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Should Christians be partaking in Magic Mushrooms? I mean isn’t it considered pharmika or sorcery? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of The TruthSeekah where TruthSeekah speaks to Christ Rushing the Pastor of The Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light in Warrior Alabama. The church has a religious exemption to use marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and peyote cactus, which have properties that augment traditional Native American spiritual beliefs and experiences, Rushing said. He calls their use in religious ceremonies a sacrament. Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms?

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Thanks So Much For Checking Out This Episode If You Want To Hear My Post Podcast Thoughts About This Particular Episode Go To My Patreon Patreon Comm Backslash Truth Seeker You Can Get All Types Of Rewards And Perks That Were Offering For You Guys Supporting The Show There’s So Much Over There Patreon.com Backslash Truth Seeker Thank You Guys So Much This Episode Of The Podcast Is Brought To You By Truly Be Well Com This Is An Awesome Sponsor That Sells Wellness Resources And Products To Help You On Your Health Journey The Majority Of Americans Are Vitamin Deficient And Nutrient Deficient So We’re Like Walking Around And We’re Feeling Bad We Don’t Have Any Energy But We’ve Grown Accustomed To Feeling That Way Like That’s The Norm To To Be Tired All The Time Or I Think It’s Okay To Feel That Way And I’m Here To Tell You That That’s Not The Case We’re Not Supposed To Feel That Way This Is Also The Case For People Who Are Vegetarian And Vegan Diets Like You Don’t Have Enough Vitamins In Your System You Don’t Have Enough B12 And You Don’t Have Enough D3 This Is Two Of The Vitamins That We’re Lacking In So This Is A Company That I’ve Been Able To Purchase Some Of The Products For And They’ve Helped Me Out Tremendously We And My Wife And Some Of Our Friends Used To Be Extra Burst Of Energy To Just Start The Day Like We Can Go A Lot Longer Without Burning Out We Feel More Energized At The Beginning And Start Of Our Day The Stuff Is Awesome And We’ve Been Doing Without This Stuff For Way Too Long They Also Sell Essential Oils And So I’ve Been Having Trouble Sleeping So I Heard That The Lavender Oil Helps You Sleep So I Got The Lavender Also Bought This Other Product They Have Called Adapt To It That Makes You More Relaxed And Helps You Sleep As Well So I Got The Lavender Oil And The Adapt To It And I’ve Been Taking That Before Bed And It’s Been Helping Me To Sleep This Stuff Is Amazing We Get A Kickback Anytime You Guys Order From This Website And I’m So Happy That It’s Finally A Sponsor That I’m Actually Using The Products And I Love These Guys Man They’re So Awesome Check It Out For Yourself Truly Be Well Calm Some Of The Products Include Nopalea Essential D Vitamin B12 Adapt To It Rainforest Treasure Tea Frankincense Lat Under Eucalyptus Lemon Peppermint Tea Tree Oil And A Bunch Of Other Essential Oils On There This Stuff Is Awesome And It’s Really Cheap This Stuff Is Affordable Take My Word For It Head On Over To Truly Be Welcome And Check Out Some Of The Products You All Regret It Thanks So Much For Checking Out This Episode Of The Mythos Podcast In This Episode We’re Speaking To Chris Rushing About Psychedelic Mushrooms And Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms In This Episode We’re Not Encouraging Anybody To Do It Also We Are Not Telling Anybody Not To Do It Simply What We’re Doing Is Sharing Our Experiences In Relating How Magic Mushrooms Helped Us In Our Spiritual Journey As Christians Again We’re Not Telling You To Do It Or Not To Do It If It Calls You It Calls You You’re Going To Hear Some Of The Pros And Cons Of It You’re Going To Hear Some Of Our Discretions I Myself Have Had A Couple Beautiful Life-changing Experiences As A Believer Using The Sacrament Psilocybin There’s So Much Studying Research Out There Right Now That Psilocybin Is Ridding People Of Depression Helping People Kick Heroin Addiction Opiate Addiction In Addiction As Well Amazing Research Is Being Done But In The End You’re The Judge Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Missus Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Www.mit.edu Con Sponsor The Show For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Myth Assist Or Temmie And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support You Are Now Listening To The Mythos This Podcast Your Portal To The Paranormal Streaming Live @amoebasisters Any Your Hub For All Things Spiritual Is Satiric And Paranormal And Now Your Host True Seeker Yourself This Is True Seeker You’re Now Listening To The Mythos This Podcast We Got An Amazing Show Today We’re Gonna Be Taking Calls Again I Know We Haven’t Taken Calls In Probably A Year Or So Like That But I Think I Got To Figure Out What We Can Start Taking Calls And Get You Guys Plugged Into The Conversation So This Episode We’re Going To Be Speaking About Should Christians Be Involved With Should Christians Try Mushrooms So That’s I Know It’s A Very Controversial Subject But That’s What We’re Talking About Today That’s A Christian Myself I’m Going To Be Talking About My Experiences With The Plant Medicines And Stuff As Well We Have On The Line Chris Rushing From A Clova Native American Church Of Inner Light In Warrior Alabama Did I Say It Right Man Yeah You Did You Said It Destroyed It’s A Mouthful Man But Yeah Thanks For Coming On The Show Ever Since I’ve Seen A Couple Videos On Facebook That You Were In Alabama And Some Of The Things That You And Your Church Were Involved In With The Use Of Some Of The Sacred Plants And Plant Medicines And Sacraments That You Guys Were Using Can You Give Us Just A Little Bit Of Info About What You Guys Are Involved With With The Plant Medicines And Stuff Like That At Your Church I’m Sure Well What We Use Is Any Weeping Sacraments Anything That The Mother Earth Provides Whatever Grows From Her Is Our Sacrament You Know We Choose To Use That And As Far As The Regulated Sacraments That Would Be The Peyote Cactus The Cannabis Flowers Whole Plant As Well As The Psilocybin Mushroom And Those Are The Three Main Sacraments That We Use In Ceremony And Help To Battle Things Like Cancer And Other Depression Issues And Things Like That But As Far As Trying To Go Through A Whole List You Know Like I Said That Would Be Everything Anything That Grows Out Of The Earth Mm-hmm What’s Your Background As You Guys Are A Christian Church Correct That’s Correct We Do Believe In Jesus Christ And Other God Almighty So Was This Song That You Maybe Had A Born-again Experience First And Then The Psychedelics And Stuff Came Later Or What Was The The Process Of That Coming Into Your Life Was Finding Christ Well Um I Was Involved With The Medicines When I Was Young When I Say When I Was Young I Would Say From The Age Of About Experience With The Mushroom And I Had No Idea What It Was At What The Sacred Value Of It Was Or Anything I Had Just Been Introduced Through Friends You Know Living Here In The South They Were Pretty Abundant You Know Around And I Had Some Pretty Powerful Experiences Back Then But I Never Really Understood The Sacredness Of It Even Though I Felt It And I Felt Something That Touched Me You Know Inside And That Way Of The Peacefulness And The Beauty Of The Things That I Saw And Experienced But Then Because Of Me Not Having The Proper God It’s Through Elder Traditions And You Know Just Shaman Traditions I I You Know Was Reckless With It And Used Used It Entirely Too Much Until I Had You Know Some Experiences That Kind Of Put Me Off Of It For A While And I Started You Know I Was Told That Those Things Were Evil And That I Shouldn’t Be Messing With Them Because I Was Brought Up In A Christian Household You Know In Christian Beliefs At Least You Know Let Me Clarify That A Christian Church Beliefs You Know That Are The The Modern Belief That Most People Have That They Call Christianity You Know I Believe In That Most Of That Has Been Tainted To This Day Most Of The Church Doctrines That I Have Tried To Get Involved With As I Study More And More Of Christ And His Teachings They Really Are Way Far Away From The Things That He Taught And Most Most Of Them Are Complete Fabrications Of Things That He Taught You Know They’re They Take Different Passages And Twist Them Into Things That They Want Them To Say Rather Than Actually Living By What He Said And What He Taught And But To Get Back To My Experience With The Medicines I Ended Up Letting That Go For About A Decade Of My Life Or So Because Um You Know I Just Felt Like It Was Wrong Because Of What I Was Told And I Needed To Go And Just Become An Adult You Know Per Se I Guess And So When I Did That I Really Fell Into A Lot Of Darkness Of You Know Just Really Dark Music And Pornography Addiction And Things That The World Throws At Us That We Don’t See Coming Because You Know Because Of The Fact That We’re Not Taught The Truth You Know Where People Hide From The Subjects That We Should Be Talking About With Our Children So In 2007 I Had An Experience With Medicines Again Through A Mutual Friend And It Only Way That I Can Explain It Is It’s Like Those The Switch And Side Me That Was Thrown And I Realized I Remembered Who I Used To Be And The Peacefulness And The Person That I Had Then I Was In My Youth And So I’d Spoke To Me About How That Had Been Brought About By The Experience That I Had And I Really Started To Seek More Of Spiritual Path And Who God Truly Is And Trying To Put Aside Things That I Had Been Taught That You Know Without Putting Aside The Things That We Are Taught Our Absolute Truth And Really Seeking The Truth There’s Really No Way To Find It You Know We Just Stay Stuck In Whatever We’re Taught By Society Or By Those That Are Around Us That Want To Control Our Minds And Control Our Lives And And Tell Us What’s Right From Wrong Where We Really Need To Go Inside Ourselves And Find The Creator On Our Own Path And And See What’s Right For Us You Know Obviously There Are Evils That None Of Us Should Should Be Involved In As Born-again Followers Of Christ But I Believe That There’s A There’s A Lot Of Tainted Information About What Those Evils Truly Are Yeah We’ve Kind Of Seen That The Church Really Demonizes The Things That They Don’t Understand Or Absolutely You Know And Maybe In Your Case As Well Where You Was Living A Reckless Life And You Was Involved With Them As Well So They Approach It And They Give It A Negative Light Because Maybe When They Did It They Were Living Us Out There Just Reckless And Using It As A Party Drug And All Of These Type Of Things Pretty Sure From The Research I’ve Done My Own Experiences And That You Would Agree With That As Well That It’s Not A Party Drug That You Would Just Do It Just Nonchalantly Just Hanging Out Just Because You Have Nothing To Do At A Party Or Something Right Absolutely You Know That’s Definitely Not The Way That These This Medicine Particularly The Mushroom Is Used There It Should Not Be Used That Way Although A Lot Of People Do But That’s The Reason That A Lot Of People Get Find Themselves In Situations That They Don’t Understand And They Have What People Call Bad Trips I Myself Don’t Believe That There Is A A Such Thing As A Bad Trip Because No Matter How Much Darkness I’ve Seen Revealed To Me Through The Medicine That This World Has In It It’s Always Been Something That I Learned From Yeah I May Not Have Understood While I Was In The Place I Was In While I Was Experiencing It And I May Have Experienced Even A Lot Of Fear And Anxiety At Thomas But After You Know The Experience Is Over And It Has Time To Register In Your Mind And In Your Soul There’s Always Things That Uh That We’re Meant To Take Away From That And That Help Us To Be The More Pure Hearted And Truthful Person That God Wants Us To Be All The Time There’s A Scripture I Believe It Is In Jeremiah Which States That God Is Petitioning His People To Return Back To The Ancient Past Basically For Me When I Read That It’s Like Come Back To God Before It Was Tainted With All Of This Religion With All Of These Rules And Regulations To Return Back To Nature And You Know When Things Were A Lot Easier And So With That Scripture Out There There Almost Feels Like There’s This Resurgence Of People Who Are Not Satisfied With The Status Quo In The Churches They’re Not I Mean They See The Holes In The Doctrines For The Doctrines That We’ve Been Taught Through Christianity Most Of Them Are Not Even Biblical Like Some Of The Main Church Traditions That We Hold To In Church Are Not Biblical At All They’re Almost Like Completely Opposite And So Oh That’s What I Was Going To Say They’re Not Just Not Biblical But They’re Actually Fabrications And Blasphemy You Know Yeah And So But With The Returning Back To Nature And Returning Back To The Source It’s Also A Form Of Repentance Because It’s Like To Turn Around To Turn Back To Have A Change Of Heart And So The Message Of Repentance Is Still Coming Forth But Just To Turn Away From The Materialism Turn Away From The Debate The The Backbiting Just Everything That We Know Religion Today To Be And Actually Go Back To When Times Were A Lot Easier That’s What I Feel That We’re Being