In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Anthony Cummings about the importance of deliverance ministry. In this episode you get an up close and personal look into Anthony and TruthSeekahs personal struggles growing up without fathers and how to overcome such character flaws and mindsets. Anthony currently lives in Texas, and is married to his wife Sara. He currently tutors students in Biblical Languages while finishing his certification, in and through Regents University, to become a professional Life Coach. He will also be a full time online Biblical Hebrew teacher for a Christian missionary school in Mobile, AL (International Gospel Outreach) beginning in 2018.

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker we’re back with another exciting episode of the true seeker podcast I’m excited to talk with you guys tonight one of the everybody know that the phone lines will be open if you guys want to call in we’re gonna open up the phone lines for prayer and general questions any questions that you guys have about the Bible about spirituality or if you just need prayer and encouragement the phone lines are open for that so the numbers streaming across the video and it’s in the description as well call in it’ll let us know that we have a caller in queue and we’ll bring in calls towards the end of the hour I’m so excited about tonight I’m gonna talk to a guest who’s a friend of mine near and dear to my heart first of all I wanna say a huge thank you to everybody who is supporting at backslash true seeker all of you guys who are supporting my work there and you guys get unreleased music extra episodes of the podcast and all kinds of other goodies that we have we have a private Facebook group for the guys who are supporting to kind of come on there and talk about the guests talk about the shows and suggest guests as well so that right there is helping huge for me right now I’m doing this full-time and I couldn’t do it without you guys so what’s awesome about it it’s just a few people who are doing a lot and you guys mean the world to me and my family who are helping us out must them off so anything you guys want to do anywhere from $1 to $5 a month anything is appreciated I think you got so much for what you guys are doing over there at backslash true seeker we also have new merch up on the site as well and so you can get that as well so tonight’s episode my guest Anthony Cummings who is Anthony common some of you may know him if you guys have been in my life for a while you you may recognize him some of you may not he’s not a bigger name you know we like to kind of have some of the people with big names and they bring their fan base on and we’d like to network with bigger names and stuff like that right and I love having the big names on the numbers go crazy it’s like the numbers are awesome with big names well studying podcasting and giving myself over to podcasting all the experts tell you don’t do what works for you bring people on and give content that will benefit your listeners so with that in mind tonight’s show is gonna be essential tonight’s show is gonna be someone like I said you probably have never heard of but you will you’re gonna know his name very shortly as far as studying the Scriptures of someone who has given himself over to to studying the scriptures he’s laid his life down for the cause of Christ and he has the scars to prove it and he’s come out on the other side victorious he’s got an awesome story and he is an awesome brother in Christ I’m gonna welcome to the podcast Anthony Cummings what’s going on my brother welcome to the show man you have a massive privilege to come on the show it’s been a long time it’s been a long time me and Anthony go back some years we Anthony we hooked up on during the myspace days I think it was and found a common interest in music and I think early on we were into some of the political stuff a lot of people who were in the awakening movements they get in they come in through Alex Jones and finding out that the government is corrupt and the government doesn’t care about you and things like that right we come into those streams so me and Anthony met through having a common interest in music and the political stuff so we we became friends through that he spent some time living with me we opened up our home he spent a couple months living with me and we started a band a group called until Shiloh comes I’ll let you talk a little bit about that from your perspective man yeah definitely that was interesting have you ever did a a coup stick hip-hop project before before we did that cuz I know you were in hip-hop I can’t rap but I played guitar and I could sing but have you ever did anything like that before was that unique that was that was just the first time just a vision and we made it happen yeah first time yeah definitely so I’ve never did that before that was actually very interesting in so me and Derrick became close we’ve had our differences in the past but we were both very passionate man for us III never took on the name true seeker I hope there but there could you at least say I had some sort of passion to seeking the truth right yeah so we would man we met in prayer meetings we met people more together man and through the good bad and ugly and you know some one of those things were what I liked about Derrick is that you can be authentic with them you know he knew everybody’s got struggles everybody’s got failures everybody has a past and even in the scriptures when you look at anybody in the scriptures everybody has some sort of weaknesses or failures and but God can redeem that and that’s one of those things it’s taking a long time and because as you’re going through the wilderness as you’re going through these things it doesn’t feel good you know man but at the same time I would say I’m Derrick I’d like to see what you would see on this but there are songs there are lessons and there are maturity steps of maturity you take in characters on so forth that birth out of suffering and struggle and trial would you agree with that a million percent yeah I mean I had them run it the hard way I told if any other day I said no matter how much Hebrew Greek Aramaic you read no matter how much you learn of the original languages no matter no matter how much scholarship you read even though there’s some amazing scholarship out there and I would promote a lot of it that’s it’s reliable there are only for me men I think that starting to speak myself man there’s only lessons that I learned going through suffering I wouldn’t wish it on nobody but there are lessons and character growths that I only learned going through suffering man I mean you want to share a little bit about that yeah that’s just that’s one thing that we’ve been on a lot lately is the fact of going through these trials and tests which this is debatable but I say take heart because they’re ordered by the Lord man he I believe he sets him up he builds character within us he becomes a father to the fatherless and he teaches us things and he takes us under under his wing to teach us how to become men how to show compassion and I say I tell a lot of people now I try not to put my mouth on people and speak evil against any man these days because I know how it feels to have whole congregations of people speak evil of you and I and we can wallow in that and say you know what man these people don’t like me they don’t welcome me but you know what so okay let me learn from that let me welcome those who are the outcast because I don’t know how it feels to be an outcast so in those structures man God is teaching us these principles that no man had compete to it’s just strictly you and God man definitely and I think a lot of the songs at least from my end came from coming up and a broken home I mean you saw it with the fatherless song I’ve got over and over again they’re like we gotta sing that song I like that song man listen I was going through struggling moving around I think I wrote that acoustic song under a tree at midnight just crying out to God it said listen I’m nobody special man so it’s one of those things where I’m like God you know like I you know I couldn’t help but I don’t wish bad on my father but he ran out on me you know and how many stories that we heard Derrick man I think we’ve met both of us know several people were they come up in dysfunctional homes their father wasn’t there for them or maybe their mother ran out you know things like that and when I first came to faith I think I shared this with you that the first scripture that I cling to at 13 and 14 years old so I didn’t come up in the Christian home I didn’t come up with a church family nothing like that man my family mocked me for coming to the faith in the gospel but it was Psalm 68 5 and 6 where it says that God talked about the God of Israel is a father to the fatherless and a defender of the widows that meant so much to me that later on a life I got a tattoo of it not that it makes me more spiritual but you know I’m saying it’s just one of those things where it meant so much that that was a prayer of my life man because it’s it’s not easy coming up and a broken home because I think there’s an attack on father’s I told a friend of mine here at work the other day there’s a there’s a movement for feminists there’s a movement for people who want to commit abortions right so my dad walks out on a child right he’s a deadbeat dad but if a woman commit abortion she’s okay she should celebrate her freedom and her feminism because she can go kill a baby no again I know that’s debatable how people there’s different intentions behind that but it’s really weird man without saying it it’s almost like there’s an attack on father foot father figures or manhood yeah yeah I mean would you agree or disagree what you thought I agree 100% man you know something that was few and far between back in the day you know 20 years ago now it’s the common it’s the common thing and I I discourage my friends who are having a hard time even with their with their families even with their wives and stuff and I just seen it happen time and time again of divorce and then they they get to start over they get to relive childhood again and the dad gets to walk out and in man because I came from that I’m passionate against it man and I try we try to work with with couples and encourage young couples to stay together and I’m saying work through those those those problems and and but I would say to anybody young who’s getting together make sure that that’s the one for you you know make sure that that when you with somebody make sure it’s the person you can’t live without make sure that that’s your other half and that’s the person who God has for you and when you find that person then it’s time to go to war over anything with you I’m saying with your relationship and and protect it man because it’s it’s it’s delicate you know so I encourage young people to to wait I’m saying to make sure that whoever they’re with because even with us man early on it was a trend like it was a trend me and my wife got married early and then all of our friends started getting married when they were together for a month or two months and I hold on wait wait wait we’ve been together for like you know three years before we did this and but it was like a trend and then you know they get married for a month and then they get divorce and it’s like there was no sanctity there man but marriage is a beautiful covenant marriages can’t be broken it’s a covenant that’s sealed in blood but between you know you and your partner and before the eyes of gods and so many I mean there is a tack on the family and there’s a tack on the father’s as well so going back it happened to me I’m passionate about it happened to you when you as a kid your father walked out right so go into that a little bit man about the things that other kids who have dads they naturally receive from a father affection love adoration you know things like that you don’t saying yeah affirmation that you didn’t get talk a little bit about that yeah definitely man for me I ain’t grew up in a broken home I grew up in Southern Mississippi and a town called Lucy I don’t think anybody’s ever or if you have you’re from Mississippi you know about that it’s it’s very close to mobile 30 minutes from Mobile Alabama and so for me man I grew up in a broken home my dad left me when I was a kid and then my mom died when I was 12 years old before she died she remarried to a stepdad and my stepdad was an alcoholic abusive so from the get-go it was like while it’s just a wild life luckily or you wanna call it blessed whatever you want to put what word you want to put on there I had a friend invite me to from the church and thankfully it was some sort of cultic christian movement or something like that right they at least had the foundations correct and I heard the gospel being preached and and I did receive Jesus and I it’s one of those things man were it’s not a formula you know what it is like Corinthian 5:17 says if you’re in Christ you know your new creation old