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What does the Bible say about reincarnation? Should Christians believe in it? Where do we go when we die? Better yet, where were we before we incarnated into this realm of existence? In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by author and writer Margery Phelps as they discuss reincarnation ideas and the afterlife. For many evangelical christians the idea of reincarnation seems posterous and anti Biblical but there are some obscure verses within the scriptures that give notion that souls or spirits of the deceased may come back to earth in other forms. There are verses about ghosts and demons as well as stories about conjuring up the dead where this actually took place and the spirit of Samuel came forth during a seance to speak with King Saul. On the topic of spirits we must understand that people die and bodies are destroyed but the spirit is eternal. During the ministry of Jesus many people were speaking among themselves as to who this miracle working man was as some said Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets. This gives some notion that the ancients Jews believed that spirits would reincarnate into other vessels. There was also a time when Jesus’s disciples were speaking to him about John the Baptist and who he really was and Jesus answered “And if you care to accept it, he himself is Elijah, who was to come”. There is much debate as if he was literally Elijah in the flesh or if he was operating under the spirit and office of Elijah. It seems that the majority of christendom believes that once we die we are immediately translated into the presence of God because Paul stated that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The Bible speaks about others places that souls enter into once they are done with their vacancy here on earth. In the Apocrypha (14 books removed from the King James Bible that were originally within it) it gives details about the journey that souls must undergo once they leave the body. These books were taken out of the Bible for various doctrinal reasons.

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I give another shout out to Adam who has been supporting the work generously thank you so much for that Cristie folks just gave a donation thank you guys man I appreciate that did you guys believe in the work enough to spend your hard earned money and help push this out there so with that I must say thank you Olcott types of stuff ways that you can come on board and help but everything helps man some people you know they can’t they can’t come on board and help but uh support people you believe in man go out of your way to do it you know not just me but just if you have people in your life who are creating stuff if there I mean selling oils and lotions and stuff like that help people out help them with their vision men got a good show lined up again like I said I’m going to be talking about reincarnation we’re gonna link it back to the Bible and just approach it from a different light and understanding I’m gonna be bringing on my guests right now her name is Marjorie Philip Sluman Phelps I’m sorry let me unmute her Marjorie welcome to the podcast how are you great this morning Derrick ah thank you for joining me whenever you sent me an email some some time ago about coming on the show I had I had a lot of people lined up and booked but I wanted to talk talk to you about this because I love to bring Christ into every area of our lives right he I don’t think there’s anywhere we can go to get get away from God or leave Christ behind like we’re gonna go do our own thing or whatever so I really think Christ permeates every single area of our life and I was on your your page and you had something written that said talking about reincarnation and it says up you said people ask me if you’re a Christian how do you believe in reincarnation and I really liked your answer so I have been looking forward to this interview once I read that and it was funny because I would bring other people on and I would do shows and I would go try to read their BIOS thinking it was you and I was like oh man that’s two weeks out it’s three weeks out I want to make sure that I bring that up because I really love your website and all the info on there and how you bring Christ into it so again welcome to the show thank you so much so I guess a good place for us to start instead of just jumping right into it because sometimes people get upset if you don’t cover the background let’s hear a little bit about your background and what you bring to the table and how you got into all this okay well I’m a native of Atlanta when I was about 3 4 years old I started dreaming of a lady and she was always chasing me she was route couch was an elderly lady she was chasing me in these dreams and I was saying can you sit down and she was very nice she said please sit down I’ve got something important to tell you well I’ve never sat down listen to her in my dreams so you know but I never forgot her which is one of the reasons that my story is a little bit unique children that have past life memories generally forget them of course I didn’t know that I was dreaming of a past life I just knew that I was dreaming about this little lady I’m Barry I’m an empath I’m highly said with like HSP a highly sensitive person I’ve had real strong gifts of prophecy and intuition my entire life saved my mother’s life when when I was 17 years old say both my children’s lives so my intuition or ESP which I don’t really like to call it that it’s been has had a profound impact not only on my life but some other lives as well then in 1987 I had gone back to college he an accounting degree and this professor walked into the class the first night school and slammed the book down on the table and I looked up and there was a vision of this little lady that I had dreamed in my early trunky and she was holding her arms out in front of him in this vision and she said he’s special protecting well that launched me into a three-year search into what was going on I started having all these devastating nightmare it’s got very depressed finally went to psychiatrists thinking I had completely lost my mind and he laughed after a 3-hour interview and he said there’s nothing wrong with your your mind he said you need to be working with parapsychologist I hardly knew as a parent psychologist was me you know so I found one here in Atlanta and the first episode the first treatment I had with him he said he just simply said can i hypnotize you and well my arm was paralyzed for no known reason and I you know I thought it was i hypnotize me and try to get some of the pain out of my arm and the next thing I know I’m babbling about this little lady that I’ve been dreaming about life and that was the launch into finding out about reincarnation well tell us a little bit more about the the lady who who was she to you well she was Margaret and the reason that she had appeared to me in this vision when I first met this college professor he was older than me um she she was from the same town where he was born and apparently she had taken care of him when he was an infant and when when she passed away she said who’s going to take care of the baby who’s going to take care of the baby the interesting thing about that is when I found out who she was I’ve always loved children and I’ve always taken care of a lot of children anyway so in this past life regression the the I didn’t know it’s a past life regression I just thought we were gonna take away the pain in my arm I came out of it and my psychologist dr. Paul shank hearing it I had a said do you know who that little lady was and I said I have absolutely no idea but I’m terrified because I seem to know all about her life her children where she lived what she did but her husband did I said I’m scared to death I’m possessed you know and I’ve heard of sole possession but I never really believed and always thought that stuff was a bunch of he said I want you to think about it for a week and come back so I went back the next week I’m thinking about it thinking boys I’m really crazy okay what psychiatrist said I am totally crazy and he just asked me some real simple questions which I’ve got posted on my website he said do you believe in eternal life and I said yes I do I said I’m a very devout Christian I was raised in the church and I go to church every Sunday and every High Holy Day and I do believe in eternal life he said so where did your soul come from and I said well I guess God created it when my mom was pregnant with me and put it in her mind he saw it could be born and this to this month this my soul could be born with his body and he said so that means you’re not a tunnel and I said what do you mean he said well it’s God created your soul just to be in this body this lifetime you’re not eternal and I said oh well I had done it that way and he said but you do believe him trying to like I said yes I believe in Jesus Christ he died to show us that life is eternal and um he said so let me ask you something if you believe in eternal life where have you been and it was one of those aha moments it’s like okay I’m leaving eternal ice so if my life is eternal and always has been and always will be and it came from God who always was and always will be then he’s asking valid question where have I been and he said do you think it’s possible that you were living another life and that’s what you’ve been dreaming about all these years and that’s where this little lady was and it was a real on a ha moment well long story short after working here for three with him for three years I did find out her name was Margaret as I had dreamed I knew the town where she lived and I went there and found her grave which was very easy to find I know exactly where she was and I’ve got a picture on my website of me at Margaret’s grave I didn’t do anything with all this this was happened in between 1987 and 1990 I didn’t do anything with all this information for years but I’ve gotten older male and a little bit wiser and people keep saying Margie you’ve got a good message to share because people really understand eternal life and after all that’s what Christ came to teach us and so the famous philosopher Nietzsche said it’s no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once and once I read that about whom that’s true I visit I guess I guess a new take on what Jesus said you must be born again right to get into the kingdom of heaven you got to be born again like once you die here you know actually being being born again obviously that was a spiritual sense but it takes on a new new meaning um I have to admit I I still approach this with a bit of skepticism I think that’s healthy right I mean it would be crazy for us just to go on believing whatever people tell us or whatever so I think we should do our own investigations and our own work and come to our own believes on our own journey with our own truths right yes so I do approach it with a bit of healthy skepticism one of the big problems that I’ve had with reincarnation as far as like it’s being taught like in the new-age circles and stuff is usually the person you talk to who tell you about these past lives that they had usually it’s something that they want to do in this life or they feel strong about but they’ve never had an outlet or an expression to do it like I was a painter or I was a great artist like a musician and I made music or I was the Kings servant I was a you know it’s always something big and grandiose it’s never like i was a beggar I was just a family man or whatever the case is usually when people write their books and tell their stories it’s this really big thing that they were in in a past life and usually it’s something that they weren’t able to do in this life but they kind of live vicariously through the past life have you said do you notice that at all of me