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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Celestial Serpent about Sacred Geometry and Occult Symbolism.

Celestial Serpent is an Entertainer, Musician, Artist, Lecturer, Film maker, producer metaphysician and poly math involved in many diverse projects. Celestial Serpent was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand but currently lives and travels all around the world performing Live music, workshops and lectures, producing and screening films, Researching, painting and liaising with communities and grass roots organizations on behalf of Live on Love Foundation. Celestial Serpent considers both art, film and music (when used correctly) to be great tools of education, inspiration and communication, holding the potential to compress massive amounts of information into palatable yet easily digestible packages. Celestial Serpent thinks of his work as a method of sharing rare and sacred information in hope of helping others to discover alternative ways of living. Becoming more sustainable, symbiotic and spiritually in tuned with one another. He is very open to collaboration, always keen to work with good-hearted people/organizations. Celestial is involved in a large number of charitable, social and community projects and is well known for offering his services free of charge for a good cause.