz God The Father Said Focus On The Us If You Take The Us You Take The Whole World And Facebook Charges You A Hundred Times More Per Person On Faith And In The Us Than They Do In Third World Nations So It Is Like For Instance It Cost Me Ten A One Thousand Dollars To Reach Like Twenty Thousand Americans Whereas A Thousand Dollars I Can Reach Like Three Million Third World Nations So I Mean It’s It’s Like An Almost A Hundred To One A Thousand One And Because They Do They Advertise Me Based On What The Viewer Has To Give You Americans Just People The World So They Say If You’re Trying To Reach Them We’re Gonna Charge You An Arm And A Leg But If You’re Doing It For Like You Know Missions You Know To Be An Evangelist And The Valleys Of The World The Third World Nations Will Practically Give It To You For Free So It’s A Whole New Ballgame Dealing With Americans They’re Expensive They’re Know-it-alls I Mean These People Have So Much Bible Knowledge That Hitting America Last Five Days Every Single Comment We’ve Gotten From Random Americans Mostly Christians Has Been Negative I Couldn’t Believe It Because When We Do That In Africa And In Asia It’s Like A Lot Of Positive A Lot Of Love Not America So We Got A Lot Of Work To Do What Was It Cuz I Mean You You Broadcast Live Every Day For A While Now On Facebook What Was It A Couple Months Back Were All The Sudden You Realize There You Had The Idea Like I’m Gonna Start Pumping Money Into This And Doing Facebook Ads Just Opened Up They Had Blocked Me On Facebook Because Of Us Trying To Redeem Swear Words In The Past So All Of My Accounts Were Locked Down So With All The Doors Were Closed And Then Facebook One Day Said I Guess You’ve Been Good For A Year We’re Unlocking It And God The Father Said Go And Then I Started Parted Of Dollars In And People Started Supporting It Because We’re Literally Hitting Millions People It I Think 36 Million Or Something Right Now And Just In The Last Three Months Worldwide And It’s Just Blowing Up And We’ve Never Had The Capabilities Of Doing This Before It Opened Up Three Months Ago The Unblocked Me Even A Year Ago Facebook Didn’t Even Have This Technology The Facebook Live Thing Is Brand-new Five Years Ago I Mean You Know You Look At Reinhardt Bunky Reaching A Million Nigerians And His Campaigns That Costs Them 10 Million Dollars For The Lights And The Stages And It Sound They’re Not Gonna Have Access To Keep Hear And You Know Whatever It Is He’s Speaking On Totally I Mean That’s Old-school Evangelism With This New School Evangelism Through Facebook I Could Reach The Same Million Nigerians For Like Three Hundred Bucks And It Costs Him Ten Million Dollars In His Ministry So It Is A Whole New World For Ministry And Then They Could Keep Tuning In Every Day And Getting Disciple In The Internet Is Just Open Up The Whole World For The Gospel Of The Kingdom Just Flood Them And It’s The Cream Of The Crop Rising To The Top Because Everyone Can Be A Judge Of What They’re Hearing And If It’s You Know Religious Garbage They Don’t Have To Listen To Let’s Check Out Everything That’s Out There And What Bear The Best Fruit This Way The Sons Of God Can Rise To The Top And Show Everyone They Know The Father The Best Even Though They’re Not In Their Prim And Proper Packages Like The Church Buildings And Their Nice Ministries And All That They Have The Anointing They Have The Experience They Have The Wisdom They’re The Seven Spirits Of God I Mean They Have The Signs And Wonders Confirming Their Message So The Father Just Opened Up The Internet And I Opened Up Facebook For The Sons Of God To Just Transform Civilization Some Of Them Like The I Want To Talk About This And I Don’t Want To Call Anybody’s Names Out And We’ve Seen It I’ve Seen It In My Circle I Know You’ve Seen It And We’ve Seen It Crossing Paths So About The Needy Followers We Have Followers Who Are In All Like Different Levels We Got People Follow My Ministry Dan You And They Come Out Of Some Different Levels You Have Some People Who Just Like Want To Hang Out They They Want To Hold Your Hand And And They Get Offended When You Don’t Give Them Your Undivided Attention An Hour A Day Or Whatever The Case Is Man Orphans We Need A Spirit Of Adoption Just Drown Them In The Red Sea The Blood Of Jesus Because The Only Way You Can Pastor People Like This To Get Them Actually Transform Is With God The Father I Mean This Human Beings Can’t Do The Christian Ministry We Need The Holy Ghost To Do Christian Ministry This Whole Thing’s Based On The Power Of The Holy Spirit From Day One So All These People Just Need To Get Completely And Totally Drown In The Holy Ghost Get Over Themselves You Know Stop Being So Needy And Start Just Living Off Of God The Father Get That Orphan Spirit Out Of Here Loose Shaaka And When You’re Drunk On The Holy Ghost Man You Don’t Even Think About Yourself Like That’s The Thing – Helping These People They’re So Self Conscious Like I’m Not Even Aware Of Myself Because I’m So Drunk On The Holy Ghost Though I Can’t Even Relate To A Person Who Always Has Their Own Needs That Have To Be Met By Someone Else Like The Pastor Has To Spend Time With Me The Pastor Has To Lay Hands On Me I Need Attention From The Pastor I’m Like The Chief Shepherd Who Soon Shell Appears My Pastor And He’s Given Me All I Can Drink The River Of Light From A Throne I Don’t Even Care About Anything Else Everything Else Is Just A Bonus From Here People Don’t Know When I Started Living In Honduras Learning Spanish You Start Figuring Out A Lot Of Different Things One Of Them Is That The Word Shepherd In Spanish Is Passed Or The Lord Is My Shepherd Means The Lord Is My Pastor The Lord Is My Pastor Blower’s My Pastor Why Would I Need Anybody Else But Do You Do You Find That Let’s Say From The Red-letter Ministries Camp A Lot Of People Have Been Keeping Up With You For A Long Time Do You Find That What Would You Say Well How Would You Gauge That The Percentage Of Them That’s You Know Come In Just Here And Listening Actually Mature And Actually Grow Up And Step Up And To Start Becoming Able To Walk It Out Independently Like On The Level That You Speak That’s A Great Question There’s A Sower Sowing Seed And Some Of These Hearts I Got Some Weeds And I Got Some Cares In The World They Got Some Rock So You Know But The So Are Always So Seen And I Find For Every Listener That Has A Heart That Can Receive They Bear Forth The Fruit 30 60 100 Fold In Jesus Name Amen Yeah I Mean That’s Exactly What Happens Everything Jesus Christ Said To Us Is True And I Experienced It Every Day In Ministry Let Me Ask You This Too Because I Get This Question All The Time About And And I’m Into Some Some Book Of Enoch And Some Books That Were Taken Out Of The Scriptures I’m Into Some Of That I Get Questioned All The Time And I Get It They Try To Force It On Me The Rancher Book What’s Your Deal About That Have You Even Heard Of It What’s The Rancher Yeah The You Ranch A Book We Have Never Okay We Have Some Mutual Friends Who Were Commenting In The I’m Insects In China And They Were Upset That You Won’t You Won’t Read The You Rancher Book I Will Know Already Never The Phenomenon In Humans In Don’t Read The Don’t Read The You Rancher Book Just Save Yourself Already But We Have I’ve