you are so right I mean Margaret was the farmer’s wife you know and she’s had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of people that have come to know her through my writing since through my books she’s got a lot of wisdom um I when people get caught up in they were somebody rich and famous and or a pharaoh or something yeah you know that’s ego I think that’s so ego driven I mean who cares you know amazing you know Margaret had I’ve always loved babies like I said earlier I’ve always loved babies have always little children well Margaret had I had children in 18 years and very few of them lived to be lived to adulthood so when I was born in this life I wanted to take care babies and I write about health and wellness for children that’s one of my missions in this life is to write about keep keep the little folks healthy so they can grow into a good healthy adulthood um so our past lives do affect what we’re doing in this life but I think there’s so many people that are caught up in the ego side of it and you have to set that aside I mean I’m proud of the fact that my past life I was the farmer’s wife you know who better to be than a promise why farmers are noble people they feed us they create the crops it put nutrition in our bodies so we can live I mean that’s a lot more important than somebody standing on a stage singing right yeah there’s um there’s you know there’s a lot of stuff out there there’s like a lot of people you could you could find websites and picture like sob aside pictures of like celebrities who like I know like Nicolas Cage and there’s so many of them and they feel they look like they were reincarnated or some people even believe like they were you know they’re Tom travelers or they never age these celebrities we see on TV and stuff because there’s pictures of people from like their 30s 40s and everything who looked just like all the actors that we have out there now Johnny Depp Nicolas Cage I mean there’s so many of them is really interesting so it kind of it kind of brings the notion like were these people reincarnated and they look a lot like you know their predecessor or are they time travellers or eternal and stuff when it comes to the way this this this woman looked do you look anything like her does do you resemble her at all have you seen you have a son and I think those people that that claim to have been somebody famous in a past life by their appearance is a bunch of hooey now there are lot the Ian Stevenson at University of Virginia dressed as less and so did a lot of research finding children born with birthmarks that were related to past life injuries yeah but all these people that say oh how you look like such you know this only I may be wrong about this is only something like 20 basic face shapes so when you consider that everybody’s gonna buy somebody else there’s only so many shapes to the human face so I think I think that’s a bunch of hooey I don’t hope I don’t think any of that holds anymore to go somewhere more awesome um question and nothing that gets me as people say they went to a reader or a psychic you have their past my friend you can’t do that you cannot do that you have to do the work yourself which is why I wrote the book it’s um it can be a daunting can’t task it can be very enlightening um it can also open some doors that you may wish you didn’t open but in the long run if you appreciate it and take the steps to learn about your past life if you beep understanding to this life it helps you prepare for the next one but didn’t you kind of have a regression or reading from the pair psychologist was that kind of the same thing everything that I did with my parents psychologist and this is why I tell people you have to work with a licensed professional he would put me in a trance and just very simply say go to the source of whatever the issue is we’ve done it he never made any suggestions like do you see a brick building or are you wearing sandals he never ever did that and I caution people if you know working hypnotist who puts ideas in your mind walk away from inside you were you talking about ESP and some of these the gifts of prophecy and stuff like that that stuff is real it comes with the responsibility though just like the power of suggestion and I always talk about this but this is one thing that turned me off years ago to the big psychic Sylvia Browne she was on a Montel Williams Show and she was doing readings for people in this lady stood up and asked about her love life can you give me any information she said yes she said that your true love will be your second husband your first husband it’s not gonna work out darlin I’m sorry the first husband’s not gonna work out but the second husband is the one that God has put here for you and it’s like you’re talking about the power of suggestion I mean I could just see this woman when she’s in a relationship when she’s in her first marriage however long that took it takes going back to that meeting with this psychic saying this isn’t the one you know when you fall upon hard times rocky times oh you’re not the one anyway it’s the second one who’s gonna do so we’re talking about the power of suggestion there and they’re being used in a sense of witchcraft something that’s deceptive right I agree you are 100% right I’m so glad we’re having this talk because these things need to be brought out you know I I do believe that this a certain level of competency with some of the mediums people who may transmit information from one side to the other but but you can’t go to a psych you can have them predict your life and tell you what to do look not today it’s gonna fail every time and there it can’t there any there in Eagle mode yeah a lot of times they are especially is so Hollywood driven now and this shows on every channel you know the you know all these different mediums and Hollywood and all this kind of said almost like to almost like the Christian pastors now they’re like all Hollywood and stuff now and they’re like these celebrity people when they really were these closeted people who hone their abilities in and you know within the privacy of their own home and they go out and and do it now these people are like a list celebrities and all kind of crazy stuff right right there was a Christian group I guess I don’t know if we can really call it a Christian group it was a Hebrew sect of Hebrew Israelites and they were on this kick about their there’s many different levels to this I think it’s really crazy confusion demonic and at the end of the day but they believe there’s just one sect who believes that it their leader is the incarnation of the holy spirit that the holy spirit is a man who has come and is on the earth in his name they call him tazza dakea is his name is with the black Hebrew Israelites right and there’s a huge following all of this members will tell you yes this is the Holy Spirit every time we read in the scriptures about the Holy Spirit this that it’s talking about this man and then some of his apostles and people he has up under him and in other friends groups along that they believe that they are Jesus John the Baptist’s Thomas all of the disciples reincarnated and that they found each other on the earth to kind of reestablish this covenant and stuff and we and as crazy as that sounds to me and you the power of suggestion or secret knowledge I can show you like it has one a lot of people over to to follow in these people and really believe in that there with Jesus now that there with this guy in Brooklyn you know what I’m saying it’s really strange when it can get real culty and strange with the reincarnation thing right I agree right and that’s why maybe for so many years I put my first book on the shelf did anything about it because I didn’t want to I didn’t want to be associated with people like that but like saying now that I’m older and I’ve hopefully got a little bit more wisdom and a little bit more experience I’m just putting it out there folks we are eternal life we have ourselves are eternal and Jesus that’s what Jesus came to teach us life is eternal it says over and over and over again in the Bible and it’s one place the Bible where because many of the references to reincarnation were taken out of the Bible and the council will not see you when Justinian the Emperor Constantine Constantine and his wife Justinian had every reference taken out about because they wanted to control people and the only way to control people is to say you’re going to hell unless you do what I say we believe in reincarnation you’re above all that you know that you are responsible to one person and that person is gone and we’ve come here with a mission – I think – to live what God is which is love and it’s not all this complicated rules and regulations that did various religions have put upon us look at look at it like this when the first soul was incarnated into the world there was not a rabbi there there was not a priest there there was not a corner where there was not a hope there was not a pastor there it was all between that soul and God and it still is exactly exactly that people have come and helped us and kind of showed us things that work I think we can learn from people’s examples obviously the example of Jesus right not just to follow him as Savior but follow his example you know what I’m saying as well so let me touch on this right quick though because we did mention psychics and stuff and we kind of painted it in a bad light a little bit when it comes to the extremist Sylvia Browne and some of the other Hollywood or the celebrity psychics and things like that but you just you just break your phone something slammed in a good ring but um you know I’ve got friends who are psychics they you know they call themselves psychics they are definitely in tune with their psyche they’re in tune with ESP extrasensory perception I think all of us have that ability some people are a little bit more gifted and kind of have developed those giftings even more those talents even more so I have friends who were psychics I was on a psychic podcast last night we do a psychic show every Wednesday night but I’ll say this that even the person I do the show with they understand that you know people call in and they want a reading they want you to say okay tell me about my future like make something happen it’s like but we always take the ball and throw it back in their court as a hold on like what do you want to do like what with with your dreams your visions your aspirations and we I believe we can use ESP we can use these giftings of going into the spirit realm the dreams that we’ve been given to bring it into fruition so you know this I don’t think that the psychic has the the the power I think that the psychic shows you a true psychic well who’s not an ego will show you that look you have to go within yourself in the same way like people call and say you know tell me about my future what do you want I don’t know well you know you want me to make something up for you and have you go into it but you know there are tools and things that we can use to kind of go into the spirit realm the dream state and bring that stuff out and every single one of us can do it sometimes we need help from a psychic or from a healer or from a shaman or a pastor even like we need help from other people who have kind of been there and done that but to understand that the powers within us and the kingdom of heaven is within each and every one of us that we can experience so owning that power and knowing it then once you know who you are and know the power you have nobody can take that from you or nobody can tell you anything different because you know that right right exactly now my case my ESP has always been used to protect people maybe because margaret lost too many children in the early childhood but that’s 90% of what it’s done occasionally it’s fun I had a girlfriend years ago who was pregnant