things pass away the old things become new and that’s just not an intellectual thing that’s just not you read it in the Greek or you read it in English and okay you believe it intellectually but you experience the presence of God you know that you’re a new life in Christ but here’s the thing that nobody told me well nobody told me it was just because you’re in Christ just because you are genuinely you pass without the life you pass from darkness to light you really know the presence of Christ in your life that doesn’t mean that suddenly all your immaturity goes away suddenly the abandonment issues go away that means oh man you are fully mature you have no insecurities no fears no abandonment issues no bondages sort of so on and so forth I think you would say well what’s the word you used Eric I think it’s spiritual bondages and I’ve heard you before but yeah so that happened and then thank God for people different families in my life there were certain elders in the church that took me in there are certain youth pastors to help me out so I’m in debt to people that didn’t help me when I’m looking but when looking back on this because there were times in my life I’m going God you know I’m not forcing this on my family I’m just trying to be honest with you in the midst of my good dad knowing what’s what’s going on here you know so it took a lot of stumbling for me just because you know yeah just because you experience the presence of God your life through the gospel does not mean that you don’t have to grow doesn’t mean you have to deal with wounded past wounds whatever you want to call it generational curses if you want to put it that way these things have to be dealt with even as a believer even as a believer you have to do with you so I could go into a long I don’t want to take up all your time but that’s sort of the backdrop of where I came from and now I have a passion toward that you have one reason now I’m in my life becoming a life coach it’s because you know you can study on the scholarship which I love doing and I’ve invested my life into 8 to 9 years studying the before Hebrew and that’s wonderful study about three or four years going into Koine Greek New Testament Greek that’s great where you can study the Septuagint a New Testament the original language that’s great you know Aramaic read the portions and so on and so forth no assessment that’s great I’m not against that that’s great but those things do not take away spiritual bondages if you just have an intellectual knowledge of the Bible which is great we should study the show ourselves approved right and rightly divide the word of God doctrines essential consistent doctrine is essential but just because you have intellectual logical reasonable arguments which is good for apologetics it still doesn’t take away it still doesn’t a lot of times help if there’s spiritual bondage there if there’s wounds there that the Holy Spirit has to heal or when I say the Holy Spirit it can be personal or he can use right relationships he definitely uses right relationships and so I can go a lot deeper but that’s a backdrop that makes sense yeah and it’s it’s things that if we don’t deal with it it will deal with us absolutely to our deathbed essentially and we’ll bring it into relationships and this is trauma this stuff that’s happened to us with you know as we were child like you know we were talking about it earlier like my wife’s reading this book right now and one of the examples given is that um when you were a kid if your dad was gone out of town to make money to put food on the table begin he wasn’t around a lot he wasn’t able to be at birthday parties or show up to ball games or whatever you may equate being wealthy and making money with time spent away from the family right and that could that could bring in an ungodly belief to where you are apprehensive to get wealth or for God opening up doors in your life to obtain wealth because you equate it with Tom away from the family and you do not want it I was totally there I thought that’s what it would it meant as well so I mean that’s an example I didn’t here’s another example for my audience I deal with this all the time the New Age crowd who come in and we mentioned Jesus they get offended they get mad and it’s not that what Jesus is a bad person or something like that Jesus is the most beautiful person or being who ever existed so for you to get mad at someone who represents in embodies peace that’s an example of something of a trauma or a pastor who spoke ill towards you a family member who was a Christian who gave you this false representation of Jesus and as many in the new-age circles when you mentioned the name of Jesus they get mad Oh relationship issues you know you’re in it you know the examples are endless you know you get you get cheated on by your spouse and you know when you were dating or something and now every person who comes into your life you’re waiting for them to cheat I have a friend now who his dad was an addict and he’s now walking into generational curses of his father and he’s walking into footsteps others his father’s now healed and delivered and walking in freedom but now he’s walking in the same footsteps of his father and he expects these he gives himself like every every every six Monsoor so i relapse and he keeps speaking that out you got to deal with that that’s not truth that’s not that’s not the Word of God that every six months you’re gonna relapse and it just happens and you got to fight that no you got to deal with that stuff and so that’s what we’re talking about about these dealing with these wounds and these traumas that play into our lives years later it gets scoffed at I’ve been sitting I’ve sat in meetings even in Pentecostal churches that when the term deliverance is mentioned in that there’s this other thing that takes place after you become a Christian after you give your life to Christ most people say okay it stops at Calv Calvary like that’s it we’re at Calvary jesus paid it all we’re all good and it gets scoffed at that we go to deliverance ministry my life 100% changed when I got filled with the Holy Spirit one and then when I was led through deliverance ministry and so I want you to go into a little bit when because you mentioned it earlier coming to Christ but it there was other things that were hanging on how do we deal with the things even as Christians how do we deal with those things through deliverance ministry yeah definitely well I’ve seen the one you have to be willing because I’ve met people let me just share with you I have a friend here and this part of Texas where I’m at and we were talking it’s a co-worker I won’t mention names we were talking about struggles and so on and so forth and I was just asking you know probing questions because we have this relationship not forcing anything and eventually my friend my co-worker said you know I the belief was this because they experienced trauma because experienced woundedness abandonment issues because guys had used her the belief was I’m not worthy to have a right relationship yeah and I was like I said I said what would it take for you to deal with that belief you know do you believe that and what would it take change that belief because it’s amazing man they psychologists or what you want to call it in our healing people they’ll say that the there’s what they call these live based beliefs that we have when we feel pain or abandonment issues or whatever it is we tend to start believing okay okay we’re not worthy I’m only gonna be where I am right now because and even if I wanted to become it’s too late so we speak a lot means subconsciously there we speak a lot of lies to ourselves over and over and over in our head well I can’t move forward because if I do move forward you know what are these people gonna think you know am i worthy of even moving forward what’s it gonna take I don’t have the money to move forward all these excuses keep us built and we don’t even say them out loud we just think them you know I mean I did I mean seriously you know and so but it really does go back to willingness are you willing are we willing to deal with these things and it’s not going to be I mean I don’t think on the Box okay I’ve seen instant delivery where somebody was a part of a gang they get filled the sprit of God they leave the gang and her life has changed he doesn’t mean they never have have have to go through other things but most of the time it’s day by day by day no and it starts off with are we willing number one to go through that too and number two are we willing to let people help us man I didn’t feel worthy of letting people I mean you saw it in my life man where I was always I don’t have enough money at the moment or hey these people are gonna not like me man if I don’t have the car if I don’t have the house man yeah we all do yeah so like and because there’s a it’s almost like a subconscious standard even though I never had a Christian tell me this yes the subconscious American standard is if I don’t have a car if I don’t have a house if I don’t have the PhD behind my name I’m not worthy of anything in the church I’m not going to be a speaker I can’t disciple nobody I can’t be a preacher teacher I can’t and that’s such a lie man it’s great now listen me and you both have learning you turn me on to talk to my father I would never have known him without you I’m thankful for really good you know good scholars like that but the honest truth is man Peter wasn’t a scholar if we’re gonna look at the New Testament Paul was the scholar but Peter wasn’t the scholar right and so there was different people that God used different areas of you know and they all had issues right just because Peter had the Spirit of God doesn’t mean he opposed the will of God right when Jesus then I gotta go to cross and die and Peter says it’s not gonna be he says get behind me safe you can translate as you know get behind me cuz you’re opposing the will of God because so time can simply mean somebody who opposes or who could they didn’t either way not everyone are translated there well the whole point is just because he was a sincere believer of Christ and a follower does not mean he had other things he had to work through you know that’s all but yeah man what I would say is like for me it took me a long time to feel I had to get to the bottom and even at the bottom sometimes of your life you don’t feel worthy it took man it just come it took getting tired of being at the bottom some people say you have to be at the bottom the bottom of the barrel and then it comes to the point where okay I’m not gonna live here the rest of my life move in or move forward and so for me it’s one of those things where had to be a willingness and then number two I had to admit and even though I knew the presence of God and even though I know there’s grace giftings and functions that we all have by the Spirit of God there are areas in my life there are areas in our lives about speak for me personally that I can’t move forward on my own and it was natural for me to be a loner because I come up in a broken home so no matter how like I said man no matter how much original language is apologetics or whatever you read that’s great intellectual information and to have to defend the faith to maybe share it encourage believers but there are areas in our life man that I’m convinced of it now that we will not move forward without right relationships we just wall I mean that that’s for me I don’t know how do you feel about that yeah I mean a hundred percent man you know without the I mean I don’t in and that’s why I got up you’re talking about faith in action too right I quit studying because I’ve studied so much I’m I’m with you because I think me and you whenever we were together we both tapped in to this realm of studying you went more of the the languages Biblical Hebrew messianic route and I was there a little bit and then I went more of into the New Age realm studying there and how it relates back to our faith and assigned and everything that we have in common and things like that and we studied that and studying and studying and studying and whether it’s conspiracy theories or what I found out that I don’t like I’ve done the studying now it’s time to put it in action like let’s let’s top it up and I’m tired of even sitting down and having debates about what Jesus meant what you know revelation 12:9 means for the end times where are we pre-trib I don’t have those discussions for the most part anymore I stray away because I see what they do the relationships I have people in my life who were just they want to take my doctrine apart to see what we have differently so that they can walk away and say oh you believe that see Jesus never said and they leave or whatever so I’m at the point of where we think we should be is not to wrestle over what Jesus said or what what it says in the Old Testament or whatever the case is what the scriptures mean and to just simply do what Jesus did he went out there and showed grace and mercy to those who didn’t deserve it let’s start there let’s