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K-Lee is an Ex-Christian rapper who now does gangsta rap. In this interview with TruthSeekah K-Lee speaks out about the reasons that he is no longer affiliated with the christian rapper title and explains why he left CHH. Being a former Christian Rapper myself I can relate so much to K-Lee’s story and current situation. Also I know K-Lee’s heart and know that it is impossible after experiencing the beauty of Jesus and partaking of the gospel to fully turn your back on God and ministry altogether. I’ve know K-Lee for some time now and have worked on collaboration songs with him and I know K-Lee to be the real deal and genuine. So when I saw him doing gangsta music and using a lot of profanity I knew that something was up. I know that K-Lee was up to something and not just switching it up for the money, or to get the aggression and anger out (although I’m sure some of that is there and that’s fine, healthy even). But I know K-Lee has a genuine heart for people and for the outcast and rejects in general and that’s exactly what K-Lee is doing. He reaching out to those who would NEVER listen to Christian Rap, those would NEVER step a foot inside of a church building. He is not necessarily “preaching the gospel” to them but actually BEING THE GOSPEL to them. Letting them know that there is still some GOOD NEWS left in a world that has given up on them, and just because the church has overlooked them doesn’t mean that God has, and for this my hat goes off to K-Lee for bringing hope to the hopeless. For remembering the gospel. In my book K-Lee is still in ministry and even more effective than ever. This in fact is my very mission as well, it is the blueprint that I have created to reach a world looking for answers in the midst of heartbreak and confusion. Although our approach seems “out the box” and to the majority of those within christendom it may even seem counterproductive, but one thing remains to be truth and that it that, it is working. Lives are being changed and people are coming into relationship with the living God, even through broken vessels. Too many evangelist have come and gone throughout the years showing up in different cities preaching at sinners and condemning their drug use and choice of lifestyle. But where are those who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches with the prostitutes, drug addicts and rejects? For this is even the same people that Jesus himself gravitated toward on a daily basis. He knew that He had the very thing that they were looking for.

TruthSeekah Featured K-Lee on his album “That They May Know Him” On A Track Entitled This Is How We Ride (feat. K-Lee & GoodWill)
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people doing a lot so you guys are awesome but the first time I seen that was from was from Kaylee Kaylee posted something years ago was like man I got twenty thousand friends if everybody gave a dollar we can promote and and record all kinds of new music Kaylee welcome to the show my brother what’s up homie Lisi laughing bro I Love You Man Lee Z main lazy my mouth okay so Kaley when I when I came to the Lord like I came to the Lord in 98 and I came back to God in 2000 but it was around maybe 2002 three four maybe looking up Christian rap cuz I was just always looking at music online and seeing who’s that the bigger stuff and it was always the comparison charts back in the day we had like Christian rappers who sound like little Wayne and then they give you a two or three rappers that sound like ya sound click Christian rappers that sound like three 6 mafia you know what I’m saying Caylee was under like the three 6 mafia went and I thank you made the Insane Clown Posse one two you know what I’m saying so it’s like you know let me check this dude out checked him out Kelly was making beats and making music back then and it was Christian music and it was different he brought something different to the table because like cross movement was the big thing back then and it was all just like East Coast and music from up north but someone’s like has a southern flow and doing it in the gospel industry caitli was the first person I found and I connected with them from that moment on emailed them and we started building their that was years homies after that we did a song together yeah we did um this is how we ride man yeah that’s that’s a game-changer for a lot of people a lot of people that still that’s their favorite song that I’ve put out is that song man let’s talk about we talked about where you are now but let’s just let’s talk about the early days of Christian hip-hop man I love reminiscing with it and I love being able to speak candidly without like not being afraid to step on somebody’s toes to disagree or say what’s really wrong with Christian hip-hop you know now we can kind of because we’re somewhat removed from it we can actually tell you the truth and I think the truth is from a sense because we we were involved with it so we know what it does to someone we know how to walk on eggshells we know how we can’t be authentic and all that and then your creativity is stifled talk a little bit man about your early days and Christian music well you know I got saved in 1996 and never really wanted to do music really like for of the job I’ve been writing music since I was eight but I never like thought I would be making a living through music this had more of a I liked writing poetry and things like that so as I got into music my mom introduced me to t-bone a bunch of just gangster wrapping things like that mean I was 14 to 17 was probably worst years like where I got real close to going a bad path that my brother’s chosen you know multiple felonies and a lot of jail time later you know they hopefully they’re you know they’re learning from that but I got really blessed and lucky mended I didn’t go down that path my mom introduced me to t-bone and a couple other groups back then and I was in I was inspired to write music that was about my life but about my newfound faith in Christ so me being a baby Christian and not really understanding what true ministry was and not understanding what you know I couldn’t even hear God’s voice back then I just gave my life to God I didn’t understand what his voice sounded like it was all religion to me I was just following what everybody else was telling me to do which is typical what most people do and they get safe they don’t know no better so they they fall into the category of you tell me where I’m supposed to go and I go and they end up putting a lot of trust and faith in man and then will knows me and end up hurting them or stabbing them in the back they turn their back on God which had absolutely nothing to do with with God but did you watch the interview we just did did you watch that at all yeah that’s exactly what we’re talking about at the end a hundred percent that’s truth man I mean that’s that’s I I experienced it I mean to be honest in all the years of music that I’ve done the only people that done me dirty in music were people that were Christians say that’s bad because I’m dealing with nothing but people that do gangsta rap and stuff now and they’re the most respectful people they don’t they don’t step on my toes they don’t lie to me it blows me away man I know right it’s really sickening and it’s weird it is but you know Christian rap back Danny was totally different than it is now it was very bible-thumping in your ear killing demons that’s what it was podcast when I heard it I was pumped and excited about the music anyway so I listened to it it made me feel good it kept me away from most part doing bad things and so I start Chris rap my first album which was called pain they dropped the end of 1999 that album was so preachy I was telling everybody they were going to hell it was I am I mean it’s it happened and and it touched a lot of people and I’m grateful for that but it embarrasses me because I didn’t realize that I was that forceful to people and a lot of people pushed a lot of people away man a lot of people say it did really did lead a lot to the Lord but there’s so many men that won’t even listen to my music now yeah because of what I said back then because I’m so forth they were so hurt by the church already that when I come on board and I pitch my CD to him they were like hey I came at him like I was doing gangsta rap anyways I was trying to you know trick them into buying my music thinking it was your the music yep I did I mean a lot of people bought my stuff thinking it was gangster and then they got and they found out it was about Jesus they called my phone customer that’s the me out you tell me I can’t believe you sold me this you know I got mean and I was just like Amen you know I mean I didn’t know what to do you know I just was doing what I felt like God wanted me to do yeah it that time in my life you know so from being ministry minded you know what I’m saying even though things weren’t done right and you learn and you grow and they said some of it turns your stomach to kind of maybe the belief systems that you had or though or maybe the views on hell if they have changed and all of this stuff that the church say our life is like foundational doctrines that first of all study and you find out that the Scriptures you know talk about a lot of different stuff in a way we’re going about it it’s not working I think for me man and when we’re talking about Hell and stuff like that like the closer I get to the grace and beauty of God like I can’t imagine that God’s gonna torture these people for eternity who have been put off by the church and it’s up to this church to win them to eternal salvation like God would leave it up to another man to put another put somebody’s eternal salvation in another man’s hands and so that just studying and is evolving and getting close to the love of God you begin your approach even changes not that the gospel changes the gospel is the good news man but your approach to kind of reach people where they are like people don’t even understand that church lingo like you’re trying to win people over to Jesus and and we speak a totally different language just like walking up speaking Chinese because there is Christianese it’s a whole nother lingo and stuff man talk a little bit about that well I mean everything I did back then it doesn’t even exist to me like I’m talking I’m the clown closer to God than I’ve ever been in my entire life I know it sounds so backwards I’ll even speak like just logically about who I was back then you know the person that I was when I was doing Christian rap to be honest with you guys was a pornography addict sex addict negative individual who used to punch walls to relieve aggression I don’t even recognize that human being anymore I don’t watch porn like it’s amazing to me how when somebody sees my new videos they initially think I’ve sold my soul to the devil and because the naked eye they think well if something looks demonic it probably is and that’s not the truth at all I’ve seen do you you can feel the demonic by the way it feels if you test