and a couple of days before she was due she was at my house for partying and she had this big belly and she said my doctor says I’m having one nice little baby and this was back before they did ultrasounds to see if it was a girl or boy and she said she said but I feel like the baby’s bigger than that she said and besides I want to know if this girl or boy what do you think it is Margie and I said put my hands on her belly and I said I can’t tell you if it’s a girl or a boy but I can tell you one thing it’s not so baby in there and she said no my doctor says just one nice little bitty baby and I three days later she had twins that weighed over five pounds like each so you know sometimes it’s fun but I don’t do that very often that’s kind of rare you know I really prefer to just keep it to myself and to warn people when I know something is impending doom it’s that’s respectable that’s that’s very respectable because we see people who are quick to jump you know at the gun and start naming out times and dates and all of this kind of stuff and they kind of blow their credibility I mean some of the people I’ve even looked up in christendom they give these prophecies and things like that and they give times and dates like Benny Hinn there was a period where Benny Hinn was just rolling Tom’s and dates off like this and this was gonna happen by this time and this person was gonna die and none of this stuff came true so like in a biblical sense you would say okay if you’re prophesying falsely that makes you a false prophet right and so that it just shows that you and many others like you hold it in high regards that I know the power of my words and I know the power of the spoken word like you can create that you can speak things into existence like Sylvia Browne did on a negative sense so we can use that same type of power within our voice to create something beautiful and that that’s the thing I really respect people who who have a sense of integrity when it comes to the spiritual giftings and stuff sometimes it’s few and far between people get on this this ego thing that I am the prophet or I am the messenger or whatever and you know so she will ask me mom how do you feel about something yes yeah and I can relate a kind of cute little story about that when she was senior in high school she graduated she had my she had money you know was given to her as gifts and she had this fabulous camera she’d always been interested photography and she had a new car and she said my graduation present trip I’m gonna go down to the beach for a few days with my girlfriends and I and then she said to me mom how do you feel about it and I said I don’t feel good about this trip and she said should I not go am I gonna be hurt I said no you’re gonna be just fine but it is not going to be a good trip so I will let you go with my blessings but just stay alert she said okay so she got down there the first night she called me and she was wailing on the phone this is fact for the days cellphones she was wailing and if a mom mom my cameras been stolen I said darlin I told you be careful be alert she was just so upset about losing his expensive camera well the next night she called wailing in the phone mom whoa my money’s been stolen I said didn’t you convert it to Americans fresh cheese she said no I didn’t get around to it oh my money’s gone I said okay I’ll get you some money so you can pay for your hotel third night she called me and she said mom my car has been stolen so it was not a good trip she was okay she was never any danger but and I didn’t know what the specifics were I didn’t say your camera’s gonna get stolen I didn’t say you’re gonna lose your money I didn’t say your car’s gonna get stolen I just hope it’s gonna be a bad trip she came back she said it was a bad trip hmm but that was that was rare for something like that happened but I’m very close to my children I’m very perceptive about yeah yeah that’s what we’re talking about that gut instinct the God feeling you know the word gut or your intuition is a Scandinavian word good – a good for God so you had the int that inward knowing in your belly it’s your God feeling my gut feeling I should have went with my gut should have went with the first thing that came to mind and usually when you follow that it doesn’t lead you astray when you follow that God feeling about people I mean look at babies man babies can sense that with with people who come over I remember my my daughter went we’d have friends and friends would bring other friends over people we didn’t know and they were kind of like shady individuals or whatever and my daughter she was just so standoffish or whatever the case is and other kids do but then there will be other complete strangers who they’re just like one of us they’re just one of the family when they come over and it’s like we knew each other somewhere right and so children are very sensitive to that I’ll being able to feel within their their gut or their God feeling it’s only when we don’t use it that it becomes dormant and we have to kind of relearn how to follow the signs or follow the synchronicities and things like that which is beautiful you talk about opening those doors that are you know maybe some people don’t want open or they don’t know how to open it but whenever you you were getting into it and you started seeing all of these signs all of these dots connecting and things I’m sure that was your proof to let you know something is going on I don’t know exactly what it is but something’s going on or being led to this and all these addresses and names are matching up and it’s kind of scary right when you first find it out but was there like something initially that you did to kind of to kind of unlock some of this stuff because sometimes like you know it’s with a fascination of spirituality or beginning to meditate or take your spiritual walk a little bit more serious and then synchronicities and then people or you’ve seen science and stuff and doors are opening and it gets overwhelming but sometimes it’s something that you can do to almost induce that was there anything like that or did it just kind of evolve with your last it’s been very spiritual I’ve always prayed a lot my mom was kind of hard on me as a child I was in a dental twin and I had an older brother my mother adored my brother and when my parents were married she used to say that my twin sister was her baby and that I was my daddy’s baby well guess what happened when my daddy was no longer there when I was four years old it was like oh my it didn’t I didn’t occur to me until I was much much older that having to walk on eggshells around my mother constantly to try to keep him happy and not be mad at me now she was a good mom I’m not saying she wasn’t good mom she was a good mom but I never I never grew up feeling really loved and it wasn’t to him as much older than I realized that being raised by my mother in that way honed my skills my sensibilities my intuition so in a way I had the greatest mother in the world because she helped me get where I needed to be and that’s what a good parent does so I was always sensing my sister used to call my feelings my my intuition my silent voice because we never speak it was always like a ticker-tape one crossing my mind and there’s a lot of stories about my intuition that I recount in my book finding Margaret has led us to this conversation today probably on both sides right nothing happens for a reason once you understand that to write a be horny nothing happens for a reason once you’re led by the intuition nothing’s like an accident or just a rule like everything I think we reincarnate with with other people we’ve known good souls we’ve known another lives I know I call those true soul mates people that are an ego say oh I’m gonna marry my soul mate but when you’re really spiritual you realize your soul mates are people that you’ve had other lives with and you connect with on a higher level for example I broke my arm I had a very serious fracture almost two years ago and I had to go to physical therapy and I was calling around physical therapist up here in this little town where I live and just wasn’t satisfied with any anybody I was talking to and finally I called this one place and this woman answered the phone and my intuition immediately said this is the woman you need to be working with so I made an appointment well it turned out she was the owner of the clinic she never answered the phone it just happened that when the phone rang that day her administrative assistant wasn’t there and she picked it up and she talked to me so I walk in there and I see her standing across the room now I’ve never seen it before I don’t know she looks like and she said she took one look at me and she knew that we were connected and we have the most amazing friendship in fact the new book crossing the bridge is dedicated to Judy and her sister but I’ve started connecting with people like that that are that more readily say you know we I’ve known you before in another life and there’s a certain level of understanding and profession and caring for each other that can’t be explained by a very short relationship mm-hm and that’s what excuse tricked me that’s what it true so maybe as silver I’m finding more always that’s that’s awesome – there’s a scripture that says – no no man according to the flesh but know them by their spirit and you know you can when you get around somebody you can identify if they’re of the same spirit of you or not and so if you like I said we so many times over the years and it usually something dealing with faith stepping out in faith but it’s always like you feel a kindred connection with this person and stuff and it always would get me to because like moving forward and doing weather whether it was concerts or even hanging out or go in certain places a lot of the church people I was around at the time they would say let me pray about it like you say hey man y’all want to come over for coffee let me pray about it and see if the Lord are lying it was like you should bet if like me I can feel I can tell yes or no y’all want to come for coffee probably not you know I got I’ll make an excuse but you know in your spirit maybe they all had bad feelings and they were doing it too but it’s like they would just try to buy time maybe or they knew they were gonna do it so it’s like in a Christian realm it was like an excuse let me pray about it like you’re supposed to you bet you’d be able to know like right then you might not have time to pray about it you know I’m missing out opportunities I’ve always been led by that that that gut intuition man it’s beautiful let me ask you this so we’re talking about reincarnation we’re talking about where we go when we die where were we before we came here those two things there’s a scripture and I like the scripture it talks about that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places right in my mind and my understanding through my studies I look at some of the the Greek beliefs in and in dealing with the planets in outer space and they kind of believe that our true spirit is in the ethers whether we’re on a planet looking down and we all have all planet whatever it that’s the some weird details but to believe that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places even now like I kind of believe that our spirits are there with Christ with God and we’re looking down at our avatar self experiencing life on earth and and I think that we’ll go back there when we die we may go to another body and incarnate somewhere else but that spirit of who we truly are our inner essence is up there I believe that’s our higher self I believe a lot of times when we meditate we try to connect with God or connect with our higher self we usually see we get information here about our life about things we should do like we see ourselves in the true life light from God or from tapping