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Daniel Goodenough speaks about remembering why you are here and how to find your life’s purpose. People wander through life aimlessly and seem to be set on autopilot by default. Daniel Goodenough talks about the fact that around the age of seven we all know what we want to do with our lives. It is from schooling, programming and a wrong upbringing that our dreams seem to get shattered and we lose that vision of what we want to do with our lives. It is only when we take the necessary steps to go back and recapture the dream that we once had. There are those who say that they feel as if they’ve never even had a dream, they too can apply the practical steps to creating a dream for their future life. Everyone has something to offer, something unique and special that only they can provide. Whether they are an inventor, a writer or whatever it is it is uniquely present with them and holding it back would be doing a disservice not only for themselves but also the lives of everyone around them. The Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish, we must have something to live for, and end goal. But understanding the journey is what helps us see to an end the visions that we have for ourselves. I do not believe that Daniel Goodenough is bringing anything different to the table that we haven’t heard from our religious leaders, the secret, the law of attraction or The Alchemist. But what Daniel is bringing to the table are practical steps that anyone can take that prove that hard work and dedication always pay off. Consistency is key and being mindful, it keeps Us in the race. Let not any thought escape thee but seize each and every moment as if it is the only moment that we have. This is what deep states of meditation, yoga and psychedelic adventures leave us with. That in order to create the future we must create the now this is the key to remembering why you are here and finding your life purpose.

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Rasika and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the forming heightened sense of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral protection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and on remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] and all spiritual what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast and I’m excited and delighted to be with you guys today here live on YouTube and if you’re listening to this on the podcast and wherever you are just thank you for being with us so we got an awesome show planned for you guys today always talking about our life purpose our life goal finding our mission finding a calling these type of things I love to talk to people who have found this and people who have something to bring to the table to teach you how to find your own life goal and life purpose and so I think all of this kind of plays a role in us being where we’re supposed to be on our journey and and being able to learn from everybody and whatever is working for them how did they do it and people who have techniques to help you and teach you how to find your life go yourself so that’s what it’s about this is a tangible podcast this is some information that we have that you can apply to your life so always good stuff I want to start off by saying a quick thank you to all the patrons supporters everybody supporting over at backslash truth seeker everybody supporting their muster month thank you so much for helping me get this show out to the masses and so without you I would not be able to do this so quick shout out to some of the latest patrons we have within this last week two people here Miguel Carmona and Sophia thank you guys for joining with us on patreon and supporting the work if you’d like to do that head on over to patreon comm backslash true sticker there you get access to my entire disk agrifim my life’s work essentially with music and so you get 10 plus albums available to download a bunch of exclusive music there you also get access to extra podcasts and interviews and things like that Thursday nights we do something called the School of the Mystics and you get access to that as well that’s the community side of the podcast so if you would like to be a part of that and join in what this one Thursday nights 7 p.m. central head on over to patreon comm and sign up for any level of giving and yeah if you like what you’re hearing and now you want to help bring this to the masses man get over there support thank you guys for everything so my guest today Daniel good enough Daniel welcome to the show how are you I am great thanks for having first question is that your real last name it is it’s a family name it fits admits you are good enough he started in the Isle of Wight well it just fits perfectly um I mean that’s what I mean having that spoken over you every time your name was called in school good enough yes I am I am good no feeling of being unworthy or or an underachiever right well actually it did keep me present to that question and I wouldn’t say immediately assumed I was so I feel that that’s part of the process of growing up and saying yeah yeah my that’s that’s something that you bring to the table too and I’ve been hearing from some people and that’s that’s a whole nother way of approaching it a lot of people talking about they knew what they were supposed to do from a young age since they were born I don’t know if it’s always feeling like you had a calling or a life purpose or you were sitting here to do something essentially some people walk around aimlessly you know and they’re still trying to find that on into their adult life they don’t know why they’re here but you you had that that ik that feeling since you were a child you want to talk about that a little bit yeah I’m sure I it is true that as long as I can remember remembering it on the what point that is when you’re aware that you’re aware I did know why it was here and then the question was looking around as a young child that all the people that I could see going off to these jobs that were making them miserable and really wondering why it was they were doing that so that was part of my life pursuit was helping other people get in touch with why the who are you why are you here and what does that call you to do you know though the Y translated as of what that caused me to do would be the outer life’s mission and the who that caused me to become and who will I become by doing it it’s the inner election mission and what I would say about that is well I did know early on I one of the things I’m sharing is that it’s not just for the lucky few you know that it’s a skill development like anything else in life and if you’re willing to do the practices if you were an elite athlete there’d be practices to do every day if you were wanted to be an elite musician there’d be scales to do every day so I bring what you might say our life mission scales there are practices you can do so my promise is that anyone and everyone can get in touch if you’re willing to do the practices with why you’re here what that caused you to do and that’s calling you to be and like Pablo Casals doing his scales in his 90s it’s not a one-time thing because how you express or the vehicle you use to express it is probably changing rapidly in our world know that the average graduating high school student today can expect to have as many as 16 different careers in their lifetime so how are you going to decide how you’re moving through the multiple careers in a way that lets say lights you up yes me and and and essentially which ones come first which ones you should pursue there’s notion that I’ve been exploring a little bit here and and finally starting to see some success with my life I was a truck driver for the past 15 years and eventually felt like that truck was a cage you know I would drive you know seven hundred eight hundred miles per day and I just felt like I was stuck and I was supposed to be doing something greater that life purpose that we’re talking about there you felt when you was a kid I felt that as well and I would always I have my hand in a lot of different things being real creative I like the podcast I like to do music I like to do spoken word I like to do gaming a whole bunch of stuff that I’m good at all of it but it’s about finding which one you should spend the most time in for that season why you should do it and and what I found that ended up being the key is we can explore any of that and go down any of it and be successful doing any of it but