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TruthSeekah Breaks Down | Golden Teachers
Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics

TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down my song Golden Teachers.

Golden Teachers | 333

Vibing on this Copal and coping with my emotions

Grab the scrolls and I unfold them this Copal is just to potent

For only Time is my opponent when living within the moment

and I simply Watch it slip away when ingesting the magic potion

Recite the words from my enchantment as the sacred portal opens

In the dark I sit broken, angelic being approaches

Given a sigil as a token for the masses I’ve awoken

I’m praised for my devotion and leave the meeting with focus

Aquarian convergence who carry a heavy burden

Connecting with Gods servants and walking with 7 virgins

Prophecies emerging reciting the sacred verse

There’s power in spoken word that reverses demonic curses

Teachings of Pythagoras, spirit rapture and capture us

Given a second chance Kundalini rising like Lazarus

Kabbalistic chanting and consciousness is expanding

Passive but demanding revamping your understanding

Your ways (So much higher than mine)

Your thoughts (So much deeper than mine)

I’m lost within the mystery and found within simplicity

The golden teachers speak to me the lessons of eternity

Wisdom from the elements, tell me I am heaven sent

Revelation from creator walk in my benevolence

Thousand petal lotus, earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind blowing

Energy is flowing as the third eye is opened

Where we focus the intent is where the energy is going

Knowledge of the golden

We’re Pressed like a like diamond in alchemy for refinement

and seeking for hidden meaning revealing it when I find it

Get knowledge and overstanding, I promise a few will follow

and know that we’re all connected like brothers with different mommas

Give homage to risen teachers and honor to fallen fathers

Learn the wisdom of the Watchers while sitting in lotus posture

exhale through the nostrils the smoke of the Ayahuasca

As we ride the back of dragons or ascend as a merkaba

The Study of Joseph Campbell the meaning of Harry Potter

Brother tell em to decipher the magic that is inside ya

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Hey What’s Up Guys I Hope You All Enjoyed This Episode I’m Gonna Be Breaking Down The Song Golden Teachers This Is Where I Break Down Song Meanings And Let You Guys Know What They Mean To Me When I Wrote Them When I Recorded Them How I Got The Names And Things Like That The First Episode Went Great That I Did By Myself And So You Guys Asked Me To Do More And I Will Continue To Do That And I Hope You Guys Enjoy This One If You Have Never Heard This Song You Can Listen To It On Itunes Or You Can Listen To It On Youtube It’s Entitled Golden Teachers By The Same Title Off Of My Album 333 You Could Purchase That Album On The Website All That Good Stuff So If You Haven’t Never Heard The Song You Can Listen To It There And If You’re Not A Fan Of The Music And You Just Enjoy The Podcast You’re Still Gonna Get A Lot Out Of This Podcast Because We’re Gonna Be Talking About The Things That You’re Here For Spirituality Consciousness Aliens Demons Angels I Mean That’s What We Try To Incorporate In Every Every Episode So If That’s What You’re Here For Buckle Your Seatbelt And Get Your Pen And Paper Ready Man Take Notes For Real Goes A Long Way Peace Truth-seeker And/or Its Affiliates Are Not Responsible For Any Strange Phenomena That May Occur During Or After Listening To This Podcast Which May Include The Following Heightened Senses Of Awareness Psychic Abilities Ufo Sightings Alien Contact Time Loss Out-of-body Experiences Ringing In The Ears Esp Lucid Dreaming Increasing Chronicity Astral Projection Telepathy Stronger Intuition Levitation Miraculous Healings And All Remote Viewing Please Be Advised To Miss An Anti-social [music] [music] Faintest And When I Don’t Be You Are Now Locked Into The To Think Of Me Live At Utica Come To The Paranormal Esoteric And All Things Spiritual Your Hosts Yo Sup Guys This Is Episode Two Of Truth Seeker Breaks It Down You’re Now Tuned Into The True Seeker Podcast On This Episode I’m Gonna Be Speaking About My Song Golden Teachers Let You Know How I Came Up With The Title Of The Song And Let You Know What The Lyrics Mean To Me As I Wrote Them So We Get To Go Into A Lot More Depth And Detail About The Different Lyrics Bar Full Bar And Just See Where It Goes This Is The Second Episode Of This The First One I Did Was Last Week I Did The Song Calm Attica Was Kind Of Nervous About It Because I Didn’t Know If I Can Hold Everyone’s Attention For An Hour And 45 Minutes Like That’s How Long It Took Me To Break That Song Down Was Kind Of Intimidated Because It Is A Really Long Song Too It’s Just Straight Bars Like Three Verses All The Way Down Of Just Ancient Knowledge It Was One Of The First Songs That I Did So I Did It And You Guys Loved It Got A Lot Of Feedback Wanted Me To Keep Going With It So I’m Gonna Do That That’s What We’re Doing Today Golden Teachers Is The Name Of This Song And I Think It’s Really Cool Because Different People Will Listen To The Song And Come Up With Their Come Up With Their Own Interpretation Of What These Different Lyrics Mean And I Mean That’s Just The Way That You Interpret Everything Anyway It’s Because Of What You’ve Learned And So You Have To Have Like Some Type Of Frame Of Reference To What These Lyrics Mean To You And And That’s How You’re Going To Interpret Them So Not That My Version Is The You Know What The The Meaning I Had Is The Only Right Version That’s Not Even The Case The The Part Of It Is Like Whatever It Means To You Is The Most Beautiful Thing And So If I Can Help You Even With Some Of The Terms Or Some Of The Things I’m Talking About Take It Deeper To A Deeper Love Or Deeper Revelation About A Term Or A Concept That You’ve Heard That’s Cool And Also A Lot Of These Terms That I’m Gonna Be Mentioning Some Of You Guys Have Probably Even Never Heard Before So It’s Gonna Be Kind Of Like A Teaching As Well So I’m Excited To Do It I’m Just Thankful For All The Feedback That I’ve Been Getting From You Guys After The First Episode And I’m Gonna Continue To Do It And It Should Be Something That Can Go A Long Ways Because I Got A Lot Of Songs And So They All Can Just Be A Really Long Interesting Episode And Essentially A Teaching So Excited To Do That And That’s What We’re Gonna Do The Song Golden Teachers The Title What Does It Come From And I Don’t Know How Deep To Go Into This But I’ll Talk About It A Little Bit Because Golden Teachers Comes From The Sacraments Psilocybin Mushrooms Right The Golden Teachers Is A Form Of Magic Mushrooms And So There’s Different Types And Different Strains And The Golden Teachers Is A Particular Strain That I Had On A Hero Dose Journey That I Went On With Some Friends And Changed My Life Changed My Life Totally So I Had A Encounter With Psilocybin Mushrooms Before That But They Were The Hawaiians And After We Did The Hawaiian Journey That Was A Life-changing Journey As Well That Was The First One And It Just Opened Up So Much Stuff About Where I Wanted To Go With My Life In The Future And How To Do It It’s A Really An Otherworldly Experience So I Had This Experience At The Flow Tank We Actually Spent The Night At The Float Tanks Out And So If You Guys Don’t Know What The Flow Tank Is It’s A Sensory Deprivation Tank And It’s Basically Like A Tube Or Like Almost Like A Type Of Bath Tub Or Something It’s A Pod That You Get In And It’s Completely Pitch Black It’s Dark You Can’t See Anything In Front Of You You’re Laying On Were You Laying On I Think It’s Eight Hundred Pounds Of And The Water Is Heated To 98 Degrees The Same Temperature As Your Body Around There So That Essentially When You Get In There Order And The Water Is A Body So Eventually You Dog Your Body Anything And You Just Almost Just Sink Into Existence And Essentially Your Physical Body Ceases To Exist And So I Went There With Some Friends And We Spent The Night Because I Know The Owner He Let Us Stay There And I Did I Think It Was About Two Grams Of The Hawaiian Mushrooms Had A Life-changing Experience The First Time Very Philosophical Very Um