that spirit you know when I see something I know it’s demonic because I’m from I recognize that spirit but you know so to kind of paint to kind of paint where you are now you don’t do you you’re removed from gospel rap and we can kind of go back and forth but you removed from gospel rap and it’s more of the gangsta rap I guess that’s a good word for it alien gang is is the movement that you’re pushing definitely catering to the outcasts those who who even the church would would would look over right and so you’ve kind of even the church most definitely the church daily is a movement in Alien stands for anyone lost in Earth’s neglect some aside of my throat it’s on my knuckles it’s on my chests on my ankles you know alien alien is an identity you know people that they’re lost they’re hurting they’re lonely they’re depressed they’re suicidal these people all over the world they they tried to leak out you know hints I’m certain I’ve know Donnie buddy I need somebody there crying out for help the church I don’t want to say as a whole but from what I see they don’t even see these people exactly these people don’t come to church they don’t want to be in church they want nothing to do with church these people are doing drugs they’re living lifestyles that they think is right they don’t they don’t care what the church thinks and so they’re there as far away from the church as possible the church hits still 99% of the time says his steel so these people they’ll never get touched I’m not trying I don’t want anybody give me twisted when I was doing music for the Lord my ultimate objective was to lead people to Jesus get your mega decision absolutely this day and age where I’m at right now and you got to hear me my objective is to be these peoples friend I want to be these peoples friend the Lord spoke to me plain as day and he said Kenan if you want to touch the world you must first inspire them that’s what the Lord told me if you want to touch the world you must first inspire them and I understand exactly what that meant and the Lord was showing me you know somebody that’s I don’t know they got a cool shirt on and somebody walks up to him says hey man I like your shirt something as small as that showing somebody you know a split second of attention could put a smile on their face and instantly now they see you as being cool because you cared about them enough to say something to them about this shirt so I want to build relationships with people like that I’m not trying to I’m not trying to win people to Jesus I’m not trying to force people to go to church not trying to do it either I want to take these people who have no friends and I want to give them shrimp well let me know what we’ll have oh they have no love and give them love they have no brothers and sisters and give them brothers and said isn’t that winning them to Jesus though it’s essentially like what the church is supposed to be doing exactly and so you have seen a broken system and and now you’re doing it like now you’re actually going out there to the ones and we talked about a while ago is just simply like those who don’t deserve grace you go to them and you show them grace those who don’t deserve love you go to them and you love them you know how many people bro I’ve had in all these people even if they’re watching your show or they’re going to watch this you all should be ashamed of yourself for sending me messages saying that I should have killed myself when I was suicidal these are believers I’m talking to ya messaging me talking quote/unquote bullshit to me telling me that I should have killed myself that God doesn’t love me no more and that I’m not right and that I’ve sold my soul to the devil and I’m demonic and it looked like a demon you know you all should be ashamed of yourself if you were any closer to God you would know the truth and what I’m doing and what I’m felt because last time I checked we worship the same God so you can’t tell me something and tell you something totally different so one of us would be alive that’s the disconnect there man and I’m in the same boat as you grow I mean I don’t do like vulgar music but my spirituality and all of the paths out cuz bring bring to the table I got the same thing you’re a devil worshiper and I explain why I do explicit music go ahead this is this is a fact the devil has been lying to the church lied to the world this is his job he’s the author of confusion he’s the father of liars he lies to everybody in some way shape or form so initially when you hear music you know the type of music you listen to so when you listen to music if it doesn’t sound familiar to you you’re initially going to go I don’t listen that well the devil’s real sly about Christian rap and about tweaking the music to make the music sound a certain way he’s the director of music in heaven you know that’s what he did for for God he made sure the music sounded a certain way so the music no matter what people say it draws them in so how if I was pitching my stuff before and I don’t have any custom nted things like that little bitty things that really make a huge difference when you’re trying to reach you they would listen to the music over and over again find out something’s different I could be talking about God left or right but if it had said shit damn words like that in it people initially listen to the music this is the music I listened to they resonate with it I like this and they’ll say I see it every day truth every single day so many people now that used to never listen to my music or wanted to listen to my music now yeah because I’m cussing in my music yeah and it’s because ninety percent of Christians listen to mainstream music they won’t admit it yeah I don’t want to tell me I shouldn’t be cussing in my music but 90% of their CD cases and their iPods are filled with Drake little Wayne 2 Chainz and all this other bullshit that’s out there ya know and that’s the truth yeah I’ll let anyways but then they’re gonna dog a brother for actually strategically trying to write music that a the world wants to listen to I want to I want these people to intersect into my life I want them to when they hear my songs to relate to the music I’m writing music for them I’m not writing music for the church I’m not writing music for any believer I’m writing music for those that are want to blow their brains out for those that are overdosing on drugs I had a conversation with God this morning so Stoney couldn’t even walk who I love very dearly who was smoking k2 on the phone on the other side with me that’s how interlocked I am with these people they’ll call me smoking k2 because they know that hey I’m gonna love them I’m not gonna judge them but I’m here for them if they ever need me yeah this is a massive lesson the church needs to hear I think obviously you wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t working like you wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t seeing a fruit and seeing the looks on those faces of the people who have been looked over other the tears on people’s faces people call me last week they were gonna kill themselves I stopped them they called me they didn’t call pastor they didn’t call some youth pastor they didn’t call their mom their dad they called 40 tattoos on his face black fingernail polish all black they called me because I came to film in a way that nobody else has I respect them I love them I treat them like I want to be treated this is the gospel yeah this is the gospel I’m not trying to get people to go to church even read their Bible yeah I encourage people in my movement and this is a real game truth it’s a real game but it’s not a gang of violence and drugs we speak out against both but this is a real gang that gangs are just nothing but people that love each other I got your back you got my back I defend you defend me this is gonna grow there’s 130 tattooed a lien gang members right now in my state we got we got a caller on the phone we got a call on the phone right now he’s and he sent a message in the chat room reason wants to let you know he’s gonna he wants to get the tattoo soon to 100 hundred fuse from Arkansas maybe you know who he is but he’s a fan of your work he said he’s gonna get to tattoo he’s on the phone to we’ll jump to phone calls here in a little bit so if anybody wants to call and make sure you do that you mentioned how the the people who listen to Christian music will have the Lecrae CD but they also got the Wayne and Drake right and I noticed one thing that as far as people like you find you found Christians buying Christian rap but they also by secular music right you don’t know what you know you know you don’t you don’t find secular people going and buying buying the Lacroix CD and riding around the trap listening to Lacroix it don’t happen like they want it to happen Lecrae in them but it doesn’t happen bro because there’s there’s a devil truth he exists he’s real the devil knows that anything that has God’s stamp on it anything that has God’s stamp Orthodox meaning I’m gonna talk I’m a very unorthodox Christian and and there’s people all across the world that will argue with you that I’m not a Christian and that’s okay I know my heart I know what I do every day I know what my movement does I know what my movements going to do and quite frankly you won’t see me on Facebook bragging about it like 90% of your ministers do today with their ministry they get on there and as soon as somebody gets touched they post it on Facebook mm-hmm you won’t see that about me and that’s why 99 percent of you will think I’m off my rocker because you won’t see that on social media all you’re gonna see is shit damn and fuck on my facebook page and also and you’re gonna think he’s way off his rocker I’m not here to reach you there’s no you’ve already been reached by the ones that are mad at you for talking shit about me on my facebook that’s the ones I here to reach the ones offending me because they relate to me in my movement and relate to the fact that feeling alone and feeling they they have no body these are the people that I want to reach those are my people those are my people with my heart and I love all of them yeah talk a little bit about the the approach though cuz I want to ask you as far as the titling of the videos is that something to kind of distance yourself maybe even inwardly a piece of like hey I’m this is behind me because a lot of the like on the titles of the videos or to say X X Christian rapper has lost his damn mind or this guy used to be a Christian rapper can you believe it is that to get the Christians to check it out or cuz like if it’s like a whole new dim graphic you wouldn’t need to do that so what’s what’s those titles for well you know I didn’t change my name yeah and a lot of people like new one changed his name yeah but new one I’m fucking guarantee you new one did not do this for the same exact reason I did yeah Yona Amy in videos with six naked women in my bed with me you’ll never see me doing anything remotely like that you won’t hear me talk about banging hoes you won’t hear me talk about anything