let’s go to the widow and to the orphan and let’s tell them that they’re not alone and most of my messages I’m telling people right now is that you’re not alone they’re like oh my god the stuff that you’re talking about in your music the stuff on your podcasts I’ve never talked to anyone about it yeah and you’re the first person I heard vocalize what goes on in my head guess where I tell them you’re not alone right we are many we are many you’re not alone and just let them know that they are loved and that God loves them has a plan for them and to try to disciple them maybe through a podcast or through something that they don’t even know that they’re hearing biblical teaching because just coming through the conversation so simply go out and do the simple works of Jesus right and I think we could start there and there’s so much that we can having in common there so but when it goes back going back to the subject matter to go back to deliverance ministry why it’s important and first of all what it is okay this is a this is a spiritual talk show right why’d you guys talking about the Bible why are you guys talking about trauma and wounds and things like that and getting over past hurts because what we say spirituality fallen angels and spirits they set up themselves as stalk patterns in your mind and as ungodly beliefs and they get you to think a certain way about yourself about others about the church about Jesus they want you to think a certain type of way and you have to deal with them throughout the Scriptures the Bible talks talks about that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and high places and it talks about these strongholds it calls them that cause these demonic principalities strongholds that come in through unwrite teaching through through trauma through different things like that and you begin to think that these thoughts or these voices are you they speak as as they’re you that that you’re supposed to to judge people that these type of ways so the scriptures go into a lot of detail about the mind about the thought patterns of man and how to deal with it so going back to where you were Anthony um what happened when you went into these private sessions to talk about into vocalize first of all to confess it like the scripture says to confess these things you may not even told anybody and what happened when you did that man yeah definitely I think I told you about this so hopefully these guys get a kick out of there watching this remember I told you I think the first counseling session I had or in our healing session we’re going to call it because I was a believer and to give a little back start back up I’ve moved around a lot again never lost my faith in Jesus I think the hardest hurdle in my life was to get over Church her Christians you know they’re the worst ones man yeah so but in my first session man you know they always say okay where you at you know what do you know like you know where are you at right now what are you feeling what’s going on and I tell you man my first except old you people this but I’ll make it live it is what it is my first session I said the church don’t give an Shi T and I said the world don’t give an SI Johnny that’s what I shared that with you yeah I said you know I said because basically I said I was so angry again not angry at Jesus because Jesus didn’t fail me it was either myself failing myself aurilla with other people that I looked up to and maybe had an unrealistic expectation I had and so so what it took was little by little going back to the root issues you know I’ve heard other people they’re just like certain people are cessationist they said all the spiritual gifts are done away with or they’ll say oh we’re no longer casting out demons I’m sitting here going where the demons go man they just disappeared I mean does it say that Jesus died on the cross and every principality just went underground or something come on where do they get this stuff from or the award or they’ll say well the you know like the spiritual gifts are nobody I always joke with people say look I guess John and the island of Patmos when he’s writing this revelation down in Greek where can you imagine the Apostles Derek if you were living in that day they’re casting out demons of prophecy and they’re doing everything that the book of Acts says and John finishes the last Greek letter of revelation and the cannons closed right quote/unquote and as soon as you rise to grasp glascott letter everything disappears up the apostles like we can’t cast out demons anymore the gifts are done away with the canons that sounds so ridiculous to me and I hope I’m not offending people my Calvinistic brothers but that’s how ridiculous that sounds to me when it says Oh soon as the Canon closed the the gifts of the Spirit are done away with no more casting out demons you know this time I’m sitting here going this is if that’s the case there’s no reason for unbelievers to come to Jesus because there’s no evidence that Jesus has risen from the dead outside of your intellectual scholarship they need to see power right so if you don’t have a prophetic gift things if you don’t have you can’t cast out demons if you can’t do the things that Jesus did if we can’t do those things were powerless why does the church why does a dying world and look on us and say well you got great scholarship you got great intellectualism got great arguments but where’s the power of Jesus in your life you know a lot of people so anyway am I in the sessions that I was in man it took me being willing because I first to be all honest I was beautiful man I didn’t you know I’m gonna be honest are these guys going to judge me are these guys gonna look down on me because I’m wounded so on and so forth but they didn’t and over time do it it took time to allow the Holy Spirit and here’s one thing I’ll say cuz I don’t want people to think I’m weird when we’ll be honest the mind is spiritual again if you were to cut my head open if I die you can pull out the brains you can’t pull out the mind the – spiritual is completely spiritual and the Scriptures talk about that having the mind of Christ how do you have the mind of Christ he didn’t say have the brain of Christ and no it didn’t it didn’t say how the the the organic heart even though the heart is a euphemism of the thoughts you know saying but it’s one of those things it’s its spiritual man so again it’s almost unwrapping layer after layer of lie based belief and walking through that healing pattern man because and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you because again subconsciously man the bills don’t stop coming subconsciously the pain doesn’t stop so we have we learned to suppress it and and and hey whether the pain is there or not I got to keep on to my job I got to keep paying the bills I got to keep providing for the family so a lot of times if we don’t take time to have a healthy atmosphere healthy authentic relationships if we don’t have healthy people to go to to walk this out a lot of times we get secluded and we don’t deal with this so it took time so with me I was introduced to one of my godparents to a couple counselors and it took I went through two years of inner healing counseling counseling now some people would disagree with the name excuse me uh it’s called the elastics you know I’m not saying I agree with everything in it but it did have foundational biblical consistent truths or you walk and you ask the Holy Spirit show me what will show me the lie based belief that I believe why am i believing this about myself and you’re not crying out to other spirits you’re not saying any spirit show no father in Jesus name show me you know me better I know myself like David said you know me better than I know myself just a lot of times I suppress or I’m scared to look at those parts of my life because they bring shame they bring fear they bring a lot of maybe a lot of pain for years suppressed and I don’t want to feel that pain anymore so but again if we do not deal with those areas if we don’t walk out healing we can only give what we can only give what we were man I said it all the time does that make sense so it it took time in unraveling not the layers layer after layer of lie base belief and in praying for the Holy Spirit to fill and then pray for the Holy Spirit to give me understanding in revelation like okay why did this happen or you like when my dad abused me or my stepdad abused me you know it in those sessions so hope they didn’t have to tell me the Holy Spirit showed me while my dad did those things you know one of those things my stepdad hit me one time with when I was really young you know there’s a trunk I didn’t want to forgive them but once I walked through forgiving them you know they said what’s the Holy Spirit speaking you and and that’s another thing there how many of us are ever taught how to hear the Holy Spirit or how to recognize the Holy Spirit if your if your church teaches you that the Holy Spirit no longer speaking or he only speaks through the ink and the Bible which is great because we always have to test everything we always have to test everything when there’s visions dreams prophecy whatever it is I’ve still small voice you always have to test that by the Scriptures contextual and consistently I’m all for that Derek you know that on the other hand does the Holy Spirit only speak through the ink on a page can he use vision can he speak to your mind can he speak through dreams absolutely he can can he speak to another brother who has different spiritual gifts in you there are another sister absolutely he can so it’s one of those things where in those sessions I was taught this is how the Holy Spirit speaks he of course he reminds you of what Jesus said yeah yes he gave prophetic words he he uses other people to speak things into your life that I have their God free people so yeah these things help me understand that that the Holy Spirit is active it’s not just an intellectual thing that he’s really wanting to see and he is speaking to us a lot of times we don’t know how to recognize how I mean do you when do you relate with that when you hear about people talking because if people hear Holy Spirit they hear God’s Spirit and so on somewhere they think of speaking the tongues or a Pentecostal church which okay that’s great but I’m talking about very few people I’ve come across Derek can tell me okay I this is how I know what the scripture teaches and what I’ve experienced about God speaking to me here’s how it is boom boom boom okay remind puts thoughts in my head sometimes I have dreams sometimes response sometimes it’s the prophetic word sometimes it’s through whatever it may be a lot of people don’t they hear it and certain believers even believe it but they don’t know how to even recognize it in a what’s the word I’m think of practical way does that make sense yeah and I think it’s um it is very important so what I deal with a lot of times I believe that um God gives us these giftings God gives us these these abilities and stuff and a lot of times I think we’re born with it I think we’re born more apt to the spirit or able to discern spirits as a kid and you bring a baby into a room and a baby is scared of a person because they can feel things when I’m right stuff like that so I believe that we all have these different abilities and giftings which I give by God and it’s it but to use them we have to be taught of the Lord of how to communicate with him how to sense his presence in everything and so we have a lot of people who come into this who are having these experiences and they don’t know how to they don’t know what it is they don’t even know that it’s a thing they walk into a large group of people and they automatically can tell what these people are thinking this is biblical Jesus did this and so these are teenagers most most of the people in the Bible were teenagers who were used of God young men and these people go into a large room and they can feel what these people are thinking what these people are doing they know the thoughts of their hearts and that’s overwhelming when you’re a kid so what happens a lot of times they have they need to talk to a counselor they need to talk to their parents or they lash out they don’t know what’s going on it’s scary that’s why I believe man that when the scripture says that the Spirit of the prophets are subject unto the prophets I believe that it is up for the the older prophets for us to come in and tell these people what’s going on to say hey look when you get those urges and this isn’t a dis everybody has their own parts in the body but a pastor may not know what it’s like to wake up and see a spirit on your ceiling in the middle of the night with a message from God that’s biblical job had it a smoke spirits and angels and when this is happening to kids and in so this is my big thing where my heart is and I’m given to it because if the church can’t tell you what’s going on you know who will the New Agers there’s real of to tell you what those things are so it’s our responsibility and that if we deny that