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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Cindy Mckean as they discuss Djinn, Genies, Ghosts, Demons and Evil Spirits. Cindy is an astrologer and intuitive spiritual counselor at Kansas City Astrology. Many of us who are in the light have had to go through utter darkness and chaos in order to be appreciative of the glorious beauty of light that we are now in. Many do not like to dwell upon darkness or even talk about it that much because it is behind them and sometimes feels so far removed. Oftentimes we feel like maybe it happened to someone else for time does indeed heal all wounds. But sometimes we do have to testify and speak about the darkness that surrounds us on a daily basis and speak about spiritual warfare so that some people may find comfort. We cannot ignore darkness and pretend that it doesn’t exist but it sometimes feels that way for us since it has been so long. We must bring ourselves back to the point of paint and remember the chaos that we were once in in order to carry a burden for the people who are still going through their darkness. We must acknowledge that we came “To it, and through it”. We do not dwell there any longer but the dark night of the soul has played a huge role in the lives of anyone of Biblical significance. With that being said this episode goes into experiences of demonic possession and dealing with deceiving spirits such as djinn or poltergeist. Everything is not what it may seem to be.┬áCindy Mckean speaks about her personal encounters with dark spirits of voodoo and spiritual practice. We are not defined by our past situations or circumstances but we are defined by the greatness that we hold within ourselves, every single one of us is made in the image of our creator and that light within has the power to expel what may seem to be the greatest darkness in our lives.



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