it’s picking one or two and just being consistent with it consistency became my my hashtag essentially because it was definitely my problem in a lot of other people who are creative and they have all of these creative ideas I can do this I can start a non-profit I can start an MLM I can join this company I can go work for this friend all of these things are possible we could do all of it and I’ve seen myself and many of my friends get into something for a week get into something for two weeks get into something for a month and they’re excited they’re in it but every week they jump into something different talk a little bit about how how we’re supposed to pick what were to do if if any and and how consistency pays off and doing that well one of the ways to approach that is again skill development and the consistency you’re talking about is being consistent in the conversation that you’re having with the one that sent you so that I mean if you say life mission it implies by the way you’re saying that you were sent and that’s one of the reasons I say mission instead of purpose his purpose is often temporary you know like sometimes our mission is to get to the other side of the room or sometimes our purpose is to finish our work early so we can enjoy a long weekend may or may not have anything to do with why you’re here unless you make that your purpose so mission implying being sent means it’s a conversation you’re having with the one that sent you whatever that means to you and so then if you are consistent in your conversation with life with the one that sent you about why am I here then it means there’s an ongoing inquiry and that inquiry can be skillful and the inquiry can be let’s say from a dropped in place a meditative place no however you do that in your practice that says I’m not going to try to figure out what I’m going to do next and if you’re in the consistent inquiry like some of the things that you mentioned if you were going to do that masterfully you’d be present – how is it working out what I’m doing let’s say it is something that you have an interest in and the passion around and you start doing it being a ongoing inquiry with why am I here and what does that call me to do and who is that calling me to be could be the ongoing inquiry with how is it how’s it working you know that what I’m doing and who I’m showing you know could I refine who I’m showing up as could I refine my idea of who I’m going to be as a result of doing that and does that sync with my impression of why I’m here and they were you know there are scales to do it if you if you want to be not just masterful at identifying the what but masterful with the ongoing process of how you’re showing up to that then from time to time which vehicle you are expressing through wouldn’t be something you figured out it wouldn’t be something in the spur of the moment through a moment of enthusiasm you decided to jump on it be coming from an informed let’s say realization that resulted from an ongoing practice of showing up to the inquiry consistently so that consists see you’re mentioning that’s around being masterful of anything many of the things you’re doing like becoming more masterful at doing this podcast would be the same kind of consistency required to not only know the why wasn’t who but knowing how you are being called to show up to that in the way that it might be morphing and transforming and evolving understanding the way the mind works if we know how to be consistent maybe you’ve explored the opposite end of the spectrum of what is it that makes people not be consistent what does it what why do people abandon something and here’s a here’s a here’s a word self self-sabotage there’s many people who get started I think I’ve been there I don’t know if it’s just a lack of support or once when success starts to come jump ship in abandon it and start something brand new a lot of my friends a lot of these people it’s some some type of mechanism some type of trigger I don’t know what would cause it have you studied that at all that when people are consistent and things start to flourish for them they get scared and run in abandoned ship I think part of it for me has been wanting to be original wanting to brand something and birthed it that was new and then when other people start copying it I’m like okay you guys can have it let me do something else I’ve been a part of that have you have you studied a little bit of that at all sure I guess you could talk about that as foundation so why you know some of the reasons that people sabotage themselves would be comfort zone shadow resistance compensatory self you know all those kind of fundamental personality things or deep self things so sure though it helps you to stay present to the conversation if you’re having a conversation about shadow as the denied parts of self you know what I’m not present to that is present you know how I’m showing up in the world and how my compensatory the selves I created to be okay with who I was in in the environment of growing up anytime I wasn’t okay yes who I was I created a compensatory self as an adjustment to that there’s that you know you could say that what’s comfortable for us you know there is a thing called a positive comfort zone if you’re present in the comfort zone that stops you you might be present too how do I expand by trying new things a broader range of what uncomfortable in developing skill in so there are all of those things and coming back to the life mission I would say no when you were talking about feeling like that truck was a cage in my experience in life personally I found that when I would be between things and that would feel like I was doing a day job that I could say that I’m stuck in having a clear idea that I was in the process of moving toward the next phase of my life mission had me being in that day job and not feeling stuck in it because the ever-present day-to-day humdrum or boredom or angst about being in this dead-end day job that or at least I perceived it to be yeah wasn’t mitigated by the fact that I knew I was in the process of the next step in my life mission and I had an ongoing process of being in that dialogue you know like some of those skills are you know speaking of the early life things when I looked at my childhood and I said and looking back and say what were my favorite toys what were my favorite stories while were my favorite movies what sports what places that I like to go to what activities and then I said why why were those my favorites what in those stories or movies or the things I did with the toys or sports that I was involved in what was it about those that speaks to my nature who were my heroes and why would they my heroes and if I said I could spend a day with anyone who would it be and why would I choose that if I could go to any place in history where would I go to spend a day a week or a month and why would I say that you know there that’s just one of many hundreds of scales that if I’m asking myself on a consist and basis and it’s an ongoing practice that helps people to be masterful with my way I knew then the moment-to-moment decision about which of my quote-unquote passions I’m going to pursue right now wouldn’t be a figuring it out thing it would be let’s say intuitively obvious because I’ve been in this conversation with myself let’s say capital s and you know the one that transcends my compensatory comfort zone shadow self and the one that sent me in life you know because none of us exists done and I well most of us do not live in an island by ourselves so it’s that conversation with the one that sent us with what we’re surrounded our environment and the aspects of the inner selves with that that’s that’s good you brought that up because with that there’s this and I mean I would do that I would fill the cage and then I would have to check myself and say look you prayed for this job you asked for a better job this job is better than the one you were at before this and and you have to bring yourself back in the moment and understand but especially when you’re on the brink and you’re on the edge and you can see it it’s so close but yet so far away that angst that gets there and you essentially you’re you know you’re starting the curse or blessing that God gave you sent you that you asked for you and there’s then there’s other people what helps you be president thankfulness there’s other people who would kill for your job right now who would kill to be in that truck cage in that truck but it’s that inward desire that you’re put here for more and