we’re denying a piece of Jesus and that’s what was taught to me and so understanding it so it’s like a you have to have a clear pathway open to receive from the Lord so you’re not trying to let it come through the hurt and minister out of hurt you know I’m saying so we have to deal with that hurt anybody if you’re walking in the spirit if you’re tapped into the spiritual giftings you have to get the each and every single one of you guys you have to let the Holy Spirit search your heart and take out all the other offense that’s one thing Jesus dealt with the offenses man being offended by the words of others and and and it it changing you man and so that’s why the in in Corinthians I think its first Corinthians 14 is first a second it talks about the spiritual gifts and it says that you may all prophesy and and nobody likes this translation but there’s there’s a translation that says to to earnestly desire and there’s another translation as a zealously lust after the spiritual spiritual gifts to desire them with all of your heart to want to move in those those areas so they are 100% for today God didn’t stop them in and so that’s that’s my heart that’s why I’m here is to say okay this is what’s going on and this is how we deal with it but the role of getting healing in your own life so you’re not ministering out hurt there’s so many people out there now they’re on the radio they’re on TV that’s your local church down owners on the corner and they’re ministering out of hurt and offense and they don’t feel worthy of a certain thing or they or they don’t like gay people so therefore God don’t like gay people or they don’t like witches and warlocks oh god don’t like witches in war and study minister out of their own desires of their own hearts and what they they feel in it’s very dangerous man but when you deal with that stuff man the Spirit of God just begins to flow through you and use you in ways and wonders that your note that you would have never imagined and it flows freely from the throne of grace and that’s where we need to be absolutely what we need to be I want to share something man because I don’t want people thinking that we have you know that that you know we have it all figured out I mean the thing is there’s foundations like I always tell my friends you major on the majors and minor in the minors as even in the list of believers there’s people that have you know they’ll fail to make back and forth on certain things so I just say listen let’s major on the majors and minor in the minor situation yeah I mean the man I just came back from Mexico six months ago and with my wife and we’re working through her progress you know her immigration progress right now and we mainly came back from Mexico to the States to try to restore things with my father now my father I’m 36 years old my father left me when I was a baby and so over time through one of his sisters we got back in touch with me three years ago and so he invited me my wife you know I said hey you want to come back to the States as long as so forth you know if you want to come back here I said sure so we’ve been here six months and it’s one of those things where I’m thankful on one hand that he’s doing what he knows to do on the other hand because he himself has not had healing from his past he’s been abused in his past because he hasn’t had healing from his past my wife could attest to this she’s over there right now she’s camera shy but she’s s to this because he don’t have healing and because he’s where he’s at in his life right now he does not know how to still love me as a son like you when he gets he still that’s one of the things I’m not gossiping we all have our issues okay one of those things where he will stay up to 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning drinking and in an egg gardening at 3 or 4 a.m. it’s it’s kind of odd right but and they don’t go to work faithfully but that’s just that’s his pattern and so the only way I asked him I said hey man can we go get some coffee one day just kind of sit down the ketchup and he didn’t want to I mean he’s he’s not mean yeah but did not want to get personal because I don’t know I mean I don’t know for sure but what I sense was a lot of shame a lot of hurt but he’s buried it with you know he used to be a heavy drug user and now he’s drinking a lot so my heart goes out to him so they’re all my carnal and daring I didn’t want to forgive him we went to a lot of stuff where I don’t have father accused on certain things and on the other end it’s like this I kept getting reminded again and my thoughts okay nothing crazy within my thoughts that Psalm 24 says you know that God seeks those who have a pure heart clean hands like worship is not music at first worship is having a pure heart and clean hands you know nobody can come to the Father except having a pure heart clean hands you’ve got to come that’s your lifestyles act of worship yeah and so forget even operating in the spiritual gifts forget teaching right doctrine forget teaching that stuff or go walking that stuff man if you don’t have a pure heart and clean hands to begin with because God’s not gonna honor the other stuff if that’s not beginning so it’s one of those things where God kept reminding the Holy Spirit kept bringing to my boss you got to forgive him even if he’s not willing to move forward with you in a relationship right now and that dude that’s hard it’s one of those things where it’s almost like when we’re victimized we become the you know we feel like okay now we’re the ones being you know for me but at the same time the question is this how much is it gonna cost us to remain in that mindset Oh for me I deserve this oh poor me I’m I’m the victim here because because they I can always point a finger to somebody else who did do something for me I can always point the blame to somebody else the question is how much is it gonna cost us to keep doing that because the more we blame other people the more we are not moving forward we’re not moving forward and healing we’re not moving forward and healthy relationships and misery loves company so we will only be around those people who justify our victimized attitude does that make sense I know that strong words I hope people’s not getting offended I’m just being honest oh yeah like attracts like man you know that yeah Mike attracts like it sometimes we just want those people around us who will almost reinforce our belief system no matter how faulty it is right just so dark to know that we don’t feel condemnation or feel that we’re wrong let me ask you this man has your dad heard you tell him that you forgive him for all that you know walking out and stuff have y’all had that court the heart absolutely yeah my wife heard me say that several times to him I said man I’m not here to hold anything against you cuz I his big thing was he was really nervous about how I was gonna react when I came back yeah and I told him several times so I’m not here to hold anything over because my flesh does my soul sram1 – of course of course but what’s that gonna do what’s gonna do really if he said the point his life where he can’t even hardly move forward he’s barely keeping a job living week to week you know I mean how is that gonna help him to bring more guilt on top of that yes not going so it’s one of those things where I came here and the honest intention was I don’t want to owe this over you at the same time and even though Jesus did say you know and I’m still working progress over this bless those who curse you forgive those who do you wrong I can quote that God give me the grace to keep walking it out because it’s not always easy to walk out I’ve never seen in the scriptures when Jesus said trust those no matter what oh yeah and you know something now you gotta trust the Lord so listen I love my dad there is honestly being honest here I wish I had this fabulous testimony that everything is restored some of what a sum is restored but at the same time there’s still a lack of trust because he told me like about a month ago that his vehicle means more than I do as a son and that his drinking means more than I do that this shows me I know again in the flesh I could get super finned over that yeah take it the prayer it just shows me because he’s not willing to deal with the deeper wounds in his life that we were shame in his life that means there’s always me and listen we all got vices as okay there’s always an issue behind the Vice does that make sense somebody’s addicted to drinking a lot of times it’s not me man they may acquire the taste and they may enjoy beer but and whatever but if they’re addicted to it so much they’re trying to get out of reality it’s always something behind that advice it’s causing that vice it’s under access predict and pornography will never maybe there’s always an issue behind it so the device itself is not the issue it’s what’s behind it that’s causing something sense yeah totally dealing with your dad it’s obvious to me you know I’m saying to be able to discern it I’m sure it’s obvious to you though you represent something that he can’t he can’t turn back time he can’t undo it he can’t restore 35 years and be a father so you when he sees you you you represent that you’ve done your part as far as releasing him from it and even letting him know that he’s released from it and you hold no regrets no it you know I’m saying ill-will towards him you love him as a father regardless of what he did so you did your part and that’s the I believe that’s the first step for him walking in his healing in his victory but that’s one thing that we can’t we can’t turn back we can’t change it’s time and and there’s there’s things that that we do in words that we say that we can’t take back and I don’t think he meant that though Anthony about the car I think that you know the truck or whatever I don’t think you meant that one bit that was just him trying to cope with it and deal with it what you remind him of and that’s a good thing because he has to deal with it it’s good but what’s what’s there now with what didn’t exist is a relationship may not be the best one yet but it’s there it’s a relationship man so God God is working on that that’s awesome to hear man there’s no there’s there’s trust issues there but there’s no people me and my wife I said we don’t wish bad on them at all we think we’re thankful that we had a time to spend time with him and you know he’s got my phone number now and I you know I know where he works we actually worked at the same place in different departments so some of those things where overtime maybe maybe something to work out or just I’m praying for him in the same grace that I need but at the same time just like anybody nobody’s a superhero being a believer in Jesus okay okay PhD behind the name or have loads of money or not nobody’s a superhero there’s always going to be that like what proffers talked about guard your heart right so general those things love somebody but you gotta guard your heart so it’s that’s kind of where my where I’m at and we just keep praying for men because like I said I don’t want to pray for somebody in a way that there weren’t intention that I don’t need myself I always say god help me pray for somebody and the same measure grace and truth that I continually need daily myself because I need grace every day man so but yeah it’s interesting then and then but the whole point is how does somebody move forward as a disciple of Christ or even if you’re not a believer in Jesus how do you move forward in maturity so you want to do something in and yet you hold on the pain you hold of a trauma you hold on to I justify this pain I are i justified blaming other people stuff in there I’m damned I’ve been there the problem is you can live without outlets and there’s no here’s the other thing some people may say well I just don’t feel the freedom to vent this out because if I’ve in and out people’s gonna just say I’m a victim and and they’re gonna condemn me I think there’s a time man and maybe you can speak on this if you want to there there’s a time when we get the pain out yeah okay to vent it’s okay it’s okay to say I don’t have it all together sometimes yeah sometimes a lot of people are scared to do that because they’re like I gotta be the tough Christian man I gotta yeah I could I got it brother so listen little bit but at the same time what did Paul do I mean you see where at times he had weaknesses and sometimes you have strengths man and he would he would call the Barnabas I’m him in the Barnabas got an argument and action and acts but what Paul’s in prison who does he call because Barnabas because part of it Barnabas is more of a pastoral you know so there’s people with different graced giftings and functions in their life and we need one another so it’s one of those things where I think the scriptures say this to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep and it’s not always easy it’s real easy to say oh god bless Jesus and Jesus died for me and that’s great and I believe in him but really dude going through those when people’s