The Path Of The Christian Mystic | Dan Osczepinski

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Dan Osczepinski was a Christian missionary to the country of Honduras for seven years. Dan had a mystical awakening that opened him up to some of the deeper truths embedded within the Holy Bible. This in essence led Dan to see the deeper message of Oneness with God that is available for everyone to encounter. This idea seemingly so basic was really a foundational truth that Jesus revealed to his disciples, that is not taught in evangelical Christianity. When approaching those of the mainstream fundamental beliefs Dan was suprised by the opposition and rejection almost unanimously of such simple Biblical doctrines by those who consider themselves to be authorities on Bible interpretation. This leads many of us down what seems to be a lonely path of self discovery and drawing closer to God. Many Christians have found themselves here and felt the cold shoulder from those within church culture. In this episode Dan and TruthSeekah speak about the journey of leaving organized religion and still remaining close to Christ regardless of the isolation. One of the biggest truths that is revealed is that we are not alone and there are many on this same path of spiritual awakening and self discovery. This realization not only helps to heal, but also encourages others on their journey to connect with a community of likeminded believers, and brings a new level of excitement back to the journey. You are not alone.