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Dan Osczepinski was a Christian missionary to the country of Honduras for seven years. Dan had a mystical awakening that opened him up to some of the deeper truths embedded within the Holy Bible. This in essence led Dan to see the deeper message of Oneness with God that is available for everyone to encounter. This idea seemingly so basic was really a foundational truth that Jesus revealed to his disciples, that is not taught in evangelical Christianity. When approaching those of the mainstream fundamental beliefs Dan was suprised by the opposition and rejection almost unanimously of such simple Biblical doctrines by those who consider themselves to be authorities on Bible interpretation. This leads many of us down what seems to be a lonely path of self discovery and drawing closer to God. Many Christians have found themselves here and felt the cold shoulder from those within church culture. In this episode Dan and TruthSeekah speak about the journey of leaving organized religion and still remaining close to Christ regardless of the isolation. One of the biggest truths that is revealed is that we are not alone and there are many on this same path of spiritual awakening and self discovery. This realization not only helps to heal, but also encourages others on their journey to connect with a community of likeminded believers, and brings a new level of excitement back to the journey. You are not alone.


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You Are Another Episode Of The Truthseekah Podcast. If You Guys Are Watching On Video I’m Joined Here By My Beautiful Guest In Studio Man Dan Osczipenski Here On Sabbatical From Honduras. From Hungry Hungry, Fresh Off The Plane From Hungary. Yeah From Hondura.s Yeah From Honduras, He’s A Missionary To Honduras For Anybody Who Doesn’t Know Who He Is And We Share A Lot Of Similar Views. Our Paths Our Have Crossed Several Years Back And Coming To A Lot Of Understandings Together. A Lot Of Awakening Together, Confirmations, Just A Lot Of Beautiful Stuff. And Just Yeah Confirmation, Confirming Things And In One Another Encouraging One Another To Step Out In Faith And Just Simply Be The Person That Were Called To Be That That Person Who Was On The Inside Who Who Wants To Come Out And Who Thrives When We When We Get In Those Situations To Be Who We Were Created To Be But There’s You Know Coming From A Religious Standpoint Coming Out Of Christianity Or The Christian Church As We Know It To Be Some Type Of Organization There’s A Lot Of Baggage That Comes Along With That So Today’s Show Is Entitled The Path Of The Christian Mystic And It’s It’s Geared Towards Christians Who Were In This Situation But It’s Open To Anybody Any Mystic Anybody Who’s Encountered The Mystical Experience On Any Level Whether It’s Lucid Dreaming Meditation A Transcendental Prayer Psychedelics Without Direct And Direct Knowledge Direct Experience Of The Divine And Not Just The Intellectual Belief Or Understand So If You Would Like To Call Into The Show The Phone Lines Are Open We’re Trying To Utilize That Not Many People They’ve Been Calling In Lately Used To Man The Phone Lines Would Go Crazy When We Did This A Couple Years Ago But Now Here Recently Cuz I Don’t Really I Don’t Really Promote It It’s Kind Of Spur The Moment Like We’re Doing At Random Totally Random Random Things So If You Want To Call In If You Want To Say Hello Tell Us Your Stories The Phone Lines Are Open The Numbers Streaming Across The Top Of The Video And In All The Descriptions As Well Give Us A Call We’ll Be Taking Your Calls In A Little While So Before We Kind Of Get Into Some Some Really Deep Subject Matter I Want To Thank Everybody Who Is Supporting On Patreon And You Guys Know Every Time I Talk About Patreon You Can Give Anywhere From $1 $5 $10 A Month And I Always Talk About This Guy Who Gives $33.33 Every Month This Is Dan Osczipenski Yo And I Almost Felt Like I Was Like I Just Got Here To The States Two Weeks Ago I Was Thinking I’m Like Dang I Got A Worker Put Some Money In My Bank Because I Don’t Even Think I Think It’s Gonna Balance If We Got It We Got The Lord Oversupply Appreciate That Dan Believe In The Ministry Believe In What We’re Doing Here Putting Our Head Out There Getting The Knowledge Out And Through The Form Of Podcasts And The Medium Of Music As Well So Over There If You Support What We’re Doing You Become A Member You Get Access To Unreleased Music As Soon As I Record It It’s Done I Put It On Patreon For You Guys To Download And Do Whatever You Want With It And People Message Me Every Day Want To Know When I’m Coming Out With New Music A Bunch Of New Stuff Is There He Does The Whole Time And Honestly Man You Guys Don’t Understand If You’re A Fan Of Truth Seeker You’re A Fan Of His Art Not Just His Art The Information He Puts Out I Mean I’m Looking I’m Sitting Here In The Studio Right Now Looking At The Different Monitors And Stuff You Got Going On You Guys Don’t Understand What It Takes To Put Out A Finished Polished Product Like This You Know I’m Saying There’s A Lot Involved In That A Lot Of Not Just Time And Energy But Buying Equipment You Know Investing In Himself Investing In His Studio And Stuff And It Ain’t Free You Know I’m Saying So If You Guys If You Guys Are Blessed By Hearing Information That Maybe You Wouldn’t You Have A Nobody Was Talking About These Things It’s Hitting Your Heart Or It’s Confirming Things That’s What I Hear All The Time People Write Me In Private Said Man You’re You’re Speaking Out You’re Articulating Things That I Felt In My Heart For So Long I’ve Never Heard Anybody Else Say What I Feel And You’re You’re Speaking It Out For Me You Know And So I Know That That That’s What We Do For A Lot Of People My Wife’s Trying To Call Me From Honduras I Gotta Get Back To You Baby But Um You Understand So We Live Our Life It This Is A Lifestyle Of Sacrifice Because It’s Time And Energy And Funds That We Believe In What We’re Doing We Believe That This Is Our Calling And And Like When You Was Doing A Little Intro I Was Just Thinking You Know Not Not In Any Way Of Us On Some Kind Of Pedestal But We We Are Some Kind Of Forerunners In The In A Sense That We Were Willing To Put Ourselves Out There And Be Ridiculed And And Persecuted A Lot For A Long Period Of Time And And We Would Have To Have Private Conversations From Country To Country To Encourage Each Other Because At One Point He Might Be Down At One Point I’m Telling Man I’m Giving This A Thing Maybe I’m Gonna Go Back To The Church Or Yeah Or I Don’t Know It Just Feeling So Alone But We Never Quit And Now It’s Getting To A Point In Time Where Honestly That Part That Part Of The Struggle It’s Kind Of Behind Us You Know I’m Saying It Now Because We’ve Been Consistent With It Yeah So Many Of You Have Been Able To Connect With Each Other That’s The Weirdest Thing Too I Mean Literally Hundreds Of People We Just Ran Into A Guy The Gas Station The Other Day Oh Man I’m Not Even From Here He’s First He Saw Me He’s Like Dude If You And Then It’s Like Oh Yeah And Just Connecting People And And Not Only To Maybe Maybe You Hear Something From Us You’re Like Wow I’m Not Alone Yeah But Just From Getting Into Our Communities Of People Who Are Connected And Vibe With Each Other You Really Find Out You’re Not Alone Yeah Really Find Out You’re Not Alone As A Matter Of Fact This Is Quickly Going To Be Accelerating More And More To The Norm And What Was Held As Normal That’s That’s Going Back In The Past And You’ve Got To Keep Moving Forward Guys That’s What This Whole Show Is Gonna Be About We’re Going To Talk About Dance Encounters We’re Gonna Talk About My Encounters And A Lot Of Your Encounters Because We Understand That Our Story Is Your Story That’s Why So Many People Resonate With It So Many People Reach Out And It’s Insane It’s Divinely Ordered By God And In What We’re Doing Is Is It Has Fruit And Like He Just Had People Reach Out All The Time I Got I Woke Up This Morning Answering Emails From People Who Were Telling Me Exactly What You Did And So It’s A Blessing And I Thank God For Word I Think Off Of The Mantle He’s Given Both Of Us And We Had To Pay For It And We All Every Single One Of Us We Have To Pay For The Mantle And The Anointing People Want Some Type Of Quick Fix Or Like Okay Tell Me That How To Do What You’re Doing And I’m Like Prayer Application Time Application And That’s It God Above All Those Man Time Man And Uh It Comes With Just Stepping Out In Faith And It’s So It’s Not Like Okay Do This Read This Book Get Back To Me In Six Months And There Is Some Of That That Happens But It’s A Process Man And I Thank You Guys That You Guys Are Along For The Journey Especially Everybody Listening Right Now The Chat Rooms Are Open People Are Talking In The Chat Rooms On The Different Social Media Platforms As We’re Speaking Right Now So Huge Thank You To Everyone Who Has Given At Patreon If You Want To Get Get With Us Man And Support What We’re Doing Or What I’m Doing Dan Dan Has Other Stuff As Well You Can Support Him But For Me It’s True Stick Backslash Truth Seeker And You Get A Bunch Of Free Perks And Stuff Too So I Want To Thank The Newest Member Over There Carolyn Craig Head So I Want To Thank You So Much For Stepping Out To Support What I’m Doing You’ve Been Supporting The Whole Mythos Of Stuff That We’ve Done For A While But I Just Seen That You Came Over To The Patreon And Became A Member Over There So Thank You So Much For All The Support And Love It Goes A Long Way A Lot Of Y’all Drawn To The Knowledge And Information The Topics The Themes And Stuff That We Talk On You Might Not Even Know That Derek Is A Music Artist You Know I’m Saying And You’re Like You’re Really Drawn Into The Conversation And Then You’re Gonna Get An Extra Blessing Like When He Said It’s Ridiculous Because He Give You The Music You Know I’m Saying It’s Not About Him Doing This As A Thing Or How To Be A Character And Make Money Um Although He Has A Family And Stuff To Provide For But He Gives It Anybody Who Is Down And Being Supportive Of What’s Coming Out To The Podcast And To Everything He Does From The Backdoor Everything That He Does Everything That He Creates He’s Just Giving It Right Back To The Fans And Supporters Anyway So I Mean And You Might Just Know Him From The Music And Get Blessed And Drawn In That’s What We’re Really Hoping And That You Gonna Get Rocked With A New Angle And Perspective And Perception Of Jesus Christ That You Totally Rip Off And You Discard It Or You Didn’t Want To Hear Nothing About It And And You Know It’s We’re Out There Fishermen All Day We Fishing We’re Fishing With Any Good Fisherman Gonna Tell You If You Got Two Or Three Pulls You Got A Better Chance Of Catching A Catching Dinner You Know I Mean And It’s About Knowing The Ones And I Think The Reason We’re Even Having This Conversation Right Now Or Doing A Podcast Is To When I Was Having My Awakening And Going Through Some Stuff That Nobody At Church Could Help Me With Thought I Was Going Crazy Looking Up People Who Can Maybe Give Me Some Confirmation Or Help Me With The Process And I Couldn’t Find Many People There Were Some But I’m Thankful For The People That I Found And So This Is Just An Avenue For People Who Are Having Spiritual Encounter That They Can’t Explain Going To The Next Level In Christ And Feeling Like You’re Alienated Or You’re By Yourself And Necess All We All Just Let You Know Look You’re Not Alone Any Questions That You Have We’ll Try Our Best To Help You Answer Them But Just To Know That You’re Not Alone Man That Goes A Long Way Feeling Like I Think Everybody Goes Through That Even I Mean Not Even With The The Spirituality In The Spiritual Encounter But Maybe Even Like Street Preachers Who Like I’m The Only One Preaching The Truth And I’m The Only One Who Wants To Do This And I’m An All The One Doing This And We Talk About Doctrine And Stuff Like That And What Separates Us I Always Point Out The Example Now I Was Really Big Into Jimmy Swaggart Ministers Right And They Have A Really Good Understanding Of The Cross And How That The Finished Work Of The Cross Changes Us In That’s House You Know Like We Have That Salvation Through The Cross And They That’s Their Focus Of Their Ministry They’ll Cross And I’ve Heard Jimmy Swaggart Get On The Radio In Tears Crying Begging That He Would That They Were The Only Church Preaching The Truth And That God Gave Them The Message And They’re The Only Church Out There With The Truth And It Gets Into This Elitism And So You Can’t You Can’t Promote Anybody Else’s Church You Have To Come To Our Church Because We’re The Only Ones With The Truth My Grandfather Was The Pastor Of A Big Church And It Turned Into A Cult And The Same Thing First It Started Out There Might Only Be A Million Other True Believers Out There And Over Time It Got Whittled Down To There’s Only A Hundred Thousand Or Thousand There Might Only Be A Handful Of Churches And Then Like You Said Eventually It Gets Down To This Thing It’s Only Us Yeah Salvation Is By Coming In With Us We’re The Ones Who Got It And Honestly I Know That As Part Of The Religious Spirit You Know And Honestly I Know That We’ve Felt That At Times And Everything Yeah But Probably One Of The Things That’s Making Me Thrive Right Now And Just Rejoice Daily In Life Is Realizing I’m Not This Is So Much Bigger Than Us Like This Tooth Is Coming Out And Nobody Can Stop It He’s Gonna Pour His Spirit On All Flesh Old Young Male Female Teenagers We Talk To Them All The Time Now Teenagers Didn’t Be Witnessed They Don’t Even Know What It Is They’re Experiencing Yeah They’re Not Even They’re Not Experience It In Response To Hearing The Message They’re Having Experiences And They Need Us To Help Them Understand What It Is Their Experiences Something There’s No Stopping This And Like You Do Podcast With All The Different Kind Of People I Talk To Other People I’m Loving I’ve Been Bouncing Around To Florida And I’m Up To Alabama I’m Going Although In The And We Might Have Different It’s A Diamond With Many Facets Yeah I Can Look From This Angle And I See Yellow Gleaming Off Of It You Looking Right From There At The Same Time When You See In Red Brown Some Of It That Doesn’t Change The Fact That It’s Still The Same Diamond That’s The Key You Know To Be Able To See That And To Look At Somebody Who Even May Be Different Or Hold A Different Core Belief Of Some Other Things But To Be Able To Respect That And See The Potential And Know What The Hell The Body Of Christ Is In Has Different Members The Arms The Legs The Eyes The Ears The Mouth And So These Like People Get On This Elitist Tip Where They’re The Only Ones Who Can Do Anything But The Like I Respect People Who Are Where I Used To Be Like I Don’t Look Down Upon Them That You’re Not Where I Am I Respect The Process I Respect The Journey And You’re Just As Valuable There Then I Am Where I’m At Yo I’m Sam Right Now And It’s A Beautiful Pitch And We Got To Be Able To See It Like That We Over We Wind Up Overlooking The Only Reality Let’s Say You I Just Met You You Know We’re Hanging Out Here Talking And I’m Trying To Sit Here And Listen To What You Believe So That I Can Figure Out Whether Or Not I’m In Agreement With You Yeah And Yeah I’m Overlooking The Only Real Thing I Have Which Is The Opportunity Right Here Right Now To Feel You And Love You You Know I’m Saying Yeah And Honestly That’s What It’s All About Man We Can Love Each Other Where We’re At We Have Our Ideal None Of Us Are Fully There We’re Being Transformed By The Renewing Of Our Minds Daily Yeah And As Long As We Can Keep It Real Like That And Understand You Know This Is A Process All Of Us Are At Different Places On The Process And A Little Bit Closer Um So With That Being Said The Whole The Whole Precept About That Is Like What Does The Scripture Say Well There’s A Scripture Where The Disciples Feel Like They’re All Alone Like They’re The Only Ones Doing It And What Does The Lord Say I Have What Is It Seven Hundred Seven Thousand It Was I Just Said I’m The Only One I’m The Only One I Had A Seven Thousand Other Prophets To Have Annealed Kneeled Today Oh Have