Got A Lot Of People Begging Me To Read It And What I’ve Read It’s Not Inspired At All But There Are Other Books Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Oh I Don’t Have Time For All The Adjectives But Too Many Adjectives You’re Trying Too Hard The Magnificent Make It Past The Blood Line You Know It’s Rubbish It’s Not Of God Man So I Have A Lot Of A Lot Of People Not More It’s More Than One Or Two Asking Me About That And I Didn’t Know If You Have Actually Read It Or Not But Yeah You Don’t Need To Read It I’m Not I’m Not Recommending That To Anybody So I Just Burn That Book You Know The Main But Honestly If We Want To Talk About Books The Main Book That I’m In The Last Maybe Two Three Years Every Day Just Baptizing Is The Book Of Revelation The Sixty-six Book Of The Bible Talk I Mean That Book More Than Any Other Books In Second To Revelation The Book Of Hebrews Those Two Books On Him Honestly In My Opinion Are The Most Two Important Books For This Entire Generation Because That’s The New Testament New Covenant Priesthood Of The Book Of Hebrews In The Book Of Revelations All About Us Inheriting The Promises Of The Entire World The New Heavens And A New Earth Or Righteousness To Us Yeah Like I Like People You Are Watching Where You’re Going Sometimes It Might Be A Couple Weeks That I Check In Regularly Sometimes I Might Be A Couple Weeks Don’t See Too Much But However You You Hate On A Specific Topic And Then You You Keep Going Going Going For A Whole Week Or You Know We Can Have Two Weeks On It Whether It’s The Seven Spirits Of God Or The Horns Or Whatever It Is And You Just Keep On Pounding It In Until It Gets Stuck In Your Mind You Know Well Father God In Heaven Give Us Our Daily Bread I Mean If I Don’t Get Hot Bread From My Father In Heaven Every Day I Feel Like I’m Dying Like I’ll Go Out And Steal Some Bread Somebody If I Don’t Get Fed Because I Have To Eat The Hot Bread Of The Father’s Word Every Day Otherwise If You Like Them Physically Dying I’m Dependent On My Father In Heaven That’s The Word Of God The Fresh Bread From Heaven The Hidden Manna And So What I Eat Is The Only Thing I Serve Every Day And So The Father Gives Me Some Different Bread You Know I’ll Be Serving Different Bread And It’s Just It Seems Like Every Season We’ve Been Doing This Now Broadcasting For Nine Years There’s Been Themes And Emphasises On Different Things Right Now What’s The Emphasis On The Blood Sacrifice The House Of Wine Clutter No Cheese Drink The Blood Of Jesus So I Got A Question So There Was The Redeeming Of The Curse Words Right Sure There Was A Shock Value There We Were Shot Right Oh Yeah We Were A Little Bit Shocked But I Got It Worked I Got It I Got It When Brandon Does It I Got It I Understand The Spirit Behind It Why You’re Doing It And Everything You Said Made Sense I Have To Say Man Some Of The Followers Some Of The Other People Were Like Following In The Footsteps Of Doing It Too And We Would Reach Out Or They Would Comment And Everything We Got From Them Was Vulgar Too Like It Was Straight Vulgar From The Followers And It Wasn’t The Same Spirit As Branding Brandon Walking In The Spirit Using The Profanity And Stuff I Think Lady Grace Needs To About Told There’s Definitely Grace Definitely Is I Don’t Condemn Nobody But It’s Funny When You Could Use It And It’s Annoying It But Then We Some Of Us Or Someone Else Does It And It’s Totally In The Flesh It’s About The Heart Yeah If You Have A Heart Full Of Love All My Heart Intentions Are To Help My Brothers And Sisters Grow Spiritually I Know I Watched It Too Some People Use Yeah The Proverbs Chapter One Calls A Dark Speech I Mean Think About It David Used Goliath Sword That Was The Demon Nephilim Sword Used In The Hand Of The Anointed King I Mean That’s Like Using Swear Words To Me That’s The Same Thing Do I Use It Very Much Anymore No Because New Season Yeah I’m Not Redeeming Curse Words Right Now Because They’ve Already Been Redeemed I Don’t Need To Like All Of The Power Of Those Words Has Been Sucked Dry From Satan And His Angels Like They Hold No Power Over The In 19 And All Over Me At All Anywhere In The Whole World When The Demons Had Power In English Language In English Communication They’ve Used That Power Over The Christians To Oppress Them With Wickedness And I Watched That My Mom And Different People Just Bow To The Power Wickedness Because It’s Intimidating And It’s Like That’s A Wicked Wicked Person That Can Hurt You With Their Words And Their Words Were More Powerful Than The Christians Words So I Went After That Saying And Just Decimated It And And It Worked It Was Effective See You Could Even See So Many Of Them Even Just At You Know Shit Or Anything And They Would Cringe At The Corners See And Then Once You Have Them Offended Like That You Have Control Over Them So I Just Didn’t Want To See God’s People Being Controlled By The Wicked So I Just Wanna Told Derek The Other Day I Say Hey A Couple Months Ago I Was Back Here In The States And I Seen I Was Watching Some Netflix Documentaries And There Was Some Documentary Called I’m Not Your Guru Or Something Like Tony Robbins Thing Just Basically About How He’s Like He’s Like A Big One Of The World’s Biggest Motivational Speakers Or Whatever And It Was Showing Like Behind The Scenes Footage At Some Of These Events He Does You Know They’re Charging 3000 4000 5000 Dollars And He Was Carson And I’m Looking At It And He’s Like Just Every Once A While Dropping A Word For Shock Value To Try And Get Their Attention I Said Man And Then I Just Went To Some Some Business Conference In Miami This Past Weekend And They Was Doing The Same Thing I Said Yeah Man Brandon Was A Headed Man And All These People Are Like Couple Years Behind Brandon We Pioneered It No Doubt Yeah Jesus Christ It And Where His Body Like Where The Friends Of The Bridegroom I Don’t Do Anything That My King Isn’t Doing I Mean I’ve Learned The Hard Way That You Never Get Out Of The King Of Glory And Just Stay One With Him All The Time If He Was Left I Move Left He Was Right About Right I’m Done Strain In Any Direction Of Rebellion Or From The King Of Kings Alert Alerts Just M&i Or One Oh It’s A Huge Difference When Somebody Does It For The Shock Value Like You I’m Saying Like The Whole Motivational Speakers They’re All Doing It What’s That Guy’s Name Gary Vee Gary Vee Is A Big Name Right Now In That Realm He’s Doing It Because There’s Everybody Out And I See People Who Are Like Disciples Of Him And They’re Doing It Talking About Making Money And This Is It’s Uh It’s Gonna Destroy Them Anything Outside The Blood Of Jesus Will Be Destroyed Inside The Blood Is Salvation Outside The Blood Well Everything Human Everything That The Sinners Are Doing Everything The Workers Of Iniquity The Doers Of Their Own Thing All The People That Serve The Golden Calf Babylon The Great All Of That Will Be Flooded With The House Of Wine With The Blood Of Jesus Christ The Holy People Of The Most High God Or Inheriting The Kingdom And Each Other Seven Right Now Glory The Mountains Shall Drip With Wine Joel And Amos A God Said To Me Today Now They’re Gonna Be Drowned In Wine The Seven Mountains Of Our Entire World Enoch Saw Them John Saw Them In The Book Of Revelation The Whore Of Babylon