that I’m not living and I’m not gonna compromise myself to make any kind of money this is not a compromise to me this is an investment I’m investing my gift to reach these people before they put a bullet in their head and before they overdose on xanax following after dumbass rappers on from you too you better just sitting around popping xanax all day yeah yeah kids all modeling after these rappers man and if rappers don’t start outsmarting the devil and start figuring out new ways to touch these people’s lives it’s ovie it’s over yeah that’s it that’s a big dang man the whole discussion of like you know when we were coming up it was people were dragging about being drug people were bragging about being drug dealers I’m serving fiends I’m selling ice cream you know all of this stuff about being the drug dealer being dependent being the one that had the money now this generation of rappers are bragging about being the Attucks like they’re okay to be on Owen’s and there’s a new little YouTube rapper named littlez and yeah it’s like they’re bragging about it and then they’re doing Instagram videos of them tossing zanna’s in their mouths and then they’re daunted in it coming up dead little peep rest in peace little peep but man it’s that image bro like it like that’s the consequence of it like if you even brought little peep is the reason I came out of retirement I was retired for six years when a little keep down I’ve never heard of him before same I started going on YouTube and reading all the comments from all these 10 16 year old kids crying their eyes out saying that they live in Brees little peak and that their their life is lost with him and I said you know what I think it’s time that I come back but I say God I’m not coming back doing Christian music I’m not I said I refuse I got 11 Christian albums I sold 54,000 CDs out trunk of my car truth and you know that to be a fact I did that I was out there every day man I grinded I gave my whole entire career and everything that I existed for for ministry and for the church and I said if I come back I’m doing this for these kids I’m doing this for these people I need some sort of positive reinforcement from the naked eye you gonna think man is music is negative it is what it is are already negative yeah but so they on to them it’s it’s medicine yeah medicine people do people that are living in the church man if they’re if they’re you know predominantly positive people they’re gonna hate it was yeah just because you write music don’t mean everybody’s gonna relate to it no I write music with specific people in mind I think about the kid whose role model after Pete and he’s popping xanax every night so I write a song called better better is inside you you just gotta be it you just gotta be it chain up the demons inside of your being really saw the bullshitting free I write songs like that to those people that are in that spot you feel me yeah I see I watch the news i watch the medium and I write songs based on what I see to try to reach these people man they said I’m bullshit I can show my soul to devil just to make money I haven’t made my god that’s what people would say yeah of course they’re gonna say that I haven’t made a dime off any music that I’ve done since I’ve come back at all not one guy it’s come and trust me it’s coming the buzz is being built we’ve had over a hundred thousand views in two videos and eighteen days over a thousand shares already the videos are going viral a lot of people are talking right now there’s a lot of people talking negatively about me and that’s okay you just did a song with smoke right is that who was in your new video smoke yeah Oh corleone he’s the guy I’ve known for a long time but I you know I believe in the guy he’s got a amazing amount of talent I mean to be real with you bro I’ve lost 2500 friends on Facebook and on Instagram and on Twitter because I wear eyeshadow on my face and nail polish on my hands if they don’t tell me that the church is twisted that a former Christian rapper who they’ve never even heard the music because I come out that I’m gonna come out and do gangsta rap or do exclusive music whatever you want to say and they see my imagery you block me and race me on Facebook because I’m my imagery you should be ashamed of yourself mm-hmm because I am closer to God than I’ve ever been in my entire life can you ask anybody that’s around me that knows me I definitely do not bullshit around when it comes to Jesus Christ he is my Lord he is my Savior regardless and anybody that surround me knows that he’s my boss and knows that he’s my Maker I don’t hide that and I will never hide that you don’t Mac faintness devil worshippers and witches bro they’re all part of a lien gang yep chew on that con I can get it which is in devil furs are all wanting to be a part of a lien gang yeah Beek they feel the same way that I do alone I felt so alone and none of the church folks were ever there for me they weren’t there for me I’ve tried to kill myself many Christians outside of my mother and maybe maybe four or five others literally in my entire life so we’re there for me I mean it’s it disgusts me me you know how many people are hooked on drugs bro that when I’m having a bad day they call me and tell me they love me we’re talking people that are on heroin broke yeah all in me telling me they love me the church should be ashamed of itself that was that was a big one for me man because like I when I was doing ministry I had a lot of people who were in my corner most of them cuz that cuz I had something to offer right and it’s always the people who have something to offer or whatever but I had these different ministries and ministers and evangelists and stuff and I would talk to them on the phone and before they hung up they got to a point where they would tell me they loved me on the phone and when you’re on the phone with another man and you know I’m saying you tell me that now but I think maybe even you back in the day but for the first time being on the phone with the man and like I brought love you bro and you’re like how do I respond to I say I love you too like how do i you know and i and i had to take make that concept i bro I love you too and I meant that right hang the phone up I bro love you bro love you man my wife’s like who’s that or that song so you don’t say you’re okay you guys get off the phone like that and I meant it and then when you go through the struggle when you have a change of heart or your faith is tested or maybe from their perspective maybe you’re going through the darkest time you’ve ever faced but then those guys are I love you bro they’re nowhere to be found absolutely this last week that’s the guy that killed my facebook page and uh his initial reaction he was f alien gang you faked this yeah I’ve seen a couple of them yeah I’m talking dude is talking trash about me man well I got upset and I put him in his place initially and I said you know what’s sad bro I said you’re just like us you just don’t even know it and he said no I’m nothing like you he said I’m smarter than you I said uh I sent your crying out for help bro and I said you know what I Love You Man this guy got Clyde bro ain’t posted on Facebook and tagged me in it and he said my whole life all I wanted was what this one guy that I don’t even know who I was being a total dick to he said this guy gave it to me and I would never expected it from someone looks like him and I said dude I love you man this dude no disrespect to me he’s apologized to me I mean straight-up feels the movement he wants to be done with the movement if he’ll listen to what I just said though man this guy I’m talking borderline atheist it’s not right over the edge I don’t even believe there’s a god dude so many people are getting outs more by the devil right now man the old ways of pick up your Bible and preaching people on a street corner it’s dead bro the devil’s outsmarting all of you there is a new Beach people and you have to love them you have to accept them and you have to be there for them regardless whether you believe or even accept what they do it’s not up to you God is a big enough God – excuse me he’s a big enough God to deal with those people’s heart that you don’t have to you can but it was love them love them be there for them pray for him let him know you there for him you don’t gotta force anything let God deal with their heart man and this time he’s going to touch their life and if you’re around I’m gonna tell you right now bro I minister the people when I was doing Christian rap and I led them to Lord I’ve let over a thousand people to the Lord for all and there I’ve led these people to the Lord I’ve gotta show me he showed me how I messed up and it’s cuz I didn’t know no better I would lead somebody to the Lord I would take him down a new road get him out of the drug deal trade get him into churches the first a moment that they fell away from God and stumbled the devil told them I’m the guy they should avoid so when they would fall they’d go back to drugs they wouldn’t want me to know because they wouldn’t want me to be ashamed of to be disappointed in them yeah so what I do they put my number on the mutant block list that’s a hook ever again I remember what point did I do yeah I let them to the Lord and all that but what point did I do they don’t have any godly friends now they’ve rejected every godly friend that they had I would in my honest opinion rather be their friend love them be there for them if they ever want God in their life and that every at rock-bottom and want to take their own life who do you think they’re going to call and they will and they will hit ooh they do on a weekly if not daily basis there oh it’s weird it’s weird because um the whole Christian thing bro it’s like you can you can meet somebody have this camaraderie whether you lead them to the Lord or not but you guys are building talking daily breaking bread and moment in a moment they go back to drugs you don’t hear from that person again you say hold on bro I still love you I don’t give a damn what you’re doing it’s because we have become the definition of perfection and we are pieces of shit that need Jesus we need him as our Savior all of us nobody’s better than anybody else on this earth yes we’re royalty in his eyes but we’re sinners I’m the same Center he’s the same Center we’re all sinners were all filthy rags without the Lord in our life so I don’t ever want I have the words I am nobody tattooed on my chin bro to never forget where I come from yeah I’ll never be any better than anybody else on this earth ever I will always be the same whether I’m driving a Bugatti or I’m driving a Pontiac it does not matter I have no money or I’m filthy rich I will always be the same without God’s grace and without what he’s blessed me with I would be nothing and that’s the truth man I don’t ever want to act like I’m better than nobody else cuz I’m not so you see this it’s safe to say that you would you you still approach this ministry minded it’s that safe to say absolutely I don’t do Christian music I don’t want any part of Christian