In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Fred Lynch as he explains The Seeking Process: The Awakening of The Christian Mystic. Regardless of religion race or creed deep within the hearts and Minds of the Seeker is a similar Pursuit towards the goal. The Journey is merely a means to an end. We may come up with different terminologies and phrases but the essence of the seeker remains the same. In The Awakening process one must step away from exclusivity in order to step into Universal consciousness. The seeking process oftentimes leads people not to but through religion. Deification nor religious duties are the end goal either but the alchemical process that one undergoes through religion and out of dogma. Even the ancient Hebrew text states “Hear O Israel, The Lord is ONE. Exclusivity leads to hatred and placing ones own learn traditions upon a pedestal. One may find themselves always trying to prove that they’re right so that deep down it justifies their belief when more people believe it. Just because the masses flock does not mean it’s right but contrary. Whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist the pursuit is the same with all devotees. If it is ultimate truth you are seeking you will wind up in a similar place to those others seeking with pure intentions. You will recognize similarities from those in varying sects but yet may feel isolated within your own religious denomination. This is why it says in the New Testament that “Some of them went out from among us but were not of us” 1 John 2:19. The path of Enlightenment at times is a walk through the wilderness where we feel all alone and yet other times it is one of the most celebrated experiences with those who are on the same journey together.

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