Donald Ledesma & Terry Linchour

Eye To Eye Contact With An Alien Grey | Donald Ledesma & Terry Linch

Terry had a life-changing encounter with a UFO when he and his stepson encountered a strange craft and actually made eye contact with the tall alien grey that was occupying it.

After this encounter, Terry was led intuitively to grab his camera and watch the skies. What came after was some extraordinary footage and continued contact with the extraterrestrial beings who were piloting the UFOs. Terry spoke with Donald Ledesma about about the strange lights he saw in the sky and how he felt an overwhelming urge to investigate further. He describes how he made contact with the otherworldly beings, and how he managed to capture some incredible footage of the unidentified craft on video. The story made such an impact on Donald Ledesma that he loaded up his camera equipment and traveled cross-country to Oregon to interview Terry and several others along the way. What came of it was a film entitled “The Middle” (which can be viewed on Amazon) with tons of footage of these amazing UFOs and how the contact has continued to evolve. The reactions the film has received from those who have seen the footage is remarkable!. Join us as we delve into this fascinating story of one man’s encounter with the unknown.

Here is the image of the alien driving the sphere craft UFO.

A new documentary film by director and filmmaker Donald Ledesma. Story of an Oregon Ufologist named Terry Linch, who had a close encounter sighting a giant U.F craft in 2018-and now putting the story together of numerous sightings in the area.


Amazing film! I love how Donald Ledesma Terry Linch bring something new to the table in the investigative field of UFOlogy. This documentary includes some amazing, never before seen footage that is going to blow peoples minds who are seeking the truth! Thoroughly enjoyed it! – A recommended “MUST WATCH” to those seeking truth!

Watch The Film “The Middle” Here:



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