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This is the second hour of the interview with Charity Croff about the universe, consciousness and God. TruthSeekah and Leo go into discussion about the patriarchy and some of the ancient beliefs that were once represented by the early church.
Charity Croff is one-half of a group called Arch Duke. He is one of the most gifted videos essayist on the web. His downloads have reached into the millions. His eyes are almost hypnotic and his essays are delivered like a Miles Davis song. God willing, his star will only get brighter in the future.



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a little bit though from the top oh yes okay okay we’re live with the second hour welcome to the second hour everybody again hats off to everybody supporting what we’re doing you guys are awesome we had some people support the patreon last week when we streaming live somebody came in and gave $100 a month on patreon that’s crazy that that blew me away I was like what first time for everything all the new members we have man thank you guys for real I’m gonna say it every time but yeah we left off talking about the hierarchy and the feminine and the masculine and I mentioned the the little man syndrome these little guys in these big trucks with the loud pipes and setting up real high man we were kind of going back to what you were saying about people wanting to even then wanting to be above people or even the church situation or they want it to be on that top tier platform there’s something about literally the physical representation of above this like the fact that when even us as musicians do a show there’s this stage you know I’m saying as always which I guess you could say oh that’s just so people can see but a lot of times they’re just extremely high if you go to a festival stage they’re way higher than it’s really even necessary to the point that people are literally looking up like this is something about us as humans that we just love feeling even if there is the actual literal physical representation of abundance yeah I got bullied when I was a little kid and mind you this is just another little kid bullying me so no judgment on him for being a little kid but uh it’s to show how deeply entrenched that is into our brains he used to tell me to like get on my knees yeah I’m saying like and like just get down and like eat dirt and stuff I got a bully real bad like second grade yeah like eight or seven or something you know I was skinny and whatever and yeah and he would tell me to just get down on my knees because for whatever reason it just made him feel better to see himself as physically higher up and you know and that’s really deep like I see a lot of psychological issues going on yeah it’s very there’s uh there’s there’s definitely a reoccurring theme of systemic patriarchy inclinations in our game in our society in our DNA’s where we’re still seeing that you know even with a lot of these women movements and civil rights and you know we still see that women are still being underpaid you know women are still underrepresented in politics and people think the pay gap is not a real thing it is a real thing it is an abelian economy so people saying that that is not a real thing it is yeah and not just that with that just the the way they internalize that psychologically about a woman I was watching one of your videos I was credible in a way by that it’s just historically the way even with Paul the Pauline Scriptures the way he put out a lot of doctrine about how women are supposed to be subservient to men that’s crazy right but I going off of that I wanted to get your take on the Council of Nicaea and I’ve been studying it not extensively but from what I’m hearing is in Rome and Antioch a lot of these bishops had patriarchal inclinations and they removed a lot of the the goddess the female interactions in the Bible and they made it more age archaeal oriented so the reason why we see a lot of this talking down to a woman is because of the way they edited the scriptures moreover how they remove certain Gospels like the gospel of Mary and the book of a knock and you know all these extra biblical canons that are not a part of the Bible I just want to get your take on that and see what you researched what your thoughts are on that and the way it’s led to the way we see women in this day and age okay well this is a two-tiered question for me so I was having a conversation with one of the most intelligent human beings that I know period which is a guy by the name of Benjamin Errol Turner he’s a rapper you guys can check him out he’s amazing like literally extraordinary and he’s one of my best friends and so you know we always talk about the people always talk about the Council of Nicaea oh yeah they took all of these books the Bible but let’s go to the question before that which is who decided that all of these random books and letters and diaries were the Word of God right so even before we talked about what was taken out of the Bible and put this together and called it a Bible right this is like the Corinthians is literally a letter from Paul to the people of Corinth the Church of Corinth and telling them that he thinks that I should do this mind you Paul was not a real apostle he self-appointed himself as that day he got God and now he’s an apostle right and so he wrote half today and so it’s just like literally self-appointed himself to do so so who decided to take his personal letters that he wrote to the Church of Corinth and called this the immutable Word of God right here before we even talked about them taking scriptures out of the Bible let’s talk about whose idea was it to just put all of this random stuff together and