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Disl Automatic is a Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist whose message is to spread freedom and equality to all people and animals alike. Disl is also a huge vegan activist and has made many songs about his love for animals and distaste for corporations and industries killing other living creatures for profit and greed. In this episode TruthSeekah and Disl cover everything from Spirituality to police shooting unarmed black men all the way to their favorite movies and video games. In this 3 hour episode they leave no stone uncovered.

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give us one second people all right picking it back up never tell you you never can tell dealing with these peoples technology man to make it work for us but yeah okay so kind of picking up with the question what going full-time man like how did you get to start doing what you’re doing and get to the place you are now as far as like doing what you don’t full-time all right yeah what a truth be told you know I’ve been able to do it for a while just because I’ve been an unfortunate situation had a little bit of had a little bit of an inheritance a little bit of investment so you know I don’t know by no means that I coming from any type of rich family and I’m like that but like we had here where I met we had land that my grandfather acquired basically like from nothing and cuz back then the land here wasn’t worth anything nobody knows and nobody was thinking about anything in terms of oh maybe one day it’ll be worth something it did end up being worth something so got a little bit of money from that you know a little investment in real estate or whatnot so been able to do it thankfully you know in my mind my parents have helped me out throughout my life a lot you know I can’t even front on that and I mean just being born into the situation that I was born in so and at this point it’s just up for me it’s all about being able to just be comfortable live a comfortable life so I’ve had that opportunity to you know have the basic necessities of life you know come over and you know I got I have my own apartment on pay rent so you know it’s uh I’ve definitely been fortunate just born in the right place at the right time but you know now I’ve definitely been able to in terms of making some kind of money from the music I’ve definitely been able to step that up as well over the past years and really I mean I don’t it’s not really no secret to it I mean I just you know just in grind it and just been putting out good content quality music and you know of course I mean I’ve been able to link up with people like really in the beginning global faction from the UK that was a huge you know that was a huge boost for me in terms of because obviously when it comes to to the money that’s being made I mean it’s all about the supporters and the more of more supporters you have you know the more the more money you’re able to get and um so you know that was definitely a big big thing that really it’s you know put me out there to a lot of people and then after that it was religious as a matter of just grinding and putting out a lot of music you know a lot of music for free and really I mean like to me has been donations people are unbelievable like you were talking about patreon I really haven’t gotten into that but you know I just do the donations on my website and I mean people are yo I can’t even you know I mean I’m talking about I put out a project and somebody comes and blesses me what you know $100 150 you know twenty ten fifty five one whatever yeah adds up man yeah and that’s been big and then of course merchandise sales like sold a lot a lot of merchandise over the years yeah you know my little doing features here and there that’s got a given a little bit and really for me you know any or any artist will tell you it’s really the shows in the tour in which I haven’t been able to do know what I’m saying like that’s kind of put me at a disadvantage in terms of uh in terms of that so I’m hopefully I’m plant now hopefully I will be speaker to existence you know I’m saying I will be heading out either later this year or early next year around Europe you know different destinations basically whatever I can go and um yeah so that’s I I would like to I don’t know if you want to cuz I definitely you know the making the money from what we do is an important topic and so many people I think misunderstand it you know I said I a lot of people have this idea that you know that we should as as Raptor business activist as pontius or whatever they’re like we shouldn’t even be making any money off of it and that’s you know like that’s crazy to me I mean what-what you know first of all let’s not even talk about the time and energy and the money that we’ve invested into it you know what I’m saying but to me it’s like first of all anybody who says that like oh you know you say you’re against money in this but you make it wait a second what do you do for a living you know I’m saying like I’m making money off of it but it’s a genuine honest truthful way of doing it and I’m not sure I got you know we are we gotta use Google and Facebook and different corporations but in the end of the day I ain’t working for them I ain’t working for them I’m not working for a corporation I don’t I’m my own boss you don’t have said so when somebody wants to point that finger I mean it’s like hold up because let’s keep it let’s keep it 100 unless if you’re not off the grid completely off the grid completely cuz even if you’re off the grid you can still use money I’m talking about off the grid no using money no buying nothing from no companies no corporations like we live in the system yeah you know understand like we have to somehow make money earn a living do whatever we gotta do you know in the end of the day like you know I’m I was actually on the pot on a podcast a few days ago and I was talking about this just a short like um you know I I would love to make a lot of money earn a lot of money from what I do and let me tell you why because diesel automatic will never be a millionaire I could I could earn a billion and I ain’t gonna be a millionaire because imma use that money to help others oh but you’re just perpetuating the cycle of the monetary system listen listen to those people who say that let me tell you something you know I’m saying if you have the opportunity right now because we are living in a world right now where people are suffering people animals everybody and and the only thing that can really help them is money and and that is the reality of the world we live in in this situation right now you know anybody who says otherwise so if you have the opportunity you see somebody and they’re starving and you could bless them with a hundred dollars a thousand twenty five whatever are you gonna say no because I’m against the monetary system what does that make you then fam what is that you understand what I’m saying so yeah give me I would but never compromising my integrity that is the key not selling not changing a damn thing that I do I can make money but if I’m able to in honest genuine way where people are simply saying yo these are we love what you do ma’am here here’s here’s our blessing in the formulas are this uh you know fiat money albeit still so then I could take go build an animal sanctuary you know what I’m saying help people out help you know look at the moral technique he makes school made schools in Afghanistan and shit like he did that with money that he made from his music yeah so it’s like people people are people be trippin off bumps ahead like of all types of stuff so in the end of the day cuz you ain’t you’ll never see diesel automatic taking his money from his and buying a fancy car and stuntin and buy a new nah fam like first i’ma help myself cuz yes I have a dream that I would like to build a home up in a mountain off the grid solar power and you need money to do that yeah it’s a long-term investment to be off the grid and eventually I would even like to make a community up there and make me you know for people to either come and stage is it whatever they want to do you know so so first off we gotta each individual has to take care of themselves and then once you do that you can help out others you know isn’t that the ultimate goal and as much as I hate you know the monetary system and fiat money and all of that like that shit ain’t going anywhere anytime soon so if you got trying to just sit around and be complacent and not not try to get money so you can help other people with it then you gonna die a person who has never really had well you can still help other people without money I’m not saying you can’t but you know what I’m I waited for it cuz that shit is not going anywhere anytime soon my people believe me so we need there’s people that desperately people living beings creatures animals humans whatever whoever whatever you believe in it whoever you want to help out I’m vegan of course so I’m thinking about everyone and everything and and a lot can be done with money a lot right now you know you gonna tell you gonna tell a starving a person that is starving to death a person that is dehydrating you gonna tell them nah fam nah that’s – that’s Fiat money now you don’t need that tell them that yeah don’t tell me yeah so exactly man I think it is it’s a really touchy subject for some people but we got we gotta look at it like this it’s safe to say that you that myself and a lot of people that we run with we do have a nice audience a nice fanbase and too many people I get this all the time they say that I’m their favorite rapper or my favorite rappers diesel automatic right so just think even this was this was my case just a month ago people would say that true see could make you my favorite rapper and they see what we’re doing in the videos in the podcasts and everything we’re doing is quality stuff it rolls that stuff that’s on the radio like it like the quality the videos all of it and so they see us and then they’re like I should and I would tell people you know they want to know what you do for a living a winner you’re gonna tour where they live when you come into where I live and I’m like I’m a full time truck driver this was my story about a month ago I’m a full time truck driver and for and you should see the look of shock on their face when they find out that their favorite rapper their favorite artist in the universe like you are they feed off of your lyrics and your creativity and what you bring to the table and you find out that that person is stuck at an on and it’s not it kind of I don’t know if it like diminishes the light or they if it brings things into perspective of what music industry is and how we’re able to make money and and pay bills and cuz I mean some months we I don’t make I barely make anything off of this I got all so when they find out that your favorite artist is a truck driver or works for a trash company this is many this is the case for many people that they have to have to pay bills and stuff and so for people to think that you shouldn’t get paid off of it or to think that you know and I want to encourage everybody who who helps promote what we’re doing because you guys are helping us to keep the lights on you guys are helping us to to pay the bills and to pay the producers and the beat makers and stuff and that stuff goes a long way even if you don’t have any money to help put into what we’re doing the share button it doesn’t cost any money to click that share button to share it to show people your music and stuff and so that was a really weird thing even for me to be okay to show it because people some of my people were like hey man you probably shouldn’t tell people that you’re a full time because they think you’re just really this spiritual guru and you’re this deep individual but yet you drive a truck you drive a truck they were telling me not to tell people not to be real and just hey this is my story this is why I’m right this is why I hope I’m not driving a truck anymore God kind of pushed the buttons to open up the doors for me to kind of step out and pursue this full-time and that’s what I’m doing I would have never quit my job with a wife and a daughter who I’m supporting I would never quit my job to hopefully make money online so that things happen to where I had to kind of step out in faith and jump and that’s what we’re doing now so all the support helps man you know yeah that’s what I’m saying like you know like I said man I’ve been fortunate but hey you know I know what I what I have now put away that ain’t gonna last forever so I’m still striving to ultimately you know have this as a you know I do do it full-time now because I’m able to because I have something put away I’ve been fortunate enough but that ain’t gonna last forever you don’t I’m saying that’s why I’m grindin so that I want to do because like you said you would you as a truck driver you know somebody that’s the thing people who have a problem with with someone earning a living from this you know music rap division pontius whatever you want to call it you’re right it’s like to have the truck would you rather have me phone now and work in McDonald’s and if you don’t have McDonald’s in this country thank you like would you rather have me go and have to work at a bank or you know what would you have me do you know what I’m saying so you know and I also wanted to you know I wanted to add like you know when it comes to say um with the money you know it’s uh damn what I slipped my mind cuz it was an important point I wanted to make whatever it’ll come back to me if it comes back to me I’ll just you know I’ll just refer back to it yeah good i want i wanna i want to note this i’ve been doing spiritual music for a while now right started off it was a it was a progression right it was getting into doing like the political stuff let’s do rallies let’s get out there and protest and shake our fists and stuff with that a lot of people do that and it works for them oh I knew it was more to that what are the most important aspect of money is yes money is fiat money when we use it we contribute to the system but people need to understand when people say money is evil no money is not evil money yes and now it has become a form of enslavement debt obviously but really money is just supposed to be a symbol represent so that okay back in the days I have this you have that we want to trade it’s just so it’s just another form of trading or bartering whatever you want to call it so it’s like yo if somebody wants to if someone finds value in what we do and they don’t have necessarily something that because I’m a look if you want to show me you don’t have to give me money maybe you got you know if you’re around my way you got some fresh produce or some good vegan food I’ll let you boy you’re not I’m saying whatever you know so it’s like it’s not even you know it’s not it’s not evil it just it is what it is it’s trading it’s generating services you know what I’m saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that you know like I’m I’m always you know I try to always support people and you know hit them off with money when I can and you know just I love the fear that some other kind of wait let me you know getting me caught album or donate or whatever it may be yep yep and there’s so many different ways to help and in every situation but money money is one of the biggest ways I can’t tell you just don’t I’m sorry to interrupt a big big thing to is aside from the level of aside from the aspect of oh you’re conscious in this and you’re against money but you make money just the way that creativity is not valued in society it pisses me off yeah I’m saying like it’s you could be doing whatever you know I mean first of all look it in schools when they gotta cut programs they cut in the arts they cut in the crafts they cut you know creativity is just in general of all sorts not just rapping it’s not valued you know what I’m saying like true creativity sure you got mainstream music and these cats that is making money but even like this role like you could tell somebody right now I promise you I tell a lot of people you know oh what do you do you know I do music oh you make money from it yeah I make money from it yeah and they still don’t they they don’t take a serious I guarantee I could tell you know you could tell it’s like alright that’s cool but I guarantee probably what do you do for all I work at this office oh great you know what I’m saying like the whole reaction is different even the only way people in society will even take you seriously as like an artist and if you make is if they know you if they’ve heard you on the radio seen you on TV then it’s like okay oh and your then your creativity is legit you know what I’m saying even if you just taken a living decent you comfortable make us a money whatever it is you know is because it’s so you know I’m saying has been so devalued in society and I don’t think that’s going to dental you know creativity is a revolutionary act it’s a spiritual egg I mean I tell people all the time when I’m creative when I’m coming up with lyrics or when I’m freestyling up up the top of the dome that’s meditation that’s being that one winner with all in existence I don’t come up with I don’t come up with my rhymes they come to me they flow through me I know right it’s freedom bro is freedom and they don’t want us to feel that they don’t want us to experience that you know I mean I have I have a crazy burden where I have to create art like I’ll go insane if I don’t creating and and right and manifest something that’s within me and a part of me and bring it out even though it gets harder because you keep stepping the bar up okay here’s the bar I made a song that did really good I love the quality of the production the the rhyming scheme and I took a lot of time I can’t I can’t go below that bar all right you got a match it or be greater and that that’s what ice match my I try to match all my songs to that standard to have this this level I can’t go below it but when even so you have to wrestle with these songs sometimes right okay what can I do to make it more intricate to go deeper like I wrote a song the other day and the first half of the verse it’s just it’s good but it’s not I could do better so I’m got to go back I’m not gonna put it out I got to go back and but the feeling that you get when once that song is done and you you birth something into the the universe into existence that would have never existed if you didn’t toil over it that you didn’t work hard over and put effort and energy and breathe into it and create it now it’s here now we get to kind of experience and other people get to step into your realm and know what’s going on in your mind and your heart and the way you articulate things and and many people or go like having spiritual encounters and stuff through our music or being inspired to pursue their dreams from listening to a song or finding out about concepts like the song we did together bus back at the very end of the song I mentioned you know seek God on a mushroom experience to pull up a song get at the area hollow just dropping this nugget in there about you know psychedelics and ayahuasca and stuff like that so it just it piques the creativity in like um it inspires people man and you can’t there is no price tag on that so and I think that’s what this magic it’s out of me and I think that that’s what people are paying for and that’s what people cuz like the supporters are coming out the woodwork when I got released from my job and I started to pursue this full-time like the supporters really did start coming out like those who like really believed in me and and they’re like okay we want you to to succeed and what do we need to do like people are coming out in this awesome man so to birth something into existence that didn’t didn’t exist yeah that’s to me that’s something like I’m always you know going back to the money even like you know the fact that you know you people could have jobs they could have creative in businesses but when you you know and you get money but when you when you are artistic and you literally are just coming up with something like just out of your own fucking mind and soul and you put it out there people who value so much that they’ll even pay for it yeah what all it really for me what it boils down to because my music as I’m sure you is the same for you all it is is me it’s just me it’s me me me it’s a reflection of myself and to be able to have people value that and and and and you know whatever find inspiration because that’s really the biggest payout like you know we got into talking about money and that of course like blessing but in the end of the day that nothing is as valuable to me you know as when somebody tells me that you know my music has changed a lotta or you know I’m saying or inspired them in some type of way and all worth it yeah I had I posted the other day a dude hit me and just let the comment like it’s just a simple comment and it you know it not made my day it totally just out okay but say yo you you know your music gives me faith in humanity and it helps keep me and others off drugs like you know and I’m I’m you know I I posted like I used to do the opposite you know what I’m saying I used to do the exact opposite yeah you know what I’m saying industry and the music that I made back in a day also glorified and perpetuated that yeah so now to do the exact opposite and have someone like I’m like y’all I need to go with holler at the judge like look look at that now look at what I’m saying like yeah yeah I you know you thought I wouldn’t be shit like yeah you know so that to me is just the most fulfilling and people just you know changing the way they think but really to me honestly man the best is that because you know the you know the knowledge that we share the information you know what that’s in the end of the day yes we put it out there in a in a in a appealing way but the end of