Called To And At The Same Time I Feel That There Is An Intelligence Behind It And These Sacraments Are Calling Out To People People Who Have No Idea What They Are People Who Have Never Watched A Documentary But When They See Something They Feel This Urge That It’s Calling To Them That That You Know Maybe They Want To Tell Them Something Maybe It Wants To Teach Them Something So Definitely If We Look At Alternative Science And We Can See That There’s So Much Studying Going On Right Now About Psilocybin And About The Effects That It Has On The Human Body And On The Human Brain Also Dealing With Neurogenesis Regrowing Brain Cells And Healing People’s Minds Curing Them Of Addiction Whenever They Go On Psilocybin Encounters With These Mushrooms And Being Delivered From Cigarettes Alcoholism Heroin All Of These Things That People Are Being Delivered From Sounds A Lot Like Jesus Man Sounds A Lot Like Encounters That People Are Having With Jesus In The Spirit Of Love What Do You Say About That Like Would You Relate The Two Because I See Jesus As Just Love Incarnate And When People Are On These Mushroom Encounters They Speak About This Tremendous Love That Just Takes Over The Whole Body They Can Not Only Know That They Love But On These Journeys People Report That They Feel Loved That They Can Literally Feel Love All Over Their Whole Body Where Is The Connection There Is It A Part Of Christ Are They Having An Encounter With Christ In Somebody Situations I Believe So In Every Situation The Son Of God Is The Son Of The God Of All Of Us And The Embodiment Of The Creator Of All Of Us And Like You Said About The Modern Religions Tend To Separate Everything And They Tend To Act Like That God Shows Favoritism And That He Cares About These People But Doesn’t Care About These Other People Because You Know They Worship Pagan Gods Or This Or That And And What Our God Has Shown Me Is That He Sent Messengers To Everyone To Tell About The Path Of Love And Light And Brotherly Kindness And Just Living In That Pure Unconditional True Love Of Love For Our Neighbor Just Like We Love Ourselves And People Talk About That A Lot But I Rarely See It Exhibited You Know People Talk About How They Love Their Neighbors But They Still Have Cross Thoughts That Are Based In Evil About The People Around Them They Still You Know Stab If You Know Their Co-workers In The Back For Promotions When They Know That It’s Not Right They Still Do Whatever Is Good For Them And They Call Themselves God’s People And Christians And I Don’t Want To Talk Bad About The Christian Faith Because I Totally Believe In It And I Believe In God And Jesus Christ And Everything That That They Did Here On This Earth For Humankind But That Word Christian And Christianity Has Just Been So Twisted By These False Doctrines That I Believe Are The Exact Same Doctrines That Peter And Paul Warned Us About In The New Testament That We’re Trying To Get Hold Of The Churches And Change Them And No Paul Said That These People Were Cursed That We’re Bringing These Doctrines And That If Any Other Doctor And Other Than What They Brought Was Brought To The People That They Should Not Listen That Even If Him Himself Or An Angel From Heaven Brought A New Doctrine That It Was A That They Were Cursed You Know That This Was Not Something That Should Be Embraced But It Has Been Embraced You Know These Medicines Can Show People Their Past You Know I Know That From Personal Experience That Shown It Sounds Like You You Know Believe That Too From Your Personal Experience And I’m Not Saying That This Is For Everybody But I Believe Like You Do That If People Hear About It And It Calls To Them That And That Is Definitely The Creator Telling Neal What They Need You Know And What Can Show Them Their True Purpose In Life Their True Past You Know That God Created Them For And Put Them Here On This Earth You Know None Of Us Know Exactly Why We’re Here Every Detail You Know But I Know That People Seek For The Meaning Of Life And The Meaning Of Life Is Just To Love Everybody And Love Each Other And Live In That Spirit Of Love And Brotherhood That Christ Taught Us To Live In You Know When When God Came Down To The Earth And The Embodiment Of Jesus Christ He Showed Us The Way We Should All Live You Know He That Was The Purpose For That And To Make The Sacrifice To Put Us Back In Connection With The Creator You Know I Don’t Fully Understand All Of That Of How All Of That You Know Had To Happen Why It Had To Happen And I Don’t Believe That I’m Supposed To Understand That I’m Just Supposed To Know That I Should Love All And Never Do Any Evil You Know Anything That I Know To Be Wrong Or Any Of Us Know To Be Wrong Is Based On Evil If We Do That Those Things You Know This Medicine What It Did For Me And The Mushroom I’m Speaking Of It Would Put My Life Under A Microscope And Show Me Little Details Of My Life Where I Was Not Doing That Very Thing Of Loving My Neighbor As I Love Myself Where I Could See Things That I Did On A Daily Basis Or On A Monthly Basis Or Even You Know Every Hour Of My Life Where I I Was Taking It You Know Somebody For Granted Or Or I Was Doing Something That Wasn’t The Passive Light That Was It You Know Truly Representing The Creator In Jesus Christ And And I Could Bring Those Things Back You Know From My Experience And Apply That To My Life And As I Continued To Go Through These Experiences I Could See The Change And So Get All Of My Family Around Me And Even The Ones That Were Really Strict You Know They Could See That There Was Differences They They Wanted To Know What And It Saddens Me That People Are Don’t Talk To Me Anymore Because They Think That I’m The One That Has Demons Now You Know But Like I Said To Them And Like I’ll Say To Everybody That’s Exactly What They Said To Jesus Christ As Well You Know He Told The Truth And The Demons Tried To Shut Him Down And And They Weren’t Successful And They Won’t Be Successful With Us As Either You Know It’s If We Are Truly Following Our Path That God Has Called Us On And We Are Truly Invincible You Know No Evil Can Touch Us And That’s What I Want To Tell The World You Know I’m Not Trying To Go Out And Be Timothy Leary And Tell Everybody To Turn On Tune In And Drop Out You Know That Was Very Reckless I Believe It He Was A Lot Of The Reason That Things Got Shut Down When We Had All Of That Promising Research In The Late 60s And Early 70s You Know Even From The Early 60s You Know People Were Using These Substances For A Lot Of Really Good Things Like You Mentioned Depression And An Alcoholism And You Know Even The Founder Of Alcoholics Anonymous He You Know Used Things That He Learned Through His Lsd Experiences To Create The 12-step Program Yeah But You Know People Don’t Want To Hear That Anymore You Know There’s There’s Too Much Money To Be Made You Know To Let This Information Out Too Strongly And I Believe That’s The Reason That Uh-uh That We Can’t Get On Major News Feeds And Talk About These Things Because People Prevent It You Know They The Pharmaceutical Drugs Are So Such A Huge Huge Money-making Business That That You Know If You If Somebody Could Take A Mushroom One Time In Their Life And Put Down Heroin Or Put Down Cocaine Or Put Down Tobacco Or Or You Know Never Have To Go To Another Therapist Again You Know Then A Lot Of People Lose A Lot Of Money You Know And I Believe Is Not Some Motivation That Keeps This Knowledge From The Public You Know Especially When We Have Schools Like Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine And Ucla And You May Be Here In Birmingham But You Know These These Places And That’s Just To Name A Few There Are Many Others Too Going On Around The Country And Around The World That Have Shown Major Positive Positive Results Using These Substances Now A Lot Of The A Lot Of These Places Use Synthetics Synthetic Psilocybin – But See That’s Another Way That That The Pharmaceutical Companies Still Get Their Anchors Into This You Know Because For Some Reason The Mushroom Must Not Be Safe Enough That They Have To Use Synthetically Produced Psilocybin Which If You You Know Listen To Shamans Like With The Ah Begin Research And Stuff You Know That’s The Opiate Treatment That Comes From The Iboga Plant In Africa You Know They’ll Tell You That When They Sent To Size These Drugs Instead Of Using The Natural Plant That They’re Removing All The Spiritual Properties Out Of That You Know Whether What They Under Whether They Understand Fully What’s Going On Or Not I Mean Because I Know People Have Still Had Spiritual Experiences With The Synthetic You Know Versions Of These There’s Got To Be Something That We’re Missing You Know Yeah Doing That And Well What That Said I Do Want To Be Fair And Say That I Know That Johns Hopkins Did Get Approved To Use The Mushroom And One Or Two Studies Maybe Even More Than That A Couple Of Years Ago But You Know From What I Understand They’re Back To Using The Synthetics And Stuff Now Because Of Regulations And Stuff You Know But Uh Um Something Has To Be Done To Get The This Awareness Out To The People You Know Everybody That Is Against This That Doesn’t Know About It Already You Know They Just Have Painted Information You Know Over The Years Of Of Just Propaganda To Keep People Away From This Stuff And To Me That’s A Criminal Offense You Know To Keep Nature From People That Could Heal Their Bodies Because You Want To Make Money Off Of On Me And I Don’t Understand Why Our Government Allows That To Happen Yeah One Of The Major Reasons That I Wanted To Get You On A Show Not Only One But I Needed To Get You On A Show Is The Fact That Because Of All Of The Research And The Resurgence That’s Going On Just Like I Said I Feel Like It’s Calling Out To People And There’s So Much Research Being Done Right Now And I Think Every Day We’re Making Steps In A For Positive Change When It Comes To These Sacred Substances And Why I Wanted To Get You On Was Because Everybody Who’s Speaking Up For The Most Part If You’re Involved With Like Amber Lion With Reset Dot Me Joe Rogan All Of These People Who Are Speaking Out On The Issue Most Of Them Are Having These Life-changing Experiences But They’re Not Christians Right They Don’t Believe In Jesus Or Whatever The Case Is But They May Be A Theist Have The Experience And Then Come Back Believing In God Like A Universal God Of Love And Of Light And Of Peace Right So When I Absolutely So When It Whenever I Heard Your Interview And You Mentioned That You Guys Are Christians And You Guys Believe The Bible And You Guys Believe In Jesus Christ And It’s Not That He Is The Supreme Power He Is The Son Of God Right And He Died On The Cross Soon Risen From The Dead For Our Sins And Paid Our Sin-debt And So To Hear Christians Talking About This There I Couldn’t Find Anybody Out Now There Was You Know Stuff Published A Long Time Ago But To Hear Christians Being Vocal About Being A Christian Loving Jesus Trusting In Jesus Believing In Intimacy And Worship And Meditation And Prayer But Also Believing In The Importance Of These Sacred Plants Any Sacred Medicines That’s Why I Had To Have You On The Show So We’re Talking About This From A Christian Perspective Not From The Perspective Of A New Ager Of An Atheist Of Someone Who’s Who Just Open To Everything But Someone Who Believes And Loves Jesus Without Their Heart Mind Soul And Strength So With That Being Said This Is How Our Experiences Are Coming From From The Christian Mindset There Is A Huge Disconnect There That’s Why I Wanted To Have You On As Well To Really Try To Bridge The Gap There Or At Least Try To Come On The Show And Do That So With Those People Listening Who Are Like Man You Guys Are On Some Really Rocky Ground Man There’s No Really Any Biblical Truth To What You Guys Are Saying And People Have Come Up With All These Different Things While They’re Scared Or They Just Repeat What They Heard What Would You Write To The People Because People Are Going To Say It Because They’ve Told Me Dealing With These Mushrooms And Dealing With These Sacred Medicines That This Is What The Bible Calls Pharmakeia That You Guys Are Dealing With Sorcery What Would You Say To That I Would Say That That’s Absolutely Ridiculous Because Unless They Believe That Eating You Know Any Other Thing That Grows From The Ground Is Sorcery I Mean Obviously People Can Use Things That Have Powerful Properties For Light Or Darkness The Enemy Takes The Things That The Creator And That God Gives Us To Use For His Purpose And And He Corrupts It You Know Lucifer Has Always Done That From The Beginning Of Time You Know God Puts Things Here To Spread Love And Truth And The Enemy Comes In And Corrupt That I’m Obviously You Know That’s What Is Going On You Know I I Believe Living In The Kingdom Of Darkness Which Is What Christ Called This This Perverse Generation This Evil And Wicked Place You Know The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death You Know If There Are Things Here That Are Deemed To Be Evil You Know That Really Don’t Have Any Real Good Reason For It Other Than People Just Say Oh That’s Witchcraft Or That’s Whatever They Want To Call It We Should Probably Be Looking A Little Closer At That Because People Just Tend To Not Acknowledge The Fact That We Are Living In The Kingdom Of Darkness You Know We Are Supposed To Be The Light Shining In The Darkness But So Often