On The Scarlet Beast Sits Upon The Seven Mountains That’s All Babylonian Christianity They’re Like Dogs And Sorcerers And It’s Just All In The Brain It’s Not Spiritual Stuff They Turn Our Father’s House Into A Marketplace So God The Father’s Answer Is Drowning Them In The New Wine Of The Blood Of Jesus Christ It’s Going To Be The Floods Of The Red Sea Worldwide I Tell You The Truth That’s The Answer Because Egypt Can’t Pass The Red Sea And Everything Spiritual Everything That Says It’s Jesus That’s Not Is Just Egypt It’s Just Religion So The Red Sea Is The Blood Of Jesus That Drowns It Glory To God Ha Ha Ha It’s Gonna Get So Good I Do Want To Let Everybody Know That The Phone Lines Are Open If If You’re Needy You Need Somebody To Talk To The Phone Lines Are Open You Can Have Broadly Two Ends Up You Can Have Brandon’s Here For A Few Minutes If You Might Have Any Questions Just Want To Say Hello The Phone Lines Are Open Give Us Call Say Hello Ask Questions All The Good Stuff And See Any There’s There’s No Email Connection No Keeping Up With Vice At All It Was Just They Came In They Did Their Work And That’s It I Don’t Know Where They Just Dropped It On Facebook For The First Time This Week It’s Been Up For So Many Years I Stop You And Pay Attention And All Of A Sudden One Day On Monday At 7:00 A.m. They Released It But By The Afternoon I Have Like A Hundred Facebook Messages And I Have No Idea What’s Going On And Then I Start Seeing People Sharing The Old Video On Facebook And I’m Like Oh My God They Reintroduced The Documentary And None Of These People Had Seen It Before And I’m Hanging Out With Some College Friends And Stuff In Minneapolis And Like Everyone Had Seen It People Are Running Up To Me In The Place Like Is This You I’m Like We Love You And I Felt Like A Celebrity Weird Awkward Thing Just Kind Of Walking Away But Like Googoo Gaga Like Fangirls And Fanboys It Was It Was Strange I’m Not Used To That But Uh It’s Okay You Can Be A Celebrity For Your Glory Like Abraham It Says He Was Famous For His Glory As Long As I’m Famous For The Glory Of Jesus Christ And Him Crucified It’s Legal I Know That You’ve Been Going To I Can’t Remember The Name Of The Town Or City Or Whatever But Down To Mexico For Years Now Mazatlan So What Do You Do Well My Dad’s Retired Down There When I Went To College He Moved There In The Year 2000 So I Go And Visit Him And It Has Spent Tons Of Time Down There Talking To Everyone Just Being The Word Of God And Just Walking Around And Making Friends And The Sinaloa Needs A Lot Of Work He Retreats Down There I Know He’s Got Like A Hotel Huh Right Right Yeah You Turned It Into A Sauce Enda And Decided He Doesn’t Want To Share It With Anyone Sweet Back Down I Fall Back Cuz He’s 71 Years Old Retired Vietnam Vet Marine Corps Squad Leader He Doesn’t Want To Be Around People So It’s Kind Of Just His Resort It’s It’s A Hacienda On The Sea Of Cortez 60 Miles North Of Milan So We Just Gonna Hang Out Down There Now And Hang Out With The Locals And He’s Got A New Bike Club Where They Just Ride Motorcycles Around And He’s Having A Great Retirement Down There Any Plans To Grow The Beard And Haired Back Hair Back Out Maybe So Maybe You Like In 100 Maybe 200 Years Like Solomon Or Jesus And Revelation Wanna Be White You Know Like The Glory Hair Like An Angel Let’s See We’ll See How This Transfiguration Stuff Goes It Was It Was So Weird Cuz Like I Remember You Mentioned People Like When You Cut Your Hair People Are Like They Left They’re Like Oh I’m Done Yeah Like That Was My Idol Just Changed I’m Done – You Literally They Follow The Forum Instead Of The Anointing Horrible I Know I Couldn’t Believe It I’ve Been Shocked Every Day Of Ministry 11 Years Man People Are Messed Up In The Brain Oh Great Grace You You Um Actually Had The Chance To Meet And Hang Out With Brian Head Welch Man Yeah Many Times Us Really Yeah Yeah Talk A Little Bit About That Man He’s So Awesome Yeah Well You Know He’s Came Out Of Math Or Whatever And He’s A Famous Rock Star And I’m Not Really Into Just You Know Hanging On Celebrities And Stuff Because I Didn’t Really Even Tell People I Shared A Couple Pictures And Stuff But We’ve Been Talking With Him And Visiting With Him For Several Years He’s Just A Man After God’s Own Heart And He Loves The Drunken Glory Yeah He’s A Strong Drinker And He’s Getting Stronger And I Talked With Him A Couple Of Times This Year And He’s Just On The Path Man He’s Just Soft Which Part Of The Body Of Christ And The Army Lord That’s Learning How To Feast Every Day And Drink The Blood Of Jesus He’s Just Got A Bigger Audience Than Most Christians So He’s He’s A Pretty Normal Disciple Of The Kingdom What Though Just Like You Just Like Us He Had To Eat Shit Too As A Baby Christian As A Baby Christian He Had To Eat The Shit You Know I’m Saying That Had To Be A Hard One I Mean I’ve Seen His Post In His Videos And How It Was Man That’s That’s Kind Of Rough When When Create He Definitely Tasted The Religious Bullcrap Of Christianity Right Off The Bat Yeah A Bad Until Those Stories But He Got Burned And There’s Just Bad You Know Just Pharisees Everywhere In America There Have The Religious Pharisees Of Christianity Everywhere And You Get Born Again You’re Vulnerable You Just I Mean I Was Like That And I Go Burning And It Seemed Challenged You Just Think Everyone’s On Fire For God You See Just Experience The Glory God Now A Bunch Of Serpents Really Cut Your Head Off Money Is What They Did Yeah Start Over From Nothing Man Oh It’s A Lot Yeah He’s Got A Cold Estimate No He’s Um He’s Amazing Dude Definitely So We Got We Got So Much Of Mutual Friends That Have Come Up And Stayed In The Crack House Here And There We Got A King Tall Tea As A Mutual Friend Of Olive Our King Tazzie Definitely Coming Into His Own And Developing His Ministry Him And His Wife In The Last Couple Years A Lot Of Glory On Their Music And On All That Stuff That Wonderful The Army Of The Lord Is Getting Mature In America And It’s Mostly Youth Army As And You Know What Guys We’re Just Getting Started The World Is Gonna Be Taken By Storm Like They Are Not Even They Don’t Even Have A Grid For How Powerful We’re Gonna Be Just Even In Next Month We’re Excelling And Strength So Rapidly And Going From Glory To Glory So Rapidly The World Doesn’t Even Have A Grid For It I’ll Be Hanging Out With Freemasons And Months Two Months The Freemasons Grow So Slowly In That Demonic Angel System Of Sorcery That They Are Shocked By How Fast My Angelic Growth Goes Like Literally Startled And Shocked And Their Jaws Drop And It’s A Totally Different System In The Holy Ghost Than What Satan Has In The World God Has The Power Of Infinite Life Inside Every Single One Of Us And I Don’t Think We’ve Even Put It To The Test Enough As Christians To See How Powerful We Can Get In This New Covenant But We’re Gonna Get So Powerful You Used To Do A Lot Of Like I Don’t Know A Lot Of I Used To Do Retreats And And Like Intensive Schools Up At Your House And Stuff What Happened With That You Guys That Stopped Doing That A Couple Years Back Away It Is More Effective Of My Time And Ministry To Put All Of Our Schools Online For Free Download Than To Have Just One Or Two Individuals Come In My House For A Week And