the day it ain’t none new Under the Sun yeah I didn’t come up with this stuff I learned it I researched it I came up with I just thought the way to formulate it and put it in later people could add sexualizes though right and in the end of the day I can’t really what people do with that knowledge and information I don’t know but when somebody just simply says yo you inspire me and you you make me happy and bring some type of light to my life on a daily basis and oftentimes it’s not even with my music it’s just what post that I post on Instagram or whatever you know what I’m saying it could just be that and that shit will just you know that’s what that’s what keeps me going cuz look back to the money anybody could say whatever they want about me but anybody knows not even just knows me and what I’m capable of as an emcee anybody knows music bro if I wanted to make money I would have gone commercial I will recall mercial and I’d be bawling right now yeah maybe I wouldn’t be the biggest star but there’s a huge market that I would have part of music for part of any commercial whatever bro if I was just on the same shit I used to be on just talking about yeah I’m getting money I’m hustlin I’m da da da even if I wasn’t doing it anymore like all these like all these rapidly fun than starting so you know if I wanted to make money believe me believe me I would not be doing what I’m doing if it was not if I wanted to make money because I would I would like to I appreciate that but if I just if that’s all it was and I just wanted to get rich I would not be out here on every single song ain’t nobody ever heard of songs from me town and no one ever heard a song for me that strays away from some type of you know you got these papers on now they drop conscious they say but then they go back to yeah I got a Taliban now one single out a hundred the songs that I put out you know I’m saying saw that all that money talk are at this that’s dead to me that’s invalid completely cuz I could’ve easily I now I’ve really been cuz I really been okay I put out the mixtape first mixed a and what you know I really since the second 2014 have really been like grinding grinding if if then even I mean forget 2012 even since 2014 if I just was like you know putting out this mainstream shit I’ll be yeah I’d be making way more than I’m making out like way more you know what I’m saying as would you yeah because we’re all talented enough you know saying everybody that you know in the famine that I read would and then I get down with everyone’s got the talent to do it if they wanted to you know so I don’t think anybody can question our integrity regardless of of what kind of money we may or may not make from this shit yeah talking about the the impact man when I first started doing music I chose the spiritual path back in uh pretty much you know my story we started out doing gospel music right so we did gospel music for years and one of the even even back then like the biggest compliment I got performing or doing shows or listen I have a music out people would say when I listen to your music I can feel the Spirit of God or I can feel the Holy Spirit I get these goosebumps and chills that all over my body and it rocks me down to the core and I feel a piece from your music and and so when I kept doing just evolving and doing the more spiritual stuff I still get those I still get that response and it’s not even it’s not religious it’s straight spiritual it’s speaking to the it’s speaking to the war that goes on within the hearts of men and in women man and so it’s speaking touch to something really deepen and even to this day like that’s the biggest compliment that I get and I look for is that okay my music is touching people like it’s on it it’s it’s it’s magical like you said and and it’s really weird that I’m privileged to like I get these comments and that people are being taken on spiritual journey and taken to different places and learning things and meditating to the music and stuffs happening in their life spiritual supernatural things and it’s pursuing people to pursue their dreams and what they have inside of them and and create and just being creative and all that stuff man so that’s the stuff that matters to me and you know I’m saying the money if there’s any money that’s made from it it goes back into it now at this point I was like you said it’s not about living lavish or having all this money and stuff like that so but I will say that the money it the money comes into play and I can’t tell you the feeling that I get when I do have some extra money because I do websites and stuff on the side too so I make my money that way so to have some extra money that’s not going straight back to the bills and stuff but to go out to eat and see a young couple sitting down eating and pay their tab pay their bill and day and not even speak speak to them like we can’t speak and make a confrontation or hey this is what it’s coming from I’m blessed and God loves you or whatever just speak an encouraging word to them but just do it out the blue and just know that you you may that person’s day man you know I’m saying you know and just to look for ways like that whether it’s mono even if you don’t have money just saying little positive things to people just trying to I said it I said all the time but just to try to make somebody’s walk a little bit more easier so make someone else’s walk a little bit more comfortable to let them know that they’re loved to let them know that you believe in them and and to really to connect them with that universal power Universal source let them know that they’re not alone in this theme and that is power there is universal law you do reap what you sow what you speak does come into fruition and come into existence and there’s power behind it and we teach that in our music I think our lives are examples of that definitely I’m I’m gonna you know and it’s all you know every like I think people get think of spiritual and it has to be they have this like grand notion of but they don’t have to be like that it don’t have to be that deep you know just just being a kind is such a spiritual revolutionary act like you know actually just was it today or yes I can’t remember but you know there’s a woman at the gym and you know I’m very observant I you know I talk to people I’m very you know communicative and you know friendly with people and some to me just simple as this the woman she had a new hairdo and I commented I said oh you got a new hairdo it looks nice her face lit up her face lit up she was so happy that probably made her day her week you know what I’m saying like something is even though okay it’s superficial it’s I don’t care it doesn’t always have to be that deep it’s not really about that yeah I know all of that but still I made her feel great and there’s no telling what that could lead to what other things you know I’m saying once you break past the surface and you know so something as simple as that and of course obviously helping people I mean I’m always you know old people older people here in my building helping them with a grocery your every made do you I’m saying of course you see someone on the street maybe give them some money that’s kind of standard we all we everybody kind of but my point is you know just being kind a kind word a smile oh you don’t you especially here where I live I mean people are kind of known to be you know negative by kind of and it’s understandable it’s a pretty it’s a it’s a fairly poor country the standard of living is very low you know the pay’s aren’t very good and things like that so people aren’t always they’re happy and so you know how many times I get I go to a store just whatever and they’ll be like oh hi you know well first I’ll always be like hey how are you today I’m all right how are you I’m great you know oh that’s that’s great to hear like yeah they don’t ever hear it what even is that I think can help somebody like maybe like oh this person’s the other day because that’s what you hear on another day same shit different day like yeah that’s it’s the same yeah you know and it’s just like I’m just here I’m just existing I’m just barely making it you know but that is a lot of people’s reality though man you know we gotta calm down look I completely that’s the thing I would never you know again I’m very fortunate even without the music and I’ve never had to struggle like that like financially I’ve never struggled I’ve had struggles in different ways and very difficult ones and hardships in different ways but financially I’ve never struggled I’ve never I’ve never known what it’s like to really be hungry you know like my mother for example when she was young she knew what that was like you know I’m saying like they was living up in the mountain with not much they weren’t starving but she might go extended periods of time without eating I’ve never known that I could go right now and go pack eat whatever I want to not I’m not never be hungry never be thirst I don’t I won’t say I never will because you never know what could happen but never have been you know what I’m saying I’ve never even had to you know be like Oh and how am I gonna pay my bills this one I’ve never had none of that you know so I can never tell somebody who is in those situations I’ll just be positive that’s ridiculous to me it has kind of ending an arrogant you know and coming from a privileged standpoint like sure I’ll have this I could have a conversation with them and maybe if they if they want to and they’re receptive to it and maybe try to put things in a certain perspective because even if I haven’t been in that situation I doesn’t mean that I can’t understand it and I can’t empathize with them and that I don’t I know people who have been I know how people have dealt with it you know and that’s the thing just because you know you yourself you know the the I seen a saying somewhere the smart people like learn from their mistakes or their experiences geniuses learn from others experiences in mistakes you know what I’m saying so I’m saying I’m a genius or anything like that but you know you could learn a lot you don’t have to experience everything to to know about it you can see other things so anyway point is you know those people in those kind of situations I’m not ever gonna sit there and be just be like oh well just be positive you know um but you know because I definitely understand it’s not easy I can only imagine it’s not you know how you know it’s it’s I got homies right now you know close homies that are in in in very difficult sensual situations financially struggling to get by and they doing everything they can to remain positive and they’re doing a good job of it you know and I’m only I can only be there to support them and so at times when they when they seek it to you know offer some perspective and you know whatever it may be but I would never tell them tell them I’ll come on man just you know just snap I just be positive like ah you know that to me is you know it’s funny you say that because you’re coming from debt I guess almost privileged and you you don’t have to struggle you know are you definitely cribbage yeah I weirdo privileges is in fact relative though you know you got somebody there are these people here okay and I’ve told people here that are that they might complain and I have some type of relationship so I feel open enough to say hey listen do you you you are you hungry are you starving No are you okay be hydrated no do you have a home to live in yeah okay you’re privileged yeah it’s not that bad for you I have it’s all relative but yes All Things Considered I am privileged I I say I say fortunate that I’m more prefer yeah but I’m just because I feel like nowadays privileges is it’s a very loaded word you know you got yeah which doesn’t have to be it’s okay you know the privileges there’s nothing wrong with that but McNally are definitely it is it is wrong to have privilege that’s that you know when it when it’s societal and it’s structural like white roads and things that made you I mean policy that’s a whole different discussion but yeah I know what you say yeah differ in that area in that area so it’s I find it kind of kind of interesting that you wouldn’t tell people just to be positive and then but I would coming from the struggle I would say man could be positive we’re gonna keep her for a better tomorrow but I think you’re saying that you wouldn’t just say that and keep going yeah no I wouldn’t and I I like all things I it would have to be somebody that I have some type of you know yeah yeah that I know okay but even then you saying I’m not a positive and keeping yeah well yeah is it there’s something I’ve learned you know and this comes I learned a lot of this with my sister synthesis big of synthesis yeah you know just I’ve learned when to listen and when to speak yeah you know sometimes your your wisdom and your posit it’s not necessary a lot of times people just need to fucking vent yeah and just have you myself included yeah and one and that’s one of the worst things is when you just it’s a plant like sometimes even on social media I’ll post something and I may be just venting it right away here come don’t focus on the negativity like me yeah fam are you a beacon of shining light every single minute of the day like I’m just keeping it real I have fleeting thoughts you may perceive as negative emotions whatever it’s okay to express them I want to express them and I know the bigger picture I know all of it in turn in relative terms the prosthetic for right now I just need to fucking complain invent you know I’m saying so that’s what it really is about to me knowing when okay you know this person just needs to let off some steam and they just need somebody to to say you know what yeah you’re right it is fucked up yeah Eddie you’re you are in a shitty situations and that sucks for you and I really empathize with you and I feel bad for you you know completely 100% you’re right you know that’s sometimes that is is more valuable and what people need more than me coming in and trying to be like no no listen this is how you gotta be positive you know sometimes they just need to get it out and to have someone receive it and say you’re right you know what to feel where they’re coming from and then oftentimes that could free them up to finding on their own but other perspectives yeah which let’s be real nobody likes to be everybody likes to find things out on their own yeah you know I mean to feel like they came up they figured it out you know so that’s really what you know I definitely will you know when the time is right when I feel oh of course brah I definitely you know trying to put that positive perspective on people for sure and sometimes quite frankly I may even do it when it’s not about my perfect sometimes I may be like come on you know let’s just be positive like this it could be worse a lot of times here two people are very weave it’s known here that people complain a lot about their situation so like okay somebody is you know like I have I have a aunt and she’s older and she’s an unfortunate situation she had a stroke and she’s you know and she’s very you know self pitying and which is understandable but like what her often times I gotta be like look it could be way worse like there are people way worse you know what I’m saying like oh yeah sometimes it you just the the self-pity it’s hard for me too it’s hard for me to feel really sorry for people who feel so sorry for themselves yeah you know regardless of what their situation it’s I do but then I’m like I come on now you know there’s a scripture in the Bible man coming from the church realm as a scripture it says God is not the author of confusion so people will take that coming from the church realm and say look if there’s any confusion then it’s not of God and it’s not good because God’s not the author of confusion but the understand that study they look at confusion as a bad thing I like to look at the good side of confusion and say that you’re not gonna search for the answers until you find yourself in a state of confusion or state of questioning man so to understand the alchemy behind that – like if you don’t know what’s going on like that that’s a really good place for you to be because there you know that okay it’s time to ask the bigger questions it’s time to start looking for the answers whether whether it’s financially many people in that in that boat relationship-wise what am i doing how am i messing things up why does it this work and you’re just confused man but to be in that place to start asking the bigger questions and looking for those answers man it’s a good place oh of course that’s basically everything you just said is the the the starting point of all knowledge is not knowing yeah I mean it all goes it all revolves around if your cup is full you cannot you can’t gain new information he who thinks he knows that all novels the least you know what I’m saying and that’s what ignorant is and that is unfortunately of a problem that we faced because and that’s one thing bro I know you know they’ve always you’ve got all the wise philosophers who say hey you know that the most intelligent people they know that they know nothing and I swear bro it’s been this way for a long time but the older I get maybe the wiser the more knowledgeable the more I just like I do not know anything like and sometimes it’s a dilemma for me because here I am an activist yeah and one in a bit you know but then I I it’s this you know paradox I’m like okay you know there’s this information in this stuff that I feel like it’s necessary in that I but then on the other hand I’m like but I don’t even know what I am and where I came from and what this reality is for sure and what everything is and ultimately I don’t know anything and what the fuck am I even doing people who say like it becomes this whole big you know I’m just knowing that of course like and I think we do know things that we do know things for sure certain things based on concepts that we as humans have created and weak for now we can stick to that you know we want to get really deep I mean I’m I’m one who says even our science that we stayed this is science hold on first is first of all the basic premise of science is that science is always proving itself wrong that’s how science evolves so now you got these scientists and these people based on science will say no this is the science now this is what it is the end-all be-all the absolute then then you shouldn’t be a fucking scientist I can’t stand Neil Tyson Degrassi man I can’t say yeah look he drops knowledge but yeah he’s one of the arrogant type like it’s a science man look back look back when the science said you know all types of crazy shit but now all forces is not science so but even that you know our our science I’m a science that’s based on math math numbers jika geometry you know I’m saying on all of these things yeah and still sure I do believe there are universal principles but everything we know is still based on our very very limited understanding of these things some some otherworldly entity alien interdimensional being could come and could laugh at our our science and could say y’all are just barely scratching the surface it’s like a it’s like a kindergartner who just learned how to fucking spell and read and then thinking that they know it know know how to fuck you know how to write Shakespeare yeah and then Shakespeare comes and says are you kidding me do you understand what I’m saying like so that’s what I mean by we don’t really know anything because even right even when we think we have a figured out yeah we’re always science is always proven what we know wrong it’s always evolving so how can we right now say anything for sure but that’s all we have to work with for now so you know when it comes to especially like okay there there are certain things that are true like statistics okay when we talk for example I talked about the war on drugs a lot hey when I say you know incarceration rates usage overdosing availability prices when I talk about all these things that have gone down or up you know that negatively reflect the war on drugs those are facts those are statistics I don’t care about who created this world and what that doesn’t matter those are statistics those are facts there’s no debating that you know in that sense numbers don’t lie you feel me it gets a yeah but even in that world it gets it gets muddy too because we’re like okay well who’s behind it who started it who really is perpetuating it whose our government oh so you think your cops are working for you no these guys are actually putting drugs on the street no these guys are pulling over to confiscate drugs to for them to use for themselves it gives gets muddier and in deeper and stuff that’s happening that you don’t know so to act like Oh this is it and this is only it it just has so many levels and we know everything off of off of what we perceive and we think this is the reality when it always Worth area goes deeper ya know definitely those are kind of more like that’s more you know obviously you know I’m deep on on the war on drugs just using it as a sample without really getting in too deep into it but those are more kind of like abstract that you can’t really but for example you know when we talk about black people in America black men in particular being disproportionately arrested for drug you know that that is fuckin black and white that is that’s you know I’m saying like we just we could we could argue well why is that is it because the cops are racist or what you know I definitely have my but that stat line there’s no arguing it you know what I’m saying like now what you say one of the things I always find funny is like when they do like surveys or and they kind of want to base statistics on that like oh well you know you’ll see a and it’s all it’s all what’s the word sensational headlines yeah then men now found you know men believe that this kind of woman are women are sexy or whatever it may be and okay you’re gonna