weeping do we really want to weep with them now again I’m not saying wallow with them and justify them in an able their bad habits I’m not saying that but like jokes friends they set their silent with him for when he lost everything yeah cuz what can you say to somebody like that if you had a friend that just suddenly had a car wreck and his wife died are you gonna say Romans 8:28 God works all things I know man listen that’s true it’s some people well man but but but no you go over this house and say man I’m sorry what can I can I just sit with you you know say look can I saw her and then over time you can say okay since you are a believer and I know this is a hard time man we’re here what we just what anything we can do for you no you want me just a sit silent shut up yeah I will you know saying then over time you can say look man let’s look back God does work think all things for those who love Christ you know and you but you just don’t just fire that off in the beginning when somebody’s going through a traumatic moment when they lost a fight you don’t think so it just takes time man I don’t the balance there because I’m trying to find in life and I don’t always have it but the balance is I want to I want to let people vent as I as people have let me vent out pain and anger that I needed to get out that I didn’t need to suffer but at the same time I’m like God help me have a sermon as other people in my life had the sermon toward me not to enable staying there okay so we get we get the pain out we get the herd out okay what’s the practical healthy accountable toward moving forward and getting over that yeah some people don’t want to move forward man some people do some people don’t and yes I did it’s it’s heartbreaking but what do you do with somebody don’t move forward you still love and pray for them but you got to move forward with those who do want to move forward and that’s that’s all that’s a hard thing sometimes you know what you were speaking on a while ago about when you really want it you know no you know I’m saying nobody can stop you but you have to confess it and in the scriptures are clear many times about the power of spoken word about releasing people about just confessing your sins one to another so that you may be healed there’s a story that you used to always tell me about a church service that you went to about a young man who wanted freedom and he was he was okay with being laughed at but tell tell that story about this young man who wanted freedom I have to attack Josh into this I moved to Illinois and I was actually helping with music with this church and there were these members of a gang a local gang Millicent they were called the lynch mob and they were serious these guys were pretty feared about a lot of people make a long story short they heard the gospel and came to Jesus and one of them his name was Josh and so an evangelist came in to speak and so we had three sections of the church about it was a youth section and so we were sitting in the youth section and Josh played music as well so he was sitting right next to me you had the teenage girls teenage guys you know eighteen twenty fifteen year olds whatever and so the Evangelist gets up and says okay on the count of three we’re gonna we’re going to yell out our bondage or spiritual bondage here we’re gonna believe Jesus to break that bond is now again I don’t see that Scripture I mean if you want to by confess by faith that’s fine but I put anyway my friend my friend Josh next to me said you know he said masturbation and you know and and so he was dealing with porn addiction as a believer and a lot of people look at that go how dare you how do you be a Christian people laughed about it yeah oh yeah and I’m saying you’re gonna look guys show me one person else out of Jesus who did not have weaknesses and I’m not trying to justify sin but show me one person that did not deal with some whore some sort of human aspect of weakness in their life you know it’s a lot of times there’s this perspective there’s this presupposition there’s this premise that if you’re a Christian you can’t struggle at all who put that up there yeah that’s not Tasos and even the Hebrew promise didn’t live that way now again they learn to move forward they had and here’s the key thing they had right relationships had right accountability of course the Lord spoke to them but there wasn’t in a vacuum they needed other people they’re human men they’re human with the Spirit of God so it’s like I I don’t I just like being around Christians or people who assume that oh if you’re a Christian you can’t have any kind of wounds any kind of insecurity any kind of deliverance you need yeah if you ain’t got it all figured out then I’m sitting on you have a standard that even the New Testament apostles didn’t live up to because they had weaknesses so it’s one of those things where it becomes like you said James chapter 5 verse 16 confess your sins or confessor if also on the moment that you may find healing you know and then your prayer what is this again and then your prayer will be powerful you know saying then it will be effectual yeah but it’s not effectual if we’re hiding sin if we come to meet you and Derek there we used to have memories in Derek’s house if we were to come together and have a prayer meeting and there’s secrets in going on you think God’s gonna and have at that place you think the Holy Spirit’s gonna I don’t know because God cares about pure hearts and clean hands first and foremost I remember one time they’re gonna say this is shut up listen you know that line and then in the project truth is heroes album yeah where Andrew Schwab says you can you know we can figure buddy says something like you can something like you can sing psalms into your throat bleeds or something like and and so on and so forth because let’s all sing sing a song a lot of sing sing sing until our throats bleed you know any studies kind of like making a an exaggerated point that just because you sing songs doesn’t mean that there’s not a spiritual war going on doesn’t mean if you ain’t got issues to work with you know and so army rose in once I had a guy that was having this youth event and I came in to do some music and it was just me on acoustic guitar and and it was a youth event and some three songs and and again I just felt this conviction you know sick to say this so I’m for these you that’s listen guys I say this in love but I can say it but you can sing songs about Jesus to your throat bleeds if you got hidden sin in your life if you’ve got hidden sin in your life if you don’t have pure hearts and clean hands if you got a fence towards somebody right now but you’re raising your hand saying oh I love Jesus you’re it’s like you’re no better than Isaiah chapter one where Isaiah rebuked the Israelites who are going through the religious motions oh we keep the Sabbath day oh we’re doing burnt offerings oh we’re doing this we’re singing songs to Yahweh and Isaiah says what does God say says I my soul hates what you’re doing because you have a religious appearance you’ve got this religious system going on but your hearts are not clean your hands are not me you don’t saying yeah so you whole persona of a religious system that doesn’t have the Spirit of God with it doesn’t have the favor of God with it but you’re going on to like like like Jesus and Laodicea oh we have no need of anything we’ve got our whole church service going on we got everything we need and Jesus says you’re poor rich wretched and naked he says you don’t even know how poor you are because you’ve got your whole system going on naturalistically in the flesh but you don’t even realize the Spirit of God is not with you yeah Holy Spirit the presence of God is not even with you so again pure worship man begins with having a pure heart clean hands and yeah you can sing songs and then you can minister then you can do these things if not the spiritual gifts don’t mean anything it begins with walking with him with a clean conscience all right I mean what are your thoughts man but I will say that for us or anybody who’s been a part of a church service or or just a Bible study group man because we have the most powerful times of just meeting with a small group of people and when we begin to confess sin to one another and before God change happens for one man out there was Tom’s because I’ve I’ve studied so much man and I’ve been in a part of cults and weird friends groups of the Hebrew Israelites and learned a lot of good stuff there but there was some stuff that creeped in that messed up the way I viewed Christians that I viewed people and and I and I was like okay man I reached this point that I’ll never be able to to forget these thoughts or to get these thoughts out of my head the way I see people and it messed me up and I knew it did and and so I got before some brothers in and you know I’m saying during prayer and worship just a couple guys and I confessed it I say hey y’all I want y’all to pray for me this is what’s going on you know I need help and I want to confess it and get rid of it and I’ve confessed it to them with tears I sought the Lord and instantly that spirit which we talked about earlier these spirits are thought forms and patterns that are ungodly beliefs about yourself about life about God whatever the Bible the Bible’s fake whatever the case is like these thoughts is no that’s not true you know I’m saying these different thought forms that you have that aren’t of God and they changed the way that you view people and you experience life so I dealt with that dude and instantly man that spirit left me I felt a release from heaven and that spirit left and those thoughts left me and I was clear minded and clear-headed again and it was so beautiful and I’ve had I’ve had I have to do that a lot I have to do that I’ve had to do it a lot anyway well I’ll get before brother say hey man I’m dealing with this please help me let’s pray let’s confess it and when we do that see essentially right now that is symbolic of in the Old Testament bringing something to the altar and laying it down before God and giving it up say okay god this is mine I’ve been cultivating this I want to give it to you will you take it from me lay it down on the altar he consumes it with fire as a burnt offering and it’s worship to him so that’s our idolatry our ungodly beliefs anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God lay it down at the feet of King Jesus if you want to if you want to experience freedom trust me do it it’s so beautiful and he answers with fire and his fire as his presence that’s our inheritance his presence that helps us get through life and it’s the quickening of the Holy Spirit when I got born again and I was always a lonely man and I’m suicidal and felt alone bro and uh when I got born again and the Holy Spirit came I’ve never felt like I was by myself ever again that still small voice speaks to me Jesus said that my sheep hear my voice and a stranger’s voice they will not follow so we learned his voice and he guides us through the wilderness he guides us up through the valleys and even on top of the mountains and he takes us places that we could never go if we tried to get there on our own but following him and it’s a beautiful dance man which is done with the baptism of the holy spirit man it’s so good man I told someone friends you know that have different beliefs like they say the gifts are done away with or something like that now say you know listen or once saved always to save people I’m sitting there going look the Apostles wouldn’t have written most of their letters if there wasn’t issues in the believing community they always dealt with issues yeah right now they always say we love you and we come to you in the name of the grace of Jesus Christ and so forth but never no they always deal with things and there were warnings to believers a lot of times believers like okay I’m okay with Jesus right now you know nothing is gonna take his salvation true nothing can take away his finished work yeah we can choose to walk away we can choose remember the parable of the sower man goes for different grounds right one of those people that receive the gospel they received it with joy but when persecution and trial came because they did right yeah there are going jesus promised tribulation it’s for believers you know that doesn’t mean it’s always going to all be tribulation but it doesn’t there is gonna be tribulation Paul says all who live godly lives are misled Jesus in Christ Jesus will suffer some sort of persecution god only knows the level of that you know and Jesus even said if we don’t love him more than our father mother sister brother stepbrother stepsister our spouse Niemann are all children we’re not worthy of being his disciple that doesn’t mean I don’t lay my life down for my wife but if my wife ever told me to renounce the gospel like I love you hum but no you know what I think I think that’s the spirit the spirit that you spoke on that because there’s some people in the chat room right now talking about that same scripture