Not Bowed A Knee To Bail And You Feel Like You’re The Only One Doing It Oh The Only One Who Has The Truth And You And It Does Get Lonely And I’m Not The Priests Out In The New Testament It’s Why We’ve Got To Be Able To Discern The Difference Between The Voices Because It Can Sound So Much So Righteous But It Might Be The Accusers Or Brethren Or The Father Of Lies Putting These Things In Your Mind You Because That’s That’s The Power That The Enemy Has Or This Negative Force In The Universe Has Is To Get You By Yourself And Make You Think That You’re The Only One Who Ended Up In Your Mind Thinking Things Since Yes In The Spirit Knowing Things Jesus Dealt With Peter He Said Peter Be Careful Satan Has Desired To Sift You As Wheat And To Get You Off By Yourself This Is Jesus Warning Peter But He Said But Be Of Good Cheer 5 Prayed For You And So That’s That’s What It Is Like When You Get Off By Yourself And You Can Become Like This Lone Wolf And I Think It’s Part Of The Process Many Of You Guys May Be There Right Now But That’s Part Of The Process Too So Understand That There’s Like-minded People Out There And That We Need Each Other I Can’t Do It Alone Man We Need Each Other I Can We Had We Had Some Cool Time Last Night Fellowship And With Some Saints And I’d Like To Say That But Just Gathering Different People From This Local Area Went Out Karaoke Had A Cool Meal Went Back To One Of The Houses And Got In The Spirit You Know And Just Encourage Each Other Praying For Each Other That’s My Message Right Now Whether It’s I Mean I’ve Been Saying It For A Long Time But I Just Feel The Intensity More And More And More That My Message Right Now And I’m About To Go All Over The Country Right Now In A Quick Little Trip It’s Fellowship And It’s The Necessity Of Fellowship You Cannot Do This Alone It Was Never Intended To Be Done Alone There’s Never Any Part Of This Was Meant To Be Done Alone Christ Came He Planted His Church On The First Day Of Pentecost There Was Three Thousand And It Multiplies Said That They Were Added To Their Number Daily And That They Get Life Together They Ate Together They Work Together They Fellowship Together They Broke Bread And Wine And They Remembered What This Means That We’re One Oh Let Me Just Take It Up And End On This Thing My Uncle Brian Love You Uncle And If I Get Any Details Of The Thing Off You Know But He Was A Fundamental Conservative Pastor Hellfire And Brimstone Years He Was A Missionary Out To The Nations You Know Going Out School Of Christ And All That And A Lot Of Stuff Happened In His Life You Know Where He Wound Up Getting Out Of Ministry And Getting Into The World You Know And Just Not Wanting Anything To Do With It For A Period Of Time And I Started Noticing About 14 Months Ago I Guess 15 Months Ago I Wasn’t Even In Much Communication With Him But I Started Noticing His Name Popping Up Liking Some Of The Stuff That I Was Posting You Know That’s Cool And Then I Started Noticing Daily And Then I Started Noticing All Day But I Still Wasn’t Communicating With Him You Know I’m Saying So I Wasn’t Really I Was Just That’s Cool He’s Watching Me Or Something But I Didn’t Know That He Was Having His Own Awakening He Was Having His Own Awakening When I Say His Own Awakening I Mean He Could Sit Here With Me And Truth And Sit Here And Chop It Up All Day On All The Topics That We Kick Around Like He Fully Was Awakened And Shown You Know This Whole Religious System And Who He Truly Is And I Am And Who We Are As The Expression Of God’s Love In His Earth And Stuff And We Was Just Talking On The Phone Yet At Night He Was Going Through Some Stuff In And At The End By The An You Know I Was Glad Got Try To Pick Up His Spirits And Stuff And The End Of The Conversation Was Just Reveling In The Fact That We Are Both The Same Exact Divine Being And We Are Both The Same Exact Spirit Of Life Knowing Itself Through Each Other You Know And We Just Laughing About How Deep That Is But About The Fact That He May Be Your 4550 Years Old And Me At 35 Years Old And A Completely Different Past We Took To Get To That Same Revelation Nothing They Didn’t Even Resemble Each Other They Had Their Own Unique Paths But Here We Stood At The Same Revelation Realizing We’re One We’re One Being In Spirit You Know I’m Saying And Were Inseparable And You Think About How Many Other Thousands And Millions Of People Who Have Come Or Are Coming To This Revelation You Know It’s Not About This Flesh It’s About The Spirit Of Life That’s Inside Of Us And There’s Only One Let Everything That Breasts Praise The Lord It’s The Lord Inside Of Us And It’s Just Amazing That Everybody’s Path Is Completely Different But The Final Destination And The End Revelation Is Going To Be The Same And That’s What Makes It So Glorious Man And We Can’t Look At Other People Comparing The Paths It Takes To Get To The Revelation And Saying Well If Your Paths Don’t Match Up To My Path You’re Wrong And Yet We’re Not Listening To What They’re Saying And Realizing Like Hey We’re Actually Coming To The Same Final Destination And Revelation You Know It’s Those Who Are Born Of The Spirit Though You Know I’m Saying Because There’s So Many People Who It Talks About The The Sheep And The Goat Just Coming Up Together And The Wheat And The Tares And Growing Up Together So We’re In Religion With A Lot Of People Who Aren’t Born Again Who Haven’t Had This Encounter Of Regeneration This What Jesus Talks About The Baptism Of Fire Which Is A Must If You Haven’t Had That You Need To Get With Us The Baptism Of Fire Which Is A Second Baptism You Have The Baptism Of Water And Then The Baptism Of Fire And That Changes Everything That’s The Game Changer And So We Have People Who Were Like Book Smart And Book Savvy Whether It Is The Gnostic Gospels Or Lost Texts And They Can Kick Around All Kinds Of Knowledge But There Is No Application It’s About The Application Of The Knowledge And Without The Baptism Of Fire You’re Not Gonna You’re Not Gonna Be Able To Do That It’s All Gonna Be Theory It’s Gonna Be Magic It’s Gonna Be Manipulation But To Really Be It Since Those Who Are Led Of The Spirit Of God Are The Sons And Daughters Of God Those Who Are Led By The Spirit So It’s Not That You Attend Church Or You’re A Believer Or Whatever The Case Is You Have To Be Born Again To Be Born Of The Spirit To Be That The Sons And Daughters Appetize Be Immersed And Be Submerged And Be You Know Unified And Inseparable With That Spirit And Find Your Identity In That Spirit Yep Hidden And Lost Within The Person Of Jesus And That’s What It Means Said That To Yourself And To Take Up Your Cross And To Follow Him It’s Not A Literal Cross It’s It’s It’s Symbolic Mm-hmm It’s Metaphorical You Take It Up Because You’re Gonna Die Upon It You Know I’m Saying So With That Being Said I Wanted To Kind Of Get Into The Beginning Because We Can Kick Around Where We Are Now And There’s So Much We Can Talk About But I Want To Talk About The Process I Kind Of Talk About My Process A Little Bit Of Not Having Anybody To Talk To And Then Finding Your Tribe And Finding Your People That Can Relate But There Is The Dark Night Of The Soul There Is This Place Of Like Nobody Gets Me And Then Stuck In Between Between Definitely Because We’re In The Religious System We Have Christian Friends And But Then We Were Having Encounters Whether In My Case I Talk A Lot About Ufos And Angels And Spirits And Demons And Things Like That And Now We’re Talking About Mushrooms And Stuff And Dan Has Seen My Journey And Came Into My Life Right On The Cusp Of Crossing Over He Checked Me Out Years Ago As A Christian Rapper And As A Corny Gospel Rapper And Then Some Years Later Came Across In There Like Yo He Stepped His Game Up His Business I Looking Tight Right Now Several Years Later He Found Me Doing Some Esoteric Knowledge It’s The Same Guy So From That Process From The Christian Evangelist The Christian Rapper To Whatever I Am Now You Know I’m Saying Or Just Sharing The Knowledge And Not Being Afraid Of It Where I Am I Am I And So Not Being Afraid To Do It But There’s A Man There I Can’t Talk About The Hell And And Stuff That You Go Through Wanting To Be Accepted From Your Peers Just Imagine You Know The Cellar Stuff That Goes On Inner Turmoil And I’ll Say This To Cover My Ass And I Did This On Purpose The Stuff That We’re Talking About Now I Know And We Would Go To Church Services And Bible Studies I Never Ever Ever Ever Talked About This In Public With People I Never Went To A Bible Study And Tried To Change The Subject Or Talk About Aliens Or Something If Anything Was Said It Was About People Who’ve Seen What I Was Doing Online Because They Are You Know Facebook Stuff Like That And Then They Would Talk Amongst Themselves And Some People Would Mention It Here And There So I Made It A Point That I Wasn’t Trying To Proselytize At The Time Ufos Or Aliens Or Whatever The Case Is And Many Of Us Don’t And I Don’t And I Don’t Know If That’s A Circle That Your Inner You Feel Led To Do That I Don’t I Don’t Try To Push Anything On Anybody At This Place Now The People Who Were Supposed To Be There They Just Come I Don’t Have To Go Seek Nobody Out Or Man If I Could But I Used To As A Christian Like I Used To Try To Do That And Try To Like See How I Can Win This Person Over Or Change Their Philosophy To Believe What I Believe Now It’s Just Out There And The People Who Resonate With I Mean They Just Come When You Look At Jesus He Didn’t Do That He Didn’t Have To Do That Mm-hmm And I Think The More That We Grow Into Understanding Who We Are How The Sphere Operates And Like Me And You Talk About All The Time Even Just Garden Our Mind Being Aware Of Our Thoughts Paying Attention Our Thoughts Manifest Station All That Kind Of Stuff You Start There’s Two Ways Of Going About This You Got The Whole Rest Of The New Age Movement And The Secret And The Law Of Attraction And All This Stuff You Know And They’ll Be Like Okay So Basically They Don’t Know What They’re They’re Trying To Be Mini Gods You Know I’m Saying Outside The Order Of God Because They Have The Power Of God In Them And They Can Create And Draw And Attract Things Into Their Life But Without Wanting To Be Under In An Order And Under Subjection To A Bigger Plan And A Bigger Will That You Want That For You To Be Used In So We Wind Up Starting To Try And Create And Draw To Ourselves All This Kind Of Stuff And Then You Have Those Same Laws Because It Is Law It’s Universal Law Yeah Stand But People Can Manipulate The System That’s Sorcery In Witchcraft But Just By Walking In Divine Order And Divine Law Of Seeking To Be In Harmony With God In His Way You Got To Understand Like It Says When Your Delight Is In The Lord He’ll Give You The Desires Of Your Heart So You Don’t Have To Manipulate The System To Get And Drawn Attracted Desires Heart He Knows What The Desires Of Your Heart Matter Of Fact He’s Putting Them In Your Heart So That He Can Prove To You How Real He Is When He Brings Them To You And Manifest Them To You When You’re Faithful Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God His Righteousness And He Will Add All These Things Unto You So Like Now Whether It’s The Means To Provide For My Family If It’s The Kind Of Friends That People That Need To Hear Certain Things I Don’t Have To Think About It All He Attracts And Draws It To Me On A Daily Basis And That Takes The Whole Burden Off Of Having To Do It’s Learning How To Enter And I Am Appreciative Of Brandon Of Many Different People Who Have Opened Me Up To This And Andrew Who Opened Me Up To The Concept Of Resting You Know Of Of Just Resting In The Finished Work I Don’t Have To Do Anything John Crowder I Don’t Have To Do Anything All I Got To Do Is Let Him Do What He’s Doing And He’ll Bring Me The Situations The People The Circumstances And I Just Open My Mouth And Share What I Got To Share And It’s Like So Much Easier Than Striving To Make Something Happen You Know Or Even Wasting Time And Energy On Somebody That Might Not Never Even Come In – Yeah Because That’s The Thing That I Think This Is The Principle Ah Go By Now Instead You Can You Can Beat Yourself Black And Blue Trying To Teach A Concept Of Somebody Or To Try To Change Their Philosophy Or Their Way Of Thinking But My Understanding Is This Is That You Can’t Teach Nobody Nothing I Can’t Tell You How Many Times Older Christians Tried To Like Force Me To Believe Stuff Or You’re You Know What You Believe Is Wrong And The Church Doctrine Is This And I’m Not I Mean I’m Tamil Esoteric Stuff I’m Talking About Regular Biblical Church Doctrine Saying My Church Is Wrong And I’m Writing Stuff Like That But Um They Tried To Beat It Into Me In And Corner Me With The Bible And I’m Listening But I Don’t Get It I Don’t Understand It So I Don’t Try To Force It Upon Anybody I Share It And Understand That You’re Not Gonna Get A Concept You’re Not Going To Fully Grasp It Unless The Holy Spirit Is It To You He Is The Teacher And Unless That The Spirit Of Christ Reveals It To You You’re Not Gonna Get It There’s No There’s No Need To Try To Push Somebody In One Sit From One Season To The Next Or Try To You Know I’m Saying Black Try To To Make You Feel Better Later You Done Done Something And You Don’t Even Truly Know That They Did Learn Or Accept The Inside There Was So Much Of That Going On With Their Like Elite Elitism In In The Christian Church Well I Was Involved With And Even Through Evangelism Because You Have To Have The Right Doctrine Like You Can’t Be A Christian And Say Well I Don’t Know Or I Don’t Believe But Because Then They’ll Go To Somebody Who Does So Even If You Don’t Know The Answer You Have To Make One Up Right Right Instead Of Let Well Let’s Get To The Bottom Of It Together So There We Better Have All The Answers Because We’re All Coming Every Week To Listen To Ya Don’t Find Somebody Else And That’s What We See Even In The Fringe Circles We Talked About Some Of Our Friends Who Get Into Fringe Doctrine And Things Like That And They’re Arguing Amongst Themselves Me And Dan Could Totally Sit Here And Pick Each Other To Pieces And He Tells Me All The Time He Doesn’t Get The Alien Stuff You Know I’m Saying And I’ve Got Other Friends We Talked About That But We Can Sit Here And Pick Each Other To Pieces About What We Disagree With What I Don’t Like About You How You’re Leading People What Everybody Think You Find Exactly What You Seek Is What You’re Gonna Find But I’ll Tell You When I Did That I Was Bitter I Was In A Bad Place I Was Trying To Draw All People Unto Myself Instead Of Lifting Him Up And He Let Him Drop Yourself In Man Making You Even Think You’re An Angel Of Light And I Can Say That Man I’ve Been Hit With Some Some Hard Messages Just Listening To Another Brother Preach And You Just Feel Like They’re Speaking Right To You And It’s Like Oh My God I’ve Been Doing That You Know And They Don’t Know That They’re Not Even Thinking About You You Know Like I Said Brandon Many Different Times Yeah He Would Speak On Certain Different Things Even I Shut My Whole Ministry Down In Honduras A Year Ago In Part Due To Listening To Consistent Teachings About How Ministries And Organizations And All This Stuff Working And Seeing Like Wow I Haven’t Even Been Realizing You Know Or Haven’t Been Realizing I’ve Been Doing That Cuz Like Especially When You When You Are Dependent Upon Sponsors Or Or Donations To Live I Mean I’m In A Third-world Country With A Family That Don’t Have Visas To Come Back Here So The Carnal Mind Can Start Kicking In What Are We Gonna Do What Are We Gonna Do If People Stop Supporting And And You Know How Many Different Seasons We’d Start Talking About Things Of Public And Everybody Who’s From Religion They Back Up We Can Not Only Do We Not Support You Anymore We Can’t Have Nothing To Do With You And We’re Gonna Tell Everybody Else Watch Out For You And Then You Know Without Even Consciously Doing It Subconscious Carnal Mind Start Kicking In With What Are You Gonna Do Now Yeah How Are You Gonna Survive How Are You Gonna Make This Happen And Start Trying To Be Manipulative There’s You Know Man There’s Pros And Cons To It And I Understand Where People Are Coming From I Was There Then You Were There