Teresa Yanaros on her channel Divine Frequency

Demon Possession: I reached into the other side and something reached back and made contact

My health started to go downhill, I started to cough up blood get really sick. I would do all these different rituals and then nothing would work. We would do rituals to send out angels to go get jobs and to prepare the way and angels to go get money and then angels to protect and it wasn’t instant. I think because of the experience that I had with the warlock where something manifested into this realm I was trying to recreate that with all of these different rituals saying “Okay this book doesn’t work, I’ll get that book, then that book doesn’t work and literally I was doing all of these different rituals and guided meditations meeting these different spirits and stuff and nothing worked; until they all worked. They all worked at the same time when one night I was sucked into a trance at their will and begin to see shapes, colors, spirits and hear voices that were communicating with me speaking foreign languages that I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, I turned pale and was crying. I felt like I was dying and gasping for breath and it was terrifying. I reached into the other side and something reached back and made contact but again it was too late, I already opened up my mind to these entities to come in and dwell within my auric field.

I really enjoyed being interviewed by Teresa Yanaros on her channel Divine Frequency. It felt good to open up about my experiences, and she asked some wonderful questions that led me to go into detail about my faith in Christ and overcoming demonic possession.



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