into our higher self that kind of knows everything that we need and what we’re headed and stuff and knows a little bit more than than we do you does that make sense at all to you I think that’s beautiful I love that I knew that of the Attic avatar and that we’re just you know simple temporarily here that that’s that is so true and that is so beautifully put it goes back to the thought about the universal mind which people talk about the universal mind which think is universal spirits the spirit of everybody combined which explains why a research on one side of the world could be working on something that it’s going on on the other side of the world and they’re both connected and they’re both working on the same thing and bringing about you know treatments for cancer or the latest technology or whatever this has always gone on we’ve always had this concept of universal mind which I really prefer is the universal spirit it’s it’s the command spirit of everything and everybody not in Christ one yeah that’s that’s kind of like looking at the pyramids and seeing all over the globe like literally all over the globe some of these some of these pyramids are buried right now and and they’re covered up with with trees and vines and literally a lot of them are have been taken over there underground now these pyramids but at the same time all dated around the same time these pyramids were set up in Turkey and freaking Egypt and Mexico China like all these places are finding all of these pyramids and so there had to be some type of way to connect it or let people know but they’re all built in a similar fashion to bring it into manifestation that’s true well-put I agree I agree and there’s so much that’s happened before in our history that wasn’t recorded I mean you know we don’t know we’re finding out more stuff all the time but wait if you want your TV show like something on them on the National Geographic or the nature Channel the animal clam supplier you find out does it show all I call tainted somehow fish that these guys know fish tanks they talk about the personality suits a different kind of fish whoever thought that a fish has a personality but they do and many fish learn to recognize human faces I mean there’s so much more to life than we know I found out the other day that bumblebees recognize faces I wonder why every time wouldn’t you distel bumblebee didn’t fly right by my face at all well he recognized my face unfortunately they don’t live very long so after about three or four day and my mom only friend is gone but there’s so much more to the life energy than we can even fathom you know we’re finding out more and more all the time just accept it and love it and appreciate it for what it is yeah that’s um something interesting that I got off your website too we you have an area talking about religion and theology and the truth this is the truth whether it’s my denomination or my doctrine or my church on my pastor or Jesus or whatever this is the truth right it’s truth personal is it subjective is it a little bit different for everyone the more studying the more experiences we’ve we’ve had over the years I’d say yes because just that little conversation you just had about being able to talk to Abby being able to communicate with animals and have a relationship with the fish that that knows your face or whatever or having these encounters or these dis knowledge about reincarnation in general that’s your truth it’s permeated throughout your day-to-day life for other people it doesn’t exist they have never heard of it they couldn’t fathom this concept and they lived their life like it doesn’t exist or it’s a myth or a fairy tale and they it affects their relationships their affects affects the way they treat people whether it’s religion or you feel like you’re being judged or you’re gonna have to pay the repercussions when you when you pass on like every everybody makes decisions based on that kind of stuff right and it becomes their truth and there’s stuff that we’re privy to whether it is the reincarnations or UFO or angelic encounters that we’ve had over the years that people they think it’s stuff of fairy tales but it’s very much real and a lot of them will go to the grave in this life and not even experienced anything remotely as wonderful as that or even little things man like hiking through a forest and meditating in the middle of a forest and the wind blowing and feeling connected with with everything like those those little troops that affect the way we treat people in the way we live life that’s our truth we’ve encountered it we’ve experienced it do you think that that’s a part of gnosis about understanding and actually experiencing the truth for our self to kind of implement it in our lives and stuff do you see the connection there oh yeah definitely when I see somebody that’s and they say err or they want research they don’t want to accept the feeling or the faith of of eternal life what I’ve learned through my experiences is you have to accept each soul where they are this reason why they are in that particular mindset or spirit said if you want to call it and not to be judgmental everybody is unique everybody’s on a path everybody’s on a mission I believe to learn and to grow spiritually hopefully I have a lot in this life to be non-judgmental a lot of people you know they judge judge judge everything is about having stuff anything is when you die when you’ve crossed the bridge is that first I don’t say we die we we just cross the bridge to a different life that’s why I’ve been a minute-by-minute bukas crossing the bridge from life to life all that stuff doesn’t matter um a couple of years ago the Queen was celebrating I believe it was her 90th birthday the Queen of England one of the richest women in the world and she was going through every seat going down a receiving line and this little maid stepped out and shook her hand and curtsy a little weight made crummy little chambermaid in a fancy hotel wearing a little apron and little cap and she curtsied in the and the Queen was apparently taken by her and they stood there in chat there’s his queen and all her diamonds and her expensive clothes and I thought at the time if that little lady and the Queen died right now and cross the bridge into eternal life all the diamonds in the world wouldn’t make any difference the little polish shoes the ladies wearing but making a difference they would just be two precious souls going back to be with the Lord someone and that was kind of an aha moment for me I thought all the stuff that we acquire it’s all ego it’s all you know it’s nice to live comfortably I think we honor God by living and keeping our surroundings appropriate but you don’t have to have a lot of stuff if you’re on a spiritual journey you accept life as it is and you love people for where they are and not for where you want them to be yeah there’s a balance there I think when it comes to having stuff or enjoying life for so long like I’ve seen like coming coming out of Christianity I’ve seen the prosperity movement and the prosperity gospel and how that’s just exploited and blown way out of proportion about God wants you to have mansions and millions of dollars and it’s spirit there that you never have enough when the Scriptures teach that godliness with contentment is great gain right but so I kind of came from that and looking at that so I don’t want nothing to do with that if that’s prosperity give me poverty like almost you know and I had to figure out that that was not the key that because there’s this notion in spirituality and even in religion and stuff that you have to be like Christ and they say that you have to be a poor righteous teacher a five percenter you know what I’m saying and and in reject the delicacies of the world I mean even a lot of the Gnostic beliefs it’s like it’s staying away from the pleasures of this world and and that’s that’s not it either I don’t I think it’s a balance it’s not far right or far left on anything and politics and spirituality and religion I think there is a balance when it comes to it all and being able to find that healthy balance is where it is so when it comes to monetary gain when it comes to enjoying life eating a great meal sharing time with friends whatever it is but like my life is kind of based off of those experiences right the good and the bad and we I enjoy all of it and not to reject any of it don’t reject all the you know the reject all the good experiences now I want to suffer from my Savior who was a suffering servant type deal he didn’t have nothing I don’t want nothing which is debatable as well but there’s a lot of people who have taken that mindset in many different walks whether it is Christianity or the the Gnostic so I have to be a monk and just not have any earthly possessions or any earthly goods and stuff and people take it to the extreme but it’s really there in the balance and be able to preach appreciate both sides right I agree I agree 100% and that’s what I’ve got in my in my new workbook on reincarnation what various reasons we can’t notice as many creases to incarnate as there are people but some of them are just to enjoy the pleasures of life now I had a friend years ago who passed away four five years ago but she was extremely wealthy she was very stately and beautiful more a lot of expensive clothes she never really did anything with her life and a lot of people were critical of her um because she just didn’t do anything she just spent money and dressed up pretty without fancy dinners and I used to say Annapurna mine she accomplished a lot and she incarnated this time just to enjoy beauty and peace and comfort you we can’t judge other people we don’t know where they’ve been we don’t know what their life journey is all about just love them and accept them for where they are yeah that’s big like people see like there’s a lot of first-time listeners first-time Watchers right now and they’re watching us and listening to us this wisdom and they judge it from here on out I did judge it from this point they don’t know what you’ve experienced in in the sleepless nights and the tears and the heartache and the pain and the praying and everything that has went into you reaching this point moving forward they judge it from here on out but they don’t know the hours and that the diligence and the things in the study and so there’s people who is hello reincarnation the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and they’re there out as I hold our way there’s a lot more scriptures we can go into that we’ve studied and there’s other things we have to take into consideration when it comes to just blanket lead judging something or someone right we don’t know this stuff that people have been through and that’s beautiful man to be able to see that the different stories and what people bring to the table and and and have a sense of compassion for people or even give them the time of day like who are you like what’s your story are you the Queen of England are you her maid what is your experience what is this what is that you know and we get with social media with the internet we kind of judge people and all we are privy to is what they show us like you see a really well polished podcast or the visuals or whatever that we have going on or you see all you seeis pictures of a smiling and having fun you don’t see that the other other stuff you don’t see the dark night of the soul and the chaos and the questions and all that stuff that we’ve all been through right every single one of us and so that’s the beauty of life and now I think all of that stuff makes us who we are is having those experiences I personally have a lot more peace in my life once I reconcile my Christian belief with eternal life belief in the ternal life and did not reincarnate in quite a few times it gave me a certain peace and a certain understanding and I find that I’m not judgmental