Introspective So You Kind Of Examine Your Life And Where You Are And Where You Want To Be And Things Like That And They Help You The Mushrooms The Sacrament Helps You Look At Your Life Subjectively And From A Loving Standpoint And Through The Eyes Of Something Beautiful And It’s Really Intricate Man It’s Life-changing I’m It’s It’s Awesome So I Had That That First Encounter Was Like That And That’s All I Really Happened You Know I Would Close My Eyes A Little Bit And I Would See Some Shapes And Gears And Geometry And Stuff Like That Not You Know Not Too Much But I Had To Close My Eyes To Do It And But Just Just Everything Just Was More Beautiful Man Music Was Just Amazing You Can Feel The Intention Behind Music When Someone Writes It And It’s Just Awesome Awesome Encounter So I Had The First Encounter With The Hawaiians And I Was Telling My Friend We Were Talking And He Was Talking About Another Strain Of Mushrooms Called The Golden Teachers And It’s A Whole Man I Like That I Like That Term I Like That Name I’m Gonna Use That In The Song He Said Wait Wait Wait You But You Haven’t Done The Golden Teachers Yet What We Did Was Hawaiians I Said Okay Still I’ll Probably Do Them But It’s Kind Of The Same Thing It’s Real Intricate Let Me Use Let Me You Know Use The The Term As A Song Title And So I Did I Started Working On My Song The Golden Teachers And Whenever I Was Working On It I Hadn’t Had The Golden Teachers Encounter So I Was About Halfway Done With The Song With The Verses I Hadn’t Finished Finalized A Course Yet But I Wrote The Verses And So Between That Time And What We Were I Went On Another Encounter With The Same Guy And Some Other Brothers And We Did Like A Men’s Retreat And So We Went And We Did Some Of The Golden Teachers But I Did A Hero Dose I Did Over Five Grams And Was Kind Of Expecting The Same Thing To Happen And But I Did The Five Grams And We Were Doing Some Chanting And Fasting And Prayer And Stuff And It Was Really We Were Looking For An Encounter With God With With The Divine When We Did This And To Get Rid Of Some Things And To Get Some Direction So We Get Him And We’re Just Sitting Around And We Kind Of Feel It Creeping On A Little Bit Some People It Was Their First Time Doing It And So I Get Up I’m Feeling Kind Of Uneasy In My Body I Would Get Up And I Walk Outside And I’m Kind Of Pacing Back And Forth And Feeling A Little Sick I’m Feeling A Little A Little Worried Because I’m Feeling Weird And Started This Fear Came Over Me Like Did I Eat Too Many Are These The Right Kind Of Mushrooms Like Like If I Call It Now One One Can This Experience Stop Or Do I Have To Rot It Out Should I Call Like I Was Contemplating All These Things Really Fast And I Was Getting Really Woozy And In Front Of My Vision I Seen What Looked To Be Like Some Type Of Webbing Green Webbing That Kind Of Held All Life Together Like The Plant Matter And And And The Ground And A Mycelium And Everything Everything Seemed To Be Tied Together By This Green Matter And It Was Like Wow I’ve Seen It And It Kind Of Blew Me As An Old Man This Is Coming On Strong So I Get Nervous And I Go Back Inside With Everybody Else And I Look At My Buddy Drew And I Say I Said Drew Man I Don’t I Don’t Know What’s Going On Man And He’s Like Stop Fighting It Stop Fighting It Let It Take You And I’m Just Like Oh My God What Is Happening And I Said Okay It’s Trying To Take Me It’s Shauna It Was Trying To Pull My Consciousness Out Of My Body And I Was Scared Because The First Time I Did And Nothing Like That Happened It Was A Really Smooth Transition Just Real Philosophical And I Was Speaking As An Expert After That After I Did My First Encounter With Them I Was Doing Interviews And And You Know Working On Music About It And Speaking As An Expert To People And Turning People Onto It And Then Now It’s Like Whoa This Is This Is A Little Bit This Is Different You Know I Thought I Thought I Knew So I Sat Down You Know It’s Okay Imma Let It Take Me And We Quit Fighting It And Then Sat Down And It Freaking Took Me Pulled Me Down Some Type Of Wormhole Portal Type Deal And Uh Just Look Like Galaxies And Colors And Shapes And Everything Was Beautiful And Everything Was Exotic Looking And Everything Was Energy And It Scared Me Because I Didn’t Know That This Was Gonna Happen The First Time I Did It Nothing Like This Happened And I Was Speaking As An Expert You Know Kind Of Already Had This Expectation Of What Was Gonna Happen You Know When We Did It And Um And I Was Checked Like I Felt This Consciousness There With Me Speaking To Me And This Is What They Said Is This Is This True Think Oh It’s Just The One Who’s Been Going On Interviews And Talking About Mushrooms And Ayahuasca You’ve Been Talking About Ayahuasca In Your Music You’re The One That Talks About Gazing Into A Ryan Skates And Looking Into Heaven And Gazing Into Eternity This Is You Talking About Leaving Your Body And Travel Into The Astral Realms And To The Third Heaven This Is You Okay We Just Want To Make Sure We Got The Right Person This Is You That’s Taking All Of These Really Deep You Centric Esoteric Truths And You Just Sharing Them Out There With People Nonchalantly Just Throwing Them Out There Almost That’s Throwing The Pearls Before Swine And This Stuff Is Really Sacred And You’re Just Throwing It Out There For People Okay We Just Want To Make Sure We Got The Right One And It Was A That Was A Fair To Like You Know I’m Responding Back To This This Voice Gets Inner Voice And It’s Okay We Want To Make Sure That You Know What You’re Doing That You Want To Keep Doing This If This Is You We Got Some Things We Want To Show You We’ve Got Some Things We Want To Show You And I Was Taken Down Even Deeper Into The Wormhole And In It Would It’s Like I Said I Felt Like It Was Something That Would Happen On An Ayahuasca Ceremony Or Like A Dmt Ceremony Right I Didn’t Think That This Would Happen Just On Magic Mushrooms You Know They Talk About Seeing Pink Elephants And Stuff Like That This Like Was Pulling My Soul Out Of My Body But It Was Okay There Was An Angelic Benevolent Force Speaking With Me Guiding Me Through The Whole Thing And They Said It Has Some Things They Had To Show Me We Went Even Deeper Into The Experience And I And The Colors Got More Intense And I Felt Like I Was Travelling To A Place And Come To This Realm This Ethereal Plane Where What Was Communicated Was This Is Where You Go When You Die Everything Is Energy This Has Always Been Here And It’s Gonna Be Here Long After You’re Gone Don’t Worry Don’t Be Afraid Perfect Peace Cast Out All Fear And Then I Was Sucked Back Into My Body Looking Around Like Oh My God What Just Happened I’m Looking At Drew Drew What Dude What Happened True Dude What Is Going On He’s Laughing I Said Brah Thought I Knew I Thought I Knew Man And I’m Looking At Everybody Else And They They Had The Same Look On Their Face And They Were Looking At Each Other Like Whoa Man What It What’s Going On And All Of Us Were Having A Similar Experience It Was So Weird Because There Were We Was All In Sync And We’d Look At Each Other Like Oh My God We Try To Explain What We Saw You Know That’s The First Thing You Want To Do But In That State That’s Probably Not The Best Idea Be Like There’s These Colors Man They’re Moving They’re Beautiful They’re Alive You Start And We’re Just Laughing At One Another But Then It’s Like Oh God You Can Feel It Coming Back It Was Like We’re Going Up A Roller Coaster Getting Ready For That Plummet Click Click Click Click Click And We Looked At Each Other’s Like Hold On Gods It’s Coming Again It’s Coming Again And We All Just Held On And It Took Us All Back Into It Together At The Same Time Everybody Went Back Into It We Sat There For What Seemed Maybe To Be Like 2 Or 3 Minutes Not Saying A Word Just In This Realm And Then We’d All Snap Back To Our Bodies In Sync And Look At Each Other Like What Is Going On Oh My God And It Just Was A Total It Just Blows Your Mind Like It’s Nothing You Know And I Was Doubting Myself As An Expert On Spirituality And Traveling To The Into The Dream States And And All Of This Stuff And It Was Like A Check It’s Like Okay We Got Some Things We Want To Show You And It Just Took Me Deep In And They Were Communicating With Us The Whole Time And This Is What The Golden Teachers Means To