you’re gonna make a generalization for all men based on a survey of how many people you know how many people how many actors come into that you know what I’m saying you know that it brings it into light as we watch um Family Feud all the time yeah answers you’re talking to these answers like they say they surveyed a hundred people where who said that that was what they write this is weird you know yeah exactly I don’t think they serve a point well I think they may just come with writers or something come up with for sure but probably before somebody’s you know yeah I systems because it because there’s people who will debate you even what you just said and I’ve seen them do it about the disproportional numbers where the arrest rates or the the cop killings they’re saying that you know cops are killing more white people than black and it’s they can show statistics improve and there’s people who that’s what they do and they try to make those cases but uh I don’t know man I don’t know if it’s something new I definitely know that we now have the ability to film it and everything’s on the internet now and everybody has a smartphone so I think that this stuff has been going on for sure but now it’s all over the Internet like people are observing and they’re taking advantage of the technology to kind of show the end justices and stuff and when you’re when it come I think my simple factor with with the you know the black guys been being shot for just moving wrong or or putting their heads up and still being shot like these people are scared to death of black guys man like they’re like that first of all they’re scared and they’re racist too so there’s that and yeah the guy tells you to go in the car and get you while it’s show me your ID you go back to the car to get your wallet and he unloads on you it’s like let’s do this he’s scared to death he says life and they should not be police officer I just look just the fact that people don’t understand like just the fact that those white cops are scared of black people is race yeah even you don’t have to have hatred in your heart towards black people to be racist just the fact that you have this preconceived notion and it’s not even there for a lot of times because that’s what society pushes that’s the best of propaganda like yo I live here in in this country where it’s baked all white people and how many times I gotta check people cuz if they’ll talk about black people just and they base it off of movies and they think black people are gangsters and criminals yeah you know saying and I gotta be like fan that’s not and that’s what a lot of these cops think too you know what I’m saying so and then but I’ll jump the main without getting obviously there’s so much to get into when it comes to that issue in terms that make racism and you know structural violence and these these things and the police and well ultimately my my main thing is that police officers need to be way way better evaluated trained prepared selected in Easter honestly I think I think police I think the first as soon as there’s the technological advancement where robots can be fully functional police officers should be robots on everything like I aim for no transhumanism or whatever I what it will be robots in society whether we like it or not yeah when they don’t even smell of us well in that ear well that’s one thing you know people think technology idea tech not know technology is not is is neutral it is not inherently good or bad robots could be amazing for example police robots because they will not have any bias unless they program them to which you never know with this crazy but let’s assume they don’t they will not any bias they not have fear they will stick to the strict protocol and you know how different it would change things when it comes to law enforcement if they were literally robots yeah well let me not say robots machines because a lot of people don’t know the word robot actually comes from the Slavic word which I’m absorbing the same for the word is robot ax or rubato which means slave and even now in my language that rubato means work but it actually means servitude or people will say like Anna butter for work and actually another thing people don’t know the word slave means sloth because for those who don’t know the Slavic subjugation of the slaves happen almost a thousand years before you know the African slave trade yeah and most of the a lot of the tactics they used in the way that they went about the African slave trade was based on the a slavic slave trade and the very word slave it would be said Slava cuz here like if you add an e to the end of a name like if your name is is John they’ll say when they’re referring to you to say Johnny you know I’m saying so that’s how they would refer to my ancestors and slobby people Slavic and eventually came slave so just a quick history lesson for those of you who don’t know that’s deep yeah that’s a lot we whenever you break down the spelling of words and people are associated hey we’re the slaves like they that they’re calling each other that they don’t even know it like we say yeah you’re saying and tersely break down the spelling and the writing and the power behind word just what we’re talking about to the power behind it we’re speaking stuff over our lives and we’ve agreed to it and don’t even know it don’t even know what what’s going on man what work right we’re answering to you know yeah I’m actually I’m I’ve seen the other day and this is product this is something I want to speak on more in-depth because I’ve seen it you know I’m Twitter somebody said they wanted to stop they wanted to basically get people to stop using the word slave and instead say enslaved people and of course to me I’m like this person doesn’t even know what the word slave means like you’re born from saying you saying Slav to enslaved people what me as a slave of Slavic descent I would I would then if we’re gonna do that let’s take away slave altogether because literally think about that think about that like I ain’t I ain’t takin anything away from the from the struggle of black people or not nothing like that but think about that yo all these every all subjugated people are referred to as Slavs as an esse as a nation a culture of people how are we supposed to feel about that you know and obviously I understand that person does not know the things that I know so I didn’t feel any kind of way up oh you see what I’m saying like don’t even know the word and that is such a word that is so now especially used and thrown around and slave enslavement slavery slave you’re saying Slav Slavic person can we get rid of that can we check that’s why I like I use it to still in a lot but I’m trying to my preferred would be subjugation subjugated person subjugated people subject even to refer instead of slave subject just like Native Americans calling them Indians because they thought they were from India you know yeah and it’s still there they still don’t even recognize who these people really are those type of dealers man yeah is deep when it comes down to the words man um before we move too far I wanted to talk about I kind of brought it up for a second but I wanted to talk about this progression it’s definitely taking place in in the hip-hop communities that were a part of but it’s taken its I think because it’s a progression that many people go on just what they’re seeking for truth and trying to make stuff happen so with which I started out doing Christian music and then I got into more the political in Alex Jones and 9/11 truth and those type of deals right and then I did that and then it kind of evolved okay just pointing in it a lot of that deals were just pointing at the problem hey let’s we want change we want change we are changed right these movements and and they are trying to do stuff that makes up happen but there’s a lot of just protests going on so then I think for me it turns into like this conscious thing okay okay so what to be conscious okay this is how we can bring about change this is what we can do that’s being conscious of the political injustice and things going on and then it goes from okay the way that I change and do the work is to change myself and do the work within myself and then spiritually right to do the work spiritually and then to influence others to do the same that we all pretty much have a spiritual awakening and I’ve seen that with the progression of the music of being political conscious and then Moore’s and I’m if I’m right I’ve seen that with your music as well and I think that’s a progression not you’ve any immortal technique right is that is that a progression that most of us are on is like these people who are just shaking their fists at the government eventually they’re gonna say like the real change is if I can change myself and then begin to change the people around me spiritually and then we can start seeing some some real change when you speak on that a little bit yeah man I think so I think well for me personally it actually started with the spiritual because it was like shoe like 2010 and um first sis sis put me on to the secret yeah and that was like the first thing that like was like but see I’ve always been even back when I was in Chicago and just out in the streets while at night I would read up on Buddhism and that’s the type of shit always fascinated you know I’m saying I even have tatted on my forearm uh you know quote from Tagore you know I’m saying it was like I don’t know if he was Buddhist philosopher but I know he was a I believe in Asian philosopher but anyway I know I found the quote in like some book about Buddhism and it was like you know it just was dope so anyway I was always into that but you know life has a funny way of just taking you wherever you need to go so and I didn’t really you know I didn’t need to it wasn’t my time at that time even though I was gathering little jewels and you know little seeds were being planted in my mind here and there it was until like and then that just opened my mind up like whoa you know it just made sense the whole law of attraction manifest in it you know I still believe in it but I’m kind of that I think is that whole secret thing it was cool but like it’s a little bit too they make it seem a little bit like oh yeah just thinking and everything’s gonna happen like I don’t know well anyway then started getting just going down a rabbit hole with spirituality watching different documentaries and and really just getting into you know the mind and in the spirit and that actually then and led me to the political you know I’m saying like what really it was it was actually uh my my bro he uh this dude his name is Lance Lance Sullivan he was he’s from he’s from Ohio Columbus Ohio and he was out here playing basketball professionally here in it where I live and I met dude and we just linked up like we was just you know vibing and he pulled me on to we would we would sit around and you know him watch documentaries it and he put me onto this documentary about the war on drugs and that was you know cuz I had my whole experience in the past and you know succumbing to that whole crap anyway that you know it just was like yo what fuck you know I’m saying like that’s what really then turned it into like man I gotta get political with you know I gotta start spreading and that just that’s when I was like that was the main thing that was like yo if this is like this the war on drugs and they could lie to us this much and deceive us and then I don’t believe anything else let me go and research all of this shit and let me find out you know all the truth and and then of course like having this talent cuz I wasn’t even rapping back then I had stopped for years I wasn’t rapping and I was like man I gotta use my talent for something positive but but ultimately yes and I’ve been for years like yo you know the revolution is within the revolution of self like that is the you know that is the truest because look you can have all the information all the knowledge you can remember all the facts the statistics the dates all of that but in the end of the day if you are if you’re just lost if you’re law all that is gonna do is make your life miserable yeah because especially with what we do because it is a heavy burden when you when you find out all this information and you know the truth in the world we live in it is a it is a heavy heavy weight that we all hold on ourselves on our chest on our shoulders and if you don’t find some type of inner peace and some type of balance you know for me personally I need the anger I need the dark I need that that fuels me that’s why I do that’s why I started doing what I do if you know anybody who says I’ll know the dark the negative no you need that to like look no this is the word it’s a world of duality it’s yin yang it’s relativity it’s all it’s all you know I’m saying like go and there is nothing to me there is there is nothing that is inherently bad meaning there’s nothing that we can’t experience that through alchemy cannot become something amazing nothing I don’t care what it is the worst most most heinous of acts of things that could be done to you they’ve been done to people and people have managed to turn them into miracles and into the best thing that has ever happened to them myself included you know the things that something that happened to me that I thought my life is over it’s a wrap I’m done you know I’m gonna kill myself like all of that now it was the it was the turning point it was the starting point of what I meant now and how because I love where I’m at now and I love Who I am how could I ever look back on that with anything but but gratitude that’s weird gratitude before it happening you understand what I’m saying so there is no you know I don’t I don’t I don’t subscribe to the to the notion that there’s inherent evil or inherent or even in hearing good I mean look at it we live in a world where you know throughout the ages people have done things that now we look we look down upon but at the time they thought it was amazing they thought it’s a great thing for all of other people all of humanity’s sacrifice a virgin fuck you know I mean I don’t of course I don’t agree with it or condone it but it’s hot you know and I know the whole moral relativism it’s a slippery slope it is it is store I do believe that we need some type of you know moral foundation or but in the end of the day I am I think I would be naive to recognize that in the grandest picture of the universe the universe knows not what what is not good or bad or negative look people I tell people this too they say why do they why do well if the law of attraction and that if it’s real then why do bad people have good things happen to him you know why because maybe those people do not feel that what they’re doing is bad therefore they do not emit an energy yeah that the universe is going to return to them they could be killing somebody and they are fucking happy and they they’re they’re feeling awesome about it of course we have up best dumb show last night and he said that the universe only knows one thing yes to whatever you’re projecting with a vibration create yes it only knows vibration that’s it yes to your vibration what is the vibration that you are putting out you know what I’m saying like look we oftentimes we even trick ourselves into thinking you know we may be doing something good and do what are you feeling good about it and then we ask ourselves why do I always do good stuff and it doesn’t come back to me how you doing what’s your intention what’s your vibration that you’re putting out while you’re doing it yeah and you in are you feeling really good about it are you just doing it just to do it thinking oh it’s gonna come back to me or you don’t really want to do it or whatever it may be yeah that’s my patient look the language of the universe is vibration that’s it it is vibration it’s that’s it so and that’s that’s science as we know it I mean maybe it’s not but you know so you know this vibration right what energy what’s energy at the end of the day it’s got to come from something or somewhere then it gets deeper it gets into the spirit realm is like okay if there’s energy and vibration what about beings that live and feed off of vibrations what if they write the integers and beings that exist that eat energy and they live off of energy angelic and demonic so that gets into a whole nother and listen them East oh yeah there are human beings who they don’t know it they’re not conscious of it but how they thrive up they live off of others energy how weather and a lot of inner patterns just what they come right some of its positive to see again there’s no inherent good or bad yeah you live people live off of our energy in a good way the energy we put out through our music to our activism and they’ll it they don’t they they they’re not sustained by it in the physical weight but they live off of it it gives them something that it does sustain them mentally and emotionally in spiritual so and then of course like you said the vampires – they they live off of they thrive off of seeing you feel like shit off of your low frequency making you you know now you impotent but anybody you don’t I’m saying then you got those two so now you’re saying on a whole deeper level that is crazy that’s just like man you know there is that if there are like no to me I told I can happen I have some of them attached to me right now what you do on a myopic organism level there are there are little entities and I talked about it last night there’s some of them that look like little panda bears these little microscopic beings that you can’t see but they’re there and and your body is a whole ecosystem of even got a great time out tardigrades yeah all that hardly got a few guys man and then there’s other organisms or beings on you that want to kill those things and they want to eat them for dinner and even in your gut your gut is a whole bacteria yeah all the bacteria the gut the gut bacteria and that changes the way that you feel or that your think as a person it all your body’s a huge ecosystem of what you put in your body what you allow to live on it if you bathed when you bathe and use soap you’re killing some of those little beings that rely on your dead skin to live and you’re killing them and it’s this crazy cycle man and if we look at it of what that exists you can see them with a trained eye the eye being a microscope and so when we’re dealing with spirituality in the spirit realm and these other organisms organisms there’s people who can tap in with a trained eye being the third eye and going to it and feel energy on people an impression like that’s almost like a spirit some traditions we call them a spirit of depression or being and remove that stuff and they do whether it’s through prayer or fasting or changing the diet lots of things come into effect there but the outcome it’s working maybe it’s meant and mental blockages things like that dude but it gets into so much stuff that’s interesting and lets us know that like you said we think we got it figured out we think that we have this you know and if we look at like healing like childhood wounds and stuff so we talk about racism like we talked about a little bit of while ago so someone could be racist because they were a white kid who got beat up every day by black guys they have this inward racism that they do hate black people they are black people want and they think they have a fear they’re essentially to them it’s a healthy fear because I feel around a bunch of black I gotta watch out I might get jumped and that’s the reality right so what we’re dealing with with trauma in dealing with that we deal with people who go into healing circles and sessions and who are able to deal with that trauma deal with that wound whether it’s moving in a spirit of forgiveness and dealing with it and having the right the right way to look at that situation and release it and forgive it and people are finding healing from that and getting over their fear or traumas in many and I’m just using this as an example and as we’re talking about rape culture we’re talking about people being poor and thinking that they’re gonna be poor the rest of their life and they have this mental agreement that it that my family was poor so I’m probably gonna be poor too but you have to be able to get over it and change the way that you think changed that belief system man and it does get really deep and it works though so I like to talk about with all my spirituality that works that’s what I like I don’t like to deal with conspiracies and stuff anymore I like to deal what what works cuz this kind of stuff we’re putting into action and it’s helping people it’s changing other people live and they go on to pursue their dreams and you empower them like hey man pursue your dreams and to let them know that the the universe agrees with them and put those dreams within them and they will in the universe or God or whatever we want to call it wants them to be happy and it’s not a sin to be happy it’s not a sin to make money like there’s people who have that poverty mentality when we talk about money and you get the message from those people all the time that they don’t want to touch money so if somebody comes up to them with a record deal or they want them to Commission them for work I’ll do it for free bro no let me let me pay you $200 for that no I’ll do it for free because not that they don’t need the money or they don’t want it but they have this notion there that if they receive the money then they’ll be just feeding into that system my wife reading a book right now and it’s talking about the power of agreement and and how to succeed and stuff and they’re talking about the whole the whole money thing as far as people equating money equating being successful in working with okay when I was a kid when my dad worked he was gone for months at a time where I couldn’t show up to the ballgames my dad wasn’t there to take me to school he wasn’t there to take me to the park because my