here’s another thing I guess another part of it is that even in the scriptures it talks about how we’re supposed to be talked about how we’re supposed to be present and content so how do we reach a level of contentment wherever we are but still want more for our life because there’s the you know the in in religion there’s what’s called the prosperity gospel and that’s like you never have enough you just want more and more and more and you’re never satisfied once you get that job you wants a better job once you get that car you want the better car you got to keep up with the Joneses and there’s that notion that’s there but as far as like being content where you are and and not being anxious not worrying but still wanting something better what worse that that safe zone there well I think that starts with the why question you know I’m saying why am I here was I called me to do and who is that called me to be if I’m present to the Y that I’m asking what’s it for so when you get the thing you said you wanted and you’re having this ongoing conversation about the Y which means the what I acquired what does that have to do with the Y’s that I’m here and I wouldn’t be wrong to say for instance I want this beautiful color alright this beautiful house or II want this fill-in-the-blank whatever it is it’s not that it’s wrong per se you might ask yourself though that now that I haven’t or if I got that what that actually made me happy from the perspective of why I’m here so if you’re a present to the service aspect of why you’re here and you could ask yourself what’s it for so then if you’re in the middle of the situation that you’re an aged about like you said maybe you’ve got something that you prayed for and then it was met all you expected it to be or now you’re anxious for what’s next you you could ask yourself well in terms of what my life is for having gotten this what is that telling me you know the part of me that wants to be anxious about the next let’s say shiny object yeah is it a shiny object or is it the next piece of why I said I’m here if it’s why I said I’m here and I trust that I am in this conversation with the one that sent me then I won’t be in such a hurry to figure from my local perspective whether or not I should be further along and I might trust that it is in process and if I’m n the ongoing inquiry I won’t be anxious so much about the process because I’m in that ongoing inquiry and the conversation with the one that sent me in lies okay that I wanna ask you little bit about that term they’re the one that sent me I talk about God spirituality all of these things very comfortable with that is that the beginning prerequisite to finding your dream is that like is enough if you have these steps like people who don’t believe or people have a term who have problems with with those type of terms of God of a higher power whatever the case is there you have to come to kind of grips with that first with with your approach of finding out why they’re here if they don’t are they working against it how does that work for someone who may not believe well it’s not a prerequisite to start like so sometimes I might say life you know you’re in a conversation with life and the thing is if you start that conversation and you stay in that conversation it’s pretty much inevitable that you will arrive at a point where you get to okay so then what’s creating this life you’re in conversation with like so you can be atheist or agnostic and you could start the journey and you and you could call it just life divine intelligence whatever word you pick and if you stay in the conversation at some point it’s gonna light up for you that there is a something and a someone or you know I guess we could say first person second person third person view of God you know there’s God be it you know like star wars the force there’s God second person you know like a personification of that and or there’s gotten first person you know so anyway you shake it at some point if you just stay in the conversation that will emerge for you it’s oh I wouldn’t say it’s a prerequisite to start if you start though you will arrive at that frontier at some point and then you’ll have to get present to you know what are we actually what is it I’m in conversation with that isn’t this vague notion that I’m calling life and life would be okay to start fair you could be agnostic and you could be I haven’t decided yet but start the journey be in inquiry with license you know and the other thing is again if I say it’s life mission that implies being sent you know we’re even talking spiritual or military you know so again that’s why I don’t say purpose because purpose could be why you decide in the moment and one of the things I’ve noticed about purpose is it tends to run in in trends like fashion trends in clothing you know like in any given let’s say decade it might be fashionable to decide that this is my purpose but when I and when I say mission it applies that it was packed in your bags when you were sent you’re like if you’re sending your child to music camp you might cracked it you might pack sheet music and instruments along with the clothes if you’re sending your child to sports camp you’d pack athletic equipment you know so we came already packed in our bags as embedded in our members as it says in the scriptures so that it’s it’s embedded in your members it’s written in your members so it’s not something you decide in the moment it’s more like you remember that’s what some people in the chatter asking about the act of remembering it so if something they were sent that did we know it when we were children did we forget it are we trying to find it out what is it that the whole term the act of remembering for you because that’s I know that’s a key word for you so remembering is you know the where it means to make part of you remember make it part of you again and you know the research shows that when you ask somebody in life at the point where they’re free to do whatever they wanted maybe they won the lottery maybe they’re retiring and they’re in a good place in the retirement or for whatever reason got an inheritance what the research says inevitably they arrive at what they want to do then is what they already knew at seven they wanted to do and there’s things about how the brain forms that make sense of the 7 thing and from a spiritual perspective you could say he’s been you long enough to kind of see how it works here but not so long you forgot where you came from you know all those things that around the 7 year old says that most of us knew it 7 unless we add let’s say trauma if we were the victim of some trauma maybe we buried it but most kids do know it 7 and then we get talked out of it because it’s not a thing in our culture to make that a priority unfortunately and I’d like to change that so then it means well then how do you remember and again what I’m saying is there can be there is a process I’ve spent my life putting it together and I’m not the only one that’s developed a process for remembering the ongoing inquiry the ongoing doing of the scales like anything you want to become masterful with can bring you through the here’s what I’ve noticed I’ve noticed about my life and I’m going deeper in the inquiry and if you stay in that inquiry you it’s my promise that you will remember and you will be able to say anyone – with – anyone anywhere under any circumstance and articulated fully here’s why I’m here this is what this is what I’m called to do at the moment and this is Who I am called to be to step into next and I do have a sense of who I’ll become in a general way and then I’m in the ongoing inquiry about being able to dance with that so that if the next I’m present two changes I’ll be ahead of that and working on it before it shows up because I’m masterful at embodying my reason for being here and I have made part of me again that thing that I came to Express and that is is the word remembering to reuse the thing you came up with and for okay so you said the word to be able to dance with it that’s a great word because I think the journey is is the dance and and and I’m actually going to recapture the dream or to remember the dream as you’re saying some people in the chat also this is hunter he’s asking about okay so what if you know your mission and um I guess that’s debatable though okay we’ll just say this if you know your mission and you’re trying you’re trying you’re trying but nothing is paying off there’s no fruit you’re not gaining any ground whether you want to be a successful musician nobody