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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Cindy Mckean as they discuss Djinn, Genies, Ghosts, Demons and Evil Spirits. Cindy is an astrologer and intuitive spiritual counselor at Kansas City Astrology. Many of us who are in the light have had to go through utter darkness and chaos in order to be appreciative of the glorious beauty of light that we are now in. Many do not like to dwell upon darkness or even talk about it that much because it is behind them and sometimes feels so far removed. Oftentimes we feel like maybe it happened to someone else for time does indeed heal all wounds. But sometimes we do have to testify and speak about the darkness that surrounds us on a daily basis and speak about spiritual warfare so that some people may find comfort. We cannot ignore darkness and pretend that it doesn’t exist but it sometimes feels that way for us since it has been so long. We must bring ourselves back to the point of paint and remember the chaos that we were once in in order to carry a burden for the people who are still going through their darkness. We must acknowledge that we came “To it, and through it”. We do not dwell there any longer but the dark night of the soul has played a huge role in the lives of anyone of Biblical significance. With that being said this episode goes into experiences of demonic possession and dealing with deceiving spirits such as djinn or poltergeist. Everything is not what it may seem to be. Cindy Mckean speaks about her personal encounters with dark spirits of voodoo and spiritual practice. We are not defined by our past situations or circumstances but we are defined by the greatness that we hold within ourselves, every single one of us is made in the image of our creator and that light within has the power to expel what may seem to be the greatest darkness in our lives.

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platform as well as in the description so make sure you guys take advantage of that today we’re gonna be talking about some interesting topics when it comes to spirituality and our own god-given abilities that we can achieve ourselves that’s within us and so just kind of awakening those things and we’re gonna hear somebody story today Cindy McKeon welcome to the show how are you I’m good how are you awesome thanks for joining me today you got an awesome story there’s some things that that you do for a living which is key that I want to get into we’re talking about astrology the terror was it our palmistry is that how you would say a palmistry and dowsing for over 24 years so after interesting things to say about these topics so whenever we were going live you were asking me if we’ve ever done a show on astrology the closest one we’ve done was several years back and we had a Santos Bonacci on and it was actually on Astro theology but that mixes astrology all with in it so I’ve got some friends who are really big into astrology they do it for a living as well they do readings and and and they know how to recharge and things like that so but as far as having a show dedicated to it I’m excited to have you on so thanks for being here thank you for having me it’s my pleasure so when it comes to these topics that kind of seem taboo for some especially over here in like Western culture where do you go for like like what what was the early moments that you got into this type of work was it some things that were maybe you were dealing with ESP and dreams and visions and stuff like that when you were younger did that kind of call you into this field or what was kind of like the defining moments early on for you to get into this type of work well I was extremely lucky in that my parents are very open to the esoteric world the occult the the metaphysical in general you know they’ve they’ve lived in countries where this was you know metaphysical practices were very much a part of their culture and they’ve you know my father for instance he was he’s very psychic his mother was very psychic and on my mom’s side although she doesn’t really have a very keen natural ability through practice she was able to be able to tap in so I mean this is something that was always a part of my life and my mom’s side too she was into palm reading and that’s how I learned how to read palms because she simply I mean that would be a thing that the ladies would do didn’t when they get together and that was something that her mom did and you her grandmother did so yeah this was um when I was about my parents told me when I was about two or two-and-a-half years old they noticed they noticed already that I was psychic as I point something I pointed something and I wasn’t able to really elaborate too well but they you know then something would happen to it or you know I would say something you know like police and two or three minutes later they finally hear the sirens so my earliest memories is when I was four years old and I just remember waking up from a dream and telling my parents about it and they just looked at each other like wow you know she really knows what she’s doing here so they talked to me I mean there’s there’s only so deep that you could go with a four-year-old but but I remember when I was when I was ten and I finally bought something on astrology it was just one of those little Scrolls that you buy from you know the exactly so uh you know for me that was a lot of money like putting seventy-five cents into something like that when you’re ten years old you can buy a toy or candy or something and and yeah I remember thinking wow I like how accurate this is and yeah I remember my parents like it’s you know every now and then growing up they would tell me this is a power that you have and there’s a lot of things that you’re gonna see that you’re going to want to see so just be prepared for the truth so when I was 18 years old I moved overseas and I spent a little bit of time in Cairo Egypt where magic is very much a part of their lives I mean if you look at the ancient Pharaoh’s and if you just look at the history of the land just the geopolitical center of things they they have a lot of firm beliefs and and of rituals and and superstitions and I wouldn’t even call them superstitions because they seem to be true and it was there that you know they were into astrology for instance um of course more into palm reading tea and tea tree sari or Tea Leaf reading and coffee cup reading and things but they would also do other divinations like reading shelves and a lot of their magic worked involves jinn or genies yeah and yeah I started attending certain things where you know they were actually very I mean this kind of scared me because it the way that they’re into the black magic it depends sometimes they use it as white magic where you could actually see forms and shapes while they were trapping genies so they would catch them they attach them okay so if this so if there’s a genie in a bottle or a genie that’s affiliated with some type of clothing or furniture or something like that I got like so there’s a practice of actually catching them and putting them in the the lamp right yeah the one I saw happening I saw a few but the one that was really the most outstanding believe it or not they they caught the genie through a person’s thumb because you the guy was possessed and they put a plastic garbage bag around the guy’s thumb that they tied around and extract they just poked a hole in his thumb with a needle and they it was almost like they extracted it through that it was through that piercing and there was a lot of shouting at the jinn that tried to get it out of him and then you could see in the bag like a shape of an elbow or a shape of of a back or an ear a head I mean it wasn’t anything that was extremely well defined that you could see that the bag was filling up with a definite form as if a body was coming out you know it was like the shape of the body that it was that it was inhabiting that was pretty strong stuff to see to be honest with you yeah later on I I moved to Ghana in West Africa and there’s a lot of anomie religion so you know people that actually might worship water or might worship the rain or you know whatever God that they have and you know we by that time I was ready I was working in in in scientific medical research and we were going from village to village from the north of Ghana to south and a lot of these remote villages you find people that practice a lot of magic and there would be things like people would go to the clinic they’re sick they want a remedy and they don’t really want a prescription of antibiotics what they want is they’re really oh I like their witch doctor to how to how to heal this so they would write the antibiotics it would be something you know insignificant and almost like a formality but then they would say okay well make sure you you know in order to cure this one what you’re gonna have to do is take the family icon crack an egg on it bury it seven inches deep make sure you put the you know cover that with the blood of the Virgin the menstrual blood of a virgin and dance around it with only safe female members four of your family for like seven days I’m not kidding you it actually worked so you know seeing the the magic in West Africa was a lot different than what I would see say you know in the Levant or or North Africa but yeah I mean they they were that was like my pretty much my first exposure I mean it was