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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Joshua Davis about his radical journey to enlightenment through a lifetime of supernatural experiences. Joshua shares experiential knowledge of how mankind’s DNA record contains a hidden sequence that, once activated, grants us direct access into the Mind of God, through becoming partakers in the Divine Nature. This is something that he calls “Divine Genetics” and he gives testimony of how God is awakening humanity to live from realms of divine consciousness, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Joshua speaks about what he calls Divine Genetics which he believes to be God’s will for humanity. Joshua shares stories of being pushed to the brink physically with sickness and disease and how he overcame through faith in Jesus Christ. God will meet you wherever you meet Him. If your faith is to pay an overdue bill of $100 He will meet you there. If your faith is to overcome a deadly doctor’s diagnosis He will meet you there. Whatever measure of faith we have in Christ will be pressed down, shaken, multiplied and then returned to us. Joshua’s story is most definitely a faith builder. We can all walk in deeper levels of understanding God’s glory and His grace upcon our lives. Yet, it all starts with the little things. If God cannot trust you with the $100 light bill you will probably have a rough time being trusted with that $10,00 a month business that you have been praying about. Its a level of trust and the scriptures declare that if God can trust you with the few things, the small matters, then He will make you ruler over more. This is a universal kingdom principal and the way of promotion is only to show thyself approved. It is God’s will for everyone to prosper in every area of their life. The very nature of the kingdom is growth and where there is growth there is life. This life should bleed over into our spiritual lives, our business/secular lives, and the lives of our relationships. Mistakes are okay, for without them we will only become stagnate and not grow but as we live a life of fellowship with Jesus we will walk in the fullness of God. For out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to assume at your own discretion [Music] what you [Music] won’t you come up [Music] you are now locked into the to think about gaming live a juicy calm to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your truth seeker yo what’s up guys this is the true seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker it’s good to be with you guys today sharing this sacred space with you all give a quick shout out to everybody holding us down in the chatroom over here on YouTube as we stream live so uh I just want to say I acknowledge you guys and see y’all there thank you for hanging out with us it’s gonna be a good show good episode we’ve been trying to make this happen for a couple weeks now and I had the chance to talk to my guest and our school of the Mystics he just popped in on our school of the Mystics one night and that was the first time I met him we had a curriculum that we’re doing were going through this course and he come he comes in kind of late I think he I don’t think he knew that we were actually going through some criteria he comes in and the Holy Spirit just begins to use him and he just starts dropping knowledge about what we’re talking about and just going and going going and I wanted to keep I wanted to let him keep going but then part of me was like like we got it we thought we got to get to the end of the class you know what I’m saying cuz we won’t be able to finish so a lot of jumps he dropped on the School of the Mystics and if this show bears witness to anything close close to that then we’re gonna have a good episode so I got a had a bunch of people when they seen the name pop up they’re like they they’re excited they can’t wait for this show so this episode it’s gonna be really good guys I’m looking forward to it also I want to say a huge shout out to everybody who makes this show possible everybody supported my work on patreon thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the support everybody who supports this up this podcast anywhere from a dollar five ten dollars a month whatever you do able to do on patreon I want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart without that I couldn’t continue to do this so thank you guys again for believing in my work and supporting me give a shout out to a couple of the newest people here who’s supporting Kenneth Booker thank you brother then this is a really good brother Mike in the Booker thank you man for coming on board I know it’s it’s even a sacrifice for some people to give and I just wanna say thank you Kenneth for believing in the vision man Linda mercy otto jeremy bowman mars austin bruce athena Kareem justin mars jerry Chandra janessa winning man Genma kita thank you guys every all the newest patrons man thank you guys welcome to the fold welcome to the family by supporting the podcast and via patreon you get access to my entire discography of work you get access to all the music that I’ve put out which is like ten plus albums as well as the new material that I’ve been working on that’s available I’m working on a new album that’s a Centon working on it’s done we’re getting it up ready to ship out so the newest album sere it’s already available on patreon so those of you who have already been supporting them there you get access today you also get access to our Thursday night community sessions which is the school of the Mystics that we’re doing this is where I met Joshua for the first time so which is our guest today been really good building in the spirit being able to take the podcast to the next level versus a lot of people like for a lot of people this is their church like they come they listen they enjoy the conversation they enjoy the guests they enjoy the the fellowship in the spirit the praying at the end of the shows all of that sup date they enjoy this is their church but to want to actually join with people link in with people who have similar stories similar experiences and quite frankly they feel like they don’t have anybody to talk to so Thursday nights in the School of the Mystics is the perfect place to do that and a lot of people have been getting plugged in with that and we’re seeing laughs change man it’s really cool I’m excited about it I look forward to it so thank you guys for supporting you get access to all that good stuff also too I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who cannot support financially you would love to but you cannot because of financial reasons I want to say thank you guys for pray for me for believing in in me for for speaking kind words about me promoting the show and like I said man that right there I couldn’t do it without any of you guys everybody plays a huge role and I need I need the prayers I need the support I need the friendships and all of that good stuff and and the wisdom in the counts so man that you guys offer so freely so I thank you guys for believing in me and support my show in any way that you’re led to do so man thank you guys so much um also I gotta I gotta give another huge shout out to a friend of mine Darren Darren Marlar he’s got a podcast called weird darkness podcast and this is really cool because like we talk a lot about you know the esoteric and fighting demons and dealing with demons and ghosts and the things that go bump in the night and stuff like that I love discussing those things and so he has a podcast called the weird darkness podcast you can check it out at weird darkness podcast com and so what he does is really cool because he takes people’s stories and he narrates them so he’ll he’ll kind of read your story and then play the roles and play the characters but then he adds all the different sound effects and the music and all of that stuff it’s really cool so it’s almost like an audiobook formed into a podcast that’s really cool he we’ve been connecting here recently so I may reach out to him because I’ve got some crazy stories that I would love to hear kind of brought into an audiobook format as well like my whole book is essentially written in first person so I think it would be really cool to to send it out there to them so you guys make sure y’all check that out support his work and if you have any stories – there’s a place on its website where you can actually share your stories with him and get him to narrate your experiences and how cool would that be man but for the artistry to kind of create that where it didn’t exist before and you hear your stories of supernatural spiritual encounters man brought to life with the illness podcast so weird darkness podcast where darkness calm you guys make sure you check it out without further ado I’m gonna bring on my guess Joshua Davis my brother what’s going on hey how’s it going I just unmuted here so make a bunch of noise while you were talking can you hear me okay yes hear you loud and clear awesome yeah thanks for the introduction yeah that was a pretty awesome experience that we had that night at the school of mystics and I just became a patreon supporter that day specifically because I was like you know it now is the time I need to connect with with these guys and the connect with Deric specifically because I think there’s a there’s there’s something amazing happening on this podcast that really represents the awakening that is happening around the world and I think if you disregard specific what we consider parts of the awakening then you then you’re throwing kind of the baby out with the bathwater and I think that’s what’s beautiful about being able to explore all truth because it says that the Holy Spirit will lead you or lead us into all truth so that’s why I kind of started to tune in and and there’s a lot of things that were ringing bells and I was like you know what I think it’s time to reach out and and see if we can just start to connect into fellowship and that’s that’s what happened that night that’s good man that’sthat’s a lot of wisdom and that’s that’s what this podcast is founded on it’s awesome it that you can see that man you know and I am I’m a Christian I’m a believer I will call myself a Christian mystic there’s so much stuff that I don’t agree with with the American church that I’m I’m on the outskirts of fringes of that barely any way the only thing excommunicated your next album they’re deaf you know in this funny because I sent you a message and uh we talked about the UH talking about the fellowship in the Holy Spirit and I put spirits right yeah funny you mentioned excommunicate because I do have a song I have a song called out when Guardian Leviosa means to levitate but I said in the song I said excommunicated now my only friends are spirits who speak to me and lonely who speak to me when I’m lonely and understand the way that I’m feeling what I meant was that like I said the spirit of joy spirit the spirit of unity seven spirits of God yo that was that was my response to you and the message me was like it was like a typo you know you said your it to just somebody who who’s maybe Christian no I had that I was like right that might be a slip-up hang on a second what spirits is he talking about we talk about Kundalini spirit I haven’t seen that in the bottle I sort of think but you know what instantly you know because we’re brothers I said seven spirits of God and you know what the entire earth is a spirit the moon is a spirit the celestial bodies are spirits I mean when he when he speaks to the when God speaks to the ocean and says don’t transgress this line the ocean listens and it doesn’t it doesn’t transgress this line so everything I mean it talks about in job where he you know he says to job have you seen the Treasuries of snow and hell you know have you walked the ocean trenches the deep ocean trenches I mean there’s so much beyond what we can even imagine that’s available to us and he’s inviting us into actually experiencing that but we if we throw away you know our spirituality for the sake of religion then we’re never going to be able to see any of that stuff and I think that’s actually some of the stuff I think we should talk about today on the podcast is that you know and listening to a lot of things you know whether it be ask for theology or you know things that having to do with with beings from other realms or psilocybin mushrooms all this different kind of stuff is that the these there’s there’s experiences that people are having no doubt Christians that Christians are having absolutely and that’s why this podcast is taking office because it’s actually a place where people can be free to talk you’re free to explore true truth right be a truth seeker dose couple just and you only list you listed like three things they’re kind of big things but if you go to your church you go to your pastor the youth pastor I say youth pastor because a lot of these people who are having these encounters are teenagers young people or children right but if you go to your pastor youth pastor whatever they’re gonna shoot you down it happened to me and it happens to countless people I think the majority of people in Christendom who listen to this episode this podcast like they’ve had it happen to them well I’m you know I feel outcast it makes them feel like they don’t have nobody to talk to they’re gonna get shot down then you keep it all to yourself well I can’t tell anybody because they’re gonna think I’m crazy they’re gonna say I’m talking to demons that I’m hearing the voices of demons sometimes we are let’s and that seems to be the focus of most Christianity today actually especially when you get into more of the I mean obviously I don’t want to completely say the charismatic streams are all based on demonology but a lot of it is and there’s a lot of focus on demons and devils and Satan and fallen angels and battling yo the one third of the heavenly host and all this kind of stuff and you know the reality is is that you know we are 2,000 years after the cross you know and I know that we could talk about that too in terms of whether or not people you know people say well it was it was was Jesus really real you know was he really a man and the fact is is that you know what it takes experience real knowledge for you to settle that in your heart and the fact is is that those who do have experience or knowledge of it settle it and say he was real because the blood of Jesus had to be real the lamb was slain and there’s no we can go really deep with the blood of Jesus because that’s actually what this whole thing is about but the blood of Jesus actually did something 2,000 years ago that was really just openly made manifest for the world to see but before the foundation of the world was even set it says in the scriptures the lamb was slain so we’re talking about you know the council the Godhead searching out and to procure a way to redeem mankind back because of what was going to take place with the one-third of the heavenly host that fell and the deception the great deception that came and the genetics that changed also in the garden and you know that’s a you know we can go a lot of different places with that but I think that’s what what the genetic thing has always been about and you know even if you go into you know us being what you you’re more intelligent as it relates to the different names but like Star children you know is that what it’s called right you know you him to go yeah the fact is we are extremely extremely valuable extremely extremely significant and not just I mean yes it is to God but him showing us the significance that we have to him is experiential and in those experience your tangible encounters we start to experience who we really are and we start out with these changes your reality changes there you go maybe you’re not you’re the person next to you but your reality changes from these experiences amen and the consciousness right so we’re talking about conscious reality we’re talking about your cognitive function we’re talking about everything that’s what we’re talking about is that you know we can explore astral we can explore all these different concepts but at the end of the day what works what works and I can tell you without a shadow of the doubt that the truth that is found yes in the Bible does work if it’s by the Holy Spirit that you get you’re led to this otherwise that book is a dead letter and it kills and you can see what it’s done for the last two thousand years and even prior to that with the Pharisees right so I’m someone you know I just give a little bit of background to the to the listeners right now you know the reason why no one’s heard of Joshua Davis is because I’ve literally intentionally have not done anything through social media through anything like this because the Lord hasn’t led me to do that now that said I have been a royal ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven for a very long time and the people that I’ve encountered on the streets throughout the United States have actually had encounters and they’ve said who are you or where are you from like what do you that there’s things that have happened with people being healed writers words of knowledge the words of knowledge that come there’s the tangible presence that is released from me or from a believer that can be transferred to someone else that can bring about Awakening and a lightening in a very single moment but that only comes about through one thing and that was what I was talking about that night I thought I believe we touched a little bit on it and the school of mystics and huh that comes about through the testimony so we have a lot of people getting on talking about you know I mean even some of the the friends that you have with litter rappers and and and those you said well you know you probably have some experience about this tell us about your your supernatural encounters or phenomenon and then I’ve heard I’ve heard people say literally uh well I don’t throw me off man and threw me off big-time you know yeah me too man because look this whole thing is supernatural this whole life is supernatural and to be able to experience that is actually living that is actually living I remember when the vibration of the Holy Spirit and you know people talk about getting chill bumps and different things like that imagine getting that non-stop for years in it not stopping and I don’t mean you walk around with a bunch of goosebumps in that everybody’s like what’s going on with your skin right but I’m talking about your hair it feels like it’s standing up right and then there’s testimony throughout the day of the leading of the Holy Spirit where you’re being guided and directed and there’s signs and wonders that are happening through like the numbers that you have you know 333 right 2 2 2 1 1 1 seeing in people I wanted and that’s interesting well what I started to do is I started to you there started to be a value attached to those numbers there started to be a meaning attached to those numbers to where when you’re having the conversation with the Holy Spirit as you walk and then those numbers come up at specific time strategically that number has a meaning to you that has been given to you that then becomes literally the confirmation and the voice of God directly in that moment invading Earth mm-hmm that is powerful and there’s plenty of us that have been experiencing that yes that’s beautiful man in it but I hate that uh I hate to like sometimes it’s like they’re everywhere it is freaky when it first starts happening it is really freaky you know in Christianity they call it confirmations it’s just gave me confirmation what do you do well I ask them to send a turtle across the road and hit a turtle like I’ve heard those stories before but even last night man we’re just to me it’s a it’s a sign that I’m on the right path I don’t want it to be the only sign that I’m on the right because it becomes very limiting – yeah you can see 3 3 3 – you’re blue in the face but at the end of the day it’s like okay well what did all those 3 three threes really me oh yeah for me it’s it’s that we’re on the right path and even last night and it’s a funny thing with me and my wife because it’s it happened so much when we need it it’s like that nudge from God it’s almost like it’s like the universe God dropping a breadcrumb hey follow me you’re doing right path way point you’re right on and even last night we were watching TV and I said she gave me something I said thank you and as soon as I said it like the TV somebody don’t eat television set it right on and I and we’re in a room of people I didn’t say guys just God you heard that said yeah I heard it that was like a kiss you know from heaven you know I look at that stuff man it’s it stands out to me and sometimes sometimes the information that comes through this phenomenal life-changing sometimes just a little nudge hey keep doing it keep going bro you’re on the right path sometimes it’s like mind blowing like I’ve talked about some of it and I know we’ve all had those encounters – we’re like they’re just insane insane it has – it lets you know that