More Often Than Not I See People That Claim To Be Christian Are Just A Part Of That Darkness Themselves You Know Um Most Doctrines That I Have Encountered That Have Had Problems Problems With Our Use Of Plant Medicines Our Doctrines That Think That You Know Everything Outside Of What They Believe You Know That They’ve Been Taught Is Evil You Know How Our Plants Evil You Know How Our Things Inherently Evil It’s What You Do With The Plants And The Fungi And The Cacti It’s The Intention That We Set That Makes Things Righteous Or Unrighteous You Know We We Choose The Path Of Righteousness Or Unrighteousness And I Believe That The Whole Reason That People Are Turned Off From These Medicines In The First Place Especially That The Church Was To Talk Bad About Them Is The Whole Purpose That Lucifer Has To Keep People Away From Them Because They Will Open Their Minds And Show Them A Better Way To Live A Better Path You Know That’s Exactly Why The Government Decided To Shut All This Down In The In The Late 60s You Know Is Because There Was Too Much Connectedness Too Many People Coming Together Too Too Many Youth Saying We’re Not Going To Fight In Your Wars We’re Not Going To Hate People Because They Don’t Have The Same Skin Color As We Do You Know They Started Taking These Substances And Those Barriers And Walls Fail And They Could See Past All Of These Lies And The Thing Was That All Of The Society Had Told Them You’re Not Supposed To Mingle With With These People Because They’re Not Like You But Actually We’re All Like Each Other You Know The The Darkness Only Wins When They Keep Us Separate You Know And Paul Asked Where These Things Not Carnality You Know Because God Shows No Partiality At All You Know It’s Strange To Me When I Read The Scriptures And Then I Go And I Talk To People That Say They Live By These Scriptures Yet They Completely Contradict Them With Every Single Part Of Their Life You Know Um I Can’t I Can’t Understand That Other Than God Just Keeps Telling Me The Blind Leading The Blind They Both Fall Into A Hole You Know That’s What Christ Said These Are The Blind Leading The Blind And They Both Fall Into A Hole So You Know That’s That’s Major Words You Know That That Really Hits Home With Me That People Just Take What They’re Taught And They Run With It Because It’s Easier To Do That Than It Is To Seek The Truth And Knock On The Door Of Truth And Actually Look In Your Spiritual Mirror And See What Is The Real Truth You Know Instead Of This Is What My Parents Told Me Was The Truth So I’m Just Going To Believe This Until I Die And I Was Just Having A Conversation About That With Another Church Member Literally Two Hours Ago You Know His Dad Is Having Health Issues Could Really Be Helped Using Cannabis Extracts But Because Of His Upbringing He Says He Would Rather Die Than Do That Well And I Think That Is Exactly What Lucifer Intended You Know And It Makes Me Sad But You Know What Can You Do About That People Make Their Minds Up And It’s Because They Don’t Really Know God They Don’t Have Any Real Relationship With The Creator Or Other Than They Were Told 20 30 40 10 Years Ago I’m Old They Are That They Could Say A Prayer And Get Saved And Then Now They Have A Free Get Into Heaven Card You Know And That Is The Biggest Lie That The Devil Ever Told You Know And I See So Many People That Are Caught In That Though They Believe That They Can’t Ever Stop Doing Evil That It’s Just Part Of Who We Are You Know And That That’s The Reason That They Have To Ask For Forgiveness And You Know They Say They Have To Ask For Forgiveness Every Day And That’s Nowhere In The Scriptures Jesus Christ Said To Repent And Repent Means To Turn Off Of The Path Of Wickedness And Onto The Path Of God You Know Once And For All You Repent You Know You Choose To Never Do Anything That You Know To Be Wrong Again And You Know I Was Having This Conversation With Another Member Of The Other Day You Know Sin Is Not Sin Until We Understand That It’s Sin You Know Paul Paul Said That You Know He Was Alive Until He Saw The Law And Once He Saw The Law Since Praying To Life In Him And He Died You Know And We Then He Also Said That Once He Chose The Path Of God He Separated And He Became The Inner Spiritual Man But That Still Had To Live In The Body Of Death Is What He Called It You Know And He Said That He Saw Two Forces At Work In Him Him And The Body And That He Still Had To Deal With All Of The Thing That The Body Did And He Was So Frustrated With It Who Would Save Him From This Body Of Death And He Said Thanks Be To Our Lord Jesus Christ You Know And What That Means Is Is That Even Though We’ve Made The Choice To Repent And Walk Without Sin Never Doing It Anything Wrong We Know To Be Wrong Again The Body Is Still Going To Do Things That We Have To Bring Into Submission You Know When The Body Does Things That’s Not Us Unless We Did It Consciously And If We Recognize Wrongdoing When The Body Does Something And We Bring It Immediately Into Submission As Soon As We Recognize It Then We Had No Sin That With No Sin In That You Know Um That Is What People Don’t Seem To Understand That’s The Main Thing That Seems To Be A Major Opening Conversation That I See People Have You Know When I’m Talking With Them And They Are Christians And They Believe Their Whole Life That They Can Never Measure Up To God The Scripture Does Say That We All Fall Short Of The Glory Of God But We’re Not Supposed To Continue Falling Short Were Supposed To Repent And Walk The Path Of Righteousness And John Said First John That If We Walk In The Light As He Is In The Light And The Blood Of Christ Cleanses Us From All Sin And Jesus Told People Go And Sin No More Go And Sin No More Now If We Had No Choice Why Would God The Creator Tell Us Go And Sin No More What Did People Really Believe That He Was Just Trying To Torment Us And Play Anyone A Lot Of People Believe That That’s Sad You Know That Isn’t Bad It Really Creates Christians And Believers Who Are Double Minded And And They’re Thinking That Jesus Is Telling Them Something That They Can’t Really Fulfill And He Knew That When He Said It He Was Just Challenging Them Like People Really Believe That Man But He Did Say Go And Sin No More He Did Say That We Can Live A Sin Free Life Through What Christ Did On Cause For Us Through The Empowerment Of The Holy Spirit With Christ In Us The Hope Of Glory Christ Out Of Us The Manifestation Of Their Glory We Are The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God Those Who Are Led By The Spirit Of God Are The Sons Of God Right So Absolutely I Want To Open Up The Phone Lines Here In A Minute We Got Some Guests On The Line Who Want To Ask Questions And Kind Of Give Their Experiences As Well So If Anybody Is Listening And You Would Love To Call In And Give Your Experience With Psilocybin Or These Other Natural Substances Definitely Do That The Number Is Posted At Myth Assist-mi Call In Put The Pin Number Annual It Will Gladly Have You Guys In On The Show To Ask A Question Or Tell Us Your Experiences So With That Being Said There Is An Awakening Happening And This Is Just Something That We Were Almost Dragged Into This Is Not Something That We Went Searching Out For This Is Something That Was Calling To Most Of Us As A Child As A Teenager Having This Call And Just This Life Being Set Up To Have These Different Encounters And Experiences And Angelic Encounters And All Of These Things Going On And Now We Find Ourselves As Christians Having These Supernatural Encounters That Most Churches Don’t Want To Talk About They’re Going To Say It’s Demonic If You Bring It Up So We Got To Have Platforms Like This To Talk About It And To Kind Of Just Give Our Encounters And Give Our Experiences Because If Not Like You Said That’s A Big Tragedy That’s An Injustice Because They’re Going To Ask Questions Especially If This Sacred Plant Is Calling Out To Them Right They’re Going To Ask Questions Or They’re Going To Get On Google And So We Want To Just Provide Some Christian Understanding For Christians Out There Who Are Maybe Sitting On The Fence Or They Want To Do It They Feel Like It’s Calling Them But Then Again There’s All Of That Unlearning That Has To Go On So With What We Need To Do If This Is You And Most People Who Are Listening To This Or I Mean They’re On Board That’s What We Need To Understand That There Are Other People Who Are Already On Board And They’re Looking For Somebody To Speak Up Somebody To Say Something And I Believe That’s What This Show Comes In That’s Where Your Church Comes In And I Know We Haven’t Really Covered It Man But I Want You To Go Into A Little Bit More Detail About Your Church Because You Guys Are Actually Set Up In Warrior’ Alabama And You Guys Have Like A Government Exemption Right You Guys Can Freely Practice With The Use Of These Say Good Medicines Right Now Correct That’s Correct We Do Have Federal Exemption For Our Church Ceremonies For Our Sacraments And The Things That We Use These Are Exemptions That Have Been One Through Supreme Court Rulings Across The Nation Over The Last I Don’t Even Remember When The First One Was Somewhere Around Fifty Years Or So Going On Now So Um These Are Things That Have Been Persecuted Ever Since Europeans Came Here Not Even Just Here But Down In Mexico In The 1500s You Know The Spanish Inquisition Show Showed Up There And Found The Mushroom Church And Called It Blasphemy And Persecuted Them So Much That They Had To Go Into Hiding They Lied About The Things That Were Being Done With The Mushroom You Know Fabricating Stories That Just Make No Sense Stories Of Mass Orgies Going On And Anybody That Knows About These Medicines Knows That You’re Completely Away From Desires Of The Flesh When They’re In The Midst Of A Of You Know Meditation Through Psilocybin For Sure You Know I’ve Never Had Things Where I Was Connected To My Flesh And That Way You Know During Those Those Experiences It Takes Us Out Of Our Connection To This Body And All Of Its Problems And Shows Us Something More Um We Are Here In Warrior Currently Seeking Land So That We Can Start Having Fire Ceremony And Public Gatherings And We Can Start Offering Help To People That Need It By Them Becoming Members Of Our Church And With All Of That Said I Think That It’s You Know A Form Of Just Blasphemy To Have To Force People To Join A Church To Use The Nature That God Gave Us But That Is The Government That We Live Under You Know They Force These Things Or They Persecute Us So What We Are Trying To Do Here Is Create What A Wellness Center One Among Many That We Want To See Happen Across The Country Where We Can Offer These Medicines To People That They Are Calling To Where We Can Give Them The Help That They Need That We Know That These Medicines Can Show And Up Until Recently With The Research It Was Real Easy For Churches Like Ours And Others To Be Shut Down With Calling Us Having Hallucinations And Being Deceived By Demons But With All Of This Current Research Backing It Up In Science You Know These They Are Showing Where The Things That The Elders Have Been Talking About For Thousands Of Years Are True You Know These Other Energy Fields And We We Use These Other Energy Fields That We See With The Medicines Right Now In Life And We’re Using Them Right Now On The Cell Phone That I Have You Know The Wafaa Anything That Is Energy Wavelengths That Are Not Visible To Da You Know We Have Found Ways To Harness That And Those Are The Things That The Medicines Reveal In The Physical World You Know They Reveal More Of Reality Rather Than Showing Us Hallucinations You Know And It’s Really Amazing To Me That Science Has Has Started To Back That Up And Make It This Is An Exciting Time In The Life Of Humanity Ever Since This Industrial Age That Is Trying To Kill The Earth And Our Species And Everything Else Along With It Yeah What Are Some Of The Victories That You’ve Seen With Some Of The Members Who You Guys Have Had Sessions With Have You Seen People Overcoming These Addictions And Things As Well When You Guys Are Having These Ceremonies Because I Know Like A Big Thing About It What I Notice Is That You Overcome The Fear Of Deathlike Many People Have A Fear Of Dying And Once You Have These Encounters Most People I Mean Even As A Christian Where You’re Supposed To Go To Heaven And You Have These Assurant Ease In And You’re Actually Guaranteed To Go To Heaven There’s Still This This Fear Of Dying But After Having An Encounter With The Psilocybin I Lost All Fear Of Death Are You Guys Seeing Anything Like That Absolutely That’s One Of The Major Things That I’ve Had Personal Experience Myself Is Is You Know Losing The Fear Of Death The Fear Of Leaving The Body And You Know That’s Something That I Have To Remind Myself Of A Lot That I Have Lost That And I Used To Be A Different Person When I’m Dealing With A Lot Of People That Have Fear Still You Know That Uh You Know Whether You Know Whether It’s In Church Members Or Whether It’s Just Dealing With Everyday Life A Lot Of People Are Just Stuck In A Fearful Place And We Have Seen With Church Members That Have Been Through This Them Come Out Of Those Places Of Peer And Tremendous Anger One Of The Members That I Think Of Most Of All Is A Man That Was In You Know The Military He Was Over You Know In War And He Came Back Here With A Lot Of Anger Issues And Depression And Scared