Me These Are An Angelic Benevolent Race Of Beings If You Want To Call It That Terence Mckenna Believed That The Psilocybin Was Left Here By Extraterrestrials Or Angels I Think The Words Interchangeable For Almost Like A Walkie Talkie As A Means Of Communication To Commune With God I Mean Look In If We Look At The Ancient Cultures They Would Find The Mushrooms Eat Mushrooms Pick Them Up Off The Ground And Eat Them And Have An Encounter With God This Is Literally What Happened The Ancient Cultures Also Had A Rite Of Passage To Where Their Young Men Had A Coming Of Age Whether It Was Know But That Out They All Had A Rite Of Passage In In This Rite Of Passage You Would Either Consume Dmt Psilocybin Or Have This It’s Like Psychedelic Experience And Have The Coming Of Age Where You Go And Literally Taste Death You Go To The Place Where You Go When You Die You Go There And You Come Back Or You Go Into A Cave And They Have A Journey Set Up For You Or You Go Out Into The Woods And In Some Of Those Cases Those Those Those Young Men Never Came Back And So They Never Made It To The Coming Of Age And It Was Okay If Their Kids Didn’t Make It It Was Okay They Only Wanted Warriors And You Had To Be Be Strong Enough To To Take Those Tests And Make It Through To The Other Side And That’s Exactly What I Felt Like We Were Doing Like This Was All Coming Of Age This Was Our Encounter I Think That In The West We Don’t Really Have That Man You Just Graduate From High School Or Whatever And You Just Kind Of Transition I Think The Closest Thing In The West Is College And All This Stuff People Go Through And College Like The Hazing And In Fraternities And Stuff And The Partying Maybe That’s The Closest Thing To Something Like You Know Those Experiences Where You Have That Coming Of Age And And Have It Set Up With With The Elders And Stuff And It’s So Crazy Because I Remember Being In Elementary School Maybe Like Nine Or Ten Years Old And One Of My Friends In Class Wasn’t Was An Indian A Native And They His Grandfather And All Of Them Coming Got Him From School And He Went On Vacation And When He Got Back I Was Asking Him Where He Went They Took Him To The Desert And He Was Fasting In The Desert And Having Hallucinations And Stuff In The Desert With This Grandfather And His Dad He Was Like 10 Or 11 Years Old Like Really Young In It And They Still Carried That Out And I Think It’s Something That We’ve Kind Of Over Here In The West That We Don’t Have That Coming Of Age Those Those Those Ceremonies Man So I Totally Felt Like It Was A Like A Rite Of Passage Like A Divine Right That We Went To And Whenever We Did It We Were At The Indian Reservation So There’s All The History That’s In The Land As Well And All All Of Our Ancestors Who Kind Of Came Before Us Their Energy And I Was Just You Know Just Being Reassured That I Wasn’t The Only One Who Had Been Here Like All Of My Ancestors Had Been To That Place And They’re Watching Over Us And It Was Just A Beautiful Encounter And I Was Just I Was Just Checked I Felt I Definitely Felt A Check Like Okay You’re The One Throwing All The Knowledge Out There We Want It We Have Some Things To Show You Beautiful Man Changed My Life So That’s Where I Get The Name Golden Teachers From To Start Off With The First Verse Goes Vibin Onus Copeland Copeland With My Emotions Grab The Scrolls And I Can Fold Them Disco Ball Is Just Too Potent For Only Time As My Opponent When Living Within The Moment I Simply Watch To Slip Away When They’re Just In The Magic Potion So What I Meant By That Vibing On This Copal And Coping With My Emotions And So That That Phrase There Came Out Of Me Working On A Song And I Was Burning Copal Resident Incense And Copal As I Explained It In The Last Podcast Is Something That The Mayans And Aztecs Would Burn Before They Do Ceremony And Go Into Trance State So I Bought Some Couple Resident At The Indian Powwow And It Was Just Really Strong And I Was Working On My Song I Was Working On The Song Closer Featuring Loca And So I Was Writing That Song As Really Heartfelt Song Just Kind Of Letting You Know My Spirit Speak Speak Through Me Where I Was At At The Time And Burning That Copal In It I Just Got Really Lightheaded From It And Felt Like A Similar And Kind Of Like Everything Was Getting Kind Of Hazy A Little Bit And I Had To Put It Out Then That’s Simply With Them I Had To Put It Out Because It Was Strong So I’m Vibing On The Scope I’m Coping With My Emotions Grab The Scrolls And I Unfold Them As Copal Is Just Too Potent For Only Time It’s My Opponent When Living Within The Moment I Simply Watch To Slip Away When They Just In The Magic Potion Only Time Is My Opponent Um One Of The Big Things That You You’ll Get Whether You’re Doing The The Psychedelic Experience Or You Are Even Just Having I Think Even Like In Just Meditation Or In The Flow Tank We All We Always Come To This Point Of Like Time Doesn’t Exist And So And To Be Careful Of How We Spend It Right Because It’s Not Real That The Only Moment That We Have Is The Now Moment Like Jesus Said Be Anxious For Nothing But To Live In The Moment And That’s The Big The Big Thing That’s Hard To Do Is To Stay In The Moment And Always Be Aware Always Be Attentive To The People That Surround You Family Friends Job I Get So Caught Up On Being On Autopilot Mode To Where I Just Go Days And Days And Days Sometimes Without Being Conscious Of The Moment Or The Air Or The Breath Because I Just Have A Routine I’m Just In Routine Whether It’s Caught You Know I’m On The Job I’m Working Or Whatever The Case Is I Just Get Caught Up On Routine So I Said For Only Thomas My Opponent When Living Within The Moment A Simply Simply Watch It Slip Away When In Just In A Magic Potion And A Magic Potion There Is Talking About The Psilocybin Recite The Words From My Enchantment As The Sacred Portal Opens In The Dark I Sit Broken Angelic Being Approaches And This Is Just Simply Spending Time And In Prayer And Meditation Reading The Scriptures In My Case And The Holy Spirit Just Comes Through Like A Flood Or A Being Approaches You And We’ve Had Many Of These These Encounters Were Just Like A Being Of Light Will Appear And Sometimes Like There Was Just One Supernatural Encounter That I Had But Me Watchmen Shane And Shane I Believe It Was Just Us Three Shane The Challah Boy And Just Praying Seeking God Confessing Sins One To Another And We’re Just Getting Really Deep And In Prayer And In Trance State And Had The This Encounter Where This Being Stepped In And I Had My Eyes Closed And I Could See Him With My Eyes Closed And The Being Was Made Out Of Light A White Light That Was Brighter Than A Thousand Suns And It Blinded Me And I Felt This Tremendous Pain But Yet Joy At The Same Time It Was Almost Like That This Was Jesus Letting Me Feel His His Um His Burden For Humanity And Where We’re Headed And What We’ve Been Doing As A People And But Then Yet There Was Still A Hope There And Then Euphoria There At The Same Time So It Just Wasn’t Like An A Pain There So It Was The Anguish And A You For You At The Same Felt It Felt Good And In This This Energy Was Just All Over Me We Were Holding Hands Sitting In A Circle And I Begin To Vibrate Begin To Tremble And Watchmen And And Shane Could Feel The Energy Coming Off Of Me And They Didn’t Want To Let Me Go We’re Holding Hands They Don’t Want To Let Me Go Because They Could Feel It In It Felt Euphoric And But I Started Screaming At The Top Of My Lungs When That Pain Hit Me The Anguish Just Screaming In Agony And Watch Me Got So Scared Because You Know He Got Neighbors And Stuff And We’re In His Screaming At The Top I Got A Grown Man Screaming At The Top Of His Lungs In The In His House So There’s These Different Encounters That People Have And That You Know I’ve Had With The Angelic Realm And Jesus And The Elohim And Angels And Stuff And That Was Just One Of Them So Say In A Dark I Sit Broken Angelic Being Approaches Given A Sigil As A Token For The Masses I’ve Awoken I’m Praised For My Devotion And Leave The Meeting With Focus And It’s Just Talking About How Like When You Have Those Encounters And You Leave And You Go Back To Your Life Like You Have That Focus Like Even Without Like Everything I’ll Say Every Time You Know The Two Or Three Times That I’ve Done Psilocybin There’s Just Tremendous