dad was out making money to provide for the family so they equate with being successful as time away from the family and time closed off by yourself so we have to get over those those beliefs that aren’t true exactly man so it is powerful and it is what I brought myself like you know just the with the music to be able to make money from it it’s definitely something that I’ve had to work at it because I was you know my father he you know for most of my childhood he was a janitor and there’s you know absolutely nothing wrong with that but he was a janitor and he was very unhappy with you know his job yeah and my whole my whole he ultimately you know went on and and and I was able to acquire some of his own properties and you know it’s all to the bank it’s nothing owned the bank owns it but you know how it is you get the mortgage you you you you collect the rents you pay it you pay out you pay off the bank you’ve got something for yourself so he did oh he did all right but my whole thing was always even unconsciously in my mind I realized you know later in life really once I started getting involved with this and making money from it that you know I had I had a bad limiting belief that nah you can’t make money doing what you love and didn’t happen yeah making money means you got to work hard for somebody else and be visible and be unhappy and come home like my father used to come home I want grow tired but just grumpy angry mad because you know he had dreams he wanted to be a soccer player you know he didn’t want it he didn’t want to you know like in the beginning have to clean people’s toilets and take out you know rich white people’s not that it matters what race they are but that’s what it was yeah they try and if the only reason it matters is because those were the people that I know degraded him yeah he was an immigrant man could it he could barely speak English you know I’m so um his bosses treated him poorly you know so he would come home angry and upset and it and he took it out on on his family even even if he wasn’t trying to we all were if I I remember as a kid my work might not you know once I got old enough to really you know when I was maybe 10 and a teenager in those years worst part of my day was when my father would come home from work yeah and that’s a horrible horrible thing for a child yeah very no doc that was the worst part of my day fanned on everything and and that was so ingrained in me that okay yeah he ultimately went on and he made a decent living for himself acquired from his own properties and bought a house and this is great but it will cost to me it was all it was you had to you had to just work work be miserable be you know and that was definitely a limiting belief there and I still it still creeps in I still have to deal you know I still have to have to UM work it reprogram in my mind to say you know what it doesn’t have to be like that yeah I know it doesn’t because I’m doing it now I might not be making thousands upon thousands but I am in fact earning money from doing what I love to do and from being happy about it you know so it’s so many limiting beliefs man I just posted today on Instagram about dealing with our childhood dealing with our childhood issues and being truthful about them and every heavy thing we everything comes from the childhood everything comes real like and that’s the thing most of us I don’t care I don’t care what you do for a living how much money you got what your social status is you are not grown you are not an adult which most people aren’t if you have not dealt with those issues like that is the only way to grow to be an adult you know and of course society oh you’re 18 you’re on your own you’re making a living you’re an adult what no not even close like in that that is the root cause of so much dysfunction in this way particularly on you know obviously the world is just a collective of smaller units right of individuals of family units so I mean when you look at if we’re gonna be real I personally I don’t know any any personally except for like some of my homies now who have started their own families like you know big up a spirit and a couple of them a couple other my homies but I don’t know any functional healthy family units you know I’m saying where there’s not some type of you know crazy residual issue and people are walking around like harboring these you know these wounds these issues from their childhood bro like the biggest you know the biggest thing the spirit in terms of spirituality and everything the biggest thing that anyone can do and I think that I did was start to confront those deeper cuz everything like you know III I had I was in a relationship and it was tumultuous and you know and yeah the the young lady that I was with she did act in very you know unfavorable ways and you know treated me poorly but and I would get upset with her and you know all I could think of was you know it’s her she’s making me mad I’m mad cuz I hurt ya til I started to realize no yes sure she’s doing things that are poking Edie the issues I already have and once I started to really analyze myself and why why do these things that she do that she does make me feel that way and I could started to trace it all back to my childhood yeah in the variances that I had and I realized it’s not herded up that I’m so much mad at as it is my parents even you know like then it would be this anger I felt towards my parents for like behaving a certain way that caused me to now have these issues as well that I have to deal with there’s laws and things wait yeah exactly and and it’s hard man listen it is hard and that’s why most people don’t do it because it’s hard it opens up all types of shit it’s a heart it’s a help a it’s a everyday job it is a full-time job you always being a conscious of why I’m thinking a certain way why I’m feeling a certain way and you know sometimes I revert back sometimes I’m again I’m not perfect uh you know I tell people like look Sam I’m peaceful um but I’m not perfect I can’t tell you right now that I’ve never ever even punched somebody in the fucking face I don’t know cuz I I’m not in every single situation I have not been in every single possible situation that could happen matter of fact I can’t even fathom every single situation that I could possibly find myself in so how could I you are you would have to be absolutely naive to say I will never ever do anything look man you never know what situation you could find yourself in and I’m not perfect so I still to this day I can lose my temper I haven’t been no I haven’t been violent in a long long time and I’ve lost my temper oh yeah yep I one time I yo eye on everything one time I realized why gorillas pounce on their chests cuz I did that shit and it was not on everything and it was completely natural I didn’t think about it I was just so angry in this moment and I didn’t want it I didn’t want to hit anyone I didn’t want to hit a wall so I just started pounding on my fucking chest bro yeah on everything I don’t know maybe it’s cuz I’ve since going vegan it just brought out the gorillas me nah but on everything bananas and I realize and then it was like whoa that’s probably why they do that because you have this buildup of energy little kids do it do my daughter she when she was a kid she’d scratch herself she get mad at us and she I mean little baby oh so you do want you hurting yourself cuz you’re mad at me like what’s the deal yeah and a bit especially with the chest cuz like you don’t really hurt yourself pounding on your chest well I mean I got a pretty big chest you know with it but it’s crazy though because that’s just on a side tangent like you know people feel like if you if you have if you act like aggressively in a physical form that oh you’re crazier but no it is in us it is in us it is a release of energy you know of course if you release it on someone’s face that is a different story but to have this built-up feeling of anger of whatever it is and to want to release it physically you know a lot of therapists tell you go and beat a pillow up yeah yeah you know that is perfectly normal I mean one of the most damaging things and I feel like this whole new age kind of pseudo you know I think it perpetuate to deal with it yeah you don’t exist yeah like you should have no negative negative emotions yeah you should always just be positive oh if you feel just blah no no like the most spiritual fucking thing that anybody could do all your listeners out there listen to me I don’t know anything I don’t know something I don’t know but just listen it is the most spiritual thing you can fucking do is be a human being that’s it we are everybody you know I think there’s this notion of old spirituality I need to transcend humanity I need to become this enlightened individual who’s gonna meditate 20 fuckin days in a row and and not eat for 40 and then you know what I’m saying and have people you know and he’ll know that’s for some people that’s there’s a time and place oh yeah there is for some people but let’s be real most of us will never achieve that level nor are we meant to for most of us the most spiritual thing is simply having the human experience and that means all of it the the things we perceive as good as bad as negative the feelings the emotions they are all part of us and why and what our spirit our energy it is why it chose to be in this vessel if you believe that or not that is why we are in this vessel not to get out of it because that’s what the spiritual you know leave it knows them be in it experience it feel all of it yeah but learn how to cope with those feelings learn how to deal with them yeah learn how to transform the ones you think are negative into the positive learn how to utilize the positive to help others these things not just oh I’m just gonna be positive all day like you’re if you could do that you must be living in some other world or be delusional because I don’t know how you could do that in this world I mean but I wouldn’t want to either should be that there should be things that you see that enrage you you should be pissed off if you study PETA or what’s going on with animals and whatever you like there should be things that piss you off man of how black people are treated in America or for me and everybody’s different everybody has their passion for me it was the whole job thing you know I’m saying and it pissed me off because I’m working a job building somebody else’s kingdom and what they envisioned and built and breathes and created I’m working trapped building their system and Empire I want to pursue my dreams there’s things here that I want to do full-time and that I’m good at doing they may not make a lot of money but I enjoy doing these and I would give whatever I need to to give to be able to make that happen that’s why I am now and so it moves me to with empathy and compassion to see people who are working these jobs that they don’t want to be like I see it blows my mind man driving down the freeway and seeing all these cars people headed to jobs that they’re at by default not that somebody enjoys the career they love where they are but people who were I feel like they’re like me and they’re uncomfortable and we got a guy right now I’m about to bring a caller and he’s talking about working at McDonald’s I know he doesn’t see himself in 20 years or five years or one year working at McDonald’s like we have dreams and visions and most of us give up on those dreams and we’re like yeah that’s a dream it’s only for those who are asleep right but to really understand that we can’t obtain those those dreams and we can’t make them happen with having goals and things that work and and and there’s so many people there and so that’s what I hate to see other people like it whether it’s at Walmart and seeing people greeting at Walmart or seeing people taking groceries I’m like not if they like it and they’re cool with it cool I have to get over that I don’t think that nobody could be but there’s some who really enjoy working at McDonald’s it’s thrilling they love it but don’t go up into some nice McDonald’s back in the states like the countryside of like Wisconsin yeah that seems like a decent gear get those kind of McDonald you know some of them they paid good man and as long as they’re making a living but but I’m but it moves me for that person who has that dream and they’ve given up on it but it’s still there’s a spark there and we can recapture the dream and we can make it happen I believe that everybody should be happy man I believe that everybody should pursue what’s inside of them you want to work with animals you and you have an overwhelming sensation within you now so this was my wife to work with animals how do I do that and the universe and being patient and and learning from mistakes and stepping on in faith she’s working with animals now she’s working with horses and disabled children every day she’s working her dream job and getting paid to do it and she loves it so that’s what that’s what moves me man but yeah man I wanna I wanna just quick add to that like we talking about the work and you know making your dreams and and there’s it all starts with the mind state with the intention we believe in but it’s worth to man and that’s the thing a lot of people for the Hondo man a lot of people don’t really want to put in the work like I noticed with this rap shit you know like you know um I see a lot of cats who want to do it you know maybe ask me for advice and and then you you know I could tell there’s cats who who think it’s a overnight type of thing who think it’s like you know they might see me I got you know I’m not even that big but you know I got whatever however many views however many followers whatever and you know and it was a okay I guess it was relatively short period of time that I’ve been out there but people don’t understand like look every severy even the money that I get now from music you know when that you know how long I’ve been working for that money since I was 10 years old brother since the first time I got in my mind I want to be a rapper yeah it started coming up with ideas for rap songs and I’m I’m working at work and when I was teenager and paddled in endless countless ciphers freestyle when I was obsessed with being the dopest emcee and all my mind thought about was rapid I wrote lyrics all day if I wasn’t right in there as I’m freestyling I used to sleep with the pen and the notepad next to my bed cuz I would wake up in the middle of the night and write rhymes it’s all I was consumed by it yeah so you know people see they just see the songs and see anything ah you know nah and I literally blood sweat and tears bruh been in battles got in fights over over this rap shit fights crews battling Fighting’s brawling all of that you know I’m saying that’s that’s that’s the work that is needed to put in and maybe not I understand not everyone needs to take the same route as I did or even do as much as I did because especially with rap nowadays it’s like you can actually and that’s a big part of it like and put out one song in the mainstream and beautiful and blow up you know I’m saying like it’s literally cats who probably never wrapped in a cypher up life ever yeah yeah we have photos they’ve never wrapped their life they stay loose somebody told him what they do they tried it in it they’re billionaires that was the trigger dad James he’s one of it listen to it listen to his interviews it wasn’t a rapper he just step by their did it or repeated these Cadence’s and me listen I wouldn’t be mad at if it wasn’t like that trash content I wouldn’t be mad at it of course that makes it to me you know even worse but I’m alive cause part of me is when I see that it’s salty cuz yeah like an end of the day I’m not a jealous person and I’m not I’m not gonna focus on that but when we talk when I talk about it or if I think about it for whatever reason of course bro like you know I’m um it’s not even about oh I’m an old school head and unlike that life but there are very I don’t even think there’s very many very many cats rapping from my generation that put in as much work as I did on the street you know like cuz that’s what I’m talkin about the battle in the freestyle and the cypher is even organized battles all of that bro and then of course like I started I started recording and professionally put out a professional EP when I was 17 years old you know I’m saying I’m 36 now you know I’m talking about so was rockin shows did a tour to Midwest you know I’m saying opened up for Grammy award-winning group the roots when I was 18 years old and on time oh when I was 21 was by the source for those you know the new school heads they don’t even probably know what the source is but the source was I believe hip hop back in the day on site I discovered biggie mobb deep em and then that you know they had a they had a nationwide across America a nationwide um Talent Search contest thousands of people entered I placed top five in all of America on spot a source unsigned unsigned hype you know start a garden and record record label attention all of that was on the verge of signing a deal but anyway that’s a whole nother story because shit took a turn for the worst and you know but here but it for the better word yeah for the better yeah so cuz right now I probably be one of those cats on TV that right now I probably be talking shit about myself like look at this dude talking that nonsense so but anyway my point is like I you know when I look at like man I put in so much work that nobody even knows about for the most part yeah and then of course ha you know of course I’m gonna feel a little bit of like when I see somebody who’s like damn this cat ain’t even you know I’m sayin ever even actually really wrapped aside from in his home studio or you know like I used to get mad I used to get pissed honestly like when I first started the cats will be like ours guys just say you to rapper like yo call me anything but do not call me a you to Bradley I mean even now you know I don’t even know if people even say that anymore but you know back like when I first started that was a big thing how do you have to be a YouTube wraparound yeah I think it was Waka Flocka that said uh you could be popping in the street but if you ain’t popping on the internet you’re not popping at all that’s what I mean that’s the information highway that’s where we are now and it definitely we use avatar – man and we’re able to connect with the nation’s through it man um to kind of piggyback just off a little bit about what you talked about growing and it’s about growing in about the words that we speak and putting in the hard work about about whatever dream you have you have to put in it you don’t just think about it and then you manifest it you think about it but you have to be obsessed with it – okay and the whole thing with shamanism and stuff with me it’s like the spirituality it’s like to go into those start patterns in those realms to say how can I go in there and pull that stuff out and bring it into my reality and to help other people do that – like those dreams like how can we manifest this dream I see this vision this is what I want to do how do I make it happen to go into those realm spiritually meditation think about it contemplated and be consistent like that’s what it is even with podcasting I love podcasting people don’t know I live this stuff I listen to podcast about podcasting what to do in a pod how to interview people like what not to do what to talk about and it’s a learning process and so to be in and to be consistent with it man it’s a lot that people don’t even know that and people will try to tell me how to do my job and all you should do this better I don’t like that you should do that say hey man like this is strategic like what I’m doing the strategic it’s not like I don’t have guest on here and debate my guests and argue with them and stuff because they come with another understanding or another philosophy whatever the case is like its strategic man you know and I find I found much peace in unity and working together but to hit on you’re talking about the words man and never say never because I want to kind of go back to that you’re talking about that I’ll never do this man I am I’m a human right I am spiritual I’m very spiritual my life consists of spirituality and helping people and studying scriptures and how to apply it and spending time with God and being conscious of my words and conscious of my thoughts and things like that and uh I’m very spiritual but I went to a party one night a couple years ago I got in a fistfight at a party I would never I would never did you serve a month yeah I did I I did but our buddy the voice who took it to another level and we could have got it we could have gotten our lives could have changed yeah it was bad it really was bad right but but going out I never thought that would happen now wasn’t my intention we went to a we went to we went to watching UFC fight and essentially but you know drugs and alcohol man and people get in your face and talking BS you know and just have to defend your space you know but and then even on that I would have never thought that happened freak me out and people even my friends they were freaked out to see me go into that to turn into that gorilla you know but even like coming up like dealing with the churches and stuff man there’s a lot of pastors and people who are coming off a dope and coming off of drugs and coming off a meth and stuff like that and they they would say it I’m never gonna do meth again God gave me changed my life I’m never going back to it and they mean it comes from an innocent place but I find out you can’t you can’t test God you can’t Never Say Never man because there’s people bro I’m telling man even in the religious system is where I come from but I’ve seen those people who have beautiful marriages and they’re there doing good and then they they they let a little slack up they quit taking those thoughts captive like I said you know they start wander and they start