something’s watching you someone you’re being led you’re not here by accident that you’re in the right place at the right moment and I’ve got you it’s the Holy Spirit is God letting you know that whether you’re Christian or not man this I think description about the rain falls upon the just and the unjust and every everybody man God loves everyone man His grace is for everyone he deals with people differently at different times and stuff so – just to say that it it only happens to Christians or if it’s a demonic encounter that it doesn’t happen to Christians you know what happens – it happens to truth seekers I think so it does and and there is no God is not a respecter of persons yeah and and so that’s the issue obviously with Christianity you know is it is it judges according to the tree of knowledge of good and evil it really does and and that is actually the duality which is the great deception the duality of right and wrong left’s and rights ups and downs you know that the totem pole measurement system which the Bible talks about is no private righteousness I mean in the New Testament says the righteousness by faith does not say who will ascend for that is to bring Christ down from heaven or to say who will descend that is to bring him up from the dead rather it looks at a person and it looks at everyone and without regard for who they are it says the Word of God is in your heart it’s in your mouth on your tongue if you’ll confess with your heart with your mouth and believe in your heart you can be saved now of course we were led to believe that that that is some kind of sinner’s prayer right I know right Minh that’s mind-boggling of itself because that that’s really the thing that is that has crippled the Christian Church is this this misappropriation not even appropriating what Jesus actually came to do – that he did and that he accomplished and that he gave to us freely and what he did is he stored us back to in our consciousness right in our consciousness he restored us back into right standing an intimate relationship with Father God that’s why he said if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father but but he had to send someone 2,000 years ago after he left right and they had to be without contention one one Accord in the upper room and and it was the promise of the Holy Spirit well I’ve often thought about the Holy Spirit coming and I was like well what is the difference between a second coming of Christ the first coming in the second coming it’s like well people are thinking about Jesus coming back incarnated again you know it to basically execute judgment to redeem everything and he actually did execute judgment and he did redeem everything it’s just that people didn’t recognize what he did in the mystical supernatural spiritual realms mm-hmm because he did come back and he did defeat death and he was raised up and he did reveal himself through the Mount of Transfiguration about what he was really possible for them and for what he actually did he overcame death and he has the keys to the realm of the unseen right the route he has it all so we now had this ability through the Holy Spirit coming which is only I can think of as the second coming of Christ because the Krait the Christ the anointing came on Jesus yeah I believe it 100% when he takes he’d come he’ll come to take his throne his rightful place is not in Israel the Temple Mount right that’s right his rightful throne that the enemy is for many people the enemies is sitting on this throne but his rightful throne is our hearts that’s right because so you’re the test right we’re back to fill that he told us that he says I don’t live in a temple built by human hands right he sound like he said you see this temple I’m gonna destroy it but in three days I’m gonna bring you back watch it maybe like what are you doing hi how are you gonna do that and then it gives you the revelation he was actually talking about his body and then he goes on to say that our body is not like there is no the house of God that’s one thing with the church should they say won’t you come sup in the house of God come to the house of the Lord no no that’s so backward we are the house of the Lord like you are he lives within you the Spirit of God dwell not until maids temples made with hands but you ought to spirit a temple of the Holy Spirit and once we understand that man that we are living breathing walking arcs of the Covenant we carry the presence of God we live and move and have our being in him that’s a yeah we are living epistles and that’s really the abomination of the the Whore of Babylon which has built up this thing which has come as wolf in sheep’s clothing and the name of Christ when it’s in and he forewarned he says it will come in my name well I mean the Buddhists don’t come in his name you know I mean only people I know coming in his name or Christians yeah and I and I and I love Christians I mean I love every single person on this planet but at some point we have to rise up and we have to recognize in for ourselves right who we really are who we really are and from the very beginning of my life and I don’t know what it is for everybody else but I really believe it’s the same and I believe that once people are what we talk about being born again right there are strategic moments you know you talked about these these incredible moments were you know we can we can give some testimony if somebody even happened to me you know because I’m not someone who says no I actually haven’t had any supernatural I’ve had a lifetime of supernatural right and it’s made me different and it’s made me a it’s made me rebellious it’s made me looked at is like I’m not controllable you know and and that’s not welcome in God’s house right yeah because it has to be controlled no that’s not that’s not the case I I grew up in a family thankfully that raised me to understand the truth about what based on what they knew right and based on what they knew they were giving me the best that they had but you know what the best that they had at that time was was really looking back the worst that Christianity had to offer was their best but I actually well in it wasn’t again wasn’t their fault they were looking at holiness they were looking at the fundamental Baptist movement right where you know you’re set apart you throw away my mom threw away her James Taylor’s you know records and you know the Beatles has got to go and you know you got to wear your hair a certain way and all but I got my period of that and it appeared you got to go through that cleansing and stuff because that’s exactly that represents evil to you that Rhett it’s not that it’s evil or call call nothing good or like nothing is totally good or evil or good or bad or whatever the case is but it represents that to you we represent that to a lot of people too so they have to get us out of their lives like this is deep man you know I’m going through this right now but I’ve been through that I’ve taken everything that did that wasn’t in the Bible out of my house and burnt it and things like that but it’s not that it’s evil well there’s a period of time where you have to lay the things on the altar you know you do have to lay this you know if you’re a guitar player you know and and you’re amazing at it at some point you got to lay that guitar on the altar and say you know what God as good as I am at this guitar I don’t want to do my own works I don’t want to do my own thing if if you desire of something to come through this guitar then you manifest it then you show me the way and that’s where we talking about those songs and waters happening where it becomes so clear and so obvious to you because of one thing he says that unless the builder built the Lord builds the house right we’re talking about God building the house our own life unless he’s building your life then you who have the life he’s given you and you are building your own house and you’re laboring a name so it says that you know today today is the day of rest if you don’t harden your heart as they did in the days of the rebellion right yeah and you can enter my rest right you can sit down at the right hand of the Father in Christ Jesus in perpetuity and you can experience what I have planned for your life yeah and I want you to I want you to go back I don’t want to get too far removed from this because it’s not something that may happen it’s not something that could happen it’s something that already happened the gospel is the good news or something that’s for everybody if they would receive it if they they can’t receive it unless they’re told about it from our testimony and the testimony of those who have come before us and told us about it and it stands in in in in in line with the mental acknowledgment just how are we talking about being made right with God through believing it it’s not nothing that like you don’t it’s nothing new this is like I said 2000 or aligning with the truth it just as you’re made right with God it says they’ve become enemies of God by their mind by just being haughty and proud thinking of evil thoughts plotting evil taking the time to to plan it out I don’t think that and we talked about like if we talk about lust issues or something like that I don’t think it’s a sin to look at a woman and say man she’s a really beautiful woman and then that’s kind of like first inch that’s like human esteem but I think if the sin is when we had think that second look whether that’s talking about looking at women or pornography or whatever it’s like this calculated let me see what I can do so that I can hide from God and hide from people and they’ll do evil and then in the bottom one is is that that that second thing you just said right there someone’s doing that then they’ve neither seen him nor do they know him that’s what the Bible actually says because those who are born of God those who are born of the incorruptible seed of God it says in first John chapter three nines is this impossible for them to go on sinning now that’s a that’s a big Scripture and people Christians will fight that one tooth and nail that you’re telling me that you are not a sinner well absolutely I’m not a sinner I said because sinners don’t inherit the kingdom of God that’s number one that’s in the scripture – it says that the DNA or the divine sperm of God right the genetics of father God are in you and it’s impossible for you to go on doing that now I will I’ll add this to that there was people obviously that were enlightened in the New Testament time period that were rebuked and because they there was kind of a falling away they left the first love or whatever but Paul said to them an expanded Greek translation that I have it said he says stop assuming an outward expression of something that’s not reflective of your inner man and your inner man his Christ Jesus yeah he is the second Adam he is life-giving spirit so what’s happening is that the when you come under the law which is what Christianity is is the devil it’s not about people when we say Christianity we’re not talking about specific people we’re talking about a system of confusion and chaos as it relates to you know God because it comes in his name that has been raised up to make even potentially the elect be led astray right and that that is the danger here that we’re dealing with and so we you know we have this mind of God we have this mind of Christ that is freely given to us we have this genetic change that takes place in us which really is a baptism if you want to get right down to it into remembering who you were before you were even in your mother’s womb yeah because it says that in eternity he had marked you out and predestined you to be conformed to the very derived image of the son and we know that the Son of God is the expressed image of the father so we’re talking about literally being made perfect with without spot or wrinkle without blemish and Christianity doesn’t allow for that to take place because it always gives what an occasion to sin it always gives well you know if you do sin you have the ability to ask the great high priest you know the priest after his neck to forgive you and that is true but are we to go to go on sinning away with the thought Paul said how have we who have died to sin how can we live it any longer right there has been a we have been transferred out of the tyrannical rule of darkness which everybody was held captive to and we’ve been freed and been brought into the kingdom of the glory of the son of God now the only thing that’s separating anybody who’s listening to this podcast right now from experiencing that we’re not experiencing it is simply believing yeah that’s amazing yeah so there’s some people in the chatroom not and they’re new this is their first episode this is the first episode of two things so um so they say okay is this a religious debate is this a religious conversation is it this is a Christian show you know what I’m saying God is for everyone so and that’s what you’re saying it doesn’t mean if you’re a Christian you’re gonna get what we’re talking about that’s the thing why are we resonating with people who have they do not why we resonating with people who don’t resonate with the term Christian Christian you don’t but it’s for them it’s biblical it spiritual it’s true spirituality it’s true liberation and spiritual freedom and it’s for everybody it’s not like I said God’s not a respecter of persons that that’s you have to believe what we say you have to believe this doctrine you have to conform to what we believe or whatever but God would deal I like how to put an Axman and it says that God would deal righteously with everyone as long as they will repent that word repent just simply means to have a change of mind a change of heart and to turn from the things that are killing you right the bad stuff the addictions the things that are not good for you like what kind of friend would we be not to tell you to turn away from this stuff that we know is killing you I got friends hooked on opioids you know what I’m saying I have friends hooked on all types of hard drugs man and like for me to think that till I not tell them that that’s killing them and hurting them or just say I don’t want to be around you when you’re on that stuff you’re you’re not my friend like you’re a different person like literally there’s other spirits that work there for me not to tell them the truth like oh isn’t that love I mean is that’s love yeah but it says in the scriptures it also says that have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth and we find that we want a bunch of yes men in our corners we want a bunch of people telling us what we want to hear or whatever the case is or I don’t know if we want it but sometimes we we end up with that you know what I’m saying we have a bunch of followers or a bunch of people who believe the same things we as in case for for really all of humanity if you think about it it’s natural though right it’s like calculated it’s something that just kind of happens right well that’s but that’s because you can’t please both God and man and so the the the natural tendency not because see they just back up for a second I think it’s important to recognize right now in in the it is the space-time continuum but you know at the fullness of time which was even from according to the zodiac which was at the time of Jesus you know there’s a fullness of time it took place and now we’re two thousand years after after what took place that is people it’s debated but I mean the fact is is that it’s still here today and people are still talking about it so obviously it did something people are talking about this man Jesus in 12 his disciples in him defeating death and raising from the dead for the forgiveness of sin and that’s about as far as it goes usually I mean the forgiveness of sins and then you can go on with your Christian life and you can do good things well that’s an abomination because that’s actually he came to put to death the old man he came to put to death the misdeeds and the things that were causing us to serve Mammon to serve man right so what happens with every man or woman of God and throughout history is that they have been persecuted and there was plenty of parables that Jesus gave while he was here about you know the the vineyard owner and sending his servants and surely you know that they’ll receive my servant and and and ultimately they killed the servant and they will they’ll receive my son and he was talking about himself right and so God comes into the universe through the through the person of Jesus of Nazareth right and which was it which is really just the incarnation that he chose Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnation that God chose in the womb of the Virgin Mary and he did that specifically because he was in tree introducing the genetics that were introduced on the face of the earth in the beginning and in the beginning God did create man and woman according to his likeness he created them in His image and there was a there was a corruption and there was a there was a there was a people safe all right but God didn’t stop loving them at that point he didn’t stop loving that he continued to work with them and he continued to send people throughout history and to bring about an awakening of understanding it just how important they are to him right but here we are welcoming their children into this world with the understanding though their understanding that they have a sin nature this is what I wanted to bring it back to yeah and that is not right because we literally are of the new man if there is neither male female circumcision or uncircumcision in Christ but one new man so the great deception and this is how we talk about getting to be one the reason that we are one is because of the new man which is the second Adam which was Jesus Christ a life-giving spirit so if don’t love one another according to that standard according to the measurement of what he did for every single person prior to his arrival and after his arrival then we go right then we actually go into a a a drunken stupor of of the wrath of gods when it talks about because when you start drinking from the cup of the wrath that has been served to the Whore of Babylon which is a book of Revelation talks about this then you’re drunk with the idolatry you’re drunk with the passionate desires and flesh you’re drunk with all these things and that is not because God doesn’t love you it’s that that system he destroyed that system 2,000 years ago and it’s been dressed back up in his name in the form of Christianity and it comes as a wolf a ravenous wolf but he comes as a sheep but it’s a ravenous wolf inside and we know this because the the Christian movement today has no power has the forms of godliness as it was said it would be in the latter days the former government’s better lock the power right so you know when we talk about people you know when it whenever they hear Jesus they hear Christianity it’s like big red flag big red flag well yeah I get it think about it why is there such a red flag with this it’s because it’s absolutely the truth is contained within this tradition but there is no power in the current tradition that I’m not saying people aren’t getting touched when they go to church I’m not saying that God can’t meet you there look if you’re a true seeker he can meet you in the fundamental Baptist Church and he can use the pastor to speak to you that day yeah but be careful but how does he will know cuz he will out cuz I went we went and visited some churches recently and I went to the Baptist Church and it’s a really nice like where the perfect clothes and everybody’s suit and tie but the pastor’s are knowing it like the pastor hears from God I’m sitting in there like trying to hold my tears back because he’s the word is for me two weeks in a row I went and every word was for me and in a charismatic church I would be ready to cry and weep and just let it go but I was like these people are too poised like I’m gonna create a scene if I do that here because I’m used to going to the churches and being a part of home meetings and groups and stuff where that’s okay if God’s moving on you you feel led to cry it so okay but I’m like in this really big Baptist Church in like oh my god God is speaking of my heart and like so now yeah I say that jokingly but it’s a good thing when God wants you he meets you where you are huh yeah he will meet you wherever you’re at he will meet you in the darkest darkest places in fact that’s actually where he he tends to do a lot of those met amazing works where he brings people out of that darkness once and for all because we were talking about here is that system of darkness that you know he talks about in the scriptures of how if you have a brother who it kind of has falls away you know he he says he he’s he’s a you know he says he’s a believer he’s of the way but then he starts to go out and maybe commit adultery right or something like this let’s just say that well you know as a brother that’s truly a brother you go to that brother and you say hey man this is not in condemnation of you at all but do you not know the truth you know not the truth about I