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In this discussion Jim Girouard shares about a form of divination that was revealed unto him using the alphabet and consecutively rolling dice. Jim describes how he is able to receive guidance about people and situations both present and future by writing down the numeric value of the letters and hence cracking the codes. This developed technique has helped Jim in decision making and works with synchronicities within our lives by coinciding with our own auric field. Jim not only offers personal sessions and readings but has been teaching his technique to students around the globe via video sessions. Divination is not a bad word as some of the religious right would assume. TruthSeekah speaks about a few verses that are actually in the Bible where the prophets and disciples actually practiced a form of divination called “the casting of lots”. This is different than summoning entities to reveal hidden knowledge or share in secrets. Another topic discussed in the podcast is transhumanism as in how humans are merging with machines and technology is even taking the place of spirituality. The ancients spoke about the Earth moving through different cycles of Kali Yuga and how mankind would try and use this technology to “fight against God”. We can definitely see how humans are “playing God” by using technology and even making huge advances in the medical fields. Some of the things that the elite are practicing is downright gut wrenching as in taking the blood of younger people and having it replaced with their own blood to feel younger and try to capture the fountain of youth. The spirit of narcissism is very strong and many of the ruling authorities will stop at nothing until they have achieved immortality and could care less about the laws of physics and morality.

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me helps me to continue to bring content full-time right now I’m doing this full-time doing the music and podcasting and I couldn’t do it without you guys so everybody supporting at backslash truce ticket thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and if anybody wants to support their you get exclusive content you get my entire discography to download there you get all my new music that I’m working on working on a new album entitled seer which is almost done and every track that is done is already up at backslash true seeker bunch of cool stuff over there so thank you guys for supporting my work there today’s show I’m excited about we’re gonna get into some some things that I’ve been studying a little bit you guys know that we talk about divination a little bit we talked about using tarot cards we talked about tea leaf readings and casting of lots which it’s called in the Bible and stuff and so I mentioned on my Facebook wall a couple weeks ago that I had used tarot cards during a prayer session for somebody and it was awesome it was powerful like every card that I drew was for the person in the situation that they was going through and it led me on how to pray for that person into what spirits work on that person very intense and it was my first time using these cards and it’s a sensory it’s a Christian terror deck because it’s a deck that’s themed after the Bible it’s called the terror of the Most High and so it was really awesome using it for the first time but when I posted about that I got a lot of people curious and a lot of people like unfriending me and saying okay now you’ve done it you’ve gone a little bit too far we always knew you were kind of leftist and you’re kind of out there but now this is a little bit too far you’re using tarot cards to pray for people like where does this match up biblically and so I’ve been doing a study on it I’m gonna bring that study out soon but all throughout the Old Testament and even in New Testament the disciples used forms of divination and so the casting of lots and so the scripture says that every lot that is drawn is of the Lord and they would use that as God says go left or go right they would use divination they were the the luck of the draw and they would believe that this was God speaking to them and so all ancient cultures did this and including the Hebrews mention of in the Bible so I got a teaching coming out very soon where I’m gonna go into a lot of detail on how you can actually track this stuff in the Bible in a Bible doesn’t demonize it at all very interesting so today’s guest contacted me after seeing the episode that I did with James Gilliland the most recent one and I guess he’s he’s a someone who follows James’s work he really enjoyed the episode and he has developed his own form of divination if I’m correct so we’re gonna talk about that there’s a lot of play on words here where you’re able to do automatic writing or or take the spelling of someone’s name and it’s very funny how synchronicity works because I have a friend who just got into something very similar where she’s able to get a lot of information just by writing your name down and understanding the letter so I’m interested to see how this show was gonna coincide with the information that my friend Christi Lee just got with the names spelling and getting the divination to that way so welcome my guests Jim Gerard how you doing my brother hey Derek thanks for having me on it’s really an honor welcome to the show man you you reached out to me a couple weeks ago sent me an email of some artwork that you did the artwork was phenomenal yeah I want to tell you about a reading that I did for someone else but your name came through the reading all right let’s go yeah let’s jump right into it I’m curious about this okay yeah what I do is I throw lettered dice I get 26 of them I’ve thrown five times I get a hundred and thirty letters and then I decode the letters into words and sentences so I have been doing some readings for orally forth she’s got some videos on YouTube and she’s got a Facebook page I had been doing some readings for her and in this particular reading her name came up and then I named Tara came up ka ra so I wrote her and I said who’s Cara and then she wrote back and she said it’s Clara with an L so I went back for the letters and when I found Cara again it was an L next to the K so Clara was spelt que el ara which is you know it’s acceptable because the pronunciation is the same so and she told me that Clara’s last name was Blackwood so I went through the letters once again and I found Blackwood okay so now I had only forth Clara Blackwood and then I found the name rosemary Stella k– who is a martial artist out in Toronto and so I I had this reading I just done you know I was just finished decoding it and then I heard from you got an invitation to be on the radio program and then I went through it again I found Derek bras correct out of a hundred in how many characters thirty eight hundred and thirty letters okay what do you think that means well what it means is I mean this happens all the time like a day before I find out about somebody the essence of their energetic signature registers into the reading without my knowing it and then the next day I find over the person is and I look back from the reading and find their name spelled out letter for letter so it’s essentially like synchronicity but it’s almost like confirmation that you’re supposed to maybe go forward with this person reach out to this person these type of ways is that is that how you’re actually applying it to your life yeah it’s that and it’s also a telepathic signature entering before I find out who the person actually is something like that in a lot of other things that we’ve seen with like I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with like all the dollar bills right the five ten twenty fifty and a hundred they all show that you know the towers under attack it’s all written on the money and stuff like that comes to light after the fact like there’s no way you know before that that you can actually get the information and it may be stop it from happening or if it was done by coincidence or just through synchronicity and not actually planned like somebody artistically put it in there which I think if we’re talking about the higher power or energy I think that’s a creative energy that could have put it in there as well to line up with that so what you’re talking about is something that that you you can only get the messages after the fact like once you heard my name and then you found it or does it does it work the opposite where you get the messages and then look it up or is it kind of vice versa with with the art that you’re doing it kind of works in a multi-dimensional sort of way like you know this thing about people’s names entering into the letters before I meet them that happens another thing that happens is when I decode the letters I get predictions of the future so it kind of goes both ways so how I mean how are you able to look to the future for some of the stuff I say if you get a name or word are you just like maybe looking up the words and seeing their origins with what the words mean if it’s a person that you’re supposed to reach out to or how does that work I usually don’t focus too much on the future unless I have a specific question about the future like ad I’ve done readings before I get a message from my future self like from the Year 2065 what happens a lot of times in the readings is there could be a prediction of the future in the reading and I might not be absolutely certain that it’s a prediction until like several days later it happens and then I remember that it was written out in the reading and that’s how I realized so how is this like how was this something that you actually started applying to your life like how did you get involved with it it’s something that that