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TruthSeekah is a spiritual counselor and intuitive healer with a vision to release the spirit of awakening. TruthSeekah has helped many on their road to spiritual victory and is available for private sessions via Skype.

What Should I Expect From A Session?

Experience Heightened States Of Consciousness

Experience Prana / Holy Spirit

Relieve Stress And Unwanted Tension

Remove Spiritual Blockages

Feel Lighter And Refreshed

TruthSeekahs services are available upon request to help you achieve your full potential and walk in true freedom.
Every session is personal and unique to care to your spiritual need. 

Fill Out The Forum Below To Book Your FREE 15-Minute Phone Consultation With TruthSeekah To See If A Private Session Is Right For You!
(Please only book a consultation if you are intrested in booking a paid 1 on 1 session with TruthSeekah)

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