looking at other women and our beautiful functioning family is now destroyed because they wanted to go outside of the marriage bed or that that youth pastor who was helping Pete coaching people on how to get off a dope and stay off of it they let their guard down and had a bad day and maybe tried it one time because it was something familiar it was a place of comfort that they remember and they tried dope again in it and it comes back like a freaking flood dude and they they’re the junkies now people who were successful had families and and great jobs are now junkies and addicted to pills man so I never say never and I and like you said learn from the mistakes of others like learn from our own mistakes a hundred percent but if you can let you learn by watching other people and say okay this dude is doing this and it’s not working I’m not gonna do that but if I do if I can’t look at diesel it’s ok this is working for diesel he’s he’s puts out a video oh you know all the songs that take off for diesel he has a music video forum let me do that let me make sure that we’re putting out visuals with our videos if we want them to really have a life and and birf something and bring about ideas let’s just shoot videos and just find out what works whether it’s for you or other and artists or other people in spirituality or other people who have families okay this dude okay you okay I have a successful marriage I’ve been married to my mom I started dating my wife when I was 14 I’m 33 we got married I got married when I was 17 I have a beautiful marriage and God has blessed it so there’s things that work if you want to learn what to do how to have a successful marriage watch us check us out I’m glad to give advice but you can’t go out you can’t you can’t you can’t go out to the bars you can’t go out drinking without your spouse and leave them at home and do things like there’s just things you can’t do you can’t be in a room with the woman by yourself and just or let girls come over and hang out during the day there’s things you can’t do I have friends who do those things in their marriage and they wonder why it doesn’t work out you got to have it you got to have boundaries and stuff man so we have to learn from the mistakes and and learn by watching other people would that being said I’m gonna go ahead and bring in this guest man he wants to talk to you hey what hanging on the phone for a good bit so we got a caller from California who we speaking with yo yo what’s up fam whoo dad over here chillin man you yeah yo yo what’s your name fam do do we do I know you from from some social media Sunday yeah oh sure what’s up was good brother hey man hey C good man oh man don’t be putting your head down man I could you got you kind of kind of muffled you want speakerphone see if you can hold the phone a little bit closer you’re kind of muffled okay yeah just hold the phone a little bit closer would you say it sounds better now so it’s good fam hey hey I got some questions man you got y’all are y’all ready inspired and sit ah that’s for so bro fire away man you got a towaway floor hey man hey that Mary thing though that says s is a hard talk right their home could be done man I know you was you was hollering at me about a few things bro are you there you dare fam yeah yeah man you got any questions you know do my thing you know and the marriage were like your partner Bob we’re looking at other woman yeah that’s all that’s all the truth yeah for sure man I saw are you I can’t I can’t like be like you know loyal okay I’ll say this man and I do you you wouldn’t believe how many messages I get from people wanting to know how to make it work and how can they deal with lust and looking at women and wandering eyes and stuff this is what I say this is what works for me I believe that the first look is okay I believe that if you look at a woman you in your mind wanders and it’s like oh man she’s hot she’s got a fat booty whatever the case is how how guy’s mind works and so and so I think the flirt I think the first star is okay man but just I think I think that the sin comes in and we need to catch it second thought we can’t go back to that we can’t revisit it if so you have to catch yourself when those thoughts come in you have to you have to catch it man can’t entertain it you can’t start thinking about it man I wonder what she’s like in bed I’m just keeping it real this is what goes on in guys heads right I start to start undressing her with your with your mind and stuff so what I do I try to catch that first start and what helps me if I look at a girl and it comes into my mind late man she’s bad I catch myself and say you know what my wife’s bad too I got a bad wife I got a lawyer your wife I got a faithful wife and I just start reminding myself like what I have with my wife and I wouldn’t want to ruin what we’ve built because I can easily I what you can never say never like we said I want to go I would I don’t want to ruin what we’ve built since I was 14 years old over a one-night stand or whatever a one-night stand would be fun you’d have fun for that night or whatever oh but it would get old and it’s not worth it man my wife is awesome she’s the person that God put here for me we’re meant to be together and I know that so that’s that that goes a long way man and these are just some little little tricks and tips man that worked for me in my mind and my psyche to try to stay on that on that track and I’ll say this man I like to give back I like to give this analogy to it’s from the Bible so Paul talks about spiritual warfare man we got thoughts we got things that come at us from all types of angles like you said those impulses we are human but we got to deal with them just because we want to swing on somebody just because we want to fight somebody don’t mean we’re supposed to feed into it we get those thoughts we deal with them we say okay I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna be the bigger man I’m gonna deal with it wrestle with it whatever so there’s a spiritual warfare that takes place in the and the hearts and minds of men so we in and it’s it’s promoted even in the Bible but when Paul talks about walking in and impurity and lust and and and sexual immorality he says to flee youthful lusts don’t fight it don’t entertain it but youthful lusts when it just comes in like that like I said that first start he says to flee flee from it run from it don’t even entertain it don’t give it that can thought don’t don’t premeditate something man because it’ll grow like a wildfire in your heart and many people cannot continue yeah cuz would you call it like I hope that with this girl and like and it was just like when I stand that’s it like you know the one thing I worked with that McDonald too late that’s crazy like and she left a good thing you know think as if she was at McDonald see we were to add like a breakdown at McDonald yeah I mean but so you always you always got to walk in that empathy to man like how would you feel if your girl was out checking checking out guys if she’s walking through town or at Walmart and she looks at a guy and she’s sizing him up oh I wonder what he’s like in bed so you have to bring that same integrity into the marriage man say you know what I don’t want my wife out you’re looking at all dudes and daydreaming and shit so I’m not gonna do it I’m telling man it goes like I was like damn I was like okay bang your mind will play with you man that you know you when you thinking with that other hand it’s dangerous yeah so so there you go there’s the experience now it happened mistakes do happen learn from the mistakes learn not to to talk talking getting close to other women you can’t do that you can’t be getting close to me and your wife you know or fam you could just be like me but you ain’t gotta work better that enjoy all the women you already know fam I love I love the women hey everybody everybody’s walks a little bit different man everybody’s in a certain particular situation but uh definitely show that showed of respect and integrity in whatever situation you’re in and treat others the way you want to be treated and that that’s just it works man if you want to make it work there’s people who envy man what what me and my wife have and and they would they would kill for we have and they would want to take there’s guys who want my wife and there’s women who want me so this is that we have to be on on offense as well as well as the defense to understand that that girls look to me as a spiritual ladder that girls look to me as a cool rapper as a cool person but and even you can entertain that and let that take you places but once you got away something started popping but you know they wasn’t messing with you before and I was telling when you’re a rapper hey I’ll tell you to just something I feel is really important well you know I know you know I’m not like in truth like truth in a long-term Allah but I of course I have experience for relationships and in the end of the day I think it’s all you know and I learned like we spoke about I learned from other people’s experiences my own and a lot of it to me is common sense and logic but I feel that at the root of any any good healthy functional relationship and T and thoughts you know I’d say this all the time online and communication yo cuz in the end of the day you know people who a y’all may have an unconventional relationship it may be people even have open relationships that work or you know why because they’re they communicate what they want they’re straightforward that’s honest and and they stick to it that’s that because a lot of people will say yeah yeah no I’m cool with that I’m quoting it’s all good but they’re later the jealousy steep saying these certain things you know I’m saying so as long as y’all are communicating saying hey look this is what I want this is what I’m looking for this is what I’m about this is who I am be real be honest be genuine let the other person know you know I think a huge thing now is you know well not now always has been is these games that people want to play you know they don’t want to be the first they don’t want to let the other person think that they that they’re weak and vulnerable that there will be feeling on this and their yada and it becomes this whole big game and like you know uh uh me personally I’ll never partake in that game you know I say look it is I’m not out of any I’m not out of anyone’s leave but I ain’t playing I ain’t playing those games you feel what I’m saying I’m a not out of beat and I may not be out of your league in a sense of how they say are I’m out of your league no I’m not out of your need I’m just not playing the game at all you feel me cuz that’s that’s the main thing I’m just a straightforward do so to me that’s always the best cause in the end of the day you know III I met I met women and been with women where I let them know like look this is what I’m about ain’t tryin to have nothing serious or whatever it is and they may catch feelings and you know what I feel for them but in the end of the day I didn’t play no games I there were no false pretenses I told you where I stand so you cannot get mad at me for not wanting the same thing as you you understand what I’m saying you can’t do that I mean you can’t you could be bad you could be in your feelings you hold it against me you know I’m saying and that’s that that’s just being honest and being real and that’s you know me and any bear be open oh my god do I think I ask you a question like you know how you know if like she’s the one you know saying like it’s like it’s like extended there and shit and like but I still want to like you know like chocolate the woman but I don’t I talk to them but I don’t do anything with them so but I’m I’m still right at the end of the day like I’m always with this chick like you know that’s what it is oh I don’t know everybody’s situation is different my answer would be find that person that you can’t live without like that’s who that because that’s my reality that’s what it works for me to find that person you can’t live without I know guys who kind of grew into that they just found this girl they were digging and they got married and then it’s it just works you know I’m saying but they find that person you can’t live without and then and then and then go to war for that person that’s what it does you know mom I’m saying my girl that’s my other half that’s a part that she’s a part of me I’m a part of her you I’m saying we finished each other’s sentences like we were meant to be I’ve together we’re ordained and and and so I go to war for that one like I never let anybody mess with my family my wife or my daughter I’ll go to hell over that you know I’m saying so fine what you’re said yeah just just to go you say the person you can’t live without and it goes back to what I said to you to your thoughts do to know you can’t live without to know you can’t live without somebody what’s the logical thing that you must first do live with them how do you know you can’t that to me is the biggest thing if you not if you’re not really with a person day in and day out how can you pop like yo I’ve lived with people you do not know somebody until you live with you do not know that there’s it’s a whole different story I don’t care how much time y’all spend together during the day in the end of the day you know and she know that y’all going home have your own space your own privacy you could do whatever you want it’s a completely different dynamic I know my I got I got I know people I have a homie was with a with a young lady seven years got married divorced after one only differences a little I got married the only difference yeah I know people that’s actually why most divorce hat happens in the first year because that’s the main contributing factor they wasn’t really together before their I envy that yeah yeah definitely yes I love that we have for you to step into this yeah I push this woman away for like you know like I know we grew to like just to see like you know if I you know if I had like no real feelings for this girl right I pushed her away and she thought I was paying around seeing other women they’re like that no it’s like nothing like that I’m not playing games nothing I just want to see you know so I’m not gonna lie I want her bag do bi-weekly oh they put that like you know la I don’t know what it is but maybe like oh no a good connection sounds like it works man you got your winner man people people envy that dude I know people who have dysfunctional marriages you know I’m saying and they fight they yell exactly they yell at each other they degrade each other they dog each other out I mean that’s everything we’ve been talking about just learning how to cope and how to do life and do it in a way that it’s fun and it benefits everybody man and that’s that’s the way I want to live man I’ve seen people do it and uh but we the one I’m with like I said we’ve been here she’d been with me through thick and thin when I was she was with me when I was at my lowest you know I’m saying that she didn’t go anywhere she my support my backbone yeah she be coming when I’m down she’d be like oh I’m coming over I do know when I’m sad and I’m like damn like she’s really down yeah if you could tell she’s into you and she’s loyal keep her because that seems like was like the hardest thing to find people that like people like they wanna they want to go outside the relationship and stuff like that but if you can find someone who’s content with you and and appreciate you man and you can only do the same thing for them man the problem is other woman like a problem would be if she was doing that you you can’t call something yourself a problem that’s how you gotta have that everything eliminate that just stop doing this family really feeling about this young lady that way you know I’m saying if you basically it sounds like you can’t really choose do you want that the one you want to be about that relationship life about that player life so I think you need to make that your own brother hi I’m not gonna lie to you like being a player like it’s fun like you know a lot of player no player players play games you just decide it’s not about being a player don’t be a player but if you want to be you know and just do a guy I’m sorry fam go ahead but you got you may have to find other things that entertain you you know what you stand to entertain me robbing people breaking into houses that’s what we did for fun we rob people and broke in their houses when they left to go to work that was fun to me it’s still fun we can still get a kick out of it but that is not healthy is not not gonna help me it’s gonna hurt me so you got a little other things that entertained you like podcast pocket entertain – and I you know I can make something happen I can’t make that happen people out here man you know I was not coming into this expecting we be talking about relationships I feel like we like look like it’s a what was that one love life yeah there was that or that newspaper that like ask oh yeah yeah yeah you know what I’m talking about whatever so yeah fam no matter what you do man you got it you got a home you got make that choice bro you know I’m saying like how old are you I’m me is the way I see you know I’ll be real with you bro I in will be wrong but if you gotta kind of think about it if you still persuade it towards other women then then I I don’t know I don’t know if you ready for the sort of relationship I head over heels man you got a no daddy you gotta like thanks a lot of you know like other things right but it’s hard like cuz the you know I’m trying to go to school and I’m working at McDonald’s and trying to make me you know work out nice and shit fucking on my sleeve all that bull crap and you know really but you know I’m just gaming it cuz like you know it’s the money and in my situation you know I live alone and shit and when you live alone I gets like it’s it’s different it’s like different when you live alone like before like I was doing like you know of course my family is shit but then you know I well like you said these are like oh when you’re 18 you know all that bullshit like that’s what I like you know but you’re not helping me I’m on my own so I’m over here like I do whatever I check the roof on top of my you know working at night yeah I’ve been on my own since I was like 16 you know like I don’t know like I don’t know where my like I’m trying to find like you know what my dream is and kind of you know you know see what I can do in the future but you know I don’t know right now like you know I’m working you know trying to go back to school and shit but I know like I go into school like you know I’m gonna take time like it’s gonna take away money like from my like you know yeah but one thing about being hard man hard work pays off man being consistent doing what you’re supposed to be doing that over a time to call us so it’ll be over before you know it and then if you finish school and you guys on the show for it so stick with it yeah yeah you are you are you are very young bro you know like I’m not you know I’m not now it’s real dough just it and the only reason I say that is because well I know you that’s not no that’s what I’m saying and that’s why you’re young and you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you’ve got a good positive outlook so I know that if you just keep pushing forward you know I’m saying and taking the actions and having that positive mind state you’re gonna make things happen that things are gonna open up for you you know what I’m saying because I believe me bro when I was 20 I wasn’t I wasn’t I wasn’t thinking about none of this type of shit well I was just running you know I’ll just out China you know and you know polka I won’t say what I what I was they get money and be with a women you know that was all it was really about so I’m you know I really I really I really love to go you know I don’t know I feel you bro but you know look man just like I said try to really make a decision and stick to it that’s whatever it is if you gonna be with her do it and stick to it if not do it and stick to it and just do it ro don’t overthink it you know like you live alone and say like yeah you have been having like girls like when I said wah wah like I I don’t know it gets old sometimes and I sometimes what you want to keep like one girl like in your bed like you know come home and it’s here in there you don’t saying but looks like by I don’t know like probably like I’m getting lonely like I’m experiencing like you know like like depression like who knows what it is like you know yes and those are those aren’t really good reasons to go into relationships they’re actually it’s not good they’re actually I’d say signs that you shouldn’t go into a relationship you know you don’t want to be born into a relationship open that it’s gonna save you from something and you know so you know I mean my belief is that in order for it’s hard enough for one person on my own fan to really to really figure things out and to be happy and to be functional in life so if you what’s that oh like I get old like you know working out like you know I have one job and I’m like already used to it I don’t ever setting you know you get tired of it I’m like I’m tired of his job like honestly like I’m trying to get another job to like you know working in the day and it it’s pretty hard for right now actually I believe you but you know you’re trying to get fit you’re trying to get hours but you’re trying to get it trying to be full-time you know I’m trying to do you know I try to keep your eyes up and she’s trying to you know yeah feet up fooling around that’s the thing yeah that’s a that’s a you know that’s a struggle man like that like I said earlier you will listen and that’s something I can’t really relate to you know so I can’t I can empathize I think completely you know that’s why I say just like we were just some all truth you know right now I can’t you know I can’t I could tell you you know you know you got a you got