They Still Do We Have Friends And Family That Stay With Us And Visit Us From Around The World But As Far As The Schools Go It Wasn’t As Effective As Just Putting It Out There For Thousands Of People To Download And Get Transform Because Once They’re Transformed Then They’re Totally Changed In Their Mind And Then That We Can Have Sweet Fellowship Online And Then When The Brother Or Sister Comes The House It’s Like I’m Hanging Out With Other Sons Of God Instead Of Baby Christians You Don’t Waste Any Time This Way The Internet Is Miraculous Yes I Mean It’s A Game-changer Man And I Mean I Know You Said All The Time But One Thing You Said Years Ago That That Sticks With Me And It’s My Motto Is That We’re Disciple In The Nation’s Through The Internet Through Facebook And Through It’s True Man They’re Reaching Out From All Over The Globe Man And Witness Up From All Over It’s Awesome What The Romans Roads Were In The First Coming The Internet Is In His Second Coming Of The This Thing Is Spreading The Perfect Gospel Of The Throne Room Glory Not The Outer Court Inner Court Stuff That We’ve Had For A Hundred Years Since The Zouzhen Street Pentecostalism Cara’s Mania The Sons Of God Live In The Throne Room This Is New Almost All Christians In The World Are Not Ready Or Don’t Even Know About The Possibility Of Living In Such An Intense Constant Glory Atmosphere Like The House Of Wine That’s Why The Drunkenness Is Taking Him By Storm It’s Literally Entering The Holy Place Of The Throne Room Of God With The Living Creatures And Cherubim And Seraphim Lightning Glory Rainbow Glory And The Drunken Glory Of Living Right Inside God The Father In His Presence So Strong That There’s Like Nothing Human About You At All Except A Body That You’re Not Aware In Jesus Name Last Time I Got Shot At Oh This Is Something Crazy I Think I Think Those Days Are Over Honestly Because We’ve Flooded Minneapolis So Strongly With The Glory Of God In The Blood Of Jesus For Me I’m Sure Other People Are Gonna Be Dying Out There But I’m I’m Done I Wasn’t Like I Think I Gained Through The Gauntlet And The Labyrinth Is Completed And David Boies Debt So When Trump Was When Trump Was Elected They Shot Up My Flagpole In My Front Porch Got Shot Up 522 Shots Right Through My Flagpole Right In My Front Porch During A Joel’s Bar Broadcasts Off Ten Feet Away On The Other Side They Were Aiming At Me Demon-possessed Little Gangsters Angry But That Was When Trump Got Elected That Day And The Second Thing That Happened With The Gunfire Was The Date Trump Was Inaugurated And Took Office They Blew Out My Car With The Drive-by Shooting I Remember And I Had A Us Flag On My House When They Shot Up When He Was Elected I Had The Us Flag On My Ford Explorer When They Like Five Shots Just Rang Up Blew Out All The Windows We Had One Lodged In My Springs The Owner It’s Like They Just Wild Shooting Terrible Shots But It Just Riddled My Whole Car Going Through My Passengers Front Seat There’s Bullet Hole In My Passionate Frenzy But That’s When He Was Inaugurated So It Was All Around The Usa And Donald Trump So The Demons Are Very Angry That Donald Trump’s Our President And Then You Go Out On The Fourth Of July And You And Penny Were These Whole Red White And Blue Flag Outfits That Was That Previous Summer Okay That Okay Yeah That Was About Six Months Before That Yeah I Just Actually Wore Like My Rainbow Colors For The Fourth Of Jesus You’re Like America’s Is Drowned Like I Don’t Need To Be As Patriotic Anymore Like Because We’ve Completed The Task At Hand Just Now Drowning Tumor At Sea So I Was Telling Derrick The Other Day I Told Him That A While Ago You Had I Don’t Know I Might Last Year That You Posted Well Hey And Praise God I Finally Paid Off Six Years Paid Off This Explorer Or Whatever And That Recently You Said You Got Blessed You’ve Picked Up Where’s The Porsche Cayenne Yeah Bucks Like An Incredible Deal And That Right Off The Bat People They’re Coming I Guess You’re Talking Crap About You There Was A Few People With Poverty Mentality That Couldn’t Handle It And Just Left I Mean They’ve Just Freaked Out The Poverty Spirit And I Know It’s Real Prevalent In The Bible Belt In The South Up Here Not So Much But In Real Religious Places Religion And Poverty Go Hand In Hand It’s The Curse Of The Law Yeah And It’s It’s It’s Like If You Are Rich You’re The Devil Yeah You Know But It’s Just Such A Demonic Attitude Of Lack And Poverty Is Such A Tremendous Curse But Yeah We Did Lose Partners When I’ve Been Saving Up When I Had Any Extra Money Like In A Shoebox Put Away So I Had A Little Bit Of Cash Saved Up God The Father Speaks To Me About This Ad On Craigslist I Go To The Place Called Piece Motors With Peace All Over Their Shirts And A Big Banner Of Peace On The Dealership True Story And I’m Like What’s Wrong With It The Bluebook Cana It’s Like 14 Grand You Know The Transmission Okay What’s Going On And They’re Like Yes All Right You Know And So Sixty-five Hundred Bucks But God The Father Said Go Ahead And Do It So My Dad Got Angry I Mean Because He Thought I Got Ripped Off And Got You Know A Piece Of Scrap Metal For 65 Because He Don’t Sell A Porsche That Cheap Doesn’t Make Any Sense Uh-huh What Had Happened Is The Guy Doesn’t Know Anything About Porsches He Put 87 Octane Fuel And It Had Bad Gas That’s Why I Was Running A Little Rough After Three Tanks Of 92 Octane It Runs Like New I Got A $14,000 Car For 6500 Thank You Jesus From Where Peace Follows The Peace Totally We Get Questions We Had Some Questions Earlier Because We Went Live And They’re So Like They’re Asking Like In That When They’re In A State Of Confusion When They’re In A Place And They Don’t Know What To Do Next That Word Right There Go To Where The Piece Is Go To The Last Thing That You Heard Gods Man Go To I’m Saying Go To Where The Pieces And That That Says So Much I Wanted To Ask You Man Because A Lot Of People A Lot Of Us At Times We Have These Monumental Moments In The Glory Of God Whether We When We First Got Born Again Or We Had Angelic Encounters And Things Like That And These Awesome Things That Our Life Is Built Upon These Defining Moments And Stuff And Sometimes We Get To Places Where We Don’t Press In As Much Or We Don’t See Angelic Activity Anymore Or Is This Something Daily Or Do You Focus On Seeing Angels Or Is That Not Really Like You’re Not Even Trying To Like Have The Encounter Anymore You’re Just Focused Upon That Just Drinking Daily Like What Where’s The Whole Angelic Key How Do The Angelic Stuff Pops Automatically I Mean I Can Honestly Since They Got Into The Drunken Glory In 2008 Every Single Day I See Angels Because I Myself Am An Angelic Being A Spirit Being A New Creation In Christ And So I Feed My Spirit The Bread And The Wine Of Jesus Christ So I Keep Growing Spiritually And Second Corinthians Chapter 3 I Go From Glory To Glory And All These Angels Are In The Glory So The Angelic Activity Is Ever-increasing Around My Soul As I Keep Feasting On His Flesh And Blood The Key Is Staying In The Blood And Drinking The Cup Of Salvation Drinking The Cup Of The New Covenant And Not Putting The Cup Down And Getting Into Self Efforts Getting Into The Brain Getting Into Your Human Nature Because Then You’ll Never See The Angels