To Death For His Daughter Because He Had A New Daughter To Even Be In The Part A Part Of This World With All The Evil And Problems And He Tells Me About How He Was Really You Know Just Starting To Seclude Himself From The Whole World You Know Other Than Going To Work And Coming Home And He Didn’t Even Want To Get Out Around People And His Anger Issues Were Getting So Bad That He Felt Like You Were Going To Snap On People Just For Being Mean And Stuff But When He Was Introduced To Me And Became A Member Of The Church And He Was Introduced To The Medicine You Know He His Whole Life Is Different You Know He Saw That There Wasn’t He Thing To Be Worried About As Long As He Caught His Children The Ways Of God And This Is Somebody That Did Not Like Christianity At All This Is Somebody That Has Family That Are Wicked Religion And They Believe That All Christians You Know Were Just Judgmental Mean People And He Tells Me All The Time That He Wouldn’t Know God If He Hadn’t Have Met Me And Become A Part Of Our Family And That Is A Really Amazing Testimony Because All I Did Was Tell Him The Truth Of Jesus Christ And Give Him The Medicine And The Medicine Has Spoken They’ll More Than Anything And And I’ve Seen That Has Just Been Miraculous And Amazing You Know And That Goes With A Research That’s Been Going On Where They Have You Know The Government Has Allowed People That Are Terminally Ill That Have Tremendous Anxiety From Fear Of Death To Go Through These Experiences Like I Said With The Synthetic Psilocybin And In These Medical Settings And They Are Losing The Fear Of Death And It’s Easing Their Anxiety And They’re Finding God And Peace With God And That’s A Truly Amazing Thing In My Opinion Yeah It Definitely Is Man People Are Becoming Free Whenever They’re Doing This And I Believe When People Are Experiencing Love And Experiencing True Freedom And Deliverance That They’re Experiencing Jesus In One Form Of Another Even If We Don’t Want To Call It That You Can Call It Whatever You Want But That Love Peace Joy Is The Holy Spirit Man And It Comes In Many Forms And And I Think It Really Transcends Our Belief Systems There Is A Scripture Man That After I Had A Heavy Encounter On Psilocybin That I Felt Like I Left My Body And Went To The Place That We Go When We Die Like I Felt Like I Went To The Place That The Scripture Calls Heaven I Feel Like I Went To Heaven And It Was Totally Different Than What We Can Imagine We Think That We’re Going To Be People When We Get There We’re Going To Have Physical Bodies And Look Exactly The Same This Place I Encountered Was A Place Of Total Energy Of Love Of Colours Of Bliss It Was So Beautiful Um I Was Coming And Going So It Was Hard To Kind Of Grasp What Was Going On And Whenever I Got Back From That Retreat Um This Scripture Became So Real To Me After Hearing About You Know People Doing Meditations And Stuff Like That And Going To Heaven And Traveling Back And Forth Things Like That This Scripture Stood Out To Me So Much Which Is In 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 Where Paul Speaks About Going To Heaven Right So It’s Like To Read It Right Quick At 2nd Corinthians 12 We Start At 1 Says It Is Necessary To Go On Boasting Though It Is Not Profitable I Will Go On To Visions And Revelations From The Lord He Says I Know A Man In Christ Who Fourteen Years Ago Whether In The Body Or Out Of The Body I Do Not Know He Said I Do Not Know God Knows Most Scholars Believe He’s Talking About Himself Right And So He Says That This Person Goes To Heaven He Gets Caught Up Into Heaven He Said It Was So Real That He Don’t Know If He Really Went Like His Whole Body Went And Traveled To Heaven Or Out Of The Body His Consciousness Going So It Says Whether In The Body Or Out Of The Body I Do Not Know God Knows So It Was Caught Up Into The Third Heaven And It Says And I Know This Man Who Has An Inner Body Or Apart From The Body I Do Not Know God Knows He Kind Of Reiterates He Says Was Caught Up Into Paradise And This Part Right Here It Says And Heard Things Too Sacred To Be Put Into Words Things That A Person Is Not Permitted To Speak On Behalf Of Such An Individual I Will Not Boast But On My Own Behalf I Will Not Boast Except About My Weaknesses So He Talks About Getting Caught Up Into This Third Heaven And Seeing Things And Hearing Things That He Can’t Even Put Into Words Like There No There’s No Way You Can If You Tried To Explain It Even This Podcast Is Not Going To Do Justice Of The Beauty And The The Revelation That You Get About Yourself About Your Life What You’re Supposed To Be Doing In Your Life Your Has Learning How To Cope With Your Past And Being Forgiven And Totally Free From Your Past All Of This Stuff Comes To Play On A Psilocybin Encounter And Being Caught Up Into This Place And Seeing The Beauty Seeing The Colors I’ve Tried To Recreate It In Interviews And Tell People About It But My Words Fall Short And It’s Something That You Have To See For Yourself So This Is Something Too That Was Also Mentioned In A Lot Of The Christian Mystic Literature That Wasn’t Allowed To Get Into The Bible But There Are Some Of These Verses Like This One And Several Others That Would Talk About Going Back And Forth From Heaven To Earth And Beholding These Beauties And I’ll Tell You What When I Had That Experience That That Rocked My World It Changed Me You Know In A Amazing Way I Dealt With So Much Of My Past That I Thought Was Behind Me With My Life And Where I’m Going My Vision What I Need To Do For The Next Steps To Get To My Vision I’m Going To Ask You This Whenever I Was There I Fully Believe That Whether It’s The Plants Have An Angelic Consciousness Or An Energy To Him That Is Something That Is Alive Like When I Was There I Felt Like Something Was Guiding Me Something Was Communicating With Me Something Angelic I Mean What Would You Say About That I Know We Talked About The Golden Teachers As Well And These Are Something That We’ve Kind Of Coined A Phrase Of Being An Angelic Force The Golden Teachers That Meet With Us And Teach Us That These Are These Angelic People That Even Terence Mckenna Who’s Not A Christian But He Believed That There Was This Angelic Type Of Communication That The Mushrooms Were A Communication Device With These Higher Entities Which We As Christians Would Call Angelic Right Um What Would You Say Lutely I Would Say The Same Thing I Believe That God Created All Types Of Beings The Scripture Backs That Up You Know That They’re All Types Of Angelic Beings That Some We Know Of Some That We Don’t And That Yes I’ve Had Encounters With Other Beings That I’ve Felt Around One In Particular Time That I Had An Encounter Like That I Feel Like That I May Have Had An Endogenous Or In The Body Dmt Burst I’ve Never Had Mt Before Other Than Through The Analogues Of Psilocybin And Then Silicon Being For Hydroxy Dmt But I Had A Blast Off Experience And I’ve Never Had That But That One Time And I Saw A Tunnel Of Rainbows That I Went Through But Then I Was In The Space That Seemed To Be Dark Everywhere Except For This Beautiful Mesmerizing Light That Looked Like Like You Said You Can’t Put It Into Words But I’ve Tried Over The Last Few Years To Put It Into Words And The Only Thing That I Can Say Is It Reminded Me Of A Celtic Knot That Was Made Out Of Ribbons Of Light That Were Moving Constantly And While I Was Mesmerised Watching That I Was Receiving Messages From These Other Beings I Could I Could I Was Aware That There Were These Other Beings Around Kind Of And It Felt Like They Were Checking My Body As Though It Were And The Only Way That I Can Explain Again Like It Like Like A Race Car Pulls Into A Pit Stop To Get Checked On It While It’s In The Race You Know It Was Just A Really Quick Encounter It Seemed Like They Were Checking Every Part Of The Body As Though It’s A Suit That I’ll Me And You Know And And Then I Felt The Okay All Is Good All Systems Go You Know I Guess You Know And Then I Fell Backwards Through The Tunnel And I Was Back I Came Back To Myself And Opened My Eyes And I Felt Like I Was Gone Out For About 30 Seconds Tops But Really From Other Church Members That Were Around They Told Me That I Was Out For 30 Minutes And That I Was Pressed Into The Couch Like You Know Just Like This Tremendous Pressure Pushed Me Back Like Like You Know Like You Would In An Airplane In A Rocketship I Guess You Know It’s Interesting These Experiences I Told That Experience To My One Of My Elders And He Just Kind Of Smiled At Me It And Told Me That Uh That God Was My Teacher That Uh That You Know I Wouldn’t Have A Human Teacher On This Earth That God Was Taking Me And Teaching Me Himself And That Really Was Powerful To Me And Helped Me To Get Grounded In What I Was Doing And To Understand What’s Happening With These Medicines Because I Prayed To God To Please Not Let Me Lead People Wrong When I Started To Feel That This Was The Path You Know I’ve Been Told So Much That These Things Were Wrong And Evil And I Shouldn’t Be Using Them But I Knew That In My Heart Of Hearts That Yeah And In My Soul That That Was Not Correct That These Things Were Helping Me Turn Into A Better Human Being You Know They Were Helping Me To Show My Children What It’s Like To Be A Real Man A Real Follower Of Christ A Real Godly Person A Real Human As We Were Intended To Be Yeah You Know Uh And This Happened This Change You Know Where When I Met Christ I Was Like I Said It Caught Up In A Lot Of Things That Were Dark And This Was In The Spring Of 2007 Urged I’m Sorry 2009 When I Finally Had The Encounter With God He Chose The King Come To Me And And Tell Me That I Had A Choice I Could Choose To Continue Walking Doing The Things That I Went Knew Were Wrong Or I Could Repent And Walk Forth With Human And These Things Changed My Whole Life And And I Know That That Would Not Have Happened Without These Experiences With This Mushroom I Would Not Have Even Been Looking For A Change In Life If I Had Not Had These Experiences You Know And I Believe That Government Regulation That Keeps People From This Is Blasphemy And An Intention Intentional Deceit You Know And That Comes From A Lot Of History You Can Find That Uh You Know If People Just Care To Look It’s There You Know The Freedom Of Information Act Gave Us Access To A Lot Of Things That They Don’t Want To Didn’t Want Us To Know About I Guess It’s Not A Big Deal To Them Now But Uh Yeah You Know Um We Have A Couple People On The Line Almost How To Take Some Of These Callers And If Anybody Hasn’t Okay Where Is Anything You Want To Share Or Any Questions Or You Want To Jump On The Line With Chris Russian From The Aquifer Native American Church Of Inner Light I Know We Talked About It Before We Went On Air But Hearing A Little Bit I Want You To Go Into Some More Detail About The Word Inner Light Because That’s Something That’s Been Ringing True With Me We’ll Talk About That In A Little Bit Let Me Go And Get To Some Of These Callers All Right So We Got Caller From Illinois’s What’s Going On Your Nair Oh You Get Back To Me Shooter Yeah So It’s Your Other Car First All Right Got Away I’m At Awesome We’ll Go Back To Matt And We Got Another Caller I Believe This Is Dan Oh He Put You On Hold Pro He Put You On Hold Row Hello Man Is Lava You Know Radio We Do What’s Going On So Yeah We’re Calling In From Honduras Down Here Alright I’ve Seen I’ve Seen This Guy What’s Your Name Bro I’m Just I’m Just Catching And Not Too Long Now What’s Your Name My Name Is Christopher Rushing Yeah I Seen I Seen You On The News Recently Ron On Facebook Or The Internet Or Saying Little Story About Your Church Or Whatever You Guys Work Needed To Expand Right Because You Had Like Maximum Capacity For A While Well What We Live In A Home Here In In Alabama We Have A Double-wide Mobile Home That We Live In Its Not Owned Property That We Own We Live In A Small Little Mobile Home Park That Has Four Other Mobile Homes Or Excuse Me Three Other Mobile Homes On It You Know And It’s Just Not You Know We Were Having Services Here In The In The House And It Got To Be Where People Were Uncomfortable We Don’t We Live Like I Said Very Well We Don’t Have A Lot Of Furniture I’ll Say It Like That You Know We Don’t Feel Like The We’re Supposed To Spend A Lot Of Money On Our Own Home You Know We’re Trying To Build This This Congregation And Build This Place To To Help People That God Has Asked Us To Do So All Right You Know We’re Actively Seeking Land Or Private Property That Is Owned By Members Or People To Join That Have Private Property Where We Can Start Having Our Ceremonies And More Public Worship Services You Know We’re Just At The Time Don’t Have The Financial Capabilities To Make That Happen Right Yeah I Remember Right When I Was Seeing Or Watching It I Was Thinking About Derek Right Away And A Couple Of Different That We Have There In Alabama Because I Saw You’re In Alabama And I Was Like And Then Derek Told Me Call In A Little While Ago He’s Like We’re Talking About Mushrooms Of Christianity Go In They Know They’re Surprised To Hear You On There So That’s Awesome And That You Guys Made That Connection Yeah Yeah I’m Really Glad I’m Really Glad To Hear From Youngest I’m Happy That We Have People That Care About This And There’s Been So Much Negative Feedback That It’s Really Nice To Have To Have Positive And I Knew People Were Out There I Was A