call it the Holy Word yeah there’s somebody letters to people and somebody personally diary Psalms was literally somebody’s like writing book that they was writing songs in and somebody called this the Word of God who decided that well I think I think David King David wrote a lot of the songs through his trials and tribulations I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna tell you what’s crazy I’m not saying that I believe it but there is a huge movement a fringe movement to say that of people who believe that the Apostle Paul is the Antichrist spoken of in the scriptures they believe that all the prophecies about this person who was coming to change the laws and change the dates and like and it’s so crazy if you listen to them how they can break it down there’s a movement of people who believe that he is the Antichrist yeah it’s deep deep I can I can dig it because it’s just like he literally self-appointed himself like you can read it right in the Bible but this is this is just a random dude that just that never even met Jesus Yeah right I’ve never met him this talking stories about what he thinks should be done and we calling this the Word of God we should go further back and maybe to the to the viewers that we have right now in the views that may watch this later maybe going further back and talked about Sumerian culture and the way that I am and the way that a lot of the biblical canon was influenced by that culture I don’t know if you want to my mind you the number one thing that I will always say is that I know nothing the only thing that I know is that I know nothing right you know saying but from what I’ve learned it there is countless evidence to support the idea that the entire Bible is just a gigantic plagiarized thing right that Jesus literally could really be hair guru or orange you know that all of the people and characters in the Bible may not have ever actually walks earth you know and then there’s a lot of context to say that they did right we look at the Sumerian text and we look at the stories of the Anunnaki and how much the ANU malicious directly correlates with Genesis and it was written like five thousand years prior to it in this damn near the exact same story there’s just so many question is it’s just a myriad just of disturbing concepts that you it would just take forever like me and my friend vigilance and Christ I was talking about said that in actuality to be a Christian in 2016 truthfully should you should be a historian or a scholar like a historian there’s no way you could really understand this right like to even think of the context 3,000 years ago of certain words how can we even have them like this it was originally written in like archaic and then translated it’s a Hebrew and then translated to first century Greek and then second century Greek and being Latin and then Italian and being English you feel what I’m saying how insanely far away we are from all of this there how do we know anything about this thing right how do we really how can we really honestly say we know anything unless we like an actual this story you know even then it’s still it’s still it’s still biased from like whatever you’ve are like the school of thought you come from right it’s still it’s still buying about like like King James right which is the iteration of the Bible that thereby created all these translations that we had now like everybody knows this was a war mongering powerful person who literally like how how own do you have to be to get your own version of the holy text right how powerful do you have to be to be like this is the King James Version or you know his other book right uh-huh you know his his other book right what he’s got a book on demonology I haven’t read I want to read it though cuz I’m big nor demonology and I’m big on the spirit realm and I haven’t read it yet but I just found out about that yeah he had another book and so like so to even think about the intense and this is what I was talking about with Benjamin to even think about the intent the intentions of the people that translated the Bible like this is the Bible was probably translated first to English I like the 1500s right 1515 England how many people how rich this you have to be to even know how to read yeah I know that you have to be to even know how to read and we’re not just the regular people that can read but not only can you read but she you know how to read archaic in Hebrew and translated into English how powerful that you have to be to even be in that position to be the transfer right so really think about what were the intentions behind people that were unimaginably powerful and educated in order to even be able to translate this effort coming from the background also that history is interpreted by the victor right so it well our work we’re having a large exclusion of the individuals who have lost or have been oppressed or marginalized historically so we’re hearing more than likely hearing the story of the victor what can we ever say about the Bible and call the truth out how many corrupt hands did it literally have to go to to go through to get us like there’s no there’s no way that we can even imagine that the historical context of this Bible didn’t I go through a mix corruption this might the corruption that we already know of like the Council of Nicaea right so this is you truly understand the Bible and to truly understand the state of affairs that we’re in today in this day and age the way how dysfunctional things are we have to first come from the perspective would you agree that the Bible has is highly edited is not complete and it doesn’t even is is completely illogical no no this is the thing this is how deep this is the brainwashing aspect