words man yeah I can’t see this I can’t see the chat room but it’s pretty good man but it’s interesting guys if I could say anything there is this is that sometimes listen God can heal miraculously listen man Jesus said you know if he told the Jews he was talking to in a certain context if you being evil know how to give your children good things right you know if it comes up to you asking for a fish you won’t give him a stone right or you’re not gonna give him a serpent he said with those who ask the Father for the Holy Spirit he’ll give it to you you know saying and that and listen there are places in the New Testament where you okay you’re born again your new creation in Christ but then there’s a subsequent filling then you see it in you know like their scriptures and Ephesians when you look at original language be being filled continue being I’m guilty of getting lazy at times in my past getting you know letting the stuff get the best of me but it’s true it’s like it’s not so much a I don’t wanna make it mystical even though it is a mystery it’s like God I need your filling again not that I’ve ever lost you but I need the presence Harmon Holy Spirit because the man the flesh temptation is always there so we need to him but again right relationships are so crucial man I cannot get off this so much because for me like you Derek isolated myself and I don’t know man it was just easy for me to be a loner I learned to be alone from a young age because of a dysfunctional home I came in and yet you saw a man in my life you saw it when I was always like man I need a fatherly affirmation why can’t you know and then and you saw me struggle with that you know when I was it’s been a few years now but and so there is something about a fatherly affirmation there’s something about a healthy community of believers where you have a right relationship and I’m not talking about shallow stuff don’t talk about people that you can open up to and they open up to you I told a I told a recent pastor one time I said listen I said the press and the problems not that you’re not maybe teaching sound doctrine I can see that the problem isn’t that you know that you’re not doing good things and serving community I said a lot of times people don’t think they can get to where you are because you never share our struggles man I said I said my generation and then one under me want to see they want to see authenticity in the gospel course but they want to know that you’re human then they wouldn’t you know what if they can’t get a million dollars or a house or car what if they can only have the basics but they know that they want to know that you struggle sometimes they want to know that you went through some kind of breakdown where is your humanity because if you always come off like you got everything figured out when you know you don’t you know you don’t you know then then it’s hard to trust somebody who thinks they’re up there untouchable you know and then Jesus even said father take this cup from me but nevertheless you will be done he fully understood our temptations hebrews chapter 4 verses 15 and 16 said that he was tempted in all ways like we are do we really believe that really blue just was tempted to masturbate or cheat or have sex with another woman that some people right now are looking at me like your your blasphemy Jesus I’m not man listen if he fully was fully man and fully God in the flesh he can relate to anything he can relate to anything not even internet or the writer of Hebrews is a liar he was tempted in all ways and yet without sin he was tempted not to go to the cross yeah but he meant so so we don’t have somebody that can’t relate to us yeah every way suicidal thoughts abandonment issues family rejecting us at times or whatever it may be we’ve got somebody that can really relate to us but a lot of times when I told that there a guy I found very few leaders actually talked like this but it’s Scripture its absolute Scripture man and it’s offensive but its truth it should be yeah man before we go we only got a few minutes left and I know you have stuff you had to get to so I want to make sure that we talk about cuz we’re kind of touching all right we’re not really getting into it though but talk about when you went through the deliverance counseling what changed like what change like what was bad and then when you went through the counseling there was a noticeable difference a life-changing because I’ve got the testimony to I want to hear yours sure sure absolutely for me man again it took me willing to submit somebody again there’s that right relationships right going to somebody who’s graced and gifted and I’m not in the area I had to go to them and submit trust them and then but ultimately man it took it took them when we pray say Holy Spirit you bring up the memories bring up the roots that I’ve buried so far deep that I don’t want to feel again but I don’t want to relate to again and bring them up so that we can deal with them a lot of times man those pains mmm that I hung on to and suppressed so deep we’re live based beliefs there were live based beliefs and a lot so like through we would pray say you know pray and that’s the Holy Spirit to speak to you now again some people may think that’s just odd and weird I’m sitting here going but no the Spirit of God does speak so we would pray and things would come into my mind you know like you know okay your dad abused you because of this is that the other and you know and so I once I gain understanding beyond the initial abuse beyond the initial trauma beyond the initial feeling of what I was going through once I gain you understand why they were like that even if they did it purposely even if they mocked and did it purposely God almost showed me you know the host girl I’m gonna show me why they did it and I and once I understood why they did it you cannot leave some I could release that exactly and a lot of times we don’t we don’t because it’s just go go go in society man like I said there’s you know gotta go to work on pay the bills got to do this gotta take care of the kids got to do this so we rarely take time to really think upon things we’ve suppressed and then and the deception is if we don’t deal with those things we will never go forward we’ll never mature or or like you said well ago you had a great point if we do we will minister out of our moves instead of out of healing out of wholeness yeah and there’s so many people doing it um Carolyn’s mention in the chatroom that right now she’s talking about victimhood and being a victim and owning that like this is no I’m the victim and and like you have something on that person but when you release your right to have something on them or over them and you own it you you release it you give it to God and you forgive them you move on and then God’s able to birth something in you or give you something that cuz you kind of like holding all this stuff I got my trauma here I got my pornography here I got God here the Holy Spirit here I’m carrying the same but we say okay here’s my hurt God I’m a trust you with my heart he’ll give you something that you’re supposed to have that you’re supposed to have to walk in your destiny and walk in you in your calling all of that stuff you have to use that that you have to use the hurt and stuff you use it to propel you and to learn from it okay I know how it feels to be molested I’m not gonna molest anybody I know how it feels to be called stupid you never amount to nothing you’re stupid you’ll never be anybody I know how that feels guess what I’m not gonna say that to anybody I learned from it right even if somebody says think about it if somebody says oh you’re stupid you’re never gonna amount to anything that’s a type of insecurity that’s a type of fear yeah there’s no reason for somebody to come up to you and just out of a peace having peace in their heart you know nobody’s probably but having a peace and satisfaction come to you and say you’re stupid you’re never going to mount anything the mere fact you have to ask why are they sling a no-brainer man yeah okay is it jealousy yeah Geordie is it fear you know that no person was even a remote condition or toss your peace with say that no but I had a problem with you brother and we’ve had our spats back and forth and you’ve spoke into my life and I appreciate that but I’ve had a problem with you even if I saw where you were stuck in life the day the way to deal with you are you to deal with me it’s not for me to come up to you to say you’re stupid you’ll never amount to anything I may say hey man I believe in you look at the talents in your life look look at how much you study look at the influence you have the greatest influence of your life I want to see you walk in that how can I help you because right now you seem very stuck because you can’t forgive this person so you’re saying the same thing but in a life-giving gracious but truthful way because you really care about the person you want to see them come forward compared to this accusation of you’re stupid you’re never gonna amount to anything anybody who’s talked like that is very insecure jealous you know because they that’s really revealing their own issues does that make sense you’re not gonna reject their problems on to you because they themselves can’t move forward does that make sense yeah yeah this and there’s so many people who have felt that and been through that and and those are the ungodly beliefs because if especially if you’re young and impressionable because it was it was done to me when I was a kid you know I’m saying my mom told me that you know and um and I didn’t believe it I kind of believed a little bit but there was more hurt that it came from that authority figure my mother you’re stupid I can’t believe you would do that as social say oh wow and you’re speaking over you as a kid man and it you have to build relationship man there’s so many I wrote about it in my book a bunch man but there’s just so many like we say 101 man I’m gonna keep going back to this that spirits and demons we like to mystify it and goblins and getting attacked by evil spirits and stuff which is all part of that but all of that is to put fear-based trauma in you in your mind and to change the way that you think that change the way that you you view people you view life you view yourself and that’s what that’s what it is and and throughout the Scriptures man it talks about that and getting freedom for that and I went through very similar deliverance ministry as you and this was I get the name mixed up was that I bill Hammond out of afraid bill Hammond out of out of Panama City what was the church yes so they like specialized in like putting out materials for people to guide people through deliverance ministry and I and so whenever me and my wife were engaged to be married we had someone that we went to a home church group with a small home meeting with we love these people adored these people man and they began to became our pastors but they taught us how to walk in the prophetic they gave us exercises to do and ways to pray and how to hear the Holy Spirit and man that stuff was foundational for my faith and so we would do that like every Thursday night man we go to church too but this was like better than Church because this was hands-on this with friendships you know versus sitting down here in a sermon but um so we were engaged to be married and I asked first of all we asked our church pastor to marry us and he said okay and then he kept pushing our date back and we try to make plans he kept putting it off and putting it off and we’d have meetings with him so okay something’s up let’s just go with the person that we look up to let’s ask him and he agreed but he said first I want you guys to go through marriage counseling and so he went through it’s counseling together beforehand which is something that we all should do as well someone who’s looking to get married and then he wanted us to go through one-on-one deliverance ministry by ourselves and we do a bar together he said no I want you to do it by yourselves cause it’s gonna get kind of personal and things like that so let’s just do it so he gave us a questionnaire to fill out and it was kind of fun you’re reading through it and you read about your past and stuff like you know what’s your ancestry do you have this in your background you have this stuff and then it’s like okay thoughts in your mind have you had a disease do you think that you have cancer and it was really weird because it was it was like do you have cancer do you have AIDS it’s like do you think you do has the enemy ever told you that you have cancer has the devil ever told you that you’re a homosexual that has a devil ever told you that you’re never going to amount to anything yes I’ve I’ve had those thoughts that I’m stupid I’m this it was like three pages and we turn it in and they pray over they pray and fast over over our answers is okay so there’s they’re praying over this to see what spirits they got to deal with that have been have came into my life through my my lineage which