And I Seen You Go Through It And We Can Laugh At It Now But Really Going Through It We’re Like Trying To Erase Post And Stuff Like Delete Videos And You Wind Up Being On This Crazy Pendulum Swing Because Going Gamble Mine You Never Were Walked Through It’s Like Discipleship Nobody Was There To Walk You Through How To Transition From One World Into The Next From One Paradigm To The Next So You Get A Flash You Know Awakening Or Revelation On A Certain Thing You’ve Been Off On And Then Maybe It’s Just Personality Types I Know I’m Like That You Probably Like That But A Lot Of People I Know That We’re Radical We’re Extreme And If We Weren’t We Probably Wouldn’t Be Doing What We’re Doing Right Here For So Many People But I’m Not Kind Of God Whether It’s Health And Diet Or What No Matter What It Is I’m Like When I Decide To Make A Change Boom I’m Running All In With It But It’s It’s Unstable If You Don’t Have A Support System There If You Don’t Have Other People There To Hold You Accountable To Coach You Through It Yeah You Go On As Long Swing Forward And Then When Something Happens You Know Or A Critical Situation Comes Up Or Whatever Before You Know It Your Attention Was Off That Thing You Were Running Towards And You’re Distracted Back On Here And That Pendulum Start Falling Back Yeah You Know Swinging Back The Other Way And Fellowship And And Its System Of Support And Accountability Is Crucial Man Crucial In This Transition I Think And I’m Always Talking About Now How I Love Seeing People Be Their Genuine Self And I Have Friends Who Do It I Listen To Podcast Or Do It But To See Someone Living And Thrive Being Being Themself And That You Don’t Have To Like You You’re Just You What You See Is What You Get The Whole Package Too Good Too Bad The Ugly And To Even Make A Living Off Of Being Themselves We Have Friends Man Who Are Doing This And Somebody Who’s Big Who We Always Sought Out And John Illuminati Congo Man Who’s A Who’s A Huge Inspiration And To See Him Be Himself And To Thrive In That No Matter What You’re Doing Man I’ve Got I Know Dude Like My But John Aluminide Congo Like I Might Not Agree With Everything He’s About Know What I’m Saying And Even Even That Subconscious Carnal I Might See Things Cuz That He’s A Shot Bar You Got You Don’t Say No Like Whoa Jota Jota But When You Like You Said When You Can When You Can Separate The Bones From The Meat Or Death Or Spit Out The The Seeds And The Bones And Stuff You Know But Still Try To See The Good Try To Look For The Good And In That Aspect Like You Saying Him Totally Embracing His Uniqueness His Individuality And The Greatness Of What We Are In God And God Through Us And And Not Be Not Care About The Opinions Of Other People And That’s How You Ultimately Are Gonna Draw More And More And More To You That Are About What You’re Doing And The Opinions Of Men Man Um But It Is A Hard Process Guys And I Was Talking To A Brother The Other Day And He Was Like I Just Can’t Talk About That Stuff Y’all Are Talking About Like I Want To But I Can’t It’s So Easy For You You Guys Can Do It You Guys Are Good I Hold On Man This Came With A Price Dude Don’t You Talking About Like It’s Okay For Me I’m Still Putting My Neck Out There Like If I Have People Who See Who Know About This In My Professional Life Like I’d Be In Trouble I Got Really Would And They’re Like Oh You Could Do That In Your Job Oh The Hell I Can’t And So We Have Friends Who Want To Talk About It But They Can’t Get Past The Fear Of It Because Of The Professional Life The Job Life Or Whatever The Case Is If Their Boss Finds Out They’re On Here Talking About Mushrooms They’re Probably Fired Are Gonna Be Drug-tested About This Kind Of Stuff You Know So People Think It’s Easy Or That You Know There’s There Was A Price And There’s Still A Huge Price It’s Not Easy But We Understand The Value Of It And Because You Guys Won’t Do It We Have To Who Else Is Gonna Do It You Guys Gonna Let The New Agers Do It Or Let Them Tell You All About It And Let Them Lead You Down All Kind Of Crazy Paths Because They’re Damn Sure Doing It They Don’t Give A Damn We Have To Do It You Know And I Encourage You I Encourage This I Don’t I Encourage That Whatever Is Inside Of You Whatever You That God’s Calling You To Do And You’ve Had Experiences And You Want To Speak About Them You Feel The Lord Calling You Do It Don’t Don’t Be Be Silent Don’t Be Scared To Speak Like I Think This Stuff Is So Important It’s Just As Important As The Gospel You Learn To Trust That Voice Of Intuition You Know What’s In You Trying To Call You To Do So And Trust It I’m Just Supposed To Go There Without Risks Life There’s No Rewards Yeah That Comes From A Life Without Risks You Got To Man Like If We Didn’t Who’s Gonna Do It There Is That You Know In The Christian Realm There’s Nobody Talking About This Stuff Man They’re Stuck They’re Starting To Pop Up Now But It Takes To Do What We’re Doing To Give People The Courage So But You Know What They Got A Podcast I Could Do A Podcast They Rap About It In Their Music Let Me Talk About The Seraphim And Angels In My Music And I’m Saying And And You Got To Get To This Place Of Comfortability Because Comfortability In Your Knowing Of Who You Are Because If You Even Allow The Shadow Of A Doubt Of What Somebody Else Says You’re Not A Real Christian Or You’re Not You’re Not You’re Not And You’re Gonna Entertain That Yeah And Accept That Then You’re Not Even Sure Yeah But Once You Come To This Place Where You Say No I’m Sure I Love God I Love Jesus Jesus Saved Me From My Darkness I’m Totally You Know A Completely Different Person Now I Have Eternal Life I Don’t Fear Death All This Stuff So So The Most You Could To Come To Me And Tell Me Is You’re Not This You Don’t Believe The Same Things As Me That’s Fine And So All Of You Who Claim Christ Like Let’s Sit Down And Hang Out Let’s Chop It Up We’ll Focus On The Commonalities We Can Share What We Share But Nobody Can Never Kick Me Out Of The Club Because You Didn’t Bring Me Into The Club And I Can’t Kick You Out Of The Club So As Long As We Get That Mentality Out And Realize I Can’t Tell You You’re Not A Christian If You’re Claiming Christ And You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not If I’m Claiming Christ So The Most We Can Do Is Sit Down And Understand Each Other And Hear Each Other Out And So Like He Said If We Touch On A Sensitive Topic Like Mushrooms Or Something That Don’t Kick Me Out Of The Club Just Because I Believe One Way About One Certain Issue That Does Not Negate All The Other Foundational Fundamental Truths Of What Brought Me Into This Light You Can’t You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not In The Light Just Because We Have A Difference Of Opinions On Something And Even If I’m Wrong On Something There Might Be You Know A Little Bit Of Fuzziness Or Shadow Left That Quasi Continue On This Path And Continue Walking He’ll Keep Revealing Things To Me And Refining Me And Purifying Us That’s What This Path Is But You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not In The Club Because We Don’t Agree On This Point Or We Don’t Hold The Same Doctrine Together Don’t It Does Not Work Like That And As Long As We Realize That And Know For Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Nobody Can Kick You Out Of The Club Once You Got That In Your Heart Nobody Can Kick You Out Of The Family Of God Nobody No Man Can Take You Out Of The Family Of God Then You Can Have That Shirt Ian In Your Heart That Comfortability In That Confidence To Start Going Ahead And Being A Little More Bold In Talking About Things That Maybe You Wouldn’t Before Out Of Fear Because Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear The Fear Is If I Say This Or If I Talk About These Things If I Believe A Certain Way I Might Get Kicked Out Yeah You Can’t Get Kicked Out Brothers I’m Fully Persuaded In My Mind Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God Life Not Death Not Angels Not Deem Is Nothing Nobody Nobody Can Separate You From The Love Of God That You’ve Been Born Of If You’ve Been Born Again And Born From Above You’ve Been Born Of The Love Of God It’s His Actual Life In Essence That You Are And That’s Birthed Inside You No Nobody Can Take That From You And That’s What That’s What You Know It Almost Got To Get To This Place Of Anger Because Besides The Depression The Dow And All That You You Almost Have To Get To This Place Of Anger Too Because You Realize In These People In This System They’ve Been Lying To You So Much And Making You Feel All These Things Keeping You From The Truth Keeping You From The Reality Of Peace And The Rest Of God Knowing The Who We Are In Him You Know And It’s Like When You Got To Push Through That Anger To You Get A Season Of Righteous Anger But I Don’t Even Got Time To Be Angry Anymore Now All I’m Trying To Do Is Bring People In This Truth That Brings Joy Jesus Said The Whole Reason He Said Yo To His Closest Friends And Disciples He Said Look The Point I’m Trying To Get To You The Reason That I’m Teaching You All These Things And The The End All Of It Is So That My Joy May Be Full In You And That You May Be Full Of Joy And Remain Full Of Joy No Matter What Life Comes Out To Jesus As Brother James Said My Brother’s Count It All Joy One Various Trials And Temptations And Stuff Comes Out You’re In Life Because It Gives You The Chance To Grow In Your Faith And Examine Your Face See Where You Really Are So It’s All About Joy So If What You’re Talking About Ain’t Ain’t End-all-be-all In Joy And A Manifestation Of Joining Us Ain’t Got Time For It Been There Done That Walk Through Those Seasons Well I’m In A Season Of Joy Right Now It Everything Changes Man When We Go From That Picking People Apart And Seeing What’s Different Versus Picking People Apart To See What’s Similar Or Looking For The Good In People And And I Got Friends Who Were There Years Ago And Guess What They’re Still There They’re Still In It It’s Some It’s Some Kind Of Mechanism For Some People To Like They They Can’t They Can’t Walk Together To Him To Agree Like They Have To Have That Thing That Makes Them Different Than You And Really There’s Nothing There When You’re Talking About Like How We How You Get Into The Kingdom You Didn’t Do Nothing To Get Into It And You Can’t Do Nothing To Take You Out Of It If You Give Him Something You Know And That’s What Rome The Whole Book Of Romans First Not Work So That No Man Can Boast Nobody It’s Not Something You Did On Your Own Even The Faith Was A Gift Yep The First Nine Chapters Of Romans Goes Into So Much Detail About That About The Sanctification Justification By Faith Not By Works Lest Any Man Should Boast Because We Can Boast About Our Works We Know Here Well You Know I Did This I Did That And I Did This And I Hear People Doing It All The Time But I Didn’t Do Nothing I Didn’t Do Nothing Iii I Asked Him To Come Into My Life And He Changed Me And He Sustains Me And He’ll Contain He’s Faithful And Just To Complete That Work And That’s That’s The Truth And So There’s Nothing You Could Do To Take That Away Man Um But Coming Into It Man Talk A Little Bit About Because I Know Like Just Talk A Little Bit About We’re Like What Was Some Of The First Things That You Started Talking About And Then Kind Of Renig Don And Started Talking About And Then Renig Don And Stuff Because There’s People There Right Now When Ari And Like You Know Probably Probably Old One That We Did With My Testimony And Stuff I Don’t Know He Might Have Up On One Of The Channels So Two Side Skirt Getting Dragged Into All These You Know You Can Go Check Out That One If You Want To Know Me About My Story But When I Went To Honduras It Was On A Three-week Vacation That Never Ended And I Just Was Kind Of Getting Into Facebook At That Time So I Will Just Start Sharing You Know What I’m Thinking And Making Videos All Along The Way And It’s Been Almost Eight Years So Anybody Who’s Barely Anybody Has Been Around Since Back Then You Know I’m Saying But Anybody Who’s Been Keeping On There’s No Doubt That Has Been An Evolution Yeah There’s No Doubt That Has Been You Know Progressive Thing That’s Going On With Me And I’ve Just Shared Every Step Of The Way Which It Was Just Natural For Everybody Yeah Exactly You Know I Couldn’t Open A Bible For About Two Years I Left Organized Church I Went I Seeking You Know Into Every Single Kind Of Path And Religion And Wanted To Know And I And I Wasn’t Afraid Anymore Of Asking These Questions That When I Would Even Hint Asking A Question In Church I Would Get These Faces Or These Responses Automatically Making Me Feel Like I’m Wrong That There’s Even A Question Form And Inside Of Me So Once I Left The Church And I Started Asking All The Questions I Want I Believe That Holy Spirit Leading Guide Me In All Truth Will Be My Counselor And Comforter And Teacher And All That Stuff Hey I’m Gonna Ask All These Questions Well After About Two Years And It Did Open Pandora’s Box I Ain’t Gonna Lie About That Pandora’s Box Part Of It You Know I’m Saying And I Thought That I Was Coming Into Light Because I Was Finding Out About The Illuminati About Governments About Masons About Witchcraft And Darkness And All That Stuff I Thought That I Was Being Enlightened And Illuminated Because Now I Knew All This Stuff And Nobody Else When I Tried To Talk To Him They Didn’t Know Or Care Now Where I’m At I Can Look Back And Say I Opened Up Wide To Darkness That People Think Is Light Because All It Was Was Knowledge Of Darkness I Was Learning All The Knowledge Of All The Realm Of Darkness And How All This Stuff Works But That Didn’t Bring Me Peace You Know I’m Saying My Wife Will Tell You I Don’t Even Remember Back These Conversations When We First Were Friends But She Tell Me Even In Honduras That I Was Like Seem Hopeless Even Though I’m Having All This Knowledge And Information You Know I’m Like I Got To Get This Out To The World I Got A Help Shared The Light And Truth And Would Wake People Up So When I’d Be Hanging Out With Her This Innocent Girl That Didn’t Never See Facebook Or Doesn’t Know Anything About The Inn Or Anything To Her What She Was Perceiving From Me Is That I Was Kind Of Hopeless And I Didn’t Have Joy And I Didn’t Have Love You Know So There’s A Different Light That We’ve Come Into And But After Two Years I Opened Up My Bible For Myself And What I Found Through Jesus And And The Message Of Jesus And Confirmed Through The Scriptures Is What I Already Knew In My Heart Through My Seeking My Journey Out To The World Through These Other Paths Through Psychedelics Through All That Stuff What I Came To Believe That I Was In God And God Was In Me You Know And I Was Him Expressing Out In A Physical Form You Know A Living Living Life And That Was The Same As Everybody Else And All These Different You Know Personal Awakenings And Revelations When I Went To The Bible It Really All Started Being Confirmed For Me Right There Through The Scriptures Directly To Jesus But It Wasn’t The Message That I Was Hearing From The Pulpits You Know Saying So I Started Preaching This Message Of Oneness With God And Sonship And Kingdom And All That Stuff But It Wasn’t Received Well You’re Not Saying Because I Was I Didn’t Have A Covering What Authority When I Started Baptizing People All These Random Things I Didn’t Seek To Baptize Anybody I Didn’t Seek Any Of These Things But The More I Dug Into That Word The More I Believed What It Said What That It Was About Me That What It Said And What It Was Revealing And Even Through Jesus Christ That Was All About Me Because Jesus Christ Is In Me You Know And I’m Made New In Christ All These Things Are About Me So What He Said To Go Do I Started Going Out And Doing It And Preaching The Truth Telling People How To Repent Change Their Mind Baptizing And Bringing Them Into This Direct Communion And Connection With God And The Thing That Should Make People That Are In Religious Box Proud Excited Like Wow Look At This Move Of God This Is Great And They Automatically Like You Said Start Picking Apart Besides How You Look You Know Say I’m Not Looking Like In A Way Whether It’s Accepted By Many But Who Gives You The Right Who Gives You The Authority