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In this episode TruthSeekah has a conversation with O.D.D. Reality about Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality and Religion. TruthSeekah talks about his distaste for conspiracies now a days due to EVERYTHING being a conspiracy. It seems like everything that happens in the media quickly becomes a conspiracy theory and the illuminati secret cabal must have something to do with it. Everything from the Sandy Hook shootings, Death of celebrities to forgetting the title of popular childrens book. Although it may be fun to entertain these ideas, could they be in some ways harmful? Maybe hurtful to the families who have lost the lives of their children due to a tragic incident or mass shooting? Or, are you the hero because you have done the research and uncovered data that negates the mainstream media’s story? Are you doing the family of the deceased justice by connecting dots that only you can see? Whatever the”truth” may be there is by far no shortage of conspiracy theories, fake news and uneducated opinions that muddy the waters when searching for the truth. It seems that all that is needed in making a name for yourself in the conspiracy community is that you are able to make decent YouTube videos that spread this information regardless of how correct it is. I can remember watchings hours upon hours of conspiracy documentaries and being so infatuated with these ideas that it bled over into my reality. I begin to see life different, people different, buildings, books, teachers, masons, catholics and essentially everything that someone made a documentary on about it being evil and malicious. I remember telling my wife about the illuminati and FEMA Camps fully equipped with coffins for mass genocide that was to come upon unsuspecting Americans. And let’s not forget about FEMA trains! Those days are well behind me and I do appreciate that those types of things help to wake people up from their slumber and cause them to become more conscious in life and like me eventually lead to a path of spiritual belief. Because you can only go so far in creating change in dealing with the political system and conspiracy theories. Sure we can protest, riot and rally but, we see how well that has been going right? Nothing really changes. We have seen the biggest mass organized protest in our generation during the Occupy Wall Street Movement that I believe that we will ever see. Though some say it had its flaws it was a movement that was grassroots and even had many people from corporate America involved with its protest. Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Police Officers and Teachers all rallied alongside the peaceful protestors in wanting to see change come to our great land. A movement with huge momentum all to be dissipated in the wee hours of the mornings by the government and task force around the states. It didn’t work. Nothing changed. But what I have personally seen in my life and the world around me is changing oneself spiritually and consciously spreads the most positive energy and causes true liberation. Spreading love and forgiveness and showing people how to connect with the creator has been a huge blessing and it’s amazing to see people grab ahold of it and being to teach others to do the same. I make that connection because from what I have seen is that people who are very big into the “Truther” Movement and going to rallies eventually hit a brick wall and naturally the next step is to ascend spiritually and bring change that way.

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truth seeker and all its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and/or remote viewing please be advised to assume control decision [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and all things spiritual what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker we’re back with another episode of the true seeker podcast I’m excited and delighted to be here with you guys today to bring about another guest on the show get into some conversation about conspiracies spirituality religion all those topics anything in between there’s so much to cover I want to say a huge shout out to everybody who is supporting my work on patreon and really from the bottom of my heart it helps me to do what I’m doing and honestly the way that this interview has come about today is through patreon one of the patrons on there give them a shout out Travis Sabin you hit me up and you’ve been hitting me up on Facebook we’ve been conversating back and forth and I allow people to kind of give their opinions or who they would like to see on the show as far as having a conversation and getting it in with some topics of interest so made it happen man thanks for reaching out and and letting me find out about Oh Dee Dee’s work too so because I was I was kind of in the dark when it comes to his work so I’ve been checking him out and he does music does a lot of the same stuff that I’m doing so it’s awesome to have people to colabor within that field so Travis a shout-out to you for making this episode happen if you want to support you can head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and there you can sign up at any level of giving to support my work support my music and help me continue to create these podcasts these podcasts are free to consume but they’re not free to create and I’m blown away over there because you guys are supporting out the woodwork and I’m just blown away that I’m actually able to see this thing grow and to see the liberation that’s coming to people and people coming out of religion and into relationship with God and people who are struggling with questions about the Bible and just about their own existence and so we kind of set up a community where we can discuss these topics freely and not be scared to be ridiculed or just demonized or anything like that and that’s what it’s about so thank you guys for supporting over there we get messages all the time people want to know when it’s true seeker coming out with new music when can we hear new tunes well that’s a bunch of new music uploaded over there on the patreon so with the new music whoever supports over there you get access to it as soon as I finish the song it’s on patreon so if you want new music if you’re following my work backslash true seeker you guys get rewards as well we got a bunch of new stuff coming so thank you guys for that it means so much without further ado Oh DD of odd reality YouTube channel what’s happening my brother nothing much man I want to say thanks for having me on and I also appreciate appreciate Travis because I didn’t know about you either and I am absolutely delighted to find out about your work so it’s a slap in the face man I didn’t know who you are I’m sorry I’ve never heard of you yeah we built it it’s you know what’s crazy about the whole truth seeking thing is you know you think that just cuz you watch somebody you’re like oh everybody knows about this guy but it just it’s just not the case man we’re spread out still and I find new people every day and it’s crazy that that’s so weird and I think this is a topic that we can dive into a little bit that’s a weird for me about the gaming community and youtubers who were just like opening up unboxing stuff people that we haven’t never heard of and they’ve got three four million subscribers like yeah they have a huge fanbase and I’ve never heard of them and they’re little kids and all the types of people who have a platform through social media and through YouTube so you’re finding all these people and like I’ll let my daughter my wife watch I’m in there below who would turn that off with other Minnis subscribers you know this kids doing something out here you know so it’s really cool how that that sets that’s set up too so talking about the game and while we’re on topic I’ve seen I’ve seen some of your podcast or whatever some of your live streams where you’re actually playing games while you’re interviewing people and I have people on for discussion and stuff like that you a big gamer no not really the thing I think you saw was me interviewing games exposed most likely and he he plays games so he could track down other way around he plays games to track down symbolism and I was basically showing clips of the games but I do play games in my off time I just haven’t I don’t play them online in front of people or anything like okay yeah that’s uh that definitely marginalizes the fan base I tried to do that with all the spirituality and some of the deep controversial topics that I cover and then I’m out catching pokémon on livestream with my family you know I’m saying so as far as like mixing the two like they only want this there’s nothing else so it’s like hey this is a this channel is about occult symbolism and religious and spirituality and stuff but you’re on here playing Pokemon and I’m like you know this channel is about true seeker like me this is what I bring to the table but i dint have a lot of people unfollowed me whenever I did started live-streaming games but it was fun it was fun you got started and you got to start a whole nother channel you know just based on that and say hey you guys want to see this go over there but you got to stay you got to stay consistent with what you started with you know that’s big man but I didn’t want to I didn’t want to have to brand something from the ground up again as I have already got all these subscribers let me just people that want to hang out want to say hello and there was people in the stream who were just hanging out you know they enjoyed me going laughs but those who don’t play video games they did not like it so but that’s the best part about it you play some video games right you get gamers coming in checking you out you’re playing the newest hottest game and you start dropping truth bombs yeah what you know yeah definitely make it when it comes to like we’re saying like getting views or getting stuff out that thing I think minecraft was like the number one search term on on YouTube minecraft and there’s little kids what millions of subscribers are just going live playing Minecraft being silly you know and I had some other channels on the side with me and my daughter where we would she would do reaction videos like my daughter wasn’t into she never really got into scary movies and I’d let her and her little friends watch scary movie trailers and it would literally it would freak him out the expressions that they made were genuine it wasn’t the fake reactions and the clickbait thumbnails like it was the real deal but um that I guess that leads me to the point of explaining that channel because I lost that channel I lost all of my channels because I was a manager you know how you there’s a feature with YouTube where you can go in and manage other channels with an email address like you can give me permission to log in with my email to your channel and so I had a bunch of channels that I was over it was my daughter’s channel my wife’s channel my channel I had a parody channel where I do voices and stuff and uh we do pranks and stuff like that and it’s all the stuff on the side and I guess through the content about what I was putting out there or something I don’t know but YouTube pulled my main truth-seeker channel and it pulled all the channels that were associated with that email and so I lost my daughter stuff my wife stuff got deleted I was over this is this is bad I was over the Lost Children of babylons channel LC OB and dude they’ve gotten they got huge videos hundreds of thousands of subscribers and dude they pulled their channel and they lost everything and you can’t talk to anybody at YouTube or nothing I know you had some stuff like that happened to man I talked a little bit about that sure yeah no um I was I started off in 2015 like January right started building my subs one full year rolls around and I have 36 thousand