essentially immersion into it once I finally got out of the United States and yeah I mean it’s it’s um luckily I didn’t I’ve been coming from a family where they were just they were telling me I mean they’re kind of warning me ahead of time what kind of things I might see so yeah yeah there’s a lot of people out there who are who are like born psychic they’re just intuitive with these feelings and emotions and being empathic and they don’t know how to balance the energies they don’t know really what’s what’s happening in their body in their mind and things like that and it could be very overwhelming so for you to have someone who kind of nurtured that and and didn’t just say oh it’s just your imagination or you you just have an overactive imagination you’re just a curious kid or something like that but they kind of catered to it and so that’s that says a lot because there’s so many people who are like marginalized and displaced and they have to go to clinics and they have to go see a psychiatrist or whatever and looking for answers and have no idea what’s going on so to be in an atmosphere where where that’s cater to is awesome that’s kind of what this podcast is there’s a lot of people who are coming out of religion and they have like these type of experiences but then the pastor and the clergy people have no idea what to tell them except that it’s demonic they stay away from it stop doing it run from it that those type of things and so but you know they’re not satisfied with those answers because you know I’m saying they’re having these beautiful encounters or these strange encounters and everything just isn’t demonic I mean there’s good and bad spirits obviously but there’s in between spirits that just exist that are over nature and and uh in situations and feelings and emotions and thing like that so to be able to tap in and learn how to adapt and listen to these spirits or learn from them or block them off for that for that matter right so you’re talking about this guy who seemingly was possessed or had a evil spirit or unclean spirit of jinn on him when we talk about astrology and in the West especially coming from like a Christian perspective they say like I said everything’s demonic if we don’t understand it if we can’t fully point it out in the Bible stay away from it those type of things so there’s a lot of people listening who would say that uh just by entertaining some of astrology terror dowsing psychic abilities you’ll get possessed by those things what would you say I know that’s not true that’s totally not true but from a Christian perspective people are still dealing with with with these these old ways of thinking I’m answering my emails this morning and just getting over and over it’s the same thing that’s why this podcast is flourishing right now people are coming out of religion and have nobody to talk to so we have guests on the show just to kind of share their experiences but for someone who is demon-possessed like what would be some things that would open you up for demonic possession I know you’ve had some some encounters with unclean energies and things like that what would be something that that would open people up to demonic oppression from what I’ve learned and this doesn’t necessarily have to be anything demonic it could just be otherworldly it it’s a I mean sometimes just as simple as having your guard down would be able to open you up to demonic possession sometimes being intoxicated it’s more than enough yeah you know I I remember okay so my personal experience with possession I remember I actually I did have a problem with I noticed sounds kind of crazy and stuff but I did have a problem with a you know a genie habitation and I mean there there wasn’t anything in particular that I remember doing it’s not like I was involved in a seance or that I invited anything in or that you know I committed some you know quote-unquote egregious sin or whatever but what I do remember is that you know my attitude about things changed and you know just being super negative and not wanting to you know do any kind of you know good hygiene or anything really getting annoyed when I hear talk people talking about God or anything holy and that’s a good indication right yeah generally yeah and I because I was already aware of these things I was able to kind of catch this early so I knew somebody who who knew of somebody else that actually does these sort of exorcisms of these genies and I remember just showing up there and it was it was a line of us I mean so apparently this is so common that they did they do it a few times a week and they they have a stand with our with our hands like out there as they’re saying these prayers and blessings and I remember my hands just I just want I remember it was you know what they were saying and I’m like okay yeah whatever they think these words are really gonna work you know and I was like okay I’ll just be there to humor them whatever and my hands just started like clenching up and I said well I better behave because this is gonna be obvious so you know I opened my hands again and it clenched up again and I forced them open again it clenched up and I thought oh my god something’s happening here and I mean it was like my my hand started kind of shaking to open these up and then finally it just clenched up and I fell down to my knees and I let out this wailing that I’ve never ever done Deanna I didn’t even know how I was able to do this and I just immediately start crying like super hard and you know the religious leader came to me hit me he recognized immediately what was happening which was that you know this entity was coming out of me so he started yelling at me close your eyes otherwise it’s gonna come out of your eyes and you’re gonna go blind and he started telling me to repeat some words and I refused so he hit me on the head like just hit the entity essentially and as they were exercising it they don’t they didn’t take it to trap it they took it to to banish it so they burn it and as it’s getting burned and it’s not the same kind of burning as like throwing something into a bonfire it’s their version of fire for these entities you know it was I mean through me it was and horror in pain even before it was reaching the fire because it knew what its fate was so you know inside of me I’m having this wrenching feeling of home like God I’m actually involved in killing something and you know I mean the way I could kind of compare to a little bit as you ever toss a lobster into boiling water and you could kind of hear it screaming I mean it was kind of something like that you know you’re you’re doing it and at the same time you kind of you know I mean the other choice the other alternative it’s not really so good so it took a few minutes of the process and it was extremely unpleasant the the muscle contractions involved the you know just the amount of energy that it literally pulls out of you and you could feel that something has left you you could feel some kind of empty cavity and you somehow it’s it’s really wild and what they did is they gave me kind of a regimen of holy water and holy paper and they said okay with the holy water take it and spray it in your house every night after you say some words and put it in the four corners just to keep your house clean keep yourself up with with prayer and close to God and with the holy paper I was supposed to stick it in water for seven days I think and I think it was like in the the south east corner of my house and after that start drinking like a bit of it every single day for for the next month or so and they told me to come back after after a few weeks because they said you know you’re you’re essentially down open vessel so anything could comment you during that time until you finally closed up and they apparently it’s so common that something does usually come in people slip up we’re only human yeah it’s a scary a scary thing we’ve discussed here that I’ve never heard discussed a lot like you have evangelists that travel and and they do this in a city in a cast demons out of people and then they leave and that person’s there with the demon gone but the person has no way of like walking this out no accountability and things like that and these spirits do try to come back themselves and if they can’t come back then it says that they get seven other spirits stronger then they are and if they come back then the state of that person is seven times worse off than before so this is something that is very delicate yeah yeah and what I’ve heard is that you know they have feelings too just like humans so you you could be exercising and killing a relative of one of these entities and they might want to get revenge yeah so it’s not only just the possession that you’d have to worry about but the infestation in and around your home and your world in general where I mean you just you know you know be at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of thing but really it’s done facilitating it because um a lot of time the way these powers work especially with intentions it seems to take the route of least resistance and manifests that way if it’s something kind of weak but if it’s more directed you will be harassed I was lucky when I went back I you know they went through the same ritual and everything and you know there was no crying and falling to my knees or anything like that so they’re like okay good you’ve been sticking to what you need to do but I