of Christianity that I don’t like because there are many Christians that will argue or with God anything is possible right so all the good stuff still got through us and that was the divine order of God even though it went through all of these bad people hands still this book that was given to us is the Holy Word meant to enrich us and bla bla bla bla and that’s that side of Christianity that I don’t like because it is because when you just say will but God now you gotta answer Sarah right now you can literally forget logic suspend logic and just say but guy and I don’t like that idea yeah there’s no way that is that book that book is not correct your yeah was it yeah they I think they’re just standing for the beautiful stuff that spoke to them through it right even though whether it’s got a lot of corruption in it or we’re talking about the wars and the killings and raping and pillaging stuff like that you know trying to defend that even though they might not do it they still are gonna try to defend the stuff that spoke to them those standalone scriptures you know with God all things are possible as day that can help get you through a hard time or whatever right most these people like you saying in the like in the Jesus video that you made like most people they don’t know anything they are the what is it the 85% or whatever you know I’m saying so they really don’t yeah but that’s just what it is a lot of people are going to just most people aren’t going to be a historian yeah exactly but we as the people that are seeking this knowledge needs to make it readily available for the people that I’m gonna go out of their way to do it exactly yeah that’s what we do that’s what we do these podcasts and stuff for a man because like like people people start searching people start having encounters and spiritual encounters or whatever and they don’t have nobody to talk to they go to the pastor and try to talk to him about maybe some things that are happening outside the Bible or even within the Bible but their church doesn’t agree with it or whatever so they don’t have nobody to talk to so we have like a lot of young people who are kind of like displaced and they’re looking for leaders and they’re looking for people to to just talk to or hear like a similar story man so that’s what’s crazy about this podcast and when we started out just putting our necks out there to talk about aliens and talk about all of these encounters and your Kundalini doing Kundalini Yoga as a Christian you know I’m saying other people are having this experience and and seeing God in all religions and if you can’t see God in all then you can’t see God at all man I truly truly believe that so there’s just well there’s just a lot of people man who they hold on to the good and I mean there’s a lot of Christian apologetics out there that try to justify some of these things and a lot of that I get lost in it you know because it gets a little too extreme well one of the reoccurring themes that I haven’t yet not dropped out and I think it still plays a very important role is the Genesis Genesis six narrative how do you research anything about the fall in the nepheline how many of these tribes may have been warring against a bloodline that was tampered by the fallen leads of genetic modifiers of the bloodline a lot I don’t know if you know who dr. Michael Heizer is dr. Michael Heizer has been researching this and one of his books called returning to Hermon and a lot of a lot of apologists speak about these these tampered bloodlines or these Nephilim how a lot of these these tribes had that spirit that was worshiping vil or a child sacrificing and that a lot of these chosen tribes by Jehovah Yahweh war called to you know bring genocide to these to these tampered bloodlines or to these fallen tribes have you ever come at it from that perspective learn some things about never have you pronounce it and the idea that you know people demons or fallen angels whichever you prefer didn’t made it with humans and then created these giants and all of these things and thereby there is evil and wicked bloodlines within in amongst the people then you can go to the other side of conspiracy land and I’m sure you guys aren’t unfamiliar with it that what if the entire Bible is a gigantic alien story that has a potential possibility that if you were to read this and literally just objectively reciting scriptures I could point out scriptures to you right now that if you were to read them objectively it would sound like it was clearly they’re talking about clearly this Ezekiel’s wheel cq1 and I’m just talking like you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist you don’t have to be anything if you just objectively read Ezekiel one there’s no way that you can read it without clearly saying that man it sound like it’s are aliens this is something though that Derek really specializes in because I mean I know that a lot of the eloheem and a lot of the children of God though also traveled through through the the wheels of fire by a fire by night maybe have you ever approached the Bible in that sense not just in the sense that it may not be true but that it may be true but the context of it has not been interpreted completely absolutely uh like I have a halfway inclination you know like I said this is I’m not saying that I actually subscribe to this but it makes just as much sense almost more sense in some cases that this entire book literally be a gigantic alien story have you had any encounters have you had any alien have you had any alien encounters or UFO encounters oh no no and I won’t not wanna what do you think are if you could take a wild guess what are they good are they bad if there are if they are out there we know