Focus And Even There’s Pictures Of Me At During The First One Of Pulling Out A Piece Of Paper And Just Writing Down All Of The The Steps That Came To Me Of What I Wanted To Do To Achieve My Goals And To Achieve My Dreams And To Do What I’m Put Here To Do I Was Almost Giving Up Giving It As I’m Map And When You Leave That You’re So You’re So Ready You’re So Focused To To Go Out And To Take The The Information That Came Through And Put It In Into Work And Still You Know Take The Time To Decipher The Information That Came Through And So I Would I Even Have The The Uh Note Still Folded Up In My In My Wallet Of Everything I Wrote Down And It Just Brings Back Memories So I’m Praised For My Devotion And Leave The Meaning With Focus Aquarian Convergence Who Carry A Heavy Burden Connecting With God’s Servants And Walking With Seven Virgins That’s One That Sticks Out To People A Lot Of Times When We Talk About The Seven Virgins What You Mean By Seven Virgins You Know And To Me I’m Just Speaking About How We Have We Have The Ten The Ten Virgins And In The Book Of Matthew I Believe It Is Where They Have It’s A Metaphor That Jesus Is Talking About About The About Them Being Ready For The Bridegroom When He Comes And So They Had Their Lamps And In The Oil In It And We Have To Always Keep Oil In Our Lamps Right And So The Oil Is Symbolic For The Holy Spirit We Always Have To Be In Fellowship With The Holy Spirit And To Be Led By The Spirit And That All Represents Joy And The Bible Is Called The Oil Of Joy We Call It Anointing Oil In Its Symbolic And So The Seven Virgins Was The Ones Who Haven’t Have Not Been Touched And Who Are Unscathed By The World And So That’s How It Says That God Presents You Before Himself Through Christ Even As A Chaste Virgin So I Has Really You Know It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Sex But Just Being One Who Hasn’t Been Touched At All There So Connecting What God’s Servants And Walking With Seven Virgins Prophecies Emerge And Reciting The Sacred Verses This There’s Power In Spoken Word That Reverses Demonic Curses On A Very Exoteric Level On The Outside Words Are Very Powerful And Have You Know The Scriptures Say That Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue And Just By Speaking We Can Speak Blessings And Curses Over People And I’ve Talked I Think I Even Talked About It On The Last Episode But Talk About The Power Of The Words As Far As Somebody Having An Ungodly Belief About Themselves About I’m Stupid I’m Fat I’m On This I’m Down I’m Not I’m Not Worthy I’m Not Good Enough Everybody Hates Me Nobody Likes Me And You Begin To Kind Of Go Around Believing That And It Creates A Persona As You Speak Those Words Over Yourself Or As Those Thoughts Are Vibrations And You Begin To Think About These Things Over Yourself And You Change The Way That You Vibe At And You Begin To Think Like That And You Begin To See People Through That Filter And You Think That You Expect Hatred And Bitterness From Everybody And Stuff But Even In Regular Spoken Word Man Just To Speak Encouraging Encouraging Words Over People To Speak The Truth Of God Over People And That Is What Reverses Demonic Curses And It Builds Up The Godly Beliefs That We Have About Ourselves That We’re Supposed To Have What The Word Says About Us Who God Really Says We Are There’s An Identity Crisis There That’s Going On So As We Speak The Word In Confirmation Over Ourselves And Over People We’re Destroying The Ungodly Beliefs And That’s A Big One And So That’s What Spirituality Is Is It It’s It’s In The It’s In The Power Of The Tongue And It’s In The Battle Is Fought In The Mind In The Astral Realms It’s So It’s So Powerful And It’s So Basic Man Just To Speak Encouraging Words Over People And Over Ourselves Man Teachings Uh Pythagoras Spirit Rapture Man Captured Was Given A Second Chance Kundalini Rising Like Lazarus The Teachings Of Pythagoras Um I’m Really Big Into What We Have Left Of The Teachings Of Pythagoras And Pythagoras Is Who They Say Is Like The Embodiment Or Spirit Of Hermes Trismegistus However You Want To Say It I’ve Heard It Pronounced Many Different Ways But Its Hermes And Also Toasts They Enter The Emerald Tablets Right That That’s Who Said That The Same Spirit Just Have You Had Elijah John The Baptist Was Walking In The Spirit Of Elijah These Are The Different Spirits That Are Passed Down And The Different Mantle’s That Rest Upon Prophets Of God And Children Of God And And That’s That Your Life Experience In Which You’ve Been Through And It’s Passed Down To The Younger Generations We See That Um Elijah Passed His Mantle Down To Elijah And It Just Keeps Going On Going Down Like That So Let’s See Teachings Of Pythagoras So Yeah Pythagoras Has A Lot Of Beautiful Teachings He Came Up With The Music Of The Spheres To Be Able To Measure The Distance Between The The Planets And In The Different Tones That They Come Up With And Actually A Lot Of Music Theory Is Based Behind The Works Of Pythagoras That’s What You Have The Pythagorean Theorem Is A Sequence Of Numbers And He Was Really Big In That Mathematics One Thing That Really Stood Out To Me About Pythagoras Was The Fact That They Would Start Each Morning Off And Each Night Singing Worship Songs To The Creator That’s What They Did And They Were Really Being Into Music And The Power Of Music Power Of Spoken Word One Of The Big Things That That That Stands Out To Me About Pythagoras Was That A Situation Where It Was Very Similar To The Bible So You Know You Guys Know I I Translate Everything Through The Scriptures And That’s Just Been A Been A Biblical Theologian And That’s What I’ve Studied So I Can Read Other Texts I Can Watch Movies Or Whatever Everything Is Filtered Through Through The Scriptures For Me And There Was A Story About Pythagoras Coming Home From A Concert When One Evening And He Was Coming Through Town And There Was A Drunk Man Who Was Chasing A Homosexual Through Town And He Was Trying To Get Into His House And He Wanted To He Wanted To Beat Him Up He The Guy Didn’t Like Homosexuals And He Was Trying To Get To Him He Was Trying To Break In The Door And Pythagoras Is On The Corner Watching This And All These People Are Watching And He Sees Around On The Next Corner Down There’s Somebody Playing A Flute And They’re Playing The Music Very Aggressively A Very Aggressive Rhythm And So He Knows The Power Of Music And He Sees That And Instead Of Him Approaching The Man Who Is In A Fit Of Rage And In Violence Was Consuming Him He Goes To The The Flute Player And Ask Him If He Can Change The Rhythm And Play Something A Little Bit More Soothing And As Soon As The Guy Changed The Rhythm Of The Music That He Was Playing The The Guy Who Was Violent In Trying To Attack The Homosexual Caught His Composure Gathered His Things And Walked Away And I Read That Story And Immediately My Mind Goes To The Bible Where Saul King Saul Was Tormented By An Evil Spirit And The Only Thing That Would Give Saw Rest From The Evil Spirit Was When David A Psalmist Am And After After God’s Own Heart Would Come And Play The Harp Played The String Instrument As One Anointed By God He Would Play The Harp In The Evil Spirits Would Subside Saul Would Would Get Peace And Calming So He Would Have David Come To Him And Play So That The Evil Spirits Would Would Would Subside And That Stands Out To Me Because I’ve Been In That Situation Before To When I Was Coming Out Of Deep Witchcraft And Occultism And Opened Up My Mind To Evil Spirits And Was Plagued By Evil Spirits There Would Be Times Where I Would Be Out In Public Coming Out Of Out Of That That Stuff Man It Wasn’t Instant There Was A Lot Of Peace And A Lot Of Freedom That I Got Instantly At When I Surrendered My Life To Christ But There Were Times Where I Would Get Crazy Headed To The Spirit Realm That I Had To Leave I Had To I Had To Walk Outside And There Was Specific Times Where I Was With My Wife And We Were Out Of Town Eating At A Restaurant And Everybody Talking At The Same Time I Can Hear Each And Every Person And It Was Freaking Me Out And I Felt Uneasy In My Spirit And Couldn’t Focus On Her Couldn’t Focus On Our Dinner And I Had To Get Out And I Had To Go In The Car And Put On Some Worship Music And And And Get In The Holy Spirit And Ask For The Presence Of God To Clean Me And Wash