remember a feeling of mourning I like feeling very sad about this um and I I think sometimes it could be those entities around you that kind of insert these feelings or you know it’s uh or it could be just a human side of us where you know sometimes if you you know you kill something I mean I don’t necessarily think this thing was evil but I do think that it was you know with the laws of genies they have very very specific rules and forbidden areas and inhabiting a human is you know is one of their bigger sins so it could have been just you know a good genie that did something stupid yeah you know okay you know and you know so there could be that human side where you kind of noticed that if you’re more in tune like um man you know this person’s funny or this this entities punishment when like above and beyond but at the same time you like I said you do have to be careful because you know if they have if they have family if they have close ones next to them sometimes they might have more of a tendency to revenge and the other thing is because they’ve lived a lot longer than humans because they’re a different kind of form of energy than we are they would they tend to look on humans as not being as evolved as them and not being as more you know yeah smarten is developed and his wives I mean if you’re if you’re around for nine hundred years imagine how much more you know than someone that’s just our ages yeah a lot of trickster spirits and things of that you know like poltergeists and stuff like that so when it comes to the practice of like capturing a Djinn or a spirit usually I guess in the fable I guess we can look at Aladdin that’s like our big thing to look at and so you would have this lamp or this bought genie in a bottle or whatever and you capture it and you get to command it to do things or grant you these wishes or whatever the case is a lot of other movies and lore will show us that you can ask for these wishes you can have this jinn do things for you but usually it spoils usually they want something in return it’s not just oh you got me you know the whole Leprechaun thing give you know if you catch me you get a wish or whatever like so that there is like all of these different stories that are very similar of catching these spirits or leprechauns or whatever fairies and getting them to do stuff for you but something usually happens you know these spirits want something from you they want you to wear a necklace that represents them on the earth they want an altar they want a statue they want a piece of your mind they want to live with you you know these type of things which can be which can be scary which can lead to possession with dealing with somebody’s trickster or smart entities do you have any any knowledge information about you know these these things that that you know they want to bring you with riches wealth hidden knowledge secret knowledge of the heavens or those type of things but they want something in return yeah and you don’t even have to catch them to do that there’s you know just like there’s a lot of lowlife humans a lot of lowlife entities like that that you know all you have to do is is it’s kind of like a criminal for hire sometimes and you know all you have to do is is say the ritual the spell and it’s so easy to conjure them up you don’t have to trap them and if you’re very lucky they’re willing to do your bidding and then leave you alone but I mean it what’s the safe way though versus just a chance of luck you said if you’re lucky what if you’re not lucky so like what is the good outcome of that is there like a prop so there is a proper way to do this and to protect yourself and those type of things is that or is it just kind of the luck of the draw I would say it’s the luck of the draw I haven’t seen anything to wear someone’s successful and they’re like a millionaire I got a great business because they got hidden knowledge from an entity what about like the oh no I’ve seen that I’ve seen that for sure but you know there’s always some kind of trade off yeah and the other thing I’ve seen I mean I wanted to I did meet one person that was very very skilled in black magic and especially with using the genies I mean this person was I mean I mean it was almost like they were one of them in some ways and that was the thing I mean she was just she just ended up being comfortable living with them and having you know I mean she just tolerated some of the harassment she’s got sometimes the guy who taught me he was a warlock and it was the same thing he was arrest but it was normally that was his life you know they lived in his house they turned lights off and on he woke up with hearing shouting matches in his living room in parties and nobody was there you know those type of things yeah and when I asked her how she got into it she told me that she was um you know one of her first encounters was that she was actually raped by Jen so you know it you know when when when you’re in like older world countries and and virginity is taking more of a virtue and more of you know you know if a girl doesn’t have that then that’s you know that’s that’s it for the rest of her life I mean she’s got a problem she said you know it would have been a lot better if she was raped by a man than raped by Jen because now not only does she sound dirty but she also sounds crazy and unholy mm-hmm so that’s how she got into him and she basically kind of felt like well there was nothing else to lose and what’s the worst that could happen so here’s the thing it’s very hard for them to kill you unless you know they get you to somehow kill yourself that usually they’re not going to do that usually they’re gonna see you as a tool that they could use on this earth like a human that they could use yeah and with her shit like I said she just got very comfortable and she would she didn’t get rich off of it but she got by she had a roof over her head and the spells were you she used them for spell works and stuff too and and determining you know finding out answers but these are really tangible things that she got it wasn’t just tapping in and you know this erythro message that you could get and and relay these were things were like I remember one of one of the clients that came in was was a girl and she felt that some kind of bad magic spell had been put on her and the reason she felt this way is because some guy proposed marriage to her and he was extremely handsome he was very well off and she was very impressed by him but only a week after she met him she was extremely turned off and she would see him kind of as like a monkey or an ape so she felt there was some kind of shapeshifter mass going on or definitely some kind of spell and she was you know she broke out and acne she started you know her weight started changing her her health started changing so they thought it was a spell and so she comes to this woman and the woman has a pot of water she put some black pepper in it and she says some I mean it was like she was speaking in tongues you couldn’t really discern what language it was and I think she asked it like five times or seven times or she said you know she said the same things over again and then you heard a like a very distinct knock coming oh she covered the she covered the pot with a lid and so she asked it again and at naksan and a third knock and she goes okay we got it and then she lifts up the the lid and there was like three pieces of paper in there and the paper it was just written like you know several like it was someone’s name written in three pieces so she put it together and it turns out to be this person’s neighbor had her eyes on this guy and her and her mom got very jealous of it so they went to somebody to cast a spell so that the relationship wouldn’t work hoping that they would be able to you know to snag this guy the girl everything was fine with her I mean she you know the spell was off the you know it was it was the spelt I later caught up with her and I I followed up with her like years later like almost 10 years later and I asked her how things were going and she she went back one more time just you know for follow-up and she was given a name like a first initial of a guy that she was supposed to meet and she goes I met him that very next week and that was the guy that I ended up marrying so she didn’t she didn’t marry the first guy and her neighbor never ended up getting married so it backfired on the neighbor so nothing happened to the magician or the the woman doing you know asking the jinns for answers nothing bad happened to the girl who you know was getting the suitors but it was the neighbor that the original person that was actually casting the spell that we’re all this backfired on them Wow very interesting the guy who taught me about the craft or whatever you want to call it he was a warlock he dealt with these spirits and stuff and it was very very similar of getting these spirits to go out and do your bidding and stuff but I don’t he didn’t refer to him as Jen he was dealing with what we would call the elemental spirits the spirits it’s probably the same thing or in the same type of Kingdom but he would do the same thing I mean they would go out and do things for him I had I had an encounter with one because I stole something from the gentleman and a spirit came back to get it like a physical manifestation of this spirit being appeared through me and my cousin to the ground and very crazy encounter changed my