Then It’s Just Like You’re Out Here Wandering Around In A Wilderness Looking For God Out There Somewhere When He’s Already Inside And It Gets Activated And Comes Forth In A River Of Life By Eating His Flesh Drinking His Blood Which Is The Bread Of Heaven The Word Of God And The New Wine His Blood Which Is Pure Glory Pleasure Always It’s Always Available Drink It By Faith Hallelujah You’ll See Angels Pop Immediately If You Can Even Just Humble Yourself That Religious Stuff In The Mind Just Dies If You Just Do An Act Of Like Humility Like Little Child Under The Kingdom And His Drink I Saw An Open Vision Of 2008 The Father Just Brought Down The Golden Hookah And He Said You Could Talk This Hookah As Much As You Want Get As High As You Wanted Me Every Day And I Just Took It By Faith And As I Grabbed The Hookah The Vision Closed I’ve Been Whacked On The Glory Of God Ever Since I’m Never Going Back Because Beams Filbert Christian Is Being Religious And It Sucks It’s Like Slavery And Egyptian How Horrible There’s No Blessings There Man Everyone’s Fighting Over Scraps And It’s Just Horrible But When You Feast Every Day You’re So Blessed It Doesn’t Make Sense Like That Parsha Story People Can’t Even Figure It Out My Dad Couldn’t Figure It Out He Freaked Out Because It Was Too Good To Be True The Whole Family You’d Is Just Like Dang You’re Blessed Doesn’t Even Make Sense But Stuff Like That Happens To Me All The Time I’m Walking Around The Lake Today And Someone Runs Up To Me And Says I Love Your Broadcast Here’s A Hundred Dollars For Your Birthday And Had Me Cash Well I’m Just Out There In Public Walking Around The Lake Sure Sorry It’s This Crazy Stuff Miracle Stuff Like This Happens To Me Every Day Because I Feast On His Flesh And Blood And It Can Happen For Everyone Mm-hmm The Favor Man The Favor Of God And Having Faith In Him And His Favor Opening Doors That Nobody Can Close Closing Doors Nobody Can Open Without Self-effort And That’s Not A Lot Of Us It Takes A While You Might Go Through A Season Where You Know That’s True Because You’re Seeing It It’s Happening All Around You And Then Months Down The Road You’ll Get Distracted And You Start Getting Tied Back Up With Life And You Forget That You Fall Back Into Self Works Or Effort And You Have To Be Reminded Get Out Of That Get Out Of Yourself Get Back Into Just Trust And He’s Got It All In Control And You Know It’s Not Just An Instant Thing It’s You Know This You Know This Is True And Somehow You Forgot It You Got To Repent You Got To Come Back To It And Just Develop It Great Grace For All Of The Human Race Until We Can Stay At His Altar And Feast On His Bread And Feast On His Wine Every Day And Keep The Feast Because God The Father Calls This Time The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb The Celebration Of The Ages When The Christians Finally Celebrate His Sacrifice Of His Flesh And Blood Poured Out For Us For Our Full Feasting In The Removal Of Our Sinful Nature So We Only Experiences Divine Goodness Passing Through Us Continuously Hallelujah All About The Cross Man It’s Like That’s Not Just Beginning Christianity That’s In Christianity Also And I Don’t Know How Much You Want To Go Into This We All Have People That We Look Up To Right We Have Different Ministers And Stuff Like That People Will Name Drop And Stuff I Want To Talk Just A Little Bit About The Rival Factions Right People Building Ministries Who Have That Exclusivity Like We’re Talking About How Certain Ministers Are Scared To Name-drop Like Don’t Mention His Name Even Though I Like Him I’m Not Gonna Mention His Name Because My Guys Will Go Check Him Out And Stuff I Mean We’re Together They’re Scared And So You Know They’re Scared They’re Gonna Lose Loose Tithers And Stuff It’s Definitely In Religion It’s In The Church Everywhere In Christianity Even It’s Even On The Fringe But My Whole Thing I Thrive With You Guys Like You Guys Are Me Like Not Us And There’s Many People There’s A Bathroom Maybe Even Crowder And He Wouldn’t Vote For Us Or Anything Like That But There’s People Who Were On The Friends That My Hat Goes Off To Because They’re Paving The Way For Something Different Something That We’re Doing You Know I’m Saying So What’s Up With The Whole Rival Factions About Like They’re Scared To Mention Other People’s Names And They’re They Like Demonize Everybody Else Just Like I Know I’ve Heard You Mentioned A Lot Of Times Ian Clayton And Jason Westerfield Specifically Nude I’ve Been Betrayed By Every Single Minister In The Glory Stream The One Who’s Done The Most Damage To Me By Far Is Ian Clayton Yeah I Mean I Lost Hundreds Of Friends To This Day That Never Talked To Me And Their Whole Lives Are Destroyed They’re Like It Was Just An Absolute Nightmare Some Of Us Some Have Come Back And Said Oh My God Was He Wrong And It’s Still A Sore Subject Not For Me I’m Healed Up And I’m In The Cup Of The New Covenant That’s How I Can Stay Okay With All This Horror Show Of Christianity In The World Today But It’s All Money And Power It’s Flesh Its Flesh Christianity Even Amongst The Mystics They Still Are Tempted With The Love Of Money Yeah And It’s A Real Rural Issue The Thing Is I Think I Would Have Struggled With It As Bad As Them If My Ministry Had Been As Big As Theirs But I Have Been So Destroyed In Ministry My Whole Ministerial Life That It’s Like I Never Had Even The Possibility Of Going That Direction To Build This Huge Golden Calf That I Need To Protect And And Don’t Let Any Other People Into My Ministry Because I Have Something To Break What I’m Doing Is Like I Could Care Less About My Life I Want The Whole Kingdom To Come His Will Be Done That’s Why We Named Her Up Every Name In The World And It’s Like Anyone That’s The Real Joel’s Army That’s The Real Body Christ Is Cool But These Pastors That Are Partially Flesh And They’re Unrenewed Minded Still Needed Control People They Got Money Issues They Got Golden Calf Issues And Seriously After Doing This For So Long With So Many Of These People Including John Crowder Including Ian Clayton It’s About Money Now I Don’t Doubt Their Fire Insurance It’s Just The Reason Why All The Betrayal All The Backstabbing All The Slander And The It’s All About Money Yeah I Was Telling Him So I’ve Worked With A Lot Of People I’ve Kind Of Built What Network I Have Through Networking With Other People Even Outside Of The Body Of Christ Many People In The Secular Arenas I’ve Went There And Made Friendships And Done Interviews On Podcasts And I Go In And Talk About The Glory In My Life And Talk About God And In Christ And I’ve Made Friendships And I’ve Gone On All These Big Secular Platforms And They’re Cool To Share My Articles To Share My Testimony What God’s Doing In My Life They’re Cool With Sharing It I Used The Samples Of Their Vocals Of Different Interviews And Put In Weaver Throughout My Music But They’ll Do It In The Christian Realm And They They Get Upset They’re Mad They Don’t Want To Share Their Platform In Pleasure I’ve Said That I Used His His Interview And One Of My Song He Wanted To Get Paid For It It’s Like I Was He Thought I Was Making A Bunch Of Money Off Of It Or Something And I Was There Trying To Protect Their Empire Because It’s Human Built Not Stir It Built It’s