Little You Know Nervous About Going Public On The News And Things But These People Called Me Asking For Interviews After I Got In Touch With Peter And Ryx At Uab And You Know He Does Al.com Interviews I Guess Regularly And He May Mention Them To Mention Me To Them And It Just Kind Of Progressed From Later But It’s All Exactly What God Wanted To Happen And Intense Yeah That’s Awesome It’s Funny Because This Topic Has Been Up Uh Several Times Come To Me From Different People Talking Different People From Around The World In The Last 24 48 Hours Is Probably By The Third Or Fourth Time And Way That This Topic Came Up So That Must Mean That Uh It Important In The Foreground Of The Consciousness Right Now On The Planet You Know Absolutely You Know I Don’t Believe In And You Know Any Kind Of Coincidence You Know It’s All How It’s Supposed To Be Yeah Right Dan As A Believer Man What Is Your Relationship With Psilocybin Man As A Christian Um It’s Something That I’m Cautious As Far As What I Say To Who Because I Don’t Want To I Was Just Getting Done Having This Conversation Earlier Today With Somebody Was Asking Me About It Just About Like I Don’t Go I’m Telling Everybody They Should Do It Right Say I’m Ready To Do It When People Talking To Me I Just Wound Up Talking To Somebody Else Close To Me An Older Person That Used To You Know They’re Just Having Their Own Awakening And Opening Up To A Lot Of New Things And They Brought It Up And I Could Read Where They Were At Yeah You Know They Were Like Fresh Into There Everything Was New Every Day Their Minds Getting Blown It’s Like New Things Every Day But I Could See There Was Still A Lot Of The Old That Needs To Be Shaken Loose And Stuff And I Just Felt In My Spirit Like Yeah This Person They’re They’re In A Good Place And They’re They’re Ready For It They Would Have A Beneficial Experience And I Say You Know What You Should Probably Try It Out Man Honestly And But What I Was Telling Somebody Else Yesterday Is That Basically When I Was Younger And I Used To Do Drug I Liked Tripping Out I Liked Getting Out Of My Mind I Like You Know Getting Out Of This Reality And If When I Did It Then It Was Still More About Just Like A Party And Have A Good Time Or Have An Experience Just Was Another Experience Type Thing But Because At That Point In My Life I Still Had A Lot Of Junk Inside I Still Had A Lot Of Fears That I Was Suppressing And I Didn’t Even Know They Were There I Still Had All Kinds Of Issues That I Wasn’t Dealing With Or Couldn’t Even See So When I Would Open My Mind Up On A On Something That Would Maybe Just Shift You Dimensionally A Little Bit You Know Shift Your Frequencies A Little A Lot Of Times Where You Tend To Do Is You Tend To Project Outwardly Almost Like An Elusive Dream You Know Just Little Things Here And There They’re Coming From Your Subconscious Mind They’re Coming Up From Within You And They’re Getting Like You Know Splattered Painted On The Wall To Wear Some Stuff Is Real And Look At Their And Then Sometimes Stuff Is In Your Imagination And They Can Overlap In Such A Way Where You Can Distinguish What Is What You Know So When You Have A Lot Of Junk Or Darkness Inside You Haven’t Been Dealt With It Tends To Open It Up To Almost Like Projected Outwardly To Where You You’re Dealing With Yourself Through The Experience That’s What The Experience Is You Know Dealing With Yourself But Later So I Would Have So People Can Have Bad Experiences You Know They Can I Honestly Haven’t Heard Of That Many Bags Please If Bad Experiences Come From People Who Have This Like Gluttonous Or Lustful Experior Enough Is Never Enough You Know They Want Take It To The Extreme They Want To Keep Doing More More More Intermixed Story With It They Want It You Know Right Get Drunk With It They Want To You Know Be At A Party And Then Do Acid And Mix It With Ketamine I’ve Heard Of People Doing It And Having Terrifying Experiences And That Scared The Hell Out Of Me Because They Were Telling Me That Experiences But They Forgot To Tell Me That They Did Ketamine And They Were Drunk And They Were Mixing Everything Together When They Did I Thought That’s A Self-serving Trip And That Right There And Let You Know It’s Not Going To Be Beneficial Because The Real Trip Is Helping You Get Free From Self Helping You Get Free From This Solidified Identity Of Who You Think You Are As An Individual You Know And And Lift Up Into That Higher Self Which Is One With Everything And Over The Years Years Went By I Didn’t Use Psilocybin Or Drugs Or Anything For Several Years And After About Six Years I Went Through My Own Awakening Getting Called Out Of Church Questioning Lots Of Things Being Led Down Different Paths And Then You Know Just Like The Brother Said There Is No Coincidences Everything Is Aligned Perfectly For Its Time And Its Timing And At That Time A Friend Of Mine Was Like Hey I Know This Field Man Blah Blah And Took Me Out There You Know So Probably About A Six Or Eight Month Period On A Semi-regular Frequency Maybe Like Once Twice A Week I Would Eat Them You Know And I Would Just Do I Would Just Meditate Or I Would Just Observe Be Around Other People They Wouldn’t Even Know That I Had Ate A Few You Know And I Would Just Observe But Your Consciousness Is Just In A Slightly Different State It Doesn’t Mean You’re Not In Control You’re Just In A Different State Your Awareness Is Being Aware Of Different Things Mostly Non-physical Things And Where I Was At That Point In My Life I Mean I’ve I’ve I’ve Had Experiences Here And There For The Last Seven Right Eight Years Like I Said That Six Eight Month Period In The Beginning Then I Moved On There So My Experiences Were Much More Infrequent And Especially Down Here My First Couple Years Living In A Place Where I Didn’t Know The Language I Didn’t Know The People You You Want To Be In A Setting That’s Very Comfortable Yeah You Know I Mean Yeah I Think That’s Really Comfortable And You Just Uh You Know You Have Complete Trust And You Can Put Your Mind Off Of Everything And Just Enter Into The Experience So I Really Was Not Even Interested In Trying To Do That Down Here For The First Couple Years But How Had Experiences Down Here On A Handful Of Times And Where It Is Now My Mind I Have A Transform Mind I’m Not Who I Used To Be You Know So The Things Even In My Subconscious A Lot Of Things That We’re Down There I’ve Dealt With And There Might Be Some Other Little Lingering Things You Know I Mean It Maybe It’ll Bring That To A Surface And Show Me The Thing But For The Most Part I’m Thinking About Goodness And Love And Light And Joy And Helping And Being A Part Of The Solution Of The Problem All The Time Anyway So If I Go Into A Another State That Maybe Shift Me More Into My Subconscious Than In My Conscious Mind Well As Long As The Things That I’m Frequently Putting Into Me Our Good Positive Things That’s Pretty Much The Things That Are Going To Surface And Project Outward Into My Experience You Know So A Lot Of It Has To Deal Honestly With Where You’re At Inside Yourself Who You Are In Like What State You Are In At The Time That You’re Embarking On This Experience And What Your Intentions Are And I Always Before Have An Experience I Always Maybe Like Pray Audibly Or Just Speak My Intentions Out And I Say Exactly Because Usually About A Part Acres Because I Have A Particular Question You Know That I’ve Been Thinking On Or Some Air Aspect Of Like Up And Thinka Or Some Certain Kind Of Thing Maybe I’m Going To I Want To Grow In A Certain Area And I You Know I Talk To God I Talk To My Father I Be Honest I Can’t Hide Nothing From God I Can’t Fool God Here I Am So It’s Like What The Point Of You Trying To Think Like That I Just Say The Truth Like You Know The Intention Of My Heart It’s Not Bad It’s Good It’s For Growth And Not Just For Desire My Flesh Lord You Know I’ve Been Thinking About This Or I’m Looking For Some Insight On This Maybe You Can Open My Mind Or Reveal Some Things To Me In This Area And That’s What I’m Looking For And Then I Partake You Know And Most Times A Lot Of Times You’re Always Going To Get Something You Didn’t Even Know To Ask But You Need It You Know But Most Times That I Set An Intention And Ask For Something I Receive A Lot Of Lot Of Answers Or A Lot Of Insight On That Thing Along With Many Other Things That I Couldn’t Even Have Thought To Ask Like Dr. Revelation After Revelation After Revelation Just Enjoying The Flow Yeah That’s A That’s An Amazing Part Of It Is You Know Another Thing That My Elder Told Me Is That The Medicines Are Personal The Creator And Is All-knowing Power Knows Who Will Eat The Medicines When He Makes Them Grow From The Ground In The First Place So Their Eternal Knowledge You Know They They Have An Actual Message From My Creator For Me You Know That Is Embedded In The Medicine That I Choose To Use In Ceremony And What You Said About Dealing With Subconscious Things Until You Get Through Dealing With All Of The Things That God Intended For You To Deal With So That You Can Be The Person That God Intends You Know I Totally Agree With That And I Felt That And That’s Why I’ve Only Had The Mushroom Experience One Time In The Last Three Years And That’s Because When Yeah When I Had Peyote Three Years Ago I Was Told That It Was Time To Take A Break On All Of The Medicines For A While Until Until Further Notice Is The Only Way That I Can See It You Know That God Told Me That And I Realize Now Why Because I Was Doing It Frequently With Others Because I Felt Like When I Went Through The Medicine Or Took Them Through The Medicine That I Needed To Have Some – So That They Didn’t Feel Like That I Was Just There You Know And Not Being There With Them You Know A Lot Of People Want Somebody In A Film That’s Up And I Realized That That Was Causing Me To To Maybe Lose Right Into It Yeah That’s Right Because When I First Was Finding My Path I Would See The Beauty And The Light And The Things That I Needed To Deal With Like You Said Inside The Dark Things When I Would See Dark Things It Was From My Own Self From My Inner Life Of Who I Was And Who I Didn’t Want To Be Anymore And The Things That God Wanted Me To Deal With And Then After That When I Got On My Path And I Was Walking The Path That I Knew I Was Supposed To Walk Then All Of A Sudden It Changed And I Started To See Darkness In The World You Know I Started To You Could Order To Manifest Already Yeah You Know And It Got Almost Threw Me Into A Depression Or It Did Throw Me Into A Pretty Big Depression And I Realized Through The Medicine Of The Pinotti That That’s The Reason That I Was Seeing All Of The Stark Stuff That I Didn’t Necessarily Have To Be Seeing At That Point And God Told Me The Medicine Is For This Sick You Know When You When You Need Medicine Or When You’re Sick Is When You Go To The Medicine You Know And Like You Said Now I Realize That The Only Reason That I Would Go Back To The Medicine Is Because I Have Things That I Need Clarified You Know Things That Have Questions That I Have Or Or Certain Times And Ceremony With Other People When We Go To Pray And You Know That Is When I Need The Medicine Now And If I Was To Take It In Any Other Way It Would Be Not Right Of Me Anymore You Know Yeah So Uh Some Other Experiences Sutton You Were Saying Uh During That Six To Eight Month Period When It Came Back Around Into My Life And I Grew Tremendously From Out I Was Having A Lot Of You Know I Was Out Every Time Having Revelations And Just Feeling You Know Totally Out There In The Spirit But Uh I I Can’t Remember Where I Got The Message It Was Through The Video On Youtube Or For Somebody And Somebody Had Said To Me Once You Have Your Experience I Can’t Remember How They Worded Though It’s Basically Like Once You’ve Received A Revelation You Don’t Got To Keep Seeking The Revelation Ya Know And They Were Basically Telling Me Like You Know That The The The Farthest Point Of The Revelation Which You Can Just Keep On Elaborate On That Point But The Point That Brings You To Oneness With God Or Oneness With The Spirit Or One That’s With The One You Know Oneness With The All Bring You To That Point I Mean That’s It You Know And Then You Can Sit There And Ponder On It And Think About What All That Means What That’s The Revelation And One By Whatever Means You Get Led Down The Path To That Revelation Could Just Be Strictly By Words By Somebody Ministering To You It Could Be Through A Sacred Plant It Could Be Through Whatever But Whatever Gets You To The Point Of Revelation Of Seeing The Oneness In All Things And You Being A Part Of That Okay Then That Was The Purpose Of That Thing But What If It Was This Plant That Brought You To The Relation Now You’ve Had The Revelation It Rocked Your World And Change Your Mind Now Your Life Is Doing You Don’t Have To Keep Going Back To The Plant To Remember That Truth About Yourself Sometimes We Kind Of Feel Like That What We Do At The Beginning To Really Get It Cemented In It But Eventually You Got To Get To A Point Where You Are That Living Revelation With Or Without The Plant Because You’ve Already Had The Revelation Absolutely You Know And That’s What We Were Discussing Earlier About The Nature Of Sin You Know We’re Supposed To Deal With Sin And In The Beginning We Have A Lot Of Issues To Deal With We Have A Lot Of Things That We Have To Bring Into Submission To The You Know