life forever it didn’t you would think that it would be a warning those type of things but it’s like you know what this is real like I want to own it I want to know what he’s doing and know how to do it I got even deeper into it to study this stuff out years ago it happened to me as a teenager so it’s really interesting to note these these spirits and getting information and stuff when we’ve talked about this a lot on on the show and what do they want and what do you have to give up and there’s the trade worth it and if that is it with everything you know especially we’re talking about people trying to attain like wealth and prestige jobs and their dream life so whatever dealing with what spirits are getting spirits to go out of help them angel magic does I mean I think the principles are there but people there’s so many books and so many practices of you know I deal with gin I deal with you know angels I deal with fairies to go out and kind of do the same thing when it when it comes down to that though there’s like just the trade-off is it worth it I think we can look at the Masons right the Freemason should like in the higher up levels deal with spirits right they deal with with spirits and entities and so if we’re looking at someone who is trying to be prestige and well off in the community and things it’s not all of them you have to really get into the higher paths of that but you know it’s very similar someone communicating with spirits or dealing with was ritual and benefiting from it right some type of order that’s formed off of that when we look at Solomonic magics I mean Solomon did the same thing and it was essentially a genie it was essentially a jinn he would capture these spirits and he had a certain ring and he had control over the spirits that he would ask them questions and he would he would make them tell him the answer but in the end he ended up pretty much becoming possessed when he lost control and these spirits came back with a vengeance right when he lost his power so very interesting when we talking about demonic possession dealing with demons is it worth it so when we’re talking about this very openly candidly it’s fun it’s exciting it is but there’s you you really can’t talk about it without talking about the discretion and be careful and do these things to keep yourself covered we’d be doing people a disservice if we did you know so one of the things I feel like in Hollywood like them is all of the substance in movies and you want it to be real and then you’re told that it’s not but you find out know most of the stuff in the movies Israel you’re like what this stuff is legit people can tap into it so you just jump in gung-ho I think that’s kind of what happened to me but moving on to another topic I want to make sure we touch on we talking about astrology so I come from a biblical reference and studying the Scriptures for what they are not so if we would hear astrology in the Christian Church people freaked out you know God rebuked the astrologers and said you you won’t be able to tell the signs anymore those type of things and so we read these type of rebukes that God did to these different seers and star gazers and astrologers but but to do to do the research to understand that God rebuked everybody for having an impure heart so there was times where like in the scriptures yahweh rebuked the worshipers he said i would no longer listen to your music that you play for me your music will just sound like crashing cymbals but yet we still play music and we offer up praises to god and sing hymns and those type of things and he receives them the same thing with astrology and astronomy as well all of that stuff is in the bible it’s very interesting to see that the constellations are mentioned from one of the oldest books in the Bible the book of Job is talks about Orion the Pleiades the Seven Sisters and all of this stuff and then it talks about Jesus holding the seven stars in his hand and all of this talk about Venus and Lucifer being the morning saw it’s all in there and it’s not demonic like it’s it’s that this is what they did these are some what I guess you would say primitive people but definitely spiritual people for that matter and they were they followed the moon they followed the stars as a calendar their signs and symbols and dates and things like that so when it comes to understanding astrology how does it affect us like the constellations that were born under I know there’s been studies and things like that of people who are born you know under the same astrological chart and they have very similar lives they’re into a lot of the same things those types of things and if they’ve done Studies on this so when you break it down to a spiritual and somewhat of a scientific level how does that correlate with someone being born under a certain astrological astrological chart well as they say the stars inclined they do not compel so they give you certain tendencies it’s kind of like being born with a certain you know say you’re born with an athletic ability or you’re born with the gene for alcoholism it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a star athlete or that you’re going to be coming alcoholic but you’re going to have more of a tendency to it if you do get involved in it you might even have an inclination to do it or a desire for those things when we look at something as simple as the moon and how the moon even affects the tides you know we can’t really deny that a lot of these planets and asteroids that are involved would be not affecting us in some way furthermore this is you know when we’re born at a certain time what it is is that we’re stamped with that energy and I call it being geotech in some ways it’s a you know even as you’re in the womb there are you know the cosmic rays and the particles can knock genes out of one place and put it into another and that affects you know that could affect the way you look how smart you are whatever you know phenotype that you come out with so to speak so you know for I’m always very surprised that astrology is really poo pooed you know when you’re just looking at just look at the science of it even look at look at all the signs around us I mean you these are undeniable you know not they’re not just correlations these are there there’s clear causation there so what I say is that you know in you know if you’re born under a certain sign or a certain kind of planetary alignment you know and we’re inclined to do some something that we’re not compelled the thing that’s involved there is free will so we are all born with that gift of being able to make our choices and making the decisions that we have so say you’re born with heavy scorpy on akin fluence –is in your chart to where you’re going to enjoy seeing blood shed well you could follow that instinct and either become Jack the Ripper or you could become a surgeon so oh you know you can’t you know there are ways to you could become a musician or painter someone who’s very creative right exactly exactly so you know you there are ways to to work with it for whatever the greater good is at that time I have a friend who he uses astrology as his psychiatry so he’s supposed to go see a psychiatrist and stuff but it works better for him to know which energies are coming through how he’s gonna feel on a certain type of date so he’ll know whether he should start something or go into a relationship or whatever the case is and it’s working for him and I say it seems to be working for a lot of people love like starting new things on a new moon it works with the crops of different you know cycles with the moon when we’re planning stuff are released albums and things like that on the different equinoxes and with the moon cycles looking at like you know the ancient Hebrews they went off of the moon there’s something interesting too when it comes to like dealing with the Hebrews because they would do the Sabbath from one new moon to the next every seven days and then from one new moon into the next and so there’s some scientific studies that’s showing that like the body heals itself and regenerates faster during a new moon and this was like commanded in the scriptures not to work but to rest and enjoy family and those type of things during the new moon so it’s really interesting when the spirituality and the science kind of cross cross paths with that that’s really cool one thing I wanted to ask you about just to play devil’s advocate I think it’s healthy to do that I’m talking about astrology and talking about the placebo effect right we all there’s there’s certain websites there’s certain astrological charts that I’ve read about myself that are spot-on but you you it’s kind of freaky how spot-on it is but then other people will read it and it may be spot-on for them too is is the placebo thing there if like if we’re expecting it for us it’s like everybody gonna read that and feel like yeah I’m creative yeah I’m a I’m impulsive or whatever like when you read it do you just kind of go go with it or is is is that you know to be played with it at all is there some that’s just general for everybody and if you believe it it becomes true for you type deal well I do think sometimes there’s some retrofitting that could happen where you know sometimes someone something might happen like you know your computer crashes and you’re like oh well Mercury’s retrograde but it does fit with what Mercury retrograde does you know so in some ways it’s