subs so in 2016 I had 36 thousand subs I made a video about the Orlando shooting Channel was gone I woke up channel was gone I was writing hand written letters to YouTube I was contacting every single email I could find at YouTube copyright calm at YouTube this at YouTube that nobody would respond nobody would tell me what was up so I had to figure it out for myself that that it was the shooting video because it was the last video I made before much was gone and then so I just started a new channel but yeah they any is email you know cuz it says if they delete you or they get rid of you terminate you you’re not allowed to have another channel right exactly this is messed up yeah they then it’s all automated so that’s how they got you they just automated they’re like oh they’re connected to all these emails this emails all these channels you’re gone yeah there’s some interviews that I’ve done recently and so now there’s the whole ad pocalypse thing with YouTube so people who are creators online and able to make a few dollars off of their work and so the money I would make off youtube I would put back into my music so the money so I wouldn’t have to go into my bill money with mouth and take money from my wife to fund my dream or my vision of what I’m trying to build so the money that I make I always put back into it to buy beads to buy microphones you know all this kind of stuff so now you have the whole ad pocalypse thing where YouTube and the whole the different agencies companies don’t want supposedly don’t want their ads to be shown over a controversial material and and it’s not a person who deems that it’s a it’s an automated system of buzzwords in search words because as soon as it goes live like somebody doesn’t have to approve that like those words and even the transcript goes through the whole automated system and instantly its demonetized and and there’s a couple words I can go through my stuff now like Trump it’s one of them like I talked about like demonic encounters like all that weird buzzwords this stuff when I’m just talking about Jesus on there and it says that it’s not eligible for monetization because of the content and it’s crazy how they’re starting to do that but like we’re saying that at the beginning like it kind of promotes you and anybody who wants to do what we’re doing don’t look into like okay well if I can get thirty thousand views per video if I can get this per video then I can make money and make a living quit my job and go full-time that’s not that’s not the way that’s not the way to do it you gotta have some type of Asad hustle you got to have in my case my fans promote me on patreon what just huge right now it’s not even about being an artist or selling music because most like the number one search term for my name is true seek a free download true seeker you know people people by getting the music for free and like so we we’re not even in a place where an artist who’s got thousands of views on on YouTube for their music can make money that way cuz people are downloading that you know yeah I just give my music out for free but yeah I think when you put your music out through a platform like CD Baby you could get it you could get it to where YouTube it wherever it place any platform it plays on you could get the revenue for it but I’m not sure man it’s not of course it’s not that much and unfortunately after three years of doing this I just had to start a patreon account I felt bad about it I never felt bad for playing ads cuz you could skip your ads so I finally was like you know all my videos were demonetized and I was like man I put in three years of work here I started a patreon I said what the hell man if I have a thousand people that give me one dollar a month I could keep rolling man and you know thanks there’s there’s like some of the biggest channels out there some of the big the big podcasts and stuff and uh like you know if you if you get like five or six people giving a dollar it doesn’t seem that much but fourteen thousand fans on on Facebook for me if all those fans gave one dollar then that that would be above and beyond we could really do some some damage as far as putting out the truth that to the masses and doing live events and meetups all kind of stuff take it to the next level but you know for me right now it’s definitely not there so we have a few people doing a lot so I got like my head is off to the way some of these people support my work and what I’m doing like I don’t I still don’t get it even the messages that I get daily from people you said just having a conversation like this being open about our experiences how things work how things operate like people are blown away man that they’re just looking for people to be authentic man and so that’s kind of what we bring to the table you know yeah indeed man and again though you know everybody was always down with OD D until I hit a certain amount of then all the sudden you’re controlled opposition you know because they feel like YouTube or Google let you slide through to get that many subs I don’t know it’s just it’s a lot of paranoia in the game so it’s understandable but yeah once you get up there it’s it gets a little crazier yeah with that know when I seen I seen how big of an impact you have and how big of a following you have as well and I know I did my mind doesn’t jump to the controlled opposition in my mind is like the ticking time bomb a damn when are they gonna pull it and to find out that they already pulled one of them and so this whole YouTube thing like you we have to have an email list or something else because in a blink of an eye they could delete it and not even tell you why and not even be able to respond to somebody and something that you’ve been building for years it’s just pulled like that I know they did it to UM Denny eastwood as well and I think mark dice too but they were able through petition and emailing people after a few months Vinny Eastwood got his his channel back he was devastated like that’s how he makes a living he’s a reporter in New Zealand covering some of these topics and stuff that we talk about conspiracies and stuff and it’s just crazy how you have to learn the system and how to operate in maneuver within their system you know indeed I even try to not putting keywords or tags I just skip the tag so I would make a title that’s nonchalant and then and then I found out yeah they do scan your audio and pick up keywords like what I’m saying right now will be scans and like you said Trump boom your videos deep monetized so nothing we could do about it man but we all just yet if we’re out here trying I think we deserve the support we deserve to be heard there’s a lot of people that can’t do what you and I are doing if they don’t have a microphone they don’t have a studio setup they just don’t have the way of life to do it so we speak on behalf of many people and I think you know we deserve to be supported and to keep going in this yeah people are people are scared to ask for money you know like if you reach a level that you shouldn’t need money or you should work a work a day job and do what you’re doing or whatever I just went full time doing this like right over two months ago I was released from my job I would have never quit my job to do this full-time with the type of money I was making which because it’s not a lot at all it’s just a little bit but I’m able to to shrink my bills down and my cost of living per month to where we’re making it happen but at the same time where I was spending 40 50 hours a week working for somebody else for a consistent paycheck I’m able to spend 40 50 hours a week to build my dream and what I’m put here to do like what I’m called to do to create content to deal with people with spiritually to make music and stuff and it’s awesome but I would have it’s weird because a lot of my friends they’re like I want to quit my job into music and they just want to like quit cold-turkey it’s like okay well you got to have some type of income coming through first man don’t just quit your job and then try to make it in music because there’s very little money out here and in the music you got a you got to have some money coming through it at first you know so kudos to you man for doing what you’re doing and stepping out there on the whole patreon thing there’s a scripture in the Bible man and it’s it’s beautiful it says you have not because you ask not and so if we’re needing support we’re needing help vocalize it let people know hey this is what I need I’m trying to do this I need your help to do it and what people don’t understand especially with dealing with religion and stuff when it comes to money it gets real iffy right but like some people their ministry their calling is to help other people financially like they’re blessed with above and beyond where they can they can help families and help organizations out to thrive that’s their calling like that’s what they’re good at and like you’re saying they don’t have the microphone they don’t have the whole you know tech side of it to kind of set this up and do it so people are willing to support the crazy thing is dude you’d think that it would be a lot of you younger men I have a lot of older white ladies who support my work like older ladies man it’s weird that it’s not because of the music like they’re fans of rap music but they’re fans of the info and the knowledge that comes through and that we discussed these spiritual topics and we’re opening about it blows me away to this day man it blows me away to to see some of the demographic that I do that I see as well sometimes you think that the older crowd you know wouldn’t be able I’ve had people that are 20 years 25 years older than me say you woke me up and it’s mind-blowing to hear that like because you know on the matrix like you know some people are too old to be released from the matrix and stuff like that and that’s true but kudos to the people that are you know that have been through a lifetime of programming and are able to snap out of it still it’s really great you pretty much found what you’re looking for I’ve noticed with conspiracies with with just just the universe in the way it works man whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it you’ll find the proof to back it up and it gets really deep for me like into spirituality like whatever you want to be real whatever you want to create like it becomes real to you and you find proof you find breadcrumbs and you follow down rabbit holes and stuff like that and even if it’s only real to you it exists you know and it changes the way that you think changes the way that you interact with people so there’s so much to be said about that and then having someone to just speak on that kind of stuff people it’s so weird that we always look for leaders right like we’re always looking for people to lead and we’re looking for people for the most part especially while I was at looking for people to affirm what we believe or our experiences to make us feel not so alienated or something like that and I think that’s what we do what we’re just open about our research and not about even being right all the time but just open about the research you know yeah now that’s that’s totally true man and I mean what can you do we just got to keep rolling oh man I feel it you feel like it’s your calling I feel like it’s my calling I got stuck doing this man and honestly like I started off in before that so like 2013 2014 I was watching truth meet are his name was red pill revolution all these channels and to in my eyes these guys were famous you know they had a hundred thousand subs I’m like these guys are famous I never thought I would be be there I started a channel sub sub slowly crept in and Here I am at a hundred thousand subs and I hate being like idolized not that people do idolize me but I people they’re like oh dee dee is a legend or you’re the you know stuff like that I’m