yeah because I realized every soul is in the same situation I’m in get your seekers looking that’s why I love your name true seeker I do you have to get over that though in like early in religion what were you judgmental were you bitter and stuff like that so what like I was raised in the church has the pistil Church we never missed a Sunday we never missed a Wednesday night we never missed a holiday then I can remember so many times leaving church after a wonderful service you know we’re kind of heard of great sermon and we say beautiful hymns and thinking what am I missed I always felt like I had missed something and what I had missed was that the church was not teaching me that my soul is eternal now it says that we said the prayer is over and over again turn a life eternal life eternal life I can’t tell you how many but we’re not really taught that our souls are eternal that we’ve been here before and that we’re coming again and that life is all about learning to to love and cherish the temporary life that we have here on this earth and to do a mission it’s a higher calling I’ve I’ve been a part of churches that were kind of the opposite and I say this because I’ve been I’ve seen and heard in conversation and I’ve seen this in doctrine and just the way people act big big preachers to who will say that this earth is going to be destroyed so we are eternal this isn’t our home we’re gonna go to heaven because we are eternal this is just temporary type deal verses so essentially that you can treat the earth any way you want to treat it and depleted of its resources and and litter they literally you know they would make fun of the green environmentalist people who are trying to take care of the earth and stuff they make fun of these people from the pulpit and that’s like this is very strange and I’m sure that was very much a different look once you understand look you got it you you might have to come back here you know why would you want to tear it up and create something bad if you might might have to come back here I guess in the end of in the end of a biblical look the meek shall inherit the earth like we’re going to come back here if you believe believe it from a biblical sense anyway to come back and reign on the earth with Christ for eternity on the earth type deal right so I’m sure that was a like there’s a big contrast of just you know coming and taken from the earth and not giving back and stuff like that is that always blew my mind may I see the earth and and every other planet and every other heavenly be everybody heavenly Bonnie that’s out there is it God created y’all and we are not honoring our God and our spirit if we don’t take care of it and whichever manifestation we find it in yeah so why would we not want to take care of the earth it’s our earthly home but our spirit God’s Spirit created it and we’re not honoring God when we don’t take care of it I just don’t understand why people would throw trash on the ground to litter you know pollute things you know it’s it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the why why people do the mean things they do to the earth or people or people driving the earth into the earth I mean people are driving it the the different eco-friendly cars the Prius or whatever that saved the environment while you drive it you know and these eco-friendly cars but they throw they throw their cigarette butts out the window like they just vanish and disappear like back into the soil I have I have friends who come over to my house and they’ll smoke a cigarette and they’ll try to throw it in my yard guess who has to pick that up I have to go out there and pick your cigarette butt up and God forbid some of the silly people come over and throw it throw a cigarette butts on on leaves at my house I’m just gonna go out no no you’re gonna get your butt down there put that thing out pick it up put it would you let me do with it put in your pocket like you thinking you just throw it in my yard or whatever like what that’s weird you know you gotta take it’s so weird to disconnect when it comes to those cigarettes in the in the environment or they just disappear it’s almost like it don’t want a seed out it’s just gonna gonna go you know it’s really weird right yeah I think we need to honor the earth and by taking care of first off our bodies that we live in for a period of time and our homes our surroundings that we live in we’re not we have slovenly and in our surroundings I’m the streets and the trees and the earth you know I think it’s I think it’s our spiritual our Christian duty to to honor the places that we occupy yeah that was one of the big things that helped me to transition out of religion and more into a into a spiritual path because the music and the bands and stuff that I started to listen to honored spirituality and honored the Great Spirit and taking care of the earth and it made you want to get out in nature because there was a spiritual connection there and then on the other side those other religious people were like oh no that’s not good and you know yoga’s demonic and you know taking care of your body they even that like I’ve heard big-name pastors John Piper to be exact wanted a big big-name evangelist talking about you know Paul says that physical training is of little good but spiritual training does a lot of good it’s like to emphasize the fact that it does a little good and we should be worried about taking care of our body whereas a hold on if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God dwells within you you would want to take care of that temple whatever you could learn how to do it right it’s not by default we have that it with the American diet and just the way we treat ourselves but learning that and that thinking that it should be important right we only get one in this lifetime anyway right exactly right and how many of us are living in our bodies are polluted with chemicals I mean think of how many people drink god aspartame that’s one of the worst things you can put your brain you know you put your body people think the brain is not affected by nutrition it is it is this I mean I keep going forever about health and wellness and what we’re doing to our bodies you do that on your website too right yes it’s a lot on Marjorie Phelps calm I’ve got a lot about health and wellness and and some of my health books I’m there and then because my other books are on other websites to finding margaret dot-com where got the more spiritual thing I think it’s I think it’s a matter of combining the two we are we honor our spirit when we take care of the place our spirit resides true and to me that’s that’s honoring God and honoring the universal spirit that we all are so when one of us when we’re hurt everybody else is hurt too in some way or another mm-hmm when it comes to kind of giving a biblical look at reincarnation there’s one of the main ones that kind of pop out is the fact that the Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah figure or a messiah figure to come to come come back you know to so when Jesus came on the scene and even John the Baptist came on the scene they were saying that who is this guy who is this this prophet or you know and they’re saying well this is Elijah who has come back to visit us the spirit of Elijah has come back and so when you when you look into that and they said the same things about Jesus that it was these spirits that would come back and live within another man right that live within another person that hold that whole operation thing of understanding what a spirit is it gets really interesting that they were saying okay this is Moses come back or this was Elijah and they believed it it was a part of their belief system to understand that spirits come back through other humans or maybe even Owen other humans as a spirit and vibration that there that they were their essence even right to come back into the earth and then meeting with with spirits let you know that something’s eternal right because Jesus met with the spirits of Elijah and and in Moses as well so he actually had face-to-face encounters with these guys in their spirit form we’ll come back so to think that death is the end that we just go to this place that’s just dark or we don’t exist anymore is definitely not a biblical look even if you don’t believe in reincarnation if you think you’re just going back to this well of souls or you’re gonna take your body to heaven or whatever the case is which there’s a lot of different beliefs when it comes to that that something exists on the other side of this reality and we would I think we’re tapped in with it I think we’re tuned in with it and I think we’re influenced by it as well oh definitely well I mean this thousands and thousands of cases of indeed near-death experiences my mother had one and I did too and that was a it was kind of profound it was in a within a year of each other it really brought us together when we were able to talk about going to the other side and then choosing to come back you know anything I wanted to stay I liked it but I was saying you have to go back you’ve got unfinished business oh my mother was pretty much told the same thing she she died home his result of open-heart surgery and and it changes your life when you can see oh yeah this eternal I am coming back and it is my choice and I want to make the most of it I can and and religion and I’m not taking away from religions if religion it helps you with your faith and with your spiritual journey it’s great but religion doesn’t have all the answers religion is excluded along the answers for example we going to church every practically everyday in my life and not being taught about the eternal life with my soul mm-hmm yeah there’s a lot of things they well that’s the thing they give you just enough to keep coming back exactly exactly and it’s a certain sense of ego thing in that mean each church wants to be the biggest in the best well that’s ego yeah that has nothing going on ego um I was reading those today something churches were saying well we reincarnation is not real and somebody pointed out when churches tell you that reincarnation is not real and you’re not coming back it’s because the church I eat the rulers or whoever the church are fearly members back if you’re an Episcopalian you come back you might come back it’s a must Muslim the table number excuse me yeah Oh sir can you yet it gets really weird it gets really squirrely with the religion I mean we just we started the broadcast off by talking about these Israelite people who claim that they are Jesus and John the Baptist’s and all of these people meeting each other you know on the earth I will say this like so I’m still a skeptic when it comes to it just because all the stuff I’ve seen I think it’s I think it’s healthy right and I don’t know who or what I was in a past life but I get messages from people from people say Derrick I was your mother in a past life and I’m here to watch over you and you know part of me is just like I don’t think you were ma’am I’m sorry and she’s I know you you I knew you wouldn’t believe it I know you won’t believe I was your mother but I really AM it’s okay I’m sorry mom you know and I’ve just seen it like so much woowoo when it when it comes to this stuff you know and so it’s you have you can’t just take stuff that random people on the Internet come up what I think you have to like you at the end of the day no matter what it is don’t take nobody’s word for it don’t adjust your belief system or your truth or whatever until you’ve experienced it and you know it we talked about having a belief and having a faith and that’s all well and good but versus knowing there’s things that I know that you can’t talk me out of I could talk you out of your faith I could talk you out of your beliefs did you really believe experience that to this but when you know something deep down within nobody