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Remembering Why You Are Here | Finding Your Life Purpose | Daniel Goodenough

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Daniel Goodenough speaks about remembering why you are here and how to find your life’s purpose. People wander through life aimlessly and seem to be set on autopilot by default. Daniel Goodenough talks about the fact that around the age of seven we all know what we want to do with our lives. It is from schooling, programming and a wrong upbringing that our dreams seem to get shattered and we lose that vision of what we want to do with our lives. It is only when we take the necessary steps to go back and recapture the dream that we once had. There are those who say that they feel as if they’ve never even had a dream, they too can apply the practical steps to creating a dream for their future life. Everyone has something to offer, something unique and special that only they can provide. Whether they are an inventor, a writer or whatever it is it is uniquely present with them and holding it back would be doing a disservice not only for themselves but also the lives of everyone around them. The Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish, we must have something to live for, and end goal. But understanding the journey is what helps us see to an end the visions that we have for ourselves. I do not believe that Daniel Goodenough is bringing anything different to the table that we haven’t heard from our religious leaders, the secret, the law of attraction or The Alchemist. But what Daniel is bringing to the table are practical steps that anyone can take that prove that hard work and dedication always pay off. Consistency is key and being mindful, it keeps Us in the race. Let not any thought escape thee but seize each and every moment as if it is the only moment that we have. This is what deep states of meditation, yoga and psychedelic adventures leave us with. That in order to create the future we must create the now this is the key to remembering why you are here and finding your life purpose.



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