The Same Things I Was Asking John About This The Same Thing Here Was Asking Jesus Yeah Who Are You Are You The Prophet Are You What Why Are You Baptizing People Who Because Jesus Said To Do It You Know Jesus Said That I’m Just Doing What Jesus Said So I Guess Before I Really Got Deeper Into Sharing Mystical Things And Things That Would Be Touchy Or Divisive Even Though I Had My Own Beliefs And Experiences Even Along This Way Only Thing I Was Coming Out And Publicly Sharing What People In Preaching Was To Come Into The Kingdom Of Light Right Now Heaven Is Available Right Now Repent And Cross Over Come Into Oneness And Sonship That God Is Your Father And You’re Direct You Don’t Need Another Man In Between You And God That Right There From The Religious Thing We Went Through Much Persecution Much Persecution Over That But So Just Doctrinal Things You Know I’m Saying Ideas And Not That I Was Always Right On Every Single One And Nobody Is And Anybody Who Thinks Yeah That Your Pastor Your Preacher That You’ve Been That You Might Sit Under Right Now That They’ve Always Held All The Same Beliefs You Know That They Haven’t Changed Their Mind On Things They Haven’t Evolved In Their Paradigm Over Years You’re Deceived Because They’re Just Like You You Know I’m Saying It And This Is About Growth And This Is About As We Learn Or I Was Wrong On That Being Okay With That Into A Brick Embrace And Accept It And Discard What No Longer Serves You For The Better And To Embrace I Was Saying Even Even The Symbol Of The Serpent I Share It All The Time People Only Hear Snake Or Serpent They Think All These Demonic Negative Things But There Is A Really Cool Picture When You Look At A Serpent That A Serpent A Snake It Cannot Grow It Cannot Grow Into What It’s Becoming Unless It’s Willing To Discard And Shed Who It Was On A Regular Basis You Know Every So Often It Has To Go Through This Period Where It Sheds Who It Was So That It Can Grow Into What Is Becoming There Was A There Was A Big Time Where We You Know Early On We Were Doing Podcasts Together I Think Like Right After We Met Like Within A Week Or Two And It Was Awesome How We Met Though Because We You Know Saying We’ve Recited Each Other Online And Then My Family Right Before I Left For Honduras Like Literally A Couple Of Days Your Family Came Down To Go To Disney Disney In You Were In Orlando And You Came You Came To The Hotel And We Met And We Fellowship We Swam We Had A Couple Of Beers You Know We Hung Out And We Kind Of Built From There And Then You Became A Co-host Of What We’re Doing Now Yeah Under The Awakening Podcast And We Did Several Shows Together When We Would Talk About Some Fringe Stuff Or Have Other People Along Who Weren’t Christians And Stuff Talking About Crystals And Kundalini And Stuff You Wouldn’t Share Some Of The Stuff You Would Do It But You Wouldn’t Share Yeah Because I’ve Had The Christian Fall Well And Because At That Time At That Time Talking About This Pendulum I Had Got So Beat Down Yeah I Got So Beat Down By The Brothers And Sisters That I Thought Would Be Excited To See The Reality Of What They’re Reading In The Book Happened In And They Wasn’t And They Was Constantly Telling Me You Can’t Do This You Got To Do That And Just Feeling Alone Like I Said I Living In A Third World Country All This Would Be Happening Every Time I’d Come Back To The States Got A Move Of God What Happened And All This Stuff But Every Time I Go Back To Honduras There I Am All Alone Yeah And It’s Hard To Explain Because Sometimes You Feel Like God Why Isn’t This Happening Down Here Or Why Is It And You Having Expectations And It Might Not Be The Way He’s Lining It Up But Um Because Of Some Friends We Had And Because Of You Know People That We Love People That We Love But That Are Still Totally Mainstream Way Out And Then Big Churches Angelica Movement And Stuff And That They Out Of Loving Us Reached Out With Some Opportunities To Help Us Out But It Was Almost Like That Crux In That Crosser And I Want Anybody If They Come Across As To Take It The Wrong Way But I Felt Like I Sold Out Yeah You Know I’m Saying I Felt Like Okay Here’s A Good Opportunity For Us Almost Uh Security You Know I’m Saying Like Dude If If This Church And We Never Had We Never Had Churches A Church Back Us Like On A Regular Monthly Basis Or Anything And God Always Told Me Why Are You Keep Waiting For That Why You Keep Looking With That I Never Told You That Was Coming I Never Told You I Was Gonna Provide For You By That But Here Was Kind Of Like This Temptation Of Something That Was Offered I Went On A Trip To Go Just A Possibility Of Speak Somewhere And Within A Week It Lined Up Like Seven Or Eight Different Opportunities To Go To Churches And Fellowship And Christian Athletes And All That Stuff It Was All Good But Knowing That I Can’t Be Honestly And Truthfully Who I Am Coming Into This And Feeling Like I Had To Put On A Mask And It Was So Funny Even How It Worked Out Because It Was Winter And So I Went Up North And I Had To Put On I It Was I Had To Anyway Wear Long Sleeves A Leather Jacket Gel In My Hair And I Was Just Laughing The Whole Way Like A This Is Gonna Be Like Almost Like A Game Because These Religious People Who If I Came Up Looking Like This How I Normally Dressed They Would Have Wrote Me Off From The Beginning And Had A Million Different Reasons Of Why To Say No It’s Like God Was Taking All That Out The Way And Me Looking A Handsome Presentable Man And They’re Gonna Have To Listen To What I Got To Say And Judge Whether Or Not They Want To Support Me Based Upon Yeah What I Got To Say But Honestly And It Was All Good But Honestly It Was Just A Bad Move And A Bad Look And I Felt Like Weather Was My Own Self Imposing This Idea Or Whether It Was Reality Or A Blend Of I Felt Like I Was Being Censored And Monitored And I Couldn’t Just Come Out And Talk About Any Thing I Want You And I’m A Shock Jock Kind Of Guy I’m A Shot By You Kind Of Guy And I Just I’ve Always Been That Since I Was A Kid And I Like To Use That To Real People In To Then Get Them To Listen To The More Important Things You Know The Deep Undeniable Things But I Couldn’t Do That And I Was Just Constantly Being Censored And Backed Into This Religious Box You Know And Like You Said Dark Night Of The Soul Man Being Boxed In To That Religious Box And Being Confined Into It It Can Die Can Make You Literally Depressed Or Just You Know Places You Don’t Want To Be I Um When I Was Going Back And Forth And I Would Go Back And Forth Mainly Because Of My Church Brethren Like People I Lose Gin Loved And Cared About People Who I Would Have A Phone Conversation With Doing Ministry And Just Having Friends And When We Hung Up They Would Say I Bro I Love You Man And It’s A Guy On The Phone And I Have To Be Like Only Person I Tell I Love You To Be Like My Mom Or My Wife And I Had To Say I Love You Too Man Mm-hm But I’m Thinking But I Mean It I Love You Man Yeah And We Hang Up That’s Kind Of Weird For A Guy The First Time You Do That He’s Getting Weird So These Were People Who Are Genuinely Loved And I Thought That They Loved Me Were To Have This Camaraderie This Brotherhood And Then I Found Out That They’re Warning People About Me Stay Away From Him He’s In The Satanism Like They Made Up All Kinds Of Stuff Man And Maybe That’s What They Thought I Don’t Know Imagery And And Mainly From Promoting Different Philosophers To Serã­an Stuff Well Melanie Hall He’s A Mason Mason’s Or Satanist True See Good Follow Cygnus You Know I’m Saying That Kind Of Stuff So I Would Go Back And Forth And Then I Would Present Myself To These People And Act Like I’m Not Into That Stuff Anymore Bless Oh Yeah I Don’t And That’s That’s Partly Why Like I Said I Didn’t Talk About That Stuff In Person With People Like I Didn’t Go To Bible Study Said Well Hey Man Y’all Uh Anybody Ever Seen The Ufo Or Something Like That You Know But We’d Go Back And Forth And It Drove Me Crazy And But I Genuinely Saw God And There Was Times Where I Did It On Many Occasions And You Did – You Did A Video Where We Burn Our Books Have All Kind Of Expensive Esoteric Books From Manley P Hall I Got Stuff Man From The 1800s That I Freaking I Burnt And Threw Away Signed Autographed Copies Of Manley P Hall Did I Hate That I Did I Have Art Pieces I Had A Dude A Friend Of Mine Who Does Airbrush Work Do A Mural Of Manley P Hall For Me Amazing Phenomenal I Threw It Away And Burnt It Man And And All The Stuff In You You Get Rid Of Everything And Many Of Us Have Been There In A Christian Experience With Cds And It’s Not That A Good Of Beneficial Burst You Know Of Spirit Come Forth From That You Know Well I Think Most Of Us This Is This Is What I Say Is That I Think Most Of Us We Get Into A Place Of Maybe There’s Sin In Our Life Or We’re Questioning And We Want To Get We Search Our Hearts And We Get Everything Out Of Our Lives That Isn’t About Jesus Right And So For Me If If Maybe When I Was In That Mind Frame Could Be Maybe My Video Game Posters Or A Crystal Or Anything Crystal Man That There Was A Point Where We Got All Of Our Statues And Pictures Of Jesus Out Like We Had Wood Carvings Of Jesus And Necklaces And Crosses And Stuff We’d Do Everything All That’s Idolatry And So You Get Rid Of Everything So You’re In A Place Where You Want Nothing But God So You’re Searching Your House In Your Heart And Maybe Some Things Like Man Lippe Hollow Sticks Out More The Occult Ik Type Stuff Then A Videogame Or Something But But Trust Me People Have Video Game Burnings To Churches And And You Get Rid Of Everything And You I’ve Been There You’ve Done It Several Times I Feel Remorseful For Now But I Respect The Process And Cut But In Those Moments I Would Genuinely Fast And Pray And Ask God To Search My Heart And If These Things Weren’t Of You Please Take It From Me And I’d Be Walking In The Spirit I Feel Good I Feel Like I Got Rid Of Some Things But Shortly After There Was Like Man Would It Like This Is Who God Called Me To Be And I Was Still Drawn To The Same Things God Still Let Me Have My Encounters For A Reason And I Would Feel Like A Sellout And I’m I’m Praying Against It God Please Take This Away From Me Like I Don’t Want To Be Drawn To These Philosophers I Don’t Want To Be Drawn To These Fringe People But There’s Something In Me That Resonates So Strong Maybe It’s Demonic Maybe What Resonates Within Me Is Demonic I Need Help More Fasting More Prayer But It Would Never Leave Man And I Will Always Felt Like It Was God Telling Me Like Be Yourself Man Be Who I Created You I Put Those Desires In You For A Reason And I Would Never Get Away From That As Many Times That I Would Fight It I Would Always Feel Remorseful Because Of Driving My Wife Crazy His Instability And Consistency Saying One Thing And Doing Another But You Have To Be Yourself Man And God Made You And Put The Desires Within You And Made You Uniquely Fearfully And Wonderfully Made And And Yeah There’s Things We Get Into That We We Gotta Examine Our Heart And We Got To Get Some Things Out Maybe Even For A Season But That Place That I Was In And You You’ve Been There And I’ve Talked To Countless Other People About It I Was In There Bought My Plugs I Got Crazy Stories About Taking My Plugs And Throwing Them Out The Window At The Interstate And Then The Next Day Come Walking Outside The Interstate Trying To Find Him Mmm That Crazy Stuff Like Psychopath No No No And Then There’s And But In This It Sounds Weird But I’ve Talked To Other People Who Have Had The Same Thing With Their Piercings They Through Their Piercings Out And Then They’re Going Through The Grass Trying To Find Them And I Yeah I Had I Had Like When I First Was Getting Into Crystals And Stuff And Stones And I Had A Collection And I’m Going Through One Day Same Thing I’m Out On The Porch On The Beach At Our House And I’m Just Like And Then Like A Week Later Like Yeah It’s It Gets Nasty Man But It’s Part Of The Process And I Respect The Process Man Because He Does It He Sets It Up Man It’s All It’s All About Him Getting You’re Getting Your Relationship With The Lord And If Anything Look At Abraham You Know A Test Of The Heart To See If You’re Willing You Know I Mean When He Was He Was Told To Sacrifice Isaac It Was Never That He Was Going To Have To Go Through With It You Know God God Had Him God Had It All Lined Up But Sometimes It’s Just A Test Within Ourselves To See Are These Things Idols And Like You Said If If Our Heart Is Really For God We Don’t Even Want It To Be Close Yeah We Don’t Even Want It To Be A Question So Sometimes If We Start Questioning Are These Things Idols That Right There Is Enough For Us To Say Destroy It All Because I Don’t Want To Be In Idolatry Out Of A Purity And Yeah And Out Of A Pure Heart Of One To Be Right For God You’re Willing Yeah You Know You’re Willing And Because Nothing Compares Nothing Compares To The Relationship We Have With God We Don’t Want Anything Getting In Between Us But Sometimes Like Look At Abraham Abraham Didn’t Really Have To Go Through With It You Know There Was A Substitute Provided So Yeah There’s Some We Got A Lot Of Questions In The Chat Room Right Now We’d Be Happy To Answer Your Questions But Call In Call In To The The Request Line And Say Hello Let Us Know Your Questions The Number Is Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four And Then You Put In The Pin Number Seven Eight Six Four Three Pound We Got Some Cool Questions Over There Just Calling Say Hello Man Let’s Make Sure This Stuff Is Working You Know This Is Why We Do It Like There’s So Many Times I Don’t Want To Cause Us A Lot Of Work To Set Up The Calling And Thing You Seen What I Had To Go Through To Access My Telephone And Call Three-way And Call The Station And All This Weird Stuff I Got To Do To Actually Get This To Work The Way It’s Working And I’m Like You Know What I’m Not Gonna Do The Call In But Then People Begged Me Like No Dude I’ma Call In Like I Need To Talk To You Like Element To It You Know I Get The Discipleship From It But And Then We Go Laughs But I Gotta Say We Didn’t I Didn’t Promote It So If You Guys Want To Ask Questions You Guys Can Call In The Phone Lines Are Open Let Us Know Your Story And There’s People Here Talking About Is Galleons Yo Lads Do You Think Aliens Are Real If All This Occult Vs Big Love Yeah Call In Italy Call In Ask The Question Yeah Yeah We’ll Have A Conversation With You Richard Call In Yeah That’s A Pretty Good Question But No It Is A Good Question But I Think They’re One In The Same So They Kind Of Have To Do With It I Mean Each Other Kind Of Referring To Like The Physical Manifestation And Calling The Occult Which Means Hidden Underlying Bs You Can’t Have One Without The Other In That Um Saying Ufology Aliens Is It’s Hidden It’s A Cultic And That’s Why I Say All The Time When We Talk About The Whole Definition Of Occultism Or The Whole Definition Of What Is Esoteric I Say Jesus Taught Occultism Jesus Taught A Hidden Hidden Stuff That He Had To Bring His Disciples Told Him To You What’s Given The Keys To Understand The Kingdom But To Them It’s Not Like The Whole Lay People He Preached To The 5000 People They Had No Idea What The Hell He Was Talking About Some Flesh Drink My Blood They All Left They Loved This It Was Too Deep What Are You Talking About And It’s Okay Let Me Bring You In To Show You Some More Stuff And He Would He Would Show Things To His Disciples And He Would Explain The Parables But Then There Was Other Times Where He Said What There’s Things That I Want To Show You That I Can’t Right Now Because There’s No Way You Could You Can Understand This There’s No We’ve Been Learning A Second Language Learning Spanish There Be No Hunters Many Different Words And Understandings Have Been Opened Up To Me Just By Learn Another Language Because In Spanish A Coal Tar Is To Hide Its Just Means Hide To Hide Son I Could Tell You Go Hide Some Easter Eggs You Know For The Kids To Find Candy And I Would Have To Say A Cult Dark Yellow Hide It So A Cult Means Hidden That’s All It Means Yep Yeah You Can Go Ahead And Call In Oh Some Say Okay He’s So He Said This He Wants To Call Him But He Doesn’t Have Any Service Well If You Have A Question Man Let Me