just like calmed calm down I’m just a dude trying to help help spread awareness you know there’s nothing special that you can’t do what I’m doing that’s that’s it that’s another hard one and that took me this weird weird thing to get over as far as like kind of tying in with the video game thing it’s like my music is deep it’s about spirituality it’s about leaving your body traveling to etheric realms and conversations with angels and aliens and UFOs I taught all that in my music and in and I talked about it on podcasts and stuff you know and I’m open about my story and what I believe and what works like this is what it works for me and people take the info and it paints me as a as like a guru a spiritual guru which I am I am a spiritual leader I’m a spiritual teacher but it doesn’t negate the family side that if we hang out I’m gonna I’m gonna be telling jokes the whole time my goal will wear out with family and friends I’m gonna try to get people to laugh I love to see people laugh and so like that’s the side you don’t get from the music like everything’s spiritualists about meditating and accessing the dream realms and stuff and then you see a video it you know me playing a video game it those throws a wrench in its system it you’re not able to see like your favorite celebrities or your favorite spiritual teachers be human and do like regular stuff you know I think it’s important that we are able to take a step back from this life of nothing but truth it could get sad it could get depressing it could be whatever you want it to be depending on what you look at and how your outlook is but it is important to step back be a human and be able to basically put a foot back in the matrix and be okay with it because I have to I have two kids I have a wife and you know if my heart tells me I want to go scream at and say come on we’re moving to the mountains to live off-grid and we’re gonna stop doing fluoride and stop doing this it’s not doing that you can’t watch this you can’t play video games but the fact is is you know we are human and I just let them do them and I think the most important thing about it is we are all on our own path there’s not one person out there it’s not me it’s not you it’s not the next and that every one person should go to you know for their knowledge you gotta watch out for those people – yeah you gotta watch out for those people who claim to have all the truths and demonize other people you know because they’re trying to build a platform for themself I mean that’s that kind of goes with the territory like I’ve studied it I’ve been a part of cults Christian cults there’s a bunch of Christian codes actually but I’ve been a part of these groups to where they they’re the only ones who have the truth and I’m sure you’ve seen some channels and people like that as well where they’ll demonize other seekers or other people who are sharing information and they’ll point out their character flaws and things like that hoping that you won’t listen to them or you won’t go to their channel and support what they’re doing and stuff like that it’s so weird and it’s it’s nasty man and it’s involved in in religion and I’ve trust me I’ve been involved with the religion for a long time and to go to churches where churches do that and it’s hey don’t go over here because they’re doing this oh hey don’t go over there because he believes that and then had it I had it happen to me in the churches as a Christian evangelist I did Christian hip-hop and started talking about UFO encounters start talking about reading a Bible and reading about astrology written up in the Bible and uh you know I’m saying like all of this stuff spiritual abilities and counters and I got demonized like we were saying we’re talking a little bit earlier about mentioning spirituality and in the midst of someone who agrees with the Bible or enjoys the Bible and and it kind of it kind of throws a wrench in their system like some of these things don’t work together to them you know but wisely right I think I know what I’m what I’m doing it I’m driving because it does work together for me and the people who are supporting and the audience and stuff like they’re here because they feel the same way they’re not most of most people aren’t watching just to troll because we do long podcast I’m sure they’re not staying on an hour and a half two hours just to be mad and get heated the whole time like people are watching and supporting because they they resonate with the material you know yeah absolutely men and the whole thing we’re what I see is like if someone has a disagreement with your view you’re a shill you know you’re a shill your agents your all sorts of stuff but what we all need to realize is that we can all disagree on all sorts of stuff but at the end of the day it’s still us versus these elite ruling class psychopaths and you know and it doesn’t even have to be that it’s just find your own path and where you can be comfortable going through your life you know everybody does things differently but yeah it does suck that when you disagree you’re a shill because yeah I get a lot of Christians that call me a shill because I don’t put Jesus in my videos and say seek Jesus or do this with Jesus but I do support the Bible and I think there’s a lot of beautiful truths in the Bible and there’s beautiful truths elsewhere as well yeah so you just you know if everybody has their own path and I try to stress that say everybody yeah you gotta be open for that just let everybody know like I said this is a platform and you guys can come on here and join the show if you like if you have a question for o dee dee or myself you just want to share an experience calling the numbers streaming across the top of the video and it’s also in the descriptions give us a call we’ll be taking some of your calls here shortly but I wanted to kind of I wrote down a note because I was just listening to some of your work that you’ve done and you guys were talking about the Bible and one of the big things especially for the truthers and stuff and people who are into the truth movement and who don’t really resonate with the Bible they’ll say that the Bible is corrupted the Bible was put here by the government to control people like the Bible is just only to control you and I look at it I’m like and I think I used to maybe think that without reading the Bible or knowing what the hell I was talking about but Jesus rebelled against the government like Jesus is the perfect example of someone are resisting the government so much so that his followers was ready to and like overthrows him and take their seats of power like their they had enough people and the numbers were that way but you know Christ came to teach us that the whole kingdom the true kingdom was within and and so we do that and overthrow those other kingdoms and other realms and ideologies of darkness by ascending spiritually and essentially becoming light becoming the light of the world so people say that the Bible is demonic and is put here to control people when Jesus rebelled against the government and my story is that if the Bible was put here to control control you the Bible liberated me when I read the Bible I come to truths and understandings that set me free to be myself to understand how God created me to operate and to move in the spirit and in the physical realm the Bible talks about universal laws and in these these laws that are that work not to follow it to a tee of like the old testament customs and stuff like that took but to look into it and understand the spirit behind it and what the message is they’re trying to they’re trying to speak to you and it is spiritual liberation that you need in the Bible says that you need not any man to teach you but the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth how was that trying to uh trap you in and control you says that the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you he says if you seek me I’ll show you great and mighty things that you don’t know and can’t find out that’s liberating that if I can go into meditation and prayer and get into scriptures God will show me things he hasn’t shown anybody who’s existed that’s truth that’s real you know I’m saying and that’s that’s liberating to me dude ya know people pick and choose you know they cherry pick the verses that Matt they want to match their reality where they they’re against the Bible if you’re against the Bible you can go and cherry-pick tons of things that’ll make the Bible look bad not realizing that if you read the entire thing everything you cherry picked there’s something later on past that that totally fixes it back up and patches things back better yeah the Bible is full of great truths and I used to think it was all BS but I have found out that it’s uh that’s one of the realest books ever made man and I don’t you know I have a feeling some of its been tampered with yeah but maybe not man maybe not yeah I think that I think the spirit of it like I was saying I think there’s enough in there man that that that’s preserved for us that it’s magical it’s like the Book of Eli if you watch The Book of Eli like that that that story is true and just like you’re talking about like people changing it to want it to make to say what they wanted to say like the whole book of Eli as well like who ever liked the book is powerful and whoever’s hands that it falls into they have the power to twist it into wording and to use it for control and to use it to get slaves in order and to make slaves submit all kinds of things like that that’s definitely happening and we talked before we went live about I was involved with the black Hebrew Israelites and we see how some of those extremist sides of the black Hebrews that they go and they this Cora is demonic it’s evil pure evil but on the other hand I’ve been involved with I worked a job where out my boss and the other higher-ups were all Klansmen in Mississippi and the KKK D I’ll work hard carry and Klansmen and they read the Bible they studied the Bible and my boss he gave me his Bible to look at he brought it to work as we were going back and forth about who are the true Jews the blacks or the whites and there they’re convinced this – white man the Hebrews say it’s the black man but he brought me his Bible and I’m reading it and in my Bible I’ve got all the verses highlighted that speak to me liberation spirituality God telling me I’m not alone I’ll never be forsaken he’s always got me he’s got my best interests in mind like these things I continually have upon my mind and I read them and I have those highlighted I read this man’s Bible and in from Genesis to Revelation are verses highlighted about racism and about you being the the people who are to cultivate the earth and don’t share knowledge with the infidels and all just crazy stuff man so that shows you it’s all about your standpoint the standpoint of view that your standing and while looking at the same thing but people are seeing something different and they were kind of making it and shaping it on their own so I don’t blame the people III blame the people that taught them you know that’s all you can go by like if you fell out under a teacher who’s really good at teaching it this way and showing you biblical doctrine like this is the way it’s supposed to be and it blows your mind like you’re dumb if you don’t follow it right like if he showed you some some truth or something that can apply to you so that’s really what it is about is it being something that’s neutral you know you use it for whatever yeah again everyone has their own path that’s what it always ends up being everyone has their own path everybody looks at the same thing comes out with the million different interpretations you know the fact is is all of us are born into this world where we don’t really know anything so it’s really hard to try to find the right path I guess there really is no right path you know so we