can take that from you and I think that we should when it comes to spirituality when it comes to anything we should know we should know the hope of our glow glory we should know the hope of our salvation and and and not just wonder or hope but know right I agree I agree when you believe in reincarnation and you’ve experienced past life like I have um it gives you a certain peace in life and it almost I hate these word fearless this that you lose your fear of death one thing because you know you gotta have the choice to come back if you want to um my twin sister my identical twin sister across the bridge into eternal life on January 31st of 2017 and a lot of my friends have said how have you handled it so well I mean as I told her my twin sisters husband and her sons when she when she crossed the bridge I said Joe lost a mother and a wife I lost half of Who I am but 70 almost seventy two years I was half of two people and all of a sudden that person was gone you don’t think that wasn’t hard on me but was given me comfort and giving me peace and a certain level of joy is knowing where she is and that she’s perfectly fine and her precious little body is not suffering from leukemia anymore and that we’ve always been together and we’ll be together again you know and I tried I just try to live my people so how do you come up with ideas for your book where do you where do you get all the stuff I said I just they’re my life it just happens acting with it you know it’s pretty cool where do ghosts come into play with reincarnation that’s an interesting question I’ve never had an encounter with the ghost I do believe that some odd souls are confused when they when they pass especially if it’s traumatic and that tends to be the the overriding theme and ghost is it this meant some sort of trauma they get confused about where they’re supposed to go yeah well they just hang around well they don’t know they died yeah they may not know that they died yeah and they just create havoc their spiritual energy creates havoc um man that was a powerful movie about ghosts came out in the 90s which was the sixth sense with from Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment right great movie I remember watching that when I was getting into some spiritual star was good I was messing with some dark stuff I’ll say that and it kind of opened up the doors and kind of freaked me out a little bit to watch that movie and but then recently man it’s it’s been it it’s been probably two three years now we watched it but I let my daughter watch it watched it one morning with my wife and daughter in my perspective on that movie I was in tears like the whole time like I’m trying to keep a straight face but I’m just bawling like a baby watching that movie and try not to let my wife and daughter see me over you’re crying like a baby and they look at him like what’s wrong it was like man I couldn’t even speak on it how powerful it is from the little boy’s perspective of being able to be to sense spirits and and nobody believed you or whatever I mean I deal with people every day with that story and I’ve I’ve had those encounters that we taught we said nobody believes you and you’re seeing and privy to this stuff I deal with people every day and a lot of people who take their own life because nobody believes them or they can’t get no help and it becomes overwhelming these voices and these sensations a bit the spirit realm for one reason or the other being did the veil being so thin with the other side so it’s it’s very interesting to kind of link the two together and say what was going on with with with this stuff and and have somebody to talk to that’s why I’m doing this you know it’s because we have young people whoever is gonna watch this and if they have these ideas or these thoughts that have replaying over and over why every time I go to sleep I’m seeing this person in my room is that a ghost is it me and a former life what is it and so you can actually ask those questions and not be ostracized for it and say that you know if you ask these questions in church they’re gonna demonize you and give you all of this crazy stuff and you know you have to act like you don’t believe it or you not experienced it or everything’s demonic type deal so to really experience I love what this podcast is done of reassuring people of their faith that they can follow Christ that they could still have a biblical approach to life and have their encounters with Jesus and look into some other ideas that are calling to them and I think it’s God is orchestrating their path in their truth to look in to some of these things with no fear or any any judgments and stuff so that’s the beautiful thing about it but for me I think we were talking about this yesterday because uh I had a podcast two days ago and uh the guy his book is I met a ghost and it was about having different ghost encounters in his home and then at Gettysburg he met a ghost and had the EVP speaking to him through through Gettysburg himself and we taught you what like you were saying a while ago about the trauma I believe that some of this stuff could be like a a really traumatic thing that happened to someone and it leaves an impression of their energy in the atmosphere that plays on a loop there’s people who were murdered who were killed and people can you can like you can almost watch it happen again like the ghost is repeating that cycle or that loop over and over so I I don’t necessarily know that it’s actually actually that ghost I that’s communicating with you or an impression of their spirit and that trauma that’s just record it in the ether right oh that’s looking at it true true because when when what since we’re all one universal soul when when one soul suffers it can reverberate it’s like throwing a pebble in the lake yeah throw a pebble in and it hits one drop of water and it reverberates in its and it spreads out that’s why kindness and love and acceptance is the only thing that’s gonna get us out of the turmoil I somebody said to me the other day there must not be very many souls incarnated right now because earth is in such shambles and I said no actually we’ve got more Souls probably incarnated right now than we’ve ever had and when you consider that every one of them came here with a problem or an issue to resolve or a goal to make their earth a better place it’s creating a lot of turmoil I said I can’t be in it I go down to Atlantic Asia Lee and then I have to get it back up here and he’s sick right on that turmoil too much okay so let’s talk about the little kids right quick because it this kind of crossed over to the Christian realm and it wasn’t a reincarnation thing for there was the ones in in a Christian realm where these little kids claimed that they had died or they remembered being with Jesus and they come out and you know do books and movie deals and stuff about hey I met Jesus and this happened this happened that happened and then at the end of the day some of these kids have been caught you know faking it there they NT in in the end they say their parents got them to say this stuff or whatever there was a there was a clip from this little kid it was so it was in the news some time ago it was called balloon boy you can look it up online but it was just this dad who was out flying weather balloons with their son little hot-air balloons and stuff and it took off and went off in the air by itself and he they claimed that his son was in there so they got everybody this little kid they got everybody trying to you know bring down the the blimp and not let it flip over or whatever the case is and get the kid with safety all the law enforcement helicopter airforce like all these people were in on it in with it and once they finally got it to the ground the little boy wasn’t there oh he’s at home oh my god thank God he was at home you know and they they interview the dad and the kid there on ABC Good Morning America what did you think when you felt that they start questioning the kid and say well why did you know what why did you do this I wanted you to do that and he told on his dad like on national TV he’s like why did you say that you were in the balloon and he looks at his dad he’s like cuz that’s what you told me to say you told me to hide in there in the attic he’s like I didn’t tell you that you told me to hide an attic so it just shows you that parents will go out of their way to kind of to get notoriety to get Fame and that’s what this guy was he was been trying to get go viral and stuff and he did it but he hoax them some of the things like that with kids taking trips to heaven or remembering heaven some coached from their parents and then you have the reincarnation kids right these kids who were drawing these pictures I mean one of the famous ones was the the kid who said that he remembered his life as a jet pilot and he’s drawn all of these b-52 bombers and these people that he knew and and sand their names and where they were from and they were looking this stuff up and supposedly it was real that the kid had this this these memories of who he was and how he died and they said they looked it up and all of that stuff happened have you looked up any of this stuff with these kids isn’t real is it Borden’s a lot of work on reincarnation with children he’s written a series of books called another egg another life which is to teach children about reincarnation the workbook for parents so they can help their children when they start talking about past lives they say about 20 or 25 percent of children will recount stories of past lives and because of our egos or because of our society we generally discount them and so a lot of information these children have this is lost because you know there may sailors oh you didn’t you didn’t really think that and you didn’t really do that you know but in my own experience why am i God children’s maybe brothers had a past life experience and it was quite profound and I recount that story in my book finding Margaret and it’s an absolutely true story and he told his mother his name is Ben he told his mother my friend Leslie that when he was three years old he said I chose you to be my mommy and she knew that I was very spiritual and I had not had the reincarnation experiences at that comment um she called me to talk about it and so we talked a long time about it and what Ben was telling her was that he was her father and he was he was killed in a plane crash and he died from a broken back and it was near a school yard well truth the fact is Leslie was 14 years old her daddy who was a test pilot for Air Force was killed in a plane crash he bailed out late uh and hit a tree because he stayed with the plane because it was near a school yard and he didn’t want children to be hurt this three year old comes up with all this stuff well people say what she must have thought that no she was 14 years old at the time it happen she had a very severe case of polio she was absolutely devastated by the loss of her daddy she never talked about it never pump really there’s no way a three-year-old could have had the information the van had now he’s older he’s much older than I am he’s an adult he doesn’t remember anything it’s gone just what what she was able to document when he was little Oh a lot of children do they have these memories like so that’s what makes my my story a little bit unique is the fact that I never forgot Margaret and everything I always wondered who this little lady was and I dreamed about all those years and now I’m gonna found her and I’ve got a picture of who she who she was and her grave and surround about all the children that she had that she loves it predeceased her Margaret passed away in 1942 and I was born in 1944 that’s why I was gonna ask you earlier was there any lapid’s in that or is it right there at the end so and that’s one of the things I have this rub about people saying so-and-so is