Know I Know We Spoke On On Facebook Too So Thanks For All The Love I’m Reading In The Comment Section How Awaken The Fire Impacted Your Life And You Talked About You Know The Song Fire On Awaken The Fire That’s Funny That That’s The Song That You Love From That Album Because That’s The Song That People Say Doesn’t Fit That Album And I Was The One That Was Kind Of Crunk There Screaming On It The Producer Was Somebody Different So From All The Esoteric Mysticism To A Crunk Christian Rap Song About The Five The Holy Ghost In My Bones You Know That Was The Song That That’s It’s A Good Song But It Doesn’t Fit The Album And So Wait What You Do You Put On As Extra Or Something No I Just Put I Included It In The Tracklist Okay But You Know You Got All The Stuff About Mysticism And Then You Got Fire You Know All The Laid-back The Ramen Stood Like The Rap Style Is Different Where I’m Late Laid-back Rapping Versus Yelling The Raps You Know The Quantum Usik And Stuff So Mm-hmm So He Says Give Him A Said He’s Gonna Pay His Bill So He Goes We’re Gonna Hold You To This So The Axe Is Gonna Be Calling In Here Shorter To Say Hello I Think I Think Channels Watching Channels Watching In The Chat Room As Well What’s Up Channel Richard Chanel Bruce And I Know Yeah So Chanel Panda Jean Panda Panda Panda Panda What’s Up Brother Good To See You Here Max Mike All Of You Guys Holding Us Down Yeah So We’re Talking About How Like We Did The Podcast Together And You Would Share Some Of Them And It’s Kind Of Discouraging But I Respect The Process And You Didn’t Share It Some Of Them You Know Oh Yeah There Were Certain Podcast Topics You Wanted To Do I Wouldn’t Get On With You And Then I Would Delete Them I Would Even Delete Them You Know I’m Saying So I Respect The Process And I Know What’s Up What’s Up Laurie And Then So We Did The Interview With Chris Russian So I Interviewed Chris Russian Who Is From Warrior Allen I Did Call In On That One But I Told You What Did I Tell You Do You Remember Because I’m Wondering If That Was Kind Of Like A I Think From That Point You You Became A Little Bit More Open Okay So So Derek So I Had Already Had Lots Of Experience With Suicide Mushrooms For Four Years I Mean Three Different That Delay Is Messier I Know There Were Three Different Periods In My Life You Know Along My Path Were Psilocybin Mushrooms Entered For A Season And What They And My Experiences With Them Were Very Different Because I Was At A Different Place Yeah And So I Was Already Very Familiar With That Whole Topic And Whole Experience And Derek Wasn’t No Derek Was Drawn More To All The Information And About And Stuff But He Had Never Personally Experienced It You Know And So Even Even This Conversation Right Here Just Getting Into That Comfortable Place Of Being Able To Talk About These Things Because The One Thing Nobody Can Ever Take From Me Is My Personal Testimony You Can’t Tell Me That I’m Wrong In What I Experience You Might Tell Me I’m Wrong In What I Believe You Might Tell Me I’m Wrong In Some Kind Of Idea But You Can’t Tell Me That What Happened To Me Didn’t Happen To Me You Can’t Tell Me That Yeah So Just Being More And More Comfortable Now Just Expressing My Personal Experience But When Derek Started I Can’t Remember What I Didn’t Even I Think I Didn’t Know But He Went Ahead And Pulled The Trigger And Had An Experience And Then It Was Like Life-changing Within Two Or Three Days He Was Full Blast Like Writing The Golden Teachers You Know How The Expert I’m Like Oh My God And At That Time It Was Probably Crossing Paths Was When My Pendulum Was Swinging Back And I Was Kind Of Getting Back Into This Religious Thing Because Of The Because Of The Supporters Or Supporters That Came Into Our Life And Stuff So He Was Like I’m Coming Out We’re Always Growing I’m Like Well I Can’t Do That Right And I Gotta Back Up And So When He Was Gonna Do So After He Started He Was Already Writing Songs He Was Already You Know Just Totally Interviews I Had Entire I Abide To Think That But Seeing This What I’m Saying It Was All It Was All Propelled Forth By An Experienced By A Personal Experience Not By A Idea Or Belief And So I Couldn’t Say Nothing To Him Because He’s Telling Me Yo I Had This Great Epiphany Experience All These Things You Know Was Confirmed To Me Or Shown To Me My Plan Was Mapped Out And All This Stuff Who Am I To Challenge That In Any Way Shape Or Form But Just Was I Willing To Get On The Public Platform On That Topic It I Just Couldn’t Do It So When It Came Time To Doing The Interview With Chris Rushing Which I Was Very Interested In Because I Had Already Heard Of Him And He’s Like Hey I’m Interviewing This Guy Already Kind Of Knew Basically What The Topics Were Gonna Be I Didn’t Want To Put My Picture I Didn’t Want To Put My Face Or Name On The Promo As As Doing This But I Did Decide To Call Into The Show And Speak On But I Told You Contingent I Said Look Dude Don’t Call In Unless You Are Comfortable With Putting This On Your On Your Profile And I Think I Didn’t Want To Be Mean But I’m Like Okay This You Know This Is Been Legit Let’s Just Be Real Like Let’s Don’t Do It Unless You’re Ready To Do Probably A Good Push Yeah Cuz I’m Not And I’ve Never Been I’m Not Out There Promoting Or Preaching Mushrooms But I’ve Always Been This Way This Is How I’ve Always Been I’m Not Gonna Lie Exact I’m Not Gonna Lie To Anybody Because I Was Saved By The Truth I’m In The Truth I Love The Truth I’m Living For The Truth Jesus Christ Is The Truth And Part Of The Nature Of Christ Is To Be Truthful And Tell The Truth And Not To Lie Not To Feel Like You Have To Cover-up Or Deceive So Anybody Asks Me A Question I’m Not Gonna Lie To You I’m Gonna Tell You The Truth But I Might Not Promote Or Preach Something That I Know A Lot Of People Will Have Issues With Or Stumble Over Or Be Divided Over I Just I Don’t Go Ahead And Just Like It Says You Might Disagree With Me Even Using This Analogy But Don’t Throw Your Pearls Before Swine Because They Won’t See The Wisdom The Value In It They’ll Turn Around To Even Rend You Asunder To Gore You You Know To Kill You Over These Things So Why Am I Gonna Go Ahead And Talk About Things That I Know Many People Gonna Have Issues But If You Want To Know You Ask Me Let Me Tell You The Truth And I Felt Led To Do It Because It Was Like You Said So Impactful Why Would I Hide It Like That And I Look At It Like The Gospel I Look At It Like The Gospel The Gospel Changed My Life Now I’m Gonna Tell People About It Mushrooms Oh My God To Act Like Like There’s So Much Healing And So Much Virtue That I Experienced Through It And To Keep It A Song My World In My Relationship With My Wife With How I Viewed My Mother The The Feminine Aspect Of Life To Begin With I Mean The Whole Thing Many Different Over Times You Know Many Different Things That I Was Ready To Be Shown Or Ready To Encounter Or Ready To Examine About Myself That I Never Even Realized Oh My God I’ve Been Looking At Women Like This I’ve Been Treating Women Like This All These Things That When It’s Timing Is Right But The Spirit Needs To Bring Up Into The Forefront Of Your Awareness And Show You And I Can’t Lie I Got A Tribute Many Different Awakenings And Many Different Healings Of Who I Am Impart To My Encounters And My Experiences With Psilocybin Mushrooms I Think That If We Do Keep It A Secret Then We Become Like The Upper Echelon Of The Elite Who Knows The Mystery Schools We’ve Been Through It And They Keep It A Secret On Purpose They Don’t Feel Like The Lay People Should Have This Info They Don’t Feel Like The Lay Lay People Should Understand What’s Going On With Ufos Or How They Were Created Spiritually And The Different Mechanisms In Your Body Spiritual Abilities That Were All Born With They Keep That A Secret And So I Kind Of Feel Like The Same Thing Like If We’re Privileged With The Knowledge And We Trying To Make People Pay For It For One And For Two To Keep It A Secret From The Lay People Like That’s What That’s What The Quote-unquote Satanic Illuminati Does They Keep It For Themselves And Let The Lay People Be The Ones Who They Make It A Cult Remember Cult Means Hidden A Cult Are In Spanish And Greek And Stuff Means To Hide So They Make What Is Totally Public Knowledge Hidden Paul Says All Things That That One Can Come To Know About God Are Clear Seen By Just Looking And Coming To Know Through Nature By Looking Out Into The Natural World What’s Going On Out There You Know Experience In Life And You Come To Know And How These Revelations About God And How God Is Well One Of The Things That’s Just Out There In Nature Just Right There Is Mushroom You Know I’m Saying Honestly It’s Just Right There And It’s When You Realize If You Were To Realize How Common It Is About As Common As A Cow About As Common As A Cow Is How Common A Mushroom Is And They’re All Over But Because Like You Say What That Little Living Thing Leads To An Awakening Of Understanding Of Things That Far Beyond This Need To Occult Are They Need To Hide That Because In Doing That In In Awakening They Don’t They Don’t Have Power Over Me And It’s True The Gospel That’s What The Gospel Does To And I’m Not Saying And I Absolutely Don’t Think That One Is Contrary To Or Opposed To The Other Or Anything And I’m Saying They Are Are Harmonious To Me In In What You Realize In The Realization And It’s The Realization Of Who You Are What You Are Beyond This Body And As A Spiritual Being And All That That Automatically Casts The Shackles Off Of You Of This System Of Mind Control And Ideas That They Have Us In So Obviously If That’s And That’s A Universal Experience I Mean Obviously You Got People That Abuse Anything You Could Have People Jesus Says Not What Goes Into The Mouth And Into The Body That Defiles The Man But What Comes Forth Out Of His Heart Because Out Of The Heart Comes All These Wicked Things And And And Jealousy And Anger And Strife And Hatred And All These Kind Of Things So If A Person You Know Uses Something Like A Mushroom But It’s Not With The Intent On Healing Or On Spirit Or Anything Like That And They Just Want To Get Messed Up And All That They’re Going Through And They Probably Get Really Messed Up Because What’s In The Heart Comes Out Yeah It’s What Your Heart Gets Projected Out There Could Be A Scary Overwhelming Experience And That’s What The Whole Bad Trip Comes From And Not Not Preparing And So Even With That Whenever We Look At Like There’s So Much Preparation That Goes Into It Like I Mean We Would Have Large Doses We Would Fast Pray Do Chance And And Mantras And Really Get In It And Use It As A Time To Examine Our Life And Say Okay What Is In Me That Needs To Come Out How Do I Get To This Next Level And Show Me What I Need To Do And Just Be Open To The Encounter And To Have That To Treat It Like That And To Have Somebody To Lead It And So That’s Why Our Ancestors Would Have Shamans Who Would Lead It You Would Go To The Shaman He Would Make Sure That It Was A Good Good Vibration Going On Good Music Was Playing Like For That You Know The Drum Patterns The Chanting Is Stuff Like That It Would Be Something Comfortable Something Relaxing Because If Not You Can Get Triggered I Got Friends Who Went With Us And Had Amazing Spiritual Encounter And Then Two Months Later They Do It At A Party Where They’re Blasting Crazy Death Metal With The Doors Wide Open Turned Up All The Way Thinking The Cops Were Gonna Come And They’re Tripping On Mushrooms And They’re In The Bathroom Panicking Having A Bad Trip Praying It To Stop Because Of The Situation Even Like If You Look At Some Of The Secular People Like Jason Silva Who Talks About The Psychedelic Experience And They Always Say To Be In A Safe Zone Be In A Safe Space And Have You Some Good Music There’s Music It Was Crazy About The Music Tank It’s Like When You’re In Those Realms You Feel The Intention Behind The Music Like You Can Feel What That Person Was Going Through When They Wrote The Music And The Thoughts That Went Into It And Is Projecting Out You’re Able To Feel It Now If You’re Sensitive Most Of Us Most Of Us Can Kind Of Feel That Without Even Having The Mushrooms But When You Go Into Those Realms Its Amplified Like Crazy Mm-hm And So And You Put On That Crazy Death Metal Honestly For Me Personally Other Than That First Season In My Life When I Was 18 To 21 Let’s Say And I Was All About Just Partying And Getting Messed Up And Escaping So Like You Said I Was Everything You’re Describing That’s How I Was Doing It Yeah And My Experience Was Weird You Know Awesome I Liked Being Weird I Was A Meth Addict That Was A Coke Addict I Did Crack I Did Anything I Liked Feeling We Out Of This Concreteness But Honestly The Other Seasons Later On In My Life I Think Most Of The Time It Was By Myself And In Silence Or In Nature And Just The Natural You Know With The Ocean Waves Or Whatever And And Brought Me Into That Silence Where You Could Hear That Inner Voice Of The Spirit You Know Knowingness And Because It’s Cool To This Another Music And If I Did It Would Probably Like Binaural Beats Or Something Like That Yeah But Even Even Like Such A Sacred Space And Time I Would Really Have To Already Pre Know What The Message Is That’s Gonna Come Into My Mind Before I Just Play Some Music Or Have Headphones And Because You’re You’re Allowing Someone Else’s Thoughts Yeah You’re Allowing Someone Else’s Experience And You’re Partaking And That In Like For Me It Being A Very Set Apart Sacred Special Thing And Encounter With The Divine I’d Rather Just Encounter The Divine You Know I’m Not Saying Don’t Listen To Music Or Anything Like That I’m Just Saying My Personal Experiences Yeah I Think For The Last You Know Years And Seasons Of My Life Probably For The Most Part It’s Been Silent In Silent You Know What I Mean What Stands Out For Us Is Because When We Did Them We’re A Bunch Of Christians A Bunch Of Church Boys Out In The Woods Having A Retreat Eating Mushrooms Listening To Bethel Worship Music On Mushrooms Now See If You Already Know What You Getting At Like Worship Music I Could Totally Do Yeah So I Think So I Actually Had To Refresh The Phone Lines And Now I See That We Do Have Callers Sorry About That Guys I’m Gonna Take These Callers I Think Max Is On We’re Gonna Take Our First Caller From Eastern Nebraska Who We Speaking With Hey I Don’t Know How That Phone Call He’s Gonna Be I’m Using Google Voice Instead Of My Phone Okay You Know You Can Hear Me Fine Great Nothing Much You Know I Just I Fell In Love With Your Music And Actually Uh You’re One Of The First People I Got Introduced To After I Had Listened To Some Spiritual Music And Never Found It Again And Then All Of A Sudden I Was Flooded By These Three Albums You Had On Banquette But It Was A For Me That’s What Something Who We Speaking With Is This Max But Yeah Yeah This Is Max Awesome Brother Yeah Dude They Do I Appreciate That Man That Means About Thank You It’s Really An Understatement I Was Lucky To Find You In Having To Then Not Go Ahead I’ll Go Ahead I Was Just Gonna Say That I Discovered Alice Clay Shortly After I Discovered You And She’s Amazing As Well Yeah Man Oh Yeah She’s Awesome In Everybody Yeah Yeah And That That Whole Crew Of Vinny You Know Me And Vinny Actually We Did A Couple Shows Together I Went To Two Slidell Louisiana Did A Show With Vinny And Then He Came Over Our Way We Did A Show At A Big Party Big House Party And Have You Heard Of A Spirit Of Truth No I’ll Write That Down Okay Yeah There’s Another Guy Who A Lot Of People’s Been Reaching Out Lately Who Were Fans Of A Guy Named Spirit Of Truth And I Heard His Name In Passing Look Him Up He Was Dope And Then There’s Just Like The Fans Of Reach They’re Not Trying To Make It Happen And So I Got A I Got A Song With Him And They Kind Of Roll In The Same Camps As Well So And Actually Vinny You Made That Happen He Reached Out And Traded Phone Numbers For Us To Do Something So We Got Some Stuff Coming Out As Well So That’s Gonna Be Awesome [music] Um Are You Part Of The Lost Children Of Babylon Because I’ve Seen That I Think On Like Spiritual Alchemy I Remember Seeing That Yeah I’m Uh Affiliate I’m Fellated With Those Guys And So Every It’s Just A Big Movement Yeah