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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Joshua Davis about his encounters with God through relationship with Jesus. Joshua speaks about what he calls Divine Genetics which he believes to be God’s will for humanity. Joshua shares stories of being pushed to the brink physically with sickness and disease and how he overcame through faith in Jesus Christ. God will meet you wherever you meet Him. If your faith is to pay an overdue bill of $100 He will meet you there. If your faith is to overcome a deadly doctor’s diagnosis He will meet you there. Whatever measure of faith we have in Christ will be pressed down, shaken, multiplied and then returned to us. Joshua’s story is most definitely a faith builder. We can all walk in deeper levels of understanding God’s glory and His grace upcon our lives. Yet, it all starts with the little things. If God cannot trust you with the $100 light bill you will probably have a rough time being trusted with that $10,00 a month business that you have been praying about. Its a level of trust and the scriptures declare that if God can trust you with the few things, the small matters, then He will make you ruler over more. This is a universal kingdom principal and the way of promotion is only to show thyself approved. It is God’s will for everyone to prosper in every area of their life. The very nature of the kingdom is growth and where there is growth there is life. This life should bleed over into our spiritual lives, our business/secular lives, and the lives of our relationships. Mistakes are okay, for without them we will only become stagnate and not grow but as we live a life of fellowship with Jesus we will walk in the fullness of God. For out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.



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