that there is something out there yeah do you think they are they are they good intention are they bad intention I think they are just like humans I think I think if we take the book of the Bible and say that the God of Israel was actually a alien and we say he wanted to come down so that we take the Anunnaki Sumerian approach and say he wants to come down to earth and build a slavery so many things make more sense now because if this is the creator of the universe it doesn’t make sense to put out of and Eve in the Garden of Eden if you knew that they were going to sin against you and eat the tree of knowledge and then get kicked out why would you put them there in the first place if you already knew that unless and if you weren’t an almighty all-knowing being and you were just intelligent genetic engineer and you didn’t expect the humans to do that now they did that because it wouldn’t make sense for the creator of the universe to have to let the whole earth get populated and being destroyed in the flood and only keep knowing a history of France that doesn’t make sense if you’re the creator because you could have just made them where they didn’t sin against him in the first place apologists will come in and say well the flood you know was a way of cleansing that fallen bloodline or the bloodline that was of the spirit of the fall and ER and I’m writing to that but I messed up and wanted to start over like that’s super like you know that’s real off the deep end of the conspiracy theories but then again when I know it’ll hold on to everything it’s the work it’s the mark of a wise man that you’re able to hold on to ideals without holding them to be true right all the quotes that I use on a daily basis that’s uh-huh you got to be able to hold on to everything without completely accepting it you know that is the mark of an intelligent man is to be able to consider an idea without actually believing yes Derek I know you wanted to kind of go in the direction of maybe expand on this or do you want to go in the direction well we got a we got a question yeah we got yeah we got one this that’s here now over here in the second hour um Graham wants to know if you believe in evolution what are your thoughts on evolution I don’t know we’re like I know that’s it I notice a compact that word like what type of it I got my motto in life is I believe everything is equally true and false I put that on my tombstone I believe the Bible is true I believe that evolution is true I believe that all of this is true but like we all say we are just looking at it in the wrong context I believe that we probably did evolve from from apes which evolved from a lesser species there all the way back to the initial bacteria that was on the earth or whatever it makes sense there is a lot of evidence to support that like Darwin is is evidence upon evidence to show that we came from lesser and lesser beings that eventually developed up to where we are right now you know now who’s to say that when he got all the way up to the 8th being God or alien or whatever genetically modified and here goes humans yeah I’m saying you can mix them both or you could say that it came all the way to the 8th and then we had a whole earth everything but humans and then God came and populated the earth with humans we could say that I believe that science and spirituality and even science or religion are not usually exclusive so in short yes I think evolution is real it was something I wanted to ask you to depend on do you think that science could ever truly accept spirituality and spirituality could never accept science is there gonna be emerging I mean that’s my goal in life so of course I’m gonna say yeah I know most people say no like they’re gonna die hard they’ll yeah I think they hold on to their I know that’s what I know that’s where we come in though you know I’m saying I’m saying I am walking strong in equally science in the equal in spirituality who’s come really close to that recently I don’t know if you know who Nasim Armenians he studies fractals sacred geometry how how many different cultures have these same reoccurring symbols better reflection of our sacred geometric selves or cellular structures our atoms you know is science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind and that’s just real like we have to like there’s no way like being an atheist being a scientist almost seems like a contradiction to me right because science is based off of observation and being hypothesis right how can you truthfully be a self-respecting scientist and say that even though 85% of earth have been spiritual believers since literally the foundation in the beginning of humankind literally every age of civilization ever that has made these intricate amazing extraordinary pyramids literally a hundred percent of them have stuff on the walls about deities and gods and stuff there is no way that you could truthfully be a self-respecting scientist and say all these people just lie these people just delusional there’s no such thing as God there’s no such thing as demons everybody that bothers me that I’ve been noticing recently is the destruction of a lot of our art you know all of these sacred cultural landscapes because of the the war in Iraq and Afghanistan you know America first thing they did have you know led the charge in and somehow Isis is now destroying a lot of this Sumerians oh yeah yeah I’ve seen a lot of the history that’s being destroyed what has he history isn’t that the first thing they like you know saying they did when they took over people though was they go to the holy relics and destroy them even in the scriptures they went and found the idols and the statues and overthrew them so we’re like we’re still doing