wants to give you a shot nobody acknowledges you nobody recognizes that you you’re trying you’re trying you’re trying to feels like you’re spinning your wheels in the mud what do you do if you feel like that’s your life mission and it’s not working do is there do you need to go back and re-evaluate it to go back into what we call the secret place of meditation and prayer and get further instructions on how to do it and what to do is that could somebody be jumping the gun on their life mission and spinning their wheels or gourd being even being successful in the wrong direction yeah well one of the ways I talk about is the difference between trance rational you know we start off in life or pre rational then our Western culture has been pretty good at least in in certain places in the world and training people to be skillful with the rational mind what we’re what we haven’t engaged in so much is the trans rational knowing self that in our moments of Epiphany that’s the trans rational self you know like epiphany means eternity has entered into time so the one of the problems of the 400 years of the view of the world as a machine or a clock like Mecca knows if I just understand understand how the cogs work understand the purpose of the watch or the machine so how that comes back to the question you were presenting is let’s say that you have a pretty good idea of the larger why you’re here that you have an impression that the what how I’m going to express that is let’s say being a musician then how you’re going to express that well how you’re meant to step into that the how part becomes more skillful if you’re in the conversation with life so being like any again coming back to the elite athlete if you’re an elite athlete of course you know you want to win the match or the game to at the level of an elite athlete when you become a crawl which is what you’d want to be if you said music was my mission I want to be a pro I want to be able to make a living doing this then part of the ongoing process is understanding all the people you’re in that field width and what the nature of today’s environment for in this case music is so the ongoing skill development of both being a musician and being masterful at expressing your mission would be again coming back to the scales there would be musical scales to do and there’d be professional awareness scales to do meaning here’s the business of music and then I want to be an accomplished musician the aspect of how to manifest that in terms of an expression of your mission would be doing the life mission scales so that inquiry the ongoing inquiry like what what is fascinating me now what am i noticing I’m noticing now and why am i noticing that and what does that have to do with why I’m here and in the conversation with the one that said me assuming that the one that sensed you wants you to step into that if that’s why you’re here there there’s a guidance that comes not just from your let’s say meditation in states of Prayer it’s also what you might call the book of life you know so everything speaks if you are present if you adhere to the idea that you’re in a conversation with the one that sent you then that conversation shows up everywhere in your life and if you fully expect to get that guidance for how do I move from where I am now to being a professional musician you know it’s fair enough that there’s frustration and angst about that that won’t do much for you if you now move from the inks to okay I’m gonna drop into I’m going to let’s say let’s say be present to that there is a place in me that’s present to the trans rational conversation that I could be having with spirit with our life whatever you call that the one that sent you then I’m now going to be present to the book of life and that everything speaks and that life spirit the one that sends me wants me to get the message here’s what you do next here’s where you go here’s who you talk to this is what you research there are steps to follow to manifest the how of your why what note and having that ongoing inquiry you know that the Mystics say the two wings of waking up are your meditative contemplative prayer full practices and inquiry so the ongoing practice of inquiry as to the why what new is the foundation for the how do I step into it so that you’re not just trying to figure out based it you know one of the things we say about the figuring it out mind as a structure of mind is it will be based entirely on your experience and if your experience was adequate you’d be a professional musician if you if you aren’t or haven’t been and you want to be if you’re not already then your past experience isn’t the thing that’s going to get you there so then there is you know by definition if you’re figuring it out but figuring it out mind is basing that on your experience of the past or other people’s experience in the past and at the rate of change in the world what you need is the call in the future call it divine intent and if you’re in the conversation with the one that sent you you will find the divine intent for how to step into the how you’ll get guidance so to speak that brings you back to the inquiry again so again you’re back to the practice the inquiry what do I notice about what I notice if people you know is like what’s one of the things about yeah I’m good at this and I’m good at this so I’m good at this and I’ve worked with so many people that as you say got to the tap top of the ladder as Stephen Covey would say and find out that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall so that I’ve talked to so many people that were accomplished and successful at what they did and they going yeah I was good at it and so I decided to do it but it wow it has absolutely nothing to do with why I’m here yeah so the first thing is say just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that’s something that you need to step into you know it will be used to everything’s used yes okay skill it’ll be used in what you’re meant to step into it doesn’t mean that’s a thing so even though we go the wrong direction even though we are in there may be a place of the wilderness or we will willingly do it or we accidentally do it in the end you believe that it’s used for your greater good those years that you went down this path of pursuing this this thing that didn’t pay off and and really in the end it looks totally different than then what you’re called to there’s something that we we learn in that right there’s something that we learn to value in that whether it’s people skills whether it’s a level of gratitude or what not to do again I think that’s a big one we can over its a lot of people like to overlook what not to do that lead down the wrong road like I think that those those things that we learn are priceless because once you reach a certain level you don’t you got a you know you don’t want to mess it up you don’t want to go down the right you I’m saying the wrong road once you’ve spent years building something I feel like this it’s a testing thing and I feel like it’s it’s mapped out what we’re talking about the Creator or the one who sent you mapped out this life even you know even the mistakes you know even that the things that we have to learn from that that the only way we’ll get it is to experience it and to do it whether it took you three months or three years to go down or turn your back on your calling or whatever to find out like hey this is what I really want and I’m gonna pursue it and I’m gonna make sure that I do it because like the the character traits that are imparted by going through these testings and stuff you don’t you wouldn’t want to have like a puts this set up like this my experience a platform like this where there’s a lot of people listening hanging onto the words that you say they take your words of advice you wouldn’t want to have a big platform like this and start giving out bad advice or stuff that’s going to hurt people that years ago you thought was legit or you thought was the truth I think that with bigger platforms comes a greater level of responsibility and that those who are who are trusted with much there’s a lot riding on it and so I’m thankful for going down those paths or whatever that almost seemed like dead ends at the time but I’ve been able to to hold on to something to you know to bring to where I am today to learn what not to do even as much as what to do yeah so what I would say about that is you pointed out to holding on to a question of why and what you know as if it’s not an accident that I’m here and there’s something