Weird That The Worldly People Aren’t Even Concerned With This But It’s A Church Guys Who Were Like Okay These Are My Couple Followers I Got A Hang On To Them It’s Weird It R Is Demonic It Really Is Yeah It’s A Python Control Spirit We’ve Had To Deal With It Constantly In Ministry It’s Everywhere The Answer The Answer Is Just Drown Them In The Red Sea Because They’re A Bunch Of Serpents Echip Does Not Cross The Red Sea Egypt Is That Religious Control Stuff That You’re Talking About I Want To Bring Up One Thing That I’ve Been Thinking About And That Out We Were Talking About Today When We Went Out To Lunch And It’s Something From My Own Personal Life Like I’ve Been In Honduras Almost The Last Eight Years And I’m Getting Ready To Waiting On These Visas To Bring My Wife And Kids Over Here And It’s Been A Long Journey Because I’ve Been Down There On My Own By Myself And It’s A Very Unique Situation But Over The Years Every Time I Started Coming Back Here To The States And And The Last Thing I Even Wanted To Do Was Be Living Here In The States But You Know God’s Door Opened Up A Lot Of Doors For Me To Reach A Lot Of People Here Whether It Was You Know Wanting To Come Into Direct Contact And Union With God Get Baptized Whatever And I Started Reflecting A Lot At Something That Went Over In On In My Life Over A Couple Years And I’ve I’ve Went Through A Season Of Resentment Or You Know Maybe Not Even Recognize On Her Or Bitterness Over It And And Dealing With That Coming Out Of It Like I Started Seeing How That Is True In The Exact Same Mayor Way As Far As Me Being Connected What Other People I Consider You As Well As Many Other People Somebody That I’ve Eaten From Your Table You Know A Lot Over The Time Like I Said It Might Be In Seasons Where For A Couple Months A Lot And Maybe A Couple Months Not Too Much But As A Consistency For Years I’ve Always Come Back To Check Out Joel’s Bar Was Brandon Tell Her Mother But At The Same Time Not Being A Consistent Contributor To What You’re Doing You Know I’m Saying And So When I Think About Many Different People In My Life That Maybe I Poured Into Them A Lot Every Time They Come To The States And I’m Trying To Go Sacrifice To Come Help Them Out And Just Assuming That They Was Gonna You Know Support What I’m Doing Or Be Behind What I’m Doing And Then That Not Really Pan Out Like That And And Maybe Just Your Flesh You Know Let It Get You But Dealing With Some So About What The Holy Ghost Is Doing The River Of Life Builds This House Not Us Guys Yeah But I Don’t How To Work Out Of My Human Brain Or My Human Nature I Mean That’s Why I Could Care Less That I’m Just Drunk All The Time I Just Let The River Of Life Do Its Thing And Just Take Me Along For A Ride Every Day Like I Hadn’t I Didn’t Even Want To Do Rather Mysteries This Isn’t My Idea A Voice Spoke In My Car I Was Planning On Being A Youth Pastor 2006 I Didn’t Built This Out So I Just Live In The House Of Wine By Grace This Is A Godfather’s Have You Every Minister Has To Have That Attitude You Stay Free Surfing The Waves Where Did The Weather The Support Is Coming Or Not But At The Same Time I Do See I Do See You Mentioning It Hey Guys Oh Yeah Because They’re Trying To Disable The Planet To Be Heaven On Earth Oh Absolutely Every Single Minister In The New Testament Took Up Offerings For His Works The Works Of The Holy Ghost The Acts Of The Apostles They The Apostles Are Taking In Millions Millions Of Dollars And They Were Just Turning Rome Upside Down With That Money And Just Awesome Works All Over The World And It’s The Same Thing The Apostles And The Sons Of God And The Prophets Are Gonna Do Now In This Great Awakening We’re Gonna Take All Of Egypt’s Money Just Like The Exodus Of Old And We’re Gonna Use It For Good Instead Of Evil We’re Not Gonna Be Oppressors Will Be Liberators There Won’t Be Poverty There Won’t Be Any Of That Oppression There Won’t Be Any Greed There Won’t Be Any Lack Right If We Get Over Our Religion The Floodgates Of Prosperity Drowned Us Just Like Israel Coming Out Of Egypt With All Their Gold It’s A Covenant Promise Do You See Do You See The Regular Fanbase Or Followers Of Red-letter Ministry Like Realizing And Understanding This Golden Opportunity Of What’s Going On With The Facebook Advertising And All That And Like Are You Getting An Increase In Response And Giving Because They See This Opera That You’re Doing Now I Was There Honestly There Hasn’t Been Any Increase In Giving If Anything It’s Less Than Last Month’s Because I Think People Think I’m Making Money Off Of Vice Because It’s But But They’re Making Money Off Of Me They Made Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Advertisements Because Of Drying Eight Million People In Five Days Vice Is Making Money Google Is Making Money I’m Not In Fact We Put In More Money Into Global Evangelism That We Make Everything We Get All We Do Is We Put It Back Into The Cycler In The World I Could Have Left This Crack House In The Ghetto So Many Times Over But God Says Don’t Stay Here Until The Valleys Are Flooded With Milk Unless Nazareth Is Drowned You’ll Just Go Out There In The Suburbs And It Would Just Be Complacent Satisfaction And You Won’t Transform America We Have To Stay In The Ghettos Until They’re Drowned In Glory Someone Else Is In The Glory In The Background So I Mean What I Mean What Ever Happened With Pennies Thing Was Going To America’s Got Talent I Know We’ve Seen Some Of The Documents On That What All Happened With That They Thought It Was Too Weird Weirder Than Everybody Else On There Her Fairy Stuff Is Pretty Out There Man She’s Got A Voice That Goes With It Yeah I Saw The Contestants There She Was Top Three Out Of 150 Weirdos Top Three Weirdness And Talent And She’s Also Very Talented And She’s An Artist And It’s All Good It’s Just Not Part Of Her Destiny It’s A Hobby And It’s It’s Just Having Fun That’s Like Collecting Baseball Cards We Got Some Of Those Right Brother Wayne Are You Guys Into Sports I Love Sports Man A Little Bit I Like Playing Sports More I Like Playing Basketball I’ve Got Some I’ve Got I Do Some Voices On The Side As Well I May Do A Video In A Couple Weeks Or Something And Uh I Checked That I Do A Uh I Do It Like A Southern Baptist Preacher He’s Bitter But He’s He’s He Only One That Has The Truth His Commentaries And Does Expose Videos On Every Ministry On Youtube Guys Every Ministry Under The Sun He Can Expose That And Show You The Flaws In It And Just Like Every Everybody Else On Youtube Doing That Right You Got A Mock The Demons Like The Spirit Of Elijah Demons Are Always Attacking Us I Think You Got A Laugh At It Sometimes Man Maybe That’s Why You Laughing All The Time You Know I’m Saying Don’t And I Tell People It’ll Drive You Crazy If You Don’t If You Take This Stuff Too Seriously It’ll Drive You Crazy Man Totally Absolutely True Got To All Right Well Bless You Guys Thanks For Hanging Out With Us Brandon I Love You Bless Everyone Shalom Shalom Peace Peace Shalom Those Day Will See In A Couple Weeks Thanks Yeah You Never Know When To Cut It You Know When They’re Gonna Say Goodbye They Always Know I’m Just Saying He Was About To Say Something Fuck Cut It Off He’s Like So Yeah Man Yeah Brandon So Yeah The Last Podcast I Uploaded Was With