David Delmar Coats joins TruthSeekah in this podcast as they talk about music, healing and the flow state.

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David Delmar is a pioneer for the authentic expression of heart and soul with his unique and original music style performing songs he creates 100% in the moment as he sings and plays piano. He finds a sacred space within the divine nature internally and co-create songs passionately from there honoring the Heavenly Father and the life He’s given every man. Delmar holds that the unity in his heart, while listening to what it’s saying allows the music to effortlessly flow through him. It’s his greatest desire and also God’s will for his life to get the earth party started by sharing his music all the while helping others apply creativity to their own lives as they co-create their song with God be it musically or otherwise.

Check Out David’s Work Here: https://www.thejoysound.com