your whole life ahead of you you yo you got a good head on your shoulders I don’t know you know from what I’ve seen on you and I know it’s tough and I really don’t I don’t I don’t have it but I don’t know you know cuz I don’t know well what I what can I tell you like we’ll go try and get a job here I can’t tell you none of that I don’t know anything you know keep your head up you know keep keep keep pushing forward and being positive because I know you are a positive god I could tell that just awful off the Instagram I know you know I’m saying I know you not you know out here being dumb I mean I I don’t know maybe we all could be done at times but you know what I’m saying like you’re not obvious being ignorant you know you a smart dude intelligent you know and I guess I just feel like man you you know when you’re when you’re that age I know like things at any age though yeah you know it just I guess with my brain is still in that program state of mind like oh 20 you know but any age like bro any any any day can one day can change your whole life you know anything can happen in front of you and you got your whole life ahead of you bro it could so many opportunities can present themselves over here like you know I haven’t been to school for like one year and I’m over here like working on I’m already like in used to it and like I feel like you know I’m sorry I’m sucking his like broom we’re like you know I don’t know what to do my life I’m over here just working like I want to you know who do something with my life right see what you know what opportunities like they’re that far out for me you know but it’s just like I feel like you know I feel like I have to get through this like you know this little oh you might know what it is yeah what did you want to be when you were a kid man what did you want to be when you were a kid I know passionate for something like I always wanted to like you know like you like you know people heal people’s minds right you know like you’re like everybody here like you guys are a healer but you can’t hear one you can’t feel like everyone else no no you can be paid you can be paid to do personal sessions and lead people to therapy we were talking about earlier childhood trauma and people having things on their things they can’t get over I do private sessions with people and people people pay me I have friends who make a killing doing private sessions healing people man spending time going through their crap with them a lot of times like diesel said we have to we have to deal with that stuff but we don’t know how to approach it we don’t know what to do once we deal with it then what okay we know that we’ve been treated this way or that we hear like giving them advice within like I was like what about me you know like those like you know sometimes like you know people could be a hypocrite like whatever but like you know I’m follow my own voice there was a lot of wisdom in this episode man and a lot of it I think the world we keep repeating us learn from your mistakes and learn from the mistakes of others learn what’s working for others and and and and what’s what’s not if food is doing something and he’s just spinning wheels and he’s not showing any type of progress I’m not gonna do it I’m not gonna let me try it I bet you I can make it work I’m gonna find out what’s working implemented in my life and like I said if you want if you want to be a hero dude I deal with people every day who they want to heal people and whether it’s to pray for people or to go in the spirit realm with people and lead people on on like meditation journeys to deal with childhood wounds and regression and stuff like that I got people making livings doing that doing that full-time that you could do it whatever in the way it works is whatever you want to do you created whatever you want dude you can and and dream big and so we teach people to go back and find out what they wanted to do when there was a kid before the dream got taken away before that before you got comfortable at McDonald’s like what did you want to be and what do you want to and whatever it is be creative and you could do it you really can man we’re seeing people left and right man who are doing it and it’s it’s it’s encouraging and it’s contagious and I love my passion is to see people thriving and what and do what they were put here to do not by default I was a default truck driver like who you are by you you have something any like you hear like to bring something you know certainly I believe in that right yeah but it’s like no yeah deal with like mental illness people were like and this is like oh no dude I get those minute I get mental illness people in my inbox daily and sometimes it’s overwhelming it really is especially I do like their way man I mean we get a lot of those people man you know but there’s helping there’s help and there’s hope for those people to you know people who I want them I want them like I want to open their eyes and my anything like you know they have a vision to like they have something like you know like you know we wait right now you know it’s something a little bit for a scene so like that and I I see that in me like I’m like what the heck why do I talk like this like obviously you know like get the vision I mean it could be as simple as starting a podcast taking callers and given what what am i what are we doing right now we’re taking calls giving advice for uestions man you could do this you could totally do this you go live on YouTube the technology is there one night a week start it up see if it happens see if it’s for you like there’s so much opportunity I’ll be your first guest bro come on kick started with thousands of views when diesel gets on there no doubt man that’s what it’s about bro man I appreciate you calling man we’re coming up on the end of the show man I’m glad you called in bro hey big love to reflect you guys were like keep making that music bro you guys and you gotta fire me bro for real hey you inspire me fam all you know I’m saying I know you’ve been showing mad big big love and support for a long time going I appreciate to the fullest we go being called a we’re gonna chop it up man oh you can always hit me up anytime on the messages on the grandma shit I get to hear you guys out I brother blessed man peace likewise peace it’s always good to connect man and doing like live shows people are like well you need to you don’t need to you need to record your shows and then go back and edit them which we do editing on the podcasting end but I love being able to take calls man and be be unreachable and sometimes nobody calls him but sometimes just those calls man who just like you get to talk to your favorite artists your favorite rapper and then you may have a light you may have a life-changing conversation with your favorite writer and hey my day right now both sides I’ve been due for a minute yeah sometime and you know we’ve been we’ve been connected for a while I’ve been I’ve been interviewing people that I look up to and like researchers and even artists there was a band a band that I was really big into when I first got into church and stuff it was a Christian hardcore metal band and he rapped and told poetry over metal music and I loved it this was back in like and I’ve been listening to him for years I interviewed him on the show the other day and I’m like Starla I’m talking to like one of my favorite emcees if you want to call him that with a favorite just poetically intricate man this guy’s a huge influence on what I’m doing and I’m talking to him and then I’m talking too busy bone from bone thugs-n-harmony you could make it happen dude like he just do Aaron whatever just find out what you want to do and there’s so many it but find out what you want to do but then how to do it then that takes the trial and error okay this works just don’t work and and stuff and stop why don’t out like you know what you want to do how you that’s a bet you know it’s all it’s man I feel like I am so fortunate that our early in life found my calling to be a rapper I didn’t know that it would be to be using my talents to do what I do now but I knew from an early age yo this is what I need to do and from the moment I started rapping you know at nothing now the validation from other people but of course back then my heart broke from the first time I rapped in front of people nobody ever said nah kid ravening for you it was always yo you need to be a fucking rapper and I guess I got older it K got more popular you need you need you need to be faintness you’re gonna be a famous rapper all of that sold but I think most people don’t find that don’t ya early on and especially because of the way society is like you know what’s this there’s basically this straight and narrow path go to school you have these options of what you can do with your life and they’re very limited and most people don’t really get an opportunity to explore all these different possibilities and what they be passionate about and what they could be good at really good we’re in a good place right now with the internet allowing us to do here allows us to do that just look at these companies that are starting over up all over the place like uber and stuff like you crazy you can you can do what you even if you want to work for uber you can do what you love to do have a car and then drive people around at your own convenience you want to work for a couple hours turn your app on good on everything that’s a good way to promote your music I’ll be bumping my shit in the car every bike has a CD I got man he’s I boom I did I did I did two rides man I did two rides I made a hundred bucks and they’re two rods yeah it was but they called it a wrap they want it like they wanted me to take my car down to get an expectant and I didn’t know if my car could pass the inspection at the time and so I’ve seen just briefly things about Wilbur being like Olga’s being is they do they’re their drivers man if you will just talk to the drivers and most of they love it they work when they want to work in it if they go to school and then when they get off the school even if you’re driving from point A to point B you turn your app on if you’re if you work for them and and you could pick up people and yeah the way a lot of independent artists are a lot of my friends who are doing a lot of a lot of musicians rappers man they’re doing it they inspired me to go out there and do it I had fun only did two of them and I would have kept doing it if if I wouldn’t have had to do the inspection I didn’t think my car couldn’t pass the inspection at the time but uh it’s for me anyway look man we can’t do we don’t get over to two hours and 20 minutes and oh yeah we’re doing more often man even get get some other artists on here I know the voice would love to sit now with us and do like a three-way thing as well any time bro I enjoy it I definitely do what happened I like talking I could talk so that’s not that’s not a problem for me any time go well I don’t know City I have a shortage of things to talk about ever exactly this is so much going on yeah what happened with V City where’s here oh oh yeah V city he uh well he was here he was here for three months he was supposed to say six months but he had a unexpected he had he was here I was paying his his stay and all of that and then he had some debts and bills that he had to pay that I was I was covering for him as well but he had forgotten about one particular debt that he had and it was something that I couldn’t I couldn’t really help him out with so and he had to return if you excuse me if he didn’t go back it would have been a situation with yeah you know with the finances and stuff so you know his trip was cut short but it was a great time while he was here we got a lot of music done we you know we started doing the more YouTube videos and he was doing an editing and I was cool but after he left I was just kind of like and it’s just like I mean you know don’t get me wrong I could do it myself but the dynamic of us too it’s just you know for me I’m like if I don’t have to do something and I’m not really having a it’s not really fun for me I’m probably not gonna do it you know what I’m saying like um cuz honestly I’ve tried to like you know don’t get me wrong I’ll still do a sit down and do it just talk video yeah well like you know to go out places kind of vlogging and I tried it by myself and it just feels more of a chore than yeah yeah yeah you know we were at the same spot for a minute man and we talked about it about vlogging about doing reaction videos and stuff like that stuff that a lot of it’s fun it is fun but then you have this this fanbase who you’re introducing something totally new to them and most of all like what is this you know they don’t want to see that side even though that’s a legit side they don’t want to see it either and a deck that opens our whole can of worms as well but I learned I thought I started to a poky by video game stuff man and they were like what he’ll like David they didn’t like it but I loved it and I do with my daughter and we game and stuff me and my wife came out this is our game room I got game posters oh look at all that we are video game junkie we love the game man so this is the game I’ve actually I played a little NBA this this summer I was like I never when I was a kid I could play video games when I got older even as a teenager so that have very short attention for video games I got bored of them quickly I’m so competitive and I’m still coming I would I’m gonna be real with you I think and and people always gave me a hard time about this and I’m not bullshitting I always used to bang cats up in video games I used to slay I don’t buy only sports all I play the sport dominate and and it will get boring to me and the big thing was they would always are you just quit in why you want why you on top cuz you don’t want anybody to take you out you know I’m saying like cuz cats would do that but honestly it just will get boring to me but even now I sit down and I I try to play a video game it’ll it’ll be cool for like a few days a week even by myself oh yeah you’re older and you got new you got other thing it’s kind of like I don’t you know like hey I wanted to check this one out just because I actually was probably I was I got a song called the duty of the recent project where I’m like what I say it Xbox 360 play playstation 4 when I was just a kid I couldn’t wait to explore all the technology so like I was like man you know what let me do that for the kid in me you know I’m saying like let me let me do that for the kid that always wanted to see what what you know if you know if the if when I was ten if I would have had seen what the video games on that I would have lost my fucking mind I’d have been like yeah and what about this and then knowing that you could do it for a living and get paid to pause it again we would talk because um my well he’s he’s uh my first cousins son he’s into video games and he’s now into YouTube it’s like years old and you know I was telling his parents like hey look obviously I obviously I have things that I would prefer that any child does but this is not my child it’s not my place to ultimately that kid is gonna do whatever they’re not like super well-off or anything so I’m like look if that’s what he’s into already yeah that’s what was to do encourage it you know I’m saying like that’s what he’s gonna do anyway he’s gonna be playing video games so if he can get on YouTube and help y’all help y’all out help himself out make some money from it yo it’s better than it running in the streets or doing something else oh I don’t know you know what I’m saying like obviously if it was up to me I would want him to be have his face in a book you know I’m saying like get a knowledge and you know but that’s not my place and I know his parents aren’t gonna aren’t gonna lead him down that path either so ultimately it’s like okay this kid will probably end up just going to school maybe just getting some kind of job and you know just whatever yeah so it’s like if the alternative is playing video games for a living play the video games young man play the video game yeah my um my mom and my grandmother used to argue and fight over that because my mom was like wanting me to get off the game and she’d kick us out the house y’all get outside and go play so we go play basketball and stuff but Vince Lee we get in the ruckus man I was Tom I was like breaking into people’s houses and just doing just mischief man you know I’m saying and we’d always get into stuff and my grandmother was like encouraging me with the gaming systems and want me to stay inside and it keeps us occupied it gives us something and so my mom and my grandmother would would kind of be at ozland my grandmother would buy me like the new systems and stuff and in getting to take me to rent games and I’d literally stay in there all day like 12 hours 13 hours playing RPGs and playing sports games and creating a full roster of team like like I could all my friends at school on the team and we play basketball games I was just just create a man and doing that and because when that took it to another level as a kid to being able to put yourself in the game and make up your little dude play basketball even now when I went with this take me an hour to to create my purse my wife would be like you know he’s gonna play the game you’re gonna create your character for two hours I’ll create a character for two hours and play the game for 10 minutes minutes gain his way like me with this basketball game I they had the face scan all of that up yo are you for real right now no but you know I ain’t for videogames cuz I even I had a long conversation with sis I played that I got into it it’s like that that whole career mo yeah and I just started having like I started philosophizing about not all real like displeasure yeah it’s not not even conspiracy just like the game whatever the career mode that the like it just that’s how my mind works now like I can’t you know I can’t watch a movie or I can still enjoy it yeah but like it’s nothing is for me anymore just what it is yeah everything is gonna make me think about something deeper make me question something or it comes it goes for me it comes to those cuz I could be watching a movie like I’m really into thrillers I’m into some horror stuff I love thrillers man I look I love movies that will that make you deal with all your emotions you’re gonna laugh you’re gonna cry you’re gonna be scared like if you can deal with a movie that makes you cry and makes you scared and make sure dude the movie get out they get out movie God do you meet it that’s it that’s that movie is an experience but you’ll like it too because so much deep revelation in it that when you watch it and that’s the movie you got to watch twice honestly like you you’re not gonna be able to catch stuff until you find out the ending and then you go back and you’re like wow it changes the movie as you’re watching it so but there’s so much so much in it and you think you’re watching one movie and then there’s a twist like oh I’m watching a different movie this movie this now I thought it was about slavery and it got real deep and awkward in this in the place as I would their like kidnapping black people’s to be slaves and that’s really what I do this a deep movie yeah god I want to give it away I don’t want to give it away and that movie deals with all your emotions because it deals with a thriller and scary stuff horror stuff that genre but then they they tied in just enough comedy to give you a bit of relief as you’re on the edge of yourself and then you have oh my god Wow and you laugh yeah how did it it’s a phenomenal movie have you uh have you seen I’m watching right now a show actually since put me on to it and I’m like I’m enthralled and I just you know I usually I’ll just put something on it like before I go to bed if I’m not read actually I haven’t been reading recently but usually I read before better and worse I oftentimes honestly I like to just cuz my day is is consumed with the work I do which is always like about knowledge and so often times I’d like to just put some comedy on yeah is you know unlike with that and not think about anything because I’ve been doing it all day yeah right cuz all my work revolves around that so anyway just recently though I started to show the oh wait oh wait you heard of it I’ve heard of it yeah but haven’t yo it’s crazy bro it’s like sci-fi but it did you like it cuz it’s on that you know what happens when we die different realms and that you know it’s yo you should check it out it’s like one of the better shows that I’ve seen in a long time check it out we’re watching Ozark right now me and my wife Ozark were on Netflix and uh very much along the lines of Breaking Bad I was a huge Breaking Bad fan and very much along those lines but it’s kind of like the the whole thriller I love the thrillers I love their keeps on the edge of your seat I can’t stay in action movies I’m just not it doesn’t do it for me but if you get me if you have action in a thriller I’m cool with that yeah never I never was integers just ask Alex and like lopping killer people like vegetarians yeah it has to at least have a good story yarns yeah I’m saying like a really good cuz that’s to me I don’t I could watch any kind of movie if there’s a good storyline like to me for example I haven’t seen the new one because they don’t I haven’t gotten III don’t go to we don’t have a theater in town I live in the nearest theaters like 40 minutes away styling to be the father to go to the theater but the plan of the Apes series yeah so the last one The Rise of the Planet of the ages oh that’s probably my favorite one of my favorite movies if not my favorite movie I talk about you tell my symbolism and deep revelation embedded in it that movies got a lot of so many levels and especially you know obviously the whole aspect of just revolution of rising yeah revolting and then also that it’s animals me meaning of animals also many