in the Bible calls them generational curses what they’re gonna have to deal with some of the ungodly beliefs that are there it’s giving them a heads up they pray and fast over that and so we go through a couple sessions of just counseling and in one of my big things was dealing with pornography pornography addiction right and it was it was strong early on man and so it was so we went to a couple just prep classes and stuff and then we went to have the deliverance where they were gonna initiate the prayer and we’re gonna go ahead and get into the deliverance and dealing with these issues and we sat down on the couch and then he said okay when’s the last time you struggle with pornography and it was a husband and wife they were older and I said ah today yeah and they got upset you know you got a you have to show us that you want this like you’re still you’re still fall into the same stand we want you to make sure that you’re prayed up you’re fast and you’re in a good spot so we can approach this together so that we make sure it works like we get this healing we have to go to war we’re going to war and I got upset and they were they were they were like disappointed so I said okay we’ll come back next week we’ll do it next week and I’m like okay so we prayed and stuff and then the next week I think the same thing happened when was the last time you looked at porn early this morning Oh Derek what’s the deal do you want this healing or not yeah I want it but I just struggle okay well we’re gonna keep gonna continue to pray and we want we want to want you to get this healing so then they said we’ll do it again next week and they wanted to see that I can just show some type of self-control or something I really wanted it so the next week I came back it was like the third week that they were gonna pray to actually go into it Oh the third time I don’t know if it was weeks in between but uh sat me down okay Derek are you ready I said I’m ready once last time you looked at porn this morning I thought you were ready you got a shit Derek come on and it’s okay we’re gonna pray and it brings back tears to my eyes to think about this and so we sat down to pray to get ready to leave and I prayed and I said Lord I’m ready for my deliverance all right oh man it’s awesome go broke I said Lord I’m ready for my deliverance and I said this in front of them I said these people are trying to tell me that I can’t have my victory that they want to put it off but I want it now I want it now God and the fire God just came I started to manifest man I started to convulse I started to shake man I felt God I felt the demons I felt there’s war in my spirit he’s this place that I’ve that was familiar with to me ever since I was a kid began to fight with this new life that I had received in Christ and I begin to feel this war and they said okay let’s do it he’s ready and they begin to pray and war over me and uh they prayed for a little bit and went through counseling with all like you were saying man dealing with all those beliefs and my brother and being tormented by my brother and my brother used to lock us in chests and in dresser drawers and shut them and we just had to be stuck in there and just trauma man from a kid that we dealt with it all and we’ve seen okay what would Jesus say to this what would Jesus say to your brother you know and I got to see Jesus coming in and healing everything and and one thing I said earlier was that we don’t have the power to change the past right we can’t we can’t fix those years we can’t get time back but we serve one who can right and listen there’s there’s always listening you look at the look at the scriptures man there’s always God always takes these throwaways or these people who feel like they don’t amount to anything or going through whatever and he redeems them to make some powerful witnesses men I mean look at that Paul was one who killed Jewish Christians he was he was a zealous rabbinic jouvert Sable Jew who thought he was doing the will of God by killing Jews who believed in Jesus and when he had his conversion when he got had an encounter with the Christ the Messiah now he’s building up Jewish people and Gentiles in Messiah but he was a murderer man you know he persecuted the Bride of Christ you know look I mean you just go through it Noah was a drunk I mean I know they have these things online now he can kind of go through it but you know everybody and what David was a adulterer he murdered your eye on the front line and Sega ready as a man after God’s own heart he was broken over his sin it’s almost like there’s just wrestling going on that we have the human nature and then yeah we have the Spirit of God and it’s like God uses human beings man it’s like you know one thing I disagree again even though I guess maybe though I have some Calvinistic friends I really appreciate and brothers you know though we are co-laborers with the Holy Spirit Derek I know you would agree with that yeah you know there’s a lot of times I’ll say all were against synergy synergy is you know where a man has his part in this and God has this part but the bottom line is there’s several places like first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 1 before it talks about Paul says that we are co-laborers will fellow workers with God and at other places like a second Corinthians it looks like we are co-laborers we work with God God draws us God does all the drawing and the spirit about drugs look we have to choose to work with him and it’s just one of those things where we have to choose to submit our own humble ourselves as he’s drawing us to do that big man and so I agree with you man it’s a process it said that’s the thing that I wish somebody would have told me from the get-go is that is that coming to Christ is such a life-changing thing however that’s just the beginning yeah that’s just the beginning because it’s almost like now your new one baby spiritualist and now you’ve got to grow and not only that you got to grow in Christ but now you’ve got a Lord want you to behold but it’s like if you go to a doctor and the doctor says well I just don’t want to hurt your feelings you know I see you got a lot and I’m looking up the cat scans here I’m looking at the x-rays and I’m looking at you know everything we’ve got here but I don’t want to hurt your feelings you know III want to tell you that you’re okay no no all of us would say that doctor needs to take his life since taken away from having the deceptive doctor and he lose his practice you know but the same thing it’s gentleness its kindness God is log right it says we always love the quote for screen 13 love is patient love is kind doesn’t seek out for its own so and so forth but what does this say you made her on first Corinthians 13 6 love does not rejoice with unrighteousness like in our day and age we hear a lot of people like you said man that want to just throw God’s love around and this making anything goes they like they promote sensuality and logo saying God’s love so anything goes no no God’s love doesn’t rejoice and unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth right Philippians chapter love may abound more and more in what knowledge and discernment if not love just a soulish and motion but God wants us listen he knows us better we know ourselves and it takes us growing personally the guys please it also get this before I get it I got it took me almost 35 years to understand what I’m about to tell you because I can’t abusive home right relationships will take you places you can’t go on your own mmm God has healthy authentic relationships that we will never grow in by ourselves no matter how much we study the Scriptures no matter how much we fast and pray those things are good we need to do them I’m not telling you not to do them but there is a reason that Jesus sent His disciples out two by two there’s a reason when they prayed together they prayed together okay they did pray alone at times but it was also praying together and the Spirit of God was well so there’s things there’s areas there’s mature maturity steps forward deliverance there’s healings there’s there are think there are places that God wants to take you and make you whole part of it will be on you and you seeking Lord by yourself but another part human be other healthy relationships you can be honest and transparent with because if you can’t then we can’t deal with these things there’s a reason that there’s three different areas in the scriptures Paul Jesus says write forgive those who sin against you the Lord’s Prayer James chapter 5 verse 16 we mentioned awhile ago says that we confess our faults to one another that we may find healing and there’s another version says slipping my mind right now but it talks about oh yeah first John chapter 1 verse 9 I where says you know we confess our sins he’s faithful in Jinju forgive us and cleanse us right and he’s not John’s not talking to pagans or unbelievers he’s talking to Christians yeah welcome to Messianic believers Christians confess your sins to one another then he will cleanse us then we can move in the spirit then we can move with right doctrine then we can edify one another correctly but if we try to do the edification and the right doctrine and the moving in the spirit with with with hidden sin in our life God’s not gonna honor that so it’s very crucially true worship is having a pure heart and clean hands it begins there then it extends through your grace spiritual giftings and wherever you’re wherever God has you go any life says man when I went through the deliverance man know like there was so much notable change like I said I felt like that thing that had been with me my whole childhood even after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit confessing my sins coming to Christ there was up there was something actually that needed to be done and I used to have these of Rage men and when you’re reading in the scriptures in a lot of times it tells us like the the lust of the flesh or whatever right that the things that that are that oppose the spirit if you’re not walking in the spirit these things that you’re gonna practice and one of them is fits of rage and I would get mad man I remember even after being a Christian arguing with my wife or whatever and I remember grabbing the steering wheel and just trying to yank it off the road I remember and it would be this weird anger that came up you know and I remember playing video games all day and then she comes home like what are you doing eating put the clothes up and we get in to it over something small and I get up in this weird fit of anger and start punching holes in the wall lashing out but when I went through the deliverance ministry that stuff stopped that stuff left I’ve never had to deal with that a day in my life again now we’ve had problems and stuff and we have things that we have to work through but but there was so much man so much that that changed after going through these sessions man this our Christian prophetic prayer counseling is is the name that they the couple who led me and my wife through it but like I said you have to want it you can’t nobody can force it on you we we have we seen so much freedom from it me and a couple friends we seen so much freedom that we were like you guys got to do this you got to do it and and other couples would go through it and they weren’t ready they didn’t want it any it was just they couldn’t vouch for it I did it it was good but I don’t really see what y’all were talking about but it’s weird because it’s your level of faith if you want it and if it resonates with you when we speak these words you feel like man I have those fears there I have the trauma and as we’re speaking I’m the Holy Spirit will reveal these things to you and if you’re watching this and you have these these traumas if you have these things that you can’t seem to get over and you see your destiny in the future you see the person that God has called you to be but that person seems so far away that person seems like there’s no way that you can get there there’s all these obstacles in between you know that if you’re listening to that if that’s you and you would like to go through these sessions that we’ve both experienced Anthony is almost certified to to actually um what what is you actually get in a degree and because certification through Regents University for life coaching and part of life coaching is life growth and sometimes it’s more goal orientated but a lot of times people can’t even set personal goals because they don’t exactly as their pastor hurts yeah so part of a coaching process can be walking through hurts no I’m not a counselor but we can walk through that as the person wants to walk through that but overall it’s that the wound is too deep then I have I’m sure Derek does not into we have recommendations for you guys you can get in touch with us yes there’s a man I’ve done a lot of private sessions even online through Skype over telephone where people have gotten so much healing from it from just a session our session but by doing it and it’s