Over Me And And Those Spirits Would Leave I Would Receive Peace And Get Myself Together And But Yeah I Remember Those Times Man And There Was There Was Many Times Where I Had To Go Put That Worship Music On And Open Up My Bible And You Start Reading Psalms Man And Just Praying Over Myself Because Those Evil Spirits Didn’t Want To Let Me Go They Didn’t Want To Let Me Go And It’s You Know There’s A There’s A Lyric By Marilyn Manson It Always Sticks Out To Me But He Says I Want To Live I Want To Love But It’s A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell And I Really Feel Like That Man I Feel Like The Forces Of Darkness When You When You Tamper With That Stuff Like They Don’t Play Fair They Do Not Play Fair And That’s Why That’s Why I’ve Just Been Blessed To Do What I Do And To Just To Bring Just To Bring Light To People And Bring Hope And Bring Encouragement Man But It It Buses Up The Kingdom Of Darkness And All That I’m Saying A Negative Stuff And A Negative Stuff That’s Out To Get You There’s Stuff There Is Stuff Out There We Don’t Like To You Know Talk About And Give The Devil Glory Or Whatever The Case Is But Man There Is There Is The Demonic Realm Out There And They They You Know They Need Bodies They Need Hosts And I Kind Of Went Into That On The Last Episode As Well But Um Yep That’s Pythagoras And That’s Money Sticks Out To Me So Teachings Of Pythagoras Paper Rapture Been Captured Was Given A Second Chance Kundalini Rising Like Lazarus As You Guys Know Given A Second Chances Is My Born-again Experience Coming To Faith In Christ And And Dying In To Myself And Picking Up My Cross To Follow Him He Gives Us New Life You Must Be Born Again To Receive The Kingdom Of Heaven Kundalini Rising Like Lazarus The Kundalini Is The Same Thing As The Holy Spirit And In Eastern To Tradition It Is That That Prana The Pranayama Which Is The Life Force That Flows Throughout Everything It’s In The Air It’s In The Plants It’s In Me It’s In You And So For Us To Get To Focus On That For When To Breathe Upon Us And We Received That Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Or Kundalini Awakening It’s A Beautiful Encounter Man And That’s A Life-changing Encounter In Itself So Given A Second Chance Kundalini Rising Like Lazarus For Many Of You Who Don’t Know Lazarus Was The Cousin Of Jesus Who Died They Were On A Journey Some Of The Family Members And Friends Found Jesus While He Was Traveling Said Look Your Cousin Lazarus Is Dead Come To Him No They Said He’s Died If You Were There You Could Have Saved Him He Wouldn’t Have Died If You Would Have Been There Come Now And Say The Word That He Might Live And He Said No I Got Things To Do And He Kept Going But Finally He Did Come To The Tomb Of Lazarus And He Speaks Forth He Says Lazarus Come Forth And Lazarus Comes Out The Tomb Like A Mummy He’s Got Bandaged The Bandages And The Wraps All Over Him And He Comes Out Of The Tomb And He Was In Jesus Raised Him From The Dead With The Power Of The Spoken Word Right Kabbalistic Chanting And Consciousness Is Expanding Passive But Demanding Revamping Your Understanding Kabbalistic Chanting Is Just Some Of The Different Chance That That We We Pray And We Chant We Sing Consciousness Is Expanding In The Midst Of Meditation And Doing The Spiritual Practice To Walk In The Spirit As A Daily Practice To Choose This Day Who You’ll Serve And To Took To Feed Your Spirit Man Versus Your Fleshly Nature And It’s Something That’s A Battle That We’re All In Passive But Demanding Revamping Your Understanding So And To Me That That’s Like In This Like This Enigma That That I Think Many Of Us Are But I Know That I Am I’m Passive That I’ll Let A Lot Of Stuff Slide Off Of Me I Won’t You Know Passive Aggressive Or Whatever But When It Comes Time To To Do Something To You Know To Stand For Something To Have An Opinion Or To Stand For What Is Right Passive But Demanding Demanding Revamping Your Understanding So Changing The Way That You View Things As Well And Then The Course Goes Your Ways So Much Higher Than Mine Your Thoughts So Much Deeper Than Mine And That’s As Simply Is Just Speaking To God It’s Almost Someone’s Just Like A Worship Song It’s Well Just Some Singing To God To His Ways Are Higher Thoughts Are Deeper They’re Wonderful And The Scriptures Talked About How Like You Know That Our Man Judges Things By The By The Flesh And By The Outward Appearance But God Judges By The Heart And So I Think That’s What We Should Strive For Man And So He To Have His Thoughts In In His His Mind Said Which Is Which Is All Love It All Hangs Upon Love And Just To See Every Situation With Love Which Is So Much Deeper Than How We Are And Then The Course Continues On To Say I’m Lost Within The Mystery And Found Within Simplicity And That’s The Story Of My Life In The Story Of My Music Of My Seeking Is That I’m Lost Within The Mystery That We Get So Deep Man And Gets So Esoteric And So Far Out There Because The Rabbit-hole Really Goes Really Deep And Many Of Us Are Going Down Different Holes Man And We Get So Deep That Nobody Knows What The Hell We’re Talking About Anymore That We’re So Deep And Then I Like That Place Though It’s A Good Place But I’m Found Within Simplicity When I Can Go Out Into The Deep Depths Of Spirituality And Of Mysticism And Philosophy And Spirit You Know Spiritual Encounter But Then Be Brought Home By The Simplicity Simplicity Of The Gospel The Good News Man That God Is Love And While We Were Yet Sinners Christ Died For Us This Is A Grace That Empowers Us To Live A Grace That Empowers Us To Chase Our Dreams A Grace That Empowers Us To Show Love To Others When They Don’t Deserve It Or We Don’t Deserve It That Others Show That Grace To Us And This Is We’re So Beautiful About The Simplicity Of The Gospel And That’s Really What What We You Know Sometimes We Fight For When We Get So Deep We Lose The Simplicity Of Everything Of Love And Understand Even Even The Simplistic Teachings Of Jesus I Mean We Like To Get So Deep In And You Go To Bible School And You Go To Around Bible Studies And Everybody Wants To Get Deep And Talk About Melchisedec And You Know What Does The Trinity Mean Who Are These People You Know What Do These People Represent And All That Stuff Is Beautiful And Good But We Get So Easily Straight And Pulled Away That We’re Not Even Doing This The Simplistic Things That Jesus Said Do Like I Said Love The Unlovable Show Grace To Those Who Don’t Deserve It Just Simple Stuff Like That The Beatitudes Man Um Simple Stuff It’s Tough You Don’t Have To Debate Over You Know And We Can’t Sell We Can’t Market It And Sell It So You Don’t See Churches Really Getting Into That Stuff But That’s Where The The Fruit Is And That That’s What Jesus Is Man So If You Want To Experience Jesus Man Just Start Loving People Like He Did And And Start On Caring For People Like He Did And Treating People That Way As Well I’m Lost Within The Mystery And Found Within Simplicity The Golden Teachers Speak To Me The Lessons Of Eternity I Think That’s Self-explanatory Talking About The Golden Teachers Just Taking Me Deeper Into The Essence Of The Etheric Realm And Showing Me Truths That I Can It’s I Can’t Even Describe It You Know I’m Saying In And It’s A Knowing – They Just It’s Like A Download Of A Knowing Of Of Many Different Things Instantly And I Felt I Really Did Understand The Scripture In In Romans Where What Paul Is Talking About There Was A Man Who Was Caught Up Into The Third Heaven Whether In Body Or Out Of Body I Do Not Know And He Says That He Was He’s Seen Things That Is Not Permitted For A Man To Even Speak On There’s Like There’s No Way That If He Tried He Could Even Speak About The Things That Which He Saw And I Think That Place Is Similar To If Not The Same Place That I Went That Day And And Seen Eternity And Seeing Where We Go When We Leave This This Reality And So That Verse Made So Much Sense To Me After Being At That Place And I Just Have An Idea But Like Man Dude I’ve Been There And There’s No There’s Nothing You Can Do To Explain It Know About It And No Matter How Bad You Want – How Much You Know You You Would Like To Explain The Beauty And The Significance Of Everything And The Colors And Everything Was Alive And Flourishing And But There’s No Way You Could You Know I Guess The Best Thing To Do