Brandon Barthrop | Curse Words, Mimicking Followers and the Vice Documentary

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Its not every day that your friend gets interviewed by Vice and its not every day that a Christian ministry gets to have an HBO documentary as well. It seems that in order to get some type of publicity and stand out among the “sheep” you have to have some type of gimmick. Todd Bently kicks his followers and they get healed. Benny Hinn sometimes blows onto his followers or waves his coat at them I know a few who sell holy water and blessed handkerchiefs. Others cannot seem to even preach a sermon because they appear to be too drunk in the spirit to formulate a single sentence. I’m not condemning any of this, but I will say in order to get the viral coverage you must have a gimmick. Not that all gimmicks are bad, but they are what they are. Brandon is no different. From using curse words during his online drunken glory services, to toking the ghost and even breaking into hysterical laughter. Its what makes him who he is. We talked to him about some of these practices and even get into some of the politics in the christian church world. Brandon explains how he has been blackballed from even the craziest of fringe movements. During this interview TruthSeekah and Dan got to ask Brandon some questions that everyone has been dying to ask.