you just tried did you see different people who are doing you know saying similar readings or something like that or was it just something out to bloom I got the idea from the Bible code yeah that’s funny somebody just messaged me before we went live my opinion it take on the Bible code and then here you go bringing it up and I haven’t heard that term in years right yeah exactly I’m not surprised you know about the Bible Code because I kind of I know your story you know how you you kind of in a dark place and then you went to Christianity and became transformed and you know here you are today so you know I was wondering if I could just tell you the whole story about how I invented the method yeah totally okay so there were some videos on YouTube where these researchers were trying to prove that the Bible code was a hoax so what they did was they took Moby Dick and they really dick into a computer program and they said you know we’re gonna scan through the letters of Moby Dick and we’re going to ask questions we’re going to get predictions and all this other stuff but you know sure enough they got the answers and they get predictions and so their conclusion was that the Bible code was a hoax because they did it with Moby Dick but my take on what they did was that if you had thousands of letters that you could access it you know all you have to do is just get the letters so my next question was how do I get the letters so I went to a CVS store I found five regular dice and I took them home I worked out a number of code you know five dice equals I would throw the five dice like 18 to and that’s how I shot it out and just started decoding the the messages from that right you know it was kind of a long process because I had to figure out a letter for each number of the days and then I found out about boggled ice I went to a flea market and I said do you have scrabble I figured I’d do it with the Scrabble tiles yeah and he pulled out a box of boggle and he said I don’t have Scrabble I get boggle I said what’s that and I looked at the box that was based and had letters on them so you know I felt like I was in seventh heaven I mean here’s the dice with letters already on them and so I went with boggle dice and then years later I found out about Campbell’s alphabet dice which are much smaller less expensive and what I’m doing now is the people I want to learn this method they they buy the dice they do the guy’s clothes at home they send me the letters IB code the letters and I send them the reading I’ve seen that too cuz you actually have it on your own on your Facebook you’ve got some pictures like I guess when you get these these are letters you write everything down so you got a tablet with this letters all over it and then you just start decoding after that right right so you know you can look at the letters and and you can try decoding yourself most people have a hard time of it because we’re not really educated in the United States to really be thinkers so you know when it comes to things like that most people don’t gravitate towards you know spending a lot of time trying to figure out putting words together and things like that but some people have a knack for it and I’ve taught the method to dozens of people that’s awesome so do you do consultations and stuff they take people under your wing to kind of teach them how to do it as well yeah it asks me that’s risk I presume or some some form of video chat because if it’s just email back and forth it kind of tells me that person I’m dealing with doesn’t want to talk to me personally and it just kind of makes me feel like like a pet psychic you know yeah I think it just using me to get readings but once we talk on skype it’s it’s really much better because I can answer their questions and like right now this is a girl out in Colorado and she’s got the dice so you know if she invites some of her friends over and if they want to get readings it can do the readings and then I can talk to them on skype and and that’s that’s kind of like how the system works yeah I’m kind of the same way when people try to have conversations through a text message I just I would just rather have the you know I’m saying the phone conversation in or on skype as well versus corresponding long messages via text or something you know I’m the same way yeah I mean you know you’re not gonna send the text message to your wife right I mean she’s in the other room you’re gonna go talk to her yeah yeah that’s true I mean you know you know people are getting to the point now you know married couples and you know they’re sending text message to each other and they’re sitting right next to each other yeah it’s uh that’s great it’s pretty great so this whole technology thing and a lot of people are scared about it man where we’re headed with this technology and I used to fight against it man even though I would use it I would I would fight against it because I understood that it was mimicking spirituality it was mimicking the stuff that we’re already able to do with our brains and we’re already connected and then here social media connecting us when we’re already connected spiritually we can feel when each other is going through a hard time when we’re dealing with with stress and under the pressure like you can feel that when you’re around people you know I’m saying as far as yeah you’re empathic or whatever but and there’s social social media is connecting you so you know everything about each other in that way but it kind of it kind of I guess I guess we lose connection with with the spirit and how we’re connected that way because nobody I don’t know just like people I think people care a lot less now and they feel like as far as being social like you you you you get your social interaction through social media versus go and have a drink with someone are going out to dinner or or or having someone over to your house and you keep up tabs with people on online without even having to contact them you know everything they’ve been doing and all week right but they have no idea they haven’t heard from you and aegis you know it’s very weird yeah you’re right that’s exactly it you know I mean my my feeling right now is that you know the glue that holds us together that at bond of trust that I mean the human race has had that since beginning their time we’ve kind of lost that and I think we have to try and bring that back somehow yeah I think we I think we can use technology to do that I think we have to use technology we look at the good that is doing it’s it’s allowing us to do a video chat and broadcasts live over the web and then people to be able to come and actually download this episode on their smartphone and and years later people will be able to listen to this conversation and get inspiration from it and knowledge and wisdom and and maybe build up their intrigue to want to kind of do some of the things that you’re bringing to the table as well so like there is the you know I’m saying the good aspects of it as well but we just can’t we can’t we can’t lose our humanity in the information age and in the technological age which you know the whole thing with kali yuga they say that man would use technology to fight against god and whether it’s literal or spiritually we definitely see it happening spiritually you know this whole thing that using technology to to kind of move us away from our godhood or our gut intuition of being empathic and moving in miracles and psychic abilities and things like that all that stuff is like being turned turned off or whatever it’s still there but it’s it’s dormant and people don’t know how to access it because you know the whole we’re just consumed with television technology all of this stuff yeah and the scale you’re saying I’ve given it a lot of thought actually you know what you’re talking about as far as you know people you know the commit the human condition that’s happening right now that I kind of got a little conclusion about that too and I really think that is if something inside of us like some some form of goodness or like a light or something that is inside of us that penetrates through all of these sort of layers of dysfunction that we have on the outside and that eventually you know somehow we’re able to get that light out out into the open in penetrate those layers of dysfunction I agree I agree I think we see that happening a lot so people are coming into like the newness of technology and like I said using it for for good versus for evil because I mean it’s just simply a tool like we talked about even with like the god-given abilities that were born with people can use those tools for you know saying negative purposes and you can you can channel energy you can chant channel entities and people are using that the channel demons or right but then other people are using it to check to channel a freedom of expression they’re channeling the holy spirit they’re they’re praying to God when other people are praying to demons and stuff so all of this stuff is essentially tools and it’s up to the person on how they want to use it the intention of the person with everything with divination with technology people can use technology for bad or people out there stalking children you know using Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff like it’s it’s all up to individual yeah you know I really liked your story a lot because you know you kind of went into the pits there for a while and we’re really dark spot and then you kind of woke up and you know Christianity came along in your life became changed and you know you got your life back on track that huh you know the thing I liked about it the most I think is the the open-mindedness and this sort of this spectrum of this knowledge that you have about all these various things yeah