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In this discussion Jim Girouard shares about a form of divination that was revealed unto him using the alphabet and consecutively rolling dice. Jim describes how he is able to receive guidance about people and situations both present and future by writing down the numeric value of the letters and hence cracking the codes. This developed technique has helped Jim in decision making and works with synchronicities within our lives by coinciding with our own auric field. Jim not only offers personal sessions and readings but has been teaching his technique to students around the globe via video sessions. Divination is not a bad word as some of the religious right would assume. TruthSeekah speaks about a few verses that are actually in the Bible where the prophets and disciples actually practiced a form of divination called “the casting of lots”. This is different than summoning entities to reveal hidden knowledge of share in secrets. Another topic discussed in the podcast is transhumanism as in how humans are merging with machines and technology is even taking the place of spirituality. The ancients spoke about the Earth moving through different cycles of Kali Yuga and how mankind would try and use this technology to “fight against God”. We can definitely see how humans are “playing God” by using technology and even making huge advances in the medical fields. Some of the things that the elite are practicing is downright gut wrenching as in taking the blood of younger people and having it replaced with their own blood to feel younger and try to capture the fountain of youth. The spirit of narcissism is very strong and many of the ruling authorities will stop at nothing until they have achieved immortality and could care less about the laws of physics and morality.