so the point of that being that it’s not just by default that if you go off paths it’ll all be used for good so one of the ways I talk about that is maybe the distinction between destiny and fate destiny it has to do with why you’re here but it won’t happen by default it’s a decision you make every day to show up to your destiny if you choose not to show up to your destiny then you’ll live fate and sometimes it works out for people you the thing about fate though is like your cork on the river and the river will take you where it takes you and you know for many people being a cork on the river and just kind of going with the flows or don’t call it works out pretty well for them until it doesn’t you know the thing about being a cork on the river is you might be enjoying the scenery and then around the next bend of the river you get caught up in a backwash and your life is now just going around and around and it’s going nowhere and the thing about fate where you make a choice about showing up to that question that inquiry day by day means that it’s like you’re not a cork on the river you’re in a boat and you’ve got some orders and your intention and this thing we’ve been given called choice you know it’s like sometimes we only understand the gift of choice when we see what happens when we’re not choosing so you know that yes if you show up every day to the question of why am I here was I called me to do Who am I called to become if I’m showing up to the question I make might be doing things that didn’t take me where I thought they would go I might make a quote/unquote mistake and if I still stay present like you said hold on to the question I will get guided back and in physics there’s this thing called the basin of Attraction there’s this and they also have a thing called the Great Attractor so in the basin of Attraction called forth by the Great Attractor you could say that there’s a magnetism and appall you know that comes bolts from the one that sent you in the conversation you’re having with that Great Attractor and the magnetism of your life mission and yes you might go up the sides and a little bit off-track but if you hold your attention on your intention the attention is the life force the intention is the blueprint if you bring your life force the attention to the intention to embody your reason for being here you can go up the sides of that wall a few times but you’ll get called back to the center of that Basin that’s pulling you toward eventually you will step into your why you’re here it’s inevitable but only if you choose to keep showing up to it it won’t happen by default I think I think part of the the choosing to step into it and taking whatever steps they are using everything as a stepping stone for your destiny which you know we learn from our own mistakes we have to learn from our mistakes if we’re if we’re not going to repeat them especially once you you reach a certain level if you’re in the goal you don’t want to if you’ve spent time self-sabotaging like once you’re in what you’re supposed to be doing you don’t want to self-sabotage if you if you learn you know what runs people off you don’t want to do that once you’re in what what you’re trying to build or whatever your calling is so one thing is about learning from your mistakes but I also find this bigger picture it’s being able to learn from the mistakes of others especially if we’re trying to study an art you know that’s for that’s one thing if it’s an art of it’s a let’s say podcast for instance find out what other people are doing on the podcast what’s working for them to make them successful see if it applies to you if you can apply it to what you’re doing and see what’s you know why they aren’t successful like a lot of times you can look at people and be able to tell that they have character flaws and okay they keep doing this once they reach a certain level of fame or notoriety then then they run everybody off for their self sabotage and then they disappear for six months and they don’t put out any music or they don’t put out any material or content and that’s a form of self-sabotage as well if not not creating something or bringing something to the table you learn what you’re supposed to do by the by watching the mistakes of others and so I mean I’m able to avoid a lot of pitfalls that I didn’t have to experience firsthand I got to see the fruit and what happens if you do that on a public level or on a personal level if you indulge and would and if we can apply this set to everything but be able to look at somebody else’s mistakes and learn from it and say okay let me write that down never do that because this is what happens when I watched my friend I watched my brother I watch this other person they all did it and this was what happened to them you know if I could I’d like to have a distinction okay no notice earlier way we’re talking about people would come reached the top of the ladder find it’s leaning against the wrong wall they might become very successful at something and it may have nothing to do with why they’re here so the distinction about learning from your mistakes for this conversation might be helpful that there’s the question of just becoming successful and if you’re learning from your mistakes you might become very successful if you’ve lost track of the conversation of why am I here and what’s it for what’s it in service to you might learn from your mistakes and become very successful at something that has nothing to do with why you’re here so I limit so for this conversation I would say it would be important to say if I’m learning from my mistakes one of the questions is was my mistake I lost track of my why that would be one of the things you know the thing where somebody seems to like we going entirely in the wrong direction and actually sabotaging everything they built might mean they lost track of why they were doing it the other thing is okay if I’m going to learn from this mistake or this quote-unquote failure if I start with what does that got to do with why I’m here then what you learn from your mistake will help you get closer to while you’re here and stepping into it so I just wanted to make the distinction that just learning from your mistakes doesn’t necessarily take you towards your life mission unless you just you’re in that inquiry yeah definitely like yeah because you can learn from your mistakes and but you could be on the wrong path you know you just on the wrong path if you just deviate a little bit like if I think I think that there’s this balance and and for me it’s even with what the scripture talks about the narrow road you know I don’t think it’s too far left or too far right but it’s that balance in the middle of what you’re supposed to be doing and not getting off any but veering just a little bit and you go and you walk down that path a couple miles you’re gonna be off you’re gonna be waste like way off path once you veer whether it’s veering because of the opinions of men and what other people suggest you do or other people’s opinions of your whatever it can it can throw you off your life path and like I said for me it’s about being consistent and it’s not like I think the why is big like you’re talking about because if we’re I’ve seen I’ve seen from firsthand experience and where my my purpose or whatever I’m building shifts because of others because someone told told me no you can’t do it and I said okay well I’m gonna prove to you that I can I could do anything I put my mind to and I go about you know taking those steps to do that and it’s not what you’re supposed to be doing your um and you becoming successful with it I we talked about you know the mind being so powerful that we can do anything that we put our mind to that’s why the scripture says to renew your mind daily make sure you have the right thoughts in the right intentions at heart and so we can go down this path like we’re talking for years and and and brand something make business contracts and deals and bring all these other people into something that I think deep down you know you weren’t supposed to be in to begin with it’s successful there may be something good but deep down you know that you’re not supposed to be doing it and therefore that there’s a picture as well I like to see within the story of Jonah how Jonah is kind of in this this staying where he’s like a running from God he knows what he’s supposed to be doing but he’s got his own thing that he wants to do so he’s in this tug of war with God of what he’s doing so he runs he gets on this boat and he’s running