music I have no no focus on anything Church for lady at all nothing I want to make good music I want to make music that my fans relate to that’s what I want to do and that’s what I’m doing I’m making music for them for the alien game the people that join this movement they’re my family it’s like distant cousins in the future people that join alien gang all across the United States and all across the world they’ll get perks for being in the movement they’ll get discounts on their show tickets to my shows they’ll get discounts on their merch because they have the tattoos on their body these people rep it they’re getting tattooed behind their ears on their faces on their hands just visible to where nobody can hide it these people rip it I’ve given them a new identity now they don’t feel like they’re nothing now they don’t feel like they’re nobody now they say I’m an alien that’s the way I’m anyone lost a nurse neglect I’m just like you and they’re spread all right this isn’t coming from me I’m playing the I’m playing devil’s advocate because I’ve come from I’ve got everything that you got bro I got it too right but so they would say okay if you love these people and you’re giving them a way out some would say you don’t love them you’re just playing off of their heart playing off of their emotions if you love them you’ll tell them the truth that they need they did that they need Jesus and need to repent what would you say to that I do do that but it’s a time in a place you know if you do that to certain people at the wrong time – yeah you’re right that’s exactly what they’ll do bro if you talk to people who are on drugs if they’re hooked to you there’s no telling them yeah I’m telling you I told this morning on the phone the guy that was doing k2 I said dude my exact words that shit’s gonna kill you bro all I’m trying to do is plant them nuggets to hope in him one day he’ll get fed up with it I’ve prayed for him many times I’ve prayed for him I’ve fed him bought him clothes when nobody else bought him Christmas presents I’m the one that me and my girls already bought him Christmas present you know we’re there for him he’s on the streets man he’s been on the streets since he was eight years old he’s 25 years old he’s out there every day holding his sign trying to make it yeah where’s the church at you know what are they doing for this dude I don’t want to push him away any further than what he’s already been pushed away I want to be his friend if I can be his friend for 20 years I can make a bigger impact in those 20 years in the church could ever do by coming up trying to get him a set since birth because that guy’s gonna have a relationship with Jesus after those 20 years I guarantee you you don’t have a relationship with God the moment you meet him you don’t even know who he is you don’t even know what he sounds like you don’t even know what his voice sounds like you can’t even hear him so just such saying a sinner’s prayer is one thing but you know as well I do it takes years before you hear God’s voice correctly yeah start seeing him from bumper stickers and other friends saying stuff to hear in passing this that’s the way you him because you can’t hear him and the only way to hear them is get closer to him it takes time walking over 25 years let me ask you this what do you miss about gospel rap like I know there was some stuff that was good nothing [Laughter] yeah I’m not trying to throw fire on anybody man I’m not bad but ask me just ask me how many churches have not paid me when they promised me they were going oh my god or or they they asked you to come that they never did now now watch this ask me how many clubs ya have never paid me yeah you’re right 100 percent right how many how many mainstream festivals in places where they’re they’re centered in and they’re there cover-ups for drug activity how many of those places have never paid me and you tell me who’s loving their neighbor anyways you know they could be dirty brother the church folks can be dirty that was one of the things that that showed me when I started working with secular artists there was pros and cons from coming from a Christian perspective of making that transition but when I started working with secular artists like it was professional versus dealing with the church people in like your church brothers who won’t work with you because you believe something a little bit different and there was brothers who like we would build in what four years and they would get under a different theology and they want nothing to do with you just because they believe the Trinity is a little bit different like wow you guys are willing to break fellowship over these little bitty things that it’s just apples and oranges like it’s it’s not even really it’s not a big deal but you got here so if relationship all of us so we can’t look at it like well if you believe differently than I do then you’re wrong and I’m right yeah it should never be that way man it’s just like oh the Lord told me it’s like a basketball player you know if he’s hanging out with you know kids that are less sure of him like a college player he’s hanging out with high school kids he shouldn’t get mad if the guy can’t do what the college kid could do because he don’t know no better he’s in high school he’s still learning yeah so he should be treated like he’s a high school player instead of like a college player looking down on him and condemning him because he can’t do 360 dunk shit and he can’t do the stuff that you can do it’s like a pro like LeBron James getting mad at an elementary kid because he can’t jump at the free-throw line I’ll break this he can’t he can’t do 360 dunks but he can he can shoot a three really good and so no you know chance so we need to value them for what they’re good at not like you came 360 dunk get away now you’re good at other things bro you can you’re part of the family you’re needed there’s a place for you but I used that terrible man for like when people say you know you’re not supposed to cuss I’m like well who told you that well it’s in the Bible yeah there’s a lot I mean I don’t and this might cause some controversy but I don’t follow the Bible I follow Jesus there’s a big difference there’s a lot of stuff in the Bible if you read it if you read it out of text you’re already screwed anyways and that’s how the majority of Christendom I know Bible is the Bible is Christianity but the entire first half of the Bible Christianity didn’t even exist so there was no Christianity Jesus is the faith behind Christianity he wasn’t even alive then Oh when people read it they’re reading it from a perspective of Christianity but Christianity didn’t even exist ya have to read the Bible for what it is I read it you ask God if he wants me to sit and learn something from it but I take every word that’s in the Bible that Jesus said those red letters to the bank that’s that’s what I live well let me ask you this pump that’s why I’m cook yeah – I’m an action I know how Bible verses and biblical stuff so so you say you read the Bible and you ask God what what he would have to show you or to teach you people having spiritual awakenings like they don’t just see God in the Bible no more they see God in everything right so watching a movie going to taking a trip do you pray that prayer as well do you go with that intention okay God I’m watching this movie teach me are you are you a student of life there’s God speak to you through every time you don’t have to consciously ask it once you already know well the Lord told me he said I can use it he said I can use the dirty vessel I just can’t live in one he told me that plane is day when it came to other rappers I’ve seen people get saved off with jay-z music yeah I’ve seen people give their life to the Lord off a little Wayne’s music you know I’ve watched it I’ve seen people get touched save their lives stop killing themselves over some satanic music because God used the music and he used the ordeal used the scenario to reach those people where they were anyways that’s what he did today he doesn’t need the Bible to reach you he doesn’t need me to reach you yeah he’s like he knows every single odds and ends you could be going and taking a piss in a gas station and look over on the on the stall and somebody’s got Jesus loves you and hasn’t forgotten about you yeah what it doesn’t matter like how it’s about God is God he is on the throne he is God he could do whatever he wants whenever he wants however he wants and just because that might not think that Orthodox wise I might look like somebody that’s reaching people they need to open their eyes in their heart do something different because the church last time I checked is in a very sick state right now a very sick state there is so much stuff going on inside those walls it I know deep stuff well you do too I mean you know you know wrong you know what I’m talking about let me let me ask you this man I want to talk about karma I want to talk about karma a little bit and you don’t have to call it that but just idea of free Oh from reaping what you sow from from where you came okay so you’re getting the bat backlash now I’m trust me I could I couldn’t help but look at the stuff I dished out over the years people are people I’m past it now I’m some years removed but um that transition people were treating me like I treated others you’re going to hell bro you’re a false prophet you leading people astray like I’ve said that about other people and I think only I could only look back like damn this is not mama hate is two people do die you know what you all not karma is my karma is having people tell me you kicked me out of your tattoo shop for saying the word damn I remember that you would only do Christian attitudes for a minute bro and I said I’m so sorry my daughter last night she said dad you wouldn’t let me go to a concert because they were going to be custom in the concert mm-hmm you’re cussing in your music yeah I said paradise I said your dad was very immature then I had to learn I get it now it’s way too late I can’t take you back there’s tons of people that I literally I’m ashamed of myself the way I used to be crow I also hit Eve I cannot believe the stuff that I said to people the way that I treated people truth man it makes me cry often man because I think about how it was so judgmental people would come in just mild stuff man that didn’t even it shouldn’t even been a big deal they come in and sit in the shop and they would say shit and I go hey man don’t cuss in my shop yeah kill tango will it would feel so rejected yeah I’m thinking well I’m gonna teach you some respect and in reality they were like I’m never coming back here ever again it hurts my feelings man that I did that to people and anybody’s watching and I did that too which I’m sure there will be people to watch this to us there’s so many people talking shit about me right now it’s unreal bro the church is they’re going haywire on me and that’s completely cool man I don’t make this music for you so I’m not really concerned what you say I want these people that I’m that I