reincarnated from spirit this this one one real popular website that I look at and this guy is saying oh this this actor’s reincarnated from so-and-so well if you look up the birth dates they don’t drive yeah they were still alive when that person Michael Morrison was was was born while the other person was so loud you can’t have two you know one soul in two bodies same time don’t work yeah that’s what that’s what that’s one thing I did see with a lot of those as well um got one more question for you one more thing I want to ask you about reincarnation if we are reincarnated back there’s this notion about being reincarnated as plants as animals as flies and things like that do we stay usually within the the human form or can we become a tree and live for 2,000 years or will have a long hundreds of years well the truth I personally believe that our consciousness does not allow does not want to be in a situation where it’s not conscious on this one on this plane I mean why would you want to come back with the tree and not know anything other than that you’re a tree you know this there’s so much more to spirit and energy that we’re just starting to find out and we don’t really connect with it until we go to the other side every one of my carnations incarnations which I’ve traced back to between five and four BC which is pretty far back I was always human I was a human Wow because you don’t you don’t never hear that people talk about that but they don’t they’re not like at least I don’t yeah I was a dog for 12 years and I passed away from you know my owner smoked and so I got lung cancer from my own or smoking or something you know you really don’t hear too much about that do you right yeah imagination is a beautiful thing right yeah well Marjorie I appreciate you coming on I enjoyed this talk if you want to go ahead and plug your books and your website one more time where people can follow your work and and check more out great okay my website Marjorie Phelps comm ma RG ery Phelps PhD LPS comm and the book is finding Margaret calm and then I’ve got another website for my publishing company Cherokee rose publishing where you can get some links to some other good books but finding Margaret comm has got a lot of resources it’s got information about finding market it’s also got Lane and some excerpts from the my new workbook on reincarnation called crossing the bridge from life to life and it’s a workbook on reincarnation it’s for the work that we each need to do ourselves to find our past marks awesome thank you so much I enjoyed it we have to do it again thank you great Thank You Derek I have a good one by Marjorie Phelps March she’s I can call her March Marjorie Margaret Marjorie Phelps good stuff I had to I had to know about killing flies right I had a psychic over at my house the other day we did some meditation we did some breath work prayer was beautiful loved it and it was a psychic who showed up and I’ve been having these flies in my home guy says his flies out there and we were trying to kill him a fly on the TV and I try to kill it and uh she said no no don’t kill it let him outside and I try to do that and I told her I’ll try to communicate with that fly I say look I’m giving you a chance look like if you don’t want to die go to the door I’ll open the door and it’s up to you to go out and if you go out I’ll let you live but if not you’re staying in my abode you don’t belong here you have to go I’m gonna kill you so uh it’s just really weird so Jesse Lisa’s killing fly God deals with me on this that’s a thing like you’re so spiritual so conscious that you don’t want to harm a fly right because who’s to say but someone else said in the chat I thought maybe they were joking but they said I lived a past life as a fruit fly well that that that life isn’t that long right i mean what’s their life span miss sometimes just a few days right so that probably didn’t take long if you were that on this earth I will say quote the great philosopher Tupac he said my only fear and death is reincarnation I don’t want to come back I don’t want to come back to poverty I don’t want to come back to this he said my only fear and death is reincarnation it’s an interesting quote still a skeptic I enjoy the conversation I enjoy exploring ideas I don’t judge her don’t judge me for having her I know how you guys are now just joking but uh yeah I’m still a skeptic man I’m not sold on it I’m not sold on it I embrace this life my second life as Christie folks put in the chat here earlier I will embrace my second life um it’s it’s interesting you know to note that I do believe in the spirits that come back I believe in the spirit of John the Baptist and the spirit of Elijah and the spirit of peace and the spirit of joy spirit of deep sleep like there’s spirits that are coming back and on the earth and coming on you like their spirits that could come on you like the spirit of Elijah I believe he come on you for a time for a certain period of time it you mean that you may not be John the Baptist but the spirit of John the Baptist and that anointing or that mantle even if we want to call it that I can come upon you for a certain amount of time to do something in the earth that God wants done at the spirit once done that spirit can come upon you and there’s so many instances in the Bible about these spirits and that want to come upon the people and and bring about a vibration of feeling or understanding that they actually present themselves in front of God to request to go down and let me go down let me punish them let me confuse them let me do this and that you know and so these principalities and powers and land over people groups and nations even it gets really interesting where your particular soul goes when you die if you just reincarnate to another person or whatever I don’t know and I don’t think any of us know you know I think we have ideas to say that this is the truth and this is what exactly what happens I don’t know if we know that you know and it’s funny because I’m sitting here talking about knowing things and you can know something and I know that this is what happens I’ve had some near-death encounters I’ve had amazing psilocybin encounters that I felt like I died and felt like I go went to the place where we go when we die that was more like a place of energy in essence it was beautiful it helped with with the death for me I think to overcome death – I feel like that I feel like I went to the place we go when we die do I know that without the shotover that I don’t know it so there are things that I know there are truths that uh that I know and hold to my core because I’ve experienced them and I and you know I believe it so life’s just fine it’s all in the mind indigo prophets what Chris Connor put yeah Jordan says on Facebook nothing is certain except energy we are energy we are vibration what what happens you know people are looking for answers we can we can make up a theory and run with it you know you can come with the reincarnation you can come with it you get your own planet all kind of stuff you return there’s you know a lot of Christians believe a lot of Christian circles believe that you are annihilated they believe in total annihilation if you’re not born again walking with Jesus that you just sit you do cease to exist but if you come into Christ you become into eternal life he gives you eternal life in Christ and so that’s an if those without Christ go to oblivion and don’t exist but those with Christ go to rule and reign in his kingdom for eternity some people believe that that’s an alternative to some Christian beliefs who say that if you don’t know Christ you burn in hell you’re tortured by God for all eternity you know what I’m saying that isn’t that crazy – being where we are now to repeat some of that stuff and you believe in Hell and souls are going to hell without you to think that God the Almighty Creator who created everything is putting your eternal salvation my eternal salvation in the whole world’s eternal salvation not upon the back of Jesus unless you’re Universalist which many of us are becoming shoutout but not putting that responsibility on Jesus dying on the cross to get you into heaven but putting that responsibility on me to tell you what Jesus did for your eternity and if I’m having a bad day you might not hear about it you might go to hell because quite frankly I don’t like you quite frankly you don’t deserve it like that’s what it’s contingent upon correct me if I’m wrong but if you really believe that that’s what’s happening that God puts the eternal your eternal abode in the hands of another mortal man you got to be out Joe mine you have to be out your mind no I don’t know no way it’s not fashionable yes brother you know he gives you you have to preach the gospel this is your duty and tell people oh yeah you preach the gospel the gospel is the good work that’s already happened you can’t change what Jesus did for you you can’t undo that like that’s the gospel is the declaration about the work of Christ that was done upon the cross for you and we declare that or some of us the lack of right but you can’t change it it’s known that even as the grace flood that God sent Jesus to do that for everyone and so not only our sins but also the sins of the entire world but it’s when we believe that like she we were talking about you big if you believe it you live your life differently based upon it you become born again you have your second life you appreciate life and then you know this regeneration that comes along with it there’s a lot of stuff the whole baptism of the Holy Spirit things that come along with that Christian walk but to think that uh are in you know I go back to the video of Penn Jillette a open atheist a vigilant atheist who did many talks in shows mocking the Bible and mocking Christianity for what it is and I think a lot of Christianity should be openly mocked honestly for what it’s become not for what it is it is something beautiful but what it’s become I think that should be mocked and ridiculed as well but Penn Jillette you know talks about going to one of his shows and he’s an open atheist he mocks he I think he’s got all kind of stuff out there about the Bible is BS and making fun of it but this guy comes up to him after the show and if you haven’t seen pinja let talk about this look up type in Penn Jillette and Bible and um this guy after his show brings comes up to him shakes his hand said hey I appreciate your set I like what you do and he gave them a little green Gideon’s Bible the pocket Bibles right he gave him one it is he said I got my number in there my name if you have any questions just you know feel free to call me in whatever and he knows his stance on he believed that he knew his stance on the Bible and you came up to him gave it to me anyway you telling me about God or your love for Christ anyway right so that I left an impression upon him because he says that he has no respect for people of any religion any faith that don’t proselytize I adopt that as well I don’t either if you believe in something tell people especially if it’s their eternal salvation like especially if they’re going to hell not for a little while but for eternity like if you think that when I die I’m gonna burn and be tormented by devils and and there’s no way out of it unless in this life I ask Christ to come into my heart if you believe that or even those people who think that I have fallen away from Christ or that relationship with God and things like that if you believe that and you don’t proselytize you don’t tell people Penn Jillette said you have to be one of the most cold-hearted human beings on the face of the earth because like Christians say you’re dry it’s like these people who are going to hell they’re driving off the edge of a cliff and they don’t know it’s coming I’ve seen it I know it’s coming so they approach it like that like they know something