have to just kind of is if you’re seeking you should find right that’s probably the best best rule to live by there yeah if you’re seeking you will find if you if you ask he will answer if you knock the door will be open to you what door whatever door you’re not gonna be careful what door are you knocking or man right cuz it’s gonna be open make sure you write your knocking on the right doors man that’s what we just try to that’s why I try to share what works for me cuz you know what I have a life of talking about doors that didn’t work and when I dealt with some some information and got into some realms that almost lost my life for many different reasons spiritually from entities and and people dealing with the wrong people like all of these doors so we can just share the wisdom so that people listening they resonate with it and hey look don’t go up that hill I just went up there it’s a long walk down and so I’m letting you know I see you headed that that way turn around go up the next one try that one out bro but don’t don’t go up here man you know I’m saying that’s just kind of but some some people are hard-headed they gotta learn by experience I’ve learned by watching other people you know I’m saying like I had an older brother who was who was a drug dealer and into a gang involved man I wanted to be just like him you know but I had I started to see him start getting high off of his own supply and seeing what happens when you do certain things well I see what happens when you smoke crack you know I’m saying something okay don’t smoke crack whatever you do don’t smoke crack because this is what’s gonna happen and see all these other people who are smoking crack don’t do it don’t do it okay I’ll learn from that good right you bet gotta be able to learn from the mistakes and failures of others so that we won’t be doomed to repeat them ourselves I totally agree unfortunately I have been the hard head that has to experience everything but not cracker know a bit I’ve been in prison a couple times and I’ve been alive jail time County Jail has a kid I was in group homes kiddy camps and all that but yeah I’ve done a lot of stupid shit but um I’ve ended up better for it nowadays yeah and you can help people who don’t have to go down that road now you can say hey don’t do it it’s not worth it it may seem fun but in the end it all leads to destruction it’s vanity it’s it’s not about that you know I’m saying yeah so and people are listen because you know what you’re talking about and you have you have like empathy for that well that you’ve been down that road you genuinely care about people who have in your same shoes you know we’ll go ahead and go to the phone lines we got a caller here it’s been on the phone for a while call her from California who we speaking with hey what’s up guys my name is Ryan I run for 20 singles what’s going on with the show bro you got a question to comment yes so I mean this whole censorship thing his home hard to me because I’ve experienced it I’ve met people with an industry I grew up in the Bay Area you know I started this thing called for 20 singles calm on the security guard in Los Angeles and honestly everything was going great for years until this caught on to me you know I did a press release in my home town for an event I’ll be doing that press release made the front page of the paper Senate made Reuters and then I was on setting my line to Fallon Jimmy Kimmel and that’s when I noticed things start to get weird my Twitter followers were just disappearing fast my facebook data wasn’t matching up and then I noticed all my data just kind of become completely controlled and manipulated there was a point where the graph was going up supernaturally and I was reaching a thousand downloads a day on my app and then after about that point in time the entire fucking grass change and it drops like a rock and now I’m getting just about the same amount of downloads every single day no matter what my income is completely controlled now they control how many premium memberships I’m a they control fucking everything now so it is it’s reaching like high levels and then I look at my traffic all times and there’s all these weird server companies like quadrant net and Colo Crossing and there’s this company called aah refs and there’s all these data companies then literally just pounds your site all day and they just scrub crawl and they scrape data and they line up the spam members and they got five farms just attacking you and all these companies are owned by Silicon Valley elite so it’s like they have a system of suppression in place and you’ll notice there’s nothing else for Twitter and fucking Facebook that’s all for a reason everything else just gets fucking they want to lie your Facebook Facebook page to grow for shit they’re allowing ODG reality to grow right now in a very controlled way because you know people want to watch that stuff so it makes their money so they eternity how to make itself like only the conspiracy timeline people will see it and not not many other people will so it’s important that we share this stuff with everybody and I’d like to tell you guys how to how you can make your own networks there’s first of all I mean I don’t know if I really use GoDaddy or anything you know let’s try to find a good I use GoDaddy I mean I use no daddy but it’s just getting weird but this program is like if you look up ox wall that’s oxw ALL that software you can download and you can pretty much build an entire social network like Facebook using an ox wall and if you just get a dedicated server at some hosting company you know I’ll make tutorials and you guys how to set up the own social network on a dedicated server it’s hard to promote that especially on yeah yeah well don’t don’t promote it on Facebook don’t come out on Facebook or Twitter here’s what you do is you make a fuckin billboard like what I do for 420 signals you go the dollar store ever get some fucking billboards write the name of your your website or whatever go to rush hour traffic somewhere anywhere you’re hit by a million today that’s what I do all day and I can roll all day yeah I heard a word song free traffic they can’t stop that bro alright check out aux wall check out WordPress buddypress yeah dedicated servers you can even go you can even go to the link of creating your own server so they can’t catch you at all like I used to intern at spank wire which is a porn site like years ago and they have their own fucking server nobody can fucking touch them they’re just invincible so I there’s plenty of ways around this they just don’t want you to think there is they want you to think YouTube Facebook and Twitter yeah and there is to just like you know all the other companies were shut down like vine was one of the biggest companies out there and then I’m like a multi-million dollar company and just shut down and doesn’t even exist anymore like overnight you know so as soon as there’s a competitor to cut to come up as soon as there’s like like like another YouTube that maybe would pay their creators more or and offer them support and and things like that like it can go to the next level so it definitely is about having your own website in your own email list and things like that where you have access to the people who are viewing your content so I do stress you know start an email list and anybody who signs up for your forms and things like that you’re gonna get their email address as well so that’s definitely the route to go is to try to get as many guys on your website as you can a list I have over five hundred thousand emails and know my I signed up I sign up for the go-to email marketing programs it’s the only one that will accept me as soon as I fucking upload in my email it will question me my account was locked suspended they’re like how’d you get all these emails and they removed like over half of them and then like and then pretty much they kicked me from the program after that they’re like no you can’t you can’t fucking email your members they’re like no other email program or 70 so I had to set up my own email server send out newsletters that way but the amount of censorship that’s going on is I mean I had the fucking FBI at my apartment the other day you know for tweets that I made it seemed threatening yeah you know that I showed up my apartment yeah do not mess around no man had a dude over here it had a little dude over here in the woods of Bay Minette Alabama after the whole Vegas thing this little guy he’s a high school he posted on Twitter saying he feels like he needs to go Vegas to some people he knows FBI showed up and got him took him took him away it’s over don’t worry yeah I don’t you know if we work well it scares me because if we had this technology when I was a kid when we’re talking about the stupid stuff we did man I’d be in trouble dude if I had access to an audience with the stupid things that I did as a kid oh my god questions for Oh Dee Dee for we are move to the next caller no I love what you guys are doing i i’m just weirded out that Oh Dee Dee doesn’t have like a lot more subscribers it’s just clear as day that his channel is being censored I mean I saw that he’s been gone since three million subscribers yeah but I’m gonna keep listening to promoting it I love what you guys are doing and remember to check out ox wall buddy frets dedicated servers all that shit all right our brother blessed man thanks for the call thank you yeah he did say something he mentioned um letting people see it so that they can make money they’re not making money off of your videos because you said that YouTube has actually D monetize your videos where you can’t make any money off your videos right right there is a little thing about YouTube bread right where if you get a subscription to YouTube for 10 bucks a month then obviously they’re making money off of that so I don’t know I’m not really sure yeah true but I heard I heard what he was saying about like having I guess like-minded people that are conspiracy the kind of guys or girls or whatever in a containment unit right that you know we’re out here but if you could just recommend conspiracy videos just to people that are known conspiracists you you could probably probably get away with that with a certain algorithm many people think that like coast to coast am is doing with these clothes circuit of people that they promote and that come on the show of like like a like people are saying the shill or a controlled opposition where it seems like we’re giving you this good info but we have an agenda to type deal because there’s a lot of people who are deep in one of them which probably I would assume a mutual friend Santos Bonacci who’s been trying to get on on there for four years with his uh syncretism stuff and Astro theology and they would never let him on and now he’s really big into the Flat Earth and when I I kind of stayed away from Flat Earth for a long time because I seen what it did to him his followers like left and it became he became like a laughingstock when he got into it so I stayed away from it until I had him on the show as a guest so just a couple couple weeks ago he came onto the show and I was like okay so if I’m gonna really give myself to study and Flat Earth and really get you know I’m saying doing a justice to check it out why not have one of the leading experts in the field Santos Bonacci come on and break it down to me on the show and and I did but uh you can see how when you mention names you mentioned things like you had you had me until type deal right like you had me until Flat Earth or you had to this and it’s funny we talked about the Bible in Jesus it’s same thing happened with Jesus Jesus had a huge following all these people following them but before he went up to do the Sermon on the Mount he turned around and looked at all the people follow him and he said unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you