Brandon So I Guess I May Put If You’re Listening To This So Me And Dan Did A Podcast Earlier I May Put That One Up First Yeah We’re Still Uh I May Put That One Up First And Then Me And And Then This Poc Has To Go Up After That If You’re Watching This Laughs So If You Guys Are All Watching Now On Youtube I Just Want To Encourage You Guys To Go To The Click The Link In The Description If You Have An Iphone Subscribe To Us On Itunes If You Have An Android There’s Android Apps There So Click Those Links In The Description As Well So That You Never Miss An Episode We Do Have Some Questions Coming In And I Want To Try To Get To Somebody’s Question Yes We Are Wearing The Same Outfits From The Last Podcast I’m Not It’s The Same Day I’m Not My Shirt Was Soaking Wet Oh My Shirt Was Soaking Wet But He Said He Was Somehow We Managed Right My My Ac Is Out And It We’re Beaming Swell And In Order To Get This Camera There’s A Huge Light Right There Beaming On Us And So In Order To Get That Hd We Have To Have That Light On So With The Ac Being Out Down Here In Southern Alabama And Having This Light In Our Face It’s Very Hot But If You Guys Want To Call In We Do Have Time To Take Some Calls Some Somebody Said In The Chatroom That They Were Scared To Call In But They Did Have A Question So If You Want To Call We’re Gonna Beyond Just Catching Up Yon And I’m Full Of Mexican Food And A Margarita And I’m Like Yes Good Man Yeah I’m Pretty Tired But We Do Have A Question Here And I’m Gonna Answer This Question I Think This Is For Novice Nothing You See That Office Pettyfer Okay And You Want To Read The Question And I’ll I Wanted To Know If I Awaken The Holy Spirit Or Kundalini I Saw A Waterfall And Felt It Landing On Me As Well As Still Feel Water Till This Day I Just Wanted To Know What Kind Of Awakening Happened Hmm So I Guess My Question Is What Were You Doing When You Had Encounter But Totally We Talked About The The Holy The Holy Spirit In The Baptism Being An Immense Fire But It’s Also Embodied By An Immense Water Or An Immense Clean Cleansing And The Scripture Says Out Of Your Belly Shall Flow Rivers Of Living Water And It Totally Feels Like A Cleansing Or Cleansing Of Fire Or Cleansing Of Water And And So That’s What I That’s What I Asked You Do You Feel Cleansed When That When You Feel That You For You Does It Feel Good And Do You Feel Cleansed And Those Are Some Some Of The Characteristics Like When You Do Awaken That Or You Do Receive That Baptism It Cleans Out All The Wrong That You’ve Ever Done And You Feel Brand New It’s The Born-again Experience The Encounter Is The Awakening Experience So I Would Say Yeah Especially Contingent On How You Feel Now So When I Say Feeling It’s It’s Not About The Feeling Brother Yes It Is Do You Feel Like You’re Brand New Do You Feel Like A New Creation Do You Feel Like The Oldest Passed On And All Things Are Made New And That That’s What It’s About And If You Haven’t Felt That If You Don’t Feel Like That You Just Still Feel Some Little Sensations I Encourage You To Call In We Believe In A Baptism Of The Holy Spirit We’ve Prayed For People On Many Occasions Over The Phone Across The World Over The Nation’s Even Earlier We Prayed For A Young Man Who Felt The Tingling Heat Sensation All Over His Body This Is Part Of The Manifestation That We’re Talking About So And I’ll Add To This Because I’m Reading Into The Question A Connection That We See All The Time And Once Again We Talked Earlier In The First Podcast About How We Don’t Necessarily Need To Agree On Every Single Thing And We Still You Know Be Cool With Everything I See Him Directly Connecting The Holy Spirit To Kundalini Which We Have That Conversation A Lot Of Times I’m Not Fully Convinced On That But A Lot Of People Connect Those Two Things But One Thing I’ll Say About The Holy Spirit Here’s Another Way Of Evaluating Says That The Fruit Of The Spirit Is This Love Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Gentleness Making His Faithfulness Self-control So If You’re Feeling You Know If You Are Experiencing These Qualities You Know A Feeling Of Peace And Love And Joy And You Know Self-control And Just Feeling Different And New Spiritual Then You Know That’s Good Evidence She Says Or He I’m Not Sure I Was Meditating Days Before And I And I Feel More Aware Of Things When I Feel The Drops There’s Definitely That Aware Awareness That Comes When You’re In The Spirit But Uh I Would Say So I Would Say Tap Into It I Would Say I Would Uh You Know I Would Ask Other People But I Would Ask God I Would Ask The Holy Spirit And I’m Just Gonna Pray For You Right Now Just To Take It Deeper She Says Also Felt The Fire In My Heart That Sounds About It I Mean That’s What The The Symbol Of The Sacred Heart Is With Jesus With The Heart With The Flame Of Fire In It That’s The Fire Right There And Also Light A Man Just To Go One One Step Further Light Exists In A Wave Particle Duality Which Is Both Water And Fire Mm-hmm You Know So We’ll Just Pray Right Now And So You Just Received This If You Want To Close Your Eyes Or Lift Your Hand Or Whatever Are You Gonna Feel The Sensation Right Now So That Waterfall Sensation The Cleansing Sensation Just To Increase Baptism Of The Holy Ghost If My Friend Did Not Know There Would Be No There Would Be No Questioning No Doubt Right Now From The Top Of The Head Sort Of Soles Of The Feet Baptism Of Fire Baptism Of Water Cleansing Flood Right Now In Jesus Mighty Name I Thank You For Making All Things New I Thank You For The Cross Lord Thank You For The Cross In Jesus Name That Makes All Things New There’ll Be No Questions There’ll Be No Doubt But Just Trust And Believe By Faith Through Grace In Jesus Mighty Name Right Now Peace Peace Peace And Jesus Mighty Name Amen So Shannel Says If I Felt That One Thing A Few Times But Nothing Like A Fully Least Feeling It Comes And Goes Man So There’s Like What The Bible Calls A Quickening You Go Throughout Your Day We Talked About It Earlier Of Hearing That Still Small Voice Or It’s It’s Just It’s Really The Spider Sense In Marvel Comics Where It Worse Spider-man’s Going And He Gets To Wait And He Something’s Going On Something’s About To Happen And It’s The Same Type Of Thing Happens Where You’d Be Going About Your Day And You Get That Check In Your Spirit The Holy Spirit Moves And Like Shifts In Your Body And You Can Feel It It Is A Euphoric Feeling But It Alerts You To Pay Attention Of What’s Going Around You It Comforts You Which Is The Council’s That That Feeling That Warmth Councils Teachers Comforts When So Much This Is A Good Tie In Though This Is A Good Tie In Before You Wrap It Up With This Question To Brandon Who Was Our Guest That We Just Had On Okay Because Janelle Say Right Here I Felt That Warm Thing A Few Times But Nothing Like A Fully Leased Feeling So What You’re Saying Is It’s Not A Continuous Thing And I Will Say This If There’s Anything Anybody Out Of Everybody I Know That Seems To Have That Continuous Warm Fuzzy Feeling A Drunk Feeling Is Brandon And As He Shared Tonight One Thing Is Just Because You Don’t Feel It Sometimes You Have To Do Silly Childlike Acts Of Faith To Bring It About And Like He’s Always Talked About Drinking It And Drinking It Daily And Continuing To Drink That