Christian Mysticism | An Intimate Talk With TruthSeekah – Hosted by Caleb Bowles

TruthSeekah joined Caleb Bowles during his podcast House of Wine for an intimate talk, and journey into Christian Mysticism. How do you hold on to Christ and simple Christianity while diving deep into the waters of mysticism?

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What is Christian Mysticism?

Christian Mysticism is a word used to describe the spiritual practices of people who follow Christianity. It is a practice in mindfulness, prayer, meditation and heart devotion to Christ.

The term ‘Mystic’ derives from the Ancient Greek word μυω, meaning ‘to conceal’. Christians often believe that God desires for humanity to have a personal relationship with him. In order for this relationship to be maintained throughout time, Christians have been told that it should not be revealed to those outside of their religion. This is why the practice of mysticism has been regarded as a “secret cult” as early as the first century BC, according to The Encyclopedia Britannica .

Today’s Christian mystics can vary in their approach, but many have gone through what is known as a life-changing experience which leads them to deeper communion with God. Prayer, meditation and contemplation are all daily practices of Christians, but these tools also have varying levels of depth to them depending on the persons’ faith. In many cases, mysticism uses the understanding that logic and reason also have a place in Christian practice.

In 2005, German theologian Matthew Fox published a book called “The Coming of the Cosmic Christ: The Healing of Mother Earth and the Birth of a Global Renaissance.” In it he writes about how Christians might find their way back to what they once believed to be a more mystical relationship with God. He suggests that this may lessen some tensions between science and theology as well as those within Christianity itself regarding those who are more liberal versus those who are strict traditionalists.

This emergence is not anything new, but a return to what once was common practice by the Jesus the prophets and disciples of old. The word mysticism literally means “to close (myein) the eyes and mind (psyche)”. It is believed that such a closure enables one to see beyond the physical world and become closer to God. As the original Christianity had no dogma, it was not exclusive of all paths; but Christians today might be surprised at some of their predecessors’ practices.

Today’s Protestant churches tend to view faith as something akin to impenetrable armor: you don’t question it or think too deeply about it because you believe with your entire heart and soul – regardless of what you feel – and if you stray from this, God will punish you. So why even try in the first place? This ignoring of emotions has led many in the modern Christian churches to even leave Christianity as a whole. Let the scriptures are full of spiritual and mystical encounters with the divine.



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