can’t be my disciples and he was being symbolic that was totally symbolic spiritual or cult it you know a metaphor is that they do only understand if you take it to the next step and see what he’s talking about and the huge follow when they turn around eleven so Kay he’s come too far that’s too much we can’t go there and like they all turn around and left and he was only there with his disciples you know and it’s kind of the same thing like like we were with you until you mentioned Flat Earth and what what’s what’s been a response for you because did you start out obviously if you’ve been around this long I think Flat Earth is kind of like a resurgence thing that’s kind of and back but what did you start out and then what happened when you started mentioning Flat Earth well totally I was uh I was all over Kim Trails TV programming mind control MKULTRA just a lot of the you know basic stuff man I wasn’t even near flat earth I wasn’t talking about anything the closest I got was saying you know the moon landing is probably a hoax but one flat earth hit me it took me ten months from the point that I finally first saw it to the point where I accepted it as truth yeah but between that time I struggled big-time I was laughing I was thinking these guys are stupid this is I can’t believe why why am I so drawn to this this is absolutely ridiculous I know the earth of the ball but so anyway ten months went by and I just couldn’t control it anymore after I was like I found out all this stuff and it just rang so true that the earth is flat man you know of course I don’t know the layout I don’t know what exactly how it looks but it’s flat as far as I know so I started making videos about it and yes I lost half of the people that I once had because it definitely put a big split down the middle and sometimes I think maybe Flat Earth was released on purpose whether it’s true or not Flat Earth is causing a lot of division and it’s on it’s unfortunate but I’m still a problem I’m a proud flat earther I didn’t believe in God until Flat Earth came around for me so now I believe in God I think take the Bible more seriously and what people would respond oh man you’re on this stupid flatter stuff you know the earth is a ball and I’ll just be like well where’s the proof of the earth being a globe and it was always just hate and ridicule there’s never there’s never any civil debate when someone gets upset about you being alone yeah yeah this it’s kind of weird that you say that because like the same thing kind of goes hand-in-hand with the Masons like if you join the Masons or you affiliate with the Masons that you are in some evil evil diabolical group that is running the globe and things like that I’ve got I’ve got a friend of mine I’m with the High School where he recently became a Mason and I’m trying to pick his brain right I’m trying to get some knowledge and stuff from him that stuff I’ve been studying I want to know if it’s real and stuff like that he wouldn’t really tell me nothing but he would tell me he did tell me he said that he’s now a god-fearing man now he believes in God and has a relationship with God through joining the masonic brotherhood like that’s it’s helped him it’s so weird to talk to people and parts of things that uh you know you wouldn’t think that God was in or can lead you to God right you’re talking about Flat Earth now you actually believe in God you believe in a creator of this because of Flat Earth and he and joined a group like the Masons and now he believes in God and just hearing people’s stories man and what it took to kind of get them to be more conscious and and things like that so that’s really cool man some of the some of the worst hate mail I’ve got was when I started when I did the Flat Earth shows and it’s not even like you’re so funny because like I didn’t even like agree with them on the show I just let him tell the story and and formulated some questions you know and any people like oh you just I’m unfollowing I was like what you mean you’re this like I’m nothing like just I’m not even like pushing it or I just did a show to talk about it people some people were begging me to talk about it and like they wanted to know where do you stand on Flat Earth it’s like I really don’t have a stance and they’re like yes you do it’s flat around you have to choose like crazy so I did a show on it and then like you said those people I think there was even some bots that came in my stream because that they were like the messages was like man it was like 70 80 messages and it was all like flat like the titles of the YouTube user names were Flat Earth this Flat Earth that and it was like 70 messages back to back to back just cursing and saying nasty stuff you know yeah absolutely yeah I just started a show called odd cast recently and I was just like just on the whim of things I have a hundred thousand subs almost I make videos I don’t make videos every day I don’t pump them out once a week even sometimes I just if I think of something I’ll start working on a video and it only it only happens probably three times a month at most but the thing is is I was like all right I’m gonna start a show called odd cast i’ma bring on guests that don’t necessarily that I don’t talk about the stuff they do so that’s that’s the reason why I want to bring him on so I could have more variety on my channel people could come here and be like all right Oh Dee Dee doesn’t talk about this but he’s he’s accepting a guest on here that does you know that’s right how you felt but you can’t win no matter who you have on your show you can’t win bro you know everybody’s met I had a Christian guy all the Christians were begging for him and I love the dude and yeah all the Haiti are people that think Bible is Michael – oh yeah yeah I forget this guy and then I have a kind of a New Ager kind of guy on and this guy’s and then a guy that believes in Giants not you know you just can’t win then so you just got to just do it then just do it yeah exactly you can’t really worry about that and that’s what we’re understanding like I mean I was at the place of my life when I was really big into like debating doctrine and trying to be right like I don’t even I don’t even care like this I’m sharing what works for me and I don’t even really get into conspiracy theories and stuff no more like a lot of it makes me sick because there’s so much and everything is a conspiracy like every single thing when it was new to me in brand new I was consumed by it you know but it kind of moved to this this this next level for me like they think you know every celebrity who died was killed by the Illuminati like and I’m just like you know we’re talking about like Pepsi there’s a rapper from the south from UGK he died of an of a heart attack from from mixing uh codeine and uh alcohol would at whatever he was mixing like coke and codeine himself yeah a heart attack his heart exploded and but they’re trying to say with the Illuminati killed him because he was trying to unify black people and these type of things you know it’s crazy it’s like everything everything’s painted with one brush when it comes to that kind of stuff you’re absolutely right yeah they everybody paints things with one brush you know celebrities are still alive or that Illuminati killed them you know there everybody in Hollywood is a tranny I don’t like yeah yeah I was listening to your show earlier the one you had with that other guy I forgot his name but he’s somewhat of a Michelle Obama being a being a dude and I know it’s exciting except but but to say it for a fact that’s what I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like the conspiracies being facts Michelle Obama is a man how you know have you been down there or you can see the Adam’s apple his name is Michael Obama Barack is gay you know as I did these blatant blanket statements you lose credibility for me when you say that you know the truth just because you watched a video or you see something else or you know there was cell you know I’m saying seven shooters at so-and-so school or so so nobody died they’re all crisis actors and like you know for sure and I say this this is why this is one reason why I don’t really speak on it too much is because like if you’re right you’re doing justice but if you’re wrong excuse my language you’re a fucking asshole if you’re wrong like if you’re if you’re like belittling like the deaths of these people and like people died but you’re like nobody died this is bullshit man nobody died and like just to be a hundred percent to say that with authority in your voice now we can look into it we can research it I’m all for that but to say without the shadow of a doubt that this is it and you have no idea you just watched a really well produced YouTube video some people are really good at that and some of these people who are shields who are controlled opposition love to throw those bread crumbs out there and get people off what really matters and chasing after crazy stuff man it’s a it’s a really weird place for me and and I just I guess I found myself overwhelmed there and everything being a conspiracy and seeing it everybody has an exposed channel so and so exposed so I’m so have you seen any exposed videos about you yet oh yeah yeah okay that’s when you finally made it though when you def you do it again it all boils down to just a disagreement they’re like oh this guy doesn’t believe what I believe I’m making a video he’s exposed yeah or one contingent on one thing like you don’t believe this Oh with this I was supposed to have the vid Christian on I know you know who that is I like Mario Mario czar is a happy morn but he seen that I interviewed another friend of mine Brandon bought rob who was from the vice documentary the UH The Laughing drunk off of the glory of God I don’t know if you’ve seen that it’s a really good document he’s a friend of mine I had him on I’ve had him on twice and we just have discussion about the Bible about God I don’t agree with everything the dude stands for and some of the weird quirky stuff he does but so I was supposed to have Mario on as a guest but Mario wanted me to set up a debate between him and a dude on my channel and I’m like bro like I thought she was gonna come on and share your story like that’s his story he’s like if you don’t set it up I’m gonna expose him on my channel like I dude whatever man I know it’s publicity if I was to do it but my dude Brandon he’s not gonna do that anyway he’s not about debating and that’s what I said earlier I’m through with debating when I was in religion when I was in to the Hebrews like studying doctrine like my goal was to convince you that I was right and most people approach life or approach religion in the Bible and things like that like they’re right and I’m over I don’t care like it works for me I’m sharing what works and whether whether it’s wrong to you or whether it’s wrong it’s not truthful if if it’s a lie that’s fabricated I think it’s working it’s helping me become a better person a better father a better friend a better husband you know I’m saying that’s what it’s about for me if it’s not tangible I try not to really give it too much attention because like days are short man like people need help people are really dying out here people are addicted to drugs people are going crazy schizophrenic you know they need somebody people are lonely they need somebody to talk to so I try to focus on a lot of that stuff now as well far as like the spirituality that was that was the next step for me from like the conspiracies to like the spirituality of how can we implement the knowledge and things that we’ve learned the documentaries I know you’ve probably seen Comerica or like agenda I got songs I have to solve but took those titles you know and in this spirit quality that’s behind that and how we can actually bring it into our life and influence change around us you know I’m saying so I know you