We Have To To The Submission Of Christ You Know We Have To Take All These Thoughts Captive That Were Normally Used To Just Let In Our Mind Just Wonder And Do What It Wants To Do And We Have To Be Responsible Now Take Every Thought Captive And Bring It Into The Obedience Of Christ Which Is Unconditional Love For Our Neighbor You Know As We Love Ourselves But It’s Real Easy To To Get Caught Up In Well The Only Way I Can Do That Is To Continue Taking This Medicine You Know What I Mean And That’s Not True You Know Like What The Sin Eventually We’re Supposed To Get It Right And Stop Doing The Things That We Know We Shouldn’t Do Instead Of Saying Well God Knows That We’re Going To Do All This Bad Stuff And He And He Made He Made A Way For Me To Be Okay Anyway By Coming And Dying On The Cross And That May Be True That God Loves Us And Knew That We Were Wicked And That’s Why He Came And Died On The Cross Because We Weren’t Able To Make The Sacrifice Ourselves But At Some Point On The Path We Are Supposed To Stop Having All Of Those Issues You Know If We’re Walking In The Spirit We’re Putting The Flesh To Death On Her For Walking In The Flesh We’re Putting The Spirit To Death That’s Galatians Paul Speaking You Know So With The Medicine Like I Said I’ve Had It One Time In Three Years And That’s Because I Was At A Camping Small Little Music Festival With Some Church Family In April And I Just Felt The Spirit Say Okay It’s Tom And I Sat In Front Of The Fire And I Was Going Through A Lot Of Anxiety And Depression Again Then You Know Just All This Stuff From All The The Church Business All Of The Things With Just Life And It Really Helped Me To Ground Myself Again You Know Even Though All I Took Was A Very Very Small Amount And Hey That’s That’s Okay Go Ahead I’m Sitting Here Just Reflecting Back On Side I Haven’t Thought About In A Long Time I’m Almost Like Visually Seeing It In Front Of Me But The First Time I Ever Ate Mushrooms Right We Was Like I Was Just A Young Punk Put A Whole Crowd Of People That Partied All Time So We Stayed Out Drinking All Night One Night And Sun Came Up And They Was Like Come On We’ll Go Get Mushrooms I Was Like The Last One To Experiment With Most Things At My Friend’s It Was Already Doing All Kind Of Jordan Stuff I Just Drank Smoked A Little Bit Of Weed But I Was Like I Was I Was On A Bender I Was Like I Don’t Care Yeah Let’s Do It We Went Out Looking For Lush And Stuff Wound Up Getting Some Mushrooms And Then I Drank It I Had A Crazy Trip Totally Totally Threw Me Into Another Realm I Didn’t Even Know To Expect So I Was Having A Crazy Trip Then That Night They Wound Up Throwing On The Movie The Matrix When It Had First Come Out On Dvd And I Was Like Tripping Balls While I Watched That Matrix Like I Was No Spiritual Intent Or Anything You Know Well I Remember Like I Didn’t Know Anything About The Matrix You Know That Weapon That Was What That Was Probably Almost Oh 15 Years Ago 16 Years Ago Select Asif I Didn’t Even Know Anything About Waking Up I Didn’t Know Anything About That I Didn’t Even Know I Was Blind I Didn’t Even Know I Didn’t Know Anything About Anything You Know And Here’s This Movie The Matrix Which Is So Crazy And Deep And Layered And Then I’m On This On The Mushroom Trip And I’m Sitting There Locked In A Trance I Can’t Even Move My Body All That Could Do It I Can’t Move My Eyes And Scan Around The Room A Little Bit But This Movie Was Great For Me I Listen To Everything They Say And Like I Started Believing You Know And Next Thing I Know I’m Looking Around I’m Like No No This Is Even Real You Know And I Remember Having That Experience About Learning About A Matrix Learning About False Reality Connected To This First Experience Of Mushrooms Because Whatever It Did To Assist And In Effect It Would Like Almost Like A Partner Or A Helper To The Movie You Know To Get Through To Me Or Something It Was Weird Yeah I’ve Always Had A Beard Even When I Wasn’t Looking For It Yeah Yeah Yeah That’s Right I Mean It Is Spiritual It Opens Up Those Those Places I’m Gonna Go Ahead And See If Matt Is Able To Come Back On So Matt What’s Cocaine You There Matthew Oh Man You I Was Going On Hey On Up Just Enjoying The Show Today Good To Hear From Ha Ha Has Been Resurrected Recently And He Has Been Acting Union Um An Even Divine Oh The Other Day I Had A Weird Experience Where I Felt That I Should Have Followed My Intuition And Just Go To This One Place Had No Idea Why Where How What But I Eventually Ended Up There And Long Story Short I Was Blessed That Night With Some Some Uh Cheese And Liquid Mushrooms Um And It Was A Quite An Experience That I Would Never Ever Recommend Taking Any Medicine On While Your Might Have The Strong Flu But Nonetheless Even Through That Suffering There Was There Was Revelation Where There Was A God Was Definitely Doing Work Within Me And It Was Definitely Him Who Orchestrated Me Running Into Those Getting Them For Free That’s Awesome Man How Would You Speak To The Disconnect That This Is Something That Christians Shouldn’t Be Involved With Because I Know You’re A Believer As Well I Don’t Know If You Call Yourself A Christian But You Are A Believer And The Death Burial And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And And Him Make An Atonement For Our Sins Man How Do You Justify That Biblically And Just Knowing And What It Does To You I Justified Many Different Ways Um Especially One Of The First Ways Is That Uh Just In My My Deepening Of Understanding History God Scriptures Everything Works Together As Noticing Even More And More And More How Justice Like The The Mainstream Christianity That Completely Is Opposed To Any Possible Potential Use Of Mind-altering Plants That Were Created By God And Given To Us By God That That Form Of Completely Blind Christianity Is Actually Kind Of The Antichrist Religion In A Sense And It’s Replacing Christ With This Intellectual Men Tality Rather Than An Experiential Reality And Look At The Interesting Side Of The Antichrist You Know I’m Sorry Go Ahead Finish What You Were Say No I Did It Is Out But Just On That Note Um One Thing Is That Medicine Has Helped Teach Me Was I I Get Stuck In My Head A Lot I’m An Intellectual Guy I Read And Even Though I Grew Up In The Church And I Definitely Knew God And Was Aware Of Them As I Began To Have More Awakening Experiences Through Psychedelics I Began To Realize That Like My Conception Of God And Not Just My Conception But My Connection Like Where I Went What I Wanted To Talk With Him Was More Of An Intellectual Head Saying Of Neurons Like I Would Go Into My Head Pray To God Rather Than Into My Heart And It Really Helped Like Expose This This False God That I Had Created In My Head That Was Just The Accumulation Of Doctrine What Everyone Told Me That God Was But Once I Began To Get It All That Peeled Away Began To Experience God For For Who He Is Experienced In Personally Rather Than Just Hearing About Him Not That I Had Not Experienced Him Before But It Was Such A New Intimacy Um And Then Through That I Also Like I Began Researching This And I Began How Just Really Getting Into Because Something That You Know It’s It’s Quite Amazing It’s It’s Quite Um I Don’t Know How To Put It But It’s Something That Definitely Wants To Do Again And In That Like In Seeking Out If It Was Okay Or Not I Began To Find Out That Actually Like A Lot Of The Stuff In The Bible Was Written With The Aid Of Entheogens And It Even Says It And They’re Even Places Where It Points Towards The Ancient Priesthood Using Plants Created By God To Get Into Deeper Communion With Him To Get Past Our Own Barriers And Boundaries And To Just You Know Slingshot Right Into His Presence And There’s Even Veiled Metaphor Of Mushrooms In The Bible In Multiple Places Both Old And New Testament And I Realized That It Was Kept Secret For A Reason Because And You Guys Probably All Know How How Big The Potential For Abuse Is Yeah But Um But It Was Kept From Those Who Had No Knowledge Those Who Were Stuck On The More Literal List More Like Just You Have To Believe This And That’s All That Matters You Doesn’t Matter How You Live We Just Have To Accept This Doctrine And I Don’t Know Just My Experiences With With Also Reading The Bible And Other Scriptures On Mushrooms Has Opened Up Pathways Of Understanding That Has Just Shown Me That This Plants Created By God For Our Benefits Was Created By God For Our Benefit I Know That Sounds Simple And Stupid And Redundant But It’s It Was Created By God This Was Not A Mistake This Is Not A Trick Of The Enemy It’s Created For Us And That Was Kind Of What Solidified That Within Me Was That Uh Or Certified The Reality That These Are Okay When Properly Used Was That Not Only The Common Sense That God Created For Our Benefit But The Ancient Priesthood Used It Some Of The Books Of The Bible Were Written On Experiences Of It And Even My Experiences Myself Like Even Without Fiction Without Anything External I Experienced The Intr Worth Through That Ntog Really Just I Know Peeled Away The Layers Of Religious Dogma That Had Accumulated Over The Years Yeah That’s That’s Really Interesting That You Talk About A Trickery Of The Enemy And That’s What People Want To Call This And What Really Is The Trickery Of The Enemy Is Exactly What You Call The Antichrist Church I Do That I Call It That Too You Know Those That Say That Everything That God Created Is Evil And The Only Thing That’s Divine Is This Doctrine That Has Nothing To Do With The Gospel That They Serve Yeah Um It’s Uh It’s Really Really Mind-blowing And It’s Hard To Understand And The Only Thing That I’ve Gotten In Scripture There Or From Prayer Is That He Does That That Plank That Sin Have Everybody That Price Talked About As That We Have To Remove The Plinth From Our Own Eyes To See Clearly To Remove The Speck From Our Brother’s Life It’s Just Really You Know It’s It’s That’s What People Can’t Take Through You Know They Can’t See The True Word Of God Because They’re Not Inhabited By The Spirit Of God Which Is Only Thing That Can Understand The True Word Of God You Know Only The Word Understands The Word Evelyn And People Aren’t Taught To Truly Be Reborn They’re Taught To Say Prayers You Know And They’re Saved You Know Which Is One Of Our Things In Our Code Of Ethics And We Don’t Claim To Be Able To See People With This Church You Know People Have To Do That Themselves They Have To Ask For That Themself You Know Um There’s A Real Not Disconnect There Because It’s Kind Of Kind Of Ties In What You’re Saying About Just Believing A Doctrine And Nothing Else Matters Right So Um Somebody Wrote An Article About Me And I And I Found It Online About Two Weeks Ago And I Shared It On Facebook Just Out Of Like Hey This Person Wants Publicity You Know You Know I’m Going To Give You The Publicity Now And So All Of My Fans And All My People They All Seen It And They All Commented On Their And He Was Like Painting Me To Be This Devil Worshiper And Someone Who’s Twisting The Bible And You Know All Of These Things That I Was A False Prophet Of God All Kind Of Stuff Like That And Then People On There Like You Know Derek’s A Good Guy He’d Give You The Shirt Off His Back You Know He’s Been There For Me When Nobody Else Would And People Were Just Saying All These Different Accolades That I’ve Done For Them And How I Was A Good Father And A Good Husband And Consistent On My Job And My Work Ethic And All Of This Stuff And He Said And He Would Just Kept Reiterating That Don’t Mean Anything That Don’t Mean Anything He Believes This My Contention I’m Not Saying That He’s Bad For That He’s Bad Because He Doesn’t Believe Ba Ba Ba Ba Or Whatever And I’m Blown Away By The Fact That With This Antichrist Church So We’re Talking About This This False Doctrine That’s Rampid Is That All You Have To Do Is Believe A Certain Type Of Way And You Can Do Anything And So They Would Promote People Who Are Cheaters Or Somebody Who Can’t Hold Down A Job Somebody Who Is Not Diligent In Their Work Ethic And All Of These Things And People Who Were Just Backbiters And Stuff Like As Long As You Believe This Doctrine You’re Cool With Us Versus Um Believing This Doctrine That Is Going To Show Your Works Right Because Your Belief Will Show Your Works You Know And I Can I Cannot Tie Those Together How We Can Demonize Somebody For Just A Belief System But The Works That Come Out Of It Are Beautiful You Know I’m Saying I Don’t I Don’t Understand That That That Disconnect That All Man And It’s Something That’s Super Rampant In The Church They Don’t Care What You Do But They Care About What You Believe In What You Profess To Believe In It’s Crazy Man Well Its Doctrines Written By Demons Is What Paul Called It Yeah You Know That’s That’s Exactly What It Is And That I Love Their Own You Know I Mean It’s It’s Evident It’s Right There In Front Of Your Face You Know It’s You Know I Have A Brother That I Love Very Very Much But He Is A Methodist Pastor And Even Though He’s Very Open-minded And Very Much Not Somebody That Just Damns People I’ve Talked To Him About This Experience Years Ago Before I Even Started This Church Or Any Other Church For That Matter Because We Were Inner Light Ministries Before We Got Involved With Nac And He Told Me That One Of The Things That The Methodist Organization Makes Them Do To Become A Pastor Is That They Have To Take