a you know a lot of people are like oh come on you believe in that crap and other times it’s like you know well it has I was forced to believe in I didn’t want to put no stock into it and then I sort of seen relationships deteriorate and stuff happen I’m like oh my god there’s got to be something to this you know oh yeah I mean to me it’s you know there is there is a bit of a science to to the astrology RCA when they had their radio towers up they had high radio towers and they have low radio towers and it was a lot cheaper to just use the low radio towers however whenever there was a certain aspect between Jupiter and Saturn they found that their lower radio towers weren’t working so they ended up using their higher ray of radio towers and that saved them millions of dollars because it was very expensive to use the high radio towers all the time you you know they had to be man there we were it was just uh you know they were in remote locations at the time so these people had to be paid more it was heavier equipment and yeah this I mean they would just they would start using astrology some people would say they were using meter meteorology or forecasting so it could sound more mainstream yeah but these are things that you know you ask any police department and they say yeah during the full moon you know we do get more crime and then there’s you know the the naysayers or the you know the people that just want to put it down and say oh no that you know they’re just there they just think it does and just because those numbers happen it you know that’s because they’re only going out and arresting more people and subconsciously it’s like oh come on you know I mean it’s it’s um you know the sometimes the fact is a fact I mean like the Sun is up it’s in the sky except it you know the way I see it is that knowledge is power and you don’t have to believe in it you don’t have to follow it but if you’re aware of it and you you take it you know you take note of it you know you you don’t have to let this rule your life right you know it’s we watch the weather all the time the majority of us and in in knowing that it might be raining tomorrow you have a heads up on how to prevent getting wet and if you don’t want to listen to that well that’s on you and if it doesn’t rain okay well at least you were prepared yeah that’s a good way of looking at it really is you had that knowledge in that foresight just in case cuz it might not rain a lot of times I tell you it’s gonna be sunny then it does rain or whatever the case is but like I said if it does happen you’re prepared so that that’s very that’s a that’s a great practical way of looking at it um talking about armed palmistry where does that start I know you said your parents kind of we’re into that and you got into that at a very young age where does one begin as it come from reading books is it a form of intuition or how does that even work in my case it was just a lot of it was just from watching my mom and you know they’re you know she wasn’t trying to be mystic or evasive about it I mean she would I mean she would just pointed out like oh wow you know your you know your your headline in your love line are very close together and what that means is you know yeah so I mean that it was I mean she was very good at spelling things out and that you know when you’re young you know your mind is more like a sponge and you could pick these things up and later on I did start to read books just to see if I could get it structured and it was pretty much a lot what my mom said but then there is there is intuition involved there is a sense of you know do you want to be coming off as a Vulcan and hit her reading it where you know you’re doing this robotic sense or do you want to get that at human touch involves no pun intended with palmistry to where you know it’s it’s not just that that gives you the answers it’s kind of like when you go to a doctor you know he could he you know and you have a coffee could listen to your chest to determine exactly where the coffee is but you know then if he takes an x-ray that’s even you know that’s more of a layer of your diagnosis if he takes a sputum sample that’s even more information and you know with that you could target exactly what to do and and how to follow things and it’s it’s like that I think with a lot of these metaphysical practices and that if you’re using just astrology or just pumps tree or just hair or whatever it’s just one facet of things where if you keep on layering them you get to discover more and more and as you layer I think the glue to it is intuition mm-hmm yep I think so too I think that a lot of the things that were mentioned and we’re talking about I think it’s all tools I don’t think that any of its good or bad I think it could be used for good or bad I think you can use I think you can channel to channel evil spirits or you can channel to receive influence from the holy spirit right so it’s just it’s a tool that were born with the psychic type of abilities or whatever you want to call it ESP extrasensory perception I think we all have that and at times it’s it’s heightened and and it’s a muscle you know we can use that we can work it out we get good at it with how to how to discern other spirits around how spirits feel when they’re around how people look and how other people act when they they are oppressed themselves so we can be used at you know seeing them walking and true healing as well so I think all of this stuff is is tools as well so we talked about some of the demonic stuff we talked about the jinn and the demons and possessions and stuff like that I don’t want to end there I want to talk about some of the you know the the beautiful angelic experiences that you’ve had to like like you’re dealing with healing you’re dealing with the readings and stuff like that synchronicities influences from from other beings and stuff what are some of the angels or the guides that you’ve worked with that way that are here to assist that don’t have a hidden agenda well maybe they’re hidden agenda is to bring healing verses to do harm right those type of spirits to work with as well you have any encounters with with angelic beings and things along that nature yeah things where you know I remember once like personally I was something that happened that I think was very much an angelic intervention I was walking down the street and was kind of raining a little bit heavy and I was rushing I mean I usually just rush everywhere I go to anyway and I stopped dead in my tracks and I remember thinking this is strange you know this looks very crazy and I tried moving forward and I couldn’t I was locked in place and I heard this rustling sound above my head and just like you know a split second later this big huge tree branch comes down crashing and it just misses me by you know by like an inch or something if I had kept on walking I would have definitely been hit by that branch and I always felt for instance that was like an angelic intervention I’ve seen it I see it more these angelic interventions I see a lot more with young people than I do with older people and I tend to think that it’s you know there’s because of the newness of this human being into the world I think that you know as adult humans taking care of them we can only do so much and a lot of times if there’s a lot of love around this child or this baby that is calling them in a lot of ways to come and protect them and you could see I mean I mean I mean like that film for instance babies babies day out where I mean if he wasn’t it’s all chances are he probably would have died like nine times already uh-huh you know but everything just lines up so perfect you know and you know you could look at that and say oh wow you know what a lucky baby but then you know if you have the knowledge of the angelic or if you want to believe in in good spirits you could look at that and say well no this was lined up and they have the ability for foresight a lot of these spirits so I mean a lot of these things can be prepared like okay you know we see the babies gonna be coming off the edge of the building soon so let’s make sure that we have that bar over you know or that plane flying glide that it’s just fall on or something strange and you know I I think really the way it works is similar to the way it works with with black magic or other entities and that if you call them if you just ask for their help they’re there yep yeah that’s awesome it’s it’s it’s really that simple I think that uh you know there’s the fear like we’re talking about of getting involved with with anything spiritual or meditation like there’s such a stigma there like I remember I did a video and I named the video is meditation demonic so many people laughed at the title but I can’t I can’t express how many inbox questions I’ve gotten and I’ve had conversation with conversations where people who are religious and they think that if you empty out your mind you’ll get possessed or whatever but essentially like we’re saying everything is a tool like you can use it for good or bad that’s all a prayer meditation yoga like all kind like everything is there so it’s not like everything works off with the intention and so being intuitive is learning how to even be sensitive to your own energy or the energy that other people have around them and be able to make those choices and start to see things happen to start kind of stepping out to where you’re seeing things