Awesome Man I Wish They Were Doing More Well I Don’t Really Have Um I Don’t Really Have Much To Say But I’ve I Will Just Tell You This For My Schizophrenia And Bipolar I’ve Been In The Hospital 19 Times In The Last Five Years And I’m Very Thankful For The Whole Experience And That’s Why Your Music Had Such A Profound Effect On Me I Think Was Because It Was Like Finally Getting Another Source Of What I’ve Been Experiencing And Not Just Being Knocked Down Over And Over Every Time I Try And Explain What’s Going On With Me Yeah You Know What Dude I Those Messages Every Day And I Will Tell You This It Is Hard As An Artist And As A Spiritualist To Get Those Messages Some People I Don’t Understand The Messages Because We Have A Lot Of People Who Are Way Far Out There Man But I Get A Lot Of People Who Say How Much The Music Helps Them And How They’re Able To Cope And I Will Say This That We’ve Been Able To Pray For People Man And In Those Those Episodes Stopped To Any Voices That Are Going On And Being Able To Just Be Weirded Out In Groups Of People And To Pray And They Get Peace So I’m It’s Awesome Dude That The Music’s Doing That And That’s What It’s Designed To Do But Uh Before You Go Man Do You Mind If We Pray A Blessing Over You Yes No Of Course Not Awesome I’ll Start First And Then Dan You Can Follow Up Alright So I Guess Just Close Your Eyes Right Now I Just Want To Speak Over To You Right Now In Jesus Mighty Name God I Thank You For Max God I Thank You That He Is The Righteousness Of God Created In Christ Jesus To Do Good Works I Thank You That He’s Fearfully And Wonderfully Made That You Got A Plan To Bless Him And To Enter Prosper Him You Know The Desires Of His Hearts God You Know The Deep Depths And Into The The Secrets Of His Mind God And So Right Now I Just Pray A Blessing Over Him That You Bless Him And That You Keep Him God And So Anything That’s Going On That That That May Make Him Uneasy In His Mind And In His Spirit To Be Uncomfortable And And Hearing Things Going On Right Now I Speak Peace In The Mighty Name Of Jesus God I Thank You For Testimony Right Now I Thank You For Deliverance For Anything God Anything That Our Doors Were Open Through Two Questions Coming In About Being On The Pills And Maybe The Pills Are Opening Doors Right Now We Speak To The Mouth Of The Accuser And We Quiet The Voice Of The Enemy Right Now Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear Right Now God I Just Ask You To Plot Your Spirit Amahl Upon My Friend Max God Let It Become Real Again To Him God Take Him Even Deeper God In Who You Are And Your Love For Him In Jesus Mighty Name Yeah Lord I Just Pray That The Simplicity Of The Childlike Just Of The Identity Of Who He Truly Is Every Other Saw And Every Other You Know Idea And Contemplation That Anybody Wants To Add To It Is Unnecessary With The Simplicity Of The Identity Of A Child Of God That He Is Your Child He Is A Child Of Light He’s A Child Of Love It’s Who And What He Is That That Be Foundationally And Firmly Rooted In Him That That’s The Foundation Of His Reality Everything Else Is Built Upon The Reality Of Him As A Child Of The Most High God And That Little By Little The More That He Contemplated The More He Lay Hold Of That Reality The More He Proclaimed That Reality Over Himself And Over His Life That All These Other Ideas And Thoughts And Voices And Stuff Fade Out Into The Distance Weaker And Weaker Until He Doesn’t Even Remember And That He Comes To This Epiphany Of Remembering Back That He Used To Actually Be Like That Yeah And Doesn’t Even Know When It Stopped All He Knows Is That No Longer Is And We Are In You And You Are I Am And He Firmly Understands Who He Is In You You Are I Am One Inseparable With That Divine Love Just Let That Love Flood All Over Him Right Now God I’m Feeling It All Over Me Just Let His Let Your Oneness In Your Divine Love Fill And Flood His Whole Body His Whole Mind Take Over Him Transformed By The Renewing Of His Mind This New Identity They Move Into It Yeah And Just Have That One Childlike Faith The Seed Of A Mustard Like A Seed The Size Of A Mustard Seed I Am A Child Of God Max I Pray That Over You And If You Gotta Say It A Thousand Times A Day That One Little Seed That One Fundamental Doctrine I Am A Child Of God To Keep Coming Back To However Many Times You Need To Any Kind Of Voice That Tries To Raise Up Any Vain Imagination That Cut Tries To Raise It Up In Your Mind Against The Knowledge Of Christ That You’d Be Able To Just Say I Am A Child Of God And That That Voice Be Gone In The Name Of Jesus Amen Oh Man It’s Real My Brother It’s Real Well My Body Just Got Ridiculously Warm That Was Cool Thank You I’m Gonna Die I Hope To God I Can Save That Because I Want To Make That A Little Song I Can Play I Was Going To Tell You Man Anytime You’re Having A Rough Time You Can Go Back To This Audio What We Do A Lot Of Times In Meetings And Stuff Will Have Prophets Come Through And They’ll Record The Prayer Over People And So They Can Have It On Tape And I’ve Got Tapes From Into My Life And I Can Go Back And Listen To It And I’m Taken Back To That Moment And So You Could Do That You Can Pull Up The Podcast The Podcast Is Saved In Mp3 Format Man And You Can Go Back To It And Just Know Do Like Everything In The Music It’s Real It Is The Real Deal And Peace Is Your Inheritance Man Nothing Less Brother Don’t Settle For Nothing Less Than Peace And Love And Joy And Righteousness Man And Everything That Is Beautiful In This Life Is Yours Man And Also Anybody Else Real Quick Maxon You Might Even Know Other People You Know From Your Journey That You’ve Met That Go Through The Same Things Like You Said Bipolar Or Schizophrenic Or Depression Or Whatever That Prayer That We Just Said Right There That Was Totally Unplanned That Was Totally Spontaneous And In The Spirit And That Was Totally The Spirit Moving Through A Speaking So It Doesn’t Even Though We Were Spraying It Over Max That Same Prayer Every Word Came From God And You Can Share That With A Friend Going Through The Same Thing And Just Tell Him Just Listen To This Prayer Man Just Open Up And Just You Know Just Listen To What These Guys Are Saying It And Try To Receive It And It’s The Same Thing It Will Work Man Well Thank You Guys I Really Do Appreciate It Hey Amen Any Time You Want To Call In Just Say Hello You Know I’m Saying We Are Reachable Brother Hit Us Up All Right Man I’ll Definitely I’m Gonna Look For Your Next Podcast I Hope You Have A Planned One I Want To Hear You Say This Real Quick Max I Am A Child Of God I Just Don’t Really Acted Like It You Know I’ve Acted Like I Am God Or I Am The Devil Rather Than Being The Child Of It I Need To Work On That Well Come Back And Listen To The Whole Podcast Later On Man Absolutely Well Thank You Hey I Think We’re Gonna Do Another One Tonight Actually I Think We’re Gonna Have Brandon Barth Wrap On Interviewing Him We Should Be Back On Tonight As Well All Right Today I Shall Of Shalom Peace Yeah Awesome That’s Awesome How The Prayer Works For Other People Mm-hmm You Remember We Did When Uh Breaking Breaking Bondages Or Something On Youtube Quite A Long Time Ago And People Would Come Months Later Yeah Across The Video And Be Impacted By When You Forgot About It Years Later People Would Comment On It But Like Wow This Is Powerful Yeah And It’s It Is Powerful Manning I Got Get Messages And Got Messages All The Time About That It’s Cool So We Got Another Caller From North / Central Ontario Who We Speaking With Oh Hello How’s It Going That Mr. Creason Here Yes He What’s Going On Justin How Are You I’m Good Now I’m Good I Get Figured Out Phoning I Just Wanted A Touch Basis I Know In The Comments A Lot Of People Saying That The Actual Truth Is Forbidding Such Things As A Strike Yeah I I Just Wanted To Say That It’s Not A Forbidden Thing As Much As It Is Worked Up Our Own Acceptance They’ll Only Show You As Much As You’re Willing To Look At Is You’re Willing To Accept Is The Truth Right Yeah Because If None Of This Essentially Trying To Wrap Your Head Around It All At Once Wouldn’t Be The Definition Of Your Own Insanity You Know Yeah And It Drops It Drops Many People Mad And Just Like There’s Also Some Comments They’re Saying That You Know The Whole Schizophrenia Thing Is Misunderstood That The Whole Schizophrenia Thing Could Be You Picking Up On Spirits And Vibrations Around You And And That Even That Little Bit There Is Driving People Mad You Know I I Agree Then With The Activation And All That For People Who Have Read Into The Esoteric Belief System When The Vibrations Hired A Lot Of Us That Weren’t Paying Attention Are Now Noticing Things Right So The First Thing Weston Is Our Own Sanity Rather Than The Reality That’s Very Front Of Us Because That’s What We’re Taught To Do By Society Right On Day To Day Basements Easiest Way I’ve Found To Explain It To People Is We Have To Slow Down And Listen To The Universe It’s Not Going To Run Us Down And Tell Us Its Secrets And It Will Not Get Any Further Than Our Mind Is Capable Of Going Right Because It’s Not A Forbidden Thing As Much As It Is Like Anything Worth Having It’s Worth Working For Right Yeah I Got To Do The Work I Need To Plan It You Got It Yet Work You Got It You Got To Do The Spiritual Work And It’s Not An Overnight Thing It’s Actually A Lifelong Thing And And And You Know Some People Don’t See It Out To The End Some People It Gets It Gets Overwhelming Or They Can’t Handle And Just Like We’re Talking About This Whole Episode Just The Sheer Loneliness That We Felt The Necessity For A Support System Yeah And It Wasn’t There So That’s Why It’s So Important To Encourage One Another You Know It Is It Is More Important Than Ever That We We All Band Together And Encourage Each Other And Support Each Other Through This Society’s Normal Reaction Is To Look At You Like You Just Lost Your Minds You Know I Did More I’ve Been Studying And Walking My Path Since I Was Very Young Like Very Young I Was More Born Into It Than Anything I Guess You Could Say And So I I’ve Seen What People’s Reactions Can Be Like And For Somebody’s Already Empathic You Feel Their Discomfort With It Right You Know So It Can Cause This Alignment In Your Spiritual Path You Got To Be Careful The People You Surround Yourself With Right Like Skepticism Is Good Be Skeptical Of Anybody Trying To Teach You Anything At Least It Means You’re Paying Attention Right Yeah But At The Same Time You Can’t Let Them Take You With The Out Of What You’re Already Knowing Right What You Know In Your Heart What You’re Hearing In Your Mind And You Can’t Let Them Try To Make You Question It Because If They’re Not There Yet They’re Gonna Rattle Your Cage It’s Just A Given Right It’s Their Own Soul Crying Out For Them To Find Answers But They Don’t Know How To Go About It So Often Result In The They Can Be Pretty Rattling You Know For Somebody Who’s Trying To Find Their Way Yeah And I Just Wanted To Make Sure Was Clarified That You Know It’s It’s A Process You Know It’s Like You Said It’s The Work It’s Hard Work No I Mean It’s Hard It’s Hard Work And We Talked About Last Night We Were Talking About The Same Thing Last Night At A Little Home Gathering That We Did And The Scripture And Verse Out Of The Bible That Sticks Out To Me Is The Spirit Of The Prophets Is Subject Unto The Prophets Knowing That Those Who Have Or Having These Prophetic Encounters Who Are Seeing The Future Having Dreams For The Future Seeing Spirits Being Able To Discern Spirits On Other People And You Not Knowing What What That Is You Know Being Empathic And Being In A Group Of People Yeah And Your Thoughts Are Jumping All Over The Place And You Can’t Bring It Into Focus That Will Freak You Out It Really Will That’s Why They’re So Powerful Just For Us But For Everybody To To Speak About This Stuff Mm-hmm Yeah It’s Important That You Cover The Base Yourself You Know You Walk Through A Mall And All Of A Sudden You’re Feeling Great Five Minutes Go You Go Through The Mall And You Just You Feel Horrible Or You Feel Sick Or You’re Nervous Or All The Sudden You Have Spike Of Anxiety Now If You Go To A Doctor And You Tell Them What You’re Feeling They’re Gonna Medicate You Yeah Yeah They’re Gonna They’re Gonna Medicate It And They’re Gonna Set You On A Path That’s Going To Be Harder For You In The Long Run Right We Also Got To Stop And Remembered Like Is This Me Does This Feel Like Me Is This My Day-to-day Vibration Right Is Usually Nine Times And It’s Not Like I’ve Got Raging And Walking By People There It’s Amazing But Look Man Like I Mean We We Have Examples Of This In The Bible Where Jesus Would Walk Into A Crowd Of People And He Would Immediately Know Their Intentions And You Know What He Did He Knew They Were Trying To Kill Him He Got The Hell Out Of There And So That’s Us We Walked Into A Situation And You Can Feel The Vibration Of The People In The Room And A I’m In A Bad Spot Didn’t Go And He Left Let Me Connect To Things Real Quick Because Uh Look You’re Saying Was This Guy’s Name Jesse Like You’re Saying Jessie You Walk Through The Mall You Start Feeling These Different Vibes You Know You Start Feeling Different Or Having Weird Thought And The Only Way That You’re Gonna Be Able To Discern That That’s Not Me You Know That’s Some Other Thing And I’m Experiencing This External Thing That’s Trying To Suck Me In The Only Way You’re Gonna Be Able To Discern What’s Not You Is By Knowing The Truth Of Who You Are You Know Because Then You Can Say Well Today You Know I’m In The Light I’m Full Of Joy I’m Life I’m Living I’m All These Things And That That Thought Is Not Of Me And I’m Reading Right Here In The In The Chat Somebody Else Said Christ Said I Am The Truth He Never Said Or Shared The Forbidden Truth Absolute Truth The Bigger Picture In Example Of The Universe Is Too Overwhelming For A Finite State Of Being I Don’t Know If That Was You That Wrote That Or Not It Was Okay But What What I Would Say Is That Ultimate Truth That Absolute Truth It’s Not Not I’m Really Able To Be Communicated In Words It’s Not Really Able To Be Described Or Defined In Words We Just Do Our Best To Transmit One To Another The Experiential Reality That We’ve Come Into Or That We’ve Tapped Into It We Had A Flash Encounter Or Whatever And That’s What It Is With All The Prophets And All That You Know Priest Knows Think About These Books That They Wrote About Having These Open Heavens And Seeing These Beasts And All These Things Even Though They Wrote It All Down There’s No Way That That Writing Can Fully Convey To Us What They Experienced In That Moment And Just Like Each Of Us As We Have Our Own Awakenings And Epiphanies And Realizations Do Our Best As A Friend To A Friend To Be Like Call You’ll Call You Up Derek You’re Not Gonna Believe This Dream I Just Had You’re Not Gonna Believe What This Experience I Had But The Words Will Never Do It Justice You Know I Mean So That Absolute Truth Really It’s Something Directly Between You And God And Nobody Will Else I Find With That Encounter Though Those Feelings That We Get Though I Don’t Find Them A Burden I Find Them More Of A Blessing Because Those Are Your Instincts Those Are New Forward Was An Easier To Help One Was There A Time Word Burden You Was There A Certain Time Well Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I I’m A Bit Of A Different Because I Was How Would You Say I Was Very Aware Right I Started Doing Like I Did My First Group Reading At 13 And No Cards No Tools No Instructions Never Been Taught Any Of It It Was Just I I Knew Of These Things Since A Young Age And That’s How I Was Drawn The People Who Needed Help And To Exercise Those Gifts I Was You Know That Vibration And It Goes A Little More Extensive Not But I’m Just Trying To Cover The Basic System Or A Fact That We Shouldn’t Completely Try To Chase Those Vibrations Off And Not Feel Those Things Because It’s Those Feelings That Are Going To Help Us Navigate Our Way To Our Path To That Spirit Enrolled Right Yeah We Try It Has The Other Going Back With To What You Said There Is The Burden To It Yeah A Blessing And A Curse All In The Same Right Because There Are A Lot Of People Who It’s It’s Shocking When They