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K-Lee is an Ex-Christian rapper who now does gangsta rap. In this interview with TruthSeekah K-Lee speaks about the reasons that he is no longer affiliated with the christian rapper title and explains why he left CHH. Being a former Christian Rapper myself I can relate so much to K-Lee’s story and current situation. Also I know K-Lee’s heart and know that it is impossible after experiencing the beauty of Jesus and partaking of the gospel to fully turn your back on God and ministry altogether. I’ve know K-Lee for some time now and have worked on collaboration songs with him and I know K-Lee to be the real deal and genuine. So when I seen him doing gangsta music and using a lot of profanity I knew that something was up. I know that K-Lee was up to something and not just switching it up to get the aggression and anger out (although I’m sure some of that is there and that’s fine, healthy even). But I know K-Lee has a genuine heart for people and the outcast in general and that’s exactly what K-Lee is doing. He reaching out to those who would NEVER listen to Christian Rap, those would NEVER step a foot in a church building and not necessarily “preaching the gospel” to them but actually BEING THE GOSPEL to them. Letting them know that there is still some GOOD NEWS in a world that has given up on them and just because the church has overlooked them doesn’t mean God has and for this my hat goes off to K-Lee for bringing the hope to the hopeless. This in fact is my very mission as well, it is the blueprint that I have created to reach a world looking for answers in the midst of heartbreak and confusion. Although our approach seems “out the box” and to the majority of those within christendom it may even seem counterproductive, but one thing remains to be truth. It is working. Lives are being changed and people are coming into relationship with the living God, even through broken vessels. Too many evangelist have come and gone throughout the years showing up in different cities preaching at sinners and condemning their drug use and choice of lifestyle. But where are those who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches with the prostitutes, drug addicts and rejects? For this is even the same people that Jesus himself gravitated toward on a daily basis. He knew that He had the very thing they were looking for.



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