layers to it bro but just aside from all of that even if I wasn’t any of that and I didn’t look at it from like if I’m a movie like how could you not I’ve always cheered for the underdog for the you know for the uprising for the you know for the impossible to be done and I mean that movie if that doesn’t epitomize all of that when he when he fucking says no fight yo everybody like whoa what the fuck that’s a crazy day man oh man I don’t think I watched a movie where I got you know when they went when they like to me that’s it wasn’t goosebumps I was crying like when they were when they made it you know I’m saying like that to me was like yo like that shit straight up heavens that was weird cuz you don’t know who the root for like I don’t know if I should be for the Monkees or for the humans or for those from bridge the gap like I don’t know who’s that for the Apes because they you know I’ll be I’ll always be for any group of oppressed people yeah I don’t give a fuck everyone everyone’s oppressed on a level on a prep the oppressor is oppressed to oppress you have to be mentally oppressed in some way shape or form yeah so everyone everyone can be empathized with and sympathize with but there are also levels today anyone who is being directly you know blatantly oppressed and in any type of way I’m rooting for them I don’t care you get you know I’m saying I’m rooting for that uprising and in that situation that aids especially like you know in that movie of course that was pretty you know that was pretty obvious especially now now in these in these new ones it’s a little different in that well I don’t give it away but I know I know how the storyline goes but in that one that in the in the first one the Rise of the Planet of the Apes because they had an advanced yet it wasn’t they weren’t militarized they were just Apes who just got smart and we’re in captivity and we’re like fuck this shit all we want to do is go to the forest and have y’all leave us the fuck alone yeah like how can you not rule for the Apes in that situation if somebody has somebody saying in the chat room Chris garner he says but the Apes eventually repressed the humans in a rolls kind of shit yeah I know that you don’t give a way to hawk well I haven’t seen the new one I’m sorry right now I know even from the old from the old I know that oh of course but I didn’t you can’t watch that movie knowing that that’s not fair you know I’m saying you can’t throw that you gotta put that out of your mind yeah and then just if that situation root for the the clear the clear group to root for which of course that’s why that that series is phenomenal I mean it touches on so many moral and gotta do I wanted I got this collection of older movies in it was one it was The Day the Earth Stood Still I believe it’s the name of it when the alien it comes down and stuff I got these older movies and I wanted my daughter to watch some of them and we were watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone and this is when she was real little man I was just showing her class and even now like when she’s getting ready for school I’ll put on Fred Sanford or like gummy bears this I just got the blue man just showing her some of the songs you may never hear about you know and so I show we were watching Planet of the Apes and this was several years ago she was little the original yeah the original we’re so there’s the opening scene of where like one of the one of the ships crash on on that planet and somebody else goes there or something I don’t know the exact plot but they get there and they’re going through the ship the crashed ship and there’s uh there’s a dead woman who was on the ship a woman named Stewart and she’s on they find her and she’s all deep you know decomposed and looks like a zombie she’s dead and and my daughter laughed at it when she sees that part’s funny laughs I want to show mama Rwanda she was little all right everyone and see that part again cyber Wanda she seen it she’s like freaked out I had a panic attack she watched it the first time but she thought it was funny she made me rewind and she had a panic attack Stewart and now I’ll mention Stewart and she’s scared to death of Stewart you know his dead corpse in the in the beginning of Planet of the Apes that just freaks her out now somebody else said in the chat room canto which is he’s an admin he says that uh he watched the movie get out last night that’s awesome we mention it he watched it last night watch the new Stephen King’s it that’s a great fun I can’t wait throw that oh my that’s for my child anyway yeah you come on took my daughter to do that that’s good oh man I don’t see I don’t I have such a memory of the of the of the television there is that ear that like that to me was like oh my god it was the most horrifying thing as a child so they really gonna have to do a good job they did it justice because they stayed true to the original but I’m glad that it wasn’t just a remake they did add some extra stuff that you liked of some things that they didn’t like that they changed that work that way it was good man they did it really good so something will happen you know okay that’s exactly what happened and then they take it to the next level like whoa they took this really quick I didn’t I’m over here I’m over here just I just gotta wait for you know a good bootleg copy to come out for me to watch the movies that I watched because range oh I can’t I mean yeah if there was a theater here in town I would definitely go but is the all that urgent and honestly to be truthful nothing like watching a watching a movie in the comfort of my home bed at the crib just laid out you know I’m almost regretted it because there was people talking the whole time and I’m going in and there’s kids running around and people talking I was like man I just it was getting bad but uh the last movie I went to see in the theater I went with sis and we went to go see uh what was that movie Elysium with that’s a great movie yeah that was a while ago and I remember being like yo and it wasn’t even crowded but like the seats you know I’m a big dude the seats are small uncomfortable you know I’m saying you gotta go to the bathroom you got to walk out got people back here with some little kid making noise yeah man I rather just wait at the crib until the good copy comes out and just be comfortable and enjoy it yeah especially like you gotta surround surround sound you know got it set up yeah that’s how I do it like like it’s funny my wife gets on to me when we watch a movie I crank it up yeah yeah so it’s like boom boom boom with services like we got us alive we’ve waited theater the theater experience it sound exactly and some of it some of it when I want to take my surround sound further I’ve got a bar I’ve got one of the bars but I want to come with the surround sound on on the sides and stuff too but I mean movie watching movies are an experienced man you know I’m saying that’s all right and that’s something that I’m trying to explore again with creating our music and our videos and stuff is kind of table to the next level so you guys who are watching I’m gonna be doing a lot more script writing and doing a lot more actually a lot more alien stuff of peering into like pretty much the horror genre well I’m working on this video for Watchmen right now and I’ve blown myself away like I’m excited that we took the time to write a script and got this kid to play this this kid who gets abducted and we actually have like we actually have CGI UFOs that look really good off of a low-budget what we’re doing and I’m excited to get the video and it’s gonna be on the pilot but then hopefully two weeks or so but um it’s looking really good I just need it like I spent some money yesterday and um bought a an alien costume like a like a big head in the arms and hands and stuff and I’m just gonna be recreating some of those scenes from the 80s from the alien movies and just kind of recreating them and putting my own touch on them to put in our videos and stuff man we talked a lot about space and aliens and stuff anyway and I never can I can’t write my own treatments to my own music for some reason I can’t cuz my mind goes about what I’m talking about okay I’m talking about ascension I kept all my reputation okay I’m talking about money like that’s how my mind works I have to but if you come with your song I can listen to your song and we’ve a script into your into your song and I never could do that so we’re gonna we’re gonna try it again and this way that’s nice though ah that sounds amazing bro I really want to see that look forward to it and with so you could actually like you know say like do some and film some because it’s hot like like this would be difficult man like I mean yeah you know maybe we could work on something where I’m not even necessarily in the video yeah you know you just come up with some kind of concept that you could then obviously you know I would yeah it’s just gonna be funded yeah you get actors if needed and just come up with like a scenario we could problem an even watching that but I definitely love those kind of videos it’s just like you know at this point I’m limited to the resources I have here you know so it’s usually my videos are just the basic standard rap video yeah we gotta take it further man we really a videos who like make you cry and make you think you know I’m saying the song they’re like we got this the music down lock but there it’s like the videos we got it like I’ve done so many just performance videos or whatever and uh just got I’m just ready to take it because I think that one of the first videos I did was about we did it we did a song about night terrors in sleep paralysis waking up in the middle of the night being pinned to your bed by like we did I actually just recently not too long ago I had an episode of sleep paralysis that was like the firt the first we did that song and that was easy to write a video cuz I’m just I’m just writing about what we’re talking about and that’s all my waking up in the middle of night and I had a kid play me in that video and um he was getting pinned down in his sleep and it didn’t shot to me and as a having those experiences and he was playing video games and stuff and really I was able to write it but it was easy because we talked about everything that happened being also me the voice and a guy named big angel and there was a really cool video for when we first started it but uh I’m gonna be doing more than that because when we put that out it caught people it made a big impact quick and then kind of died down but the people have seen that who’ve experienced sleep paralysis they’re like oh wow you’re talking have you seen a movie what’s that shit called or something now there’s a when V City was here we watched it because basically he he he’s like not like like you and I we he only watches horrible like in comedies but or is a horror fanatic yeah like we were just we were just and I love Horrors to so Mia hemorrhages you know I mean I love all but yea BPI being single and everything I know you love whores so we uh what was the movie called oh we watched the damn bro who was in doing like a shadow people I don’t know if that’s the name of the movie yes no it’s about sleep paralysis and basically all of our life how what sleep paralysis actually it’s like when that happens it’s the shadow people who are coming I take your soul Oh was it alien solar no I can’t man I don’t remember that what it exactly was but but it was it was it was decent and the crazy shit is that was most recently when I had my sleep paralysis it was after he had left and after we watched that movie and bro I remember actually while I was cuz now I’m aware of it so this is only I’ve only had it maybe two or three times in my life and this time when I had it at first like I kind of panicked but then I was like no I know what this is you know I’m saying and I was able to just show myself out but was still not chilled but like wasn’t fuckin but I remember the thought even coming into my head like all what if the shadow people coming at me but I was like now that was just a movie and but it was funny though I hit V city of the next day like yo fam I think the shadow people got me I hear but I had it happen to me recently it’s like that when you’re into those in those places of like you’re sleeping you’re you’re sleeping but your dream is that you’re laying in your bed trying to sleep I even as a kid like I’ve had those crazy nightmares and those I fall asleep but my dream is me still laying in the bed and something creeps up on the foot of the bed and walks up on my chest and sitting there sitting on my chest and I can’t move like those are the most terrifying dreams ever man and you feel it but I have had that they encountered of being awakened like even it also kid my was like four years old when I had that encounter and felt these things pinning me down and I felt them there laying on me and I’d seen him like this shadows and it’s not that I couldn’t speak it’s not I didn’t want to I wanted to act like I was asleep like I was scared to death going on you know that happened to me as a kid and that’s kind of what I piqued my interest in the occult or in the horror movies or in the God and just spirituality you want to know like what’s going on because there’s other stuff happening when we’re in the middle of the night we’re sleeping like stuff’s real man and getting in that you know like I didn’t me like this when I had sleep paralysis it was like just basically like the standard kind that you hear about like you know I I woke up you just couldn’t move and I couldn’t move and I tried to scream you know I’m saying like but for whatever reason I think it’s just instinctual because but both times I had I can remember and I and I think I might have even cuz I could hear but I couldn’t hear myself scream but I heard my dog bark ya know if he barked cuz I screamed or you know and it was just it’s such a weird indescribable feeling though it’s being frozen but being conscious being able to hear and see but not really you know I’m saying like I don’t know it just madly it’s for because I was freaked out because I didn’t even know what it was bro yeah honey I’ve never even heard of sleep paralysis I just woke up and was fuckin frozen and I remember like like that this time I think that when I woke up I just screamed instinctually the first time I was like fucking like screaming for help like you know I’m saying like like what you know I mean and that shit was crazy bro like people have that and it’s a it’s a you know they have scientific terms forward and it’s when you wake up but your body’s still in like REM sleep and it hasn’t fully woken up yet and you can’t you don’t have like the motor functions or whatever so and they say that can all be explained that’s all cool week we could deal with that and it seems like what you’ve experienced and your mind just went to the dark places because you had some kind of reference to kind of reference that this could be what’s happening but the weird thing is when people are having the encounters and there’s beings in their room or there’s something on the chest or they have these other names for they call it the old hag syndrome they’ll have deals not where they wake up and they’re pinned to the bed and there’s an old lady scream a witch screaming in their face or a little shadow person sitting on their feet like okay what is that part so why are people those encounters where they wake up and there’s a little man standing next to their bed and they can’t move like that’s a legit thing like people are having the only thing I could possibly think is that it’s some form of hallucination yeah who knows what the brain does hurt it no but you know bro my mind is open I don’t discount anything some which in my face yelling went in them while I was oh my god stuff happen like that when I was a kid and I was sick like when you’re laying in bed with the flu and you have all that crazy stuff going on when you were when your body’s hot like I’ve had weird been taking the weird memories and stuff as a kid that I don’t remember and then get older and I’m taken back to the same places with this with these fevers and stuff and it’s just some weird stuff goes on in the psyche man like you said is it some type of ancient like memory that we’re unlocking and it did happen to us kind of explains the fear of snakes our ancestors were afraid of snakes and things like that so now we have this instinctual we see a snake we get scared type deal right so maybe even in the psyche when when you wake up with the sleep paralysis you know maybe they were always on the prowl and always were you know being invaded by other armies and other tribes and other nations that they would catch them in their sleep like that was a tactic that people would do is to go in and catch them in their sleep or who knows if it’s just down like like regressed memories or what you know yeah yeah there’s so much of that that we don’t even know you know so much I mean that genetic you know things that are passed on thousands and thousands of years genetically from our ancestors that have been may not be natural to us or inherent to us but because the genetic they were it was done so long that by at this point it is part of our of our you know what I’m saying like one thing that I would say and you know even from a scientific standpoint is like the the craving for meat for example you know that sure now it’s very real but I know it’s um we didn’t always know as as humans to hunt I want to eat meat yeah that was suddenly acquired therefore the taste for it was also acquired and now yes it’s very real you know what I’m saying like but that’s just one example of how you know I mean as men I’d say this all the time like you know it it’s hard for it’s it’s tough being a man in the sense of like like we were talking with the call ot and thoughts earlier and just we it is our primordial you know I’m saying urge it is its soul in us it’s so I mean this whole monogamy relationship marriage thing is so new to us as a speak yeah for the vast vast vast majority of our existence our primary role as men was to plant our seed in as many women fertile ground if you will as we possibly could and that urge is still so deeply embedded in us how you know how can we not still want to now of course we have a different intellect now yeah so and try to fight those urges and successfully do so many of them yeah but it’s not surprise it’s not a surprise that most don’t most can and that’s okay you know I may be going on a bit off topic here but no you know it’s just because again we’ve been so programmed to go against our natural urges that this is what you need to do everybody should be monogamous everyone should be in a marriage and that’s ridiculous show me one thing that everyone should do that’s right for everyone yeah no I don’t yeah problem that’s what it’s my fear just because we feel it and it’s that primal urge and it’s putting its primordial it’s been here since the beginning we’ve been doing it as a species right even with the whole thing with it with the anger and like feeling like we should attack people or we feel threatened so we need to kill them like we have to like legit have to fight against those urges and stuff right you know we feel like our lives are in danger so we need to kill them before they kill us like we have to we have to evolve past that and say okay this we don’t have to kill these people we can stay away from them we can warn them we can do whatever we can report them to the police whatever it is like you don’t have to fight and put them fists out or whatever and I’m saying make war with our boy so you know now of course that you know I have to I have to keep myself in check I really do like people threaten me or or make a pass at my wife I literally want to put a motherfucker in the grave you know what I’m saying like I really do oh yeah you know you know there’s a lot of those I mean it going again back to back to the meat even if it’s at this point such a deep urgent ocean we can say wait is that the right thing that you know we could make these decisions and we should especially when it’s gonna hurt other people I think with relationships I do genuinely think that we don’t have to if if you if you if you want to be single if you want to be not in a relationship there is nothing wrong with that in society and no one else should make you feel like there is you know what I’m saying like if that’s the life you want to live it it’s better because the truth is most people can’t if they could be monogamous and faithful and then it would be a lot different the relationships wouldn’t be as as us to statistically failures as they are and it’s a marriage and all of that it’s just people aren’t real people don’t recognize they don’t know themselves enough to say wait this is informed you know what I mean like so you know I think there’s definitely a lot I mean for women to you know I was actually watching a woman on YouTube talk about this just the other day and she was saying how you know women would be a lot of women have this attraction to quote-unquote alpha males and will put up with them treating them like shit they say they want a nice guy but they still go after the church why is that it’s kind of the same thing like the alpha male the they they’ve been you know in the vast majority of our existence women’s role was to you know find that alpha male who is going to only do one thing providing and protect it matter how the emotional you know Zoey treated me mostly and mentally all that mattered was he’s gonna protect you and he’s gonna feed you now we call it and your kids nice guys finish last right and you know asshole gets to get gets the girl and the guy who’s being a gentleman they you know they want the bad boy and I got friends who deal with this and it’s sad it really is but I’ve got I’ve got friends man who was a perfect gentleman who would did type of dudes who would take the coat down and