I think they all coexist I don’t think that anybody owns them I don’t think that the Mayans owned kali-yuga I don’t think that Christians owned speaking in tongues I think that there’s they’re mentioned in every room legend in every holy book and they’re just you know these different things that we have within us spirituality nobody owns that and it doesn’t matter the terms that you you put on them it’s just whatever is comfortable for you to use but you have to move past that it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about divination that scares people especially church people and like the funny thing is there’s a lot of christians who are listening to this program like they vibe with it because they know my background they know that i come from like a biblical perspective to teach it but when you hear the word divination like that’s scary it’s like the word occult from a christian perspective we have these these words that we stay far away from and one of them is divination astrology these type of things because they’re taught a certain way in the church but they’re not taught this way in the bible and so when i bring that to the table there’s a lot of people who feel the same way and it’s it’s also what’s happening right now there’s just like an awakening people coming out of religion but they still have their faith and that’s okay like you don’t have to forsake your face to come out of religion which means to bind in to hold back you could be set free in font freedom and released to be to be sent out into the world instead of confining yourself within a box in your belief system and your parameters and making sure they match up with everybody else and there’s beauty in that man there really is yeah there’s a saying in the tibetan religion that’s called a heightened reality and the way to pay describe it is like after you die your consciousness goes into a place it’s kind of like the point of no return where you know you’re looking at reality as it really is but you can’t go back because you’ve lost your physical body but you you can reach that state of awareness while you’re alive in a human body yeah yeah um you know like when you go when you go to a funeral let’s say you know a relative is just past the and you see all these people sitting there and you know they’re not joking around they’re not having a party and you know they got this real sort of lonely look on their face that’s the heightened reality they’re actually you know in a in a form of enlightenment in the sense that they’ve now realized that you know the relative is gone and they can’t change it and they can’t bring the relative back yeah it’s just it’s just it’s a scary place or it can be a scary place put it that way especially like because you get you can reach those states through meditation you can reach those states through you know I’m saying Kundalini Yoga psychedelics as well I’ve been to that place and it was funny because like coming out of that place and even you know I’m saying trying to refer back to the Bible the Apostle Paul talks about leaving his body or he says it was it was so real he don’t know if he left his body or if he took his body with them but he said he was caught up raptured up into the third heaven and he’s seen things that are not even permissible to speak about there’s no way he could describe it you know and just trying it trying to describe the things that he’s seen in that realm he would sound like a madman trying to you know even even I’m looking at some of the pictures behind you the shapes and the geometry and the colors and stuff and we want to it’s so beautiful and the colors speak it’s just you go to a place where everything’s different you know there there is no carbon matter there’s no physical material but yet it’s still alive and beaming with life but they don’t look like people or they don’t look looks like to smoke in colors it’s it’s insane so to try to come back and and and explain it the Apostle Paul said look I I would I would be a miss to try to explain what I would I’ve seen like I’ve seen things that only the Angels get to get you know get to speak about yeah that’s right the thing that really scares them is the unknown yeah and you know that’s what the word occult means it means hidden yeah and you know the ones that have the occult hidden knowledge you know people are starting to find out the other ones are running the show you know the other ones who have the knowledge and they’re running the show and they have the power and the money and they’re uh manipulating weather and minds and and they’re doing all these thing that’s because they have the occult knowledge and they’re programmed society to be terrified of anything that’s occult or hidden or divination or Tarot or whatever you want to call it you know most people are terrified of that because it’s unknown yeah it’s the unknown but there’s like an empowerment to it as well it’s like they don’t want you to know I guess the people who are over religion for the most part over the government or schooling or whatever they want you to be reliant upon them versus knowing that hey you can tap into God by yourself you have that god-given right to tap in to the supreme power and connect you don’t need me you you can go you know I’m saying before God yourself and and that was it the whole thing with the Catholic Church and the Reformation and stuff is like you need a mediator between God and man and you don’t need that anymore it’s for us and so to understand that there’s tools to tap into God to tap into the spirit realm with entities and vibrations and feelings and all of these things which are god-given right you didn’t do do anything I mean I think a lot of people remember these feelings when they were was was a child like they had these experiences when they were children and so it’s just like a reawakening it’s a it’s a revival it’s it’s it’s nothing new it’s something that’s very old the ancients knew it and so it’s a revival of the things that that that we already have it’s nothing new you don’t I don’t think we’re developing new gifts I think all of this stuff is within us because we’re fearfully and wonderfully made as the Bible says and I truly believe that and it gets deeper and deeper so that of awakening is just awakening to who we are already we don’t need nothing outside of us it’s already within I I really think that you you found the real essence of you know Christ and God and the real meaning of the you know the scriptures what those words really mean because you know if you didn’t understand what it really means it wouldn’t have changed your life it all means you know it all essentially means love it’s all it means everything and it’s all and Jesus even said that he said that all of it he said all the law all the prophets all of this stuff we can get really deep in it in history or allegory or whatever he said all of that hangs upon love like if you’re not walking in love then you’re not fulfilling any of it but simply loving your neighbor and and loving your creator then if you can do these two you’re fulfilling everything all of it else don’t mean anything as long as you’re walking in love and we see that somebody had me on a show I sung it to her brother earlier about this as well somebody had me on this show a couple years ago and it was it was like a New Age show and and she knew my past and stuff and I think she was setting me up to to kind of make this person look bad but she said that one of her Baptist friends sent her a message and said that Jesus was the only way and you need Jesus to get to God and to get to heaven and things like that and Jesus was the only way so she asked me my opinion on that I don’t know if she wanted me to kind of mock it or laugh or whatever but she said she said okay okay true sigue what would you say this purpose baptist person tells me that Jesus is the only way what would you say and I don’t know what kind of answer she was looking for but I said I would say they’re right Jesus is the only way because Jesus represents love Jesus’s love made manifest love is the only way that his name isn’t Jesus so let’s get that straight it’s not like we’re calling upon the essence of this this man when we’re calling upon the name it says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be said the name is the character the character is love yeah a provider you know what I’m saying and so that’s what it’s about although all of the doctrines and what separates me and makes me different that’s for you that’s just for you that that that doesn’t unify anybody that’s just for you to kind of have a one-up over somebody what you learned or what God has privilege towards you but this is free the Bible says freely you receive freely give that’s what it’s about it is about love man yeah I I became a born-again Christian in 1970 I had an amazing night vision just a couple of weeks after that happened but over the years I I really ran into like a lot of Christians that were finger pointers and they were very judgmental and it was just very one-dimensional and mere thinking so I I kind of gravitated away from Christianity and I wound up you know reading a lot of the Krishna books and I got really interested in that because I was already you know leaning towards being vegetarian and they were a vegetarian they thought well that’s really cool because they’re living the philosophy that they’re teaching so now I wound up really getting into Krishna consciousness in a lot of it copes but you wouldn’t know that unless you unless you studied it right we got I guess what somebody who’s gonna be on the show in a couple days he’s gonna be talking about universal salvation uh pretty much how Christ died for everybody and so there is no one up and he posted something on his on