An Oath That They’ll Never Use Anything That Alters Their Consciousness Now The Dow’s Things What’s That Is That Include Coffee Well See That’s What I’m Talking About You Know They They Say They Make Them Take These Oaths That Are Directed Specifically At Things Like Alcohol And The Mushroom And Cannabis And The Peyote Cactus And Any Of These Sacraments That We’re Speaking Of The Iboga Plant You Know The Hiawatha Vine And Leaf That Is Used You Know They Are Told That They In Order To Be A Servant Of God They Have To Make An Oath That They’ll Never Use These Natural God-given Plants Ever In Their Life And That Is A Trick That’s The Trick Of The Enemy To Keep People’s Minds Closed And Locked Into Doctrine Because What They Talk About Is Making A Decision For Christ Like You’re Saying You Know It So-and-so Made A Decision For Christ We’re So Happy And They Celebrated And They Fly All Over The World To Go Get People To Make Decisions For Christ And Then Once They’ve Made The Decision Like You Said It Doesn’t Matter How You Live Your Life Anymore You Know You’ve Made The Decision So Now You’ve Got A Free Get Out Of Hell Card Or Get Into Heaven Card Or However You Want To Say It And That Is The Blasphemous Doctrine That Needs To Be Shot Down You Know That’s Why We Need A New Reformation You Know Martin Luther Called Out The Catholic Church When They Were Wicked And Evil And Just Completely Selling Salvation Literally Selling It You Know And It’s Time For That To Happen Again We Need Enough People To Stand Up And Say This Is Not The Way Up Odd And This Is Not The Way Of Christ And We Need To Stand Up And Say It Loud Whether People Want To Use These Medicines Or Not Um You Know That Doesn’t Matter You Know In In That You Know Point People Find God Through Like You Says Meditation On Many Different Ways But They Can’t Find God If They’re Stuck Banging Their Head Against The Door That’s Never Going To Open That’s Just Been Jammed Shut With Ignorance And And People Just Blindly Following Things That They Were Taught Generation After Generation And I Totally Believe That That’s What The Scripture Speaks About About The Sins Of The Fathers Are Revisited On The Children You Know That’s Not Because God Is A Vindictive God And Wants To Punish Kids For What Their Parents Did It’s Because We Teach Our Children What We Were Taught And There’s Nothing To Break The Cycle Until Somebody You Know Receives The Spirit Of God Through Worshiping Jesus Christ Truly And Walk In The Path Of Light When Breaking The Cycle In Their Life So That They Can Break The Cycle From Being Passed To Their Children Yeah You Know I Say God For For That In My Life Because My Children Would Definitely Be Completely Different If I’d Stayed The Man I Was You Know And It Wouldn’t Be A Good Thing Oh Well If Somebody’s Listening To The Show Man And They Feel That Calling Like They Won’t They Feel Like This Substance Is Calling To Them This This Sacred Mushroom This Dis Encounter Is Calling Them They Don’t Know Where To Go They Don’t Know What To Do They Want To Get Involved With The Church Tell Us About The Steps That You Have To Take If Somebody Wants To Schedule A Session With You Guys Or Come Sit In On Our Ceremony Give Us A Little Bit Of Information About What They Need To Do If They Want To Make That Happen Um Well What We Have To Do Is Just Talk To Each Person About Their You Know Their Life Their Reasonings Behind Wanting To Become The Church Obviously Like You Said You Said There’s A Big Potential For People That Just Want To Abuse This And And Misuse Things As Much As We Hope And Wish That That Didn’t Happen You Know But Anybody Interested Can Send The Emails To Inner Light Nac Yahoo.com Not Our Email And Ask For Information And We Set Up Either Phone Conversations Or Personal Meetings Depending On How Far People Are From Us To Talk To Them About Why They Won’t Join And What Their Reasons Are For Wanting Medicine And When We Feel The People Are Sincere And We Send Out Approval Letters For Them To Join The Church Um Through Its All Done Online And We Send Out Approval Letters And Information About How To Make That Happen Um The Our Main Branch Out Of Utah Requires A $30 Contribution To Join You Into The Church Because We Have Ideas That Have To Be Made And Said You Will Get A Photo Id With In Federal Id Number That’s Assigned To Your Name And All Of That Costs Money And That’s The Only Reason That We Ask For Those Fees And That They Are Mandatory In The Beginning But That Is Then A Lifetime Membership In The Church You Know There’s Never Any Other Obligation For Donations Although We Have To Have Donations To Function And Be Able To Help People Because With This Wellness Center We Don’t Want To Ever Have To Turn People Away Because They Don’t Have Funds You Know We Don’t Ever Want To Turn Into Something Like That We Don’t Want To Charge Any Fees For Anybody But What That Said We Have To Have Funding We Have To Be Able To Buy Land Because One Of The Major Objections We’ve Had From Law Enforcement And Other People Is That We Are Supposed To Be On Our Own Land It’s Church Property You Know And We’ve Been Doing These Ceremonies In Places Like Public Parks And You Know National Parks And State Parks And Anywhere We Can Find That’s A Quiet Peaceful Play That It Can Be Controlled But Now With All This Attention And Like I Said A Lot Of It Has Been Not So Friendly We Feel Like That We Really Need To Have Private Land Whether Its Land That The Church Purchases Or Is Donated To Us Or Its Land That A Member Has That We Can Have These Ceremonies On But We Also You Know Are Just Looking For People That May Not Want To Join The Church But Still Want To Help With This Movement And Believe In The In The You Know Power Of The Medicines We Understand That People Have A Lot Of Problems With The Name Jesus Because Of These False Churches And These False Doctrines And I Know That Anybody I’ve Ever Sat Down With That Had Those Problems Haven’t Had The Problems With Me After The End Of The Conversation Because They Understand Who Jesus Christ Really Is And That They Were Lied To By People That Want To Beat Them Down With With Whatever It Is That They Were Beat Down By You Know And There’s Millions Of Different Ways That Happens As We All Know Through The Modern Christian Church Um You Can Also Find Information That Inner Light Nac Dot-org That’s Our Independent Branch Website And We’re Also On Facebook At Inner Light Aqua The Native American Church So The Bottom Line Is That We All Have To Just Talk And And See Where People Are And We Just Try To Meet People Where They’re At And And Ask God What They Need And Help Them However We Can Yeah It’s Awesome And I Know Something Very Small Right Now But I Think The Vision Behind It Is Really Big So Anybody Out There Who’s Listening Man If You Have Some Money And You Feel Led To Donate Definitely Go To Their Website Inner Light Nac Org I Know That Certain People Are Blessed And Gifted In That Area To Be Able To Sew Into A Ministry Like This Financially Where As Other People Cannot But If You’re Blessed On That Level And You Feel A Connection Or You Want To Get Up With These Guys Definitely Do So They Need All The Help That They Can Get Think That We Need To Get Over The Fear Of Speaking About This Stuff Me Dan And Matt We’re Talking Maybe Even A Year Ago About Doing This Particular Podcast But It’s Been This Long And I’ve Talked To Each One Of These Guys About It Just Getting Over The Hurdle Of The Fear Of Talking About It Something That We Feel So Strongly About Something That Has So Many Beautiful Benefits Something That It Will Connect You To God In The Spirit Of God And So If You Have Any Fears Man It’s Time To Get Over The Fear Because All People Are Looking For Is For Somebody To Speak Up And For You To Speak Up Then They’re Just Going To Confirm Something Within Them And They’ll Know I’m Telling You Man I’ve Seen It Time And Time Again As Being A Forerunner Of Just Speaking On Things That God Has Given Me That You Know Saying That You Don’t Hear Anybody Talking About And So No Christians Are Talking About This So We Have To Go To The Secular People The Secular Guys The Scientists The The Doctors There’s So Many People Who Are Doing The Research In This But As Believers Man We Believe That Christ Plays A Big Part In This Man That Christ Is Love Who Is Incarnated In In The Form Of A Man And Then So When We’re Talking About Healing We’re Talking About Love Definitely If You Guys Feel A Connection If You Want To Get Up With Chris Rushing And The Native American Church Of Inner Light It’s In Warrior Alabama Definitely Do So Me And My Crew We’re Going To Take A Trip Up There Very Soon Become A Member Supported Financially Whatever You Got To Spread The Word Share The Article Share The Podcast Share The Website All Of That Good Stuff Man Because All Of This Spreads Awareness Because Even With A Podcast Like This And We’re Speaking Highly Of The Substance In Christ And What God’s Doing In In Brother Chris’s Life There’s Other People Who Are Blogging Right Now And Even After They Hear This They’re Blogging To Tear Down This Work And Calling Him Blasphemous And Saying That We Are Deceived And Things Like That So All Of The Positive Reinforcements That We Can Do To Talk About This To Fund It I’m Telling You All Of It Matters So Make Sure You Hit The Share Button On This And Definitely Get Plugged In With What This Brothers Doing Before We Get Off The Phone There’s A Couple More Topics I Wanted To Touch On Really Quick Wanted To Get Your Take On The Term What This Means To You The Church Of Inner Light Simply Because That Word Has Been Ringing So True In My Spirit For The Last Couple Months In Her Life I Was Wanting To Know I Was Thinking About Naming This Podcast The Inner Light Podcast You Know I’m Saying So What Does That Mean To You Ma’am Because Some Of Your Revelation On Inner Light And What That Means Um Well When I Knew That We Were Going To Start A Ministry In 2011 I Was Praying About What To Call It What Our Images Will Be You Know For It And Everything On Our Business Cards On Things Like That And God Just Gave Me That Word And I Kept Seeing That Does Words Inner Light And I Started Realizing That You Know That’s What We All Have Inside Of Us That Just Has To Be Tapped Into And The Key To That Is Jesus Christ And You Know When The Teachers Of The Law Asked Jesus Where Is This Kingdom Of Heaven That You Speak Of And When Will We See It He Told Them That They Misunderstand That The Kingdom Isn’t Here Or There It’s Within You And That’s What Just Really Hit Home With Me Was I Just Kept Hearing Inner Light And Admit So Much To Me After What I Had Felt Manifest Through Me As I Started Walking The Path And Well That Said I Want To Say Something That I Meant To Say A Minute Ago About The Whole The Thing He Said About There’s Not Many Christians That Believe In This And This Is Something That I’ve Spoken To With Other Doctors And Researchers Is That One Of The Things That The Researchers Don’t Talk About As Much On Their Their You Know Websites Where They Have You Know Their Writings About What They Found Is The Majority Of The People Involved In The Research With Psilocybin And Other Psychedelic Researcher Anthea Genic Is A Better Word Research They Is That They Are All Believers In Christ Almost All Of Them Are Believers In Christ And They Are In Some Sort Of Christian Church Or Christian Faith And That’s Something That I Didn’t Realize Was The Case But It’s Been Very You Know Helpful To Me You Know To Realize That The People That Are Dedicating Their Lives To This Are My Brothers And Sisters In Christ As Well And That’s Very Positive And You Know I Just Wanted To Make Sure That I Mentioned That Because We Are So Used To Like You Said That Being So Taboo In That Circle Of People Yeah That’s What Inner Light Just Means God You Know The God Within Us You Know That Christ That We Should Connect With Is Up Matt If Did You Have Anything Else You Wanted To Share A Man Before We End The Show I’m Gonna Bring Dan Back Into To Give You A Give You Know One Last Statement But You Had Anything Matt That You Want To Do That You Think Would Benefit Believers Who Were Contemplating Doing This Or Felt Like It Was Calling Them Mm-hmm I Guess I Just Want To Encourage People To Make Sure That You Find A Safe Space Or A Contained Environment Where You Can Just Unwind For A While And Just Spend Time Alone With The Design You Know Books On The Scriptures Help And Should Be Something There To Flip Through In Case The Mascara Leads You Left To Right Oh No Just Whenever You Take Them Make Sure You Spend The Time Inside Don’t Spend All The Time Just Looking Out At All The Pretty Colors Look At All The Pretty Color Isn’t Sin As Well I’m Not Absolutely Looking That Color The Light There Just Make Sure You Spend Time Looking At The Colors From The Lights As In The Light Of The World The Light Of The Light We Said Of God The Power There That’s Really Interesting That You’re Saying That Because That’s Something Else That We Have Been Discussing In Depth Lately Is You Know The Way That We Have Personal Therapy With Somebody When We’re Not Having Fire Ceremony Obviously When A Lot Of Us Gather We Don’t Go Just Straight Within Ourselves We Have Communion With Each Other But When We Have Personal