mean it’s obvious you shouldn’t be cheating on your wife but do you not know the truth that has can set you free from what it is that you’re engaged in right now and you give them the gospel you give them the actual truth which is not declared openly and in churches I mean there’s always kind of a come back next Sunday kind of thing not just a this is it right but what happens is is that that guy doesn’t listen to you it says in the scriptures you go back with was a couple more brothers right from your fellowship and if they doesn’t hear you you turn them over into darkness outer darkness it says for the destruction of his flesh now the destruction and the flesh this is where Christians get hung up to with the flesh the flesh the flesh my flesh my flesh my flesh mouthing I never said it and you’ll never hear me say that because Jesus dealt the decisive blow to the sin nature the sin nature is translated as the flesh and so what we’re talking about is that that person the law the sons of God uphold the law we’re not under the law the sin and death we’re not under that law but the the testimony of our life and that got God living in it through us upholds a standard because ultimately if you’ve never come into experiential knowledge where all things have passed away and all things have become new and you become a new creation all together you’re not even human anymore and know it you actually know that you’re not human it’s not just a scripture then then there’s something has to be dealt with there’s something has to be dealt with and there is a Co crucifixion that has to take place and it says then we know Jesus was crucified that’s what everybody knew when they wear the necklaces and stuff but had they ever been Co crucified with Christ sees it says that we have to be Co crucified with him because we are and everybody knows about the baptism you know you’re buried with him with baptism not everybody a lot of people you know Christianity we got a lot of people who this is new this talk is new did like cuz we you know I’m saying we’ve been dealing with people for years who they know Christian Christian Christian ease you know they know how to spin lingo you mentioned going deeper than just saying the prayer of repentance and you’re saved Hebrews 6 I got a verse of my song I say Hebrews six I’m leaving the basics staring at clouds and counting of spaceships right body goes numb it’s a great sensation I’m raptured up to the heavenly places that’s what it’s about though it’s like leaving there like I was in the places of the elementary foundations of the faith that’s good we can get into danger there cuz a lot of people they love that and it’s like you know what I’m getting deep I’m going in deep I’m leaving the elementary small-minded stuff but I’ll say this it’s kind of beautiful to kind of touch him but a touch on both because there’s even people here today listening to this show who who have never heard of the elementary things have faced and so for me of trying to get so deep in like I love the deep stuff I’m I say I’m lost within the mystery but found within simplicity to get caught up but like to bring it in because even and you know this but even the the really elementary stuff for us to someone who’s never heard it it’s deep it’s true it is deep it really is yeah I mean silly ation with God back well yeah that’s but that’s a deep that and that is the forgiveness of sins right that that is the the raising of the Dead I mean these are that’s actually what the scripture talks about right and yeah Paul didn’t want to go into deeper things with a lot of the early like the first believers of the way and he says you know I you said this before in the podcast you know I know a man that has called up into the third heavens right you know whether it was in body or outside a body I do not know right and he and he experienced things that actually were beyond his understanding and he could not even translate that back into this realm he couldn’t put that to words it had been unlawful for him to even try right yeah but ultimately what did Paul say he says he everything that he achieved as the what people would say the great apostle right he counted everything as can I I can’t use can I use a profanity on this yeah sure I mean he counted everything a shit yeah dumb yeah dunk yeah I was just a better word right I mean filthy rags filthy rags right he counted rags what is that yes the temple all that so we’ve got a man who number one Paul was literally like the man in a Israel right he was a Pharisee of Pharisees he literally was as close to God in their consciousness that you could possibly be but he was actually the one persecuting Christ and in God’s love for him despite what Paul was doing reckoned he reconciled Paul in a royal fashion with that honor with an experience a white light experience where you know he literally is called up was that did you have an encounter it was that you’re in I’ve had I’ve had encounters model was that was that you’re in what was your entering encounter because it was mine like the fire the cry and the tears the burning like that yeah I’ve had I’ve had a lot of those types of experiences when I was your initial initial come yeah I think relation of Jews my initial come to Jesus would have been my first memories of being three and four years old in in my bedroom and I remember going into my bedroom and shutting the door and I would I would as long as I can remember I’ve had a constant communication not just a self-talk you know I mean everybody has self-talk right you know where you’re working things out in your mind but I’ve had this constant dialogue that’s been going on in my mind and a lot of it was like what I kind of felt like I sometimes I would question whether I was acting what God was saying right whether it was really God but at the end of the day I mean at the end of many days as a little boy and it happened at the end of the day typically when I laid down when I’m now I lay me down to sleep you know we’re taught that prayer which was a fearful thing right you know like what if he doesn’t there was a fear aspect to dying back then you know for sure like you didn’t want to die but it wasn’t I didn’t want to die because I it wasn’t because I didn’t want to go to hell as just that I knew that I was here for more and that I didn’t want it to be cut short I wanted to know what it is I was here for and so in my bedroom and this isn’t the most profound of the stories I will give a couple testimonies bubble on the line that are of recent that are really powerful and but I will just say something this might jog some memory of some of the people who are listening you know is laying in my room and getting a sense that there was someone or things something in my room many times over and over again and even seeing what I would consider demonic things as well where you know there’s there’s their shadows and there’s more without the earliest age of three you think yes yeah yeah I was having it early on and I couldn’t really say a whole lot to my parents I couldn’t really communicate a whole lot because you know I mean yeah I’m a kid you know you think maybe that this is normal right and so what I would what would happen is that there would be a war happening because usually it was a war between this feeling of fear right you know it when you were a little little child you know you ever have your arm off the side of the bed and it’s kind of cold and you feel like something might come up and grab it right yeah I mean I think a lot of people can relate to you know just kind of wanted to stay tucked in tight in their bed because they’re just you’re in a room that’s safe but what it feels like something might grab you something might get you right well where does that come from if it’s just natural you think no I think I think it is absolutely xur well yeah absolutely I think the law page of three though like what would you why I would and I would can no I I don’t contribute all to the pattern of the world so it’s not like somebody was telling you this oh you’ve seen it you going to bed scared and I had a natural incident I wasn’t having any traumatic experiences as a little boy I wasn’t like abused as a little boy in the sense of you know I mean I was spanked majorly I mean it was not sometimes it was a little bit much yeah but I think too it’s like oh I was spanked to you the young age I mean all the way yeah I mean I there’s there’s I was I want to say this too because like I feel that like it’s almost a marking I feel like those do my early demonic counters yeah I’m trying to make sense of it is there any metal head you don’t mean that uh call out you have a call on your life and he’s trying to scare you from it run you from it kill you at an early age really wants to suffocate you because he knows that’s right work that you’re gonna do to bust up the kingdom of darkness I don’t know I’m trying to make sense of what you just said was literally what I was about to get to that Lily what it became for me because they’re about that battle against you know light and dark if you will right it was it was happening in the context of me being in my bed at night with my eyes open having this conversation with God and then something over in the corner presents itself and I and it’s a fear and it’s in it’s in it’s a big question mark what is that and what had to happen for me as a little boys I had to learn in scriptures talk about this but I didn’t know the scripture like this back then yeah he talks about submitting to God and resisting the devil and the devil flees right huge well what was happening to me as a little boys I’d have to make a decision you know what I’m gonna leave my arm hanging off the side of the bed even though it’s cold and even though I feel like I’d be more protected if I had it underneath my belly you know I’d say you know what God I trust you and that’s where it began and you know what it takes those still it still takes those experiences and those types of things in every one of our lives to actually have our mind renewed to where we don’t serve fear anymore because perfect love right I’m submitting the perfect love perfect love casts out all fear how love it you know all of it all worry all doubt unbelief all fear so fast forward you know I’ll call these things and I’ve called them for years I’ll call them reference points because a lot of times P you know they’re sporadic you know you were one time when you were five years old maybe another time when you were seven and there was a lot of normalcy even though you weren’t normal you’re questioning things there was a lot of normalcy throughout that period but those reference points a what what happened what was it about that I saw something I experienced something how do I have that and I asked that question my entire upbringing I and you know it I mean I went down did said the center of prayers as a five-year-old and I had the radical glory of God just shimmering all over my body in church a church where I’m saying I give my life to you right well when you’re five years old you can do that but I can tell you right now you’re still going to be tested in this you’re still gonna be tested in this and ultimately because we are brought every single person every man woman child on this planet right now to this day unless your your parents are literally walking as angelic beings literally they understand who they are their mind has been renewed they’re walking according the mind of Christ they’re doing only the works the one who sent them here then you are being conditioned and you’re being fashioned after a pattern of the world and that pattern in the world is the exact opposite of being like a child you know it’s always wanting you get you to grow up was like your innocence yeah who wants to take your innocence that’s the first thing it starts to do and you know you can see all the programming that does that and you get especially with school and I hated school I mean I really hated school and I was held back in kenner gonna spank tin kindergarten this Christmas but I got kicked out in the first in the first grade because I was rebellious you know because he always knew medicine well yeah well thank God they didn’t put me on any medicine uh you know I’m really thankful for that but I went into public school and I had much better experience as a believer in public school I actually had more a better relationships with people who didn’t have any background with Christianity at all you know I I mean I I grew up in a black neighborhood you know I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t get the rapper Jean like you got man but you know I I definitely relate to my brothers and sisters where I have a darker skin tone and I still have lots of brothers and sisters you know and and and and I believe that that there was that was formidable and that was a part of what my experience are supposed to be but I still had these questions you know when you’re you know you listen to Tupac you know and and you’re having these experience and then when you get shot I’m out of school I went my parents could be back into Christ and they and they had they said prayers in the morning and when I remember that morning where he was shot I actually stood up and prayed in front of the class where they you know they pledged allegiance which I kind of always had a problem with that too and I said I want to pray for you know Tupac Shakur and and you know it’s the children some of the children laugh because they knew but the teachers didn’t know because they were sure and then when they found out you know what happened I got in trouble Wow for praying honey what did what did you and you didn’t do it as a joke right no it wasn’t a joke I literally was praying is that at that point he hadn’t been killed like he was I believe he yeah he was in the hospital so it was like fresh I’d heard the news and so you know that’s moving moving moving moving so I have all this all I can tell you is that throughout school I knew I was special not special because I was making good grades or people like me or I was really fast track or played football whatever it was it wasn’t that it was that literally I knew that I had been created by the Creator and that specifically I had great value to the Creator and although I only have reference points right this second in this moment and I’m not experienced in the conscious reality of what I know is out there what is available I have reference points that show me that there’s more and so I started to continue to ask him for more ask him for more and so fast forward you know around yeah we’re definitely I don’t think that’s where you get into trouble we saw for more as well give me more Lord I want more what do you have for me what’s really going on out there okay you wanna know fast and pray for a week and then I’ll show you what there you go and so it so at 17 for me I was I was questioning whether or not I wanted to continue in school you know I was in the AG IB classes and I wasn’t doing that great at it because I was also trying to manage sports and marijuana smoking so like I sort of smoking cannabis like a lot of people do at a young age and my experience is with kin this were not simply an experience to try to escape well in a way it was it was trying to escape reality but not to an artificial reality was looking for a confirmation on the mind set and the program that was running in my head that was so dramatically different than most it seemed to be everybody else that I knew and so I was seeking when I when I when I did cannabis I was actually seeking wherever everybody else was out partying I wanted to get laid or whatever it was I was asking questions and you know what a lot of times I was actually getting answers to a lot of my questions confirmations at that time but yet that wasn’t freedom it wasn’t salvation cannabis was not my medicine that was gonna heal me permanently right and so I of course I got into other things too I got into I did ecstasy and ecstasy was this radical and I would before I took it the first time I remember saying I don’t really know what I feel like I was being led to take this I mean I really felt like I was being led to take this stuff but I there’s a fear you know and I’m saying I whatever this pill represents I want it to be used by you God and I would take it and you know what you’d feel the most incredible tangible manifestation of love throughout your body right but at the same time that wore off it wasn’t perpetual yeah and so I knew that kid that ecstasy was not the way it was not the truth it was not the life and so I didn’t go in after that you know I didn’t give myself to now psilocybin it’s suicide been something you guys have talked about on this uh yeah I wanted to go into that with you the psilocybin was something that I really felt from the very beginning that of everything that I had ever done including cannabis that psilocybin was a gift and psilocybin had a message even at 17 I knew this and I mean I’m 35 right now so at 17 I knew that that after having an experience with the mushroom which now people will call the medicine or the plant teachers or whatever you know we we you know we partied in the sense that we can see things happening and you’re describing what you’re seeing and people would call that a hallucination from the very beginning I didn’t call it a hallucination I saw it as a perspective that was available at any time that literally it opened your eyes to be like a child in a lot of ways to be completely hyper connected to the present moment and in the present moment if you’re hyper connected you know what you can actually see you can see God if you look you can actually see God and so what would happen is I would see God I would see God in the Milky Way I always see God and I and then one of the UFO encounters that I do have and one of the only you have encounters I’d have was actually on psilocybin and it was confirmed by another brother mother who’s a friend he saw the exact same thing and we told it to a mutual party without communicating it and we saw the exact same thing and it was you know and it wasn’t like we got taken up and like that but it was there was all these things happen at that time at 17 or like boom blowing the lid off saying there’s more there’s so much more available in your conscious reality to be able to perceive what’s going on or at least measures of what’s going on and so I would call even that and psilocybin became a reference point it didn’t it wasn’t safe salvation it wasn’t healing into amazing yeah yeah and it wasn’t demonized sir it was not the answer and it is not the answer just like ayahuasca is not the answer the question that you have matters because we talk about the intention when you go into an experience with psilocybin or ayahuasca or any of these things it’s the intention it’s the intent of the heart it’s the question that you have it’s who you serve every day I’m like that every time I’ve done it that’s been the intention the you already know that’s the only details I can’t like I’ve done several podcasts with just a micro dose or nothing crazy but when you go in deep you going with that question man you do and a lot of times you know that question in the way that you thought it might be answered isn’t answered it’s actually just blows your monument more to where it’s just like you know what I I can’t I got to get outside of my thinker right yeah as another brother you know Brandon so you got to get into your drinker you know drinking drink right you’ve got a drink the the wine of God this this entire life is the word coming to me it’s her life and he is the elixir of life and that’s why if you’re thirsty if anybody in this podcast is thirsty right now Jesus said come to the well right you know yeah in to have a drink that will cause you to never thirst again right so when we when we have these encounters with psilocybin or outside of that it doesn’t have to be I mean honestly you can have what let me let me frame this for you too okay so for just for the listeners because your well let’s just say you’re a Christian I don’t even know if you identify with that you’re a believer what that means but I would call myself a son of God for the for the layperson yeah someone who believes in the best their death burial resurrection of Christ and yeah justified by faith through through belief in that you’re essentially a Christian a mystic a son you have faith in Jesus you are successful you have your own business you’re successful your father you’re a responsible citizen and you partake in psilocybin mushrooms that have helped you on your journey oh yeah they have have have assisted you is that is that safe to say that’s definitely safe to say and in fact what every time I ever and I didn’t do it a whole lot back at 17 years old yeah but every time that I did do it I had it wasn’t that anything that I believed was disproved it was that everything that I believed about Jesus was proven during the experience that was what happened to me other people you know they go into a trance state and they go into like a wormhole and get taken somewhere and you don’t talk to him here it is I’m like