Path of the Healer

4 Lessons

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TruthSeekahs Path of the Healer Program

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1. Clarity of Vision

Game plan and Strategy

You are here because you said YES to your call.
You are here because you want to go from one level to the next.
We are going to make your ceiling your new floor.
You are going to get an upgrade in every area of your life.
You are stepping into your soul’s purpose.
It is abundant, it is fun and it will open up doors for you beyond your wildest dreams.

2 Removing Blockages | Path of the Healer

Part of the healing is feeling these emotions and fears, acknowledging them, they are legitimate. But they don’t serve you anymore. 

3. Money, Abundance, Resources and Influences

For many stepping into abundance is changing our relationship with money.

4. Manifestation

During this time we are activating angels and Gods messengers through the breath to go out and manifest these things, speak to hearts, make connections and bring into remembrance. You may even intuitively see their path, what is needed and speak it out as well. The whole time stay in communion with God and thanking him in advance.

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