change you know what I’m saying of and it kind of builds your faith to where you want to do it more that you want to engage this stuff even more before we go I was on your website I seen that uh your practice was featured on a big news segment was that is that was that your practice that was featured there and that was you in the interview and everything yeah that was about that yeah that was pretty fun actually that was almost a year ago we’re just you know they they got in touch and I asked them I was curious because you know in the Midwest they though they’re they’re conservative you know they’re not really going to get into yeah so I asked him about you know why they were interested in doing the segment and apparently the producer you know was very much into this you know he’s very open-minded about it at least and they’re their sister affiliate in New York City did it so he thought well why not you know do it in in Kansas City so they’re there’s their affiliate station kctv5 for CBS in Kansas City came and you know we interviewed together we did a segment on how your zodiac sign is able to influence what kind of exercise is best for you and I think you know overall it was interesting I like the feedback on it because there were a lot of people that were like oh come on this is a lot of hogwash yet at the same time it was one of the top hits on their on their web site for the next two or three days so obviously there’s a lot of people that do follow it they just can’t admit that they want to follow it yeah yeah so I really think that it Lee you know you don’t have to believe in it it’s kind of like if you have a certain legend great good for you but understand that there’s other religions out there and you don’t have to believe in their faith but at least you know that there are other religions out there whether you believe they’re right or wrong and that’s the way I see it with the metaphysical know that it’s out there it doesn’t you don’t have to you know you don’t have to see it as something evil again I mean we could even look at just weather forecasting and do we want to even look at that and say well that’s evil because now we’re looking into the future there’s people I’ve heard it said man I’ve heard it said from the a lot of religious people that that’s that they’re false prophets when they give you the forecast and it’s wrong that that’s that’s a no-no and it’s you can get in trouble there’s people who believe that like I’ve heard that said before wow that’s that’s all kind of this is all kind and so I think it goes along with what we said at the beginning the difference between superstition and spirituality there’s a huge difference most church people I’ve met they’re superstitious then that’s spiritual by any means you know they’re scared that there’s a demon behind everything if I walk under this ladder if this black cat crosses in front of me those type of things but with religious examples right and if I meditate there’s a demon that’s gonna get me if I do yoga I’ll be possessed like these are literally things that people believe I’m from the Bible Belt so I get this stuff all the time especially stepping out here and doing like a podcast and talking about this stuff openly was a religious leader right and so I kind of come from that but like you said there’s a there’s a lot of people who were who were into this stuff and there’s a lot of people who were just exploring and they want to know first of all that they’re not alone and stuff like that people come to you for healing people come to you because they want to know the things that you know and they need help and so you actually do private sessions with people from your website if anybody wants to book a personal session with Cindy you you offer that if you want to talk a little bit about your services and kind of plug that in your website go ahead and do that for we for we in the show well thank you so you can find me at Kansas City astrology calm it’s all one word and I do astrology Tarot and dowsing remotely every now and then they do meet people in real life I travel a lot so that’s why it becomes a little bit difficult to do that but you know we could do this uh you know doing it over the phone or doing it over Skype or whatever is I mean it’s it’s still tapping in it’s still being able to and really what we’re looking at is if you know if you need to see patterns of your life if you need to get more insight into what’s going on into your situation you know I’m really good at doing both of those sorry about that what the one caveat I have is that if you’re gonna ask for information like this the best thing that you could do is to be ready for the truth because once you’re open and ready for the truth that really opens up all the channels if you’re calling but you’re not really ready to hear what it is that you might not want to hear yeah you’re already blocking the energies they’re kind of kind of muddies the water sometimes when people would they want you to tell them what they want to hear that kind of muddies the water but what’s really cool about doing private sessions and and you know you have a fee that you ask the people to pay if they can those type of things when people are willing to spend money for their healing that’s it like it’s already it’s gonna happen like that’s the that’s the like stepping out in faith of wanting this so bad that I’m willing to pay you to help me so you kind of owe it to that person to tell them the truth to give them their healing versus them going to somebody else or whatever but I’ve noticed that like you’re just kind of facilitating the healing that’s already within them they just need to hear it vocalize they need somebody to do an activation to say a prayer to pull some things out shift some things around in the spirit realm those things that we’ve kind of given our lives over to do but it’s really cool that it makes it that much easier versus dealing with the skeptic and I hey let me let me show you this is I can really do it you know that type of deal versus like they just want it so bad right they want it they want to healing they want to touch the divine they want to tap in I’ve noticed that the majority of the people who I’ve dead done personal one-on-one sessions were they were people who want to do what I’m doing like the majority of the people and so they have to go through a process and they have to learn and have to get some things out of them so that they can kind of walk in these spiritual practices without any hindrance and so it’s very beautiful whenever we get to do private sessions with people and like you said it’s awesome to do it hands-on one-on-one but when you learned that you could do it through Skype or zoom or video chat or telephone it uh it takes things kind of shift to a whole new perspective and you can actually do it from the privacy of your own home so it’s really cool thank you for coming on the show thank you for hanging out with me I enjoyed it and I hope you come back again soon sometime and you know do it again thank you it was my pleasure all right Cindy all right Thank You Douglas oh I’m gonna find this screen forgive me ladies and gentleman okay the show is not over yet got a few more minutes to talk cindy McKeon guys Cindy McKeon I enjoyed that very good talk I didn’t know we were gonna get into talking about the the gin and and uh the the demons and things like that for that long but I really enjoy those discussions and so as much as we want to talk about the good stuff we have to talk about the bad it kind of goes hand in hand so just a couple quick updates Christy is asking in the comment section she says when I order your new album tomorrow true Sica will you autograph it for me yes all the pre-order albums will be autographed I’m going to be autographing all of them you’ll get a digital download early you also get your name entered into a drawing to win true see–koala tapestry so all this will be autographed also too I have something I want to talk about as well we’re talking about like talking about the good and the bad sometimes we don’t want to do it we don’t want to acknowledge the bad because we feel like we give it power those type of things I have to talk about any counter that I had this weekend and I don’t know if I should do just a whole video on this and just give it you know or make this a segment I don’t know but we talk about psychedelics from time to time we talked about using mushrooms I have so many friends who smoke marijuana they use DMT people doing vape pins of CBD oil all this stuff so this is something that’s part of our conversation you know we always use discretion when talking about any of it I’ve been head over heels for my experiences with magic mushroom psilocybin the plant teacher but when it comes to marijuana I’m at a different place with it because of my past I’ve tried I don’t use marijuana I’ve tried to of recent and it just doesn’t work out I smoked marijuana as a teenager like very young like almost every day of when I was in like anywhere from like 12 the way up to out when I was 16 weed smoke you know certain certain years or months would go everyday but um it took me to a place outside of myself if my situation was bad I didn’t like the person who I was I didn’t like my mom we had a bad relationship you know very unstable in marijuana was my escape it was my way to take me out of the present moment to to a place where nothing mattered a place where