know I’m supposed to be reaching there’s a way I’ll tell you this too okay Lee there’s a weird place that um I got to because there was a there were some places and it was all social media like nobody really pulled me to the side I’m gonna a truth man what do you believe man what’s going on like nobody ever did that and I was in ministry and did all the same thing you were doing so but the social media stuff because your life is out there like an open book and people would reach out and people would they would talk shit like you’re saying you’re going to hell you’re a false prophet you’re gonna burn forever like like really you know and you get all of that hate but then it gets weird when it stops it does get where we lay down they kind of gave up on me at least they don’t know how to help but sometimes they trying to help that’s all they know to do they like that I retied the case I’ll tell you and this is just honest to god it’s all I know to put this because this this is this is what I see this is what I’m trying to do this is what I’m trying to reach yeah the people that are on my pages on my videos right now screaming trash fake false prophet former in my ass blah blah blah they their comments are blind to me I don’t even care but the ones that will comment on those posts to defend you exactly and they’ll say after you you keep your mouth shut about him I love this guy and I love his music it’s that person right there that’s the person that relates to me that’s the person that that is is here me is alien game that person is the definition of what alien game is our our mission statement everything we are as as a movement that person right there with that if you comment to the person who’s talking bad that’s the person that belongs here and I message those people and tell them I accept you you have no idea bro just from feeling accepted how these people will cry they’ll tell me nobody’s ever accepted me nobody’s ever given a shit about me the church should be very very ashamed of themselves for the way they’re treating these people these people these churches they’re not reaching these people man they’re from they forgot about these people they’ve completely forgot about the same people that they’re forgetting that at one time in their life they were how can you at one time he was on drugs doing crack doing meth doing all this other bullshit that you were doing before you gave your life to God and then after you give your life to God you forget where you came from so all of a sudden you meet a guy who’s on crack and you don’t say a word because you’ve got kids now and you don’t want that around your kids but at one time that was you brother that was you on the street corner holding a sign and people were throwing shit at you when they were driving by how little we for how quickly forget who we were before we came to God I’ll never forget the last multiple years of my life when I been at the bottom bro had nothing feeding my kids would change bro this is real life I went from making six figures a year to God taking me and pruning me cut me at the very bottom and growing me into this human being who gives a shit about these people truth I used to not I used to think I was better than everybody else yeah I think I was better than everybody else bro and that I was above people I’m not above nobody bro and these people they need somebody to say hey I love you and I’m here for you and I’ll be here for you if you need somebody oh yeah cuz if we understand like even in the church circles man like they have the platforms in the risers and stuff for a reason was there up talking down and they’re like the celebrity talk they’re talking down to people you’re going out there rubbing shoulders talking to them not talking down at them but out there talking to the people man I’ve been checking out your videos I’ve been checking out the comments and I know exactly what you’re talking about I know the feeling man one thing I wanna I’m gonna bring up something that uh years ago I don’t even know if you remember this you may remember this but you had a necklace on that had a I think it was like a triangle with the eye in it and it was when I was studying the Illuminati I was like Cayley bro you gotta take that necklace off bro that’s the Illuminati man you’re like no that I represents sight the one who was able to see and God shows us visions and you gave me the explanation and I wasn’t hearing it I know that’s demonic even if you forgetting what that charm was made up of talk a little bit about it free it was three two thousand year old nails remember yeah and it had a Widow’s mite in the center that’s what it was it looked like an eye yeah you initially thought it was an eyeball and I explained that was that was a Widow’s mite from the Bible and those nails were found in Jerusalem they were three ther two thousand-year-old nails they were carpenter nails and Jesus was a carpenter and it looked like a triangle with an eyeball in the center yeah but it was never supposed to be there it’s funny that uh just just the symbolism and then now I mean I’ve got I get I love symbol and I love symbols and it’s you know I’m saying symbols only have the power that you give it like when you see the tattoos as symbols like it just means you have to be able to read the symbols too and they mean different things to different people toxo say what the words that come out of my mouth I mean if you think about it yeah if yeah dang and I said damn they both are one of the same they date they’re the exact same I mean there’s not a Christian word for the word damn and that’s not the word dang or you can’t say crap and you meant to say shit but it means I’m saying they the same thing they’re just words they mean the same my heart’s condition in the way that I say it they mean the same thing but sometimes like I’ll curse on here a little bit and there’s some reasons why I try not to sometimes just for add reasons like it won’t monetize you if you got a lot of cursing and stuff but um I’ll curse a little bit but when I curse its I tried them it’s because it’s the best word to use I want you to know how I feel about that situation and if I and when I tell you that Christians it’s a difference when you say then people don’t care about you versus then people don’t give up about you right I want you to feel it they don’t know you’re still in the and you’ll always be there I guess be that way bro there’s nothing wrong with that know that but you’re still in that religious box that you you have to follow with the religion you have to follow with those rules and guidelines in order to be put into the box that where you can be seen as a Christian I’m literally bro I have so much freedom I’m not concerned whether a kid a Christian kid hears the word damn it that it’s all irrelevant to me like I’m not in a place where I have to I have to follow those rules and regulations the churches wouldn’t let me be myself because they wouldn’t pay me if I said damn on my music so remember I used to say trick in my music oh yeah I remember trigger trigger I remember I used to did that I’ve been doing the same thing I’ve been doing for years through then you know that the only difference is that the line that was there is a non-existent now there is no life isn’t it isn’t it isn’t it funny and you should do this bro because I bought this but you should do this you should go back and rework some of your old music I know you hate it I know it’s ugly to you but go back grab song maybe just just to show them change the word demon for another word because we used to joke about it you can you all you I do is I’m killing are you I’m killing are you Dimas I’m running on them demon with the 45 put it to it you like that’s how we’re talking about dude we’re doing gang that we just changed one word if you change the word demon to bitch you’ve got against the wrestle got a reworking man I got a rework your vote oh it’s all about your heart’s condition it’s the way you say it yeah it’s it’s my heart see God’s gonna know my heart but the people listening won’t they won’t know what I’m doing and why I’m doing and how I’m doing well they were now they will now they will love but I’m reading the comments here you you have no haters in the comment section here we’ve got a bunch of people watching and everybody’s like hey how do I find this music this guy is dope let’s see there’s another comment here what’s a good one I mix it one find a right quick Derrick this guy’s incredible what a powerful message in testimony my prayers will be following him and he has my support like my people already know man like they’re the out these are the outcasts – these aren’t church folks watching this podcast bro you know I got an eyeball on my hat people tuned in and see the eye just like when I started with an eye on your junk ah sorry bro toes the red flag man you know what I’m saying of not knowing symbols in the power and what it means and that be a person of vision so yeah they brought to my attention right now I don’t watch this guy on TV but I know this guy’s fired on amongst the world and you might even have a problem with him but the Lord showed me how he is doing with me in rap music is the exact same way that Joel Osteen’s approach to ministry was on television a lot of people don’t like him I hear me out there now Joel Osteen doesn’t care about what we think first of all he’s doing what God’s told him to do though nobody knows the amount of people that give their life to God behind closed doors underneath the table that’s not on television just because people think that he don’t use enough Bible and he doesn’t use enough doctrine and all this other bullshit that’s exactly what it is leave the guy alone leave me alone if I do things that you don’t agree with pray for me just like that God just said pray for me I can promise you that I’m the closest to God than I’ve ever been and he is leading me and he’s guiding me to go to where I’m going it won’t be long and you guys are gonna hear me on your radio stations it won’t be long you guys are gonna see me on your video stations I’ll tell you this right now don’t be surprised if you see me at the Grammys and you see me at other outlets like that doing what I’m doing representing my movement on a worldwide level and just know that I’m not my father’s business when you see me just straighten it up kaeleen let’s talk about you tattooing a little bit man because that’s a big part of your life that’s your livelihood as well your awesome tattoo artists you’ve been able to tattoo a lot of celebrities some really cool people you tattooed Brian Welch from corn and you in that birthed a song you did a song with him out of that jelly roll I think Upchurch the redneck I mean so many people that catch my attention I talked a little bit about your tattooing and stuff and some of the people that you’ve been able to meet in this audience my website is tattooing the and you can go check out my portfolio the people that I’ve been able to meet and tattoo but my mom had a dream I was supposed to be a tattoo artist in 2005 and I never