that going into Iraq and Afghanistan and there’s videos of us taking tanks through their holy places in like the ancient Sumerian stuff like I’ll turn all that stuff up even since I mean think about the fact that every every religion every every historical context that we have on earth leads back to the Middle East everything leads back to Sumerian culture Egyptian the Gaza Strip all attack Syria Iraq India all of it yeah everything that we have leads back to there and coincidentally since ever it’s always war right there it’s something right over there that is like stargates my real talk like real talk like the access to everything clearly are over there because it’s all theory and I don’t know this is kind of mind-blowing is that when you know during Pangaea before the breaking of the continents that actually the cradle of life was actually Australia with aboriginals and that there’s a lot of archaeological findings there that are showing carbon dating that exceeds what they’re finding in Africa so I don’t know maybe well you know it’s subjective we’re really and anything ever really started but I find it interesting that a lot of these archaeological finds that they’re finding in Australia it’s it’s it’s mine altering in the fact that they you know what they’ve done to the aboriginals historically to the same way they’ve done historically in the United States you know and with the British monarch having almost control of three-fourths in the of the entire world at one point right yeah and so the super pro-black hotep people you know have this hello the polite people like there but I don’t even trust them there well on that whole little wave have this whole thing like the black woman is God right yeah and uh the interesting thing about that concept not to say that I subscribe to it but the interesting thing about the whole concept of the black woman is the guy is it’s funny that since the beginning of whatever we can remember we got a hoedown women and we got a hoedown black people people that have always been tormented on this earth has been the darker complected people are the women so there is something divine yeah about complected women you know historically speaking they are absolutely the most marginalized group on earth it’s black woman by a trillion billion long shot and that’s been that way since and it makes you think right what is it about black women that our earth is afraid of why do we have to keep our foot in the neck of the black woman since the beginning of or the beginning of human is there have you studied at all the the the idea of the Illuminati being originating from African culture and that it was basically culturally appropriated by the white people to gain some type of wisdom background like what having what habits because we are the Illuminati approach of closely appropriating you know is that’s like everyone knows like you can read that Plato and Aristotle or all of them literally attended Egyptian mystery schools like they write it there Stokes in my trips to Egypt I learned this niggas was coming from Greece going to Egypt to learn all of this knowledge from the black people in it coming back from Greece and then when they brought too much cool knowledge degrees Alexander the Great it was like you know what I need to go over there and take all this shit yes Alexander the Great goes back to Egypt and just dominates the whole joint and creates Alexandria and marries Cleopatra yeah I’m saying so clear why people were taking African knowledge and using that history school knowledge to their own benefit look at the American dollar bill with like are these Egyptian signs right expanding on what your what you’re talking about going towards mace masonry Masonic initiation the Masons that’s all appropriation then I mean who’s to know who you ask yeah so is just like the Masons like I’m certain will tell you that they are the makers of all of this you know saying like you said everything everybody got their own little personal greenwashing you know I’m saying like all little nari said that they tell themselves I seriously doubt the Masons will proclaim that they stole anything from Africa see I’m saying I don’t know though I’m not amazing you know I am in a fraternity that is based in Egyptian knowledge Alpha Phi Alpha and uh but it’s like his way we basis the way he has every way way less knowledge it’s funny because the Masons all they worship you know it’s it’s all Commission culture it’s all surrounded around Commission and Kabbalistic culture and the the irony is historically though and I have a lot of friends were Mason there’s a lot of people that are of color who are Mason’s now but historically it’s always been predominantly white and patriarchy Superman no yeah yeah yeah they won’t even greet a black Mason yep so I mean you got some of them I’ve talked to a guy recently and I actually got him to open up and I actually mentioned to him about manly P Hall I was trying to I was trying to you know pick his brain I’m like you know I’m a big manly P Hall fan he had no idea who manly P Hall was he thought I said P Hollis and Prince Hall which it which is the black Masons right and he said no if there’s a if there’s any uh you know Prince Hall Mason’s any black Masons we do not recognize them he said if we see them and it in an elevator we are to turn our backs towards them so it’s still like this bigotry racist stuff even in those circles yeah I know that I do know I do know that I got not close friends but decently close friends that are high ranking maces that are black that got the juice ooh powerful stuff because they amazing so don’t get it twisted even the black mesas they all yeah I mean that’s what um what they believe is that is that