Therapy Sessions With People That’s Exactly What They Do They Lay Down With A Mask That Blocks Out All Light And Usually Have Earphones On And They Go Completely Within Themselves And Have Music That I’ll Pray And Ask God To Tell Me What Kind Of Music They Need Or What Playlists I Have Different Playlists That I’ve Saved In The Research They Usually Use Classical Music I Use Everything From You Know Just You Know Classical Well Not Really Classical But You Know Just Any Kind Of Music You Know I’ve Never Really Thought About The Classical Part Of It But The Inner Light Is So Significant Because Light In This World Only Exists When Our Eye Reads Light You Know And Color I Mean Color Only It Only Exists When Our Registers Light And It Shows Us What Different Frequencies That Photons Are Bouncing Off Of Are Called What We Have Been Taught Or Green Red Yellow Orange And When We Close Our Eyes And Go Inside Ourselves Obviously Our Eyes Are No Longer Interpreting The Light On The Outside Yet We See Some Of The Most Brilliant Amazing Colors That We Never See In This In This Consciousness You Know And That’s An Amazing Thing That That I Believe That You Touched On There About Going Inside Yourself And Letting God Do The Work Instead Of Trying To Set Up A Beautiful Place It’s Nice To Have A Beautiful Place That You Need To Have A Comfortable Space Like You’re Saying And It’s Good To Have A God With You Or Somebody There That’s Versed In What These Medicines Do To Help But It’s A It’s Very Important To Let Yourself Go And Try Not To Hold On To Control To Let Go As Much As Possible And Lay There And Let Yourself Just Be Taken Away By The Medicine By God It Let It Let The Spirit Do What It Wants And You Will Find Some Of The Most Amazing Revelations And Beauty That You’ve Ever Experienced Or Ever Will For That Matter Until We Leave This Body Yeah I Mean I Put It In My Music You Know All The Colors Them Alone They Are Worth Seeing And My Away Can You Tell Me If I’m Really Dreaming Symbols And Numbers As I Decipher The Sacred Meanings It’s Beautiful Dan What’s Going On Man You Got A Closing Statement Yeah Trying To Meet Out My Crying Baby In The Back I Just Wanted To Say Two Things One Thing Is What You’re Eating Around The Time Of Having The Experience Can Be Very Important Like If You Can Eat Fish If People Are Eating Meat And Stuff If You Got A Lot Of Stuff In Your System That Hasn’t Been Broken Down And Digested It Can It Can Block The Assimilation You Know If You’re Drinking A Tea Or Something Man My Baby Crying Right Ruin It But If You Have A Lot Of Stuff In Your System Your Systems Trying To Break It Down It Can Interfere With You The Amount That You’ll Be Able To Assimilate Into Your Bloodstream And Actually Feel The Effects You Can Even Wind Up Wasting It You Know If You You Might Want To Prepare Like If You Really Consider It A Sacred Experience Maybe That Day Maybe Even Faster That Day Or Just Fruits And Vegetables Before You Have The Experience And I Think That Whatever The Vibes Of The Food Inside Of You – At That Time Can In Affect Your Experience And Then I Just Wanted To Say Man It’s Awesome That You’re Doing This Show Cause Like I Said Honestly Like Three Different People In The Last Day Of Asking Me About Reach Out To Me I Just Had An In-depth Conversation This Morning With Somebody On The Other Side Of The World They Was Reaching Out To Me Asking Me About The Subject And I’m Glad I’ll Just Be Able To Send A Link To This Write To Them And I Think That More And More If This Topic The Topic Of Weed The Topic Of Mushrooms The Topic Of Natural Mind-altering Substances And We Think All Time Letting Your Mind Altering That It’s Making You Like You Know Out Of Control Or Whatever It Isn’t Or Something She Is Just Shifting The Perception Of The Mind And Letting You Have This Experience I Think That These Things Are Going To Become More More Obvious And Apparent And You’re Going To Hear A Lot More People Talking About It Until It Just Becomes Understood And That’s Why It’s Good Like You Say About Being A Front Runner I Think One Of The No Things Just To Remember About All Is Because I Think It’s Going To Be The Same Situation With Weed In The States Because Now Weed Is Becoming Legalized Everywhere But You Know What I Don’t Live In A Country Every Time I Go Back I See More And More The Weed Industry Changing And Growing You Know And What Happens With When Anything Becomes A Product And Money Gets Involved It Just Keeps Building New New Forms And Then They Get They Want To Have More Potent You Know And Then New Different Things You Can Do With It And Then It Next Thing You Know They’re Doing Dabs And They Got Machines When They’re Doing All Your Seven They Got Splittable Banach Unnatural Potency Of Stuff You Know It’s Not Saying That Those Things Can’t Be Used In Harness But If Not The Way That It’s Naturally Occurring And So With All Things People Need To Learn Modesty Yeah You Know How To Have Discretion And Self-control And To Just Use The Right Amounts And To Use It With Correct Intention Stuff Because The Spirit Will Lead And Goddess Appear If Your Intentions Are Pure And You Know You’re Not Trying To Go Overboard Or Just Give Given To The Desires Of Self Or Some Kind Of Experience But Keep It Pure Yeah The Spirit Will Eat And Guide You Yeah Dan Go Ahead A Hug You’re Our Radio Show Right Quick Man All Right Cool Yeah We’re Coming On In About An Hour It’s Called Truth Underground You Go To Truth Underground Live.com And We’ll Be Live From 9:00 To 11:00 Eastern Time And Last Night We Got Into A Lot About Electric Foods Alkaline Vegan Diet And The Interaction With Us Being Electrical Machines We Talk About A Lot Of Different Things Tonight Laughs Last Night This Morning Somebody Was Asking Me A Little Bit About Fasting So I Think We’re Going To Jump Into Fasting A Little Bit Tonight We’ll Have Five Try And Take Some Calls The Second Hour So It’s From Nine To Eleven Truth Underground Live.com You Can Listen Live There And Yeah Man We Said To Call Over I Entered It Means A Lot Yeah Thing I Appreciate Everybody Calling In And Being A Part Of Just Trying To Spread This Truth You Know It’s It’s Really It Really Helps Me To Have A Lot More Positive Vibes In My Life To Know That There’s Brothers Out There That Care Yeah I Appreciate It I Want To Thank All All Of You We Actually Should We Actually Did A Podcast Like This About What She Knows About Three Four Years Ago But We Had Anonymous Ids You Know It Was Like Nervous And Scared About Coming Out And Talking About It Yeah Yeah Well That’s Just How It Is Man You Know We Have To Get Out There Being In Flight It’s Like You Say You Know Or Y’all Are Saying You Know Who’s Going To Do It You Know Unless We’re On The Forefront Right Yeah You Know We Have To Go And Tell People So That They Can Hear It And Feel Empowered And Say Yeah You Know What I Felt The Same Thing You Know And Then We Can It Don’t We Can Make Some Not So Scary When You’re Not Alone You Know I’m Saying This Regular Just Talking And Agreeing On It It’s Not So Scary When You You Got A Couple Other People Backing You Up And Saying Yeah For Real I Can Confirm What He’s Saying Because I Have That Same Experience Oh And I Think It Is The Gospel Man I Think It Is Good News So I Think Doing Anything That We Do Is Universally Is A Good News Man That We Should We Should We Should Tell It You Know From The Mountain Man You Know I’m Saying It Something That Helped Us Something That Blessed Us And Not To Be Afraid With The People Because People Say Well You Know I Rather Just Talk About The Gospel You Guys Are Into Some Other Things I’d Rather Just Keep It To The Gospel Well This Is The Gospel You Know Yeah Absolutely Truth Truth The Truth Will Set You Free You Know The Truth You Know Jesus Said I’m The Way The Truth And The Life You Know Anything That Brings Truth Is Part Of That You Know And That Is Everything That God Created Do You Know That’s Not Chosen Darkness You Know I Deal With That What A Lot Of People That Believe That God Has Darkness In Him Because If Darkness Exists Here That It’s Got To Be A Part Of The Creator Because Everything Flows From The Creator And That Is Not The Truth You Know God Created Free Will And Free Will Was What Created Darkness Because People Choose It You Know God Doesn’t Want Darkness Darkness Didn’t Exist Before Lucifer Chose Darkness For The First Time It Was A Foreign Thing You Know What’s The Gay Man Dude Thanks For Coming On The On The Show I Know We’re Gonna Be Making Stuff Together I’d Love To Have You Back On We’re Gonna Try To Get You Down To Mobile Which I’m Still Working On That I’ve Been Making Some Phone Calls Trying To Find A Perfect Place But Everybody In Mobile Get Ready We’re Going To Have Chris Down Here To Do A Speaking And Teaching As Well Also Listen Trust Me Guys I Can’t Reiterate It Enough I’m Not Begging For Your Money But If God Has Blessed You Some People Are Blessed In This Area God Has Positioned People Financially For Them To Give To Bless Others And Be A Blessing If That’s You If You Feel Like You Want To Partner With This Ministry Go To Inner Light In A Sea Org And Give To What These Guys Are Building Man Because We Need People On The Front Lines Doing This They Have The Facility Like I Said We’re Going To Be Going There Let’s Make This Happen Guys Spread This Awareness And Let’s Make It Happen So Chris Man Do You Have Anything In Closing That We Didn’t Cover That You Wanted To Make Sure That You Got Out Well I Just Want To Say That That’s What We’re Trying To Work Towards Was Having A Facility Right Now We Don’t Have A Place Where We Can You Know Have A Safe Place For People Which Is Why I Have Not Been Doing Promoting Any Anything Much At All Other Than With Specific Members That Have Their Own Homes That We Go To And Have Private Safe Places But Right Now We Have To Get Land And We Have To Create The Spaces So That We Can Have A Safe Place We Want To Build Small Little You Know Cabins Where People Can Come And They Can Have Their Own Space And They Don’t Have To Come In Out Of The Medicine And Leave We Want To Give Them Three Days A Day Of Prayer And Preparation A Day For The Medicine And A Day Of Reflection And Even Longer If They Want Act You Know We Want To Make Sure That This Space Is There And Every Bit Of That It Cost Money Sad To Say You Know But It Is The World We Live In And We Believe That God Will Move The Whole To Those Who Who Have The Funds And Can Help Absolutely I’m Believin With You Man And There’s So Many Places That Are Opening Up Around The U.s. Where People Are Taking People In To Do This So It Is Something That Is Growing But What Is Superduper Unique About You Guys Is That The Focus Of Christ Men The Focus Of Having This Intimacy And Relationship And Encounter With Jesus Dude And Bringing Him Into That Situation Not Dude Like He Is The Exception Man He Is The Overseer Like He Guards You And Guide You With Peace And Protection It’s Beautiful Man So The Reason You Guys Are Doing It And You Guys Have Christ In The Center Of It That’s What Separates You Guys From The Rest Man And We’re Going To Be Behind It Back In It And Pushing It Out There Man For For The Awakening And People Who Are Just Going Down This Path So Anybody Has Any Questions Or Comments You Can Leave Them In The Comment Area Make Sure You Guys Subscribe To The Channel And Like The Video Share Like I Said It Means So Much Thanks For Coming On Chris We Won’t Do It Again Thank You Yeah I Really Appreciate It There And You Have A Great Night And Good Night To Everybody God Bless God Bless Man Peace Well Alright I Hope You Guys Thoroughly Enjoyed This Episode Let Me Know In The Comment Section If You’d Like To See More Man What Topics You Want To See Us Cover We’ll Definitely Get To It I Want To Plug The Patreon Page That We Have Set Up We’ve Got A Bunch Of Perks And Rewards And Things Over There That If You Guys Sign Up To Fund Us On Patreon Man You Get Access To So Much More Especially Behind The Scenes Stuff With My Music You Can Immediately Download My Entire Discography Which Is Like 10 Albums You Also Get Access To A Follow-up Post Podcasts Talks By Myself So I’ll Go Into A Little Bit More Detail And Speak About Some Of The Things That I Forgot To Mention In This Episode Or Thoughts That Came To Me Afterwards So Head On Over To The Patreon Page Man If You Guys Believe In The Work That We’re Doing Man Every Little Bit Helps And We’re Trying To Make It Interactive And Give You Guys Stuff Behind The Scenes That Nobody Else Can Get Access To Unless You’re Supporting Man I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys Thank You So Much Go To Backslash Truth-seeker And So The Link Is In The Description As Well I Love You Guys Today’s Podcast Was Brought To You By Truly Be Well Comm Head On Over To Truly Be Well Comm For All Of Your Health And Nutritional Products Check Out The B12 The D3 And The Essential Oils Truly Be Welcome If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Mythos Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Www.minettis.com Sponsor The Show For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Myth Assist Or Temmie And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support [music] [music] You




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