wanted to be a tattooer I was a full-time rapper I was full-time for seven years in music and my mom had that dream why at the time I was running out of options in my music I traveled as far as Texas from Tennessee selling my music all across the United States I was running across people on a daily basis that had all my records like he was Sephora I just couldn’t find me many people I signed 750,000 autographs on streets of the United States on my own I did and and my mom had that dream I was looking for a way off the streets so I pursued tattooing based on my mom’s dream and found that I had a gift that I didn’t even know I had so I didn’t know that God was gonna take me down a road where I was ministering to the mounts of people that I’ve ministered to I’ve stopped people from killing themselves I’ve been apart five days before people have blown their brains out and I was the last person to ever share God with them ever and I’ve had 17 clients that’s passed away God showed me how valuable tattooing is and how this is stuff that people are taken to the grave this is real talk the stuff that conversation they have behind the the chair with me are stuff that I don’t publicize I am going to work on a book eventually and it’ll be a book about the stories changing the names of the people the stories that I’ve had the opportunity to listen to and be a part of their life through tattooing but I felt this validated with my own life because my music had failed I felt like I felt like my life wasn’t validating about through tattooing I felt like I needed to feel like I was important and it bothered me because for so long I used to get letters in the mail from people saying my music touched their life and now tattooing so a football game people hating on me disrespecting me and it’s just a total different world for me the tattoo business is very dark five or two of the five top to tattoo tattoo artists in the world are all satanic their Satanist and so it’s very dark business and I was this small light in a dark place so I missed it and I figured out a way that I could feel validated through my tattooing was too if I tattoo a famous person or somebody that wasn’t a celebrity status that was going out doing shows in front of 50,000 people on television I felt like if I tattooed them you know visibly that wherever they go I would kind of go with them yeah they’re like I’d see me on TV I’d see me an NFL game let’s see me at a major league baseball game I see me in a rap video so I felt like a validated my own life he tattooing that way so I met your head from corn I taught you both sides of his face I tattoo on his ribs and you got some go to youtube and look those videos up just type head from corn gets tattoo and you’ll see my videos and we tax on him I’ve tattooed number one hip country artist loCash Taylor Taylor Phillips who wrote hurricane by Luke combs I’ve tattooed up Church the redneck crazy boy who was a three 6 mafia who won an Oscar for Hustle & Flow the drummer for the band red tattooed Bubba Sparxxx I did list American logo on Bubba Sparxxx neck I’ve tattooed Kaleb plant he’s a 16 and old professional boxer who fights with Mayweather you guys will see him soon he’s living in Vegas now am i doing identify tattoos on him Erik Walden’s starting outside linebacker for the Titans green Superbowl champion with three Bay Packers number 93 I did ten tattoos on him I’ve tattooed craig Campbell who was a big big country artist it was on tour with Luke Bryan recently i tattooed The Band Perry I’ve tattooed so many so many so many people Kings of Leon there’s just so many so many that I’ve been able to get to have the opportunity to be in their life and Michael ray he’s another number one country artist got two or three number one hits I tattoo him did a quarter sleeve on his arm Jay look and traveled on tour buses with these artists man and now that I’m not in the shop no more I’m completely mobile as a tattooer my cell phone six one five six nine to nine thirty three nine if y’all need a tattoo I’ll do tattoo parties I’ll come to your house yes I will get it how you live on two nine three three nine you know how you live we got a I post all your links in the description as well got up we got a phone call here this call has been on for a while I believe I know it who it is but a caller from Northwest Arkansas who we speaking with only use they can’t refuse y’all know this how y’all doing today what’s going on brother you got a question for Kaylee or comment I know you do well well I guess first of all just can you say alien gang it’s like love what you’re doing Kaylee it’s like it’s like I’ve been following the movement love the music been hitting me as well it’s like when I was four I was darkness officers I was from was born to be lost nurses neglect to begin with and so I relate they fall in the moment loving what you’re doing and I have no tattoos and so my first tattoo is going to be an alien gang tattoo awesome I love you Mira I love you too brother it’s like that’s all we gotta do we gotta spread this love man it’s no doubt what we’re made to do pretty much just stay on stay posted me on Facebook you ever need me you call me dude you message me I definitely will because I know we’re friends on Facebook and I’ve been sharing your stuff on Instagram I just shared your newest video today on my Instagram account so oh thank you brother yeah it’s like I’m enjoying this conversation yeah it’s like because I cried calling on this podcast it always seems to be something that’s hitting me so I always like to call in putting my two cents just give my shout out to my love pretty much you’re a part of the show to man people know you haha so I know you bro yeah I just think it’s funny because I I do hit I write we call my own hip-hop I mainly do a Christian so I spiritual a hip-hop rap don’t hate me on that you got to do what God told you yeah that’s what it’s about I don’t never try to lead people yeah I don’t try to lead people to do what I’m doing I don’t think a lot of people could do what I did to be honest that’s right I don’t a lot and I would I would discourage a lot of Christians especially baby Christians from doing this because there’s a lot of them that didn’t make it that thought that they would go into the world a lot of people don’t realize it but like Paul wall used to be a Kris Romero familiar are you Chamillionaire you think rapper Nappy Roots used to be a Christian rap group Slim Thug used to be a Christian rock candy Perry Katy Perry used to be a worship leader yeah I’m amazing Oh Katy Perry with bad Oh a lot of people won’t be able to go where I’m going I’m going knowing exactly what I’m doing how I’m going to get there exactly what’s a detailed instructions from God and what I’m to do where I’m to go what I’m to say and I’m following his lead I’m not gonna get off that path at all nice another thing I want coming on was I love how we were talking about language because that’s kind one of the things I like I want I don’t want to struggle with but kind of like I’m indifferent on because like all my music I usually don’t curse I know I will I say that held a man asked those who join curse words as some of those are mentioned in the Bible but for the most part I keep my music clean however when I’m on the mic you hear you can you get me out in public I can curse like a sailor sometimes ah and it’s just one of the things I’ve been I’ve been indifferent on and I honestly but think about doing just one trying to like Chris well not really a Christian song but it would be like a very much it would be called a excuse me for saying didn’t be called fuck the devil and it would be much up every curse word in the book I brought up Artie I’ve already been there and done that man I’ve already been there done like i got shirts that say fuck the devil that i’m getting pretty for a lien gang and they’re gonna have a set of bones that’s in a finger now it’s gonna flipping the middle finger and it says fuck the devil a hashtag alien gang guys well if i decide to make this song reality kelly it’s like if i know you say you don’t you you don’t want nothing to do with christian or gospel rap but if i do the song i will gladly love to feature you on it I would do it yeah I wouldn’t I just would have to to be honest I’ve had a lot of people message me about doing songs like that and I just don’t I have to follow God I have to do what he tells me to do I have to I have to be I have to be where I’m supposed to be right now and I can’t I can’t get off the past so on people hey now undo it’s only I’m a Christian rapper I’m I said that’s not it’s not where I’m at right now your sounds a little different I would do that Alright hundred I preach I appreciate that Carla hunter yep love your brother alright Shalom brother oh let’s go let’s give a little bit of Honor man talk a little bit about Elron bro Elrond guitars who Elrond did some guitar work for you in the past you don’t remember Elron Lanford rin back in the myspace myspace days no he uh he do he did the guitars on on my version of this is how we ride and then you had someone else but he supposedly reached out to you to do some more good guitars for you back then from he might have but I don’t I don’t remember all that okay I didn’t yeah I don’t know he actually recorded the guitars of my full album and yeah he didn’t for you can opt it on the world okay I thought he did know the only the only guitars ever out of my music were played on people that were in house around me okay oh yeah he’s from Tennessee I could be wrong I ran if it’s some songs with me and you play guitar on them and I’m not acknowledged okay that’s one I just um hey you gotta understand brah I’ve been married three times about to be divorced three times I’ve been homeless three times I’ve lost three businesses foreclosures three free repossessions I’m talking my life has been Hale bro to get to this place where I understand why I was going through all the help so little like Sam I playing guitar oh my stuff’s gonna be very very did you meet somebody uh recently who’s uh you had somebody come into your life that played a big role a female some years ago I just seemed like a change when someone came into your life yeah well the girl that’s in my life now she’s I’ve never met anybody like her my life we have the same birthday bro that’s what’s up man it was absolutely God when I met her man how long have you guys been together I don’t want to get into how I met her and and the circumstances I was in you know God God knows that everything happens the way he wants it to he’s he’s my leader man so when stuff happens I’m like I go what are you doing man I’ll be honest I had a lady just she just told him my car December 20th in the middle of us spinning 360 degrees on the interstate bro I had my girls hand and I said God what are you doing what are you doing I said we’re gonna be okay gaza or less nothing happened to us speeding on the interstate she hit us we were doing we’re spinning and we land sideways in the median almost going into the other oncoming traffic I was asking