that you don’t about hell and about eternity which they don’t it’s a faith game they it’s their understanding but it’s what they live their life like all of these people are dying and going to hell for eternity unless I tell them and you’re not gonna tell them like if you knew that there was an armed gunman shooting at people a mile up the road wouldn’t you stop it say look they shooting people in cars don’t go past this point stop get out turn around there’s military whatever they’re shooting people in cars you would flag them down and turn them around and kudos to some of the crazy fanatic Christians who believe that you’re going to hell because some of them will like some of them obviously they don’t have the best tactics when we’re talking about ego it does get in the ego because I’m going to heaven you’re going to hell but they will they taunt it over you – that’s nasty right I have eternal life you’ll burn sinners if you don’t believe me do what I say you’re gonna burn and like a lot of them tone it over people and that’s kind of weird right but if you don’t do that and you believe that you are one of the most cold-hearted individuals on the face of the planet or you don’t really believe that you never you never really believed didn’t to begin with could be that I’m too shy I don’t want people to think I’m silly but if I’m out there flagging traffic down telling them they’re going to hell people the people are gonna think I’m silly but they’re going to hell for eternity that deserves looking silly over right if you can stop that or prevent that so a lot of it’s real selfish it’s very selfish of you not to tell people that I don’t believe that that’s why I’m not out there – I don’t believe that God’s gonna burn you for all eternity because you have the wrong doctrine or true seeker or shout out to my homie King James who’s watching right now we just put his album out that King James didn’t knock on your window in the Walmart parking lot and say hey I just want you to know about the wonderful work of God like if you die and you don’t have him you’re gonna burn in hell say this prayer with me any we can we can change that like I believe in the essence of that I believe in I believe in the good news of the gospel but I don’t believe that God is burning sinners for eternity I just don’t change my mind oh there’s a lot of scriptures here too but you know depart from me I never knew you all these scriptures about hell and ever everlasting lake of fire a lot of that stuff is symbolic you know we talk about this a lot we’ve done several shows on it we’re gonna do more you know when it comes to this theory of Hell in all of eternity that’s not that’s new like that’s a new thing it wasn’t it’s for let’s look at the old and new Testament it’s not mentioned of in the Bible at all in the Old Testament at all no notion of Hell the only notion of Hell was being separated from God and that was an ocean so it was this consciousness that I believe you can be in Hell on the earth like you could being away from God God giving you up to your addictions and letting you do your thing that that can turn into a whole lot of Hell I’ve been there you know and then we see King David that says Lord deliver my soul out of hell please I need you so he’s experiencing this Hell feeling like God was away from him I believe in that that notion that’s the only notion you get in the Old Testament about there being this eternal lake of fire there’s nothing like that but it’s a state of consciousness and I believe that’s carried over into the New Testament as well and Jesus is talking about that talking about trash heap of Gehenna talking about this place that is burning with a it’s a continual fire that’s burning a trash heap and he’s using it as analogies just like they’ve always done with the when in the bible old and new testament using analogies and dark sings but to think that God has got God created you to burn forever well he created you to have a everlasting life oh not if somebody don’t tell you what’s up Brad pretty he says true speaker what if Brad don’t tell you about that like I said what if Brad’s having a bad day he hasn’t had his coffee yet once he has his coffee he calms down he’ll tell you about Jesus really I know it sounds funny but that’s that’s what you’re preaching yes what you’re pretty Tim that God is relying upon me to get my stuff together to tell you about him you don’t need me he can use me you don’t need me look at the sunset the Bible talks about in Acts chapter chapters 1 & 2 Romans chapter 1 and 2 that God uses all creation it says in Psalms it says I think it’s Psalms 119 I believe it is might be wrong but it says surely the heavens declare the glory of God the open skies proclaimed the work of his hand and it goes on and on it says look you want to know about heaven it says look ask the birds talk to the fish gonna tell you about heaven it’ll tell you about me all creation declares the glory of God we declare the glory of God the essence of who we are eternal beings little creators made in his likeness and image reflecting the father’s glory that’s what it’s about man don’t get caught up man and I hope that that doesn’t give you a license to sin well I can do anything cuz God’s not gonna but no you’re gonna have to face the repercussions and I think many of us on this earth on this on this existence we you face repercussions of sin sin is fun for seasoned sin when it is it starts off as a C but what C but once is conceived it gets a gives birth to death so I think like there are warnings about practicing wickedness and lawlessness and there’s things that we need to heed to for every action there’s a an equal or opposite reaction that happens on the earth no matter what you do good or bad it’s coming back to you good or bad is coming back to you we look at that we need to approach that in a more practical light a more practical way I think God for all of my supporters right these people are doing things like I do they have podcast they are musicians they all kind of stuff and guess what when it’s time for them to ask for support I believe that God’s gonna honor that because they support others guess what guess who he’s gonna honor it through he’s gonna honor it through me because if you want love you gotta show love I’m gonna support those who have been supporting me right wouldn’t you that’s crazy to turn your back on the people that support you or not think about them right so all my people join our discord join I just all I’ll say but people are asking for things and people there they’re trying to reap where they haven’t sown anything I’m telling you man gossip slandering and backbiting wait to that slingshots back to you that’s all you’ve been doing is gossiping slandering and backbiting and and making people look bad and spreading rumors it’s fun for a season watch when it’s conceived and gives birth so whatever you’ve been creating and you’ve been speaking because you speak it into existence you create it watch when it comes to fruition and it comes back to you that’s not fun you got to deal with it you’re gonna have to deal with it why so you’ll learn to keep your mouth shut so you’ll learn to stop judging people so you’ll learn to stop doing all this stuff you have to learn this all the way you’re gonna learn he learns best by experience I could show you better than I can tell you you have people been telling you for a long time but you have to experience that too I had to I had to I had to I try to be careful with my words man I know the power of them I know my influence and I try to let y’all know a little bit about y’all’s abracadabra I created as I speak it I birthed it give life speak life because it’s gonna come back whatever you do it’s gonna come back Jesus taught that not to enter today use that use those principles man at being practical expecting just love people man where they are let them know that you you care about them that’s one thing you know let him know you care about him let him know God cares about him he made a way for them whatever the case is you know trying to win people over by fear isn’t that something like what about when that fear leaves you want people to your religion because you scared them to that they were gonna burn for eternity what about when they get over that fear you can’t you can win them that way but you can’t keep them that way you can’t keep them with fear you can’t you can rule them with fear but once they understand who they are they get into the scriptures and they they really have an encounter with the Living God you can’t keep on keeping with fear you really can’t trust me I get the message just daily people coming in and out of religion being liberated but still holding on to their faith still holding on to what they know to be Christ what they know to be God and that expanding and growing but I believe in that foundation that’s my foundation everything that I’ve built with my music with my podcast has been on that foundation everything that can be will be shaken but that foundation remains build upon the firm foundation which is Christ man which is love at the end of the day Christ is love God is love if you’re building upon love there there love keeps no records of wrong there’s nothing you don’t have to worry about anything ma’am if you’re building upon love you’re building upon truth Universal love whatever it is love people man that’s that’s what the power is that God is love Christ is low it’s that simple everything else is extra I love to explore the deep mysteries of God and the spirit realm in astral realms and aliens and angels and reincarnation and whatever this stuff is like we like to kind of try to make sense of it but at the end of the day if this stuff isn’t practical and tangible we just run and we just spouting off theories like ha you know and I like the way that you know Marjorie talked about her belief and her study in reincarnation changed the way that she viewed life no more condemnation no more fear of death like what would you do if you didn’t fear things right you take that that step of faith you’d step out because there’s nothing to fear God got me he brought me this far he got me it changed the way that she lived her life when it wasn’t just a belief that you know a doctrine she believed it it changed the way she communicated with people and I believe that everything that we’re talking about we’ve been talking about it has that power as well to understand that everything that you do in the physical realm has spiritual implications spiritually take that with you if that’s all you take that you are a spiritual being and you have in this encounter in time experiencing time what we call a time slowed down you turn it there’s no time in eternity that’s overwhelming right so with that I think it’s a good place to in this interview my only fear and death is reincarnation Tupac Shakur there was a lot in this interview interesting take on an allergy Thank You Ally with that again piece of Shalom thank you guys again for supporting my work if you want more interviews if you want more music if you would like to bless what I’m doing to help me out patreon to the perfect model to do that head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you can sign up for any level of giving anywhere from a dollar five ten fifty hundred five hundred thousand whatever you want to do shout out to Adam brink thank you for the support brother thank 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this stuff now I’m a perfectionist trust me I’ve been wrestling over this next song for a long time like a couple weeks now trying to get get it mixer I hate and stuff but as soon as it’s it’ll be uploaded as well so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again very soon see y’all in discord peace peace [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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