Corin Grillo joins TruthSeekah as they discuss her new book, “Angel Wealth” and share spiritual encounters with our heavenly angelic friends.

Listen to “Unveiling the Secrets of Angelic & Avian Encounters | Corin Grillo & TruthSeekah” on Spreaker.

Do you ever feel like there is something more to life, a higher power guiding you on your journey? This is where the idea of connecting with heaven comes in, a belief that there is a spiritual realm where angels and birds exist and can offer us signs of guidance, comfort, and love.

Many people believe that angels and birds serve as messengers from the divine, sending us signs and signals to help us on our path. These signals can be as simple as a bird singing a particular song, or as complex as a series of coincidences that all seem to point in a certain direction.

So, how do you go about recognizing these signals? Here are some tips to help you connect with heaven and understand the messages from your angels and birds:

  1. Open your heart and mind: The first step to recognizing angel and bird signals is to open yourself up to the idea that they exist and that they want to communicate with you.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings: Pay close attention to your environment, and look for any signs or symbols that seem to stand out or repeat themselves. This could be a specific bird that keeps appearing, a certain song that you keep hearing, or a number that keeps popping up.
  3. Keep a journal: Keeping a journal of your experiences and the signs you receive can help you to better understand the messages you are receiving. Write down any songs, sights, or feelings that seem significant, and look for patterns in your experiences.
  4. Trust your intuition: When you receive a message, trust your gut instincts. The messages from heaven are often subtle and can be easily overlooked, so it is important to trust your intuition and not dismiss anything that feels significant to you.
  5. Seek out like-minded people: Connecting with others who share your beliefs and experiences can help you to validate your own experiences and learn from others. You can find like-minded people through spiritual groups, workshops, or online communities.

By following these tips and connecting with heaven, you can develop a deeper understanding of the messages from your angels and birds and gain a greater sense of peace and direction in your life. So, keep an open heart and mind, pay attention to your surroundings, trust your intuition, and embrace the journey. The signs and messages from heaven are all around you, waiting to be discovered.



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