Would Be The Watch The Movie Avatar Being In A Place Like That Man But Really I Will Tell You Who Did A Great Job Of Capturing That Is The Movie Doctor Strange I Just Seen That Recently And There Was A Scene In There Where The Teacher The Lady Who Was A Teacher Knocked Him Out Of His Body Was Teaching Him How To Astral Project And Leave His Body And Travel Through Time He He Goes Out Of His Body And He’s Traveling Through Space-time Continuum And He’s Seen The Colors He’s Seen In The Shapes And He’s Seeing Visions And Hearing Voices And The Whole Time The Lady’s Speaking To Him And In This Scene Is Maybe Two Minutes But For Those Two Minutes It Was Almost Exactly Like What Was Happening Because You’ve Seen The Colors You’ve Seen The Shapes You Were Traveling And There Was The Angelic Voice Which Was The Lady Which Was His Teacher Was Speaking To Him Guiding Him The Whole Time It Embodied Everything About The The Psychedelic Experience For Me And Uh And It Definitely Reminded Me Of The Golden Teachers Wisdom From The Elements Tell Me I Am Heaven Sent Revelation From Creator Walking My Benevolence Same Thing Wisdom From The Elements Man Just Knowing That We’re Being Taught By Everything Everyone Including The Plant Teachers Including The Angels And Elements And Fairies And Things Like That Which Would Which Govern Those Those Kingdoms That’s Even Mention Of In The Bible Talks About The It Talks About The Rudiment Elements Of The World The Rudiment Elements Of The World And In Passing I Wouldn’t I Wouldn’t Have Tied It Together But When You Go Back And Tell All The Different Lexicons Like All The Biblical Scholars Give Credence To That And It’s Talking About The The Elemental Kingdom Which I’ve Had Experiences With As Well Elemental Beings So Yeah But Wisdom From The Elements Tell Me I Am Heaven Sent Revelation From Creator Walking My Benevolence Thousand Petal Lotus This Is Verse Two Thousand Petal Lotus Earth Water Fire Air Ether Mind Blowing On The Thousand Petal Lotus In The Hindu Tradition Embodies All Of The Elements Put Together Earth Air Fire Water And Ether And I Say Earth Air Fire Water Earth Water Fire Air Ether Mind Blowing Energy Is Flowing As The Third Eye Is Open Where We Focus The Intent Is Where The Energy Is Going Knowledge Of The Golden So Basically Energy Is Always Flowing They Say Where Where Intention Goes Energy Flows So Through Through The Third Eye Through Intention Through You You Given Thought Thinking About Someone Speaking It Into Existence Man There’s So Much Power There First Of All You Have To Think The Thought And Once You Think The Thought You Give Birth To It Once You Speak It Whether What We Focus The Intent Is Where The Energy Is Going Knowledge Of The Golden And I Say We’re Pressed Like A Diamond In Alchemy For Refinement Seeking For Hidden Meaning Revealing That When I Find It Get Knowledge In Over Standing I Promised That Few Will Follow And Know That We’re All Connected Like Brothers With Different Mamas So We’re Pressed Like A Diamond In Alchemy For Refinement So Basically Be Impressed As A As A Hard Rock And Being Being Polished Man And And Turned Into A Fine Jim And Even That Is Is The Process Of Alchemy That’s Why Say In Alchemy For Refinement So Changing From One Level To The Next The Book The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho If You Guys Want The Book It’s In You If You Go To The Show Notes I Have A Link To My Audible There That Book Changed My Life That That’s A Magical Book About You You Read It In Different People Who In The Book Represent Things In Your Life Trust Me Everyone Needs To Read That Book But It’s About You Know The Story Is Where The Alchemist Chains Lead Into Gold And Change It From One State To Another And Then I Have The Album Spiritual Alchemy Moving From One Level To The Next Right So That That’s The Process Of Just Of Just Transformation Seeking For Hidden Meaning Revealing That When I Find It Basically All My Studying All The Things That I’ve Seen In The Spirit Realm I’ve Talked About Them Openly In My Music In Interviews And That’s Exactly That’s What That Means It Says Get Knowledge And Over Standing I Promise That Few Will Follow Right You Share The Knowledge You Share The Wisdom But Not Not Many People Care But That’s Good Though Because I Really It Really Should It Really Makes You Honor The People Who Do Care And To Know That We We Have A Deeper Code Of Ethics That We Live By And So You Know We Care For One Another And That’s What’s So Awesome About Just Just You Know Finding Something In Common Finding Common Ground With One Another And Through Spirituality Through My Music I’ve Reached Out And Connected With So Many Beautiful Souls And It’s So Awesome Alright So Let’s See I Lost My Place Here We Go And Know That We’re All Connected Like Brothers With Different Mamas So Basically That’s What You Know The Symbol Of The Flower Of Life Represents That We Are All Connected The Flower Of Life Is All Of These Circles Within A Circle And All The Circles Are Linked Together They’re All Touching They’re All One Part Of The Same Body In La Jolla Silicon I Am You You Are Me We Are One Another Namaste The Light In Me Honors The Light In Divine Spark Within You We’re All Connected And For Me Biblically It Just Paints A Picture Of What The Body Of Christ Is Like To Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You But Essentially What You Do Unto Others Are Doing Unto Yourself That That’s What It Just Takes It A Lot A Whole Nother Step Deeper For Me With Learning About The Body Of Christ And We Are His Body All Formed Together When We Come Together We Form The Body Of Christ Which Is The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God On The Earth When We Come Together Learn Wisdom Alright Give Homage To Risen Teachers And Honor To Fallen Fathers Learn The Wisdom Of The Watchers While Sitting In Lotus Posture So You’ve Give Homage To Risen Teachers And Honor To Fall In The Father So For Me I’m Talking About Christ That This Can Be You Know Whatever I Guess This Would Mean Different Things To Different People Work You Know For Me It’s Talking About Christ Who Is The The Risen Savior The Word Master Is Translated Teacher We Call Him Master Rabbi Is Translated Teacher As Well And Honor To Fallen Fathers Those Who Have Went Before Us Who We Honor Who Have Lived The Life Of Purpose Who Have Impacted Our Life In Some Shape Or Form As Well Learned The Wisdom Of The Watchers While Sitting In Lotus Posture The Watchers Are A Race Of Angels As Well In Many Many Texts And Many Books Suggest That The Stars In The Sky Are These Living Entities That Record Everything That Humanity Is Doing And Reported Back To The Father Of Lights Every Night And They Report Back And Tell Him Everything That That’s Happening On The Earth And So Then The Next Day He Can Kind Of Send Forth Judgment And Karma And Things Like That That Kind Of Goes Forth In The Earth That’s What They Say The Watchers Are And So Some Of The Angels That Fell Some Of The Watchers Fell And Rebelled And So That’s What The Nephilim Come From Some Of The Watchers Azazel And Those Guys Mentioned Up In The Book Of Enoch Learn The Wisdom Of The Watchers While Sitting In Lotus Posture Lotus Posture Is The Like I Say Uh You Know Sitting In And The Posture For Meditation With The Legs Folded And Crossed Over One Another And So That’s The The Traditional Pose To Do Meditation In Or You Know We Call It Um But Uh Indian Style Essentially Exhale Through The Nostrils The Smoke Without Ayahuasca As We Ride The Back Of Dragons Or Cinders On Markaba It’s So Funny I Got A Buddy Of Mine Dan You Guys I Know Many Of You Guys Know Dan Oh Some Of You Probably Don’t But We’ve Done Several Podcasts Together And We Did We’ve Done A Lot Of Stuff Together We Did Arm Our Trip To New Orleans Which Was Document Documented On Youtube And A Floating Documentary We Kind Of Put Put Together A Little Makeshift Documentary But He’s In There Watch That It’s Old But It’s Still Pretty Cool But He Uh He Mentioned He You Know He Gets Offended When He Would Listen To That Because He Would Give Like You Know He’d Be Vibing Out To My Music And There Were Some People That He Had Led To Christ And Showing Them The Way And They’re Kind Of You Know They’re Young And They’re Impressionable