God immediately what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing well I still don’t know what he did there but I know that if it was anything it was just doing was to show my girl that God is in control and no matter what happens he will will always provide for his kids their own his past that I always take care of his kids he loves us man he’s not forgotten about us man and if we’re walking right we got no worries ever he’s gonna always take care of us if you live in Rome you’re scared oh you should have freaked already man and that would be my advice to you is to quit all that bullshit and turn it over to God before something bad happens because you can’t you can’t act like that man God God will he loved you but he’s not gonna you know I have or $6,000 drop on my pocket the day before I needed it I was gonna get convicted of kicked out of my place to live in bro have people walk up and give me that kind of money because I trust the Lord did post it on Facebook that I needed it just happen God’s good he loves his kids man and when you’re walking right you have his favorite bro he’s gonna take care of you I had on years ago I had a friend of mine who was like back and forth he was an older guy but he mentioned something about like being careful of how you live and he’s like dude he’s like he’s I bro have you ever noticed when you when you’re not living right you get away from the Lord you just try to be careful because you think you might die I was like you saw a smoking crack again I was like I’ve never I’ve never done I can see where you coming from but now I never done leave god I’ve never done either I don’t I listen to what he tells me Braun said I don’t I don’t do nothing else yeah if he don’t tell me to do it I don’t do it man that’s just that’s where he wants all of us though he wants us all to a place where he’s the boss he’s he’s the one you’re turning to not a man not a human being he wants us to turn to him and that’s what I encouraged people that are in my movement turn to God man give that shit to God bro quit doing that bullshit it’s gonna kill you give that to God bro quit playing games man and these people they respect that because it’s real they respect it cuz it’s love I’m giving them love they never had before meet people where they are absolutely into the episode man was there anything that we didn’t speak on it you wanted to kind of touch on a dress you think we covered everything pretty good know more about what I’m here for I’m here for them if they feel like they’re alone they feel like they don’t have nobody to talk to eventually guys understand I’m building a team and eventually I’ll have a team of people that will all be people that’s been through some shit these guys know they know this I got people around me right now they used to have needles in their veins they’ve been shot and stabbed they were gangsters I these people been through it I got people around me that’s kill people that’s kill people you know and these people now men there they realize look I’m here to be a servant these people these kids man y’all need somebody to talk to y’all to message me I’ll try my best to respond to everybody people message me all the time I’m here for y’all I love y’all it’s a lien gang bitch 2018 and beyond it’s all in poppin bro one last question here is they want to know this is from Christy she wants to know have you ever tattooed any of the Christian artists such as seven Pyrex or illuminate you ever run into those guys no I’ve done seven but never tattooed and he’s too far away’s in Cali but Reid might be in Texas now but now I’ve talked to Pyrex and I’ve talked to seven eliminate I don’t know who that is but I mean I attempted some Christian worships leaders like I tattooed roughly who sings with the Oh what’s the name of the group he sings with forget he one of the guys the main guys at Winter Jam every year with Toby Mac okay that’s what’s up forget forget that new song new song oh wow yeah he’s the lead vocalist for new song but I tattooed him a couple times and his son yeah I don’t well to be honest Christians avoid me and that’s probably best because I’m not here for them anyways that’s what sir brother I’m a weirdo bro I’m not I’m not your typical guy I won’t have much in common with with religious people man I have more in common with the people that are struggling to feed their kids gonna ever do some religious idiot that’s gonna try to tell me I’m going to hell I’m like take that shit somewhere else now so you heard it from the man himself many of you guys have your own own opinion some people fully back what he’s doing you guys can see yourself within him and his story I totally do that’s why I wanted to have him on he’s a good brother of mine and I really a lien gang gang I figured he was he didn’t say it and he didn’t promote it but I figured he was approaching this from a ministry minded point and he’s you know why because you know me exactly why in the very beginning of my video my first video that I released the words that came across the front page it said before you judge me you better know what the fuck you’re talking about because if you truly know me then you know where I’m heading and people like you and much love the alter ego you guys knew me as a human being before and you knew Kaylee’s up to something there’s no way he would turn his back on God you did him straight up with thermal yeah there’s no way those scriptures say you can’t dude after you’ve tasted the goodness of God for you to turn your back I know something was I’m not dumb absolutely and closer to him and I’m so honored you have me on TV man I thank you for sharing the space with me brother much much love my success to everything that you’re doing brother you’re being authentic that’s what counts man you’re making a living doing it you’re having fun you’re creating things brother I pray you continue to do it man thank you for coming on hanging out with him brother I love you too Shalom Kaylee ladies and gentlemen we go back man I got like I said I started listening to Kaylee stuff in like 2003 maybe I want to pinpoint it maybe 2003 checking out his stuff so he was doing it early so I got it I got involved with Christian music a lot later but very similar stories and I see myself in his story and some of the things that I’ve dealt with coming out of religion too to be who God called me to be and in that journey people people lash out and he’s definitely going through that right now and hopefully you can hear a lot of my early interviews when I did a lot of podcasts they sound a lot like Kaylee’s like it was a lot and I still talk about it now but early on it was a big thing like I’m talk talking about the church realm and how they talked about me and how this and that and it’s now it was a big part of my life and it still is but um you got to eventually get to the part where you’re like you don’t have to address that anymore you can kind of move past it and it’s big and it’s big for a lot of you guys who’ve come out of religion have come out of some type of system of control or bondage or you had to be taught to perform and be somebody that you’re not that’s that’s big for you to find out like I said in the last show the two biggest days in a person’s life is the day that they were born and the day that they find out why they were born once you find out why you’re put here Kaylee’s approach is different my approach is different i’m ministry minded too you guys know that but if you let the other people tell it they’ll tell you that we worship the devil on this podcast they tell you all kind of stuff you know what I’m saying I’ve heard I’ve heard it all I’ve heard it all so you got I’m glad that I gave him the platform to come on there and kind of speak his mind and kind of for those who care they’ll watch the interview for those who don’t care they don’t matter anyway but it’s like hey people want you to hear your heart are you gonna share this interview with them do why are you doing this bro what happened here watch the interview gave you almost you know an hour and twenty minutes worth of explanations about why I’m doing what I’m doing and what happened and when pitfalls to look out for you know you got to learn from everybody’s mistakes you got to learn from everybody successes to what’s working for people obviously he’s seen that that’s working doing Christian music gospel music he had to kind of force his way into an audience and most people ain’t gonna listen to a white corny rapper and then on top of that a white corny Christian rapper you know how many how hard it is to break that stereotype and uh Kaylee’s trying to do that and I don’t I don’t think that he has negated the gospel I don’t think that he’s turned his back on God I think he I think I believe this for everybody right now Kayleigh is exactly where he’s supposed to be Kayleigh is exactly where he’s supposed to be right now loving if he needs me I’m here and the same same goes for all of you guys whatever you’re going through man the darkness the trials if you’re on on if you’re on the mountaintop while you’re going down to the valley there’s something there’s something there for you to learn man there’s peace and there’s grace that’s available for you no matter where you are and I’ve learned that if we want to get to the next level we have to be faithful with the things that God has put in our laps and what he’s trying to show us and so that’s that’s what it’s about learning from everything around us learning from what’s going on and trying to get to the next level to become a better person to a sin a sin spiritually make it to the next level so that we can help people it’s not about bragging rights it’s not about ego and I wanted to talk to him a little bit about that but a lot of the early Christian rappers like ego driven and even now in the in the Christian genre and I’ve touched on this with a few other Christian rappers I’ve had on here but a lot of Christian rappers on here that’s where I come from but it gives a false sense of hope doing gospel music and I’ll tell you why so doing Christian rap when you go to a church and you perform and I know this is a funny way of having this conversation guys oh my god but when you go to a church to perform you find out that everybody’s a rapper my uncle raps I got a 40 year old rapper a 60 year old rapper like everybody everybody raps and they let him get up there on the stage some people rehearse some people are really good at it but they let the people who the people who suck get up there random dude hey let me rap they let him up there and when he’s done they give him a standing ovation and that’s not good you given this guy a false sense of hope a false sense of security because in his head as I think the whole congregation under stood up and applauded me I might have a future in this let me sign up for next week and and you have people who are doing it who aren’t called to do it and you’ve given them this false sense of hope versus like a bro stick to your day job tell them the truth the world’s telling them the truth why won’t