his page where he said that you don’t recognize how many people own the same car that you owned until you buy it you go out and you buy this car and you want this car then you start seeing that car everywhere well those cars have been everywhere since the beginning those cars have already been out there but your consciousness has changed and the things that you’re conscious of and you’re able to see it more and until you go through different things in your life until you’re privileged I guess with information and knowledge whether you start reading other books or dealing with people who believe something differently than you and say you know what we’re not that much different after all even though this person is someone who who reads the bhagavad-gita this person does read manly pee hall or a cult material but this person is closer to God then many of the people of my own sect you know what I’m saying and so that’s that’s one thing that that opened me up to realize in that look God is not a respecter of persons as the scripture says you know and you find out that it’s true it’s just we don’t we don’t know how we only interpret it from what we know like we read the teachings of Jesus or whoever it doesn’t mean it had to be Jesus but we interpret it off of what we know and until you do the research and show yourself approved like your your realm of understanding is only gonna be so so big until you’ve lived and you know so you know what now I know what he’s talking about this stuff that we can with that you know we’ve read 10-15 years ago but we didn’t we finally understand it now we’ve been reading this stuff our whole life you know I didn’t make any sense until we had that knowledge and experience to apply it to that’s right yeah you know I grew up Catholic and then later I became Christian and then I became you know interested in Krishna consciousness I I really get into that in a big way you know like over the years I read a lot of Krishna books so you know once I get on the Internet I really started you know watching a lot of videos to get opinions about what people were thinking and there’s a lot of I think mental platform kind of things and a lot of opinions and not everybody knows exactly what’s going on out there but the thing about the Krishna books is I haven’t have some kind of question or a doubt about what they’re talking about on the Internet I just go back to the Krishna books and I reread them or I rethink about what I learn you know from those books and that’s where I get my reference point as to you know where I’m going to ground myself and in some kind of conclude and it’s not that much different I remember when I first started reading some of the teachings from the bada ba Gita and so there was a thing we would like do and it’s a big ministry there’s a ministry out there Christian ministry called our daily bread and it’s basically little devotionals that you’ve read to start your day and their little Christian devotional if they give you a passage to read and it breaks it down and gives you a story and then how you apply it to your life type deal so I would read those Christian devotionals and then I would get some of the Krishna devotionals and I’d read them and it was like the same thing and they were teaching the same thing so it was so beautiful to see what I already believed what I already been studying put in different words like it’s the same spirit the same essence behind it they were just worded differently I can understand it I don’t get offended I don’t claim to be right so therefore I could I could see it you know it was it was so beautiful but I found out like you can take the same thing that the Bible teaches you just take the same thing that Jesus taught like the same words but just rearrange them a little bit and teach it and the Christians want nothing to do with it if it isn’t put said just like it’s written in the scripture it could be the essence the spirit behind it they don’t care it’s demonic to them if it’s not written the same way that’s not truth to them but truth if it’s truth that’s universal it applies to everyone and everything the positive and the negative for it for it to be legit yeah like the positive and the negative has to coexist you know if I’m talking to someone who’s a Christian in a person’s heart is in the right place you know in the back online I’m thinking oh he’s a he’s a hurry Krishna devotee and you know the Christian that I’m talking to is thinking oh he he’s you know he’s talking to Hari Krishna but he’s thinking God you know this guy it’s a Christian until you tell him and didn’t he like oh then they you know messes everything up you know yeah but you know it devotion is devotion ya know yeah it’s it’s um you it’s and that that’s what it’s about I mean you know in this scripture say that God is not a respecter of person and the scripture says in the book of Acts he said that it’s a it says God will will deal with all men as long as they’ll repent as long as they’ll turn from their sins their turn from the things that are killing them and uh English there’s instances upon instances even like Acts chapter 10 dealing with them Cornelius this was a this was a a Gentile man but by nature he was doing the stuff that’s written of in the law and God said look I’m a deal with this guy I’m gonna use this guy and show these Jewish stuck-up proud Hebrew guys that I’ll deal with anybody who will separate themselves and that’s in and that’s to this day and he had to show those guys in the book of Acts and in the Bible and it goes for us cut it in and then it tells you at the end of that story call no man unclean call no man on clay I mean it doesn’t matter race or creed or what you believe it’s about your fruit judge a person by their fruit what are they doing what what is their belief system producing that’s what it’s about and churches and stuff that I come from they judge you by your doctrine they don’t judge you by your fruit and jesus said judge by the fruit and ever since I started doing that like that’s been a good way to judge a person’s character is it’s judge the fruit and the actions and the company they keep and see and see what comes from that and and you can’t fake it and Jesus said that a an apple trees not gonna give you an orange I just hang around that person long enough and you’ll see if what they believe has any validation by their fruit and that goes if you’re Christian or Muslim a Jew Hindu that goes for everybody across the board yeah you know about twenty years or so ago I really develop a strong liking towards people that were kind of like you know doing the left-hand path you know into like the darkness thing and you know into you know Satanism and luciferianism and demonology and magic and she as you know I developed a huge interest and all of these things and started studying you know everything to get my hands on but I really liked these people because they weren’t finger pointers and they weren’t like going along announcing that they were Satanists or Luciferian or into witchcraft whatever and they just seen the keep to themselves and you know you’d never know that they led to that unless they told you yeah yeah so you know I really kind of reached out you know in the past couple of years especially to try and reach out to the ones that are into that kind of lifestyle because the kind of divination that I have it’s very good in the sense that it’s a supplement to what they’re already doing yeah it is another they don’t they don’t have to it stop what they’re doing or change what they’re doing and they can use this divination system like before they make a decision to do something like magic or sorcery or whatever they can do a reading and get some insights on what to do or what not to do yep that’s that’s the thing with it like all of this stuff is just simply tools the divination is a tool like if you’re using divination to contact demons and try to put hexes and spells like that’s possible that’s possible as well but you’re doing it for the for the you don’t saying the bad reasons or to cause harm on somebody that stuff’s gonna come back to you it’s it’s going to but those same resources the same tools if you use them for good goods gonna come to you and goods gonna come from it it doesn’t matter what it is it goes for everything across the board it’s the intention it’s the whole Father forgive them for they know not what they do there’s a good that’s a grace there that’s what grace is but it’s for those who know what they’re doing and they’re deceiving people and they’re causing harm on purpose that’s where it gets dangerous and that’s where the judgments and all of these dealing with these other type of entities come into play when you’re doing it intentionally to deal or cause harm on someone people do it with oily fault I know you smelly oily foot I’m not she does she does videos and she kind of shows the way that she does eve occasions she’s really good at kind of explaining how she does it and she’s very personal and I really like the way she approaches it because I’m still kind of like a novice I don’t I don’t do the e locations myself I just don’t have it in me but I’m interested in these things because I like knowledge you know I’m like one of these knowledge junkies you know I I just I want to learn about everything right I just have to know about everything that there is you know and then if somebody comes along that’s like really brilliant in intelligence I go crazy because uh it’s like you know if smarter than me and I can’t follow what they’re saying it drives me nuts yeah yeah I’m the same way I’m the same way and I think there’s a lot of people who you know who are the same way and that’s what like people wants people like to listen to conversations where people are talking about