And So You Got To Be Careful What You Tell Him And What You Let Him See I Had Another Conversation With Her Brother Yesterday He He You Know The I Got Some Guys Who Come To Me And They Tell Me Stuff Like That Like Yeah Man The Alien Things Man I Got A Watch Out I Can’t Really Send People Your Way And As Cool I Know Everybody’s In A Different Different Space So But Dan This Is One That Stood Out The Damn When He Was Disciple And Gods He’s Like Yeah I Had To Turn It Off Man You’re Talking About Ayahuasca And You Know Saying To Smoking Ayahuasca And Ride The Back Of Dragons And Cinders And Macabre To Smoke It Ia Iowa Sky Ride The Back Of Dragons Or Cinders And Macabre The Ride The Back Of Dragons Is Just Like A Metaphor Of Going On That Journey Of Going To The Dream State Of Having The Psychedelic Experience Or Just Riding The Dragon It’s Been Called That Before A Cinders On Markaba So The Makai If You Don’t Know What That Is Makabe Or Merkabah Which Is Really Deep We Go Down To The The Hebrew Understanding Of The Word Because It’s A Hebrew Word It Means Vehicle And So When We Read The We Read In The Scripture We Talk We We Read About The Chariots Of Fire Which Essentially Are Ufos A Chariot Of Fire That Has Sins From Heaven To Earth And The Israelites Would Look Up And Be Led By A Chariot Of Fire And They Said That The Presence Of The Lord Led Them Through The Desert Through The Dry Land As A Cloud By Day And A Flame Of Fire By Night So The Word Chariot Translates To Merkabah Which Means Vehicle In The Hebrew Markaba Or Markaba The Symbol For That And You Know Many Spiritualist Circles Is What Resembles To Be What We Know As The Star David The Six Pointed Star Spinning So If It Was A 3d Object Or 3d Symbol Spinning That’s Where You See Like The Star David It Almost Looks Like It’s Like A 3d Object And So Through Through Meditation You Can Achieve What It’s Called Light Body And So You Basically It’s It’s A Form Of Meditation That You Practice And It It Essentially Comes Through Aligning The Chakras And And And Doing The Spiritual Work And Getting Rid Of All Of The Stuff That’s Weighing You Down All Of The Stuff That’s Holding You Back So That You Can Ascend Right You Don’t Have Any Blockages You Don’t Have Anything You’re Dealing With And Then You Reach The Level Of Ascension And So You Can Turn Your Body Into Light And Travel Through The Dream State Or Travel Even In The Physical Realm This Is An Eastern Tradition There’s Also A Egyptian Tradition They Call It The Wills Of Light Which Is Also What You Know Under Another Name Of The Chakra System Or Or The Seats Of Light Seats Of Light And Wheels Of Light As Well Wheels Because They’re Spinning And There’s A Deep Meditation Practice That You Can Do Which Is Powerful If You’re Trying To If You’re Trying To Do That And You’re Trying To Ascend Or Reach That Trance-like State Start At Your Core Or I’m Sorry Not Your Core But Your Um Base Chakra The Bottom Chakra And You Just Which Is You Know Right In Your Pelvic Area Your Genitals Essentially And Just See A Ball Of Light There Spinning Clockwise And See It Lighting Up And Then See It Traveling Up Connecting To The Next One Or Around The Navel And See It Lighting Up Very Bright And Just See It Raising Up And So You Start At The Base And Let It Go All The Way Up To The Spine To The Third Eye So That’s When You You Keep In Rotation And Then Do The Crown Chakra Which Is At The Top Of The Head And Weird Things Happen When You Do That If You Can Make It To The Top And Keep That Up That’s A Good Place To Start If People Are Trying To Get In The Trance State And Tap Into Some Of Those Realms That’s A Very Good Place To Start Because Any Time You Know Guys Know They Leave In The Last Episode I Talked About The You Know What While I’m Spending Time In Meditation I See This Light That’s Going Back And Forth And It’s Spinning And It’s Moving And It’s Zigzagging And Watching That Light Kind Of Hypnotized As You And Takes You Deeper Into That State And So Essentially If You’re Doing This You Know The Seats Of Light Meditation You See Them Spinning And That Is Also Pulling You Deeper Into The Trance State When You Focus You Focus On Them Spinning Rotating And Then At The Top Of The Head And A Lot Of Times When You Get There I’m Not Gonna Lie On You You’ll Feel Something Happen But It’s So Foreign To Us At This Point That Most Of Us Are Snap Back Into Our Bodies Like This Very Second That We Do It And We Wake Up Like Oh Wow But You Know Something Happened You Can Feel Something Happen There So Yeah I Definitely Recommend That The Study Of Joseph Campbell The Meaning Of Harry Potter Brother Tell Them To Decipher The Magic That Is Inside You So The Study Of Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell Was Talking About The Hero’s Journey And How They’re In Every Movie In Every Book And Every Novel There’s This Revolving Story You Know And Just Look At Marvel Comics Look At The Story Of Jesus And And All The Other Masters They All Have The Same Cycle The Same Story They Have A Prophesied Birth They Come To The Earth They Learn Their They’ve Reached A Level Where They’re A Whore Righteous Teacher And They’re Teaching On The Earth Or They’re Doing This Journey Or They Come To This Scenario And Then They Fall From Grace And They Have Something That Happens To Them And They Have To Rise Again Like The Phoenix And Come Back In A Greater Glory And Save Mankind Or Save Humanity And So You See That In A Lot Of Marvel Movies You See That In The Story Of Jesus And Joseph Campbell Has A Book Called The Hero’s Journey In It Based In There’s Maps And It’s Really Neat To Look At And You Look At That And That’s Exactly Where George Lucas Got The Story For Star Wars He Was A Big Joseph Campbell Fan And He’s Done A Lot Of Interviews Talking About Joseph Campbell And They’ve You Know I Think They I Think They Had A Friendship As Well So Joseph Campbell Is Really Deep We Actually Sampled Joseph Campbell At The Beginning Of The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space He’s At The Beginning In End Of That Song So He Deals A Lot With Myth And The Power Of Myth And The Power Of Story Right So That’s Joseph Campbell And I Say The Study Of Joseph Campbell The Meaning Of Harry Potter And People That Maybe Just Think We’re Just Throwing Words In There It’s Like Well You Wouldn’t Raman About Harry Potter Essentially It Just Kind Of You Know If You Understand If You Understand What Joseph Campbell Is Then The Hero’s Journey Then The Harry Potter Thing Will Kind Of Make Sense Because The Story Of Harry Potter Is The Story Of Jesus Is To Come Back To Save His Friends Fighting The The Enemy Within That You Know Fighting The Enemy Without And Rising Again And Coming To This Level And Even Many Cases Giving Up Themselves So That The Others May Live Right You Are The Hero And And So The Harry Potter Story Is The Hero’s Journey Definitely Brother Tell Them To The Site For The Magic That Is Inside You Essentially That You Are Beautiful You Are Blessed You Are A Spiritual Being You Have The Power Of Life And Death Within You Even Over Your Situation You Can Speak To The Things That Are Not As Though They Were And See Manifestation Happen In Your Life In The Life Of Others I’ve Seen It It Gets More Real And Real Every Day There’s Different Levels It’s Like A Muscle Man Your Faith Is A Must Muscle The Scriptures Say That Faith Comes By Hearing And Hearing By The Word Of God Hearing The Truth Of God Spoken Over Your Life Reading The Word Of God Which You Know We Call The Scriptures The Word Of God Which Is The Written Word But You Have The Word Which Is Jesus And The Jesus As The Word Made Flesh And To Come And Teach Us How To Live To Teach Us How To Love And Teach Us How To Fulfill The Hero’s Journey As Well Because His Story Is All Is Our Story And That’s Exactly Why He Says That You Must Be Crucified That You Must Take Up Your Cross Daily And Follow After Me Because You’re Gonna Die On That Cross Did They Physically Take Up Crosses And Walk Around No It’s Symbolic It’s Allegory He’s Talking About You Living Out The Allegory That You Come To Your Giants In Your Life That You’re Gonna Face And Overcome Those Giants And You Overcome Your Idolatry Your Golden Calf That You’re Gonna Have To Face You Go