said when we were talking it you don’t really get into too much spirituality or you don’t you don’t talk about it or whatever the case is just just talk a little bit have you ever had any type of like supernatural encounters and things like that especially like if you were into drugs and in the streets I mean a lot of times you can’t you know I’m saying the veil is thin dealing with that stuff back in the day you know I guess it’s hard to tell man I I did used to do crazy stuff when I was a kid like ecstasy and acid and stuff like that I think I was definitely on a influenced by a demon demonic type of entity doing certain things I’ve definitely found a better path and I can’t say for sure if I’ve ever really had some ultra spiritual things going on in my life but in the past two years I became more spiritual and I say that and even in Christians again I have a lot of Christian friends but I say I say the word spiritual and they look at me like spiritual you mean you mean God and Jesus you know they if you say the word spiritual it’s almost like if that’s to new-agey for me but the fact is this I become more spiritual I know that there’s a there’s an aspect to this reality that just because you can’t touch it smell it see it you know all that it’s here there’s a spiritual you know we’re not just the meat sack that we’re in we you know or that we are we works our spirit is inside of us and yeah I’m still working on my path brother but I feel myself slowly going to an area where one day all the stuff I’m talking about conspiracy wise is gonna be left in the dust and I will have learned from all that stuff and I will be a totally new person because of it for me the conversation ends here for me is the fact that like there’s nothing you could say that blows my mind like I have an understanding now of the government of the Illuminati of these secret societies and stuff and I know how they operate so there’s nothing that just because you don’t from studying it there’s nothing you could say that’s gonna blow my mind like hey man did you hear a Barack Obama is really still the president right now because they didn’t really you know the inauguration wasn’t real and so-and-so wasn’t president and they didn’t you know and like that’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about like I’m like even if that is true the case it doesn’t it doesn’t even if Obama’s gay and that’s Michael Michael Obama like what this it’ll change nothing like what what about it you can’t blow my mind anymore like I there is some wicked demonic stuff out there in this world and it is influencing people and once I know that I’m not caught up what they’re doing I don’t I don’t try to dwell on it I know it exists so I’m not I’m not like you know belittling or your conspiracy people you guys are into conspiracies it exists and it’s in it’s for people and it helps wake people up but that that’s where it stops for me it’s like I’m tired of all the Alex Jones stuff and even Alex Jones painting himself like a clown now you know I’m saying and doing the antics and we really see who Alex Jones is and the clickbait shills that he’s doing and stuff like that like he’s an easy entertainment there’s power in entertainment let’s just get that straight you know but um it’s not when we came into it there’s so much everything’s new there’s stuff that’s changing there’s new information that and we find out more about people that we may have followed or people that we were into like oh man this dude it’s deuce full of BS the guy was following and telling all my friends to go look up now he’s doing this you know this type of stuff so we do have another caller on the line man I will take this caller we got a caller calling from North Central Kentucky caller what’s going on man welcome to the show hey how’s it going as bait pretty good who we speaking with yeah Chad from Kentucky I won’t take up too much time but I just want to share an experience I had go ahead man I kind of uh I grew up a theist smells kinda like a real hardcore is yes almost like kind of like we are in the truth movement now and they just about it until I started kind of seeking the truth and saw 9/11 Bohemian Grove and it just really woke me up and stuff and I was at work one day and the soldier comes in and he starts telling me about this church I need to go see and this preacher and stuff so I go and see him and everyone’s wondering you know how did you hear about this church and it come to find out the church was like everyone there was family members and the guy was telling them about there they’d never heard of this guy but the preacher was like real big in the truth movement yeah he talked about Aleister Crowley and New World Order and all that and I think it was just you know God showing me like you know this is truth and I’ve always kept the Bible and all that close to me when I’m doing my research and really helped so you had it you had it yet up and kind of what we call a come to Jesus moment at the at the church yeah yeah definitely and ever since then you know I go out and talk to a bunch of different prisoners and try out different churches and talking about truth I mean I’ve been kicked out of churches been ridiculed all kinds of stuff and in the Bible it talks about God pours out his spirit of knowledge and in times and I think that’s what’s flat earth was all about yeah I don’t want to get the New World Order too much credit and stay with the controlled-release well I find it like this bad like I’m kind of like backed up by cuz because like when we start talking about the church not like I was a evangelist and so now I’m in this realm where I’m talking to New Agers I go on sidekick talk shows I mean I’m invited to go with any any realm and I enjoy going there especially in something that’s called a truth movement why not go to a place where people are looking for the truth when we have the ultimate truth if we believe the Bible and we believe that the spirituality that’s tied into that and in the truth that has the power to change men’s heart and to change their lives by giving them the truth and and cast out demons by simply sharing truths like all that’s in them in the oh man this becomes deep like sharing truths cast out demons and rich people of evil spirit like that biblical you know I’m saying ya know one last thing I want to say I was real hard at the Flat Earth you know on that bandwagon because you know I kept the Bible so so close to my heart when I was doing my research and everything but then one thing to when I’d first woken up as Project Blue Beam really caught my mind thinking that that’s how they’re gonna you know fool the masses everything and that just went hand in hand with with Flat Earth and really helped me see like holy shit you know this is this is how they’re gonna do it this is this is why it’s all fake and it completely makes sense and Oh didi I would love to see you do a video on Project Blue Beam brother I already did it’s called Flat Earth and it’s called Oggy Flat Earth and Project Blue Beam I was trying to tie them together and make it work because you know it’s kind of hard to they got the outer space satellites beaming in the Holograms and stuff so in the Flat Earth you know we have the firmament and all that so I did a good I think I did a pretty decent breakdown of that the whole alien agenda we got Hillary on record talking about aliens on Jimmy Kimmel Bill Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Obama on Jimmy Kimmel and they’re all talking about how aliens are real and they’re gonna be declassified soon so there’s definitely an agenda to have people believe in aliens for some purpose yeah I’m not gonna keep your guest I’m just keep up the good work and I love what you guys are doing you guys peace out hey man thanks be a via encourage man keep keep sharing the truth with people man has the ability to change people’s live and if you want to get through to one person man it’s well worth they keep doing her brother thank you peace yeah Kentucky in the house people all over the world man let me ask you about this so do you get messages from people all over the world like some of my mom odds here I think I think I keep getting it wrong because I get people checking in from all over the world I’ve got people from Switzerland people from like Ireland Czechoslovakia like crazy places that I’ve never would have imagined checking in and I found that out early on when I started selling t-shirts because I was selling t-shirts shipping t-shirts to every country man like every other it’s like Egypt Asia New Mexico New Zealand Australia Canada all over all over the world man and it’s interesting have you you’ve been getting people reach out to you from all over the place too oh yeah I mean it’s easy to see sometimes just on a video alone under in the comments people are like greetings from Sweden greeting greetings from Norway greetings from Romania Raziel and it but not only that I just get so many emails and everybody’s like they can’t even they can’t word their stuff correctly but I could I could still read it but they try to get through to me but yeah it’s it’s pretty amazing to be able to reach so far right mm-hmm yeah it’s pretty dope man let me see if I had any more if you had anything that you wanted to touch on that we didn’t man with a brain okay I guess one we had that caller who called in before the show that we took and he wanted to know he was a beat maker I forgot his name though he made beats he wanted to know about the rapper b.o.b we know BLB made headlines when he came out supporting Flat Earth and just doing tons of tweets and tons of press about it and stuff like that right before his his new album came out so the caller wanted to know if we thought that b.o.b was like controlled opposition like put here by the government of him just being so successful and and taking money and doing what he’s doing what is your feelings on RBOB and Flat Earth first off we don’t have to give him money he’s not stealing anything from me I’m not donating shit to him so the fact is is you know he was part of the establishment that makes him suspect he was a part of the industry if you will so the fact is is he started his own label no genre I do appreciate some of his music I don’t trust him personally I’m not gonna give him any money I don’t know what to think I sometimes I feel like his heart is in the right place he just doesn’t know how to defend the truth that he wants to talk about I don’t know yeah then you get have you heard his song gum ghost ghost yeah I think it’s called ghost you’re talking about aliens and stuff in it I’m not sure yeah make sure you write that one out cuz that that one is a good one it’s called ghost who’s the scientist man that the names the name is uh Neil deGrasse or something yeah he had he was chiming in on b.o.b and going at him and pushed him Flat Earth and think he tried to do it in a rap song too like a rhyming thing and he dropped the mic and start on something it’s funny to see people start doing that and even the whole thing with Eminem we came out and his thing with Trump you know Eminem going in on Trump and then all these other people are like well let me try my hand at it so now everybody’s a rapper and it was responding people who don’t rap or writing rap songs to Eminem and this is probably not like I had some friends who were mad at Eminem because of that not because he was for some reason there’s a couple reasons for first of all he was kind of jumping on a bandwagon or beating a dead horse but I’ve seen like hey this is you should have been here since day one if you’re getting in on this now that and then people were kind of debating whether or not like they thought he wrote it like like it was a written I thought it was a freestyle I think he’s really good at freestyle obviously we look at his working where he came from but I think it was bad enough not to be written