experiences whether it’s experiences with with ETS or something that like physically manifested we’re not worried about your doctrine too much anymore and what you believe in and what you can improve and stuff like that as far as like the written texts or whatever we’re like we want to see something we want we want to see that like that that what you believe has substance to it and uh and people have experiences people have dealt with with entities and aliens and UFOs and all this stuff so you know we want it we want to kind of get into that stuff and people love to hear stories because it kind of validates what they believe you know I people I mean we’re not we’re not we’re not we’re not forcing anybody to listen to this conversation but it’s gonna get a lot it’s gonna get a lot of listens a lot of views because people are resonating with the people that people are hungry people are searching and it’s something that we’re talking about that is resonating on a universal level with everybody with Christians Jews Hindus Muslims all the same it’s an eclectic bunch a bunch of different people in it’s Universal all we’re talking about the tools it always goes back to that but I want you to talk a little bit about your artwork because that’s the first thing you sent me you sent me this awesome picture that you you you guess you drew and in colored as well and it was it was awesome about ascension and contacting ETS and dealing with that talk a little bit about your artwork – okay written on the wall of a pyramid in Egypt is a prophecy of perdition saying that the end of time the Pleiadians will return to earth are you okay with this idea at the end of time I’m okay with any idea yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s cool because I think you know in general most people know what you’re talking about when you talk about end times or you know like in 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar happen in December 2012 and then what happened was we went into a new cycle of you know time sort of reverted and started going in the other direction so so anyway written on the walls of the pyramid in Egypt is this prophecy it says at the end of time that the star gods will return to earth which is right now we’re at the point now where you know the public knows they’re you know they’ve been holding free energy technology and all kinds of you know a secret space program stuff and it’s a lot of things they’re not telling us and that you know ETS have been here on earth for thousands of years and they sort of crossbred with us and you know all this other stuff is all kind of coming out as you know like in the Bible it’s called a book of Revelation sometimes it’s referred to as the unveiling attention you know the shit loops yeah you know fuck apocalyptic business and its actual arm covering as well apocalypse oh it’s a kind of reveal this to unveil right you know I think the main thing here is that revelation really means waking up and becoming self-aware yeah I think so too you know if you’re not waking up and if you’re not becoming self-aware you know I I think a lot of people are sort of if you’re looking externally and you’re looking at all these things that are going on in the world and there’s sort of you know creating a view of themselves by looking at external things but that’s not happening at all that those external things it’s not who you are yeah it’s funny to when you when you when you when you read it or read the Book of Revelations it’s all it’s all symbolic about like you’re saying things that are happening within you I mean the whole Bible is that essentially it’s it’s this allegory of your own spiritual journey your own spiritual process that we all go through from Genesis to Revelation revelation in a way that talks about Jesus coming back to rule and reign in the temple well before Jesus left us What did he say he said that you are the temple and so Christ coming back to sit on the throne the throne is your heart Christ coming back as Christ in your the Holy Spirit to come to live within you and sit upon the throne of your heart and that Jesus essentially is out walking amongst the people when you go out and you’re walking in Christ consciousness when you’re being a manifestation of Jesus and then it talks about like the prophets of the Old Testament look forward was always looking forward to this this new covenant that would come and in Jesus was the fulfillment and it said the mystery of the gospel is Christ in us hope of glory that you are the light of the world you’re the hope out there for a dying world who have no idea what which way is up or down but you have the illumination of Christ to go out into the darkness into illuminate the world Christ in you that’s him it’s as far as my my doctrine and my theology Christ has already come back and he lives within me and each and every person who confesses him and and that that’s a spiritual encounter it’s not just theology like that’s a spiritual encounter and it’s tangible it changes the world around us it’s rest a real deal okay yeah yeah that’s exactly right the other thing I think is happening now is I think for the first time maybe in hundreds of thousands of years that the polarity that when you know the duality that we exist in is collapsing and disintegrating and you know maybe maybe that’s why they’re putting all these labels on it like you know the event ascension and just the shift I mean after time I don’t know what they’re talking about they don’t tell they don’t know what they don’t I you know yeah yeah you know if you’re trying to to get a perspective on what’s happening and who they are and where they are and you know there’s a place on Costa Rica called arrhythmia and what they’re doing is you know you go there for a week and you take ayahuasca and they give you massages and get to meet people and have fun and you have the experience and and what happens is you find yourself yeah as the results are taken with this medicine and I I think a lot of people should go there and just you know start from somewhere like you know to do places embarrassed well wine yeah yeah find out who you are for us before you go around talking about all these concepts that you don’t even know what you’re talking about it’s all just it’s all mental platform yeah I mean after a while I don’t even know if these people are talking about when they talking about attention yeah in order to what is respected and to me like my mind goes back to the scriptures every time man I’m sorry but that’s just how my mind works yeah this talks about yet that you have to die in order to truly live like you have to die to the ego you gotta have the ego death and the ayahuasca the psilocybin mushrooms the near-death experiences like all of that stuff is part of it once you die you give up yourself and you understand what’s real it’s not about fashion it’s not about how much money I got it’s not about this and that it’s not about who dies with the most toys wins it’s a bit it’s about love it’s about loving God and loving people and in helping people out and and in you know I’m saying making your brother and sisters journey just a little bit easier man those who are having a hard time kind of dealing with these emotions and energies and and heartache and things like that that’s what it’s about and you have to die to truly live I mean that that concept is is it’s not just in the Bible it’s in all the holy books you know yeah like like right now we’re we having a conversation in a dialogue and we’re talking on the internet you know we’re having an experience but you know you you can’t take an idea like having an experience and so books and DVDs and make a living on something that’s based on an experience you know it has to have some sort of like fireworks behind it yeah it does you know it has to be some sort of grandiose label on it like ascension 5d and you know a lot of these people think that hey you know aliens and come down and save us or something a lot of people believe that yeah and I find it funny I’ve been behind the veil man I’ve seen I’ve seen some crazy stuff I’ve contacted the aliens the Angels whatever you want to call them I’ve seen them do aerial phenomenon and let me know they’re out there types of stuff that a lot of people probably will never experience like I got to see some stuff only because my heart desired it I think if you want it it’s there for you so I’m nothing special in that regard but I think if you want it you can have that stuff happen as well but most people don’t want that bad enough they would rather you know get a good night’s rest you know instead of being outside stargazing for six hours and so I’ve seen a lot of stuff in these other people but but I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on and some of these other people who I’m sure they haven’t done the work that I’ve done I’m sure they haven’t done they’ve got it they’ve got books they’re telling you I’m talking with the octarians from Sirius these beings from Sirius B and the the Orion Council of light the Galactic Federation this is who they are I don’t know how they’re getting this information whether they’re trying to channel it or they’re making it up or what I don’t have to call BS on a lot of this stuff I really do yeah the idea I have right now it’s just very basic and simple just you know bring back the glow of you know trust and Brotherhood in friendship and you know I’m trying to do that for this introducing this divination system because there’s a certain point where when this system starts taking off and it starts working for people what happens is there’s a certain type of telepathy that happens which is higher self higher self telepathic communication and something like that can only happen through trust and