declaring a glory of God looking at all you know the flower take a breath you know I mean like you’re just completely connected to everything that he’s he’s animating and getting life – and so you you you would hit it on the head if you said that that was absolutely a part of the journey well let me just go and dive into this because this is where things get really interesting so at 17 years old you know I lost my virginity and that was something as a Christian that you’re not supposed to do yeah but you know the only thing you get growing up was you know you’re not supposed to have sex before you’re married you know it’s it’s it’s sinful to have sex before you’re married but that’s about the extent of what I now was a child that needed more information and so you know what I was praying as a little boy is God don’t take me before I have sex I’m a mama I’m is about even joking I’m really I’m asking this prayer you know because the law showed me what I couldn’t have and so therefore because I had been raised in the law the law was at work and you the thing is you you know you’re not supposed to do you do and ultimately I ended up getting myself like everybody I’ve ever met on this planet yet they don’t have conscious a lot of them up – what’s going on spiritually I ended up joking myself with some demonic spirits through this encounter that I had with this woman and I didn’t know it at the time but things definitely changed in my life my cognitive function my perception of reality something was different after I had sex and it wasn’t a good difference and I started to have health issues and so I’m someone who was sick for 11 years you know you look at me now you’re like oh you know you would never imagine that I actually was sick but at doing all at the end of the 17 years about to turn 18 I went back into I stopped doing all the things that I did in terms of exploratory stuff when it came to any type of substances right and it was time for me to get serious this was not bringing me to the ultimate truth and I was time it’s time to get serious well you know I ended up you know like I said you had yoked myself to some spirits that I didn’t know what I had done I started to have some stomach issues initially that you know every time I ate sort of having issues with my stomach pain in my stomach of course you go to the doctor you know they say they do some tests they say you’ve got gastro situs and I’m like what is gastro situs you know it’s just a label and I never believed it and they put me on some sort of medicine and it made it worse the stomach issues got worse and it got worse and then one day I went and I did I used to exercise a lot back then because I played sports and I went back to the gym for the first time in about a year and when I worked out the next day my muscles in my upper body because I did upper body workout swelled up three times the size of normal and I’m not even joking in it first it didn’t hurt at first it was kind of like something that happened like the spider-man bug had bitten you right and you got some kind of like supernatural but it wasn’t that because it wasn’t good then the next day I had blood in my urine I never seen that before I had my urine was the color of coca-cola and I went to the specialist right away they tested my blood they found out that I had a extreme muscle trauma extreme muscle trauma like they had never seen before in fact they sent the results to Duke & Duke wanted to study it because it was so unusual and they didn’t know why they just knew that the doctor told me at the time he said if I took you out back and I beat you with a bat to the almost the point of death the this elevated CPK creatine kinase levels in your blood would still not be as high as they are and all you did was work out so all the sudden my life went from and I was always exceptional not just in my own mind but you know I was different like I didn’t have a I was running on 12 cylinders in a way you know but I got knocked down to two cylinders so all of a sudden I cannot do the things that I used to do when I tried to go work out again I had the same problem and this was a big question for a while and it changed the course of my life to where I started to seek truth about what was going on with my health and with seeking truth about what was going on with my help I found out that this was in 2001 I ended up moving down to Florida was brought into real estate really the Lord rescued me from a life that I was living in Charlotte North Carolina he rescued me plop me down after saying a prayer out of the book of the Bible you remember the prayer of Jabez I think I think I’ve been praying that for twenty years I think it finally coming through fruition and he is expanding yeah he is expanding you and but I I was given that book and I remember that was all I had and so he met me where I was at it didn’t it didn’t the crazy Astro theology understanding of how everything interconnect it was basically me looking at my life saying I am destroying my life I I can’t run this show I can’t do this I was looking at things deteriorating in my life and I knew that I needed him and so I prayed that prayer you know and literally I got into a car accident a few days later and totaled my car and I woke up and I was unscathed I had you know some some burns from the airbag the car was totaled and and that point at that point I was moved down by my dad who was in Florida doing high-end luxury resort real estate sales and marketing which was always the intention once I got out of school was to bring me into that business and I got brought in at 17 so I said 17 like everything happened at Cadillac Escalade because I got into the business and I was gonna be a sales executive and you had to have a full drive and so I mean I was I was blessed I mean I in the natural you know you had a front condo that I was staying in when I got down there but still I was sick and so what happened is from 2001 to mainstream doctors that you know the traditional doctors and I’m having all kinds of tests run and nothing they can’t they’re not able to label it they’re able to see things that are happening but they don’t know what it is and meanwhile I made $80,000 the first year I got down there and then hundreds of thousands of dollars each year after that that’s how the progression happened so we had real estate cells at that time in the early 2000s two thousand one two thousand two three four where we were selling hundreds as a company the ginn resort company again development company was selling hundreds of millions of dollars in a single day in real estate renting they had we had a helicopter at her at her place of work that I would do aerial tours when people flew in to look at the property the beach club all this kind of stuff and then when we would have these cells like these weekend sales people would come in from all over the world and buy property and they celebrated by renting a huge yacht and going out on that yacht and had prawns the size of your hand bought popping bottles of Cristal pre embargo Cubans the stuff that you think people would love you know if you get to this place where you’re able to fly on a private jet you know you’re someone well at a very young age I was I lived this charm live in that way yet it had zero value had no significance to me because I was sick and I was conscious of being sick so in 2004 the Lord moved me to Tampa Florida and I became a sales executive at a property north of Tampa and did really well over the course of like six months working towards a tourism opening that said my health was getting progressively worse and worse and worse remorse at that time I thought I was dying my family thought I was dying meanwhile I found out that I had a gluten allergy which everybody on the podcast at this point has heard of gluten alright there’s probably not anybody that hasn’t heard of Luton but back in 2004 it wasn’t really on the radar I was told you know not through mainstream medical was through just a holistic doctor where I held this electrode in this hand electrode in this hand and it shot something through me and it sent this back this information to a computer screen I still have no idea what it was and said you had these food allergies so my life changed at that point I stopped eating gluten and I stopped eating eggs and my stomach did get better like it stopped hurting the way that it was but my cognitive functionality like my perception of reality was suffering I felt like I couldn’t put two and two together literally sometimes people would look at me I would look completely normal but but from a from a standpoint of like brain power I felt like I was exerting a lot of brainpower just to sit down and read it was really challenging so at the end of this this this brand opening six months I worked for this opening I quit my job the day I had the opening left a couple hundred thousand dollars money the day well I made three hundred thousand dollars that day but left a couple hundred thousand dollars on there on the floor because I said I quit and I wasn’t gonna be there for the seeit clothes that you have to be there work there to see the second phase open and close well I went to Mayo Clinic my parents flew me up to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota where I spent a month being treated like a case study I mean I had needles being poked down into me while I’m awake with electrodes where they’re listening in to static frequencies trying to find out what’s going on with my muscles I had had good veins to take blood from my veins were collapsing after noon 30 days they took so much blood from me all these crazy experiments they were and nothing at the end of it it was a big bill and nothing came from it and after that I said to the Lord I was an entrepreneur doing things outside of real estate at that time too I said Lord I said if I can do these other things that I can understand wrap my head around like I was developing a hovercraft technology another story but basically I can wrap my head around these things why can’t I understand what’s going on with my health and what I’m getting ready to tell you is I’m gonna keep fast-forwarding through this we could get to the point of healing I’m just wanting to lay this out so if you don’t understand the significance of what was happening in my life is that when I only had a problem when I went initially went and worked out and then I’d have you know the severe muscle trauma swelling issues of my kidneys blood in the urine but that progressively got to the point where like if you called me and said hey Joshua I need you to come help me move a couple pieces of furniture while I was moving the furniture with you I could feel things being released like toxins into my bloodstream and I could feel it in my head and my funk my cognitive perception was being affected and the doctors actually could see that my waist from my muscles was going into my bloodstream so that’s I was actually picking up I was always very sensitive well when I went back after about six months after doing I’m home Mayo Clinic thing I started getting to holistic healing Reiki all this kind of stuff right I went the entire opposite direction and I didn’t do pharmaceuticals during that whole time I just knew that wasn’t supposed to that said I started finding people along the journey that genuinely seemed to care about my health generally seemed to care about my well-being although none of these people were able to heal me not a single one of them I walked around dizzy for years I had a lot of nausea from from this problem and what six months after doing the the grand opening in Tampa I go back and I felt somewhat decent I could kind of remember that day and it was I felt somewhat decent and I but not not well like I hadn’t felt yet well in years that’s how you successively day after day I could see I haven’t felt well in like years but I felt decent and the day that day I went up to the property to check in on the progress of the course that was being developed there person I worked with at the time back then they they actually jumped in my car and as soon as they jumped in my car boom something triggered and I felt the worst like that the one I felt the worst and with my brain function it was certain trigger points and I didn’t know what it was as I was driving home to Tampa from that property that day I asked the Holy Spirit I said Holy Spirit I said what is it about that moment that that that calls that and the only thing I correlated was that she had perfume on that’s the only correlation I had and that made no sense to me at all so I go to Google back in 2004 and I said Google of course you couldn’t talk to Google then right you just had to type it in I say Google perfume allergy and this whole world came up to me that I had been experiencing that nobody had ever told me about and at that time it was called MCS multiple chemical sensitivity and it’s a bad condition Gulf War Syndrome is very serious similar to it where people came back they were exposed to extreme neurotoxins and toxic levels of chemicals and more and then now when they come back to the real world they they’re allergic to or hypersensitive to synthetic chemicals that are in everyday common household chemicals right or diesel exhaust or you know the the polyurethane on their table I mean the list goes on and on and it becomes a situation that’s very dire because you either have to change your your your environment or you suffer and you’re gonna suffer either way because the at that time there’s no cure for it right and everybody who if you had no money then you’re in trouble because you can’t go out buy an organic mattress that doesn’t have any flame-retardant so on it good luck you have five thousand bucks to do that thankfully I did have resources and I exhausted those resources over years I mean literally exhausted those resources did not work the way that most people actually never I didn’t have a normal job during that time I literally used the money in my bank account to run me for years and years and years to try to to get well you know changed everything I got into Green Building I started to understand a whole different industry of sustainability and that was where it took me and I and I had several ventures that I was involved with out in California because of that and I learned things during that time that were critical for this conversation too today once I realized that I had this chemical sensitivity I then realized after watching the movie called The Aviator I’m if any of you guys have seen the Aviator but it was about Howard Hughes and Leonardo DiCaprio play that guy and Howard Hughes was an eccentric billionaire and he has a lot to do with the satellites in space and Spruce Goose big plane he built anyways he went mad at the end of his life he went mad and he basically was tormented by devils and they called him OCD that was he had the worst case of OCD and at the end of this DVD in 2004 there was a special credits like there was like a features thing and it was about this OCD and when I watched it I related to it but not in a way of putting on a title or a identity saying I have OCD what I recognize is that yes I am aware and everybody listening to this podcast is intimately aware of what’s going on in their life and yet especially things they don’t like right and a lot of times if you have a problem in your life maybe it’s a financial issue maybe it’s anything right then you meditate on these things and you meditated on these things at times that it’s not actually producing anything good in you right it’s a worry it’s a fear it’s an anxiousness it’s a it’s a – running rampant that makes sense and so if people want to know what the mind of Christ looks like it looks like the exact exact opposite of that because because what God showed me after listening to that DVD was yes you have you have a sensitivity and you have an awareness and you have a he didn’t really I I kind of equated as I have a problem right but if I go out in the future and I project in fear project the outcome of things that have not occurred yet then I’m living in a world that is tormenting me and so I knew at that very moment I said you know power and we’ve all heard it the that the warfare is in the mind the battle is in the mind and I looked around me and I saw billionaires literally billionaires who were flying their private Agusta jets and all this gonna see me helicopters across the town these people were tormented man they were completely tormented they had no Pease they had no attributes of actually having God live inside of him and I could see it and I said I want my mind renewed I want to be able to hold thoughts captive and I remember for about a two-month period I submitted to God day after day after day for the first time in my life holding every thought that came into my mind captive prayers guys and you know what it was hell it was hell and I know but I’ve helped with other brothers go through these processes and you know what all hell breaks loose against you when you start coming into the truth that’s just what happens oh yeah resistance is because there’s some truth here right so here we go I’m actually doing this process I’m realizing that wow there’s actually a lot of warfare against me I can’t stop this thought and so ultimately some of these thoughts do get sown a seed in the soil of your life and what would happen and I had experience all knowledge of this is that God would show me like I would have a good day one day before still dealing with the sickness right but I’d have a good day in the sense that I actually was was spiritually advancing and and practically experiencing this peace that can come in and guard my mind and then the next day all the sudden at the end of the day you’re kind of like you know you’re spiraling out of control and you don’t know how you got there well God gave me the ability to start to see that thought life right if we meditate on these things it becomes something that that actually gets planted in the soil of our life and if it gets planted you will undoubtedly have to deal with the fruit you have to you reap what you sow yeah now this was an accelerated process that’s sort of happening for me because he would show me the seed that went into the ground and how it grew up into a tree and then even if I let it fester for like maybe a month all the sudden now you got a forest that’s growing because that tree matured and then it’s dropping other seeds and then at that point that’s when it’s really difficult to trace back the initial point of entry God sort of show me initial point of entry in thoughts that were not my own thoughts that were being given to me that I had identified with as my own I started to see that they weren’t my own and so I started to see four years incredible advancement in my spirituality as it related to the power of intention I got into the power of intention dr. Wayne Dyer all that kind of stuff and I started seeing that I could manifest things according to you know the seven phases of God and alignment would you is that a good thing for you though would you like that it was good it was good for the time okay it’s not I don’t I don’t do it I don’t do that anymore you wouldn’t recommend Wayne Dyer or a car totally or nothing like that ever moment okay yeah I mean I think that I’ll put it this way you know if you want if you want if you’re gonna seek the truth you can go there and you’ll find some truth no doubt is there’s truth in that ultimately if you want the shortcut then you’re gonna have to come to the way and there’s only one way yeah you’re gonna have to come to the way and this is experience Lee everything I’m talking about without getting far off I would say I think that when you come to the way I still feel like he could still like news I can’t demonize those guys or in the meditation I’m just saying oh if you would demonize them as they stay away from them or know for where you were at they helped you absolutely absolutely yeah I’m not gonna God can work through all things I mean literally again it goes because it goes back to the attention of your heart you know and he knows that and getting that settle between you and God knowing that God knows that that that your heart is good because he’s giving you this heart you don’t have the heart of flesh anymore this this the summe assuming we’ve been given a bone but yeah hearthstone is what I meant to say you actually have the ability to be in covenant relationship and experience relationship with God through this new mind the mind of Christ through this new nature right this new heart he’s given us we are in a mode of existence right now this body is a mode of a temporal existence they said vehicle and what happens is when people get sick they start identifying with the body so the thought life gets glorified and then people start to think more and more about the things that are not good and lovely the Bible talks about focusing on the things that are good and lovely the things that are above right yeah when you got a health issue you got a gluten allergy you got to go out to eat and you’re concerned because you get really from gluten you want