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In this episode TruthSeekah has a conversation with O.D.D. Reality about Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality and Religion. TruthSeekah talks about his distaste for conspiracies now a days due to EVERYTHING being a conspiracy. It seems like everything that happens in the media quickly becomes a conspiracy theory and the illuminati secret cabal must have something to do with it. Everything from the Sandy Hook shootings, Death of celebrities to forgetting the title of popular childrens book. Although it may be fun to entertain these ideas, could they be in some ways harmful? Maybe hurtful to the families who have lost the lives of their children due to a tragic incident or mass shooting? Or, are you the hero because you have done the research and uncovered data that negates the mainstream media’s story? Are you doing the family of the deceased justice by connecting dots that only you can see? Whatever the”truth” may be there is by far no shortage of conspiracy theories, fake news and uneducated opinions that muddy the waters when searching for the truth. It seems that all that is needed in making a name for yourself in the conspiracy community is that you are able to make decent YouTube videos that spread this information regardless of how correct it is. I can remember watchings hours upon hours of conspiracy documentaries and being so infatuated with these ideas that it bled over into my reality. I begin to see life different, people different, buildings, books, teachers, masons, catholics and essentially everything that someone made a documentary on about it being evil and malicious. I remember telling my wife about the illuminati and FEMA Camps fully equipped with coffins for mass genocide that was to come upon unsuspecting Americans. And let’s not forget about FEMA trains! Those days are well behind me and I do appreciate that those types of things help to wake people up from their slumber and cause them to become more conscious in life and like me eventually lead to a path of spiritual belief. Because you can only go so far in creating change in dealing with the political system and conspiracy theories. Sure we can protest, riot and rally but, we see how well that has been going right? Nothing really changes. We have seen the biggest mass organized protest in our generation during the Occupy Wall Street Movement that I believe that we will ever see. Though some say it had its flaws it was a movement that was grassroots and even had many people from corporate America involved with its protest. Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Police Officers and Teachers all rallied alongside the peaceful protestors in wanting to see change come to our great land. A movement with huge momentum all to be dissipated in the wee hours of the mornings by the government and task force around the states. It didn’t work. Nothing changed. But what I have personally seen in my life and the world around me is changing oneself spiritually and consciously spreads the most positive energy and causes true liberation. Spreading love and forgiveness and showing people how to connect with the creator has been a huge blessing and it’s amazing to see people grab ahold of it and being to teach others to do the same. I make that connection because from what I have seen is that people who are very big into the “Truther” Movement and going to rallies eventually hit a brick wall and naturally the next step is to ascend spiritually and bring change that way.



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