awesome because like I remember going into it I didn’t know I didn’t like 100 like one of my own godly beliefs was that God wouldn’t touch somebody through the computer screen or over the phone and pray for him and something happens but they’re not try to step out in faith and somebody somebody coach me somebody stepped out and say hey try it on me I have a pain right now would you pray for my neck and I’ll tell you what’s going on and I sprayed I spoke to the word of faith over them they felt the healing instantly and this is they encouraged me it works brother do it be encouraged this is your calling and I did a couple sessions man and for me this is what I’ve seen and you’re gonna see this too Anthony you’re gonna see that there’s a lot of people who want to assist in the healing of humanity they want to do what we’re doing they want to help people come and find healing to walk in their destiny walk in their callings they want to help people but first they have to get over their own trauma their own wounds and the Lord spoke to me he said what you’re gonna be doing is healing the healers those who are called to heal you’re gonna heal them and every every person that I had on these private sessions were all people who wanted to do what I was doing whether it was to do it full-time and they feel like that’s what they want to do with all of their time is to heal people and to lead them into counseling and one-on-one prayer intercession things like that right and we’ve seen a lot of people come forth after going through these deliverance classes and we say deliverance and sometimes it’s these big sit downs but sometimes it’s even just like a conversation what we’re having right now just being real with one another and finding somebody to do that with and I’ll tell you what it works so much for me and my wife and we see so much fruit in it and so if you guys would like to have a session with Anthony Anthony is available by appointment I don’t I don’t know if you have a website yet but you do have an email address or some ways that people can get in contact with you as well right yeah you can contact me through Anthony J Cummings to 3:05 a1 s the letter S at but yeah man listen I wanna ask you something that Derrick unless were right a long time you’d mentioned while ago before you went to the deliverance process you were playing video games a lot and I had my issues I was addicted to pornography a lot and let me tell you something for let me be honest with you you know how I like to study a lot right one time the Lord spoke to me and there was the Holy Spirit man he spoke to me he know what he said he said you bury your pains behind you study in the scripture I want to deal with some things in your life but you cover it up a biblical study you have a zeal for study and there’s nothing wrong with that but because you have a zeal for study with one of your how can I put it I don’t want this to come out the wrong way because we are supposed to be good Brienne’s right were supposed to be good disciples of study the scripture but because I had such a passion I don’t know if you can relate to this but this is something he taught me about it was deep is that my passion to study over road areas that God wanted to work on and he loved my life he’s not he never told me not to study he was saying I was using studying as a cop-out to not deal with the things that he was trying to deal with me already with yeah does that make sense I mean cuz you can even do that it’s almost like aw Tozer used to have a quote that says something like this you said you know it’s almost like you can it’s almost like you pray until you really pray some people say oh well you better use wisdom on that you know better stay you know let me steal or what they’ll do is they’ll cover up their unbelief with will just be sure you seek wisdom and I’m all about seeking wisdom that’s good I’m an account ability and counsel but sometimes we have these nice cliche christian sayings that are not we’re using them as a cover up not to do what we’re supposed to be doing yeah yeah it’s almost like you’re doing the right thing but at the wrong time like you’re doing you’re doing right you’re not doing bad stuff but you’re doing it to occupy time or to buy time cuz a lot of times we know God wants to deal with this and see when you when you when you already know what God’s wanting to do in your heart and you know what he’s already convicting you you’re in a good place because we don’t have to get to the bottom of it we know we just have to kind of help you get over the hill of releasing that how to do it and how to stay free right you shall know the truth the truth shall make you free but we have to walk in that freedom so we’re doing the right thing but at the wrong time and for me and probably most of us listening maybe that’s quiet time maybe that’s going into the inner chambers with the Lord spending time in an intimate worship like you said by ourselves first and so for me when I shut everything down and I go into that space with the Lord he’s gonna deal with me he always does right and he either he’ll be he’ll birth vision in you he’ll tell you how to you know I’m saying how to get over hurdles and and and and all kinds of things in that secret place with God and so for me it would be maybe like you said the studying or the video games or whatever to like buy time not to go in to the the inner chambers with God but that’s part of walking in the spirit is having a spiritual communication with God and going back because we pour out we pour out we pour out we got to go back and let God fill us up man like you say be being filled could you imagine man if let’s just say hypothetically I had cancer and I had a heart to reach out to people who had cancer right and the doctors like I got to deal with you and I’m like a lot of got time for doctor’s appointments right now man I got other people that are dying of cancer right now so I need to go to these guys and eventually because I’m doing something very good right a little unless to say feeding them for let’s just say you go and visiting these things are all good things are you available help the people help people help the people out that are going through this stuff but at the same time because we don’t allow ourselves to receive healing or allow others who are gracing areas to speak into our lives and help us walk out healing eventually we’re gonna collapse we’re gonna collapse because we won’t allow we cover up our own needs a lot of times by doing good things when it’s almost like the Lord’s like I want to deal with you I need to deal with you first because you can only give so much you can only give what you allow your life yeah it’s one of those things that’s the same experience that guys we can’t be healers quote/unquote we can’t be mature perceivers and the spirit quote/unquote unless we walk out healing and deliverance in our lives the more the further we push that away then the further will remain crippled even in our best meaning into our best well-being intentions you’re gonna err intentions can be the purest out of all of them and the most well-meaning yeah I mean there’s out there just people in the world today that will set their hair on fire or they want to cut off their arm because I think it’s an extra appendage and they’re very sincere they’re very very pure and thinking that even though it’s a screwed up mind it’s good of thought in like sincerity is great and having well-meaning intentions is great but that does not mean you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing though remember God always has to deal with you first has to deal with us first so that we can be in a position to help others in a healthy way because you can’t lead them further than you ever allowed yourself to be led yep that’s it ladies and gentlemen well I hope you guys have enjoyed this episode again Anthony Cummings like I said from the beginning I think that this was gonna be a good podcast and I think it was I felt the Holy Spirit moving and working throughout the whole thing so if you felt that man that that presence there’s there’s nothing that can take the place of that that’s the Holy Spirit people people who don’t know biblical lingo or they don’t know that the Holy Spirit is an energy or you can feel it you know I’m saying that you know you feel these these chill bumps and stuff they get it all the time and listening to some conversations and stuff but that is the person of the Holy Spirit if you have not made Jesus the Lord of you life I’m telling you you you won’t grasp what I’ll talk about in my music you won’t grasp the truth I will be selling you a half-truth if I told you another way to get to God other than through the person of Jesus Christ so if you want to do that we’re here to pray for you guys I’ll lead you in a prayer right now if you’re watching this and you do not have a relationship with Jesus it’s this simple to know that first of all that I’m a sinner that I’ve sinned and and sin separates me from God but God made a way for me to come to him through the cross through Calvary he sent Jesus who was perfect he lived the perfect life sin free and he became the sin offering he took our place he died so that we could live he became sin so that we can become the righteousness of God and so God made a way for us to connect with him the right way unadulterated nothing in the way he hears our prayers through the person of Jesus man and so if that’s you if you want to know him as your Savior if you want to if you want to experience him like Anthony’s been talking about as I’ve been talking about tonight you can go ahead and do that I’m gonna pray I just want you to repeat after me dear Lord Jesus asked you to come into my life forgive me of my sins it cleanse me wash me in your blood I admit that I’m a sinner and I need your grace I need your mercy I ask you to seal me with your precious Holy Spirit and wash me in your love in Jesus mighty name Amen a man if you pray that and you meant it look you are sealed you can come into right relation with right relationship with God do the person of Jesus man and so people hit me up all the time they kind of they get it but they want to know what it is what is it that you have in this relationship with Jesus and for some people that seems too easy because Jesus everywhere Jesus on every corner Jesus on every TV channel Jesus on t-shirts he’s your homeboy what are you talking about we’re talking about an intimate relationship with the creator of the universe who created heavens the heavens and the earth who knows everything about you all the wrong that you’ve ever done all the times you’ve stole you’ve cheated you’ve lied you’ve cursed all the bad thoughts you’ve ever had and you know what he still loves you he made a way for you man so I’m telling you that’s it relationship with Jesus man I guess you gotta get off here yeah we got to go ahead wrap it up yeah sure sure it’s none of those men that the love of God and the grace of God is powerful to restore – its powerful – its little by little again if you maybe you believe it going through the wilderness welcome to the club Moses went through the wilderness as a believer Paul went to the wilderness you know Arabia there’s there’s areas that you’re a believer but you may not be a believer you just said that prayer I want to encourage you guys number one seek the Lord Jesus said seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first and secondly let that happen amongst like-minded believers find healthy relationships people are not against the kingdom of God praise the Holy Spirit I’m gonna go and as I’m going lead me to a healthy community of believers because we need it man like Derek long ago it’s one thing to hear preaching in a sermon and there’s a place for that we need that but then there’s other things like building authentic relationships that will take you places that you can’t go on your own there’s something about relational growth together that’s totally scriptural and it’s just a principle of life so god bless you guys Derek it’s been a privilege man to actually talk to you again and brother thank you so much for letting part of your show dude thanks for coming on man I love you bro let me do man a man I was Anthony Cummins ladies and gentlemen so I hope you guys were blessed by this episode and if you would like to support what I’m doing you can head on over to patreon com backslash truth seeker and there you can come on board and support at any level of giving anywhere from $1 $5 $10 a month whatever you feel led to do and it will help us so much help us do this full-time and bring more podcasts more shows more music all that good stuff thank you guys again everybody who’s already doing that from the bottom of my heart I love each and every one of you guys and we will be back with more episodes this week grace and peace to all of you guys so long [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to youth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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