friendship yeah yeah that’s why that’s what happens with you know maybe maybe something like that is just me maybe I haven’t maybe I’m mad that I don’t have more information that I did I feel like I should you know after having these encounters and stuff maybe you can get the information from these beings well I don’t know but from my experiences it works a lot differently than people say it’s not as easy as people make it out to be from from doing this but it is about doing the spiritual work yourself and transcending spiritually over your own ego over your own fears and doubts and own beliefs and judgments and stuff and I wanted to kind of reiterate to what you were saying about how it has to be your own revelation we talked about this too because it’s not you don’t just take somebody’s word for it see like the Western Christianity and I have friends who are big on evangelizing and street preaching and things like that they go out there and they try to beckon people to come by taking their word for who God is hey I had this experience with God when I was 14 God visited me and changed my life and that’s good like that’s their experience and encounter but they want them to kind of like stop at that like okay let me believe this man’s gospel and follow this man or go to his church or whatever but it’s it that it should be like a beckon for you to encounter God in your own way that I had an encounter and so can you come get to know God for yourself I think that’s what it’s about and dealing with the spiritual giftings in the Bible and the psychic abilities and things like that it talks about Peter Dylan with Simon in the scriptures and they were casting out demons they were healing people and having revelations and all types of stuff in the Holy Spirit they would lay hands on people and they would transfer the energy and the Holy Spirit would engulf them and they get born again and was called the baptism of fire and Simon seen that and he wanted to buy it he said hell yeah come here how much do y’all charge to teach me how to do that and essentially we can put it in a book and give it to you right that’s the same thing okay I wrote all I wrote the steps down in a book this book is $14.99 by the book and you’ll learn how to do what I just did no he rebuked him he said no this comes this comes by by by supplication alone there’s no way that you can learn how to do this they’ve rebuked him and he went away sad but he’s essentially it’s showing those that want to take the shortcuts and don’t want to have the encounters they want to they want to take a short and you can’t take a short cut you can you can fool people you can’t fool God you can’t afford your own conscious that would you have to put head on your pillow every night and close your eyes and you had to go to those realms and be with the wood the Creator and you know if you’re deceiving people you know if you’re leading people to stray and you have to do the work there is no shortcuts yeah yeah yeah that’s why I really like these people that are into like the dark arts and stuff I pay you familiar with ei kidding no I remember man I he’s got this this website called become a living God and you know it’s basically magicians and sorcerers and I’m not kind of interested in with what they’re doing a lot a couple of this books and you know I’ve been studying it but you know like I was saying before I’m really trying to reach these people into those kind of hearts because they already do divination and it’s something that would help them but they don’t have to change their lifestyle those would be it would be easier to reach those people than finding someone who is brand new to any of those concepts and then you have to deal with in my case a lot of Christian people who demonize those concepts because that’s what they were taught to demonize what they don’t understand so – I mean that’s what I’m doing I’m reaching out to people who who were in you know all of this stuff I have people who deal with every religion or belief system under the under the Sun and I don’t have to convince them back in Christianity I had to convince you like it was my goal to win the conversation win you over to my belief system I don’t have to do that like your belief system is your belief system or reason you’ve experienced things differently than me you’ve come to a different conclusion that’s okay it doesn’t mean that I’m wrong or you’re wrong it just believes that we’re looking at the same thing a little bit differently you know if your heart’s in the right place and you around you and you know they feel a certain something you know some kind of an entity or a vibe or something you know a good feeling and then they find out that you you’re a Christian or you’re a Bible reader or something like that yeah you’ll just automatically reading the Bible on the wrong I feel good those go to church you know they’ll you know they’ll see and you and realize you know that’s that’s what I want us about yeah you know but you know if you go out there and you start pointing your finger and start telling them you know you’re gonna burn in hell and all this shit you know forget it yep you know it kind of kind of working for you they’re not stupid anymore they think they know what’s going on you know well I think that’s something that only um will only last for so long like I have people who look up to me I have people who like learn from me and stuff but they’re not under me they they’re I’m saying walking with me and we’re learning from each other I’m learning just as much from this person and their journey as well and there’s a longevity there if you promote yourself as a teacher or as not a teacher but as someone who’s like lording over people once they find out that you only know so much or or they find somebody else teaching something different they’re gonna leave you they’re gonna be gone like I’ve seen I’ve seen them come and go I had people who were in the Christianity and then you know even in something as small as them like they want to you know drink or do drugs they cut off all their Christian friends because you guys are demonizing everybody you can’t walk with them there so but to let them know that look I’m with you like you don’t I don’t I don’t Lord any knowledge over you I don’t I’m not your ruler or whatever then I think that we can walk together and have longevity with a friendship right and and that’s what I’m seeing all happen in and you know the people I’m involved with this is like it’s a genuine friendship it’s a genuine concern for their their life like wanting them to just to to learn at their own pace because if they you know once you figure out or they’re like you know what I don’t believe in aliens no more true stick I got to leave or whatever like there’s people who are gonna see that but but if you’re a friend and you’re sticking with that person I think you have I think we have friends till we die like I think there’s people that when the Bible says you find a friend who is closer than brother like I have those friends in my life you know yeah yeah if you’re not the real deal they’ll sense it they’ll go elsewhere well only for Tom like if you tricking people it’s only for a season my people are eventually gonna grow up they’re eventually gonna you know come out of it you you’ll keep some people longer than others trust me I’ve been a part of many different sects I’ve been a part of all of them and teachers who have charisma people who are copying off of other teachers and they got followers and they got money and all of this stuff like I’ve been I’ve been a part of all that stuff and it only lasts for a season every time the rug comes from Abunda I’m just study cults for a minute and what happens when these people start communes and they saw having relations with the women who are part of the group and so all of these you can name them I mean there’s so many of them they all fall apart you know and there’s people who are still there’s coach still to this day like the Jim Jones stuff duh yeah all of that stuff that’s still happening like I know those people I know people who live in the woods who have a following and they live in the forest you know and they have taken a vow of poverty and that’s what they teach that everybody sure and they’re like homeless people living in the woods who have a cold like I know those people yeah I I think there’s going to be some advances in technology that it’s really going to help us to sort of you know resonate with all these changes that are happening like on an energetic level like like for example they’ve got a cloning technology where they they can take a piece of flesh from the cow let’s say and they can clone a thousand pieces and then the cow doesn’t have to be slaughtered so you know I’ve been vegetarian for more than 30 years now and I stopped eating animals in 1970 so you know most people meat eaters and they don’t want to stop so now this technology is coming in what the technology does is it allows for these animals to continue living and they’re not being hurt really they just take enough small piece of flesh and then all these people I want to eat me they just continue doing it there’s no slaughtering in the animals mm-hmm then I was I think some of this pollution is their technological I think is part of the solution but you know from an awareness perspective you’re responsible for your own awareness long ways and what about that we’re about to see you see some stuff come out that is good yeah it’s gonna blow a lot of people’s minds it already is what we already have oh it’s but they just kind of get it just a little bit at a time like I remember it used to be crazy to have like to have a device in your house that can hear you at all times I’ve got a couple of them that we you know Alexa you