the church tell him the truth well he might be called to it brother you don’t know that tell these people to choose man it’s it’s not good that was one of the big things I seen in and in Christian music and um and then even people telling me I’ve had people on the other hand tell me that that I wasn’t called to do it because I knew I do graphic art and I’m good at websites and videos and stuff and it like man I’ve had people say truth you know you’re not maybe called to do music maybe you just call to help people who do music and do websites and stuff but that was years ago I think my music and catalog speaks for itself at this point so thank you guys for hanging out with me we’ve been live for like four hours almost now so cool hanging out with everybody everybody’s still going strong in the chatroom just quick roll call Chris that’s not truth you a rapper bro no doubt man thank you crisp Adam Joshua Christy in her 5xe if you’re still watching he has a question for jordan maxwell about charles fort wants me to ask him next time call in utilize these phone lines man i have to have to go through a little trouble to connect them but they’re there so that people can call him in to go steady alkie pixie Forrest Kinney ride out my brother’s back and Kenny’s makes it good good Kenny makes a good argument here cuz he’s talking about cursing and not being offended the curse he’s like I’m not afraid to curse in front of kids and but then he says talking about Kaylie was talking about checking people who cursed in his a tattoo shop and Kenny says yeah but don’t curse in front of my babies for real lol no doubt don’t curse in front of the little ones and with that being said I told one of them one of my friends here Matt who Matt watches this show with his kids Matt laning he watches this with his daughter Chloe and she sings the intro she mouths the words to it and he watches this with his daughter so I made sure I put in here so hey this guy he may curse a little bit more so be warned if your little your daughter’s your on the bed was your daughter watching the show and you know he’s uh you know all these f-bombs you know I’m saying so that should be up to the discussion of the parent to do that so I wanted to make sure I made that known there in the chatroom so cool and then again they’re really YouTube’s worried about letting you monetize anything work cursing in it or even controversial topics it’s insane what’s happening right now so like I said thank you guys for supporting my music thank you guys for supporting the podcast you are enabling me to continue to do this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart thank you everybody who’s supporting on patreon backslash true seeker you can sign up for a dollar a month five dollars a month ten dollar twenty thirty forty fifty whatever you want to do you guys it means the world to me and there’s so many people who are who are been and uh you get access to some cool stuff you get access to unreleased music you guys like me as a rapper you think I’m pretty cool there’s brand-new music on there and I’m guess what if you like my music I’m getting better I’m getting better there’s some good stuff I’m excited to release this stuff globally or with the general public right I’m ready to make it public but I owe it to the patrons because they’re supporting to keep it private none of it there’s like probably non songs or something like that on there and I’m keeping it private and there’s new songs that I’m gonna upload and some more stuff I’m working on and you get access to my entire discography all by becoming a patron jumping on board from helping a support what I’m doing this show is free to consume I used to charge for the second hour you do an hour free and then the second hour was only for supporters I made it free the show was free to consume them it’s not free to make you guys know that if you guys want to help like I need a better computer I need mic you guys have noticed like the show has been cutting off like in the middle of the show that I had Jordan Maxwell on last week and the computer restarted three times on in the middle of a conversation with him it’s not strong enough to run all these programs so anybody wants to donate my birthday is tomorrow my wife did a GoFundMe campaign for my birthday if you guys want to donate that’s gonna be going to the computer fund you know I’m saying so I can get some more memory and get another hard drive and all I could suffer kind of upgrade back sestra stickers you guys are awesome read somebody’s closing comments let’s see Jenelle Adam Christy yeah happy birthday thank you Kristin says can I use PayPal or prepaid you can use PayPal I use PayPal for almost everything Chris said he’s gonna buy the CD as well lol ready for the seer album no doubt that’s the next album can’t wait to get on patron says Christy I’m not making excuses but working a factory making 300 a week is tough I believe that I believe that prophecy yesterday was for me a new job on the way amen I believe what – I believe with you know it is hard man and you know so I’ve been there where five dollars a month seems like a lot like it’s a huge commitment Oh God father how much five dollars a month oh my goodness how am I gonna pay this I can’t commit not that it was a problem of coming up with five dollars a month but that was just a fear of commitment on top of the other bills and trying to add it instead of I have patrons and stuff that I support as well but I understand and you just get to a place where you’re able to to do that but I’ll tell you what stepping out in faith man five dollars a month should not be a problem for any of us it’s it should not be a problem we should have we should have more than enough that we should be doing what we love for a living all that good stuff that’s what we’re about like all these principles these interviews are trying to hopefully formulate a way that inspires you to do that and I’m doing it because of you guys the me I don’t make a lot of money on the music it’s all its to the support guys like I like people don’t buy music anymore it is straight through patreon so I thank you God I could not do it like I have to buy beats I have to pay people to make beats I don’t do that there’s no way that I could do it at this point and I haven’t released an album since 2015 and its 2018 and so now like the supports coming out the woodwork you guys are putting your money where your mouth is you guys are showing your support and it’s not about everybody give him five dollars a month like I said I got 14 thousand followers on Facebook if everybody gave a dollar but that’s not the case man I have people who give 50 and 100 bucks a month because they believe in what I do I’m blown away by that I really am I’m blown away that that people still buy my music they love it I’m still in their elementary mindset of being grateful and have that gratitude that man my work and my art speaks to people so much that they’re willing to spend their hard-earned money to purchase an an album that’s awesome so when I say thank you guys for supporting and enabling me to do this I really mean it I do I don’t make a lot of money I’m trying this is I’m trying man like all I’m doing is trying you know I’m trying to do this full-time and uh we’ll hope to to do it I believe we’re gonna do it there’s that doubt there I can’t lie to you there’s always that doubt to 6:00 in and it’s like are you gonna have to go get another job and you can’t live off of a pipe dream trust me doubt creeps into me too but uh so with that being said thank you guys man bottom of my heart I love y’all 2018 it’s all year let’s get it god bless you know what I want to pray I mean I didn’t pray at this episode we prayed I don’t think I pray the last episode either but um many people look forward to the prayer at the end of the show like that’s their that’s the fast-forward to the prayer you know what I’m saying it was funny I talked about it yesterday that somebody was watching the Jordan Maxwell interview that I did and and that that show is not about prayer that show was not really about spirituality I tried to weave some topics in there but it don’t really stick so it’s kind of a hard episode to listen to and then at the end I prayed I got a message from somebody who was listening to that and out the blue I prayed they said the Holy Spirit fell upon them they started to cry he started to weep during a prayer at the end of the episode about aliens I like I like the subject matter it started to cry you know in God and God met them there while they were listening to a podcast and he was not expecting it listening to the Jordan Maxwell podcast so I’m gonna pray right now god I thank you for your grace God I thank you for your love that enables us and empowers us to be witnesses for you God God you said you give us power to be witnesses God and that power is miracle-working power God wonder-working power Lord to go out God and be bold for you to see change in our communities to see change in our own lives and the lives of our families and those around us God you said from Judea Samaria and then to the ends of the earth god I pray that we’ll have change within our own homes in our own household and then it is just go to the next level we’ll see change on a job site we’ll see changing the communities and then to the ends of the earth as well God that change starts with us god I thank you for the work that you’re doing in our hearts I think you that you’re so beautiful and I think you that you never gave up on us even when man man has given up on us and women have have given up on us you never gave up you’ve always been there you said you’re a friend that sticks closer than a brother and I believe you got I thank you for your promises are yes and amen I thank you that you have plans to bless us and to prosper us God and and hopes for a bright future for every single one of us listening to this guy I thank you for that I ask you to bless each and every person right now whatever they need whatever they’re going through if it’s sickness in their body god I’m asking for peace right now if it’s sickness in their mind God if if their mind is playing tricks on them if they just have anxiety restlessness hopelessness I speak peace in Jesus name thank you for your love thank you for your grace God encounter these people Lord let them be able to encounter you God give them a song lift up their countenance I pray in Jesus mighty name God we love you amen thank you guys [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker Oh y’all thought I was done look Thursday night man we’re doing a school of the Mystics I got to promote it Thursdays at 7 p.m. those of you guys who are supporting on patreon you get to be a part of the school of the Mystics it’s going to be our our online community building discipleship prayer where we just get to be open with one another I’m looking forward to that all the info is on my website school of the Mystics become a patron you get access to that I love you guys peace

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