lay it in a puddle of water so the woman can walk away maybe even you know like all kinds of but they did they’ll overlook that guy and go for the asshole who’s in prison and and write it up and he’s just dirty and stuff but he’s you know there’s a lot of stuff to a man but it’s kind of the nice guys finish sighs it’s true look it’s deep there’s on both sides men we want to plant our seed women they want that on the moat on the deepest genetic level and the thing is it’s almost hard to blame these people because they’re so unaware of it they’re so unaware they don’t even know why they feel that way yeah we need the patch from keep me and always over and over exactly and no straight I’ll tell you I don’t know I don’t know why it’s just who I am it’s what I you know it’s that and it comes into what we’re talking about earlier as far as like the you know the trauma of the past of the daddy figure what kind of daddy did you have or was your dog or was you in a relationship as a teenager where you were in a certain relationship with a guy who fit this persona now you’re gonna stay away from all guys like that or in many cases I know this opens up a whole can of worms but all guys are dogs and they’re not gonna be faithful so I don’t want guys anymore that type of deal and they’re and that’s that’s totally applicable you know I’m saying it’s not every case so for people who choose that lifestyle but it’s definitely there man you know I’m saying all guys are dogs I don’t want it guys I’m attracted to women who they’re gonna be there for me emotionally they care about me guys gonna have sex and key and move on to the next one like they’ve you guys like that that’s not the truth though all guys aren’t like that all guys aren’t assholes there’s no truth that can fit they can generalize for all of anything and that’s where we fall into right I’m supports by every other and we’re gonna be real a lot of guys are a lot of them but again it goes back to our genetics and guys just not understanding that about themselves because I I think first you need to understand why that is before you can even control it before you can you know you’re not I’m saying like you need to get to the root of wait why am I out here being this unfaithful as you know why am i doing this and this only thing really say okay I see it’s because it’s basically my genetics it’s not it it’s what’s in embedded in my DNA yeah so now let me try to overcome that you know what I’m saying because the easiest way out in the end that you know is I don’t know it’s just how I am yeah you know I’m saying well that’s good to kind of know how you are too because in the spiritual community we have the term know thyself know thyself and you shall be known I look at that as something very applicable to our lives as far as knowing yourself knowing what makes you tick it’s okay we can look at the anger issues the fighting issues or whatever like okay what type of people set you off okay well you might not need to be around those type of people or may not need to go to this type of crowd or you may not need like you know me me being married I know where I don’t need to go as a married man I don’t need to go hanging around a bunch of women or form tight relationships of caring and and pouring into women and them doing it to me because then you form feelings and emotions right know thyself I have a lot of people who can’t have alcohol at all because when they drink alcohol it opens up the door to like you know what I want some pills man right and then they move from pills into smoking crack and smoking meth know thyself if that if that you have to know if that keeps happening and over and over don’t drink at all some people can’t drink it’s gonna trigger them and they’re gonna go off the deep end I know sorry people who do that I can have a couple drinks I can watch a movie with my wife and drink wine or have a mixed drink or whatever and be fine and I love doing that and makes you more talkative and just open up but there’s people who you can come over you offer them that drink and they’re gonna drive home drunk and they don’t they don’t know themselves I gotta know what change them and what they far they can go I talked to a buddy of mine who always makes stupid decisions when he mixes alcohol and pills together and he always does it and I look dude you got to know your line you can’t cross that line don’t cross it you can tiptoe beside it you can dance on that line you could do spins on that line but don’t cross the line why did every time you go to a party you’re getting in fights why do every time you buy a brand new car you wreck it like the same week like what come on dude you gotta learn you got to know yourself man what can you do if you’re gonna drink and get shit-faced do it at home we ain’t got a driver know where you’re gonna man this is so many people making stupid decisions that could be avoided you know now we just sell bro is power yeah when you got out of yourself you can control yourself you know oh dude we’ve just crossed three years yeah I’m over here hungry bro I gotta go dude I’m at I’m at I’m looking at the clock and it’s I’m hungry but then it’s gonna be time to eat dinner in a couple hours cuz we stayed too long I didn’t do a good breakfast so let’s I’m just I’m gonna eat but yeah like a good hour past my dinnertime so I’m like yo yeah so hey man just give everybody so cuz there’s people listening who have no idea where you are man no what you do and and um saying how they can find you yeah Dean’s a lot of Maddock is the name disl automatic the red you know aut oma yes I mean you know rap to this if you know conscious political hip-hop social spiritual all that accurate stuff um I mean y’all go check me out you to search it Google search check me out on Instagram these a lot of medic plant-based bigness I mean really just you know you could just search it honestly that’s what I tell people I don’t you can find all of my stuff you just do a Google search these a lot of medic or go to get big on them calm these a lot of medic calm but you know check out the music that’s really what it’s all about for me you know I I do I guess some talking as well well I do a lot of talking but you know what I’m saying like I’ll do some YouTube videos in there but it’s the music so yeah just don’t check out my music yeah check him out guys he’s online like I said just google his name that’s why I like whatever platform you’re on if you like Spotify if you like iTunes just type his name in most recent project actually gems that’s how that’s on all the digital platforms and it’s also available for free download I get big when I’m calm so anybody want to check that out yeah or speaking of that we have a collab on that album that we’ve done together and we have people asking in the chat room they want to know if we’re gonna work on any more music together if we’re gonna do any more song absolutely absolutely I mean you know all’s we’ll pull any more in the future yeah because they always they’re always good songs like that once you have that bar man you know I can’t go below this bar and you work with people who who can step up to that bar whoa I know we gotta go but there was a the place of like collabing with a lot of local artists and friends even friends who did music and we’d collab and we’d feature them on songs but when I set that bar for myself like we would get verses from friends who couldn’t make it past that bar and I had to I had to get to a place where I became the bad guy or I became arrogant it’s like well I got to rerecord your verse man syllables there you got a dude you’re not even on topic I was come on we can’t we’re gonna step the game up you we’re writing a song you got to be on topic why are you writing about this stuff and this songs nothing to do with that I had friends who sent me verses and record it and I’m like we’re not using it man but that’s about creating new music and taking your art seriously and moving to the next level with it you know you have to do that you know I don’t think I’ve ever asked anybody off of a track yeah I definitely you know even what you do would like the people that I’m tight would like you know I mean I think they all kind of look to me anyways for you know with the lyricism and stuff they know I’ve been doing this so long it was just you know second nature to me so you know and a lot of them haven’t been doing it as long yeah a lot of women look for me for some type of you know guidance and within it so you know I’ve definitely given people advise pointers like oh maybe you should kind of flip this up here and there and you know what I’m saying yeah well just been like you know I’m not really feeling that Corey so whatever it may be so definitely that you know I mean but um I actually is funny I recently I said I’m collabing with this dude TK out of the Bronx he’s a vegan we’re doing a vegan track and I sent him I sent him a track you know I laid it down and he was like you know when he heard it he went nuts and then the next day he hits me up he’s like man you know what I realized something the other day I’m like what’s up man you know I thought he was gonna I thought he was gonna you know come with some like deep like he’s like man when cats get on tracks for you they really need to step their game I was like yo I appreciate that as a compliment yeah so I I hope I like that I mean you know I would want I hope it that’s how you get better oh oh look in this shit we do you know it’s all love like honestly I don’t look at anybody as my competitor but but when we on a track yeah help competitiveness yeah okay you know are they trying to get out shine you know what I mean like to be competitive but then also look at it as the whole okay I can’t cuz you don’t want to copy the doramas game maybe sometimes the tracks good they’re like okay we’re all coming the same way but I like to bring something to the table to an experience so like even even the song agape that we did together my little bit laid-back I have seen the distant travelers in night in LA back to the store whatever and then this one comes in at the end everybody just kills it at the end so it’s it’s a whole experience to is like even though we’re not like I have to add more syllables because I you can get in that mind state to but like that whole project is an experience and you and everybody brings something beautiful to the table and but you have to be good to do that you can’t come with a wack verse and think that you brought something beautiful to the table you know so there is better is that you know I’m saying competitiveness to it to wanna it that’s why I paid people early on for features when I wasn’t when I was a Christian rapper gospel rapper and was getting into the spiritual community in dealing with lco be the lost children of Babylon who had it on lock those years they had it on lock and they would charge whether it was a hundred bucks for a feature or 200 guys whatever I would get them I would pay to get them on the song and okay I have to prove myself cuz you know the people know me as a corny Christian white Christian rapper from the south and I have a slang so I have to say okay let me let me try to go deep with the knowledge let me try to start on the rhyming schemes let me bring something let me slave over these these lyrics bring something beautiful to the table and it worked it worked that it was a competition because it’s cool to do that so that now their fans guess what who was itching to hear new lcib music be starting to fans or itching to hear new beasts 1333 songs pay them the money get them to feature all as well and try try your best to be the best one on the track and now guess what Beast 1333 fans are what now true seeker fans these automatic fans love the you know I mean like boy I’ve you know I’ve I’ve paid well the only put up que Reno oh yeah that’s the only cat I paid for a feature but everybody every I’ve always anybody the way I see it is like this I’ll always approach like that’s the thing bro oh the voice that’s why I got you know I’ll jump I fucked with him heavy cuz he didn’t even write pay you know was well I didn’t know him like that yes that he came and paid for the feet and since then now we found uh I’ll do every song it don’t matter like let’s go oh money no you know I’m saying like and that’s cuz mo one of the and I’ve had to tell so many people like so I’m sure you got in a tool can come in it with a hands out back then like what the fuck do you take me for fan like are you that to me just says you don’t even value what I do yeah if you expected me to hit you with a feature for free without any kind of I didn’t even I’m not even it don’t even have to be money at least coming me like look Sam I got zombie fan base yeah I really value what you do I don’t got money now I might not I’m not even really I don’t have a lot of following to cross-promote or you know what maybe I’ll make it up to you like this I could do this like a something Pam at least coming me humbly like I’ve had somebody you wanna meet like that like yo for a feature and I was like well you know I charged out up and they was like ah you know what I don’t know honey but you know I understand thanks I really appreciate it yeah I was like you know what I’m gonna do that shit on the love for ya because into me so correct oh yeah so I’ve had people flip they shit I’ll never forget this one dude he comes at me it was after the first mixed a job yo what’s up man your shoes fire how much from how much I’m not not how much can I get you know what’s up with her feet yeah I’m like yeah bro but you know I you know if you could toss me a little son that’d be cool yeah flip this shit well who the fuck you think you are you should be Andre I drop 20 albums he sends me his Wikipedia page that he made up when he albums out he’s like I should be charging you for a feature I’m like fam you came to if I came exactly that’s not a word it’s wash me boys secondly showing me your 20 albums that nobody has ever heard of Mick is not helping your cause is making you look even more of a focus as do and then he started to get into all this like and plus he sent me the track he’d know he asked me for the feature sent me the track before I could even respond and bro I heard the track no I I forgot how well but I know I’ve responded so I forgot the exact order but then I heard the track after told him our charge and he already blue light then I heard the track and this guy was on there like talking about bugging in the streets and shit and like yeah just completely not on my vibe you know I could see one thing if you talk about bugging in the streets and you know I talk about my history in the streets and related ooh now and certain things but this cab was like talking like he’s still on the black with his Glock and that I’m like damn why would you even come at me like that like you listens to my music yes I’ve had so many but man people are weird bro people are people teachers gave me eventually gave me the confidence to get good and gave them the confidence to charge for features so if somebody comes to me like you’re saying and and I don’t know who you are if we if we did all the features that we get in boxed on we never we’d be busy it’s everybody and then if you’re gonna approach me or diesel or anybody for a feature just make sure your quality is good before you do that it’s people record cell phone and like yeah man I got a I got a I got a phone with these earbuds man it’s a recording app it’s pretty dope okay I see your potential I’m good at hearing like seeing a vision or work on this do that try to record like this you watch some of my tutorials when I go live you know and and we you know I can I can see the vision I see where you going man but you got to work on your delivery even if it’s just I’m talking I’ve heard I’ve had guys hit beats in there just hey my name is so-and-so I’m rapping on the beat you can’t but they’re saying good stuff I’m like okay okay I could see this I could see this being you know you’re trying to you want to be a good rapper this this off-key stuff it could still work you know I’m saying I think quality is a big part of it if you’re gonna approach somebody because I get dude I get in boxes all the time hey check I’m so I’d love to get a verse from you and they let me hear stuff that’s just quality’s bad so you know quality and prepare be prepared like to me this is how I get out the listeners anybody who’s ever trying to get a feature from any more more established I suppose if you will artists or whatever you have a problem I’ve always opposed it is you ready have the track done I have a track done ready your choruses your verse with just the 16 bar not 20 not 24 because ain’t white rappers ain’t right no 16 bars the standards have that ready have it done approach the person don’t just send him the track either first approach them ask them and be ready don’t mainly be ready and do not expect anything from anybody nobody owes you shit nobody owes you shit I didn’t come in this in this doing that I didn’t expect anything from anyone I didn’t expect anyone to give me anything for free to help me out no and they did but that’s because everyone that I ever approached for help or for anything I was fully ready to either pay or to provide them something of equal value or some type of service from me or something because that is how the fucking world works no actually it doesn’t the world is not fair this what I’m saying is fair this is fair and that’s how it should be you know I’m saying in all things yep oh yeah I got a go pal let’s cut it brother appreciate you coming all hanging out man will do it again very soon we did three hours in almost 20 minutes man it’s been great look longer hey but I’m doing this full-time we got your days ahead of us let’s do it not bad I look forward to it big up to all your listeners man I appreciate you too brother Shalom peace brother diesel automatic get big on them this is what we do man this is family man we’ve been working together for a couple years and if you guys haven’t heard our tracks together we do have a couple songs together with like a we have agape is one that we have and we also have his song bus back that’s on his album I don’t I think that’s it we’re definitely gonna be working on some more very soon so definitely go check out those tracks really good stuff and check out his work in general man he’s a really good dude and I really like the direction that he’s going him and just the whole crew everybody who he is affiliated with everybody who he promotes and stuff it’s all family it’s all love and he’s got some he also has some stuff coming out with the voice as well the voice got some new tracks he’s about to drop and Diesel’s on some of that stuff so that’s gonna be good too so here within the very near future you will be able to hear some new tracks from us and uh I really dig his his work ethic and his creativity and what he brings to the table you know we always say man if I can find somebody as motivated as me if I had another version of me out there who’s getting it somebody who’s hungry to succeed somebody who’s good at what they’re doing good at making good music like I can accomplish a lot of stuff well diesel automatic is it’s the same thing he’s another he’s another person who’s hungry and he’s good at what he does you could be hungry and and not be good or you could be good and not be hungry anymore many mainstream rappers and bands and things fall into that to where they they’ve already succeeded and they don’t really have that drive to get out there and create something brand new and fresh they’ve already done it they’ve got those albums under their belt but to see somebody who is still hungry and still in love with the genre and in love with the art these automatic is there and I love to create with those people who do it out of love versus out of spite or out of the fact that you sent me money love those guys man so you can check that out if you haven’t heard the songs you want to download them it’s always a perfect time for me to promote my patreon all of my albums are available for a donation a monthly donation of $1 $5 $10 a month whatever you want you get access to 10 plus albums and you get access to download everything that I’ve finished as soon as I’m done it’s up on patreon as soon as a podcast is done as soon as videos done the Lert you get access to a whole bunch of stuff over there check it out man we also got new March as well you can check all that stuff out on the website got some really cool merch man I’m excited about the merch game to stepping it up just did this really cool manly pee hall inspired shirt and it’s really dope so go check that out true sticker calm to sign up for patreon patreon com backslash true seeker a little goes a long way that’s all I’ll say if you don’t be shy if you can only did a dollar a month I’ve seen people with patreon pages who they have a podcast and they have the dollar section people who are given one dollar a month well dude they’ll have 5,000 people giving a dollar a month that’s power there’s strength in numbers man it really means a lot it helps us to continue to do what we’re doing and bringing content and bringing high quality content good content we got to pay these producers I don’t make beats I got a I’m limited in my video editing skills sometimes I have to pay a third-party to come in and do some CGI and things like that but trust me hard work pays off and I’m really excited for you guys to see some of the new stuff that I’m working on as far as the music and the videos as well I’m excited I love doing this and and you guys helped me do it so backslash truth seeker with that I must say peace of Shalom make sure that you subscribe to the podcast share it out on your social media feeds all the good stuff I love you guys peace peace [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to youth sigue come and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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