you know that knowledge came from Babel right and that’s where they kind of have any real you know hold ups about the Masons I’m not one of those people planet I just know that too many presidents of the United States of America were maysa me to ever want to be amazing mister it would have been the presidents of this country tend to not be that great people yeah I just I couldn’t respect myself saying I’m in the same organization as George Washington I just couldn’t you know there’s too many of these male-oriented clubs historically like the order of the good fellows or the odd fellows you know that you know there’s too many of these historically that have just led to me being very discouraged by it but I also know that it they’re not completely bad people they’re very charitable they’re all about supporting you know the advancement of society the infrastructure doing things for the better but I think that there definitely has been an infiltration I said I know nothing about they hold a little situation what I will say is you know not all fraternities have those you know evil undertones or intentions you know for example my fraternity was the organization started about seven black men at a white college in order to support black me this is my organization we started in nineteen oh six like number to seven right right right think of how radical you have to be to be a black man and start an organization in 1906 in the mirror you know said how much you are going against everything so the reason I wanted to be a part of this organization sidenote w eb Dubois Martin Luther King Thurgood Marshall all of them are outlets you know Cornel West all outfits and you know the Alpha Phi Alpha is an organization that was about empowering black people when we literally had nothing this is 1906 forty years after slavery like we were slaves forty years ago I’m glad people and black me and said we’re going to be nice together and try to support one of them so that’s why I joined my organization as far as the Masons and other stuff sometimes it seems like it might be some sinister undertones to those things I don’t know that because I’m not I don’t know that’s noble of you to be a part of file for man i my what my wife’s good friend that she was but that’s not what’s the opposite alfalfa for the sorority okay and that was Rosa Parks and a lot of great black women that were part of that organization so yeah those organizations were pretty much organizations that were created for the sustainability of the black culture we were getting attacked more than ever this is literally right fresh out of slavery right you know so yeah they’re preview as far as these rule the worldé organization is keep my distance maybe we should talk a little bit about your music man what you’re doing with the arts do spit of her yeah also a little bit about it what’s you do you want to incorporate a lot of what you’re learning and a lot of your wisdom into it to help enlighten people well what’s your what you up to yeah absolutely that’s what it is Archduke is me and my best friend I’m Jacob in there and just make music about feelings you know I’m saying about whatever we feel and moment everything is about energetic energy and everything everything is a vial everything is just how you feel so we make feel music you know about Friend or Foe man that got me feeling I’m like wait what I want to ask what was the inclination behind that that was it was no Archduke at that time that was just Jacobs video I was just that’s so crazy that was like a little uh story that he made about his girlfriend at the time first song that kind of got us all the notoriety you know before I even saw my videos like that’s way where I notoriety started was with that song you know in the the refrain or the bridge of that song you know is speaking to the atmosphere you know that’s what we talk about us now speaking life about speaking love about speaking positivity about speaking empathy about being great people and enjoying your life and demanding to the universe or to God your happiness your contentment you know and greatly expressing and sharing our energy you smile to somebody you gave somebody a hug you tell somebody they’re amazing tell somebody you love them the world will get better yeah what you working on now with y’all working on on like a new project or what you know what we’re about to drop we were kids okay which is literally our first two albums put together on one like deluxe edition like Apple music and title and stuff like that yeah skiers with crowns aqaq regard and put together but after we released that we got a lot of real intense music videos that about to come out you know our success you know we got over 50 million views due to like virality in my viral educational videos Kasich create music videos that are purposefully engineered towards virality so you can be doing some real out the box real hippie crazy things in our new video so I want to tell I’m gonna just let you see them okay you can bait it out you can tease people that just did hippie do some intense concepts yeah I gotta check out my music man I think you’ll like it so did you guys hoping for young Doug yeah Jacques wheeze you know he and so his idea was dispensable which was a brilliant idea what’s the creative festival would have most of the headliners be what would be called quote unquote ratchet music but still have a festival that was completely about peace and love and happiness and so that we can listen to all that stuff and turn up a head of fun and still be amazing people do amazing things in the world because I like have you ever heard the UM little parody somebody made of the old dumb dog song my boyfriend my boyfriend my boyfriend is an