Cup Of The New Wine Which Is The Spirit So It’s Almost Like You’re You’re Playing With Your Imagination You’re Playing In The Spirit Doing Things To Bring Your Mind Back To That Thing Because The Holy Spirit Is Ever-present It’s Us Who Take Our Minds Into Different Things And And Stray Away And Get Tied Up In The Things Of The World So That We Don’t Feel It Or We Don’t Recognize What The Holy Spirit Is Always There So To Develop Patterns To Keep Bringing Your Mind Back To The Holy Spirit Which Is Why He Talks It Goes Which Is Why He Drinks The Cup Of New New Wine Is To Keep Doing Things To To Bring His Mind Into This Incoming You Know Awareness Of The Holy Spirit That’s Ever-present And So If You Wanting To Feel It More Just Do Acts Of Faith Bringing Your Conscious Awareness Back To The Fact That It’s In You It’s Through You It’s Around You The Holy Spirit Is Ever-present Amen So It Is The Still Small Voice It Is The Little Tingling Checks That Comforts You In Antennae The Comfort Thing Is Big For Me Like It’s Always Been Big To Be In Uncomfortable Situations King Solace Was The Ask For The Ask For The The Comfort To Come And He Comes And It’s That Little Feeling It’s The Fire It’s The Waterfall But You Talked About Chanel You Said Never Feeling Immersed Well That’s That’s The Word For Baptism To Be Immersed To Be Submerged To Like Fully Fill The Fire To Feel That I’m Saying The Little Tingling But To Receive The Baptism There’s No Questioning Your Not The Question If I Received It You Know It You Know It If It Awakens Within You And You Receive It And It’s A Free Gift You Don’t Have To Do Anything You Just Have To Ask And Receive Or We Can Pray For That And But You Can Be In The Solace Of Your Bedroom At Night And Ask For An Encounter Solace Of Your Bedroom You See That No Pun Intended King So Let’s Say Your Dance Iike Was Huh What Our Solace What’s That Brethren Awesome So We Have Another Question From Soy Soy So Actually Says Hey When You Pray Do Who Do You Pray To When You Think Of Christ The Holy Spirit And God Do You Believe They Are Are You And Inside Of You Or Do You Believe Them In A Religious Outer Context I Would Say And It’s Probably The Wrong Answer But I’ll Say All Of The Above I Say With Dennis Outside Of Us Permeating Through Everything In The Air Now The Atmosphere And The Breath And Everything So It’s Not That If We’re Talking About The Like The Literal Throne Room Of God And A Physical Realm Yes There’s That Places Which We Call The Third Heaven Right And That Place Exists Past Outer Space That Is A Physical Place Angels Travel Back And Forth From That Place To Here The Realm Where We Are Back And Forth From Earth It’s Not A Dimensional Shift They Actually Travel That Route They Have Routes That They Travel And So That’s One Thing So There’s A Literal Place And Then There’s The Place Of Where We Are Now And An Understanding That It Is It Is With Dennis And He Is Permeating Through All Things So I Just Take You To John Chapter 17 When Jesus Is Praying For Us That We Would Receive The Same Relation He’s Astray Into The Father That We Would Receive The Same Relationship That He Had With The Father And He Says How I Am In You And You Are In Me That They Would Be One With Us And That We Would Be In Them So We Know We’re In God Were Inside The Mind Of God And I’ll Get The Father And The Son Are Inside Of Us So We Are One We’re One With The Father In The Son And That’s What He Pray For Us So I Believe I Receive That Realia He Wants Me To Have Yeah Which Is One Is With The Father And One With The Son And In A Religious Context Inside And Outside There’s The You Know Send A Physical Manifestation And Sign Of Like The Secret When He Says That He’s Torn The Veil The Veil Was Torn There Is No Inside Outside Anymore It’s All One Thing There’s Only God And We’re In By God’s In Us Yeah All Right So So I Bear Finished A Point That I Was Trying To Make So There Is The The Actual Temple Of God Where Where God Sits In A Physical Manifestation But Spiritually Where God Sits Is The Throne Room Of Our Hearts That We Are The Temples Of God And The Spirit Of God Dwells Within Us As The Scripture Says So There’s The Physical Manifestation As Well As The Inward Inside You Literally Sitting On The Throne Room Of Your Heart Do You Know Your Mind That You Are The Temples Of The Holy Spirit Yeah It’s So It’s So That’s So Powerful Man And To Know The Anatomy Of The Throne Room That Is In Heaven In The Throne Room Of Your Body And Your Anatomy Resembles That In Every Organ Your Brain Your Spinal Column Everything Is Mentioned Of In The Bible And It’s Represented Within The Bible Like You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made It’s So Intricate But To Know That Your Heart Is His Throne Room If You Can’t See God In All You’re Gonna Fall Amen That’s What That’s What I Always Quote That Man You Know If You Can’t See If You Can’t See God In All Then You Can’t See God At All And That’s Actually A Loominatee Kongo Song I’m I’m Hoping You Were Quoting That So That’s Awesome Love Illuminati Congo We Meant To Him A Lot So Some Of These Cats Already Done Joined Us Earlier For The First One Several Of Them – Chanelle Can Bear Witness Canto So Pick Up See You Guys For Hanging Out Yeah Then It’s Some Time With Us Today Yeah So I Hope You Guys Enjoyed It We’re Gonna Be Back For More Like We Always Do Dan Will Probably Be Leaving Me Tomorrow Depart Ins As We Part Ways Sewing Up To Warrior Alabama Going Hang Out With Some Peeps Up There Maybe Maybe Get To Meet This Guy Chris Rushing Which Was A Guest On One Of The Podcast And Y’all Go Check Out Our Lamb Red Letterman Red Leather Ministries Brandon And Them Probably Won’t Be Able To Escape This Promo That’s All Over Facebook Anyway For The Vice Thing So He Is Getting Some Feedback Not Getting Dividends But He’s Getting Feedback Trolls Just Won Ready To Start Trying To Figure Out How To Promote To The Us Anyway So So Thanks Everybody For Hanging Out With Us Like We Say Every Episode Thank You Guys For Supporting The Work On Patreon If You Want To Become A Member To Support What We’re Doing Here On The Podcast As Well As On The Music End There’s New Music Unreleased Music At You Can Sign Up For Any Amount Of Month For A Dollar A Month Like If You Can Give A Dollar That’s More Than Enough Anything You Could Do Would Be Super Duper Worth It And You Get Perks For Doing It You Get Access To You Get Back Access To My Full Discography You Get A Lot For Your Dollar You Get My Full Discography 10 Plus Albums And You Get Music That Nobody Else Has Heard So If You Believe Hear Me Support What We’re Doing The Money Will Help Run This Stuff And The Money Will Help Get My Ac Turned Back On If You Look Man Oh My God I’m Beaming Sweat Right Now Hey Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do It You Don’t Really Sweat In That Bed I Guess Yeah My A See Cut Out Y’all We Trying To Get It Fixed Man Jesus Oh Wow We’re Sweating But Yeah If Y’all Want To Check Me Out Either Go To Derek’s Friends Listen Just Look For Dan Or Go To Slash Mbk International Amen Thank You Guys We’ll Check With Y’all Next Time In A Piece Peace Love Each And Every One Of Y’all Peace

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