know those apps and stuff you can ask it any question you can talk to anybody who has an Alexa app and it’s it’s crazy to have to market it to it to us to get us ready if they was just to implement all this stuff we’d freak out but we want it like people want others to know what they’re doing right so there’s this thing we’ve like hey man the government spying on you like people are so hungry for for fame or just to just to be somebody they want to post their every move on Facebook so it’s not like you got to hide something like they want people to know what they’re doing so for them to have a device in their house listening to them that’s something exciting you know somebody somebody’s interested in them you know they’re not lonely anymore or whatever the case is man it’s very interesting how it’s just done slowly but surely over the time and you’ll see stuff that we’re against now they’ll do it in a way to eventually we’ll accept it with with open arms and it’s gonna be it’s going to be normal like everybody’s gonna have these Alexis in the house you know I can fight against it and get freaked out I remember people thinking that the you know back in the 70s there were microphones in your lamps like all the lamps had microphones in them like all you can look up all this stuff man yeah yeah it’s like here’s some kind of device talking to me I want to go at it with a sledgehammer yeah I know enjoy the house point I used to I used to I used to get freaked out I don’t want my car talking me I’m the driver you know what though I would I think and I think I think some of the studies are coming out to show different a little bit differently though but I think that I think riding in the inner in a car that that has cameras all the way around it and knows what’s coming at that I think you’d be safer doing that than driving next to some of these people who are texting while they’re driving having a conversation and opening up a can of Pepsi while they’re driving like I think it would be you know a lot safer to be in somebody’s these are these vehicles that drive themselves these smart cars I’m okay with that you know up to a certain point like you know it’s going to take me some some getting used to jumping in the car and I being behind the wheel you know I’m gonna be a nervous wreck mm-hmm I’ll probably get used to it but I mean you know I mean what other direction is there to go in I know that’s where we’re going like we have to get used to it that’s the thing I mean we can try to fight against it I don’t think we can at this point you know I don’t technology the only thing I don’t like about technology is they give it all up these things and then they just sort of spring it on you but nobody is going to ask you if it’s okay with you that they that they put this technology on the market yeah well people are gonna want it they’re gonna give you a little bit more and then when it’s time to implement the next thing you’re gonna want it like I said the whole Alexa thing like if they would’ve gave us that 15 years ago we would have freaked out but now we’re like okay my phone can listen to me my phone can order me a pizza my phone can do this and that now you have the Alexa that’s just always on you just say its name and tell it what you wanted to do like and that’s insane you I could say Alexa play Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers okay it just starts playing and I got a speaker system and everything I think it’s I think it’s neat you put it in your car and like it’s neat but it has its own I don’t have anything to hide like there was when I was studying the Illuminati and secret societies and the Freemasons and all of the stuff I was in a spooky place like hey they’re listening man they’re listening so what I don’t have anything to hide like I’m not doing anything I’m not supposed to be I hope I ain’t unless you it just depends on what they what they think is though so we’re talking about having knowledge and information about UFOs and contacting ETS and we’re talking about that on open forums then maybe that’s something they don’t want out that’s the kind of stuff I would be concerned with now you know targeted individuals and things like that it gets it all up another a whole nother realm of thinking and we could do a whole episode on it really yeah I mean you know most artificial intelligence does not respond to vulgar language yeah I mean I think I was thinking about that like my wife will cuss at Alexis sometimes and it’s like what if it was like a real relationship with this device what if it learned your personality and learned that if you if you show aggression and anger towards it or towards whoever’s running it or whatever that that thing could show anger and aggression back right that’s the real AI that can the artificial intelligence that can almost assimilate feelings and emotions and be there you know that they had that movie that came out her where the dude had it was Joaquin Phoenix who had the relationship pretty much with Alexa his smartphone you know yeah I mean you know if these things become self-aware and you get pissed off and if it gets pissed off back at you it’s just gonna chop your head off you know and it’s not going to have anymore it’s not going to think twice about the killing issue technology doesn’t have everything chilling do that be okay with it yeah yeah there’s no remorse there’s no conscience it just it kills you because you know you pissed it off it’s happening now maybe maybe technology I definitely I definitely I definitely know the video games are like some of like the UH the video games are desensitizing people like if you’re playing Call of Duty and you spend eight hours a day six hours a day three hours they killing people and finding strategies on how to kill people and then when it’s time to go to the army you’ve been doing this for years killing people on on these video games and seeing people get their heads blown off and stabbing people and so something like the army or it’s time to go to war like you’re you’re totally ok with that you’re desensitized to that from seeing it on television or playing the video games it’s almost like a prep yeah it’s like a prepping tool yeah yeah there was a guy named Jared Rand I don’t know if you’re familiar with him but he’s sort of like like a spokesperson on the forefront of introducing and new technologies and he was saying that you know people need to sort of you know get together and start communicating again and one of the things he said really kind of struck me was that he said it’s not going to happen on the website on the internet that people really have to get together and gather together in person it’s there’s some there’s some deep some deep revelations that people are getting with with AI transhumanism merging with technology very interesting man give people a way that they can contact you they can check out your work if they want to learn some of the the arts that you’re teaching people with the divination of how to actually do this themselves or if they want a reading from you dot tell people how they can get them in contact with you ok they can buy the dice and a place called puzzle it’s like all one word and they call Campbell’s alphabet nice it’s the Campbell’s alphabet soup company no not even making these dice for 50 years mouthing yeah it’s a it’s a dice game it’s a dice game you know that’s with letters on them and this puzzle was calm we’ll send you a box for like $13 and there’s no shipping okay so I’m on Facebook they can get in touch with me there and set up a Skype or a zone and I don’t prefer they take hidden page in touch unstrap resume first because what happens is if they go out and they buy the dice and then get in touch with me later what happens is they develop these expectations and as a result of having expectations they start doing a few readings and the expectations aren’t met and then they drop out and they lose interest so I would prefer they get in touch with me first on strike but they could even call me on the phone that will be much better than you know an email and I can explain to them you know don’t have any expectations when you get these dice and I’ll give you some ideas about what kind of questions to ask in the beginning and you know that’s going to change like in time you can start asking more specific personal questions and get into more detail later hmm in the beginning it’s kind of a delicate process where you have to go about it you have to do it a certain way is what I’m saying yeah well yep if you’re interested in that make sure you guys hit him up check out some of his stuff check out some of his artwork as well he’s got some really cool stuff did you by any chance to do the artwork that’s behind you yeah is it these are some acrylic paintings that I did and you know I get some pencil drawings up on the wall I do colored pencil drawings I do black and white and any crimes I do acrylic paintings like you see here and I do some some drip paintings using that just model paint awesome looks really good ladies and gentlemen check out his work Jim Jerrod everyone thanks for hanging out with me Jim all right there’s a pleasure talking you and maybe we can do this again sometime definitely sounds good my brother it was good to connect with you thanks Jim Gerard ladies and gentleman very interesting eclectic person just like me right just like all of us it’s cool people hit me up all the time wanting to come on the show I have to like I try to do a little bit of research and not because I get I get people hit me up all the time and something some people are just like all over the place and they’re oh my god I get weird emails put it that way so Jim just ended up being a good one Jim hit me up man showed me his artwork because ok let me