Find Out That Things Exist This Is A Reality Right And There To Challenge What I’m Doing At The Time And There’s More Than Just Them Around It Can Have Kind Of An Adverse Effect Because Given What I Do I’m To Show Them Right I’m Not Back Out And Say Oh No This Was Just A Hunch Because It’s Far From It Right Yeah Actually I Dig Deep So It’s It’s I’ve Run Into A Lot Of Conflict And Confrontation Over These Things But The Knowledge I Gained On The Other End Of It I Wouldn’t Trade For Anything In The World Other Words Kept Me Alive In Equations You Know Yeah It’s Like I Said Blessing Earth’s It All Depends On What You’re Willing To Work For Right Yeah There’s There’s No Mandatory Distance It’s As Far As You’re Willing To Dive In Yes That’s Exactly True Man Hey Brother I’m Go Ahead And Put You On Hold Brother Thanks For Calling In And Checking In Brother Anytime You Got Something To Share And We’re Live Definitely Take The Opportunity To Call And Say Hello Man All Right All Right Salaam Salaam Yeah I Was I Mean We I Trust I Know You Do Too It’s Try To Filter Everything Through The Scriptures Okay How Does How Does My Encounter How Does This Fit Into The Bible Is It In The Bible A Lot Of Stuff Is And We Don’t Even Know It Until We Have A Frame Of Reference To Even Know What It Is So I Was Talking My Last Night Reading Job Chapter 4 Waking Up Seeing The Spirit In The Hallway And The Spirit Giving Him A Message And Like That’s Real It Happened Happened To Me It Happened The Job But You Can Just Imagine Reading Over That And Just Skipping It Not Knowing Because We’ve All Read Job But That Story Doesn’t Stick Out Right And So We Try To Filter Everything Through The Scriptures And Like We’re Saying We Have Jesus Going Into A Group Of People And Know In The Bible Says Knowing Their Intentions And He Can Field The Intentions And Leaving And There Was Other Times Where They Were Supposed To Go To A City And They Went Way Out The Way Because They Were Gonna Have To Cross Through One City They Went Way Out The Way Because There Were People Waiting For Them To Capture Them And Mess Them Up In The City That They Would Cross Through And The Spirit Told Them That And They Knew It By The Spirit To Go Around We Have To Be Able To Discern Those Things In Our Lives Using Our Intuition Our Gut Feeling Which Is Our God Feeling And That’s How God Speaks To Us Through Our Gut And That Inward Knowing Mm-hmm And It Sounds Like Another Voice And I’ll Say Just Like How I Said At The Beginning Of The Podcast Today There Are A Lot Of People That Find Us Maybe They Hear Us Vocalizing And Speaking Things That They Have Not Known How To Define Or How To Say But They’ve Been Feeling It So They Get Blessed By Like Oh My God You’re Speaking These Things Out So Now I Have Words – References Frame Of Reference And That’s The Same Thing What It Does With Us In The Bible A Lot Of Times It’s Like We’re Already Experiencing Things We Find The Confirmation As A Reference In The Bible And Then Adam The Very First Thing It Says He Did Was He Started Giving Names To All The Animals So We Need Words To Identify Everything That We Were Experiencing In This Realm And So Really That’s What It Is And What I Was Thinking About Like Let’s Say You’re Reading Something And I Say You Know He He Passed A Red Chevy Impala Dadadada But You Don’t Know That A Chevy Impala Is A Car So There’s No Way For Your Mind To Even Register That Is So You Just Keep Going Past That Until You Hit The Next Words That You Understand Yeah And So Like When You Mentioned Job And Him Seeing A Smoky Spirit And All These Kind Of Things If There Isn’t Already Some Kind Of Reference In Your Mind For That Kind Of Reality You Just Keep Going Till You See Something You Know But Then Once You Have Somebody Else Talking To You About Spears Like You Say You Go Back The Next Time You’re Reading It You’re Like Oh Or Somebody Teach You Or Show You These Words That Define Or Reference Realities Yeah That’s What It’s All About And So I Think Ultimately What’s Good Is That Even If Everybody Else Not We Always Try To Go Back To The Bible As Our Foundational Reference Point And So Even If People Are Hearing Us They’re Like Oh You’re Speaking Things Out That I Never Knew They Don’t Even Know That They’re Somehow Getting The Foundational Reference Into It Yeah And Then We May Be Able To Lead Them To The Bible And Show Them That’s Our Reference Point And Then They Might Wind Up Going To The Bible For Themselves Yeah And Developing A Relationship In The Word Happens All The Time And When That Started To Happen For Me When I Really Began To Study The Bible Or Ask These Questions Or Google The Questions As Well I Would Come That I Would Be Reading The Scriptures And It Would Be Stuff That I Knew On The Inside And Then I Would Read It In Like Yeah I Knew That But I Didn’t Know How To Vocalize It And I Didn’t Know What Was In The Bible Even Though I Knew It On The Inside Guess Maybe That Has To Do With The Word Of God Is Written Upon Your Heart The Law Is Written Upon Your Hearts And So We’re Reading It In The Law Is Is The Universal Nature Of God The Love Of God Essentially Made Manifest Through Jesus But He Is The Word Made Flesh And That Word Is Written Upon Our Hearts And When You Read That And You Coming In It So It’s A Weird Experience To Know That And It Wasn’t At The Beginning Definitely Wasn’t At The Beginning There Was A Level That I Got To Wear That Stuff Sort Of Happening Like Crazy And Then Other People Watchman For Example He Got There He Would He Would Have These Knowings And His Experiences And Then Find Them As He’s Reading The Bible And Know It Mm-hmm And Give Or Take Some People Would Just They Don’t Really Have A Reverence For The Bible Or Anything Like That Well That Don’t Mean That To Me Yeah When You Have Undeniably Come From Let’s Say Darkness And Depression Or Oppression And Now You Know You’re No Longer There And That The Catalyst That Got You Here Was These Words That You Read And That You Believed You Know My Mind Think Now What I Was Going With That But Having A Foundation Because Especially When You’re Going Through The Spiritual Journey We’ve Talked About Pendulum Swinging Back And Forth You Know You Doubt In Or You Going Back And Forth In Your Beliefs Having Something That You Can Rest On As A Unshakeable Foundational Thing Even Though Your Understanding Of It Might Change But That Word Is Always There That Word Is There That Word Is There You Can Keep Coming Back To That Word And You Always Will Find Something To Give You In That Moment Of Doubt Words Shaking Some Sort Of Little Personal Security Word There At That Time That Brings You Back Into That State Of Rest Even Though Everything Else Is Changing Around Me Even Though Everything Else Is Questionable Right Now This One Thing Like I Always Say The Message Of Grace And Love It Always Was Exposed To Religion But At 22 In A Jail Cell I Believed For The First Time That I Was Loved Of God And That God Loved Me And He Filled My Whole Cell He Filled My Room With Love So All The Years Walking Out To That Things Came Things Went I Changed My Mind On Different Things All That But Even When I Would Be Questioning Everything The One Thing I Could Not Let Go Over Give Up Or Shake Was This Belief That I Am Loved By God You Know And I Found That Through The Word And So It’s Like My My Life Of My Palace Is Built Upon Those Fundamental Truths Yeah Everything Everything Filters Through That That’s Tangible Like The Grace And Peace And Love That That’s Ours It’s Our Inheritance And We Can Give It We Free As We Freely Received It We Can Freely Give It And That’s Tangible Like A Lot Of This Stuff People Want To Talk About Doctrine And Some Max Just Said The Other Minute Oh My Whole Body’s Full Of Warm I Knew That Was Gonna Happen Because I Felt It On My Body As I Was Praying Yeah You Know And Through Transit What About Of Life And That’s What We Talked About Even In That The Transference Of Words And Of Spirit We’re Talking About The Baptism Of Fire What Was That That Was The Fire It’s The Fire Of God At The Very Beginning We Talked About None Of This Makes Any Sense None Of This Is Worth Anything Without The Fire Of God Without The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And In A Little Conversation Like That He Had An Encounter With The Living God God So Has A Lot Of Work To Do On On You Max And On Me And On All Of Us But That Is A Monument Like He Said I Want To Go Back And Listen To This We Have Those Monuments Built We Have Those Things That Remind Us Of Certain Places In Parts Of Our Lives We Have Monuments That Are Built And I Consciously Told Him Look If You Don’t Remember Any Of This Remember There’s One Thing I Am A Child Of God And Let’s Say He Starts Putting That Into Practice Here And There And Over Years He Doesn’t He Remember Where He Heard It From Or Why He Started Doing It But It Just Becomes A Part That He Always Proclaims Over Himself You Know And Well That’s Why I Was Talking About Not Understanding A Concept Until The Holy Spirit Teaches It To You You Can Hear It As Many Times As You Want But When The Truth The Spirit Of Truth Makes It Real For You You’re Not Gonna Grasp It But When You Come To Do He Can Easily Repeat How Much I Write But Soon As That Is Where The Faith Where Faith As A Gift Is Given To Him To Accept And Believe And Receive And Then Open His Mouth And Vocally Proclaim I Am A Child Of God When From That Moment Forward And Can Never Be Taken From You It Will Never Be Separated From You You May You Know Get Attacked By Doubt And Thoughts And All Kinds Of Things But That Reality That Seed That Was Sown Inside Of You And Takes Root Because To Become A Tree Of Life I’m A Child Of God You Know Nobody Can Take You When The Mind In The Heart Connect Is One Thing To Have The Idea The Spark The Thought Patterns Come From Your Mind Come From Your Heart Is One Thing Like That’s Powerful But The Power To Create Is When You Speak It Out And Confess It When Paul Talks About Salvation He Talks About Believing In Your Heart Not Just Believe It All Believe In God No You Confess It And You Manifest It And You Create It And So Whatever It Is This That’s That’s Universal Law As Well The Law Of Manifestation And Creating But When You Speak It Out And You You Proclaim It You Preach It You Profit Sigh That’s What That’s When You Give It Power You Breathe Life Into It So When You Say I Am A Child Of God Not To Just Say It And Repeat After Dan But You Know You Come Into Understanding Of What It Means To Be A Child Of God That’s When We Walk In Power And Nobody Can Take That From You Then You’re Not A Christian You’re Not A Muslim You’re Not A Hindu You’re Not Stupid You’re Not A Fool You’re Not A Fuckup You’re A Child Of God Don’t Take The Name Of The Don’t Take And I Even Seen On Your On Your Wall Over Here You Had The Ten Commandments Or Whatever And I Seen Something Last Night That Stuck Up For Me And It Says Thou Shalt Not Take The Lord’s Name In Vain I Always Thought It Was That’s Not Used The Lord’s Name In Vain You Know Cuz People Don’t Say Yeah Yeah Yeah No No But Like When I Got Married To My Wife She Took My Name For Herself And And The Name Of The Lord That Was Revealed As I Am He Showed Me That A Long Time Ago That Once You Use That Powerful Segment I Am And You Add Any Of These Things I’m Stupid I’m Just A Mess Up I’m Fat I’m Ugly I Am I Am You’re Proclaiming This Power To Keep Being That You Know To Be In To Sustain This Reality Don’t Use That In Vain Yeah I Am A Child Of God I Am Light I Am The Truth I Am Love I Am Peace I Am All Those Things Because I’m In Him And He’s In Me I Don’t Know If You’ve Seen It But In There My Bathroom In My Mirror I Stood There One Day With A Silhouette And I Just Traced In My Outline With Words It Says I Am Free I Am Made New I Am The Righteousness Of God I Am Healed I Am Called I Am Forgiven Like In All These Blessings And It Just Outlines My Body So When I Go And Brush My Teeth Or Shave Or Brush My Hair I’m Looking At It And It Goes Around My Body Is Silhouette Of All These Promises Of God Not That I Am And It Really Is Because You Know We’re Bound By Time And Space Or The Illusion Of Time Space You Don’t Saying But The Spirit Is Eternally Now There Is No You Will Be Loved By God Or You Will Be With Peaceful Or You Do Think That You Know I’m Saying We Have To Work Towards This Goal At Some Future Point In Time Well Maybe He Will Forgive Me Right That’s Something Like With God It’s All Right Now Eternally Now That’s All That Exists Is It Ever Present Eternal Now And All Those Promises All Those Things Are Not Accessible Right Now Says Every Spiritual Blessing In Heavenly Places Has Been Given Unto You It’s Been Given He Said It’s Finished That’s What We Talked You Were Talking About Last Night It Is Finished And And That That’s Big Too Because And I Still Learned Learned That Moreover From A Universalist Who Talked About The Finished Work Of Christ The Finished Work Not To Like Like We Used To Pray In Amazon What We Wouldn’t Say It But It Was Almost Like Okay Let You Can Say The Sinner’s Prayer And Let’s See If God Will Forgive You Right Now We Wouldn’t Vocalize That But It Was Almost Like That And Maybe If You Had An Encounter We’ll See If God Will Forgive You But We’re Coming From A Place Where Everybody Is Already Forgiven Whether They Asked For It Or Not It Is Weakened Solid All Things Unto God And When You Ask When You Ask Well You Come Into The Knowing Of It We’re Talking About I Am I Am Forgiving I Am Made New I Am Called Ala And You Come Into I Am Verses I Will Be Or I In Mind That I Am Is The Rock That All Things Are Built Upon Because If It’s I Might Be Or I Am For The Moment But Something Else Can Take It Away From Me There’s No Surety In That Yeah There’s No Certainty In That So The Fact That We Are Because Of He Who Is I Am And We Are In I Am And It’s His Life Flowing Through Us Like He Says I Am The Vine You Are The Branches And It’s My Life Flowing Through You Guys I Don’t Have My Own Life What Life Do I Have What Life What Life In Might Generate Him It’s His Life Flowing Through Me And Sustaining Me He Holds All Things Together By The Power Of His Word So I Was Like That’s The Rock That’s The Foundation That Every Other Idea You’re Gonna Entertain Every Other Belief Every Doctrine All That Stuff Is Secondary It Says That Christ Is The Cornerstone What Christ Said Before Abraham Is I Am I Am The Bread Of Life I Am The Gate I Am The Good Shepherd So He’s Telling You These Aspects Of Himself But What He’s Really Telling You Is Who He Is I Am And That That Cornerstone Is The Foundation And Everything Else Got To Be Built Upon And Then The Apostles And The Prophets And All That Stuff Where We’re Developing Our Paradigm You Know By These Teachings Of Spirit But The Foundation Has Are Out As I Am No One Who You Are And And Once You Know Who You Are And Like What We’re Talking About You You Here At First Faith Come By Here And Hearing The Words Of God But Sooner Or Later You Got To Move Through Faith And Come Into Knowledge This Is Eternal Life To Know God And Believe In The One He Sent Jesus Christ You Know And He Said Before Abraham Was I Am So Before Religion Before What You Have Something To Show For It Was Always Was I Am Was Always Always There A Higher Shara Higher I Am That I Am And I Will Be Whatsoever I Will Be Which Is A Powerful Phrase Name In Itself You Know And That And And That Shows You The Sovereignty Of God That Not Just Because We’re Quoting This Stuff When We’re Claiming This Stuff Doesn’t Mean It’s All A Cakewalk Mmm-hmm It Doesn’t Mean Like I Remembered Look And I We Talked About This Like I Remember Being Possessed By Demons Like When I Was A Teenager Getting In The Crazy Occultism Opening Up My Mind To Evil Spirits And Wanting To Communicate And They Came Through I Tried To Touch The Other Side I Stuck My Hand Through That Portal And Something Touched Me Something Touch Grabbed Back And I Was Possessed I Was Going Schizophrenic All Those Things We Were Talking About But It Came To An End In The Name Of Jesus When I Surrendered To Him It Was A Long Hard Road Out Of That