from God and the the winds and the waves and the storms come because God’s chastising him God’s chasing them we don’t want you know he can’t run from him so these people on this boat are about the boats about the sink because this guy is on the boat so this guy’s actions are affecting everybody’s life that is around him and he’s bringing all types of calamity on these people because he is running from God or running from that purpose you know and so I think that’s what a lot of times people do we go down these roads and we think that we’re okay you know that but we’re finding out that it’s not just us that there’s a lot of other people who are left in the wake of our mistakes of running from God or running from our purpose or trying to create a new purpose I think a lot of people do it because they’re scared of the purpose they’re scared of the mission or the vision it’s too big and and and they seem too small and it seems so far away so I can’t obtain that so let me obtain a smaller version of it that seems obtainable I think that’s a big reason why people try to run from it you know sure and if you’re aware that you’re in the conversation with the one that sent you and you actually you actually have a conviction let’s say we’re belief that that divine intent has your best interest in mind and let’s say that your local self or self lowercase s sees that as something scary then you might you might ask yourself if the one that sent you has your best interests in mind it will unfold at the rate that you’re capable of being present to it that’s one thing and then there is this thing that it kind of it speaks to why you’re talking about it in a more general way from the from Proverbs the book of wisdom you know train up a child in the way he should go and when you sold there he will not depart from it that is maybe not the best translation you know that train comes from the Hebrew four mid wherefore you which means create an environment for life the Khans work like right after the child is born clearing the cowl in the mouth so the child can breathe so if you if you let’s say we’re to have a Morgan accurate translation of what the actual original Hebrew said it would be not that the parent is supposed to tell the child what they’re supposed to do and they won’t depart from it what it actually says is create an environment for life according to your child’s gift or bent and when he or she is older he or she will not depart from them so that’s great advice for a parent create an environment for life for your child which means again it isn’t necessarily your job to understand your child or tell your child what they should do with your life it might be more you help them find the mentors that are correct for them I do understand them in other words create an environment for life so that’s great instruction for a parent for a child but what about our if you’re already an adult you could say this thing that you might go off and do in resistance to what you’re called to do or maybe you didn’t you’re kind of sort of doing it and kind of sort of not but you’re not sure if you ask yourself the question if you were parenting yourself and the object was create an environment for lives are you experiencing this as creating a lot you know do you feel alive in this are you creating life for other people in this that’s the first part of that and the second part of around the mission pieces are you creating environment for life within your gift or Bend like in other words I was designed in a certain way my gift or been I was designed with a certain predisposition it’s not an accident but I’m fascinated by what I’m fascinated by am motivated by what I’m motivated by you know that I that I seem to have these talents and gifts that’s not if you say this out in accident that’s your gift or bent then how are you meant to create an environment for life with your gift or Bend so then you know this thing where I’m all off doing something because you know maybe my shadow resistance comfort zone fear whatever has me resisting what my heart knows I’m being called to because it seems too big or it seems like it’s too much work or whatever the resistance program might be if you start with the question is this an environment for life for me is this an environment and for life for the world as there is this creating a better place for my having been here you know Richard balls in is what color is your parachute talking about mission set the three life missions remember the one that sent you make the world a better place for having been here and do the thing you most love to do in the way you most love to do it with the people you’d most love to do it with and the way the world most needs is done so that would mean if you were doing all that you’d be in creating an environment for life for yourself and for the people around you and you’d be doing that according to your gift you’re bent it’s a lot different for us because that comes a lot later it would be awesome if we were trained up in a way that we should go and then you know when we’re older we have skills that we can you know that that were imparted to us and instilled in us to to find our life’s calling and life and what if as a child yeah you end up in an environment for life for you and that’s part of the discussion like why is it that we wait over an adult to have these conversations if we had these conversations ongoing if it’s true that we knew at 7 why don’t we why wouldn’t we stop talking our children out of it why wouldn’t we train people up create an environment for life according to their gift or Benz you know that wouldn’t have to go to the forgetting and then remembering so you wouldn’t have people going to college spending anywhere from a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars these days to get a degree in something I was never sure I wanted to do anyway like wouldn’t it make just fiscal sense to have this conversation through secondary school you know through grade school and secondary school so that when you moved on whether you moved into college or occupational training or just life now whatever you decided to do it would be from your gift or bent and you’d be clear about it and you know why and you wouldn’t be wasting a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars getting an education that was for nothing having to anything to do with while you’re here so as we’re growing up this conversation might even be more important it’s about recapturing the dream remembering the dream if I look back at my childhood I was definitely a class clown one who loved to see people smile loved to entertain people I can look back and and and that’s essentially what I’m doing I love to entertain people I love to see people smile and and bring healing through laughter you know what I’m saying that all of those things I knew you know much like you a piece of what I wanted to do whether it was to be on stage is in front of people do music all of these things I loved it as a kid and and there’s a lot of kids who are doing it and or who have felt that way but when the world talks them out of it or you have to you know give it up I could tell you man it’s just weird hurt essentially to see people who were you know even even much older in life who have given you know 20 30 years to a company you know and but to see but they’re almost just like living by the fault like they didn’t choose that they’re just like randomly got this job but if they’re okay with it that’s another story you know what I’m saying if they if they’re okay with it like if they feel like if they don’t have that inward cage you know feeling like they’re in a cage or they’re trapped or I wish I could have did this with what was life or have these regrets then I think it’s okay but um but I see I see so many people I feel like they’re living by the fault and they’ve given up on the dream you know one thing I might say about that is it’s never too early and it’s never too late I mean it would be great to talk to children about why they’re here and so you know I had a client who was in her 90s she had been in of a nursing school retired from being a Dean of the nursing school she’s 19 so he’s a like so you did this thing it was very fulfilling and now what you’re 90 what you should just I don’t know do embroidery and play golf or something you know so we have the conversation she wound up then exploring her calling to be an author and she started writing books so it’s ever too early and it’s never too late and then the other part of that is your life mission