I could go to get away this dis high this that I would get from smoking weed as a teenager and so I smoked weed for many years until one day I uh there was no way I could quit man that just it was just something I was doing every day until one day I smoked some marijuana and end up having a panic attack my heart started racing couldn’t breathe I thought they were just hearing noises in my head crazy stuff I turned pale I’m gasping for breath couldn’t breathe out of my mouth so filling my esophagus was like swollen shut you know what I’m saying I can only breathe barely through my nose and I had to like manually make myself breathe and this went on for three hours straight this was back in a 2000 1999-2000 it happened to me and so I quit smoking after that I had this crazy panic attack I’m crying thinking I’m gonna die right and so and this was all just smoking weed and I did it every day up to that point so I took a break and then I smoked again with with some friends maybe just like maybe two three weeks later went over to some friend’s house they were smoking I hit it one time and hit it kind of reluctantly because I didn’t want that to happen again I just took one here just let me get a little buzz same thing happened to my body it’s like I had this weird allergic reaction type deal you know my heart started racing couldn’t breathe went on for three hours my heightened senses of smell like I could smell stuff far away like gasps and it was just it was not good it was not fun and so that’s why I don’t really smoke marijuana that’s what happened to me you know 18 years ago now so I’ve had a couple occasions where I’ve tried to smoke within the last couple years I’ve had some friends to do it and I’ll take a hit here take a hit there and it’s like reluctant as well and I can kind of feel that that fear come in at times when I’ve done it I never you know smoked the whole bunch there’s always been like a hit here hit there or whatever so just just weekend I had some friends come by and they were smoking had a bunch of weed marijuana and they also had a gummy a marijuana THC gummy medical use only is what it said on there so I didn’t smoke any so I took a little bitty piece of that gummy I ate the ear just a little piece of it and then you know thirty minutes later I was feeling okay you know and then soil I had a beer or two or three and then I went back to the gummy took off a bigger piece of it was chewing on it sucking on it whatever getting it in my gums making sure I absorb it and within an hour later one of my friends left another friend was leaving but at that time I could feel it kicking in I was feeling really weird in my spirit feeling really weird in my body and he left in just a few minutes after he left man I felt that panic attack kick in my heart started to race I couldn’t breathe I started turning pale sweating and this is after me just being relaxed and just all of a sudden it’s happening to me so I called my friend back on the phone watchman I called him back as hey dude I need you to come back I’m having a panic attack man so he said I’ll be right there so he turns around and comes back and and it was not fun the same thing happened to me which happened to me about 18 years ago but even worse man your mind’s playing tricks on you but then again like it’s not all in your head like if it was like I can in the spirit realm I’m pretty strong I can do things that can make things happen I’ve been places on both sides so I have a confidence to kind of move around in the spirit realm and make things stop or start things or have encounters and experiences when I want so I couldn’t I couldn’t hear like this thing had total control of me man I couldn’t couldn’t breathe my I was throwing up my esophagus was swollen weird pains in my body my back started to ache all of just taking these little bitty bites of this uh this uh Tac gummy and uh so he came back and you know I’m trying to get him to pray with me you don’t have the only thing that kind of uh would make it stop but even still man to know that like I couldn’t even control it by speaking speaking it out or commanding it or whatever it was something that I was kind of locked into and it wasn’t fun it would it would maybe be fun if if you it was just all mental like if you can it was just all in your head and you can let it take you and do whatever and for a lot of people it’s like that but I got on a did some research afterwards man the majority of people who are eating these uh these uh weed gummy bears are having these encounters they’re like feel like they’re doing cocaine by eating just a little piece of a gummy bear their heart starts racing they start sweating and they can’t breathe that’s not fun by any means especially when your mind is so far gone off of the high of the THC and then that starts actually happening to your physical body and you can’t stop it man it was demonic man it was straight-up demonic I know some people I condemn in it but I’m warning people like be careful man you know I’m saying we talk a lot about I have a lot of friends who smoke weed every day and they’re fine I know people who eat gummy bears all the time but then I know I don’t I don’t know anybody who eats the gummy bears all time let me rephrase that I have people who smoke weed every day and they won’t mess what gummy bears because it does that to their body so be careful eating those edibles like that man it was it was straight demonic wasn’t Pleasant my buddy he came back and he prayed with me I was listening to worship music you know but then he uh he was kind of tripping too so it’s always hard when people are you know they can kind of make it better or worse man but uh I barely pulled my composure together when my wife and daughter walked through the door and this was like at midnight they were coming home and this was I think we did it’s like 8:30 men and I barely pulled my composure together right before my wife and daughter and like the worst fear would be my daughter wife and daughter coming home and me tripping on on a drug you know what I’m saying like that’s that’s a fear of mine you know and it wasn’t that the fear did it um watchman was telling me and other people telling me it’s all in your head bro you know you you you your brain is that powerful that you created that in your body sort of reacting no in my brain I was cool I’m laid-back I’m strong I’m more than a conqueror like there’s things that that I’m confident in that I have no fear over there’s no fear up fear and love because perfect love casts out all fear but when there’s your body going through that stuff I had no control over it so I will warn you for that you know people hear me talking about my mushroom encounters and they get excited they wanna you know it piques their interest I still give my warnings with that kind of but especially I wanted to share my story with that and I don’t I don’t like talking about this stuff I don’t like knowing that maybe I made a mistake I definitely learned from it they said every trip where even a bad trip or whatever is a learning experience or a learning curve I definitely learned from it I thought I was gonna die like you’re talking about your life flashing before your eyes and making sure you’re on the right path and you’re doing the right things and man I got to see how I was just like you know I’m saying like it daisya with my life and like chores around the house and little things man that just kind of I just kind of push off that I need to be doing so I definitely would use all experiences of my life to kind of see to kind of learn from it learn you kind of build on top of it so yeah good came from it you don’t up saying I had to evaluate my life because I thought I was gonna die Lord I know I knew I wasn’t the only thing that helped me is because I’ve been through it before even though was 18 years ago like I’ve been through it before but I’m reading all these comments online of people having similar encounters and they all they calling the ambulance and trust me I wanted to I wanted to but you know he just had to kind of ride it out man um it wasn’t good at all just just because of the body not not even the mental stuff the mental stuff was crazy too but just the body man what it does you see you sitting down perfectly calm and your heart is just I can’t breathe you have to make it it’s crazy it’s demonic man I’m telling you I just had just had to say that man instead of let everybody know what would happen with that so and I’ll say this this is why this is why it’s not it that it’s not for me I’m not saying that it’s not for you I’m not saying that you you can’t do it that’s between you and God right but for me it’s not for me and so I talk about I talk about weed playing a role in my life too we’d playing a role in my life to pull me out of my situation to be a form of escape escapism to make everything a little bit more tolerable I got friends who eat pills to do that to this day they eat a lortab of xanax the kids are crying wife’s complaining they eat a pill hey everything’s good bro you know what I’m saying and I have people I know people who smoke weed to this day and it helps them cope with life that was that was my form of escape when I was a teenager but I have to be 100% honest I’m out my form of escape now I still have a form of escape it’s Jesus it’s the presence of the Holy Spirit when I feel like I don’t belong when I feel scared when I feel oppressed I get in