I think how bad it was kind of shows wasn’t that good yeah that was free stuff but he did good for freestyle though right it’s good for a freestyle off the top of staying on topic and in getting his point across I think it’s good for freestyle for written no way but um everybody had something to say about that whole thing and a lot of people in the truth movement who even hip-hop artists some of my friends or hip-hop artists in the truth movement and they talk about this kind of stuff and then when we see people from the mainstream coming over given their two cents about it so they’re talking about having sex with many women and doing this and doing that and oh yeah here’s my songs about Flat Earth or whatever you know we’re like yeah are you here or not bro where you at you gonna support us like this work together you’re gonna be here let’s work but if not like go back to where you’re at you know but it does it does bring some attention to to the subject so definitely Bo be there but I think I don’t know if it was more scrutiny and people making fun of it more than it was of like Manas do might be on to something you know yeah totally and the immanent thing I gotta talk about it a little bit but you know I feel like Eminem he used to be all about how he would diss all the other people in the industry no matter who it was pink and he would probably do I cry on uh early on if she was out back then but a time came where Eminem came out with that recovery album and all the sudden he was doing songs with pink doing songs with Rihanna doing songs with John he used to diss all the time and he in one of his videos 3 a.m. bath in the blood and 3 a.m. is the demonic witching hour so it just thought it just became clear that he was like totally doing the puppet thing I feel like his uh coming out with Trump was a distraction possibly from Vegas something like that but again he’s reinforcing that politics is real when most of us know it’s all just an illusion of choice yeah yep it’s a good way of putting a man it’s people have conspiracy theories about Eminem about him being a clone he’s a clone it’s not he died so many years ago even the same with John Lennon like not not John Lennon uh Paul McCartney like it’s not he’s not the real one Paul died years ago have you seen that at all it’s pretty interesting and there’s like some lyrics and songs that say that we lost him so many years back when and just some really eerie things and you you would have you can look at it because like if you have a industry or like hundreds of people if not thousands of people who are employed by this guy right and there’s and so if we see if Eminem’s gonna quit or Eminem dies in his sleep you know we can announce it to the world that he’s gone and then a lot of people are out of jobs you know who rely on him so you we bring we bring this clone up for this other person who sounds a little bit like them looks totally different you know but uh you know those kind of things so it is it is interesting to speculate and to guess the reasons why but I do find it like a lot of the conspiracies kind of do a dis justice and stuff did you see um because there’s so many of them now you know it’s only was just a couple now Isis like there’s one for everything did you see Joe Rogan talking about Chester Bennington when uh dude tried to bring it up on the show like right after he died well you didn’t see what happened he wouldn’t let him talk about it it was Eddie Bravo who’s a big in the conspiracies and so oh yeah yeah he was on there with Joe Rogan and and Eddie was talking about conspiracies and he talked about music so Danny brought up the death of chester bennington but it’s just like not even a week after he died and and Joe is like now let’s not go there man it’s kind of disrespectful to the families they know brother there’s some videos he was in on it man they were gonna he’s Podesta’s love child just crazy stuff man you know and uh but Joe wouldn’t let him go there he’s for the family I’m telling you bro this is for the family me speaking the truth is showing sympathy for the family because I get the truth out and they’re just kind of weird on how they approach I don’t know if you’ve seen that or not now but yeah Eddie Bravo definitely makes it full of himself often I think I like the guy I think I could totally chill with Eddie bro like straight up but like when he’s like trying to do justice for flat-earthers or other conspiracy stuff he’s definitely looking kind of like crazy bro you know that crying yeah versus like having something to bring to the table you know it’s kind of what he sounds like did you see the Joe Rogan and Alex Jones episode were they getting off cameras to drop some truth on them at the end about demons and extra-dimensional beings that are here and and say try to give them some truths Joe Joe are you talking about you know you know that’s kind of what they kind of made mashups of making fun of them on that but it’s kind of like in that state like you could he wasn’t in a place to be taking serious you know maybe if the beginning of the interview it’s more more serious you know what I’m saying and yeah versus like he’s smoking smoking weed and drinking and he’s just all over the place at the end what’s that thing they I think that’s totally publicity I think said the highest rating show you know saying the highest rating so Joe Rogan have was that one and he’s had some big names on speaking of weed speaking of them smoking weed I did hear you mention about weed on it on another broadcast you did and was talking about the paranoia that people are getting from smoking weed now and stuff like that it’s all it’s always been a factor right it on a certain extent but me personally I’ve never had a problem with it in my life until recently in what’s going on in Colorado is we have stores everywhere with weed and the the weed looks just so perfectly scientifically formulated into these perfect buds with these crystals and then you read the ingredients how they grew it there’s all sorts of messed up ingredients you know it’s one of those things right I can’t pronounce it so I don’t want to eat it or you know it’s like I can’t pronounce this so I don’t want to smoke it but lately I I actually quit smoking herb I only take edibles because I’m not affected when I do edibles really in the anxious I don’t get anxiety when I do edibles well lately I get anxiety when I smoke weed so I cut the weed out and you know I’ve been smoking for 15 plus years so all of a sudden that came out of nowhere so I have a I have a theory that maybe Colorado’s doing some sort of Monsanto kind of adding stuff to the weed that always interest me because I was smoking weed as a as a kid you know I’m saying from like probably the age of 12 12 to like 15 and it got to a point where we would smoke every day and and I was fine I loved used to love to get high loved to be I used to love to be taken out of this reality and brought into a place where nothing else matters and place of creativity and things like that and I would do it every day and then finally we talked about we talked about paranoia people say man you just paranoid quit trippin man man it’s at the cops man you paranoid man quit but and we thought that that’s what the paranoia was that we would bring the paranoia until you have the whole anxiety panic attack from smoking weed and your heart’s racing and you’re sweating you’re just chillin smoking a blunt and then you can’t breathe and you’re tripping and you’re hearing stuff all from smoking weed and everybody else is just hi watching you like I had that happen to me the last couple times that I smoked like it’s scared to piss out of me I turned pale and sweating and my heart’s just racing I did nothing just sitting down like I have nothing to worry about but I feel like I’m about to die literally and that happened to me and it was SuperDuper scary SuperDuper scary and then I was hesitant to smoke again and then saw a couple maybe a week later some friends were smoking I took one hit I said let me just get a little buzzed I took one hit this was in Louisiana years ago and and the same thing happened off of one hit the whole paranoia thing came back and I was like man I can’t I can’t be smoking that I think I did it I think it happened to me twice and I quit like man I can’t I can’t smoke no more so years later I end up working with some inmates at a job I worked for the city and we had prisoners come out and they were talking about smoking weed and this one dude he was like yeah man I can’t smoke more weed no no more man it messes with my body man it messed I was like tell me more you know I’m thinking I had never heard of anybody freaking out like that or having that type of like reaction and he told me like same thing he went to a party smoke weed freaked out I had to walk home and they had to take him to the hospital you know and uh because he was like freaking out couldn’t breathe and stuff from just smoking bud and uh so it’s interesting man that that I’m trying to make sense of what what happened to me then and uh it happens to a lot of people this crazy paranoia that comes over you and it’s like crippling and scary you know it’s not one and I tried I tried to smoke recently and uh it didn’t happen that that much but it really put me in a weird place with some friends over here just a really weird place it was really strong weed and to me I don’t I don’t really care for it because when I was a teenager I smoked it to leave this reality and be taken to another place and where everything’s okay and there was my escape you know daily and uh so now I felt like it took me somewhere else and I’m like I want to be present like I’m focusing on being present for my family for my daughter to him to be grateful and enjoy what I’m giving enough felt the same way that it made me feel when I was trying to escape reality in it it was kind of like nasty you know I wanted to be present and be focused on stuff you know well the thing is that I trip on is that I have nothing to trip on I have nothing in my life whatsoever to worry about everything’s gravy besides maybe the CIA wanting to kill me right I don’t worry about that shit though but and I don’t think about it maybe it’s not true I think there’s so many maybe there’s so many of us that you know we’re protected we’re safe by numbers but the thing is I have nothing in my life going on that should make me paranoid and I smoke weed not just start tripping so lately I haven’t been smoking and I’m actually digging it I’m I’m more present I’m more focused I feel better when I wake up in the morning I’m not all sluggish I get right to work if I was smoking for instance I probably wouldn’t have been able to make this interview this early and it wasn’t even that early right it was only 10:00 a.m. that’s kind of late but when I smoke weed I’ll be getting up at around 10:00 slogging around for an hour to I’m able now to see what it does to my friends you know I’m saying like in how like some of my friends have gotten and there’s some people out wrap waiting and are like into spirituality and stuff and they’ll like like weed isn’t cool I’ll guess unless everybody’s doing it like if you go to somewhere high like you lose you lose not respect but you can’t come to a Bible study hi you can’t come to a prayer meeting tripping out on weed and when you’re the only one like if we’re all smoking that’s one thing but I have friends will come over and Ike they start talking about weird stuff they don’t make sense and it’s like they say awkward stuff and coke is actually good for you bro the government doesn’t want you to know that cocaine telling my wife just I’m like yeah right talking about man and just weird stuff that we’re like really man are you it just it’s weird and uh you know that’s what I’m for right now in my life that’s what I’m judging it off of is this dude coming over getting high just talking