to make sure that chefs doing the right job and no one cross contaminates you put yourself into bondage even though you don’t want to be there even though you do not want to be there you are in bondage and so I walked in bondage for year after year after year yet I progressively was moving forward in my relationship with God and in 2007 so this is where the this is where the story gets interesting okay in intention I was seeing miracles happening around my life I can visualize parking spaces in the busiest club District of Washington DC going out with friends and saying we’re gonna pull up the second I’d never even been in the place I could see it the second place it was just my heart I I see I see in my heart the second parking place to the right of the door is gonna open up and we’re gonna move it and you know what would happen that would happen and my friends I’d be like how in the world did you and I say we all can do it and but you know what’s interesting is I practice that for years and it never brought healing it never brought true freedom it was not the way but the principles were though right like because I would watch I would listen to those guys in there saying let’s let’s believe for the the parking space like this secret and all those guys us let’s believe for the paycheck I like I like to take that and apply it to let’s believe that when I call this person on the phone the Holy Ghost is gonna invade their life he’s gonna heal them touch them they’ll be forever change let’s believe that let’s speak it let’s confess it let’s see it in our minds eye and guess what we get on the phone hey I’m gonna pray for you right quick they start crying shake the encounter God like using it for the right reasons right you’re that’s right and I think the key here is that yet you can take it that far but when when it has to be a prescribed methodology of what it has to unfold a certain way the key is that you don’t know how he’s gonna heal that person exactly that’s the thing is that people when you start projecting how we think it all unfold that’s when we get into a place where it actually becomes a limitation right and we’re trying to remove all the confines and the limitations off of our perception of God that’s the whole idea and yet yeah absolutely what you’re saying is absolutely true because then you start to see heaven invade Earth through having believed that and that is a part of this process yeah so in 2007 I’m at this point I was doing I got back in the real estate for the first time I needed to make a little bit of money and so I got a job up in West Virginia near this place called The Greenbrier which is a club and I was a friend of mine I helped get a condo with him in Washington DC and I’m heading back from Washington DC and I remember listening to this book called mere christianity by CS lewis on my car stereo and i used to listen to a lot of audiobooks but i hadn’t listened to anything christian I actually kind of went away from crime actually went away from Christianity but everywhere I went in everything that I studied I found Jesus I found him in everything I was like oh wow this is this is amazing but at the same time I couldn’t disregard my roots because my roots were experience wonder standing and knowledge that I had with this Jesus of Nazareth right with His Holy Spirit that I can’t just throw out because of what man’s done in his name yeah which everybody has a problem with the religion that’s why yeah so I’m listening in the mirror Christianity and I remember that day feeling horrible I mean I just when I tell people I thought horrible I mean I literally it I I woke up many days on it more wake up for you my my my blood sugar was out of control up and down it was like hypoglycemic diabetic you know that affected how I felt I had to control that through food I was very regimen I hate all organic I mean I had to be 100% exactly the source of where I needed to get it from the right brand everything it was so much bondage is a layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of bondage and restrictions although they were good they were good I was eating organic foods it wasn’t eating GMOs and all that kind of stuff even back then so here we go in this parking lot I actually was sitting at the trailhead to a basically was the trail had to go up this Greenbrier River Trail and I remember getting out and I started walking up the trail and I walked a couple miles and it was beautiful outside and I was communing with God through the experience even though I still didn’t feel well I still was communing with God and I remember getting to this point on the trail where I took off my shoes and then I felt like I was supposed to take off my clothes I had never felt that before and when I took off my clothes it was a little bit like as anybody around here you know and I just decided I was gonna do it and I took off my clothes and I got into the river and it was cold and what was amazing and this was an incredible experience that I’m about to tell you about and it was just the beginning of many more but I got into the river and I submerged myself and when I came back up I was not there anymore I mean when I say I was not there anymore like I could not have even projected this would have ever happened all I can tell you is that the colors in the sky were completely different I mean I’m talking about like when you’re on a psilocybin trip and you’re seeing all these different spectrums of light that you’re not used to seeing and you’re hearing all this right you’re feeling this lady I mean in this case I’m feeling this weighty weighty joy this this intoxication this thing that has completely eclipsed tan overshadowed every single ailment every single thing that I had spirits in my life till that very moment was eclipsed by what was happened to me in this moment of shimmering light that was just coming into me and that was what it was I felt the heavens open up and what I what I heard because I had been asking the question as I walked up the trail is Who am I Who am I as well as asking because I’ve been listening to the mere Christianity and I know that it was talking about being a disciple of Jesus and I he says you must and this is what I heard in that encounter you must be willing to die to yourself to find out who it is that you are you must pick up your cross and you must follow me I mean and we’ve heard people say that over and over again but here it is I’m having an encounter and in that encounter God is calling me a be a disciple and that experience did not go away for a couple hours I started to get back up and move around and I enjoyed the experience and I had this fear in the back of my mind though that I was not healed that out that this was going to come back and ultimately later that night it did when some friends called me to told me that said hey you want to come out to this bar you know they were gonna do and I didn’t really want to but I decided to go meet him anyways as soon as I walked in it left me and I didn’t feel that again didn’t till 2011 but between 2007 and 2011 I became a disciple of the Lord Jesus I systematically you know how we talked about holding thoughts captive right I systematically started to engage in the process of having my mind renewed now for many men I can say all men a lot of that has to do with your perception of women right I mean it like that a healing of how I view women not looking at women lustfully right not thinking about doing anything with them all like all that stuff has to go because the creator of the universe lives inside of me and he’s not looking to have sex with his daughter you see what I’m saying like if father God if you if I’m supposed to be the expressed image of God God is not looking at my brother or my sister the same way that the carnal mind looks at them so it’s learning to a line in whole thoughts fact I mean a lot of that had to do with ultimately being tested in it where a beautiful woman comes into your life maybe the most beautiful woman that’s ever come into your life after you said that you’re going to do this and then you find yourself in a very precarious situation where you’ve kind of given yourself a little bit too far and then you have to make a decision I’m sorry I can’t do this and she’s like why I mean you’re saying I don’t know I just know God’s told me and I know that sounds crazy but God has told me that there’s something spiritually that’s happening between man and woman or any of anybody right when you come together sexually and I said I would be doing you a disservice and you’ll be doing me a disservice if we come together without understanding what that is and you know what there was women along the way and that in had only happened one time but there was many women I became a minister to women through the fact that I actually could be trusted with women where a lot of Christians like oh you can’t be trusted in a room by yourself with a woman so you don’t have Jesus living inside of you apparently because I had became so intimately aware that the person inside of me but we can we talk about all the theologies out there that’s why I don’t like the period theology is a theory of God I don’t want to have a theory of God I want to know God yeah I want to experience God I’m on God if God is supposed to be live he says he always wanted to live his life in and through us so funny because people like when they try to combat you they say man your theology is off your theology is wrong right here but you haven’t seen last seen heard what I heard this is what I miss about theology experiential knowledge so here we go I’m gonna fast-forward to 2011 I come into a place at that point God spoke to me around 2010 that why I was baptized in water I wanted to be baptized in water because I knew that there was a significance to that that I didn’t understand just like you know eating the bread right eating the drinking of wine eating the bread I was like I know there’s something more significant about it and I’m gonna believe it this time right so I was I was dunked I was baptized by a brother who who in a lake and ultimately that experience changed me and I went from Josh that was Josh up into that point I went from Josh to Joshua and Joshua is the name of Yeshua right in English that is the name of God incarnate and in this realm and so it has great significance in general but it also had great significance to me because I buried the old man the old man I said it has passed away I was a bearing witness to the fact that that this has occurred in me and now I am coming back up never to participate in any of the things that have plagued humanity my family generation after generation generation of course I’m not going to engage in this anymore and I started to see after that moment I sort of seen lots of people come into my life I started being used mightily to bring not people to a church but just to experience fellowship together in the spirit people who didn’t even believe in God where there were signs of Wonders happening around our conversations to prove what it is that we were talking about so in 2011 I had started to see people be healed because God said I’m gonna start using you and people were gonna start being healed and I’m like I’m thinking but hang on a second I’m still on two cylinders you know I still need to be healed and but yet nevertheless I was willing to go my whole life if it took that feeling sick I said you know I’d rather do your will God and feel this way then too you know the alternative and so ultimately I did I started seeing him lead me through signs and the numbers have been happening for so many years numbers started leading me and I would follow them if I asked do I go right or do I go left he’d send and I would even put it in my mind and say if I see a 55 right now at this red light I know to go right right and he would give me that and that was an amazing thing that he did ultimately in 2011 I had a divine appointment with a Buddhist man down in Charlotte North Carolina which is where I’m at right now and this Buddhist man had never heard the true gospel he had only heard the religious gospel he was hearing the gospel of the testimony of the blood of Jesus in my own life which is the gospel living epistles right yeah he came into an understanding that day that there was something incredibly powerful about what I was telling him that he had never heard and anything and all of his exploration all of his study and it wasn’t a dealing with ego it wasn’t a dealing with self it was a death to that that’s one of these things where you see a lot of these people talking about ego ego ego ego well ego is the old man ego is the sin nature ego ego is the the the curse of the fall of the first atom right once Jesus came he destroyed ego he buried yeah that’s what we call the flesh as well yeah it’s called the flesh 2011 this Buddhist man says to me says Joshua he says listen he says I have somebody that you need to to meet and he says it he works for me his name’s Anthony so he introduces me to Anthony and Anthony says oh he goes what church do you go to man I said I don’t go to the church I said I am the church and he says he go he goes brother he says I’m an apostolic minister man says I know exactly what he said have you been to truth he said have you been to the palace and I was like what do you mean the palace he says it’s just up the road at Lake Norman and I say you talked about the old movie theater he said yeah well I knew where that was that it was like a quarter mile from my house he said there’s a group of people meeting there the as signs and wonders were happening people are being he demons are being cast out of people and it’s not a church and I said well I want to go I said cuz that stuff’s happening in and around my own life and I said I need to meet other brothers and sisters that are operating this so the day rolls around was a Sunday afternoon now I go and I show up at this building and when I show up at this building this man named Joshua meets me and when I saw Josh will look at me I saw Jesus look I mean it was craziest thing I was like yeah it was something special about our connection yeah and that night was from life a full culmination of my whole life happened that night I heard this man speak to about 15 people in this rundown theater with no microphone and he’s testifying about this about this divine identity called sonship and the Spirit of the Lord of the spirit of adoption or the Holy Spirit is called the spirit of adoption comes came on Jesus in you cry Abba Father right it comes on us we cry Abba Father that is our direct mainline to to God is the Holy Spirit holy the Holy Ghost right so here we are he’s talking about the identity of being a son a literal son of God as Jesus is and this is not new for me but I’ve never the way he laid it out I had never heard it so powerfully laid out it was like God speaking directly to me you know I’m talking about yeah and I wasn’t convicted in any way shape or form about my life I actually was really I had never been in any better place in my life and with God had zero to do with finances we haven’t been talking about finances that’s a big part of this too because I my finances went completely away I lost everything and gave everything away so that’s a whole other part of this too to start to see God moving despite finances right that’s a big one but here we are he says to the crowd if anyone in this place is exceeds healing in your body any type of healing at all I want you to come down and I said I’m ready to pray for somebody that’s how I felt I mean I was like really ready to pray I wasn’t thinking about myself at all yeah it was just like who needs healing and I sort of seen some people go down and I felt really like a tangible push in my back to go yeah you need to go and so I go and some group of guys come around me that were part of the fellowship and they said to me said Joshua they said uh what’s going on with him and I said you look at me you say you see I’m normal but I’m not normal I said the long story short is that I’ve been battling sickness for 11 years now and I said I know that God could use me in a greater way if I wasn’t operating in this and I know that this is not this isn’t him you know and I feel like it’s time and I have been prayed for before plenty of charismatic people that pray for me and now I’ve not been healed I just stopped thinking about being prayed for I mean I mean I think there’s a lot of people that can relate to that I go to church over and over again they looking at your love to get healed and they don’t get healed so all the sudden it seems like the power of the gospel doesn’t work well I still believe that work is just it was working through me to other people and not really transforming my my my hell yeah right those guys prayed for me and I felt the love of God you know I felt like their care for me but I did not get healed and then Joshua who was praying for a woman who got slain in the spirit and she was laying out and I looked over at him and he looked up at me and he says Joshua says he says hey um were you healed and I said well I don’t feel horrible and I kind of laughed a little bit you know and he says well the Lord gave him a word of knowledge at that moment he pulled me off to the side by the exit there’s an exit door right next to the big screen and he says Joshua says and I had glasses at the time he says I’m gonna look at you he says but I’m not looking at you he says and I’m gonna talk to you but I’m not talking to you and I was like this is about the thing this is really weird you know but the message that had come out of him was so powerful brother that I submitted to allowing him to do this and then he starts to say this he says in the name of Jesus I command you the spirit of infirmity I command you in the name of Jesus you come out of this man and then at that point I thought I was like he thinks I have a devil he thinks I have a demon you know here it is on my closer too than I’ve ever been you know I’m gonna write and he’s there but but then I look down and I look back up and I thought to myself oh what the hell is that maybe I do I have never been willing to think that before but I knew that for 11 years I had been operating in this stuff that I didn’t want to be in and I wanted healing and so when I look back up at him he says I command you to release this man in the name of Jesus and then I look back down and I’m curious as to why he’s saying this and I remember looking back down at my hands and I look back down in my hands and I won’t be able to replicate it but my hands were frozen I couldn’t even go like this I mean it was frozen stiff and then when I look back up at him you remember the experience back in 2007 where the heavens open up and I felt the weighty glory of God that happened again I look back up at him everything changed it felt like I was in a the space felt like the cosmos and scale it Allah felt massive yet very intimate at the same time and when I looked into his eyes I didn’t see him anymore I literally I mean literally it’s the first time and honestly like that it is the last time I don’t say it will be the last time but it is one of the last times I’ve seen it where I’ve seen Jesus Christ the hope of glory staring right at me and he looked down into the depths of me and there was a stirring in my belly I felt the stirring in my belly and then I look back up and you look back down and my arms were locked now I have 100% perfect perception of reality there’s no demonic entities talking to me or through me or any of that I’m literally feeling what I would I still call it this the same thing today I felt the Ancient of Days that was an encounter I was having because I was experiencing this ancient warfare that had been happening for who knows how long we’re talking a long time it’s longer than five thousand years longer than six thousand years eons eons the war has been raging and here it is the one that’s greater the one that is greater right there were greater is he he’s in the world the one that is greater is penetrating the depths of me and this thing presents itself to me now when I started connecting the dots I was like Jesus went around ejecting demons senses sicknesses from people and you know what it felt like infirmity a what it felt like was that and I heard a girl what her name was but she talked about having the like the genie in her right yeah that was going right I didn’t know was gonna go yeah yeah so show I felt like a suction the reason why this was hanging on to me it was literally spirits or spiritual of some spirit right and it was had unauthorized entry into me I had made covenant somehow with it at some point in my life yeah and here it is it was being put on the spot and the one greater was saying you go this is my son right yeah and what happened is these guys although they walked in some power they didn’t have the power to cast this out Wow it went on for probably thirty minutes or so and and and yet I mean heavens invading Earth I mean I’m getting a job the pastor Joshua can do it no he kept looking at me saying Joshua he’s I just hang on he’s like he says it’s gonna have to obey right