attention whore which a lot of current media people just do whatever they can to garner attention you know as much as people think Donald Trump is an imbecile he’s not he’s yeah beyond understanding how intelligent Donald Trump he is because he purposed every single thing every single both statements was just Labe remark oh yeah hell yeah all the tweets all the tweets all this stuff is so that like he got reading research about that Donald Trump had over two billion dollars worth of free advertising he although he was the richest person in the ballot he played less for his campaign than any other person so he was you know the new cyclist 24 hours literally for the past year he has been on your TV 24 don’t care what how bad of a person he may be he is a marketing genius yes it’s so it’s so it’s so weird that he played a part because like the Donald Trump that exactly know this is somebody totally different he’s playing a character totally it’s like somebody scripted that for him like the people who script these awesome TV shows that that we sit at the edge of our seat and we want to watch them every week like those same type of people are scripting this stuff that we’re watching on the television and in these campaigns are stuff and they got the American people by the balls persuasion and influence those type of things like word man yeah Freud even Freud’s nephew advertised means colors the hope even the color the red in the blue it’s something about the red and the blue the Crips and the Bloods that I’m sending Democrats and Republicans like the colors all that stuff I you know how random red and blue are always these juxtaposed and colors like science it is deep yeah I’m a Christian but I also feel though that Christians are some of the most gullible easily manipulated people absolutely and I feel bad that a lot of these Christians were taken advantage of for the same people man who has an economic a neoliberal free-market economic agenda that utilizes giving the masses the Christian Right right in that you know the conservatory the abortion rights selling to them you know they’re they’re tax-free agenda giving everything they want to the Christians but then that’s just minuscule to the the higher things that he wants to do economically and I think that I feel bad for it might like my heart hurts ed a lot of these people just bought into that because they’re starting to see him turn around on everything he promised he ain’t doing nothing to Obamacare yeah he totally man it’s not too far together they’ve come too far together they know this is structured this great marketing man like it was this like we just got punked yeah Ashton Kutcher’s about to run out me and Eric we’re talking about about there’s something that’s just innately kind of in Christianity that kind of predisposes us to have fearful ways of thinking and so if you if you start saying oh I’m gonna save you from the scary Muslim terrorists or the scary Mexicans that are gonna take your job or scare you North Korea that’s when a bomb you are you know I’m saying all of these things to to to hint at the natural fear that shouldn’t Gandhi said it best you know I like your Christians I don’t like you I like your Christ I don’t like your Christians your Christians are so unlike your cry yeah you hit it right on the nail you know a lot of Christians are not even like Christ they’re not Christ centered you know err they just scared but on a positive note you know because I know we’re reaching the end of this segment what do you want to kind of plug in here and and what do you want what kind of Hope do you want to spread to the the people that are reaching out to this video like it’s so me and Eric was so simple you and me Leo Derek charity everybody we are no one needs to be above someone else no one needs to submit to anyone elses comments or we could really look at everybody else and everything else as we look at ourselves what if we could really do that that one thing that one idea of true empathy of true selflessness we literally create a utopian society there is enough money on earth to feed everybody there is enough water on earth to sustain everyone’s life there is there is there are almost more abandoned houses in America than there are homeless people where I am you know there we can actively change the world this is not a pipe drain Bernie Sanders was not a guy who was just talking out of his ass crazy person and he was still just going slight work at it he was going as much as you can go at it to still be a presidential nominee you know the true matter is is even more radical than Bernie Sanders like a christ-like or even if you don’t want to proclaim Christ’s name a life of love and peace and contentment amongst all people is actually possible it just starts with the removal of this desire to be better than people this removal of selfishness just share just love just be care if you know that I care about I got to send you some of that uh Jacque fresco stuff for real I think you’ll like him definitely check out Howard’s out there I was required to read that as a sociological student Howard Zinn he goes he goes well hand-in-hand with a lady well I appreciate so much for having me thanks for coming on man you’re great you’re great interviewing that I’m telling you we definitely got to get you back on here to share some more knowledge and whatever else you got in the pipeline whatever else you’re all you know you’re working on I’ll talk to y’all soon in the future man I love both yeah yeah brother we love you too man piece of Shalom and we’re back with you soon thanks everybody for watching this episode and we will see you guys next week much love please

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