But We Talked About Going Through That Stuff And It Was Scary Man It Was A Darkest Place I’ve Ever Been I Felt Like I Literally Felt Beings Take Him Up Grab In My Mind And Pulling It Out Of My Mind I Felt And I Tried I’ve Been Sharing This Recently With People Too Because A Lot Of People Got This Idea That Just Because You Come To Believe In Jesus Or Become A Christian Or Something That You Can’t Have Any Kind Of Demonic Attachment Or Demonic Oppression When The Truth Is Everybody That Comes In Has All Kinds Of Stuff Attention But I Was A Believer And Going To Church And Ty Then And I Went On My First Mission Trip And All These Different Things Having Lust Demons In My Life Literally Giant Demons Addicted To Porn Addicted To Masturbation Addicted To Lust Like A Completely Lustful Paradigm But Keeping A Secret And Keeping It Hidden But Not Realized Or Not Or Not Want To Come To The Realization These Are Demons Attached To Me And Driving Me To Do These Things And Keep Taking Credit For It Taking The Lord’s Name In Vain I Am I Am Doing These Thing I’m Lustful I Am Just A I’m Just I’m Just I Don’t Know How I’ll Change But Not Wanting To See It For What It Was And Like Jessie Was Saying And Talking About Of Knowing Who We Are And Therefore Anything That Don’t Line Up With That It’s Something Else Coming Against Us And Oppressing Us And Attacking Us You Know And There’s So Many People In Church And In Bondage Because They Think That They Don’t Really Believe That Demons And That These Spirits And Stuff They Are Even Real I Think It’s Hokey-pokey And Yet They Keep Doing These Things Yeah I Thought It I Mean I Thought That Because Like Being In A Place Where Demons Are Speaking To You They’re In Your House They’re Taking Your Mind From You You’re Hearing Voices In Public And It Was Crazy It Was Super Crazy I Couldn’t Stop It And I Was In Witchcraft Came Out Of That Walking With Christ He Makes All Things New Beautiful Life But To Goat When I Was Coming Going Into The The More Deeper Realms In Being Shunned By My Brothers And Sisters Who I Loved Like I Went To A Dark Night Of The Soul Then That It Was Almost Darker Than Summoning Demons And Having Demons Manifested In My Mind And In My Life That’s Weird Spiritually It Was The Same Exact Thing It Was It Wasn’t Those Christian Brothers Shunning You It Was Demonic Spirits In Them Oppressing You Through Them Just With A Flesh Veil You Know Yeah Yep And I Well Yeah We You Know We Talked About You Know We Think We We Think We’ve Made It Or We’ve Like Those Days Are Behind Me Right You Know But The Whole Thing About That You Know There’s No Fear In That Because Christ Helps You Get Through It And Knowing James 4:7 Submit Yourselves To God Resist The Devil He Will Flee Be Submitted To God He’s Gonna See You Through It And Not Only Will He See You Through It But He Planned It For You Like There’s Character There There’s Things That You Have To Be Sensitive There In Those Realms You Know All The Way You’re Gonna Learn It Is If You Go Through That You’re Not Gonna Learn In Any Other Way You’re Not Gonna Give A Damn About People Who Are Schizophrenic I’ll Make You Feel What It’s Like To Be Schizophrenic And I Also Give You The Knowledge That There Is No Schizophrenic Apart From You No Demonic Oppression And All That So Then You Can Have The Compassion On Somebody That Other People Are Calling Schizophrenic Because You Know You’re Not Schizophrenic Exactly You’re Under Attack That Question And For Them To Know What That Is Yeah And Uh I Believe In It God Is Sovereign He Is Sovereign Like All Good Things Come From Him But You Know What All Bad Things Do As Well He’s Sovereign Man There’s No War Against The Devil Who Thinks He’s Gonna Overthrow God The Devil Doesn’t Think He’s Gonna Beat God God Scripturally Uses The Devil To Tempt Us To War With Us And He Sends Evil Spirits Scripturally To War With Us To Be A Lying Spirit In The Earth And All Of These Things And It Uses That Terminology That’s The Sock That’s How Sovereign God Is We Look At The Story Of Job How God Let Satan Do That He’s Sovereign He Does It For A Reason Man And It’s To Produce It’s The Pizza It’s The Pressure It’s Like He Has To Make Character In Us He Has To Give Us A Heart That’s To Take Away A Heart Of Stone Man I Was I Would Say That That For Me Is A Touchy Subject And Would Open A Whole Nother Commotion Well It’s A Good Example Of How We Don’t Necessarily Need To Agree On Every Detail Yeah You Know Saying I Believe That He Permits Yeah Well There’s Scriptures That Say An Evil Spirit Sent From The Lord No I Understand Like I Said That’s A Whole We Could Do A Whole Five No Because You Because You Would Say The Lord Is Not Yahweh I Mean I I Believe That I Believe That That This Is A Wreath This Is A Deeper Reason Of What I Jesus Christ Had To Come Into Flesh So There You Go Once And For All Reveal Through Action What Is The Real Nature Of God What Is The Real Nature Of God Jesus Christ Is The Exact Likeness And Express Image Of The Invisible God And A Lot Of People Were Perceiving And Attributing Just Like We’re Talking About People That Might Be Under Demonic Oppression And Thinking It’s Themself Or Even Thinking It’s An Angel Or All Different Kind Of Random Things Yeah And I Think That Up Until The Revelation And Of Jesus Christ As The Nature Of God That There Was Some Confusion You Know Yeah But It Still Happened With Paul Though When When When Paul Had His Thorn In The Flesh And His Spirit Of Infirmity That He Sought The Lord Three Times And It Wouldn’t Leave And God Wouldn’t Take It Away And The Reason He Sent That Because He Was Getting Prideful With Having These Static Encounters And Being Caught Up To Many Different Heavens Whether It’s In Body Or Out Of Body But He Said My Grace Is Sufficient Like I’m Good Enough For You And Unless You Have That You’re Gonna Get Prideful There Are These Things Man That Day Yes To Keep Us In Check Man Yeah Like We Would Get We Would And We Have No There’s A Lot Upon Line Precept Upon Precept About How Pride Cometh Before A Fall And No Matter How Painful The Circumstances The Situation Is You Go Through Once You’re Out On The Other Side And Somehow You’ve Gained Or You’ve Grown Even The Slightest Spiritually You Can Look Back In Retrospect Can Be Totally Grateful I’m Thankful I Wouldn’t Take No I Wouldn’t Ask For None Of It Back And I Think The Most High That He Did That But At The Time When We Were Going Through It That’s It That’s Another Story My God Even Said When You Go Through These Things Because Remember No Sura Is Greater Than Her Master Oh Yeah No Student Greater Than The Teacher So If I’m Going Through These Things They Hate Me They Persecute Me They Lie About Me They Do These Things And Then You Cut Yourself And Realize You’re Suffering The Same Thing Yeah Be Happy By Exactly Means You’re On The Right And There’s A Blood There’s A Blessed In In It For You If You Do And There’s Peace In It That’s What It Says I Make I Make A Table For You In The Presence Of Your Enemies Seems Like Everybody’s Against You But I’m Here With You I’m Gonna See You Through It You Have To Go Through That You’re Not Gonna Give A Damn Man Like That’s How Character Is Built I’ve Talked About This One There Was Seven Like If You Have Somebody Who’s Just Been Given Life To Them On A Silver Spoon They Have Everything Had Never Had To Work For Anything I Could Look At It I Could Look At My Own Life Okay There Were Times When I Was A Teenager My Wife Would Come Visit Me Where We Were Dating But She’d Come To Louisiana From Alabama And She’d Come Visit And She Bring Her Parent’s Car Do You Know What Happened When I Got Her Parents Car Dude I Don’t Know We’re Going To The Graveyard Doing Donuts I’m Driving 60 Miles On The Interstate Not Only This On The Highway Pulling The Parking Turning It Sideways With A Call For Love Wow And I’m I Would Never Do That In My Car Now That I Have To Earn I Have To Pay For The Upkeep And If It Messes Up I Have To Work To Replace It I Would Never Do That Never Ever Do That Amongst Oh Yeah What Experience Of The Cost Yeah You Don’t Appreciate Exactly When I Was In It You Couldn’t Tell Me Nothing They Would Like It Would Like Chill Out They Were Scared To Death I’m Just Like Freaking Them Out Man I Would Never Do That In Something I Had To Work For You Know And It’s The Same Thing It’s Kind Of Like To Hold What We Talk About Do You Have To Have Any More Really And Ultimately Even Even Beyond That Now That Now Because You’ve Had To Work For Yours And You Appreciate The Value Of Cost You Also Wouldn’t Do That To Anyone Else’s Exactly If They Gave You The Key Exactly Exactly Exactly Just Because They Don’t Belong To Me I Would Tear It Up You Know And That’s That’s The Whole Thing About Earning What You Have And Working Forward And And You Know Somebody Gives You Something Man Sometimes You Know You Have To Have That Frame Of Reference People Don’t Care They’ll Tear It Up A Lot Of Lot Of References About Hard Work Pays Off Man And It Just Gives You And Once Again That Goes To That Verse Where Jesus Said Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine Because They Won’t See The Value In It And They’ll Even Turn To Attack You It’s Like A Lot Of These You Know Personal Revelations That We’ve Come Into Because Of Going Through Dark Night Of The Soul Oh Going Through Persecution Going Through All These Things Just Because You’ve Been Through It And You Realize And You Have This Understanding Now Anybody Else Who Hasn’t Gone Through Those Things You Could Share That With Them But They Might Not See They Might Not Understand Or Even See The Value In What You’re Saying Because It The Value And Appreciation Don’t Come Usually Until You Go Through The Experience Yeah You Know That It Takes To Get The Cost That It Takes To Get That / Yeah But And It’s Good It’s Good To Talk About It Because One If If One Thing Comes From It Just To Have Some Frame Of Reference That’s What He Was Talking About I’m Going Through What He Was Talking About No Fear It’s Gonna End I’m Gonna Be Okay And There’s A Lot For Me To Learn Here And If I Don’t Learn I Got To Keep Taking The Test Over And Over And Over Again Until I Graduate From From This Course And That’s How The Lord Is Man And Soon As I Passed The Test That Does Not Mean School Howard Quiz The Course Is Coming Up You Know And As Long As You Know That’s What This Like Is It Makes It Exciting Like I Want To Keep Learning Yeah I Want To Keep Growing I Don’t Want To Reach Some Level Where I Think I’m There I Want To Keep Growing In The Knowledge Of God Growing In The Nature Of God And So That Means I Got To Be Tested We Tried Pass The Test And Learn The Next Lesson Keep Going You Know Usually The Test Has Something To Do With Responding Like Jesus We’re Spin Do It What Would Jesus Do Find Out What Jesus Would Do In That Situation And Do It And Use And In The Next Time You Have To Take It Go Straight To That Respond In Faith Don’t Doubt No Fear Trust And Believe I Trust You God You Brought Me Here For A Reason Trust That And You’re On To The Next One And People Want To Know Like True Seeker How Do I Become Like You How Do I Get The Knowledge Or The Spirituality That You Have Take The Test In It But Those Tests Are Drawing Out Over Your Whole Life You Got It You Got The Handbook You’ve Got The Manual But The Manual Doesn’t Live The Life For You Either Yeah I’m Saying So You Got To Learn And Then Practice And Apply What You’re Learning And As You Start Doing Those Two Things Trust Me This Circuit If You’re Whatever You Seek You Find And Whatever You Asked For You Receive You’re Not Going To Door Will Be Opened Unto You So If If Your End All Intention Is To Grow In The Nature And Likeness Of Christ Then You Have The Book You Have The Manual You Have The Ability To Go Out And Practice And Apply What You’re Reading And If Your Intention Is To Truly Grow Then Be Prepared Like People Say Don’t Don’t Pray For More Patience Or Don’t Pray For This Because Then The Situation Is Going To Come To You That Demands That You Be Patient And To See If You’re Really Learning What You Say You’re Learning You Know I’ve Heard I’ve Heard That So Many Times But Then It’s Not True No But But Whatever You Seek And If You Really See If You’re Really Seeking To Be Good You Say You’re Seeking Is A Good Thing You’re Going To Attract To You The Circumstance To Apply And Practice And Growing That Thing It’s A Good Thing It’s Not Bad So With That We’re Gonna Wrap Up The Podcast Thanks Everybody For Holding Us Down Live I’m Lucy Reading The Chat Thanks Everybody For Calling In You Guys Are Awesome I Want To Say What’s Up To Theodore I’ll See You In The Chat And Bear Bear Witness Man Here’s All Dude That Was Awesome Synchronicity That You Had And I Think I Mentioned To You In The Comments About Brandon Coming Back On I Think Brandon Is Gonna Be On Here With Us Tonight I Think We’re Gonna Do Another Podcast And Go Live Here In A Little While And Maybe Five Hours From Now Or So And Brandon’s Supposed To Be With Us So We’ll Be Interviewing Him And Uh Picking His Mind About Some Tough Questions And Stuff As Well So That’ll Be Cool We’ll Have The Phone Lines Open For That Too So With That I’m Gonna Say Shalom Thank You Guys For Hanging Out With Us Dan If You Want To Kind Of Give Your Links Out And Just Kind Of Tie Back In To How People Can You Know Follow Yeah I Mean I’m Saying You Go Live Every Day You Do Videos You New Inspirational Stuff Basically The Easiest Way To Find Me Is Just Slash Mbk International My Brother’s Keeper Was My Organization But It’s Still Obviously The Earl For My Page It’s The Easiest Way To Find Yourself Slash Mbk International It’ll Pull Up Dan And Kayla Oscar Penske And Or Or Through Derek’s Page Because He Tagged Me And Stuff Sometimes You Know She Could Just Click The Link And Come To My Page Just Kind Of Seeking The Lord Right Now He’s Lining Up Different Things Like I Said Where My Family Is Getting Ready To Move Back To The States So But Just Connect With Me Just Like Derek I Mean I Um Anybody Who Knows Me Knows Where To Find Me 24/7 Send Me A Message And I’ll Get Back To You Quick Yep If You Need A Prayer If You Want To Make A Phone Call Talk To Me Or Just Shoot Me A Message And Stat Simple Guys And Just To Answer A Question Really Quick Canto I Did See Your Question About Do I Have Plugs Yeah I’m Wearing Plugs I Have A 3/4 Gauges Perfect Size For Me He Said He Just Started Out That Process That’s A Journey To Cool Process But Um Yep 3/4 Stretc Mine Up Too I Had It At An Inch And Miss My Ears Look Pretty Bad Mmm It Wasn’t Good I Had A What They Call It Blowout It’s Not Good Yeah Be Careful With It Man But More Power To Your Brother We’ll Be Back Hopefully This Evening And If You Guys Are Listening To This On Youtube Please Go And Subscribe I Tunes Were On Itunes If You Have An Iphone Or If You Have An Android You Can Go To Any Of The Podcasting Apps And There’s A Link In The Description To Do That Just Click That Link Subscribe To Us There That’s Where All The The Stats And Everything Go And You’ll Never Miss An Episode If You Subscribed There And It Helps With Our Numbers Too So Share This Link Share This Link Out And If You Want To Help If You Want To Support You Can Go To To Get Unreleased Music And Sign Up For Any Donation Amount Of Month Anything Helps Man Like I Said I Got Like Fourteen Thousand Fans On Facebook And If Everybody Gave A Dollar Like How Much Would That Be A Month It’d Be A We Could Do A Lot Of Stuff Right We Could Do A Lot Of Stuff And We Want To We Have Vision We Have Plans To Come Out There And See You Guys And Do Stuff On The Road As Well And That Would Help Fun What We’re Doing With The Music And With The Podcast And Just Help Us Make This Stuff Readily Available To You Because It All Cost Money Thanks So Much For Everybody Who Is Doing It Special Thanks To Carolyn Craig Head Who Is This The Newest Subscriber That We Have On The Membership Thank You So Much I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys Will Say Peace And Shalom And We Will Be Back In A Few Hours Shalom Shalom

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