and what happened is I actually received a download so when I I felt like this portal that was what all I can tell you is I felt like this portal and this download that started to wash over me was like the Word of God washing over me and in that in that experience I felt Authority and I felt Dominion I thought Authority and I felt Dominion come to me and then I started to speak because no one was more intimate with these spirits than I was because I had been being my life had been being wrecked because of them for many years so I started to speak in the name of Jesus I started to speak and command them in the name of Jesus I command you to come out of it you come out of me right now in Jesus name spirit of Infirmary I’ve never called a spirit my name before and I was calling you know what happened my my dark-skinned brother that that was actually when I was introduced to Anthony he comes over he says Joshua he got a word he says he says it’s come as soon as he put his hand on my belly I felt the stirring it felt like a supernatural force like this just radical energy but it didn’t hurt and then I felt like this this almost like it’s pulling up and as I just continue to submit to the Lord pop and it was literally like a pop and my body went limp I didn’t fall to the ground but I went limp and when I came back up I was unequivocally I could tell you I could I could tell you what hundred percent and I did right then I was healed I was healed and there was no question there was no doubt there was no worry there was no fear there was nothing it was literally my hearing was different my vision was different my my perception of reality my sense of smell was different cuz my sense of smell was heightened because of all the chemicals and stuff for so many years like I could smell everything in a room that’s where you say it I could smell everything about pregnant women a lot of times they get they get pregnant and they start smelling things it’s because it’s a warning like you stay away stay away there are things that are that are warfare in our environment that are real like the chemical sensitivity is real but it’s not as real as the blood of Jesus so if you will elevate your sickness or your disease or your disorder your dysfunction above the truth then you’re gonna experience all that that has to offer but when you say you know what I’m submitting to you God and when you said by your stripes I am healed then that means that no matter what I feel no matter what comes against me no matter what symptom that I feel I’m going to submit to you in it I’m gonna submit to the truth that you’ve said to me yeah and that’s difficult but when you do that and you remain in it and it may take years I don’t think it has to but it may take years people don’t want to tell people that in Christianity you do have to solidify this thing you have to solidify oh now I’m gonna have to go I drink a ton of water I’m gonna have to go the restroom real quick can I do it well keep going okay yeah I’ll be back go ahead oh man awesome story hanging out with Joshua Davis keeping up with the chat a lot of people enjoying this Christie folks Christie asked me okay for those of you guys watching on the on video right now what was on my cup I’ll talk about my cups I’m drinking coffee here she’s asking what’s on the cup this is a cup that my wife made me for my birthday from a video game that I was playing for a while with with some friends a game called miscreated it’s like a zombie survival game I was really into it for a while and this is one of the towns on there so she made this cup for my birthday and it also had on here it said welcome to Pine Crest cuz that’s the name of the town and so yeah she made this and made me some other like a koozie and stuff with some miscreated stuff on it but um she told me not to wash this in the dishwasher and I put it in there anyway and so the the title on here was really skinny so I took it off so yeah I messed it up but that’s what’s on my cup yep on this particular one so yeah what’s up shout out to everybody holding down and chat for real Chloe meditation man little tea what’s up little tea Christy Danny Lilliana Ruocco desks you guys are awesome so yeah it’s a good time to uh I’m reading your comments good time to plug my upcoming concert you guys say y’all would like to meet my wife meet meet me meet me and some of the friends and my pop album release parties coming up April the 20th it’s like in a week and a half so if you guys want to hang out the concerts free just make it out here and we got people traveling from all over the country so it’s gonna be awesome welcome back Joshua hey other story man that’s you know there’s so many so many interjections and questions and stuff for one it’s a it’s hard a lot of times when you’re used as a minister to to go down for prayer like you said you didn’t even kind of fathom the fact that you had it could have a demon or I did I bet you bet it wasn’t mine right that’s that’s the problem as we come into agreement with these things and then we put on the identity of them that’s why it’s so important for everyone that’s listening don’t agree with anything about yourself aslam let this less than what god has said about you come on that is the truth this whole thing is about identity it’s still about sonship that’s why the Scriptures the Bible is so important right because absolutely we’re like bombarded with man it trust me if I was to respond to the scoffers and the naysayers in the persecution I wouldn’t be doing this right now I totally wouldn’t like some of the YouTube comments or some of the backlash and stuff like that like I’ll quit I you know I’m not qualified for this whatever but I understand the calling what God’s called me to what he’s placed within me to release I see the positive messages the changes in people’s lives to affirmation people who did not know Christ did not know Jesus or now a relationship so well you’ve been talking about for almost two hours like they’re in relationship with that now because of listening to this weird and I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s many many many millions of people that are in relationship with God and with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus right now and they don’t even know it that that is the truth and I know a lot of people think that that you know especially Christians think that it’s got to be had said the prayer and all this kind of stuff in order to be able to have God you know moving in your life now that that’s a lie that’s a straight-up lie God God loves each and every one of us beyond what we can even imagine imagine oh so this stuff we’re talking about essentially as universal you don’t have to have made the acknowledgment of Jesus I think there’s people serving Jesus like you said you don’t even know it I think that’s people who are keeping the love of God perfectly and don’t even know it because they had never even heard of it they don’t even know what it is and and and they’re conscious bears witness of that and it was big for me man that was a big big thing for me to see what you mentioned it’s a truth seeker thing it’s perfect people seeking truth and I and it was weird for me to meet people who weren’t Christians who may have been in in Hinduism or studying that or studying Islam I have brothers who were in Islam but no Jesus they’ll tell you that some of them don’t know him by that name but um to see this very similar experience happening in their life taking place that’s mirrored with mine and then fighting people within my own religion Christianity who were some of the most evil cold-hearted racist people you would ever meet you know what I’m saying and so for that was a huge but it’s free and that’s what we were called to do that was a huge part of my awakening and then I watched that that clip of Billy Graham and I put it at the end of one of my songs syncretism where Billy Graham’s talking about that I believe that we’re not gonna see this great in time revival where everyone’s gonna come to church and come back to god they’re all gonna fall on their face and worship Jesus he said I don’t think we’re gonna see that he said but I do think that God is calling a remnant out for his namesake and they’re in every people group all over the face of the earth some of them are in in Islam some of them are in and Hinduism and some of them have never even heard the name of Jesus in their life but God has called them and marked them and he’s using them that’s for people and I’m like it’s beautiful to see someone as seasoned as Billy Graham come to the same conclusion I think that we eventually have come to you know what I yeah I could speak I could speak to the truth of that I also could speak that that building Ram passing away is the passing wave of a Christian error too that needed to pass away yeah and I’m not that’s not against him specifically but Billy Graham really didn’t preach the true gospel that set you free once and for all and Christians it Christians are not once and for all saved meaning meaning he’ll set freedom soon mate right like where you literally are as he is so are you right on this world and I think I want to I want to give a couple testimonies as relates to these people in other faiths is that the truth question is are you seeking truth because I know Jesus is truth right and and so if you’re seeking truth that’s fine but here’s the signature is that there is a unique signature a vibrational energy there’s a there’s something about the presence of the holy spirit someone’s life is discernible by other people who have that right and those people when they come together you have all things in common even though you come from different backgrounds so when the spirit and someone bears witness to the spirit in you that’s how you know yeah right people are taught not to trust that not that they they can’t trust their their their their judgment and they can’t trust their heart your heart will lead you astray and the hearts would deceive from the wicked who can know it you know and the thing is is that most people can’t and here’s the reason why and it’s not because it’s not the truth is that they never ceased from their own works to enter the rest of God and I think if we hit anything in this last bit of the podcast by the way it’s 111 just happened to look at clock the first time one what perfect unity the brethren is that you know at some point and during this I talked a lot about the sickness I talked a lot about the healing and ultimately you know I will give we give this real quick follow up the healing so I walked and continuous signs and wonders for months like I didn’t have anything robbed me for many months except everything after that experienced me my whole life changed on a dime literally I became like I mean I literally was like Jesus I mean I was traveling around I was seeing things hips healed legs growing out like everything I can no one knew about it I wanted to kind of post this stuff on social media but the Lord’s like no you leave the 99 to go out for the one the one is the one I’m bringing you to no one else needs to know right it was just that was what it’s been for year after year for year but during that I was tested as every one of us will be tested in what I say I believe yeah he says that you know so the devil comes to tempt right he’s a liar the the father comes and he tests and you his test it says in the scriptures for the purpose of approving our faith his test is not to take you through the valley of the shadow of the death to where you’re going to fear evil it’s that you will fear no evil like his test is to solidify and to perfect your faith and then okay so then what did he what did he give the revelation to Peter about fearing evil he said call no man evil either there you go the tossin that it does tie in and how you judge is everything so we’re talking about here is that there you reap what you sow so if you judge according to the tree of knowledge of good and evil then you’re you’re you’re sowing into that duality of the curse of good and evil right and then everything that you see the lens that you see from is going to be determined by that so you’re gonna ultimately judge every person even if you’re on the ask for theology ask for theology side eventually your knowledge become so much that it puffs and all of a sudden you have no love in you and you’re not in you’re judging people who are actually created I’m talking about somebody who particularly she actually likes on toast I never had her like Jordan oh in Jordan oh yeah him too I mean you know these guys I mean what they speak about it sounds very compelling it sounds very having Jesus of the truths that we’re not getting charged I do but where’s you love that because it says that in the scripture that they’ll know him by your love meaning our love from one another so the true testimony is going to be by the love that we have so if you get together only only on a podcast like this the one thing that is sure is that if you and me who are on this podcast right now are a blight miner in one Accord we have all things in common which we do and we found that out then ultimately and we love one another then people who are listening this era are able to come into the tangible manifestation of the glory of God that’s happening between us yeah I’m reading it in the comment section there they’re loving it amen I always seem to comment so that’s cool so let me just say this real quick cuz you know when you have a mindset even though I was healed and it was not gonna be taken from me I became a militant for the Lord I’m talking about willing to die for what I believe yeah actually and I’ll give you a testimony so week before I was healed I was ministering to a lady down and and she worked a Bank of America and I was ministering to her about the Lord on the streets of Charlotte and ultimately we were gonna get something to eat we were gonna talk some more about it anyways I couldn’t get anything to eat because there was no gluten-free menu I could not get gluten-free and so we just kind of walked around we walked in this one restaurant it was called the crepe seller a week before I was healed and at the crepe seller they were having a busy night it was a Friday night and he says Joshua he says I would love to have you guys come in the night but he says we are booked solid he says but we do have a gluten-free menu and come back next Friday and we will take great care of you we even have gluten-free beer sounds like awesome sounds good so between the time that Friday and that’s net that Friday’s Sunday I was healed I had no idea 11 years was going to culminate my whole life was gonna the coma was gonna happen that Sunday that next Friday I went to that restaurant with that woman to have gluten not to have a gluten free meal that had gluten and I knew it and on the way down I was hearing so loudly in my head I was hearing the voice of the stranger this time it was different it wasn’t me just believing I was gonna have a problem if I was hearing if you do that you are gonna be so sick you are even like guy like me because I felt like it sometimes if I had it I would be out like a weak dude similar case with me with alcohol like drinking alcohol as a believer or having a glass of wine for communion scared are you gonna get addicted oh don’t do it bro but then to do eyes cuz you gotta you you we have to test and approve his will that’s what the Scriptures talk about you come out of the pattern of the world to have your mind transformed to be able to see his will and that’s that’s where we’re heading in this conversation but what happens is I know his will because he touched me he transformed me I was literally he’ll but I had to execute wrath myself on the thing that was coming to destroy my life and all of our lives and that is the warfare even when you talk about being mark at three years old it was already there in the room it was already studying what was going on it was paying attention to this one right to in that’s me I believe these truth seekers that are on the podcast no matter what background you’re from I’m telling you you’ve been drawn here for a reason a very important reason and you have some you can bear witness in different ways even if you didn’t come up and Christian you can bear witness to the significance that you know that you have demonic attacks from the attacks that have come to try to rob you we all can relate to that so I go into that restaurant and then the owner of he’s a Joshua I was like a just a welcoming committee for me he’s like no it was high though because I submitted the Gus I was cussing at these Devils now I was like I was like f you I was like you know go to the lake of fire you know to me like literally I was just using whatever I could use I’m not listening to you so I go into the restaurant I’m flying high just infectious like my enthusiasm was it was just like wow I everybody could feel it and he says I got your gluten-free menu for you I said well I don’t need it he said what do you know in a way I said I said I was here last Sunday of the gluten allergy says you don’t just get here yes I did and he said how I said I had a face-to-face encounter with the Lord Jesus yeah it felt so good to say that cuz that’s exactly what I had you know what he said Wow he says okay and I said I want the most gluttonous meal you have here I didn’t really even want glutton I still kind of didn’t like gluten you know I mean I can be glutton by the way I eat gluten now but the point is is that I didn’t really want it there I’m spike yeah I just like I want the most gluten thing and then I also hadn’t had a real beer since I was in high school so I like the best Belgium beer you have so I get the Belgian beer first obviously I’m sitting across the table and I’m telling I’m telling this girl Whitney’s her name I said Whitney this is what happened to me last Sunday you I mean I do and she’s just like she knew how much trouble we had that week before I couldn’t get she all she knew was boo now just she didn’t know about all the medical conditions with the muscle and my my blood sugar and all that kind of stuff and I took a first sip of the beer and I’m telling you I heard the sound of a freight train come and it wasn’t good it was not a good sound and all of a sudden I started to kind of get like whoa messed up yeah like you know and and so I looked at her and I kind of kind of struggled for a second to kind of gather myself yeah and I looked at her I said excuse me I need to go to the bathroom so I go in the bathroom you know what I did I looked into the mirror and the same Jesus that I saw through my brother Joshua that penetrated me I look down into my eyes through the mirror and I said I’m willing to die for what I believe and I said I submit myself to you and I was looking at Christ in me I said I submit myself to you I went out there and I drink that beer and I’m telling you I had some more temptation come during that beer of feelings but I just immediately held a captive held a captain got the gluten meal started eating it ordered another beer right and Lily it just vanished the feeling vanished completely I got a word of knowledge about this girl’s ankle in the restaurant she came outside was healed I never had a problem ever again with gluten ever never once now let me give one more testimony about the muscle issue because that was the biggest issue I was starting to me interject this this is picture of the Lord sending you in this’s the Lord sending you back to where he called you from what He healed you from I know people who have struggled with homosexuality he sends him back to minister to the homosexuals he pulled me out of witchcraft and occultism yep hello before I go I go straight to those people without amen oh it’s a beautiful picture man it really is beautiful absolutely and there’s a lot of people that can be in have been blessed by the testimony of this and I hope that are being bused today or whenever they listen to this because listen sickness is a lie cancer is a lie any of these dysfunctions disorder diseases I know they’re real in the sense that your perception of them is real and they are they are actually causing wreaking havoc biochemically in your brain and in your body yes it’s real but what’s more real is him and when we submit to him and I’ll give this example this was the culmination of everything that sealed the deal of my healing at this moment I had I couldn’t go without food like I had this regimen that where I had to have the right ratios of carbs and fats and proteins and all that right and I ate the cleanest die I was eating super foods import a superfood some ecuador and all this kind of stuff and I mean just always eating well but I was still in bondage to food and so I I gave him a lot of money when I when I had it at that time to missions but I knew that I couldn’t go all those missions I could just help fund those missions because I was fearful as is prior to getting healing fearful to go over there to that African country because what am I gonna eat that is the devil that is a lie of the devil we can eat deadly poison and it will not harm us right doesn’t mean