isn’t necessarily a job you know like I’ve always said that you can find a way to make it a job you can find a way to make a living doing it but it’s not a requirement there are a number of people who are stepping into their life mission as a vocation they have a day job they do that forty hours a week and then when they’re not at that day job they are doing their life mission so it you know if you’re not let’s say if you haven’t found a way to make your pet your reason for being here your passion your calling a job you know it doesn’t mean that you can’t express it you know so just to say that your life mission is a mess surely a job and with a little bit of creativity staying in the conversation being willing to be present to the guidance I’ve yet to find somebody’s life mission that couldn’t be trance transitioned into a way to make a living doing it that’s a big thing for a lot of people and there’s many different places we can go with that and I’m coming from like the religious standpoint man where there’s like a lot of people who there’s a guilt there like there’s a guilt with being successful there’s a guilt of making money doing something that you love to do or doing anything spiritual but at that you know there’s a guilt that comes with it there’s this notion of Jesus and the prophets and it’s even in a lot of other religions but they talk about the suffering servant you know you have to do without so that proves how spiritual you are or your devotion of God that you even like you know the Gnostic understanding that you’ll do without so that you know you could be more in enlightenment enlightened and things like that so I’m seeing so many people and and seeing them wrestle with it and I’ve had to do it you know because we said we see the abuse of it you know we see we see all that and so people are trying to come out of that of being okay to make a living doing something that’s not a regular occupation that’s nine-to-five whether it’s I have friends who are spiritual healers you know they charge for sessions and stuff they make a living doing what they love to do and doing what they feel like their life’s mission is you know that’s a big thing for a lot of people to get over we’re in a place now with the Internet it allows us to explore ways to actually make money doing what we love and in presenting a service that didn’t exist or a service that people enjoy and they’re willing to pay for that that’s a big thing with people trying to walk in their life’s goal especially in like the spiritual community or or like the religious community at that have you experienced anything like that or dealt with clients who felt wrong because it was too easy like it doesn’t feel like work like you know work means you have to not like it you know what I’m saying like that that type of deal you have to be stuck in the cage so you know the work the English word work comes from the same word as allergy hmm we have a very strange sort of relationship to this thing we call work a career comes from the racetrack dog racing track which means to careen around the track work comes from the same root as allergy or working against and occupation is a military term the only thing that resembles let’s say something that our heart could connect to around this thing is you know possibly the word vocation and opus Oprah’s is a musical term that talks about a body of work over a lifetime with the sacred intent so there’s that so it might be helpful to remember most of the patriarchs we’re wealthy men you know so it wasn’t that money is evil it’s the love of money that being successful isn’t a sin you might ask yourself what’s it for though so it’s you know are you in love with the money or you know my question in life is I really don’t have a thing about how much money I just want to know that it’s spirit says do this I can do it that I’m that thankfully I’m not in a place where I have to check my checkbook it’s like okay spirit I know you said you want me to do this thing but let me check my checkbook and I’ll get back to you so my thing is like it doesn’t really matter to me how much or how little as long as when spirit asked me to do something I can just say yes and it seems to work out that way I get enough money to always be able to say yes so you know maybe Bill Gates who now is greatly involved in philanthropy needed to make the billions he needed so that he can go to other places in the world and do the good things he’s doing I was between him and God yeah so you know like the question of is it wrong to be successful most again the patriarchs were wealthy men you know they God didn’t say to the patriarchs you need to give away everything to do this you know maybe they were asked to be willing to and sometimes spirit asking to be willing to give up everything and if you say yeah I’m willing often you don’t have to yeah exactly test of the heart yeah so no it’s not a you know even the word suffering the word suffering means to go through or to move through and the problem most people have is they suffer over their suffering suffering you know to go through means I’m not supposed to get stuck on this problem I’m having right now and if I’m not suffering over my suffering well how can I use this to maybe not spend my whole life in the suffering place you know like and I don’t say that in a Cavalier way because you know obviously there are people in this world who tree no fault of their own find themself in circumstances which you know you say lift yourself up by your own bootstraps well they don’t have a bootstrap to lift themselves up by they do have a conversation with spirit though in yeah and so the question is between them and spirit what does spirit asking you to do with us so I’m not cavalier about this I’m just saying that it’s not some crime to be successful you know and it’s not the real question is again it’ll always comes back to why and what’s it for why am I here and if I’m going to be successful and I think that if you’re going to have consequence in the world it’s helpful you know to be masterful at what you’re called to do so that you can have the influence you were meant to so that’s what I would say about that yeah that’s it that’s a big one I think people have to get a new relationship with with with money with income with with success and and I think it comes with what we’ve kind of been talking about the whole self sabotage thing when money gets involved they’ve become successful they get scared they they run when money’s involved and then it gets into what we also talked about the opinions of men and other people’s opinions of you making money or whatever the case says and it gets into this weird circle of I don’t know just spinning spinning your tires you know like personal conversation for everyone yeah honey is life force what are you gonna do with that and the only relevant question is between myself and the one that said me only I can really no yeah what’s my why what’s remote oh my god what’s this in service do and as long as I’m clear about my intention making people can say what they say because people are gonna always do that yeah the question is are you clear about your intention what’s your why yeah yeah that’s good so Daniel I appreciate you coming on with me if you want to plug some of your books because everything that we’ve been talking about today you’ve got a couple books that kind of map out practice on how to do this how to state how to stay mindful and how to recapture that goal and things as well or to remember the the mission mister just keep it in two key phrase remembering the mission show you website your books where everybody can check out your work let’s start with the caravan remembering roadmap for experiencing awakening of your life’s mission that’s available on Amazon it’s available in on iTunes and Kobo you know all the e formats it’s available on all the U formats you can order from Amazon you can order it through the caravan and remembering book site there’s a place called Caravan conversations dot community you know the book caravan remembering is what would be a weekend class embedded in a story so that you have an example of somebody working the process for remembering your why what knew so that on the caravan community or the Quebec conversations dot community is a place you can go to to work the process in the book with other people from around the world you know there are local groups there are people who enter into conversations let’s say in a virtual so you could be anywhere in the world and join other people working the