the presence of God I spend time with Jesus and he makes everything okay he is my place of refuge my place he’s here’s my my strong tower my fortress from from the enemies he will protect me watch over me send forth angels to guide me protect me like that is my place that I go to to hide to cope with life right is in the presence of Jesus and so we be in a form of escapism for me I don’t know what it is for you you may do it just for fun you like the way it makes me feel but weed was that for me now it shows you when that happens to you like I don’t want to leave the present moment the power is in the present moment why would we want to escape it I have a beautiful family a loving wife amazing daughter why would I want to run from that why would I want to to hide from that and so maybe it’s just for me but I know it’s not it’s a lot of people resonating with this but the powers in the moment we can’t run from it that’s where all the power that’s what we create and so for to take you out of that moment you know just be careful guys that’s all I’m gonna say there’s a and I’m gonna say this man like like I said I have people who do this in they’re okay with it and they can and I don’t judge you man that’s between you and God I’m gonna I’m looking for this this writing that um that spoke to me some time ago how much how to read it here it’s kind of long but I’m gonna read this this is a writing from GD Watson make sure this is it okay here we go this is called others may you cannot and the Holy Spirit has standards upon something some people’s life and that’s what causes us not to be able to do this type of stuff would not be comfortable in in places that he has not called us to he’s put a seal upon this man to protect us and guide us and so I’m gonna read this it’s a powerful this was written in the late 1800s I believe early 1900s and so it starts off with the with the scripture it says Matthew come after me he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whoever wishes to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it Matthew 16:24 if God has called you to be truly like Jesus he will draw you until life of crucifixion and humility he will put on you such demands of obedience that you will not be allowed to follow other Christians in many ways he seems to let others believers let other believers do things which he will not let you do others who seemed to be very religious and useful may push themselves up to be admired and schemed to carry out their plans but you cannot if you attempt it you will meet it you will meet with such failure and rebuke from the Lord as to make your make you sorely pent in it this is a older others can brag about themselves their work their successes but the Holy Spirit will not allow you to do any such stain if you begin to do so he will lead you into some deep mortification that will make you despise yourself and all your good works this is good I’ve been there others will be allowed to succeed in making great sums of money or in having a legacy left to them or in heaven luxuries but God may supply you only on a day-to-day basis because he wants you to have something far better than gold a helpless dependence on him and his unseen Treasury the Lord may let others be honored and put forward while keeping you hidden in obscurity because he wants to pursue produce some choice fragrant fruit in you which can only be produced in the shade God may let others be great but he will keep you small he will let others do work for him and get the credit but he will make you work and toil without others knowing how much you were doing then to make your work still more precious he will let others get the credit for the work which you have done this is to teach you the message of the Cross and humility the Holy Spirit will put a strict watch on you with the jealous love rebuke you for careless words and feelings or for wasting your time which other Christians need never seem to be distressed over so make up your mind that God is an infinite sovereign it’s infinite and sovereign and has a right to do so as he pleases with his own and that he may not explain to you the thousands of things which may puzzle your reason and his dealings with you if you absolutely give yourself to be his slave he will wrap you on a jealous love and let other Christian people say and do many things which you cannot however no this is a great secret of the kingdom when you were so completely possessed with the Living God that you are in your secret heart pleased and delighted over this peculiar personal private jealous guardianship and management of the Holy Spirit over your life then you will have found the vegetable of heaven the high calling of God others may you cannot God allows people to get away with with so much and they they don’t seem to have that same moral compass as you other people are successful others can do things and get away with it even mean don’t take my grace don’t take my liberty as a right to sin if you have a strong conviction of the Holy Spirit within you and your personal your personal sanctification process you have to be obedient to that no matter what I say no matter what I tell you you should be able to hear from God yourselves about the choices and the decisions that you make in your life and you should you should be led of the Holy Spirit not we have many teachers that come and go in our lives and we can learn so much from them but you can only go as high as that teachable is you can’t go any higher so but if you’re led of the Holy Spirit you’re led of God here is your teacher he will take you to places that mine is not comprehended and heart is not even thought of the places that God will bring you to and and he will make that which is in you perfect he will finish that good work in which he started within you so do not get weary and in well doing learn to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life – to lead you to greatness and so with that being said man it’s just about like I can’t that’s not for me you know that definitely relates not only to the marijuana thing but definitely to the marijuana thing other people can smoke it I have other other Christians who they say it helps them be able to tap in with God they smoke weed they get into the spirit whatever it helps them get closer to God helps them pray and I have people who would debate me blue in the face about that and that’s between them and God I can’t I’ve tried it you know what I’m saying and not just for the marijuana thing it goes for so much stuff so much stuff that uh others get to do and I’ll just get to get away with but the Holy Spirit will not let you live with the clean conscience and this whole thing about this Christian walk the spiritual walk whatever walk of life you’re coming from it’s about having clean hands and a pure heart in everything that you do let not your hearts be troubled but just walk with being open before God it says that King David would dance naked Lee before God and in order to dance naked Lee without restrictions without anything holding him back it’s about not trying to hide anything from God trying to hide anything just like Adam what was the sin Adam tried to hide from God that he was naked he tried to act like he didn’t do it so with us being open with God about everything that goes on in our mind everything that’s in our heart all of our secrets all of the things that we don’t like about God or Christianity or religion or people or ourselves or our family to be open with God don’t carry it don’t try to hide it don’t try to keep it for yourself give it to him and let him wash it let him clean it and whatever it is in your life if he gives it back to you then that’s a blessing and you can walk forward with it all of our idolatry all of the things that we hold above him trust me give it up all of you hurt all of your paintings all of your wounds your doubting give it to him and if he meant for you to carry it he’ll wash it he’ll clean it up and he’ll give it back to you so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting the work that I’m do I’m coming right back on here with another broadcast we’re gonna go live again I got another interview to do so I love each and every one of you guys so take it for what it is ma’am everybody’s in a different walk in their life I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong or when I messed up I’m a I’m an example for a lot of people so I definitely don’t like to – uh I’m saying admit that but for me to get my healing and for me to you know I’m saying to walk in my victory I have to do it as well and so I had to admit when I admit when I messed up I told my wife what I did that’s not that it was bad but you know I’m saying I just you can’t hide anything man that’s the whole thing you had to just be open before God so man I love you guys thank you guys for listening to me rant and uh thank you guys for being here for me when uh when I need when I need you guys so thank you guys Thursday night school of the Mystics we’re gonna be talking about what we’re talking about right now how to hear the voice of God prophetically respond to it and find out the ways that God speaks to us in our lives and so Thursday night 7:00 p.m. school of the Mystics truce tikka calm I love each and every one of you guys I’ll be back right after this god bless and Shalom [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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