that we go out make the habit if we do it every day you know exactly we have to be willing to sacrifice this stuff so here we go here’s the sacrifice I made a decision to invest in backpacking equipment and this backpacking equipment I was hoping to get some brothers to go with me and go into the wilderness we have some amazing places in North Collins you can go deep into the wilderness and some guys said they would but then and they didn’t come I decided to go and I decided to go with no food a forced fast and March of 2011 so I’ve been healed I’m doing a force pass just like I did a force glutton feast right forced fast was just gonna be with water and I was going to go up on the mountain and I was gonna be with the Lord and that’s what I did I was taken into the Linville Gorge I was literally led with signs and wonders to where I was supposed to go I had a map from REI that I could not read I was like it made no sense to me I just kept looking at I have no idea where I’m at with the map but I have no idea where that I just couldn’t I was like the Lord it was like I was confused on purpose right and so I’m walking on this ridge top called Jonah’s Ridge and I’ve been walking this Ridge for a while in the limbal gorge which is the wilderness it’s like a little kind of Grand Canyon on the East Coast called the Linville Gorge in North Toronto anyways several people pass me on the way down the Sun starting to set and I knew I wanted to camp next to the river down to the base of the gorge I had a long ways to get down and they’re like hey man hey man are you are you going down like are you staying tonight there’s kind of this caution thing you know like be careful and so that’s you know these the little temptations right to have a little red flag for fear and I finally got to a point where the psalmist said starting a set I hadn’t made my way down the hill yet and so I got to this trailhead and you know the trailhead was called it’s called The Devil’s Hole and I was whole tonight I mean I mean it was like it was a fear at first like what’s gonna happen right but I said I’m going so I go down and the trails not even blazed in that and there you you can lose the trail but I ended up making it down the trail about 30 minutes later that turns out this is where they trained Navy SEALs there that trail specifically is the hardest trail in the gorge to get at down and up I go down to the bottom I set up my tent go down the river and there’s no one around I mean there’s no I don’t even see wildlife it’s beautiful but it’s just me just me and I’m talking to the Lord and I’m just giving thanks for the fact that I’m still walking and this love that he has for me like I’m walking in tangible love that you have for me and I’m here do what you will and that night I remember God has a sense of humor too because I really wanted my eyes to be heal like to clear up you know because I had work contacts and and so I pray like father I was like the only thing that has not been healed on my body is my vision I was like I’m really asking that you a healer so I just prayed I took my contacts out and open it up and I saw clearly out of my right I and I was like praising the Lord man I was like what about the left and ultimately what I realized is I didn’t take the contact on my right eye and I laugh it’s like God had a laugh with me but I got out of the tent and I heard him speak to me it was so clear he said Joshua I want you to call me father I had never heard that before I I mean I I of course we know when you’re when you’re Christian you know we’re the children of God he’s a father but we’re talk about the father of heavenly luminaries talking to you saying I want you to call me father I said okay from this point forward I’ll call your father and then I looked up into the sky and I saw a star moving it was a star moving and I and it took me a second I’ve seen stuff like this before phenomenon but I I got my bearings and I looked at this tree and I’m there’s a limb so I had a reference point I could see literally my mind was not playing tricks my eyes are not saying there was a star moving around in the sky and this doesn’t take psilocybin this just takes literally being relationship with God right so I lay down and I went to sleep I kind of just wanted to go to sleep I just needed I had this it wasn’t the best night sleep but I woke up the next morning happened to be Easter and I’m down down on the gorge I haven’t eaten it’s the first time I’ve not eaten in a whole day done strenuous activity and I wake up day 2 and I felt when I say worse than I ever had it was worse than I’ve ever had there during those 11 years it was the worst and I went over and peed okay I want to go urinate and I when I did it was black black and instantly I’m talking about instantly when I saw black urine coming out of me of course your minds jog back to the first time that ever happened to you and then all the issues that you had and all the paintings up forever to get home and you don’t know that right well you know what happened the authority in the dominion that was given to me by the Father that night that I was healed rose up instantaneously in my belly and I said I am pissing you out of me I was pissing the darkness out man I was pissing the darkness out you know what that day traversing that mountaintop that the the vertical ascent is redic it took me hours to get out of that hole it was the devil’s hole that’s why they call it the devil’s hole I’ve been at Colorado and I felt like that lack of oxygen I take two steps I felt the weight of that 30 pound pack I felt like the weight of the world on me and I could hear chaos and confusion which I wasn’t used to ever like even in the years past chaos and confusion and I’m submitting to him every step of the way submitting every step of the way and then I get to the top finally I get to the top of that mountain I was just thankful to be able to set my foot onto Jonas Ridge and you know what as soon I’m telling you this is what’s so amazing people will always want the sort of thing to happen to him but you can never make it happen I set my foot on that flat ground in instantly instantly everything that I had felt that morning vanished everything and the feeling of the radiation glory of God came back boom and you know what he said to me he said Joshua he said I endured the cross so that you could live on top of the mountain hmm and you know what I haven’t had any health problems since I had crucified every lie that has ever come and that yeah you have to go through that period of time your mind has to be renewed but that that is a necessary thing you hold up this thing that saying is the truth to what is the truth and you will find out who is Lord you will find out who is supreme and I’m telling you I used the name Yeshua a lot now just cuz you know people the name Jesus but you know what regardless of that I have had encounter with Jesus mm-hmm hi he has manifested himself through that name and I still don’t like using that name a lot just because of the negative connotation you know but what I will say to anybody is if you will call on his name he will manifest himself if you knock he will come in and he will dine with you you know the door will be open he is faithful to his word what he’s looking to do is for someone to show himself strong too he says as he’s searching to and fro all over the world for someone to show himself strong too but you’ve got to be willing to die for what you believe not like the way the Christian pastors have made it about if someone was to bust up in here today you know with guns would you do not Jesus writer no no this is in your thought life yeah you know what it always came back to my my uh my mind when they would say that I’m Willie and I anyone could be kids in a youth group and other church people I died for the gospel and I’m like you won’t even live for the gospel you won’t even live for it so I doubt you’re gonna die for you say that you’d give my life but you won’t even live for it that’s right and that’s that shit that’s because in the it’s the same thing the living is dying to yourself daily that’s a copy people have with Christianity is the people who’ve come in the name of the Lord and it’s always been that bad fruit and that’s what’s refreshing to a lot of people when they’ve met people like me or you outside of the church where you know literally I’ve traveled all over the country lived on daily bread I think it’s important before we wrap this thing up you know you talked about you know I’m successful and this you know I’ve got a family may I’m gonna tell you right now that literally I’m not successful what I mean by that is that I live on daily bread the measure of what people in the world consider success is the stockpile of resources that you have okay yeah so and because it’s a false security that people are looking for the problem is the false security isolates you from your true need and your true need when you’re sick you’ve got a true need you know you actually need to be healed it was the sick that he came for right those who actually needed a physician that’s what it talks about yeah he’s a great physician yep he is the great physician so here we are I know you’re walking this truth journey out where you you know you think thankfully you’ve got brothers and sisters outside of Christianity and inside Christiana that are supporting you a patreon man I’m telling you that for the last seven years for the last seven years I have been walking on daily bread I can look at the continuous signs and wonders that had led me and my wife to where we have not had I have not had a normal job in seven years I have not gone to work in Babylon in seven years I didn’t have a family member to support me I didn’t have any of those things it literally was me being led to quit a job back in 2011 which I actually entered into because the Lord led me there for the salvation of multiple people’s souls and to position me out in California where I needed to be through plane flights that we’re gonna happen with me being in that business and being Jesus with those people I mean there’s people that will listen this podcast that know what I’m talking about that because there I used to work with them I’m gonna send it to him one that one of the guys wrote a book and I’m in the book and I’m literally the character Jesus in the book it was about the things that happened supernatural radical because I was healed during that time of being there why mentioning that so we don’t go too far a lot of people in the comments section or st. this someone said if you do not write a book you’re you’re gonna be like selling yourself short and a lot of people agree with that oh man that’s gonna have to be the Lord because that and I and I will if the Lord leads me to do that because here’s the deal I got to a point where I wanted to know what my father in heaven is doing because you know the scripture talks about Jesus only did what he saw the father do he did it in like man yeah correct well how do you know if you’ve never ceased from your own works if you’ve never ceased talking about completely like a child how do you know that what you’ve got and what’s going on is the will of God you don’t you do not you cannot test and approve God’s will what I’m getting at this is not a condemnation that anybody who’s got a job because I actually have a woodworking business that it like you said is successful but it was not birthed through a vision of success it wasn’t birth through having finances and and and and knowing that there’s a market for this or that you know it had to do with being faithful with only the things that the Lord led me into each day which always has to do people always so he uses wrath he uses woodworking he uses somebody’s mathematic mathematical skills right their understanding of banking whatever it is he use it and a lot of times people find themselves leaning on that skillset saying God using me where I’m at and that’s true but ultimately do you desire to see what God is building in your own life and si on your own it’s actually the comprehensive life of the body of Christ how does that work together with everyone yeah I quit my job me my wife we lived on the road I took about $7,000 is what I had to my name at the time and we built that we built a custom camper we traveled and we told me do not call anybody you know do not make any plans live in the moment and you know what within four weeks I had given away all of our money not because God says going so everything you know because it’s got you like you’re rich young ruler no it wasn’t that yeah it was strategically the signs and wonders that showed me that fifty five hundred dollars that I have sitting in my account right now is not for me it’s actually for this family that the Lord just brought me into relationship with and I can clearly see that is for them and so I’m gonna be obedient well you know what when you come back to your wife and you tell her I just gave away all of our money and you’re out in the middle of California with no roof over your head you got a little small camper that ending have a bathroom and she’s pregnant there’s a big question like what’s gonna happen I said you know what we’re gonna do Gabrielle this is the truth we’re gonna lean not on our own understanding in all of our ways we’re gonna acknowledge him you know what he’s he’s in a director path and I’m gonna tell you it was not easy and some days felt like a thousand years and some years just felt like a day but what he did is he renewed our mind to see what he wanted if I didn’t have gas money and by the way we never asked a single soul for any money at all didn’t even better give it never gave any indication at all that we needed it we in fact we look like we were just some rich young Silicon Valley kids you know that just we’re doing bad life for the summer which was back you know the National Park and we had forty bucks in our pocket and we had no idea what was then was coming the next day and how we were gonna get where we needed to go when they got healed of a tangible sickness in that that divine appointment and they actually understood who they were in Christ after that you know what they would say I want to buy you guys groceries I mean I know I know you’ve never not even talking to them about it but they’re just so the only thing I can do is bless you yeah a lot of more in Babylon so they had mine right yeah we didn’t have anything and so God would say you need to know your need if you know your true need then you know when I fulfill that true need based on my sovereignty in my hand so when we’re talking about supernatural signs and wonders and use like I had you have an experience with these entities I have experience with angelic entities daily I have experiences with God’s hand sovereignly manifesting his will experience Lee for me to see it daily and now I have greater responsibility than I ever had in terms of alcohol a month but I was led into these because we don’t do credit we have no credit I don’t have a credit score that’s another thing I say told me not to do credit it not saying people can’t do credit fine God can use credit the point is is that I needed to know that I wasn’t saying this a good idea from God swipe the card and here we go right hey it literally has to be tomorrow’s blessings today and there we go it had to be the sovereignty of God and now that’s where you find the pieces surpass understand that’s where you find the breadcrumbs so you might find yourself in a situation that you don’t really particularly care for and it’s uncomfortable and it’s like really challenging but you look back at the last 271 days and experiencial II you know that you were right where God has you so you don’t question like Jobe ultimately did when he found himself afflicted after a while he questioned the reality he was experiencing he got bad counsel from people and you know what that’s judging God incorrectly because God is a perfecter of our faith yeah right we should be expecting good man uh it wasn’t with $5,000 you know what I’m saying maybe gotta open that door but it’s like an investment man when you no matter what you have some people he uses like whatever you have man like for me it was a hundred dollars it literally was a hundred dollars years ago God says hey your buddy just lost his job give them this hundred dollars don’t tell him just and I I went to my wife first I say hey I feel like the Lord’s telling me to give him this was the last hundred dollars we had actually we it was we were gonna go to the mall and go buy clothes with this hundred I need it or I wanted it and I had plans for that money put it up put it that way um and the Lord said bless him I asked my wife she said if you feel like it’s God telling you who’s in the spirit we actually worshiping together and praying for one another with a bunch of people and so we praying for him he turned his back to me I was folded up the little hundred waited in his uh in his pocket and then you know I did I knew that I did did right that’s what God wanted me to do couple weeks later you know I was coming upon Christmas time and we were staying at our little camper we lived in a little 30-foot camper as well at a campground and uh with a couple little dogs you know when we first got together and uh and we didn’t have enough money to pay for rent and we needed a hundred bucks to pay rent and a couple months had passed by and I come home I just I went mud ridin with some friends after work they hey we’re gonna go murder I never did it before just something to blue when did it came home I opened the door my wife’s on her knees in this little camper crying listening to worship music and I’m like oh man like she for summary I thought she was because I was late a little bit later than usual coming home was happening yeah blood riding well we need a hundred dollars right she gave me the envelope that said Merry Christmas Derek and Aaron it look like a little kid wrote it yeah and uh she was crying and it was $100 it was a hundred dollar bill that we needed a hundred dollars to pay our rent for the month at the campground and she was just in tears man and we both just kind of you know I got on my knees with her and we prayed and we thank God and we just seen like his hand of provision even with the hundred bucks you know what I’m saying is about the principle right I feel like if maybe if I wouldn’t it gave that hundred to my friend it was like it was like an investment he never told me I asked him I said hey I’m he didn’t know that it was when we need it we didn’t go around hey we need hundred dollars like it just God did it right yeah and uh and I’ve asked him I’ve asked him even he’s never admitted to it you know and I’m you know but I I think I’m pretty sure he’d sit there you know that’s good that could be you know it could have came from somewhere else but I’m pretty sure when the time was right the Lord told him hey give it back to him they need it at this point once he’s in regardless of that is you can correlate the two together right I mean God told me to do one happen that obedience it you reap what you sow you know and we get into a place we only so good seed then we get this confidence that we’re only going to get good fruit you know if you read I think it’s Isaiah chapter 35 it talks about the highway of holiness oh yeah I pray that all the time well the reality is is those who those who are from on high those who are from the kingdom right we are literally sojourners in this world we are on that Highway we can choose to remain on it we can choose to abide in that relationship and experience all the fruit that comes from that and it’s blissful and it’s and it is heaven invading Earth or we without existence my people perish for a lack of knowledge right for a lack of knowledge we can forfeit a lot of those going on and they that’s what we’re talking about here is that do you want to experience heaven on earth right now or or do you want to experience the temporal alternative right because you can have the hell to and people we all are familiar with the hell part of it and no one wants that yeah just like you taught my the highway to holiness listen to the world there’s a highway to hell yeah yeah there are to choose this day man and everything you do builds upon that that that highway and it too to keep in that how would holiness to me is the narrow path that the the Lord talks about you know I I am gonna have to go I’ve got an appointment yeah I’ll just just so you guys know I want that we could talk I’m sure for a long time and I think we should but I’m we are we actually have c13 have one shot on the way right now and we have two children once four and ones almost two and then we have a daughter when we were on a trip to California Oregon us for five months and then 10 minutes after laying her down for a nap she was gone and our there’s no life in her body when we came back and so if we want to have a conversation again about testing and approving God’s will we’ve been through yeah little bit about that on the on the UH at the school of the Mystics and I was going to ask you about that we’ve already I know we got stuff going on