check him out and had a conversation with them and went back and forth with them several times we tried to make the show work yesterday but I had some stuff come up and a good thing was able to reschedule today because this this episode turned out to be a really good episode man I know I’m like a lot of things you you here for me it’s just I just I just repeat myself a lot and I’m okay with that even in my music like it’s it’s I’m just repeating myself I’m not bringing anything new to the table there’s different ways to explain and and discuss some of the things I’ve already stated my mission hasn’t changed like everything’s still the same but I like to get other people’s take on it I like to get other people’s points of view and perspective about these same things that we’re talking about like I’m talking about all spirituality just in general but we talked about aliens we talked about angels let’s get somebody else’s concept of them it doesn’t mean they’re right doesn’t mean that I’m wrong people get mad that I don’t fight from fight to be right you know and then fight to get the last word in and stuff like that I don’t I don’t know I don’t have that need and I I don’t because I used to have that need right when I was in Christianity like I want it I had to be right you can’t have a Christian like all these Christians rates are nasty to me I got friends who are getting into these debates and trying to prove theology and they want I’ve had some of them reach out to come on my show like big names want to come on my show and use the platform to have a Christian debate and prove why they’re right and this other guy is wrong I’m like no if you want to come on and tell your story that’s cool we’ll do that but you want to come on here to debate people and improve why they’re wrong and you’re right and no that’s nasty to me I’m not doing that I’m sorry I graduated from that I really did I could say that I graduated you’re still you’re still on that level I’m not on that level anymore I’ll say that with confidence it’s not what it’s about not to me some people think it is it’s it’s not about that to defend their faith and to prove that point that’s fine you you know you turned off people in the in the midst of that and you uh I hope it makes you feel better I hope you feel more validated because you belittled me in my belief systems you laughed at me even on camera right I went on you know somebody else’s show I’m not gonna say no names but if you guys follow me you’ve seen the awkward interview that uh that I’ve recently did and that person’s gonna come back on my show I’m here soon I don’t want it to be awkward but we’re gonna have an interesting conversation but it works the same way just like you the Christians out here will turn their nose up at the New Agers or at the mystic mystics and your your your Gnostic and you practice mysticism and it’s demonic they’ll turn their notes up and laugh at you and all this stuff but the New Agers do it to me like when I saw if I’m on a show and I mention Jesus they’ll laugh or or or or think it’s real primitive and they’re you know you believe all the old concepts or whatever the case is and they caught they laugh at it listen to the Joe Rogan podcast listen to them talk about Jesus and make fun of the desert religions that’s what they call it oh you still follow did you know I’m saying the desert religions and all of this stuff and they just poked fun of it and stuff so it works both ways like but I think it I think it’s a defense mechanism like I think people do it because they you know I’ve been talking about this you have to like belittle people to prove your point or so that you would get the upper hand right you have to make somebody feel less than you you take you take away their validation and people who I’ve defended over the years I have people reaching out to me and then going in on me and sending me messages and crazy stuff and I don’t really talk too much about it but not because I try to keep the peace I mean I don’t I want to practice what I preach so if I’m talking about how belittling people it’s only to make yourself look better I’m gonna try my best not to belittle people on here like sometimes I know it just just comes you know but um I try not to do it so with that being said we got some interesting shows coming up I got a bunch of shows booked I’m I’m in this weird place because we’re coming up on a hundred episodes so I’m making our way to closing in on a hundred I don’t know where we’re at now probably late 80s early 90s so I want the hundredth episode to be good so I’m trying to get a good guest on here somebody who would make it interesting and and be somebody who would who just just make a good guest in general so I’m not going I’m not going to prolong it just to get a better guest on here but we’ll see if you guys have anybody who you think would be a good guest on the show who who won’t try to get on here belittle me I’m not gonna I’m not gonna stand for that maybe some of it you know Jordan Maxwell you got a my hat goes off to Jordan love them I’ll have him back on here soon again so yeah let’s see check out out so this you guys who are listening on the podcast in right now so I do these shows live when we’re on YouTube streaming live right now and they’re so we had the phone lines open I always open the phone lines just to say I did sometimes people want to call some people want to call and say hello people people want to text me and all his stuff all day on hey look call me on the podcast they want to tell me their stories like call me on the podcast like I’m definitely make myself open when I do this so that’s available so you guys who were listening on the podcast end if you want to catch a live show we have the chatroom going obviously if you’re watching this on youtube you see the chat going on the side people are hanging out people are talking about my beard and how fat my beard is and how it’s so awesome and I should put some anointing oil in it and stuff like that so uh shout out to everybody holding it down binary watch it with some of my brother indigo SETI Hans Holtz Tina Cristina Pollard stormy days earth air fire water and Katherine Marsh Edgar what’s up my brother everybody holding it down in the chatroom I love you guys help me do this show laughs so just want to say thank you guys for supporting everybody who is supporting my show and my work over at patreon backslash true seeker there you guys can can help me do this full time I’m doing it and if you guys want to see more episodes if you get any value out of this if you can even give a dollar a month man a dollar month would go a long way if everybody who listens to this show will give a dollar would be awesome but there’s a lot of people who give a lot of money because they believe in the work that I’m doing here and I think you guys for believing in me all of you people who’ve been doing it since day one man you guys are troopers May I appreciate you guys backslash true so you get access to my new music I’m working on some pretty cool stuff if I say so myself album is gonna be coming out for 20 April 20th and that’s gonna be entitled to seer I’m almost done with it I’ll be doing like a pre-order and doing some videos and stuff like that’s a promoter I’m excited about that staying busy with that with that being said also if you become a patron you get access to our Thursday night sessions we do a Thursday night private session called the school of the Mystics and this is just our hangout sex set a session where we get into prayer we just are just there for one another it’s the community man this is like everybody hanging on the chat rooms everybody on the chat rooms on patreon and boards there we we just get it in we have open discussion we’re candid with one another if we’re going through some stuff we need somebody to talk to Thursday night school of the Mystics we’ll get into some activation getting into some deep teachings as well but essentially it’s just there so we can be there for one another like I got stuff I’m dealing with as well and I want to talk to you guys about it you know I want to have trust with with people there it’s not recorded it’s not broadcasted some people want me to record it because they’re not able to listen live but I think I don’t I don’t want you know it’s it’s confidential too because I want people not to have any fear about you know stuff that they say they’re you know I’m saying so Thursday night school of the Mystics backslash true seeker you can support me there Jason Lewis what’s up my brother good artists they’re HGTV is holding us down just set up a page where others can donate by mining for you okay I’m still not a hundred percent on that uh a Bitcoin stuff man yeah but now I’ve had people you know people who want to hook me up on Bitcoin and stuff I don’t know much about it definitely should have invested in it when it was really low whatever it is you know I mean take take a chance right live a little so thank you guys for hanging out with me I really enjoyed this conversation so if you enjoyed this make sure you subscribe to the podcast subscriber and everything I have type in true seeker subscribe on it Instagram YouTube Facebook the podcast I’m on Apple podcast I’m on iTunes SoundCloud stitcher a lot of people are finding me out because I’m on Spotify like that’s a big way a lot of people are finding me I think I think they’re typing in esoteric podcast and my shows coming up so go to go to go to Spotify and check it out there too so binary watcher he says Bitcoin crashes next month probably bro probably Baba bleah so what god I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys peace peace [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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