In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Dee Wallace as they discuss UFO’s, Aliens, E.T.’s, Spirituality and Healing. When it comes to the subject of UFOs, and Aliens who better than to discuss these topics with than “Mary” (Elliott’s mom) from Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Dee Wallace?

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The Mom From E.T. Says That Aliens Are REAL! | Dee Wallace | TruthSeekah Podcast

Over the years Dee Wallace has played in many alien and horror movies ranging from E.T., Critters, The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes, Cujo, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, 3 From Hell, The House of the Devil, The Lords of Salem, The Lost, The Stepford Wives, Popcorn, The Frighteners and many more.

I was surprised to find out that not only does Dee Wallace have a strong belief in UFO’s and Aliens, but she also is a full-time clairvoyant and energy healer.

Dee works with clients on one on one helping them find true spiritual healing and working through emotional blockages. Dee travels the world speaking at conferences and hosting webinars offering her intuitive services. During the episode we talked about the duality behind a fascination with horror and healing as the two seem to be counterproductive together. Known as a “Scream-Queen” Dee sees the beauty and creativity in the horror genre that allows us to feel many different emotions watching movies in that genre.

Dee says “People want to feel alive” and the horror genre allows us to do so. I also asked Dee about a conspiracy theory that I remembered hearing from some Christian ufologist who said that Steven Spielberg has a collection of alien implants that were taken out of UFO abductees. Dee immediately shot down the notion calling it a conspiracy.

We then went on to discuss the evil alien theories and agendas and talked about the fact that even the term abduction is something that seemed to die out in the 80’s and 90’s as most people refer to themselves as experiencers and contactees now.

Dee Wallace Episode Chapters:

Dee Wallace Says That Aliens Are Real (Full Interview) –

00:00 – Introduction / Shout out’s / New book: Spirit Realm

04:05 – Presenting the guest – Dee Wallace actually works with energy healing, does one-on-one sessions and summits

05:57 Dee Wallace says aliens are real, and they are here to help.

07:35 A definition of God: All thought and all possibilities

07:58 Energy and exercising your ‘choice muscle’

12:00 Change your experience

13:13 Subconscious relationship with money

16:25 You create as you speak

18:18 Could aliens be demons?

21:03 ET’s in the film industry

22:10 Self inquiring about the ET’s fear inducing movies

23:46 Who is Rob Zombie, in her opinion? And many other celebrities from this same movie field

25:40 Horror movies and healing ministries?

26:11 Is it healthy to watch horror movies?

32:36 When you love yourself, you give the best for everybody

34:57 We lost horror movies

37:48 The Howling

39:00 ET is about us going back home

40:00 Steven Spielberg believes in aliens and collects abduction implants

42:00 What about the abductions?

44:44 Lower understanding in readings

48:00 Father speaks words of comfort to her

51:00 You get what you look for

55:53 How you can get in contact with Dee

” ET changed my life. ET was real. ET is real. ET can be whatever I want ET to be. ET taught me how to love.” – Dee Wallace says in her latest book, “ET Changed My Life”.

Dee Wallace

Dolores Cannon And ET

Dolores Cannon (renown spiritual healer / channeler) and Dee Wallace both shared an affinity for aliens and when Dolores brought Dee on tour with her for spiritual healing conferences the two would talk about their beliefs and encounters. Dee marveled at Dolores’ ET healing abilities and credits her with helping to cure a chronic back problem. Dee was also a guest on the radio show, Coast to Coast AM .

Dee Wallace believes in ETs and has had several alien encounters throughout her lifetime. She came under ET scrutiny when she played the part of an alien mother in ET–The Extraterrestrial . In 2007 when Alien Worlds released their list of “Top 100 People Positively Influenced by ET” Dee Wallace made #18 on the list, which explained that ‘Wallace experienced numerous sightings as well as having been visited by ETs.

Dee Wallace Healing Session

DEE WALLACE: A Live Channeled Immersion | Webinar

We actually booked Dee Wallace for a powerful healing session on The Mystic Circle and it was amazing! The replay of that incredible session can be viewed HERE.



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