would definitely would definitely do another how much we could talk from now on but like this this this guy just knocked on my door actually okay alright you want to just give your links real quick people okay I guess I don’t really have any links from us not the spiritual side of things other than and just what my what I’m doing now is called wood tender which is amazing thank you and I am going to be working on that too actually I’ve got my you’re going your projects going in my shop this week bro so yeah it’s gonna be cool but what would tender if you look us up on Instagram social media is it’s te nder is something that was just birthed out of the heart that God gave me to use my hands and literally every single opportunity that’s come to me has been connected to the will of God I mean I might even kidney for the last three years so the point where I had zero money when we came back from our journey you know in the natural lost a daughter but we really didn’t we don’t see it that way and then we literally are in this place where God’s giving me a desire to be Woodworking and through his couple of circumstances I ended up getting an opportunity to do that for for my sister I actually built her a table for free just to to love her you know just to did she asked me to help her so I did that table was a free table and then I went from a free table to a $1,200 table to a $2,500 table to a $50 table to a $15,000 reception desk and every single project that I did I’d do it unto the Lord every single one of the minotaur Gus I don’t do a lot of work like I literally do my whole life if you guys were to see the shop is set up for family like literally we spend all of our days together because God honors when you put what matters to God first he honors that and he always mate meats so don’t lower your standard when you find yourself getting into different situations if God gives you a high standard use your last $40 to go spend that money on the best thing that you could buy to put into the temple of the holy spirit right don’t live in lack mean gabrielle decided years ago that we were gonna live as though today was our last yeah and you know people we’ve all talked about that you know live like you know look like you’re dying but know you’re not dying look like you’re living live like you’re living but I know you’re not taking anything into the future day right because we know that tomorrow has enough cares of its own so that’s the big mine renewal is going through all these life experiences getting steadfast where you’re not tossed to and fro at all can you imagine not being tossed to and fro at all because everything is sovereignly being laid out to you everybody wants that everybody would love that well I’m here to tell you that that is something that you were created to have let the one who is the Great Architect and the one who’s written the blue drawn the blueprints for your life allow him to manifest his good will and his good pleasure to you Thank You Joshua I appreciate you coming our brother I love you we have an and I would love to man I hope everybody enjoys this and I enjoy speaking from the comment section they’re enjoying a brother thank you we’re doing it soon love you guys god bless Joshua Davis ladies and gentlemen you can find him on Facebook as well he’s on I’m friend mutual friends with him on Facebook a really good brother I love what he’s doing love what he’s bringing to the table and he gets it he gets it man it’s really cool to like I like to talk to the Christians who have had similar encounters whether it be UFOs whether it be entities angels demons psilocybin that say let’s say a subject that’s near and did in my heart and you just have these different things man these different situations that people draw the line on that they won’t talk about or that they label you a heretic you know some people a lot of Christians like I have some friends who would talk about suicide but I talk about their mushroom encounters in a beautiful way life-changing encounters with God and then they renig and they take it all back you know so there’s not and I say that to say there’s not a lot of Christians out here talking about their encounters with God on psilocybin mushrooms so when I’m able to have people on here Christians who do I’d rather have a Christian on here tell you about their encounter with psilocybin then have a Satanist or an atheist right I mean I probably wouldn’t ever even have those people on my show I’m still tactical about the guests most you can’t do that what I believe in God essentially for me so it’s cool I would write to have a Christian on here talk about it but a lot of people they don’t want to talk about it because it’s just there’s a stigma that comes with it and there is like the churchy ant like the religious people they’re not gonna they’re not gonna feel it you know they’re gonna say hey stay away from this person all we talk about the Kundalini and things like that so everybody has their trigger everybody has their trigger some places they can’t go I’ve got my triggers I have to work past them sometimes I feel triggered and I want to lash out sometimes I want to cut people off mid-sentence you know and I’m trying to work on etiquette and just you know building with people through grace and showing them the gray said the Lord Jesus has showed me and I think that’s that’s what this episode was about man just talking about the grace that’s for everyone so we’re all well in this journey together someone says I think it was a good gregg braden it talks about that we’re all initiated into the spiritual invisible college or mystery schools in the spirit realm we’re all put through these tests we all have to take them together we’re all taking the same test somebody somebody said in the chat a little while ago they said Church is like kindergarten and I’m not gonna agree or disagree but I’ll say if church is kindergarten don’t feel like you have the upper hand just because you’re in the fifth grade or you’re in the third grade and as people are still stuck in kindergarten that’s a natural process like they’re gonna come out of it if the time’s right if you show them grace if you don’t you know I’m saying if you build with them where they are and you respect them but it’s you know with age people mature at different levels in the spirit realm I will say the Holy Spirit is doing work a lot faster these days as more mature disciples are able to pour into the younger people there’s pitfalls that you guys can save yourself from by listening to wisdom come from Joshua or any other guests that I have or myself I’ll tell you this learn from your own experiences but also learn from the experiences of others who are going through stuff if you see somebody doing something that’s producing death its producing bitterness rage in Veen backbiting don’t get caught up in that stuff don’t do that but if somebody’s doing something and they’re walking in peace they’re holding their peace pieces and inheritance that’s a reward man walking that stuff learn from that stuff learn from what what’s working I look at somebody like Joshua man not and I just love I love his uh his enthusiasm and it’s also I love having people on the show that many of you guys have never even heard of but to someone that’s this is the best episode I’ve ever done because they’ve heard that this disguised story man and they can relate to it so much and they’ve in and he’s like those encounters you’ve been there you’ve been told to look up that at the night sky and see a a UFO or an angel whatever you want to call it you’ve been led into the wilderness to fast and pray and to seek God and come out with a with a burden on your heart for Humanity like we’re talking about your stories man you know what I’m saying and and it just resonates and hits home with so many people that’s what I enjoy it big bro says in the chatroom he says Derrick yo Derrick you should interview me bro send me some of your stuff send me a video let me know what you want to talk about man out I love interviewing you guys you guys are here for a reason you resonate with the guests my music like so many different reasons so I’m sure it to be a great conversation send me an email with what you want to talk about maybe if you can show me some of your work or a little bit of your story where we could build upon that and I have you on as a guest bruat kodesh he says uh you ever tried solo podcast true seeker see what the Holy Spirit has to say through you I’ve done a couple I’ve done a couple our solo podcasts I’m more of a when it comes to that I love the glory with other people and in in the past it’s been uh it’s come it’s you can bite you on the butt because I love and the scripture talks about like having glorying with others that you can celebrate with we can celebrate victories we can roll ideas off of each other so I love to have other people with me versus just me you know going by myself also love just communicating with you guys and I feel like I’m having a conversation as well even trying to keep up with the chat sometimes and uh and just answering questions and seeing whatever the Lord would give me on that but I’ve done a lot of episodes by myself a handful of episodes I just did the episodes in review the hundred episodes in in the review where I talked about the past 100 episodes in the first and a half hours talking by myself so that was one and then I’ve done some where I go in about my lyric my lyrics with just me you know I’ll talk about the lyrics of my songs and give you the breakdowns and there’ll be just me and I’ve got some other teachings and stuff that I’ll probably approach by myself verses rolling it off of each other I just had a keyblades who’s in the chat right now which is Michael Bastian just had him on the other day we talked about just about the spirit of Jezebel and it was so funny he said uh get ready to do battle with Jezebel because we talked about her and I did that’s so awesome as we as we exposed Jezebel she came out and she she wanted to fight but um yep keep your piece man I just tell people you know hold your peace don’t let nobody take your piece from you with with gross what’s gross man comes wisdom with and I we talked about it on on here on this episode with with Michael Bastian like with gross man people come out the woodwork you know and there’s different there’s different levels you get to that people can’t go with you at man there’s levels of growth that that people are gonna fall off its natural whether you have a podcast whether you’re rapper if money is involved you know all kind of stuff man people have their own triggers and they’re not able to go there we can’t take the kindergartner and say look I’ve been in the fifth grade for a while I want to show you some fifth grade stuff you can’t do that can’t do that he’s got to go to the first second he may fail the second grade and make it he’ll back it said it’s this is an unnatural development in the spirit and you can’t get bitter you can’t get mad you can’t lash out you have to walk in grace you have to walk in peace and let the Lord fight your battles for you and that could be hard for it for any of us but as you grow man no matter what what what it is you’re always gonna have naysayers y’all there’s always gonna be a youtube comment section in real life you know and some of those those responses there are just hateful you know what I’m saying but but you know what you have to know your column and we talked about the importance of reading the scriptures we talked about the importance of knowing your calling I’m telling you if you don’t get in the word man if you don’t get in them scriptures and and and know who God says you are you can start to believe what the people say you are so that’s why it’s so important man to get into the scriptures man I I got in there this morning may I read Matthew chapter blessed when people come against you and you’re blessed when you’re persecuted for righteousness sake this is a promise it’s not a maybe it’s not a the Beatitudes aren’t a mate or maybe it’s it’s a code of ethics that’s what we live by it’s a promise of God just just understand man that uh it’s it’s part of it it’s part of the girl the growing pains no matter I love you Michael Bassam I got to have you back on the wall brother we got to do some more stuff here soon I love Michael bass yeah he’s so cool but you know it comes with the territory in any any realm it’s not just if you’re a podcaster it’s not but if you’re a public figure and you do stuff you’re gonna find you know that people can’t grow with you where you are don’t take it personal man there’s a lot of stuff out there that helps you the Scriptures is definitely a big one that you know I’m saying The Four Agreements don’t take anything personal it’s not about you you know there and there I kind of mentioned it earlier but I always talk about this and this isn’t I understand this but you represent aliyou become somebody’s trigger you don’t represent you’re not who you really are you’re not who your name is you are the personification of an idea you represent that you know and I represent that to many different people to some of you guys man you guys really look up to me you you learn from my experiences you learn from our music you believe in me you know I am something that some of you guys are loved I’ve reached some some type of love with it you guys want to get to as for some of you guys Chris Chris Bosh who says you trigger me to pursue truth for other people I represent leaving church for some people I represent speaking your truth for some people I represent following your dreams for some people I represent a false teacher like some people think I’m a false teacher like I represent that to them and that’s just what they you know it’s a personification and and this it goes back to like Jesus man cuz he looks at all his followers he looks at his people and he says who do you say I am I know what they say they say I’m this they say I’m man and that’s how the answer they said well some say you’re the Baptist some say you’re Elijah who’s come back to teacher said wait I don’t care who who they think I am who do you say I am Who am I to you who do you say that I am to me you’re the son of God you’re the expressed image of the Living God blessed are you for no man revealed it to you but my father in heaven it’s what it’s what the father speaking to us and we need each other and I’ve always said this so I’ll say this not to go into too much detail but I’ve never reached I’ve never I’m not above reproach I’m still learning I’ve learned so much I’ve been I’ve been to so many places but I’ve never I’ve never been to a place where I called myself that I have arrived that I’ve made it there follow me I don’t want y’all to follow me it takes out a responsibility I’ll follow Christ man all of y’all don’t follow my guests don’t follow me follow the voice of the Holy Spirit that’s leading you each and every one of you don’t follow me don’t put me on a pedestal I’m not the goal I’m not the I’m not the end all don’t look to me I’ll let you down I’m telling you man but I’ll say follow me as I follow Christ and that’s all that’s all I’ve ever asked for that’s all I’m going to ask for I think I’m thankful that you guys believe in me in the vision in the platform I believe in you we’re in this together no no no pedestal any of you guys can come on the show regular people and I’m just got I’m lucky that I have really cool people who I keep company with it’s been amazing yeah all of you get in even in a chat now I’m looking at child’s names man just so many people over there I look back at these hundred episodes it’s been amazing man I’ve talked to some really cool people I’ve talked to some interesting people even people that you don’t agree with or you don’t see eye to eye with there’s still gems and each and every episode there’s gems in there man it’s awesome so with that being said I want to encourage you guys man to continue seeking the truth whatever that is for you righteousness hope peace anything that is good I believe if it’s good is God right I believe that all perfect gifts and everything good comes from from from above from our Father of lights so whatever good that is man so continue to seek that if it’s helping people if it’s if it’s speaking speaking blessings over people showing grace and peace that people keep doing that cuz you’re doing a good job do not grow weary in well-doing whoever you are this is for somebody out there don’t grow weary in well-doing keep on keeping on look it’s gonna pay off that’s universal law it has to pay off it has to pay off you can’t just keep watering you can’t keep tilling the ground you can’t keep cultivating and nothing happens the laws of the law of seedtime and harvest the law of sowing and reaping is universal law keep keep it on keep up man because people are watching you I’m telling you people are waiting to see if you’re gonna slip people are waiting for you to get out of your character you know and we all can do it we all can do it but I’m telling you man keep on keepin on I’m gonna say a prayer over you guys man I think you I think y’all offered for supporting me and in any shape or form that you do I need the prayers I need the feedback I need those of you who guys who can’t support financially you love to share my stuff and you know get this get this information out there thank you guys also a huge thank you to everybody who supports my work on patreon honestly without that I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now so thank you guys so much for that support if you’d like to support backslash true seeker Thursday nights you get access to the School of the Mystics which has been phenomenal you’re missing out if you’re not part of that just for a dollar a month you get access to that so it’s been really good so yeah it’s going down my album release party is coming up on 4/20 you get all of you are invited I love to meet you and hang out with all of you guys and I’m gonna get to do that with many of you driving out from all over the country to come up to be a part of that event with me that’s so awesome grow this beautiful man with growth comes comes growing pains I want to pray over you guys and myself father I gotta thank you for your grace and for your peace god I thank you for leading us to this place where we’re at right now just the divine moment but it’s a defining moment it’s the place that God has called us to a defining moment let your next move be your best move defining moment let your next move be your best move God I ask you though just to impart Grace and peace to the listener right now god tangible presence God where they feel like giving up they got questions they seeking truth God I just ask that you just watch your spirit right now let them know God I think your presence is our inheritance God and that’s enough God you satisfy our every need Lord when we’re empty God you fill us back up so I’m asking you to fill fill them up lord if they’re thirsty God fill them up if they’re hungry fill them up God you said law you said those whose hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled we’re asking for an impartation and a feeling of the Holy Spirit even now bless them in Jesus mighty name a man praise God awesome man I love each and every one of you guys can’t wait to see y’all a little T says what book do you use for true us for the School of the Mystics right now we’re doing the course by Chris valeton it’s called basic training for the prophetic ministry so we’re doing a course but by him and it’s it’s been really good so we’re on we’re gonna be on week six but all of the past past sessions are archived at over there on patreon so you can go there and listen to some of the back the back logs but essentially what we do we go through that short course and we have a time of discussion because there’s a Q&A segment we do that and then we get into activation we get out you’ll begin into praying for one another we pay off into groups and we pray and we sit until God gives us a word for our partner the person that we that we paired up with and it’s been really beautiful people coming out of the box for the first time who have never experienced this at all they’ve never been a part of speaking prophetically over one of them one another being led by intuition being empathic and they’re able to pick up on what God would say to the person so that’s been so beautiful been beautiful for me because I’ve been a part of that in in years past in private home meetings and in church services and small circles and stuff so it’s really cool to kind of bring that to an online level to where the communities are able to experience that even for the first time so it’s been so awesome join us Thursday nights at 7 p.m. central school of the Mystics all their infos on my web site as well with that I must say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work and everything that I do you guys mean the world to me thank you guys Shalom Shalom [Music] well that does it for this episode folks here more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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