Christian Padron

The Christian Experience Is The Mystical Experience | Christian Padron | TruthSeekah Podcast

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Christian Padron as they discuss mystical experiences with Jesus and how the Christian experience is the true mystical experience.
I have had many mystical encounters in the supernatural with beings from other realms, psychedelic adventures with angelic hosts from beyond the astral planes. I’ve been attacked by an elemental spirit that was summoned on me after I stole from a warlock. Ive encountered a fleet of UFOs that appeared out of nowhere that allowed me to see them. Honestly I feel a bit spoiled from all of these encounters because I could go on for days about the mysteries that lie on the other side. Yet, after all of that nothing takes the cake of the mystical union we have with Christ and a daily communion with the Holy Spirit. This is hands down the most beautiful mystical experience I believe one can have. During my talk with Christian Padron we talk about spiritual encounters in the New Age versus as a believer in Christ. Christian says that his experiences of oneness with the universe was different from oneness with Christ.

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