out as you know it’s crazy I have friends still that are like you know you know where to get some blow or they’d like to do that stuff and I’m just like dude you’ve got to stop doing that it sticks to the frontal lobe of your brain for like 10 years after you do it and it eats away at it there’s no way it’s good for you man that’s terrible thing to be doing mm-hmm well we got on some more mutual audience in the chat room some of my friends here grim good shot out the – grim cuz I think grim actually name-dropped you for a while – he’s in uh he’s in Colorado as well so he your name dropped you a while back I just forgot about it but I do remember that who says so Alexandre says medicinal mushrooms are the future and pasts medicinal mushrooms I definitely vouch for psilocybin have taken us up some really beautiful places and I’ve taken them during the podcast before and had some real heart-to-heart conversations with people laughing the whole time it just depends on what you’re talking about though you know but there was there was laughter but um it’s fun I enjoy psilocybin in a spirits I respect it and I’ve been shown some really awesome stuff so on that so we definitely need to get up and do that it’d be awesome so yeah man maybe we can work something out with a song man I’ve got some new stuff I’m working on I know you haven’t done anything spiritual or haven’t done anything ufology or anything like that but if you want to man I definitely can get you on some stuff unless we do something political or something along the lines of conspiracies or whatever – I can handle whatever man says yeah I got some cool stuff right now that I’m working on but it’s all it’s all you know transcend the physical type stuff you know I’m saying so really really cool stuff that I did I have open verses for right now but we can also work on something different so either way we got we got mutual fans man and it’s so cool when people reach out and then we can make it happen they’re like hey man do something with him I love you I love his work and I’m like let me look into him let me check him out so appreciate you coming on hanging out with me man it was fun we definitely need to uh do it more often and anytime you want to co-create collaborate let me know brother you got it man thanks for having me you wanna go ahead and plug your channel and everything for the few people who have no idea who you are sure hit me up I’m odd reality OD d reality and you’ll find my stuff I also make music like truth seeker and I have a my latest album is called never sleep again if you type in never sleep again I should pop up in there somewhere but I think it’s the thinking you guys would like it check it out yeah I checked out one a while ago was called a cartoon ball I was really cool I liked that one so thanks especially with us if we do something in the future have an ability to shoot videos like that’s totally a must at this point with trying to have a song that has some type of life to it or like longevity as well where it’s something that people can get the full extent of the song is like doing a video with it you know have you noticed that as well like those do better than just an audio upload yeah totally or like you do even the lyrics is all it goes so far you got it if you got a visual performance to go with it and you nailed it if you got shelf life for sure yeah yeah man it’s so cool because let me how long have you been making music since aloud just say over 15 years little over fits ok alright so now and I know this isn’t good because I have a big head or anything but my last three albums I have longevity because of the type of knowledge and information even like stylistically it’s something totally new from when I started I started back in a table now it has longevity do you feel like that or do you feel like you know after this albums out I’m gonna be tired of pushing it like I feel like I can still push my stuff that came out in there’s that much truth and that much spirituality and interlaced within it you feel like that at all yeah no I feel great I feel like my my style of music finally merged with the Wrights personality I used to make I’ve been making music I have a record of all my music and it used to be Hopson esque type stuff where Eminem esque where I just kind of want to be the craziest dude around I’m better you know I’m a beast in the blue somewhere murder are you all that most lyrical dude here you know stuff like that and then when finally I woke up and wanted to actually I couldn’t help but put something with meaningful content in my lyrics I couldn’t know I was like I can’t write this sleepy BS anymore it needs to be this wakefulness and I felt like I’ve always been a rebel my whole life and my rap kind of showed it but when it merged with truth it became the full package that I was on the path to become in the first place and I feel like everything I am is a rapper now is gonna is gonna it’s perfect and it’s gonna last have that shelf life like you’re talking about there’s gonna be a people picking up your album my album in ten years going man these guys were way ahead of their time I still I still do that for lco be the lost children of babylon like when i started researching about spirituality about like looking up terms of like how to open your third eye with our chakras how to activate your chakras different things like that meditation techniques some reason I ran across a group called lcib the Lost Children of Babylon and they put out an album I think it’s in 99 but I found it in like water and then there was other albums that they have as well and to this day like that stuff doesn’t get old I think it doesn’t because stylistically it’s totally different there’s along the lines of like Jedi mind tricks and stuff like that stylistically it’s good the beats are dope they’re totally different you can hear like love I think their bass riffs are like a live bass player dude oh dude oh don’t they like playing everything and then the rhyming schemes are different and the words they’re using like they’re talking about they got songs about the initiation process and to the pyramid mysteries and like they go through or like the they have another song about the initiation into Freemasonry where Rasool he he raps a full verse about I’m blindfolded hoodwinked by two Master maces with a rope called a cable tow I’m taking between two pillars but where’s and yeah and they walk you through make make this visual and they’re dropping stuff in that music that you have to study to know what they’re talking about and the album is called the equal vidiian and it’s so dope and this is what my music is doing for other people now is what their music did to me I would be reading secret teachings of all ages about Manley P Hall and then their musics making sense because as I’m reading I’m like oh that’s what they were talking about they’re talking about this here which this whole section is breaking down what they were talking it it it helps it have life because I don’t know these words I’d never heard some of these things and and their teaching and stuff and so my musics doing the same thing now people having a google what this is and I’m and I don’t want to repeat myself so it’s making me have to study more and use other words and like how many times can you rap Kundalini and make that rhyme with something or are different words that you don’t hear so essentially what all that being said in my music and where I am now for you going back to wanting to be a beast in a boost wanting to be the best or whatever I think where you are now kind of assist you in doing that because you’re having to raise the bar you’re having to use words and talk about stuff that nobody’s doing everybody’s talking about sleeping around every he’s talking about hoes and money and and filling people and being the best MC why would you want to perpetuate that even I don’t care how good you are there’s there’s new guys coming out daily who were a dope their speed is with it they got speed and they’re just talking about the same things let me hear the speed let me hear the the the metaphors with words that I’m gonna have to research that’s the longevity for me that’s why I was a huge fan of bone thugs-n-harmony cuz I can listen to their song 70 times and still not know all the lyrics right versus hearing something on the radio twice and you know everything I know it’s good to get it stuck in your head but with the art and creativity what that brings to the table of having something that it’s new and you you pick up on something every time you hear a man it’s so awesome yeah that’s the business man that’s how the radio industry works those the pop they they are scientifically formulated each song so it does get stuck in your head so our children are programmed to think that’s what’s cool money cars clothes hoes that’s what it’s all about just material so I feel you I do have two lost children a babylon album and i also have the secret teachings of all ages so you’re absolutely right I listed a rock – there’s this rock band called the hidden hands okay they’re 100% like it’s almost like they are 33rd degree Freemasons it seems like they have us okay maybe that’s a maybe there’s a band called the secret life for the Freemasons but I know it just sounded the hidden hand I got a song called hidden hand but um I listened to born of Osiris you familiar with them are they like a super heavy rock dad yeah but they they throw all this stuff in in their music as well so they talk about I think I have one of their stuff yeah follow the signs and they got a dope video follow the signs and if in the video there’s these like these priests or whatever who are doing this ritual trying to summon this being from heaven and they finally do these initiation and some in this spirit and it cut drop it shows him in heaven being sucked out of heaven as they’re summoning him to the earth and he comes to the earth or whatever and he starts like wreaking havoc and throwing the priests around and stuff and uh then the priest pulls off his hood and he’s like this reptilian it’s dope you gotta watch it’s called follow the signs by born of Osiris you got it I love their artwork I think I have a couple of their CD I can’t understand the words usually but I like if I see cool artwork I’ll like grab a CD just cuz of that yeah yeah I mean I’m in The Scream oh we’ve got an album out from years ago but that it was like rapping scream oh mixed and so it’s hip hop beats with heavy guitars like Korn and stuff over it where I’m rapping and screaming over it and stuff and uh cool really good I enjoy that that type of music but to pull it off I tried to pull it off live without a band and it doesn’t work like this heavy music jumping around but there’s like we gotta have a band to do this there’s no way this doesn’t come off appealing laughs but um yeah man anything else bro no I think we’re good we almost got in two hours now just about covers it hey thanks everybody for watching us live everybody who’s holding us down in the chat room you guys are awesome continue to do that whenever we go laughs people who are listening on the podcast end you want to know how you can catch the show live how you can catch us you just got subscribed it to YouTube I go live on YouTube and then we extract the audio and put it up on all the podcasting apps as well so subscribe to YouTube give us a call give me a shout out all that good stuff I love each and every one of you guys thank you so much for all the support on patreon patreon comm backslash truth seeker for anyone who is wanting to support what we’re doing and pick up on some cool music as well that’s a bunch of new stuff over there a bunch of new stuff and I got more that I’m getting ready to finish now so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for holding it down peace peace later

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