To Your Promised Land And You See What Appears To Be Giants Occupying The Land That God Has Promised You That Indeed Is The Hero’s Journey And That’s The Power Of Allegory As Well It’s All I’ve Got I’ve Got Some Writings That I Need To Publish About About The Power Of Allegory And The Power Of Myths And The Power Of How Once We Understand That The Different Levels Of Awakening That We Go Through And We Understand That It’s Not Somebody Else’s Story Or The Bible Is Not Telling King David’s Story In His Genealogy And His Offspring But It’s Telling Your Story It’s A Magical Book The Bible Says The Scripture Says That The Word Is Alive That It’s Living It’s The Living Word It’s Not A Dead It’s Not A History Book But It’s Living And It’s Living Through You The Word Even Says That You Are Living Epistles Right Which Things Are An Allegory Which Things Are Symbolic All Throughout The Bible These Things Are Symbolic Not For Them But For Us For Our Walk For Our Inheritance For Our Destiny And That’s What Makes It So Much Better For Me Because It Makes It More Real To Me People Get Offended By That But I’ve Got Some Writings I Got A Release You Guys Be Looking Forward For Some Of That Stuff To Come Out Got Some Writings Just About The Process Man That We Go Through When Our When Our Paradigms Are Challenged And I I Go Into A Lot Of Detail About That About The Allegory So So To Kind Of Finish It Up I’ll Talk About The Outros In The And There’s A Little Sample That I Used That Like A Little Pre-chorus Bridge On The Second Verse My Friend Phil Phil Bush Who I’m Gonna Have On The The Podcast Very Soon Very Interesting Guy Awesome Friend While I Was Working On Some Music And Talking About Using Samples And Stuff He Talked About This Sample He Said That I Should Sample This Phrase From Steve Vai From His Solo Album And He Told Me What It Was And We Looked It Up And I Was Like That’s Dope So I Saved It And And I Used It And He Says Walking The Fine Line Between Pagan And Christian And So I Sampled That And I Put I Put That In The Song And I Think That That Makes Perfect Sense To Many Many Of The Stuff That We Talked About And In The Music And Just In Our Studies Man It’s Considered Pagan Tree And The Study Of Other Subjects That Aren’t Christian Literature So That’s Where That That Sample Comes From Shout Out To Phil And Then The Outro Was Taken From A Terence Mckenna Lecture I Forgot The Lady’s Name I Know Name’s Mary Mary’s Something I Forgot But She’s Talking About In The Outro That The Plants Are Alive And That They They Have A Communication And A Message In Consciousness That They Share With You When You Eat Them That They Release Messages To You And So I Guess The Same Notion Is To Be Said About The Psilocybin Psilocybin Mushrooms The Dna Of Your Like Unlocking The Secrets To The Universe Man Very Insane Man Very Insane And So I Don’t Want To Encourage Anybody To Do Mushrooms I Don’t Want To Promote It And Make It Sound Like Oh You Should Do It Man Do Your Research I Will Say That And Then I Will Say That If It’s Calling You You Have No Choice But To Do It That’s Where I Found Myself It Was Just Calling Me Calling Me I Was Scared They Had Something He Wanted To Show Me But I Was Very Nervous I Fought It I Was Uh You Know There Was Different Interviews Of Me In The Past Where They’re Talking To Me About Psychedelics What Is Your View On Psychedelics And I Was Always Touting That Well You Don’t Really Need Psychedelics That You Can Enter The Trance State Through Prayer Through Meditation Through Kundalini Yoga Things Like This And You Can Enter Those Altered States That Many People Achieve Through Psilocybin And Mushrooms And Ayahuasca And Things And I Also Used To Quote David Wilcock Because David Wilcock Says That Going Into The The Spirit Realm Through These Other Doors That They Are It’s Kind Of Cheating Because You’re Just Going Straight In Without Doing The Spiritual Work Without Doing A Spiritual Practice And And There Is A Lot Of Truth To That Man I Think They Go Hand In Hand And I Used To I Used To Repeat That All The Time Or I Remember Even After Doing It With With My Brother Drew I Said Yeah Man You Know A Lot Of Those States Can Be Achieved Through Prayer And Meditation And We’re Like Yeah They Were Like Nah It’s A Whole Different Thing It’s Not Like I Commune With God Through This And This Way Only No It’s It’s Another Way To Commune With God Just Like Prayer Just Like Meditation Just I Read In The Bible Just Worship Music Putting Music On All Different Ways For You To Experience Your Creator And In This Spiritual Manner Of Walking In The Spirit And So The Psilocybin Mushrooms Is Definitely A Way As Well And It Was Something Very Beautiful And I’ve Had To Talk To People About Pharmakeia Is Mushrooms Pharmakeia Are It Is Is It Sorcery Because The Bible Forbids Sorcery And And So Many People Think That You Know Drugs Are Sorcery Which Many Of Them Are If We Look At The Pharmaceutical Industry It’s It’s Pharmakeia It’s It’s Sorcery It’s The Mixing Of Medicines It’s Making All Of These These Concoctions Almost As A Witch’s Brew And So You Have To Create Something And Mix This Stuff Together And Put Chemicals And Look At Crack Cocaine You Look At All This Fake Stuff That They’re Doing Over-the-counter Hell No Hell No Do Not Want It No Interest In It You Can Keep It But Anything Natural Anything That That Springs Up Forth From The Fruit Of The Ground From From The Mother I’m Totally For Totally For Anything Natural And So That’s Sorcery Is It’s The The Mixing Which Is Which Is The Pharmakeia And So Yeah That’s What That So Yet There’s Any Question About That Don’t Don’t Be Afraid I’ve Got You Know That’s The Thing And I Say That Because That’s What Many Church People Go To That’s The First Place All You Guys Are Dealing With Pharmakeia Man The Bible Forbids Pharmakeia With Something Totally Different Not The Same As Picking Up A Mushroom On The Ground Eating It And Then God Talks To You Nope Totally Different So Hey I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Episode Let Me Know If You Want Me To Keep Doing This Let Me Know The Songs That You Want Me To Break Down Because I Have So Many Songs And I’ll Move Them To The Top Of The List If You Have A Certain Song That You Want To Hear Me Give To The Bottom Of And Tell You What It Means To Me I Will Definitely Do It And Reach Out To Me On My Social Media And I Will Reach Back So I Want To Thank Everybody For Supporting Me On Patreon Calm Is Perfect Way For People To Support Creators Like Myself People Creating Our Music Podcast Those Ways Man Like I Said If You Go To My Website It Shows You The Search Terms Of How People Get To Your Website And Top Up There On The List It’s True Seeker Free Download True Seeker Torrent Download True Seeker 3:20 And These Are The Terms That You Look Up When You Want To Download Free Music So My Music Is Out There On All Kind Of Torrent Sites And Stuff Like That So As An Artist I Don’t Make A Lot Of Money As An Artist From From Selling Music Online I Don’t Make A Lot Of Artists Um Money So The Best Way To Support Is Through Patreon So I Head To And I’ve Made It Cool Because You Guys Get Unreleased Stuff You Guys Get Extra Podcast By Doing That Becoming A Member You Guys Get Music That’s Not Released Yet People Inbox Me All The Time Almost Every Day Hey Man When’s The New Music Coming Out When Can We Get New Music And I Got To Remind Them That New Music Is On Patreon I Got About 6 Or 7 Songs On There Right Now About To Upload Like 3 More That We’re About To Finish And As Soon As I Finished Music I Put It On There So That Those Of You Guys Who Can Can Do That Definitely Do It I Mean If You’re Gonna Only Give A Dollar A Month 5 Dollars Whatever It Is Everything Helps It Goes A Long Way To Help Me Pay The Bills And Do What I’m Trying To Do With The Music And With The Podcast And Kind Of Get This Message Out There So Much Stuff That We Want To Do And We Kind Of Need The Finances To Do That So That Would Be Awesome If You Guys Can Do That Also If You Found This Show Interesting And You Have Somebody Out There 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Teacher T-shirt These Guys I Love Each And Every One Of Y’all For Real [music] You

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