process and so you there’s also a curve in Congress there’s a curve in of remembering website on YouTube there’s the Kerrigan I’m remembering website itself there’s the book site and then the let’s say the enterprise that I bring a lot of this to the world with including addressing some of those things that we sell sabotage yourself with doing or you through the organization that I co-founded called the way of the heart so you could go to the way of the heart dot-com website and follow some of the things there and where you could go to the book site or if you want to work with other people Caravan conversations that community the book is the caravan and remembering any of the e formats you could go to Amazon to get the book good stuff well Daniel good enough thank you for coming on and hanging out with me for this podcast I enjoyed it so much we have to do it again soon I love it thank you for having me on it was great all right you have a good one god bless okay thanks bye Daniel good enough ladies and gentlemen I like I like I like his last name good enough why because you are good enough good stuff man yeah I think that the two most important days in a person’s life is the day that they were born and the day that they find out why they were born why are you here which is what we’ve been talking about finally got why you here like I said people walking around aimlessly they don’t know why they’re here they’re still looking for their life purpose or even on into adulthood man people are just living by default and and that sucks that’s that’s that’s hell that really is of just existing and not even not not having any purpose or any vision man the scripture says that where there is no vision the people perish that you have to have vision and it’s important have something to work towards and then it becomes about the journey about how to actually get there how to achieve those goals how to find your bliss and and and make the life that create the life that you want for yourself you get with God you get with the Holy Spirit you don’t work against the Holy Spirit you don’t work against your Divine Will for your life and that’s what a lot of people are doing they’re working against God and I do think that we learn from from our mistakes I believe that if we go you know down the wrong road we have to be careful but there’s always something to learn I don’t think that it was for naught I think that each path that we went down if if the even if the end goal is the only thing you get out of it is to not do that again right there I’m telling you man like years ago having a platform my platform was a lot smaller and for good reason you know what I’m saying is for good reason so I look at everything as preparation to get us where we’re going and I think I’m there I’m in my life’s mission I’m having fun encouraging people inspiring people but trust me years ago with having this this much of a reach I was not the most loving person I was not the most spiritual person and still I’m a regular person right it’s not like all spirituality all the time but you learn what to do and what not to do you learn to treat others the way that you want to be treated and into you know what you put out it’s gonna come back so I understand that that karma and I understand that you reap what you sow and so that’s why I want to put out good things into the earth that’s why I want to speak our blessings into the atmosphere because I want it to come back seven fold greater pressed down and shaken stronger man you know and I believe that that’s that’s universal law that whatever you plant whatever you put put out there it’s gonna come back whatever you water it’s gonna come back it’s gonna grow so whatever you’re putting out be conscious of it and in that I think that’s what it starts of being conscious is talking about having that conversation with the one who sent you having that inner dialogue with yourself I mean I’ve references throughout my music for years and even referencing the work of Michael caesarean of how you know having that entered inner dialogue with the self do you wake up and talk to yourself you know what I’m saying and and all of the greats all of the patriarchs they all did that they all had that inward dialogue going on so that’s what it’s about creating the life that you want for yourself and you know I’m telling me it’s just like getting past the suffering servant of God you know it’s a it’s a gnostic belief it really is that God doesn’t want you to enjoy life God doesn’t want you to prosper like all of these weird what we would call ungodly beliefs that are hindering people and holding them back thinking that God is against him or God is mad when they’re happy and God doesn’t want them rich all of these weird weird things so I just want to let everybody know tune in in the live stream I disabled the the super chat feature super chats this YouTube button that allows people to donate just with the click of a button and it would it would read in the live stream whatever you donate it but YouTube takes 30% of those donations I just find out how much YouTube takes and that’s crazy so I did definitely didn’t want to promote that so if anybody who wants to give during the live stream and have your message read out you can actually give via the link in the description to on the stream lab so it’ll read out your questions and comments and all of that kind of stuff so feel feel free to do that if you would like I had to get rid of super chat just they take way too much money so yeah one up yeah Christie says 30% what yeah it’s insane so patreon is good the best way to give and to donate is through patreon but to have it read out in the streams just click that link in the description to do it it’ll just pull up a quick pop up and it’ll read out your message and all that cool stuff so yeah I want to say thank you for that anybody who wants to look at the stream schedule I’m trying to go live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. central so that’s what I’m trying to do some people’s timezone doesn’t really match up and it’s a lot earlier where they are so I have to do some a little bit later like this one today so if you want to look at this stream schedule and some of the guests that I have lined up just go to truth-seeker comm and you could check it out there I was able to get get caught up on a bunch of podcasts here in the last week we was people were sending donations so that we can get caught up on the the server so I can pay for the for the extra shows to get caught up I’m still a couple episodes behind but I’m trying to get those rolled out as well to be caught up so eventually probably put out the episodes the day after they air and I think that’s going to be the best thing to do or if not the same day so I’m getting caught up I’ve only got just a couple behind me so that it’s gonna be caught up very soon and I’ll probably put one out tonight and yeah so that you’re not listening to a podcast that aired a month ago on the on the podcast end because I know that could be crazy especially we found that talking about the album release party and stuff like that hey we got an album release party coming up Friday and you listening to that on the podcast and that that Friday was three weeks ago so that’s what it’s about just getting caught up so that everything that we’re talking about is relevant and so yeah I got pushed behind a little bit on the whole album release stuff coming up I had a that took up a lot of attention so that’s what that is so yeah I got some awesome guests lined up here within the next couple weeks and going to continue to to go live on YouTube and bring out content man there’s a bunch of stuff that we’re doing like I said that this consistency is key at the end of the day whatever we’re bringing it to the table it’s about being consistent and showing up so bunch of shows lined up for the net I got like a month of shows planned already so all that gets tougher anybody would like to support what I’m doing there’s a donation link in the description there’s also patreon patreon comm backslash true sticker that enables me to continue to do this and bring out some cool music cool podcast and do this stuff so thank you guys so much for the support with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and thank you guys for hanging out with me peace peace I don’t see my outro trying to find my outro guys send you guys out with some music here’s a song [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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